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K K I I ( 1 0 1 ' N S K R Y I C ES TO-1) A I'
' K CiS i HI -ii- ' e
I II a.m. pu;:'I'J -i.i.
I ; t 'jita.ro..
'MVS Ciil B,cB.-un-
...ir morning s-rfi-e
I INUKN .-iTHK". r CiiM
1-J 1 .f-sciioiil ill . il ill. ;1
hi ii.::ua n.
ST. II IKY CATi'U MUI. - nk-? at 7 and 1 1
0 a in itml 7 i ! 1 , l.:-i.f util.inl iinl I Jr. II ir
ris ol!' -la'.li.g.
iviu-t MKTn;i!r caiin :i -
I u ir ; :.ir . -,--rl. .it II a.m. by It-rv. W.
1 . Joti-is.-ii .-"Kiti.tj s.-hHjl ai i.t-;it) a.m.
11 K-T i HKMiVl tkUS CinitrlL-f rtr -f
J" .lift I .'! . .! -.vn'.cw at 11 a.m.
ai t 7 1') p.m.. by llif i h-t'ir. hev. Fi-gene Daniel.
I A 1' l K K b A I. K ur.ltK 1' I'kKSDYTF-Kl AN
J j . HI H II -s-m,-e. hi 1 1 a.m. rii'I :i :jd p.m.
Du-.'lni VL'"! st v a.m. Ir. .Pitiu N. Waddell.
OT. JOHN M E. CHURCH-r.irnT ,f Tits'
, ' ivl Isi'i'trfL'U sir Services fvrr Sabbath
morn I r at lul-j in. Siuid i-s hO"il at 'i ..'in p m.
li. K. T.ller, pastor.
MkMl'HIS B rHCr.-Jii. V-f, .wr
Ai.7.-.'--,,...-.,. -.-ui.day-scbuol at 2 -'In P-m.
Pre..- iithn i i-i.i;it :a 7 ! P .ui. tfew!r.i-school
for I-' r cii o at ;i u.m.
S1MH STJit'Kr M. K. l.'!lU:ill-l'.n.r f
- " c. ( J r. f.'flr, y.rt I'ti-krrtng.
-rvi ) .-tiM ii li evriiluR at 7 pin. SjihIh)"
clii)l at a.m. H. Y. li;.ir. pastor.
n:Tini. mnuT nirwa kolohkdi-
t .-, '.rn 'r.v:.'i J. it.de. a'i'7 l'nt.''-
h-r.lc" a; 1 1 s m . :! ami 7 ( in., ty .lame
l.olt. .S it.;txt at i.ltflit: "rtic Koy il UHrriag."
(1AI.VAHV till It '!!. srHci-s at 11 a iu. untl
J 7 .ID p.m. Siinil-iy-M'liuol has bwrn fully re
orHiil.J .r. Ivirr-un lias l-n (rniani tly f n
gaici':l iDu-iJ.il l.r;cior. fri-rvlw t V '.M a.m.
. 'mir inw mwl'tin will b hela at tbeton-Ko-k
ii ili.al I lin'tb on I niim strwt, nwir Tblrd. at
:i .'in ii ii K Kill iitlnuui'i. The public are cor
dl.'lllv lliMtnl.
f ,"iii!-r mi'TUT niin ii - v.urj) Is-
V ( -n.i'1 n. '..( H .,'ii.v(" Higular fnlce
;.l I 1 :t in .Hiil.li-.-l "111 !J;tvpn:T S:.tl',
turn u )omii -.i 1-t 7 I'.m. Miijjnct: "Object of
Iii:'rivrmfi.U t.ili Irrn.
Q AHJ sntKKt m. e. i m arn, south.
a llir.i li ii i ; lt.at. nhiuijin tT Hi tniirnlnir
x-rv!'.-- iu- vier iinrni ot the Lord's supiwr will Iw
IiaV IIY A IlliOOiiH. : Proprietors
O.M-l, COJlJlt..Vli
lonilay. l-froilrr SOih-.ew Vear'B
"uiid Oaiurday Mat Iiri4.
Tlie (Jrcat I'be.-iomlnal Atri. if AKY ANOEBSON,
sui ji irttil by J'jbn w. Ni rum and a
ciNpcrb MraiaatlcCompiiny.
Tucs.l iy. KA.KI; Weilnemlay, I.APY OF LYONri;
1 biiii.li.v. K'JMKO AM Jl 1..F.T; Kildy. HLMCH
BAi'K: hitunlav. IXi MaK. JJr-tirand IEW
VEAH'rl aim tjA I X'HIiaY Mfitlneen, at 2 p.m.
lifvnvd Sats at nollenlieiK'. ,.
in:iday, January tiili, Joei.u Murpby In KERRY
AILR0Au TltKKT-Meinphli and Charleston
V r.tilroal tlrhi-l Apuly at AlVf A L olllce.
fvH. SNYftER ortice on Nurth lourt. by Express
X) building, and In rear of General Hon lean's
T B. 'iLLKY N'olary Publte and Justice of
V . tlie Ptiac '. Ha;e5l!le i -A ittie Depot) Tenn.
f p: cli.I HtieiitKnieien to collection of claims.
HlGHertT cah pilees paid for Recond-liand
ctothiiiK. caiiiets and jemelryat Philip Simon's
Hii Bmle street, liiders prumptly Mtended to.
'rR- "M- CARS WELL, No. 27 South tourt,
I ) neariJaiii. Oliice hours: w to 10 a m., 1 lo
n:ldd Htid 7 ton o'i-lock p!n
( ATT EijEHS 1 ACk E. pl uio and organ tune,
T. anil if tmirer. Ht WITMANN'S. Second.
rflW'O (lentlemen can obtnln a lame front room on
L first tloor. -AKh nr altbout board. In private
family, or will take 4 gentlemen as day boarde'H.
Keler-.u es exchanged. Address. "j." care Appea).
IGOMS-Handsome front parlor and other rooms,
Aultal!e for gentlemen, helerences. 104 COL'RT.
OAUO-V. Itb nr lAltUoiit X.f'.ne,. at
Kli WlHl a t REM .
f ) MS Nicely funilslied, wlili excellent board,
at re s.-onali.! prl--s. at n:i HERNANDO ST.
OOM An eleuant front room, unfurnished, with
boar t. Aililresi "R M.," this oliice.
"TTiXCKLI.ENT tl'iARD At Rrt Monroe street, only
Jjj lWbliK-ks Imiu I'ealnxly flolel. Board and
lodrfiiK er W f-K. D iy beard j?4- VCT wefk.
TJlKiMi-Smt or front ion,, s. aita board, at 111
S Court street. Da? boarders wanted.
I o;iM.-i Coi:i!nit itili rouins. in a iulvalehou.se.
iV turuMied or unrnrnl.'-ned, lor nentlemen or
families R ites to suU the times. 101 Jtftersoust,
K- o JI.S Tdiia7d"r4M baeU-y street. Refer
enee reipnii-il.
"T.Ilts T-cLaoS " ro ' iiis. wUh or without board.
Ji Terms veiv miwi-rt-. Nn. !4 iulterry.
STi:.Yi:i :1X TI.K3i.
1 Ui E-Ki-nm my t liice.slx miles trom Memphis,
A I or, the l ailiu-'ih railroad, a black horse mule,
nine tears old. liiior 17 hand hUb: I niz, narrow
bead.' with wh te patch In mane under headstall,
and harness m irks en back: mane not recently
slieaie.1. All ;inl reward w'll be paid fdr his de
It veiv tn ilie t reml.-t s or lo Ke:k8 MaMe.on Seoind
street. .1- W. Mf.WBORN.
TAHE-A ii:!il Lay medium le mare, in
NL koikI order when stolen; very thick through
the i nns and while specks i.n laws; on leu mum sev
eral marns. lcemli'es soies thet have healed up,
caused bv ! -d bl cd; la'Rei-jis. ! tut small scar on
brea-it mid Is a line l:looied Itltle mare; wont work
KO 'd In h irneM-: will kick bad in harness; a natural
niuiNtfr :,mi ri.i.s well. Mi) revrird will be naUl
for her reiurn to Tnnmas ciajwell. four and a half
mii'S on oln Kle l-Ii mail.
( CRYSTAL PtLACE SALOON-Formerly under
W Ire man.ieii.ent of the late Maiaiue lucent.
Apply to J. u. JlJ.s i ti' ijsiuu. Agent,
N o. 270 Second street.
I AND Abi ut 27.1 ac es cleared land. 1:1 miles
1 trom SlemphU on tlif Bay l-erry road, crltten
den county. Aikansas. All uiu'er irood fence, good
liln and houses. W ill rent tor 1 k7'.i at Jsoo. Ap
ply to liUOPl.Hl i in.,
2h2 Front btreet. Memphis.
I AND-Eieven ai re good land. l mlleg from
li lhec;ty, wit ) gmjil lmprr.vement Apply to
TARHAl l.IH SHED, Levee.
vJITAGE-Kive moms and kitchen. No. 40 Ross
Vy mv nue; J.12 per montli. Apply at 2i'l Main
street taturin 4 lilrscn s) or to
F. AT I' WOOD. M. A L. R. R. 9hop.
IT-TUN 1S11KD it OM;
l" Hou-e. 4S I'uplar.
- From S5 up. at the Perry
ilKd.C. r. KKKJ1AN
.)u()MS, CUlTAUKri AND DWELLlMid Apply
t at Alain st. eet. up stairs.
s 1 1 KitiV ti i itscH, Agems.
mwo I'I.aNTiTIoNS-Iq Aikansas, ouecontalu
X Iiil; mo acres cleared: the other. 20O aciei
C'.eareil. fiooii Imprjvenients, gin h"Us. etc. on
men i.l.ice. Annlv to Mis. M. K. EDWARDS. Bled
sri l.:t:i,luig, Arkansas, or TAYLOR i ARNOLD,
272 Front sin-et, Mehipuis.
CT'BTUBaN RrSlDENLE-Wlth elglit acres or
tO ground; orcharilot choice fiull tre&; near btreet
car. I. I), cii.nah ai. .o, siaaisou svreei.
'rjL'HNISHED hooilS -With or without board
No. 21 ill I hlrd street.
ji AKMA tire Finit lariu and market garden
.1' e invenient to cl'.y, on Kooii road; excellent or
chards and vi ne-yanis l:i bearing; good improve
lutnls; land In U rate eniiilltiou. Apply to
n RliNEU. 2."4 r econd street
HOl'Sr-A imvlj lurnishtd house in a central
i-ortion of tne e:iy. for Imnlshed rooms.
Must have all modem improvements. Apply U
I, li. Coiiaway, Had. -on.
I AhiiK Kooil lo one or two single gentlemen.
IJ wiihoiit board, one larte room, uuiuinisneu
with eut and south w-ivIkws, gas and grate; lumil)
prlvte. Ai.ply at 2i;i Third street.
IjH'RMSHED rixuus tor rent, single or In suit, at
.1 1 rca.i'iialile rale.-, at ij.i.S ila;u street, litar
Ln'.on. R"eicnre re.julred
1 Idl'SK-lhe bet suiiati d Louse In cliy for a
I 1 lioatlinghou-e, cor. Madison and Third. Ap
ply to K. vt'. li A KM S. Mut. ftnregeCo . ' 20 Main st.
KWLY"'rlNIHhi"iOMS-Clieaf to gen-
tli-men New brick house. H4 Multierry streeL
I Jhii'K llxl .-E A very desiraLle brick residence.
X. rurnl.l.e.l tir not. tne rent taken in either
bo.inl or in inoriey. Lreuil-es ill tine order. I-nentlon
l,eii-:ilMi!in ui. el.-..1 Ilie rst. ('.ill ai 1 7v I nlon t.
Tlie We Sm
Extra line Orantjt s, line for ShfDtiinjr,
Extra Hue Aiijiks, line for Shippinsr.
Extrti Layer FI-. in boxes.
C'lu'ce .f!:ljsa (irapos in L' lis and kegs.
LiiraWs ( t'lol rated t rackers.
Atniort 'iS I'luiu l'liiliiins,
Atiuore'n Jlint e Mr at, iu brls and buckets.
Extra Hue Leghorn Citrou.
Extra Hue Dehcisa Ka;.ius.
Extra Fine London Kaitdns.
Extra Fine Seedless 1'alsin?.
French Mixed and Stick Candy.
Extra Fine Freucli I'runes
Choice I'each and Apple Unttcr.
Sweet Cider, biirrelJ, 1-2 brls and Kegs.
I.ennlne Maple Syrup.
,;enuinc Maple Suirar.
Assorted N nts.Curreats, Jelly, rreserves,
Cocoanuts and the White Swan Floor,
ninth, for ni.ikiEjf Cake, Light Bread,
JJht Roll, Etc., together with the
price, has no eij'ial in the city.
;V Havli g a l,irfc-e st ck ef the above goods on
band, and ra lur t'i,.n carrlng any of them
uer, we are determined to me4 the haid limes and
sell at tin low-sl cash basis. C!oe dujers and
economists am Invited to call and ethat'e are
prepared to make 1 all we claim In ourcaid.
Jysatisf.-noo guaranteed In every InsUiiceor
money rcfuJideiL-jeJ
B. M. Stratton & Co.
nt ii f,.r .-n-.il at : I Main itrwt. ul-iln. Ili
notKls and Dxtuit-s of my illlllut-ry esUbll-ibment.
Wlrroro. Hhow- mmrm. Bojfi, -halr,
t'arp-rtM.Tablf a asil ttaad.
;3ale promptly ut 10 a.m. Ladles lnvlted.iJ
A. M. aTODLiARD. Auctioneer.
TaiMdiy Mornlnc Ierber SI, 17H,
HY A. V- rKtXKltSH.
S Main (wl. 'liiy Bnlldtwir.
; i0W Light red cow. with long horns and brand
m1 with a figure ' Five dollars reward tor
her return to WRI tHT's, 5:10 Rrrrijiyenut
BULL A" red bull, one norn "stralghL the other
standing out to the side: between the horns,
curly hair. Inuu're at I2f i'nlon street.
TAKKS 11'.
lOW-Red and white specks, and youngcalf. C.
Vf. 1,41 I lir.n, rvwii imiw, uuimtiuv .
H OKSE-Medlura-slzed -sor-el; hbout i jesri
old; white blaze on forehead; had saddle and
nalter on. The owner can have same by calling on
.IONE.S tUDtOKI), Pimiwi, irii ii.
ClOW-A large size brlndle cow, with a calf 4
j month old. which the owner can have by pay
ing charges and proving proiierty. Cbas, Boyde, col
ored. Bus avenue, two miles fiom city.
sf(J3 At 5cadozen are not a cr-apas he Hav-
I ... . . .. .l.l..Kkl. ll I , II I'HIV
. I I'M .11 . I n ui'cii ..... ... ....... - .... -
i.ni nll.-il No. Ill clirur which SOL COLE n AN
sells you tor rive cents. Send tor a Wholesale Price-
List of Coleinau g Cigars.
f t iHfTPENCER PLACE, on Vollentlne avenue.
X two and one-half miles from Court Square,
containing ton acres; five acres orchard: house con
tains 10 rooms: also cistern: gcod ombulldings.
Apply on Ihe place. H. W. SPENCKR.
E5T Headlight Oil. Lamps rented and repaired.
. uit'.Vi r, -ill'l s;e,n,l street
A. 1111" ' a- ' , - w..
AND rlxty acres, on the Pigeon Boost road, five
miles from nempnis. apiht io
W. W. WILLIAMS, on Rosebrough Plac?.
RESIDF:NCE-SifiOO fias stock or bonds will
buy a large, central and very desirable brick
residence. In hue order. Title perfect; no debts;
insured for three years, and rents for $720 a year.
Address FAITH, ears Appeal.
rTTJHNITl BK Cheap, at
"i BOCERY Corner Causey and Pontotoc streets,
I X doing a good business.
JAME3 BEILLY. Executor.
AND-!40 acres on both sides of the Mississippi
1 xi.d Tennessee lallroad. live miles from the city.
adjoining Camp Joe Williams. Also. 500 acres on
President's Island. Address "P, M.," care Hill,
Fontaine 4 Co.
BOOKS The books or the late firm of S. Kauf
man 4 Bro. will be sold tn the highest bidder,
for c-ish. January 2d, 187'.l, at Sturm 4 Uirsch's of
fice, between ltgal hours, 2H1 Main street.
o. viinuiu, AS'iguee.
Address, S 1 A FLE, Appeal office.
IN New Gins.
Aveiy niuite. H. DOW, 210
F'ront street.
BRICK Shipped cheap by river or railroad. Leave
orders at John A. Denle's. 8o2 F'ront street,
f.anres concessions will be made on orders for good
SaimonBrlck, suitable for chimneys or setting Holl
ers, etc u. ii. f. rif irn.
1VE Hundred Thousand heart hand-made
shingles, very low, at K. L. coenran 4 uo s.
TTALL'S S4.FE, Shelving and counters of iier-
XJ- log & Bro. Great Bargain. Apnly to
LISc, tlttiiuu, zoo main sireei.
RICK-Cheapest In town, at Clark's yard, corner
Orleans ana lieorgm streets.
.TlTl'E3-Two larue Italian marble statues; one,
termed "Remembrance." represents a woman
entwlnim; flowers Into a wreath; the second. "Anec-
lion." i-HiiteiMMiiis a woman scaiierniK nowei? uier
grave. F or particulars and price Inquire o Vincent
Bolto. southeast comer w aanington ana rrcrn, sis.
ORDER9 for Electric Lights for factories, villages
and cities. A. Hltzfeld, 233 Secoud st., agent.
QOOK A good cook wanted at 1 17 Adams.
c AF"K A good safe, with double doors and corabl
O nation iock. Address, H. BEJaCH 4 CO., No,
273 Main.
iERVAN'T to do general house-work. White pre-
J f erred. Call at nil Second street.
-K TI'RSF An frnerlenaed colored tiuilg nare.
IN Apply with good references, to J. B. P ASSENT
4 CO., arw .nam street.
A GOOD reliable business man, with small cap
Hal, as partner in a good established business.
Address, "liemnnis, care Appeal oiuce.
COMMERCIAL wnter of experience, with good
reierences. Address, "H4, peauoay tiotei.
(CANVASSERS To energetic men I will paySlO
J per week to Introduce an er tirely new article;
SI capital reuulred. Call on W. H. Fanning, at the
Chambers House, cor. Second and Washington sts,
-PLANTATION between Memphis and Greenville,
L Mississippi side. S00 aeres cliolcest land; 200
In cuilivatiun; within Ha miles of landing: no
overflow; good Improvements; must be a great bar
gain. Send mil particulars ana towesi casn price.
Also pm.-e in six annual pavineuis.
Office ij. No 614 Pine street, Sf. Louis.
f "PLANTATION Between Vlcksburg and Mem
I nhls. Mississlonl side, a choice place. wUlm. 3
miles of landing, In exchange tor all or part of a
Hue stock farm, t0 miles west ot St. Louis, HOO
acre, worth $12,000; or 70 acre farm Just outside
or city limits of St. Louis, worth $14,000; and
MOO feet In limits worth S21O0. Also, wish to
rent a choice, small plantailoa.
liiOO Pine street. St. Louis, Mlgourl.
1BL F'or general work, at
Shirt F'actory. 237 Main street.
COOK Washer and Doner. A only at
EDM or.German woman.
At 681 Shelby street.
ROOM By a gentleman, a counortable room,
with board. 1 i a private lamily, near the center
of the city. Addiess S. W. F., Appeal office.
X J pltal.
tr'lrsl-clasa) and laundnman, at city hos
' K. K. BHKLTON, Steward.
AND To rent about one hundred acres good land
Le.tr the city. r. m. pat l ERsor a co.,
1H0 Jefferson street.
O-j r A person having from S 1 000 to
O 1UUU S1500 can learn of something to ad
vantage by addressing N. L. H , care Appeajitice.
GENTS Few lady and gentlemen agents. Llb-
eial sal ary paid. Call at 2HH M aln str et.
OAttDERS At 72 Court street Kates to suit
the times. Front or back rooms. Also day
boarders wanted.
MEMPHIS CITY BlDS I will exchange city
property lots or residences for Memphis city
bo'5? s. II. M. JAMEJ, 285 Main. Bluff City Ins. Co.
S- ITUATION- By a young man. First-class sales
man. Good references. In a dry goods or
Grocery House. No objection to country. Address,
CHARLES, 4 1 Poplar street
TvMPLOYMENT Agency or the Ladles Christian
I Association. Help, white or colored, who can
bring references, can find good s tuatlons by apj
plying at the Intelligence Oftlce. 158 Main.
D"RESMXRV.Raiid cUTTEK of ability good
salary to competent pel son. Address A. B.,
Appeal i tllce.
A SITUATION By a young man In a fuMtbnre or
shoe house, or in any capacity where a faith
ful man could be useful. Addiess, J. ti.. this onk-e.
W. Z. Mitcitell's school, 293 Second st.
Hoys' boots as cheap as you want them at
Miller's. 221 Main street.
Dit. Voohiiif-s, oculist and aurist, has re
moved to No. csj Court street.
Men's cassimere Buits at $7 50, worth $15,
at M. Fuld's old stand, 333 Main stre et
To give tone to the stomach and stimulate
digestion, there is nothing like Heed's gilt
edge tcnic.
Elegant jewelry, diamonds, watches and
holiday goods, at A. M. Stoddard's auction
house, at one-third cost.
The plumbinsc and gas-fitticp establish
ment of J. W. X. Browne is now regularly
open. Orders promply attended to.
IJckky. "Why will men smoke common
tobacco when they can buy Marburg li-o's
Seal of NorthjCarolina at the. same prise V"
Go to J. W. Alley for Pittsburg coal and
a-ih wood. He makes prompt delivery to any
part of the city. Leave 3-our orders at
Maia, 2;!0 Second, and 158 Ceale streets.
What his wife said: She said she did wish
John could find aomethipg that would cure
his fever and ague, flu was ail worn out
with it, and that nothing that be bad tried
had done him any good. He should take
Reed's gilt edge tonic. It never fails tosub
due the most obstinate cases of fever and
a true, and it is equally ciTective in all malarial
and bilious fevers. It is an agreeable, whole
some and invigorating tcnic.
Criminal Conrt Kay, Judge.
Calendar for the week commencing Mon
day, December oOtb: 5o3, Joseph Kenstein;
7-t, Thomas Moore and Ed Farrell; &J5,
Harney Eagan, I'at Eagnn, Thomss Foster
and Charles Warden; bi'i, James Murrav;
p:3, J. J. Wear; 7;0, Eli Robinson; 770, Ed
Hawkins; 776, Bill Thomas; 60, Robert
Anderson, alia Go. Robinson ;84'J, William
Thompson; S44-645, William Washington;
82'J-S; JO-83 l-viyvi. Geo Little, alias Hen.y Lit
tleton: 7;9, Reuben Barkery; 782. S. D. Vor-t-r;
769, Andrew Jackson, alias Henry Clay;
771, Mrs. E. Hoby; 4"(7. Gun Munding; 484,
Charles Davis; 7cl, Wmzy Wiggins,
4 Dozen Extra Oranges for 81.
." Dozen Uool Oranges for 1.
l Dozen Ordinary Oranges for $1.
4 pounds Fine Malaixa Grapes, 81.
500 barrels Oranges,
25 barrels Malaga Grapes,
Advertising bills of leatt than FIVE
DOLLARS mngt be paid la advance,
except for persons -with whom we have
reeular account.
The criminal court will be in session to
morrow as usual.
Mias Mary Anderson as "Evadne"at the
Theater to-morrow evening.
The Shelby county circuit court will be
in session next Thursday, January 2d.
At twelve o'clock laRt nisht snow was
falling rapidly, and gave promise of more
sleighing for to-day and to-night.
The carriers' address of the Holly
Springs Reporter, by the carriers, J. E. Mos
by and Joe G. Lucas, Las been received at
this office.
The deputy sheritls were out on the
streets yesterday afternoon summoning citi
zens to act as jurors in a rape case which
will come up for trial at the criminal court
We are glad to notice that the action of
three ot our banks in rewarding the services
of their officers and employes who stood at
their post during toe lare tearful epidemic.
has met with approval from their respective
stockholders, depositors and the public.
At the chancery court, Edith Green, col
ored, has filed a bill for divorce against Major
Greeu, colored. The usual grounds for a
divorce are alleged in the bill. It was the
green-eyed monster which disturbed the
peace ot the colored household th;s time.
Wednesday next, isew lear s oav, oemer
the firit Wednesday of the month, the reu'i-ir
meeting ot the general council will be held
that evening, provided a quorum will be
present. It is not likely that a quorum will
be lound present upou tut occasion.
Yeistcrday, Judge Eluridge, of tLe pro
bate? court, sent a Ir an to jail lor failure to re
port a settlement as guardian. The attcrti ys
m the case are worked up about tne matter
and purpose contesting the opinion of the
judge. The case was one of contempt.
A branch of the Catholic Knii-iits cf
America will be organized this evening at
seven o'clock, at the Sodality hall on Wash
lt.'gton street, lhere are at present some
thirty branches of this otg;in:zation in the
I'niti.'d States, and the ordtr ii m a flourish
ing condition.
If you w.int late and cheap reading mat
ter lor Sunday, go to Billy Lichen's,
Main ttrett, corner J efl'drson; he has all the
magazines tor January and all pictorials tor
the week. Dailies, latest date. Billy will
take your subscription for any paper or mag
azine that is published at publisher's rates,
saving you trouble ai;d expense.
The canvass on the new Shol-ts directory
has commenced under able and efficient man
agement. In view of the daily need of a
good directory, we hope all citizens will
heartily render the reporters thecouriesy Mr.
Sholes'a works have always deserved. The
new work will be issued ;i bout February 15tb,
trom tne press o; S. (J. loot ec Lo.
Several loading members of the demi
itionde, while out sleigh-riding a few nights
since, drank too many milk-punches in the
back-room of an up-town saloon. A row en
sued, and a ecratch-figlit ensued. The bel
ligereuts swore out peace warrants against
each other, and the warrants will be heard by
Kecorder (Juigley to-morrow afternoon.
Tuesday night nest. New Year's eve, a
( mass-meeting of citizens will be held at the
dreenlaw uperahouse lor I he purpose ot cav
ing a tree and lull discussion on the subiects
The repeal of the city charter, and the com
promise of the bonded and other debts of the
city with the home and foreign creditors. A
full attendance is requested, the matters un
der consideration being traught with un
usual interest for Memphis and her citizens.
For some time trouble has existed atnODg
the colored Masons over the question as to
who was entitled to the office of worshipf ul
grand master tor the State ot lennessee. Mr.
Daniels claims to be that officer, but Mr.
Boyd, the old grand master, claims that he
yet holds the office. The atf'air culminated in
a row, and the case was heard before Esquire
uuigley. ice parties arrested on peace war
rants were discharged and the case dismissed
Un Saturday, tho twenty-first instant.
while the postmaster at Hernando. Mississip
pi, was away from his office at dinner, a thief
or several thieves, broke into the postothce
and carried.ofi two hundred and twenty-five
dollars in money and a lot of postage stamps.
The money and stamps were kept in a draw
er or pigeon hole, the postmaster having no
burglar-proof or any other kind ot safe in
the ctace.
The retail game and fish markets, etc.,
lurmsned the lollowing prices yesterday
Squirrels, 10c each; quails, 10c each; rab
bits 10c each; mallard ducks, 25s each; gray
ducks, 35c per pair; wild geese, 75c each;
tame and dressed geese, 75c each; dressed
turkeys, 12c to 15?jper pound; lake perch,
10c per pound; red snapper, 15c per pound;
celery, G5c per dozen ; oysters, lor soup, 20c
to 25c per can; for frying, '30c to 40c per can.
Editors ArrEAL Please allow me, in
the Appkal, to acknowledge the receipt of a
box of nice valuable clotbics, contributed by
the little misses of Colieeville, Mississippi, as
a New Year's gift to children made orphans
by the terrible epidemic. May heaven bless
them and their gift a hundred-fclJ, and in
duce others to do likewise. The following
are the kind donors, narueiy : Miss Clyde Bry
ant, Miss Mattie Henon, Miss Mary Bell Les
ter, Miss Theo Fly, Mi.s Lourie Kelly, and
Willie Fowe!!.
FAN'MK D. ROSAMOND, 1 10 Court street.
The following is the mortuary report for
the week ending six o'clock Saturday even
ing, Decemlx-r 28, 1-878:
H. W. Courts . .
Aaron Traxier
G. M. Kirk
Sarah A. Crump
Lulu C. Hunter.
Mrs. Bow-len. . .
Fannie Horn. . .
Alex Johnson..
Child o! K. Ham
Monroe Murphy.
Burrell Rogors..
H. Smith
James Oliver. . .
Walter Smith ..
Bt;b fclngham. .
Sarah Gnfl'ui
tVx. Culur.
male, white aneurism.
male, white Ullpbtberla.
male, white x-hr. diarrhea
male, white lop'm poison,
female white cons'mptton.
female, white child blitb.
remale.:tilte pneumonia,
female, w hite cons'm i itlon.
male, cored dysentery.
male. col'ed pneumonia.
mule, iisil'ed accld't, dray.
i mos'
20 I
24 i
6 mos,
3 i
male. col ed cons mptlon.
male, col'ed cons'inpt-on.
male. Icol'ed unknown.
male, icol ed burn,
male, col'ed paralysis,
female. Icol'ed pneumonia.
faille w. Mack
14mo female.
col ed deillilon.
C'idB. Bacuelor 2 d'ls female. icol en unknown.
Frances Holsby. rSmos taiuale. icol'ed pneumonia.
Maggie Tlsby. . j 12 ;female.col'edirein. fever
Total f or the wei-k, 21; whit'.s, ; colored,
13; from hospital, 1; still-born, 4.
R. k. mtows, M. I).,
Secretary Board of Health.
The Memphis Liie Journal for Septem
ber, October, November and December has
juet bern issued. The appearance and con
tents of the present number which com
pletes the first vo!ume justify the opinion
that the Journal is rapidly working itself
into favor, both with the legal profession and
the public. "Is the bar unpopular'!1" is dis
cussed editorially in an able manner, the ar
gument going to Ehow the unreasonableness
of the pooular prejudice, and illustrations
given to exhibit how much of this prejudice
has been created by the overdrawn charac
ters of novelists, taken from the lowest in
stead of the highest rank of the profession.
The volume contains the latest decisions of
the Tennessee. Missaseippi and Arkansas
courts, ami a well-arranged digest of deci
Kiors in other courts. W. C Fowlkes, Esq.,
a leading member of the bar, succeeds Mr. J.
R. Greene as editor of the Tennessee depart
ment, and A. li. Hurl, Esq., will report de
cisions for the State of Mississippi. The poet
of contributing editor .will be tilled by Hon.
lienry Craft a tact which will materially
aid the popularity of the Journal.
Mr. Jacob Kohlberg. vice-president of
the Hebrew hospital association, will leave
here this morning for the Cleveland orphan
asylum with sixteen Jewish orphans, varying
from three to twelve years, a follows: Hiney
Heyman, Kacbel ileyman, Harry lieyman.
Katie Cohen, Louis Cohen, Morris Cohen,
Samuel Cohen, Jacob Kaufman, Isidore
Kaufman, Mamie Kaufman, Minnie Kauf
man. Hannah Marks, Arthur I'ollock and
Jacob I'ollock. The remainder of the thirty-
one Jewish orphans are either too old or too
young, and other provieions are oemg maae
tor them.
Exquisite New Yearj cards Tracy.
Another marriage in Mississippi DeSoto
county. Tracy is doing the cards.
Mils. Gist and her accomplished daugh
ters, Misses Gertrude and Edgenh, are so
journing this winter in Collierville.,
Captain Henry C. West, formerly of
Little Rock, Arkansas, is quite ill at the resi
dence of his eister, Mrs. J. B. Parrent, !6
Vance street.
J. W. Alley, at 395 Main street, 230 Sec
ond etreet and 158 Beale street, has the best
rittsburg coal and ash wood. Prompt de
livery; no delay.
The following visitors were registered at
the cotton exchange yesterday: J.W. Duaen,
Ashpoit, Tennessee; J. C. Inches and P. A.
Menken, New York; W. A. Murphey, Cov
ington. The following officers were elected for the
ensiling term of Schiller Lodge, No. 140, I.
0. O. F.: Peter Stembrecher, N. G.; J. C.
Krenkel, V. G.; Chas. Borner, secretary; F.
H. Venn, treasurer; Jos. Ubl, trustee.
The following officers were elected for the
ensuing term of Bluff City Lodge, No. 187,
1. O. O. F.: J. J. O'Brian, N. G.; W. A.
Goodman. V. G.; A. E. Kenneday, secretary;
A. S. M'Near, treasurer; W. A. Collier and
F. Lamoct, trustees; T. M. S. Rhett, library
U. F. Cavajjagh fe Co., dealers in coffee,
tea and spices, at 369 Main street, keep a fine
stock of these articles on hand, and sell them
at the very lowest figures. They are experi
enced dealers, who know hoff to purchase
most goods fot least money, and can afford to
give their customers good bargains.
Dr. Woodworth, surgeon-general of the
United States marine hospital service, who
has been here in attendance on the con
gressional yellow-fever commission, left yes
terday afternoon for New Orleans, the com
mission having closed its labors and investi
gations in this city.
Ed Schloss, "a good man and true," is
with Buxbaum Bros., the Main street cloth
iers, and tells us that their stock of
winter clothing is full and complete.
Ed requests all his friends to call and see
him, and assures them a good bargain in
whatever they may wish to purchase.
"Where can I get a drink?" he said.
"At Gaston's bar," replied a friend,
"The Colonel will supply your need,
And fix you up from end to end.
He mixes drinks as no man can.
Except himself." "All right," said he;
"Let us go m and see the man,
And drink a cocktail ot toddle."
Madam Alexander, after a six months
sojourn in Paris, is again in chsirge of the
dressmaking department of Kremer, Herzog
k Co. This establishment is far-famed for
the elegance and style of work turned out.
They are now better prepared than ever for
the largo amount of patronage tbey are fa
vored with. They have facilities for filling
bridal and mourning outfits at the shortest
Johnston & Vance, under the Peabody
hotel, have a very large stock of carefully
made-up clothing, in which they are offering
groat inducements to purchasers. Heavy
winter goods, especially overcoats, are being
difposed ot at lower prices than ever before,
la underwear and gentlemen's furnishing
goods they have a splendid variety. John
bton ic Vance are reliable dealers, whose rep
resentations as to quality of goods can always
be relied on. Any one desiring to purchase
would do well to call tbere.
Attention is asked to the new advertise'
ment of tho FresbytFriau school. As a re-
suit of spending the long vacation in study
ing the schools of other cities, where the
ideas of Pestalczzt and Froebel have taken
deep root, the principal gives us a new de
parture in primary training. Its leading
objects, as set forth in the prospectus, are
the cultivation of the perceptive faculties,
obseivation rather than memory alone, habits
of correct expression, of original thought,
exercises in composition, physical training.
music and;drawing;in'short, that symmetrical
development which has always been a lead
ing principle in this school. As a permanent
feature in Memphis educational circles, we
recommend this school in all departments.
Promises made by its managers are never
vain, in all its appointments tne school is
attractive. Five teachers of reputation and
experience are employed in the literary de
partment. Latin is taught daily without
extra charge. 1 rot. VVitztnan visits the
pchool to teach modern languages. Mr,
Merrit has an interesting class in painting.
Every advantage is offered in music. The
large enrollment shows the school to be pop
ular, as it deserves to be.
31ake Doubly Hare
Resolving to resort to Dr.C. M'Lane's cele
brated liver pills, which never fail to relieve
all bilious and liver complaints. First see
the name contains a "C," is spelt "Lana,"
bears the blue government stamp half-way
round the box. with the words thereon
"Fleming Bros., Pittsburgh." If different
in any of these particulars no matter what
a druggist may argue they will be an imita
tion and worthless.
Jut Received.
A new lot of fine cloth-top button shoes, in
At greatly reduced prices. Every pait' war
ranted, at
Wannamaker & Brown are making all
wool suits for $18 50.
Special Xotice.
There is now being opened, and will be
ready tor inspection and sale by n eUnesdau,
January 1st, the finest assortment of Italian
Marbb- Monuments, Statuary and Tab
lets ever shown in Memphis. Ibese goods
fcre a direct importation, and will be offered
at less than con prtce it made in this city,
and are guaranteed to be of the best quality
Carrara (Italy) Marble, and of superior
workmanship. Call and examine at A'o. 3W
Second street between Madison and Monroe.
iiarsains in
Ladies' French kid reception slippers, at
I e you want plain and fancy stationery
If you want school books, slates and school
It you want pens, inks and blank books
If you want the very latest publications
If you want poetry, history and philoso
phy If you want bibles and hymn books, go to
279 Main street.
The largest stock and lowest prices.
Hurt n Goes Fresh Oysters.
Extra select, 40c.; select, 30c; medium F,
25c; prime, 20c; 25a extra on every dozen lor
shipping, at j. a. bionaioo's, 278 Second.
Men's black wo-6te-l suits at ? 6 50, worth
$12. at M. FuM'a old stand, 333 Main
A fine all-wool business Buit made to or
der for $18 50. Wannamaker k Brown,
26'JJa Main street.
Engraving, at Thayer's, 307 Main street.
The Block of Buildings on the Southeast
Corner of Fourth and Poplar
Streets, with Contents, En
tirely Destroyed.
A. A J. Helliger's Bakery, with Stock
and Fixtnres, a Total Loss Narrow
Fs-a?e of the Tenants Loss,
Insurance, Etc.
About three o'clock this morning a fire
broke oat in Heiliger's bakery (formerly Ber-
ton's confectionary), corner of Fourfch and
.... .
Poplar streets, the flames being brstdi3c.ed
in the bake-room in the cellar, and in a few
moments the entire building was in flames,
the occupants barely escaping with their
lives. The adjoining tenement build
ings (all brick) on Poplar and Fourth streets,
soon caught fire, and, for a time, baffled the
efforts of the firemen. So quick was the
entire corner, including the adjoining
building, in flames, that the women and
children had to be driven out barefooted, in
their night clothes, on the snow-covered
streets. The cries, groaning and weeping
of the children was heartrending. The west
wall of Heiliger's bakery, fronting on Fourth
street, fell in, causing the flames to burst up
with renewed energy, several of the firemen
narrowly escaped from being caught beneath
it. The inflammable material inside the
bakery fed the flames to such a heat that the
water thrown by the engines seemed to have
little effect. The firemen pressed on with
characteristic perseverance, pouring torrenU
of water into the seething mass of fire and
flame, but little was accomplished until the
entire contents of the building were con
sumed. All efforts were directed to saving
the adjoining property, which seemed for a
time destined to the fate that had befallen
Heiliger's building. There was a strong
breeze blowing from the northeast, which
carried sheets of (lime and burning fire
brands to the roofs of the buildings on
Wash ington, Fourth, Poplar, and as high up
as Third street. When the flames burst into
the up-stairs of the adjoining unoccupied
building heavy, black columns of smoke
rushed through the roof as if several barrels
of coal-oil had bursted. It was afterward
discovered that the upper stories of the entire
block of buildings had been on fire some
time, the flames being confined within the
rooms until the falling of the corner building
caused them to break cut afresh. The
building was the property of Mrs. Stillman,
who, it is said, had no insurance
Mr. Heiliger stated that his stock acd
fixtures amounted to about five thousand
dollars, on which he had policies of insurance
t the amount of one thousand dollars each in
the agencies of Sturm & Hirsch, Carrington
Mason, andTonilinson, aggregating three
thousand dollars. As we go to press the fiie is
burning, with little prospect of the firemen
djing more than saving the property adjoin
ing. Mr. Cameron, who keeps a grocery store,
corner Washington and Second streets, car
ried Mrs. Stillman, the owner of the burned
building, and who has long been an invalid,
oat of her residence, adjoining on Fourth
street. The lady was so feeble and overcome
by the excitement caused by the fire as to
become nearly insane. She was carried into
Mr. Towbridge's house, across the street,
where her friends gave her proper attention
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods
We beg to call the attention of our pa
trons and the general public to our new ad
vertisement in another column.
We offer this week extraordinary induce
ments to purchasers, prior to our annual
Our stock is complete, diversified and un
broken, and we otter it at an immense reduc
We Offer all Winter (Woods at Cost and
Less than Cost.
We advise all intending purchasers to ex
amine our immense and varied stocK, as we
are offering exceptional bargains in every de
Youths' suit? in large varkty. at panic
prices, at M. Jr uld s old stand, 3o3 Main
It is quite remarkable that intelligent peo
ple who properly appreciate excllenee in
education, will consider no sacrifice too great
to secure the very best moral, intellectual and
physical training tor their children.
True refinement and virtue are due
to excellence in education, so that what
ever honesty, truthfulness, industry, en
ergy, temperance, courage, chanty, or any
other virtue may be found in the individual.
or in a community, all owe their existence to
proper training in youth. In nothing else is
it as important to prefer "excellence to cheap
ness," or to remember that "an once of pre
ventive is worth a pound ot cure, than in
the education of children. Tho Christian
Brothers' college offers every advantage fcr
the education ot young men and boys. Its
reputation is a most enviable one, aud is, of
itseif, a high recommendation to the citizens
ot Memphis.
Everybody Jinoww
that Francis Feiling, No. 200 Main street, is
a boot and shoemaker, who can't be beat as
far as a good fit.j durable and good work is
concerned. He is selling now in order to
reduce his stock, at very reasonable prices.
Call and see him.
Men's underwear of all qualities at panic
prices, at M. i uld s old stand, o-s-i Alain
Floyd's Ladies' Restaurant,
Enlarged and improved, No. 279 Main street.
Home Indorsement.
For the benefit of the parents and children
of our community, we copy the following
from the Columbus (Ga.) Kniin'rer-Hun, of
June 30th, and advise all mothers to use
Another Columbus Enterprise. We
are glad to see the press in this State, and
many other parts of the country, speaking in
Buch complimentary terms of Dr. Motfett's
Teethina (Teething Powders), fcr we hero re
gard it as a very meritorious preparation, and
put it down as another of the successful enter
prises indicative of the brain and energy of
our people. Dr. C. J. Moffett, the proprie
tor is a graduate of Jefferson medical col
lege, Philadelphia. Pennsylvania, was a ma
jor in the late Confederate service, and since
the war has been one ot our leading drug
gisU and prescriptionuts. He ban, to the
fullest extent, the esteem and confidence of
cur people, among whom he was raised, and
we can assure the public that his TeethiDa
(Teething Powders) is no humbug, but the
greatest blessing yet given to mothers. It is
used here by these in this office, and other
leading citizens, having small children, and
is indorsed and recommended by all.
Boys caeshnere suits at f 4, worth $7 50,
at M. Fuld's old stand, 333 Main street. ,
Correspondence Hetwren Leading Citl
icni and the 31 a j or wllh Ktfereare
to the Cltys ARUMS and Liabili
ties The Mayor's Mhowlng on
the Compromise or ('und
ine taestln.
The following interesting correspondence
had between prominent business men and
Mayor Flippin, will attract public attention,
now that attention has been turned toward
the consideration of the city's indebtedness
and her creditors, who seek to collect dollar
for dollar by mandimus suits issued from the
l-mted States aDd State courts:
Memphis, December 28. 1K7H.
Hon. John R. Fllppln. Mayor, etc. :
Dear Sir Impelled by the interest which
we as citizens and tax-payers have in the
city of Memphis, we beg leave to address
you the following inquiries, viz: First
What are the liabilities and assets ot the city
at the present time? Second Cin the city
carry the di'bt if it were funded as contem
plated i lour early answer will oblige.
yours irespectfully,
W. F. TAYLOR, and others.
Me-srs. John Overton. W. IL Wood, M. L.Meacham,
w. t. layior, auaotners:
Gentlemen Your communication of this
date received and I respond briefly to its in
quiries. On the first of July last, our finan
cial statement shows the entire indebtedness
ol the city to have been f 1,669,854 76. This
grand aggregate n made up as follows:
Under bonded debt S2,Khsi.ooo 00
Fast due bjiided debt 71.000 00
Interest coupons due 3K5.220 00
T. E. Brown. Judgment without Int. . 102,122 Wl
Amount due Individuals fcr payments
made to pavement contractors
with 55 per cent Interest on same. 735.07r 27
Judgment debts 352.723 52
SuuUii Indebtedness 12S.7I3 04
Total debt 84.003,854 7rt
Total bonded debl Vi.HKH.IMH) 1)0
Total due debt $1,780,854 70
The bonded debt above stated includes
$335,000 compromise bonds. After giving
credits for payments made since July 1st, I
do not suppose the indebtedness has been in
creased more than f 100,000. Our total debt
to-day must be about $ 4,770,000. Our nom
inal assets on the first day of July last were
$2,265,245 01. To these must be added the
taxes of 1878 to get our present assets.
These will be about $600,000, making total
assets $2,805,215 01. This is the situation
proximately st jted :
Liabilities 84,770.000
Nominal assets 2 ,805,245
But cn the city carry the debt if it were
funded as contemplated. The availability of
these assets will determine the amount of
the funded debt. Lit us examine them:
City treasurer's cash forvarlous funds. 804,010 4i5
United Slates marine account due the
city 3.080 50
Ten compromise bonds In toe hands of
the sinking fund commissioners 10.C00 00
Bonds due by purchasers of city's stock
In Memphis and Charleston railroad
company, secared by ttust deed 45,01 HI oo
Eight bonds held aicolliujral security. 8.00O OO
Cash iu hand sinking fund commission 350 31
Making a total of 8131,047 27
available immediately for the payment of
debts. Add to this 450,000 of 6iX,0(X) of
the taxes of 1878, and we have $581,147 47,
which would extinguish that much cf our
debt. Deduct this amount from $1,770,000.
and we have $1,188,852 53 as our debt, and
leaving as assets $2 234,098 54. Now deduct
the Sij.OOO compr-imise oonds from our
debt of $1,188,853 53, and we have $:;,353,
852 53 as our unf'tind- d dtbt. Of the remain
ing assets, $2,231,097 51, there will be about
$2,000,000 in back taxes. Inasmuch as any
kind of city indebtedness can pay these back
taxes levied before 1875, except school or
special taxes, then we surely can absorb
$1,000,003 of indebtedness in this way. I do
not count the interest on any of thee taxes,
which will amount to several hundred thou
sand dollars. Deduct this million thus taken
ud in the payment of taxes from the unfund
ed debt. $3,353 852 53, tnd we have
left $2,353,852 53 to be funded. We
sow have remaining nominal assets
$1,284,097 54. This, with the entire inter
est on the $2.24,097 54, I throw away as
unavailable. This would seem to be a liberal
estimate of unavailable asseU. Fund the
$2 353,852 53 at fifty cents, and we have $1,
176,925 26; to this add the bonds already
funded, and our entire funded debt will be
$2,011,926 26. Taking into consideration
the bonds funded since last July, the debt
would not be over $2,000,000. Can the city
carry this debt ? 1 will state the liabilities
and assets, and submit the question to the
judgment of an enlightened public:
For current expenses, siy 8250.000
Interest on f undid debt 120 000
Annual liabilities $370,000
Two per cent, on $2,000,000 wil raise
$400,000; from privilege of markethouse,
wharfage, marine account, recorder's court,
etc., $100,000; total annual assets, $500,000.
Annual liabilities, $370,000. Thus it will be
seen with such a tax upon values there would
be a surplus cf $1:50,000.
I confess I feel gratified to see something
like general interest being now manifested iu
tho settlement of our debt. I have felt rather
lonesome from the want of a general co-operation
on the part of our citizens in my efforts
f r the last eighteen months to compromise
this debt. It is a good 6ign to see our people
waking up to its great importance, even at
this late day. Without the extremest remedy
I could conceive of no other mode of settle
ment than by a compromise, and believed
then and now that this would be mutually
beneficial to creditor and debtor. The cred
itors bonds have fallen in value just as the
city has grown weaker. Ten years ago yes,
less than two years, these securities were
worth forty cents; to-day, about twenty-six
cents on the dollar. The interest which has
been collected by the creditor is not so much
aa the depreciation of bis bonds. But 1 be
lieve what I have written covers yor inqui
ries. Very respectfully,
Repairing of fine watches, jewelry and
clocks, at Thayer's, 307 Main street.
Ureat Crash in Dress (joods.
Have put the knife into all goods.
read, read, read.
Plain wool dress goods 10c, formerly 25c.
Fancy siik mixed goodsk15c, formerly 35c.
Brocade and serge goods 15c,fcrmerly 35c.
Plaid dress goods 25c, formerly 40-'.
French dress patterns $5, formerly $15
and $20.
French dress patterns $2 50, formerly $10
and $12.
Camel's hair cloths 40o, formerly 75c.
French double cathmtre 50c, formerly 85c.
We gurantee the abive redactions to be
as advertised. men ken brothers.
A Splendid Holiday I .-cent.
Brands of fine cigars each box containing
a fine meerschaum cigar-bolder.
For sale at
Harpmaun A Bros., 2S6 Main Street.
"A'euril" Instantly Cures JVeu
raljriiu It is fourteen months since I cured myself
of neuralgia with "nduril," and I hare not
had the slightest return of ain. John W.
Scott, St. Louis. Georgo V. Jones & Co.,
Memphis, age nts.
Hay's Skirts.
The best In the world !
Lowest In price !
Fine t in quality !
Superior In make t
Warranted to fit!
aiade to measure.
For l OO!
Delicious Cookery.
Light, white, wholesome biscuits, rolls,
bread and elegant cake, crullers, waril-w,
doughnuts, muffins and griddle cakes of every
kind arealwnvs r.ossib o In everv fal.lo W
using Dooley'a yeast powders.
Special Rargains
b. lowexhtkis jl bros.
For Upward of Thirty Year
Mrs. Winslow's soothing syrup has fieen used
for children. It corrects acidity of the stom
ach, relieved icind colic, regulates the bowels,
cures dysentery and rfia-r'ita,whefher arising
trom teething or other causes. An-oid and
wel'l-tnedremedy. 2 iceniyfict cents abottl
. FRANK k CO.,
RedQctioasin Cloaks, Dolmaiis, SIia7ls
AT M. F1A5K & CO.'S, 211) MAIN STREET.
Reductions in Merino Underwear ior (Jent'p, Ladies aud Children,
Ac WM. FRANK & CO.'S, 24 Main Street.
Reductions in Wool and Cotton Fancy Hosiery,
At WM. FRANK St CO.';!, 24 Main Street.
Reductions in Plain and Fancy Dress Goods,
At WM. FRANK & CO.S, 24! Main Strftt
jRoduotloxis 13.
m Dress Goads ;iinl Caslneresl
Reductions in Lace Ties, Bows, Scarfs and Ruching?,
At WM. FRANK & CO.'S, 24J Main Street.
Reductions in Collars, Cuffs, Handkerchiefs, Etc.,
At WM. FRANK & CO.V, 240 Main Street.
Anyone in need of Dry Goods, Notions, Fancy Goods, Etc, will do well to give us a c.-n fl
Cnealled for and that may be had To
Day by Calling; at the Office at
the Honrs Mentioned.
Messages remaining in the telegraph office
December 29, 1878. Hours, 8:30 to 10:30
a.m. and 6 to 9 p.m.:
,T. H. Chldester. A. M. Agelasto,
W. B. lialbreath & Co., 8. Katze-uberg.
Wills A Wildberger, J. W. Ware,
Joseph Nast, J. J. Peres,
I'earce. Suggs Co., J. H. E imondson.
J. T. Fargason & Co., J. J. Slover.
Frey Schilling, Manhattan Baek.
J. W. Jefferson Co., Bowdre. M'Clellan 4 Co.,
Cloth & K ettman, T. Follz.
John Hunter, Boalen. Huse A Co.,
Watson & Hill, R. M. Bradford,
Gorsuch Trezevant, W. .1. rh'ldon,
A. E. N'emeyer, James Wilson (col).
Altred Whitt (.col), Chappell Harris.
F'red Stewart, Mrs. J. C. Stai by,
H B. Everett, John Strickland,
P. J. Kelly. Brown & Jones.
H. A. Paitee, t ownseml A; Wooley,
Rev. E. Doyle, So. Newspaper Union,
Menken Pros., Mrs. N M Jones,
J. S. Drake Co., . W. Miller,
George Ri.bsch, Panola Oil Ompany,
E. L. Dow A Co., J. A. Slgnaliro,
Manilla Bain, JotinC. Bl. e,
J. B. Aldrlch, S. H. Youn.
A. Clerk or a main street Clothtnx
Ilonse Decamps, and. it Is
Charged, with Sfoney
not his Own.
For several days the proprietors of Wana
niakcr & Brown's clothing store, 269 Main
street, have been disturbed by the ail?ged
defalcation or appropriations ot one of their
clerks or salesmen, named Bolton, a young
man from Detroit, Michigan. The firm of
Wanarcaker & Brown are supposed to be out
some five or six hundred dollars, and many
others who trusted the young man too liber
ally are cut divers and sundry amounts. Mr.
Bolton has left the city, but Messrs. Wana
maker & Brown are after him, and it is be
lieved that he will bo captured within the
next few days. Several houses were induced
to give up goods upon the representations of
the young man, and a number of acquaint
ances gave up money. When arrested he
will be brought back and the charges thor
oughly investigated.
91 ary Anderson.
To-morrow evening Mary Anderson and
dramatic company will commence an engage
ment at the Theater in Evadne, or The Statue.
Of the role and Miss Anderson, the New York
Times says: "With 'Evadne' Miss Anderson
is in full sympathy. The character is one
that calls for ingenuousness, simplicity, ten
derness, heroism and a degree of passion.
It is a character cut out of marble, aud vivi
fied, spiritualized with a soul. Miss Ander
son suggested this conception, and she was
earnest in her efforts to realize it. She made
the most of her opportunities. At frequent
intervals during the play she rose to a high
degree of power; her large gestures, sweep
ing movements, and resonant voice came into
excellent play. In the second act, where
'Evadne' recoils before 'Vicentio's' accusa
tion, her indignation was expressed with re
markable force. In the street scene, where
the unfortunate lovers are confronted by
'EvadneV angry brother, her despair was
full of btrengtb. Finally, in the statue scene,
all her talents seemed to combine for an
effective climax."
Memphis Theater.
Ths Adah Richmond English opera bouffe
troupe gave a fine rendition of Les Cloches
de Cornecille at the Theater matinee yester
day afternoon, and repeated the comic opera
last night. The troupe is good, possessing
several fine vocalists aud bouffe actors. The
troupe left for Nashville last night, where a
performance will be given to-night.
A Christmas Vlft most Worthily Be
stowed. On the morning of the twenty-fifth instant,
as a memento of their kind regards, the
guests of Airs. Alary J. t'hilnps, at .No. 99
Madison street, in this city, presented to this
most estimable and amiable lady, a most
beautiful silver tea-service, consisting of sev
eral elegant pieces, the minor ones of which
were fitly marked with the donors mono
gram, while the silver tray was adorned with
a fuller dedication. All these nice things
were bestowed as a Christmas gift. The pre
sentation ceremonies were appropriately con
ducted by Mr. Eugene Lynn, who was most
felicitously supported by the elegant and
queenly Miss Ada R'chardson, and the hand
some and sprightly Mrs. Jodie Jones. Such
marks of merited affection and regard tend
not only to greatly cultivate good feeling
among those engaged in them, but also to
encourage others to imitate their good ex
ample. The Greek fabulists were mistaken
when they said that Hope was the only bless
ing lef t in Pandora's box. It was Love, from
which flows all those happy courtesies of civ
ilizdion that flourish in that divine and ever
lasting fountain. p.
Memphis, December 25, 1878.
Old gold wanted at Thayer's.
full line of dry goods, cheap.
15,000 pairs ladies' shoes, from Boston
bankrupt and sheriff's sales, to sell low.
500 suits of men's clothing, for holiday
presents, at less than the coot of manufac
ture. We offer a beautiful corset for $1.
We Bell ladies' cloaks at New York cost.
A line misses', ladies' and gent's rubbeu.
Cheap goods from all quarters.
Corner Main and Foplar.
Rargains! Rargain! Bargains!
Great bargains at
Wre will sell the remainder of our holiday
goods at sacrificing prices, to close them out
before New Year's day.
Read B. Loentein & Bros.' new adver
tisement in another column.
Greenbrier, for medicinal purposes, can
not be equaled.
JULIUS Kl'HN, Late of Menken Bros.
GO., 249 iain.
List of Those who Herured Lleeate
and Indulged In Slatrlmony Daring
the Past Week in Jleasphis
and Hheluy County.
Whites Milton Singleton and Mrs. Mat
tie Farreil, Elward E. Arlington and Mif.i
Mattie Jstoa, Wm. Haulage r.nd Miss
Amelia Willman, D. W. Bryan and Mis3 J.
E. Heckle, Edgar E. Gecrgf and Miss Suin
W. Skillet, T. N. S;mui.ns an 1 Miss S. A.
Bojte, W. T. Hronaugh r.nd Miss Lizzie
Panke, John L. Gaiti and Ms M. A. Lott.
John D. Allen and Mi.s-? A. Mari.lt, Louis I.
Botto and Mi-? V. Cord.wo, J ira.'s Connolly
and Miss M'Keon, lshuin G. H .rns, jr., and
Miss Fanny M. Fergusi-on. .1. II. li.-.con and
Miss Mary Coner. L. J. LQvin and Miss Helen
Eng'es, T. C. Wiiks and Mtss M. Wright,
Phillip Cohen and Mrs. Mry Bsaeh, Fred
Webber and Miss I.ajra Marrens, G. W.
Griffiths and Miss Httie A. C.-ogill.
Colored Cain Uoiton and Maty A. Bled
soe, Dan Leggins and Miirlha And, reve
Bledsoe and Samactha Bledsoe, Henry Carr
and Susan Larry, J. E. Gordon and Anna
Fransolo. Siaioa Peters and Tennesjee
Burns, Wm. Ab'rcith.v and N. Wi'sca.
James Huff and Phil!:s II cks, lsham Harris
snd Mary Johnson, John Maxey and M.'.iJ ia
Springfield, Henry lVuden and Winnie
Sims, Rnbcrt Walker and Mary Ellen John
son, Frank Thjrntoa and Matlie Taylor,
Andrew Jaokren and Mi.it.ei Duncan D.
Thompson and Maude PorUr, IL'nry Dodsoa
and Bettie White. J. Hare and C Jacksoa,
Otto Young and Jane Djncan, Emory An
derson unl Amelia Ilarring, Sm Palmer
and Aggie Taylor, James R-u and Mirth;
Vans, Richmond Pettia and Fannie Day, li
A. Taylor and D. U war j, David Smi'h nnd
Mary W'right, Louis M.irerum and V. Evan,
Felix Hopl-i and So? Tsy'.or, E:!ick ii'Ken
ney and Frances MTKmaid, Fi.ink HiUurJ
and Hannah B.owa, Thomas Gather and
Dollie Johcson, George Shaw and Sjphia
Hudte, Turutr R.chard aud Rsbeeta Alex
ander, Alfred Emory aud Ri-becca Lewis,
George Prewitt and Charlotte Whitley, Tom
Brown and Ellen Harden, Thomas M. Sim
mons and Emily Williams, Edward Vaughan
and Julia Stova'.l.
Engagement rings at Thayer's, Main st.
Commission Ilerchant
Mesi-rs. Smith A: Carter, comini- mer
chants acd dealers in bulttr, 'jneese, ejgs,
e!c , having purchased the vtock, eo'ot-ki
and business of B. P. Sunt1., & Co., 318 Front
street, will conduct the business as usual, and
will do a general corm Si,on an, pr0tiuce
business. Messrs. .,. g. Smith jr., and Matt
L. Carter are WP,,i.iinoTi.n business men, who
thoroughly r.flavrstand their business, and
who will -,:ive complete satisfaction to all
custom rs. See card in another column.
Oysters In all styles, and the best
Coffee in the City, at Floyd's.
Fine jewelry at Thayer's.
Domestic Sewln;-.33acfiine.
Ladie? are invited to call and see the latest
improved Domestic sewing-machine, just re
ceived, with selt-setting needle, with self
threading shuttle, all in one piece. We caD
wind our bobbin without running the ma
Oftlce, ta Madison street.
Owing to the Fact
that I have a large :k of boots (own
manufacture), I will sell them during the
next two weeks at very low prices.
No. -JOO Main street.
Just received, twenty-five? new patbrrn
suits, to order, fcr $13 50. Wannamaker &
Brown, 209)-j Mam street.
Thayer, the live jeweler, 307 Main street.
Children's suits at $2 75, worth $5, at
333 Main street M. Fuld's old stand.
333 Clothing. 333
For the next ten djv3 they must ail be
sold, by order of the Ucited States court, the
large and elegant stock of men's, boys' and
children's clothing, of M. Fuld. at "the old
stand, 333 Mam strevt. corner of Union.
Chinchilla overeats at $7, worth -i5,
at M. Fuld's oid stand, S'.tihZ Main street.
High Authority.
Dr. W. E. Scott, president 'of the college of
physicians, Montreal, writes; "I have recom
mended Colden's Liebie '8 liquid extract of
beef and tonic invigorr.tor as the best prepara
tion used for debility. indig sflon, dyspepsia,
fever, ague and loss of aopetlte."
Fresh Oyster and Celery
Received daily by express at Victor L.
Fuch's 3'J and 41 Jeiierson Rfre-t.
S.E Thayer's fice t hick?, just received.
Floyd's Candies
Are often imitated, but never equaled.
New York, I icpmber 2S: Arrived Steam
ship City of Berlin from Liverpool.
London, December 2S: The steamships
Algeria and Nevada from New York have arrived.
Madrid. D-cem!ier 23: A bind of four
hundred armed men are at Labola, Barcelona
Albany. N. V.. December 24: The Hav
ersiraw savings bank has been closed by the attorney-general.
Norfolk. Va., December 2: 1 .-e steamship
Tnnls, from iilvet. for New Yo:k. putting In
tere for coa I. went ashore at Cape lienr;-.
Detroit, December 2": A fire at C.imstoek..
Michigan, to day. desimyed Tj':r.b n's flouring mllU
Loss elhl thousand dollars. PartlaHy usurud.
Portland. Me.. Dcmber 2S: The schrvin
er Ellen, from St John lor New Haven, was wreKeii
off tne coast of Maine, aud lb captain and threo
seamen were drowned.
Ba'.t.more, D-ePm'uT 2-!: C ilorte" Edward
WUklus, late collector of customs of this port, died
this inornlnj at his residence, near Chesiertowo,
Kent county, aged slty years.
Bcf-ton, Decern! er 2: The Kme rson pi
ano company's fact -Ty was burned to-night. Loss,
one hundred thousand dollars; Insured. L:ghtj-flve
men are thruwu tut ot employment.
PhiiaJe'pbia, Dember 2i: Tlie Lehigh
and Schuylkill c-wil etching will maintain lor
January theDecember prices fur '.otsl trade, but
will oompete wita New York In eastern traie.
Trent., N J., December 2i: The brother
of Ben) unln Kunler. convicted tf murder, has
asked Governor M'Clellan lor a c!.l session of
the oun of pardons to consider tfe (VmrauialWn
of the de .th seMene on the grouni tfchl Benjamin
U ot unsound mind.

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