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MP 111
Ye.iterdav of cotton: Liverpool cotton,
rj l.l '.'; Memphis cotton, l"c. Seuy Orleans
cotton, l"c. Scic York cotton. 10 1-f-c.
. THKH lXUIt'ATlOil.
H Ail iKTMtKT, OrnnCe. 810. Omen, i
W4.1HINUTOB. March Jet. I a.n. I
'w Tennessee and the Ohio raltcy
clear or pirtly cloudy treat her, northrettrly
irind, neirly Ktntionary temperature and
higher jiresivre.
Will f'H-'T. -I
.1 I. SKItTICK. I'. 8. ARMT.
Match Mi. 17, 10:0m p.m.
,r . WtVd. Weath-
'-r. (! , 'her, tir, Force, j er.
i.v.--.t..'.7 :im T.i N Ftvn. Clear.
I i i v..-.. . Hum 7 Kreh. t'lrar.
L .:,.: i-... :) (W 42 8.W. ifnh. Cloudy.
v-m ii i Hti.ln " tt.w. KiMh. Dear.
N ":!, ir .. . Kill t W. Kr.sti. Ooudy.
-. lPr.e.r.i :mi.' H7 N. Krrxri. r'mr.
h ir-. it... :; 1 7 til . Frrh. Clear.
V'fk't.iir . :iiM4 N. Light. Clear.
" i.K'J. li7lviH v -ru-iiril. Slanal Ctrps, L'. 8. A.
Mcvruirit that Want Have the Aid
Bail Help of All hi Appreciate
self saarrlflre and Trie
Mobility of Maul.
From an Appeal C.irre'nlent 1
Holly .SrRixos, Miss., March IS
. . . . . i- I I 1 1 . .
cui.eJ und held tor that purpose, t!i
Mijaunierj,.4l a"ciation Wits ortft.ii
tli? toliowinir otlijerii elected to-f
S:rJtM, pn-iJ'-ut; Li. T. M'K .
un-r, L.vnl M'lljwfll, secretary. 1'.. I j f
of the u-.wiatioa 'h t9 co-operate witu the
I'reM ainociatioo ot .V is-umippi iu ran-ini?
funds to er'et a monument in tn-morjf the
u.rue conduct ot W. J. L. Holland iu Wha'f
cf thi? citizens of this community liunnir the
lt yellow-f-vr opul- niie. It is th d'tire
of the ukHociauon to put thpuihelvcs iu com
niunicU.i.'n wltli individuuld who arc in 8ym
patby with the niov.-nn'nf, and ff ird all I er
aon d epoMcu to aid in tb good -.ork an
oppoftauity to d 80. A tacre are many
P'-rfs iu M- mphis and elsewhere who C in
o-ilf ii"rr ot tlif orf m'zitlon through the
Ai'i-K.M., I write you a,k n that montion be
iii.i lo ot it I know joii were friend of the
l.uiii'ot-'J Holland, and will take pr om aid
inn the m'vVt'mt-nt through the coluuitis of
your p i(.i r. Ail 1 1 rsonij c in forward contri-l,uliou-i
t ihf president or treahurer of this
M. c ihon, at llo:!y dpisngs, sni they will
(i - Jj'y ucknovr.xdo tv tin- wrttry.
UAVID M DOWELL. Se.?ret,rj.
I'lif i-llon or Hi Canadian Parlfle
Kn.lna) liefore the I. oral Parlla-ni-B
t - f ttlnlitry In a
Had ft'lx.
r-.N riiAttiKO. March '22 A Victoria
!,! tcli t'aya tuut i.! the parliament on
' n-.1vxd.4y Mr. M.ir.i i.ykcl the lender of the
;.ovfrii!ii-iit. if it wan the mtention of the
(ov-mr..''tir. to fake action on the railway
in. Kt-.un dniirj the t-rcHeit session. He said
li,- heved it house and the country would
I k j to know if the coverDirn'iit intends tak
iii! any action duri.-jz thir. esioD, or it they
v uld wait quietly till the first of May. Mr.
W.okPin i-taifd in reply thHt the tccond tele
ui h.nl bt-on (K nt lo the Djminion fjovero
iik tit bf-kiii.T what had become of the railway
petition, rid that a tilejtraw had also been
e.'nt to tin; imperial jroverinjent. No answer
v.-liati ver ti '.U b -en received, but one was px
i.ei ted wittiui a evr ddy?. CndPr the cir
c mi-t.iuo h it was in'air to ark the f?ovprn
iii nt wli.it a. tion they intended to take. Mr.
.Mm it !! d that copies cf all telegrams re-(rMntr-
to i he petition to the imperial govern
m; Dt be 'aid btl'or.' thn houee, as it seemed
fu" second tDe ha 1 ben lorwarded to the
I ri-'inion government on Friday. Tee
I at.eis were brought uowd, when it was as
crrUiiiitrt that the (tension memorial of the
housi' had tot tieen forwarded to the imperial
;.uTbiriti -s fi-oin Ottowa. At May 1st is the
ti ue !:r?d uf -a 'cr the ntxt ee6dion, an antc
s:nm i';ti coi. nin'. remarks that the British
'(lambian j'i.veinro-n: i nJ its supporters
.ire in u bud It..
A. O. V. W.
rhe Fourt.H-! ProreedlaKH at the
IfcetiBC of the Mapreme Ledge
of the 1'alttd states at
Oa Friday laot the followinjf business was
transacted by the Supreme lodge of the
Ancif nt U.ihrof United Workmen, now in
-csion at Nashville:
i'a tion.-'idertttion of the report of the
' o.-uiiiiUee on laws aud superviHion was re
u u'-d. At the adjournment, Thursday, the
i. iL-e was dehberatinK upon the recommen
l.iU ii in r -icreDcc to section 13, article 8, of
ik- coii.stitution (item 6 of the report). The
-.t ill was referred.
li:e coiuiiiiitei! recommended that section
14, article! , b amended by adding the
words "uariin; said suspension or expulsion."
T i.i-y a'-o recommended that, section 15 be
sti-icki n O'J', s as t ) permit reinstatement of
a eusnded ill' ia'ier who, Uuriug such sus
peuaicn, becomes fifty years ot age. Also
t. .a. e eliou IS U; atueuik'd so as to provid.'
;,'jr is:u:u new l-ne tibial certilicites when
.my v'hoD4;e in tlio disposition of the two
ti-.ous.iuJ dollars is made. Also to make
jriaud revdi-rs, who have served three
l.-.-u-.s, t-litfiiii lo cltctionas represectativei
I i '.m Su" i-ni..' lodge, provided the Grand
! ! .vs inUr st-d shall so decide by a two
i .uiis vote. lliis to amend section 7 of
li e general laws actMicvj'.u to tiraud lodges.
A!s i u ameud section 10 of thJ ime taws 60
;,s to provide that tiuunciers and recorders,
who have served two yenrs, may have the
I. M. W. decree coiderrtd uion tuem oy
I'.eir Uiand ljiines. Recommitted.
iiij t-r.rumitte- aUo recommenJeJ that
s-ct.ou j) of iit'aral laws be so amended
ns to t-xeujpt tiiand aud tjupivuie lodre cfii
j Ts Iroa i v i r. i- bjn Is prior to instailaticu.
Als.i wction 1, article 10, of subordinate
',iuk'n cciiitiiutiou. ho as to require the W.
M. t j sura nil ciders drawn upon the bentfi
c.n'y as well as other tunds.
Lxcept us otl t r wist deoitnated, the several
i'.eais ot the report were coccumil in, and
ch were lortiially adopted yea-", l'J;
j.u -s, il.
'!'. i; d i rder relative to fixing the
-, u'co t.ic the nrt uunual meeting was called
i-p, iiu.l tt.e f .iiow.pg weri proposed: San
Calit rnui; Liuil'ilo, New York;
1 Uvt iipoil. Ijw.i ; l'opvka, Kansas: Detroit,
; I.ci.iu.in; I '"'iid.in, Intaiio; Aleadville, renn
fj .v nr.a; Sr. IVul, Minnesota; L'uicago, Iili
i'v.; i-ity of N w Yoik.
la c.-iri'-ctioiJ vwth th:s matter the tollow
i tie; rei:u' I'-ns were c tiered by U-presehU
l;ve S.i.ro;k, ol K-titucky:
ttt iid. That If this Supreme lod.se shnll fix uion
-ink i.I -re,t.l of tile Kis k mojiilalas lor lis next
iii'.i'al ie.-lon. It stiall Ixi wllii thf uniterstwiiin
nil if rtr.Hi.eeiiiWiui can i niatlB satistaeioiy lo
e whiwi iuH.-ter w rkinin anJ to the nnaiira
.''.luiiiiiiee v.Uks.jI !tie Suweme lode can m-wt In
i'ie cliv t.f eiiii l i-'iiei-icii wllliout lin.-jrlni areater
. tirf-niCe iiiini w.silO L ini-urred br meeting at the
1 i.ee. m-leet-tl. the. BHpieik juanter workm ill shall
-.ve lunui-. Lot l.iler ttiHii lue C:at daj or October
n-xi tliui :ti S u reine loJk'e will meet) at the tune
j ,u in itie wv-!iMi in tin said citj of san F.-aoi'lsJo.
A io !-c ill b ;r. r ti soatdL-d on the resolu-
iicn. t!:-' v.it'! st3 l vea, 15; nnys, I2.
Tending a o'ft upon the question, the Su
l reiae iodK-e adj earned to tub'- o'clock Sat
urday tiMrniiijr, in order to gi e th' zuenbers
i opp-.itanity to payav'sit to the Uermitagj
tiit att-rr.ooii.
Tnn I'nlted Worklafmci.
v,s:!.i'.eU t'retij DMpat:ni
'aHU h.i.i:. March '-2 Chicago, San
Vai:.i i"1. liaifjlo, Detroit and Toptka wete
-louiiui'.iii !" the text place of meeting ol
ch;' Unite- Arch ct Order cf Workingmen.
i'nU'Hrr' w;is -ted, but the vote was recon
sidered an J made Ula special order lor Mon-
' The .Supreme lodge adopted a rule that no
:eistion lor th: formation of a separt (jene
vjiaryjuri -diction ."hall be entertained aalM
'ctre arc tvro thousaaJ
members in good
-tan hnr at th lime the petition is matured.
Ihe l.jl.c-.wicg were elected rrjict-rs tor the
i-n.-.u!ii Jcai: John Frizelle, Nashville, su
preme ui is'cr workman: livl Kos-, Iowa,
-uprenie fjremin; M. W. Fisb, California,
.-ipreme (7erser; M. W. Sai kett. I'ennsyl
vunia. supreme recorder; S. E. Davie, Ubio,
-upreme receiver; C H. Cheath, Wisconsin,
e'prem-" ijaide; K. W. Bovnton, Illinois, sa
. - watelitnan; Lockey N. Andrews, New
V"rii, cuorenm ttiutee.
Tn.-y vere installed by P. S. N. W.
AUNair, ct lvniislv,inia. nna entered upon
;he d charc ot their duties.
A resolution, punted on whit; satin, with
thanks from a numler ot lodges lor having
insisted them dunrjff tha epidemic, was pre-scLte-d.
Compound Otjjen
Does not cure by the substitution of one dis
ease for another, as when drugs are taken,
but fcy an orderly process of revitalisation.
See what ha been said befoe in this paper,
id Bend tor our Treatise giving fall inforuoa
"V: .-.''l be muled free. Drs. Starkey &
J-in, XIIl, ,trct, rhiladelpbia. Pa.
Additional Appointments on the Senate
Commute on Frauds in the Late
Elcclions The War Department
(.ettinjr Klled at Mttin?
Hull's L' (runes'.
TLe Meeting of the Demicratic House
and Senate antux Commilteeg Ilis-rusHing-
the Order and Character
of Haziness to be Consid-
ered by the Extra Ses
ion Other Matters.
Washinuton", March 22. In the
struction of the senate committee cn
frauds in tne late elections, Senator Teller, chair
mac tf the committee of the last B. ssion, was
to-day authorized by Chairman Wallace to
appoint a clerk and other officers.
The report of the board of inquiry in the
cige of (it-neral Fitz John 1'orter has bten
sent by the secretary of war to the President.
The war department has ordered the
Eighteenth infantry from Atlanta to Bis
marck to protect the border, which is tbx-eat-eoed
bv Sittiai-Bull Colonel Walsh, enm-
I mandiiig the Canadian mounted police.
! rites that Sittint-Bult and his two thousand
I warriors, well armed and equipped, ere
j showing a very ugly and ir.subordinato dis
MITTKF03. The committees of the house aud senate
Democratic caucus, to make recommenda
tions concerning the ordpr of business for the
extra session, held a joint meetiiiif to-day,
lasting fire and a half hours, Senator Thur
man presiding. The first question discussed
was whether the political legislation desired
by the dominant party :n conre.; should be
effected by the passage of a separate meas
ure, or by the incorporation of repealing
clauses iu the appropriation bills. It was
determined, after so.ne discussiou, by a vote
of 13 yeas against 5 nays (fhe latter being
two senators and three representative), that
the l itter course would be most expedient,
especially for the reason that it seemed likely
to save time, there being a cent ral desire to
finish the necessary business ot the session as
early as possible.
The next question considered was whether
the political portions of th:! appropriation
bills should now bo passed ou the same
terms in which they were passed at the last
session, or whether the rep-aling clauses
in regard to the Fed-.ral election laws should
ba modifie i so at to rep.-al on'y tao-e sectious
which authouzs tin ap, ointment cf
supervisors and deputy mar iials for elections,
together with the sections c -nterriDg polite
powers on supervisors, thus continuing the
auVhciciation of the appointment of two
supervisors of diSercct politics to seive
in testimonial capacity at each poll as
witnesses to the count cf the vole. After an
exhaustive discussion it was decided to re
commend the adoption of the modified
proposition. The vote was fourteen against
tour two senators and two representatives
favoring a total repeal.
The joint n.eetirg then authorized Sena
tors Tburman, Saulsbury, Bailey and Ker
nan, and Representatives Chalmers, Spring
er, Carlisle and Atkins, to formulate the (re
visions in accordance with the decision in re
gard to the election laws, and also the pro
visions for the total repeal of the jurors'
test oath, and the existing authorization of
the presence of troops at the polls, for incor
poration into the legislative, t secutive and
judicial and uriuy appropriation bills, to
gether with such additional provisions as
they may deem necessary to secure free and
fair elections lor representatives and dele
gates to congress. They are also especially
authorized to considt r the propriety ot fram
ing a substit-ta for section 6522 of the re
vised statutes, which prescribes the penalties
for violations of the election laws.
Mr. Springer's proposition to provide, in
addition to tne repeal of the law requiring
the presence of troops at the polls, lor the
enactment of an existing English statute of
George III on that su5 ject, was very favora
bly rtcaived, and the joint committee will
probably recommend its adoption. It pro
hibits any soldi r stationed within two miles
of the voting place from leaving his quarters
on election day except to relievs the guard or
to vjte, and requiring him in the latter case
to return to his quarters immediately aiter
ward. J'he joint sub committee will meet on
Monday, and expects to report to the caucus
committee on Tuesday. The j:iint meeting
will also consider whether the legislation oi
the present session should be strictly confined
to the appropriation bills, including the
measures above indicated, or whether gen
eral business should not be transacted by
either houae when not engnged on the ap
propriation bills. A decided majority fa
vored restriction to the appiopriation bills
and the enactment of what is known as the
"Yellow fever bill."
A small majority of the house committee
insisted tha: the opportunities for transact
ing general business should be improved,
without, however, prolonging tho session al
ter the appropriation bills shall have been
disposed of. It was finally decided to report
a disagreement on this subject to the joint
caucus, and leave the settlement to a majori
ty ot the Democratic members of both
Baltimore Sun: "The hint to congress
the President throws out in the message to
confine the business to the necessary appro
priations meets with a very cordial response
all around. There seems absolutely no dis
position among the members of either party
to olunge into general legislation, and the
largo number ot bills introduced in the sen
ate to-day is co indication to the contrary.
These bills were rei'.rred to the appropriate
committees, where, perhaps r ith the fewest
exceptions, they will sleep tilt next winter
It is understood that as matters stanrt now
Speaker Handall will make no announcement
of standing committees until the session is to
be terminated, not even the committee on ap-
DroDriations. It is held to be entirely practica
ble to reintroduce the two appropriation bills
which failed of passage at its last session,
but which were fully matured, and which do
cot, therefore, need to go through the hands
ot bl tOKOittee. Of course the Democrats
mean to insi.l ss to the repeal ol the political
legislation which wa eji-rstted on those
bill, but it is to be expected that on
ti:? they will be willing to abate pome
thing. Reading D.'uucraU of both
houses havs ccu!?nrred in the c'eclarat'on
that they will be at:sf!ei to reta n
iii provision in the election laws for the ap
pointment ct supeivisors ot election n tne
authority for the appointment of deputy
marshxls with the power to arrest is struck
oat. There is reasonable hope that this
Cjinproriiis will not be strenuously resisted
by theji 'publicans io the two bouses, and
that at all events the President would not
veto the appropriation bill if the repeal is
put into this saape. As to the repeal of the
jurors' test oath, and the insertion of the
clausj forbidding the presence of troops at
the polls, it is well understood that ;iO
UotbIo ia apprehended, as the Republicans
do not care to rtake any bitter fiyht on these
two points. The home Lemocrati- caucus
will to-morrow, perhaps, dcliuiiely iott!e the
programme. Under this condition ot cir
caoiiitiacea the prospect for an extended ses
sion of conareoj is by no means so alarming
as it has been. Howeve.-, it is too soon to be
The house committee on the judiciary
made a report just before the adjournment t.f
the forty-filth congress, cn the contempt cnae
of George F. Seward, the United States
minister to China. Mr. Seward, as will be
remembered, was summoned as a witness
beforo the house committee on expenditures
in the state department 1 he committee de-macdc-1
the production of certain books kept
by Mr. a iyrs.d while United States cmsul-
gener.tl in Ch'r.i TM committee had evi
dence to the eti'ect tiiiit ciicuj Jooks were the
public records of the ccn-u'ate, aud iierefoie
Lhe property of the government. Mr. Sew
aru diizred that they were books in which
he kept hU goc.Tental and his private
transactions, and that he ijau TCtjrned to
the state department or left in the consulate
all the books of the United States. Mr.
Seward declined to produce the books, and
also declined to be sworn as a witness as
crime was alleged against him, and his
counsel advised him that he was not obliged
to produce evidence criminating hinieell.
The committee therefore reported him to
the bouse for contempt, and the legal
questions involved were submitted to the
committee on the judiciary. Thi. wai
in the last hours of the session, and as
the power of the bouse to bold a wit
nec3 for contempt expired when the
session closed, the question was of lit
tle practical importance. The report of the
judiciary committee allud?a to this fact, and
premises that the question was ot so much
grarity as a precedent involving tbs constitu-
tional rights of the citizen as to merit a much
mom extended investigation than as possi
ble to give it in the time before the adjourn
ment. The judiciary committee then pro
ceed to state that, in their opinion. Mr.
Seward could not constitutionally be com
pelled to produce the books, and they say
turther that, even if he had poM'ssed hiinsplf
of public records which contained evidence to
accuse him of rrime, it would be doubtful
whether a committee of congress had the
right to call upon him to produce them. The
committee hold that in th cae of public
books embezzled or stolen, a xuhpena duces
tecum is not the remedy of the government,
but that they might be gotten out of his
hands by a writ of replevin or other proper
process. The committee, after a further dis
cussion tf the cae, repoit that, in their
opinion, Mr. Seward was not in contempt of
the authority of the house in refusing to be
sworn as a witness or in refusing to produce
his books before the committee on expendi
tures of the state department.
The President will nominate to the senate
for superintendent of the census, General
Francis A. Walker, who was superintendent
of the last census.
Uncalled for and that may be had To
lay by Calling at the Office at
the Iloura Mentioned.
Messaces remaining io the telegraph office
March 22, 1379. Hours, 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. and
6 to 9p.m.:
Bowdre, M'Cletlan 4 Co.,
lioland savage.
Lambreth Brothers,
J. E. France,
J tines C. Kussell,
Stewart, Gw.nne A Co.,.
H. Mendolsen,
lireen i Beasley,
Dr. It. D. Saunders,
S. Goldsmith,
P. M'Corn.
Kafe Brooks, colored;
H. Klce.
J. y Callahan,
J. D. Toinllnson.
John D. Ashmore,
W. W. Thacher,
Jlrs. M. Sampler,
ei. W. Jones & Co.,
C. T. Curtis,
Mrs. F. I). Barnum,
W'llle A. Pearson,
J. F. Frank A Co.,
F'rty Sctiilllne.
Friedman Brnthers,
F M. Davis,
S. M. Anderson.
ininville W. liarth,
H. J. SciKpun.
Powell. MoiTatt A Co.,
Ellerton L Dorr & Co.,
J. Lat'rolx,
Hose 4 Prince,
Mem. 4 O. Klver P k'l Co.
J. w. ieonarn.
H. Kills.
T. B. titacey.
W. Y. Hniulin.
us Coleman.
Mrs. F. Biitlier.
Mrs. M J. Blesilng,
Benl Babb,
lepas & Co ,3
A. M. Searbroiitfh & Co ,
W. A. Falre8.
F.rb 4 Co.,
Mr. M. C. Nowland,
h. M Anpersou & Co..
Isaac F riedman & Co .
U . J. Cass,
For a Meeting: of the Ex-Csnfriirr-
ate Moldierst of Memphis to At
tend the Funeral and Fay
II on ora to the Lamented
J. liana:. fVardlow.
All ex-Cocfedernte soldiers in the city of
Memphis pre invited to meet together this
day, March 23d, at eleven o'clock, in the
parlor of tne Peabody hotel, to mak? ar
rangements to attend the funeral of cur de
ased brother. J. Lang Wardlaw, and r-i-e-
vare roolnUoiis of regret.
A. J. Vanghan, W. Y. C. Hume.
(ieorge W. Uordou, Colton (ireene.
it. j. Aioritan, .). ti. ri.nnondson,
a. j. it-iiiir, m. u. OHiiaway,
Jesse Forrest,
ti. V. Ram bant.
Ed C. Whitmore,
D. E. Vyers,
TnoH. B. Turley,
W. H. Carroll.
S. P. Walker,
L. E. Wilght,
G. B. Thnrnton,
Luke Finlay,
W. A. Goodman,
B. J. Seiumes,
C. B. Wet ford,
W. J. P. Dole,
H. M Fsiguson,
J tke Wood.
W. D. B.-ard.
Jerome Hill,
W. W. liuy.
C. W. H-lskell,
John Fisher,
Fred Wolle.
H(;o. R. Phelan,
W. H. Rhea.
H. C. Warrlner,
John T. HIllMiian,
M. B. Trezevaut,
F. M. Nelson,
Sam H. Taylor.
Charles G Locke,
Cook M. Waldrau,
A. G. Harris,
M. H. Martin,
A. W. Johnson,
A. S. Llvermore,
L. B. Siikh,
W. K. PeStOll,
James II. Burton,
(ieo. Munch.
John W. Cochran,
S. A. Pepper,
Dan Joues.
Juhn T. Wllllns,
U. A. Randolph,
A. B. Morrison,
John F. Cameron,
R. B Snowdeu,
Robert D. Ranibaut,
Jouu C. Hill,
James K Porter,
Richard M. Randolph,
L. B. 'ti'Fariaud,
J. A. Taylor,
L. D. M'Klslck.
John K. Flippln,
W. C. F'olkes,
R W. Mitchell.
John h. V. Sneed,
John W. eiraham.
h . a. fcemmes,
W. J. Cravifoid.
J. K. beasley,
s. J. camp,
w. c. Buile.
W. P. Hllsou,
H. M. Neely,
W. I.. Duff.
John M. Carmack,
Thos. H. llaitiuus,
A. B. Drcescher,
Barney Hughes,
C. A. tiaston.
Alex. Allison,
Hunsden Carey.
H. L Cotlin.
W. H. Moore,
W. K. Taylor,
T. M. S. Rhelt,
J. N. Falls,
J. A. Shane.
C. W. Pearson,
H P. Woodlock.
John T. Lawier.
James B. I oston,
D. li. rosion.
ieo. S. Mallory.
Janr?s R. Miller,
U. H. Vance,
J. J. Murphy,
James K Cieary,
John W. Waynesburg,
Josiah Patteison,
Koueit o. Howies,
W. W. S house,
E. L. Belcher,
John Rice,
C. T. Puteison,
Thomas F. Tobln,
W. R. Kendall,
K. W. Lamb.
jrea Burrows,
Jams T. Pettit,
Gwjnne, aiid others.
A. D.
American Museum.
In addition to the large number of CJii
osities heretofore exhibited, Madame Laura's
troupe of Bohemian g-lass-blowers (ladies)
will be at the Museum this week. All the
other attractions retained. Children, when
accompanied by parents or guardians, ad
mitted for five cents. Reserved seats, with
out extra charge, for ladies.
Etgtlval Park. Concert.
To-day Eitival park, situated at the head
of Vance street, will remain open for the en
tertainment cf the public from three o'clock
in the afternoon until nine o'clock at night.
During the above hours Prof. Handwerker's
band will give a concert. The price of ad
mission to the grounds is only ten cents, for
which small amount they can enjoy a rare
musical treat.
Memphis Opera Club.
This well-known organization is engaged
in rehearsals, and will give a Beries of ope
ratic performances in this city next month.
On the night of the fourteenth of A ril the
Daughter of the Ri-ghnent will be the at
traction; on tho fifteenth, Fra Diavolo, and
on the sixteenth Daughter of the Regiment
will be repeated. The solo parts will be
filled by the best vocalists in the city.
Colville's Borlesquo Onera Company.
Tuesday night next the above pouplar
opera bouffj troupe will commence an et-ga-eraent
at the Theatre. On Tuesday,
Thursday and at the Saturday matinee the
babes in the il oorfs will t e presented; on
Wednesday and Friday nights the attrac
tion will bi Robinson Crusoe, in which latter
burlesque the incidents and music ol . Af. S.
Pinajore will be iLtroduced. The Colville
company legitimately succeeds the famous
Lydia Thompson organization. The troupe
is a strong one. It contains many musical
Etars, among others Mile. Erne Roseau, Kate
Everheiih, Maria Williams, Marian' Elmore,
Louise Mervitle, Eienor Deering, Annie Mor
timer, Ada Lse, Annie Deacon; besides C. H.
Drew. W. b. Cabill. William Gill. A. W.
Mathc, and a crowd of others, all good vocal
ists, comiqucs and grotesques. It is a strong
combination ot operatic burlesque performers,
and will be quite an attraction. The present
will be the last wenk of the regular dramatic
season at the Memphis Theater. We predict
crowded hcu-es for Sam Colvillc's musica.1
crowd of artists. Tho sale of reserved teats
for the week's engagement will couiiuuncu to
morrow Morning at the usual hour.
They Can't island Murder.
Nashville American: '"The sad siTair at
Marshall, iu which Porter lost his lite and
Barrymore received severe wounds, is the
latest instance of Texas ruffianism. It has
been only a few weeks since a sheriff, being
rei'jsed sdmission to the theater by Mr. John
Edward?, waited hi; opportunity and At
tacked that gentleman, who, thanks to his
muscular development, was too much for the
belligerent official and gave him a sound
pommeling. Mr. Edwards jhad to take a
hurried departure from town, but, to Texan
fairness be it said, the sheriff's own friends
helped him away. A Texas man, after ex
hibiting Lis resplendent six-shooter beauties
to a theatrical aent, asked to see the latter's
weapons, and was greatly surprised when
the agent drew from his rear pocket a for
midable punch, remarking that that was the
only weapon he need-id in the States. Such
instances as the above, and from accounts
they are plentiful, have given managers the
serious idea of abandoning Texas for a while.
They say they can venture their money, but
have to stop when it comes to putting life in
the taiacce. Jf things ate not changed, ev
ery troupe will labor under the expense of
carrying several extra men along, and Texas
will become the burymg-ground ot the pro
fesiicn, l2.-,1dr tle pistol reign has become
so widespread i'i&t jt is saiu 1 .n wno dies
a natural death there u Lrauik-d hs an im
post er." -
HI Pairs or?wins.
New York Times, IClh: "On Tuesday Mr.
George W. Young, of Aquebogue, found
tour pairs of twin lambs added to his flock;
soon afterward a pair of twin calves, and be
fore night Mrs. Young presented him with a
fine pair of twins a boy and a girl. He
celebrated the events cf the day by a grand
oyster supper."
Parents, mothers, nurses, do not foil to
give Dr. Bull's cough .rup to the little ones
for all cases of coughs or colds. Costs only
25 cents.
By Telegraph From All Farts of the
World Matters Becoming: More
than Ever Mixed at the Seat
of the, Anglo-Saxon
War In Africa.
Another Bloody Trasedy ia Texas The
German Parliament Still Discuss
ing the Proposed Autonomy
f Alsace and Lorraine
Chicago Social
istsEtc. Milledgevillk. March 22. The tornado
here fwsit nway the Ocene bridge, demol
ished !n.u-"s aud unrioted stores.
runcrM of the l,ae ti. C. Porter.
New York. March 22. The funeral of B.
C. Porter, tc( a'-tor shot dead in Texas,
takes place on Wedacsdny next, from the
' L-tt!o Church Around the Corner." The
uctcr-i and managers arrange to-morrow for
u benefit for his widow ar.d moth jr.
r-.w York Bank Statement,
New York, Mr. h i2 Bank statement
Loan, decrease, $2,481,700; specie, increase,
1.491,:00; Ifga. tender decrease, $2,200,
800; deposits, decrease. $3 971,900; circula
tion, decre-se, 14.:i00; reserve, increase.
23.475. The. bank, now hold f 4, 138,450
i i txcess (;t lea! n q liremects.
A T.1.-3IUO ' t-:iace.
New York. March "2 In the running
matches to-iinjht at GilraoreV, .Tonn Simp
sou. llowMTa trainer, won the ten-mile race,
in one hour City and one quarter seconds.
1'r-e tw xty-mile race wi s won by Norman
Tavl.r, of VeiiDoaS, m two hours, nine
mijutis and fii'ty-three and thite-quatter
Tu Baldwin Jlurder l et u Mystery.
Cincinnati, March 22. All the women
aiiestt d on suspitinn ot being implicated in
the niusdtr ot Harry Baldwin rave been re-1-ated,
there being no evidence against them.
The coroner has adjourned the inquest to
p wait developments. At present every clue
Las failed to lead to any satisfactory solution
of the mystery.
Another Bloody . atrKe la Texas.
Galveston, Marh 22. The News's spe
cial trom Sherman sajs: "Houston Holt, a
desrerado fr"m Denton county, struck one
Howell in a stable. He shortly after called
Howell into th? offi;e and closed the door.
Thrt-e shots were heard. Hull then rode
away unmolested. Howell's body was found
in the effi -e, perforated w th three bullets.
Missouri Politic.
St. Louis, March 22.-Ihe Deinoeratsheld
a convention this alterooon and nominated
six members at large for the upper house of
the municipal assembly. Bith parties now
have their ticket;? in the field six members
tf the council ar.d one member from each
wnrd to the house of delegates. These are
a I the offices to be filled at the spring elec
tion, to he held early in Apri'.
Tho War lu Zulu Land.
Cape Town, March 5. The Bazuetta
rlu-t, Morcasia. is in open rebtllion. Colonel
Sai'.lif-y, commi'ndin j the Bntis'a forces, will
eouiui"i.cc ctrerjsive operat'f-ns as sjon as re
ii.lorteiuenf s priivf. The B zuelta are gen
erailv diswffjeted, o-iog to tha intention of
th - B.it;th to d. sarin tuem, but they do not
ej,j"i lv support Mo casia. Tncre has been
no further fighting in Zulu L tnd.
Itiotlnc Conl Miners Tried.
Pittsburg, March 21. Of tie coal mi
ners arrested for riot along the upper Mo
nougahi la, some weeks ago, and whose trial
before the Washington county court was con
cluded this week, seventeen were adjudged
guiity of simple riot and fifty acquitted.
The court simply sentenced the guilty ones
to pay costs, but warned them if again ar
rested Ihev would have to suffer the extreme
penalty of the law.
The Iorjlfcvllio Democracy Instruct for
tstaelcliaru lor Governor.
Louisville, March 22. The Democratic
distnct convection held here to-day to choose
candidates to the Stats convention to be
held ia May, unanimously instructed for Dr.
L. P. Biackburn for governor, James E.
Cantrell tor lieutenant-governor, R. A. Jones
for attorney-general, and Fayette Hewitt
for auditor. The additional strength trained
by the candidates by to-day's instructions
insures their election.
The Cattle Olseane Problem.
New York, March 22. Private dispatches
pronounce as untruo the story that some of
the steamer Brazilian's cattle bad been
slaughtered because of the existence among
them of pleuro pneumonia. A number of
shippers continue to send live cattle abroad,
as they consider it a much less expensive
manner of shipping than dead meat in re
frigerators, and the meat commands a much
better price on the other side than dead
From Versailles to Paris.
Versailles, March 22. The chamber of
deputies, by a vote of three hundred and
thirty to one hundred and thirty-one, to
day resolved that the senate and chamber
should meet in congress for the revision of
the constitution, enabling the leeislature to
sit at Paris instead of Versailles. The
chamber afterward rejected a Bonapartist's
inquiry into the recent matter concerning the
five per cent, rente. Leon Say, minister of
finance, de-fending himself, repelled the in
sinuations and calumnies made against bis
part ot the aftair.
Private Dispatches to he Produced.
St. Louis, March 22. As predicted in
these dispatches last night, Prosecuting At
torney Baach this morning applied to the
criminal court for a subpena duces tecum,
which was issued and served upon Mr.
Brown, manager ot the Western Union tele
graph office. The subpena is returnable
Monday next, when the case will come up
for argument, and requires Mr. Brown to
produce all dispatches which have passed be
tween Governor Phelp and Messrs. Nidlett,
Ladd, Wakefield and M'Chesney during the
Beveral months past.
The Chleaao Socialists.
Chicago, March 22. The socialists had a
grand ball to-night to commemorate, as the
programme expresses, the dawn of liberty of
184S and 1871 the raris commune, borne
twenty-five thousand people, mostly of the
cl ass known as communists, crowded into the
exposition building and remained peaceable
until the close of the proceedings. There
were no speeches, but a liberal display of
tuns was made, ihe Dumber ot military
was estimated at from five hundred to one
thousand. The objict was said to be the
raising ot money to perfect their organiza
tion, military and political.
The Autonomy of Alsace and Iiorralne.
Berlin, March 22. In the debate in the
German reichstag 1-tst night on Herr Schnei-
gaa's motion for the establishment of an
autonomous government in Alsace and Lor
raine, Schneigan pointed out that Bismarck
was the responsible raimster at present
UeichlanJ lived too far away and the people
were exposed to countless grievances from
the complex Lureauistic system now preva
lent. The presence of the lord-lieutenant
and secretary of slate did not divest Bis
marck of the responsibility, and offisial tric-
tion is contiunal. They wanted the right
man in the right plac1; under the present
ssteru they did net teel themselves citizens
of a well ordered State, but of an occupied
country. Give them but independence and
th-y would not become a bone of contention,
but bonds of union between two civilized
people, thn bridge by which the benefits of
bath might be exchanged, and the means of
international reconciliation. Bismarck in
his reply said the remarks of Schnjigan made
a favorable impression upon him, which
would have been better had not his perora
tion contained an appeal to Paris which could
find no echo in Berlin, and the appeal which
pictured Alsace and Lorraine as a neutral
territory to which the claims of France would
be as justifiable as those of Germany. I only
state what I have interceded; pulled down
by tho French and now propped op by Ger
many, it would regain its strength. Let us
see that it does, The speech was loudly ap-
Miscellaneous Teles-rams.
New York, March 22: Arrived Oder,
trom Bremen.
Queenstown, March 22: Arrived Nevada,
from 2s ew lork.
Paris, March 22: Mario, the ancient tenor,
is said to be insane.
oltjruore, March 22: Ex-Judge Giles died
to-day, aged seventyrtyo.
Paris, March 22: Piftyrfour more" com
munists lrom New Caledonia have arrived.
Cincinnati, March 22: At the Democratic
convention, this afternoon, Lem A. Harris
was nominated for mayor,
..London, March 22: Amount of bullion
gone into the Bank of England on balance
to-day, forty thousand pounds,
Bridgeport, March 22: Edward Hoyt, for
the murder of bis father, has been sentenced
to bcTmnged on May 13, 1880.
" Montreal, March 22: Alex Srath, manu
facureT of saoe-leather findings, has failed.
Liabilities, two hundred thousand dollars.
Pons, March 22: The expenses of the
International exposition were fifty-five mile
lion francs; receipts thirty million francs.
London, March 22: Lieutenants Chard and
Bromhead, who made tlx defense of the Ho
raks drifts against the iaius, have Icon ga
zetted majors.
Berlin, March 22: It it said that the em
peror desires that the judgment of th couit
martial in the Gros?er-Kerfe3t collision be
not made public.
London, March 22: It i said that Lieu-tenant-General
Bissetr, row in South Africa,
will succeed Lsrd C'oalmalord in command of
the British forces.
Constantinople, March' 22: The chief
British member of the Roumelian commis
sion protests against General Staiypine sen
tencing Turkish subjects to Siberia.
Richmond, March 22: The senators who
used the unparliamentary language yesterday
made a public apology to-day, and were rep
rimanded by the presiding e fheer.
Cincinnati, March 22: Steward Bell, of the
insane asylum of Athens, has been requested
by the trustees to resign on account of the al
leged irregularities in bis accounts.
Atlanta', March 22: Calvin Lloyd got a
verdict of nine thousand dollars aeainst ex
Collector Conley, who seized Lloyd's tobacco
factory, all ging that the taxes were not paid
when they had been.
Berlin, March 22: The east and west
Prussian provincial diets petition against the
proposed changes in the customs system.
The question is regardeds one oflife or
death to west Prussia arTrnr'g. -
New York, March 22: Warrants have been
issued for the arrest of the firm of Belden &
Co., well-known brokers, at the suit of Thos.
Eckert, to recoverjstocks and bonds alleged
to have been improperly converted.
London, March 22: The government has
chartered the steamers Ontario and Borussia.
The former sails for the United Slates to take
five hundred mules to Natal, and the latter
embarks with cavalry for South Africa.
Milwaukee, March 22: The funeral services
of the late Dr. DeKoven took place at Rscire
this morning. Bishop Wells officiating-. A
large concourse of people was in attendance,
Milwaukee and Chicago bring represented by
many former students of the college.
London, March 22: Cambridge is the
favorite in the betting on the University race.
Oxford begins practice on the Thames to-day.
Hanlon is pronounced to be in the best of
health for his match with Howdon. Szegedin
relief fund, seven thousand pounds.
Mr. C. A. Douglass has returned from
the country.
T. P. Turner, dentist, 313 Main street,
administers nitrous oxide gas.
Merchants, examine our large stock of
blankbooks, etc. n. Williams co.
Mr. Mike Blessing's charming little
daughter died yesterday, from an attack of
George P. Munch, late with Menken
Bros., has connected himself with the house
ol B. Lowenstein & Bros.
N. Williams & Co. have the largest and
neatest line of plain and fancy stationery in
Memphis. See for yourself.
Mies Begbie will give readings in this
city some evening next week, under the au
spices of the Howard association.
Mr. JonN L. Wardlaw, well know in
cotton circles, died of pneumonia yesterday
at his residence, on Vance street. His tuceral
will take place to-day.
Frank Murphy "still holds the fort" as
boss agent for the Brunswick & Balkle bil-
;ard and pool tables. Address, care ot Car-
bery & Casey, 347 Front street.
The following visitors registered yesterday
at the cotton exchange: S. W. Johnson, At-
auta, Georgia; 1. H. Black. Wittsburg; T.
. Randall, Memphis; G. ialk, New lcrk.
In another column appears the advertise
ment of the commissioners forbids tor print
ing ordinances, furnishing garbage carts.
and paving thj landing south of Union
Grover & Baker, Wilson. Howe.Wheeler
& Wilson, Florence, Wilcox & Gibbs, Weed,
V ictor, ijiees, American and all other makes
of sewing-machines repaired at 262 Second
street, by r. j. donovan & co.
Mr. Samuel Lessm, the popular insurance
agent, of Quincy, Illinois, is stopping at the
reabody hotel. He nas placed the local
agency of the Hamburg-Magdeturg insur
ance company, representing sixteen million
dollars assets, with Mesers. Sturm & Hirsch,
whese agency contains some of the strongest
fire companies.
Colonel Warner and Billy Barnes will
not open the Crystal Pa!ac saloon t day,but
to-morrow morning they will be pleased to
receive their friends and customers, and fur
nish them with elegant drinks, made ot B.
J. Semmes & Co.'s very best liquors, and
with which their bar is stocked. An elegant
lunch, consisting of rare delicacies, will be
spread in the Palace, in the alley on Main
street, opposite Odd Fellows hail.
Clarksville Tobacco-Leaf: "Senator
Clapp, of Memphis, the author of the minor
ity reuort ot the investigating committee, is
the coming man of Tennessee, He made a
speech the other day in the legislature which
nas something like the old statesmanship
characteristic of Tennessee's great men be"
fore these days of intngumg tohticians and
howling repudiators. If the legislature wants
to do good and settle the State debt, let them
have thousands of copies of this speech printed
and distributed among the people ot lemes-
see, it win do more good toward settling
the question than millions of such messagt s
as Mai-ks's. Now, gentlemen, if you want
the matter settled, give the public printer a
job, and then submit a iair proposition to the
Nashville Banner: "The action of the
caucus, yesterday, in nominating Colonel
burch to the important position ot secretary
of the senate brings him prominently belore
the people of the United States, and Tennes
see must feel herself honored in having this
officer chosen from her borders. He has been
a citizen of the State for so long, and is so
thoroughly identified with her interests, that
almost every one supposes him to be a native
Tennessean. Yet such is not the fact, as he
was born in Georgia tibout 1826, thus being
about fifty-three years of age. He came to
Tennessee after having graduated with honor
at Yale college, and settled in Chattanooga,
where he pursued the practice ot law until
he was elected a senator from that district.
He had made a very considerable reputation
as a political speaker, havinir met the cham
pions ot VV higgery on every side in his sec
tion, and consequently was at once recog
nized ps a leader. He was elected as speaker
ot the senate of 1855-5. As a presiding of
ficer be was ao popular that he received com
mendations from all sides, and at the desth
of Messrs. Poindexter and Eastman he was
called to the editorial chair of the o'd Union
and American. He here continued to win
golden opinions from all sides. Before his
conneetion with the Union and American
began, fights and bloodshed were of fre
quent occurrence, so that to edit any, but
especially that, paper was no sinecure.
Yet by his courteous style and bis
urbane conduct, he soon taught his cotempo
raries that brute force could not settle a ques
tion of principle, and there has been at no
time since any difficulty with his neighbors.
His prominent position in politics precluded
the possibility of a residence here during the
war, so the paper stopped, and he went
south. After the war he practiced law until
September, 16569, when he resumed his con
nection with the Union and American, and
continued it until its union with the Republi
can Banner, and he still remains president of
the united companies. In 1874 he was ap
pointed comptroller of the treasury, where he
gave the most complete satisfaction. No
man could occupy the very prominent posi
tion that Colonel Burch has without incur
ring many and bitter enemies. Where men
differ so essentially in matters of principle
and p olicy, these differences often beget a
personal hostility urjjustifiai by any peronal
action. Of thse matters we have noth
ing to say. Where he has made enemies
he has also made friends. He is a warm
hearted, sincere friend, never tiring in friend
ly offices, and has a magnetism about him
that attracts everyone with whom he comes
in personal contact. His courteous, dignfied
bearing and refinement of manners eminently
qualify him for the position to be held, where
he must come in contact with the most
exalted men of this and other nations. At
the same time, he is a walking political cyclo
pedia, a matter of no little convenience to the
forgetful senator."
" Where are therRolruj?" Ethel Inquires,
"Watching the cows as they pass.
Teaslngly says BUI, with voice like a crier's
' " I reckon they are going to grass."
Laura sits watdrtlng the clouds, oh then,
"where are they going, I wonder?"
Prosaic Tom. wit J a Coleman No. 10,
"I guess they are going to thunder."
Newport, March 22: General Sherman by his
will gives five thousand dollars to the negroes
in bis family since his marriage. . George
C. Mason is appointed guardian of his ton,
who at twenty-one obtains absolute control
of the property, estimated at one hundred
thousand dollars
The lit mains or the Late Chancellor
C'harKs Kortrecht to lie Removed
Savage's B;1I for the Purchase
of Bonds The Supreme
( onrt Bill Defeated.
Litigants in a Bad Box Synopsis or the
Sensible Bill Introduced iu the
Senate by Julge Clapp Tor
the Settlement or de
State Debt.
Special to the Appeal. 1
Nashville, Maich 22. Senate Mr.
Ciapp offered a resolution, which was
adopted, to authorixe the disiut-.".aifnt of
the remains of the late Charles K"rtrecht
and the removal of the same from Bartle.it
to E In-wood.
Senate bills to exempt blind fiddlers from
license and privilege-t ux passed third readme-.
Mr. Byrd ofte.rei a resolution requesting
the governor 1 1 commuaijare to I if genera!
assembly his views to the vniiciity acd le
gality of certain State bonds, ar.d wjiich
bonds should be paid, and to furnish to the
general assembly nil the facts in his possos-sic-n.-
-Rf hired to the finance committer.
Mr. Savage's bill constituting State
officers a board of finance, to purchase
bonds at prices not ti exceed foriy c nt- en
the dollar, every surplus twenty thousand
dollars coming into the treasury to be npf.ro
oriiited tor that ourpose, pas-red on its third
reading 19 to 6.
House Th senate bill to repeal the fund
ing acts of 1873, and to amend the charter
of Ripley, finally passed.
The senate bill to provide for an app ir.t
meLt for the supreme court was rejected ior
the want of a constitutional majority. It is
estimated that there, are twelve hundred
cases now on the- sm reme court dockets hre,
representing five million dollars au I twenty
thousand iiriuants, who now have a dubious
prospect, us ii the case of Jarndyce vs. Jart
dyce, of ever getting out of court.
Tee bon-e bill to make it a misdemeanor
for any one to throw stones at railroad cars
or other vehicles of travel passed third read
The toliowing is a synopsis ot the bill in
trcdaced by Senator Ciapp, but which was
defeated by the triumph ot the repudiation
ists: A bill to provide for the settlement of the Stale debt
Whkkeas, The lesal validity of a portion of th.e
alleged indebtedness of the Stute of Tennessee is
claimed to re a dehateabls question, and equities in
re'atlon thereto are asserted lu ber behalf, yet it
beins! the e irnest uesire of the urmt mass of the
people of the State thai there shall I a prompt and
permanent settlement of their indebteoness upon
terms which. In view of the depressed value of
property throughout the bt .te, t. le prostration of our
industrial Interests, and ihe. pecuniary embarrass
ments cf our cit'zens shall be Ju-t lo her creditors
and honorable to the Slate: and,
wuhkeas, A popos:ilon has been made on behalf
of the creditors to adjust their liuebleilness upon a
basis of stx'y c-nts on the dollar, evldencen by eiu
pon bonds bearing six per cent. Interest, said cou
pons to be receivable in payment or taxes and oiher
duts to the sitaie, and we, as the representatives of
the peo-' le, to whom any proposition for a settle
ment nill be referred for appioval or rejection, be
lieve Hint while they may be wlillns to accept the
b isU of sixty cents on the dollar as to the principal
of said Indebtedness, they would be unable to com
ply with the stipulations as totuerate of Interesr,
and unwilling lo make the interest coupons receiva
ble In payment of revenue or other dues to the SDile,
and could not, without adding too much to the bur
den of taxation, pay a higher mte of Interest than
lhre3 per cenL per annum at the present, and until
a reaction oeeurs In property values; and we are
willing to submit to them such a prupo-d'Kin. and
ure Its acceptance at the ballot-box. In the hope
that it mny be ratified by the creditors of the State,
and result In a perm tneut and satisfactory settle
ment; therefore,
lie it ww.Ui by the (!. ticral AsstmMi nf 1he State ff
Ttnnessif, That the following described bond, pur
porllng to be the bonds of the State of Tennessee,
be settled and funded as the legislature may here
after dlieat, iu the coupon bonds of the State, at the
rate of sixty cents on the dol'ar. Including past-due
1 iterest, sat. I renewal bonds to bear interest at the
rale of three per cent, per annum for the tint
years, and four per cent, per annum thereafter until
paid, and to be In denominations or live hundred
aud one thousand dollars, one third thereof fdlUug
due at fifteen ye irs, oue third at twenty, and the
other third at twea'y-live years, but re
deemable and renewable at the pleasure of the
State, tue Interest being due aim payable
on the first day of January ul each and every year,
at the capltol of the State at Nashville, lu the
treasurer's office; tha bnuds herein above referred to
beinit known and described as follows:
I Here follows a list and description of all the
State bonds ouUiUuidlng except tue' ' Mineral
Sec. 2. He it further enacted. That It shall be the
duty of the governor of tnls state, as soon after the
passage of tuls act as may be practicable, to com
municate to the holders of the above mentioned
bonds the foregoing section of this act. or the pur
port thereof, lu such mode as he shall deem best
calculated to reach them and elicit a response to
the same: and if he shall receive responses giving a
reasonable assurance that the proposition herein
above contained will be ac-eded t by the holders of
said bonds, or a majority In Interest thereof, ithall
thereupon t3 his duly to make proclaniatloa theie
of and to order a special election to be held within
the hours prescribed by law at the various voting
places In trie several counties of the SUte, such
proclamation lo give tinieiy notice of holding said
election, and the sama to be held and conducted uu
der the rules and regulations now prescribed by law.
Sec ; provides that the qual'P.ed voters tf the
S'ate voting at sueh election shall have written or
prln'ed on tnelr tleseis tue word "Accented." or
'Rejected," as they may vole for or against tee
Sec 4 provides for the calling of an extra session
Of Ihe legislature by the governor If tho proiusltton
Is accepted by the people, for tn pur;os3 of enact
ing it Into a law, and providing for the Issuance of
the renewal bonus.
GRSEH At his home, ce-r Corslcaua. Texas, on
March 21, 1879, James M. tiitKtit, sr., aged slity
one years.
FIXME At Lancaster, Kentucky. March 20,
1879, Mrs. Susan T. Finkle, wife of the late John
6. Finnic
BLESSING FaturSay. March 2 i. "iH79,S:20 p.m.,
Sarah A., daughter ot 11. J. and Mary A. Blessing.
The funeral will take place this fSL'N DAY) after
noon, at 3:."J0 o'clock, from theli residence. No. 200
Third street Friends of the faintly are Invited to
WARDLAW Saturday, March 22. 1K70, fiitiO
p.m , J. l.ANGixiN Wakplaw, iu the forty-hrst ysar
of his age.
The funeral will take place this (SUNDAY) after
toon, at 3 :!() o'clock, from Ihe corner of Vance and
Avery streets.
TIUJmTCE'M N1LK", By vlitue of the power
conferred upon me by a deed la tru t made by
Ben May and D. A. May, of date February 1 J, 1 ?7ti,
and recorded In book No. 110. page 37t. In tue
Register's office of Shelby County, to secure the pay
meut of a certain Indebtedness therein fully set
forth, default having been mane In the terms there
of. I will, on Tuenuay, April 1H71. at 10
o'clock a.m., at the southwest comer of Main and
Madison streets, in Memphis, In said county, tell at
public auction to the highest bidder, tor cash, the
following described real estate, situated about 2ia
miles east of the (late) city of Memphis, 1n Shelby
county, to wit: Lnts Nos. 14, 15. 13, 17. 18. IV. 20.
21 , 22, 23, 24. 25. 2t and 27, a: d 4'Jla feet off the
south side of lots Nos. 13 ami 24, as s dd l ls are
known and laid down on the plan of B. tiraham's
sublvislon. In book 45, page 129. Kelrtei'g oflice of
said county, beginning at the southeast corner of lot
No. 2o. otl ieet lrom tne center ot tue si. anae;. rail
road, on the west side of Borland avenue; thence
north 45 degrees west with said railroad 583 fe t to
a stake on the east side of Florence avenue; thence
north with said avenue 433 feet to a stake: thence
east 410 feet to Borland avenue; tlience south vtiih
west side ot said avenue S4-1 feet to the beginning.
Also, lots Nos Iii, 11. 12. 29, 30, 31 and 32, and
5(Ua feet oft north side of lots 13 and 28 of said B.
Graham's subdivMon, fronting west on Florence
avenue, east on Borland avenue, and lying noith of
and adjoining Ihe lots first named. All ngut of re
demption waived In said deed of trust. Title believed
to be good, but I sell and convey only as trustee.
t.uuu laitUill, trustee.
J. W. Hampton. Attorney.
Trustee's Sale.
BY virtue of the terms or a trust deed executed
by the underslgried on the 28th day of Decem
ber, 187rl, by Augustus C. tienette, Boxna J. Mad
den and her husband, Cjrnellus D. Madden, duly
registered In the register's office of Shelby county,
Tennessee. In deed book 115. oaire 321. to secure
the Indebtedness therein described, 1 will, on
Holiday, April XI, 1S7U,
st the courthouse of Shelby county. Tennessee, fell
for cash, at l!i o clock m., to tne uignest bidder.
free from redemption, the properly therein de
scribed as follows: Situate lying and being In the
city of Memphis, county of Shelby, State of Ten
nessee, lo-wii: Beginning on tne norm sine or
vcolieson street (100) oue hundred feet Horn Its in
tersection with Jones avenue; thence eastwardly
with north line of Hobeson street (50) liity feet;
thence northwardly (150) one hundred and titty
Ieet; thence westwardly parallel with Bobeson
street (50) Hfty feel; thence southwardly (150) oue
hundred ana any ieet io tue oegmuing. Being lot
lot (9) nine, block (it), six Bradtord's subdivision
of country i514 lot live hundred and lourteen. To
such trust deed so recorded, special reference 1
here made.
Title believed to be good, but I sell and convey
only as trustee.
W. C. M'CLUKE, Trustee.
Wright & Folkes, Attorneys.
Trustee's Sale.
BY virtue of the terms of a t:ut deed executed to
the undersigned on the H5th day of December.
1875. by Erasius Marshall ai d Anna K. Marshall
his wife, duly registered In the register's office of
Shelby county, Tennessee, In deed book 109, page
31 4, to secure the indebtedness therein described. I
will, on
Monday. April Sil, 1879,
at the courthouse of Shelby county, Tennessee, sell
ior casn 10 tne u'.gnesi oiaoer. rive from redemption,
the DrODertr therein described as follows. Sitnuiw
lying and being In the city of Memphis, county of
Shelby, Stale of Tennessee, to wit: Lot No. 108.
block 17. on the plan of division of the compro
mise additions to the city of Memphis, fiontlng (25)
tenty-nve feet on the south side of Adams street,
between Front Row and the liver; running back
(148UI one hundred and forty eight and a half
feet between parallel lines. To such trust deed so
recorded, special reference is here made.
Title believed to be good, but I sell and convey as
trustee oniy.
W. M'CLURE, Trustee.
Wright & Folkes, Attorn
Planters Ins. Co.
Oflice In Company's Building,
Ko.4I JI ad iton Street, Memphis.
I. T. POKTKK. Prenldent.
H.Jl'li AH, Vlre-Prraldeal.
V. I.UA1K, Mexretary.
rInsures against loss by Fire, Marine and Klver
IHhUm on Private Dwellings Kspeolally
MR. RA1NR Is agent also for ihe following leading
Northern and Foreign Companies.
orili (iprmnii, of Haobnrt, Gnnuy,
Manhattan, of Nw York.
l naufart urerN. of Honton.
I'ounerlirnt Klre. of Hartford.
I'rai.lill.iii Philadelphia.
i. painless by Luiurhlng Has.
I.A :inri i-et
a lei! s t or Teeth for MO. I'liihirer's teeth rewu
ated wltb care, on reasonable terms
hickasaw B. aud L. Association.
rpHE Regular Monthly Meeting of this Aisocln
l t inn for loaning out money occurs on THURS
DAY evening, the 27th Instant, at 8 o'clock, at the
c t'loii itud i'tanlers bank. Books open for sur
scitpilon (n pew ?:erieH. Attorney's fees for Investt-g-iting
lines p ild by Association. R. G. CRiKi,
A. iiATi'H ktt, Secretary. President
srEce to Stock holder..
Memvbis, Tenn., March 22. 1879. )
MEETINii i f the -tnckliolders will be held at
iTA tho nftic or Hie Company, No. I rt Madison
street, on WF.DN ESDAY. the secondtyof April next,
tor the pu. pose of electing Seven Directors to serve
du'ltig Hie ensuing year
Notice to Contractors.
Taxino-Distbict, Suelut Coott, Trhn., t
March 22. 1879. f
SEAL PD PROPOSALS will be received by ns until
TUESDAY. April 1st, at 12 o'clock noon, for the
following worn t j lie done, service to be render d
nnd material to be furnished for the Taxing-District:
Priming Ordinances etc, for the next twelve
months, with the privilege on ibe part or the Com
iiiisslonersof continuing the contract, if mane, tor
a longer time, oi discontinuing It upon giving ten
days notice
Also, lor constructing garbage carts, ten in num
ber cuts t be four-wheeled, front wheels toeut
under bed; beds about three feet deep, thirteen Ieet
long, four feet wive-style something after M'Caleh
dump wagon, an-! paving levee south of Uniou
street; estimated 2500 square yards Specifications
to be seen at our office, ttf order of the Board.
CHAS. L. PUl-LEN, Secretary.
Board F. and P, Commissioners.
(Late Wheeler, Pickens & Co.)
Wood antl Willow-Ware, Croquet
Sets, New Toys, Etc.,
34 S MAIN ST It HUT 348
Advances the price for good clean
to Eight Dollars Per Ton, delivered at Memphis.
B. F. HALLEB, Secretary.
Murphv l Murphy
Lsurance Agents,
fYo. 5 Madison Street, Memphis, Tenn.
VTON'E but First-Class Companies represented.
l. Risks on bullalngs taken for three or five jears
at greatly reduced rates. Aiintaoases aud Coon
try Ktoren Mue-ctaltiea.
IirwTKKV WALK. Bv virtue of the pow
era conferied upon me by two certain deeds In
trust executed to me by Phebe A. Bllrer and Isaac 8.
R ker. oue of date July 5, 1S77. and the other De
cf iiii'.-r 24. 1877. and recorded respectively lu Deed
Boeks li'o. 1 lit, page 1 17. and No. 121. page. 40rl. f
the Register's oiiiee ot t-helby county, to secure the
p.e meut or a certain lndeldednes fully set forth In
si-.id deds. default having been matie in the terms
thereof, I will, on TuesdKy, April S44. 1 ?. at
In o clocit a.m.. at the southwest coraer f Main and
ii!i-on streets, lu Mtmpb'S. Shelby county, ell at
public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, the
iollowlng described real estate situated In Shelby
county, near the tlate) city of Memphis, to-wlt: The
noun hair ot lots 1.2, 3 and 4 ot Mitchell's sub
alvlsion. of pirtof lol3!tof W. Wiilliims's sub il vi
sion: Beginning at a point 138 feet east of the east
iiu- of Liui' ei.i.tio sueet aud 70 feel south of the
center of Broadway street; running thence east
wardly 184 feet ti an avenue and to northeast cor
nel of lot No. 1; thence sou'nwardly with said av
enue 74 Ieet: ti ence nesiwaruly at right angles to
said avenue 184 feet 10 lot fio. 5; 1 hence nortiiwnrd
iy vith line ot snid lot No 5 74 f'-et to the begln
nu.g All right of redemption expressly waived In
slid trust deeds. Till, believed to be good, but I
sell and convey only as trustee.
J. W. Hampton. Attorney.
TKS fTKf.'p HALE -By virtue of the pow
ers canfened upon Esbert Wooldrldge and bis
successor n office, by a deed In trust made by J. J.
tetrs and Fli-rence Seals, dated August 8. 1874,
and of record lu Book No. 102. page 470, of Regis
ter's office ot Shelby county, to secure the payment
of a certain Indebtedness fully oes-rtbed therein,
default having been made In the terms and condl-
ti' ns thereof, the undi rstgned, successor to the
aforesaid E. Wooldihige as trustee, will, on Ton
ili y, April K'J. l7,at 10 o cinck a.m.. sell at
public auction, to the higher bidder, for cash, the
10 lowing described real estate situated In the (late)
cily of jl mpMs, In Shelby county. Tennessee, to-
: one- nir.i or 101 -o. 14. in oiock no. 41. souin
Memphis: The whole of said lot No. 14, having a
from ot 75 feet on the west side of Caus?y street,
between Vance and Elliott streets, and running back
an feet, more or less. 10 Bayou iaxso. The sale
will be at the southwest corner of Main and Madison
stietts. in Memphis. All right ot ledemptloa. etc.
exoressly waived. Title believed to be good, but I
sell aud convey only as trustee.
J w. Hampton. Attorney.
fllHl KTEE H HA I.E By virtue of two deeds
In trust made and executed by John J. Sears
and Florence Sears, one to Egbert Wooldrldge and
his successors In office as trustee, dated October 13,
1SI4, ttiiu nxumcu iu miUK iu. j ud, page ODS, oi
Register's office of Shelby county: the olhe- to Ben
May and his successors as trustee, dated May 20.
8.rt. and recorded In Book No. 112. Dage ao4. of
said Register's office, said deeds being made to se
cure certain Indebtedness fuily described therein,
and default having been made In the terms thereof,
the ur.derstgnea successor in office, as trustee to the
aforesaid, whl, on ruesnsy , April stl. lMVtt,
at 10 o'clock a. 111 , at the soutnwest corner ot Main
and Madison streets, lu Memphis, Snelby county,
sell, at public auction, to the highest bidder, for
cash, the Iollowlng described leal estate situated In
said county, about iw.i miles east of the (late) cl y of
Memphis, to wit: Lot No, 2. of subdivision of lands
of the estate of Mrs. CO. Tucker, deceased: Begin
ning iou uthe south side of L'nloa avenue, at the
nottiieHst corner of lot No. 1 of said subdivision;
Ihence with said aveni e westward 8 1 3-1 00 chains to
the west s de of Rembert avenue: thence southward
wlih we.-t side of last named avenue 8 80-100 chains
to northeast corner nt lot Nu. 3; thence westward, at
rlctit angles with Henibest avenue, 8 chains to the
southeast comer ot lot No. 1 ; thence noitb with line
of lot No. 1, 9 2H-10O chains 10 the beginning
containing 7 3-10 acres. All right of redemption
expressly waived. 1 ltle bel eved to be good, but I
sen anu convey ouiy as trustee.
AJiua wooDBUFF, Trustee.
J. W. Hampton, Attorney.
rrBrHTEF,'H N ALK- By virtue of te powers
-- conferred upon Ben May and his successors In
on lee hs trustee, by a deed in trust made by Sarah F.
Csrruthers and J. S. Carrutbers, dated August 12,
! . ;. and recoraed in rieeu nook no. 1L8. uaire 72
n tne egiswr s omce or sneioj county, to secure
the payment ot a certain tndebtedcess fully de
scribed lu said deed, default having been made In
tne terms and conditions thereof, the undersigned
successor of Ben May, as trustee a'oresald, will sell,
on Tnenday, April 1. lH7tt, at 10 o'cloc
a. 111., at the southwest corner Main and Madison
streets, in ileniplils. at public auction, to the blah
est bidder, for cash, the following desarlbed real
estate situated In the (late) city of Memphis, Shelby
county, t "-wit: Part of lot No. 12. in blcck No. B9,
in coum xemptiis: Beginning at tne nortneast cor
ner of St. Mai tin and Pontotoc streets, running
thence northwardly with St. Martin sire ft 58 feet lo
a stake; thence eastwardly, parallel with Pontotoc
street InO feet: tbenc southwardly, parallel wltn
St. Martin stret 58 feet to a stake In the line of
Por.totoc street: thence westwardly lbO leel to tne
beginning. All right of redemption, etc .expressly
waived In said trust deed. Title believed to be good,
but sell only as trustea.
a jit Jo nuuunuri, rruswe.
J. W. Hsmpton. Attorney.
Attachment Aotice
No. 2395 Before J. 8. Galloway, J. P. for Shelby
county, lennessee Laura a. wiggs vs. tlobert u,
Pillow, surviving partner.
TN this cause an attachment having been sued out
under section 3455 of the Code of Tennessee,
and returned levied upon the property of the de
fendant, and affidavit having been made that de
fendant is Indebted to the plaintiff in the sura of
ninety-three dollars aud slxty-seveu cents, with in
terest due by account, and that the claim is lust.
and 1 bat the defendant Is a non-resident o the State
of Teniiesee.
It Is therefore ordered, That said defendant make
his personal aoi earanre belore me 00 the twenty-
eighth day of April, 1879, at 12 o'clock, m.. at my
office. No. 34 Madison street, Memphis, Tennessee,
and defend said attachment suit within the time
prescribed by law, or the same will be proceeded
wltn ex parte; and tnat a copy or mis oruer pe put
ilsnen once
vieeK ror rour weens in tne meiu-
phis Appeal.
Tins tne 2-d day of March. 1879.
J. a. UALLOWAY, J. r.
Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry!
-2."fc So"03.2 OLT-Eia. SriceS
The good maet be sold In thn next few Hays to satisfy the demands
of the creditor.-.
V. L,. CIjAF1 Assignee.
NTOIMUItl) A ro, AIITRH, Jf. If. FRFATH XV I l.l, rrtKOITT Til V. 1.V.
Tii-. Bont-rv wnrt .)
at LOWER pries than any house in the southwen. far- Merchants will do well, before buying, to
get our price, and compare them wilh other bouses. 500 packages of new goods lust opened. trOoDd
115HrittMiert, XewYork aoa Jtain Mrrct. Jlecaphia.
Special Arrival of Novelties
New Dress G;ods,
New Grenadines,
New Linen Lawns,
New French Lawns,
New Buntings,
New Black Goods,
New Cassixneres.
By keeping the Largest Assortment and selling at the Closest
rices of any house in the city, we hope to merit the continued
patronage of the City and Country Trade.
Xos. 32H and 34 5Iain afreet
Hardware, Cutlery,
Planter' Hoes, Traces', Hames. Blind-bridles and Collars. Miurlelrees, Back-
bands, Plowline, C'Wises, kept in this marLet.
Agents for RVCormick's Mower & Reapers
Avery Plow, VVm. Clow's Plows, and
Esicmm jiuioisrry anu iiuaaN. liri llue aaM rarKlaf.
KlacbNiuttfa-.' una Carpentrni' Tools. Iran and Steel.
QIO and 31Q TP'ront Sti-ot. Mom-n"hlH
20,000 POUNDS
50,000 lbs. CLEAR RIB BACON.
25,000 lbs. CLEAR RIB PORK
300 packages LARD.
500 barrels FLOUR.
150 bags COFFEE.
40 bags GOLDEN RIO.
50 half-brls Choice Molasses
100 brls Fair to Choice do.
Tobaccos, Cigars, Wines, Liquors,
Family and Plantation Sup
plies Generally.
HT-Buyers will serve their own Interests by giving
our Stock an examination.
J0Sn3LLAKD'5 Patent EscoiiC-ylnPSS
P&lIlti Oct. 2. IB', 'A.
I. ihs hiaheat achievement in the manufacture of
Gold Pens and the result of experiments for more
than twenty years. The " RECORD Pen
produced by a ekillful combination of the two
precious and non-corrosive metala; J6 kr. Gold
and .Platinum, while the ordinary gold pen con
tain, an aHoy or copper, reaucing m nnertu '"
out yielding that elarticrty, den.ity and .teel like
temper which the costly faliaum supplies. The
"RECORD" Gold Pen roinf are of the best
Iridium, (Diamond.,) indestructible with fair
treatment, and polihod fo glass like smoothneee.
Steel pen writers have now every objection to
gold fairly overcome, end every requirement in a
Pen which will endure and not oxidize, squarely
met The " RECORD " Gold Pen Is guaranteed to
possess Durability, Permanency of Spring and
Perfection of Point. Price, $2. 50. sold by all Jew
elers and Stationers in the United States, if not
found order direct from JOI1S JiOLLAXD,
Manufacturer, 19 W. 4th St., Cincinnati.
Memphis Cotton Seed
TTTTLL continue to Issue
VV sblDDcrs. to limited
sacks to responsible
rs, to limited extent, anu win yutx
Btsht Dollar Per Tan
delivered at Memphis, on and after March IP, 1879.
JOUJK B, GALLA WAY, Woc'J and Tieaa.
ndrr t.lftv tlfl.
New Walking Suits,
New Wraps,
New Dolmans,
New Parasols,
New Hosiery,
New Underwear,
New Neckwear,
New Laces.
3XenitIii. Tennessee
Guns, Fisiiing-Tackle!
mount's Ursnlne l"rlf Plow,
We have concluded to diapose
of our Entire Stock of VJLSW.
Cost for the next Sixty Days, in
order to make room for a L,arjje
and Freh Stock of Tobaccos,
Cigars, Wines and Liquors.
Corner Front and 1"nin.
WE have this day admitted Into our firm Messrs.
liKO. C. HARBIN and P. P. VaN VLEKT.so
long and favorably known In connection with our
hmirtA ra I 1 1 1 In rui.l fnustw ...... B MnllnH.
ance of the same. M. C J'NK.
Memphis, Tenn., Jan. 1. 1879. K. S. UOLLOf.
Ml. J. .1UNE3. K. S. MOLLUl i
257 Tlain St., Memphis. .
V goo-N cn tmi. and srim! et:hvort
PL;V to meet tue vl w- our cuMQ"'1- :' -
Southeast Cor. Main and Unron.
UA3 administered In extracting. Charges as low
ae consistent wtm good wortt.

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