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Bad AaMMTllle
aad reat
Express, dally
Mail. daily
browns!!!. Acitxn noclnt'n
l!lj d lll'lHJH). . .
II :20 p.m.
8:10 -m.
4 .20 P.m.
5:10 a.m.
4:20 p.m.
4 .m.
On Salnrln.y, Express rani only to M'Kenzle, con
necting for Nashville.
Nm Orleans Mall, dally... 2:80 i..m.il0JJ0 a.m.
bardls Jonrairao I'D, uai y 1
lexo-ft Sundays) 4:30 P.m.1 9:00 a.m.
Fe'" Train, dally (dun
day exeetited rl:30 a.m.l 4:2fi p.m.
mminl-n nil fnarlewfa.
Cttyllm, 1
Mall Express Train. dally 11:15 p.m. 12:16 .m.
Biu Ktllly Acoornmodftlloo
di'iy (eieenl ri'indayH)...! 4 40 P.m. rV.ooa.u
yt cintm ami I.lttl e Knelt.
Mill Train. dally 5:10 p.m. 11:05 p.".
tVreUbl, dally except Ban.) ,.H:j.m. Rrt)5 p.m.
fsdarah an Bleanphla.
M JIpi:na;'r:ralT(,lai!y 4:00 p.m. d:BO im.
a ... ,mn"A"- "nm K-,:f a.m. fttHO p.m.
A ood, areadv rmsineae w 'aa done last
wsek at the hank., lor the geueral trade of tbe city
tut universal. active. The lower amount of cotton
salna cut ot somt'thltig. but there was a free offering
of exchange, aa detained fri-lnliU are now finding
Ihelr way liirwarii. Money M not In taunt deroanu;
Uulo l.i wanted on time, most of what Is called for la
a mere supply for temporary occasions; tbe rate Is 8
percent. Tlie hanks supply nearly all that la ap
plied for. them Iwlng nothing of the tightness that
usually exist Just before Christmas, Iu the local
market there has lieefi nothing doing of Inter wt all
week -money runt to e"twin not to stocks. There
are intimations that storks may win attention when
capital beci mn loosed from cntton. Memphis and
Charleston railroad stork 1 offering In abundance,
but la- denial. ! tor II n declined; a lotat l2loWaa
tlie only s;il" or It we heard of. Shelby comity scrip
quoted at HilV) burltig and P3ti5 selling. MIs
slsttppt fVret. district levee coupon are selling
imm IK to IX. amnrtiltnr to quantity. Tbe rates ot
exchange at our banks were as follows: Buying a
discount and selllnK at par on new York aud sight
n tfm cities with three daps grace Is ofl. and U
off builtigon New Orleans; selling at par. The bm-
1 Ion nte hereof the 4rjl4-gra!n silver dollar Is
jo K7Hl. The last tssueof the New York lblte bd
ma n.iinwlne: Arkansas. Memphis and Little Rock,
ritaie stock. 7. tld, 7 asked; Arkansas levee
i..i v.U,iid. 7l-i asked: Memphis lionds. Bs
15 bid. 25 aeaed: Memphis new consols. 20 bid, 25
Memt .his and Memphis and Charleston rail
road. 15 bid; Memphis and Charleston railroad. 1st,
7s. 17 bid. 100 asked; 2". I, WO Diu, 13 asuea;
stock, 14 bid. 17 .eked; il'.sslsslppl and Tennessee
railroad, hrst mournuM. 1 1 5 bid. 1 17 asked; con-
k. ( t 1,1,1. 1M asked: Tennessee State bast due
ttif.oi:s. 10 bid, W a.sked. The New Orleans pien-
miu, nan: "The volume of exchwge milking la still
so Innteasto lax the banks to haudle It, aud New
York bills run vary low."
December 22 277,136 22
Same tlm last week
Same tune v.-k be lore.
Total iiwt week
Total week bt tore
415.54.1 21
H3S.025 04
1.HMH.5HH 71
2.0i!5.1ti2 oil
PA 1113, December 22 Bentes. 81f. 62','jO.
NEW ORLEANS. December 22. SlRbt exchange
on New Yor. M 50 on fHKMJ discount Sterling
exchange bankers bills. 4801,3.
LONDON, neeemlwr 22. Consols, 87 8-16;
arcuunt. 17 5 III. United States bonds new bs,
IiiiUh; 4t. I in' k: 4s. 101. Kallroad securities
Illinois Cniml, I0O; Pennsylvania Central,
5 Ha; trie, 4 1 la; seconds, 8U; Heading, J4V.
NKW YOUK. Iecemrer 22. Money 477 Pr
rent.; clonlnir at 4 per cent. Prime mercan
tile paer, ;"cfttU) per rent Sterling exebange
iKinkers' bills weaa, 4M.'i; sight exchange on New
York, 4H.jlx- Uovernmnit bonds yulet butgenerally
llrm; coupons of 18K1, 107; new 5a, lOW;
new 4T-1. IdHivi: new 4, 104; Pacltle s of 18H5,
121. mate boniH dull; Louisiana 71 consols. 46;
Missouri s, 1071a: et Joseph. lOnlvj; Tennessee
in. old. HI; new, 21 otleml; KVIrglnla s. old,
25: new, 1H; consols, 75; preferred, 76V
kallroad bonos were uuilnly strong. TUerawasa
marked ciimiue la the temper of spectilatlon on the
stork eiclmnue to diiy, an actual buying movement
rntvlng prevail.!, undsr which a sharp advance In
IirlOAStook plam I he ni'irket opened strong and U
i l per cent higher, but the Improvement was soon
lost Alter the Itrst boaru, however, firmer feeling
set In, and nn.l.'r brlax ptirchases, there wis an ad
vance of W 10 i. per ceui., the latter, St. Louis and
San Kraiieneo msts preferred A reaction of 14 to
1 1,1 wrrnL took place after the second board, but
toward the rlo- bujlng was renewed, and tbe high
est prices of ilia d.iy were generally made. At the
cloe the advnnoe for the da was 14 to tift per eent
The bt Louis hii1 San KrancUco shares. Lake
shore. Kr.n, PaHtic Mull; the eoal storks, Louisville
ami Naihvill, st Joe and Chesapeake and Ohio
being the most conspicuous In slzs. Tbe adj ist
nieutnf dlKerenr lietween the Atchison, Topek
and Santa Ka and tbe Texts I'aclllo roads, by
which the former gets harbor facilities at San Diego,
made Sim Krancisco stocks strong, and favorably
Inlluencni all the soiirhwc.Merna. There Is said to
be a heavy "short" Interest In coal shares and Van
derbllt stocks, nnd this, with the oIllcUl denial of the
rumors cm lent -hitluiday that tbe trunk Hives weie
cutting rates, and also that Vaudertillt and D O.
Mills hal been selling Lake oliore.lmd a tendency to
strengthen ti.e mrket. The Increassd Irnftlc on
Lake ehorn and ths coal roa-ls for the second week
ot lieceml'T. aloo had a favorable Influence 011
values. J niniHctlous sggreKaleil !I28 MI0 snares,
l which ilKlKHt wore trie. 42.00O Lake Shore,
(M): Nnilhweslern. 11,100 St Paul, 2M.IHH)
Lackawanna. II.odi) New Jersey Central, 4400
KoHiiing, MUX) Mlc.lihran i'entral. !1500 Chicago.
Collision aid Indiana Central, 7I.0O St Joe, 5IKK)
tililw. 211 mv 1 v.eteiii Union. KiiOO Pac'llc Mall,
18.0M wabtsh. m. I, mis and l'cilio, 14.000 Kan
sas aod Tei w, -iIimi Iron Mountain. 40O0Nrthern
Paclll.!. 340 C-nada Southern, 8:100 St Louis
nnd San Krituctsou Closing quotations as follows:
Hock Islsnd, M'l: Panama, 111; Kurt Wayne,
J12t: Plu-.wirg,1l(l.f: Illinois Central, l7Vsi Chi
cago. Burlliiifioii and i iin. y, 126; Chicago and
Alton, 111 y. chltKKO and Aw,n prelerred.l 17; New
York Central, 2i; il.krleut, -,(,; Lake Shore,
ititit, .Canada Southern. tl'MIci.nn Central, niNfe;
Krlo, 41: Krle preterre.i, 67V-j; Norllnvesieru,
Krtei; Nort'iwestern preferred, 101 v St Paul,
72L;St Haul preferred, :St Paul bad Mlnne-
aMjH, HKI4; St. Paul and Sioux City, 4ev,; St
Paul and Sioux City preferred. !ir; DeiJ re,
i MHnim ai:d Western. 7:t: Morris and Ti.
ci. Hw: Delaware aud Hudson. 100; New
Jersey Central, 74:s; Ohio anil Missis
sippi, 801),; Ohio and Mississippi preferred,
27 Ml Ciuwtpeake and Ohio. (Sri; Mobile and OHIO,
I I1U1; Clevdaod and Columbus, 20V; Chlnuro, Co
lumbus and Indiana Central. 78; Indiana, Cincin
nati and Lafayette, 21; Burlington. C B. and
N. O. i-t; Alton and Terre Haute, filV1i
oft-red; Alttm and Terra Haute preferr.-j,
171, orfsr-d; Wabash. St Louis and Pacific,
4:; Wnbash, St. Louis ami PaclUo prefer
r t, Hl.Vi; Hannibal end St Joe. H2V; Hannibal
and 8k Joe preferred, 3.4rs Iron Mountain, 14Lm; St
Louis and nail Krancisco, 45: St. Louis and San
KranOoo preforrod, llntj: Ht Louis and San Kran
cisco, nrsi treierrel, 4H; Chlcago.St Louisand New
Orleans, 1S.1; Kuis.is and Texas. 24; L'nlon Paclno
nmi'k.30i; Kansas and Pcll!c,Sl:4 offered: North
ern Pacific 85; iSorthei n Paoltlo pteterred, HO; Lou
Isvllleaud Natdivtlle, 5514 ; Houston and Texas,8!tl.i;
Western CiUon Teletrrapn, 47ii; Atlnntla and
Pacirle Telegraph. XM: Pacltlo Mall.4Ha;LHtlePllts
burK.3.i.; Readlng.liuU :AdHms Kxpress.171ts'.Wella
it Kargt. Um l; Muertoan bx press, 104V3S Unlteil
States Kxpress. 57 t-s; Quicksilver, 48i4:Qulcksllver
preterred, 20.j: laavllie, 60;Central pacllic bonds.
Itrai: Union I acllio llrsis. Ill: Union Pacific land
grants. II d'-; Union Pactlis sinking funds, 112; Le
tilgh and WllKesLiarre, 1414 oflered; StPaul and
Sioux Cltv Brsts. 116: Chicago. Columbus and In
diana Central firsts, no sales; Chicago, Columbus
and Indiana Central seconds, 8 Erie seconds, no
sales.Central Arizona, tit-: Carlimii. 21; txoeislor,
4n; Home make, no sales: Ontario, no sales
Slaudard, no sales; Lehlnh aud Western. I8tx.
At tho c1on of our review Ut week of the
cotton market for t he ofllclnl week New York quoted
middling at, 1 3 1-1 lie; It fell during the week to !24c,
and !Jt the close was at I'J W illi). New Orleaus
oit,.d 1 c. fell to 1 ll- c. closeilat lliu. Liverpool
iptoled 15-1 tld, fell to ili,d. closed atti 13-11(1. This
litttement, like that of lal wek. shows a downward
oourse In prices, besides which sales were less act
ive. There Is much confidence among holders of
cotton, but uncertainty as lo the total crop Is still the
trouble. The agricultural bureau report for Novem
ber sat returns lrdtiate adeAclencylutbls mwh'I
crop ot 'JIHJ.DOO tales as against the preceding sea
son. v.ti.cli decrease conies trom "Urn drouta In
Texas havlna retluced the yield there 85 per cent.
In which must hjil,lel a decline more or less In
all the s 'vuli Aliautio Stales, while In those border
ing on the Mississippi river there Is a considerable
iiiurease." If this ha correct the full re
ceipts hitherto are owing to the line picking
season, ihe picking being stimulated by advancing
prices. Should this be so a deollne of recelpla
must rmine. iiIUoi.i'i'It reducing Ihe supply to the
prnioriioii mentioned " the bureau. Bui tbe bu
reau account Is not everjwhert expected, and a crop
or lY.vOti.iKH) hales Is ntured out even by expo
nents! men. The uncertallilv here exhibited will
make It understood why there ts a hesitating feeling
In the cotton nmrket u-4 now. Tell me the crop, and
I'll tell rou tlte pios'.ieut of eotton. Tbe New Oilesns
'it,N sin 9: "The causes of the break are to be
loiiud in tins long continued heavy receipts at the
ports. As week after week added to the excess over
last year, eoiilldeiice In short estimates of the crop
abnaul wife, suuketi. It will reuuiro a ste.tdy reduc
tl.iu I t the p'.nt uf receipts to counteract
the elect on crop estimates of tne excess
I res.lv sent lo market On the other band,
eoeii w,sk vt recolpls lu exoess ot those last year
goes to wo ken lue stntl.stlcl sltion, byenlarglng
Msiimikirts of future sunolles. Tlie current opinion
tier j is lhat we have now rescued a turning point, aud
heiiiMii'rth the movement will fall otT rapidly. 1 bis
however, depend uiam the tributaries." Should
tner rise and koeu no recelids prices must decline
if the high price bad already driven the cotton to
inaikel, tne rvivttpt by irlluitarles will be below tx-reLi-,tiiHis
and a.lvanceil prices will have the Influ
ence of that fact lu tlielritavor. The Manchester
iiianut.uMiirerH are reported bare of stork aud to
Kront exit-nl at the mercy of L!verioi; any sign of
re, M re-1 crops will huvd a strong Inimeuce lu eonsa-
iteoeipui In Memphis during the oflMal week az.
gregtled 'J'l.Hn'l bales, agnlnst 24 ;."n bales the
iirevious wee'.t. aiid 2d.rHil bales the correstHmdtna
week 1 1st season. I'he total reoeipLs since Seiember
1, 1H7i. are2ihi,:i47 luilet, agslnst 181,(122 bales
at toe Cviiressmiiuig tune lastseasoiu
Slili nieuts du lug tboofliclal week aggregated ll.
I II 14 t ales, airftlnsi 17.74H bales tne previous seek,
and 21, (MM b.ilea the corresponding week last
se tetai. Total shipments slncM SepteuiDer 1st are
11. 1 1 1 1 bales, against lt),84'J bales the same time
lat i tr.
fiiile. I'liMng the week were Pi 00 bales, against
14.,o hales tJe previous week. Of Ihe IMMK)
ImsIcs sld this week, extorters took 2'h'tO bales
sHnners, llph) biles; speculator., toll bales.
Sales Mine Inns last tear. :M..'lM bitles. of whic
exthirleis look n.iKKi b.ile: siliiuers. hltKI bales
sis-ulaiors. rJiHi biles. MMil.Ing uuoled llic,
ugslnsiMC at ths same time last year.
Thetoiat stock on baudwsa 114 il 'H bales, against
1U7,;iHi halt s hut week, and P2.2;U bales at tbls
lime last n ur.
Sleuiphla 4'attoa Hovement.
The Itillonlng iuiows the course of the Memphis
maiket and Ilia print of inlddllng ooltoii froui the
opening ol tlie season:
During tsjptcuioer J7H bales were leoelved, nolb-
Ing sold or shipped. During October 11.594
bales were received, 408 bales shipped, and 4UuO
bales sold.
5 8
Nov. 7
2S44I 8 1057
Nov. 14
lOHJSl! 4H7H5
Nov. 21
MOHrtH' 22541
12rP2l IW7H
1H25 114
1 4750 12
Nov. 23
H2M78 22441
lO .(! KK5HI
net r
Deo. 12
21442 27 l2tl
24551 21 1245
175521 1(H)4HW
1774SI 107MN)
Deo. 1U
2104! 114626
T hV tmit-om m vesterdHT fMondav) did not vary In
tbelr general aspect from ths spiritless tone of those
at the latter end of last week, until the close ot the
day, when there was a gleam of brightness In the
concluding news about Liverpool futures, made still
better by tne word "strong" that appeared with the
last telegram reporting new iora spou. in our
.rir ii.a.uUmili! fenllmrof the general market
was aided by gloom and mud, tlnlshln off wltn rain,
and the market was dull until the alight brightening
spoken of above, i nis couia no- uihkb b uuii uai
in active one. however, and with only 100O bales
sold tbe market closed at unchanged quotations.
Good ordinary
Lo middling
(rood middling . .
Middling fair
Market dull and unchanged. Sales, 1000 bales.
Including 12ft to exporters and 875 to spluners.
Stock, September 1, 1870
Hecelved to-day.
. 5,550
... 8,8fl8
... t5,4l0
Hecelvcd previously..
Phloped to day
Shipped previously...
Btock, running account
Thus far this week.
Thus far last week
Blnoe eepteinber 1.
Memphis and Charleston B. B 11??9
Mississippi and Tennessee B. B 664
Louisville. Nashville and Great Southern B. B. 8IW
Memphis and Little Hock B. H - 314
Paducah and Memphis 107
Wagous and other sources 500
. 5,550
Thus far this week...
Thus far last week..
Since September 1 . . .
Memphis and Charleston railroad 1,356
Mississippi and Tennessee B. B. 3X8
Louisville. Nashville and tireat Southern R. B.. 877
Steamers north P42
Steamers south 335
The following are tbe latest telegrams of tbe do
mestic markets, aa reported yesterday to the cotton
IsMt o.i
Re? pi.
New Orleans..
Mobile .
New York
Philadelphia .
SL Louis
miaii w
Tbe following are the New York spot quotations
for yesterday: Ordinary, 10 15-160; good ordinary,
11 1-lrtc; low middling, 1214c; middling, 12Vso;
ffond mlddllns. 12.Vc: middling fair, l.'itw.
At 10A0. weak; 12:15, quiet aod steady; 2:13. quiet
and steady; 8:30. unlet and steady. Sales, 749
bales; stock. 10H,1U7 bales.
The tone of the future market was as follows:
At 10:10, dull and easier: 11:15. easy; 11:45, quiet
and firm; 12:45. steady: 2:45, quiet and firm; 8:50,
.rmriir. KjtlA. UAAM IO hales.
The following shows the closing quotations of
futures in tbe New York market yesterday:
12 67f?12.v
12.96.7 12.17
1H.4 it? 14.41
13.57i2il3 5
13.75r? 13.76
13.8drT 13.88
13.92? 18.16
12,H!t(? 12.40
12.80c? 12.82
13.26'? 13.27
13.42-7 13.44 t
13.08r? 13.70 :
December. ..
12.4t312 43
The New Orleans market closed firm at 11:14a for
middling. Sales. 70OO bales; receipt, 20,842
bales. Stock, 272,720 bales.
The Liverpool telegrams yesterday reoorted cotton
wllh a moderate Inquiry freely supplied; middling
uplands, 6 13 16d; Orleans, 6 15-1 lid. Sales, 8000
baies, of wblcb were American. Receipts, I I,
101) bales, of which 14.300 were American.
Llvernool futures opened 1-H 'd lower: December,
Deceinberslanuary, .Jatiuary-Kebruary, 6 25-32d;
February-March. 6 27 82d; March-April, 6 2H82d;
Aorll-May. tl 15-16d: May-June, 7d; June Ju-y,
7 I-I61L At tbe close fulureg weie quiet and urm;
April May, a; nay-june, I l-iou.
Tba movements at tbe ports were reported aa fol
Thi Wetk
Ltt Year,
Rec'tstlnce Friday) -78.032
Exp'tstOU.BrltalU 45.270
Kxp'tatoCoutlnent 24,041)
Stock -I 812.805
Total receipts at all United States ports. 2,901,
1127: same date 1878, 2.458,050: same date 1877.
2.203.613. Increase of receipts at United States
Dorta this year. 443.877. Total stock at an pons.
812.805, against 815.171 same time the year be
fore; lu 18(7, 837,450.
The qeneral markt was a very busy one
all last week: country buyers were numerous and
wholesale and retail stores were crowded, wnile tbe
thronged sidewalks and the streets crowded Willi
vehicles, often making It dllllcult to cross Ihe street.
gave a lively Idea of how Memphis rises above dilll-
cultr. rue reed traue, uowever, uoes noi participate
In the activity. The country people are yet subsist
ing on supplies ot their own growth. Arrivals of
corn have been scanty: the demand has been mode
rate because slocks are good, but the prospect of
closed navigation has prompted dealers to make
room for more at standing prices If It can be got
The resumption of grinding at the cornineal mill
has be l;s?d to Improve tbe demand. There baa
been nothing doing In oats or bran; hav continues to
be very scarce and very little has been ottering except
prairie. Cornmeal has been blgher.wtth a moderate
arrival, and tne dependence has been nioally on the
city mill. Potatoes have presented nothing of In
terest, the demand being light but tbe suspension
of navigation up river Is Improving the prlca. Flour
Is firm. Apples, oranges and other fruits popular at
Christmas are strong, the latter considerably higher.
Eggs were lower yesterday; tbe damp and moat'y
trm weatner baa been iauu 10 ueaa game anu
powiry all weak.
VuoOMson below art for round loin at trie landing
ata i',trjUroaadejott, ana tnciuae neuner aray
an. storajM.iTWn, other exvtnsr outside of the bare
freight awl Sergei up to the tittle of arrival. Job
tnng and xLare i6u art at higher ra te, as they in
elude drayage, tUtrnje and vrotlt of ths dealer.
FKKD-ttorn-One buyer took 1325 sacks, all tbat
was ottering. Including HOtt sacks In the ear. he paid
6(lca bushel all round; lu store, r2570. Oalt last
sales at 4SV4C; in atom, A2?5ro. Jjmtwaa quiet.
quoting M4; in store, kij7mic per cwt nay
scarce; little doing; prairie quoted $12; prime, 8'Jii;
choice timothy, 21rf22; lu aloro, SI 05a 125.
Corn bran at the mill, til r0
KLOCR ANDMEAL. Kiowr-superOne. ST: extra.
S5 2ru75 50; double extra, Sfi 7"x?tf; treble extra,
fcdirri Fill; family. Srt25o)tl75; choice, 87; fancy,
S7 25ffi7 75. C'orii sales at mill at $2 50;
none on landing; In store, 2 rt)(7;2 65. Mormny
$& ll.". Btv-A-inAeuf SS a barrel.
v isiiK 1 AHurJS. 'ooiroes ies 01 uo barrels on
the landing at SI rill: tn store.Sl 75. Street no'a
toe. In store, $1 7512 a barrel. Onionx, 3f-4 50(r5
a barrel. In store. Turnii, 75cr? 1 a barrel. While
neons. S'J(T2 2.1. Arout, nair-barrels, 4 7oi4; bar
rels, 87 f? 8. tlorneraduih, StSiJrt 50 abarreL Cab-
baift . J.M a Hundred; S4'f 4 50 a crate.
FKtuira acid ftuis,-Apples. m6 a barrel.
Cretnbrrrien ,SW a barrel; ball-barrels. 4 75. Oranoen.
rt 60r?7 50 per barrel. Len on, Sort 5 50 per
pox. Kaunut via, jw; new, per box. tig.
ltlo ber lb. Date. So per lb. Peanut Red. tic:
white. 7c per lb. Almond, 22c per lb. Pftims. 73
1 4C according to size. Mrazil AiiIji, 0c per lb.
Filbert, Vizp per lb. Walnutjt, 15c per lb. Cocoa
nuU, mem per 100. Dried Apjile. 9c a pound.
irer, peacne, o a pounu. jtinam. sir 3 a Punch
ApiAe butter, H'o per lb. reach butter, 12a per
KoiUS AND BUTTER. Egg plenty and lower at
Ztic jhuiier-gooa, lzni.i ; country, rjazze,
choice, 25t2tc: creamery. 85o
POI'LTRY.-CAi fat. S2(2U. Dock. S3. Oeexe,
94 liihfn per dozen. Turkty. 8Vi?10 per dozen.
ureiueit Ttirnry irregular at nr kc a pound, accord
ing to condition: very ttne. UtflOc which was rarely
FRKSH mk at. etc its r-Fereamrters. 201
3c; bludqiiarters, 4r?5c. Mutton, by the carcass, 4
Btlo. Ho ft, 4Varrnc ruft-feet Kegs. SI t0tf2
half barrels. 94 25; barrels, $7 ToCtH. Minee tiieat,
IOC a pound.
GAMH.IKIU v rfjon saddle, 7r7Ho per lb: car
cass. 4rr5c tomirret. 75ci?Sl a dozen. Ounter.
Hi 10, 411C, i.itc yiMitM, i zoiil 00 a dozen. Kao-
bu, 81 J.-utl 50 per dozen.
HOti PRODliCK Pork- clear sides, loose. 7c
clear rib, loose, tUsO; shoulders, loose, 4.io. Sugar
rurea autiM-packeti, lin.f ltnc Xfam-rllerce,
bic; pans. tc Liemana very quieu
HAdliinii aiu isaamna nax. ltte: tute.
2 lt.. 1 Itfll Wc If. S2 loa 2 50; grip tie. 2
per bundle. Twine. 12c per lb.
LIME AND CKMKNT. Luiie, POc a barrel; Louis
ville rzteut, 81 75 a barrel; Rosedule eemeut $2 a
CATTLs market. rey & SclilUIng, ot the
Southern stork-yard. North Second street, reports
cattle scarce and llrm at hluber nrics: poor stntl in
little demand. Sales since last report have ranged
irota 40 ror tai cows, neiters ana oxen to uts ror
extra smooth fat steers, the latter being mostly taken
for Christinas meat Sheep are again scarce and
llrm at higher llgures. tbe receipts ourlns the week
all having been eagerly taken at prices ranging from
4 to 5'vO for fair light to extra heavy. Hogs are In
light supply, with fairly active demand at prices
unchanged. Cows and calves are In active
d-mand at Quotations. Cattle Corn-fed natives,
choice, KHIOto 1 1 0ill'S.S450t?5; natives, goo,l. 850
to 1000 lbs. 8:1 75rr4 25; natives, medium, S00 to
12IKI lbs. .')f8 50; Texas, choice, 100 to 1100 lbs,
83 50(24: Texas, medium, WK) to 1000 lbs, KM
tfi 25; native oxen, smooth 1000 to 1400 lbs, 83 50
tt-l: native oxen, rough HkH) lo 12IHI lbs. 82 hihi:i.
ttrass-ted butchers' iiuatltles. all weights. S2 50(7.
8; Inferior and common, 81 50(72 25; calves and
yearlings, Ier bead, 84i?il; eows and calves, Slnj
aO. best butcbers' selections, 1 rto to 200 lbs,
84 25ir4 oO; good 10 cnoice neavy. 4(4 2.1; com'
mon. rough and light, 3 50(73 75. Sheep choice
mutton grades, 10 to 110 lbs, 84 50(75; medium.
KO to 10 lbs, 93 50(24; common, per bead, 8150
tf 2.
PITTSBl'HG. December 22. Petroleum unlet
crude weak, 81 17 la at Parker, Pennsylvania; sblp-
lueius 01 rennet, d4c, rnitaueipniauetivery.
NEW YORK, December 22. Flour moderate
demand; sutiertlne westem and State. 80 2ort
Wheal oitlet; ungrssted mirinii, SI 29(1 1 42. Cot.
fee unlet. Sincar oulal and tlrni: fair to good re lin
ing, 7x Molasses llrm. H5i747c Bice quiet
pork stronger; nies.s, 1 2 H7Vatf 1 2 fill. Lara llrm
steam, 7.72W(i i.7ic Whisky nominal
81 lWbld.
CHICAGO, Deoember 22. Flour aulet and weak.
Wheat quiet and wesk; No. 2 red winter. Jl aori
casu, i aiisui ,1114 January, si H2W bid rebru
aiy. Corn dull, weak and lower; itktc cash. 40c
jauuary, 41113c reoruary, siisuo Jiay. uats dull and
prices aabttde lower; 34Vj .14-mc cash. 84V3C Jan-
nary, fine reoninry, nvt-jc at ay. itye miner, ini
liarlev easler.HSc. Pork aciiva and firmer: Si J,
lit lo cash, 13 Kdtl3 1W Jauuary, $13 U5t
later nay.
Q Met.
13 37 February, 813 55f?13 0 March. Lard
moderately active and higher: 7-40e 1 oasb, 7719
7.50c January, 7 60a7.62V20. iebruary. 7.70
7.72lc March. Bulk meats flnner, 4 30, 6.60a
6.70c Whisky In lair demind but at lower rates.
SI 10.
CINCINNATI December 22 Flour dull and low
er; family. 86 20r? 40; rancy, 7. Wheat weaker,
SI 8431 86. Corn steady. 440 Oati 1 easier. 40c.
Bye nutet. 08c. Barley dull, POc. Pork firmer,
S13 "5f? 1 -'t 50. Lard steady, 7.3aC Bulk meats
llrm: sboulaere, 4SM(24ic; clear rib, cr6c.
Bacon firm; shoulders. 5",!jc; clear rib, 7 Vie; clear,
7Vfec Ureen meats firmer; shoulders, 4lc; sides,
.10e: bams, 7S8274ic Whisky steady, with a falr
demand, SI 07.
LOUISVILLE. December 22. Flour firm; extra,
S4 5074 75: family. 85 25S5 50; A No. 1, 86
0 25; fancy, S6 5077&O, Wbeat firm. SI 80S 1 83.
Corn quiet; white, 46c; mixed, 44lc. - Oats steady;
white, 43c; mixed, 41c Bye higher, t2c Hay
firmer, 81 ocf 18. fork nm 1, 18 00. tarantgner;
choice leaf, tierce. SVif S-Vte; ahotes leaf, keg, liAc
Bulk meats Urm aod blgber, 4Mt. VarXtUra. HMt
rt,o Bacon none, sugar-cured bams nominat
Wblsky high , SI 0. .
ST. LOUTS. December 22. Wheat lower and
slow; No. 2 red, SI 34 csb, SI 2614(71 35 Janu
ary, SI 40Srrl 41 February; No. 3 red. SI 25.
Corn lower; 85asr73ol4C cash, 86a861o January,
88Va 88lo February. Oats lower; 4V2C cash, 88c
Februa.7. Bye quiet 8I0. Barley, 85rS0c Whisky
steady, $1 10. Pork Urmer;S13 25 asked cash,
sales $13 85 February. Lard firm. 7Ve bid; Dry
sait meats higher and slow 4.10(74.20, tf.80r26.40,
6.4O(76.50c. Bacon arm; no aaies.
NKW ORLEANS. December 22. Flour (rulet but
firm: superhne, 85 5095 75; double extra. 86
a 1.11.. t,l.l. (I')IU- hl(7ha OT MlM.
86 7537 371. Corn quiet but Brm at 58c. - Oats
quiet and weak. 48S40C Con imeal dull and lower,
82 40. Hay quiet and weak; prime, 821 621&?23;
choice. s26fX2n. pork steaoy : oio. jm.ii zo;
new, 814. Lard steady; tteree. S4)3(78lc; keg, 8a)
9c Bulk meats quiet aud weak; shoulders, packed,
44ie: clear rib, ?S37; clear, 7e. Baoon qnlet:
shoulders, 5Vsc: clear rib. 7i(78C; dear. 8l.fj(78J40i
Sugar-cured bams In good demand at full price.
Whisky quleti western rectified. 81 053(1 15.' Coffee
quiet bur steady; ordinary to prime, ISMd 17c. Su
gar excited and blgber; Inferler,- 5d55Vse;' eom
mon to good common, 6(?mjc; fair to fully fair,
6S7c; prime to choice, 7st77i,c; yellow "clarl
Ueu, 838MC Molasses In good demand at full
prices; common. 25727c; centrifugal, 25t783c;
fair. 80i732c: prime to choice, 33(7400. Bloe dull;
Louisiana, ordinary to cbotce. 613 7 We. , . .. ,
Advertise, Your. Holiday Goods
. Rivers land Weather.
The followine official table eives particu
lars concemlne the condition of rivers end weathe
at all Important points: .-:
OPPIOI SlONlt Skrvicr U. S. A. I
Mkmpbis, December 22, 1879. 1
Above low Changed,
stations. " - water. ir BM F&1)
Feet Inches Inches inches
Cairo 20 .7 17
Cincinnati 18 7
Davenport Froz'n
Dubuque. Froz'n
Helena, Ark
Keokuk 12 1
Leavenworth Froz'n
Little Bock 1 3
Louisville. 8 11 3
Hempals S3 1 4
Nasbvllle 15 2 18
New Orleans. 0 t 4 ...
Pittsburg 5 8 Itf
Jhreveport. 1 2
St. Louis. 5 5 13
Vlcksburg. 28 11 11
Above benchmark.
Br T elerrapa-
NASHVILLE. December 22. Elver faUlag, wltn
11 feet on the shoals.
PITT3BUBG, December 22. River 5 feet 5 Inches
and rising, weatner ciouay ana miia.
CINCINNATI. December 22. Blver 18 feet 4
Inches and falling. Weather clear and eold.
EVANSVILLE. December 22. River falling, with
lrt feet 4 inches by tbe gauge. Weather clear and
cold; mercury, 86 deg. Departed: Cons Millar, Cin
cinnati, Ham.
VICKSBUao, December 22. Weather cloudy
and warm: thermometer, 72 deg. Blver llsen 12
Inches. Up: Chai les P. Chouteau, Sunday; Golden
Rule, 5 p.m. Down: jouqa. wood ana tow, 4 p.m.
LOUISVILLE, December 22. Blver falling, with
9 feet in tbe cinal and 7 feet on falls. Weather
nlniidr and nleasant Arrived: Alice Brown and tow.
Cairo. Departed: Charles Morgan, New Orleans,
Tbe coal fleet Is all In from Pittsburg.
NEW ORLRANS. December 22. Weather cloudy:
thermometer. 77 deg. Arrived: Thomas Sherlock,
Cincinnati; Ed Richardson, Memphis; Common
wealth, St Louis. Departed: Iron Mountain and
barges, St Louis; Golden Crown, Cincinnati.
CAIRO. December 22 Noon. Arrived: Hod Lon
don, iiliio, 8 p.ni ; Eldorado, New Orleans, 1 1 p.m.;
John Means and Robert Mitchell, New Orleans, 1
a.m. Departed: Hop Loudon, Memphis, 9 p m.;
Eldorado, midnight; Robert Mitchell, Cincinnati, 2
a.m.; Vint Shlukle, Memphis. 8 a.m. Weather
cloudy and eold Nlgut River 21 feet 7 Inches
and falling, weatner ciopay; tnermometer, as
deir. Arrived: R. R. Springer, Cincinnati, up.ia.:
Andy Baum. Memphis, ti p.m. Departed: Andy
Baum, Memphis, 7 P.m.
Lt Rain.
Maximum thermometer, M deg.
' Minimum thermometer, 41 aeg.
Rainfall, 0.27 Inches.
H. T. DABNKY. Private 8ig. Corps, TJ. a A,
Movements at the Eievee.
James Howard, New Orleans; Osceola Belle, Osce
ola; George W. Cheek, Hallea Point; Belle of Shreve
T,;irt st. t.onls: Joe Kinney. St Louis: Jobn B.
Maude, Vlcksburg; James Lee, Friars Point: Joule
Harry, wniie nver: carrier, di. r,ouis; ainrs. x woiu,
Bledsoe Landing; W. P. Halliday, New Orleans.
W. P. Halliday, Cairo; John B. Maude, Cairo; Belle
Memphis. Cairo; Jos Kinney, Vlcksburg; Belle of
Sbreveoort. New Tleans; Osceola Belle, Osceola;
un. w. Cheek. Ashnort: James tee. Friars point
Carrier. New Orleans; K. P. Kountz, St Francis
in run L.
Batesville. Josle Harry. James Howard, Mark
2trn-Jessle K. Bell, Shields, Vint Sb Inkle. Reu
ben K. springer.
lp coaboma, .oiuen Kuie, nara uasn.
Gkkkntii-ljc Coahoma, E. O. Banks master, 5
Whits Rivkb Josle Harry, Milt R. Harry master.
12 m.
tff DTERsnUKQ Shields, Kd W. Crowell master.
5 p.m.
CAtKo-Clty of Vlcksburg. Robert K. Blley master,
5 p.m.
AKk.utsAs RivkK Hattle Nowland, J. J. Darragh
master, 5 p.m.
St. Francis Bivbh Batesville. J. D. Randall
master, 5 p. m.-
Belle of Shreveport 22 dressed hogs, 1061 empty
W. P. Halliday 100 hhds sugar,77 brls molasses,
10 pkgs sundries.
Mark Twain 4 bales cotton, 1 1 bags seed-cotton,
851 sacks cotton-seed.
Josle Harry orougnt out, 01 wniie river iuoi uiu 1
cotton, 12U Pkgs sundries.
John a. Maude j b nates cotton, a Dags seeu-
coiton. 1 H bead cattle, lot sundries.
James L,ee an Daies coiion. a oogs seeu-cunuu,
57u sks cotton-seed. It DKirs sundries.
Usoeola HJIie-llii Dates cotton, Dags seeu-
entton. X-M sacks cotton-seed. 18 Pkgs sundries,
tiennre w. Cheek f bates cotton. BfJ oags seea-
cotton, 285 sticks cotton-seed, 10 bead cattle, lot
James Howard 113 ntios sugar, 4n0 Dris molas
ses. 24 bales bags, b hhds oocoanuts, 7 bales co.ton,
1 n.st Fikes mdse.
Joe Kinney ats ary Darrets, u oars iron, j 4 aegs
bolts. 42H sacks corn. .140 pkgs laru, 'it bates cot
ton, 1 coops poultry, 584 pkgs sundries.
JLevee Paragrapirs.
Business fair.
Tbe Josle Harry will leave for White river at noon.
Sunday dispatcnes reported neavy loe running uy
St Louis.
Local packets departed yeneraay evening witn
irood trlbs.
l tie J nun means ana uargoi uepartea yesieruay
for tne 0010 river.
Tbe wild Boy witu a tow or produce-boats, ar
rived yesterday evenlDir.
The Nellie Speer and tow left Loul&viile last night
en wmaite to New Orleans.
The Bene or snreveoon passea aown last nignt
tor New orieans witn a gooa trip.
Mrs. captain nut uarry ana uer cnuaren are pas
sengers on the Josle Harry tbls tnn.
The Katie r. Kountz ueparuxi banday evenirg ior
St. Francis river to load ror New Orleans.
Tbe John Dlppold and barges passed down Sun
day morning, adding a loaded batge here.
Tbe new Jessie K. Bell and Reuben R. Springer
bave not been neara rrom yet uotb aue yesterday,
Tbe Carrier, from St Louis lor New Oileans,
passed aown vesieraay evening loadea nat
line Jobn U, Maude passed up yesterday evenlni
for Cairo. She added here 1550 bales eastern-bourn
Receipts by the river since our last were 2141
nates cotton, ni bags seed-cotlon, 1732 sacks cot
The Joe Kinney passed down last night for Vlcks
burg. aueputon here 1737 packages freight ana
added 20 tons for points below.
Tbe James Howard arrived vesterdav with a good
trip, and went over to Hopeflald last night to take on
ireigui. sue returns Wednesday.
1 he John B Maude was yesterday warned by pri
vate dispatch not lo attempt to come to St. Louis. It
was Dot so stated, but we suppose lt was on account
or neavy ice,
Cairo JtiiKn. Saturday: "Owlnefto" the lartre
amount ot boating toe which Is now found In tbe
Mississippi. Anchor-line boats have ceased running
iMiweeu uurv ami ot- ouis. -
A dispatcb from Louisville last night says that
tbe towboat Dick Fulton sunk a barge of coal Sun
day night at Hughes's bar, six miles below New Al
bany. It lies in tbe middle of tbe river.
Our friend of tbe St Louis fW-Disjafen gets up a
very Interesting river column when tbeArraAt ar
rives in ume, rote lair, trtend Ryland. and we wul
meet eacn otner in tne "sweet Bye-and-Rre.
Brigadier-General Robert Soeed. who has been
ru.stu.ii.Lo at St Louis, away trom tbe busy life tbat
prevail lu Memphis, arrived boms yesterday. He
sevs It has been awful dull with him since he left.
Tbe sunken Plow Boy .has been raised. and has ar
rived at Little Rock. Sbe will be earned to Mound
i Kf or some otner np-nver ship-yard to be repaired.
Her "wound" Is a slash of eight feet In her bottom.
The weather of tbe past two days has not been
what marines most delight In. On the contranr. it
bas beeu ot tbe most villainous character, and the
marine caienoar or epiinets has ceased: to furnish
material suincieni to justify the inspiration.
St, Louis Dispatch, Saturday: -Captain- David
Time. Bar. rher Wind.
7I0O a.m. 2VM B3 &W.f
2:00 p.m. 30.02 52 N.W.
f):im p.m. 30 03 41 N.K.
nannv.' of the H. C. Taeger. died at three-onarters
past six this morning, at but borne In North St
Louis. He arrived here about ten days ago, having
given op the commana 01 nis ooai at vicksourgon
account of sickness. Captain Haney was a steersman
on the Ohio thirty years ago, and worked bis way up
to tbe command of several steamers in tbe Missouri
and Mississippi, In one or more of which he owned
an lateresL ,He as a thorough boatman on tba
great streams, and bad excellent and practical ideas
as to tbe conduct and management of tonnage. Tbe
Benton steamer General Grant was one In wblcb be
owned an Interest but she met with misfortune. His
cheery laugh and pleasant smile are things of tbe
f ast but win long nweu in me memory or nis many
nends. His family will receive about twelve hun
dred dollars from tbe Merchants Exchange Benev
olent society."
QTEAMBB HARD CASH will arrive Tuesday, and
O leave on her regular day,
w&dnksday, December 24tn. at 5 p.m.
No. 7 Monroe street
Special Notice,
rTIHE steamer BATESVILLE, having
J. completed ber repairs, will leave for 1
St Francis river TUESDAY, Dec 23o. at 12 m.
sharp. J. D RANDALL.
Special Notice to Shippers.
Mimphis, Tbmh., November 29, 1879.
"After this date, tba boats ot the Memphis and
Pine Bluff Mall Line will positively not receive any
freight for Arkansas river on Tuesday and Saturday
after 6 o'clock p.nu JOHN N. HABBEN. Sup'L
Mexnphia and New Orleans Psebet Co.
For Vlcksburg, Natchez, New Orleans and tbe Bends.
I ames Howard, Jga
James O'Neal. ...master.
Will lesve tbe Anchor Line wharfboat WEDNES
DAY, Dec 24th, at 5 p.m. For freight or passage
aoolrto AD. STORM. up't. Anchor-line wharfboat
or J. T. WASHINGTON. Agent. Lee Wharfboat
Line Kor Cairo and.
all Way
1,sb f aca truner
City, of Vickslmrg;ii
Blley master.
Will leave tbe Anchor Line wharfboat THIS DAT,
Dec 23d, at 5 p.m. For freight or passage ap.
ply to AD. STOBsC. Sup't. on wharfboat
Adams Trl-weelily C H. Mall Line Kor
Greenville, Arkansas city, Pine muti Kaiiroaa and
all way landings Tbe elegant steamers
t - mm
Mark B. Cheek... master A. L. Cummins... clerk
E. O. Banks master Wm. Smltber clerk
Leaves as above every MONDAY, THURSDAY and
8ATUBDAY. at 5 p.m. Office. No. 8 Madison st
Memphis and Pine Bluff U. S. Mall Line For Pine
rjlurr, i,uue rock, ana inrougn wion omun aa
Hat tie .Rowland. i
J.J. Darragh master-f-A. Banksmlth clerk
Leaves as boovb tuisuii, uec ana, at o p.m.
For Height or passage apply to
JOHN N. H AKpiis . Blip'!. ZTCtfr fTpm St.
Memphis & Ohio Hirer racket Co.
The elegant passenger steamer -
a M'Intyre...... master,
Will leave WEDNESDAY, Dec 24th, at 5 p.m.
For information apply to
General Freight ana Ticket Agent,
No. 7 Monroe St.. odd. Pea body HoteL
P'r. JAS. W. GAFK leaves Saturday. Dec 27th.
Memphis. Hales Point and Dyersburg Regular Week-
i packet tfor uoiden txe. ttanooipn. noaena.
Fulton, Ojceola, Hales Point, Key Corner and
Dyersburg, making all way landings on Missis
siunl rive-. The eleir,nt steamer
SHIELDS, Ed W. Crow-ll.master; Ralph Hlcks.clerk
Leaves Memphis for Djercbure every TUESDAY, at
5pm. eaves Dyerburg for Memphis on Saturday.
inc bnteius win go uown toe jiiipsissippi every
rurt Wiilih KlVKR.
Memphis & white Kiver Packet.
Bearatlar ladevendeat Memphis auatt
white River Packet or Augusta. Jacksonuort
Searcy, and way points. The regular Independent
Ed. C. Postal master I Charles Postal clerk
Will leave Memphis EVERY WEDNESDAY, at
5 p-m. For freight or passage apply to
tt. w. LiunroutttiA,
No. 7 Uonroa st, opp. Pea body BeteL
R. P. BI.KNU. on WhwrftwRt.
Uemnhls and tt. rrsncls Hlver U. M.
Mall Ajtns The llgm-draft steamer
IS ATJSS Vila-It K,' .
J. D. Randall master ID. B. Abrahams dent
will leave Memphis tVEttf tubsdax ano
FRIDAY SVEN1NUS, at 5 P.m.. for Marlanna, tbe
Cut-otT and all Intermediate landings. For freight
or pa-sstuw apply on poaro.
Hemp-Is ana Oaeeola U. (4. Mall Packet
Regular Trl-weekly TJ. S. Mall Packet tor Randolph,
Fulton. Osceola and all way landings The ele
gant passenger steamer
Ituiltfttl.l Italia . 1
svrca issswaw iu ji( -gr'T T :
J. J. Andrews Master 1 B. O. Michel! Clerk.
Leaves Memphis every
For rreignr or passa t ano'v on nostra.
Memphis White River ana Atlaesx River
IT. t. Mall Packets.
For Indian Bay, St Charles, Clarendon, Devall's
Bluff, Dee Are, Augusta, jacksonpon, west point,
Searcy, Batesville, Powbattaa, and Pocahontas. !
The new steamer -
i osie Marry, iS
Leaves Mem Dh Is on and after November 2d, every
SATURDAY, at 5 p.m., connecting direct with the
new Black river U. S. mall packet MILT HARRY for
Powbaltan and pocanontas, ana witn uauy racKeta
to Batesvllla and Upier while river. ,
Thmiurn lates to all DOinta.
Vrebrht consigned to Milt Harry Lrne. Memphis or
Terrene win be promptly iorwaraeu. rrciginwiu
be received at all time on tie it K. l ee WbarTboat
j. t. wuhhiwh iupi agftnx.
For tiilendale. Helena and ITrlars Point
Janie Lee,
Stack Lee master Loyd W. Whitlow. ..clerk
win leave as apove on every
Office. No. 3 Madison street,
Kesular Aabport and. Halee Puiaa A' l.
For Osceola, Ashport, Hales Point and all interme
diate landings x ne etegani passenger steamer
eo. W. Clieelt.S
Henrv CooDer master I Nell Booker clerk
Will leave as above on MONDAYS and WEDNES
DAYS for Atbport; and on FRIDAYS for Hales
Point, giving special attention to an way business.
For freight or passage apply on poaro.
Subscription Price
rou T1IK
i Weekly Appeal
At this pi loe it is the Cheapest
Weekly l'apei iHiuiisueu
in the fionth.
THE lady visitors of Lealh Orphan Asylum wish
tbelr esteemed christian friends and citizens a
happy Christmas and prosperous New Year, and
earnestly entreat all to show their deep appreciation
ot God's sparing mercies by remembering tbe
Orphans. fAlUdonations and baskets sent to the Court
street uumoertana t-resDtterian cnurcb. ironi 13 m.
to 4 P m . on WEDNKriDAY, 24th Inst., will be
gratefully received, and tbe Orphans' blessing nut
upon tne uonors oi tneir cnristmas gilt-
Kespectiuiiy, M. ixLH, president.
It has received tbe indorsement of thousands wbo
are a few ot the many wbo are using them and to any
Pres. Bd. Police & Fire Com'rs.
President Board of Health,
Supt Anchor-Line Steamers.
Hoblen. Huse & Co.
K. M DAYITT. . - . .
a H. LAMB.
Sec'y and Treas. M. 4 T. B. B.
OhilLL BBOS. Sl CO.,
Wholesale Hardware M'chts.
Wholesale Tin and Stoves.
Cashier Bank of Commerce.
Porter, Tarlor ft Co.
J. F. FRANK ft CO.
, 4;G,t3.47 OiailBtoil j3lvo
lifis Diamoa u i Jew n
a a,
Oar atoek of abavre goods, wlllt otherts,
' for the Holiday Trade. Is very complete,
and will, be sold at prices tbat will jus
tify an examination by tliosp desiring
to purchase.
C.L.BYRD & C0..JBwelers,27l3 Main
i d
Mosler, Bahmann & Co.'s Safe,
T. C. PARK & CO.,
(Late of Guy. M'Clellan & Co.)
Cotton Factors
And Commission Merchants,
(Guy, M'Clellan & Co. Building.)
CONSIGNMENTS solicited, and liberal cash ad
varices made thereon.
Watches, Jewelry.
Silverware, Clocks,
Mpectaeles, etc.
Repairing pf fine Watches and Chrono
graphs a specialty.
8-Old Gold and Silver wanted.
Newspaper Advertising llnrean.
For. Ten Cents: One hundred-page
Pamphlet, trllli Lists of Jiews
papers and Advertising Rates.
For Ten Dollars : Fonr lines
inserted one week In Three
Hundred and Fifty Newspapers.
Spruce Street,
N. Y.
TS nrenared to do all kinds of work In tbls line In
J a thorough and sanitary manner; gives especial
attention to
Sewer, and Building Connections
Also, baa a lanre stock of AM FIXTCRKH
Gas, Steam and Water-flttlngs and Fixtures. Pumps,
Hose, Bathtubs, etc. Has a large force of compe
tent wornmen. ah work warrantea. Agent ior me
Halladay WIND-MILLS. Orders solicited.
40 Madison Street.
tnnPaft fc
X SZ. I UUrOf.ulJ.
Steam Friers,
Blank Book Makers,
15 Court Street.
Executor's Notice.
I WAS this day appointed and quallned by the Pro
bate court ot Shelby county, Tennessee, executor
oi Lyueuonirenn, aeceasea.
n, w. w LL, J-.1 A Jiotjis. ,
November 29. 1B79,
Assignee's Notice.
A MEETING of creditors of A. Hyndman, bank
rupt, la called to meet Tuesday, December 28
1M7H. at tbe office of T. J. Latham. Register, in
Memph's, Mempbls, Tenn., to consider the question
or a oivtuenu oi assets. wax. banfouu,
December ltf, 1879. Assignee.
. And PurifyiDg Pump
and forces tbe air Into the water and la guaranteed to purify the
foulest well or cistern In a few days time.- Water allowed to stand
undisturbed soon becomes stagnant and Impure. It nfust be kept in
motion, and while agitated must come In contact with an abundance
or pure air to Insure pure water.
have Investigated Its merits. The following names
ot whom we refer:
Wagon Manufacturers.
Grubbs. Austin 4 Berry.
JAS. B. COOK, Architect
lONEs ft BALDWIN, Architects.
Pres State National Bank.
C. W. GOY'ER ft CO.
C. J. HARRIS, Ripley, Miss.
AS I am wanting money, I will a 11 Monuments,
Tablets and Headstones, for t hlrty days, at Ihe
actual cost of material and labor on lt Come soon
and get a bargain, at '
Thomas Maydwell's Marble Yard,
38 Union St., bet. Main and Second.
E. HOB ART & CO.'S, 36tt Front, Memphis
exclusive Memphis Ageary.
Urcbard. Her,L. Timothy, Clover
Together with a large stock ot
And Grass and Garden Seeds,
at the large and commodious store.
SSI Main street. mS
It. . CICAIO & CO.
Chickasaw 15. and L. Association.
THE regular monthly meeting ot this association
occurs on THURSDAY. December 25th. at 7:30
E.in., at tne union and Planters bank. Everj stock
older Is requested to be present.
it. u. ckaiu, president,
A. Hatchtt, Secretary.
Cotton Factors
And Commission Merchants,
Cp-ntalrw Memphis1. Tenweawee
mHS undersli led hereby give notice of tbelr ap
JL polntment and qualification as Executors and
Executrix of tbe estate of C. B Church, deceased.
All persons having claims agalntt, or Indebted to
said estate, are requested to come rorwaro at once
for settlement to L. S. Lake, 2H8 Front street, or to
J. n. M'Daviu, 228 Front street.
Mempbls, Tenn., December 16, 1879. .
JKIection Notice.
Mkmpbis. Tjh.. December 11. 1879,
An election will be beld at tbelr Banklnghouse on
TUESDAY, January 13, 1880, between tbe hours of
1 1 a.m. and 1 p.m., for the purpose ot electing Thir
teen Directors to serve tne ensuing year.
W. C. M'CLURE. Cashier.
Administrator's Notice.
HAVING been duly appointed and qualified as
administrator of tbe estate of C. H. Hilscber.
deceased, I hereby give notice to all parties owing
tbe said estate to come forward and settle; and lo
all persons having claims against the estate to file
tbe same witn J. J. liiMinit, Adm r,
tue 152 Main street
Union and rianters Uarik of Memphis.
Mkmphis. Tknn.. December 8. 1S79.
STOCKHOLDERS are hereby nollIi-d that an eleo
kJ tlon win. be beld at this bank, on MU. day. Jan
uary 12. lHfO, for tbe purpose of choosing Fifteen
Directors to serve ior tne ensuing year.
s. p. kka:j. casmer.
Orerton lira? aud Family Medicine Storo
Practical Apothecary.
snioodvear'a Liver T.sie sad ntld Ca
tkartlr. Sovereign remedy for all disorders of
Stomach and Bowels. Dizziness. Falnting.Headache.
Extreme Lassitude, yield readily by the proper" use
ot tne Liver Ton ic iocanasi.
F.ureks Chill Tonic Yes. those shaking.
quivering for us will soon give way to tbls valuable
cum Destroyer, ana awaken witnin you new lire
vigor and manhood. our appetite will soon return
and December become as pleasant as May. 50c
and Si.
Vrsretable Tonic Hoerlfie Pills. For the
permanent cure of Seminal Weakness, Incon
tinence, Genital Debility, and Irritability,
Gravel, Stricture, and all other Nervous Dis
eases, commonly known bf tbat baneful of all
diseases so frequently exbtulted in the Pallid Coun
tenances of tue young men. SPERMATORRHEA
producing by such polutlon. Loss ot Memory, Uni
versal Lassitude, Dimness of Vision, Pains In the
Back, Premature Old Age, Insanity, and not unfte
quently that much dreaded disease, Consu-nptlon.
A strung will and determination to continue the use
of tbe pills until every vestige of symptom bas de
parted, will certainly crown your efforts with Joy and
gladness. Price, S2 50 per box. or 3 boxes for St.
aud 0 boxes for $10. If sent by mall. 25c extra for
3 boxes. For lunner In term .Hon add rets
D. F. GOODYEAR, Overtou Drug Store, Memphis.
m aw i
o o O-
r - w if-
r. . .. - ... x - r- - - j
1' w-,-
A g u e Gure
Is a purely vptaTiIo Litter nm! pnwrriitl
tonic, and is warranted a speedy :ml cer
tain cure for Fever and Atriie, ('1:111s aut
Feverj Intermittent or Cliill Kcver, lit
lnittent Fever, Dumb Ajri. I'eriotliciil
or Ililluus Fever, mul all lnularhil tlis
ortlors. In uiiusinatie ilistri;fs, the rsipid
pulse, coated ton--le, thirst, la?itule, bis of
appelitt?. viin in the liaelc r.ml luins, and coli'
ness of tbu spiiiu ami extremities, tne only
pronn mil ions of severer symptoms tvhicii
lertniiiate ill t'10 uite paroxysm, siie:-eeded
ly hiirii fever and prtifuse jiersph-ation.
It is a startling fact, that (iitiiiine, nrs.-ni
and other poisonous minerals form tins basin
of most of the Fever and Asrue 1'ivpara-tions,-'
" Sltoci'ics," "isyriiiw," anil '" i on
lea," in the market. The pr:kpar:itioiw 111:1. le
from these mineral poisons, although they
are palatable, and may break the chill, do
not cure, hut leave, the. malarial and their
own tlrujj ixiisoii in the system, prodm-in-'
quinism, dizziness, ringing in the ears, licmU'
nehe, vertigo, and other disorders inure for
midable than the disease they were intended
to cure. Ami's Am u Ot'KF. thorouirhly
eradicates these noxious iviisons from the
Bystem, and always cures tlie severest. oas's.
It contains no quinine, mineral, or any t li i 1 1
that could injure the most ielieut imtient
and Its crowninsr exeellentj, above its !er
titiut v to curt;, is titbit it Uuivea the system aa
free Jrom disease as before, the attack.
For I-Iver Complaints, Ami's Agcb
Cure, by direct uetiun on the liver aud Lil
iiiry apparatus', drives out the poisons wliieh
prinltice thesn complaints, and stimulates the
system to a vigorous, healthy condition.
We -arrant It tvhen taken according to
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
Practical ami Analytical Chemists,
Lowell, Mass.
in rt til nanxuni itxii r mu.
fjlor the .p. may Cti
X Mantaood. Prra
dm of flstminal Wuknm, Xjo.1
stm.tur. 1 Ufu li tv NervouBOeu.
DDondexi( . ConfuuoD of Idem.. Ave lion to Socie
ty. Defective Memory, and all Disorder. Brought oa
by Secret Habit. mndtoess. Any druggist 1m th.
g tdienu. Aodrea. DR. JAQUEit A CO.,
130 Wert Sixth Street. CINCIJfN ATT, OHIO.
T7X3B TUB 8FKEDTCUBK of Seminal Wealmess,
l Lost Manhood and all disorders brought on by
Indiscretion or excess. Any druggist bas the Ingre
dlenta. DB. JAyUFS A CO.,
Hit Wsst sittn ntwwa. tTincinnart.
37 Court Place, LOUISVILLE, KY.,
A r .1.1. M .tS ud itsntlj- qu!it:-d phyiuk mnA the
Bon .uoMikUi. hU p-cuc will Pro".
Cnres n!l forms of PRIVATE,
Speriaatorrliea uid Impotency,
thoresott f e.f-.bu ta tcu, actual wees to x&tv
trerer. or other cU!c, tid pr!wiD ta-me f i be hi-Ic-wiBr
ctTects: X-rvmt :. ctuiia.l Ktalim. tax nil'
;is ot tJreaa-), iu.or. of fete lit. Itfecti-e i -tT
:clDy,Himi Kavt-s, Avtraion tu Society 01 i -D.s'.et ,
CoDfiksioB of Metis, los cf c--i Power, ic. ivud-rinj
aarrutce Imprejxr nr unha"r. thorourfcW ami p..lt
curfsi. S"iPHIIj IS P"11? cuni Ml1
tir lr et- ik.e e . Mfiu; GoilOTrliem. ,
GLEET, Strict3-. Ortu.4, RerCa. i-r Kut-co,
Ftit. ud ottier rnvto diseases quieklj mretj,
it Uawlf-sBvilsat Uwit jhy BichtD biT4iditi-sTJMi
tr. ocrtiin cUis- of diec. and treatise titl o-'r-atly.
avrsfAuirtM km-lskUL PbTt-clan tunwHicv i-ctofUC
, reuomrneaa penroua toay care. Wbt-a it I inc4n.cnt 18
isil tne citr for tremuant. medUac etui te miu pfiraicy
naintj by mil or axprea ujvUre.
Cores Guaravntoed in all Case.
Trnderta.Ii.exi. . . . .
C ouiuiiAUous psiraotiuiT - tiy JrtieT rr- na itiTH
tmrf fT-aftn-Hl -"t rsw-apond-aeai ulc'ty oLiUn.ii.
Of 100 paifraat, tent t mny ftdttre-a. aV"-rely ralM. for t!r
CM)1 cents. HhouW b rr-d b avii. Addrcu as -b!'
-Sc hours from . M - " P. L Rrtn,ut I :o 1 -
Administrator's Notice.
THE undersigned having qualified as adminis
trator of tbe estate of S. T. Keel, deceastd.
all debtors to said estate will please come forward
and settle; and all creditors will present tbelr claims
to the undersigned.
Administrator estate of S T. Keel, dee'd.
No. 224 Front street, old stand of Keel A Co.
Jarnagln Kraytter. Attorneys. tue
Kon-Betsident Notice.
No. Hjox- In the Chancery Court of Shelby county,
Teun W. A. Wneatley, Adtn'r of M. M. Jones, de
ceased, vs. William K. Jones, etal.
TT appearing from afiidavit In this cause that the
JL defendant, wm. K. jones, r.s. wniiaeia, ir..
Mary Wbltfleld. Natalie W bitfield, Llllle Owen. W.
P. Owen, Clinton WhltBeld, Calvin Jones, George
Jones. Lucie Mlchle. Adallne Stabler. Stabler,
Kate Mlcble, Wm. Maxwell. Henry Maxwell. J. K.
Visiter. Dl K. Flsber. O. I Mesebv. Fanny B. Hsr-
rold. harrold. Wllle B. Miller and A Oppenbet-
nier are non-residents of tbe State ot Tennessee:
Is ts therefore ordered. That they make their ap
pearance herein, at tbe courthouse of Shelby county.
In MemDbis. Tenn..on or before the flrst Monday In
January, 1K80, and plead, answer ordemur to com
plainant a Din, or tne same win oe ulkcu mr ouii
fessed as to them and set for bearing exparte; and
that a copy of tbls order ,be published once a vseeS,
for four s-jcce slve weeks. In the Memphis Appeal.
This ttthday of ueeemDer, in
A copy attest: B. J. BLACK, CTerk and Master.
By K. B. M'Hkkry, Deputy Clerk and Master.
Harris At Turley. Sols, for complainant. tue
A on-Itesident Notice.
No. 8407 In the Chancery Court of Shelby county.
Tennessee J. JO. James Aooa ra. Jobn A. onley
et aL
IT appearing trom affidavit in this came tbat tbe
defendants. Hardy Davidson, Elizabeth David
son. Jobn Daniel, Permella M. Daniel, Jeter and
Leah B. Jeter are non-residents ol the State of Ten-
It is therefore ordered. Tbat they make their ap
pearance herein, at the Courthouse ot Shelby county.
In Memphis. Tenn., on or before the first Monday In
January, 1 880, and plead, answer or demur to com
plalnant's bill, or tbe aame will be taken for con
fessed as to tnem ana set ior n earing exparte; anu
tbat a copy of this order be published onoe a week,
for four successive weeks. In the Memphis Appka
Tbls November 2. 1 s. A copy attest:
B. J. BLACK, Clerk and Master
By E. B. M'Hkivbt, Deputy Clerk and Master.
Metcalf k Walker, Sols, for complainant. tu
WE are now receiving by rail and steamers un
usually large purchases ot the following
bt Ari.is Anu riiti (jriui-KKirrs.
Ocean Foam. Plant's Extra and Ashland Flour.
Pearl Meal, Hominy, Grits and Oatmeal.
Buckwheat, Graham Flour and Cracked Wheat.
Teas, Coffee, Sugars, Molasses and Syrups.
Butter. Cheese. Hams. Lard and Bacon.
A full line of Plain and Fancy Crackers.
Preserves, Jellies. Fruit Butter.fi lb and 10Tb palls
Chow -Chow and Mixed Pickles, by the gallon.
Canned Peaches, Tomatoes, Corn, Pears, Gages.
Apples, Oranges, Cocoanuts and Malaga Grapes.
Raisins, Currants, Citron. Dates, Furs and Nuts.
A full line ot Spices and Flavoring Extracts.
No. 31S Slain Street. .
Greenwood Nursery!
Sl Hllest rrom Mrraph In. Month, fciate ,
Kl twaod Cemetery.
Corner Madison and Second. Memphis.
Non-Resident Sotlcp.
No. 3432 -In the Chancery Court of Shelby countr
Tennessee Vosepn r rey vs. w. c. Champion et aL
It appearing rrom affidavit in Ibis cause that tbe
defendants, w. C. Champion, H. E. Champion,
Josenn M. itereia. u. rleteia. won. neieia ana
J. Refold are citizens ot Arkansas and non-residents
of tbe State of Tennessee:
It Is therefore ordered. That tbey make tbelr ap
pearance herein, at the Courthouse of ehelby conn tr.
In Memphis, Tenn., on or before tbe first Monday In
February, lrtHO, ana pieaa, answer or oemur to com
Dlainant's bill, or Ihe same will be taken for con
fessed as to them and set for beating exparte; and
that a copy ot mis order oe ptiousnea once a week,
tor lour successive weeks, in tne Aiempnis Appeal.
Tbls 16th day of December, 1m7H.
A copy attest: B. J. BLACK. Clerk and Master.
O. W.Miller, SoL for compl'nt. tue
Xon-Kesldent Notice.
No. 3221 In the Chancery Court ot ehelby county,
Tennessee W. B. Gal breath vs. w. R. Lucas et aL
TT appearing from affidavit In this cause that the
JL defendants, Gabriel jonnsron, Adelaide Jonn
Gmen, Carroll Johnston, B. R. Johnston and Mamie
Lucas are non-residents of the State of Tennessee:
It Is therefore ordered, That tbey make tbelr ap
pearance herein, at tbe Courthouse of Sbelby county.
In Memphls.Tennessee, on or before tbe first Monday
In January, 18K0, and plead, answer or demur to
complainant s amended and supplemental bill, or
the same will be taken tor confessed as to tbem and
set tor bearing exparte, and that a copy of this order
be published once a week, for tour successive weeks.
in toe jnempnts Ariu.
This November 29, 1H79. A Copy. Attest:
R. J. BLACK, Clerk and Master
By E. B. M'Hssirt, Deputy clerk and Master. -TJ.
W. Miller, Sol. for Complainant. tu
Non-Besident Notice.
No. 8425 In the Chancery Court of Shelby county
Tenn. Caroline A. Wilcox vs. B. B. Barnes et al.a
lt appearing from affidavit in this cause tbat the
defendants, S. T. Deeson and Edmund Orglll are
non-reeldents of the Stale of Tennessee;
lt Is therefore ordered, Tbat they make tbelr an-
pearance herein, at tbe courthouse of rlheiby county.
In Memphis, Tenn., on or before the first Monday In
February, 1880, and plead, answer ordemur to com
plaint's bill, or the same will be taken for confessed
as to them and set tor bearing ex .arte; and that a
copy of this order be published once a week, for fo u
successive weeks, in tbe Mempbls Appeal. Thlr
8th day of December, 1K711.
A copy attest: B. J. BLACK. Clerk and Master.
By E. B. M'Henry, Deputy Clerk and MaMer.
Smith A Collier, Sola, for compl'nt, tu
Dr. D. S. Johnson's
Sfedical Dispensary.
Between lalw a d mot Meaaivhlai.
- rKsTABUSHXD IN 1800. J ,
BB. JOHNSON Is aeJmowIedgeil by all parties In
teres ted as by far tbe most soeoeiwrnl physician
In tbe treatment of private or secret diseases. Quick,
thorough and permanent cures guaranteed In eve y
ease, male or female, beoent eases of Oooorrtea
ana Bypnms earea in a tew cut vs. w uooui tne use ci
merotiry. ebarure of diet, or hindrance from boat nee s.
Secondary Syp&iUs, tbe last vestige en Mllealed wllb
out the use of mercury. Involtintary toes of semen
stopped tn abort time. Sufferers from lm potency
or loss of sexual powers restored to tree Tbror in a
rew weeits. victims or aeu-aou ana exoe u ve
venery, suflerlng from spermatorrhea and loe. ot
physical and mental power, speedily mod perma
nently oared.
particular attention paia tn tna Deceases 01
Women, and cores gnaranteed.
'l nroat ana Lung Diseases cot ea uy new remtaies.
Piles and old sores cured without the use ot eaua-
tic or tbe knife. ,
All oonsultattorts atnotly eotrmdeotlal.
Medlelnes sent by expre i to all nru ot Uiejeoan.
Office hours from '8 a. m. to 9 p. m. Sundaya
rom 3 to 5 p. m.
U. M. Jt.lrirsSslN. 9l.lt.
Chancery Sale of Keal Estate.
No.1042, R. Chancery Court of Shelby county H.
intzgeraia et at. vs. tsu a room.
BT virtue of an interlocutory decree for sale en
tered tn the above cause on the 5th day ot De-
eember, 1870. M. B. 2n. page 8rlJ, I will sell, at
public auction, to the highest bidder. In front of the
Clerk and Master's otllce. Courthouse ot Shelby
county, Memphis, Tenn., now Taxing-Dlatrict of
Shelby county, Tennessee, on
Matardsy. Ju.sry IO. 1K80.
within legal boura. tbe following described property,
situated la Sbelby county, Tenn., to-wtt: Tbe undi
vided one-seveatb Interest ot tbe defendant. Ell Ar
nold. In tbe following real estate: Being lots
and 2 of section Ft. township 1. range 8 west, of
tbe Cblckasaw survey. In tbe southern part of said
county, containing 288 62-1 OO acres, less 403
acres sold on of said tract in lHbH by Joba Arnold
to N. Ford; said part so sold to N.Ford beglnnlnc
at the southeast corner of lot 1 In said section.
township and range, and running thence northward
to tbe northeast corner of section 5 of said lot to a
stake say 1 14 poles and 15 links to a stake or cor
ner; thence west 53 poles aod 10 links to a stake;
thence south 115 poles and 15 lluks to the begin
ning. Terms of Sale On credit of n and 12 months:
purchaser executing notes bearing Interest, with ap
proved security: Hen retained; redemption barred.
This Deoember 10, 1879.
B. J. black. Clerk and Master.
Metcalf A Walker, Sols, tor oompVnt.
Trustee's Sale.
TTNDER and by virtue of trust deed made Janua
U ry 27. 1671, by Frank M. Arnold and wife.
Emma, to roe. aa trustee, to secure a note for tbe
sum of one thousand and fifty-four 62-100 dollars,
matle by said F. M. Arnold, dated Memphis, Tenn.,
January 27, 1 87rt, payable one day after date to the
order of Furs tenbelm ft Co., at First National Bank,
Memphis, Tenn., with interest at 10 o . trom
date till paid. Default having been made in payment
of same. 1 will, at lequest of beneficiary In said deed,
sell to Ihe highest bidder, for cash, at same time and
iace as in above advertisement oi tne ciertc ana
after In ease of Fltzssrald vs. Ackc.u. Mia . M.
Arnold's onesseventb Interest In the lands described
In said advertisement of tbe Clerk and Master: said
trust deed Is recorded In book 1 10. page 180, Regis
ter's oRlee of Sbelby county, to wblcb reference Is
made tor futther particulars. Equity of rede .ptlon
waived. Title believed to be good, but " and
convey as trustee only. Tbls D"c zCTV.
u. w. B1BTUAL.F, Trustee.
.Metcalf 4 Walker. Attorneys.
Trustee's Sale
BT YIRTUK of a deed of trust, made to me as
trustee on the 2th day ot February. 1877. bv
A. T. Laoey. sr.. Columbia Lacey. bis wife, and A.T.
Lscey. Jr., for tbe purpose ot securing a note for
f85tji0 mentioned In said deed, which deed bas been
duly recorded in tbe Beglster's office of Sbelby eoun
ty, Tennessee, In Book No. 115, page 400, and la
nereoy reierrea to ior runner certainty, i win, on
Hatwrda-. Iseieer 7. 17.
at tbe southwest corner of Mam and Madison streets.
In Memphis, Tennessee, sell within legal hours, at
pabllo outcry, to tbe highest bidder, for easb. tbe
property described In said trust deed, to- lt: Lots
Nos. two hundred and two (202) and two bund red
and three (208), as laid down on the plan ot Chel
sea, now a part ot tbe city et Memphis, Tennessee,
on the southeast corner of 6reenlsw and Fifth
streets; each ot said lots fronting seventy-four and
a quarter (741jj) feet on Fifth street and running
back earn one hundred and forty-eight and a half
(14K1A) feet to an alley.
Tbe right and equity of redemption Is expressly
waived In said deed of trust, and tne title Is believed
to be perfect, but I will sell and convey tbe aame
only aa trustee.
w. . cliapp. Trustee,
No. 313 Main street, Memphis.
Trustee's Sale.
BT deed recorded In Beglster's office of Sbelby
county. In book 125. page 681. G. W. Truehart
and bis wife, M. 8. iruehirt, conveyed to me In
trust a certain bouse and lot tn Memphis Tennes
see, therein described; the lot fronting 49 feet oa
the west side ot Second street, and adjoining the
south side of tbe alley between Poplar and Wash
ington streets, and running westward abou 141 feet
to tbe auey oetween aiatn ana eeoona streets, to se
eure Paton A Co. the payment of three notes tnere
In set out, given by Truehart and wife for the bal
ance of the purch ise money ot said property, aggre
gating $2552. all bearing Interest from the 10th ot
June 1878. In delault of the payment of any ot
said notes, or tbe taxes on said property, tbe trustee
Is authorized to advertise and sell; and In that event
all tbe notes become due and payable out of the pro
ceeds of the sale. Tbe two first ot said notes and
certain taxes are due and unpaid. I will, therefore,
on WEDNESDAY. Deoember 24, 1 87W. at twelve
o'clock, at the southwest com-.r of Madison and
Main st reels, Memphis, sell lo the highest bidder,
for oasb, t je above described property, for tbe pur
pose of paying sld noies. Interest and taxea. Tba
right of redemption Is waived, and tbe purchaser
take absolute title, wblcb Is believed to be perfect
but I convey only as trustee. On the lot Is a commo
dious two-story brick residence. No. 181 Second
street. B. RICHMOND. Trustee.
TfNDEB and by vlitue of two trust deeds executed
J to us by H. Koebler and wife. A. At. Koebler.
"ated December 20, lKTrt, and May 22. 1878. and
ot record -lu record book volume 7. page 877. and
volume 8. page 140, ot the Register's office of Mis
sissippi county, Arkansas, towhlcn reference Is bens
made, we will, at the request of the beoetlciary there
in, and ror ihe purpose ot paying tbe Indebtedness
therein secured, on
Tuesday, January 6, 1NM,
at 11 o'clock a. in., at the southwest corner of Main
and Madison streets, In the city ot Memphis, Shelby
county, T-nn., offer for sale, and sell to tbe blgbest
bidder, for cash, tbe following described real estate)
situated, lying and being In Mississippi county, Ar
kansas, and described as follows: Fractional section
14. township 14. range 8 east: southeast U of sec
tion 14. towosbl p 1 4, range t east ; southeast tj of sec
tion 15, township 14, range 0 east, containing HO
acres, more or less, and known as the Hector Place.
All right ot redemption and homestead is waived,
and we believe the title to be good, but sell aa trus
tees only. W. K. TAYLOR,
Smith A Collier. Atfya. O. W. MACRAE. Trt iste
In Banacrnvtcv.
In tbe District Court ol tbe United t tales for the Dis
trict or west Tennessee in tne matter of Alex
Hmdman. Bankrupt.
rpO tbe Creditors of said Bankrupt: Take notice,
L that a general meeting of the creditors of aaid
bankrupt will be beta at me orace oi r. j. Latham.
Esq., Register In Bankruptcy tor aald district, at
Mempbls, No. Hi Madison street, on tbe 23d day of
December, 1871. at 1 1 o'clock a.m., for tbe purpose
of declaring a first and final dividend. 1 also clve
you notice tbat 1 bave filed my final accounts as as
signee ot tne estate oi sata pan. runt in saia court,
and Ifiat or said !ay I shall apply lo said court for
settlement of my said accounts, and for a discharge
from all liability aa assignee of aald estate. In ac
cordance with tbe provisions of tbe 28tb section ot
tbe act of congress, entitled "An Act to establish a
uniform system of bankruptcy throughout the United
States." aoi oved ilairb 2. 1KRS. Memphis, De
cetotmr lI.ftTw. WM. SANDFORD. Assignee.
Anctlon Sale of Real Estate.
United States Circuit Court Western District of Ten
nesseeNo. 22U. p. u. Calhoun vs. Paducah and
Memphis railroad Petition of Chas. tt. F isher
and others.
IN accordance with a decretal order of said court,
entered In aald cause June 14, 1HH0, and amend
ed December 4, 187V, I will proceed to sell, at the
courthouse door. In the city of Memphis, on
nitnray,jary -. lsw,
at publ'o auction, to tbe highest bidder, on a credit
of seven months, tbe following described lots and
parcels of ground in bheioy county, Tennessee, to
il it: is OS. l-2-B-4-t-tt--N-l-10-l l-12-l-14-ln-lrt-17-lrVl-20-2l-22-23-24-25-2rt-27-2H-2u-30-
31-32-83-4-5-3ri-s37---3W-40 and 41, inclusive,
the said lots being a subdivision ot the forty-tour
acres purchased oy said paauean ana Memphis rail
road company, exoept 4lfe acres, from Kerr, as sbown
on the plat of Kerrvllle, Shelby county, Tennessee,
of record In Plat-book No, 1, page 73. of the Regis
ters omce ot oueioy county, lennessee.
Terms of bale credit ot sevtn months, the pur
chaser giving his note with approved security, bear
ing six per cent., and retaining lien on aald property
lor payment of said note.
BULL w. Ki HKiiiDt.K, ciera or said court.
Metcalf A Walker. Attorneys.
Insolvent Notice.
HATING suggested the insolvency of the estate
ot C. Collins, deceased, all persona bavins
claims against said estate are requested to appear
ana nie tue same wim tne tieia ot ine ijounty ijourt,
authenticated In tbe manner prescribed by law, on
or before the 2'Uh day of February. IksO; and anr
claims not filed pn or befn i Uuu j uiail be for
ever barred, botn in law and equity.
J. H. BARTON, Administrator.
H. N. COLLLNd. Administratrix.
Insolvent Notice.
State ot Tennessee, Shelby county Office County
Court Clerk, Memphis, Tennessee, Deoember 11.
187V To Julius Nagel, Administrator ot Joseph
Scarafeotll, deceased.
HAVIisG suggested the Insolvency ot the eft
bite ot Joseph Scarafeotll, deceased, you are
hereby ordered to give tollce, by advertisement In
some newspaper published within the said State,
and also at the Courthouse door of Sbelby county,
for all persons having claims against said estate, to
appear and file the same wllh the Clerk of tbe Coun
ty Court, authenticated In the mannur prescribed by
law, on or before eleventh day of June,lKH0; and
any claim not filed on or before aald day, or before an
appropi latlon of the funds of said estate Is made,
shall be torever hatred, both In law and equity.
Witness my hand, at office, this 1 1th day of Decern
ber, IS7W. OWEN DW YKR, ShelbyCounty Clerk. .
By Huoh B. Cullkm. D C. tue
Non-IIesident Notice..
No. 3U, B-P. In the Probate Court of Shelby eonn
tifaeTTaee Thomas Williams vs. Caleb Wil
liams et aL Bill for partition.
It appearing from the original bill In tbls eause,
which Is tworu to, that defendants. Caleb Williams,
Jacob Dead rick, Thomas M. Deadrtck, Lucy Wblte
and Maria -Taurmann, the not being a brother ot
John Williams, deceased, and the last four, children
of Sallle E. Deadrlck, deceased, who was a sister of
said Jobn Williams, deceased, and any other chil
dren of said Sallle E. Deadrlck. deceased, whose
names are unknown, are Don-residents of tbe State
ot Tennessee and residents, the said Caleb Wil
liams, of toe State of Kentucky, aud the others of
the State of Virginia:
It is therefore ordered. That tbey make tbelr ap
r.eHrnrje herein, at ihe courthouse of our said court
in tlie Taxing-district ot Shelby county (Memphis,
Tenn.), on or before the first Monday, In January,
18S0, and plead, answer or demur to complainant's
bill, or tbe same will betaken for confessed as to
them and set tor bearing exparte; and lhat a copy or
this order be published once a week, for lour succes
sive weeks. In the Mempbls Daily AppeaL Tbls
December 1. 187H.
A c,py attest: OWEN DWYER, Clerk.
By Hugh B. Callen, Deputy Clerk.
11 oB rooks, Greer A Adams, Sols, for complnts. tu

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