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A If ,
WisniNOToN, D. C, December 241 a-m.
For Tennessee and the Ohio tallejf
southerly, wring to cooler northwest winds,
cloudy weather and rain, followed in tht
western portion ly snow, and possibly- by
clearing went her.
amthi:r ubkbvatioi.
WH DdP'T. BlAIKL SSRTlCa. D. 8. Axn I
Tpiwdat. December 23. 1H7I, IO:OH p.m. f
Place r
Dtr. Force.
CtutilanuoKS :to.07
isa.veaton.. . MO (H)
Indlannl.. . W U7l
Louisville... 2D-8H
h'ssuvllle ... 2.fl
NawOrlean. HO. 11
Vlcxsnurg.. . HO O.'t
tlHIw Hock. IM HH
L I rain
L'l rain
L't rain
'rival Signal Corps, IT. 8. i
npkcui. AXsnrmcitassTT the
Tub Wekkly Api-bal, tlie largest and
bott paper of its class now offered to tje pub
lic, will, frjin Uie present timOLa-crved
to subscribers at the reduced rate of one dol
lar a year. This will no doubt La welcome
newi to Lb a thousands who have for years
acini of them for more than a quarter of a
centory betn constant readers and steady
friends of too Appeal. At this very low
prico the Weekly AprEAL will be found
ouo of the cheapest, as it is one of the best
newspapers in the country. It will contain
thirty-iii long columns of telegraphic news,
market reports, editorials, letters from all
parts of 'the itdjomiog States, in a word,
cverjthirjr that is necessary to a well-filled
and well -conducted newspaper. Subscrip
tions foi warded now will have prompt at
tention. '
The H'Clellaa Kairls '
(Jivo a jolly marq'iornde ball at their
armory Thursday nlgbt, tbe twenty-fifth Instant. .
Ijeabrle'a Theater.
Last night a fair housa (trented
the ap;earnoe of tbe Macauley combina
tion at Theater, (be cnrab!'Uoa
prasentlng A Mmrwrr from Jarm H-titm
In a most ntinutlve and humorous stylo. The play
whs well presented, and hud It not bwn for tbe terri
bly bxl weather, Ihs Theater w.xild have beta
crowde.'. The play will be presented again to-night
and at lue umtltiee lo-raorrow.
Ada Cavendish.
Thrt RciTonplishd American born but E.-itr-Itsh
arrtr.u, Mf-s Ada Cavendish, will appear next
Mondny nitilu lit Leuhrl -' Theater, aa Beatrice,"
In Sliskssiware's Muh Ailn AnnU Kuthituf. follow
In with ! VlHtuxtrthy anl ilercy Merruk. Tbe
la ir occupies a hind rank In her profession, and we
ma? expect t enjoy a rtcn dramatic feast through
out all of New Tear's week.
'haneery Vsurt-Jisce H'lliwcll.
Tho followinir decisions were made by
Chancellor M'Dowell: Caro vs White, decree for de
fendant. Bnrt vs Smith, demurrer unstained. Tbe
court has adjourned until January 6th.
Vnlted Hfatew Conrla lloa. K.
wood I'reeiam.
Court will meet as usual to-day, and on
adjourning will adjourn till tne second Monday in
.1 unitary.
Crlsalaai Coart Jadx A B. Herrlsaa.
Cilndsr for Fridiv, December 26fb: 120,
CUy HarKave; 101, Jim Alexander; Utt, W. R.
Hill; l'l, Ruhen Ktrord; 90. Thomas
Ui); 87. Smaiuba Hiudsoe; Hi",, William
Hudson; 84. Julia Hays; 52. Ktta Cooper;
62, T. It. Coffee; AO. James White arid Kate
White; 64, Bill Williams; 05, Matt Stokes; 78, ltdf
Turner; (17. William black. Bills of cost for the
May term will be ptssed upon In open court to-day.
beKtrinliiK at balf-p.t nine o'clock, and all parties
I ule rested are requested to be Id attendance.
IXellwea la Una Htoeka la Lowdaa
Montreal Caased by F.dlsoa'a Trl
usnph liroeklya Cam panics
fraas;l"K abant Haw
Heat to Meet tbe
London, December 21. The news of Edi
son's diHCovery has again depreciated gas
At Meatreal.
MONTREAL, December 23 U;ts stocks fell
from 115 to 110. on account of tbe discovery
of the electric light.
AC Rrewklya,
New Yobk, December 23. There is a
wrangle union tho Brooklyn gas men con
cerning the consolidation of the six old (fas
companies in one orprnnizition. Four of tbe
companies have voted in tavor of the consol
idation and two agaiosc. ine union argui,
commenting upon the situation, says: "The
people of llrooklyn have no confidence in the
promisn of cheaper gas. -Gas ought to be
cheaper and can be made so. Keeping np
the prate has brought some of our companies
into treat straits. They claim that under the
combination expenses will be largely reduced,
economies will be introduced, and the mil
lonniuin which kerosene and Edison alike
threaten will bo brought about by this grand
consolidated benevolent entt-rprise.whieh will
love Brooklyn not only wisely but well, and
tight our homes and business places ot terms
that will astonish tho natives. We take very
little stork in these expectations and aspira
tions. More comfort is to be found in the
fact that the electric light is a perpetual
threat to the gas companies, and that the
product of petroleum is a resource and a sub
stitute when the oppressive hand of the gsa
monopolist gives another turn to the screw."
Dtatreaa larreaalaa la British Aa-rU
ruliara! iMatneie.
London. December 23. The Mark Lam
E suva: 'Tho frost Monday has neces'
aitated the indefinite postponement of the
com detion of wheat sowing. The distress
Li inereuainir in the agricultural districts, and
the cattle are suffering severely. Threshing
has been proceeding steadily. The deliveries
nt tho principal markets are larger, and the
condition somewhat improved. 1'rovincial
Irade, however, has beeu inactive, owing to
the disinclination to increase stocks previous
to tbe holidays. Nearly five-sixths of tbe
import of fureigo wheat into Londoa last
or.. It were from American Atlantic ports.
Tne supplies thence are far in excess of im-
ma.liutii rrniirements. Still CDn8deo.ce in the
tuturo is a prominent feature ot tho trade.
The ureRent soecnl'ttiv State trado, which
maintains hiuh nnces in America, cannot
i:ut ana. as the tiricus here are already suffi
ciently high to uttract supplies from all the
wheut-producing countries ot the world, and
these are not imwy to wnnnoiu snip
nenta until Amenta has succeeded in
t..iiliNhinir a fictitious value in the k'uropoan
maikets. HusineM in Maik Line has been
uiihI!, owing to the fog and tho approaching
minim. Prices, however, were maintained
tVu- nil nrlil-ln PXrClit UIHIZ J. which WUS Ultfi
nlr. to sell excent at B slight reduction. For
English wheat an advance of one shilling per
quarter was occasionally obtained ftt theeom
muncement of the week, trade having en
tered iiron a most interesting phase, aad the
market closed firm but quiet. It remaing to
b seen how far the lead of America will be
fallowed by Europe. Arrivals at the ports
have all been lurge. JJuyers at tbe com
mencement of the week reduced their bids
Is ta la tJ ner Quarter, but holders were firm.
and business consequently lor a lew days was
at a sland-st ll. At the close of the week,
however, some cargoes sold at a decline ot
only about 6i per q artr. i bore was a
nL(L-ratrt iouuirv for mai.s at 3d to Gd per
mirtr U.cliue. High tries in America
etill cdocU liufiness in red winters and springs
f.w li.rarard shipment, hut there has been
eouie rqut lor "ghirka" wheat at Is 6d to
lis rxr quarter advance, bales of English
whi.ur. lut wt rk. 41787 Quarters at 46 6
nrr o iarti r. nu.ut.st 51.419 Quarters at 40 8 J
the torrespooding week last year. Imports
into the United Kioudom tor the week end
ing bdcember 13th. I. '237.417 hundred-weight
ot wheat and rj3.232 hundred-weight of
(!.") 3. Kresb.
HW 8. Fresh.
70 ' 8. 'resh.
40 8. Kresh.
70 8. Kresh.
rlw 8. Fresh.
71 9.E. Brisk.
71 B. Gentle.
71 8.W. Kresb.
49 N.W. Fresh.
Fnll Text or the Bill for the Relief or
Hemphls, as Passed by the Legisla
ture and Approved by the Gov-
The Battle of King's
JHonatain. !
The Bill Making Body-Snatching a Pel
ony Passed Second Beading la the
Senate The 9L, P. aad S. Bail 1
way BUI Passed Aa In-, j ;
v TfStigatlon. I
Special to the Appeal 1 ' !
Nashville, December 23. Sienaie.-t-'Mr.
Smith, of Davidson, ottered a joint rcbotVition
to appoint a committee of ten from the three
grand divisions of the State to confer with
the governors of Virginia, North Carolina
and South Carolina with a view to tht cel
ebration of the battle of Kings . mouttain.
Adopted. t
-iroTm XXHFHTS. " " j
House. Mr. Hall offered a resolution that
our representatives in congress be requested
and urged to secure from tbe government
such appropriation of money from the treas
ury of the United States as will aid Memphis
to complete her sanitary work, and relieve
the city from the entire burden of said work,
such moneys to be expended under the direc
tion of tbe National brard of health.
Senate bill to more effectually preserve the
health of cities and towns. Rejected. ;
Senate bill for the benefit of the Memphis,
Taducah and Northern railroad. Passed third
An amendment to senate bill to make body
snatching a felony, punishable by from one
to five years imprisonment. Pasjed second
Mr. Mathca offered the following, 'which
was adopted : ,'
Wukhkas. It Is charged tint an act of tbe Ten
nessee legislature, at Its last regular ses-lon, flxlug
the compensation and mileage of the commissioner
of- agriculture statistics and mines, for the two
years next ensuing, was changed and allowed In such
a way as to seriously cripple that department.
In the following manner, Co-wit: Tbe bous by Its
action has llxed sild compensation and mileage at
tbe sam4 amount the commissioner was entitled to,
by ail act of the previous legislature, and voted an
appropriation of II f tee a hundred and ten dollars to
pay the- expenses of the depaitment for three
nonthi, that bad not been provided for previously,
la whlsb action tbe senate refused to concur. Tbe
subject was referred to tbe committee on confer
ence, who made no further alteration than to order
that tirieen bundled and ten dollars should be paid
out of tbe general appropriation for the bureau.
Now It Is believed that, after aucii final action ot that
b idy. tbe Changs was made, as auovs recited ; and,
whereas, such change, II not the result of accident,
was ao outrage upon tbn dignity ot the present gen
eral assembly and a rtlnction upon Its Intelligence,
as well as a felonious attempt to defeat lis Intent
and purposes In tbe premises; therefore,
heKdml, ThM It Is the sense ot the representatives
here assembled In extraordinary session that a com
mittee of three members shall be appointed to In
vestigate tbe facts to tbe end that this fody shall be
vindicated and Justice done, and which com
mittee shall report through Its chairman to the forty
second general assembly tbe result of such Investi
gation. Xetilicd, That tbe eimralttee have power to send
for persons and papers and to administer oxtus.
The following is a full text of the Memphis
relief law; ,
AN ACT to amend an act passed March 10, 1879,
entitled. "An act to establish taxing-districts In
tbe State, and to provide means of local govern
ment for tne same," passed January 2U, 1H7H.
Prctiiin 1. He it enicted by the General Auernbly
of the Ht te iff Tenne.itre, Tbft section W Of an act
passed Marcn 10, IM7H. entitled. "An act to amend
aa act entitled 'an act to establish taxing-districts In
the Slate, and to piovide means of local
riverumenl for the same,' " passed January 20,
H7K. be and the same Is hereby amended as
follows: In addition to tbe taxes named and levied
In said section H. a tax ot two per cent. Is hereby lev
led on all taxable property named In said section
and subject to taxation In the territorial limits ef
the extinct corporations or taxing-districts referred
to In said section, for the special purpose: First, of
constructing sewers and sub soli drains; next, for
paving sucb streets or alleys as It may be necessary
to pave la connection with such sewers or drains,
and then, for such other sanitary measures as may
be conducive to the health of the Inhabitants of
such taxtng-dlstrlots, which tax of two per cent . or
two dollars on one hundred of valuation, as deter
mined by the assessment of 1x70. shall be pay
able as follows, viz.: One-half thereof, or one per
cent, on the first day of February. 1SK0. and the
otber half on tne first day of December, 1VH0.
bee. 2. Bt it further eiiaettil. That said taxes shall
be collected by the county trustee as otber taxes pro
vided lor In said section, and paid out by blra by or
der of the local government of such taring-districts
i and all of the taxes levied under this actbball
become delinquent If not paid within forty days after
the first day ot February and December. IkxO- re
siiecllvely, and, after the expiration of as id forty
days, respectively, said trustees shall proceed to col
lect tbe same by such compulsory process as Is now
provided by law for tbe collection of other delin
quent taxes. State and county, and tbe same provi
sions of the law shall apply to and be In force as to
these taxes, as well as such provisions as apply
to tbe enforcement of their collection,
as those which forbid any Inter
ference by Injunction or otherwise with their
collection, and the trustee shall also have power to
collect the sains by garnishment. That said trustee
shall receive as compensation for bis services la
, collecting taxes Imposed by this act. ont-balf of one
per cent, on tna amount courcieu vj aim, aua sam
trustee. In addition U his present bond, shall give
bond in such amount as the oounty court of Shelby
county sbail require, for collecting and paying over
to tbe proper authorities ot the taxes
collected under this act, wun sucn outer
conditions as the law requires, payable to
Htau of Tennessee, with two or more good and suf
ficient securities, to be approved by sali court, and
said trustees snail give a use oona hi ssia court 10
Miver all mbir taxes collected by htm for said taxing-
districts; urwutni that the sales of real estate for
delinquent taxes snail taae piece on tne urst son
day In July after the delinquency occurs; and the
provisions ol mis section snail apply i an taxing
district taiM now or hereafter assessed or levied.
the same (except as to the tax levied by this act) al
ways failing due on tne Drat any oi jeoruary ineaca
sec n. tie u ptnnrrenavim, l uai tus aaiti taxea.
when collected, snau oe applied oy tne local govern'
mrnt of such taxing districts exclusively to tbe pur
pose hereinabove named, and such government shall
have power and authority to employ engineers, to
advertise for bids and make contracts tor work and
material, or to employ worxmen and bare tbe work
done or material furnished unaer Its Immediate
control and supervision, and do all things necessaiy
for the construct Ion and completion of sewers, drains
and otber measures ot sanitation above referred to
Drovlded. however, that said local government shall
have no authority to Incur any expense beyond the
means nrovided ov tnis act to meet tne same.
Seo. 4. He U fttrtrtrr etuicted, 'I bat tbe local gov
ernments of the taxing-nlstrlcts In this State snail
be authorized to llx by agreement, from time to
time, with tbe water companies operating therein.
the maximum rates tor tne water supply ior sucn
taxing districts as such, and for tbe Inhabitants
thereof. rnn'kUd, That nny contract or agreement
with said waterworks company Is to be dissoluble
by tbe taxlr s dls riot on giv ng six months notice.
Knc F. lis U further etuieteil. That every person.
association or company engaged In tbe business of
emptying and cleaning out privy vaults, shall par
for the use ot tne dump iurnisnea ny tne t axings
District, a monthly tax ot two dollars for eauh
wavon. eart or dray used In said buslne-s.
' aeti. !'. he it farther eruvteit. That this act shall
take effect from f nd after Its passage, the public
welfare requiring it.
rassea December Z3, into. 4 ishau.
Speaker of the denote.
Speaker or tbe House ot Representatives.
Approved December 23. IHTtt.
ALBERT 8. MARKS, Qoveruor.
The low-tax Democrats are preparing an
address to the people of the State, which will
doubtless come to light to-morrow.
The following dispatch was read in the
house to-day:
afsnrais, December 22. 1879.
Hon. John Loague, Bouse of Representatives:
Guard well tbe rights of tbe citizens or the
Taxing-District. Our local authorities are claim
ing aud exercising more authority than the usr
ot Russia. . M. APPaRaOh.
f 'ao legislature will adjourn to-morrow.
. m t
Berlin, December 23: Weber has been
elected In Maenelburg as a member ot the Herman
parliament, defeating Verlek, Social Democrat, one
tuousand majority.
New Yotk. December 23: Albert. It
Chandler was to-day elected president of tbe Atlantic
and I'sclnc telrgrapb company intuepiuceot ueit
entl Kckert, resigned.
Csbtii, December 23: To-day the enemy
assembled on Siabsans rldire. lining It In thousands.
We shelled and dispersed them. The engineers ate
making inner iue of defenses.
St. Louis. December 23: Annie Johnson
wife of Parson Johnson, who was yesterday eon
vlcted ot couKterfelllug, plead guilty to the same
charge to-day and was sentenced to four mouths In
Cincinnati, December 23: The wrestling
match to-night between John M'Mahon and W. L.
henoedy. collar and ellhw style, at Robinson
operahouse, was won by M'Mahon. Kennedy woo
the first fall, but H'Hahon threw Kennedy the next
two falls. H'Hahon starts to-morrow. for Boston,
where he has a match with Dolour.
Northfield, Minn , December '23: 'The
buildings of the Cartleton college were burned to
day; loss reported total. No particulars of the
amount or Insurance. Hie college was elosed for
vacation . . ."
Madrid, December 23: la the senate, to
day, the debate on tbe abolition bill was continued,
and all clauses as far as article seven were adopted.
It Is considered probable thai the bill will be passed
in lta entirety.
London, December 23: The Standard'
Constantinople dispatch says tbe American consmV
Jeneral has Instituted a rlotbtng society In his house
or tbe benelit of tbe suSertrs from the distress now
prevailing In Turkey.
St. Louis, December 23: The executive
committee of tbe Irish relief rand will to-morrow
send a draft of fifteen hundred dollars to Archbishop
M'Hale, of Tdam, Ireland, for the relief of tbe poor,
irrespective of creed or locality.
New Orleans, Decembnr 23: The city
eoaneli in obedience to a mandamus ot tbe United
States supreme oonrt, levied a special tax to satisfy
the Judgment of Morris Banger, Charles Parsons
and others, about a quarter ot a million dollars.
Odessa, December 23: Tbe court-martial
bavins sentenced three political offenders to be
banged, they were .executed on tbe nineteenth In
stant Four ethers were condemned to Imprison
ment for terms ranging from tea to fifteen years.
Augusta, Ga., December 23: A destructive
fire at Waynesboro last nlpnt destroyed the stores of
W. A. Wllklns. W. L. Marshall, K B. Bell, J. A.
Patchelt, MC. Catherines AC, and 8. Schwarr
welss, consumed several persons, and Injured one
colored man fatally. Insurance forty thousand dol
The rrodaetlea of Whisky Materially
lacreaaed Darlaa tbe Paat Year
A Catbolle Prleat Held, te
Aaawer far Wblpptaa
Two Base or hla
Cincinnati, December 23. The forth
coming report of tbe chamber ot commerce speak
ing of the whisky trade during the year 1878-79,
says f There has been a rest from apprehension aa to
the talthf illness of the collection of taxes, and hon
estly conducted business has been at no dlsadvant
tage, and there has been no agitation aa to a mate
rial modification ot the revenue laws. The pro
duction during - the year haa been
materially Increased, and tbe profits
have been slender, and these have been reduced by
tbe general Introduction of continuously distilled
goods. This change Is not regarded as one Inuring
to the benefit of tbe business. The aggregate pro
duction or high wines and continuously distilled
spirits In Hamilton county during tbe year 1878-79
was 10.425,000 proof gallons. The production for
the same time in tbe district lust across the Ohio
river swells tbe amount virtually produced bere te
1 2,00),6rt7 gallons. Tbe tax upon this amount is
A Commercial, Versailles, Indiana, special says:
"father Douenboffer, ot the Morris, Blpley county,
C-Mholic church, who was brought to trial for whip
ping three boys of bis school for acting as pall
bearers at the funeral or a Protestant boy, was found
guilty t.ln two cases and fined thirteen
dollars In one ea e, fifteen dollars In another, and
costs amounting to three hundred dollars. The
cause bas eaused much excitement, and the defend
ant hasaked and rscelvedtwo changes of venue, on
account of tbe high state of feeling." .
Report af Attaraey-Ueaeral ef Crim
inal Court mm the Ckarters aad
Matter a Gaaaeeted with, the
Mtreet Hallway Coaspaay
aad Memphis Water
Yesterday Attorney-General Turner handed
in his rerjort to the criminal court, under the
order of court instructing him to (investi
gate the charter ot corporations. Aa to tne
he reported that the charter of the company
presented no penalty for the violation by the
company of the several clauses and stipula
tions, and it sucn violations occur resort must
be had to the general laws of the State for
proper redress of grievance. In his opinion
tbe Mempb s city railway company Has been
guilty of the most flagrant violations
section o of its charter, and subjected
itself, if prcsscuted pertinaciously, to moat
serious consequences. The tracks are in tle-
plorabla condition, and. tha road bode are
neither in good order or repair. The com
pany, as appears from its expense account,
has expended at different times several thou
sand dollars in the aggregate for repairing
pavements when the tracks were bad. The
officers of the city railway company assured
the attorney-general that the company would
move side by side with the Taxing-District
government in the work of improving the
streets of Memphis. The attorney-general,
after mature deliberation, recommended that
the whole matter relating to tbe nse of the
streets of Memphis by the City railroad
imoanv be referred to the government of
the Taxing-District, and tb."t no action touch
ing the premises be taken at this time in the
criminal! court, lie believed that by a stub
born adherence to the "law of the case" he
could make report of such violations of the
charter by the Memphis city railway com
pany as would sutiect the company to pro
ceeding for a forfeiture of such charter, but
he would nnt recommend such at present.
memphis water company.
Attornkt-Gknkral's Jiticr, 1
Criminal Court, Shklbt County
December 2a. 1879. S
To Hon. L. B. Horrlgan, Judge, etc. :
Vol's honor in partial compliance wun an
order of court, made bv your honor, and promul
gated on a former Judicial day of tbe December
term, lo ltf VI ids cnuuusi nun vi oueivj vmtui?,
I have tbe honor to submit tne ioiiowing report as
to tbe condition ol the Memphis water company t '
firxt. I Mud tbe supply or water iurnisnea oy tne
company wholly Inadequate to tbe demand.
Hrmrtul I find that the water now being furnished
to the citizens of Memphis by the Memphis water
sompany la positively so impure as to airectiy en
danger the health of all who use It, and have not
stomacbs like vultures. The source from whence
the Memphis water eomtony drew the supply ot
water furnished to tbe citizens of Memphis Is pecu
liarly uninviting, it may pe said, wiinout tne
slightest fear of successful refutation, that tbe "hole
In Wolf" from whence the water company draw
their (supply of waler is the "camping-ground" of
the oouoentrated filth of Memphis and her environs,
and this fact can be known to anyone wno win tags
tbe trouble to ' look Into the matter." The Mem
phis water company, by furnishing the kind of water
they do, are In direct violation of the words of their
charter. It Is aa evil that should be corrected with
aa little delay as possible, and I respectfully submit
the matter to your honor for such orders in the
premises as may seem toyjur honor proper. Ba
speotfully submitted. Q. P. M. TURNER,
The Cbleaae IMeckyard Traablea Still
U aaetttea.
Chicago. December 23. There is no change
in the condition ot affairs at the stockyards.
Several of the largest houses refuse to con
cede any farther to the workmen, several
others are running very light, and only a few
minor ones are slaughtering to their tail ca
pacity. A number of hogs have been shipped
from here to Milwaukee, but by tar tne
greater number are detained at points of
shipping until matters have assumed a defi
nite shape here. The Drovers Journal this
afternoon pulishes a letter from tbe influen
tial Catholic priest of the .Nativity church, in
wbiob he advises the union to rescind their
last order, that the packers shall not hire
other workmen than those who belong to
the nnion. It is regarded as likely to ao-
comDlish its purpose, especially as the strikers
are in a bad bnancial condition, ana tne
packers are good natured over the deprecia
tion in hogs and the advance in provisions.
Additional Parttealaraef the Bsraaela
Queenbtown. December 23. The surviv
ors of the Borussia started immediately for
Liverpool. A panic occurred among the pas
sengers and crew. The survivors state that
no order to launch boats and prepare for the
abandonment of tbo vessel was giyen by the
officers. The crew themselves lowered the
bants without waiting tor otders. About a
dozen passengers got into the boats with part
of the crew, the remainder of the passengers
went down in the vessel with the captain,
second mate, three engineers, eleven firemen.
three stewards, the parpenter and two boys.
One boat was swamoed alongside the steam
er and its occupants, five aieri.wete drowned.
The survivors state that at nine o'clock on
the night of the abandonment of the vessel,
thov saw a rocket ascend from the steamer.
and soon after ;er masthead lights suddenly
Woolea-SlUa Hnraed.
Atchison, Ku., December 23. A special to
the C'feimtsun from Blue Rapids, one hundred miles
westot this cllv. states that the Uuell woolen-mlils.
at that place, took lire at eight o'clock this morning
and were totally destroyed. 1 he fire originated la
the upper story ot the building, a fine stone struc
ture supplied with the latest and best machinery.
The wool and manufactured ituods were stored In
another building, wbiob was not Injured. James
Waring, tbe foreman of tbe mill, was badly Injured
by falling from a ladder. The loss Is a very serious
one to me community.
Close ef the Philadelphia draat Bern
Philadelphia, December 23. The week's
series ot fe'es and demonstration In honor of Gen
eral Grant In tbla city was b runs lit to a close to
night by a brilliant reception at tne Union League
bouse, wnicn was eiaooraieiy aeooratea ana illumi
nated lot tne occasion.
Edison's Triumph, in Electric Illuml na
tion To the Amazement of Science,
with a Scrap of Burnt Paper I
He Makes a Light as
, Bright as Bay,'" ' :i
Cheaper than the Cheapest Oil, without
Gas or Flame, that Can . be Ignited
without Matches, and tiires Off
. . Ho Offensive
Odors A
Wonderful Success
We copy from the New Tork Herald of
Sunday the facts co far made' public of the
great invention of Mr. Edison, by which the
lighting of houses, halls, churchee, public
buildings and streets may be, not only cheap
ened, but intensified almost to the power of
the sun itself.. Ia the Appeal of yesterday
we gave, aa it came to nsby telegraph, a mere
outline of this, the most marvelous produc
tion of the age. Whatever doubts it may have
occasioned as to the limitations of an invention,
so simple will be cleared away on reading
these fuller particulars. From a little piece
of paper Mr. Edison provides a light without
deletereus gases, no smoke, no offensive
odors light without flame, without
danger, requiring no matches to ignite,
giving out but little heat, vitiating no air,
and free from all flickering; a light that is a
little globe of sunshine, a veritable Aladdin's
lamp. And this light, the inventor claims,
can be produced cheaper than that from the
cheapest oil. Were it not for the phonograph,
the quadruplex telegraph, the telephone and
the various other remarkable productions of
this great inventor the world might well hesi
tate to accept bis assurance that such a benefi
cent result had been obtained, but, as it is,
bis past achievements in science are sufficient
guarantee that his claims' are not without
foundation, even though for months past the
press of Europe and America has teemed
with diesertions and expositions from learned
scientists ridiculing Edison and showing that
it was impossible for him to achieve that
which he has undertaken.
The Invention.
When Edlsoa began bis experiments, In Septem
ber, 1878, he had Just returned from the Inspiring
scenery of the Rocky mountains, where he bad been
enjoying a little recreation alter several months of
bard labor. He was ripe for fields and enterprises
new. A visit to a Connecticut factory where an electric
light was used concentrated his thoughts on tbe
subject of lighting by electricity, and he determined
to attack the problem. Previous to this time, al
though be had roamed broadcast over the domain
of electricity, wresting from It, as la well known,
many of Its hidden secreis, Edison bad scarcely
thought of the subtle fluid In connection with
g radical Illumination Now, however, be bent all
is energies on tbe subject, and was soon deep In
the bewildering Intricacies of subdivision, magneto
currents, resistance laws, and tne various otber
braonbee going to make up a system ot lighting by
electricity. The task belore tbe young Inventor was
divisible Into two paits:
First Tbe producing of a pure, steady and relia
ble light from electricity; and
Second Producing It so cheaply that It could com
pete wltb gas for geueral illumination.
Of tbe two systems before him, viz. voltaic are and
tbe Incandescence system, Edison chose the latter
as bis field of operations. Prominent among tbe
difficulties incident to incandescent lighting, it will
be remembered, was the liability ot tbe platinum
(when that metal was used) to melt under the In
tense heat of tbe electric current, and the liability of
the carbon, when that was employed, to gradually
become dissipated under the combined action of
gases and tbe electric current.
"As between platinum and carbon as tbe substance
to be made Incandescent, Edison took op platinum
and devoted nrst nis attention to I lie ohtiinfna of
some device to prevent the platinum from melting
under the Intense heat ot the electric current. An
Ingenious and simple contrivance met tbe require
ment. He arranged a small levc r, about three Inches
long, so that tho expansion ot tbe platinum (caused
by the beat) beyond a certain degree would close It,
such closing making a new passage for the electric
current and cutting It off from the Incandescent
platinum. When tbe latter contracted, as It did the :
moment the beat was lessened, the lever returned to
its normal position and allowed tbe electric current
to again pass through the pl-tlnum. By lhl dovlce
the inventor hope., to be able to keep toe Incandes
cent platinum always below Its melting point Nil- j
merous other devices of a similar character were
tried and for a while they all worked satisfactorily,
but the Inventor finally discovered that tbe constant
expansion of tbe platinum rod and Its pressure
upon the lever bent It so that It became unreliable
and It was, therefore, abandoned.
Tbe next regulator was In the form of a dia
phragm, whlcn cut ofT tbe electric current from the
platinum every time the diaphragm was pressed out
ward beyond a ttxedilmlt by tbe heated air. The
regulation thus producsd was so rapid that tbe eye
could not perceive any diminution In tbe strength of
tbe current. But this also was inadequate In many
respects. Tbe next Important modification In tbe
light was the substitution for tbe platinum spiral or
finely divided platinum incorporated wltn non con
ducting material. When tbe electric current was
passed through tbe combination the platinum par
ticles became Incandescent and tbe non-conducting
material Incorporated with them became luminous
and Increased tbe brilliancy. One advantage by this
form not previously attained was that a very weak
electric current produced a good light.
After this followed a device for obtaining more
light-giving surface, the platinum being wound in
the form of a small bobbin, first having been coated
with a non-conducting coating that was not Injured
by ths beat. Witt this arrangement a new form of
regulator was used.
The next was a unique idea, making tbe platinum
give the light as It were by proxy. By means of a re
eetor he concentrated the neat rays ot the platinum
upon a piece of zircon, causing the latter to bscome
After many more interesting experiments another
truth dawned upon tbe Inventor namely, that
economy in the production of light from lncadenoa
demanded that the Incadeaoent substance should
offer a very great resistance to tbe pasaage of tbe
electric current. Concerning tnls, the Inventor
writes: "It Is essential to reverse the present prac
tice ot having lamps of but one or two ohms (elec
trical units) resistance ana construct tamps wnicn,
when giving their proper light, shall have at least
two bandied ohms resistance "
Tbe lamb, after these latter Improvements, was In
quite a satisfactory condition, and tbe inventor con-
tempiatea wun mucn graiincation me near conclu
sion of his labors. One by one he had overcome the
many difficulties that lay In bis oath. He bad
brought up platinum as a substance for Illumination
rrora a state ot comparative wonniessness to one
well nigh perfection. He bad succeeded, by a
curious combination and improvement In atr
pumps. in obtaining a vacuum of nearly one mil
lionth of an atmosphere.and be had perfected a gen
erator or electricity-producing machine (for all tbe
time ne naa been working at lamps ne was also ex
perimeottng In magneto-electric machines) that
gave out some ninety per cent, in electricity of the
energy it received irom tne ariving-enKine. in a
word, all tbe serious obstacles toward the success ot
Incandescent electric lighting, be believed, bad
melted away, and mere remained oat a compare-
tlvelr few minor details to be arranged before his
laboratory was to ne tnrown open for ououc in
spection and the light given to tbe worldlfoijbetter
or ior worse.
There occurred, however, at this Juncture a dis
covery 'hat materially changed the system and gave
a rapid striae toward tne perieot electric tamp, sit
ting one night In bis laboratory rellectlng on some
of tbe unfinished details, Edison began abstractedly
rolling between his fingers a piece of compressed
lampuiack mixed wun tar ior use in nis teiepnone.
For several minutes bis thoughts continued far
away, bis fingers in the meantime mechanically
rolling out the little piece of tarred lampblae until
it naa uecome a sieuaer n lament. Happening to
glanoe at It, the Idea occurred to him that It might
give good result as a burner u made incandescent.
A few minutes later the experiment was tried, and,
to tbe Inventor's gratification, satisfactory, although
pot surprising results were obtained. Further ex
periments were made, with altered forms and com
position of tbe substance, each experiment demon
strating that at last tbe Inventor was upon tbe right
A spool of cotton thread lay on tbe table In the
laboratory. Tbe Inventor cut off a small piece, put
It In a cToove between two clsmps of Iron, and placed
the latter In the furnace. Tbe satlsfa ory light ob
tained from the tarred lampblack bad convinced hlin
that filaments of earhon of a texture not previously
used in electrte lighting were tbe hidden agents to
make a thorough snooess of Incandescent llghtlngi
ana it was with this view that he sought to test the
carbon remains of a cotton thread. At tbe expiration
or an noar ne removed tne iron moid containing tne
thiead from tbe furnace and took out tbe delicate
parboa framework of the thread all that was left of
U atter Its tlerr ordeal. This slender filament be
fjlaoed in a globe and uonnectod It wltb tbe wires
eadlng to tbe machine generating tbe electric cur
rent. Tben be extracted the air Irom the globe and
turned on tne electricity.
Presto) a beautiful light greeted bis eyes. He
turns on moreeurr. nt expecting th fragile filament
Instantly to fuse: but no, tne only change Is a more
brilliant Hgbt. He turns on more current, and still
more, but tbe delicate thread remains satire. Then.
with eharaoiertsUt: Impetuosity and wondering and
marveling at the strength of a little filament, be
turns on the fu'l power of bis maciilne and eagerly
watches tbe coaseduenoe. For a minute or more
the tender thread seemed to struggle wltb the Intense
beat passing through It heat that would melt the
diamond ltse.f iliea at last It succumbs and all Is
darkness. The powerful currant bad broken It In
twain, but not berore it had emitted a light ol sever
al gss-Jets. K.igerly tbe Inventor hastened to ex
amine under the microscope this curious filament.
aDDarentlr so delicate, but In realltr much more in
fusible than platinum, so long considered one of tne
ssost Infusible ol metals. The microscope showed
the surface of tbe filament to be highly polished and
Its sarts interwoven wltb each other.
' It was also noticed that the filament had obtained
a leinarkable degree of. hardness compared wltb its
fragile character berore It was subjected to the ac
uenof the current. Night and oay. with scarcely
rest enough to eat a beany meal or catch a brief re
pose, tbe Inventor kept np bis experiments, and
from carbonizing pieces of thread be went to splint
ers ot wood, straw, paper aad many other substan
ces never before used tor that purpose. "Blie result
of his experiments showed that the substance best
adapted for carbonization and tbe giving out of in
candescent light, was paper preferably thick like
cardboard, but giving good results even when very
thin. Tbe beautiful character ot the Illumination
and the steadiness, reliability and non-fuslblllty of
the carbon filament were not tbe only elements Inci
dent to tbe new discovery that brought Joy to the
heart ef Edison. There was a further element - not
the less necessary because of Its being bidden the
element of a proper and uniform resistance to the
passar of tbe electric current. The Inventor's ef
forts to obtain this element bad been by fur the
most laborious of any in tbe history of his work
fron tbe time be undertook tbe task, and without It
aoealuta suejess to electric incandescent Illumina
tion eould not be predicated, even though all tbe
other necessary properties were present In tbe full
est eegree. Passing over tbe scores ot experiments
made sines tbe discovery that tbe carbon framework
of a little piece of paper er thread was the best sub
stance possible for Incandescent lighting, we come
to coislder the way in which the same is prepared
at the present time in tbe laboratory.
Witt a suitable punch there Is eat from a piece of
"Bristol" cardboard a strip of tbe same In ths form
of a miniature horseshoe, about two inches In length
and oneighth of an Inch In width, a number of
ttese srpa are laid flatwise In a wrought Aran
mould about the size of the band and separated from
each otner by tissue paper. The mould Is then cov
ered and placed in an oven, where it is gradually
raised to a temperature of about six hundred de
grees Fahrenheit. This allows tbe volatile portions
of ibs paper to pass away. Tbe mould is tben
placed In a furnace and heated almost to a white
beat, and tben removed and allowed to cool gradu
ally. On opening tbe mould, tbe charred remains
of tbs little horseshoe cardboard are found. It
must be taken out wltb tbe greatest care, else It will
fall to pieces. After being removed from tbe
mou'd It Is piaoed In a little globe and attached to
the wires leading to tbe generating machine. The
globe Is then connected wltb an air pump, and the U
latter is at once set to work extracting tbe air. After
tbe air bas bees extracted tbe globe Is sealed, and
the lamp Is ready for use.
He finds that tbe electric ty can be regulated with
entire reliability at the central station. Just as tbe
pressure ol gag Is now regulated. B, his system of
connecting tbs wires tbe extinguishment ot certain
of the burners affects tbe others no more than tbe
extinguishment of tbe same number of gas burners
ail acts tbose drawing the supply from tbe same
mains. Tbe simplicity of tbe completed lamp seems
certainly to have arrived at tbe highest point, and
Edison asserts that U Is scarcely possible to simplify
it more. The entire oost of constructing them Is not
more than twenty-five cents.
Tbe lamp as completed Is a table lamp. For
chandeliers It would consist of only toe vacuum
gUbe, and tbe carbon filament attached to tbe
chandeliers and connected to the wires leading to the
generating machine In a central station, perhaps a
half mile away, the wires being tun through the gas
pipes, so that In reality tbe only change necessary to
turn a gas-jet Into an electric lamp Is to run the
wires through the gas-pipe, take off the Jet and screw
tbe ele -t;lc lamp in the latter s place. Although tbe
plans bare been fully consummated for general Illu
mination, the outline of the probable system to be
adopted Is the ! eating of a central ttation In large
cities In sucn a manner that each station will suppiy
an area ef about one-third of a mlie. In each station
there wi 1 be. It Is contemplated, one or two engines
of Immense power, which will drive several gener
ating machines, each generating machine supplying
about fifty lamps.
(Mr. Edison's first experiments In machines for gen
erating the eleotrle current did not meet with suc
cess. His primal apparatus was la the form of a
large tuning fork, constructed In such a way that lta
ends vibrated with great rapidity before the poles of
a large magnet These vibrations could be pro
duced with comparatively little power. Several
weeks of practice proved, however, that the machine
was not practical, and It was laid aside. Tben fol
lowed a numoer ot other forms, leading up gradu
ally to the one at present used. Bearing In mind the
principle common to all magneto-electric machines,
viz., th it the current is produced by tbe rotation of
magnets neareach other, it will not be difficult to
understand, In a general way, how his mac nine
By constructing the machine In the form there Is
obtained an electric motor capable of performing
light work, such as running sewing machines and
pumping water. Itfoims part of tbe inventor's sys
tem and may be used eltber wltb or witbout tbe elec
tric light. To run a:i ordinary sewlng-machl e it
requires only as much electricity as Is necessary to
give out one electric light of the strength of a com
mon gas Jet. To out It In o. eratlon on a sewlng-ma-
cnine tne nousewue nas merely to attacn it oy a lit
tle belt with tbe wheel of tbe sewing-machine, and
turn on tne elf ctnclty oy touching a little knob con
veniently bltacbed. The cost Is the same as If she
was burning one electric light .. . ...
Tbe apparatus for measuring tbe amount of elec
tricity used by each householder is a simple con
trivance consisting of an electrolytic cell and a small
coil of wire, appropriately arranged In a box, tbe
latter being ot about half the size of an ordinary
gas meter, and i ke a gas meter it can be placed In
any pat of the bouse. The measurement is ob
tained by tne deposit or copper particles on a utile
plate In tbe electrolytic cell, such deposit being
caused by tbe electric current passing through the
cell. At tbe nd of any period, say one month, tbe
pi te Is taken by the Inspector to the central office,
where the oooner deooslt Is weighed and the amount
of electricity consumed determined by a simple cal
NEW YORE. December 23. Tbe tone of tbe mar
ket continues strong and buoyant, but business Is
quiet in all departments. Cotton and woolen goods
are moving steadily on account of back orders, but
new business Is quiet. Prints dull, except shirtings
and solids, which are la fair demand, sometimes In
good request and higher in some cases. Foreign
goods dull.
Correal City Eleetloaa.
Special to tbe Appeal.
Forrest City, Ark. .December 23. J.
Stewart, Democrat, was elected clerk of
Francis county by a good majority.
Qulncy, mitols, December 18, 1879. at the Cathe
dral, by Bt Rev. Alexander Burgess, Mr. Samuel P
Waijuer, of Memphis, Tennessee, and Miss Hast
Howabd; and Mr. Hxhrt C. Wood, of Chicago, and
Kiss Jknnk, both daughters ot the late X. H. Lom
bard, of Brxnden, Mississippi- No cards.!
MECKEL At twelve o'clock last (Tuesday) night.
Cbsrlotts Emma youngest daughter of Louis and
Busa Meckel, aged two montns ana eleven days. Lei.
Louis Watliche Pott please copy J
Tbe funeral will take place from tbe residence of
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Stste Irrational Bank
In the State of Tennessee, at tbe Close of Business,
December 12. 1879.
Loans and discounts $501 J 23 05
Overdrafts 4,812 6
U. 8. Bonds to secure circulation 250,000 00
Other stocks, bonds and mortgages 7,850 00
Doe from approved re- ,
serve agents $ 8,124 67
Due from ether National
Banks 14,970 64
Due from State banks and
bankers 15.210 S3
83,317 B4
67,030 83
5.7W1 14
5,500 00
Real Estate, Furniture and Fixtures. . .
Current expenses and taxes paid......
Premiums paid
Exchanges for clearing
house $40,620 14
Bills of other Banks 36,253 00
Fractional currency (Inelud
lng nickels) 107 46
Specie (Including gold
Treasury certificates).... 8,000 00
Legal Tender notes 100.000 00
Redemption fund with U. 8. Treasurer
(5 per cent, of circulation)
178,940 60
7,580 00
Total 81,051,877
Capital stock paid In 8250,000 00
Surplus fund SI 0,000 00
Undivided profits 18,470 87
28,870 87
National bank notes outstanding 224,100 00
Dividends unpaid 804 00
Individual deposits sub
ject to check $434,058 77
Demand certificates ot de
posit 83,250 00
Dae to other Nst'nl Banks 48,237 91
Due to State banks and
bankers 28,150 80
648,696 98
Total 91,061,(177 86
State ot Tennessee, County of Shelby ss.
I, J. A. Hayes, Jr.. Cashier of the above named
bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement
Is true to tbe best of my knowledge and belief.
J. A. HAYES, Jr.. Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this tsenty
thlrd day of December, 1879.
M. B. TREZKVANT, Notary Public
Correct Attest: A. Woodruff, J. J. Busby, A. D.
Qwynne, Olrecfrs.
Be part ef tbe Condition ef the Germaa
National Bank, at Memphis, la the
Mtate of Tessrssee, at the Close of
Baslaess, December 1.
Loans and discounts
U. 3. Bonds to secure circulation..
844.830 62
5,11 45
175,000 00
60,000 00
153,508 01
1(3,881 12
8,4 '1 8
2H.385 61
5.174 M
SO 455 04
83,000 OO
1,850 70
139,000 00
7.875 00
U. S. Bonds on hand .
Due from aeoroved reserve agents
Due from other National banks
Due from State banks and bankers..
Real estate, furniture and fixtures. . .
Current expenses and taxes paid
Exchanges for clearinghouse.
Bills of otber banks
Specie (Including gold Treasury cer
tificates) Legal tender notes
Redemption fund with U. S. Treasu
rer (five per cent, of clicuJatlon)
Total..... $1,124,174 10
Capital stock paid In. $ 175,800 00
sunn us runs
Undivided profits.
National bank notes outstanding . . .
Dividends unpaid
Individual deposits subject to check..
Demand certificates of deposit
Due to other National banks
60.000 00
22,630 5S
150,500 OO
1.680 00
679.8WH 60
8,817 83
6.5H1 17
17.U49 40
Due to State banks and bankers
Total .'...$1,124,174 10
State of Tennessee, County of Shelby- ss.
I. W. C. M'CLUKK. casbier oi tne aoove-namt.a
hank, rln solemnly imukr that th abova atatamant 1
true to tbe best of my knowledge and belief.
w. c M ULUtU!,. cannier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me. this twenty-
third day of Deoembr. 1879.
ucniouoN UAtii, notary rumtc.
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J. C. NEELY, Directors.
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and forces the air Ir.to the wter and Is guaranteed to purify the
orehdem in a few dvs time, water allowed to stand
umltsiurbfd mhw becomes stagnant and impure, 't must he kept in
motltw. i.iul tl.lla uMltMlaU utuat ixxuu It, euDUttt Yrith tui ububduacc
ot pure Mir lo Insure pure wat-r.
BlUTV I" l.SlltiASKD.
havi Investigated lis merits. Tbe following names
ot whom we refer:
M. T. R. R. Waon M tmifacturers.
CO . W. rl. rbrtnl,
Grul'bs, Au-tin ft Berry.
.IAS B. I'ODK, Architect.
lo.NEd Baldwin, Architects.
DR. R. B. MtlMY.
Pres put National Batik.
C. J. HAHH1S. Ripley, Miss.
OI & C3-A3LB
with cash, of first bands.
mhihos r m t.wc.
A. O. U. W.
JOHNSON LODGE. No. 21. A. O. U. W. The offi
cers and members of this lodge are nntiard to
attend tbe r.gular year.y meetlr.g this (WEDNES
DAY) tvenlns, at 71 o'clock. Election ot ifnoera
and etber Important business. Visiting brethren
y re cordially Invited. JOHN BKAnl-'tt. Recorder.
CHOICE and fin deskms, at 413 NrrsnilNt,
just received, from Europe, new and fancy de.
sign, for weddings awl all kinds ot decorating.
I ff Choice Bouquets at short notion.
Executor's Aiotice.
HAYING been appo'nted and qualified by tho
Probate Court ol Shelby county, Tennessee, at
executor of Michel Escazeux, deceised, creditors of
aald estate wilt orateut tnair claims, and debtor
must pay up. JOHN GAGlt. Kxecutor,
Humes ft Poston. Atto Tiers. 250 Main street.
THE Memphis Cotton-Seed Association Is pre
pared to receive all seed consigned to them
from and after this date. ark furniMied upon ap
plication. JOHN T. FLYNN.
Secretary and Treasurer,

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