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For Tennessee and the Ohio valley rising,
possibly followed by falling barometer, with
v triable, shfiing to warmer southern winds,
ond partly cloudy weather.
Thk last we beard from Carrie, who mur
dered the actor IVrter, wantonly and in cold
blood, be whs playinjf the sympathy dodgo,
iheddina copiou tear over the tinging of
joine children. Ttxu docs not seem to be
in a harry in his cae. Perhaps when the
witnesses are oVad be will be brought lo trial.
Mb. IIcgu J. Jkwett, president of the
Erie railroad com pan v, sails for Europe on
BiUrday, in the hope that the voyage will
improve bis declining health. Toe doctors
say that Mr. Jowett' system is infected with
malaria, and that he mobt have a change cf
air. Another Djiuocr-itio candidate oat of
the way.
Evkv the New Yoik Herald lies about the
south occa-ricDiHy, and thus panders to the
ignorance and prejudices of the north. In a
recent issue it hd a short article headed
Lynch Lw in Virginia," ia which we find
tbesotwo sentences: "Lynching in Virginia,
and, in fact, in nearly all the southern
States, is ia the regular order of things.
" Midnight murdur by masked miscreants is
" the rule iivn that way; n legal and or
" detly baaptn istbs xwefHwr.'-- -; ".
Thk Iaaepftndeut ltspuhlicaos of New
York have UsusJ an address saying the un
dersigned American citizens of German de
scent, adbereuta of the Iipublican party,
would consider the nomination of General
Grant as a candidate for the Presidency as an
iuj.jry deeply atl'ecting tba welfare of the
country as well as lha Republican patty.
Which is all very well, but they don't pledge
themselves not to vote for hi in if he is nomi
nated, as L"g.in nay be will be, at Chicago.
Ukneral Tom Ochbltkbk, of Texas, is a
too atdent Oratit wan. 11a ullows Lia im
agiaat.'oa to run not and bis toDgae to tam
per with the truth. Ho attached bisieslf to
the suit of General Grant at Galveston and
remained with him-until he reached Mem
phis. Hro he left him and tcoi his depart
ure for Waahing'on, where be fell in with
the Herald' i correspondent. This gentleman
be proceeded to ,-Btuff" with his peculiar
view, which he a' lege J were facts, and con
vinced the (no-eager newspaper man that
the southwest bad fallen down and wa wor
shiping the third-termer, off-ring him a solid
vote wherewith to defeat all bid opponents
Democratic as well as p. 'publican and walk
into the White Douse ngain. Gohelfiee no
doubt believed all this, lint it is as far from
th truth as olhf.r views of this notorious
Texas ranger. The south is solid fcr the
Ddmocratui party and will vota solidly for
it nominee.
Thk two Democratic conventions of New
Tork have met, transacted business, and ad
journed. Tha leadci's cmposinz them and
the citiz?ns tU y represent ara farther apart
than ever. Tilden did not send
the promised letter; he has not retired
from the canvass, fas is sf ill a candidate for
the Presidency. lie stl'l prefers lo feed his
insatiable ambition at the expense of party
unity and succem. i determined to
have his wav. or nrevent nsrtr tn'u in oh id the
nation at large, as he did last year iu Nw
York. This is to be deplored. We had
bop6d that where so nuny kcasiblo and ex
perienced men were concerned a ep:rit of
- ; "qiliation would prevail, and that nme
.mmoddtion of the difficulties and dif
' fexencssbelween Tammany and Tilden would
have been reached. Bat they have failed. -TLe
great State of New York asaln seU the bad
example of diviaiaa and enmity, and will
gain, as in li76, ro np to the
convention asking fo: seati for two sets
of delegates. Bit we hop that batter
coonoiU will prevail at Cincinnati, that
there at It an' there will be peace,
nnity and concsrdj that Mr. Killy
as well as Mr. Tildea will be mide
ti learn that the day for personal
rule jn this country has parsed and that the
people, thmr saety aud their weirare alone
are to be legislated and provided for by the
National Democratic convention.
It is now believed in New York that Mr.
Tilden has determined to thiow all bis
strength in the Cincinnati convention forilr.
Justice Field, lie has recently made ex
haustive inquiry into the lite and record of
the judge, and has satisfied himself that he,
better than any other of the proposed candi-
dutpn. can cro belora the peoule certain of
victory. Judge Field is now sixty-four years
of age, having been born in 1816, at Had
dam. Connecticut. Ho graduated Irom W.l-
hauis college in JS37, ar.d then studied law
in New York, where ho was srme time m
oartnerahip with his brother. Da id Pudley
fc'inld. In VMS he went t ) Euiope, where he
passed a year. On his return in 1819 be
went to Cilitorcia, where be has resided
ever sip'co. He was cne of th pioneer
settlers of the thriving town of Alarjs
ville and was the Srst alca'de, holding that
office nutil the judiciary was organix d. In
1350 he was elected to the legislarure, and
while a meinbjr of that body ho compiled
several very itntortant h'iil works, which
have given a tone to California legislation
and bavo ever nine remained a standard
authority. In 1857 Mr Field was ehc'.ed to
the supreme cojrt ot the State for six years,
and in September, ISM, ho became chiet Jus
tice. In l&tkl FreBidect Lincoln appointed
bim as us-ocinte justice of the supreme court
of the Uuitcd States, acd, U3 pcb, be deliv
ered the opinion of tho court in the well
known test-oath cases. It is claimed f r Mr.
Field, by those who are acquainted with his
political views, that, whilo eminent as a law
yer and jurit, and holding aloof from polit
ical parties, he is a Deu.o:rat, both from con
viction aaJ prircioli.
IV k giva a large amount cf oar space this
morning to a sermon delivered last Sunday at
the Brooklyn Tabernacle, by R-v. T. DeWitt
Talmage. It i devoted t J the south to our
land and our peopl. Fioua the first word tothe
lat it is instinct with a noble and beautiful
and niaoy sympathy that must carry con
viction to eve-y reader, as it UiJ.no djubt, to
every bearer, that the brilliant orator was
treating of a theme in which his heart ana
oul were centered. Dr. Talinago speaks
from a brief experience, but be pictures as
truthfully and honestly, just as we are.
ITd renresents ns fairly as a patient, long-
suffering people, as haviDK survived not
only a great civil war, bat tho wiitui
and ma icious misiepresebtatioas of politi
cians who, from ln'erexted motives, have pur
sued us ever since the internecine contest
c'osi d. 11a says tmly of u that we welcome
willingly aui eagerly all who soge ti our
section to unite with us in laboring tJ Uisye
our Starts great, not only in wealth, but in
tnlelliitence, and increase iu napijiness ui
all, wbe hr bluck or white, who are true ti
theniselv.s, and labor rl'uiently and with a
purpo ). We ire so geue-rally cursed and
abused by northern syeukers, preach -rs and
and pres-es; are so continually Uld up as
the if( rwirot the Cnion, that we tee I grater
tut whan a man of t!l wnce, cf loutioa and
power like Dr. Talinago comes to our rescue
ttud speaks in so nmntul, earnest and honest
a way atout us. We commend this sermon
one worthy the closest attention, and as
one the benefits of which may prove a coun
teracting influPBC to dispel the prejudice
and passion that still bold so many northern
people nlbralltd.
Of the Empire State In ttasion it Syra
cuse Yesterday Tfeo Irrinif Hall
Faction Claim to be the "Eegu
lais" The Regulations Adopt
s fd by Them.
John Ktlly and Governor Dorsheimer
Muster a 8trony Following The
Adoption of rronounced Antl-Tll-den
Resolutions So Iffort
for Consolidation.
Svbaoubk, twril 20. The simaitaneons
holding ot two Democratic State conventions
prevented the uual crush at the entrance to
either. Lester B. Faulkner, chairman of the
regular State committee, called the conven
tion to order, and said that tbe Democrats
would not bow to faction and sacrifice the
Democratic principles in order to tempt suc
cess; tbat was their attitude in nominating
Lucius Kbinson. Applause. Hecommented
oi wbat be called the elevation of Hayes to
tbe Presidency by frand. It he who in fact was
elected had chosen to lea'd an American re
volt, bad said a word, a million armed men
would have sprang forward to establish the
result. The name of Tildn was received
with great applause, mingled with hisses,
and renewed wbea the speakur stated that
I'll den forbade the assertion of his own ritrht
to tho Presidency out of greater regard for
the pece of his countiy; be was not in
formed whether tbat distinguished citizen
wculd aeaio accept tbe call to the official
pi 8 tion langhterj; he bas never been rle
teat.ed betcra the people applause, and he
never will be.
John C. Jacob?, State senator from Brook
lyn, was named as temporary chairman.
During the call of tbe roll there was great
Cinfusioo.so many contesting delegates asking
to be heard. Seymour's name was mentioned
ia tbe discussion, and it was received with
mingled ctixrs and hite?s, Thesa proceed
ings were interrupted by tbe appearance of a
committee from the rivnl convention asking
for a conference to consider means of secur
ing harmony in the party and a united dele
gEtion to tbe Cincinnati convention. The
committee was it firmed that tbe matter
odd bo placed before the C3nvention when
the call of the roll was disposed of.
At twenty minutes to ten o'clock tbe'eon
ve ition was called to order, and awaited the
report of the committee on contested seats.
The committee reported in favor of all the
sitting members as placed on the roll by the
roll by the State committee, and the previous
question on the adoption of the report was
Mr. Brown, of O'sego, denounced as a
gross outrage any action which should de
prive the minority of a chance to report, an t
asked that his protest against this infamy be
entered. Applause.
The committee's report was adjp'ed with
a few dissents, amid epplause and hisses.
Jjbn G. acob was chosen permanent
A resolution that the delegates frora each
congressional district select a member of the
State comnjittee and send the names to the
chairman was adopted.
Mr. West moved that the convention ad
jjurn until to-morrow morning. Loit by a
large vote.
Mr. Peckhaci coved that each district pro
ceed to name its members of committees to
select delegates to tbe Cincinnati convention
and Presidential electors. Adopted.
Mr. Morrison, from tbe committee on reso
lutions, to which was referred the resolution
received from the Tammany convention, re
ported as follows:
Rnolved, Tbat the president of this convention be
requested to reply to the communication revived,
and to insure tbe signers tbat tills convention To
ellirooata tzuteaslon drslre fur tne union
or 'tie Uemocrutlo banr. uod are Q-rsiinded thai tbe
ddhberativA wisdom ot tbe NatloOuI convention will
reautt In such action ai will racure tbe triumph ot
tfte Deraoomtlo pari? In tbe State of Mew York and
lu tue Union In lue ensuing I residential election.
Adopted unanimously.
The foil or ng resolution was adoplel:
llrtoltiid Tbat tbe delegates frora tbls State are
brebr instructed mnt It is drfslrnble tc continue me
two-'h'rri rule t't In ja romlng National Annr
The chairman announced that the com
aiitte would meet at the St. James hotel in
New York, May 5:h.
A motion was adopted that the State exec
utive lommiitsa pball have power to fill va
cancies in the list of Presidential electors.
Mr. Abrams was chosen an elector for the
StutJ-lt large.
The Democratic paiy cf JTew Tork add to their
condemnation of tbe el'ctor.ii sounplin-y of 187(1.
an tiniiliatlo declaration of their continued ru
in the cbarnctr. anilil and Illness of th t
dlstlt'C limbed son cf New York who was then elected
to me uinebt oiuue iu lue iiuiv u khl, nuu nun
whs. In Ills own iieisnn, the object of a Joint attack
on bU iisriy, bis tellow-cltlz-ns and tbe cause ot
tree government. The blow which deprived tbe
a untry of a ruler whs aimed not so much nt hun
as at the Democratic millions wuo shxmi oeoina.
hiiM inxklim no mstiuc.loiis as to tne candidate.
and cminiil-ijg to our delegates, as heretofore, tbe
duty of J ilnliiii in the (liOermious of the Nutloual
ot other btates tbt tne dlanlty and welfare of me
patty aud nation demand oi ineoi lum iney laaesuca
action as shall bei-t prrseut tbls giet Istue to tlie
people. Higher than all otuer party duty lia solemn
t ligation to glv to tee free voters of the land a
cusucti to put'! tbelr Judgment on this niunstrous
crime against ins uetftu's rights, on any suca Issue
the titaie of New Yo'k will spexK with no doubtful
Volca The Democratlo P'riy of New York hereby
rusdopt tbe resolutions adopted tn tbe Slate conven
tions or JtitH. 18ria. 1872 and lHitJ. as follows:
Kisoivtd, That C deleg-ites to lue National Oem
ocratio convention to ue appoitdd ere hereby lu
stiuctrd to enter tbat convention as a unit, and to
act and vote as a unit. In accordance with tbs will ot
the mujority i the merabdrs thereof; aud in cnw
any or tne members shalp be appointed delegates
by any o.btr orgHmzatlon and sball not
fmlhwHb. In wrilirw, decline such, hla
seat be regarded as vacant, and tbe delegates
shall proceed to bit the same, and are here' y also
empowered to supply allvacaiiC.es by death, abaeuoa,
retlnuallon, or oiherw a ; aud whereas, the Demo
cratic parti of tbls SJttebas lu tbe four last Na
tional conventions, lustruottd IU del-gitloni to tbe
Democratic Nailoual convention to entertbe cn
vetillun as a uult, tor the purpose of piot-ctlng It
seir mere ttalust a frauauleut contest of tbeseats
of the regularly appniuted dtjegale; lueriura i It
Jprotvtd, Tbat In case any attempt be made to dis
member or divide the delegation by contesting the
seat-) of delegates, and any delegation appointed
by ibis couvmitlbn sbould countenance such at
tempt by assuming to form majority ot the delega
tion appointed fcr this convention, or ent-r tne
National convention separately troiu such majority,
or should fail lo report wills such majority, the seats
ot such deieg tes shall be deemed vacant.
Mr. Morris in, from the committee on reso
lutions, reported the following :
The DemecratU party of New York renew their
fidelity to tbe principles set forth by the National
Democratic convention at dt Louis aud pro'.-ed by
ueclslve popular majorities tn tbe Presidential
eleocion in invrl loeviciory tueo won wait iu iuo
name and for las sat" of reform. Tbe people were
delrauded of tbe fruits or the victory by a lalse c unt
ot Ibe eectorol votes. Hftorui throughout th Fed
eral administration is still a necessity. It remains
f r the Ueiuiorallc party to restore the national gov
ernment 10 a irau rnui spini, oonaiiiuuo.iai prin
clu es, the frugal expendl ure and altulnlstrtive
purity ol tue u: hers of tbe republic; but tbe Demo
cratic oartf or New lurk also declare their convic
tion that tbe success ot the onnsplracy atlnct the
people's constitutional sovereignty, wnlcn by per-
lury, lorgry anu violence in ruen iiisimiiuuiavu
more tliHii lour million two bund ed and twenty-six
uinniHnd notion D-rsons a large mslorityof all-
aiid wnlcb. bv a falsa count of tbe electoral v te. se-
cuted a reversed result ot tbe election, compels tbs
nation to turn on a single eoramandlig Issue which
pipnrdes and dwarfs every other Issue. It lin
i,ni a mora sacred duty unon the people of the
Union than ever addressed the conscience of a na
tion or freemen. bat duty is to wnuica.e ir.e
nannia's run loan elective self-aovernnient: tbat Is.
wb tbar Ibis generation sball oonUeui i or sanction
ii.. mini or these ttenubllcan oaity leaders, wblch
four years ago frustrated the people's deliberate will
and cneatea taeui or tue tuwi wunuoi amvi
-ive and transmit to corning generations our own
glcnou political heritage or paralze tbe cause ot
laiputa ruyrinnLiij iuiwubuwu,
n.... i. tha auiuer of htoadei Ing precei'eiits
da p le the guarantees Of tne Qo-Maratlnri of Inde
pendence, oi ev-ry uui ui iia"" vi - '
in, iii.im and of everv State conatltuilou establish
Ine tne right of the people to govern ihemtelvei and
to chacg rulers at 1U. these party leader, never
theless, rolitod a doroated candidate Into tne cbalr
of ihe Chlet Kxcutive, there to adiRini-ter tne gov
ernment aceordlng to a hobby oondemned by the
people, and through mlnlstets repudiated by tbe
iMiple- Jtvery one or the eonirlvers, abettors,
advoettes and apo og sis. all were straightway
a aried tor their atvoral shares In consequence of
tne fraud by tbe foremost benedcla'V of tbe unex
ampled political crime, tiepubllcs cannot shirk
tbe care ot their own destinies; a government ot tne
ample and tor Ibe people iiiuit be a governra-nt by
tu peupie Tbe lawful txerclne and orderly trans
rer of the necple's power through stv-oes-
siva - dniinlstrations oi tt government
firescrlbed bf tne people's ebOM is a
uodatueutil sondltton of the representative of on-r
republic, it is a political object tor wblch tbe com
slitutliHi aud laws are framed It Is tne first ot
.mbuiai rlcbla. tor, besides being the greater o-
thsui. It Is oue without wblch tbe others cannot ex
tat. It Is that tor wblon th republic Is anywhery
ptsreired above a monarchy, where tbe trauafer bd
bertHittary sucoesaton is an e-cape (rum a usurpy
,..iairapt aud alvil wars. It Is the substauce b
civil liberty, as for democraoy, tbe ieople tuls
unia'a rtuht to rule la the very breath ol ills life.
This then. Is th birthright of Ibe people to exer
'rwt wnlov an elective self-government with-
..... mnw imiKKllment by force or fraud from any
quarter least of all by fraud and force from lempo-tai-j
bui discarded servants. Bball theeonspmcy of
7d be sanctienad as a precedent by the Impunity
ot ltaaulhois and submission of lu violinist Its
V Wlm" ire Soneet people ol all political parties,
! 'V . L.r.. .ni ailirmatxe the corninilng
pricedent by Itdllcilng a fatal blow upon 4 be pub
lican pany. whose recognised and rewarded leadets
L.r ....uii ..i it i. in. autireme duty of the amer-
. T.. K:-.,i.ei n., in tba nature ot the
eU l lost forever. Not to make crime odious Is lo
invite IU r-pettllou. It polltloai lutamy go unpun
ished It wlllg ou derooralUIng all political parties
and put tneir leaderships at tbe mercy of briDes.
aud intl cl tbrlr beallhlul contentions wlthdle
and dwttD. Tbe chara tar and future ot tail repub
lic are at stak la th next election.
The resolutions were adopted with a few
diaaentinir votes.
The toliowiug were appointed delegates-at-
large to tbe Rational convention: L. ivobin
son, Calvin E. Vt&U, Rufus W. Peckham, L.
W. Faulkner.
The following were appointed alternates:
W. U. Henderson, E. B. Hart, J. F. Star
bock, R. A. Parmenter.
W ithout fiilioR the vacaacies on the State
committee, the convention adjourned at half
past twelve o'clock sine die.
Sybaccsk, April 20. The special train
containing tbe New York and Brooklyn dele
Kates to the Kelly (or anti-Tilden) State con
vention arrived at half-past eight o'clock,
and tbe delegates marched to headquarters,
which they filled to cvei flowing.
The State committee met and made np a
router of tbe convention and chose temporary
tffiiers. Mr. Moak, the chairman of this
committee, was absent, attending the mur
der trial of Jesse Billing.
The convention assembled in Shakespeare's
hall, vfhero the organization formed last
year, and Ex Lieutenant Governor Dorshei
mer ws named for temporary chairman. He
waiked to the platform, attended by John
Kelly and Erastua Corning-, of Albany, and
cheers were given for each. Mr. Dorsheimer
said that it was tbe duty of every Democrat
in Syracuse to do all in his power to bring
about a union and consolidation of tbe party,
to tbe end that someDamocrat might be named
ia the National convention who would secure
tbe united support of the Democracy of New
York. L-t thos who wish to keep the party
disunited take the responsibility, it would not
be upon him, and ha did not believe it would
be upon those present. It there was wisdom
enough to take the long-tried statesman, and
if there was wisdom enough to recommend
the nomination cf Horatio Seymour wild
cbc-erf that would unite tbe party and it
would move forward with the resistless cur
rent cf the waves.
After tbe usual committees had been ap
pointed Mr. Patker offered a preamble and
resolution, which were adopted, providing
for a committee to confer with a committee
of tbe other convention, so as to secure a
united delegation irom the State to Cincin
nati. A communication from the Democratic
union orgao:zition, also a resolution of the
Tammtny convection asking for a confer
ence, were reierrcd by the chair to the com
mittee on resolutions.
Alter a protracted discussion a resolution
was adopted that the delegat s from the
several c icre; sional districts select one del
egate from each congressional district to con
stitute a corr.oai'tee on credentials, to which
committee shall be referred all questions
of contested seats.
Several congressional district delegations
were then authorized by resolution to name
one delegate from each district to form a
delegation to the National convention at
Cincinnati. The convention then took a re
cess. The convention reassemb'ed at balf-paat
four. Committees on permanent organization
and resolutions were appointed. The follow
ing was adopted:
Ectf.lvdl, That the delegates from each congres
sional district ba requested to report the names ot
two delegates and two alternates, selected by them,
to represent such district In the National Democrat
ic oouveutloQ at Cincinnati.
Mr. Haskms, from the committee on con
ference appointed to wait on tho other con
vention with the proposition for a nnion,
stared brttfly their action.
John Ktlly was called for persistently,
and when he roee to approach the platform
he was hailed with applause, and then three
cheers were given. He made a brief speech
protesting against the nomination of Tilden,
saying that fcuch a nomination would be a
disgrace to the party and country.
Mr. Amtzi J. Parker was then chosen per
manent cbair jion, and upon taking tbe chair
was received with long continued applause.
He proceeded to address tho convention, and
at the conclusion of his remarks the following
t solutions were adopted:
' Kefolved. Tbat Ihq N&tlcual Democracy, north and
south, east aud west, are one and Indivisible in their
devotion to popular rights and Institutions, as guar
anteed by the constitution and tbelr adherence to
the time honored principles and nsages of the
fathers of the republic
Kesoiv&l, That In view of the present attitude and
tendencies of tbe Republican leaders It Is the duty
of tne D-niccracy everywhere to unite and put forth
eery bonorab e effort toeffecta change In tbe gen
eral administration.
Resolmd, That, in view of the Importance ot
seleclui candidates fur President and Vice-President
who are heat tilted for ibe highest offic-s in tba
nation ubd can best unite tbe bemoctailofiarty and
swore vlct' t, In the coining campaign, the delega
tion from New Yotlt tn tbe National Democratic e. ri
ven! Ion ahull be uupledged.
Xrxoluetl, Tbat, in view of the powerful opposition
to Samuel J. Tilden In this and ether tates, h s
nomination fcr Ibe President y wauld be fatal to the
ocrr.lli cusa
hamlv d. That the Dmosracy of Nw Tork, hav
ing been f reed Into thelf present attitude tl rough
th lr Udelliy to tbe tut.damentat prlnoltdes of their
party aud tbelr devotion to tbe Pemiracy of the
nat on, pledge tnemaelves tostaud by and woikwltn
tnelr brethren everywhere In the hearty and enlhul
asllo support oi any worthy representative Demo
crats tbey i ay nominate for Pr.-sldeut and Vtoe-
f 'resident. In tbe firm belief tbat a union under Such
eaders will rosuit 'o a vi. tory which the nation wt'l
be gratllied for and of nolcn we sua 1 have reason to
be proud. - - . " . - - -
Aocompanyirg tho resolutions is an address
of the Democracy of New York to the Dem
ocrats of tbe iittite and nation, which, among
other things, says:
We protest against Ihe degradation of the Demo
cratic organization Into a macblne run for the In
terest of one man and bis personal following. Til
danism la personallsm.whlca Is false to Democracy
and dangeroua to the republic. We protest" agaiust
ihe nomination fet catuurl J. Tilden for the Presi
dency, because be Is IH.IU for tue ofllce, and bis
en-cliori ton wc;:ii. no a nai onai calamity, ana uv
ea ,86 bis nomination would deleat aad disgrace thts
party be oud recovery; and because bis nomination
would deilver tbe country to another four years of
E -publican extravagance aud Badlcal mis
rule. We also protest against his nomlna
tlun because his record Is not clear;
because bis political career bas been matked with
fwlfl-.boes, treachery and dlsnonor; because be has
lobt tG3 reanevi, connnence ana irtenaii ess at tne
best men of the party, to whom It loons for guid
ance; barause be bas damaged Demncracy more
than any man In the countij; because bis name Is
Irrevocably connected with attempts to bribe electors
and tbe sc&ndls brought by the cipher dispatches;
because nuuureus ol thousands or Democrat can
not eons lentloasly voierorblu Had pi" no.alnatlyu
would sound the knell ot Democratic defeat.
The following resolution was adopted:
Ki-jmlvrd. That the delegates In the congreslonal
dlstilcts select two Presidential electors from eaob
congressional dl-triot, and that tbe commit ee on
delegates to tne tauciuuau ouuvouuou ocicvv tnu
delegates at large.
The convention was called to order at half-
past four. John Kaily, from the committee
to select delegates and presidential electors
at large, reported tbe following names: uai
eeates at large J. Parker. William Dors
hcimcr, jr., W. M "Guire. G. C. Green; alter
nates, J. W. M Uonin, L. Wood, James b,
Croupe, A. S. 'aye: electors at large, Augus
tus beat 11, brastus uomicg.
Ibe following resolution was adopted:
Resolved, Tbat tbs delegates of tbls convention to
the National Democratic convention to be held In
Cincinnati June 22. IHHO, are hereby Instructed
that It Is tbe desire of the Democracy ot tbls State
tbat tbe National convention continue In force, as
boretoiure. tbs two thirds rule In tbe nomination of
a candidate for President.
Ihe convention then adjourned sine di.
Washington. April 20. Dispatches re
Dort triat only two ot tbe crew of the Marion
sick with the jeilow-t'uver remain unfit for
The President has nominated J as. C. Owen
for postmaster at Onarga, Illinois, and Lor in
R. Sykes for postmaster at Kooxville, I ill'
The bouse coiumitteo on ways anu means
agreed to reptrt to the house ot repre
sentatives Mr. Johnson's bill to amend
the statutes in regard to cancellation of ex
port teads on tbe exportation of tobacco,
snull aud cigars.
The postal revenues for the coming year
will undoubtedly be much greater than tbe
estimates. Ihe amount ot poatago stamps.
stamped envelope' and postal cards issued to
persons on requisition during the nine montts
ending Marco cSlst, was twenty-three million
nine hundred and seventy nine thousand
three hundred and seventy five dollars, an
increase ot ever fourteen percent.
National Klfle Association.
Nbw York, April 20. The National rifle
association will bold tour competitions at
Creed pioor. May 11 to. 12ib, 14th and 15th,
to select three members of the team to shoot
a returnimatch in Iieland in June with the
Irish nfii association. The remaining four
members will be selected by other tins asso
ciations or clubs throughout tbe country.
Ho Did It la Melf-Defeaae.
Cincinnati. April 20. A special to the
Gazette. Irom Ztnesville. says: "Godfrey
Scuallej-, who was arrtsted on the charge of
killing J, riatigbman in August, confessed,
but says he did it in eett-dftense and he did
not rob Baughman's house."
After the Italian Plan.
Romb, A piil 20 A dispatch from Leghorn
repcrts that Signor F-r-raina. au'hor of the
pamphlet entitled GarxbalJi. the Ungrateful,
nas been assassinated. Several attempts be
fore have been made on his lite.
Belief Far 91 arahfleld ttnfferer.
St. Louis. April 20. Two thousand dol
Jars of the merchants exchange relief fund
raised to day was sent to the Marshfield suf
ferers this evening.
Of Human Life and Valuable "Property
by the Tornado Which Tore Through
Missouri the Other Sight
Whole Families
Wiped out.
Seventy-One of the Yictims Baried at
Mar8hfleld and Twenty-Five or More
Reported in a Dying Condition
A Baby Blown Into a
St. Louis, April 20 The Republican"
Marshfield special Bays that seventy-one v c
tims ot Sunday's storm have been bnned,
and some twenty-five or more are in a dyins
condition. The number seriously hurt is
about one hundred and fifty. A babe about
eighteen months old, whose mother was
killed and friends all wounded, was fonnd
yesterday in a ravine north of town, where it
lay all night. It is now doing well. Another
child, two years old, was found yesterday
evening: at seven e'clock in the top of a tree
where it had been for nearly twenty-four
hours. It was considerably bruised but wi.l
recover. It was claimed to-day by the
parents, who live two miles and a half or
three miles from town. Its aerial flight bence
must have extended ever three miles.
A wagon has been found that was
carried over four miles, and a section of tbe
smoke-stack of the mill over three and a half
miles. It is reported that from thirty to
forty persons have been killed by the, spurts
of tbe tornado in the country, and that the
town of Corsicana, in Batry county, ij as
badly wrecked as this.
A special to the Times, from Springfield,
Missouri, says that a tornado Sunday night
raged with fury in the valley of the James
river, several miles south of there. Many
houses were destroyed and the country laid
waste. The following killed and wounded
are reported: Killed Mrs. J. M.Thomp
son, Mrs. Charles Gallaway, a son of
Mr. Eirshiner and Sam Kelly. Wounded
Miss Lirkin, Mies J. M. Carr, Miss Hopson,
T. J.Lee, two Misses Morrow, Sam Smith,
Mrs. M'Lice and three members of her
family, J. M. Robertson and daughter, six
members of the M'Laulay family. Dr. James
Horr, Mr. and Mrs. M'Liniey, Mrs. Eduings
and son, and Mr. Story, About halt
the wounded were seriously or dangerously
hurt. The hnrricane originated about twelve
miles south cf Ozuk, about five o'clock Sun
day evening. Twenty-nine houses were de
stroyed on Friday, eighteen or twenty miles
from here, and Sam Kelley and a boy named
Eddings were killed. Pine ville. Casual and
several other small towns were damaged by
the storm . "
Of tho aTreoeb. fitverstaest Bet Fertb
la SI. de JTreyetaetS) Circular.
Paris. April 20. In his circular to the
French representatives abroad, explanatory
of his foreign policy, M. de Frcycinet states
tbat he has no wisb to change the policy that
bas prevailed for several years, which is tbe
policy ot peace ana conciliation, lie recounts
be details ot tbe recognition of Koumama.
The Greek question, be says, baa entered on
a new path, which allows the hope of an
early definite settlement. The task in Egypt
is iStill incomplete, but the resultB already
obtained are satisfactory. The government,
be says, was in the Hartmann affair entirely
guided by the legal aspect of the question.
Regarding the religious decrees the circular
denies that the decrees might resnlt iu the
abondonment of protection to the French
missionaries abroad, and declares tbat solici
tude for religious interests and respect for in
dividual rights are in no way impaired. .
The senate and chamber of deputies re
assembled to-day.
Th M rtaUI Xtnltdlnv 1.1
!7t..j1 bv
jsieeiricity sase inci etr
ftusly III Tbe aiethodlata
and the Wcrklsinea.
Special to the Appeal.!
NA8HVILLK, April 20 General Cheatham
says that not less than one hundred Mexican
war veterans will participate in tbe centen
nial celebration.
The ribf br tbe dome ot the exposition
building were raised to-night bv the aid of
electric lights. It was a decided novelty, at
tracting a large number of people about the
Judge lngg is so seriously i:l at bii
"home at Bristol that his life is despaired
ot. The jury of the United States district
court was discharged to day on this account.
It Methodists of IJasbvilie uropose baving
a gvaud revival at tba close ot the exposition.
Ibe Urand lodge ot Ancient U.der ot
Dtited Workmen elected the following
officers: Grand master workman, T. F.
Perkins, jr ; grand foreman, E. J. Read, jr.;
grand overseer, D. W. Hughes; grand
recorder, L. H. Everett; grand receiver, J.
M. U.iruee; grand guide, K. S.' Gregory;
grand watchman, Sam Taylor; 'representa
tives to the Supreme lodge: C. O. Thomas,
S. Garrett, and . n. Jormtck, jr.
Tne Only Labor Upon ftbleb She Can
Depend, er la thia Canard of
the Polltlelsast
Washington special to the New York
Times: "While tbe exodus committee was
organised in the hope tbat its investigations
would tend to a discontinuance ot the colored
emigration from the south, the feeling of the
negroes has grown strorger and stronger in
faver of going. There is fresh and trust
worthy information from Beeral cf the
southern titatea sroinar' o show tbat the
exodus is asenming vast proportion, and
that it is better organized than ever. The
tide is about to set in this soring as never
before, not in the direction of Kansas so much
as toward New Mexico, Colorado and Ari
zona. In New Mexico especially steps are
being taken to make en asylum for about one
hundred thoo jind of the betier and more in
ddsthous ot the colored citizens. This num
ber is already organized to go. They are in
colonies or bands, into which .none can enter
but such as have the means to defray travel
ing expenses and boy homesteads. At a sig
nal these bands will all move overland, after
the fashion of tba ancient Israelite?, into the
promised Canaan ot the southwest. 1 bat this
is not a dream or vision is shown by the fact
that a comnanv has been formed in New
York, compesed of business men on business
principles, with the view of buying np large
tracts of suitable land to be subdivided into
small farms and sold to the colored emigrants
ea terms tbat wilt save to them a large
amount, compared with what tbev would
have to pay for the same land- bought in Email
lots. Ex Governor Newell, of New Jersey, is
president of this company. Already steps
are being taken to nave agents ot n s com
pany in all tbe southern butes, with a view
to the practical working of the plan."
from Judge Voater, of the fJnlted
Btatea r.earr, in us atapsas m-a-elfte
Telegraph Case.
St. Joseph, Mo. .April 20. The follow
ing was issued to-day by Judge Foster, of the
United States court, in the Kansas Pacific
telegraph case: It is substantially in accord
with the order of Judge Sal let t. of the United
States court at Denver, Colorado, and com
outes the legal restoru for the Western
Uaion company, as regards the present sta
tions ot the lines between Kansas City and
In tbe Circuit Court ot the United States for the
District ot Kansas, the Western Union Telegraph
Company, plaintiff, rural n-t tbe Union Pacific
Railroad Company, the Kansas Pacific Railroad
Company and tbe American Union Telegraph
Company, detenoants.
Now at this day the cause coald only be
beard before the undersigned judge ot said
court at tbe chamber, on motion and appli
cation of said plaintiff for aa order command
ing and directing said defendants, and every
one of them, their agents, servants and em
ployes, to restore to said plaintiffs, tbe
Western Union telegraph company, forth
with the possession of the lines ot tele
graph along the line of the Kansas Pacific
railroad, now called the Uoion Pacific rail
wav. Kansas divmon. noon the ground
among others, that the said defendants, in
violation and disobedience of tbe injunction
heretofore granted, did unlawfully obtain and
are unlawfully in possession of said linos of
telegraph, depriving plaintiff ot the use ot
. I 1 ; i .. f a-', m-ui..
and thereupon came the said parties by their
respective attorneys, and the said motion for
application having been duly heard and con
sidered, and it appearing that the said Union
Pacific railroad company, one of said defend
ants, on the twenty-seventh of February,
1880, disobeyed tbe said irjanction and did
sever wires of said telegraph from wires of
plaintiff leading to plaintiff's offices, and bat
teries situated at Kansas City, in Musonri. and
sundry places in Kansas along the line of said
railway, and that said defendant maintained
tbe said telegraph, and operated the same
with ita own b.-.tteries from the twenty-sev
enth day of February aforesaid. It is now
hereby ordered, that tbe seid defendants, and
all of them and their officers, azsnts, servants
and employes, restore said wires (o their for
mer connections, and discontinue to operate
the same with the batteries of said defend
ants, of any or either of them, and desibt
from obstructing or hindering the
plaintiff, its agents, .servants and em
ployes from adding sad stringing other
wires and necessary fixtures therefor on tbe
poles ot said telegraph'tines. Tbe intention of
this order being to require said defendants to
restore the property in controversy, it baa
action in all respects to its statu aa it exist
ed on the twenty-fourth of February, 1880,
when the said injunction we 8 herein
Clasen the Besaloa af the Banae ef
Etepreaentatlvea Yesterday.
Washington, April 20. The house met
at half-past seven and immediately went into
committee of the whole, with' Mr. Stevenson
in tbe chair, cn tbe private calendar, t or
over three hours the committee remained in
session, passing some dozen pension bills. At
times the discussion became lively, the first
ilt of the evening being between Messrs.
Da La Matyr and Ryan Pa . the Becond be
tween Messrs. Thomas and (Joffroth, and the
third between Messrs. Taylor and Bragg.
JUr. Bragg, in opposing the pension bill.
took occasion to criticise the action of the
committee on invalid pensions, and intimated
tbat th- ir action was somewhat lttlaenced by
the fact that the congressional elections were
coming on.
Mr. Taylor declared that so much of the
gentleman's remarks as referred to him were
so far from the truth as heaven was from
Mr. Bregg That sort of bluster is of no
earthly account with me.
JUr. laylor said that the whole course of the
gentleman for two or three weeks bad been
to cast infamous reflections on the commit
tee on invalid pensions, and it seemed as if
the gentleman were in collusion with the
pension office.
Mr. Bragg said he had cast no reflection
on any report which the gentleman bad
made, but when tbe reports came np he in
tended to show them up.
Mr. Taylor said tbat if the gentleman could
afford to delay the passage of these honest
pensions it was all right. Ha t l'avlori. for
one, would not go to his people and tell them
he bad been voting against honest claims.
Applauee 1 IF the gentleman would only
pay attention to the big appropriations which
were pissed every session, and leave alone
the poor soldiers wbo went hobbliog about
on cratches, he would do his duty better.
Shrevkport, April 20. Weather clear
and cool. U.ver rose 6 inches in last 24
War Dp't, Signal Skbvtcb, U. 8. Akmt, i
TqBSDiT, April 19. 1880. 10:08 p.m. (
Flaoe of
. Wind.
Dir. I Force.
Bar. Tber.
Chattanooga JO 1
Galveston... !0 Oil
it t
b E.
Mem DDIs....
ho. r!
30 IS
HO 10
Hi) 12
HO 15
HO 15
Nashville ...
New Orleans
Vlcksburg . .
Lime hock
Captain Was a II. Kerr, an old steamboat-
man, did yesterday at Ironton ftf heart dis
ease, iif bad just left hw boat aud reached
his home only a few minutes before his death.
NEW ORLEANS. April 20 Flour su-
oer6ne, 44 12; donble -r-r--. "
o,, : - - - ,uo4 t7. I"k
grades. $5 125 87J.. Corn. l953c.
QUe, 42c. Cornmeal, $ 25. Hay prime.
f21 22; choice, $23tJ24 Fora dull and
lower, $11. Llrd tierc.-, 77; keg, 84c
Bulk meats shoulders, loose. 4ic: packsd.
4 clear rib, oc; clear. 6?43. Bacon in
fair demand; shoulders, 55c; clear rib.
i'i(gic: clear. 4's. bugar Cored bams
canvased. 9I0J3." Wbieky-western recti
fied. 1 UaOil Id. Uott-ie liio, cargoes, or
dinary to prime, 134(s5l5i Sugar com
mon to good common, b a4(MC: fair to
fully fair, 7?a7c; prime to choice. 73
8jc; yellow cixr.fiid, 887-gc. Molasses
common, zatsaoc: tair, rfSMcttJc; centntuga'.
3040e; prime to choice, 40S52c. K:ce
Liuisiana, ordinary to choice, b(SSC.
American Watches.
The American watch company, of Wal-
tharjj, received last week an order t'rem tbe
British government for three hundred and
seventy two watches, intended for the ase of
conductors, engineers, utation-mesters' and
other employes of 'tbe' state railroads of
India. This is the third large order received
by the company from the same source, and,
like the former ones, was obtained in public
competition with foreign Manufacturers. The
London Jxvjeler and Metal-Worker, in its
issue of 'January 15th, observes, in reference
to this order "The contract for watches, to
be uied by the officials on the India state
jail way b, has again been secured by the
American watch company. Ibis is tbe third
time Messrs. Rabbin b & Appleton have re
ceived this distinction, which ia no a b.arren
one, lor it mast. J3 eiujui to me most
prf'uaicea individuals that the time-keepers
supplied on tbe previous occasions must have
givtrn satistaction, and answered tbe tests re-
aired of them. Ibis is a mortifying tact for
nglishmen, especially for those who believe
tbat werj manufacturers her to show more
enterprise (hej wold be abe to, compeletid
vantageo'ujly in the manufacture of all grades
of watches," Boston Advertiser.
Persons of sedentary habits often suffer
with kidney affections. Irritating medicines
and oveiwork are fruitful causes of diseases
ef the kidneys. Sufferers from this weaken
ing and dangerous disease would maintain
the strength of the digestive organs and im
prove the quality of the blood by a persistent
use of Simmons liver regulator, taken three
times a day. This will restore tbe kidneys to
tbeir wonted health and vigor.
"I have been troubled with liver com'
plaint, kidney disease and bad bjood for a
long t.m a. I have qsed awout ten bottles of
Simovma liver regulator, and it bas done me
more good than all tbe medicine I ever took.
1 would not be without it, If you desire you
can publish this. lours truly.
"United States Deputy Collector, Seo. Dlst Ga."
lavitatloa to Kx-Prealdeat Jefferson
Special to the Appeal. 1
Macok. Miss . April 20. A telegraphic
rf quest was sent to Jefferson Davis to day to
deliver an eration hero next Thursday, on tbe
occasion of the decoration ot tbe soldiers
graves. At this time nothing has been heard
in reD v. It is a con lecture whether be will
be present or cot. The telegraph office is
crowded with expectants of his accett-tnee.
Some think he will not accept.
Unit for a Tw UeIdeL
Kansas City. Ma.. April 20 -Information
received bore to-day from Washington by the
president of the Ouray disovery and mining
company states teat tne secretary ot tne in
terior has decided the North Leadville case
against tbe town site and in favor of the
Ourav company. This determines in favor
of tbe mining company tbe title to a large
tract of very valuable mineral lands in and
around Leadville.
Good evidence.
When such men as Rev. Dr. Rankin, Rev.
Dr. Harvev, Prof. Green. Dr. Br'ine, Colo
nel John K. M'Cbesney, E. W. Neff, and t
boat of others cqaally trnstwortby, certify
over their own signatures to the marvelous
tfficacy of Warner's Safe kidney and liver
r.tire. in the diseases tor wbicb it is recom'
mended, it is time to dismiss doubts on the
Tbe Avery Gin Company.
Is the place to buy your gins and feeders. It
has the Averv gin. the Hickman gin and the
Eclipse huller gin. Every gin guaranteed as
represented. Also does all kinds of gin re
pairing; correspondence solicited, 378 Front
street, Memphis, Tennessee.
The Chllo-Peravlaa War.
Valparaiso. Aoril 20 The Chilians o
rnnv Mr.n.iea. Catzrto de L"s Angelas and
Torato and command the roads leading to
Twjtt nv business is dull: sugar and cof
f AA am aellintr slowlv. Not SO with Dr.
Bull's cough syrup. We understand our
druggists ea partly supply the demand,
Comprising: Mrs. Cox, Urn. Brannagln, a
Milkman, a Hack-driver, and Others
of Like Kidney, Fabricate a Story
About the Whittaker
Their Yarns Directed and Fonnd to
Amount to Nothing Interrogatories
Put to Each or the Cadets Mr.
Townsend Has a Mysteri
ous Letter.
West Point, April 20. In the Whit
taker case this morning Philio Ryan,
a saloon-keeper at Highland Falls, was
questioned closely in regarl to the ru
mors alleged to be started by him that
three cadets were in his saloon drinking tne
night of the outrage, and that one said tbat
Whittaker would be fixed that night. He
positively denied saying any such thing or
anything by which such interpretatioa could
be placed npon his remarks, and that no one
was in bia saloon that night after ten o'clock;
that no United States or army officers ever
visit his saloon.and he knows of no cadet beirg
at tbe falls in three weeks; if a man appears
at his saloon in citizen's clothes he never
takes any pains to ascertain if he is a cadet.
He was making no reservation whatever
throngh fear of loss of patronage. He said
a man named Hogan first told him of the af
fair. He relied mainly upon We6t Point tor
support in the winter time.
J. F. Pierce, hack-driver, was sworn, the
recorder having been informed by let'er that
be could prove that there had been a conver
sation that night in Ryan's saloon among the
cadets. Pierce strongly denied tbe sta e
ment. He bad first heard such a report from
a Mrs. Brannigao, the wife of a cavalryman,
who said Mrs. Cox told her tbat a milkman
named Haight told her that Ryan had eaid
tbat there was such a conversation.
A number of cadets testified to the quiet of
tbe barracks oa the night of the outrage. Q
Each cadet is being questioned as follows:
First Were you in yonr room on the night
of Monday, April 8, 1880, continuously from
the taps tiil reveille?
Second Was your room-mate in the room
on that night, continuously trim tbe taps till
reveille t
Third Do you know or have vou been told
of any cadet wbo was absent from bis room
between those bouts ot tbat night r
Fourth Di you suspect any cadet of hav
ing been so absent?
Fifth Do you know or have you been told
of anyone who wes engaged in the late as
sault on Cadet Whittaker?
Sixth Do you know or have you been told
who wrote or sent the anonymous note lately
received by Cadet Whittaker ?
Seventh Do you know or have you heard
of any threat or any intimation that any per
son would do violence toward or practice in
dignities upon Whittaker?
Mr. Burnett was called, and swore tbat he
and another cadet nctaed Breckinridge were
in Ryan's saloon at Highland Falls on
Thanksgiving day, and Ryan knew them to
be cadets of tbe first class; Ryan was in the
saloon. He swore that he never obtained any
citizen's clothing of Ryan, and that Ryan
knew bim by name. The persons named
were Cadets Hewitt ami Ho! ton, and other
cadets also visited Ryan's.
ibis evidence was in flat contradiction to
Ryan's in ono important particular at least.
Mr. lowtsnd stated to the court that be
had recsived a letter, the contents of which
he deemed it not proper yet to te made
kcown, but which might necessitate the ar
rest of Burnett.
Cad its Hosan and Hewitt testified that
tbey left tho barracks several times with cit
z?n s clotbicg cn under tbe eadet clothing.
and went to Ryan's acd tcek ctf their cadet
clothes, and, leaving them at Ryan's, would
icO to cans.
About fifty members of tha corns teslififd
to dav
MEMPHIS LODGE. No. 6. K. cf V.
.. - . Tfie merrJ)e,ritJftit.'V-lre,S,
tn their Can la Hall. 2H0 Second street, furNVl
ork In the Third Bank. A full attendance wS
Is curOlHllr desired, and In uniform. Visit
log Diethren aie tnuernallj invited.
py order a. aTKsUM, C. U.
Aa infa.lilblg ce aad FrAveatiTe tor
YtUsw-reycr aad all Malarial and
Voatatdoaa Diseases.
r.r t'hJlls and waran jVyt.
Six doses will break tUe torat tjpe ot Chills and
Fever, ;i directions are strict! followed,
y Ttiesfl remedies are purely vegetable, and
contain nothing polsonoua.
Wholesale Diugiitsts,
834 Main tre-t, Memphis, Tenn.
WE. tne anderalgned. Cotton Buyers of Mem
ohls. will not receive cotton covered witii
CBAM fABLK In all tbe mnrrfeMi
A. A Paton k C. M, Hiwicq uo.
A. V. poarbrouga & uo. J. w. .it-rrersoa tx.
ti Falls Oo
k. r Miiersjn x uj.
P. Uatens.
Hose Prince.
8 Kaizenbert'er's Sons.
wt ion A Hill.
Ton Gundell & Marhofl,
Townsend, Cowle t Co.
C. T. Curtis
J. TliqeSieT,
George wlpcbester.
a. M. Anelaao.
3. H Bia k
Hartraus 4. Ce.
14 Palrracbl.
B Bayllss Oo.
Wm Problicb Co
Henry B. camp.
J. A. Post
8 Anderson 4 Co.
K. Hcb&rt CO.
Benjamin Babb,
N. Schwab Co.
L. Kern.
Southern Transportation Line For Vlcksburg
Natchez and New Orleans Steamer
Tlios. Sherlock,
M. L. Vlrden master.
Will leare as above 'rBUB3DA.Y. Abrtl 22d. it
5, "in. fot t reigui or passagt, apply to
. x. wianinoivai agent. 311 root, up-siairs.
3ICSrurin.LGUiViLLE, KY.
Cnron all farms of PRIV ATE.
CHRONIC a-id SiJtVAIa 01i
EASES. , ,
Svormat or rlioa lupolo?xcy:;
stt.rr'ttit of s-'.!..'.- ia 50u.i1, Id ca
ti.rcrrant, f -3t,r tj-jaw, uJ f-rr-in. ir j mv t- f iLt- tol
r witc -Kf"f -: Nf.Ti'L.tii;.'. Soniii; il Frui- r.m (r.i.-i.t nJ.f
.rrii i.v (treioi-). Dimai-'f i of ii ht, L'.Ir :Ti- 1! mf. . F .h
.oal But, r.iu;.l:a cn rmv, -- 'i t- S.iciv , ilrt
CtmfusK-n" of Idvix. I.fwa t-t bcr.Uil Po.t, i., .'Dfltr;Cj
i.arriag" ioiprorvr or unl'.or, t" aruihiy acti pJW
'at!T curc4. ig'pflll-IS cure! uaa
t..-r cN..jMit from u.e iu; Qonorrhca ,
GLEEX. Stri-'ture, tircLitia, Eerun, ot Ku(jUirej,
Piks aud o-.!ifr private dieises quiokly cured.
It Uself-evilput that t;hr sidn bu para -pH'ttmtiei i
U? aofrtaiti fin of dls-ases, treating inousaad atum
ilT, aoquirea rca; 9 ill. Pfcj-Bi.-isni ki.iiii? k. oftea
rvcrmmcQd p--noii to my care. W iivtx it l luconvrateot t
isit the city for utmi nt, mtdiolQ'-a cQ be teat priTai:y
toi, &afly by mail or express anywbere.
Cures Gaariintoetl in all Cnseo
nndeFtalteiEa '
CoaimtaUoaa praunally e oy Irtter ftei ft'isJ luTitad.
Coarse tcaotit(e cl ciarrcsipndsbe wicfij cwtntatja
Of 10 paces, i-3ttoauy tcWreia, sparely seared, for tfcrrtj
,ry -fbj. Sbt.i.14 bd read bw ail. Address as tt:nt
ttJ,uufrcioft V rM. 8utnlaTS luiiJ
320 Main,Memphis.
Orders bj Telegrapn Promptl Killed, aud Cases
eb'pped C. O. D. -
(redllort.' Aotice,
No. 8S4, K. D.-ln the Probate Court of Shlby
eounir, Tennessee James neiiir. um i ol rai
riek Hherrv dHtieaaed. v,. Mhit &br-v et al.
It appearing tnat tbla Is a b it Died to settle up tbe
estate ol Patrick Sberrj, deceased, as an insolvent
It is therefore ordered, Tbat all parties bavins
elala.s sgalnft limn matte tb-lr appearance herein,
Mt t hi, murihntiMof our said Pr;aie C-Hjrt. nor
befoie tbe first M.mdar In July, i H9 , and file t elr
dmanda. autbentlcwxi as required t? law, ana
haw rn. mselve mde paitlee bereto or tber will t.
forever brred. both m law ana equiti; aid tbal a
copf of thl order be published once weM, tor
sucoetslve weeks, lo tb Mempaie JUAll' "
This March 29. ISaQ. inM,
By ga
FfeogB "
....tiAn. TJenutv ClerK.
el al Las
. m. Beaih, 80'. lor compl'ut. W.
v 1 v1 a
aawJP TaaaT aaat aaaaBiisal
Safe, Certain, Sure and Speedy.
The only article known thatWill
es&cffcafeXhls disease
perm an en tfyfroxxx the system.
- General Agents,
Slip Hi
and Vfittt-s oa Tbls spring's novelties
are nmu-uallj attractive. Tbe la'est styles. eu;b as
will prevail all this season, will be all tbe time on
exhibition, and ludlM are invited to come and ex-
Eytry Department Now Complete
Sailors. 25 cents; Coquets. 25 cent.; Scallops,
SI 25; Fomaa Braids, tbe latest eoiSure, So; Jot
Goods, all kinds, etc.
A. !.. Manager.
9i Beekman St, Ne w York.
O a'
w n :
having for their object cleanliness,
darabllifr, and exclasion alSHWR OAS.
Sewer Connections.
The Shirt Tailor,
The only Manufacturer that makes hla
ttocda ia tbla citj. Perfect In Make,
Stile and Qaalitr. Best assortment ef
all kinds always In stock.
Mamphis, Tinm., Aoril 13. 1880.
A T the regular meeting of the board ot Directors,
.XA. HLid mis aar, a
fiiYidend of Fire Per rent.
on the capital stock was declared, and ordered to be
credited on tbe stock notes ol the company.
By order of Ibe Board.
B. M. APPEBSON, President.
Hsnrt J. Ltnm. Caahler.
3VX CLtatsi Meeting 1
TN accordance with a resolution adopted by the
A. iemoeratlo Kxecuttve comminee or bneior
countv. at a meetlna held March IB. 1880. a Mass
Meeting; of tbe e't renn of Shelby eounrj Is called to
meet M the CODBTEOOB, In the Taxln -district, on
SATURDAY, May 1st, at 12 M,
for the purpose of selecting Detatstes to tbe Demo
cratic Convention In Nahville. June 8. 1880. which
meets for tbe purpose of chooelrg; Delegates to the
Cincinnati convention, Jane 22. lSfU.
By order B. C. BLKDSuK, Chairman.
8. J. Camp. Secretary.
In Probate Court of Shelby county, Tenn. W. A.
Wberrv et al. va A C. Wvlle et al.
IK this cause the court having ordered that the
biddings at a sale made herein, on 6th day of
February, 1880. be reopened, so far as respects It.
certain tract or parcel or land aesonoea in in sur
vey ana in tne ultra's report oi sale men new "
lolNo Oaef tne WHKnBTHOMI IB'1" as
tbe north bait of aald home i', b-lng
107 7n lonaeres. s'tuMed ..et containing
bhelbj county, oee range 6. section 8, In
olnnbek" ' ornlni Sun, and that the bla-
open "for tweniy daa. and toat public
o'.VMn thereof. I bereby slv. ootloe ot tbe
r-..- ... -- - '-vi
.C rfc yaijjiaa.J I -
r 3 y7 3 o
opening of said bindings; tbat ihey are now open,
and bids will be received at my office until boon o
Monday. 10th day of May. 1 80. whan the same will
beeloeed. ThU April 20. 180
W. Eampton, SoMsltor. w4
Whose extraordinary Display f Spring Hooda
has been so fully appreciated by their patrons,
now announce
t&rer7 lady oaring selections to make should Inspect oar mirnJfloeat
assortment of seasonable foods before purchasing ff
Books !
Booksellers. Stationers, Blankbook Manuf'rs
315 Main street
well asoortrd vtock of Him U aad NrkMl scuka. stutunw. mem, mtt .huk
0flr at VBY I,"W FIHlTir3. psr-Prompt attention lTn to orrtor
It is our positive intention to close
our Memphis business bv June 1 5th,
and we will have but 60 DATS
TIME to dispose of our Large Stock
of Goods.
We intend that our customers
and friends shall get the benefit
of low prices.
Our entire stock is marked down
to insure an early sale. Soecial trade
discounts to large buyers.
O TTT 1T -jm fff TT TT J7J tor Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis
O LJ JAjJjJ J LJ JLLJuJ Asthma and' Consumption.
at ap la q.art fIe Battle, for Family Cac.
V U J- IU IN . palin oil upon you Mock and Bje In place of our TOLU. ROCK AND BTK,
wblch Is the only 6NUIM medicated arUcle made, having a Uovernmetit Stamp on each boule.
Extract rroaa Kmart of the Otanluitaer ar I a (era at Reveatr.
TBBA?URV DEPABTMENT. OiBceof Internal Bevenue, Washington, D. C, January 2rl. 1880.
Messrs LAWKKNCK & MARTIN, 111 SlHdlson strtet, Chicago, Gentlemen : I have received "a
cert) tied formula,'' glrtng tbe ingredients and relative proportions used In tbe manufacture ot aa article
wbl h sou advert e and stll under tbe nsme ot " TOLU, BOCK AND BYC." This compound, aeeordine
to your formula. In tbe opinion of this o'.tiee, would hive sufficient quantity ot the BALSAM or TOLU
to give It all ibe advantages ascribed to tbls article la pectoral complaints, while tbe Whisky and tba
Hyrup eonstlluie an emulsion rendering tbe compound aa agreeable remedy to tbe patient. In the opinion
of tbls office, an article compounded according to this fdrtnula, ma, properly be elueed as a medicinal
preparation unJet the provisions of Schedule A, following Section 8437, United Stales Bev1ed Statutes,
and when so stumped may be wild by Drugglsta, Apothecaries and other persons, altheut rendering thena
liable to piy peclal lu as liquor dealers. Yours respectfully,
Siomku aBEKX II Kiln, CeaasBl.alaacr.
LlWKE.XCE & MAUII.V, Proprietors, 111 JUdisoa street, Chicago.
CVMaldlaHeaaphlsbyall Wraccl.t., Greeers aad Wise Slereaaaia (tMrally;
at Wholesale by M. BaSliriKbU - CO.. tx P. HFHt CO. aad A. V a CCA HO
A ro.wlit will aartplr a trd ifiieterr leM.
Cutlery, Gnus, Casting, Carpenter and Blacksmith Teals, llees,
Tracep, ilamea. Bridles and Collar,
4 seni a for It. F. Avery A. Men's Plows, Win. Clore's Plows, H, F,
Blount's Flows, tlitchell's Cotton Kcraners, James A
Uraham Tfasona, It rad lord's (irlst mils,
Steam Engines ISoilers and Machinery,
Brass A lroa aieaot Vittlats A Pipe, 8tesm Pump. Kabbar A Kataer BalUa.
Largest Assortment!
Fine Qaalities! All Shapes!
Beaver, Felt and Silk
HATS! 9m
Qwpoalte Court Kanar.
IroliiEir. -v Lkriitod ll.r.
rA Uelima-'i. t'ile Keint
tails jo car,, v. iv-
ine " 1 '.-k."l;nrT t as to 2
a, w. JOSBa , CO. Agent, 267 Main
'war --ik snrnce ti, i-"-. '
. i . i .it a Cmll or wnia
lank Books!
Memphis, Tennessee
Dress Ms!
Slager & Goldbaum,
HATK received Full Lin. el all Btyles and
tr They are sure to please tn Pryle. TH and frku
Practical Builder
T KEEP A SKtECT 6Tl)CK -"iT',N-.-J
1 mty awn anfr') ,31,l'?TrB
ON HAND. I am alio pirwi to ",M.t;
u.J. il. Knd Karritlr Crrir now in uee. '
hTni but the KliT BfcJ r MATSiUAL, and
employ UrtoUy flralrdaas meehanlw.
In all IU branchee. done cromr'T arl bee
IB&noer. WrTKM ULLY, Aaaaaa.au

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