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Fr Tennessee and the Ohio alley,
tlatiowary, followed if falling barometer,
iligft'.y warmer, clear or partly cloudy
treat'tur, gout and tatt trintU.
To-dat we will honor
man who died for us.
tue memory of the
January want a to be separated from
Jane. Senator Christiancy has applied for a
Satchdat ntr, the twenty-ninth instant,
will be observed aa Decoration-day, by most
of the States of the north.
Singleton, representative of
the fourth Mississippi distr? ct, is a Candidate
for re-election la congress .
Garfiklu will nom inate John Sherman at
Chicago. One good turn deserves another.
John helped to elect Oarfif id to the senate.
Tns MUsiaaippi Valle.,- planters association
meets at Vicksbnrft ah Tuesday, the eight
eenths All p!anten. and farmers are invited
to attend.
Mbn who asr. for an office at the hands of
the people sbou 'id expect a rigid and search
ing examination of their past life, acts and
IlAMtvroa Fish, the New Yoik Herald's
last candidate for the Presidency, does not
take t ;ith the people. lie is too aristocratic,
they think.
Fostmastkb Jaues, of New York, de
clines to be a candidate for Key's place. He
is con'eot with tue lace he has, and the
people of the metropolis are satisfied with
According to General Sheridan, General
Grant has determined to press bis candidacy
for the Presidency, and will not ive up as
long as ne has a man to stand to him in the
Tub awnings and sidewalk obstructions
Kiust be removed. Iloase-owaers ought to
be warned in time. They are unsightly and
cumbersome, and interfere with business and
p ide&trians.
Tns sensation of tbt week in Cincinnati
vms the address of Rev. Dr. Hammond, of
the Lexiuton conference, who plead for the
eppoictment of a negro "bishop, not for the
African trench but lor the whole Methodist
church. Progress.
Tub total value of tb 9 exports of domestio
breadstuff from the United States during tie
month of April was f2 ,679,115, and daring
April of tie previous year, 114,163,630; for
the ten months ending on the thirtieth of last
April, 207.3CC,615; aad for tbe correspond
ing (eriod the previous year, $149,035,266.
General Kiltatrick is of the opinion
that "the soulh hain't been whipped
enough." Will (ho general idrop that sub
ject just for a moment and tell us why be
was driven out of South America with the
rand "erratic blackgavd" affixed to his
truly loyal nama? We would lia to know
about that harem, too.
At a Democratic '.aucus hel l yesterday it
was resolved by thole resent that the vote
by which th house yesterday decided in
favor of an adjournment on tbe thirty-first of
May should be reconsidered. The question
of adjournment should be postponed until
t'ae important legislation now pending and
the necessary business of congresi hjtve been
disposed of.
It? was a great oversight we cannot be
lieva it was anything else on the part of
the managers of the Nashville centennial ex-,
position to omit the portrait of the late Gov
erner Brownlow. Tho eftVict of so inexcus
able an omission is already apparent in the
protests that go up every day in Eist Ten
nessee from the friends of t.ba dead governor.
Is it to late to repair what (hey reTard an in
dignity pnt upon his memory ?
Decides That a Suit rending- Against the
Cir or Memphis When Its Charter
Was Repealed May Be Bevlved
Against the Taxing-District
In th.e Absence of Liability by the Cltl
r.tm for the Debts or tbe Corporation,
and the Power to Tax by the Dis
trict, This is or No Advantage
to the Creditors. '
Special to tns Appeal. I
Jacrson, Tekw., May 15. The supreme
cenrt to-day delivered an important opinion
in the case of O'Conner vs. the Taxing-District
of Shelby county. O'Conner held claims
against the old city of Memphis, and that
corporation being dead by operation of law,
a motion was made to revive the suit against
the Taxing-District, with a view to secure
whatever rights and remedies the complain
ant had against tbe old city of Memphis.
Judge Cooper delivered the opinion ot the
court, and held that a revivor would be grant
ed. Oa that point he ruled as follows:
Where tbe charter of a municipal corporation Is
repealed, and tbe same people and tbe lima terri
tory are reincorporated under a new nam, although
-lib different powers and different officers, a suit
DmmUbsj against tue old corporation as tbe data of
tue repeal ma; be revived against tbe new corpora
tion. The granting of the motion for a revivor is
only a slight skirmish, the important ques
tions involved remaining nntouched by the
court. Upon this question and ruling of tbe
court the fol'owing citations ot law and au
thorities will bs found valuable and interest
ing, not only by the lawyer bat by all other
citizens of the Taxing District.
Tbe defense to tbe eire facia sre not such as go
to tiie original cause of action, but only those which
mar prevent tbe revivor. Bsrrlgan vs. Fleming, 2
Lea. -74
In an earl; ease In Tennessee. It was said by the
courts, that only two points as It respects tbe repre
sentative are called to mind: first, not possessing
tbe itbrtrieter of representative attributed by tho
tcirefiiciat: and, secondly, possessing no Interest In
the subject matter In dispute. Lewis vs. Outlaw. 1
Teni,., 140.
Tne pnrty against whom there Is a revivor takes
up ti e defense as be finds It, and, aa representative,
conducts tbe litigation to Us termination. 2 Lea,
In a simple case of revivor there Is no other fact to
be aoeenained than wbetber tbe new party brought
before tne court bas tbe character Imputed to hlru.
If be bas. the revivor Is of course. 2 Daniel. Cb. Hr.
hoopers Kd.), 164rt; Frety vs. Sioner, 22 Walt,
IStK; Jackson vs. Jackson, 2 Tenn., Legal Bap..
If tbe cause Is revived bfore Judgment or decree,
as In this chm, it stands to be litigated on It - merits.
If tbe complainant recovers Judgment, then comes
tbe Imooitanl question: Can lie net b's money? Tbe
party against whom the suit was revived and against
wbom tne Judgmeut goes la hy no means bound to
pay tbe dec te. If be bave effects of tbe dead man,
in whose place be stands, be must pay out cf such
efforts; otherwise not. If It be a revivor again! a
husband who bas married afier suit began against
lbs wife. In ease of Judgment, he was bound to pay,
wnetber be got property or not by the wife, until our
late statute, wnlcb makes bim liable only so far a
he bas received property by Ibe wife. But this revivor
Is against the Taxing-Dislriot, as representative of
he dead elty. In effect aa administrator of tbe dead
city. It will be held liable only so far aa It bas ef
fects of tne dead city wbicb could bave been sub
jected, pending tbe life of tbe dead government.
Tbe Tsxlmr-Dlstriot bas no sucb effects. Tbe streets
and other public property are not liable. Tbey never
were Tb proper) y ot the citizens cannot be seized
and sold for tbe debts ot lbs old city. It never could
bave been because tbe city did not own It. It could
bave been reacbed In tbe lifetime ot tbe old city by
taxation only. It cannot now be reacbed by taxa
tion. First, tbe old city Is dead and cannot tax.
Second, tbe Taxing D'.alct bas no power to tax for
any purpoee. A Diandamui will do no good. It does
not give power to tax. It only com Dels Its exercise.
In proper cava, where it exists. If a decree shall
be recover against tbe Taxing District, aa repte
senU'v, or successor of the dead oily. It will be lilts
a :eovery against an administrator of an tnsolveut
estate or asalanee In bankruptcy. Tnose wbo have
tried It, know that they win on the Judgment but
cuuieuj griei on ine execution.
throw the cabinet, believing that constant
Changes and turmoil will disgust tbe people
with the republic, and the extreme left to
nse any means to exhaust the moderates,
hence the danger of an adverse coalition vote.
It is believed, however, that Premier De
Freycinet will be able to hold out either un
til the legal term for elections or nntil the
plainly irreconcilable attitade of the cham
ber renders disto'ntion inevitable.
K-a-I-C Hlch 1st HaafcTllle Cawalr-,
I-.fn-.try aad Artillery Cssspaales
the Way The Judge
Jtd Ksnte.
Osrerasr Harks aad ueaeral Jha
toa ta Award the Prise Fifty
Thaaaaad People ta be an
the Grsssa.
Special to tbe Appeal. 1
Nashville, May 15. It ia now settled
that the State normal college will remain at
A State millers' convention will be organ
ized here next Saturday.
Tbe following military organ'iitions will
arrive to-morrow: Company K, National
Guards of Missouri; Battery A, Kentucky
State Guards; Battery C, Louisiana Flying
Artillery; Battery A, National Guards of
Missoari. Tbe artillery and cavalry will
drill Tuesday afternoon, beginning at on9
o'clock. Tbe infantry will drill Wednesday
afternoon, commencing at the same hour.
The Jackson statue will beunveilved about
ten o'clock Thursday morning, and in the
afternoon there will be a review at the fair
BTOunds bv Governor Marks. General John
ston and other distinguished gentlemen, after
wh'ch the prizes will b awarded. (Japtain
F. L. Guentber, of the Fifth United States
artillery, has arrived, and Captain Da-
Counery and Colonel Crofton are ex
pected to night or to-morrow. inese
will be the judges of the competitive drill.
Toe military fever runs high, and it is
thought forty or fifty thousand people will
witness the competitive drill at the fair
grounds. Persons are coming here from
every direction and engaging lodgings ahsad.
By a Very Decided Vote, Adapte the
Adloarameat stesolailsa A greed
to by the Ooaiatlttee of Wsys
Aad neane-Taerefarr, with the Css-
aeat of the Sesate.t'osgress will
Ad onra oa Monday, the Slat.
Washington, May 15. House. On mo
tion ot Mr. Bright the bill passed making ap
propriations tor the payment of claims re
ported and allowed by the commissioners of
Mr. Stevenson asked leave to offer a reso
lution declaring it to be the sense of the house
that no final adjournment of this session of
congress should occur until a law has been
passed or a joint rale established, providing
the manner in which the electoral votes shall
be counted at the approaching Presidential
Messrs. Reed and Bland objected.
The speaker announced that the order of
the house had been, set aside to-day for the
consideration of reports from the committee
on education and labor.
Mr. Gibson called up as a question of
privilege the adjournment resolution, and
was recogniz3d by the speaker.
Mr. Goode raised tbe question of considera
tion, slating that his object was to call up
the bills to regulate Chinese immigration, to
enforce the eight hour law, and to apply tb
proceeds of the sale of public lands to e
ucation of the people.
Mr. Towoshend lll' ltqatei whelher it
Colonel XL. C. Uallaway, of lbe Appeal,
Declines to be a Candidate for Got
ernor He Betlews the Condi
tion of the Democratic Party
In the State,
And Gives Some Wholesome Advice as to
What Host Be Done to Secure a
TIctory In November He Also
Heartily Indorses Gov
ernor Marks.
was in order
j move to recommit the ad-
CoMORKsa ia in psseson of the names of
eight Indian azer.'cs wno, have been removed
or suspended e-j. account of fraudulent and
corrupt practo-es. George W. Frost, at the
Crow ageralC- Montana; W. H. Daniels, at
the For. un agency, I laho; F. S. Godfrey,
at th-. Mescal os Apache agency. New Mexico;
H. W. J ores, at the Quapasv agency, Indian
Territory. Others are at Swampstone,
JBrtdgemar, Whitman and Hart.
Tux revenue cutter Thomas Corwin is an
nounced to r.atl Irom San Francisco aboat tbe
twenty-second instant in Btmrch of the
JJtrald exploring yacht and a cumber of
whalemen supposed to bo frt zin in the ice
of the Arctio regions, Tbe vessel is provis
ioned for forty men for one year, besides
wh'.ch the merchants of San Francisco bave
donated some three toe a of wines, cordials
and delicacies for the relief of the crews ot
the ioe-b:und vessels when found. Tbe voy
yeri expectod to latt eight months.
Caaea A Dtraied aad Beversd.
Special to tbe appeal.
Jackson, Tknn,, May 15. The supreme
court at Jackson yesterday announced tbe
following rulings and decisions:
Bowen vs the State. Smith & Smfth vs the
State, lmbeth vs M'Ktnney and wife, Sher
ren vs Halt and wife, the State v Turner
Cartis vs Murphy, Burr YS Grave. & Richard
son, Nash vs Ripley. Merlin TS William,
Taxing-District Vs Brackett, Southern Est
company v Middleton brassband, HtlT
v Bills A Siith, Gayle vs the State, School
field, Hmauer tc Co., vs Gross, Tracy vs the
iite, Simpson vs Simpson, Shane vs Mor
rjtm, Petty vs tfco State, the State vs Ander
son, in te case ot iracy vs tbe State tbe
question Involved was the linbility- of Mr.
l'tfter Tracy to pay fhe Taxing District license
(ax on the lecture delivered by Henry Ward
ueecner at tne exposition building last year.
Judge J. O. Pierce, of the Shelby county cir
cuit court, held that be was not so liable, and
the supreme court affirmed that jadgment.
Ia the case of ths State vs J. A. Anderson
it will be remembered - Judge Horrigan
quashed an indictment found by tbe grand
jury against Anderson for breach Of trust as
pubiio admimatrator on the ground that the
indiotment did not show that due process of
law had been invoked, and that the cum of
money alleged to have been misappropriated
by said Andertoa could not ba collected by
due process of law, the evidence of which
would have been an execution with the return
nulla bona indorsed upon it. The tepreme
court took like view of the case and afhrmed
the decision of too oourt below.
Smith y State, Charles Woods vs State,
Brint vs Brint, Jones vs Tyler & Co. Cubbins
vs Ayrea, Rainer vs Htini, Bills & Smith vs
Polk '& Bowers. Parker vs Parker, State vs
Pool. In the Charley Woods case the de
fendant was some time since found guilty of
the murder of Mrs. Foster, Bnd was sen
tenced to be hanged by the judge of the
criminal court of Memphis. lOa an appeal
tbe supreme court revised tbe judgment and
remanded tbe case tor second trial. Woods,
at a recent term of court, was acain found
guilty of murder and again sentenced to be
banned, but tbe supreme court bas again re'
versed the judgment of the court below.
journr'ca. resolution.
The speaker replied that it was not, inas
much as that mition had been made and de
feated yesterday.
In the midst of points of orar, Bed when
the house was in eoofisioo, Mr. O'Neill,
walking dowa the aisle, said that the ad
journment resolution had given mora hope
to the hearts of the people than any legisla
tion proposed during the present session.
The house then determined, yeas 115,
nays 85, to consider the adjournment resolu
tion. Mr. Tucker mof eu to lay the resolution on
the table. Defeated, yeas 81, nays 123. The
folio wiug is the affirmative vote:
II. D. Payne, of Cleveland, Ohio, one of
tho candidates for tho Djmocratio nomina
tion for President, is seventy years old, well
preserved, of medium hight, and rather
slight of figure. Ha has a round head, not
especially developed in any one feature, and
he has silvery hair. His face ia smooth, and
shows firmness and determination, and his
targe nose holds a pstir of spectacles. He
d resiles in black, and wears lo jewelry. He
was born in Connecticut, is of English de- I
scent, and, though a Protestant, aided tho
Catholics in building a hospital.
The wicax-Beberta Billiard Hatch
Ilaalea aadTrlehett The ler
by Favorite.
trail a re ef the fJabaa laaarreetloa
Uattcrala Bpala The Vickie
Tna fates bave decided against Han Hill.
Iha Uemooratio senators will not unseat
ftellocg. Hampton spoka decidedly against
it on Thursday, and Kayard la also on the
list to speak aealnsl it. En passant,
it is related on creditable authori
ty that when ho was approached
by a Louisiana congressman, and warned
that if he did g he would grt no support
Irom tbat bte ia the National Djmocratio !
convention, Uyard turned upou tlill and
s;vd, ,''S;rt when it is a question of doing my
"'jry as a senator l count reader gins or
Havana. May 15. The so-called insur
gent Mujir- General Macesta and Chief M a ti
nt z, witn four officers, surrendered in the
jurisdiction of Remedioa, and all have left the
island. 1 en other individuals surrendered
in the same jurisdiction.
Madrid. May 15. A fusion has been
effected between the liberal and dynastic par
ties lor the purpose of overthrowing Premier
Uanovas Uel (Jastillo s cabinet. 1 be radicals
and democrats will henceforth be isolated.
Tbis parliamentary revolution, renders pos
sible the early accession of the dynastic lib
erals to power.
Kyan Kas ,
Singleton IMlss.l,
Smith Ida.,
Towcsbend 111.,
wuiis l.
Mr. Gibson demanded the
Mr. Townshend fill.! inquired whether,
if tbe previous question was seconded, there
would be anv debate.
Tbe speaker replied (hat the gentleman
from Louisiana fGibsonl would be entitled to
the hour, but it he did not desire it, under
tbe rules there would b3 fifteen minutes al
lowed for debate in favor, and filteen min
utes in opcosition to the resolution.
Mr. Townshend 111.1 inquired of
Mr. Gibson whether ho would allow an ex
tension of the time for debate, and receiving
a negative answer expressed tbe hope that
the previous question would be voted down
Mr. rtucfcner asked leave to otter an
amendment that the house take a recess from
the thirty-first of May to the eighth of No-
Mr. Gibson rerosed to yield, and the pre
vious question was then seconded yeas, 106;
navs. 62 and the main question ordered
Ibe bait hour debate then begun, lbe
house adopted tbe adjournment resolution
yeas, 121; nays, W.
mark lo.
poegelt, .
IMvIa N.C.I,
luvli Mo.l,
IM La liatir,
Fe'.tOO, -
Harris I Va.1,
previous ques-
ina Ubicxasaw uuaras, ander tbe com-
xoind of Captain Carnes, leave the city to
morrow Bight for Nashville, where tbey go
to compete for t ia prise offered by the cen
tennial commissioners 'for the best drilled
company, the juJges bsiog three officer of
the regular army. We bave confidence in
their ability to surpass all competitors. Last
summer, as during that of 1873, they were
everywhere victors, and were specially com
plimented by General Sherman. The Chick'
aaaws have lost none of tbe efficiency and
pluck that brought them in triumph through
so many trying ordeals, and we reel sure
will return with all their honors fresh
crowned and triumphant.
Wa learn with deep regret that Rev. Dr.
Dal jII, rector of Grace church, has accepted
a call from his old parish at Sbreveport and
will leave ia a few days for that scene of to
many of the best years of his labors for the
church. The doctor came to tbis city in 1378
- ia the twofold capacity of healer and phyai-
- r ,. , ,
uan oi soma ana medical Xpert, lie came
at a time when all the clergymen of the
Episcopal church ia tbe ci'y were sick
or dying, and be labored throughout
the epidemic with a seal that won
for him tho oonfiJinos of the members of his
own church and the respect and esteem of all
of every name who were witnesses of his self
denial, bis unaffected piety and broad
and liberal christian charity. His
call to Grace church was hailed
with satisfaction by fho citixens generally, to
whom he had become endeared for his devo
tion in a time of such great trial and sore
need, and they will part with him
aaw with a regret tempered by the belief
tbat in this, ai in all tbe emergencies of his
life, be obeys tho call of doty. Memphis
loses in him a citizen she had learned to prise
and would gladly honor, aad the Episcopal
church in Tpnnssee a minister in
rpired . by , il thoso qualitiea tbat
are attractive and lovablo in a man whose
heart and myod are in unison and wholly do
vrled tc thefork of Chritt. Dr. Datxoll s
- Hr ,pr of 1 is Master, a self-denying,
. . .
London, May 15. The American minis
ter comes here next Monday.
ignaux will give Roberts five hundred
points in a tbousand points ot tbe French
game ot billiards, and accepts from Roberts
tour hundred points in a thousand-point
English game.
lianlon and Trickett are expected to meet
on the Thames in autumn.
Ben d Or is the present favorite for the
Derby stakes race.
bir John Lubbock, who tat for Maidstone
in tbe last parliament, remains the only
liberal candidate for the London university.
tbe liberal graduates showing a lares ma
jority tor him.
lOO ninth Of the fallen cirders of (hn Tav
bridge has been lifted from the water. There
was an expansion at tbe north end of this
girder, and tbe condition of the iron work,
together with the tact tbat part of the per
manent roadway ea the adioinins snan was
torn away, indicates that it was the first that
gave away on tbe south end.
liOKDON, may 10. lbe criminal crosecn-
tion for libel, instituted by Limbria against
the editor of Tks Truth, resulted in a ver
dict for the defendant.
The chief justice charged strongly against
the prosecutor, pointing out the failure of
Limbrev to call witnesses to rebut the evi
dence of defendants witnesses, which made
out a vrima tacit case against him. Either
these' witness a or Lambrejlcommitted willful
purjury, and they must decide which they
would believe, lbe jury were out ball an
hour. They found that the prosecutor had
played faulty and won money in a specific
case, it was proved by the defendant that
he conspired with Billiard and Guagua to
come to England and win money by card-
sharping, and tbat he falsely assumed the
tuia oi - ooana to train access frt thn p.lubs.
The jury awarded costs against the nroseeu-
L : i . . .
vur, equivalent to saying iiambrey s entire
lesumuny was laise.
Paris. May 15. In the chamber af denn
ties to-day debate was resumed on the pubiio
meeting bill. The minister of justice pro-
posea a compromise, settling tbe difficulty
about the right to dissolve meetings, thus: A
commissary ot police shall have the riuht In
attend meetings and warn those present, but
not to dissolve meetings. This proposal was
adopted by a vote of 263 to 204, and the
whole bill passed. La Pere, minister of the
interior and worship, has intimated to Pre-
. r .l.1 : k i- . . . .
uiirr Ajcr icjvioot ma intention u resign.
The chamber of deputies consists ot about
four hundred and eighty members; one hun
dred and forty belong to the right, one hundred
and forty to the left center and pore left, one
hundred and sixty to the advanced anil forty
to tbe extreme left. Half the extreme !?tt
consistently support the government, while
toe otner halt are led by Flouqaet. Brissen
andUdrt, Republicans, who waut offioe. and
are willing ta overturn the cabinet, even bv a
eoahUoa with the rurht. Th n. -.....
aad monarchist ate always wilhn- n -
lateraatloaal SJaaltary Coaferenee
IHemltiaed la Disgrace Petition
of the Wexaea ladlaa Affairs.
BUI Lookla- ta the Allataaeat of
Iiaada la Severalty ta the Trlbca
- coaaresalonal.
Washington. Mav 15. The President
has approved the j oint resolution authorizing
him to call an international sanitary coster
dismissed the service.
The sentence of the court-martial dismiss
ing lieutenant J. Uranville (jMtes. ot tbe
Twentieth infantry, from the army, has been
Commissioner Raum leaves to-night for
Illinois on private business.
to Senator Don Cameron, chairman of the
National Republican committee, signed by
one hundred and eighteen Republicans of the
senate and house, asking that seats ba pro
vided at Chicago for seventy-six women citi-
s ins. delegates of the women s sun race asso'
ciations. A letter to the National Democratic
committee is ia circulation on the Democratic
side of the house. It has been signed, be
sides others, by J. Proctor Knott, Frank
Uurd and O. R. Singleton.
Secretary Schura was before the senate
committee on the removal of the Cheyennes
and Poncas tor an hour and a bait to-day,
and a general discussion took place relative
to the policy of removing tbe Indians from
tbe Indian Territory. Tbe secretary admitted
that iniuatice has been' done the Poncas by
removing them from their reservation in Da
kota, but he believed they would have
become reconciled before this time, had they
been left undisturbed by outside influences,
by parties who seemed disposed to keep
up a spirit of discontent among them. He
thought their return to Dakota would renew
the old hostility to them and the Sioux, and
deprecated it tor tbe r. aaon that it would
weaken toe noid or tne government upon
tbe Indian territory by tending to dtsintegra
tion, and thus inducing other tribes to de
sire their removal on similar grounds, al-
toouaa no Indians tnere nave so strong a
claim tor removal ncrth as the Poncas, not
evea the Cheyennes. The secretary also set
forth his conviction that the encroachment of
white men upon that Territory could but be
disastrous to all the Indians there.
devoted a long special session to perfecting
the details ot tbe bill to provide tor an al
lotment of lands in severalty to Indians on
various reservations throughout the coun
try and to extend over them the laws of the
respective States and Territories within
which they are now located. It is the in
teution of tbe committee to complete the bill
in time to report it before congress adjourns,
with the view of bringing it forward for its
pa ar age early next session.
Dr. Tctt'b pills is a purely vegetable con
centration tor keeping the bowels in natural
motion and cleansing tbe system ot all im
purities, and a positive cure fur ennatinatinn.
They restore the diseased liver, stomach and
kidneys, to a healthful action, while at the
same time they brace and invigorate the
whole system.
AVrrre Kealgaa.
Liverpool. Mav 15. Sir Bril Fran
has tendered his resignation as governor of
we vape oi '400a nope, . J
The following letter finds a place in the
Appeal in answer not only to the gentlemen
to whom it is addressed, but to all the friends
of Colonel Gallaway who have so kindly
pressed upon him a nomination for chief mag
istrate of the State, and who have so gener
ously extended to him proffers of their help
in the achievement of a success that might
well satisfy the ambition of any public
man in Tennessee. The advice
it contains, opportune and safe as it is, and
sustained by the experience of forty years,
ought not to be without effect, and will rot
be with thoughtful men who prefer the suc
cess and perpetuity of" the Democratic' party
and tbe administration of the government
according to its principles, to the, triumph of
Republicanism. The tribute he pays to Gov
ernor Marks cannot be misunderstood.
It is dictated by a desire for unity
and peace, as well as sympathy and
comradeship, and will ba appreciated
even by those who may differ with him. It
is the hearty and unstinted eff .'ring of a
sincere friendehiD and of a desire to save (he
Democratic party in the State from the dan
gers of factionieuds aad tcpreserve to it the
solidity essential to its success in November.
The Abetter.
Memphis, Hay 12, 1880.
Dr. D. Barry, Editor Furdy Bun:
Dkab Sib I have felt no little concern at seeing
some prominence alveo to my name in connection
with the yet remote Democratic nomination for gov
ernor of Tennessee. A tew weeks since Hr. F. S.
Nichols, of tbe Memphis Avalanch. In tbe abun
dance ot bis personal kindness, tbe amiability of
Ills generous heart, and a love for the profession he
adorns, mentioned my name In connection with gu
bernatorial honors. I regarded tbis suggestion as a
mere personal compliment, and it excited no emo
tions save those of gratitude. But since tbe press
of this State, Mississippi, and especially of Alabama-
tbe land of my birth and home of my youth
hare seriously discussed this matter, lam placed
In the peril of being caught on tbe one or the other
born of tbe dilemma, both of which I would fain
avoid . Silence and seemlrg Indifference to tributes
so high and voluntary, would place me In the atti
tude which I shall never occupy tbat of being a
candidate for office. A too hasty declination places
me in a still more unenviable and embarrassing position-that
of conceiving my nomination possible.
Therefore, so long as It seemed p- rmlsslble to re
gard the use of my name as merely complimentary,
I was Inclined to let tbe matter pass. u 'lmfo
But since you have placed my tL,d or
your paper, and a- j6urdeto,mlnBtlon l0
tie lor comlnatlon, propriety will no longer
sanction silence, and t write tbis to say, tbat
while I am profoundly grateful to you for your
kind words and the honor you would oonfer upon
tns, I have never been a candidate fcr oOe, and that
It Is too late In lire 1 9: tat, to aspire to a position un
sulted my taste and which I have no capacity
either to aceclro or to Oil. My man
Poo has been active, sometimes tem
pestuous, but Its day-dream throughout has been
for quiet serenity In tbe evening of life. In my
younger days, wben the future was painted In the
colors of hope, which youth always Inspires, I bad
no aspirations ; and now when I approach tne even
ing of life, nrd tbe Shadows are lengthened and
reverse?, and the mind turns retrospective, 1 cannot
be Induced, under any circumstances, to become a
candidate. On this point I bave a clear view and a
fixed purpose, and without qualification or mental
reservation announce my determination of contin
uing my old avocation that of helping to make
officials, but never to become one. I have
learned during the forty years that I have been con
nected with tbe press, tbat the editor wbo aids in
conferring great official power Upon indi
viduals, does not always seenre friends;
tbat the force of deep personal obliga
tion Is often even converted Into an
Incentive to hostility and hate, and that the edi
tor strangely miscalculates wbo expects to escape
tbe malice of Its disappointed men and the Ingrati
tude of ' the creatures he has h el pel to ele
vate to placn and power. Tbe approval of
one's professional comrades is always gratifying,
and I sball forget disagreeable memories of the sad
past In tbe pleasing recollection of tbe kind words
which you and so many of my cetemporarles have
recently lavished upon me. These laudations, im
measurably greater than any service I bave rendered.
I accept as ample recompense for past labors
Nothing can stimulate my zsal for tbe party to
which I bave dedicated my life whose principles
are deeply ingrained Into every Doer and ligament ot
my nature, and upon wbosa suejesj hangs sucb
vital Interests. But these kind words will serve to nerve
my arm with strength in the great battle which is to
be decided in November next for the restoration of
tbe government to the landmarks blazed out by the
founders of the republic.
In August next the Democracy of Tennessee will.
In Its proposed State convention, nominate n stand'
ard bearer wbo, it Is hoped, will lead Its legions to
victory. I have carefully surveyed tbe field and bave
arrived at tbe conclusion that it la both to the Inter
est and the duty of tbe Tennessee Democracy to
nomlcate Governor Albert S. Marks for a second
term. He carried the Democratic banner to victory
two years ago, and be has done nothing to forfeit
tbe confidence of his party. His administration bas
been beset by many embarrassments, but he bas
met them bravely, and has performed his duties as
faithfully and 'successfully as any man could
bave done nnder similar circumstances. Governor
Marks Is therefore entitled to tbe Indorsement be
stowed upon his predecessors. All former governors
of Tennessee bave served two terms wben tbey de
sired It. After serving two years Governor William
H. Carroll told tbe people tbat be wanted an In
dorsement of his administration by a second term.
He found no one ready to blast his reputation by
driving him Into Ignominious obscurity. The peo
ple were Just, and stood by a faithful public servant
and re elected Governor Carroll to a Becond term.
James K. Folk after serving one term was made tbe
candidate of his party for another. James C. Jones
was elected governor In 1841, and wben be asked
the Indorsement of bis party It unanimously rallied
to bis support and made him its standard-bearer.
Governors Trousdale and Nell S. Brown were in
dorsad and made candidates for second terms, to
were Andrew Johnson, I; ham G. Harris, John C.
Brown and James D. Porter. Governor A. 8.
Marks was elected two years ago. and
It he desires sucb an Indorsement as
his predeceswrs have received, I cannot believe
that tbe Democracy ot Tennessee will place tbe ban
of disapprobation upon a soldier, patriot and states
man whose character is without stala or blemish. I
served two years as a soldier In General N. B. For
rest's command, by the skie of A. S. Maiks; was wl:h
him In tbe camp, tbe march, the battle, and bad
ample opportunities tor sounding the man In all his
higbt, his length, bis breadth and his deptb. and
learned to love him for the noble attributes of bis
generous heart, and to admire hts great abilities, his
genius, bis honesty, bis manhood and heroic patriot
ism. At Murfreesboro, tbe frosty earth was crlm
soned with the blood he shed In defense of tbe peo
ple of Tennessee, and If there be left a leg to tell
tbe story ot bis fidelity to tbe soil be was defending
from the tread of tbe Invader, be brought In triumph
from the field ot battle, made lustrous and lmperlsb
able by tbe splendor ot bis own valor, an unsullied
bonor and a devotion to tbe cause which never fal
tered. Tbe sympathies of tbe people should cluster
around such a man, and I cannot believe that the
high-hearted, true and Just Democracy of Tennessee
will sacrifice a neble and gifted son, who has en
countered tbe many embarrassments to which be
bas been subjected, with an bonest puroase, and wbo
has been true to the platform upon which be was
elected by hlspaity. I was taught. In the early
years ot my life, tbat gratitude was tbe boast of
tbs commonwealth, tbe heritage ot the faith
ful; tbat those who could bring with
them a lifetime of duties well performed, would al
ways Inspire the love and affections ot these they
bad served. But if Albert S. Marks should be struck
down in tbe house of his mends, it would indicate
that tbe times have changed; tbat there Is no Incent
ive for honest devotion to the public servlee.and that
all our loud professions of gratitude are nothing but
'sounding brass or a tinkling cjmbaL" Talk about
repudiation; but tbe saddest day in the history of our
commonwealth, made grand and glorious by tbe
achievements ot our statesmen and soldiers, would
be the day on which ths people repudiate their own
children, and makes them criminals without a
crime. The chief executive of a State, who con
scientiously discharges his duty, makes enemies,
and sometimes mistakes. Governor John C, Brown
and Governor James D. Porter were made the vic
tims ot calumny and traduced by enemies in their
own parly; they were charged with mistakes, acts ot
commission and omission. But tbe Just and gen-
erOBS Democracy ot Tenuessee threw Its protecting
egls over their reputations, and Indorsed them by
nominating and electing them to a seoond term.
The same Justice should be meted out to Governor
Albert S. Marks. But if tbe party, forgetful of Its
traditions, Is determined to scourge this
faithful public servant from office, there
Is eonsolauon In the reflection tbat It cannot rob
Governor Marks of his Incorruptible honesty and
tbe affections of a people be has so faithfully
served. The shining virtues of Arlsiides were not
dimmed by the despicable and fickle Ingrates wbo
banished hlui, and If Governor Marks Is to be ostra
cised by bis party, he, too, can appropriately ex
State of Tennesssee from the clutches of the party
which once ruled and ruined the south Is tbe par
amount duty of the Democratic party, and. unless
wise counsels prevail in the August convention, the
success ot the party w t J be placed in Jeopardy. At
tbe last Presidential election, the Democrats of Ten
nessee polled about one hundred and thirty-three,
thousand votes and the Republicans about eighty
nine thousand and five hundred votes. If there
should be two Democratic candidates In the field
for governor, and the vote be divided, each would re
ceive sixty six thousand five hundred votes, which
would elect the Republican high-tax candidate for
governor by a majority of over twenty-three thou
sand. Nor does the danger end here. Tbe next
canvass will be one of Intense bitterness. The ex
istence of the. Republican party depends upon the
result, it will fight with the desperation of de
spair; and, much as It prates about Its immaculate
purity on the State debt question, it will stultify It
self and vote with the bolting Democrats to defeat
the organized Democracy, and thus gain a party ad
vantage In the State. Such a combination would
place another Mahone In the United States senate
In the place of Hon. James X. Bailey, and Marsh T.
Polk, J. L. Games and Charles N. Glbbs would be
supplanted by tbe officials spawned Into existence
by an unholy alliance. The Republicans sneer at
the Idea of affiliating with bolting, low-tax Demo
crats, bnt so tbey did In Virginia, and afterward
Joined the readjusting Democrats and formed a
combination wblcb, in Its malice and vlndlctlveness,
swept out the old officials and elected In their places
Radicals and repudlators. Human nature Is the
same everywhere, and what occurred In Virginia
may be repeated in Tennessee. To prevent such a
calamity the State convention, which convenes In
August, should strive to conciliate and recon
cile tbe factions which divide the
Democratlo party. In view of the : late
vote of the people of Tennessee on the proposed
settlement of the State debt, no good will result to J
ins jM-weraaa pany, tlx- -ia tt i wiita rtrtae
bondholders by forcing this question Into the next
canvass. If tbe bondholders are wise tbey will not
permit It to be made an Issue In a Presidential elec
tion, wben national politics will overshadow every
thing else and prevent a correct expression of pubiio
opinion on questions of State policy. If made an
issue separate and apart from an exciting political
contest a candid and bonest expression of the peo
ple could be elicited. Tbe Republicans look upon
repudiation as an abomination, but hating still more
tbe Democratic party, in times of high excitement
tbey will stultify themselves as tbey did In Virginia,
and east their votes more with a view of dividing
and distracting tbe Democratic party than to main
tain tbe credit ot the State. Elect good men to the
legislature next November and I believe tbey can
make a compromise with the creditors ot the State
which will be ratified by the people In a separate
election In 1861, when every man can vote
bis honest convictions uninfluenced by tbe
party passions which are always engendered
by a heated canvass for ths Presidency.
The prospects ot the Pennsylvania Democracy were
recently clouded by local dissensions, which threat
ened disaster In tbe national and State canvass.
But In the State convention a tew days since all dif
ficulties were reconciled, and the party is now united
and sanguine of victory. Profiting by this example,
tbe Democrats of Virginia, divided like those of
Tennessee on the State debt question, are laboring
to brlDg about a reunion, and from all parts of the
grand old commonwealth comes the cheering news
tbat tbe breach In the party Is being rapidly filled up.
Both factions agree la the opinion that tbe debt
question should not obtrude Itself Into tbe national
canvass, and the Virginia Democracy will go Into the
contest ignoring local Issues and united In a patri
otic effort to annihilate the Republican party, which
is fighting Its last great battle for life and the power
it has so shamefully abused. Let the example set
by Penrsyivanla and Virginia be adopted by the
Democracy ot Tennessee. The war -
and recrimination shou''' ' , "lnatlon
ot concUlo" ' siPPlanted by a spirit
nd Bod ftetlhg. Let the watch
word ot the Tennessee Democracy be, from now un
til tbe second of November, "Close up the ranks."
Long accustomed to writing wita the Impersonal
ity of tbe Journalist, nothing but circumstances
whlah 1 could not control force me tb obtn- uese
views opon the public In a wlth whicbl am un
familiar aJ wnich Is repugnant to my nature. But,
Democrat as I am In the profoundest depths of
beait and mind and brain, I make these suggestions
with no object In view beyond the success of the
grand old party, whose fortunes are Immeasurably
dearer to me than thise of any living Individual.
Trusting that the Tennessee Democracy will bury
Its teuds, and unite In the coming contest, fraught
as it Is with grave results to the life ot the nation,
and again thanking you'; my dear Dr. Birry, for
your kind words and a friendship which I highly
prize, I subscribe myself very truly yours.
Guilt Trembling Upon the Air of West
' Point The Examination of Tester
iij a More Trying- Ordeal
t than Having His Ears
' Cropped.
Five Experts Swear that the Anonv-
l t moos Hole of If arnlnjr Is bj the
: : Same Hand that Wrote the
,v Letter to Whlttaker's
Alleviated by tbe Oood Offices ef the
Noble Hearts Wlibta Tbelr
Two Attempts Made to Rekindle the
Flames la the Already Inciner
ated TlIlBce.
Miltoit. Pa.. May 15. This place has
been crowded with people all day. At noon hundreds
gfuuereu arouna tne mm wnere 100a was aistriDutea
by the relief committee. Several car-loads of pro
visions arrived during the day. A telegraphic order
was received from tbe treasurer of tbe Philadelphia
relief committee tor fire thousand dollars and prom
ising mure, ana anoiuer irom ittionei M iaure. au
thorizing tbe proper persons to draw on tbe Time
for seven hundred and fifty dollars. Two hundred
and flit? tents, forwarded by Governor Hon. were
erected In tbe fields. Four car-loads ot people went
to watson. own to spend tbe night. Food was again
distributed at tbe mill tbia evening, and persons
worth thousands yesterday accepted charity relief
tbis evening. TQe next distribution of food occurs at
nine to-morrow morning. There arrived on tbe noon
train thirty kegs of beer. A remonstrance was
made against its delivery, and It was returned to tbe
shlopicg point. Men bave been at work tearing
down the crumbling ruins. At five o'clock this
evening intense excitement was caused by two at
tempts 10 rekindle tbe fire. A bundle of rags, situ-
rated with ooai-oll. was placed at tbe back door of
tbe Gres bouse, a wooden hotel, and tbe only one
lelt in town, and wben discovered It bad set Are to
the house. Another attempt was made to fire tbe
old Cotlamiss depot In the soutnern part ot town.
As soon as these discoveries were made
tbe people were In a frenzy. A reward of sis hun
dred dollars was offered for tbe apprehension of the
incenaiaries aiucn contusion ensued, the people
s.emlng to become wild from fear and excitement,
and many whose property was saved yesterday
packed up their goods and prepared for flight In
case of HD'tutr fire. Colonel Stead, .'of Wllllam-i-
port, wltb two companies ot militia, arrived to night,
A temporary postofhoe bas been erected, and m-ill
deliveries will be resumed In the morning. Some
of tbe lesdlng business firms have secured rooms.
Others will commence rebuilding Monday. Dis
patches bave been received from different sections
of tbe country offering aid. At the request ot tbe
citizens tbe railroad company bas refused lo run
excursion trains to-morrow. Tbe local relief
committee bas Issued an appeal to tbe
pubiio. It says: "Alter a eareful personal
Inspection of tbe situation, we submit to tbe Deonle
of Pennsylvania and tbe benevolent everywhere the
rouowtng as 10 me extent 01 tne losre, the condi
tion of tbe inhabitants, and the aid necessary for
tbe proper relief of the town:
Fir$ULonnes. Tbe Ore swept with total destruc
tion, In the b'lef space of five hours, an area of one
mile long and half a mile In width, compactly built,
covering the entire business and best built portion
or me town, ana lnciuotug, witn a v;ry lew ana
minor exceptions, all the churches, stores, banks
and manufactories, involving a loss of about two
million dollars; Insured only to tbe extent ot five
hundred tbousand dollars, as nearly as we can find
atcond. Tbe Immediate necessity of tbe Deonle
for toud bas been met by prompt and generous con
tributions of provisions from tbe country and towns
near Ashland. Si 111 moresuppile of food will be
necessary before tbe people can relieve themselves.
Huudreds and hundreds of people men, women
and children are houseless and penniless, having
nothing left but tbe clothes on toelr backs.
Third. The needs. At present contributions
of medical supplies, and clothing for m iles ahd
remaies or an ages, are mucn neeaeo. in nve snort
hours this beautiful and flourishing town bas been
laid in ashes, and the accumulations ana business
of generations have been totally consumed. Those
wno arose in me morning rrom ineir neus
lu elegant and comfortable homes, as well
as tbe more bumble bouses, found themselves
at night without homes, property, business, or
occupation; everybody looking anxiously In the dark
and uncertain 1 uiure, ana while witn one thought
tbey bewail me loss or everyining dear to tnem, in
the next tbey are asking themselves how It will ever
be possible for tbem to retrieve tbelr ruined fortunes.
8CRANTON. May 15. A mass-mestlnewas held
to-night for tbe relief of 1 llton. A car-load of pro
visions were forwarded and the pastors were assed
to take up a collection In tbe churches to-morrow.
NEW TOteK. May 15 Major Cooner this after
noon received a dispatch Irom Milton asking for a
contribution of clothleg and other articles.
M1LFORD. PA.. May 15. KUtht thousand acres
of woodland are now burning. More bouses were
destreied this morning. Men are stationed along
the line or me nre 10 prevent its advancing.
There are Immense fires la Monroe countr. New
The Only Vernae-Iar Now Heard
tbat Emlaently Tarry Town,
Louisville, Mav 15. About one hundred
aad fifty horses came down on a special train
Irom Lexington, and there are now three
hundred, thoroughbreds here to take part in
the coming carnival of races. The Jockey
club grounds are alive with people taking
notes and points lor the Darby. There is
every indication that Derby day will be a rala
day to the citizens of Louisville. Stranger
are beginning to crowd the corridors ot the
hotels, and nothing in the annals of the turf
will compare witu the racinz events of the
next few days. Fonso, Quito, Kimball and
Kinkead seem to be the leading tavontes,
but the dark horses are so strong that tbe
field will be well backed. '
Is Not Vet Entirely free Her People
CaaHpeuk Oaly trader JHaale
Ipal (surveillance.
" More true Joy Marcellus exiled feels
Than Caesar with the senate at his heels."
Every Tennessee Democrat will contemplate with
a sad heart the possibility of seeing the party divided
oa the State debt question. Jbere Is no man In
Tennessee who bas a greater- abhorrence ot repu
diation than myself. For years I have pleaded for
pubiio honor, Justice and fair dealing with the
State's creditors; but, at the same time, I believe
that tbe Democratic party has Jutlss to perform
Important as that ot maintaining the pMKhted credit
of tbe State, and first of these Is to defeat ths Re
publicans In the November elections. Tbis canawt
be done without Democratic unity, and, to secure
this, the State debt question should be eliminated as
far as possible from the next canvass. To save the
Paris. May 15. The .committee of the
chamber ot deputies on public meetings have
decided to withdraw clause 9, to which an
amendment was c tiered providing tbat tbe
police commissaries shall have power only to
report upon the proceedings but not to dis
solve tbe meetings, and substitute therefor a
provision to the ettect that mayors shall con
tinue to exercise over public meetings the
right of surveillance conferred by the laws of
1790 and 1791.
Uaod Chaaee for a Bis Steal.
Yankton. May 15. A cyclone at Rosebud
Landing last Wednesday oompletels demolished all
tbe warehouses that were used for storing Indian
supplies. - , ,
Strlhlaa; laborers Arrestea.
New Orleans. May 15. Twelve of the
leading strikers, colored, in riaquemms panau,
were brought to the city by tbe military, eaarged
with disturbing the peace and Interfeiuf wlm la
borers. , . .
A. Taste of tbe Barkskls, f
Newcastle, Del , May 15. Two Whites
and five nproes were publicly' whipp to
day, one colored burglar receiviuir forty very
heavy lashes, which brought the blood tieely.
JL bay aged ten years received - nve 'light
West Point, May 15. James E. Payne,
the expert, was recalled, and testified to a
striking sameness in one set ot papers re
ceived by him. His testimony was, in the
main, corroborated by other experts. The
court-room was filled with people, it being
stated that Cadet Whittaker would undergo
a severe examination.
Cadet Whittaker was called on and in re
ply to questions stated that he had heard be
fore he came to the academy of the way in
which colored cadets were treated. The
prospect was not encouraging, but he had in
some respects been treated better than he
- A copy of Lieutenant Flipper's book on
hcvolored cadet was shown Whittaker. The
'tookAcotttaisnd an extract .from, a lettv from J
Whittaker, in which he spoke ot his treat
ment as " bully." Whittaker said the ex
tract was a correct one, and it was a true
statement of his sentiments at the time it
was written. He thought from accounts that
some colored cadets had been treated worse
than he had.
Question Has there been anything in your
or their treatment that would lead a sensible
man to mutilate or mike himself sick? An
swer No, not if he were a man. Whittaker
said when wrongs done him were reported
to the authorities they had been redressed;
he had no clue to the perpetrators of the out
rage; he had some suspicions of Cadets
Blake and M 'Donald; he suspected Blake
on account of the manner in which Blake
treated him a few days before the outrage; he
put on Blake's cap by mistake one day, and
Blake was very angry about it; he also sus
pected Blake because of the Bcornful manner
iniwbich Blake moved out of the way one
day when he (Whittaker) was leaving the
Qies. Do you thick this scorn was suffi
cient to lead a man to mutilate another, and
run the risk of being diemissed from the
army ot the United States, and being con
fined in the penitentiary. Ans. I know a
sensible man would not do it, but I know
some men could be so debased and so biased
that they cnld be led to such an act. He
did sot entertain these suspicions at the time
of his previous examination. They were an
afterthought. Ha had those suspicions for
some time. Ho suspected M'JOEald Torn a
fuss ke had with him when they were plebs.
Hs Lad knowledge of this fuss before tbe
iavt Ligation began, but since his -c71ng
testimony he had t;-gnt the matter all
oyer, 10c lCg jg treatment by various
miet and he had now reached the conclu
sion jiist given. He had seen tome evidences
of aversion toward him by several other
cadets, but not like that of Blake. He did
not remember that be told Lieutenant Knight
of his suBDielon?,
Qaes. If yoa have not told him do you
think you have done your duty to him as
yoar counsel and yourself? Ans. I think I
have if I did not think of it when talking
with him. If he had not told Lieutenant
EoigLt, perhaps his suspicions tfere not
strong enough.
The recorder showed Whittaker a letter
and asked: "Is that your writing?"
Whittaker said he couldn't tell till he read
the letter, ind he reached out lor it.
The recorder would not let him take it.
Recorder fou see this letter; is tbat your
Whittaker refused to say whether the writ
ing was his or not till he had examined the
letter more closely, and he reached for it
again and again. The recorder withdrew it,
when Lieutenant Knight stepped up and
took the letter from the recorder's chair, and,
turning about, handed it to Whittaker, who
read it over carefuliy. This took considera.
ble time, the letter covering many paifes.
Recorder Sears seemed nettled, and bis course
caused considerable criticism by the specta
tors. He must have overheard some ot tbe
tmarU f.ir. nil he auftin tooit his chair, he
said : "I ask if anyone not connected with the
court make any remarks that tbey be required
to teave t&e. room. 1 bave not made Buy 00
lections before, but I now make this n quest.'
President Mordecai IE any one muk's
any remarks they will be required to leave
the room."
The letter was finally read aloud by Whit
taker. Ia it the Cadet said he felt himself
utterly forlorn and friendless. Ha could
hardlv have dreamed tbat soma day the ca-
diits would have done him an injury. He re
ferred ta the outrage as "barbarous." and
said as he thought of it aiger even boiled
within his breaxt. He stated the circum
stances of the attack iu detail; saying his in
juries might be "sbpeifieial," es they had
been termed, yet they would remain with
him. ' It was not the slight scratches he had
received, but the outraee itself be cared
about. He EroKe of it as an act si fiendibh
and cowardiv tbat even the savages would
hide their heads with shame at tbe thought
of it. He said it cast a beautiful reputation
on one of the highest schools of the country.
and he felt that the day of retribution must
come to his coweri'.y persecutors, and t-x-
nreased bis faith in heaven.
His readintr of the letter was intensely
dramatic, suitirg his voice and manner to the
written sentences. Tbe letter wat written to
a colored man named Weston, in New York
city. Io one portion of tbe letter wa9 a sen
tence as follows : "A-jd yet this is what I
have suffered at one of your schools boasting
of honor," etc.
Rjcorder Sears asked him how he recon
ciled the statements in the letter with the
testimony he had recently given. 1
Whittaker replied 1 Those were the utter
ances of my heart, and I hey were my feel
ings when 1 wrote, and cling to tbem to-day,
sir, just s tenaciously as when they weie
written. "
The recorder asked him if the marks on his
ears remain, and he replied in the affirmative
and turned bit head so the court cculd see his
ears. There are yet slight scratches ou them.
The recorder next cross-examined the witness
on his former evidence and his first state
ment; his discrepancies were trivia'. H-J was
questioned closrly as to his knowledge ol the
manner thy mark hogs down south and how
the necroes in Sjuth Carolina were mutila
ted by the kuklux. To the latter he answered
that he bad heard of the shooting of tbem cd
burning of th-m, but be never heard ot their
noes or lips being slit or their ears being
In reply to questions, he eaid tbat he had
written two or three, stories, but he had not
sent them to anv newsuapei : he had written
two or three siinpiy tor amusement iu his
leisure hours: be had written one or two love
Btoriee, and bad read some sensational litera
ture, but not much.
Qaes. D j yoa or have you considered that
you have a special mission to perform for the
uncial elevation of vour race, more so than
any other intelligent or educated man?
Ans. N-it more so than any other intel-
liTp.it and educated man.
'Whittaker had six handkerchiefs, but only
four were iound: be couldn't tell where the
other two were; if his uecktie could not be
found ho encDOStd it was lost; he always
used a pillow-case on his pillow, and couldn't
tell how bis goite came to D3 on tne uror; 11
Mia door was loocked io the bath-room when
ha was there he didn't know it, and he didn't
think it was found locked; it may have
He was handed a letter he wrote to his
mother on the day of the outra.e, and he
rami it. nlond.
nHi. Why doyou say ia thatletter' Ishall
. . - - 1 . C T I i ,A
see that ju.uce ia u'u, 11 uaio i iiij i
vmrresay" Ana. Well. sir. I know I am in
nocent ana 1 wanted a iuu investigation. 1
never hid a doubt that the authorities would
invfiiit.ifrate it.
He wis questioned closely about the burnt
nart found on the floor, and then he again
described how be laid upon the floor. He
was afraid to cry out. tearing he would be
killed. His bible was intact the night be
fora and he could not account for the fact
that the flv-leaves had been carefully
cut out and tbat the cuts were of the length
r,f tiia sr.iaaor -blade. Had DO suspicion who
the third cadet misrht be. Ha was smal er
than Cadet Biake: taller than M'Donald.
Flipper had sent him a telegram suggesting
tVint. M'D inald micht be one of his assailants.
No one else has sngge&ted the name of a
radet. He has sooken to Detective Fisher
and other detectives about Blake and M'Don
In reply to questions be added, No one
suggested that I should mention their names
n the ennrt. I thick I have done justice in
not mentioning before I was asked. I do
nt. think it iustlce to mvself to mention any
suspicions unless I have perfect grounds
Ques How can you justify yourself in
coming into court and bringing the names
nf these men in:o arsreputer
Ans. You asked me; I have the right to
tell -nn.
Tha recorder then asked him if he still ad
bered to his statement that he knew nothing
about the note of warning, and he replied
that he did.
Suppressed portions of tho reports of the
experts were read by the recorder, showing
n,ai earh PTMtrt fixed nnon the handwriting
of Cadet Whittaker aa tbe hsndwritiog of
the person wbo wrote tbe note of warning
Tk .latamenlB of the experts all bore sa
verelv acainat Whittaker. The suppressed
-Artinn of Exrjert Southworth s report pre
sented at the secret session of tho court was
read. He says: i r
iu, u.irci. VI V 4 A .1 1. VJ .... .
tion In dlaoo-erloe this DOtnt. which discovery will
do much toward settling the aflalr. As far
as tbe authorship of Ibis note Is concerned, the
truth stands forth to all Interested, friends and roes.
If there be any, beyond doubt or eavU, tbat this
most perplexing and annoying question has been
solved. I bave, to tbe best of my ability, arranged
two frames of glass so as to exhibit my discovery to
any one who may properly examine. Mo. 1 Is tbe
questioned note, placed In Juxtaposition wltb part
of sheet from set "A" In two places. We first no
tice eut of paper on top, as arranged and cut at the
paper mills. Neit tbe rulings, and then the ragged
edges in juxtaposition where It was separated, per
haps with a paper-cutter. No matter with what, so
long as tbe Indented spot on one edge bas Its
corresponding top opposite. 80 ot No. 2. which Is
out of set No. I, and marked as above described,
and plaeed as I have described heretofore No. 1.
This testimony created a sensation, which
was greatly increased when it was announced
that the piece of paper on which the anony
mous note was written was torn from the
sheet on which Whittaker had started to
write a letter to his mother, which an ex
pert had taken from set one and marked
"A," in two places. Every one of the ex
perts, five in all, identified the writing of
Whittaker as the handwriting in the note of
warning, three ot them being positive.
Whittaker was not questioned alter
above conclusions were announced, and
the court then adj inrned tall Monday.
la tseastoa Yesterday at Claelaaatl
Pass Upon Very Many Insportaat
neasares Afteetlnsr the Chareh's
Oreatest Interests The Colored Breth
. rea Determined Upea aa Eea-
leal Ceaaell.
; Cincinnati,- My 4 Thanr! con
ference to-day ekcd fien'tmio St. James
Frey editt-r of the Centra? Christian Adc
tats, St. Louis, the vo?e standint,: Frey, H57;
W. R. Goodwin, 62; J. M. C C;x, 40.
The committee on bock concern reported,
recommending tbe postponement of further
election of editors fdr the present, and the
report was adopted. They also reported io
favor of the discontinuance of the publication
of the National Repository and Golden Hours.
This was laid ou the table to enable Dr.
Curry to present a plea for the Repository.
The committee also recommended that the
deficiency of one hundred and twenty thou
sand dollars in the episcopal fund be charged
to profit and loss by the book concern.
Adopted. ,
Tbe committee on the entertainment of
the next general coaferenee reported a plan
for dividing tbe expenses among all the
churches, instead of burdening those where
the conference meets. The plan is to appoint
a commission ef nine, who shall make aa ea
rn ate of the entire cost, boarding delegates
at hotels or other places, and all other ex
penses of the conference, and make an ap
portionment of the fond to the various con
ferences, the amount to be raised yearly, in
the first three years of thd qaadreoninm,
and the deficiency, if any, to be raised in the
fourth year. This was made the special
order for Monday, '
A long discussion took nlace over tha
choice of place for the Hrdintltion of bishops.
Music hall was favored by mtny as affording
iue mum comiorraoie accommodations tor a
large audienc. brt :. - -..
.-uugut jl improper to noia mi important
meeting in a secular building. By a close
vote the conference chose St. Paul s church.
Adjourned till Monday. ;
Colored feeaneaieal Ceaaeil ts) be
St. Louis, May Id. The African Metho
dist conference appointed the following ccm
rcitteo to Call an ecumenical codncil to unite
all tbe colored branches of the Methodist
church: Rvs. A. A. Williams, T. H Jack
son, H. M. Tarner. C. S Shaffia, R. T. Cain,
a. R Carroll and W. u. Uunton. 1 he con
ference is now balloting for three additional
musical friends gave the closing entertain
ment, presenting two operettas, Pauline and
II Jacqhjr'mmai pieces were, if anything,
bettefixia'ered than on the previous nights,
the gentlemen ad htdies in the CaBts having
become more at ease and self-possessed at
each appearance. Thoso who appeared on
the stage at the matinee performance were
Misses Jennie Jones, L-zzie M'Clelland, Jen
nie Camo snd Margneritte Apperton, and
Messrs. W. J. Steele, George L. Castner and
Bell W. Ktheridge. The different perfor
mances were well managed by Mr. James
Kirkland, well conducted by Mr. Emile Levy,
and well directed by Mr. George Handwer
ker. The want of a Btrong chorus was per
ceptible, and its absence cannot be too much
deplored, because it would have added no lit
tle to the attractiveness and effect of the very
pleasing operettas.
St. Joseph's Chareh Pie ale.
At Estival park on to-morrow a picnic,
barbecue and musical festival will be given
by the numbers of St. Joseph's Catholic
church. The committee of arrangements
have made ample preparation for the enter
tainment of all visitors.
Chaaeery Coart M'Dewell. Jadge.
Adjourned uutil Monday. 3657, H. D.
Cox vs Wair, added to pending calendar.
Clrealt Ceart-Hea. J. O. Pleree. Jd"a.
The May term of this court begins to-morrow.
Cases must be . tried or continued on
the first call. The following U the calendar
for to-morrow: 6280, M. Hartman Vs H.
Caro; 6311. Mary Fury, administratrix, vs
B. Roch; 2274, Joseph SMismaa vs Charles
Jones and others: 2456, E. P. Harris et al. vs
Win. Jfcjcej -3121, Robert Mullms, adminis
trator; vs James A. Anderson; 3122, same vs
same; 3300, James Wells v Mary A. Schoon
over; 3619, Edwin D. Morgan f d Merchants
national bank; 3763, D. H. Pcston et at. T?
J. R. Williams; 3781. C. G. Mitchell, ad
ministrator, vs W. C. Stewart & Bro.; 3782,
same vs same; 3329. W. R. Hines et al. vs
W. A. Bickford; 3854, New York life insur
ance company vs Thomas W. Ray ford; 3891,
Eveline P. Harris et al. vs Elizabeth M'Dir
mott et al.; 3913, E. C. Patterson vs E. M.
Apperson; 3918, E. M. Apperson vs E. C.
Patterson; 3944. James G. Moff ttt v W. A.
Edmonds; 4010, Mrs. Nancy Smith v city of
Memphis; 4046. B. W. Bynum vs T. J. Cogs
well; 4147, L. F. Dunn, administrator, vs E
M. Appemon; 4178, Ralph Hicks vs D'niel
Jones; 42o8, J. D. Qieteents et al vs H L
Douglass; 4397, A. Harnett fa Joe Beligmaa
et al ; 4539. a A. Stockley and wife vs Jane
Searcy; 4775, Joseph Roeers vs Enoch Eosley
et al.; 4784, Adams & Jefferson vs Soothern
oilworks; 6118, P. S. Powers, vs John John
son and City of Memphis; 6147, Lem Carter
vs Jesse A. Forrest; 523t, ri. Worsham vi
city of Memphis; 5257. Panel oil and fer
tiliser company vs John T. Leaton & Co.;
5253, same vs same; 5290. J H. Lewenstein
et al. vs J. A. Shane; 5390, Tim Finnesey vs
city of Memphis; 53S4. Freed men's saving
and trust company vs K R. Kaight.
Ofnelal Health Kepsrt,
Mortuary report for .the week
Saturday, May 15 h. at 6 p.m i
ran Qi miTiOQii
1000 Infants' Ontflts !
At Cost of
At Cost Of
ins !
Materials !
-k h n
r a. a
City Property in Nashville for Sale by
the Chancery Coart.
iWNSISiTWa f splendid HK3IDENCES froo""
U on Kara stre. Immediate! In 'root ot th
Jackson 8tatue In the Capitol rounds. t- '1b'rw!
one vacant Lot adjoining the- rwldenc. This prop
erty fronts on Park strel and runs cjtumpI
str-si, having tbe aavanWeof both sir"-
sons tfesirln a pleasant and hthfirtdec-e. in
the best locution In the eltv. would do well Jo"n
this sale, as It Is tot seldom that such provertj la
placed en the marurt at ruDiio m b.
naie liuu irvra reurm.n ron. sma
Klder Johnson
H. C. West
Intant Lehman
Katie Muller...
H. Senuman...
A. Bussel
Ous yrahara...
Thomas Maj.J
Hen 17 Pierce...
Isaac Hope
Airred. Garsh
Mary K. Lewis.
A Jackson
Hlnnle Miner..
P. Bel ley
35 male.
44 mala.
85 male.
8 mo female
ltt female.
2rao female.
HU male.
IU male.
BO male,
lmo male.
38 male.
8d male.
7w female.
2d female.
I female.
21 ! remain
No. 95, r. and A. M., will meet in
tuted Mm mention to-morrow (MONO AY)
martin, at Tib o'clock. Election of Treas
urer ana important ousurasa. visiung ivupuiiuui
ar fraternally larfted.
By order w. a.- uiihiwb, u. r.
Johk D. Htmir. Secretary.
Bluff City B. and L. Association.
fTiHl monthly meeting of the Directors will be
J. held MONDAY EVKNLNU, May 1 7th. at eight
o'clock. Members are requested lo pay their dues
during the dar.
uyora r or w. n- uio rnnuouu
Stsnnti. HfHBCB, 8eeretary.
found in river
Intiam. bow'ls
maL fever,
mat. fever.
ool'ed consumption,
col'e d hydrothorax.
col'ed jdropsy
col'ed ! marasmos.
col'ed i consumption.
cored marasmus,
col'ed 'convulsions,
col'ed spina bifida,
col'ed .marasmus.
) col'ed) tuberculosis.
THK Committee ot Arrangements partletXarty re
quest Mrs. T. J. LATHAM and tbe Chairman
of the different committee to occuay seats opon the
stand to-day during the exercises. Tbe order of ex
ercises will be announced by Mr. Joslah Patterson.
Chairman Committee of Arrangements.
Petition Sent to Gsveraor Harks by
the Jnda-es of tkte Supreme Csart
As hi-a TkttT. SS. Csffee be
Coroner's Uqueet.
nixtrihutinn of Deaths by Wards First,
1; second, 0; third, 1; fourth. 1; fifth, 3;
sixth, 2; seventh, 2; eighth, 1; ninth, 1;
tenth, 2- City hospital, 2. KttU born, 1.
White, 6. Colored, 10. .Fo.ta16.
R. B. lre, M. D.,
Secretary Board of Health.
I. O. 1$. It.
rrvnTr-S8" lodgs, n. soi-wiu how its 1 155-
JL alar meeting ibis (SUNDAY) evening, at 4 VI
o'c'ocs. Brethren will please attend.
Old Orchard BeaeM...... Maine,
X. C. 8TAPLS3....Proprtetr.
LABGK8T end best seislde hotel In New England.
Finest beach In the world. Beautiful pine groves.
Four miles railroad 00 beseh for pleasure riaga.
Some interest havinsr been manifested here
as to the reason why a pardon was granted
by Governor Marks to Thomas B. Ccffae, we
bave taken some pains to secare a copy of
the document sent to the covernor by the
attorney-general of the State and the judges
ot the supreme court, praying tor the exer
cise of executive clemency in this particular
case. Here it is 1
Supreme cotnrr ot TkmnbssCS, 1
JAIKSOK, Txnv, May 8, 18bO. I
Governor A. S. Marks: d ....
Dkab Blr-V, B. Coffee -was convicted in tbe
criminal oourt of Shelby county tor ear-ring a pistol.
and tbe liulemenl ba been afurn ted b the supre r
nun ou uiis uaj. n was uneu iiiiy uuimia suu
Imprisoned sixty days In the county workhouse.
The proof showed that his life was threatened by a
dangerous man. and thereupon he armed himself
because bis life had been threatened. I think this
a case proper for executive clemency, and therefore
recommend that be be pardoned. Bespectf ulty, N
BENJ. J. LEA, Attorney-GeneraL
Approved: B- M'Farland, P. Turner, W. F. Cooper,
Thos. J. Freeman, Jaa. W. Dead rick.
is nEnoBun.
Te HI he In Heaves.
In memory tit Mias EaMH. who died October 16, "78.
Two years In heaven I but memory still woHldl bring
Her dewy wreath to lay upon thy grave;
Tbe Sowers ot love and hope, whose fadeless spring
Still wafts their perfume o'er death's silent wave.
How ort our hearts have followed lhe afar.
And dreamed of thee UDon the hills of light.
And wondered It the radiant gates ajar
Have lelt us still within thy raptured sight.
O, glorious vision of that elty fair I
Bright with the smile of God o'er all Its streams,
TlnB maraat ia m It KnmA RlflCA thfjn Kit tkerS 1
How thrui our near La Deneatn its goiiren su-una
Bowles Cigars.
ALIBTOAL shipment Just to barwl Ure and
mall size, and deelrs bie e 'lors. Bck. or
ders can now benliedJIBT4ja
. . . .1 . . .-B.t.Br. i
X IlrC DaSl inUU IWIUU ' . ; . Vi. ..TtrTt .InhMl -
There bas thou laid alt earthly buroens down
To walk in light while lite and time abide. .
Fore verm ore I And as the vision brljrbt
SU1I flashes with its radiant glory given,
We can but say Gcd chose for thee aright
To guide thy footsteps to the morn of 'l -,,
Setting Yesterday of the Auxiliary
Association Pablle Latrines tw
be Pot no Ksrth closets.
The aoiiliary sanitary association met yes
terday afternoon. Present : James S. Pres-
t'Re, president; Uolton Greene, first vice
president; N. PontainP, second yice oreni
("ent; A. D. Lingstaff, secretary; W. W.
Tbacher, treasurer.
The minuses of the previous meeting were
read and adopted.
Tbe president stated tbat tbe object of tbe
meetira w, s to hear tbe report ot Uolton
Greene, chairman of the committee on pubiio
General Greene stated that he correspond
ed with many parties in regard to latrines.
and he believed tbat be bad at last succeeded
in obtaining; specifications and plans for a
public latrine that wben bnilt would be ac
ceptable. The cost, however, for tbis latrine
would exceed the appropriation made at tbe
previous meeting by ceventy-hve dollars.
Un motion ot Mr. 1 backer, an additional
appropriation of seventy-five dollars was
made to enable the committee to bave the
latrine built.
The secretary was instructed to confer with
the health authorities ia regard to the re
moval of toies from earth closets.
The meeting then adjourned.
Cure Skin Diseases and Scalp
Affections with Loss
of Hair.
p Em
The ConctjRA Remedies are marvels of cura
tive power. Internally, the Coticcba Rewii.ve
cleanses the Liver and Kidueys. regulates the Stom
ach and Bowels, enriches and purities the Blood !
Scrofula, Scrofulous, Cancerous and Canker Humor.
Externally, Cuticcra, a Medicinal Jeiry. removes
all Scaly Crusts, heals Humors, Ulcers, Sores, Itcn-
Alum andiron Springs
stive, me i;utiuuka. -........
n.Ln.An v thn llmaiRA MtWCISAL bHAVIHQ
Soat ia worth Its weight In gold. I Opes
Jnae 1st. S)SO snsnth flrst-elsss.
A. W. DAyi3....PresldePt.
SA11 e-rry Smtnrdsy. .
Tbeae bteamers do sot c-rrj cattle, sheep or toga,
a, And erery sttrrdsr. '
CABINS, t.13 to 4i.V F.irnrelon at KliirdBM.
Pssorrrrr aeconimolatloD are nwir"nea.
All Staterooms on Main I- -
Pasaentrera booked at lowest rates to or fromanr
Kallroad Utanoa la Knrope r America.
Trsf at lowest rai.-s. P?&,f?rS'chrr'
throat runt Ktqrland. NooUand and Irlna.
Foroooksof lnlornrauon. plans, c apply
Hqmmoi Bk-um, BowxnreJUBJtB.ix-
v i farmer-
earn Fnney siA This spring's novelties
are nn usually attractive. Tbe latest styles, sucn aa
will prevail all this season, will, be ail tbe time oa
exhibition, and ladles sre invited to eome and ex
Ererj Department Noir Complete
Sailors. 25 cents; Oogueta, 25 cert.; Seniors,
Si 25 Soman Braids, tne lalest soiflure, o; Jes
OUOQS, ail allium.
OPtffsT ? w waPsBw-ta n5
- ansnwss.s ... r ; '
PBaSBf Ls'aiX T. - w?..
a, -ii . ii us jj
C3 CsE3 cnrQ
fsjsjnf SBBSSMSn C3
A tJ
Watches, Jewelry.
Hllverware, Clocks.
Spectacles, etc a
Bepalrlng of fine Watches and Chrono
graphs a specialty.
No. 307 1XJL1X STB12KT,
rsr- old Sold and Stiver wanted.
Dr. Bcddekk eye and ear diseases, No.
EG East Court street.
Major W. H. Bradlet, of Kentucky, is
stopping at the Peabody.
Colonel T. W. White, of Hernando,
Mississippi, is stopping et the Peabody.
Colonel II. C. Moorman, of Somorville.
Tennessee, is registerud at the Peabody.
J. W. Tiohe & Son, produce and commis
sion merchants, 343 Frost street, received by
river yesterday eighty cases ot fresh eggs.
Dr. Marable leaves for Denver Monday
evening. iJt. wuiuora wui attena io nis
business during ma absaoce. JNo. oM Main
E. Wright has received new styles of
brackets, picture mo'd ng, placqaes, crayon
drawing paper, canvas, etc., at No. 3C6
Main street.
Among yesterday's arrivals was Dr. W. E.
Rogers, who baa been arjiorning with Ed
Wonrinl For it f.'or wepka. The doctor was
looking quite well.
A party consisting of John A. Ceolidge
and wile, W. L. Swift and family, John A.
Covington and F. M. M'Namee, leave La
grange, lenncsjee, tor uoioraao on tne eigoi-
I tod tret tired of Wolf river water, and
tbe chances are you will, go and see Vic, at
tbe corner ot Second and bouta Uourt Btreets,
wbo will mix you a drink far more palatable
and more conducive to health during the hot
In introducing an extract from a care
fully prepared and interesting letter of
' Weetmmster, the Memphis corresponaeni
of the Baltimorean, wa said he was a well
known legal limb. In this we were mis
taken. The correspondent is booK-keeper tor
a well-known mercantile house in this city,
KiaeleenTean of SuflTerln nijd Hn
dreda of lrollars for Stealcine.
Messrs. Weeks & Potter: GenOemen. I have
. t ..inotran v,r. with Psoriasis, and
have spent hundreds ol dollars for doctors and stuff
they call blood purifiers. Doctors did not know
hat to call my disease. I would acratt-h nighta
untKl scratched myself raw; then Wdnrsnd
i wrtiVi wrtiilrl All be BcratcQea on
SSr.S ar7on. rn.vs been completely
cured by the Cuticuea Remedies.
Most respectfully DELAJ
Concord St., Custom Mill,
Memphis, Tenn., Juno 16, 1879.
Of Six Tmrs' Dnrntlom cored by the
Catlcars Remedies.
Messrs. Weeks Potter : Sirs. I have had
a Ringworm Humor, got at the barbers, lor six
. ht.h .niwnri all over ttiv ears. face, ana
heck? and which itched and Irritated me a great
deal. I have used many remedies by edvioo ol
i ..ti...... hMioflt Vour CrrriccRA Rem
edies have entirely cured me, taking every bit ot
humor off my face and leaving It as smooth as a
dollar. 1 thank you a.ain for the help it hs been
(ome. GEO. W. BKO-, Jtaaon,
S Maeshall St., Providence, B. I.
Nov. aa, 1S79.
Seventy Cases Shoes .
JOBS EOUaUn.'S rite&V&esni 6911. K-l niro0v,weeonntI-
. liiS.C.af.dura el I "DT virtue ot an InterloraUwy decree for sale, en-
...w.... . . ... lilt
produced by a skillful, eembinatios of tks
., ,1 .... .i.a m latalss Jo r. Worn
and while ths ordinary gold pen eon.
Sains an alley f OOP P , . rad " ?"""" with
out yielding that .lasfiorty, density and steel Mts
uRtrnsni) Gold Pan Jwits are ef ths best
XridiMtn. (Diamonds,) Indsstmetibls with rait
treatment, snd polished s glass like smoothnsss.
Steel ma writers hs bow svnry ob) action to
geld faWr ora rooms, snd svnry reonire-innt in a
pan whion will eadum sad not oxidus, eqnareiy
LI uoio r.n n u...."."u
Pennanena- of" Spring nod
Prion. 150. sold by Slf Jew-
tars and Stationers in the Unit ed Sts. Ifnot
found order direst from J '
ifsaarMnnr, 19 W. ' 8U, Cinjcatsia-ti.
possets uaraoiniy.
Perfection ef Point.
For NlneTenrs Speedily Cared with fo
Men- Weeks & Potter : Gentlemen. I have
been troubled for nine years with Salt Rheum, sua
have tried every patent medicine i (I think) known
to the trade: have also been attended by physi
cians, but with no more than a temporary relief.
As I had tried every thing It was no more than fair
thnt I should try yours, which were astonishingly
effective, completely curing me. It
since I quit using the medicine, and I am ssj.lsnea
I am permanently cured. Oratitude alone prompts
me to tender you my testimonial
Most truly yours, GEO. F. OWtN,
1 ' Dealer ti Pianos and Organs,
Grand Kapids, Mich.,
October, 1879.
Vsf svin. SicnlD and Blood Ilnmort,
Arc prepared by WEEKS 4 TOTTER, Chemists and
Druggists, 3 Washington Street. BosVm. Mass., 21
Front sC Toronto. Ont., and 8 Snow Hill, London,
and are for sale by ail Druggists and Dealers. Price
of CrrrtcuRA, small boxes, 50 cents; large boxe".
containing two and one half times the quantity ot
ihe small, $1- Rkholvknt, $1 per bottle. Cuticub.
u.i,invii. Toil-t Soap. 25 cents per cake. Ctm-
cura Medicinal Shaviko Soap, 15 cents per
cake; in bars for Barbers and large consumers, au
u u;. nrik. mnaf an ill "horny. I IMJAIG
T -Tint ( Hale.
BY virtue of s trust deed made to Thos. N. John
ston (now deneased), on tbe 20th day of De
cember, 187H. by W. U. Lucas, to secure certain In
debtedness therein mentioned, and said trust deed
h.lna Hnl. MMirrtdul In tha hMl.ter'S OfflflS Of ShelbV
county, Tennessee, in book No. llfi, pases 281 and
232; and by virtue of a decree had In tbe ease of W.
B. aalbreath vs. W. B. Lucas et sL, entered 8d ot
April, 1880, In the Honorable Chancery Court of
Bhelny county, Tennessee, snd affirmed by the Su
preme Court ot Tennessee sl tbe April term thereof,
1880. and by which said decree the undersigned
rinl annnlnun irustee in usuiscsui ue raiu
Thn N Johnston, derenaed to execute said trust:
and whereas, default having bt-en made of the pay
ment ol the Indebtedness tlieietn secured. I will, at
tbs request ot the benefiolarlea therein named, sell
at pubils outcry, on the premises hereinafter Oe-
the following described property, situated, lying and
h.in. in AhMihweminiw. Tennmsee. eltv of Memphis.
now known as the Taxing-district, and described as
follows, to-wit: Being lot No. on the porta side
of Carroll avenue. City ot Memphis sow l kxiuk
dlstrlct. and fronting 47 feet on said avenue, and
tunning bark 162 feet, the same bemg the property
sold by M Magevney to bt. Peter's Literary Asocla-
iA v.. .UIH l.anelBtlnn aold IO W. B- LUOnS.
tbe heuse cn said lot ot ground being No. lJ40ar
roll avenue. Also, the following described personal
property: All the furniture now In said house last
r. ' n.i.n.nr one narlurset uf lun'l-
ture. Ova bedroom sets of lurniturr; alsi Ml tbe
dlnlngrosm snd kitchen furnlt re. ounMslli B of
cupsand saucers, d sbes. one stove, cookn u'en
rllsT: In short, everrihlDg now in said house 174
ClSI2i! !? 22ii-a.h eou tv of redemption wa ved,
aril titm believed to he perfect, b -t I ell and convey
as trustee only. J JL JfOWIJtKS. Tiustee.
U. W. Mll--r. Altomi-y.
rS tnred In tbe above cause on tbe 7 th day of May.
18HO.IWU1 set! at puuiio nu-iiun, iu tuo ingot
hMnar. al No 80'J Main street (ODnoslte Peaoody
Hotel). Memphis, now knowu as the TaXlnK-dUtJlCfc
Ol Shelby county, Tennessee, on
Friday. 31 ay 21, 1SSO,
commencing at 1 1 o'elnck s.m., 850 dozen Ladles
Misses' and Children's f)"e Kid and Goat ClnclnnaC
custom-made Newport Ties, es below cescrlbed, to
B0 d"ien (720 pain) Ladles' India Kid custom Bew-
ports z-o. s
120 dosen (1440 pairs) Ladles' India Kid custom
Newport 8-7.
80 dozen (HrtO pairs) Ladles' India Kid custom Kew-
poits t-K.
10 doz-a ( 1 20 pairs) Ladles' India Kid custom New
norts 1-8.
80 dozen (860 pairs) Misses' India Kid custom New-
ports 1 1-3. -5
dozen (60 pairs) Child's Icdla Kid custom New-
ports 4 IU-13.
10 dozen (120 pairs) Ladles' Icdla Gaat custom
Newports 2-6.
15 dozen (180 pairs) Ladles' India Goat custom
Newports n-t.
10 dozen (120 pairs) Ladles' India Goat custom
Ne porta 6-8
6 dozen (AO pairs) Misses' India Goat custom New
ports 11-2.
10 dozen (120 pairs) Ladles' India Kid Button He
ports 8-7.
6 dozen (rW prs) Ladles Curaeos Kid Newports 2-8.
15 dozen (18V Duirs) Ladles' Curacoa Kid
5 dozen (rtO prs) Ladles' Curacoa Kid Newports 1-8-
5 Ooz (M0 prs) Misses' Curacoa Kid Newports ll z-
6 dozen (60 pairs) Ladles' Cu acoa Kid BuUtn rsw
pons z-o,
5 dozen (60 pairs) Ladles' Curacoa Kid Button ew-
ports 1-8.
5 doz (60 oral Ladles' Corneoa Kid P'mp-NfS 2 6.
Terms ui bale csa. Thi' ilay iu.
K. J. BLACK. Ciera and Master.
L. K. Lehman. .!. f.-r mmt'i nu.
Am . iilt lts, .Tinnier,
MEicUman St., Hew York.
Pbof. Gkbhardt has taken anothor step
in the lead of all competitors. He now pro-
daces the "Magical Parisian scenic uaca
ground, which dehea description to portray
it in all its beautiful effect and novel de
siirns. consequently it mast b9 seen to be
fully appreciated, ne aoes tne moss artisuo
work in India ink and water colors, which is
wonderfully attractive and pleasing. It must
be remembered in connection with the above
facts that he charges only two dollars per
dozen for the most choice photographs.wbich
is less than one-halt ot the nsnal rates. Uaii
at tbe Cottage gallery, on Beale street, and
examine tbe art gallery.
They vitalize, strengthen
and support Weak and Paln-
Pi iTTeflp. ful Parts; relieve Chrome au-
menu ot the Liver and Kidneys: absoib Poisons
and thus prevent Fever and Ague, Malarial and Con
taglous Diseases, and when placed over the pit of
tbe stomach, prevent Dyspepsia, Bilious Colle
Cramps and Pains. Price. 2o cents.
CoiRf at Las!
4 a
e M
4?3"- c
Sw-E :
laches for larceny,
Too will no doubt be surprised when I tell you I
have a sheet which I have marked "A" In two
Usees, out ot set No 1 , rrom whleh the paper upon
Li.u .nnn.mmia nnu la written was torn. This
fact Is easily dtoeernlbls to tbe ordinary vision of
the naked eye. The paper outof set No 1. marked
uh iha latter "A" twice with a blue penoll.
bas subject matter connected with another sheet
which I have marked "B" twice in blue. The sheet
"B" la ten i from another sheet which is marked
chri This fm matbaiiiiittaatl demonstrates
that this note is one of four links, uues ot whiuh
JBstlTsI Park
Will be open to visitors during tbe day and
to-night until ten o clock, jno concert, ao-
mission free.
"Tbe BelplBK Hsusd
Will give a grand exursion Tuesday night on
the Virgie Lee. Ticketa at Williams's book
store, or at the boat.
Mte&snbsat Exeanwlssw
Wb am olad la hear of another of those
enjoyable excursions to be given on the Vint
Shinkle by the ladies of St. Mary's cathedral,
on Thursday, May 27th. We predict a de-
lignitui evening ior mose wno psruupsio.
sc. Jssevki's rieale Ts-llsrrsw.
Tha bang-starter will teat the popularity of
our leading wnoiesaie liquor nicren.su aw i
tbe St. Joseph's picnic to-morrow. For the
Croca (Italian) boys' sweet music, oaru-uuo,
and all the delicacies of the season in the way
of eating and drinking, go to Kttival park
Tha Operetta. Beaaa.
At Lsubrie's Theater a matinee was given
yesterday, which was largely attended, and at
which tha Calvary cbnrch choir and their
An Infallible Care sat a-reweaiiiTe iwr
Tellsw-fewer aad all Malarial ss
Coata-leas Diseases.
Fsr Chills and Ewsssp Fever.
eix doses will break the worst type of Chills and
Fever. It directions are strictly followed.
y These remedies are purely vegetable, and
contain .lBaoll CO..
Wholesale DrusitUts,
R!t4'!w w, M iphia. Tenn
Tor Buildings of all Classes
For circulars and prices address
JOHN MA.MUfJtUlS.Gen'l Acent
IPS Main stwt.llraipals.1Vsn
Tflll C1TT Un O Biutl nil Colored Picsnna.
IVLL-USIL nu, Vl y innaalous. 7 oftjc
nnn.6DdalainD(r nrku. . Dr lLr. lisT n.ir.l-
havlnf for tbsir object eleanlinesa.
darabiliry. and axclnaiaaof SEWXR GAS.
Carver and Eclipse Hulling Gins,
Feeders, Condrnsers and Cotton
Iaspre Arrsw and Merew Presaes;
lor bteam or uorre-power, bhaitinu, Pulleys, s
etc., and dealers In Beiltnc, liuiwrUht "
Material, eta., etc.
Ames's Atlas, and other Steam Engine
We repair all kinds ot Gins. Engines and Plantatl
sxociiiaerr. oena ior cawioeua.
391 to SOU Mhelby st, Wemrhia.
J.1. K11V & CO.,
rm (hn nndenlrand. Cotton Buyers
VV Dhls. will not receive cotton covered
ot Mem-
nhi win not receive eouon eoref a wius
"INFEUIUrl FLAX BAUU1NU," 11 being UW-SJt-
CHAW TABLE In all the mareeu:
A. A. Paton A Co. M. Hawks Co. -
a M Rnarbronsh dt Co. J. W. Jefferson ft CO.
h. r. ratien ma a vo.
P. Gatens,
Boss A Prince.
a. Kaizenber.ar's Sons.
rt. Falls 4 Co.
Watson & Bill,
Ton Uundeil Mayhoff,
Townaend, Cowle Co.
C. T. Curtis.
George winehester.
A. M. AswlastO.
I. U. Black.
K. Hobart CO.
Benjamin Babb.
M. bchwab a, Co.
L. Kem.
Lemuel Etacwood,
J. Tlldealer.
Eartraua ft Co.
I. PaterachL
B. Barllia Co.
Vm. Frobllch ft Co
Henry B. Camp.
j. At PbSt
8. Ano -r.-.-n Co.
TS prepared to do all kinds of work In this line In
JL a thorough and sanitary manner; gives especial
attention to
Sewer and Building Connections.
Also, has a large stock of OA1 riXTCIKH,
14 u. fltum and W-ter-Dttlna-s and Fixture. Pumps.
Bone, Bathtubs, eta, Bas a large force of eomre
tent workmen. All work warranted. Agent lor ths
Ballads' WIND-MILLS. Orders soucueo.
40 Madison Street;.
t'.ttoa .. MiMtsnii tsArrlva
Orders executed tor tuture delivery.
I'nah wi n . iiiaaeon rmnal riTrir-i
Dp. Thos. S. Eastern
, ..
AS my Burtf eal practice oecnples the greater ra
tion ot my time, I bave deb rnilur-d imrrH i
ta ds at. mvx.ir la Its Drncttoe mure phjiku
to my 8iieClailles, so long practiced by me In
Gciiito Urinary Surgery,
Btrtotarss, Boermatortbea, Diseases ot tee i.,---.
JSursical Diseases of "iVociff-
Office Ko.230 'Jain rtr"
- )
V ' i I

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