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Arrival aad Depart ay, r Traloa,
Trains on the. Fadueab and Mf mrnU road vaov
- follows: Mall leaves da'.,, t 4irt pm. wm
niortaMm leaves dully . H.:u, B m. am.es
?. r 0 -m' ommodatr. arrive dnily
At 5:4iv p.m.
..Trr.nLonih?iM.MI'4htsna Will Rock roue mra
Jii '.-".tea dally at 5:10 p ra,t freigbt
iwITrtn.L'i e,bl. Sunday, at :00 a.m. Mull ar--.nTl
1 nm-: freight arrive dally, ex-
" p m.
V? -a twe Memphis and Charleston fod move
f,.' leerv Hall In yes d.lly at 1 1 :l 5 p.m.; Bonier
-J. acoommiHl.itn j reaves dally, ex'-ept Sunday, at
4 49 p m. Mali arrive dally at 1 :00 P to. : Homer
ie aroommudalloa arrive daily, except Sunday,
u H-fX a. in. .
Trains on the Mississippi and Tennessee road
'move aa follows: Mall leaves dally al 2:t p.m.;
Hardls aoouuimoriatlon leaves dally, except Sunday,
at 4'SO p.m.; trelcbt leaves dally, rxmyt bunday, M
M 4ii.m. Mall arrives dully at U:40 Am., Bawls
aoootnincHlKt'on arrives dtlly. excel bimrtay, I H:4
iaan.; freight arrlrM dally, except fcunday, al 5:4o
Trains on the Louisville and Nashville road mora
aa follow: Express leaTea d-tlly at 1 1 :20 p.m.; mall
leave dally at 7:40 a.m.; Brownsville aocommoda-
tion leavea dally, exempt 8'inday, at 4:40 p ro. Kx
nrmu arrives Hllf al 5:10 am.: mall arrives dull.
at 4:2 p.m.; Brownsville accommodailon arrive
laliy, except Sunday, at 8:45 am. baturday the ex
press run ouly to aTA'enzle, connecting forJNaah
vllle. Hoprri i&rnrUiU are fqtitnlcd to notify tfiU offim
prowjillii o change Qf tuiu
ITreoeal mad Ueaeral.
The tima between New Orleans and Cairo,
-via the Chicago, St. Louia and New Orleans
Jina, hat been lessened two hoar.
Mesiri. Djdds & S .an lord have a con
tract to furnish on hoadred thousand ties
lor the Little Rock aird Pice Bluff connec
tion. A. M. FowlVe. Sjq., of Silma, Alabama,
bat been appointed superintendent of the
SeJma and Greensboro railroad, vies General
iw..'M. Uucker, resigned.
The Pennsylvania railroad will receive and
"transport tree of charge to Milton, I'rnnsjl
vaai'i, any contributions or an; relief for the
,pwple oi that barned town.
Superintendent J. A. Voodson and Con
ductor S im Phelps, of the L'ttle Kxk, Mia
sisuopi Uiver and Texas roai, have (rone to
St. Louis on company business.
J: C. S'.antim & Co., the contractors, now
have a large forca engird in the construc
tion of the Cjona and Tennessee railroad,
trom Chattanooga to Roj), and are to com
plete tb construction by the first of January,
188 i. The work is backed by Cincinnati
c '4ital.
Tne parties who bid off the Savannah and
Memphis railroad, at the saloon the third
sUnt, at Opelika, Alabama, tailed to corjpl'y
with tb terms of the sale, and th, road is
advertised to ba resold oa the s:cor d Monday
' in June at the same place. Gjp.u chance for
a railroad investment.
It is now stated that the shops of the
Little Rock, Mississippi R!Ver and Texas
road will b located pina Bluff instead of
Arkansas City, as nt first intended. The
r'iV1BSte"u rilat the citizosj of Pine
Bluff donate th aDa necessary for the site
of the shops ar.d yard.
The Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul rail
road compr.ny bas purchased the Wisconsin
jy ra,d s xty-nina miles from Tornah
to Waur an, Wiacoosin, and secured a leaf
of the Chicago, Clinton, Dubuque and Min
nesota road, addirnr four booared miles of
new read to the Chicago, Milwaukee and St.
P"dl company.
Captain Duffin, the earth-work contractor
un the Natchez and Jackson road, bas quit
-otk on the Jackson end, and is working on
tae line ct the road beyond Raymond. He
completed three or four miles of work near
Jackson, and discontinued operations there
became of the ditli yutiios as to right of way,
the demand of tha land-owners, in the opin
ion of the efficers of the company, being; ez-Oc-ssive.
James Campbell, an employe of the Fort
Way re railroad, resident at Pittsburg, re
ceived a Ict'er from his son William, dated
Areq iipa, Peru, March 28;b, stating; that his
broltiflr James, superintendent anil master
machinixt of toe railroad shops at Mo'tendo,
wms captured by the Chilians, and alter being
subjected to Rroes indignities and relieved tf
all his money, is believed to bave been court
snnrtutled and shot, because he refused to
reveal the place of concealment of valuable
saichinry belonging to the railroad com
pany. P. would siem that the German oju
.aul at M)lt)cd) was appealed to, but was
fowerleas to rescue the unfortunate American.
A (commercial traveler, writing of the
'branch line from Muldoo, on the Mobile and
Ohio road, to Aberdeen, ou the Warner
river, snyt: "There are several nice fUhins
streams on the route, and squirrels abound
in the woodlands that occasionally skirt the
road. We wero allowed to get off and fish
or huct as we liked at any time. Two miles
from Muldon tnree o. four of as got off,
caught a few crickets for bait, and caught a
aiica string of trout, and overtook the trr.in a
mile from there, and tony Vers ranking extra
time too. Four miles trom Aberdeen all of
ns had to gut off and tlrive tb cattle off the
track tor more thait a mile. The engine wna
twit of breath an i couldn't whittle them off. J
inwnnnuoii aneaa snen otl ws got to
the tank; there we stopped arretted awhile,
then pushed the train down Vo the dopot."
The railroad ruovemerts that have been
going on in Alabama, a'jd that am yet to take
place, are vastly interesting to Sulma, and
her friends and buuin'.-os men are looking on
with much anxiety. The coostroction of the
Lsokout Mountain oid hasbeen begun. This
line to connect ChatUaooaa with Rome, 1
and will be the, link between the Cincinnati
Southern railway and the entire railroad sys
tem ot toe sauih, Tia the Selma, Rome and
Dllton road. The New Orleans and Selma
road, when purchased and reorganised under
the late decree of court hy the bondholders,
will be finishod in connection with tie Mo
bile and Alabama Grand Trunk railroad, re
cently turned over to the bondholders and re
organised. There are fifty miles to build
through a I've! country, and when completed
this line will be a direct route, via the Cin
cinnati Southern, from the west to Mobile
and New Orleans, and will be shorter by twenty-one
miles from the eastern seaboard cities.
lhi chain of roads, it is understood, will ba
osmI by the Cincinnati Southern in opposi
te to the Louisville and Nashville.
ksmt for Stolen Notes.
Indianapolis, May 15. Five notes for
10.000 Rich, di awn by the Iron Mountain
and Helena railroad company by Wm. Bai
ley, dated at Helena, Arkitnaas, about Feb
ruary 20, 1880, payable thre years after
date, payable to ton orduc of E. L, Thomas,
at Woo ten, Webb & Co. 'a bank, at Indiana
polis, we- e stolen or lost Anril 20lh. The
pubiio s re cautioned about the purchase of
the lau, payment has been stopped.
"Hot Bexea."
The New York Sun, of the eigb'.b, baa the
following: "All travelers have experienced
delays caused by hot journal boxes. This is
the result of 1 notion generated by the axles
ot the shaft revolving on bearings that are
not properly lubricated. So intense is this
stent sometimes that when the lids of the
boxes are removed the waste cotton left in
the boxes is found to be on fire. Yesterday,
on the arrival of th fifteen minutes past five
o'clock U)ston express at the grand central
depot, n box was exhibited upon the wheels
of car No. GO that is said to hold the ule
npon its bearings without generating friction.
This contiivancs contain a heavy cjlmder,
around the inide of which are a series of
steel rollers. Upon these the exle revolvts.
When the lids of those box-, wore removed,'
there v.-as no beat that toMa be appreciated
by the touch. The oride of the old-fashioned
boxes on th other cars ware in many
cane quite wa-ra.
Tjor .h ir curt of rtfmuul WeknjM, Lct
JBaVJihiuM, PrtMimturv Wi.ilitjr, N ervouinoat,
lHiWponflriit'y, Com umiou or Trteaii, Aversion to 8oot
y. ltt-crtivfi Muiory, una all Diaordcnt Brought on
by rWtri Habit atid JKircta. Any dmcgitt ha tJxm
tuctwAj.ma. Aajrcaa, OR. JAQUES 4 CO.,
ISO WW Sixth lr, UiJCl b ATL OHICX
Irtn O Ornlg erg? Oo
U7 Court Place, LCCISVILLE, KV.,
f-r.ilrtv Mytl i l-itl- silnM tAjiwunud th
Cur nil iorun oF PRIVATE,
bponuatori'liea tad Impotent? j-.
t th? rMl ! oir atniL im J uUl aWXtial cki fMfHl la w
r tsra. tn rttirr taui, sji.t v MxWIiitl i wae? f t ti lbs.
i .itc rtirx-i. n. itu iMi i, iu.tui i.ni.ii-ni imctii otr
Dttt h .IttaHU), UliaurM ( I, Ul. 1-(H.U Wi t. -V y -
a' Ifr ay. Ptti'l-auu Fase., irotxtt U- ftoi-hrt . ! V.mM,
v'oifuto41 of ma, um r bs"u-l l'owirr reuiUfinj
Htrrmi': t'iinT nr nnhat r tbcrtHigliW in v
JVv iirS 4 '"'"i Qonorrhea,
Pi- e it. 1 ..it t pitTa: dkesnur iui-:hW cuntii.
H t Mif-t tOasU tttut a ti advlab lo pays at4al attgria
tn cartel M rtAae mi dlujiaoi, su4 irstatlug MVuaol auntv
!!. o(uirwe feMI aaUi. J'h , aUlaa kinm ti W. , tBM wflsjg,
oeaai- ui prrstin M tuj art. M hvm it la liiavnirtii ts
viuiitisjcUB far irwaii- at, BstMlW-ttx-a oa W mm bflMif
mtl bf S.-.U t prrta Bjmr.
CurM Oaaroutoed im all Cmmmm
.u.4.it .,! t,a.iMlr Vtisr Tr umI lawttast,
Cir(es nNMMtallsj sutU oarrscBia4e aferWljr isn BilnUi,
WO THisr, atit m an 4trwsw, stfosArt)) ral4. tar
roottt. KbauU at r4 Lv U. AiLlrvaa aa alKi
aWllftf fi f l'r' ttifti I'frtl.
DrMM. io ll Akbr im 'IsiuumI wtltiunt npiuaj or
vmovuis ch Irimutu.ff. , Tb loait lor.l- piny
aa4 lWLf i.-aI dtwM u ihu It-gaoll; cian.
WM. .Tr,.rI.r".0'iO wlnust.,olnolnntl,Ok
K- . .. i -l ..rn. 1 I .n -.. " it- In 1 1 , LfiM-kffNl.
The Best Pnrgjtttve and Blood Partner,
wj sF twA 'I' aa
No changes" wer TiT-urLed on Madison
street yesterday, and little was doing ouUide
of cashing and checking, which were more
active, ae is usual on Saturdays. Exchange
continued to be received freely Shelby
connty bonds remain ia steady request, Bnd
are firm at the good figures tbey command.
The St, Louis Republican, of Friday, repurts:
" A few local banks repotted a fair inquiry
for loans yesterday, but with the majority the
demand was very light find business
was unmistakably dhlU The market is
apparently fairly launched in the sum
mer inutility, and bo material im
provement is looked for between this
and the tall season." Exchange at
oar banks quoted at i discount on New
York and other prominent wstcrn points;
with three days' X discount; sell
ing at ii premium. On New Orleans, f
discouatt Boiling at par. Money is loaned
oa short date at 8 per cent. Shelby county
scrip is quoted at 95 buying, and 9.35 sell
ing. Shelby county Donas,srx percent., at
Last sale of Memphis gas stock at 7576;
ot Bank of Commerce stock, at 91; ot State
bank stock at 95; of Mississippi and Tennes
see first mortgage bonds, at 123.
CUarxnqn. Br Since.
MaylS S 71.747 83 9 12.8-0 H3
Total Ibis week fiEt,fiU 144.K18 V2
Total last wee WSl.ACirt 2o2.111 fit
Total week belore o8.BZ5 17 234,089 11
PARIS. May 15. Rentes, 8St. 85o.
NEW ORLEANS, May 15. Sight ex
change on New York. $2 50 per 1000 premi
um. Sterling exchange bankers' bills,
LONDON, Mty 15. Consols, money, 99 5
16; account, 99 7 16( sew bs, 105; 4J, 110;
1, 109X; Illinois Central. 106; Pennsyl
vania Ceatral, 53; Erie, 37; Erie seeoad?,
90: Reading. 24J.
NEW YORK. May 15. Money, 45 per
cent. Prime mercantile paper, ob4 ' per
cent. Sterling exchange bankers' bills dull,
435K demand, 488. Government totrds arm
for 6i and 6s; to j per.etl'y. higher for
and ps cent, tigher tor 4s; Uaiteu
States couotia ot 1881, 106; new 5s,
102; new 4s, 109i; new 4. 107if;
Paciho Js of 1895, 125. State bods dull;
Lonlsrana 1 consols, 46; Mieeouri,
110; St. Joseph, 106; Tennessee 6s,
Old, 35; Tennessee 6i, new, 29; Virginia 6s,
old, 22; Virginia 6s, new, 22; Virginia onn
sols, 80; Virginia consols preferred, 106.
Railroad boudi were fairly active and i gen
erally firm. Slate securities were- do.' I and
nominal. The stock market opened J4 to 1
per cent, higher, bet prices soon fell otr, and
a decline ranging from )4 to 4JJ per cent,
was recorded, Canada Southern leading in
the downward movement toward noon a
firmer f eeling prevailed and a recovery of (
to 2 per eat. ensued, the latter in Lacka
wanna and Western. Toward the cloee
speculation became wea and prices declined
i to 2 per cent.. Pacific Mail and Canada
Southern being the meat prominent ie the
depression. Transactions aggregated 818,
2TT shares, of which 15,000 were Canada
Southern, 1800 dhicapo, Columbus and Indi
ana Central. ?2,000 Lackawanna, 3400 Dela
ware and Hiidsin. 5500 Erie, 2900 Hannibal
and St. Joseph, 3500 Iron .Mountain, 8100
Kansas and Texas, 15,000 Like Shore, 1400
Louisville and Nashville, 4200 Michigan Cen
tral, 12.000 Northwestern, 27,000 New Jersey
Central, 2000 Northern Pacific, 3500 Ohio and
Mississippi, 20,000 Pacific Mail, 12.000 Read
ing, 16,000 St. Paul, 9000 St. Loais and San
Francisco preferred, 2000 Union Pacific, 22,
000 Wabash P-cifio, 10,000 Western Union.
The closing quotations were as follows:
Central Pacific bonds, V2; Union Pacific
firsls, 1128 ; Union Pacifio land grants, 110;
Union Pacitio sinking funds, 115 offered;
Lehigh and Wilkesbarre, 113; St. Paul and
Sioux City firsts, XQ; Chicago, Columbus
and Indiana Central firsts, no sales; Chicago,
Columbus arid Indiana Central seconds, no
ales; Erie seconds, 89; Rock Jstand,
187 offered; Panama, 189; Fort Wayne,
117K; Pittsburg, 1103; llhnois Central, 103;
Chicago, Burlington and Qmncy, 119; Chi
cago and Alton, 107i; Chicago and Al
ton preferred, 120; New York Cen
tral. 125J4" cfiered; Harlem, 180; Lake Shore,
102; Ce.oada Southern. 48Jtf ; Michigan Cen
tral, 78K; Erie, 35; Erie prelerred,
Ml Northwestern, 90; Northwestern pre
ferred, 107; St. Paul, 12; St. Paul
preferred, 100; SU Paul and Minneapolis,
48; St. Paul and Sioux City, 37i; St.
Paul and Sioux City preferred. 71; Delaware,
Lackawanna and Wsetern, 784; Morris and
E s x. 106; Delaware and Hudson, 72,;
New Jersey Central.eSX: Reading, 47!; Ouio
and Mississippi, 26; Otiio and Mississippi
referred, 71; Chesapeake and Ohio. 15;
lobile and Ohio, 13; Cleveland and Colum
bus, 71 Chicago, Columbus and Indiana
Central, 11; Ohio Central. 16; Lake Erie
and Western, 23; Ontario and Western,
27; Burlington, Cedar Rapids and North
ern, 62; Alton and Terre Haute, 15;
Alton and Terre Haute preferred, 55;
Wabash, St. Louis and Pacific, 30; VVa
bash, St. Louis and Pacific prelerred, 58J;
Hannibal and St. Joseph, 26; Hannibal
and St. Joseph preferred, 68; Iron Moun
tain, 41; St. Louis and San Fraa
eisco, 30: St. Louia and San Francisco pre
ferred, 42 U; St. Louis and Saa Francisco, first
preferred, 64; Chicago, St. Louis and New
Orleans, 25; Kansas and Texas, 30; Union
Pacifio, 83: Central Pacific bonds, 64; North
ern Pacific, 22 if; Northern Pacifio pre
ferred, 44; Louisville and Nashville, 120;
Nashville and Chattanooga, 67: Louisville
and New Albany, 90; Houston and Texas,
51; Western Union Telegraph. 99 ; At-
lantio and faciuc .Telegraph, 3-, .Pacific
Mail. 32: Adams Express. 114: Wells
and Fareo's Express, 106; American Ex
press, 54; United States Express, 45: Quick
silver, 10: Quicksilver preferred, 65;
Caribon, 2; Leadville, 1 Central
Arizona, 4; Home Stake, 32; Standard,
28; Exceiaior, 14; Little Pittsburg, 106;
Ontario. 31. :
The tone in the cotton telegraaas showed a
decided tendency yesterday to recover, at
least in soma degree, from the depression of
the previous part of ths week. There was a
firmer feeling and Nej York shows an ad
vance. In our market, with a better feeling,
the demand was c,uiet and sales bght, while
quotations wer.a steady at the existing fig
ures. Holiday at Liverpool cotton exchange
yesterdi, and there will be no report from
there, until Wednesday.
Taterdmi. Dav before
interior 7-f 71 7 a 1V
Uusty 8 Hlt H-tS 8VS
Low ordinary 74 8 7UrB H
Ordinary ( 8l 1 M4
Good ordinary -a tu (Ti We
low miaaung - rriiHt rrioi
Middling fill mi
Hood middling (Ub tfllite
Middling fair rillls eil
Fair Nominal. Nominal.
Clean stains -ffilU 9 aiO
Market steady. Sales, 400 bales, 250 to
exporters and 15U to spinners.
Slot. 8ertember 1, j.879 888
KeoelTCd lo-day 12fl
Heor.ived prevluoaly .400,887 400.516
Shipped to-day 1.070
bnlpped previously 342JOtJ
8tock, running aocount.r.
.. . 198
Thus far this week
Thus tar last week
Sluce September 1st
Memphis and Charleston K. R
Mliislsiilppl and Tenneaiwe E H
Louisville, Nashville and (it. Bouthem B. B.
Memphis and Little Hork R. B
paducah and llempbls B. H.
Wagons and other souroes
Total. .". "
Thus far this week
. 1.970
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
Memphis and Charleston B. R
MtselMlppI and Tenneasea B. B
bleamers north
. l.HHO
Total 1.970
The following are the latest telegrams of
the domestic markets, as reported yesterday
to the cotton exchange:
11 l.f
The following are the New York spot quo
tattona for ysterday: Ordinary, 9?b'o; good
ordinary, lOe; low middling, 11 7-16c; mid
dling, 11 13 16-; cood middling. 12 3 16s;
middling fair. 12 15-16c. At 10:40. firm;
2:10. firm; 3:00, firm. Stock, 1S8.820 bales.
Sales, 755 bales, and contracts bales.-
Tbe tone of the future market was as fol
lows: At 10:20. steady; 10:29, steady; 12:35,
barely firm; 1:20 firm; 2:28. firm; 3:30, firm;
8:00, steady. Sales. 121,000 bales.
The following shows the closing quotations
of futures in the New York market yesterday:
MotUAs. I XttUrdau.. I Day be fort,
November. .
Deoember. .
11.77 t?11.7l
11. H2tfll.ua
11 W4(f II.
11 4ricf 11.47
10.7Sff 10 HO
10.7H 10HO
rf 11.7J
0 11.7H
111 Hi
ll.ilKff 11.311
IK Dli? 10
The New Orleans market closed firm at
UiiO for middling. Sales. 3500 bales; re
ceipts, 129 bales. Stock, 150,262 bales.
The Liverpool telegrams yesterday re
ported cotton firmer; middling nplaads,
6 11-16J; Orleans, 6d. Sales, 8000 bales,
of which 5900 bales were American. Re
ceipts, 2800 bales, of which 2. '00 were Amer
ican. The movements at the ports were reported
as follows:
: 1J 30 J
Thit Week
Lout -year.
BeoelrUforl day .
Kxp's to ti Britain
F.xp's to Conttn't.
Block on band
3.1 HO
1 .142
Total receipts at all UniU-U States porta,
4.704.300; same date 1878,4 346 641; same
date 1877, 4,144,262. Increase ot receipts at
United States porta this vear, 357,659. Total
stock at all porta, 480,732, against 288.355
same time the year belore; in 1877, 330,495.
Business yesterday was the dullest of any
rrevious day of what .has been a dull week,
n the feed market scarcely anything was
offering. Corn meal remained in small supply
with a demand for all that is offering, and
after dinner the price advanced. Potatoes
were quiet, old especially command little at
tention ; prices were lower. Eggs were in
quiet demand and again advanced, the sup
ply being imilU Chickens were in only
moderate ottering and are firm at quotations,
rfvriinir doina in tha laroar nnnllm Ti, c
Latttt Stats of
Tetfiramt. Market. Rtc'pU.
Oalventon Quiet. :)12
New Orleans Firmer. 1'2D
Mobile Bleaoy. 4H
Savannah Dull. 145
Charleston Steady. 104
Wilmington...... Firm. 24
Norfolk Quiet. 857
Baltimore Uulet.
Nw Vork firm. 4W
Roetou. Klrm. 87H
Fbliailelphla....'. Firm. 104
St. Louia Flrrn . . . .
,ef.cy.V sti:nn -Ja inquiry from packers for
"u 7iues, to replenish depleted bacon stocks.
Bulk clear ribs (choice dry) worth 6 30(3
6 32o spot. Lard unchanged 6 ?5obid for
prima Sveara. Pork stiff at (10 50 net this
side. Patfoa sides packed salable at o 35c
and7.20c." ,s
Quotation ixfofe d-a for round lots at the
Ut1'rig (ind the railroad depots, and in
etude neither drayvge, ttorage, n?r oXher
expense's outside of the tare freight and
ehttrge tc to Ike time of arrival. Jobbing
tUd store sales are at higher rates, as they
include dratage, storage and profit of th
Feed. Corn last sales .at 3t? 49o. Oats
asking 41(2 42cj in Store, 4445j. Bran
last saUs at ti&: in store, fl 05 I 10 per
cwt. Haif sale of a car-load prairie at 9;
in store, f 11 20.
FiiOUB and Meal. Flour superfine. $4
4 25; extra, $4 60(34 75; dojjble estra,$4 75
4 85; treble extra, ?5 5vo5 60; family,
$5 7et ancy, fco6 25. Commeal higher;
sale of 100 barrels on the landing at f 2 25;
jobbing from store, $2 35 (g 2 40.
Vegetables. Potatoes in store, 75:
1 1 20 a barrel. New potatoes, 1 2 50 a bar
rel. Onions in store, choioe, new, $3 75' 4 1
a barrel, according to quality.
Fruits and BkrHiks. Ordure impe
rial, 77 50 per box. Lemons Paler
ma, $44 50 per box; Messina, 5 per box.
Bananas $132 a bunch. Vried peaches,
9s a pound. -
Nuts. Peanu4 Red, 46j; Virginia
77o per pound. Almonds, 21Q22c per
pound. Pecans, 1218o, according to size.
Brazil nuts, 101 lo per poand. Filberts,
12c per pound. Walnuts, 16c pet poaad,
CovaAnut8, f 5,
Eooa and Btjttkb. Ef gs l'!ie? at
12o. Better com mots', lc ; medium, 12
15c; choice, 18(!Xa. Oleomargarine in
store, l?i5o p?r pound.
fliULTBY. Chickens, $2 753 50; spring
chickens, $23 75. Docks, 2 50fp3. Geese,
$33 50 per dozen. Tt.rfccys, 912 per
dozen. -
Ho FriibTJCB Porfc clear sides, lcoje,
6,t3; cleat iib, loose, 6?ac; shoulders, loose,
4;. Sugar-cured hams, packed, 9 10c.
Mess-porky $11 25. Bacon clear side, pack
6d.'C; clear rib,7c; Bboolders.oc. Lard
tierce, 77Jttfc; pails, 88c.
GBOoaRiKB. Coffee, , 12143 for ordi
nary, 1516j for fair, 1617o for good
fair,1818o forchoioe. Tea imperial, 55
90o. ' Riot Louisiana, 7?; Carolina,
78a. Salt per dray toad, from store,
ft 60 per barrel: coarse, per sack, fl 351 40;
fine, $ 1 C5(1 75. Sugars Louisiana open
kettle, 88 yelio clarified, 9J69c;
white clarified, e103; cut loaf, 11c; gran
ulated, 1010c; powdered, 10llo.
Molasses Lonisianasugarhonse, scarce; 52
55a for unfermectiD, choice i re boiled choice,
5455o; prime, 45v48; fair, 4245c; syrups,
45 055. .
Misckixaneous. Hominy, $3 25(33 rQ a
barrel. 6?rif. $3 253 .0 baJrel. Cider
Missouri, half-barrels, (4 755; f3 509
a barrel.. White beans medium, $1 50
1 C3; navy, $1 751 85. - Dried Apples, 8
9o per pound. Dried Peaches, 88c per
pound. . Millet seed, 9095c a bushel.
.Hemphla Dally Cattle narket
Frey & Schilling, of the Southern stock
yard. North Second street, report that prices
are weak and generally lower for all descrip-
Hons. The receipts for the last thrj;e days '
have been quite liberal, and fchotld they con
tinue to arrive free', i further decline may
be expeetV"!. tSheep and lambs are in good
supply, and prices are weak for any but de-
sirable butchers' qualities. Trade is fairly
active at quotations for mutton grades, and
dull and nominal for interior and common.
Hogs are in extremely light request, with no
Cattle. Choice to extra corn-fed, $4 65
4 75; good to choice corn-fed, 44c;
fair to medium corn-fed. $3 75t?4 25: oxen.
smooth and fat, 34c; rough oxen and
cows in rood condition, 33c; grass
ted, tail' to gold, 33c; interior and com
mon, 12C; cows and calves, $1535
per head; calves and yearlings, $48 per
Hooa. Best selections, small weights, 4c:
thin, light and common, 33o.
Sheep. Choice wool, 5oc; clipped,
good to choice, 44c; common and me
dium per head, 50 (S3. Lambs good to
choice, 56c grws; common and medium,
per nead,
NEW YORK. May 15. Floor dull: su
perfine western and State. tl34 90. Wheat
declined V23 with a fair export business;
ungraded Bpnng, f 1 00(21 13. Uottee quiet;
Rio, cargoes, quoted at 1315o; job lots,
13182. Sugar dnll and weak; tair to good
refining, 77c. Molasses quiet but
steady. Rice nominal. Pork -new mess
quoted at $11 25. Lirddall; prime steam,
7 30s. Whisky nominal; $1 121 13.
CINCINNATf. May 15. Flour strong:
family, $55 50; fanoy, )5 506. . Wheat
scarce and firm: No. 2 red winter. $1 18.
Corn steady and firm; No. 2, 4041c. Oats
scarce and hrm; ISO. & mixed, 3737c.
rtyehrm, oa. Barley dull; No. & fall held
at 97c. Pork firmer, $10 75. Lard quiet.
6 903. Balk meats strong acd higher, 4
6c. Bacon quiet bat firm, 5. 77c.
Whioky activo and firm, $1 05. Butter
steady: choice western reserve. 1517c:
choice central Ohio, 12 13c.
LOUISVILLE. May 15. Flour dull: extra.
$4; extra family. $4 50: A No. 1. $505 25:
choice fancy, $66 50. Wheat steady, $1 05
(31 07. Corn in active demand; No. 2 white,
4344c; No. 2 mixed, 4041c. Oats qaiet;
No. white, oos; No. 2 mixed, 3oc. Rye
firm; No. 2 fall. 95c. Hay dull, $1417.
fork steady. 11(11 50. Lata auiet but
steady; prime steam Tc. Bulk meats de
mand active and prices have advanced, 4.10,
6.557o. Bscon active, firm and higher,
4 80. 7.207.55o. Sugar-cured hams steady.
910c. Whisky active, $1 05.
CHICAGO. Mav 15. Flour auiet. Wheat
dull and lower; No. 2 Chicago spring. $1 16
cash, $1 11M1 11 June, $1 06 July;
jno. o unicago spring, ao(ffilc. vjorn anil
and lower, 3737o cash, 36V36c
Jane, 36o bid July; rejected, 8535c.
Oats in crood demand, and prices tending up
ward; 0140 cash, Wo June, VaJnly.
Rye firmer, 82c. Bariey . firmer. 7880j.
Pork dull, weak and lower. $10 40 cash,
$10 42 June. $10 52il0 55 July. Lard
dull and lower; 6 906.92ccash and Jane,
6 95s July. Bulk meats dull; shoulders, 4Jt4C,
clear rib, b.4Uo and clear, b.bUJ. Whisky
steady; some sales at $1 08.
NEW ORLEANS, May 15. Flour super
fine. $3: double extra, $4 254 50: treble
extra, $4 755; high grades, $5 25 5 75.
Uorn, bz(sfilc. Mats, 410. (Jornnieal $ I 'Zb.
Hay prime. $20; choice, $23. Pork strong
and higher; held at $11 50. Lard tierce,
77c; keg, SJtfo. Bulk meats shoul
ders; loose, 4s; packed. 4c; clear ribs,
6c; clear, 6o. Bacon firmer; shoulders,
oc; clear rib, VjbiC; clear, 7c. sugar-cured
hams canvased, 910o. Whisky west
ern rectified, $1 05l 10. Coffee Rio.
cargoes, ordinary to prime, 1315c. Sugar
common to good common, 67c; fair
totmiy lair, t(g 7?6ci P"me to choice, 7
8c; yellow clarified, 8o. ' Molasses
inferior, 15c; common, 35o. Rice Louisi
ana, ordinary to choice, 56c.
ST. LOUIS, May 15. Flour dull; faccy,
$5 30 atked: choice. $5: family. $4 85 asked.
Wheat lower; No. 2 red, $1 091 09i
cash, offered at $1 08 at the close; $1 10
1 08 Mav. $1 05 June. 9493c
July. li(aai4c August; JSo. 3 red,
$1 05 bid. Corn lower; 84 caBh. 34?i
84o May, 3434j June, 34344
July. Oats lower; 31o cash. SOJic June.
Rye firm, 90a. Barley no market. Whisky
steady, $1 07. Butter dull; dairy, 1720a.
Eggs dull, 8o. Pork firmer; jobbing, $10 62
310 65. Dry salt meats firm, 46 306 50.
Bacon Bteady, 4.65, 7, 7 20(27.25. Lard
NEW YORK, May 15. The general condi
tion of the market was unchanged and busi
ness quiet in all departments. Cottons in
light demand for current trade, but bnyers
not anticipating future wants prints are
quiet, but ginghams, lawns and dress goods
in fair request. Woolen goods quiet and
steady. The Bulletin says "1500 cases of
Brunswick prints, printed lawns, etc., will be
peremptoiily sold st auction Monday next."
Cleans the Seod better. Runs Llgrhter,
Cine Faster and Costa Leas Money than any
emeruin in tne Market. Every maorilne
fully and legally guarrantoed.
Am maehlnea are made or the best materials, and the
rfcmanihlpand finish are npeaoencd. Have been avanlod
pwmlnme ak aU the State talre, Geonrla ai-w. Texaa,
uv Cpwarda of (OQS of ear Onra atelnconBtantaseln
the soattienft stetee, orer 1000 hartng; been sold In 1STS.
Prlo List of Cln, Feeder and Condensers
Bond readyfor shipment and dehTered at onr factory.
Price wnn
Belt fmler
or Condenser.
Price -with
Self Feeder and
So mw
art n
t? M
100 Ot
lit HO
1st OS
140 OS
(10 M
0 00
Sioo oo
lit w
ra m
It so
in oo
Kit 00
arJ3 oo
144 M
17 M
lie oo
t OS
tM 00
ee "
IJ"Termt given on Application. JTJ
TVnro 1S4S to M8 we manufai-turetlolnsat Colombos, Oa.,
an.ler the Una name Ot K. T. TATlA.a d; Cxx, sllervurvls
ClJUiOJt. Browi A .VX.and made what wsstbmknowa
a tbeT&jlurtiln, PuriartbeyearlMewert-njoTtd to this
lsre, where vtMn brea rx.-lulTuly ensd In mann
fiMctmiuft ulns evt-r since. With lonjr experience, the b-st
labor aavlntr merhinery and Kkl! 1.1 workmen, we posncae
alvsnui47-ii nt enjoyed by any othermmnuisctiirertnour
luirt, for pr,tocinir the bkst work for the ijl&st money.
Thrt dciujui J 1mm TeArwu ...rrMi th&t ti,r I t StA)urders
rwmj.ln.vl umllltKl. mil w tiaxo douhltxt ourwianurjwturlr-s'
In)mon.ro.iuni,rat49nrliuif pLBJUcn, ITianr i I Turlnns
and 4Wtu4Ute outnt furMlsbud when desired. Addmaa
iraw ixiypox. comt
rpo those eonttmnlatins a trip North dnrtnt the
A. hot months, attention; la called u "Mlsrh
la Uall.natHuihlaoa Park. I ! . 22 miles from
Culoaco. The most beaiaiful suburb of that city,
situated on blulTs ltxi fret above Lake Mlchlar
lis advantagwa Furef Air I mire Wainr! Floe
Seenery and ritosraiit Suial prtvlleitea. Th Ball it
elr.ant, ommodKU!i.1wiin capacity for U0)s;uru,
an.l admirably adapted lo t.-ie aoonBi motion of
fainlllea. Ciroulan s-nt on ai plleailonto
N. K. 3 WAR ryitUT, Mansttsi-.
Notice to Carp-k.Ur.. .
ftlVera attd. WeatWc&
The following cifecial table gives particu
lar! concerning the condition of rivers and
weather at all important points:
Onica BlrtnAL 8KRVIC IT. 8. A. 1
Mkmphi. May 15, 1880. f
Rise I Fall
Ufhesi Inches
Cairo,-... in
Little Rock..........
Louisville... . m. .....
I New Orleans
ES breve port.
L Louis
RAlna hannh martr.
Below high water of 1874.,
t Low water, bench mark ot 1 870.
Bar. line1! Wind. I Weather.
7O0 a.m. 80.18 68 NL Fair.
2:00 p.m. 80.13 I 82 W. Fair.
900 p.m. 8018 78 I J.. Fair.
Maximum tfcermcnlaler, 85 deg.
Mlntmam tuermometer, 61 deg.
Wa dep't, Sishal Sesviob, U. B.
. watdkdav. May 16, 1880, 10tO8p.m.
Above low
Feet Inches
11 6
8 8
11 1
85 9
8 T
"A- 8
9C4 S
4 11
1 8
2 8
18 3
40 .7
Place ot ni tw WHa: Tweath-
Observatlon. lner- Dir. t Force. I er.
ChattanOoja .'0 25 65 N. Light Clear.
Galveston... 80.00 76 E. Brisk. Fair.
Indlanola... 80.08 75 X. Brisk. Fair.
Louisville... 30.28 62 N.8. Fresh. Clear.
Msmphls.... 80.10 73 N R. JJentio. Cleair.
kashville... Srt.27 6 N.K. Gentle. Clear.
New,Or!ee.ns 0.14 73 M.. Fresh. Hazy.
ffirfc.eport.. 30.15 77 Calm. Fair.
Vlcksburg... H0.20 75 K. Gentle. Clear.
Little Bock 30.1 74 N K Fresh. Fair.
Wheeling, W.Va , May 15. River 4 feet
9 inches, and falling.
Vickbbtjro, May 15. Weather clear;
thermometer 85 deg. River fell 1 inch. Up:
J. M. White. 10 a.m.; Grand Tower, 11 a.m.
Down: W. P. Halliday.
Pittsburg. May 15. Noon River 2 feet
3 inches, and falling. Weather clear and
cool. Nifht River 2, feet S inches, and sta
ionary. "VPeather clear aba pleasant.
New Orleans, May 15. Weather partly
cloudy; thermometer 79 deg- Arrived:
Sunbeam, from Evansvilte. Departed : R. R.
Springer,, for Cincinnati, and James How
ard, for St. Louis.
St. Louis, May 15 Noon. River fell 6
inches, with 16 feet 6 inches by the gauge.
Weather clear and warm. No arrivals.
Departed;, Chouteau and Future City and
barges, )5r New Orleans; Greenville, for
Etansvtllb, May 15. Noon. River fall
ing, with 123-10 feet on the gauge. Weather
rising wind, north by east; thermometer
56 to 71 deg; barometer 29. No business.
Night Weather clear and warm; thermom
eter 78 deg. River 12 1-10 feet .scant,
and falling. Dawnt Thomas Means, 3 p.m.
Loui8VTLlJi,May 15 Noon. River falling,
with 7 feet in the rn.nal and feet in the
chute on the falls. Weather cool and windy.
Night River falling, with 6 feet 10 inches
in the canal and 4 feet 10 inches in the chute
oa the falls. Business dull. Weather elear,
cool and windy. .Barmore 2; Co. launched
the nstr United States inagboat this after
ncoa. Cincinnati, May 15. Noon River 11 feet
ell this morning will detain her until to-
morrow. Night River 11 feet. 6 inches,
and falling. Weather clear and cool. Ar
rived: Golden Rule, from New Orleans.
Departed: Cons Millar, tor Memphis.
Cairo, May 15 Noon. Weather cljar
and pleasant. Arrived: James P.Parker,
Memphis, 8 p.m i Commonwealth. Kew Or
leans 6 a.m Colorado-, Memphis, 7 a.m.;
James W. Gaff, Cincinnati, lO a.m. De
parted: John A. Scu fder, New - Orleans, 9
p.m.; James D. Parker, Cincinnati, 10 p.m.;
Gold Dust, Vicksburg, 11 p.m ; Common
wealth, St. Louis, 7 D.m ; Colorado, St.
Louis, 8 p.m. Night River 26 feet 1 inch,
and falling. Weather clear; thermcmster
74 deg. Departed: James W. Gaff, Mem
phis, 3 p.m.
Hoveraeata oa the .Levee.
John A. Scndder, St. Louis.
John A. Saodder. New (Jrleans: Josie
Harry, White river; Martin Speed, Arkansas
Down Oaceola Belle. Gold Dnat. New
Mary Hauston, James W. Giff, Bdlle Mem
phis. Up James Lee, John B. Maude. Ouachita
Belle, Golden Crown, Batesville, Hard Cash,
Grand Tower, Centennial, Golden City.
John A. Scudder 10 brls flour, 24 sacks
Ciitcihsati Golden Crown, L. Shinkle
master. 8 a.m.
St. Louis J:bn B. Maude, H. Brolaski
master, 12 m.
VicKBBUita Gold Duat, J. J. M'Cord
master, 10 a.m.
New Orleans New Mary Houston, Chas.
Miller master, 12 m.
Friars Point James Lee, Stack Lee
master, 5 p.m.
Greenville Oaachita Belle, Mark R.
Cheek master, 5 p.m.
Cincinnati James W. Gaff, R. W. Wise
master, 5 p.m.
Osceola Ojceola Belle, 0. K. Joplin
master, 5 p.m.
St. Louis Belle Memphis, John C. Crane
master, 5 p.m.
Iioeal Fort Kotea.
Business very quiet.
Only one arrival yesterday.
Moderate weatner yesterday.
Not a steamer in port Hst night.
No cotton received by the river yesterday.
The Golden Crown will get 5C0 bales cat-
ton at this port to-Hiy for Cincinnati.
The J. B. 11. Kehlor passed yesterday
morning without landing for New Orleans.
The Joste Harry departed last evening tor
White river with a fair trip of freight and
The Jacus W. Gaff, Captain R ibert W.
Wise, will be found in port to-day and leaves
again to-morro evening.
The Marlin Speed departed yesterday
evening for Arkansas river in place of the
Katie Hooper with a tair trip.
ine uoiaen thrown, uaptain l. oninKie,
will pass up this morning at eight o'clock for
Cincinnati. Chant Shinkle is in her office.
The Gold Oust, Captain J. J. M Cord, is
the Anchor-line packet this morning at ten
o'clock for Vicksburg. H. Dietrick is her
The Osceola Belle, Captain Henry Cooper,
is the packet Monday evening at five o'clock
for Osceola and tho upper bends.: John Haley
is her cletk.
The John B. Maude. Captain H. Brolaski,
is the Anchor-line packet to-day at twelve
o clock for Cairo and St. Louis. W llliam U
Blenker is her clerk.
Th9 Belle Memphis. Captain John C
Crane, is the Ancbor-line packet Monday
evening at five o'clock for Cairo and St. Louia.
John Massengale is her clerk.
The Bloop Mary Jane, from Chicago, is at
anchor off the mouth of Wolf river. She
will proceed to New.Orleans in a day or two,
and thence to the londa coast.
The Ouachita Belle. Captain Mark R.
Cheek, is the packet Monday evening at five
o clock tor Arkansas Uity, ureenvilie and all
way points. A. L. Cnmmiogs is in the office.
Ihe James Lse, Captain Stack Lee on
deck, is the packet Moaday evening at five
o'clock for Helena, Friars Point and all way
landings. Lloyd Whitlow is her attentive
The John A. Scudder passed down last
night fcr New O.leans with a big trip. She
added here 36 bales cotton. 577 sacks peas.
13 bczes and casks bacon and 30 packages
The elegant passenger packet New Mary
Houston, Captain Charles Miller on the root,
will pass down to-day at twelve o'clock for
Vickabargr, New Orleans and all intermediate
landings. Elliott Miller has charge of her
"That's a hell of a steamboat," says
M r, looking at the sloop Mary Jane;
"got no chimneys and carries her jacksti-tF
'midships. I'll not ship on ber, to act
tainty; got nothing to steer by."
The famous Centennial, of the Anchor
line, is due from New Orleans to-morrow af
ternoon with a good freight list and a fair
sprinkling of people. Captain A. ;L. Davis
telegraphs that he could stand a few more
tons otl cargo, and CbrksFowler would be
glad t nake the acquaintance of some nice
folks woo desire the pleasure cf a speedy and
comfortable trip toS:. Liuis.
By mutual agreement between Captains
Milt R. Harry and . C. Postal, the Josie
Harry will be withdrawn from the White
river trade on the completion of this trip, and
resume business again cn the fouit'enth cf
July, when the Hard Cash will haul off. Thi
arrangement is made to divide the dull sei
son, and to give b)th boats time iu which to
repair and relit.
The Golden City, Cat: tain Hegler, is due
from below to-morrow evening, and will have
immediate dispatch for Cincinnati and a 1
points intermediate. Adam Wayland, her
chief clerk, with the taste of a true artist,
has had all thi chandeliers in the cabin deco
rated with baskets of artificial fl iwers so
nitural in appearance that guests ce;Iare the
perfume to be as delicious as that pervading
a mapuolia grove in full bloom. She has
f .-cm New O. leans about six hundred tons and
forty people oa her cabin register.
Persons intending a trip northward should
remember that the Memphis and Ohio river
packet company's stefamer James W. Gaff,
Captain Robert W. Wise, will leave this port
to-morrow (Monday) evening at five o'clock
for Cincinnati and all way points. Rates of
fare are down cheaper than walking, with
luge, airy staterooms, sumptuous tare, a
string-band cf musicians, and every adjunct
to the comfort and pleasure of passengers.
Raturn tickets, good until used, are issued at
even less than the regular fare, which is in
at! conscience low ecough. See Captain R.
W. Lightburne, No. 7 Monroe street, who
will give you all the facts in detail; or go oa
board and see Chief Clerk W. H. Cropper,
known far and wide as a most polite and ac
commodating gentlemen. ;
Perawaal. ; '
Some fiend bas poisoned the river reporter
of Ihe Cairo Bulletin.
".'iwtitia" will please call at or send his
address to this office. -
O. Wash Floyd, left Cincinnati yesterday
for Pittsburg to eorae oat on the Dean Adam.
Hiram Braysee.ate of the Katie Hooper,
IM in mm. ?Afpiet'tl
thHo lrrecl her. over to S. S. fbompsdd
who took her toPittsburg. t - : .
CommodoreWise, Btlperintenderit of the
Mernhis and Paio ri,vr pacSet coizipany, is
coming down on the Gaff. His many friends
here will be glad to greet him.
Captain Perkins got sixteen thousand dol
lars for the Sunbeam. It will take many a
"crabbing" trip from the Lake End to Man
deville to reimburse her owners.
The following, paragraph appeared in the
Dos Arc Appeal of the 12th: ' If a certain
steamboat pilot don't mind bow he talks and
handles bouquets about this place, he'll . get
himself into trouble."
Captain Frank Maratta pulls the bell of
the George W. Cheek, in the Vickshorg and
Greenville trade, during the temporary ab
sence of Captain Matt Williams, who bas
gone to Pittsburg to bring out the new Dean
Senator Beck, of Kentucky, is topped with
a head that quicksilver would not run off of.
He said in congress the other day, when
Voorhees was trying to encumber the Louis
villa canal bill with a library scheme, that
the canal was "of more importance than
all the libraries in America." Pretty level
oa top is Senator B.
J. Sidney Prophater, the capable and faith
ful steward of the Dalle Memphrs,,died, as
we learn f roja the Cape Girardeau Courier, on
the thirty-first ultimo. The body has been
kept nntil this time to allow the old man to
think over and see if he bad anything to kick
about before being put under the sod, but as
he has made no sign, except when a "etiff"
started toward the dinner table, the remains
will be buried to-morrow afternoon at four
o'clock. The band will play the dirge:
"Four days I've worked,"
composed by Indian Alee especially for the
melancholy occasion. The notes are checked
off with an egg-slice, bo that a blind fiddler
can see them. The boat's crew will be in
mourning for thirty days for fear they get
just Buch another caterer.
A Reply to Jnatitla."
Rivkb Editob Appeal -In your paper of the
eleventb Instant there appears an article over toe
signature or "Justltla," reflecting upon tne cbarao
ter and efficiency of the local Inspectors and calcu
lated to bring Into disrepute the Inspection service
Unless the artlele should be refuted. Belns un
wining to reply to an anonymous article we made
demand for the name of the author, and you very
promptly gate It, lor which please accept our
thanks, we therefore .learned what we strongly
suspected before, that "Justltla" was no other Uian
an Individual named T. B. Montana, fie propose
briefly to show that Mia atateuieuta of Montana are
nntrue; that be knows nothing of the law, or of the
duties lnoumbent upon inspectors, and that he 18
wholly and entirely unreliable and unworthy of be
lief. He says the inspectors will not arraign steam
ers for trial for violation of law. We defy him to
show a single case where reports bave been made
properly tbatlwere not promptly Investigated. The
only exception to this Is the one reported by him
self, and which has not been acted upon because
we coold find no one to corroborate. Again,
the law makes ft discretionary with the board
to suspend or revoke the license ot steamboat of
ficers lor neglect of duty, but any person aggrieved
may appeal to the supervising Inspector, supervis
ing Inspector general or to the secretary of tbe treas
ury and reverse the decision of tbe local board If
tbey aie In error. No appeal has been taken in any
case within tbe past three years. This of Itself la
very strong presumptive evidence of the correct and
Impartial rulings of the board. Montana's state
ment that there Is any partiality on the part of tbe
board Is not true. We agree that It Is the duty of the
local bord to be tn tbelr office dally, and one or both
ot us will be found there, nnless absent on official
duty. Montana shows bis Ignorance ot the law In the
ease he cites of the eaptaih of tbe tug. The officer
was a regular licensed master pilot, holding a valid
unexpired license as such, and not subject to the
law requiring an examination for color-blindness.
He applied for an extension of his license to run ns
tug In fhe waters of Pt. Francis, L'Angullle and
White rivers tor the purpose ot gathering up a tow
of staves, running from landing to landing Tn day
light only. Tbls application the general lpspectors
had a right jj Ktmnlt provided "they were satisfied of
tne competency or in applicant, xneygranieu it
and Indorsed bis license as above stated. When his
Uoense expires and he applies for a renewal he will
nave to p-wmt a oeitlCcate that he Is free
fiomtbe defect of color-blindness before It can
be renewed, and, It being a renewal, the .certificate
can be given by any respectable pbytlclaa: but, la
caies of application for original license, the oer-
iincate can re issued oniy oj a surgeon or assistant
surgeon of tbe United States mailne-hospltal aerv
lea. We mention tnls for Montana's Information.
All Intelligent steamboatmen are probably aware of
tbe fact. Montana tells tha public the wonderful
fact that the United States Is not liable In cCnse
qaenoe of ac-tdent as the result of Incompetency or
3gieoi or amy on use panoi a licensed nicer, me
o I ted States protects life and property by reaulring
men employed upon her waters to have a certificate
as to their qnallncatlons to discharge the duties re
quired of tbem, and promptly revokes or suspends
that certificate when It 1 shown that the officer has
failed to discbarge his duty. A word as to the man
ner of appointments of local inspectors. Barbour
Lewis had nothing to do wltb any changes In regard
to the steamboat laws. Tbe latest change was
made February 28, 1871, two years before Lewis
went to congress. Lewis nominated our highly es
teemed late fe low-cltlzen, Mr. Joseph A. G ro
il auer, and ne was appointed in 1873. He nuea
the Dlace to tbe satisfaction of the mermen.
the public generally, and the United Stares for seven
years, although ne was constantly assailed by Mon
tana, who was himself an applicant for tbe posi
tion. He speaks kindlr of Cautaln Washington aad
Rotiert Good, and says In tha days of their adminis
tration as inspectors tne law was enioroeo. we oo
not doubt this. In fact, we are convinced that tbls is
true, because tn tbelr records on file In this office ap
pears the following: "Revocation and suspension of
license F. B. Montana, pilot, for getting papers un
der false pretense and being generally unreliable."
Sie records of 1870, page btS.l We are no Latin
scholar like "Justltla," but wa cannot forbear, in
view of tbe foregoing facts, to make one Quotation
which, we thin,, applies to "Jusiltla," alia F. B.
Montana: " f auna tn una juuxi tn ommton,
false In one false tn all. Very truly yours.
Lceal Inspectors, Memphis, Tend,
Memphis, May 15, 188a
Picked ID Adrift.
The bill abolishing tolls at the Louisville
and Portland canal only needs the President's
signature to become a law.
(Jap tain a. bono, ot rioe Blurt, bas boucuL
the Big Rock, and will keep her in the Pine
lilutt and Little Kock trade. She is very
light, and should do well during the low wa
ter season now rapidly approaching.
Last tall a man tell overboard trom the
New Mary Houston at Madison and was
drowned. His friends brought suit against
the boat' for damages. A hearing of the case
has just been concluded at Cincinnati, in
which the boat came out winner.
According to last night's dispatches, those
who seek pleasure on the shell-roads at New
Orleans to-day will be grievously disap
pointed. A strong nortneast breeze, -which
has prevailed since Friday, has raised the
water in Lake Pontchartrain until nearly all
the lake ends of the Bhell-roads are nnder
The New Orleans Democrat might have
picked out a better and a faster boat as an
example than tbe Reindeer. For the better
he could have selected the boot well, ward,
Eclipse, or anywhere along there, and if
oneed was bis idea tbe itainoow, saotwen,
Kate Frisbee or Daniel Boone would have
filled the bill. But tbe Reindeer was good
enough from the standpoint from which he
wrote, to-wit: That a trifle more speed would
attract travel to Bteamers that is now monop
olized by railroads. However, as the Cincin
nati Zimrs says, the next five years will de
velop some wonderful changes in river navi
Tewboata and Bar-area.
Tbe Nellie Speer with a tow of coal passed
down yesterday morning lor JNew Orleans.
Tbe Port Ends and barges are on the up
tr.p to St. Lonis, having loft New Orleans
Friday evening.
Baltimore, May 15. Arrived: Illinois,
Antwebp, May 15. Arrived : DeRuyter,
New York.
Nbw Orleans, May 15. Arrived: Chal
mett, New York. ,
New Obleans, May 15. Cleared: The
steamships Jermond F. W. Harris, lor Ant
werp, and Scio, for L?ghorn.
New York, May 15. Arrived: Bristol,
BriRtol; LUmel snenmann, Antwerp; aallier,
liremen; Musel, liremec; iSlafrKwatch, .New
port; Patagonia, Liverpool; City of Rich
mond, Liverpool
5 Years Before the Fiibllc
Dr. C. McIaANE'S
are not recommended as a remedy " for all the
ills that flesh is heir to," bat in affections of
the Liver, and in all Bilioos Complaints, Dys
pepsia, and Sick Headache, or diseases of
that character, they stand without a rival.
No better cathartic can be used prepara
tory to, or after taking quinine.
As a simple purgative they are nnequaled.
The genuine are never sugar-coated.
Each box has a red-wax seal on the lid with
the impression, McLANE'S LIVER PILL.
Each wrapper bears the signatures of
C McLakk and Fleming Bros.
tSf Insist npon having the genuine Dr.
C. McLANE'S LIVER PILLS, prepared by
FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa.,
the market being full of imitations of the
name McLane, spelled differently but
same pronunciation.
r TREATS upon HEALTH, HTGIEJTR, aad Physfr
e&l Culture, na to oompie encycloniedi of
Inforrjuaion for inwrnlsvi. tux tbnste who sutler from
Xorwoos, Exfcftaeiing aod Painful Disease. Every
object thai bear upon keattb and bumau bappioeaa,
receive attention in tU pagoa: and the mauy ques
tions asked by suffering invalids, who nave dispaired
of a cure, are answered, and valuable information is)
volunteered to all who are in need ef mt-dical advice.
Toe subyecs of Kssotrtc Be He terms Medicine, and
tbe hundred and on queetkne of vital importance
io suffering humanity Me duly oootktur&d and ex
plained. YOUNC MEN
Aad ethers who snfltor Bran Verroa and Pbyslcal C
klit;. Loss of Msoly Viar, Pnsmtra ExhtuaUom
and th uut gloomy oooaoaooes ot rly Indwcre
- tion, Le, ara wpsciallj paaad by ooosultuig Ita
Tha ELSCTHTC RKV1KW saposss tn na mitigated
frauds practiced hj quacks sod medical impostors wbe
prolesa te " practioe medicine," and point cat tbe
onlT Mire, simple, and Active road to Health, Vigor
anil Bodily EnerfT.
Send your address en postal card tor a copy, aaa
Information worth thooaaada will be seat yon.
Address, the pabltabexm,
Coughs, Bronchitis, Consumption
Wkst Well-k-awai Dm artist Bay
a bant Allea'si Laag Biltta.
Oakland Btatioh, K.
" OaNTLDran Tbe denuuxl for AIIcb's !.;
Balaaaa Is looreaalna constantly. Tbe ladle
think there Is no medicine equal to it for Crocs and
Whooping Couch. C 8. HAB11N. Druxls.
Hold hy all Medicine. Poaleri.
WILL sell Internet ot JJflORO In one of tbe r it
manufaetaras of pateo-'ed CHAIRd AM
CBADLBS In tbe ooontry. if aA.plionuoo la anwle
early will r'" '"count on aboeji. for parUouiars
It is our positive ineniidn td close
our EXemphis business bv June 1 5 th,
and we wi11 Have but 60 DATS
TIME to dispose of our Large Stoctl
of Goods.
We intend that our customers
and friends shall pet tne benefit
of low prices.
Our entire stock is marked down
to insure an early sale. Special trade
discounts to larpe buyers.
"Wm. B, Moore.
Bolit. Me
We bave ieen In inemphis 81 year, and Intend to re
main here and share lier fortunes, We have a
HPleKHDlD STOCK, and shall keep It KKFL.ES18MED
DA1X.Y irlth all goods suited to the wants of this sec
tion. Our prices shall now, and at all times be,
Wm.R. Moore &.Co.
r " -.
Wholesale Ifry Goods, Notions, Men's Furnlshaas
. . . ' t e
Goods, Ladles' Trimmed II ats, Etce,
m inn
mmwL mm m
We will, after this date,
MAY 1. 188
n. C. rEABCE.
Cotton Factors and Commission Merchants,
No. 258 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
tW Paricnlar Attewtion Paid to the Hala ot CoHoii.aW3
iiw plaster;
OO and 311 Month Twelfth
W.gA.. UAUK.
No. 300 FRrST NTRKKT.. . . . . i
H. tia, Tin
ba . Malllvateu
M. OA.VIM &Co.
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton Factors,
And Commission Merchants,
0 3 13 EtTjica. Q3L Jf'ront stroot. Mo:
Betweea Aaaias
Our I. N. BAINIT devotes his wnoie time to
onr eharve. Wa have onr own c'rm Warwbiwie
IKE BIOK, late of Bios,
Liqnors, CipsaeS Toteco,
TSo. 303
Portland Cement, Louisville Cement,
Mlcntgan riasier, ire tiay,
No. 3 SO TTTr"- "t Street TToxxxipl3.1iPi.
Doors, Sash, Blinds & Moldings,
1 m m irTTViLl .t Af Af a SS S Ivt 1 SelT S Wl W T WWT TIT at tVmT Wl Al sSS
A Lilt iv in li a ut ityjrji. Ann r aix uu it r AAJLLtiis,
(Brackets and Scroll Work, Rough and Dressed Lumber, Shingles, Laths, Etc.,
Nos. 161,163 and 165 Washington street.
W. T. Mowdre.
BOWIE, 1L0I & lill
286 Front street liif,5!SB.S?ST50.l Memphis. Tenn.
Wholesale Grocers
369 front street,
Cotton Factors and
ltXJ Mravier street, Jlew urieans. JLa.
V V emnts ,f rair tnule. and enns1irnmera of eottnn ertll have earefnl abwtlon. . ;
C. II. Stoore.
Doalora lxx
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Holdings,
Lnmber Xath and Shingles
351-353-3SO Kcnml street,: :Memphig, Tenn.
1 II I
Grocers and
Has- 371-373 niain st'f MemDhis.
Orria M. Feck.
Tf BS ' Srj-i
"a urn
Li. B. fSU.
rays 200 to 600 Ter Cent. Profit oa
ne investment, ah f armers snoma
ry It, Gaaranteed to nar. Send for
Circulars ana rrices to .
street Nt. Loo is. lllssoarl
AS. St. iCiK.
Tmi. (Jlar lv.
n. J. Clark.
and JpfTersom.
the Weighing and Sale of all CottocELotrusted a
enmee Waahln-tcn ami Hanend.
Jacobs Co.
Front St., Memphis.
Bosendale Cement, 'ew Tork Plaster,
r ire nrica, iiair,
Paring; Stone, Etc.,
eV. JUalone.
mP. Howdrc
and Cotton Factors.
Memphis, lennessee, i
Commission Merchants
i. TT. Bassetf.
Cotton Factors
Dr. D. S. Johnson's
Hedlcal Dispensary,
So. 17 JEt?FE11505 STREET,
Betwoeai Halo: ana mat, ticinftUs.
DR. JOHNSON is acknowledged by all parties tn
terested as by far the most successful pnyalclaa
In tbe treatment of private or secret disease. Quick,
tborotwb and permanent cores guaranteed in every
ease, male or female. Remit cases of ttooorrnea
and BTDbills cured In a tew vttoW tbe ate of
mercury, change of diet, or hindrance trom nosiness
Secondary Syphilis, the last veettee twadleated With
out the use of mercury. Involimtaiy loss of semen,
stopped In a short time. Sufferers fota lm potency
orToSrofexoM powers reeWred to tree Iforl- a
tew weeks. Victims of e-lfbu ad eioesle
venery. suffering troa STjerinaorrbea and loas of
physical and mental power. BysetUlf and perma
D8partlra!lar" attention paid to the Disease cf
Women, and cures guaranteed.
Throat and Lung Diseases cured by new remedies.
Piles and old sores tared without the use ot.ean
Ua or tbe knife. - ,
All consultations strictly confidential.
Medlelnes sent by express to all parts ef tbe coun
try. Office boors from 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. Bnadtjs
from H to 5 o. m. -.
Lake Elmo, Minnesota
THIS well known favorite summer resort will be
opened Jwae 1, l$gM. Lake Elmo Is 12
miles from St. Paul, on tbe St. Paul and Chicago
Ballroad. wblcb runs six dally trains eacb way, and
is beautifully situated. One hundred and HI ty acre
ot lawn and woodland. Fttest sail and row boats in
tbe State. Elegant ateam-yacbt, swings, croquet,
billiards, bowling and gymnasium. Elmo Lodge,
so named after the Kngllsh style. Is new. newly tar
nished, and first -class in every respect. Dlnlngroom
60 by 80, with ample accommodations for 250
guests, ti rounds lhchted by the famous Kleotrle
light. Among our patrons, we refer, with pleasure,
to the following prominent citizens of Memphis: B.
S Bowles, Major W. H. Bhea. James K. Beaaley,
James Speed, J. M Fowlkes. Dr. H. B. Maury, S. 8.
Tread well. W A. Williams, Jobn B. Boblnson. L. B.
M'Parland, W. A. WheaUej, A. Karr, Joseob Speoht
and Milt B. Harry.
Selling Off My Entire Stock '
235 Slain street.
VOAX la Mie.le ft! . ear ataaal
car of ftemlnal Imluions end Impotence b cb ooir
r , via.. aKk AptMMiM U tbe Srlseiyml hmmx mt hm ttstasSfc. TS
IS OB QM MOMclv it altgodwd Wilft BS ST SSai SM MS
lartsjrSm ita UMordisanr suiwaia o mv ids b
, rs vsarv MvtM est sal. asta J
aOwd by tiM H4raJ WvfrSiC t bt tS na gtUMSsU anil Jb
srad sf 11 rurasr saad rnuC tLb rmrj fnrtnt trootk. TW icsatj
e-Utre. e, Nh I eutlos; a nasal a), ti Wa. H-mMm ewt s
carav .tea. swre mm. Pt tU. i-W ;
i 1 niia i 1 ' oW saasft, sbbSbbI Sk
aU AeeeuetM vW wewsf numrfrntrf m-wm mm. eSt
TTiOBTHS SPEEDY CUBS of Seminal Weakness,
X Lost Manhood and all disorders broogbt on by
IndlsoreiiOD ot execs. Anrdrogglst ha the Ingre
dients. UB. JAULLESaUU .
inn veat Flith eoawt Cinrsjuw
fRAOt. iJARKThetireatRa-f RAOI MARK
;" arnruy,
an unfaltlngeure
for Seminal Weak
ness, Spermator
rhea. Impotency,
and all diseases
that follow, as a
sequence of Self-
ADuae: as iam or
Memorv. Lnlersal
IEF0RE TAalna.Lasstude. Pain lnAFTEl T1IIIB.
tne Back, Dimness ot Vision, Premature Old Age,
and many other diseases that lead to Insanity or
Consumption, and a Premature Grave. Full partic
ulars In our pamphlet, which we desire to send free
by mall to every one. i ne cpeciao ntwiciue sum
by all druggists at SI per package, or six packages
tor to, or will be sent tree by mall on receipt of the
money, by addressing
TTi. in Mechanics Block. Detroit. Mick.
Sold tn MemDhls by M. H. Knox and U. C Battle I
Wholesale hv . W. Jones Co.
And Manufacturers of Flabertr's Patent
Preserrin? Casket or Cdrfme Cooler,
817 and SIS NRCOKD ST., HK1I?HI,
fit keep on nana iuu lines oi ansiug nuw
' Walnut. Boseweod Finished Casket at.
Cases, trimmed In tbe highest style of art. -rv
! sal or rmomnn win nmrniiii, tim... ' u.
White 8 ulpli ur Springs
Montiroinery County, tlrsnla
rpHIS famous snmmer resort. In tb. mountains of
J. Virginia, near the summit of tbe Alleghany
Mountains, la this county, having undergone many
Improvements since last ssoscn, and the proprietor
having become largely Interested In the ro'ehaae ot
stock and furniture, will spare neither expense nor
pains In sustaining Its reputation as the leading wa
tering place of tbe State. These springs are located
near ine line or me a. n. a u. a. asi mneseenui
Lynchburg, 12 miles east ot Bristol, and surrounded
by watering places of notel resort. This place Is
toe most nanasomeiy improves, ana .moras tae
largest accommodations or any piaoe in v irginia.
Tbe cheap railroad fare and unusual low price of
board Bhonul secure a large patronage this season.
Express, telegraph, post and ticket offices are located
on the grounds. Tbe waters ot tbeee springs have
long been fatorably known for tbelr hygienic prop
el ties. Tbey oonsist ot thru bold scu-hus
sprinos, ons uBAtTBiuTa ana a frib(.tonb
Spring. Visitors to the Montooinry White Sulphur
Springs will stop at tbe Big Tunnel station on the
A. M. iX u. It. tt., aisiauuo 1 1 uiu iuv ci'i ujrs i
miles, with which It Is connected by a new branch
narrow rauga railway line, and in lest than ten
minutes arrive at the Reception Bouse of je
Gn.ln. Thssa Anrinn will nnen First Ot June I Ot
tbe reception of visitors. Board as low as any other
first-class watering place In Virginia. Special rates
.in h.m,HjforliiNM nartlea. Rpsldent DhTSlllau.
Dr. James M'Fect, of Virginia. Kor lartbar lrjfor-
mauon, pnurw, mw.. .. .
iBtSTKF.H SAL E Pursuant t9 the terra
. nf a HMrf nr tm.t mnrfe tn m. a. trustee. 19 V.
A. Taylor, on the second day or reoniary, in id, to
aciim a certain Indebtedness therein named. I will.
on SATURDAY, the 15th day of JMay, 1880, before
tbe courthouse door in tne city i Memprua iuvw
Taxing-district), Tennessee, sell for easb, to the
hiehent hldder. the followtne- described DrODerty,
eonveyed 10 me In the deed aforesaid, wolch deed is
recorded IS beok No. 85, page 11 n. In tbe Register's
omoe or sneioy county: fart 01 diock amy one
(01). situated on tbe Bonn. side 01 Beaie streemn
the city of Memphis, Shelby county, Tennessee, and
more particularly described as follows: Beginning
222 feet west ot tbe western line of the right ot way
of tbe Memphis and Cnarleston Ballroad. the same
being 25 feet, at right angles, west rrem tne ceniei
of said railroad: thence north at rurbt ancles with
Beale street 224 feet to a stake on tbe boundary line
of said railroad; thence deg east with tbe
Donnaary line or saia rauroaa isbvs reet w a taa.e;
thennn west rural 11 with Beale atreet H'Alh feet to a
at aire: tbenoa aoutb 8 dee- west On feet to a stake In
ine norm una or ueaie purest : menoe wee wuu uis
north line of Beale atreet vo reet to ine beginning,
and belna tbe lot eonvered lo said Taylcr by W. B.
Waldran. July 'J. 1 8rW. The title to said property Is
believed to be good, but t convey oniy as iroatea.
April o. ishu. u. f. ttB.lPnn.iJo. lroewe.
Inman Line Royal Mail steamers
XswTsrkt Qaeeast.wa etc L,lverpeeI
NOTICE Tbe Steamers of this Line take Lien.
i tenant Maury's Lane route at all seasons of the year.
Cm or Richmond, Saturday. May 22, at n p.m.
Citt or Chbstcb. Saturday, May 29, at 10 a.m.
Cm or Brusbkls, Thursday, June 8, al 2 p.m.
Citt or Brrljn, Saturday, June 12. at 8 a.m.
Cm or Montrjuu Thursday, June 17. 12:90 tun
From fier no. Hi. nonn river. loot or coariton si.
Cabin Dassasa SSO and SIOO. Return tickets en
i favorable terms. STEKRA6B. $28- Saloons, state-
I rooms, smoKing ana oaui rooms amiasmps.
I JOHN (i. DALK. Aeent. 81 At 83 Broadway. N. T.
JOHN LUAHUJ5, comer causey and Linaen streets,
A. II. mimikk. Mam arrm: . aiemnnia. l enn
. on tbe Cumberland Plateau. Tenn. Accessible
by rati from all points. A location unsurpassed for
healtbfulneas of climate and beauty of scenery.
Second Term. 180. begins Auiust Otb: close
December lnth. Expenses lor halt year. S147.
Summer Teim ot Music for atudents not entered
for llterarr eoure.
Tbere will be a snmmer term in tbe Musical De-
nartraent of tbe school, nnder direction et Mr. J.
ds Zlelln8ki. beclnnlnE June 1st. and ending Octo
ber l st. This larm is established tor ine oeneni or
teachers and amateurs who can take advantage of
the season to secure the superior facilities for In
structlon offered by tbe Institution. A course of
study win be arranged to meei tae wants ot this
class of students.
KXPEX3ES-Per course ot eight weeks, two les
sons per week, forty minutes each, payable one-half
In advance:
fiaoo oe lessons gzu oo
Pedal-Dlano Onrao i. 24 OO
Cultivation of voice and solo singing 20 OO
Uses of Piano or Organ 4 00
unorus class lor instruction in Theory, Har
mony, etc, rree. Board per montn, no.
Address, MRS. H. B. a" ELLS, Principal,
Moffat, via Cowan. Tenn.
Bxfkkkiicbs Bev. Dalaell. CD.. Hon linih
Thompson, Messre. Day A Proudrlt, Memphis,
Tenn ; Rt. Bev. w. M. Sreen, Rev W. P. DuBose,
QAnranAA Tnn - Ink. U7 TJ V. I a , 1 - .
i'rnMiwiciiu.,.vuij ,,avuumjUiilHn'JO seuu..
non. h. a. ruck, vicssourg. miss.; Dr. b H. Skip-
wicn, i.iine nucx. ara.; m. . xerger, ereenvtue.
Miss.. Hon. I. 8. Buble, Thlbodanx, La.; Dr. Isaac
ouiii rniua nuiik. nm
ai Btj.m, v, a. , ai ii it: u o. jn i r. r,wu umiu, wen.
Intimate for anun.bsr or years wltb the prop-ietors
U . . . ,M , , u Til Vhm h..L. kiun
ot Haiti's bypDlilllc speetno, l nave known mucn or
Its manufacture and Its use. There are men In th
community well known citizens who were victims
In early lire to Syphilis, and who have taken tbe &
8. medicine, and who are now, to all appearances,
and In their own belief, as free fiom the taint of dis
ease as tbe first man, fresh from the hands of his
Maker. Delicacy forbids their publlo recommenda
tion of this medicine, but I am allowed to refer tbe
sceptic privately to tbose who will Indorse every
thing that can be said li Its favor. Being much op
posed to recommending secret lemedles. it is witn
hesitation trial I attach my name to tbls article; but
I mow wbereof I spak wben I say that our science
naa not yet, made puouc a combination equal to mu
for the purpose indicated. Pvva
Prepared only by tbe SWIFT 8FBCIK1C CO.. At-
arxl eomr.lets GCIIIE TO sEDUH'L
rontxinisc Chapters es A Comps'-ol Woasevsw
bood. S lection of wife, Evulsuces of Vlnt
itT, Tsmpsrsjossts. twnlkry. Advice to Snsat
.Sx rWiiWda, nm Cef etv-y S MeArlaaw I 1 1 i.
BTaliel. KrLe.y 4. raeL "I eT'siarrl-eya aaa P Has.
aa a Prlwats If Adlesd AdwisBakr o dsaaasss PS-
froan Impara aesual aaociatiooa, find oa a If-aboaey thm
Sk T - rfM afW Uk. sHgaj tf-ayaety E.laiii-V Leas mt
.wei saakiasa waareaasw laawa ear ejus.,,,, ftu WeaJe.ee eaa ewaway
IgfTneS e tadaaTewhiee eee a ,eJ ef ai-n. It ee law I as
tT MewV ' ajTwaatr wSwi j1 PrTT aeeet aeaa iWer
Flowers tobe Sold Out!
50,000 Bedding Plants for Sale.
rriBI demand for flowers for adorning and beantl
X tying our homea;havlng Inereaaed steadily, 1 de
voted all last summer In enlarging my noral estab
lishment, and bave the largest stock of Ueranlum.
Verbena,- Foliage Plants, Hone, etc , ever grown
In any of the southern cities on hand, whlehl am
determined to SELL OUT AT THB LOWEST VluV
L'BKd. Lovers of flowers will do well to take tha
Bemandn t it. ear, and aee the dupiay at Maat
feait at tJaawaaS fswetere-.
I flnuejt mak v, a
(64 f-r a Oeaaere FetyhM r- iMwaieil uaniaaw ! ".
naas. Saw saw tfca- iVS. iwiNvi.paHM SV J
km ftar sa !. ef , eaa.. M a -v ekflWeaeal. best - m J
Matet enS lh StTTfla. t. z.rt.
tfeaasM. tt-aat.
rUl-l OalMB.
B. la, COCHBaJH.
Lumber, Lath and Shingles,
IOi, Baalt sas Bllmda, aad aU blIhoj. mt PaelUM Eaie.
Offloe sad Tard foot of Waitlng-toa trU Saw sad Flanlns; Mills, Kortb end 5arj Td
. ITemnhlai t eaw.
1 175-177-179 lllain St., llemuhis,
ASB 11-L
v baYB taaently 7adyealargel oar Storehoase, and added to oar former stock a full line of
ef all kinds. General Agent for the Celebrated
Mrlbnnn and Tennessee ; Farm "Wagons!
A. C Treadweli.-- A M Tread well. S. . Tread well.
A fi wiLH
No, 1 1 Union street. Memphis. Tfinn.
A large stock of Planters' Hoes, Cotton Scrapers, Grala CrailVa,
Keapersaad Mowers, Wheat aad Cora M Ills, Sorfkum Jlills, Beltlnir
Kope, Metals, Iroa, Horse and Male Shoe, Carpenters' and Black
smiths' Tools on hand.
Nos. 310-31 2 Front street, Memphis. Term.
296 and 293 FRONT STREET,
BTArewts for the - Celebrated
JK. K.
EL 1110
Grocers, Cotton Factors,
Wo. 9 Union 'utreet. : : : : 3IeTnis1ii. Tenn,
rw BCoiiaaA Mailer Is the best GIU
cotton before reaching the saws. Has 13 Inch solid
heaw brash, and gins very fast. Oar Revolving neaa
andCnjesiBwUlel wttonor ftist. ,
gyuroer mien prompny. r"nnii,rn Krai,T,,?.,.... ..::::.-
B. J.-SE
Mew Orlesusa.) . .
MBW vneaasa
etj TRADE' lJ JlJiV.Jj
' tkTAW,w OK a sisJ Rtt Vm-nri
eilVO VVV wMkeVsK tl Vll aVIUUV U VSSJ eUaa, . am jy al a AO y waS4VS
I ' -AKD-
Stewast Brothers & Co.,
Cotton Factors and Commission merchants
New OrItan. Txinlalansi.
. .-
- -J n m.r, aa A VAT WTA IT HI W W O S3 S w
Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
leTo. OQ4 JTront TVTer-rTri-rlni so,
J. . eVDiria. I 1. MUi.LlSS. Jr. . 8. . JBlcCAlsLBsI
J. R. GODWilM & GO.
Cotton Factors and
336 Front street,
Pttrtir nlarttwtlen gl-veis to
98 Second St. PPj jWiurket Square, SiempMs.
C?Iloase Fronts, Conmns, Llnuls, Hills, Ventilators, Cellar-ratlu, all kind
Iron and lira as fjastin, (.enerai isepairs aaa i.Tcrytuia: Is t s
Line Sf Fonndr? and War-nine-Shop Work.
K. M. KMTIM. lat KaSMM. jriaer A
TWaeeowMra t
And Contxnlaalon Zlerehants
Wf i Is Oe,
IS. Carver Coftnwlii.f
e. K, rBlTBJ.
: Ho; 314 Front street,
I 111 I'lil ID 1 1: i: I
Dan Pratt Cotton Gins
Revolving - Head & Eclipse Huller,
Feeders, Condensers,
for river planters. It will separate the hulls from tha
saws. Revolving-head, regulating seed-board, extra
uin naa ne aupenor m uw ouiion. imr .eeaen
0., -,1. .f..,i ..
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Commission Merchants
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