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PMUfflee. Heampkls, Teaaessee.
Cincinnati, Louisville and HaoiBhU local an
throus soails open at 4:45 p.m. ton doss at 6:40
Cincinnati. Loc1v11Ih4 tfMnShte ItofDUAa mall
Chattanooga and Mmihi -i muf -ttimnh
malls open at 8:30 p.m. ana 11:45 a.m., and dose
w .ui. muu 1 u p. in.
llempbli to tttsoada and New Otleanaopen at 10
.m. and close at ll:H()a.ii. ---
Memphis and Utile Bock opjo at 1130pjn. and
close at 8:30 p.m.
Covington and Memphis op t 9:80 a-a. aad
clone at x p m.
8omrvllle aceommoclaUon open at 820 sjn. and
closest 4:46 p.m. - --
Memphis to Frtarw Point (agent) open Mender
Wednesday! and rrldajs, at 7 a.s. and class sane
oars at 4X0 p.m. ,
Helena and Frier Point (pestofflces), dally; opaa
at 7 a.m. and close at 4:30 p."
Helena and Cliuendon railroad, daily, open at 7
a.m. and eioee at 4:30 p.m.
Memphis lo ereenvlile (agent) open Hondars,
Thunders and Saturdays, at 7 a.n. and eloaa aame
dars at 4:30p:m.
Mempnis lo Ttekiourg (acent) open Mondays,
Thursdays aod Saturdays, at 10p.m. and close Sun
days, Tuesdays an J Krldays, at P:80 a m. - '-
8t Louis to Memphis (agent) open Sundays, Toes
days aod Vrldaji, at 7 a.m. and close aame daja at
9:80 a.m.
Osceola to Memphis (agent) pen '-Monday
Wednesdays and JTrloays, at 7 a m. and dose same
days at 4:3 p.m.
Bt. Vraocls river (agent) open Tuesdays and Fridays
at 7 a.m. and close same days at 4:30 p.m
Arkansas river (anul) open Wednesdays and Sat
urdays at 7 a.m aod (loss same days at4:30p.m.
Wnlte river (agent) open Wednesdays and datar
days at 7 a m. and rlo-e aame days at 4 DO a. m,
Memphis to Holly 8(irtrs (lae route)open Mon
days. WedarsdaTS and K"rWt,.. &t a n m. uui a) am
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 6 a.m '
i i
- ArrlTal tud Iepartare r 'frsUaa.! f
Trains on the Padixstn and Memphis road pien
as follows: Malt leers, dally at 4-00 p.m.'
arrives aaiiy at w- am..
Trains on the Memnbls and Little Rock road more
as follows: Mall leaves daUy at 4:80 p Wl.t trelibt
waves aaiiy, except, auoaar, at U a.m. iu ar
rives dally at 1 1 :0f p.m.; freight arrives dally, ex
cept Sunday, at 8:15 p-av-' - ft
Trains on the Memphis and Charleston road move
a follows: Mall leavHS dally at 11 -JI& p.m.f fast
mail and express leaves dally at :60 ajn ; Somer
vllle aooomoMxmtlon leaves dally, except Sunday, al
6:45 p.m. Mall arrive daily at 11:20 aro.:fat
mall and exprm arrives dally at ft p m.; Bomervllte
aooommoaauon amves daily, except bunaay, at
Trains on tbs MlieJ-siptrt ann Tenaessee rosd-
rnovaas ronows: mail leaves daily at I2:it(ip.a.
ttardla accommod'itloo leaves dally, except Sunday,
at 4-45 p.m.: (retKhl leaves dally, exorpt buuday, at
H :00 a.m. Mall arrive dally at :80 a m.t eardls
accommodation arrives dally.exospt SuadsyvsA 8:00
a,m.: IreUiht arrlrus dally, exeept Sunday! al 4:1)0
p.m. - . . -. .. .
Trains on the Loulnvllle and Nashville road move
as follows: Express leans dally at 11:20 ra. mail
leaves dally at 7s40e-ra.s BronsvUle aaooaiasoda
tloo leaves dally, except 6nrtusy. at 440 p-m. Ex
Drees am Tea dally at 5:10 a.ra.1 mall arrives dally
at 4:20 p.m.; Brewtiavilke aeeommodatloa arrives
dally, except buoday, at 84fS a.m. Salurdai the ex
press runs nly JU'Kozb9leonnecaag lor Nash
ville. . : v
Superintendents an rtfnetUd to notify thii office
reraoaal aad teaeral. ';
Thn Texas and St. Lmis iorjns thtoogh
irom xexarxana to lyier.
On and attfr Monday, Houston, Tsur,
wni be the center of ten toads, -;. ,'i-f
Tho papAfs IsaI mubt reported aotoiag 4W
In the railroad war at New Orleans.
The four largest elevator at lodisnapolis
load and unload an average of three hundred and
fifty ears per day.
Arkansas and Texts am'tfoinir more ia tnT
matter of railroad construction than all the ether
southern States combined. .
Mnarlyallthe rffiaials -of the Galvstor.
Houston and Henderson road, have resigned tbelr
places to accept outers on Uas bail, Colorado aad
ban tare. , . . -,w
Lfiirff'nn paDTs aay tbo- in-)ictionar.
that the hulk m the wheat In that part of KerrtDfe
svlll be shipped south ria the Ctnataoall Southem to
avOattanooKs. and uience to the southeast,
The doobl 'dailv m ill trains over the old
Tellable Memphis and Charleston continue to do an
reel lent business, through aad local, bomoealot
a arst-clsss UaavlegaBt equip ments and deaUajble
The Koicba'Tmplar and their co-fit
slonlsts go fram Mis city to Chlcngo wltboat ehsnge
or ears. Time, twenty-four Bonn; fare twelve-collars
for the rouaa trip two bus anil our fur raonliif
time. Cheap enoagh v... -
Banipy, Smith & Co , ol Dijfon, are builJ
Ing two Woodroff sleeping oars npon a new theory.
It la stated that they will be the finest coaches fa
America. Wben completed they are to be lua be
tween St. Loul snd New Yoik.-iiu IndlanapoUsj,
It is said the Uoocton and Texas Ceafarat
will purehaaavtha Oalveston, Houston and Header
son track to nm trains thruaga to balveaton Tor the
cult trade. The csotuitog of the Colorado at d
Santa fe Is looked apon as a triumph tor Houston .
One vet inconvenient Irit of the Italian
railroad mea Is that they will not work wlwn It ralv.
It la said that If tntre is the least appeevance of a
a bower they carry their umbrellas with Uu.m, and as
noon as the Brst drop rails tbey make dive lor their
cabins. . t. t-. ,: . ,,s 4 : , j , ; i
IssThe Incrfftsed elevator7' facilities' at sea
lmard terminals are proving of a great benefit this
season, and even aw mm mM-u niiiud west
loaded. The round trip between Indianapolis aad
said terminals Is nude a couple of days quicker than
last year.
The eeaeral financial condition of the rail
road system throughout Texas ts very good. Nearly
all the lines aie el(-sustalnlng, and the business of
each has Improved very ssiltactorlly In th last
twelve months, notwithstanding the Isat crop sea
won In Tdxss was unfavorable.
The following shows the grots srninR of
the Louisville and Nashville railroad company for
the third week In July: ia 1KK0.1 12,800, against,
lnlW79.w5.45tf; Increuse, at)7341 . . Toe Increase
for the first, second aod third wteksln July. 1880,
over same period In 1879. amounts to 1190,448. .
vAsaistapt; President Quarrier aad Parchaa
lng Agent Breed, of the Louisville and Nashville,
will leave shortly for the east. In search of muct
needed i est Tbeuabrokeg rest and constant ex
citement ol the past twelve months made havoc In
the health of the Louisville and NaahvlUe nitimn
Work is progresnioff rapidly on Hantiae;
don'a Lexington and Blgflandy railroad, and by tM
firstof May-earluvtbaaantuUMUedr-tralna caaAa
running from Bichtnood, Virginia. M, L. Lumm,
of Maaaachusauai ts the chief engineer, with bead
quarters at tiraion, the county soak of Carter
Captain Juhn Cnambertti, hianaecr of the
Xnlghts Templar excursion benet to Chicago, la re
ceiving bunolee of letters and postals every Cay,
aaklna tnlormatlon as to rates, dates, etc. He
thinks the number of excursionbMB froia tola bttr
and vicinity will run up Into the hundreds, and may
awachathuuaiutd. . . , . , ,, , . ,
The steamer mm Howard Will to-dafy
take another gang of a hundred laborers 'down to
to the Little Bock, Mississippi -B'ver and Texas
road, landlag them el Arkansat City. The party
came down Irom Cincinnati on t)ie Cons "Ulnar last
night, and are now quartered m the anchor-line
wharf boat until the arrival of the Howard.
Mr. Rithery, in his elaborate official re
port to the Brttlah board of trade on thn Tay bridge
disaster, utters tbw sweeping condemnation of the
structure: "Toe LrMge ae badly Unsigned, badly
constructed and badly rualntainid, and the down
fall was due to lnneeot detsctii lo Ibe siructure,
wnloh must sooner or later, bave Wnngbt K down."
So much for that marvel ef eogtmnrlng, z. v
Aeonfereoce was held Tnosday la Xhattn
Ttooga, between tbn managers of the Memphis atid
Charleston road and the mauagsis of the Louisville
aod Niahvtlle road. The confprence waahcld U
consider tb contract at preseol. existtrg between
tbe Nashville, Chattanooga and 81. Louis railroad
and tbe Meiupbls and Charleston rallrosd, by which
tbe latter ts held bound to use lite formers track
from Stevenson, 41abama,to Chattanooga, for thirty
rears after 1868. . ,
Be'weea bow and the 6 -st of Soolember
over two hundred miles will be aided ti Texaa rail
roads. The Santa r-'e will be titended from Cald
well to Cameron; tbe Internatloiial will bs extended
from aulln to San Marcos: tbe 1exs Pari no will be
extended thirty of forty miles wvst of Weather (ord;
tbe Missouri, Kansaa and Texas will be extended
nouth ot Oenlsoo about thirty talles, and other ex
tensions will be made, and Ibe 1'exas and New Or
leans road will bo at last eomplslcd. ft f
General Satv-rintendeat IJberwoof, of the
Cincinnati, Indlejiapolle, St. louls aod Chicago
road, baa Issued an order to tbe effect tbat train
crews which are paid by Ibe trip shall not make over
els lit trips per week. This baa necessitated a con
siderable In urease In the number ot train crews, yet
that It I a wise slop all practlenl railroad men will
readily eoatede, us many of ths railroad accidents
are the result of carelessness of overworked em
ployes. But tew roads are as exempt from accldems
as the Cincinnati, ladlaaapolla, SU Louis and Chi
cago, which Is In a great measite due to the fuel
that their train men are not allcwed to work unless
In good working trim. j.. ., x
, L) aclilastiB Itaraed.' ;
Chicago, Jnlv 30. The machine and
blacksmltB-abop of tbe United States rolling-stock
company was destroyed by tire tills morning. Loss
on building, machlnsiy and suck, Sl&AXK); fally
Insured. - (.)- - . . t ;f-.
: Merthweatera Paak. - '
Sioux City Journal. 25th: "Charley Wool
worth, of this city, gives a grapt la description et tbe
suddenness with which toe it'orthwestern makes
railroad movements whea there It a race on hand.
At Pierre tbe populace was still confident that the
crossing of tbe Black Hills Una ot that road would
be at their town. Wheu Mr. vtud worth came down
to his summer cattle camp on Medicine creek, tbe
srraders were supposed to be a Cay's Hde to the east
somewhere. A day er so after his arrival a herder
rode In from tbe ramre and r ported a force of grad
ers In sight. Mr. Woolwurib thought It Impossible
that any bad got so pear the river, but taking his
field-glass he rode out after hit man. Climbing a
xtlgh biutf tbe graders were la sight, sure enough.
'or twenty miles tlie men and teams oould be seen
with tbe glass, like some great soaks stretched out
over tbe high, level upland, with here and there a
white Beck showing where the boardtng-lenls had
been put up. Tbe whole fores appeared as It tbey
bad sprung out ot the ground. Toe day before the
bereers bad seen nothing of tntsa.and now tbe light
cloud of black dust, showed that dirt was flying all
along the line. Tbay are grading down Medicine
creek, which empties Into hs Missouri opposite
Fort Oeoige, and whea Mr. Woolworto left were
worktna wllbln Ibtrteea miles f their Missouri river
grossing at Voit fleoige. The sews obtained at this
ctty from Tackett, the half-bra d Interpreter tor tbe
" filoux enters at Washington, which tbe Journal was
the lint to give lo the publl j, was tellable. Tbe
Northwestern crossing point If al fort tieorge, and
not at rort Pl-wre.
Maw. jm uui
. uu W,M -. J. -. J. k.
Milalad M In fori-r
' sums. . Uui MUM m mum m 1
. (vary slss. Suld 1y H dxlrit. Smid Ir iCMfH,
w v. a. dscasos iv as rtuoearc,
" There was not Baa r re ported at :. the
hanks yesterday -no no activity apparent. ' Bx
ehangeuatamessJustBoweonllned K narrow
range, with lass owning in thaa outgoing wants re
quire, sotaatsoow. auC sast. aa Important aansuat,
of shipping currency goes on. The Mew York Lui
Kin, ol Wednesday, reports: "The pries of sliver
bullion In London la f2td per ounce. Tbe bullion
value here lot tbe 412MI grain- silver dollar Is
SO. 88Si). New York exchange was quoted to day
as fallows at the places aamedi Savannah-buying,
IS; selling, U premium. Chartestoa ta discount,
t preanlum. New Orleans ssnimerelaf. 12B3150
premium; ank, 250 premium. St. Louts, 75c
discount. Chicago, 603750 discount. Boston,
5s premium." Kxenange at our banks quoted
st par on New York and other prominent east
ern ipolnts,kwtth three days' grace, M tnseounti
selling at U premium., Oa New Orleana, V dis
count; selling at par.. Money Is loaned on short
date at 8 to 8 per oenL Shelby county scrip Is
quoted at 88 baying, 95 selling. Shelby coonty bonds
selling at par; Memphis gas stock, 80j Bank ot
Commerce stock par: Stats bank stock at par ; Union
and Planters stock 110: Memphis and Charleston
railroad stock. 25AtO: Mstnpbls fire end City In
surance stock, 75; Bluff City Insurance stock. 80
bid; Mississippi and Tennessee first mortgage
bonds at 12V; da second mortgaae. l iih hu,
t . MBMfHlS BANK CLKABINGfl ': - '-'
s i,. ,,i vj-.-i - ' ocearmm. ' Balmce.
ulySO. t 27,705 SU " ' 14.8 22
Same time last week... .238,214 53 93.572 Ul
Suae Urns w'k batore 275.885 4rt . ; 74.745 88
Total for the week ... 826.080 87 10W.042 49
, lBr TBiggBipBA
PAK13, Joly 80 -Ben tee, 84f. 65t f v"'
NEW ORLEANS, Joly 80. Sight exchange oo
KewVtirk. S'4 f0 per lOOO rjretatuuu Sterling x
changebauksnj. puis. 48Ji ;
tlOKDOH, July 80J-ttmfl-fof money, 08 i-16;
ne 5s I05k; 4, ll4;-4s, 112: Illlntls
CeBtral. IIH; Tennsylvania Central, .69;jpne, 46Vi;
seeonds, ViiVt; Beading. tt-
NEW TOHK. uly 80. Moaey market easy ar tn
2t er -oeuL -' frlrae ereantlle paper, faB4Vi
peri csirU Sterling , exchange bankers', bills
ull aad Weak, 482t; demand, - 484 f iov
ere neat bonds quiet; United States coupons ef
$81.104: sew 58,103; ney4ii, llUr new
4a,liai4rpaauic 6s ot 186 14. Stats aecurV.
Ueas -Louisiana 7Vr consols, 41); Mlaourl 8s,
107; St.. Joseph. 105 offered; Tennessee 8s,
old, 38VS offered; 'Tennessee 8s. new, Wat Vlr-
ginta a, old, irk Virginia ea, sew, am -consols,
85; Virginia coo.ols. preferred,
Kail rand bands were atrsus aud -blsksr.
mi simii and setlva tlirautfbout the tfraater bar
lion of the day. Tnere were oecaetooat fractional
reactions, bue-tba general tandeoey waa toward
btgher quotations and at the close the Improve
nteuteu tha.daj'tf iraasaetloosTanged from 14 to 2Vk
percent , the latter among tbe coal stocks. Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western was notably strong, snd
purchases were Induced by reeotl that a 2 per cent
dividend will be declared at tbe director' meeting
next week. Northwestern was firmly held, 00 rumors
of a proposed stock bonus. Alloa and Terrs beats
common sola op from 'MVi ts 24, and raeedsd to
22 Earnings nt the Calcago, Mllwaakes aod Bt
V am railroad tor tea six wiooths eaomg Jane 80,
180,f8,447,000, against S4.086.1 85 lor the same
time In 1870V Tee earnings of the same road Mr
three weeks of Joly were 87. 00O against S4U9,
644 for the same das la 1879. The earnings of
this road uras far : tnls ' year are - not
at Ibe rate f Vi per-eeot. per annum on
common preferred stock. TransaetloBS accregated
208.000 snares, of which 81,000 wove Lactfawanna,
2400 Delaware and Hudson , 4200 Denver and Bto
urande, 80.000 Brie, 1100 Iron Mountain, 4000
Illinois Central, 8400 Kansas and Texas, 8000
Lake 8 bora. loOO M:ehlgaa Central, 8000 Morris
and Bssaxv 1U.00O NarU westers, 6000 Nashvlue
aod Chattanooga, 8000 new Jersey Cealral, 2800
New York Ceniral, 8U00 Northern Pacific, 3000
Ohio and .Mississippi. 2300 Vaadlc Mall. 1000
beading. 1400 St. Paul, 8700 St aul and Omaha,
Union Pactfle, 8800 Wabas and Pactnc,
rxxui Western Union. 2100 Alton and Terre Haute.
Tbe sioslog . auotatlons were as- follows-
entral, Pacino boods, 1 12VU Cnloa Paelne firsts,
112s; Union f aenc tana grants, 11; union
Pact no sinking funds. 11914; Lehigh and Wllkes
Darre, ' 100; -St. Paul and Sioux city firsts, 104;
Chicago, Ooluroboataad Indiana Central firsts.
84; Cnlcago, Coiumbua and Indians Central sec
oaus, no sales; rle seconds, UOini Bock Island.
112U: Paoaina; 180; Fort Wayne, lllMir Pitts
buygai9W:Ill1nelsCentral.l09Vi;ColC8CO, Surl.ng
toa ar.d Uulncy, i 24Vi: Chicago and aiton, ll-m
ef&tedi uncagO) ana Alton preferred, 18Q; New
York Central, 131; Harlem, 180; Lake Shore,
8; Canada Soutnorn, 63; Michigan Central, 95;
trie, 44; Brie preferred, ?lfe; Northwestern,
97; Northwestern preferred, U4; St. Paul,
88; St.il'aaliprefetrad,; 107; -St. Paul and
Umaha, 44; & Paul and Omaha pre
ferred, 78H; Delaware and Lackawanna,
Kflty, Kbrrw too Baesx, 1084; Delawara aaof
Uuuaea.icVslNrsrJaney Central, 7a; Heading.
lw; Ohio aod Mississippi, 3414; Ohio aod Missis
sippi preMTed, 73; Cbeeapeaae and Ohio, lst.
Mobile and Oslo, 211; Cleveland and Columbus,
7114; Chicago, Columbus and Indiana Central. 171;
OaioCeotraL 2iJl; Lake Kneand Western, 82S4;Ou
lane and WsvurnbBuillngtoa.Cedar Bapius and
jM on hern, 68; Alton and Terre Haute. 224,
Alton and Terre Haute preferred, 84; Wabash, gl
Louis and Faclfic.4114; Wabash.St . Louis aod Pacific
preferred, 71; Hannibal and St. Joseph, 35 14;
Hannibal and Sv Joseph preferred, gvife: Iron
HountalD. 6a Ml; dt Louts and ban Francisco, 88;
St, Louts aod 1 Ban; fTanelsee preferred, 481.
St. Louis and San Franelsoo, first preferred, 76;
Chicago, st- Louis and New Orleans, 84ti; Kansar
and Texas, R81fl; Union Paotfic, 98Mi;Ceniral Pacific,
l3W; Nortaera Part ho, 81;Korihern Paclfie, pre
ferred, 66V1: Louisville and Nashville, 118;
Nashville and Chattanooga, A8; Louarvtile. Mea
Albabany aas) Chicago, 100; Houston aad Texas.
63; Denver ttxi.Ji.o Grande, 71 J Western Uoloe
lelegrapa, 1071k; Atlattle and PaelB Tetegraptt.
46Lh; PaclBo Ha!r,43: 'Adams EXpresr, 118; Wells
Fargj's Express, 108; American Express, 58;
United d la tee Express, 48V3ff'd; guleksllver,l 16s:
Quicksilver preferred, 48e; Cariboo, 12214;
Leadnlle, W, Central irUooa, 614; Home Stake,
S3; Standard, 264 BxeeUlos, 17 Uttla Pitts
barf, 4Vi; Ontario. 82. -;. t
t -: -r,;. 'TTOH..u.,'.a;'t'-il' '":
: The telegrams yesterday supported the im
proved tone of tbe day before, without change of
quotations. Our market bad nothing going oa for
tn nnortar la snlsmsDoa and tlm rtnw nlrmari sr
toe advenes ea low middling and middling thai oc
curred the day before. -Tnesearadesatetaoaemskt
F04'1' J Ill i 1 1 I i I : i
i.UU r i TmteTdauM Dip tejom.
8 -a 8-
irvwi ordinary.
Low mMditnsv..,,,.....
Middling ,,
a 914 a 914
11W HllVj
fpia- . -aia-
Hood middling-,..
auddiing uir.u,.,..,..
1 MOAsVIT ltUTJBA, 1 aTaUOavf 1TJ lwinasj mil W FysxAlJOfg. -
Mmm4i hs Biu --a-- - - -
I . ..... COTTON BTATXMEST f, .v - ' f
Stock, Beptembef L, 1679 -.. - .888
Hecalred te-day.;...-. 184 J
Ueeetssd LKfHB ly. .. . ...... 4071 K9 ,; 407.868
IppeU to-day.. m.'.;..- Qfil
I, pea previously stH.ooo
out. .......
1US 12.493
Thnsfsr thut week.:.........
Thus far last week
Bince Sebteujber lst... ...... ..
Memphlsand Charleston B.B -
Louisvllia. Nasnvilie and UL Southern B. B.
Memphla and LRUs Beck B.B.
Paducah and Memphis R.B. ......... ......
. ;iia
.: i
nw mmvum tUMI VvAIM aVUlUCSJot, i
! Total ,.:.....,.!.f.?.?A:r
1 m4fxpoBxak. r!u jf
Thus fftrtbi8week...-.....,.."V... 2,569
Tbus far last week. ....,.. .....,.... 8 419
Blnos Serejnberl st . .; Ci. t .. 395556
sVotiUT)laabjUleirC8oo 951
I Total - MMl ImMm 951
1 Tbe foUowIng are tbe latest telegrams of tbe
domastlc markets as reported yesterday to the oot-
Pries " '
MidOUng. .'1
New Orleans.
Norfolk 1.;:..
Baltimore .j..
, 84
' 191
10 16-lr!
. , 1146
, 4S
v., . . -.
. 95
-v 76
-f Quiet
New York........
Boston....,.,., .
Bt. Louts ..!
. The fntlowlng are the New York spot quotations
for yesterday: Ordinary. 8 8-16c; good ordinary.
9 U-16e; lots mMdllngy 11 1-I8c3 mlodllni,
119-166; goad middling, IS 1-1 Be: middling fair,
12 I8-16C. Al 12:10. steady; 2:10, quiet; 8:10,
qulety and Steady. Sales, 589 bales. Stock, 102.-
Jia bales -. " - -
Tbe tone of the future market was as follows:
At 10:20, steady at a decline: 11:10, steady; 12:15.
firm; 1:30, quiet snd steady; 2:80. quiet; 840,
steady. Snlea, 0,000 bales. ,. .
Tbe following shows tbe aloelng quotations ot fu
tures 1 n me Xtw Yoik market yeeierj ay : r
Pay ison..
10 66ll.6w
10 8'210.H5
10.WrJll 02
11.40t? 11 42
1116d . ..
10 6Kr3 10.61
10 47i9ia4H
April.... ..:
November. .
10 6K10 70
lOfSffl 1.00
11 49t3
pThe following Is the New Yoxk esmparatlvs cotton
Net receipts at all United States porta.... 10.000
Bame week last year 2.800
Total receipts at all U. 8. porta to data.. 4898,000
8ame dale last year 4,424,000
F.x ports from all IT. S. ports tor the week, 15,000
Same week last year 6000
Total exports from C. & ports to date. .. 8,774 OSO
earns aaiewat year. ....... ...
etock at all U. 8. porta........
Bame time last year
block at all Interior towns
- 26.000
Same time last year.
Stock at Liverpool.. ,,.
flume time lent yens
Stock of American afloat for QL Britain
Same time last year...... ,
1 The Hew Orleans market closed steady at lltfee
tor middling. Bales, 700 bales; receipts, 818
bales. Stock, 68.002 bales. -'
Tbe Liverpool telegrams yesterday reported the
market tending down; middling uplands, 8 13-16d;
Orleans, 6 16-ltM Sales, 8000 bales, of which
8000 bales were American. Receipts, 19,700 bales,
18.000 ot which were American.
, The market In Liverpool for futures at 12:15,
quoted free offerings; July, 6skA6 28-32d; Joly
Aagnst, 6 28-82d; Septembtr-October, 67-lOd;
October-November, 64d. At 1:80, very dull. At
8:80: Angust-eeptember,6 21-33d. At 4:10, Man
chester ) arns and fabrics were not quotably lower.
At6:15fUtarsseJosed quiet; November-Decern bar,
6 5-32d.
The following ts (ha Liverpool eotton statement;
Bales for the week, 89,000 bales; American. 8 1 ,000;
speculators took 780; exporters took 2600; tor
warded from ships' aMs direct to spinners. 9500;
actual exports, 9000: total recelpta, 97,000 Ameri
can, 80,000: total stock, 745.000-Amerloin. 605,
000: amount sileat, 156,000 American, 67.000.
Tbe movements at the ports were reported as
Uu Year.
Recelpta for 4 days
i 2 758
i -63rW
Kto's toU.BrltMlB
i 13.7991
MP'S w ooaun't
Stock on band
f Ton
Total foreign sxaocts73.744.fiia: last sear.
mis star: year eeioce. o,.-R,.ll4.
' Total receipts at all United States ports, 4.R98,-
D98; ssmtWe)878, 4U24,711i same dais 187 i.
4.223.547T increase of receipts' at Cnlted" States
ports this yean 473,887.
j kenebaL tkade.
' The irrocery and rrovision lines-were do
logs pretty good business reatsrdayj hot feed and
produce were "flat dead." There was no demand,
and the regular morning boat from above failed lo
arrive, so that there was nothing pressing en the
market bat some corn, which, however, found no
buyers. Everything In feed was stagnrnL Cornmeal
was also without demand and had a downward ten
dency. Potatoes and apples furnished no news.
Eggs were depressed- from beat but small packages
of country fresh brought lOVsSlle for single pack
ages. Chickens were a grief to holders, and all the
poetry about the eh tefeeo that "put tta bead undents
wing, poor, poor thins," did sot help tham. Hag
probuee firm and unchanged. , , f. , .. . .
fuoCafloiu - beans are fur rouna lot hi tte land
; ing and at toe railroad depots, and include neither
! drayaqe, ttorage, nor other aptoMt outtide qf the
bare freight ana charge up to the time of arrival.
1 Jobbing and ttitrt aUx anaL higher jutex, as they.
include drayage, ttoraife and pntfit 0 the dealer.
FEED. Corn last sales at 49c; In store. 63c,
Oafs last sales of mixed at 35c; in store, 3ll(J40c.
Jfr.m-last sales at SI2 50; last sales of corn-bran
at SU 50; In store, 76c per cwt. Hoy -last sale was
of new timothy at S18;hi store, 90cSSl 10.
FLOOR 4ND MKaL -Fiour- superfine, 5434 25;
extra, S45044 76: double extra, 1475(14 85; treble
extra, S5 2535 60; family, 15 75; fancy, 86r3
6 25. Oormneal no demand; Jobbing from store
at S2 40. -... . . . .: . ! r.,- .. . -
VKtfS rABLES. Ifew Potntoen, to wagons for sblp
ment, nothing dolng;last sale at 65c a barrel mess
are: In store, $1 25. Oimm-In store S3 50 a barrel
and SI 85 a bushel. , Vabbaoe. 8J 50 a crate for
sound fresh .
I EtiSd AND BUTTER XjrjK dull, lOtillo. Butler
-i-ee Simon, lOlBo; medium, 14r317c: ehelca, lhtl
20c; creamery, 27f22!Sa Oleomargarine, 14316c.
i PODLTHY VMekm abundant and lower; jouog,
SI 2532 25; old, 82 50; roosteis, S2.
FBUITa AND BEKHIES.-Orvjnoni, S6T8 6a
Imwr, S4 50S5. I'eache; 253.500 per V3 bushel
bi-x- AmjU. 50375a a barrel measure for ship
ping; In store, SI 26ft 1 75 a barrel.
NUTS Proftuts tied, 8ffi5c; Virgin's, 7871:
oound. Aimonda. 2Ir22-2e Dernound. feuinM.
2918c aeeordlng to size. Brazil ntUe, lOfil 1c per
KMind. rHlberts. 12c per pound. Walnutt. 16o per
ourid. Oocoonafj. So. . .
MtaCELLaNEOUa - Hontiny. f iS9 25 a barrel.
is, jnr;i 20a Barrel. viaer stissonn.suct'io a
tarrei. wane oeam meainm, si eoizl 65; navy,
I r 7591 85. Drd applet, 8bV3 tr pound.
yrled peache. Itt He per pound
HO(i PBODUUTS-Afoas pork, 816 50. -Isar
side, packed, 9c; clear rib, HVsSS HOc; shoul
era. 6s Home sucareured. llallHc Lanl
tleroa, 8tt8c; pans, (tuo; kegs, 8tt?9e
Aniiisi.-vonee, ido314tc iorvratnary, ifMt
8c for fair. ViVt& 1714c for good fair, lSrMBtfcc for
choice. ra Imoerlal. 659800." &we Leuunana.
ft:; Carolina, 7S9e. Salt per dray load,
from store. $1 oOper barrel 1 coarse, per saoa, SI 85
fil 40 1 As, SI 7091 75. Buoar Louisiana, opea
kettle very scarce. wUn?Wtc; yellow elarthed, 10t
t?10ic: white elantled, lOittMlc; cut hmf, llVics
granulated, 1 lljc; powderea, 11 143)1 1VC UoIuolm
-Louisiana suKarboues rebotleu cnotoo, 54255c;
prime. 40t?48c; fair,-42r245e: syrups, 45&65e.
uautiiAU AMI Tina. Bagguig Uax, 104H9
like; lute, 2 lbs., IlVr12Uie mixed. HUai2c
fws-ataodard makes. S2 60: Placed and vutslds
brands nomtaaL Tuitu, l8a20o per lb. -
NEW TOBX. July 80. Floor firm ' and Driaes
frlthoat decided charge. Wheal stronger; ungraded
fed, 92eSl 4h--4toaee-4eaBd tatr aa maiket
firm; Bio. cargoes. qDoled at 1214316c; lob lots.
lawioaic. eugaringooa oemaoa ana strong;
air .to good rehnlng. 7&i37c. Molasses oulet.
Bice steady wltb a fair demand. Port easier; new
ress. S14 R0915. Lard heavy: prime steam,
67Vi772VC - -
LOTJI3Y1LLK. July 30. Flour steady, with a fair
Remand; extra, SI 25r?3 75; family. S3 75r?4 25;
a. no. t. a-t lotto 00; cooice rancy, aooi no.
wheat doll, 89& - Corn demand fab? and market
firm; No. 2 white, 42fc243ly No. 2 mixed, 88&
Oats oulet but firm: No. 2 wblte. 30c: No. 2 mixed.
9& Bye dull; No. 2 fall,75e. Hay quiet but
.usady S10iZ14. - Pork acUva, firm and higher.
114 60. Lard strong; prime steam. 744. Bulk
neata easier, 4, 7.509 80. Bacon firm, 6M1. 8.25
28.75c. Sugar cured hams, lOVbailVfeo., Whisky
ictlve and firm, SI 07- , - ,. -,- ,
BnSo 25; new, S4 5534 75; fancy, So 50S6.
Wheat easier; No. 2 amber. 91 392c; Corn quiet:
No. 2 mixed, 40c. Oats steady and firm; No. 2
in xed,old. 3233o;N. 2 mixed, new, 28c Bye
null and lower; No. 2 faU,70O71-- Barley scarce
and firm; No. 2 fall nominally 90r395e. Pork
Stronger, 814 50. Lrd firm. 7Vjc Bulk meUs
strong, 4.8007 60a. Baoon steady. 516. 813 cb.
fV'blsSy eotlve and Orra, SI 07. Butter uemsnd
fair and market arm: choice western reserve. 189
feOev skills ssaUslOalev loel t6c--B3T.
LOUIS, July 8a -Flour steady; family. 84 60
EM 76; choke, 84 8534 95; fancy. 15 1035 25.
Wheal cash lower, options better: No: S red. 09S1
&99tfce cash. 994C July. 899890 Augmt, 88MK
Corn ttrmer: S4ii(?H4.'it.o cash: 84&i2UAic J11I1
4tt9-H4l.-! August, 848&34e 8-piemtwr, 82tge
ear. Jate steady; 23Mie easb, 2158rli214cugust.
In doll, 60c bid. Bar ey- nothing aolngr - Butter
lalry, 17322c Egg, 638lfec- Whisky steadyjl 08.
erk firm, 815 cash and August, cry salt meats
Inner but very alow, 4 75. 7 36,7.60c, for young
neat.- Bacon firm-. 5 6535.75,, 838.05, &45c.
L,ard held higher; 780 asked. - -
CHICAGO July BO. Flour oulet.' Wheat mode.
lately active aod higher: No. 2 spring Chicago, VIM
rzMiio casn, vi4t juiy, BSeAUgufi, M8C0I0
Bepte rber; No. 3 sprint Chicago, 80383c; No. 2
red winter, 94c bid. Com In fair demand, cash
lower but futures steady;. bid cash and July,
B5twe bid Ancust. 35t335tec Seotember and Oc
tober; rejected, 8410 old. oats dull and drooping;
iyB casta and July, 22W- Susust and Septem
ber.'. Bye firm; No. 2 fall. 75o cash and July, 66e
hugost. Barley dull, 71c September. Pork In fair
demand but. unsettled 814 60915 cash. Sib 75
ulr. S15 75315 77li August and September.
B15 50315 65 October. Lard In good demuid but
haaettled, 7.809 each, July and August, 7 .850
fr. 371: September. Whisky steady, Si 09. ; .-
NEW 0KLK1N8, Jury 80. Floor doll: annerflna.
393 25; double extra, $4(14 25: treble ex ra,
84 6034 75; higher grades, 8535 871. Core
Steady with fair demand. 52358c Oats Steudv. R7e.
Cornmeal quiet, 82 80. Hay quiet; prime, 817918;
euolce, 80 Pore searee ana arm: held at 814 76.
Lard ddemand fair and prieca higher ;tlerce, Scdieg,
ti4e.. Bulk meats scarce and firm; shoulders quoted
at Bo." Bacon scarce and " Brut: shoulders, 6s;
blear, rib. 84ic; dear, ue.. Sugar-cured hams
prmer;eanvased,llviQll2c." Whisky steady; west
bra recuned. S, 1 3 1 10. Coffeasuonr: Bh.noea.
rataaiy to- prime, 1)3U- Suga mulat but
iteady; fair to fully fair, HVaSUMc; prime to
:hatee 8fjmbe: yellow daRttrd, 914c.- Molasses
lull and nomluaL Bice scarce and firm; quoted,
Louisiana, ordinary, lo- ebeloe, oAfec' -
' BrrsufeiAPH.! '
NEW YORK. July 8a Olnubams continue active.
The entire fottheomlng prodiasV of tne leading mills
a - etidof coutrol of order. Dress goods fairly
icttve.-- Cot con- good. In deaiand and onerattng
iparlngry a rule. - Men's wear woolens quiet
(en lucky leans doinz fairly, butnrleea low. For
eign goods more active.
To all who are suffering from the errors aod Indls
tretloos ot youth, nervous wenlmsea, early decay;
loss of manhood, ete.,1 will send recipe that will
tare you, FREE OF CHaBOX. This groat remedy
was discovered -by s missionary In South America,
Bee4 a eelf-eddreseed eovslcpe to the Bev. Jobxpm
f. IxnuftSlalioHlt., Jfety Far City. n
y 5 -a ..... . . a K
Ollmlalel K.ilaases,
Bepreasntlas; the eholimst askcted Jiortolse shell
and Amber. Tba iighest, handsomest and strong
MtHkaowo.! fpt kale. In Memphis by a L Byrddf
fco:,"275 Main slreet.' - 3 -
Grand Extraordinary Dravrlrn Clask 1087
Sept 4, 1880. Aacnnt distributed 81,850,000
Only 48)00 Tickets. .,-
Capital Prlte . .8500,000
Second Capital Pnse 2Ca 00
Third Capital Prise.... 100,000
Shares for a Pool of 20 Tickets, So each share.
For circulate, with full particulars and -pries ot
tickets, address MANUEL OBB4NTU. 1
168 Common street New Orleans. La.
AwsttM MelatatCsrteimlal KrMhltlon for
Proportlons-Atljasirarntof I'artaLS'.rPiiarth. Solllltr.
VT Alt D3 In Arkansas for sals in quantity and qual
ULi try to sort any -and all. Terms, one-fourth
sash; bamne In one, two sod three rears, with six
per cent. Interest. LandalSo selected snd surveyed
for parties who with to buy or donate State lands.
AH selections made by actual survey. Terms mod
erate. Address Juhn T. Burns or O. Pi Lyies, 281
Main street, Memphis. Term. ' -
, . .. JOHM T7 BPRN3. 281 Main at, '
Dr.1, Wat ;J9 eminnry ,
KahTllte.1nak.oloedlts 15th year with 245
Young Ladles, and 48 graduates. An established
School. Has met with great saeeese Ftne buildings
In IbeeWy. Next tesslon. Sept 1. t-end lor catalesme
T8 prepared to do an kinds ot work In this line la
is a thorough and sanitary manner; gives especial
attention to
pewer and Buildins Connections.
iise, has large stock of ClAS-riXTITRRH,
as. Steam and Water-fittings and Fixtures. Pumps,
Hose, Bathtubs, etc Has a larva force of compe
tent workmen. All work warranted. Agent for tbe
BaUaday WIND-MILLS. Orders solicited. . .
40 Madison t S tre et .
Insolvent JNUce.
State of Tennessee, Shelby county Office County
Court 13 era, Memphis, Tennessee, June 24, 1880
Te Daniel Ames and Mrs. Sopbronla Morgan, Ad-
mtnlvmtiW A Jnhn Mnwit. il. nii.afnl ,
TTAYLNU suggested the insolvency of tbe esv
JUL tate at jenn - Morgan, deceased, you are
hereby ordered as give L oUce, by adrerttsement In
soma newspaper published within tbe said Stale,
and also at tne Ceurthouse door of Shelby county,
for ail persons bavin claims agatnstaald estate, to
appear and file the same with the Clerk of the Coun
ty Court authenticated In the manner prescribed by
law, on or bef eve 24th, day et lecember, 1880; and
any olalm not filed 00 or befors said day, or before an
sppropilatloo of the funds of said estate Is made,
shall be forever barred, both In law and equity.
I witness m hand, at office, this 24tblayet one,
18H0. OWEN DWXErl Shelby County Clerk.
I By HtWH B. CciXXM, D. C, . . ., ,
1 ew.6Uthaja,Aiteriksr. c. .' sat .
Klrers and Weather.
' ' The following official tabla gives particu
lars concerning the condition of rivers and weather
at all Important points: -' .
omcf BraniL Branca U. s. A. 1
ManPHrs. July HO, 1880.
. ' 1 . Above low Changes.
; I -statiorb. "-; walet- 1
; " ." ;J Feet' Inches Inches Inches
Cairo . 17' 6 ....... 11
CtnctnnatL. 8 10 22
Davenport..... ........ ' fi- 4
Dubuque .- 6 8 ....... 4 '
Helena . 21 1 7
Keokuk.i.1.. .......... j -i-6 i 6 ....... 5 -
Leavenworth . 11- lon 2
LIUle Bock 1 I 8
Louisville 4 7 . 1
Hrwokls 14, 5 '
NashvUle ' i' 11' 8
tNew Orleans ,. ' 6", ' 9 , ....... 2
Pittsburg 10 ....... 1
Sbreveport. 17' 8' 18
Bt Louis ' 17 - 3 2
Vlckaburg 26 -t 15
, tBelow high water ot 1874.
Low water, bench mark ol 1879.
. Time. Bat, Ther Wind. Weather
EflO am. 80.003 78 8.E. ' Hazy.
MO p.m. 29 978 88 W. ; .. 1.., Fair.
9:00 P.m. 80 018 82 Calm. . ' Clear.
Maximum thermometer, 98 deg. , j ;
1 Minimum thermometer. 72 dug.:
f . J WA8 DSP'T, 3I0S4L SSBTIOt U . 8.
Aiotr, 1
1K1MI, JUly 80, 1880. 10:OS
Place ot
Observation. I
Bar. Tber.
Wind. I Weath
Dlr. Force. I er.
Calm. Clear.
S.E. Fresh. Clear.
8. Fresh. Clear.
E. Light Clear.
S.E. Light ' Clear.
N. Light Clear.
, Calm. Clear,'
...... Calm. Clear.
E. Fresh. . Clear.
Calm. Clear.
29 97
New Orleans
80 08
29 98;
abreveport .
Vlckaburg. .
Little Bock
NASHVILLE, Ju y 80. Biver 1 foot 8 Inches on
the shoals, and falling, " .
1 WHEELING, Joly 80. Biver 8 feet 4 Inches, and
stationary. Weather clear and pleasant -1
P1TT3BDBO. July 80. Noon. Biver 9 Inches,
and falling. Weather clear and pleasant Sight -Biver
Inches, and stationary. Weather clear .and
! V1CKSBUBQ, Jsly SO. Weather fair; thermom
eter HOdrg. BlvarfUlen 14 Inches. Dowu:Urand
Lake and bargee, 8 a.m. Annie P Silver, last
Bight Anlved: City of fireenvllle, 11 last night
I NEW ORLEANS, July 80. Weather clear and
partly douoy, with light shower this evening; ther
mometer 86 deg: No arrivals or departures. The
City ot Alton, tor8t Louis, ts receiving to leave to
morrow. CINC1NNATL July 80 -iKwn.-Blver 6 feet 10
Incbes, and stationary. Weather dear and warm.
Kight Biver 6 feet 10 lnchrs, and stationary,
weather clear and warm. Arrived: Paris C. Brown,
New Orleans.
' EVANSYILLE, July 80-Abon. Biver 4 6-10
feet and falling. Weather clear and warm; ther
mometer, 70 to 88 dec No business. Night
Biver 4 5-10 feet and falling. Weather clear snd
warm; thermometer, 89 deg. Business dull.
1 C4IB0, July 80. Woon. Weatber clear '" and
pleasant. Arrived: James D. Parker, Memphis, 8
am. Departed: Future City and bargee. New Or
leans. 9 p.m.: James D. Parker. Clnelnnatl,4 a. in.
Night Biver 17 feet 6 Inches, and falling. Weather
clear; thermometer 84 deg. Arrived: City of Pron
ounce St Louis, 4 p.m. No departures. - f
LOUISVILLE, July 30 Noon. Biver falling
slowly, wlih 4 feet 4 Incbes la tbe eaeal and 2 feet
4 Inches In the chute on tbe falls. Weather ol ar
and hot. Arrived: Golden Crown, Cincinnati 10 New
Orleans. Night Elver falling, with 4 feet 8 inches
In the canal and 4 feet 9 Inches In tbe chute on the
falls. Business dull. Wsather clear and hot
ST. LODI8, July 80 -iToon. Biver falling rapid
ly. Weather clear and very warm. Arrived: Grand
rower, Vlckaburg; Ste. Genevieve, Memphis. No
depart ores . flight Biver fallen 8 Inches, and la
sow 17 feet 2 Inches by the gauge. Weather clear
and very warm. Arrived: John Dtppold and barges.
New Orleans. Departed: Jobn Means and barges.
New Orleaa; Ste. tienevtove, Memphis. . . t
i -.: ... Meresneats aa the Levee- . -
James Lee, Friars Point; BatesvlIIe, St Francis
fiver; Golden City. Cincinnati; City or Helena, Vlcka
burg; Cons Millar, Cincinnati; Josle Harry, White
aver. ... - . ..... i
....... .1., DKPABTUBK8. - .i :
City of Helena, Bt. Louis; Golden City, New Or
leans; BatesvlIIe, St Francis river; James Lee,
Friars Point; Osceola Belle, Oiceola.
' C:ms Millar, Josle Harry.
. BOATS DTJB. .' i'
' Down-JameaHowsrd.
Ip-Gold Dust. ' ' ' '
CiHcuntATi Cons Millar, Wm. Tlcbenor master,
6 pm.
- Whits Bivxr-Josle Harry, Milt Harry master,
6 p.m..
' NkwORLKAirs James Howard, J.H. Pepper mas
ter, 5 pjn.
BatesvlIIe 2 bales eotton. ' '
; James Ie 4 bales eotton. 175 tks eoUon-seed.
Golden City-516 fcxs starch, 55 bxs soap, lot of
Josle Barry 2 bales eotton, 873 sacks cotton
seed, lot mdse. -
Coos Millar- 460 brls flour. 400 oris meal, 400
sacks oats, 80' sacks corn. 1105 rolls bagging, 85
brls vinegar, 80 brhi whisky, 12 brls oil, 188 empty
oil brls, 91 boxes, 800 pkgs furniture, 135 boxes
starch, 43 casks bacon, 100 pkgs paper, 485 boxes
manufacturers Iron, 65 tubs butter, 175 pkgs wagon
stuff. 80 boxes soap, 45 carboys acid, 22 buggies,
250 pkgs sundries.
.' Ieesd Part Kates. '
f Another hot dull day on tbe levee.
! Not a boat In port at dusk yesfrdaylevenlog.
The local packets departed yesterday evening with
fair tripe.
' Becelpts by river yesterday, 6 bales cotton, 175
saetseottoa-seed. ...
Tbe river fell 8 Inches yesterday 14 5 on tbe
gauge at one o'clock .
The loss of tie City of 'Vlcksburg created con
siderable talk among river men lesterday afternoon.
The City of Helena passed up yssterday morning
tor St. Louis. She sdded here 20 tons way freight.
The Golden City from Cincinnati bound for New
Orleans, passed down yesterday evening loaded fist.
She put eff here 600 packages freight
Tbe James Howard, Ciptaln J. H. Pepper, Is the
Anchor line packet this evening at five o'clock for
New Orleans. Archie Woods Is her clerk.
Tbs Joels Harry, Captain Mlit B, Barry on deck,
Is the packet this evening at five o'clock for all
points on White river, going through 10 Jackson
port Walker Outlaw presides la her office.
The Cons Millar, Captain Wm. Tlcbenor, having
been unavoidably detained, will be found In port
this morning, aod leaves again at five o'clock this
evening for sll points on tbe Ohio river as far as
Cincinnati. Tbe Cons Millar gives cneap rales to'
ail points north. James Voris and Harry Gazley are
her elerka. -
. Tbe Cons Millar arrived from Clodnna'l last night
snout ball past ten o'clock. She had a lair list 00
her cabin register, and another Installment of one
hundred foreign laborers for that Arkansas railroad.
These latter will go to Arkansas Ctty by tbe first
Boat down probably the James Howard, due here
this evening, l -
SlalUac af the City er Vlekabnrc
. f at sat stasl Cars Tstal Lotss.
- Yesterday msrnlrg about balf-past twelve o'clock
tbe steamer City of Vlcksburg, Ciptaln Flem Cal
vert, bound from St Louis to Vlcksburg, landed at
Asbpott, Tennessee, about eighty miles above here,
transasted bar business and was backing out wbea
the pilot felt her rob a little, but did not anticipate
any damage, as no Jar was fell, at least none that
would lead anyone to thick her bull wis Injured, la
a few minutes, however, she commenced making
water so rapidly tbat sbe was run into the bank,
hawsers got out and the boat banlednp as close as
possible, when she sunk In deep water, the larboard
side of her after hurricane deck being under water.
Tbe break la thougbt to be aft of amidships, and to
be a bid one. Tbe passengers were all safely
landed, and after a abort delay were forwarded by
the Golden City. Tbe rumor that two or three lives
were lost Is unfounded. Sbe bad on board about
1 100 tons frelgbt of whlcn there were some 6U00
pieces for this city. The consignees here, so far aa
e-tn.be ascertained, are Messrs. Clntb A Eettraan,M.L.
Meacham AC . M. Gavin 4 Co.. Porter. Taylor 4 Co.,
Stewart, Gwynne Co.. A. C A A. B Treadwetl, w.
H. Harton A Co., Hill, Fontaine A Co., J. F. Frank
A Co. and G. A. Erkerly A Co. There Is no Insur
ance on the boat, ths company carrying Its own
risks. A portion of tbe cargo Is covered by open pol
icies of shipper or consignee, but Just vchat propor
tion Is not yet known. Tbe Clly ot Vlcksburg was
about ten years old, and np to this time hat been a
very profitable boat to tbe line highly popular aa a
passenger boat and carrier. The Eckert was tele-
traphed for 10 Cairo, and will be at the wreck to-day.
rom present appearances, the boat and cargo will
prove a total loss, though a portion of tbe latter may
be saved tn a damaged condition. The rapidly
falling river will cause tbe bull to break up, unless
tne wrecklog boat can relieve her of the strain of
the heavy cargo. Toe officers aud crew remain
with tbe -wreck nnUl further orders, 'the passen
gers were sent to this port by tbe Golden City, and
ihose for points below proceeded by the same boat.
There were only a few who saved more than tne
domes lo which tftry stood. The Golden City
passed a quantity of floating freight and baggage. .-
i Peraeaal.
- Cantaln Jim Klnman came ovsr by rail from De
valla BlnS.
Mailou Purcell. pilot of the Golden Bule, has
gone to N lagara Falls.
Oscar Wbea too and John Erarle are coming down
In tbe pilothouse of tbe Golden Crown.
Euglnetr Pete Waggoner, late ot the Springer, has
retired from river llle and started a elder factory at
Dayton, Kentucky.
Captain Hercules Carroll, of Cincinnati, has so
far recovered from his receol Uliness as to be able
to ride Into town aod visit his old haunts on the
Harr Matsoa was pilot on watch when the City ot
Vlcksburg met ber deata. He Is a very capable offi
cer, and no blame can possibly attach to him for the
William Turner, late of the Springer, Is on the
forecastle of the Golden Crown, In place of John
Lee, wbobad the misfortune to break his arm at
New Orleans.
Tell 1 nomas, second clerk of the sunken City ot
Vlcksburg, came down on the Golden City 10 report
tbe loss of his boat and send the necessary dis
patches. He retarnedtjon the Osarola Belle.
Btene M' Bride, a well-known Cincinnati and St.
Louis pilot has been In Kansas City since May, but
Is about to accept a (berth between St Louis and
New Orleans, and locate In tbe lormer town.
O. A. Kekeiiy A Cs. had 16 or 20 packages on the
City of Vlctsburg, but are fully Insured. This house
msmres its frelgbt both ways, and, as far aa that
solnt is concerned, can stand a great many steam
boat acctdeots. -
Tbe following-named passengers from the City of
Vlcksburg were brought lo the city by tbe Golden
City: Mrs. Jones, Miss Coleman, J. B Duncan, Mor
ns 8horry, W. L. Stooge, Ed Tyler, Thomas John
son, George Williams and George Wlnseott.
Tbe op-town public kept the Anchor line tele
phone hot yesterday afternoon after the news of the
stnklngof theCttyot Vuksburg bad been received.
At six o'clock one Inquire ssanlod to know It sbe
would be raised la ume te leave here to-morrow.
Captain Ad Storm thought not
A letter from Captain Phlo B. Starr, dated Denver,
July 24U, tells as that the eld man Is having his
share ot sport He speaks ot reaving Denver about
the first proximo for Georgetown, the South aod
and Middle Parks aad tbe LeadvHle district taking
In Silver Cliff and the Gunnison country. Bessys
Ibe weatber Is delightfully cool np there. Cole's
circus, Bantam's show and a troupe ot blondes were
all In Denver at one time and did well. "Llsh Krlns
la recommended to put for that region at once, as
pnin says tins tne nest snow country in tne woria.
netted fjd Adrift, '
1 The Schenek. leaves Ctnemnatt from Mew Orleans
The new Bed river steamerJCaddo Belle, recently
built at Ptuabonr. Is on ber way out of the Ohio.'
i Low water In the Ohio renders navigation In that
stream tedious ana tronoiesome, except lor tne light
est ot them.
Ths Jobn B. Maude has gone Into retirement at
st Lotus to put on a lew iritis ior toe coming sea
son's business.
The loose salt about four hundred barrels -In the
hull of tbe barned Dexter, was sold Wednesday In
Louisville for 8130. i -
: Tbe Paris C. Brown ts no for New Orleans from
Cincinnati, to leave early next week, $ut will bardly
make It for-larktrf water. ...,-.. V
. Paul BDrnton's next voyags will be from "Fort Ben
ton, on tne upper water ot tne Missouri, to st Louis,
a distance of almost 3000 taltej. ;
Tbe Memphis and Ohio river packet eomoar y Is
reported to be out ol the ring for business until there
Is more water. The Baum and Bhlnkle are both et
Cincinnati ready lor an CDOorlttn tv to load. -
ITiot John W. Oyler. of the Loulsvll ii 'Mi CIo
oinnatt mall line, bas sent tocorunian"er U'Cok a
petition signed by tbe Cincinnati and St Im:s and
Cincinnati and New Orleans pools, requesting that
government lights be located at tbe fuliuwtrg points
on ibe Ohio river: Eat Bend, b9low North Lnwlnf ;
In bend below Patriot; In bend nbovs Wrstport.
Tuese places are considered ve y troublesome In
darg nights.
The Golden Crown1 left Cincinnati Wednesday
evening for New Orleans with one ot tbo best trips
of tbe season. She bad over 800 tons on bo3rd her
self and btrge, and aedtd 80 tons at lurora. At
Madison sbe picked op-a barge-load' of starch, snd
at Louisville a third Dartre loaded with miscellane
ous rrelKht. She may. however, havs too mucb of
S good thing, and experience trouble getting out of
the Oslo, owing to low water.
1 New OrleanK Democrat, July 27th: "Parties In this
City Intend to build next summer a sternwbeel boat
that will carry taswelgbt of 14.000 bales ot cotton.
Sbe will bj 830 feet long, 60 feet beam, 10 feet
depth ot hold. She will have six boilers; and four
engines twenty-two Incbes diameter, eight toot
stroke, working two wheels. She will be a double
decker, the first or monkey deck for seed and oil
cane, the upper or boiler deck for cotton. On the
hiirrtcioe deck will be ber officers' quarters and ac
commodations for ten or twelve paasengnrs. Sue
will have three elevators on either side one In tbe
hold and one to each of tbe other decks. Her decks
sill be flash, so that every pound of freight will be
nnder cover.' - She will have two stages rigged on
each side and two forward."
i Captain Al Ketcbum's new Bed river Caddo Belle
will leave Cincinnati this evening, going through to
Sbreveport direct Captain Ketcbum Is In command.
He lately owned the Trout, which met with success
while sbe ran up bed river last season. Tbe Belle
Is designed to take tbe Trout's place, and being a
larger and better boat, the people of Bed river can
not help being well pleased over the change. Sbe la
180 feet long, 26 feet beam and 4 feet depth ot
hold. Sbe bas 10-lnch cylinders with 4 feet stroke.
Sbe bas one steel boiler 24 feet long, 48 Inches In
diameter wltb six 10 Inch flues. For a boat ot ber
size she Is very light, trimming on 14 Inches with
200 tons on board Her cabin Is net completed.
Tbe state-rooms and tbe cabin outfit have been left
out to make room for a furniture trip. ' She Is built
like all cotton boats, having ber upper guards cut off.
8ne will carry tsOO bales ot tbe staple. Sbe Is a neat
boat and promises to bave ail tbe substantial com
forts, when she Is finally completed, to her state
rooms and outfit
; Mobile has tbe honor to be the Brit port to name
a steamer after the next President. Tuesday alter
Boon, from the yard of Stsutz A Co . waa launened
the General Hancock, a new boat built by this firm
tor the Planters and Merchants line, n the Blgoee
river. The Regi$ier,ol Wednesday, thus describes
the launch: '-A few minutes before four, the cable
having been bent and everitMog made ready to Ut
her slide, Thomas Henry. Esq., approaching the
bow broke a bottle of Boederer upon it and named
tbs vessel the "General Hancock,' wishing her sue- '
eesson ber Journey tbrosgb tbe waters of Alabama.
A few minutes after the order to "cut away' was
given, and the lashings having having been sev
ered, the vessel slid off as smoothly aod gracefully
as ever a craft left the ways on which she was built.
There was no Jarring, no creaking, 00 accident of
any kind, and the unanimous voice of all present
was that It was as pretty a launch as bad ever been
seen. The steamers Annie and F oreoee Wltbers
bee passed at the same moment and greeted tbelr
Sister craft with the shrieks of their
whistles.- The- General Hancock - was 'built
specially ; for - the Planters and Mer
chants' line, lo ply in the - Blgoee trade, under the
superloteadency of Captain Frank Stone. She is 1 50
feet long and 28 feet beam. The floor timbers, for
ward frames and bow, - are of oak, the stem aod
stern of life oak. tbe side Umbers of Juniper, and
the remainder of pine. - 6be baa strong boiler beam
arches. Is ot very light drugbt, and It Is expected
Will be very fast. Her construction was designed
and executed by Mr. James Flock, one of ibe beet
shlpcarpenters of Mobile, under thesuperlntendency
ot Mr James Terry, whose duty It was to Inspect her
for tbe board ot underwriters, and who pronounces
her to be up to all the requbements, and Al ."
no VRSESTa or oce assteah eks
j LONDON Jury 80 Arrived: Eliza, Hew York. '
, NEW YORK, July 30.-Arrived: Plantyn, , Ant
werp. -
The Promoter and PeiTcetor
. , ol AsslmiiaUon. ,
The Reformer aad Tltalicer
. of tbe Blood. -
Tbe Producer anil In'vlgor
ator or A erve aad SI ttscle.
The BnJIder and Supporter
"of Brain Power. " .
;!'-- . 1 ;.
' Compound Syr tip 'of
. .'
Is composed ot Ingredients identical with those
which constitute Healthy Blood. Muscle and Nerve
and Brain Substance, while Life Itself is directly de
pendent upon some of them.
By lis union with the Blood, and Its effect noon the
Muscles, re-establishing tbe one and toning tbe
ther. It Is capable of effecting the following results:
It will displace or wash out Tuberculous Matter,
and tbus cure Consumption.
By Increasing Nervous and Muscular Vigor It will
cure Dysnepsla, feeble or interrupted action of the
Heart snd Palpitation, Weakness of Intellect caused
by grief, weary, overtax or Irregular habits. Bronchi
tis (acute or chronic). Congestion of the Lungs, even
In the most alarming stages.
It cures Astoma, Loss of Voice, Neuralgia, St
Vitus Dance, Epileptic Fits, Whooplag Couch, Nerv
ousness, and ts a most wonderful adjunct to other
remedies In sustaining life during the proeets ot
Do not be deceived by remedies bearing a similar
name, no other pre pa ration Is a substitute for this
under any circumstances.
. Look out for the name and address, J. L FEL
LOWS, St. Jobn, N. B.,on the yellow wrapper In
water-mark, which Is teen by holding the paper
before the light
Price, Si 50 per Bottle. Six for $7 50.
Cleans the Seed better, Runs Lighter,
Olns Faster and Costs Less Money than any
other Oln In the Market. Everymachlno
fully and legally guarranteed.
t These machines are made ot the best materials, and the
irorkinaDshipaDdfinlshareimeiDericd. Bave been awarded
premiums at all the State fairs, Georgia ai.t. Texas,
etc Upwards of 500S of our Gnrs are la constant use in
tlie southern states, over 1000 having been sold tn 1ST.
Price) List of Olns, Feeders and Condensers
Boxed ready for shipment and delivered at onr factory.
; '
- Price with Price with
FrtMof Be,, fk. Self FeederMd
bins. or ConUenw. Condenser.
90 saw $75 00 T00 00 (US 00
tt 87 M 116 UO Kl
0 " J00 00 l:a 60 1M 00
it 111 CO 10 00 - ITS CO
M " 125 OS It 00 196 00
t m 1M0S 1X0 00 ZX 00
to .. ico uo oo at oo
to " liOOQ Eg 00 Est 00
tJTTerms given oa Application.!
Teem IMS to M5S we muniiraetilii il Ginsat Columbn.l. Ga.,
tinder the Brm name df K. T. TATLoaACo., aftcrwanij
Cixaoxa, Brow a Co., anil made what was tlicn known
a the Taylor Gin. Ptirlnjf theycarlSSSweremovcd tothls
place, where we nave boon exclusively engaged In mum
factunnir Gin, ercrsinoo. V, 1th long experience, the best
labor saving machinery and skilled workmen, wej-osEcat
advantages notenjoyedby any other manufacturer inpur
line, for producing theBESTwork forthe least rooncffV
The demand last yearwas so great that nearly S00 orders
remained nnnlled, but wo have don bled our inanntacturing
capacity and hope to be able to meet .11 demands, still It In
thewlwet plan to got your orders In early. Send
fortnastratfvl immpiiletglvlngnew voluntary tealimtmlcla
fromoverWOuve, enterprising planters. PriiiMim, t'r,1riTy.m
end oomnluteontus turnliihcawhendetfired. Address
Carver and Eclipse Hulling Gins,
Feeders, Condensers aod Cotton
deaiers, .
Isisrsved Arrsw aad sterew Presses
tor Steam or Horse-power, Shafting, Pullers,
etc., and dealers In Belting, Olnwrlght -
. i - Material, etc, etc.
idea's Alius, and other SteamlEng-Iaei
We repair all kinds ol 81ns, Engtner a. Plantation
. Machinery. Send for cataiufciie.
391 to ayyjtshelby st, Henipbis.
4S Tear8 Before tlie JPubllo."
re not recotnnetMisaiasa rested " for all the
ills that flesh is heir to," bat in affections of
the liver, and ia all BiUouCctapUunti, Drs
pepsin, and Sick Headache, or diseases of
that character, they stand without a rival.
i No better cathartic can be ased prepara
tory to, or after taking quinine.
' As a simple purgative they are nneqasled,
The genuine are nerer sugar-coated. -u
: Each box has a red-vr ax seal on the lid with
the impression, McLANES LIVER PILL.
Zach wrapper bears the signatures of,
C McLakb and Fuming Bros.
Insist upon having the genuine Dr.
C McLANE'S LIVER PILLS, prepared by
: FLEXING BU0&, Plttsburga, Pai
the market being full of Imitations of the
name McLanff spelled di&reatly buti
same pronunciation, km-.:-. i. --.xmy
iiiv tv sbau rou THK axecnufi : .
mm, as ouBflunD joub-
r TREATS opes BEAlvTS, BtaiEBE, and Ftiyat'
eal Coltara, and Is s eonpM encTCtrdis ef '
hsrsatai far tovsdi sad Aom wbo wjiW turn'
ttntta. In s I
IMQei aad uw saaay bum
Ural kit. wbo hava dlapalred, ,
and vsinable lDtormuiaa it
. , ted by saOertaa a
, ', t, ate anawaced, and vsinable Information is
- - wsatoau wnasrani nesaor nwncai advice.1'
' ' ' tb)a of Bleoaie Belts wsse Medieine, a4
. u idred and cue qoeaUoae at vttal Import anrw ;
ta suaswing husssaaf, are duly oorairtared nA a-.
And other, who asAc axaa Varvoas sad Ftiyaleal lia. .
biltty. Low 0 Manly Vigor, PrassaUire Kxbaoitlca
and the many gloomy eonaeqaeaoes of early lndlacr
tion, ea are mips willy bsoiraad by consulting as -oon
tents. r- -
The BLXOntfO BBVICW poses the anmslgatod li
rraad. nracttosday aoaeksaDd madleal unpoMorawb. .
profea. to M praoucs medtctM," and points a ths
only Mi., aimpM, aod adsoUn aoad InUullh, Vigss .
and Bodllv Knar jv.
Bend yoor aureas on postal 'card tw a copy, and'i:
hiformatloa worth themands wtH basset yon. . - -Address,
the paUtoaeta, . . - '-ill " V
! Bowel Complaints:
1 Has Stood (he Test ol Forty Tears Trial.
j IhectionwtthBachBatae. ty--A!'-'
P- A n eatirely New and poattiwety awlMtiws)
riira rd flssisi lual
- "'ttf" tv sfnw -nwmn a Biaatas
XulmDXla Slid ItnpoteUf by fcbw oeJs
i ApplMSMMn u Use pnactpsu scsU of ( IHsnaw. TV
tram way, trtx., Lruwct ApplwsMJot u Use pnactnsu o
aa eka U dnnU anrai nam em '-
akaarf are with Useeadiaary rmsliu wf tUa. That aauW of trasUmsaH bM
taasl tlw tst isi wty awwtaassa. ajad ii sw a ariaausjil an one as, TsvaM
al o swwwasnsw abwut thai s-pskrauoa. Pnatiaai oWrvwtrasi tiahrTt aa a
ptsjiuraty fuswanasw astaa s sui cm na
asdad by taw Kwdtoal Krofctknoa t bs Uw n
Ltaa Bar Us 4assa aT Wa, saaas sa if a-s-r sOasawi. bast SaaW far SAasap. J
MtiFkyt mnd Bth Street. ST. LOIS, MXfc
A Brw ud cotnrMe GCIDC TO WTDUU:at.
eoatasoiag- Ckaptara om A CoampsyresU Wrsw.ua.
i hood, Srirrlttm f Wifa. Exidtar- rtf VirsHra.
"-tiNia... ilj, TtmpetAmenU, Sienlky, Advie to Bnds
msb. n-sl-aea. -fe. Prnwjtwtna, Ma eass-a. CelrWr Matrlasaarf sasi ml
Caajaaal Das f"ii, CaaWwtsaS, La-s aad Cearsaiisa, Isataassaswaa ta AW.
fiat. rVw ef aVt-v Sl. Lula -rrwi. Uw af at.rriasw aad Dtwspas,
sCM k'alarnWa. rw a, lUr tnmnm asaVewrs, swsl
, It U tJae a M PrlTate Medical Adviser " m diaaaaca rt
'altnsf from hnpara acxuai aaaociaucna. and oa m tf ihiaaa ttm
'faarat aahM wf yratH aad M affsd a sftsr lib. i-aastasj rT'.ahtlr r si 1 1 ins. Lass st
Tiaas-. aas.. asal auaJaf SBsmaaw isnfsvcar ea aat-, rivias UwMsrwsa sast SI a
wsJaabssii ips. a - - T--..s.. v nar t , ,tJ shssll U
(Or. B-eawjsejii a ssrsows aafwartna ram lOTTl'MEta asast Wtsi tin waWawsV
lebs-asTrwsn. AJa. 9
1st tgTTS' Bf S'CWSAirr, H w. ftiti ft; gt. LgrJs
naaaiaii nw Kl.
37 Conrt Place. LOUISVILLE, KY.,
K mviAtir MoaiM acr lriptllr qualifiril phTllcuu) aUH Oaf "
at'WawaafuU MM bU practiiTe Wlls pfOtf. ' ,
Cures nil forms of PRIVATE, .
CHRONIC -ma . Sr,X tTA-L :UISi
ASF.S. - -
Spermatorrai ana Inipolencya
Ui mult or tclf-atm in yooafa, sml cxm. ia tcs .
icrerj ears, or other causra, and -rATurlDf time of tl (bS .
sow to vtS&t: Set rooMas, Ecmiaa, KtuLsr-toaa. i&scjht amai
too? t drraaia). DituDeAt of tSigttt. Deftxuva Mrnrci f .hy
f DrViay. Pia;ireaeii Wane, A vornitfi tor-acanr ol ira".ai.
Cosfu-sioa of liiirsa. Iamb of- Sexaal Puarer, "ic, rrnilrirUsf
Trrlgp lmtrDp"r nr cnhawT, ftro thorouirnW to4 paaidv
iratlr rarrd. 'PIllj WH poniUvrlf and aa4 at-
till'l from uio r.-u-m: Gonorrhea
GLEET, faaatara. Otitis. BenAa, Kt ltt4r, .
Put-: aad othr prirate dieases qot-'kly oured.
lx it aelMTideat Uiatapay Aeiaawbo ptj afwxUlalteafiw. j.
acaoerutiti cluv of disouei, aud trouup (atruiaoda adho-
svq-jlrf threat skUL Pfeystclaati kitwlrA:k.;. fact oftei"
rtcammrml person to ut care. Wbea it iuoAvaTeaieat ta
visit the city for treaUneot, mrdlcioM can ae aeat priTaMl
and ufolF fcf mail or cxpnH anvwhsjro.
Cores Gnarantoed ia all Cani ,
. ondertaken.
Couuitadoc) paiaoaalt Or t Vttor tYo M IvTiteA,
Curvet raMoaabie aad OaaTcapoadaaoo ttrkttj ootsadaftttaaw
Or UO pofroa, jnatao any addresa, orooxere anled, (brttu-rrf
' OS-, ttmtm from 8 A. U. tor p. ,
lmv crstia. aoouiai do mi ot aua. suareso u aDof
ML , Boadara taA-
Re-pipe free tor the speedy euro of Seminal Weak
ness Lost Manhood, and all diseases brought on by
loathful Indiscretions. Address
naVinSON' A CO., 7 Nasaan street. NeW York.
selling Swift's Sypbllltle Specific for years, and re
itard it superior toannblng known to science, for tbe
diseases for whlcb tt Is reeommeoOed. We have
never known ot a single falloie.
8. J. Cassels, Tbomasvllle. Gs ; L.F. Oreer A Co.,
Forsyth, Ga.; Hunt. Bankln A Lamar, Stlanta, ea;
Pembenon, 8amoels A Reynolds, Atlanta, Ga;
Daniel A Marsh, Atlanta, Ga.
, Atlssta, Ga., Jaly 4. 1874. '
We bave osed Swift's Sypbllltle S peel 1c In the
treatment ot eonvlcts for the last year, and believe It
Is the only certain remedy that will effect a perma
nent cure for diseases for whlcb yon recommend 1C
- S1000 BEWARD will be paid to any chemist wbo
will find, on analysts of 100 bottles of 8. a 8, one
particle of mercury, Iodide potassium, or any min
eral snbstanc.
Prepared only by tbe SWIFT SPEC FTC CO., At
lanta. Ha Sold by 8. M aN.HVIELD A CO.
Wltboat medicine. ALLAN'S SOLDBLR MEDI
CATKD BOUGIES. Patented Oct. 10. 1876. One Dor
No, I will cure any ease k four days or less.
' No. 2 will cure tbe most obstinate case, no matter
of how long standing.
No nauseous doses of eubebs, copaiba, or oil of
sandalwood, tbat are certain to produce dyspepsia
by destroying tbe coatings of the stomach.
mailed on receipt of price.
For further particulars seed for circular.
P. O. box 1533. J. C. ALLAN A CO., 83 John
street. New lork.
Ws offer 1500 rewatd for any ease they will net
cure. .
Quick, safe snd sure rare. ' :--,-
a YHI RPKCiritl 9lseClNR'
rRADu i JARaThstireal Ka-tsADS MARK
STiian neaeay
an unfalllnR cure -r
... I n n I tZT k ,
iui owuim " can.
ness, Spenaator
rhea, Impouncy,
end all diseases
that follow, as a
sequence of . Self
Abuse; as loss of'
Meraorv. Untvivaal
the Back, Dimness of Vision, Premature Old Age,
and many other diseases that lead to Insanity or
Consumption, and a Premature Grave. Full partic
ulars tn our pamphlet, which we desire to send free
by mall to every one. Tbe Specific Medicine Is sold
by all druggists at $1 per package, or six packages
for .-, or will be sent free by mail oo receipt of the
money, by addressing t .
NO. 10 Mechanics Block, nntmit. Mt4.
Id In Memphis by kC H. Knox and u. C Battle i
ipwifd nv ft- w. rwMM (T IJQ,
TOor Uie apeedr Cur of 8nntnal Wcaknaaa, lso
- Manhood. Premature Mobility, Mervousiieaa.
Ieepondcncy. Confunoo of Idraa. ATrl cm to Sooie
ty, IefecTtve Memory, and ail Di&ordora B rough t oa
by Secret Ha bit a and JExeesaoav Any di-uaa-tat haUiw
tji4pro(laiita. AAUre-a. DR. JAQUES A CO., y
130 Wet BUtth Btraot. CUaClNl-ATI. OHIQl
"TJIOB THK 8PXKDTCTJRX of Seminal WesAxessi
J Lost Manhood and ait dlvmtera hnuuM u k
Ind seretlon or exeeas. Any druggist bastbelngie.
son rsuiooai sssajis yat jam
waaaTapsraaaakrara, aitbsa In sriwvw mtonm); &t Kw. t faiaUajr s tawss ssasaha.
I Will ssWf sssaswjsa aas rwatan rifwr ia taw warn aesea). (T. Ummt wf saaaa, SaalaS sa
I ssaiawa-ssa. TaB asvi ;il isa iW waissj i nataaai -k Was,
( ySawa far a D ill IW. PasspUaa f.ag ArallTtal IdastratlasjS.wfalra wWtswl
f I waa tha BBWaa sasswaal ka kf ha rswaaaa a ass taw sssafcaad. sasl aV
180s Wast sUxth straal.Ctnolfica
A. C Treadwell. As H.
i ; i;;6. II 1 4 IJiii iphsf reet f1 emphlTe r
ft HI r..
C. B. Hoare.
abeMore xx
Doors, Sash, Blinds, r.loldins,
Lumber, Lath kad"SIxile3i t
351-353-359-3S5 s?eond.BtTefcV-i M 01111. his.
UT" Our Eclipse Haulier Is ths best SIH
eotton before reaching the saws. Has 12-tnch solid
heavy brash, and gins very fast. Our Bevohrtng head
and Condensers will clean eotoo of dirt and dust.
tyoMtn tinea prompt y. guaranteeing tattsraetlon. Bend for elrenlan. Refer to all using nnr "ins
And General Commission Merchants, ,
Nos. 302 and 304 Front
k 1.:. .
Horsbstm SlUla, Grist Hills, ;
. : Brass and Iron Steam Fitting and Pipe, Etc.,
Drnis- Cfroor Pfir Mnnrnn3 Mntnniiin nniii
i lUlib U lil GO by UUI. lllUiilUGp lUDlilJJUlii, IGUU.
C E M E NT ! L,,BlTUle Roeedale,
LIME! St. loala, Alton. 7ape and tJlencoe.
Dl A CTCD 1 KIcliiKMflowa, AewTorkand imported Brands. : .:
iLMD I En ! - , fink plasters a spi:ciALTia ' ' r
THOBW A. WglWlKlraW. 309 mud
Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
1Vr-a. ff-4L TT-OTft allvTwTsTwTnlBwi.'
MANUFACTURERS OP " ! ' -' -''' ''
Doors, Sash, Blinds & Mdldings,
. JLLL KrD8,p DOOHi AND WINDOW FRAMES, t; r,;, -Brackets
aad SerollWork, Roah aad Dressed Lumber, Shlafles, Laths, Etcu
Nos. 161 ,1 63 and 1 65 Washington;stret3t.
Wholesale Grocers and , Cotton Factors,
lront street, Wtemphls, Tennessee, ' .'.
Cotton Factors and Commission Ilerchants
ISO UraTier street,
mi, inwiw win BHimpimwiw nr
11 W
A UVU1 l
?- 256-258 Front street, Memphis;
f 1J. J-t. .V . t.i
Treadwell. 8. . Tread well.
1 j... ..:..!' -...'f
t-i J
l-'.1 . ' ih,' ..-
1 I ..'.-;r..s,
7i :,. i" .
.11 J i l " e
G. T. Bavaaett.
PRATT 6ltl CO.
-f atANUrACTUKKKB' DKFOI''" i vv i
Revolving-Head & Eclipse Huller,
j - Feeders Condensere, '
for rtver planters. U will separate the hulls from tbe
saws, Bevolvlng-hesd, regulating; seed-board, extra
Gin has no superior In clean ootton. Our Feeders ',
street. Memphis, Tenn.
I --.JteltltskFmelLln lloae. .
orllgJi and Amerlcau PorUand.,
'1- - x
81 1 H. 18lh Wt. Nt. Xsaniis. Wlo '
1 i-i K
iMew Orleans. Law
mrrmviii rjavn aarprni arnnon
! ft
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