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VOL. XL -NO. 42
For Ttnnrmtt and the Ohio valley, varmer,
tlrnr or partly cloudy leather, mndherly, veering
to westerly vindi, Jailing, followed in the vettern
portion by fining barometer.
Tub national bank are making a ."dead
etM against the refunding bill, in the hope
of forcing the President to return the measure
to congress without his approTal. Since the
parage of the measure through the senate
the banks, acting eridently under a precon
certed arrangement, hare withdrawn nearly
even millions of dollars from circulation,
and the contraction threatens to continue
until a panic is created, under the pressure
of which the Executive will hare no recourse
but to comply with their wishes.
C'oMPtiuoRY vaccination is the only means
of espe from smallpox epidemic.
Tins is Washington's birthday and
toart is, "The Father of His Country."
Forty-five persons have been burned to
death in North Carolina daring the past
three months. They believe in cremation in
the old North Stale. -----
All the western towns are raving with
jealotify because Sarah Bernhardt gave three
performance here and refused to appear in
any one of tlitiu on any terms.
Till! Time and the Jkmoerat, of New Or
leans, minor Kays, are to be consolidated.
They are both enterprixing papers, and to
gether could not fail to prove a paying suc-
A uoou d.el and one to be remembered.
Mr. Ueorge I. Seney, president of the Metro
politan National Bank, of New York,
has, unsolicitiHl, given $10,000 toward the
endowment of Kiuory college, Georgia.
The country is booming. The January
earnings of the roads linteil in the New York
stock exchange for the month of January are
all in, andxhow an increase of nine percent,
over even the enormous earnings of January
a year ago.
I,. I. Rkavih, of St. Louis, is in Washing
ton, urging his idiotic idea of removing the
national capital to what he onoe termed the
great future citv of the continent. Reavie is
madder than George Francis Train, without
Train's method.
Took Henry Timboi, the South Carolina
poet, was not given bread during his last days,
but the people of his uative State are about
to give him a stone now that he is dead. A
little book concerning hi work has been pub
lished in aid of a memorial fund.
The press of M'uwiiwinui very generally
indorse the appointment by Governor Stone of
Mr. Tiui E. Cooper, of Copiah county, to fill
the place on the supreme court bench made
vacant by the resignation ot General J. Z
George, who has gone to take his place in the
I'nited States senate.
Vennor'h weather almanac says the be
ginning of the last week of the month, the
present week, will be brilliant, mild and
spring-like. A few days before the close high
winds are likely to prevail, with gales around
New York, Long Island Sound, and other
points. The last two days, however, are
likely to be fair, and there will be little snow
on the ground at the month's end. When
March comes it will lie like a lion, with
fierce gales of wind.
Smallpox is on the increase in New York,
Brooklyn, Chicago and Jersey City, an 1 has
.made its appearance in other important
towns and cities of the country. To pre
vent its introduction or spread here in Mem
phis, the Appeal List week urged upon the
Board of Health compulsory vaccination.
We trust it is not too late yet to begin that
work of safety, We cannot afford to indulge
with folded bands and stolid indifference in
an epidemic of smallpox.
Loncifeij-ow lately wrote a kindly letter
t Father A. J. Hyan, the poet-priest of the
south, who is to lecture in this city on
Wednesday night, in which be says: "When
you call yourself 'the lost and least of those
who rhyme,' you remind me of the graceful
lines of Catullus to Cicero: 'Receive the
warm thanks of Catullus, the least of all
poets; as much the least of all poet
as yon are the greatest of all advocate.'
'Last and least' can no more be applied to
you than 'pecsimns' to Catullus."
In answer to a correspondent at Helena,
Arkansas, we have to say that Parnell, the
leader of the Irish home-rulers was born in
Ireland, as were bis forefathers for several
generations. His mother, who is still living,
and who takes a great interest in her son's
career, is a daughter of the late Admiral
Stewart, "Old Ironsides," as he was called, of
the American navy, and reside with her
daughters on an estate near Bordentown,
New Jersey, left her by her father. Tarne'll
is of English descent, the founder of the fam
ily in Ireland having gone there as a carpet
bagger about 1"0 or "J00 years ago.
AcvorU'lNq, to the New York Tti the
clergymen, lawyers, journalists aud generals
who were present at the banquet recently
given to honor Kx-Senator rKirsey, formerly
of Arkansas, were really beguiled into pro
moting a mere job. The Time tells u that
what Kx-Senator Dorsey wantnji not the col
lectorshipof the port of New York, though this
has been hinted at; not even a scat in the
cabinet for himself or one of his friends,
though there has bten a suspicion that way;
but that the object of his ambition is only a
vulgar mail contract, and iu order that he
may get it, the appointment of a party asso
ciate as second assistant postmaster-gnncral.
Hence the "banquet," which wa an ingeni
ous contrivfcnce to keep Mr. Dorsey before
the people, and, what is more to the purpose,
before the next President
The New York Public nays that, except
Ntw Orleans and Providence, where there
was a slight decrease, every other city
on the second week iu February showed an
iucrwaso over the large exchanges of last
year. The exchanges for the week at twenty
cities uiuounted to $l,l.l5,2S5,f.01 against
$.13,317,05 the preeediug year, an increase
of 30.9 per cent, of which increase 7.7 was at
cities outside of New York. The volume of
business, spite of weather, floods and snow
blockades, was greater than lu February of
last year, and the situation how a wonder
ful expansion of business. The hanks and
treasury gained from $1.14,500 to $139,S40,
082 in specie. The banks reUiued less than
$200,000 of the iuerease, while the treasury
gain was partly a mere transfer from the
Philadelphia miuL The money market was
working a little closer. An increase of
nearly 20 per cent, in e ports, with a de
crease of 21 per cent, in imports, give prom
ise that the balance of trade will, as last
year, be in our faror, apjcie imports have
almost ceased. Last week only $37,758 in
gold was received from abroad iu ew York,
but no gold was exported.
From his Majesty, King of the Carnival,
Which, Though Made In Jest, Is Em
Uentlj Terthv tfca Coneldera- ,
"tloH Wine Awg-nst General
Assembly this State,
Legislative Proceedings Repeal of the
Charter of Lebanon Significant or Fu
ture Action on Like Propositions
Barkeeper Shot for Re
fusing Credit for
Special to the Appeal.l
Namhvtlle, February 21. In the house
much amusement was created by the read ing
ot the invitation of King Moin us to attend
the carnival of Memphis: "Having laws
enough for present use, we ordain that you
orge their enforcement."
House bills on third rending: To allow no
fees to sheriffs where suits are compromised
before the sale of lands. Passed.
To give grand juries inquisitorial powers
over the offense of betting on elections.
Tabled 35 to 31.
The house bill to repeal the charter of
Lebanon passed third reading to 15.
This is regarded as significant of the future
action of the house relating to the general
repeal of the charters ot towns throughout
the State and the passage of a local option
Mr. Woodward, of Robertson, called up
the senate joint resolution condemning the
Springfield mob, and moved its adoption.
Carried unanimously.
A house joint resolution, complimenting
the Porter Rifles and the Rock City Guards
for their promptness in responding to the call
of the governor to go to Springfield aud Win
chester, wag unanimously adopted.
An invitation from King Momus was also
read in the senate.
The committees on charitable institutions
will visit the deal and dumb school at Knox
ville to-morrow.
The legislative investigating committee
discharged McGlothlin this morning.
S. A. Cunningham, assistant cleric of the
senate, and Speaker Morgan, have filed
statements of an explanatory nature.
Mr. Butler suggested that they had about
g'eaned all possible facts, and the committee
ought to make its report.
The committee adjourned subject to the
call of its chairman.
Associated Press Dispatch.
Nashville, February 21. The house
concurred unanimously in the senate resolu
tion denouncing the Springfield mob. It also
adopted by the same vote a resolution com
plimenting the Porter Rifles and the Rock
City Guards, Nashville's citizen soldiery, for
their promptness in responding to the cull of
the governor to preserve the law.
st. tons.
Arrest or a Fratricide-Want's Ills Placa
Active 'reparations by Politicians.
St. Lofis, February 21. Baptiste Costa,
the Italian who killed his brother near Col
liusville, Illinois, Friday night, has been ar
rested. Morgan Belaud, the deposed vice-president
of the board of police commissioners of this
city, has applied for a writ of mandamus to
compel the board to le'nstat; him. The case
will probably be heard to-morrow.
A. K. Strather, a well-known wealthy live
stock man of Texas, was shut and killed by
an unknown person in front of the railroad
depot at Dallas, last uiglit. He received two
bullets in the head and one through the
heart. Revenge seems ta have been the mo
tive for the act, as the valuables on his per
son were not disturbed.
Henry lie Kothe, a wealthy farmer, livine
near Glasgow, Missouri, suicided yesterday
morning by shooting himself through the
head. He was a prominent church member
and was highly respected.
lioth the political parties of this citv are
making active preparations for the municipal
election in April. Both sides will put strong
tickets in the held, and a vigorous camuaien
will be conducted.
One thousand cars of mixed corn, equal to
about 1,OUO,000 bushels, which has been stand
ing on the track in Jbast M. Loins lor some
time past, was sold Saturday and to-day for
shipmeut, at the Baltimore price of
thirty-nine cents, which is above the ruling
figure; but it is understood that the corn will
o forward at a cut rate, but at exactly what
reduction hasnot transpired. This shipment
will greatlr relieve the over-burdened rail
road track on the other side of the river, and
make room for an equal number of cars.
About 6(1,000 bushels of wheat were
shipped by barges to New Orleans yesterday
on foreign account, and 25,000 bushels of rve
were withdrawn from the elevator to-day for
European shipment, via New Orleans.
Congress Condensed.
Washington, February 21. Mr. Warner 1
.introduced a bill in the house to-day which
provides for the creation of a board of fiscal
inspectors to watch over the collections Mid
exnditures of the public treasury.
The conference report on the army appro
priation bill was read in the senate and
The house designated Sunday next v the
occasion of the ceremonies to be observed in
honor of the memory of Hon. Fernando
S?uator-Klect Harrison's credentials were
presented and filed.
Senator Harris presented the mem Orial of
the National tobacco board of trade and the
resolutions oi the Tennessee legisl ature in
respect to the tobacco trade of the United
States with foreign countries, calling atten
tion to the monopoly enjoyed abroad in the
manufacture and sale of the staple, ami ask
ing relief. .Referred to the committee on for
eign relations.
Representative Chalmers introduced a
joint resolution requesting the secretary of
the treasury to report the cost of producing
in foreign countries all articles on which du
ties are now required to be paid, and the cost
of producing the same articles in the I'nited
States, to the end that whenever the cost of
producing any article which has lieen manu
factured or produced in the United States for
ten years shall be less in any foreign coun
try than the cost of producing the same ar
ticle iu the United States, then the custom
duty on a ch article shall not exceed a sum
equal to the ditlerenee between tne wages
paid to the laborers in the foreign country
where such article in more cheaply produced
and the waires paid laborers in producing the
same article in the United States, with costs
if transportation added thereto.
Representative Slemons, under instruc
tions from the commit on railioads and
canals, moved to suspend the rules and pass
the bill incorporating the Cherokee and Ar
kansas River Railroad company, for the
purpose of constructing a railroad from Ar
kansas City, Kansas, through the Indian
Territory to Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Representative Young Teun.l argued in
support of the bill, saying there was no aid
granted by the bill, only right of way. After
some discussion the bill passed.
Senator Garland, from the judiciary corn
mil tee, reported adversely on the house bill
to quiet the titles of the settlers on the IV-s
Moines river lands, Iowa, and other pur
poses indefinitely poslpoued; but, by re
quest, was admitted to the calendar.
Senator Maxey, from the committee on
poato Bices, reported favorably with amend
ments house post-route bill, and it was
Representative Hooker, under instruc
tions of the committee on Indian attaint,
moved to suspend the rules and pass the bill
to ascertain t te amount due the Choctiw Na
tion of Indians by the government, which
was agreed to.
The house refused to adjourn over Wash
ington's birthday.
The senate discussed the legislative appro
priation bill from the morning hour until
adjournment, without result.
statistics of Rllk Manufacture.
Washington, February 21. The prelimi
narv report upon silk manufacture of the
United States shows that the total value of
finished goods for the year ending June 30,
IrtsO, was (34,410,4(13; number of factories,
383; amount oi capital (real and personal)
invested, $18,S9y,500; looms, 8467; greatest
number of hand employed at any pne time
during the vear, 34,440; total amount paid in
waM, 19,107,835.
PronoatUon front the ftoera.
London, February 21. The I'ime says:
"The Boers have made overtures for peace,
fb rough president Brand, of theOrauge Free
State. The proposals appear to be to the ef
fect that the British evacuate the Transvaal,
and that commissioners be appointed to settle
its future relations with Great Britain. Gen
eral Colley replied that if the garrisons in
the Transvaal were left nnmolested and free
to obtain supplies, and hostilities were imme
diately suspended by the Boers, the British
would agree to the appointment of commis
sioner. General Oulley has received no
final answer as yet."
Jfaklaa; Dead het Aarainat the Three
Per rent Bernndlw- Bill.
New York, February 2L From the
Timet: "The sub-treasury received on Satur
day $1,840,000 and yesterday $2,273,000.
principally from conntry banks desiring to
retire their circulation in view of the proba
bility of the three per cent funding bill be
coming a law. Should this happen, they will
be able to accomplish the purpose only by
means of their own notes, while now any sort
of money suffices. They will also
be enabled to obtain possession at
once of their reserve in four per cents which
can be marketed at a premium of thirteen to
fourteen per cent., and three per cents,
which can be nsed as a reserve, can be ob
tained at par when issued. Not included in
yesterday's amount was $500,000 in gold de
posited by the First National bank, which
the sub-treasury clerks had not time to
count, and $l,0.'lu,0o0 additional was received
too late for collection till Wednesday, mak
ing a total thus far of $5,ii4!,()00."
Itaataa Bsska and I be I nndins Act.
Boston, February 21. Several meetings
of the directors of the banks have been held
to-day to consider the question of the with
drawal of their circulation. Only two or
three have come to an actual decision in the
matter. The Merchants National bank has
decided to withdraw 500,000.
Fatal to tne National Banklae System.
Clkvelaxd, O., February 21. Saturday
the presidents and cashiers of the Cleveland
National banks sent a telegram to Repre
sentative Towneend, of this district, that the
funding bill, as passed by the senate, will be
fatal to the national banking system, must
force banks to retire their circulation, and
will result disastrously to all branches of
business. This morning the following was
sent to President Hayes:
To the President, Washington, I). C. :
The associated hanks aud bankers of this city,
composing the clearinghouse, are unanimously of
the opinion that the passage of the funding hill
with the fifth section Included will prove disas
trous to the business prosperity of the country,
and they respectfully express the hope that you
will see your way clear to interpose your veto
autiinsl so great a calamity.
T. P. HARDY, President.
A. H. WICK, Secretary.
A Set
Forth In the Weekly Review of
the Mark Lane Expreasj.
LONDON, February 21. The Mart Lane
Esi mw, in its review of the British train
trade for the past week, says the rainfall has
he Ml unfavorable lor sowing and threshing,
ana. samples were ill-conditioned. The de
ma pel for home grain was almost stagnant in
coDiwitience of the bad condition of samples,
wh"icb. buyers reject. Flour was in freer sui
ply, lut slow of sale at rates in favor of buy
ers. . Foreign flour was weaker toward the
do, buyers having supplied wants, when
rates bxame easy; the spot trade was purely
consumptive. The American attempt to raise
rates mi't with no responso here, and the sea
son is too lor advanceil tor siwculation to in'
Alienee tiie markets. The coast trade is well
supplied, the continental demand has clack
eiK.il, and forward positions are felow and
weaker. Foreign flour is in good supply but
alsu dull at nominally unchanged rates. J lie
supply from Jidia is two-thirds as much as
the American. Hurley dull, except lor the hn
st; the demand mustceaseentirelvtobe slow
er than at present. Foreign barley also dull.
In oats, advance maintained and provincial
rates were.well supported; the demand at the
close, however, was morerestrieted. Foreign
oats, firm; Russian, dearer. There were no
foreign arrivals. Maize, in small supply,
price harder, and demand unimproved.
Round corn uuchauged. Sales of English
wheat lor the past week, L'0,484 quarters at
41s Sd, against 34,530 quarters at i'- Id for
the corresponding week last year.
A Memphis! Institution.
Holly Springs Jleporter: On a recent visit
to Memphis, we had occasion to mingle very
ireely with the business community, and
taough many feel more or less disappointed
over the results of the last season's business,
the usual preparations are being made for
the spriug lobbing trade. 1 his is especially
true of some of the larger houses whose solid
ity is not disturbed by the business ot a month
cr day. In the very front rank of the best
houses, not only in Memphis but in the south,
we unhesitatingly place the hrin of -Menken
Bros., whose career of aquarter of a century
has been as remarkable for enterprise, public
spirit and intelligence, as tor splendid and
enduring success. We had the pleasure of
going through their wholesale department
lately. and one ot the wouderlui things about
it is how such an enormous quantity of goods
can be shown under one root. 1 lies and
stacks of every conceivable kind of good:
that are needed in this section ot country.
An arnrv ot twrsons owning new goods, an
other pneking goods sold, buch a bu.v hive
we have not had the satisfaction of witness
ing in many a day. This constant rush of
business at Menken Bros, has a cause,
"and we think we state the matter correctly,
when we attribute it to their general know!
edge of their patrons and their honorable
way of doing business. In commending a
house of such high standing to our readers,
we feel we are acting iustlv to them, to
ourselves and to the honorable firm iu ques
tion. The River and Harbor Bill.
Washington, February 21. The commit
tee on commerce have been all day in sei-sion
considering the river and harbor bill. Sena
tors are pressing amendments increasing the
aggregate appropriation of the bill, which t' e
committee say must bereiccted.elsethe bill be
defeated. A most determined opposition to the
bill is already organized in the senate and
auv increase in appropraitions will aid in tie
feuling the bill. The committee is lighting
steadily against the amendments, and sav
they will report the bill next Wednesday,
then only seven days will he left for its con
sideration and anv delay would kill it. The
final passage of the bill is doubtful.
The horse is a noble animal, and deserves
the kindest treatment from man, whose obe
dient servant he becomes when properly
trained. Spavins, galls, ring-bone, scratches,
-sto., are tha evils which commonly allliet
him, but these can be cured by Coussen's
Lightning Liniment, which is also a remedy
tor those diseases of man known as rheuma
tism, lame back, neuralgia, corns and bun
ions. For sale by G. W. Jones & Co.
Barbed Wire Fence Cases.
CniCA(K), February 21. In the United
States circuit court. Judges Irummond and
Bladgett to-day refused a rehearing in the
celebrated cases of the barbed wire fence
manufacturers, in which immense sums of
money are involved. In accordance with this
decision all the barbed wire manufactured in
the west is an infringement on the patent of
the Washburn & Maer manufacturing com
pany, of Massachusetts. It is stated that
most of the manufacturers have already made
terms with the Massachusetts company.
Formal Keeenllon. of the Obelisk.
New York, February 21. Secretary Ev-
arts, on behalf of the khedive, will present
the oliclisk to the city to-morrow. The cere
monies will lake place in-doors, the -.secretary
objecting to making an address in the o-u
air. Owing to some error iuvitations are out
for not h ss than tin ee times the number of
people that the hall can contain. Mavor
tlrace will make the speech of acceptance,
Theodore Ihomas will conduct the music.
End of a -Celebrated Sugar Knit.
New YottK.February 21. Judge Friedman
has dismissed a suit brought by T. A. Haver
meyer against Lawson N. Fuller for $400,000
damages in connection witli the lurestiga
tions in relation to taxes on sugar. Judge
Friedman said that the evidence taken d
not tend to show that the remarks injurious
to the plaintill were made by the delendant,
and there is nothing in the evidence taken
injurious to the plaintifj.
Will ojnlell tunother It.
Washington.-. Icbruary 21. The senate
judiciary committee took no action on the
nomination of Judge Billings to succeed
Judire Wood as I'nited States circuit judge,
and it can now be stated upon good author
ity that no action will be taken, xne com
niiltee is determined to let the nomination lie
over and thus smother it.
Mot Against the Gigantic Power
Which Threatens to Subvert the
GoTernment Jay Would Should
Look Well to His Feoting
Wheu Such Men as
Judge Jere Black, Senator Windom and
Other Brainy Individuals Say to
Him and II is Cheeky Compeer : -"Here,
You Will Hare to
Call a Halt.'-
New YoRK.'Febrnarv 21. A 3aree mnss-
niceting waa held to-night at the Cooper
Institute under the auapitt-a ot the National
Anti-Monopoly League. Peter Cooper was
present. 1'reHident I. E. Chittenden briefly
sl ated the objects and purpose of the league,
sorting it origin to be the outgrowth oi
the abuscfl of corporate powers, .and urging
Ute necerwity ot au umrersal organization ou
ime systematic banin by the entire tax-pay
mg element oi the country.
.Tndtrc Hliifk. of l'ennsrlviiia. vritn introduced.
Vtc ppofee for an Imrir, mt in the i-uurbO of his ftd-
ress, me Keynote oi wnttrn whs tne lepii ana con
titntioiiril tt-si Oi tt ol the trnnsnorrntton oiiestioii.
considered tit length the relations of corc rations
en uu puitiic. iioHjtid tin course oi inebt; institu
tion. had irecn stewlily towiird a complete monopo
ly: that their ultimate designs were fraught with
the greatest danger to the State, and t hut unless
legislation should step in and aid the oppressed
people the whole machinery of government would
; inrown into uie imnos oi me iuoiiououmh.
These men." said this sneaker, "are nut now
Riilihlit'd with thoir nrfcii .11 I Thtv will Ktilt
continue trt water their atwks, to absorb th prop
erty of others and ta tux producers at their own
caprice, aim oy me cMioiuuitHra or rauroaas,
union of telegraph lines, huhversion of laws and
insecurity given corporal. properties by their re
fusal to recognize the rights of minority
shareholders, they have set at defiance the
rights of theJtpublie and the individual.
ireventea Deueiieiat competition, nuu traiupiea
upon the spirit of the constitution and
laws of their country.'1 lie advocated that rail
road men should be turned out of otlice under the
government, and their Unties compelled as well
as rights observed through the interposition of the
law. ine constitutional lneinods hy wniett tne
ieoole miKht be protected iu their rnzhts were dis
cussed, and authorities quoted to demonstrate that
tnereuieuy my 111 tne nanus ot tne puniie ltseii.
it was gnowu mat oy ine Kwer ot tneir weattn tne
railroads had obtained a large share of
control of the supreme and State courts
and the various k-'islative bodies, and that
juuges were elected and representatives selected
wiiu special reuirence 10 meir nines lor auvancing
the interests of the corjKratioiis they represented.
Kaiiroaus were rapnm assuming an tniiuenee uis
proiHrtionate to the relative position they occu
pied toward other bodies. The diameter
mid extent of such laws as should b
unacted whs explained, and their adop
tion strongly recommended. The speaker
wus frequently interrupted by applause,
and at one time, when lie asked the question.
What shall we do with these corporations'."' a
man iu the audience shouted: ''Confiscate their
stealings." "Well," was the answer, "we would
like to, but they nave earned tuein out 01 signt. '
t 111 tea Mates s-enaior winuoiu tent a letter.
After statiug the necessity of the league to banish
from itscouiicilsnll coiniuuui.-tic spirit ami recog
nize the force of the power against which it had to
contend, Senator Windom treated al length of the
abuses which exist iu the management ot rail
roads and tel' grsphs, and luid much stress
on the danger of a single man controlling the
educational jxtwer of the prcv by the ownership
of the telegraphs, and strongly advocated postal
telegraphs and governmental restaint to be exer
cised over the increase of corporate powers.
'Without such restraint, the letter read, "what
is to G the limit to exactions of cornrate powers
Ukii the people? What is there to hinder these
men from depressing or iullaliug the value ot all
kinds of property to suit their caprice or avaiice?
What shall be said oi free i?ople who will submit,
without protest, lo Ik1 luMiiid hand and toot'-'
have hinted at some of the dangers w Inch mcuAce
our future. If it lar to correct these evils and avert
the dangers that your league has been organized,
it will receive the hciiedRtionsnf the people." In
conclusion, it was suggested that such laws be
framed as would regulate and restrain the action
of the great transportation companies without uu-ucse-sary
injury to t! tumid without omitting the
essential elements of protection to the public.
1 ne meeting was next auuresseu uy Congressman
eagan. who addressed hiins -lf nrinciitall v to the
practical remedies which had beii proi-jscd for tl o
abuses of eoiorute powers, and explained the fea
tures of the Keagan bill, recently introduced into
congress for the regulation of inter state commerce
by railroad, as a step iu the right direction. The
following resolution was then introduced:
JitAvrd, That it is the duty of citizens every
where to organize anti-monopoly leagues, and en
deavor to secure among others ine following sini-
cific results:
First Laws coiniKullng the transportation and
telegraph companies to base their ehaiires on the
risk and cost of the service.
Second Laws to prevent pooliug and combina
Third Laws to prevent discrimination aeainst
any class of citizens 011 public highwavs.
Fourth Courts to give effect to the laws placed
on the statute-books.
Kifih Iaw8 to make it the official duty of officers
to detenu citizens against corjHrate injustice.
Sixth Laws loireveutJpublie taxationto uav div
idends on national stocks.
5evcnth Laws against bribery
Kighth Laws to regulate the coiamerce of the
several Suites'.
Ninth A liberal policy toward the water ways.
It was resolved that independent journals should
be encouraged, and that the bread, meat and fuel
of the masses should not be taxed to pay dividends
on fictitious eo-.t of construction. The meeting
was afterwards addressed by others, advocntim: the
principles embodied iu the resolutions, w hich were
I'fsboflj- Hold C It. Gnlloway Jc Co.,
JUlc-s 12 50. 1:: nii fl Dcr (1st. The house Li fnr-
aished with a steam paetiiKerelcTator. and tafint-
i:lafH in every dcpsrlnieut. ticventv-ave rooms si
ti au i T any.
Tl' Hill. Miss
V w IIultK.it, Pa
A 1 Mfttulmn. Ohio .
J McCrarken. Miss
j Kexinger, Tenu
i P Taylor. Ark
J M Kyle, river
E Master, N Y
I. K R we, X Y
A H Johnson, Ark
II liniee, X Y
T tiiiis ii. Tenn
W Kluiinelly. yt Louis
P H l'atrian-h, Chicago
J R Stout, X Y
K J Bruite, Texas
K Meeks, Pa
C M Simpson, Ciu'nati
V I' Kvre, Pa
8 H Seeds, Pa
W A Starkweather, la
W II Hayi H. lionton
J n Wilder, Tenn
J w iiurlialian, Ml.s?
J I) Clement. Tenn
J Wiujoner. Tenn
J B Tree, Tenn
MriJ IMiorn, Texas
ri W Snow, iit l.oui3
A hmonson. Ky
J 1) Wheeler, X Y
r 11 cuMwrell, M Louis
M J O'Hrien, N Y
K (i Kyrii h. N ()
I. Cavalll, lJa
W Appleby, ln
A ray, Tenn
J Y IHekson, I'hie&gn .
f. isenjiinnn, cm null
; Cohen. .a
Miss Ih Rivieru. Franco T H Harwell, Tenn
F K Whitileld. Miss
A B spriui;. Col
J F liartluer, cin'nuti
S D Somen, X Y
H II Parker, Ala
W II Martin. Ky
C F lirilUn, X Y
MrStorn, Ark
II S Harkleroad, Mica
V Harris. Ark
B L Armstrong, Ark
A K Bobo, Miss
M J Cohen, Mo
J A Peaee, Miss
B B White, Miss
J W suimel. Ark
W Moore, Xashville
.1 Will. Pa
J K liapeu, X "
C I) Seully, Pa
J Ash by, Iud
C Smith, X Y
A W Goodall. Ct
J P Yeldeu, Texas
J II Beuuie and wile, X Y
11 W Wilton, X -
B F Tate, Miss
Mrs Judge Powell, Miss
C D King, X Y.
K M Clark. N Y
M Wrietit, Mo
J Q Adams, Miss
Vt K l.lpseoDio, ArK
W F Healtie, Ark
W Bailey. St Louis
E 1. Siriekland. Miss
J M Parker. N O
Sirs A M Trimble. Miss
J ( Hvid and sun, Miss
F W w illiaui, Boston
(' A Servoss. Chieaeo
i Binder, N Y
J F Crawford, X Y
A Cramer, Mo
F W Siorev, Mo
1) Hers, Md
I, llerton, Ark
J K Eniinet, X Y
lioud and wife, X Y
j touy,
M Mason, St Louis
C U llice. Miss
.At Oaston'i February Slat.
B EtheriilRe, city J A Cocke, Miss
Ur J D Rosboroiigh, Miss S Tate. Little Kock
R Tate, Little Rock F. II Foster, Ohio
J B Driver. Ark E J Bruister, Texas
A Mever, Texas W Witteitburg, Ark
C W Coe. Mich W Sillers, Port (iibson
A S Balch, Bowling Green H Kels, ht Louis
, ; r 1 II.. 1 .1.4...- 1 l.
II C Kifher. citv
xr 1 .1..,- 1 ..l-
Mis X Frost, Teun
B B White. Miss
J M Hawkins, Miss
it P Frazer, Miss
W L Morris, Helena
A J Philliix. X Y
Mrs '.von, Tenn
J H White, Texas
J T Miller, Atoka
II Lnhman, Helena
W O Haywood, Tenn
C B (ireelev. St 1-ouis
W N limldcu, R I
J F. Wilkinson. Tenn
T Sawyer. Cincinnati
J J Crigsby, Aik
X K lavett, Tenn
E Richards, Bledsoe
R A Mctireelev, Tenn
; P Collins, Ala
W C Allen, Moscow
R S Russell. Tenu
Miss Lvon, Tenn
II T Simouton, Tenn
F R Osborn, X O
P Mengez, Helens
E M Carney, Greenville
C II Hndden. RI
A Wood, X Y
R Pavis, Ark
F F Clement, Ark
J Wall, Miss.
The Cattle Dixcasen Bill.
Washington, February 21. The special
committee on cattle diseases will report this
afternoon a new bill drawn last night, and
designed to meet the objections raised against
the original bill last Saturday. The new
bill relates only to pleuro-pueumonia, which
is not satisfactory to the western and south
ern senators, who will otlcr an amendment to
include Texas fever and all contagious dis
eases of cattle. If til is amendment be
agreed to, the bill will probably pass the
senate, but the chance of its pacing the
house also is very poor.
Where Waa Hooker, of Mississippi?
Washington, February 21. The congres
sional temperance society held their forty
seventh anniversary this evening. Addresses
were made by !Senat:r P.iwes and Repre
sentatives Price, Munroe, Ward and Ballou
A resolution was adopted requesting the
president to forbid the sale of liquor by the
store-keepers at army posts.
The t'outest at llarrisbura;.
IlARRisiiVBG, Pa., February 21. The
probable retirement of Beaver and Bayue
from the senatorial contest will leave the
fight between Svhorield, of Warren, and
George Shiras, jr., of Pittsburg, with the
chances in favor of the latter.
An Uxulanal ion from Etsmarck.
Berlin, February 21. In the upper house
the Prussian diet to-day, before the debate
on the local administration bill was com
menced, Prince Bismarck said that the state
ment read by llerr Rommel yesterdav, had
been erroneously interpreted. It was only
intended as an instruction to Ilerr Rommel,
and was not to be react word for word. No
real difference of opinion existed between
him (Bismarck) and Count Von Kulenburg.
There was, therefore, no ground for a minis
terial change. Prima Bismarck continued:
"I assumed that a kiiowU dire of my views
would lead to an agreement between the two
houses. I could not euppone tiiat a flairs
would take the present turn, and the assump
tion that material diflerences of opinion ex
ist in the state ministry is incorrect." The
house by a vote of 50. L 4 then passed a
paragraph of the bill in the amended form
in which it was sent up by the lower house.
Prince Bismarck Toted 'with the majority,
thereby attesting bis adhesion to the views of
Count Von Eulenberg.
Proceedings mt Ine .Meeting of the Po
lice and Fire Commissioner Held
Testerday More Important
than Usual.
At a meeting of the police and fire com
missioners Messrs. D. T. Porter, John Over
ton, jr., and M. Burke held yesterday, the
following business was transacted :
The comninnication from C. Danhiser
asking for a position on the sanitary force,
was received and filed. The petitions of J.
R. Wray and H. B. Childs asking forposi
tions as oiarketm asters, were also received
and filed.
pirrmox rejected.
A communication from Fire-Chief McF ad
den was received, stating that it took one
man from the hook and ladder company to
attend to the tire-alarm syateni, and ankinp
that another man be added to the hook and
ladder company. It was considered and re
jected by the commissioners.
A communication from the city attorney
in regard to the authority of the Taxing
District government to purchase a station
house, in which he decides that they have
such authority, was received and filed.
On motion, the pay of the marketm asters
was fixed at forty dollars per month, the
same as they received last year.
On motion the pay of the police force was
fixed as follows: chief, $125 per month;
captains, $'.10; sergeants, $.S9; patrolmen,
$(0 an advance of ten dollars per month
all around, to take effect on the first of
On motion the pay of the fire department
was fixed as follows: Chief, $125 per month;
captains, $75; engineers, $75; men of the
force, $i0; to take e fleet on the 1st of -March;
the above pay is an advance of ten dollars
per month.
Mr. Davis, the chief of police, submitted a
list of the force, .and, on motion, the names
were confirmed for the ensuing year and no
changes made.
Mr. McKadden, the chief of the tire de
partment, submitted a list of his officers and
men, which list was confirmed for the endu
ing year.J J Captain Madden, of lire com
pany 'o. 4, sent in his resignation, which
was received and accepted.
On motion, James Burke, pipeman, was
elected captain of the company to fill the va
cancy caused by the resignation of Captain
Madden. The vacancy caused by the promo
tion of Pipeman Burke will be tilled here
On motion, the sa'ary of the city attorney
was fixed at $2(U0 per annum, and on motion
C. . Hciskell was elected city or Taxing
District attorney for two years from the 1st
of February.
On motion, the salary of the wharf master
was fixed at ten percent, on the gross receipts,
subject ta the conditions of the law, and ou
motion P. Kallaher was duly elected wharf
On motion, Mr. C. L. Pullen was duly
elected secretary of the fire and police com
missioners and legislative council for a term
of two years from the first of February.
Ou motion, Captain Dave F. Jackson was
detailed and appointed health officer.
On motion the salary of the Taxing-DiH-trict
engineer was fixed at $2000 per annum,
and on motion Major Miles Meriwether was
elected engineer for two years from the 1st of
On motion, the salary of register was fixed
at $1000 per annum, and on motion Mr. A.
P. Tuck was duly elected register for two
years from the 1st of January.
On motion the board of police and fire
commissioners adjourned, subject to the call
of the president,
Cincinnati Coffin Conipany Burned Out.
CixciXNATi,February21. A fire occurred in
the new four-story brick building recently
ei-rcted as an addition to the factory of the
Cincinnati Coffin company ,ou Carrstreet,north
of Richmond, this afternoon, inflicting i-'tO.OOU
damage, it is estimated. The flames destroyed
the third aud fourth stories, which were used
for manufacturing hardware and silver
plated goods, but did not extend below.
Water destroyed the fine textile trimmings
and robes. The insurance, $100,000, is placed
nearly equally in about sixty companies, all
outside of Cincinnati.
A Cough, Cold or Sore Throat ohould be
stopped. Xeglect frequently results in an
incurable lung disease or consumption.
Brown's Bronchial Troches do not disorder
the stomach like cough syrups and balsams,
but act directly on the inflamed part, allay
ing inftaraation, give relief in Asthma,
Bronchitis, Coughs, Catarrh and the Throat
Troubles which singers and jmblic speakers
are subject to. Sold at 25c a box everywhere.
American Pork In France.'
London, February 21. A dispatch from
Pnris states that the importation of pork
Irom America was loroiauen because ot the
prevalence of trichinie, and the impossibility
of examining cargoes at ports ot landing. In
view, however, of the considerable consump
tion of American pork by the lower classes,
the French government will try to devise a
less stringent but sufficiently protective
Assignment by a Louisville Firm.
Louisville, February 21,T-Smith, Bagby
& Co., wholesale dealers in stoves and tin
ware, have made an assignment in favor of
their creditors. The firm's liabilities amount
to $S000, $3000 of which is held by the Farm
ers and Drovers bank of this city, and the
balance by Fuller, Dana & Co., of Boston,
and Merchant & Co., of Philadelphia. The
assets consist of a stock of goods valued at
$15,000, and some real estate.
Alleired Real Cause of the Dispute.
Berlin, February 21. It is stated that
the real cause of the dispute between Von
Kulenberg and Bismarck is the former's dis
like of the measures tending to socialism
and Bismarck's desire to have less scrupu
lous cflicers to manage the approaching
elections. As the emperor, however, has as
yet declined to receive Von Eulenberg's res
ignation, it is not impossible that he may re
tain his post.
The Land-Laa;ue Losing Prestige.
London, February 21. The Times' Dublin
correspondent says the prestige of the Laud
League has sensibly declined, and the people
are beginning to fear it less. Outrages have
almost entirely ceased, and the payment of
r lit is increasing.
Any father who goes out aud puts tar on
top of his front gate after darkjinust be lost to
all sense of humanitr. Not so the one who
buys a bottle of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup for
his familv.
Mlnklng or the J. M. Kerr.
New Orleans, February 21. The packet J. M.
Kerr, from Natchez for here, Saturday night, with
iSi bales of cotton slid s number of posseugers,
sunk. The passengers and crew were saved. The
cotton b insured, but the boat is uninsured.
River Telegrams.
SHREVEPORT, February 21. River rising.
Weather clear aud pleasant.
8T; LOUIS, February -Jl Sight River fallen
inches, witli 10 feet 5 inches by the gauge, and
almut 7 feet 6 Inches to Cairo, and about fifteen
miles of ice backed up above that point, but boats
eau get through without much trouble. Weather
clear aud pleasant. Arrived: Centennial and Relle
of Shreveport, New Orleans; Gold Dust, Vicksburg.
F.VANSVII.LE, February : Night. River fall
ing, with 3S feet A inches by the gauge. Weather
fir and warm. Arrived: Virgie Lee. Departed:
Charles Morgan, New Orleans, ; p.m.; Yjrgie Lee,
Memphis, 7 p.m.
tieneral Mood la the Transvaal.
London, February 21. A Newcastle dis
patch states that General Wood, with one
hundred Hussars, made a reconnoiaance of
over seventy-five miles, and penetrated with
in ten miles of Wakkerstroom. He found
the country almost deserted. The general
assured the inhabitants that the Boers who
return to their farms immediately would not
be molested. Three hundred soldiers sailed
yesterday for the Cape and three hundred
and fiftv more leave earlv in March.
TOI1EY On Sunday, February 20, 1881, Edna
Tkrau, daughter of E. T. and L. I. Tosey, aged
nine months.
WILLIAMS-On Sundav, Februaiy 3), im, 12 m.,
Joseph R. Williams, atred sixty rears, six months
and thirteen days. Petersburg (Vs.) papers please
The funeral will take place from his late resi
dence, So. 75 Union street, this (TUESDAY) morn
ing al 10 o'clock. Sen-ices by Rev. Dr. Geo. White.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited
to attend.
Rich and New Designs will be Mhown
Evening Costumes
KPECIAL Black Satin Merveillenx and
Satin Aidn Snpcrb Qualities at in
ducement. J 1ST BECEIVED Xoveltlea attractive
in all departments.
EMBROIDEBIKS Silk Handkerchiefs,
Bayadere Sash Rlbbona,Linen Neck
wear, especially noteworthy.
Do you want a pure, bloom
ing Complexion i If so, a
few applications of Hagan'ti
MAGNOLIA BALM, will grat
ify you to your heart's con
tent. It does away with Sal
lowness, Redness, Pimples,
Blotches, and all diseases and
imperfections of the skin. It
overcomes the flushed appear
ance of heat, fatiRuo and ex
citement. It makes a lady of
THIRTY appear but TWEN
TY; and so natural, gradual,
and perfect are its effects,
that it is impossible to detect
its application.
J. finest Monuments of all kindi, also tine
friicure Jobs and very fine Bustle Monn
nielilM, TnhletH. Scrolls and Headstone.
of all sizes ami designs, which I will sell at Actual
4 Ml of material and Labor on them. You
cau save money hy calling on incand see my prices
before purchasing elsewhere.
3 V ii ion St., Mem phi.
Commonwealth Distribution Co.
At Macauley's Theater, in the city of Lonisville, on
These drawings occur monthly (Sundays except
ed) under provisions of an Act of the General As
sembly of Kentucky, incorporating the Newport
Priutiufraud Newspaper Company, approved April
!. 1S7S.
Mr-ThiN la a Hpecial ar t, and baa never
oeeo rcpeaica.
The United States Circuit Court, on March 31ft,
rendered the following decisions:
lwt That Hie Commonwealth IMnirlbu-
2d Itw drawing- are fair.
The Company has now on hand a large reserve
iuna. itcaa tne list oi prizes lor tne
1 Prize t 80.000
1 Prize 10,000
1 Prize 5.000
10 Prizes S1000 each 10.000
20 Prizes 500 each 10,000
100 Prizes 100 each ; 10.000
200 Prizes 60 each 10,000
600 Frizes 20 each 1J.OO0
1000 Prizes 10 each 10,000
9 Prizes $100 each t 2,700
v i-nzes zuueaen l.wiu
9 Prize 100 each - S00
I960 Prises J112.400
Whole Tickets, 83 I HairTicketa. 81,
27 Tickets, $.t0. I 55 Ticket, 100.
Remit Money or Bank Draft In Letter, or send bi
OR POSTOFFICE ORDER. Orders of 15 and up
ward, by Express, can be sent at our expense.
Address all orders to R. M. BOARDMAN, Courier
Journal Buildine. Louisville, Ky., or T. J. COM
MERFORD. 212 Broadway, New York, or D. L. Oil-
Lsari k. is o. fa west Ikiu it su Memphis leun.
Notice to Consignees.
THE Freight bv the steamers Ste. Genevieve and
City of Provldeuee must be removed from the
Wharfboatand Levee duringTl'E-UAY, February
Kid, to make room lor other arrivals.
AD STORM, Superintendent.
THE undersigned will receive .Scaled Bids at the
office of the Chairman of the County Court
until SATI RDAY NOON", February 26th, for the
erection of two Stand Pipes In the Courthouse.
Specifications at said office. Right reserved to
reject any auu an dios.
M. Mi FADDEN. Committee.
Creditors' Notice.
No. 3299 In the Chancery Court ot Shelby county,
Tennessee The state of Tennessee for use, etc.,
vs. Wm. E. Butler et al.
Wheueas, An order of court has bcien entered
in the above cause, directing publication to be
made to allparties claiming to be creditors of the
extinct municipality, the city oi Memphis, to tile
their demands, etc. :
It is therefore ordered. That all parties holding
claims against said extinct municipality, the eity
of Memphis, make their appearance herein, at the
courthouse of Shelby county, Tennessee, on r be
fore the first Monday in October, 1881, and file aud
probate their claims for allowance In accordance
with the act of the Forty Bret General Aaeerably oi
the State of Tennessee, chapter 92, approved
day of March, 1879, or- the same will be forever
barred ; and that a copy of this order be published
once a week, for sixteen weeks, iu the Memphis
Appeal. This February 21, 1RM.
A copy attest: R. J. BLACK, Clerk and Master.
By E. B. Mi-Henry, Deputy Work and Master.
M. Meriwether. Ganli & Patterson, C, F. Vance,
Sola, ior Complainant. 19 tne
Grainer, Gilder and Glazier.
Pointed to order, in any style.
Can be found on and after February 1st, at
No. 300 Second Street, Memphis
Three doors south of former location, where all
orders will be promptly attended to by telephone
or otherwise.
Sealed Proposals.
"T7"ILL be received at the office of the River In-
V spection Service of the National Hoard of
Health, until -
Tuesday, March 1, I4S1, at 13 m.,
for the construction of hospital flats for the use of
said service. The right to reject any or all bids is
reserved to the Natioual Board of Health. Plans
and specifications can be seen at the ofiice of the
River Inspection Service, National Board of Health,
No. M Madison street. Memphis. Tenness!e.
'Member nb. II.
THE partnership of Jones. Brown & Co.. com
posed of R. S. Jones and W. N. Brown, is dis
solved. The business will be wound up and set-
lieu iu iiuuiunuuu M butr uu rttmiu uj .
Browu. W. N. BROWN.
R. 8. JONES,
February 10, 1881. by F. A. Jones. Guardian.
232 Main St., nearly opp. Old Stand
Buist's Celebrated Garden Seeds
Clover, Tlmotby, Orchard, Ilerdn,
and flne Oman.
Ked Rust Proof; Wliitc and Black
Special Inducements offered to the trade. Call
ana examine our mock beiore purcnas
ing elsewhere."
Leading Shoe Store in Southwest.
SPECIALTIES in Ladies', Gents' and Children's
Handmade Hood of the finest and best makes
Sroduced in the world. Foreomfort, try our COM-ON-SENSE
SHOES. Eorchildrcn, try our SOLAR
TIP SCHOOL SHOES, the most practical aud dura
ble shoe in existence. All our grfods are warranted
and satisfaction Kuaxanted in everv respect. Goods
Dealer and Manufacturer in all Kinds ol
Ladies' Hair Dresser.
250 Main Street.
Notice to Gardeners & Farmers
WE have on hand 1000 tons of Fertilizer, which
is manufactured of meat and bones. Hav
ing hnd the above analyzed by one of our leading
chemists, shows the exact jmt cent, of superphos
phate of lime and ammonia it contains. I'lanters
who use the same will do well by calling on ub at
au early period and make arrangements.
Fort Pickering.
V Office, 273 Main street.
located on the Cumberland. Plateau, will becin
Maifti Ittlh. For circulars and informa
tion apply to AIRS. II. B. KELLS, Principal,
Monat, Tennessee.
References Hon. Jacob Thompson, Messrs. Day
& Prouiltit, J. J. Freeman, S. Mansfield, J. T. Fur
gason, R?v. Dr. While, Mumpliis; lien J. D. Vex
tever. Port Gibson, Miss. ; Rt. Rev. Alex. Uree,
Austin. Texas; Rev. Alex. Marks, Natchez. Miss. ;
Judee W. A. Dreunan, LcxliiRton, Miss.; Hon. W.
B. Spencer, New Orleans; Hon. John S. Billin.
Thibodaux. La. ; Rev. W. P. Dultoi', D.D., St
wauee, Tennessee.
o. 368 Main St reel,
One Boor Above tiayoso, Memphis, Tenn.
ly a lurge stock of
Also, Trunks male to order. REPAIRING of all
kinds done on short notice, at the cheapest rates.
Fancy Shirtings
203 Mala Street.
v IHENCE ar Thikd Stkeei.
Telephone connections with onice aud residence.
0 SCllf i k Cfl.
WWr now tinve the lartestaioek and moat romplctr aMarlmrat of lTorCllmn.
Klincl Bridle. Back Baud. 1 1 a as r. Trace t'rtainit, Klnirl Trees. lottll Trm, I ait
Rlutrsand Links, llam Klrlajr. !.. ever offpispd lu thin ninrkel. and w are de
termined to nell yon tliofte roorinaa low as yon enn nil? fhem from any of the Wef
ern Title. You ran order an yon aeatl theiroocl. and bnvetheadvantaire or FHKNII
MKK K. and avoid dancer of fliirtntalionn, nhicli are likely to occur. Me any
ag,aiu, plaee no fafnre orders tor these rood.
M'Seud for our l'rice Lists and Klve a rbaars.fi
. Saddle, Harness and Collar Factory,
175-171-179 MAIN
7i M-las tU.aUg-l
Cotton Department In chance of
Also lnauufartures Plain and; Japanned Tinware, Copper and Kheetiron Ware
Tin Rooting, Spooling, buttering-aud all Kinds of Jobbing
No. 394 Main Street,
Rothschilds9 loan Office
48 Matlison Street, Memphis,
Deals largely in WATCHES and DIAMONDS! Advances! full value
on Merchandise, Jewelry, Guuh, Pistols, etc. Money Loaned inany
anionnton good collaterals. C'awli paid tor Mtver and flold.
. ail WHITE,
The King of Machines.' AMERICAN, i mvi ri.ock. mfhpiii. tkk v
And Denier in
Ceiling, Siding, Shinglec, Lath, Etc.
Office and Store, Bio. 333 Necond SI. Yard and Warehouse, for. Hernando A Gay oso
Pnee I.istn, Estimates and Molding Boofca Mullen on application. "S8
Booksellers, Stationers, Blankbook Mfr's
" We would invite ttaa attention of those wishing- Hew Bets of Books for
the new year, to oar slock of BLANK BOOKS, whlrh cannot be burpassed
Iwlh as to qualify and price.
ry (iooth Notions, Clothi
BELIEVING the health of our city would continue Rood, and that we would have a largely Siicmnet
trade this season, we have made early preparation and have now lu store and en route the ijirsriil
Stork ofueneral Merchandise we have ever offered to the trade, iKiunht for Canh. aud we am
determined to oner every facility in Terms and Prices that can be had in other cities.
Memphis. Tpiin., September 1, 1880.
W. II. Calbreatu.
WMalbreath & Co,
No. 11 Union street, : Memphis
Doors, Sash, Blinds & Moldings
Brackets and Scroll-work, Rongta and Dressed Lumber, Sliinglf g, Lalus, etc.,
Nos. 161, 163 and 165 Washington Streeit,
Cotton 3LQTfcC22r:aS
No. 276 Front Street, near Cotton Exchange, Memphis.
We have secured the services of Mr. O. H. JUDAIT. who will give his exclusive attention to the ail
of Cotton. Liberal advances made on Cotton Consijriuneuts ..iuigi.iii
BY PKRMIASION WK KKFEk TO-Meyer. Wel A Co., New Orleans; Manhattan Baua, Memphl,;
RLoweuleuiui.,Memuliia; tricdmau iiroa., Memphis; Rlce.Stli A Co., Memphis,
Mr. W. . Patterson.
Attended to.
Memphis. Tennessee
Wholesale and Retail Dealers
. iu all kinds
Sewing Machines
And Fashion Publications,
254 Second street,
J. M. Fowlkea.
I.. U. WAI.lt ER.

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