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VOL; XLI - 2STO. ' Q74
Jar Termatet and (As Ohio Valley, cloudy
rtather, with train, wind moMly touthveMerly,
idat unary or higher temperature, in the easf par
t 'on lover premire, follow i in the weaf portion by
rinng baromtttr and eoltler northwest rind.
Tub cotton mark.t opened and cloned
firm yesterday, with middling tfoolcd
In Ke Tork spot middling was quoted lit
12c, and generally held higher; future clewed
steady, with December quoted at 12.08
1212. In New Orlesns middling was 11 o,
and firm; December future were 11.790
11.80, and steady. In Liverpool middling
uplands wen 6 ll-16d, and Orleans 6 13-lGd,
and film. Future opened firm and closed
easier at 6 11-1 6 J for December, and 7 1 32d
for Aitgiist-September.
Beaslbt and Head arc alone in their
glory. Hade (new Tendon) ii full of such
glory- '
The Connecticut tobacco crop of this year
in reported to be of unusual excellence and
more than an average one in weight.
The Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad
Is finished to Laredo, Texas, making a con
tiuuon line of road from the Mississippi to
the Hio Grundw of 1300 miles.
Tub Mobile Hegi-.ier, a staunch Democratic
)ap.r, sdited and managed with signal
abili'v, ba entered upon its sixty-first year,
and iia owners say it is guod for sixty years
more.' - ' " '
Olb Bloody-Shirt Howe, ot Wisconsin s
man of about the caliber of the Groton gro
cer Boutwcll baa been confirmed Postmas-ter-UeneraL
James will lose nothing by
contrast with bim.
Nominated and Confirmed as Postmas-Ur-General
MatrlmoDlal Eomorg
lffeetlag the President
. . : Denied. &?" '
Bepnblieaa Senatorial Canons-Cabinet
Meeting- Senator Morrill's Inter
nal Berenaa Bill Minor
Tnu State Treasurer has tikea offices) in
New York for (be exchange of the new bonds
for old, in anticipation of a decision from
the Supreme Court ordering the dissolution
of thu injunction.
Bka.-ii.ey and Head, low-tax . statesmen,
refused to vote for the refutation of respect
to President GaifiYld. The Nashville Aiaer
inn very pointedly and properly reminds
our Northern Republican friends that these
are of ths so callid "anti-Bt.nrbon parly."
Washington, December 20. Judge Davis
was quslitied as First Assistant Hecretary of
State this morning.
Ham t fttajr.
It is staled on excellent authority that Sec
retary Hunt is to remain at the head of the
Nary Department.
(calls Cavaaltaaealary.
The confirmation of Postmsster-General
Howe followed promptly and unanimously
the reception of the nomination by the Senate,
ffaa Jarera Aiieaal an Faaeral.
All the jarymen in the esse of Uuiteau, ac
companied by a Deputy -Marshal and bailiffs,
attended the funer.il to-day of the wife of
Juror Hobbs.
Csmma'a Saval BUI.
The bill introduced by request to-day, by
Senator Cameron, to provide a construction
fund for the nary, is a eopy of the bill
which passed the House in April, 1880. The
fund is to be erected by the proceed of the
sale of condemned vessels and material.
Uoi't Haat Aajr ac4latlans.
Colonel Kobert U. logersoll, representing
what is known as the Salisbury eooiblnattuu,
mail contractors, has been for some time con
ducting an argument before the Second As
sistant Poetmaster-Oeneral, with the vitw of
showing certain deductions for the non-performance
of a contract, which the Depart
ment contemplates enouia not be made, in
the majority of cases the position essoined
by the Department has been sustained.
Jlorr Ill's Bill RaeonamDdeil.
The- Senate Committee on Finance, by a
majority vote, decided to recommend for
passage, without amendment, the bill recent
ly introduced by Senator Morrill, providing
for the appointment of a commission for the
investigation ot tat in and internal revenue
laws. The bill was placed in charge of
Senator Bayard, to be reported after the
holiday recess. -
Gaaela About the President.
received with great satisfaction by the Wis
consin Republicans.'
Milwaukee, December 20. Two boys, Wil
liam and Frederick Korn, of Waturtown,
Wisconsin, broke through the ice while skat
ing, and both were drowned.
"' Montreal, December 20. The customs offi
cers to-dsy 'seized the books and papers of
I the. Pullman Car company's office here, and
Lincoln, Neb., December 20. A moderate
snow storm is prevailing, the first of the sea
son. ' A stiff breeze, but little drifting, and
not much danger of interfering with railroad
traffic. -
Milwaukee, December 20. Rudolph Nern,
the head of a tannery firm, committed sui
cide to-day by shooting himself. No cause
for the act is known, as hia business was in
good shape.
Omaha, Neb., December 20. The first
train through to Butte, Montata, on the
Utah and Northern Railway, left Ogden this
evening, and will make the run in twenty
four hoars.
The evideues thst Christmas is very near
wrra abundanton the streets yesterday. Not
only our own citizen?, but a great many per
sins of both rexes from the country were cut
shopping, dcepite the rain, which poured
continuously nearly the whole day. If our
retail dealrrs would advertise their wares,
they would greatly essist purchasers.
Speaking of William Bjtpre,' Casey
Young's successor, the Nashville (KorMsavs:
Tbe Democratic pressor Memphis hr been fair
eaimgh to adcnil that he wm a mm of practical
Kkh1 seuse, aul But without much executive
ability. Ho aucceed.'d the Hon. Casey Young.
Our cotrmporary should be more specific.
The ArpEAL is one of the two Democratic pa
pers in Memphis, and it never so indorsed the
ch inipion ass of North America,
Fathek MagkynkY, formerly of Mem
phis, as will be aeen from an article from the
Cincinnati Comm'rci J in another column, has
been called to the East by the superiors of
the order ho belongs to, it is said, to insure
liui the rest which, in bis ardor as teacher
and preacher, he denied to himself. Father
Magevney U one of the ablest among the
Jesuit preachers In America.
The authorities of Liverpool and of
Glasgow ant recommending that precautions
be taken against fires at theaters. The Paris
prefect of police has prohibited the public
from visiting the Dejaxet theater until nec
essary alterations for the safety of the a a
diencs are effected. It is slated that similar
measure will be taken in the cases of fonr
. other Ifcaaierw. -The aulhoritiaa of -tinrTa
ing-Diatrict should follow these timely ex
amples; have a careful survey made of the
Theater, especially the exit from the galler
ies, and whtre alterations are necessary have
them made without delay.
It Is : Thought, , Threatening Ireland
J Through a Secret Organization
Semi-Panic in American Se-
British View of the Conduct of the Uui
teau Case Hannibal Hamlin and
, King Alfonso French '
,- Elections. p
Kedlalrietlnc Bill
Witbsnt Aanei
Pauwed (he Mesimtw
is) aaea 1 Houae.
Special to the Appeal.l .
NaSjIville, December 2Q,--Senate. The
bill to correct an error in the appropriation
to the Bureau of Agriculture was rejected for
want of a constitutional majority. The com
mittee bill to redistrict the State passed to
third reading without amendment.
Houe. The bill to pay county clerks
thirty cents for every one hun
dred words copied in ' the census
enumeration passed a third reading.
Every amendment sought to be made to the
comaaitteenr bill -to rodiatrict -The fjtate was
voted down. It ia believed that the commit
tee bill as heretofore published will be passed
without amendments.
Thirl? r the II oat Costly Can Raised
hy the Canadian Government.
Boston, December 20. A Herald special
says the authorities of Canada, at Montreal,
made a sweeping descent this morning on
the property ot the Pullman Palace Car
company, which happened to be in that city.
Upward of thirty of its most costly parlor
and sleeping cars were attached, and the
local office, books, papers and everything
else in the possession of the company were
The report started here that President Ar- also seized. The attachments are made,
thur is engaged to be married to Miss Fre- I it ia understood, to satisfy r. claim made
linchursen. daughter of the Secretarv of or the dominion government lor $160,000.
Stale, and that the wedding will take place I of which it is held the Department of Cus
before many months, is denied by good au- ' toms hsa been defrauded by the Pullman
Nmix Brown, of this State, the best
reading clerk the Honse of Representatives
hag had in late years, is a candidate for the
potation of Chief (lerk of the Senate, the
place made vacant by the elevation of the
Hon, F. E. Shobjr to the position of Acting-
Secretary. He has the hearty support of Sea
ator Harris, and a large number of the Re
publican Sctatom, among whom art-said to
tie Senators Edmunds and Ingalls, have con
sented to offer no objection to hia election,
even'going to the length of vouching their
support to such a proposition if it is offered.
The Republican caucus yesterday sdjot rned
with a disposition not to elect Democrats to
any of the offices in the Senate, and it may
be that the ardent supporters of civil ser
vice reform will succeed in defeating him.
We regret that so powerful an organ of the
people as the New York JT.ro'd, and a paper
generally very fair in ita treatment ot ques
tions affecting the interests of the people of
all sections of the country, ia disposed to op
pose an appropriation for the improvement
of the MiM;ppi river. It says:
We mh no rravin whv New York and Pennsylva
nia antl Mwaou-tiuavtia should be taxed to enable
our Western friend in rarrv llietr nrodnce to the
Unit of Moxlcn When New York (ouud It news
urr ia l.iill:! Mia Krtn ranal aha built it herself
and ritil not ak Coiiffrea for aid. And yetths
Krte canal waa uire of a national enterprise at that
time, and more eaatmtlttl to the development of the
West limn tlita proposed Improvement pf the Vis
sijip) river.
Ourestjemd cotemporary takes the wrong
TRW of this matter. The Mississippi is not
to be catalogued among the canala of the
Country. It is, with its tributaries, a great
inland sea, like the lak.s, and, like them,
should have the fostering care of the Gov
ernment. Millions have been expended on
the improvements of New York harbor.
Why not also upon the Mississippi?
TliEHT. are onn4stakable evidence that
the acquisition by Gould lait week of the
Kew York and New England road laid bare
(he plans of the most ttupendoui railroad
system that has ever been contemplated th
largest in the world and the most complete.
The load will, in connection with the North'
era lines, contribute largely to the develop
ment of Northern Kew England, and it U)
among the feasibilii'ua that a faet express
thority at the Whits Hoiue. The Pre i lent
will spend the Christmas holidays in New
York with his family, ne will leave here
on Thursday next and return Saturday, the
31st, His first public reception will be held
at the White House, Monday, January 2d,
oc which occasion he will be assisted bv the
wives oi oaoinet omoers.
atestnhlleaa Caness,
The Republican Senators held a short cau
cus this afternoon in regard to the proposi
tion made by a number of Democratic Sen
ators, that Neil a Brown, of Tennessee, late
Reading Clerk of the House of Representa
tives, be elected to fill a similar position in
the Senate, now practically vacant by reason
of the Senate's assignment of Chief Clerk
Bhober to duty aa Acting Secretary. There
was considerable difference of opinion at to
the advisability of consenting to tha election
of any new Democratic officer, and the cau
cus adjourned without reaching a decision.
i The Haws Chalrmaaablps.
' The following is said to be the assignment
of he chairmanships of the House commit
tees determined cpon by the Republicans:
Pacheco, of California, Committee on Land
Claims; Page, of California, Committee on
Commerce; Hiscock, of New York, Commit
tee on Appropriations; Kelley,of Pennsylva
nia, Committee on Waya and Means; Young,
of Ohio, Committee on Claims; Nesl, of
Ohio, Committee on the District of Colum
bia; Townaend. of Ohio, Committee on Rail
roads and Canals; Reed of Maine, Committee
on Judiciary.
Caatrnaed hy lb Senate.
The Senate has confirmed Ex-Senator
Howe as Postmaster-General, and Judge
Oray at Associate-Justice of the Supreme
Court Also Thomas C. Acton. United States
Assistant Treasurer at New York City; Wil
liam H. Treacolt, Special Envoy Extraor
dinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the
itepublic ot rem, Uhili and .Bolivia;
George M. Dunk in, United States Attorney
for tna-Southern District of Alabama: 2m.
A. Adams, of Karma , IVcaton Agent at Sc
Loui; George W. Howe, Collector of Cus
toms at Cuyahoga, Ohio; W. J. Winck, Sur
veyor ot Ujstoma at LaCrosse, Wu-Cjnsm.
.Postmasters: Ohio J. . Sexton, Ashta
bula; A. Leybrand, jr., Delaware; H. Sayl
ville, Kenton; V. Laphsm, Marion. Indi
ana F. W. Keill, Fort Wayne; G.H. Dunn,
Greensburg: James Willis. Keadallville; J.
M. Watta, Delphi. Illinoia-W. C. Orv, Ma
son; W. H. Edger, Jersey v;ile; C. F. Pronty.
Carlinville; J. B. Vena.-d. Macomber; 8. A.
Prang le, Aurora; J. Q. Adams, Rainbow; A.
C Bower, Waukegan; R. D. Smith, Pekin;
J. K. Lederou, Elgin; W. E. Bowman, Ot
tawa; J. R. Hotaling, Rochelle; J. N. Wil
son, Virginia; A. D. Cadwallader, Lincoln;
Mrs. K. A. bbulty, Salem; Mrs. Jane Last
man, Piano; J.Pettigrew, Rock Falls. Iowa
J. L. Waite. Burlington; W. F. Evan,
Bedford: J. P. Early, Albia; a M
Jones, Hampton; J. W. Thompson,
Dunlap. .. Michigan I. i. Bates.
Traverse Citv; C. W. Trask, Alpena;
J. H. Heath, Ionia; H. M. Hamilton, Eaton
VmnlA..r T Qk.....J TV,.T.. t a i.
ander, Buchanan; P. J. Bovine, Niles; C C
Miller, Stanton. Minnesota B. F. Palmer,
Spring Valley: M. M. Prindle, Kasson; W.
C. Young, Waseca. Tennessee T. H. Prince,
Gallatin. Kentucky C. W. Ballard, Shelby-
ville. Arkansas J. W.Carhart, Hot bpriogs;
R. A. EdgeHon. Little Rock. Texas D. D.
J. Hack worth, Brabam; H. E. Taylor, Bon-
bam; J. Uonaidsoai. brier man, Fennsyivania
John Stuart, Sugar Grove; F. Bishop, Oil
City; J. C Long, Tidioute. The naval pro
motion sent in the 14th instant were con
Ha Xxaetly Slnaon's Choice.
A Washington special to the New York
TriMiae says: "The nomination of Beci -
mm Harris Brewster lor Attorney-Oeneral
waa sent to the Senate to-day. The selection
ot Air. Brewster was not, it is said, altogether
the on which ben a tor Uameron would per
haps have made aa representing his State,
inasmuch as Mr. Brewster, while regarded aa
a member of that wing of the party with
hich tha Senator haa been identified, has
not been looked upon as a Uameron man.
Simon Cameron, however, it is represented,
J: I . i . i - i?J j il
uiu not raira una leeuug, ana nis coming
here a day or two aince la un
derstood to have had some connec
tion with the preparations for this
nomination with a view to reconciling all
interests. Mr. Brewster, when he arrived
here yesterday, went directly to Cameron's
nouae, ana una was inierprvteu aa a sign oi
th beat relations between them. Mr. Brew
ster was born October 13, 1816, in Salem
county, New Jersey, where his ancestora for
several generations had lived and owned
large estate. He was graduated from
Princeton College in llyH. and immediately
entered upon the atudy of law in the office
of Mr. Eli K. Price in Philadelphia. In
1838 he waa admitted to practice at the bar,
and soon attained great prominence in his
profession. He was appointed by President
Polk a commiiwiionerto adjudicate the claims
ot the L.nerokee Indians against the United
company. Alt the palace and sleeping cars
in the .Dominion belong to the Pullman
company, and those run within the Canadian
limits exclusively have been manufactured
there. If thev were manufactured in the
United States and brought into Canada for ser
vice they were subjected to a duty. Where the
alleged Iraud cornea u sending Canada
built cars into the United States
in the regular transaction of business and
having them thoroughly repaired in running
gear and furnished throughout and then
bringing them back again lor service on
Dominion railways, as this description of
work can tt done cheaper in . the
United States than in Canada; and
aa the Dominion government Lag not
been properly notified and paid for the
importation of renovated cars, it ia held that
the Pullman company has been guilty of
smuggling. It is stated that a Pullman con
ductor recently discharged furnished the in
formation to the authorities, and it is alleged
that his knowledge of the system employed
in defrauding the Canadion customhouse was
so thorough that he haa enabled the author
ities to seize documentary and other proofs
which are absolute and conclusive.
Tcnib, December 20. General Iogerot
has gone on a fresh expedition, south of
Gabes, to punish recalcitrant tribes.
The Hague, December 20. Rudolph von
Pestel, Minister-Resident of the Netherlands
at Washington, has been transferred to (Con
stantinople, and Mr. Weckherlin appointed
Minister at VV ashington.
London, December 20. A dispatch from
Vienna Bays that tbe late arrests at St.
Petersburg took place in the hope that
the person who lost the detailed plan
of the Castle of Gatchena, which the
police picked up in a picture gallery, might
be found. The red marks on the plane are
to indicate where dynamite might be placed.
VrtarNA;v-Decmbire20. The Eiiiperor is
personally visiting the cperahouses and thea
ters, and has ordered the adoption of meas
ures for preventing danger from fire.
An explosion of a gasometer in the rear
of the Northern Railroad station caused a
panic, in which four persona were killed and
several injured
Palermo, December 20. The trial of
Espooito, the alleged brigand, extradited
from the United States, was begun yesterday.
Of thirty-two witnesses summoned, fifteen
failed to appear.
Rome, December 20. Baron Blanc ad
dressed a memorial to the committee on the
extradition bill, stating that assassination.
whe her of sovereigns or chiefs of States, or
other persons, cannot be ever clawed among
the crimes for which offenders ' claim the
right of asylum, and that extradition should
always be granted in such cases.
Berlin, December 20. The Emperor
William haa given ld.UUO mvks to the iuud
tor the sufferers by the Vienna theater fire.
The English government has granted per
mission to the German Union Telegraph
company to nse Valentia as a connecting
point for the cable about to be laid from
Emden, uniting Germany directly with the
Anglo-American system of telegraph cables.
The rout says: "Dr. Bush, Under Secre
tary, who haa been in Italy a mouth, was in
structed to remain in Rome to continue tho
negotiations begun by Von Schloezer with
tbe Vatican. Von Schloexer is expected to
arrive here within a few weeks."
of reDt They have sent a communication to
the chief commissioners, asking that Griffith'
valuation shall not be considered as a basis.
Anna Parni'll announces that iithe ofiio
of the Ladies'. Land League- ia 'eixecV"iBor
respondence can be sent to Helen Taylor, at
London. . . . ' .. . .'
The mail car plying between New Pallas
and Doon was stopped near Capamore by
four armed men, who kicked the driver from
his seat and searched the letters. ' .'
The Corporation of Dublin to-day consid
ered the question of conferring the freedom
of the city npon Patnell and Dillon. The
proceedings were disorderly and the meeting
dissolved on a technical point. '
The Lord Lieutenant has issued a circular
to the police, informing them that the proc
lamation declaring the Land League a crim
inal ssociation included females, and order
ing them tojtake measures agaLost any woman
participating in any illegal proceedings. ".
London, December 20. Tho Lord Mayor
has written provincial mayors asking
their assistance in raising subscriptions for
the Defence of Property in Ireland fund.- A
special meeting of the Common Council of
London for the purpose of considering the
vote of 1000 for the fund was private, It
is understood that a majority of the council
are generally against the proposed grant. The
committee for consideration of the subject
adjourned tine die.
The Mission Houe fund lor the relief of
distressed Iriah ladies amounts to 8000. ,
Shaw, Independent and Liberal member Hf
Parliament for county Cork, has resigaed I .
membership in the Hoiue-RrtW Ltpw--
Will NnCreed Johnston la the United
States Seante.
In the Far Northern Seas Sad Fate of
the Unfortunate Jeaauotte Ter
rible Sufferings of the
Bnaalan Kindness The State Department
at Washington Officially-Notified-
Dispatches from Engineer (
Melville. ,
A Pwplsr-Taai 8ht and Killed ;y a
Woman who He waa Watehlns;.
St. Louis, December 20. About midnight
Sunday a man and woman were observed by
one Fred Tompkins, a horse-clipper, enter
ing the small yard of the Second Presbyte
rian Church, evidently for an improper pur
pose. Tompkins, a man noted for his pry
ing, inquisitive disposition, followed and
watched them. The man and woman discov
ered that they were watched, ant), it ia sup
posed, Tompkins tried to intercept them as
they were coming from the yard, when a
pistol shot was fired and Tompkins fell raor-
tallv wounded. - Tha onlv witness of the
lirW ww l, If. T m mi, m mu uf iLu J... .A
Major Henry S. Turner, who de
clares the woman fired the shot, aa the
unknown man had gone some distance
ahead. Tompkins was conveyed to the city
hospital, where he died this morning at 2
o'clock. Before his death he stated many
contradictory stories concerning the affair,
but hnally said it waa tbe man who slot
him. The only clew to tha nnknown couple
are the ear-flaps of the woman's sealskin cap
and dark plume. Yesterday the police ar
rested Orra Francis on suspicion, but Tomp
kins tailed to identify her, and she waa re
leased. Birdie Donnelly, a cyprian, was
also arrested, but shortly afterward she was
set free. The churchyard where the murder
waa committed is known to be frequented at
niffht bv couDlea for amorona nnrDoeea. and
the theory ot the police latnat lompkins,wno
lived iu the vicinity and haa been in trouble
before on account of accosting couples there.
saw the nnknown ceuple, watched them and
interrupted them and scared the unknown
man away, while the woman, enraged at
Tompins's conduct and at losing her prey,
and probably knowing tbe latter, pulled a
revolver and fired the fatal shot.
wedding la Hlcn Lire Toileta fcy worth
F.leamnt Preaonta.
Madrid, December 20. Mr. Hamlin, the
new United States Minixter, presented his
credentials to King Alfonso to-day. Mr.
Hamlin said he was charged with the pleas
ant duty ol assnring bis Majesty of the
abiding friendship of the President and peo
ple of the United States, the long continu
ance of which would be a matter of pride to
the two nations. It would be hia aim to
strengthen these relations. Americans hold
in cherished remembrance the tender letters
of condolence with Mrs. Garfield, and the
Christian sympathy expressed by their
Majesties and royal family, demonstrating
the brotherhood ot nations and individuals.
King Alfonso, on behalf of himself and
royal family and the nation, acknowledged
the friendly sentiments, which he said were
receiprocated. He expressed regret at the
death of President Garfield.
Mr. Fairchild presented his Utters of re
call and will leave to-night fur J'aria
rp.ANr.F "
Paris. December 20. Gambetta has or
dered that an inquiry be iu-ititute.l into the
affair connected with tbe arrest of the chan
cellor of the French consulate at Guatemala.
panic on the Boras k.
There was a kind of panic on the bourse
to-day, caused by the sale of small holders.
The year's excess of receipts over expend
itures is 200,000,000 francs; supplementary
credits, 170,000,000 francs; leaving 30,000,
000 franca available January 1st.
At the supplementary elections for mem
berSjOf tbe Chamber of Deputies, Granet,
member of the Republican majority, was re
turned from Aries, and Deves, Minister tf
Agriculture, waa returned for Bagneres de
Bizaree. Deves had resigned his seat for
the second circonscription . of Bizarei.
He informed his constituents that he was
actuated by a superior consideration.
This waa generally coneeded. No one but a
cabinet minister with his influence and pat
ronage had any chance of opposing Paul
Feuld, Bonapartist, and the riuh land
owner of Haute Pyrenees. . Leydet, Kad cal,
waa returned for Air. -
Richmond, December 20. In the General
Assembly to-day the vote for United States
Senator resulted in the election of IL H.
Riddleberger, the Readjuster candidate, who
received a solid party vote. The Democrats
voted solidly for Senator John W. Johnston,
the present Senator. In the Senate the
straighlout Republican vote waa cast for
General W. C. Wickham. The vote waa as
follor. s: Senate Riddleberger, 22; Johns
ton, 32. Joint vote Hiddleberger, 81.
Taere was a full Readjuster strength in the
General Assembly, except two, . while th
joint vote for Johnston, 45, showed thirteen
Democrats were absent or not voting. The
adjusters are ia caucus to-night nomi
nating county and circuit judges to fill va
cancies. They will hold another caucua to
morrow night for the purpose of nominating
cspitol officer', that if, Secretary of the Com
monwealth, First and Second Auditor and
In the Senate Riddleberger has introduced j
twe bills, being forerunners of bills for the
settlement of the State debt. . They are
known as the "Riddleberger bills," and are
intended to prevent the receiving of coupons
in payment of taxes. They are so framed that
one bill, it its constitutionality is questioned,
a-ill be acted upon by the present Court of
Appeals, and the other by the new court,
which convene in January, 1883. The first
biil allegia that many illegal coupons are in
circulation, and prohibits the use of con pons
f jr the payment of taxes until their genu
ineness has been duly determined in court.
The second bill makes it unlawful for any
collecting officer to receive anything but
money for taxes. 1'aynients may be mad
under protect, and the persons so paying
may then sur to have the money refunded.
When Riddleberger was placed in nomina
tion, inquiry was made as to whether he
would vote with the Republicans or Demo
crats. The reply waa that Riddleberger
would represent that party which is Vir
ginian in its origin, liberal in its ideas, and
patriotic in every sentiment.
Stevens, a colored Senator, said that Rid
dleberger would go to the United States
Senate with the approval of the colored
In the . House similar interrogatories
elicited the response that the new Senator
would carve out a course for himself and act
for the interest of Virginia; that he was op
posed to Bourbonism and Funderism.
From Kew Tortt la Bontoa hr a New
Bailraad ! be Shortly Constructed.
Boston, December 2?3FTbe Herald says
'A party of New Yoifnd Boston cspital-
i i iiiwi tj nHinniiimiaiiiinini m
a m.-w railroad between liosion and flew
Yoik. They obtained a charter some eight
months ago from the Massachusetts Legisla
ture, unler the title of the New York Con
struction company, and have just completed
tbe entire survey between Charles street, Uos
ton, and Mount Vernon, 'Westchester county,
New York, connecting there with the Ne
York and Harlem, and making the entire
distance from city to city 189 33-100 miles.
The entire cost is estimated at S00.U0U.U00,
for which funds have been provided in stocks
and bonis, and contracts are now being en
tered into for the completion of the work oa
or before June 1, 1S85. The corporate name
of the comnany is the New York and Bos
ton Inland Railroad company. Express
train j for through business will be run in
four hours and express freights in eight
hours. The names ef the parties behind the
movement are not known at present."
S& Petersburg, December 20. Lieutenant-General
Anotitchine, Governor-General
of. Eastern Siberia, who haa just arrived
here, brought news that a steamer of the
North American polar expedition, which
has been lost since 157a, has been discovered
and, assistance rendered the crew.
to be forwarded without delay. '
l A special supplement of the Official Gaaetfe,
issued this evening, announces that all tele
grams' from Engineer Melvi le, of the lost
Arctic exploring steamer Jeannette, will be
forwarded to their destinations aa promptly
aa possible, and that the most energetic
measures will be taken for the discovery of
the remainder of the crew of the Jeannette
and those left on the ice at the mouth of the
Lena river.
Engineer Melville forwarded by natives
long dispatches to Mr. B nnett, of the New
York Herald. For want of funds they have
been forwarded by post, addressed to Genera
Iwaatiaff. October 29th Nindeman and
Noras, two seamen who were -in boat
No. 1, ' joined their comrades, and
stated that DeLong, Dr. Ambler and
twelve others had reached the northern
mouth of the Lena, and were starving. An
expedition was at once sent ont to rescue
tbem. The survivors lost everything. En
gineer Melville says that money is urgently
needed, and should be sent by telegraph to
Jakutsk. He haa urgently requested that
6000 roubles be tvansmitted immediately to
the Governor of Jakntsk for the return and
care of the shipwrecked men.
Tin IiOadou.
London, December 20. A telegram from
St. Petersburg says it is believed in that city
that tbe information bronght by the Governor-General
of Eastern Siberia, of the discov
ery of a steamer in the Arctic ocean refers
to the Jeannette. The dispatch adds that
the crew have suffered loss.
' The finding of the Arctic exploring
steamer Jeannette was reported to the meet
ing of the Royal Geographical Society to-day.
Engineer Melville haa telegraphed to the
American Legation at St Petersburg that
the Jeanettn was surrounded and crushed by
ice on the 23d of June, in latitude 77, north
longitud 157 east, and that the crew left the
vessel in three boats. About filty miles from
the mouth of the Lena they were separated
hy violent winds and thick fogs. - Boat No.
3, commanded by Engineer Melville, ar
rived on the 29th of S.-ptember at the eastern
mouth uf the river Lena, where it was
stopped by blocks of ice, near the village of
Bolenenga, inhabited by idolaters. Koat
No. 1 afterward reached the same spot. The
occupants of these boats state that Lieutenant
DeLiong and Dr. Ambler, with twelve oth
ers, landed at the northern mouth of the
Lena, and that they are in fearful condi
tion and Buffering from frost-bitten limbs.
party of the inhabitants of Bolenenga
started immediately to their assistance.
Nothing ia known of boat No. 2.
A dispatch from St. Petersburg says that
news has reached the government at Jakutsk,
Eastern Siberia, that on the 14th of Septem
ber, three natives of Orelonsv, near Cape
Barhay, 140 verata north oi Cape Bikofi. dis
covered a boat containing eleven men, who
stated that they belonged to the Jeannette,
and bad undergone terrible sutleringa. On
hearing the new the District-Deputy-Gov-ernor,
with doctor and medicines, was imme
diately dispatched to help the shipwrecked
sailors, ana was instructed to bring them to
Jakutsk. The Govenor was also instructed
to do everything in his power to recover the
remainder of the crew, 500 rouble being
given him to defray the first expenses.
The Sta dard says: "Though the Jeannette
has suffered destruction, the Americans have
added additional glory to that they have al
to Irkoutsk, and thence overland to St, Pe
tersburg. They will have no serious diffi
culty in getting home from the month of
the Lena. The journey np the river from
the Arctic sea coast to Yakoutsk will be a
hard one, on account of the great sever
ity of the climate in that part of Siberia,
but it ought not to occupy more
than a month or a month aad a half, and ia
not attended with any danger to men of fair
powers of endurance. It is, in some respects,
an easier journey than that from Nixhni
Rolyma to Yakoutek, which ia performed by
scores of Russian traders every winter.
lhe news received to-day was bronght
from, the mouth of lhe Lena by a special
messenger up the river to Yakoutsk on dog
sledges, thence by a Cossack courier travel
ing day and night, with relays of horses, to
Irkoutsk, the capita, of Eastern Siberia, and
thence by telegraph to St. Petersburg. The
news has been fully two months, and per
haps more, getting from the mouth of the
Lena to Irkoutsk, and it is more than possi
ble that the next information we get will be
that of the arrival of the shipwrecked crew
at Yakoutsk.
The Governor of the sea coast province at
Yakoutaka is a man of cultivation and re
finement, and, if I mistake not, a member of
the Siberian branch of the Imperial Geo
graphical Society.
Aad oa General Joa Jaaaataa, Waa
Bald to llava Beea Interviewed '
and to raars;a
That the Late President of tbe Confed
eracy Mads Away wlta
lta Finds,
By lhe fiius; Theater Disaster Report
of the Auslro-llungarlaa Con-aol-tieneral.
: il I s ' i ...i
paengcr line ma; be established between 1",.ln 4f WM appomiea Aiiorney-
K.- YrV TUtn Mali. I . . V"
by Uovernor Geary. H ith these , excrp-
New York. December 20. Lelia Osgood
Vandvrbilt, youngest daughter of Win. 11.
Vanderbilt, was married this atlernoon, in
St. Bartholomew' Church, to Dr. William
Seward Webb, son of General James Watson
Webb, Tbe ceremony was performed by tbe
Rev. S. 8. Cooke, rector of St. Barthoh mew's.
assisted by R. S. Howland, rector of the
Church of Heavenly Rest. Bishop Potter
pronounced the benediction. ('reighton
Webb, brother of the groom, waa organist at
tbe ceremony. Miss Vanderbilt, leaning on
the arm of her father, waa met at the chan
cel by the groom. The bride was attired in
a dress made by Worth, oi i'aria. It waa
silver satin, en train, veiled with the richest
point lace, and nounced in Iront. lhe veil
of point lace extended to the end of the
train, and was fastened to the coiffure by
a tiara of diamonds. Tbe church was dense
ly crowded by the elite of the city, many hav
ing tickets being unable to gain an entrance.
At Mr. Vanderbilt a residence a reception
waa neia. i ne noose was aecoraiea wun
flowers, and the orchestra, disposed of in syl
van dell, discoursed awee( muic Many ele
gant presents were displayed, among them
magnibcent diamonds trom tbe mother ol tbe
bride, and diamonds and silver from Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Vanderbilt and Mr. and Mrs.
Cornelius Vanderbilt, D.O. Mills and others.
It waa reported that the father of the bride
had presented to Mrs. Webb his present resi
dence, on Fifth ayenue, and a check for
$250,000. The bridal couple started on a
tour, and wilt return in January, when a re
ception will be given in the new residence of
the bride's oarents.
Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Hali
fax, connecting at the latter point with a fast
line of European steamer. By this means
the trip between America and Europe would
be shortened from two to three days. In Boa
ton Gon'd ia credited with the control of the
Delaware and Lackawanna road, from New
York to Buffalo, and by the Huntington al
liance with obtaining control virtually ot a
line from Buffalo via the Wabash and St
Louis, thence rid th Southwestern system of
Gould roads and the Southern Pacific to th
ccast. This aires a direct line from San
Francisco to Boston.
Theleaonette was fitted out at the
e of Mr. James Gordon Bennett, of
Titacivilited world, Americans especial
ly, wr all rejoice that the brave nien of the
Jeannette have tie a heard from and that at
least two-thirds of their' 'bnuifcer are safe
froui the dreadful fate which overtook their
t)ie Mew Yiu-k Jlerafd, for explorations in
the Arctio ocean nearly three year age.
For two year pat but little ha been heard
of her, and many intelligent navigators had
given her up for lost, with all on board.
Whaler were instructed to inquire for and
search for her, and an expedition was sent
after lo succor her. She was crushed
ia tbe ice last. June, and her crew
took lo the boat, two of which
landed at the mouth of the Lena river, the
third not having been heard from. But we
hope it, too, will make a landing, and that
an expedition of which no much waa pre
dicted ia the interest of science will prove
not to have been in vain. Mr. Bennett witl
be most 5! ad tp hear of the safety of the n
ierprising sailors who manned1 the steamer
be had fitted 'out with so' much 'care, and
which bore the nam of .hi sister. No man
of hi fortune or journalistic resource ha
attempted a quarter aa much aa he ia the in
tereat of geographical knowledge, and ao one
of the great newspapers of the ngliah-speak-ine
world ha dopes muchfor civilixaliou
and to illustrate the power of th pre a th
.Vet York IWd,
tions he has hitherto been n stranger to pub
lic official life, although hia friends have re
peatedly urged hh) availability for a poai-
States Senate, r or forty year he has been
regarded aa one of the foremost lawrers in
Philadelphia, and ha been retained as coun
sul in a large number of celebrated case.
H haa also won renown as a classical
scholar, lecturer and orator. In personal
appearance Mr. Brewster is of a little more
than the average bight, and slightly inclined
toward corpulency. Hi dress and courtlv
manners are those of the past generation..
Hewa married i " Elibth
von Myerbach d Reiufeldta, a Prussian lady,
who died in 1863. In 1870 he waa married
to his present wife Mary, daughter of the
Hon. Robert J. C. Walker, of Pennsylvania,
by whom he has one child; a soli, bearing hi
own name. "
Minor Mention.
Secretarv Lincoln will eixnd Christmas
1 . ... - . t u ; -m 9
day in Chicago,
la residenl nominated Wm. II. AIc
Leary for Postmaster at Pittsburg.
Attorney-General Brewster will not come
to Washington until after the holidays.
President Arthur signed the bill granting
the franking privilege to Mrs. Garfield.
fustmaster-Ueneral ilowe is not expected
to enter npon the duties of hi office until
after New Year' day.
Monday next, and Monday, January 2d,
the postufnee of the country will be closed,
a oa other legal holidays.
Collector Clark, at Atlanta, Georgia, re
port that be seised since December 1st 108
distilleries, 10,000 gallon of beer and mash,
and made eleven arrests.
All the member of the Cabinet were pres
ent ai me meeting to-day excepting Attorney
uenerai urewsirr. iso question ot im
portance were considered. 1
At Cincinnati.
CINCISSATI, December 20. At 0 o'clock
this morning Rradrtreet's agency reported
lhe assignment of E M. Den ham k Co., fruit
cannera. The assignee is C. K- Shunk. The
firm has been selling to J, T. Warren A Co,,
whose failure these dispatches reported last
night. Both Warren A Co. and Denham A
Co. have public sympathy.
At Baltimore.
BLJIn0RB' Dwmber iX-Captain Ed
ward . cooper, special partner of the firm
of R. W. L. Rasin & Co.. whioh ausuended
Friday last, has made an assignment. ' He ia
iuduraer for the firm for about $500,000:
dealer in fertilizers, has suspended, having
indorsed for Rasin A Co. for about $30,000.
New York, December 20. The Produce
Exchange voted to close Saturday preceding
vuriauuu uir.
Auentowa,' Pa. December 20. James
Campbell and )YUim Rust were drowned.
lj we upsetting 01 weir Doaf. .
LiocolD, Neb, December 90. Stocka of
coal in this State are full, and laut winter1
tperience will not be repeated.
Milwaukee. December 20. The appoint
ment of i-Scutor Howe to the Cabinet is
Enarene Joseph Tandrlaa.
Pari. December 20. Eueene Joeerh
Vaudrian is dead.
Lambert Tree.
Lambert Tree, of Washington Citv. died
yesterday. He entered the postal service
under tbe administration of President Mon
roe, and remained continually in the service
until last March.
Re of Good Cheer.
There ia one remedy which haa proved
I tar-If to be a prlceleaa boon and a true friend to
ault'erins humanity. It haa aaved thousands ol
nervoua. debilitated, heatlachtna mor.ala to Uvea
ol unefuliiens and the lull enjoyment of robust
neaiin. 11 you are weaa, nervuua and aeMUUteU,
or inner trom indlfresiiou and dcwia, you n.ake
a aerluua mistake ami do younelf great iujustlcs
i( roil fall to try thla excellent medicine. Voo
will tind ll a perfect panacea lor all vour tranblra.
Iua lew weeks' time, yourahattered nervous sr-
iein will ne restore! to a natural and healthful con
dition, all aymylouia ol dymxiis mud tmlievaUou
umiiy 01 uaraiy&u. aix
1 mu w buuui
diiamxiar. and the "iM9ibil:
.ia oilier araonrers uia
ten death
1 lexv
Will bo removed 'forever. ' ThUj meritorious com
pound la a THTejiaraiion of Iron ami eaeutial vege
table tonlr. It ia the only prvparatiuu ol Iron
that does not irive headache or blacken the teeth.
It la called Brown'a Iron iutlcra. Dummni it of
your ilniKKtat. and take no aubatitnte. It will aire
the greau-i auaiaeiou, lor lu enw-ta are hurting,
And uot temporary, aa la the na with aloohulic
rewriuiius. orowu a (run Hitters contain no
alcohul. CTyirrer.
Voted for a Holiday.
CmicAoo, December 20. The Board of
Trade to-day voted for no aeauons on S atur-
day and Monday, 24th and 2blu lustaul.
London, December 20. There was a semi-
panic in American securities yesterday.
Thirty-four persons were killed and thirty
six injured by the explosion in the coal miue
at Bolton.
The Depaty-Commissioner of the Geo
graphical Society had an interview with the
First-Lord Admiralty, urging an expedition
in search ot Leigh Smith.
Alfred Aylward, formerly connected with
James Stevens, the Fenian "head center" and
the present secretary to Joubert, the Boer
commander, comes to England to lecture in
behalf of the Boers of the TraoBVaal against
the Anglo-Boer convention.'
There was a, heavy gale in London and
along the eastern epest Tuesday. At Br is.
tol fast' pigbt a chimney-stack was blown
down upon a house, killing two persons and
injuring thirteen. The gale was violent in
France. Booths in the flower market at
Paris were blown. Many wrecks on the
French coast are reported.
cox criticised.
The Tjn, speaking of the tiuiteau case,
says'; "nothing in criminal procedure ever
equaled the laxity of his trial. What should
have been a grave investigation has become
a sort of entertainment. Although the mur
derer and cheat, Guiteau,, ha produced the
most farcical trial ever heard 0, now he has
attained notoriety 'as a, criminal bent ou
showing his importance. The laxity of the
proceedings is neither mended by the con
duct of tbe prosecution nor by discretion on
the part of presiding judge."
Seventeen of the crew of the steamer Bath
City, from Bristol for New York, spoken by
tbe steamer Marathon, December 1st, on St.
Johns, Newfoundland, have arrived at Liv
erpool. The bark William J. Foley pi'ta
them np off Newfoundland. "Je Bath City
sprang a leak cfT Newfoundland during
heavy Veather, and sank. The crew of
twenty-seven men, including the captain,
took to the two boat. One of the boats cap
siaed and four of the occupants were drowned.
The remaining twenty-three men were ex
posed to intense cold, Irom tbe enecls ot
which the captain and hve 01 the crew died.
The survivors were three days and nights in
the boats in a deplorb'e condition. The
chief, ' mate . of the Bath City reports
Heavy weather experienced alter leaving
BriBtoL The vessel began making water on
the 15th November and lost her rudder on
the 30th. All hands left the vessel on the
3d of December. All the survivors have been
sent to tbe Nathem Hospital, Liverpool,
badly frostbitten.
Dublin, December 20. Patrick Dunne, a
farmer near Abbey Leix, county Queens,
has been murdered bv his brother I imothy,
who recent! v returned from America and
wished to get possession of the farm. He
haa absconded, and it is supposed has gone
bjck to America.
J,ohn Clancev, a prominent member of the
Land League, baa been arrested.
The Loid Lieutenant of Ireland ha aelect-
j v n....i. ir:..i. ci. ;v f 11. .i,i;
cu v J, ' J " ' 1415a uucim ui i'nuiiu
lor 1833. .
A belief exuta that there ia a secret as well
aa an open organisation disturbing Ireland
and threatening serious danger.
Lord Celtou Campbell Liberal member of
Parliament for Argyleehure, ha joined the
Irish Property Defense committee.
Decisions come to in the Land Court are
regarded with dissatisfaction by many ten
ants in the North, who allege they are in
jured by the maintenance of too high a scale
New York, December 20. Mr. Theodore
A. Havemeyer, the Austro-Hungarian Con-sul-General,
reports the total amount of sub
scriptions received in New York for the ben
efit of the snfierers by the fire in the Ring
Theater, Vienna, aa $3300, to which must be
added the receipts from the matinee
lbalia theater on Mondav, which were
$1300, making a grand total of $4600. To
morrow there is to be a matinee at Qermania
Theater, at which several prominent actors
and actresses will appear, and it ia thought
that the proceeds ot the entertainment will
increase the sum total to fully $5000, or 10,000
norma. I lie money is being sent y cable to
V tenna as fast as possible. It has been de
cided to have a sacred concert at Germania
Theater, Sunday, the 25th instant, which will
be the last of the entertainments, The Consul-General
says the subscription list will be
closed Saturday. IJ,e has po definite infor
mation as to the number of persons to be re
lieved, but expects particular adfices by
eludes: "It is more than possible Lieutenant
DeLong may be the herald of a new race of
those who feareth no spirit which dweUeth
in tbe land ol ice and snow."
Tbe Timet understand that the British
Foreign office ha telegraphed to St. Peter.
burg for confirmation of the new and for
further detail regarding the Jeannette.
The Aero, in a leading article, says: "If
any spur were needed to hasten the expedi
tion to help Leigh Smith, it is provided in
tbe new about the Jeannette. Xhat ym
pathy with such ventures is widespread and
deep ia proved bv the heartfelt relief expe
rienced at the news that the major part of
the crew ol tbe Jeannette are alive.
The Post say: "In every quarter of the
globe the new that the brave sailors have
reached a port ot reiuge win be received witn
heartfelt satisfaction."
Imnertaat KtiteanBla of Well
Kaowa Peeplo Wholly Teridrd. ,
In order that the public may fullV realize the
genuineness of the statements, aa nail aa the pow
er and value of the article of which they apeak,
we pabliah herewith tha fac-eimit signatures of
parties whose sinnenty ia beyond qnostion. Th
truth of theae testimonials ia absolute, nor can tbe
facta they announce be ignored : 1
MSMFHia, Tenh . April JO, 18SL
Mcssas. H, H. Warner at Co. OcnOemen: I have
been a sufferer from my Infancy with disease of the
iianeys, ana nave- expended a great deal 01 my
hard-earned wages with physicians and at various
spring in search of relief. None did me any good.
Finally, after reading several testimonials of tbe
Safe Kidney and Liver Core, I concluded to try
it, and, after having used fonr bottles, found that
I had been entirely cured, and am to-day as strong
and healthy aa any one. I have not seen any tes
timonials from any one in this section of the conn
try, and on this aoopunt send mine voluntarily,
hoping that some one afflicted with this daagerous
disease may see it and be induced to try lL It ia
the most wonderful medicine I have ever seen.
Ukmfuis, Tenn., April 13, 1881.
H. H. Wabnxb k Co. Dear Sir: For over twenty
years I have been a sufferer from kidney trouble,
accompanied by a female weakneaa which culmin
ated In falling of the womb. I have been treated
by numerous doctors in Georgia an 1 Alabama,
but none of them gave me any benefit. In 1870 a
friend advised me to uae Dr. W arner'a Safe Kidney
and Liver Cure. One bottle did me more yooa
thaft all; the other medicines I had taken In
eighteen yean, and a continued uae caused fur
ther improvement, until I considered myself well.
I believe it to be the beat remedy ia the market
for such female disorders, and can iheerfully rec
ommend it to au. -
Scene or Coafaslon la a Roller-Skat
ing- Rink,
Mans field, O., December 20. Saturday
night, at 9:15. while alouioue hundred ladies
and gentlemen were taking lessons inroller
'skating, in Miller's hall, a heavy festoon of
dry - evergreens took fire' from a gas
jet. . Instantly the greatest consternation
prevailed; and, with shrieks arid Cfies, the
crowd rushed for theexits, and with undimin-.
ished haste made their way down two steep
and narrow stairways to the street. Many,
overcome with terror, hobbled down the stairs
with their skate still strapped to their feet.
and several panie-stvicken men who bad es
corted ladies to the hall deserted them at the
first alarm to seek their o wo safety. The fire
quickly ran up the festoon to the ventilator
in the ceiling, but before it could communi
cate with the woodwork in the attic was ex-
tinguisnea wun water irom tbe hose pro
vided by me manager xor guch emergencies,
At Blimiwck, D. T,
Bismarck, D.T., December 20. A fire thi
morning totally destroyed the Northern Pa
cific roundhouse and five engines. Loea, $35.
000; fully insured. The building was frame,
and bad a quantity ot coal-oil stored, in it,
hich added to the intensity oi the heat.
making it impossible to save anything.
At St. Lonla.
St. Louis, December 20. A two-story
brick building owned by Chrisman & Rob
erts, the west side of the block consisting of
a shmgle root stone building, at lndepend
ence, was burned. Loss about twelve thou
sand dollars: insured for one-half. The fire
was caused by the upsetting of a coal-oil
At Detroit.
Detroit, December 20. A fire in West
Bay City last night burned the Shepard and
Aplin block. Fisher and Harrington block,
and the V edder block. 1 he principal pi
A WaahlBg-toa.
Washthotos. December 20. Secretary of
State Prelinghuvsen received to-day the lol
lowing telegram from the eharge d'offairet of
the United Mates at bU Petersburg:
To the Secretary ot State, Washington, D. C.
The Jeannette was crashed in ice Jnne
11th, in latitude 77, longitude 15 7'. The
crew embarked in three boats but were
separated by wind and fog. No. 3, with
eleven men. Engineer Melville commanding.
reached-the mouth of the Lena September
19th. Subsequently No. 1. with Captain
DeLong, Dr. Ambler and twelve men, reached
the Lena in a pitable condition. Prompt as
sistance was sent. JNo. Z has not been beard
HOFFMAN, Bt. Petersburg.
In response to the above the following was
" WASHImton, d. c., December 20. 188L f
Charge d' Affaires, St. Petersburg:
Tender the hearty thanks of tbe President
to all authorities or persona who have in any
way beet) instrumental in assisting the un
fortunate survivors of the Jeannette or fur
nishing information to this Government.
riuii.Lwuuu vofcN, secretary ot State.
George Keenan, of this citv. who. some
year ago, traveled a thousand miles or more
.I.- . T . .1 . 1 e 1 . 1
ui uis fiver jjcuu, u uie moum Ul WU1CU
Lieutenant DeLong ani the survivors of the
crew of the Arctic steamir Jeannette recently
landed, say tbat where the Jeannotta was
lost is 150 miles northeast of the island of
New Siberia, 300 miles from the nearest part
of the Siberian main land, and a little more
than 500 miles from the mouth of the
Lena. It ia probable that Lieutenant
DeLong, after abandoning his ship,
made for the nearest point on the Siberian
coast, passing to the eastward and southward
of New Siberian Island and striking the
mainland between the mouth of the lndigir-
ka and the mouth of the Lena. If he reached
the coast early enough to the summer he
ought to have found Russian and native fish
ing atationa at the mouths of the
lodigirka and xana and other smaller
streams which fall into the
Arctio ocean in tbat vicinity,
and thua have obtained succor much nearer
than Lena. It is possible, however, he did
not reach the main land until after the fish
ing stations had all been abandoned and the
fishermen had retreated np the rivers to
their winter Tillages, which, as a rule, are
situated some distance inland. At the mouth
of the Lena there is, I believe, a permanent
settlement, and this seems to have been
appointed as a rendezvous lor all
the boats. If the tnird boat failed
to reach the rendezvous agreed upon, the
conclusion by no means follows that it is lost.
lhe crew may have tound an inhabited eta
uon nearer than the mouth ol the Lien a or
been picked np by a Ruteian or native fish.
ing boat and carried or guided to some other
place of safety. In such case they might
not be beard from lor months alter
the arrival of the other boats. The third
boat' crew should not be given up
as lost until we nave heard from all tbe vil
lagea along the Yana and Indigirka. and
from Nizhni Kolvma, which, aa a place of
refuge, waa quite a near and quite
a accessible aa tne moutn 01 toe
Lena. The retreat of these boats across 300
mile of ice-encumbered Arctic sea to the Si
berian mainland is a remarkable achieve
ment, and one which is parallelled in Arctic
history only by the retreat of Baratz and his
men trom tbe northern extremity 01
Nova Zembla, and of the crew of
Teggethof from Franz Joeef Land. The fact
that UeLiong and ma men were
Washington Special to the New Orleans Picayune.
There is some stir among newspaper men
and quidnuitc in Washington to-night over
the interview published in tbe rhiladelphia
Prew, purporting to be the conversation of
General Joe Johnston respecting Mr. Jeffer
son Davis. The so-called "interview" under
takes to give an account of some $2,500,000
n specie bemr carried bv Mr. Davis to the
South in his flight, and never accounted for;
tbat General Johnston, on hearing of it, ap
plied to Mr. Davis for a portion of it to pav
hia troops, but that, beyond acknowledging
the letter, no answer was made; that the
banker ot rtichmond placed Z360.000 in
specie in the hands of Mr. Davis for the de
fense of the city, which waa also conveyed
South, but that a larger part of it was seized
by the United States, and the balance not ac
counted for. . The direct implication of the
whole article is that Mr. Davis either appro
priated to himself or squandered a large
portion of the specie of the Confederacy.
The relations of Mr. Davis and General
Johnston are not friendly, but there is no
reason to believe that General Johnston
would lend any countenance to these un
worthy slanders. As a matter of fact, the 1
only specie carried South by the Confederate
government was some $2,000,000 of silver
coin, which was appropriated to varies cur
rent expenses ot tbe government, lncludins
the pay of the officers and soldier of tbe
Confederate army, until, at the close, what
little remained was divided np by the vari
ous military organizations which had it in
barge, they feeling that they had a right to
ppropriate it to their arrears ot pay. Mr.
)awia was much of the time not alonr with
this specie train. A the carriage of so onlky
and heavy an amount devolved upon a num
ber ot treasury and military omcers. tbe ac
cusation is a slander upon them mnch more
than npon Mr. Davis, who waa captured not
long afterward. None of hiaslanderers have
pretended that when taken he was loaded
down - with treasure, though they have
coined many other fabrications. The money
the banks was their own specie, which
they conveyed South in charge of their own
bank officer in the vain endeavor to protect
it from seizure and appropriation Dy the
United State authorities. The correspond
ent who gave this interview to Hjb press is
one who has been long engaged in systematic
defamation of the Southern people, and it ia
not to 09 believed tbat Uenerai Johnston
would make a change which is ridiculous in
the light of well-known facta of history, and
made would subiect him to the contempt
of all the Southern people.
Was. Ubar et al Sorvlvora ol A. T.
Hiawart aad Fraaela Wardea, va Lewi
'. Hopkla Ikvelaloa of too Lower
Coart a Banned.
The Supreme Court of the United States.
yesterday, in the case of Wm. Libby et at,
survivors of A. T. Stewart and Francis
Warden, against Lewi C. Hopkins et at.
brought there from the Supreme Court 01
Ohio, affirmed the decision of the latter
court, Thi was a suit to foreclose certain
mortgage npon, real estate in Cincinnati,
payment of promTworV nbleS
Hopkins sent Stewart & Co., before he be
came insolvent, money, enough to pay these
nou and release the real estate from the
lien ot the mortgages, and gave specific di
rections that tbe money should be so ap
plied. " Stewart & Co., however, used the re
mittances to pay another and unsecured
debt of Hopkins's for merchandise
bought of them, , and . then, after
Hopkins became insolvent, sought to
have the mortgages declared a tint lien npon
the property which they covered. The court
below relused to allow this to be done, de
claring that Stewart & Co. had no right to
set off the unsecured debt due to them from
Hopkins against the funds intrusted with
them for an entirely different purpose. The
Supreme Court of the United States affirms
l,A i.,nn,A., f e -t
and holds that since btewart & Co. relused
to apply the money as Hopkins directed,
they held it subject to his order and continue
so to hold it until the righta of the trustee
in bankruptcy were attached. - If. therefore,
btewart & Co. enforced the hen of mortgage
they must satisfy the counter claim of the
trustee in bankruptcy of Hopkins to the
money which they wrongfully applied.
No. 819 CaioUna street
Memphis, Tens;., Arnil 16, 1881.
Messrs. H. H. Waknkr A Co. Grnte: I have
used neatly every'ariety i f piiu miulc. but never,
until I tried oiira, did 1 fit d one that aeemad
suited to my a: stem. I find Warner's Safe Pills do
precisely what they nre clulmtd Ui They leave
no bad effect, and arc In every way the pleasantest
and most reliable in the market.
Engineer Hem phis and Charleston Railroad.
Thousands of equally strong indorsements
many of them in cases where hope was abandoned
have been voluntarily given, snowing the remark
able power of Warner's Bafo Kidney and Liver
Cure In all disease of the kidneys, liver or urinary
organs. If any one who reads thla has any pliya
lcal trouble, remember the great danger ol delay-
Masonic Aotice.
Will work TO-NIGHT, Dec. aiat
at 7 o'clock, in the Master's deitre.
All Master Masons are cordially and
fraternally invited.
By order JOHN BEAMISH, W. M.
Podgb C. Tsadeb, Secretary.
XVL Will meet in regular convention, at Aj
uieir isub mu, znu oet-ouu sireei, iui!
(WEDNESDAY) niaiit. Deo. 2l8t. at 7:1
o'clock, forworklntheSeeond Rank. VUrit-
insr Knlehts are fratmallv Invited.
By order THOS. FROSTC. C.
E. L. Moore, K. of R. and 8.
Just Received for Christmas
AND for sale as low as the lowest, choice lot ot
GEESE from Ohio river. Also, fresh Butter. Egg
and Dressed Poultry from Kentucky.
. , , . r,fi, a
819 Front street, between Union and GaycS:
' Ovrics or Board or
FrJtK and Tours Commissioners.
TAXise-Durraicr (Memph a) Dee. 30, U8L 3
ALL parties having Monthly Bills against the
Taxing-District are requested to file them
with the Secretarv AT ONCE to enable aim to
close hia books for 1M81.
CHA8. U FULLKN, Sec'y.
Ledger copy 5 time.
TtaeTown of Loalsvllle, Illlaolav, vs. lhe
forttmautb NaviHgra Bank la Errar
J aagnual or ustr fJoart Amrsaed.
The Supreme Court also gave a decisien
yesterday in the matter of the town of Louis
ville, Illinois, r. the Portsmouth Savings
Bank, in error to the Circuit Court ot the
United atetea for tbe Southern Diatri"
Bat sra direct ta the akv Basaae aa Mala Rtrewt, whore yaa aa flad FsilHu AMI
WIMTKSt CLOTHMa tor Ma, Taatha aad Bays aad Chlldraaa, af Try warawtr
aad style, w alea wa will aaattively aell yaa Far Uwsr thaa Mew Tarh ' ha
eaaae we parr baaed the eatlre atoek fraae the aaalaaea af MU raid at a area I aorrta
ea,aad are dateraalaed ta elaae aat hy Balllaar Lawer thaa aay attrar haaae ta tha
city. . All we aak af a awaorea pahlle la aa taaaartlaa af ear araoda and arte,
thaa yaa will he aaavlaead af theaaaaaat yaa will aavefa aaahlaa: raav parabasal
la aar hoaaa, Beaaectfally. - U W. AftHMEBi ,
of en's Salts.
Men's Heavy Working Bulla, 4, worth as.
Men's Heavy Union Caaslmsre Bnita, s, worth fflO.
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Men's Heavy Fin Worsted Suits, 10, worth fJO.
Men's Heavy All Wool Caaaimere 8ulti,10,wth 2o.
Men's Heavy Fancy Cheviot Suits, til, wto 22 AO.
Men's Heavy Genuine Beaver Suits, SIS, worth 30.
Men's Heavy Four-Button Cutaway Bulla, lis 60
worth 25.
Hen's Heavy Fine French Osashnere, la Various
Patterns, SIS, worth $30.
Mews Heavy Genuine French Crass Coata and
Testa, $12 60, worth 25.
Men' Heavy Fins Coat and Teat boat $8 to SIS,
worth double.
Owerooata. 1
Men's Dnrable Overcoats, $2 75, worth IS.
Men's Heavy Melton Overcoat, at 75, worth 7 50.
Men's Heavy ChinclUa Overcoats, St 50, worth (9.
Men's Heavy Ravlston Overcoats, S3 60, worth SlO.
Men's Heavy Fur Beaver Overcoat. St, worth ti.V
Men's Union Beaver Overooata, In time colon, $7,
worth Sit.
Man's Heavy Gaaila Xntllsa Muavai OlMWU,
til, worth S20.
Men's Heavy Ulsters from 13 50 to tlO, wth double.
Men's Heavy Ulsterettes, In Various Pattern, trom
SS to SIS, worth double.
Men's Reversible Overcoats, In Different Patterns,
bom $8 to 112 60, worth double.
BtV Suits. '
Boys' Heavy Snits, eleven to aixteen year, SS SB
Boys' Heavy Union CaMlmere Snia, S4 6a
Boys' Heavy Fancy CaMimer Salt, SS 60.
Boys' Heat Genuine Scotch Suits, S&
Psata. , ,
Oaadmar Pants, S3, wot
Caaslmera Pan a, S3 ML
Men's Heavy Onion
S3 60
Men's Heavy All-Wool
worth aft.
Men' Heavy French Oa aimer Paula, ft 60, worth
S7 60.
Msn'a Heavy Jean Pants troaa 78c to S)
Ysnths Salts.'
trom St to S9, worth doable.
School Salts. .
From eight to twelve years, S3 75. " f
Union Casalmcre Snita, St.
Fancy Caaumere Bolt, Sn.
Scotch Caaaimar Bolts, SSI
Children's Wear.
From four to ten year. t2, and npward. '
Tooths' Overooata, S3 60. and npward, wth doable -Boys'
Overooata, SS, and npward, worth doable.
Children's Overcoats, S2 60. and upward, worth
Ctonts Fnrniiihlng O its.
Men' Heavy Knit TJndrahlrta,'Sc
Men's Heavy Fine Meino Undershirt. SOB. '
Men's Heavy Cotton Flannel Underxhlrta, 35c.
Men's Heavy Cotton Flannel Drawer, iac
Men' Heavy Fed Flannel Suits, SA
Men's Heavy White Shakar Flannel Soil, S3,
Men's Heavy Unlauudried Bhlrta, 60s.
Men' Heavy Percale Bhirta, 60c
Men 'a Heav y Fine Laundried Shirt, 78a.
Men'a Cardigan Jacketa, trow 75a, and upward.
FZlANH: BOBt7MAlO't ".
Maaafaetarar aad Dealer la tiaaa, MIMea, Ptttala, ftahlas; Taefcle, Tto Oaeal
SSb'Hwkaf nVMh-UMllsg Daakle Oau ad Bla aa Us Kntairlaar
Pnaptly Baas-Ul Bal atrswl, Nakls,Tcaa.
L Double-Barrel Breecb-Loadora, from SS to SIS. A very rood Breecb-Loadlnc Double Gun. Btubb
Twist Barrel, for S0, with all the latest Improvement. A belter and very neat Gun, Laminated Steal
A better Mnasle-Loading Twiat Gun for S12: a very swxl
Barrela, for fas. Still better, with Una Damascus Mteel Barrela, for tiO. Tbe above Guna I will warrant.
Call and examine, or addwua. FRANK SCHUMAN. Ill Reale. Memphis
A rood Nnrzle Loadlna Twist Gun for 110.
TwiMt Gun. lull oar coek, SIS.
a certain euro for all -disease
requiring s complete tonic; espe
cially Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Inter
mittent Fevers, Want of Appetite,
Iioss of Strength, Lack of Knergy, '
etc. Enriches the blood, strength-
ens the muscles, and gives new
i liXo to the nerves. Acts like a
1 CIutriH . m. . m
removing all dyspeptic symptoms,
snch as tasting the food. Belching,
Heat In the Stomach, Heartburn,
etc The only Iron . Preparation
that will not blacken tho teeth or .
give headache. Sold by all Drug
gists at $L.OO a bottle.. ,
Baltimore, MA.
IU th. .11 fm mttOT. an mmim hr
Co. Ma har. wiMii n4 ttM al ma awa M
- ;
if y M, Mong, Clotif
. AND '
Nos. 326-328 Main street, Memphis, Tenn.
Of onr business. WE FAT CafiH FOR OCR GOODS, and ara deUtrmlnad not in h Kahlnrf an
house In the South or West In meeting the wants of the trade. We Invite a rail. LKMMON A GALSi '
J. W. CaUSwBm.
J. W. Cald well &
Cotton Factors and Commission Ilcrcnann
ItomovsMl to 824 Front ntVoV t, SIompMw. Tenn.
, m - .. aa a - " 1
Late of Langs taff, Oraham A Prondflt.
BAMUSAT. Late ol LanEslaff, Graham A l'rondflL
it roiTRiaiau
Late of Orgill Brathea A Co.
Bracca-lMdlaat Sbet-Saaa, Sam Bad Ualkcr Beltlaar, T. BradfaraVa Hills.
MteHeale vVraaa rircProar Safes. Valraaahs ftaalM. Tk MaaZar
Steel HeratMtr, Aavlla, aaUsn, Vleea aat Aavlealtaral Imaloeaeata,
Xoa 335 TXain Street, - Memphis, Tennessee.
V Also, Collars, Hames Hamstrings, Rrtdlea, Fackhanda, Trace Chains, Bteel Shovels, Sweesfl
nd Bnll Tongues. Oralis Rods, Heel Bolts, CUviaaea, Eye Hoea and Handled flan ten' Hoe Waara
determined to mate prlcea on the abovo goods to please all.
W. B. Galbreath.
J. M. Fowlkc,
linois. This waa a suit uno
. ot 11-
a series ol bonis , "Po.
Clav v iasued by the Louisville
. . .upanv, Illinois, ia accordance with
a vote of its citizens, taken July 2, 1870, aa a
subscription to the capital stock of what was
then called tbe Illinois Southeastern Bail
road company. The corporation afterward
merged into . the Springfield and Illinois
Southeastern Railway company. The prin
cipal reason assigned by the corporation lor
its refusal to pay the coupons, and the main
points nt its aelense is, that on the days when
the bonds were authorized bv the vote of the
people of Louisville a new State constitution
was adoped by the people of Illinois, making
it illegal for anv municipal corporation to
subscribe to the capital stock of any
railroad, or to make a donation, or to
loan or credit in aid of any such
corporation, except in case where such de-
nations or subscriptions ha I already been
authorized under existing laws by a popular
vote of the municipality. In a lone and
carefully prepared opinion by Justice Har
lan, me bupreme Uourt holds tbat in the
sense of the State constitution, the Louisville
township election of July 2, 1870, was held
prior to the adoption of the section forbid
ding municipal subscription or donations in
aia ot railroad corporations, and nnder au
thority of valid enactments in force whtn
such election waa held, the bonds and cou
pons of which are in suit were consequently
unaffected by the prohibition of the State
constitution. For decisions upon other points
of municipality defense, the court refers to
its opinion in the similar case of Uarter t.
Kan inch an. The Judgment of the court be
low is affirmed, Justices Bradley and Miller
Bend tor SAMPLE COPIES, to
61LLAW1T KEAins, Mesapals.
No. 11 Union street, : Memphis
A. S. UTKBHOBB, Prea't. H. A. TATUIt, aae'r
X'H Xi J
160 to 174 Adams Street, Memphis, Tean.
Ira aa BrawCaallaia, ratlaa fraaaea, Calta a Gtaa.
Easlan,aian Panapaveavenar. BruaUooda, riaa
aad Plae rittlasw. Ueaeral Moaalr aad Kverjlalas:
la tha 1,1 we. stead far 'tala.
3 225, 250 $300, $350
ORGANS, ieO, 175. HOO. tV2b XLAlCO.
Violins, Banioa, Aooordeona, CSoncertlna. Flutes, Mnalvaas, Mudoal Alb ma, Masi Books
roUos, Sheet Mud, aao., at
boo rpa rated aad Kstabllshed Jaaaarj, 18SO.
Beautiful Coal Vases
CAPITAL, taeaa.
ShovelsdTongs ! No-8 rJadison Street' rJemPhis-
s a .
Krn ne Asinini
Atlaata A Pleasant Oeeaslea
Atlanta. December 20. The Kentucky
Leeislature and the Kentucky x ree Associa
tion were formally welcomed in the judges'
hall to-day. The address of welcome on the
part of the Georgia Legislature was deliv
ered by J. C. C Black, of Augusta, and the
response hy Ldeutenant-Orovernor Cantrell, ol
Kentucky, and Haggard, Uwens and others.
The Press Association were welcomed by J.
H. EstelL of the Savannah AVws and Henry
V. Grady, of the Atlanta Constitution. Re
sponses were made by J. Btoddard John
ston. freBident ot tbe Kentucky .tree Asso
ciation, and outers. Tbe crowd was larg
ana every ining passed ott pleasantly, ibe
South Carolina Legislature will be formally
welcomed to-morrow.
Mb. James A. Weatherford, of Spring-
field. Ohio, saya: "Brown'a Iron Bitter cured me
of tbe worst cafae of dynpepsia man ever bad. Tbe
muscles ol my stomach, liver and bowels now
aeera ao strong I believe 1 could almost dieeat De-
trifled cheese! I recommend It to ail waosuffer as
qio. v
Fancy ToUet Sets!
Hew Deslffaa af Partial a Base,
aaa aiaer
B ft. SKLL. NaahvUla Tens,
A. R. DUNCAN, ol Newell, Duncan 4
w. M.lunuAfi, 01 weu, uoncan
I MAX 8AX,Caah'r Nashville Bav. Bank, Maahvma.
THOS. O'CONNOR, of Cherry, O'Connor A (
X. F. GOL8AN, Memphis, Tana. .
8. H. BELL, President and Gen'l Snpt.'! E. F. trOLSAJT, Maaacer UeatpkU Depn.
Broase PEAT.KRS Uf
Rogers's Plated Kniyes, Forks,
Spoons. Castors, Butter
Dishes, Etc, Etc. "
OOTTOM Oa Slay 19 l-Sw axir aala.
aaarar, aaoc aar aaiai
WHT-l-4Hr aaaael.
C. B. ainr.H fteaer too paaaaa.
PO B K 7 l-Mper barrel.
LAau-le aar tlerea.
STOiU- itsa aar aaara.
aar Tbe above eommliadons eorer all tiwnwi In matins and eloaln trail .
OOTTOM Hat lea thaa tl a aala.'
WHEAT-!! leas Ibaa Is aar ashat,
O. B. IMDEA Mat lea Ibaa 11 par !,
POBK-ftat lass thaa site ar barrel.
-' r .nna mim av atar
aiwa-BM laaa laa 91 aar a
Jeba ft. BaUlwasb
Thaa. tlark.
at. M. nark.
Ilorrlbla A eel drat.
Omaha. Nfb TWmhfr ?D A laamaiar.
destroyed a ere the FislierOperahouse, Phelps I three months at sea and on the ice in open named Kennott, while driving a team at-
A Co.'s dry goods store, eber's hardware
store, the Buy County Examiner, city offices
and records, and Street's drug store. Tbe
S'-irrecate loss is $80,000. The largest losers
ar.-: 8. O. Fisher, on block, $30,000; Phelps
& Co., dry goods, $.S3,000. Total insurance,
Tbe Bally Maaalres.
Uniontowk, Ta., December 20. A jury
was obtaiued to-day in the Molly Magaire
ui unler cases, and the trial proceeded with.
Nothing of an umianal or striking character
was brouebt out. lbe circumstantial evi
dence, however, is very strong against Dolan
and Met arlanii.
rarefathera' Day t'elebratlaa.
Bostos, llecember 20. At the Forefathers'
day celebration, the Rev. Kobert West, of St.
liouis, made an address. , v
The best preventive uf consumptive dis
eases of lbe lung, bowels or kldueya is Brown's
irou juttvn. At cuicu au uecar.
boats before they reached the mouth ef the
Lena is a lact wbicn, ot itselt, tells tbe
mournful story of hardship and suffering,
and one which more than accounts for the
"pitiable condition" in which we are told
lie Long screw at last, arrived, lbe Jean
nette'a crew, at the mouth of the Lena,
would be well cared for, or at any Russian set
tlement on tbe whole biberian coast. J. bey
rould find warm earth, abundant clothing
and food, and sympathy and care of the
warm-hearted, hospitable people. As soon
ss the 'winter road ' waa established and
the crew were strong enough to travel, they
would probably be brought up the Lena on
dog-sleds to Yokontsk, which is a large Rus
sian town of 6000 or 8000 inhabitants. Here
they would have all the comforts and manv
of the luxuries of life, and the Russian gov
ernor ol tbe aeacoaat province would furnish
tbem with transportation either across
the " Stanovaf mountains to ' Okhotsk,
where they could be. called for
oy one oi the vessels ot our
Pacific squadron, or - up the Lena
tached to a load of wood, was ierked from
his seat by a sudden movement of the horses,
and, falling in front of the wagon? the wheels
uiawnmr ma neaa, crusuing u in a norri-
ble manner. Death waa instantaueous.
Remember, that true happiness is forever
lost when your health is once broken down.
Dr. .Bull's Lough Byrup prevents throat and
lung disease, and cures colds and coughs. It
costs only 2-5 cents a bottle.
8TAXDldH Tnesdav.
o'clock am.. Cecil Mai
months and 8 days, iui ant son
Fnnernl will take place from residence, No. ass
Vance street, this (WEDNESDAY) afternoon at
o'clock. Friends and acquaintances are Invited
to attend.
GAINES At tbe residence of George W. Win
chester, near tbe city, at 8 p m., December 19, 1881,
Mias Maar L Gaines, aged 80 years, INaahville
papers pis copy.l
330 Main Street
For the Holidays 1
TOST RECEIVED A large Invoice of Fine Toilet
r t sets, vases, am) ua ana r ancy Arnoie lor ine
Holidays, lor aale at Auction rncea.
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton factors,
Ai d Commission Kercftairta,
232 and 234 Front SL, Uonphis. Tenn.
' Btwaa Aaa aaa aswl JesTeraaa.
Oar I. H. BAIN IT devotes bis whole time to th waishing ana Bsi ef ui Cotton In trades ta aa
ithim nav wiTnww tirnion .Mrinni..wmi. wMmnmn inn mwwq it 1 1 j t
A. M. STODDARD, ?M Main street
Deoeaaber 20. 1K81, at 10
sjiadok, aaed 1 yer 4
oi Miles and Elvira
COTTON-SEED! Cotton Factors & Wholesale Grocers.
S0G-SS8 Front St.. Alemphls, Tenn. " 1
r From and after this date, until farther notice.
The easpals lallaa sjee mm Oil Xx
ebaaaw will pay 919 B per ton for good Hew
Seed, delivered bv railroad and wagona.
B. r. HALLER, Secretary.
For Christmas, with iUnatratlons. In
eta. Address 17 M. lath mt. Saw YarM.
Cotton Factors, Commicsioh Ilorch'ta
Ho. 11G South Haln street, Gt. CaLcts, V
.. . ,. . .'. , , tf -
! l

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