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St. Loui has been a very unlucky place
for the Democratic party ami it cannot
atford to hold the next National Conven
tion there. Chicago is the best place ami
will, we predict, be selected by the committee.
The State Board of Health will meet in
Nashville on the 1st of January next, at
the office of the Board in the State capitol.
So says Dr. C. 0. Fite, secretary of the
board, in an ollicial notice received yes
terday. Tim negroes of Ohio, in convention as
sembled, will, on Christmas day, consider
their rights under the constitution. If
they would consider the speedy establish
ment of industrial schools for their race it
would be more to the purpose.
It is believed in Washington that Chand
ler, the Secretary of the Xavy, was half
seas over when he so grossly insulted Mr.
Matthew Arnold on Tuesday night last. A
consummate puppy, he ought to be kicked
out of the department and driven from the
national capital.
4 Tiik New York World thinks that Judge
Key, of this State, the "erring brother" of
Hayes's millusk Cabinet, will be scratch
ing around Isoon for a coat-of-arms. IJis
daughter his married Cant. Jean I .con
lit-naud, of ylie Fourteenth regiment of
rrencit oragoons. .
To the great discredit of tlie people of
New York, the New Orleans Timrn-Demo-
rrnt lms opened a subscription for the Bar-
tholdi statue foundation, for which Van
derbilt or Jay ion Id or Russell Sage or
any one of a hundred millionaires might
or could pay, and never miss the money.
Mr. Tiii'kmav declares positively that he
will not be a candidate for the Senate from
)hio, and that he will not take the place
if it is tendered him. liook waiter has
gone to Europe, and tiov. Hoadly will not
participate in the fight. This will leave as
candidates Mr. Pendleton, Mr. l'aynei
Durltin AVard and possihly Juilge CieiUies.
1'endleton is the man.
Ik. J a si km H. Nkiioiji, the editor of the
Boston Jiuntnl of CUeinittry, contributes a
letter to tiie Haverhill Gazette, in which he
states his lielief, and that of Prof. Young,
of Princeton College, that the recent sun
sets have leen caused by volcanic dust
from the Java earthquakes. An accom
plished correspondent of the I-ondcrff
Time takes the same view.
Tub New York Keening Pout, in view
of the arrest in Russia of a priest named
Seraphim, for selling the hair of his con
verts to his brother, a hair-dresser and
dealer, in St. Petersburg, asks what be
comes of the hair of convicts with us?
Have any of the officials connected with
our prison system brothers in the busi
ness? What becomes of all the hair an
nually cut off convict's heads?
Important errors having been discov
ered in the count of the vote in Ohio for
the prohibitory amendment there is to be
a recount in every polling district in the
State. The Cleveland leader expresses
the belief that the amendment may have
Iteen carried, but whether the erroneous
returns were made by carelessness, ig
norance, or with fraudulent intent to de
at the measure, does not appear.
The Massachusetts Democratic Execu
tive Committee has determined to make
the auuiial dinnur on the Nth of January
a national aMair. Among those to whom
invitations Are to be sent are Tilden. Han
cock, Hewitt, John Kelly and Gov. Cleve
land, of New York; Speaker Carlisle, Cox,
Randall, Pendleton, BayariT,Thnriiiaii,
Wade Hampton, Beck and Williams, of
Kentucky, and many other prominent
Commenting on the recent primary elec
tions in New Orleans, the Timen-Vemocral,
of Saturday, says: "As to the details of
1 he election yesterday, it may be remarked
that tho proceedings were singularly quiet
and orderly throughout the city, with the
niugle exception of the lumenUible and
dreadful event in the Seventh ward."
Yes, says the New York World,- with the
exception of a general slaughter no pri
. mary election ever passed off so calmly.
Wonder what they would call a tumultuous
election in the Crescent City?
It won't do for the Democrats to select
their candidate for tho Presidency from
Now York iu 1SS4. Tim Sun proves from
the record that that is an unlucky State
for the party. Marcy was defeated in the
convention of 185:1. In 1S5G, Fremont
and Fillmore, respectively the Republican
ami American candidates, were unsuccess
ful. Seward was beaten at Chicago in
lSiit); while McClellan succumbed to Lin-4-otu
in lMtlt, and Seymour to Grant in
JSi;s. Greeley's canvass, four years later,
came to worse than nothing. Tilden fit
INTO, and Hancock in 1880, also went to
the wall.
Ministkr Low km, is deservedly unpopu
lar with all classes of Americans. Kven
the Republicans are bitter in denuncia
tns of his course. The Washington Jie
yithlican, voicing the sentiment of that
arty, says: "The title 'Dirke of Dudes,'
which Representative Finerly gives Min
ister Lowell, causes much amusement
among the memlers of both houses, many
of whom do not hesitate to characterize
his ambition to be the lord rector of the
Vniversity of Edinburgh as a piece of
nobbery that entitles him to a perempto
ry rex-all, at least to the full knowledge of
liiis duties as the representative of the
I'uited States at a foreign court."
Til k idea of a floating theater, which
has set all New York to talking, is nothing
new in this aection of the country. As
tlie St. Ixiuis i'u-ijxiWi asserts, there
was old Sol Smith's Floating Theater Pal
ace, which for years navigated the Ohio
ul the Mississippi, and Dan Mice's Float
ing ('Irons Company was known all along
the Arkansas and Ohio rivers as late as
last year. Tlie most smressful of these
nautical cinpanies was that of Spaulding
A Rogers, which commenced as a variety
show, and was known as "The Hanjo."
The success attained in this direction led
the managers of the company to orgnniza
a theatrical combination on the same prin
ciples. Hkkk is sound sense from the Boston
AilrrriuOT-, one of the ablest of the Repub
lican newsapers of Massachusetts: "What
" in the ultimate purpose of the solid
"Southern section? Conceding it to be
' 'helJ by force of arms in tho I Vino
" cratic (arty,' is there an ulterior aim,
" dangerous to tho Union or prejudicial to
"the government? If a restoration of
" slavery, or a renewal of secession, or an
" undoing of reconstruction, be not in
" eluded in the 'South-aide view,' wherein
" doea it differ from a West-aide or a
" North-side view ? What Southern ques
" tion is there remaining that is not also a
' Northern question? If the Southern
Itemoc.rats wish to 'boss,' and to hold
" ti' oftioea, to do the Western and
the- Eastern Democrats and not a
" few oi Ue Republicans, wo sus-
peeL Bui tbat Mr. Carlisle Irijj
" any public (iSvPreat in securing the
" Speakership, wuk'b was not shared by
'.' Mr. Cox, of New Vcwkj-MV. Morse, of
Massachusetts; .Mr. MorriaoIT? of Uli
" nols; Mr. Hnrd.ol Ohio, and t ha Oilier"
" member who preferred htm to Mr,
" Randall for that position, we have aeen
" no reason to believe. Holding, aa we
" do, that the old sectional issues are set
' tied, we deprecate the attempt to force a
" revival of the now worse than useless
" aecQonal agitation. The South was made
" aolid through prejudice. It can only be
" divided by a ptaciple. Let Repnbli
" canisra mean at the South, what it means
" at the "North, and the artinTVlJ.arriers
" will be broken down." This is a fall
and complete answer to the bloody-shirt
Cincinnati Cotumercial Gazelle and the St.
Jouis OUAt-lMiocral.
The Petty Thievery of Doorkeeper
Brovrnlow Shown Up by lite Hon.
Casey Vonn?.
Ills Wile and Foiir-Year-Old Son Car
ried on the Roll as Employe or
the House.
The House Committees I'ra tically Com
pletedNational Colored Committee
The Ohio Senatorship.
Perpetrated by Doorkeeper Browalow
lueitrliied by t'Raejr Yonmir.
Specinl to the Appcnl.
Washington, liecember21. The Hon.
Casey Young, of Tennessee, has unearthed
a series of frauds perptttratedduring the
last session of Congress by Doorkeeper
Brownlow ; at least Mr. Young has made
an examination, and says lie lias ample
proof. It appears tliat one Jioy Iavis, a
colored man from Memphis, has been car
ried on the rolls of the House at 100 per
month. Davis, however, has received only
I $o0 per imoiiUi, statement, which Ja
venlieu by r. l- men, wlio Kept the pay
records for Brownlow. The pay-rolls also
show that two Itrownlows, besides the
doorkeeper himself, have been under an
annual salary, and an examination shows
that these extra ISrownlows are the wife
and four-year-old son of the doorkeeper.
Mr. Young further says that Brownlow's
partner, with whom he runs a newspaper
in Tenncssse, also appears on the pay-roll
as an employe, although he lias not been
in Washington. The mutter will doubt
less 1 ollicially investigated.
A majority of the members have gone
home to spend Christmas, and the situa
tion here is rather tUiet in consequence.
Mr. Carlisle says this has been his best
day's work on the committees, and that
the list will be practically complete by to
morrow night. The fight between Cox
and Belmont for the chairmanship of the
Foreign Atfairs Committee has been so
persistent, and the claims of each are so
evenly balanced, that it is said Speaker
Carlisle has determined to get out of the
difficulty by making Kx-Gov. Curtin, of
Pennsylvania, chairman of that commit
Memorial Meelln:; of Hie l:r of Waftli.
liiR-ton Keoltillon Ailwptetl.
Washington, December 21. A meeting
of the bar was held in tlie Supreme Court
room to-day to take appropriate action in
respect to the death ot Judge Black. Sen
ator Kdmnmls was called t the chair, and
Mr. McKinney was chosen' secretary..
Eulogistic addresses were delivered bv
Messrs. Merrick, Kinery, Ashton and W
H.Smith, and Senators Bayard, Vance
and (inrland, and Representative Hopkins.
Resolutions expressive of the high char
acter anil attainments of the deceased, and
the great loss the country has sustained by
his death, were adopted.
KIiimJ Keorf of the t'ominlHce on Ilie
t'retNlitiiin'M Ituuk.
Washington, December 21. The Col
ored National Committee met this morn
ing and appointed delegates to the con
vention at Richmond. Va., in -Inly next.
Each Congressional district in allowed two
delegates and each Territory one represen
tative. Frederick Douglass nnd Rcgistcr-of-tlie
Treasury Bruce, of the District of
Columbia, and Col. Win. Murrell.of Mary
land, were elected members. The Com
mittee on the Freedman's Hank made a
final report, memoralizing IJougress to re
imburse depositors, denouncing the former
act of Congress creating a commission at
J5(KK) a year each to settle the affairs of
that iwslilntioii. In support of the
adoption of the report Murrell said the
Freedman's liank was tlie most disgraceful
and sinful swindle tlmt ever stained tho
earth or shocked high heaven, and the
commission appointed a' S500O a year
each were like a hyena devouring a car
cass, and then like a lion smashing its
houes and sucking the marrow therefrom.
Furthermore, a Republican Congress made
this commission the pall-bearers of the
same carcass. The committee then ad
journed to meet in Chicago Juno 2d next.
pexsiox Tttorxeys
Indicted for the Illegal
l'r the Purpose
I e or the .Hails
dI f'miiil.
Washington, December 21. The grand
jury came out of tho Criminal Court to
day and . presented indictments against
Pension Attorneys Nathan W. Fit .gerald,
Samuel C. Fitxgeruld and Andrew It.
Webb for the illegal use of the mails and
devising a scheme to defraud the widows
of soldier. Col. Corkhill called the atten
tion ot the Court to the fact that marked
copies of a puller containing an assault
upon himself had been sent to all the
members of the grand jury for the pur
pose of influencing their action iu the case
of .N. W. Fitzgerald, ifo read the article
referred to, which was addressed to the
District attorney, and signed N. W. Fitz
gerald. It criticised the District-attorney's
coud.'t in attempting to prosecute pen
sion attoMfcyi), and as appearing as attor
ney in the HUtn su,u orougni uy ri
gerald against certain newspapers. "It
true, vour honor," said Corfchiil, when
bad finished reading, "that I am tha
ney in tho libtit n,w Drought ny riu-
11 IS
ui he
a at-
toruoV of the (IMw-hriHofrat and the Coui-
intrciid (JiffU ; but 1 have a right to ap
pear professionally in these cases." J udge
WylhJ read the section proyidi;;g that per
sons attempting to iuiiuonce lW acUon of
tag grand or pvtft-jjiry by writing or
reading 'etlers, eU:, Khaii be punished
bva tine of ot morn thau JlOtll), or im
prisonment for notTi?';" si ''W'"''.
or both, and said : "ThiTt: "mttor proper
for investigation bv the grand jury.
particular ollense liere is an attempt to in
terfere with the investigations of a court
of justice in a matter pending, so under
this statute vou must hint the party who
has offended. You have the power of
summoning witnesses, and if, after ex
amining them, you ascertain who sent the
papers, ami come to the conclusion that
its intended effect was to interfere with
your deliberations in tho matter, that
party is liable to indictment. The Court
gives you this matter in a special charge,
at the instance of the attorney for the
t'nited States." Col. Corkhill took out
liench warrants for the defendants, re
turnable January 2d.
MtMteaiMen AmkIou to Ocenpy Mr. l'cn
tlelon'n 1'lttee.
A Washington special to the -Cincinnati
.Yir. Jutirimt says: Ohio men here, and
you find them everywhere, are in "a state
of mind" over their Senatorial election.
Mr. Pendleton has more at stake than any
of the others, but he keeps calmer than
any. As nearly as can be. found out, the
situation is something like this: The Me-lan-Payne-ltookwaller
combination has
almost half the lVmocratir caucus. They
are forllenry B. Payne lirst. and then for
Bookwnlter. " Payne, you will reinemlicr.
was a iH'mocratic mendierof the Electoral
Commission, and llookwaitcr ran f r t Gov
ernor in 1SSO. The city men are niostlv
in this combination. On the other hand,
Pendleton has a majority of tho country
mcmliers. They were pledged to him be
fore the election. Some of them do not
like his civil service reform ideas, but are
satisfied with the assurance that uolhingin
the civil service reform law will prevent a
IVniocmlio President from turning every
Republican out of office. tutside of these
two camps are a doxen or so eld line
lemocrats. Tlicy are for Judge Thur
man. Now, if Pendleton sees that he can
not win, he is likely to transfer his
strength to the judge." In that case .Mr.
Thurmau is likelv to come back to Wash
ington. When liere last winter lie de
clared himself forever out of iMliti..-s, and
said he was going Nmth for tlie winter.
He has gravit.tted back to Columbus,
however, and will get the prize if he can.
t f all those mentioned ha is the ablest.
Thurman is not a civil-service eformer.
His platform is in one sentence, "I believe
in letting the boys come in to warm their
toes." It is hardly necctwary to add that
tins entitles him to tho title ot a Jetlcr
soniaii leiuocrat." But, personally, he is
thoroughly honest, and his election on
that account would seem holesoine, com
pared with the success of some of the
others. v
cafItal xotes.
WASHiSLitts, IVvnder 21. Attoniev
Unrat Brvwter lrft Wnnbiutfton thi? tuorninir
for New (trlpMli. har h will bihwu it, tl.M
rofci'ntioa of this loitvrj crfl.
Tha fiamination ot Cant. ClaiD was
The Prcsi.I.int bi3 NsueU Ins nroclania-
(. rrramnnndinirthil'UK muiymrT of h
inctoa'i urrnler of bi. r,iamli'l emu-
nmrnln-ln-rkirl ,.f IU Aineriraa xiuio u
bratod on tha 2vt tarlanl by rrlirua fie,
ajoi on th 'Mm by uliaijla nj.ramonu-, ana
rtrti a national lau u bt nnt on tiat day.
A Sfauneroain Famtljr.
UAKi.AW. vn.aveitiiON iti., iccein-
ber 10. Tlio gnuidihil'bvn anil grest-
grandchildres of Mrs. Isahvlla RlakUcy
had a reunion to-day at the bourn of G.
Allen Hiiirvnns, to ceiebrate the ilglity-
third birthdavof their vmierablo anctwtor.
i i i. .. i i....
jirs. iuiaciev nas ii uwvihwuh syirij
children, sixty-five grandchildren and fifty
two great-grandchildren. She was married
on her seventeenth birthday to William
Hammett, whose father was known in
Charleston as the "Jrish Orator." In Ifca
she married Cnpt. John Witherspoon, of
thjs county. In 1S4( she married Mr. John
Blakeley, "of Laurens county. With her
lirst husband she resided in Charleston ten
years. Her father, James Nelson, was a
younger brother of Capt. John Nelson, the
celebrated Whig captain of the Revolu
tion. She is also a first cousin of the
lamented Col. P. II. Nelson, who fell at
the head of his regiment at Petersburg.
Notwithstanding tlie weight of years and
many troubles, her memory is still green
and vigorous. Her only sons, Capt. J. II.
M. Hammett and Williain J. N. Hammett,
fell in 18ii2, within a few days of each
other one at Secessionville, the other
at Seven Pines. She had several grand
children in the late war. Her brother,
Capt. Jared Nelson, served in 1811-15. She
came of the Scoteh-Irish stock, and is a
full-blooded Presbyterian. "Verily her
children rise up and caliber blessed."
Oteriianled by n Ilattien Naa-of-War
auil Compcllod to Nhow Her Pner.
I'mLArEi.iniA, eccuiber 21. Capt.
Watts, of the American schooner S. J.
Watts, reports that his vessel was boarded
November 28th. in the bay of l'ort-au-
Friuce, by tlie crew of a llaytien man-of-war,
the commander of which, who an
nounced himself as Capt. Cooper, ordered
Watts to show his papers, threatening if
thev were not all right, he would shoot
Watts and lijs crew. The papers proving
satisfactory. Cooper left, after informing
Watt that lie was a son of i Rear-admiral
Cooper, ot the Vnlterl States navy, and en
gaged by Ilayti to break up blockade-running
between Kingston and llaytien ports.
Riot in the t'lly of Mexico funned ba
the Objectionable Col n.
Crrv or Mexico, December 21. The re
fusal to accent rnckel money in the citv
hiarket this morning caused quarrels, re
sulting in hnngand cries ot Down with
the nickel !" Tiie panic spread, and all
business houses closed. A mob passed
through the streets breaking lamps and
windows. The troops tired blank cart
ridges at the mob, and cavalry charged the
crowds. Order was finally restored with
out bloodshed. Troops are patrolling the
The sale oi seats for the engagement of
Mine. Modjeska began at Leubrie s Theater
yesterdav morning anj will be continued
hereafter at Hollenberg s. During the en
gagement it will cost $1 25 for a ticket to
the panjuette, $1 50 to thoiirst three rows
of the dress circle, andfl to the remainder
of tlie low part of the auditorium : seventy-
five cents to the second tier, balcony or
family circle, and fifty cents to the gallery.
It is hardly necessary to do more than
announce the fact that Modjeska will aj
pear Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
nights next, with a Christmas matinee, to
till the house at each performance.
The Buar.
St. Peter's Bazar was again largely at
tended last night and the interest mani
fested on every hand is increasing. The
contest for the silver service for the most
popular steamboat, opened, and at the
closing hour tlie vote stood: K.W.Cole
40, Kate Adams 25, James le 20, Will S.
Hays 20, Chickasaw 22. The voting will
be continued to-night. The leading con
testants for the handsome cake last night
were Misses Mamie Dwyer, Alice Mehan
and Alice Hopkins. A gold-headed cane
was also put up to be voted to lie most
popular foundry-nan. A. S. Livermore
received 47 v tes, J. D: Milhurn 35 and J.
D. Randall 18. This afternoon, commenc
ing at 2 o'clock, there will be n matinee,
the entertainment being especially in
tended for the little ones. J'tthr famil'tnx
will also lind the opjKirtunity excellent for
procuring, at reasonable prices, articles for
Christmas presents. To-night the pro
gramme is unusually good, including the
wax figures and a line musical olio.
Fords Opera foman',
Mr. F. C. Burnand, editor of the Lontlun
Punch and the author of IHur Henni, gives
the following description: "It is supposed
that the title "Blue IJeard" became a family
name, just as the descendants of the orig
inal iirown (so styled mi account of his
peculiar tint), were all Browns. It was in
cumbent on any -claimant to the title to
show a strain of blue in his hair; this was
considered a sullicient proof of his de
scent until such time as the growth of his
beard should put all doubt out of the ques
tion. The claims of the seventh repre
sentative of the "Blue Beard" family wvre
nearly invalidated by a remarkable dis
covery, which, however, must have leen
hushed up by the parties most interested,
as the heir, naturally beardless at twenty
one years of ago, remained in the enjoy
ment of tho enormous property that had
been gradually accumulated by his an
cestors. In this instance the history of
the celebrated progenitor of the race re
peated itself in almost every particular,
and the question ns to whether he was
the rightfiU heir or not was by order of
tlie king lelt to tie decided by tlie growtli
of bis beard." The sale of reserved seats
for Ulne litanl and the other operas will
commence on Tuesday morning, Decem
ber 2oth.
Charlotte Thompson,
At l.eut,nos theater last evening
(Jnet)ia, bv J. K. lillolson, the author of
The J'lanler' Wife, was presented, with
Miss Charlotte Thompson in the title rale.
the play is new in .Memphis, and the
opening act gave no promise ot a
drama, really delightful in many re
spects, which followed. The plot
is a triljo French' and strained, but
taken as a hole, (Jumia is quite accept
able, and in such good hands as tht of
.Miss ihompson and her troupe, is lar
above mediocre. There is more than one
scene so strongly drawn ns to rivet the at
tention and excitethestrongestsympathy.
Miss Thompson, as usual, gave complete
satisfaction. Iu i;uj,a ahe has little room
for tho display of thj Iigli4,er vein
in which she appears so charmingly,
as it requires all the capacity she
has l'o tiffi expression of passion, and
that ol the stnnyent nature. Mr. Oeorge
Learoek's "Sir Walter Huntington" was
acceptable. "Florence Nightingale Fletch
er," in the hands of Miss Km ma Hickley,
was warmly recoiveii. Miss Hickley is a
Jj-'-iii, sprightly actress, and mates an ex
eeifent stage "Ul'awiee. J. L.Woodcr-
son. the coined an oi ..Vr olB'-"'
to make liiinselt" quite interesting aa
Henrv Wilkins. Miss Olga Brandon's
"Alii St. Clair" did not. set t)ie audience
on lire, ami J. Hermans i.oru iiunung
ton" was a stiff, mechanical, jack-in-the-box
performance. The balanctof the cast
were up to requirements. Jane Eyre at
matinee ami (Jiurua again to-night.
Now York, lorember 2!. Tho Stock
Kxrhanjre remain! oicu on tlie .Mtb anil Mt in
stant. Now York, IVvomUor 21. Tho snow
this nturntnjr riuuily interfered with. travel and
trutlii'. Iho mail are delayed.
Now York, loromlor 21. President
Arthur remained in his room to-d;iy, receiving
only a few M' the many callers.
Jackson. Miss.. Porember 21. Gov.
I.owry hit a granted a respite fr thirty dwy to
Lane. adorel, icnteiiecd to le banged at
lt'illinf rrk to-day.
Now York, IVremlter 21. The dry
rood" and cotton merchant and banker have
ata'ed to tlie Sinkinie i'und CotniuisMtrntir for
an tneien ft! the water mim1.
Akron, Ala., PevemlHT 21. The north
bound New i'l'lean? ex?re" train on the Alabama
aud tireat Southern railroad i. reported to have
t truck a hn-ken rail near here la.t niirht, derail
ing the Pulluiita tileei-er w hieh rolled down the
euihnukiiietit. Jaturtt Lyneb, of Cincinnati, was
b.idly injured-
Vtu v. X. Y., Peoeinbor 21. The Wont
Shore railroad diseharced lte"0 laborer. wvre
lru"tc and beat f vuum .revenlin the men from
I hi.i.n Ysiii itii, Pa., IVoemlieril. The
rilltnc-iiiilU of telannton. Smith A i'u. and the
ll'lltd;.yliuift lrtn and Nail Company have nbut
down, on aeeount ol lack t' order.
PiTTstu mi, Pa., lHHembor 21. TIte re-
Itorl' of a reneral Ptrike of the emive of the
'ill-burn and Western railroad are mifonndel.
Tr:iiu re ruuniug a ukuI and with full rrt-w.
.sr. l.oi is, IVceinlMTl. Oonion. l'ar
V.r .V Tu.t millr have assign?!. Ltabililica,
l"l.i'- tlHMUi. Liaiiilitirs clnofly id
io Orlc-tn atut Sparta,
New Youk, IV-ceniber 21. The business
failuiva for the laM HTfQ day. a iriMrtl by
K'teirraeh to It. I). lMin lo. V mercantile aavnry,
numl.vr for lie In tint SlU X1 : lor i'auaala and
the lnvin-oi. forty -iw.
Nasuvii.i.k, IVeemlier 21. if. Jacobus,
try rott, failcl ..r tKl.llil; urtrtt. 1 '...
W oolf Traub. aaniitllcU . I.ialilitiea, 911.1111; aa
art. JaiiiiMt. k Miller, at llellbnckle,
faileni. bialnliiifn, $l,m; ificu, tK'ni. A.
Jordan, at Milan, Teun., failed. Liauilitiei.
lc,l; im. lil.laa.
Grau MrKeaile HrimtJ III.
Ciiicaoo, Decern Iter 21. The statement
havin? been published to the ctl'ect that
en. Ii. 8. McKcnzie, commanding the
DiMrict of Texas, being in (ailing health,
contemplated retiring from the service,
Ailjutaut-tieneral W illiams is authority
lor the statement that ien. McKenzie is
aick, and owing to that fact has been tem
porarily relieved from command at Han
Antonio. The details of his sickneta are
not iuon n.
ntaJUlaihbd ifff n pr f Idawn.
liaAFTos, AV. V., December fiX. Tar
Ur auuttii a colored barber, qharrejletf
with a mvlatto, ticorce Mcltanieis, ' in liia
shop hut iiIif, 'V atabljo.l him to the
heart W illi a pair of (rimtora. )i;I)auil
diivl in five niimijes. tmijUMtapud.
Pat. Ifxct!s Cough Balni ia a Btiro
cure for croup. It will ueyer lajl.
What Saufa Clans is liIiir About This
Time His Reasons Tor Beliiir
The Worry and Trouble He Has in
Selecting- Presents 1o Please
All Tastes.
Some of Hie Thousands of Pretty Thing
In fbe Various Shops and
Their Cost.
Santa CJlans is still busy buying pretty
thinex kir Christmas stockings. He has
quite a variety to select from, and is often
at a loss as to wliat to bny. The jolty old
gentleman wore an expression of concern
and annoyance on his face yesterday when
seen by ah Appeal man, sitting in a sky
light and looking up at the leaden sky.
""I am afraid I shall have to wear my
rubber coat," said the little fellow, putting
hard at his pipe. "Great privation not to
be able to travel around in fur. And then,
there's the mud, too. If it would only
snow, how cosy it would be. If this keeps
on I'll have to put up my sled and travel
around in a cart. Christmas is not Christ
mas without a snow-storm. 15ut it will
rain; I feel sure of it!'! concluded the lit
tle fellow.
"You do not seem as cheerful as usual,"
said tlie reporter.
"So ! you think I have a nice, easy time,
do you ? Itasselas would have received the
usual consolation bad lie questioned me.
This is no nice, soft, easy job 1 have, I can
tell you. There is more worry about it than
in any other business iu the world. First,
there's the weather; it is always bad. And
then, people will be envious."
"What, you have time to see that and
you let it worry you?"
"How can I help it. Oh, I hear things
that make my ears burn. I could get
along if I were not expected to
give presents to anyone over three
years old. To see how glad the little fel
lows are when they wake and find the
pretty things is enough to warm an old
heart. But I cannot confine myself to
them. Nobody gets so old that they do
not expect me. And the great trouble is
that if I till a man's sock one year he
hanga up his breeches the next. And
some of the big girls do have such aw
fully long stockings! I wish everybody
wore socks, and short ones at that. Then,
I am no prophet," this shocking old man
went on. "I can't tell whether my pres
ents will be appropriate or not. It 1 were
to give coal to all the poor and diamonds
to all the rich, I might hit it all around,
but the supply of both of these precious
stones would soon run out. If I gave all
the young ladies sealskin sacques and all
the young men embroidered slippers,
there would be too much monotony in the
outside appearance of thing and the seals
would run out.
"What troubles vou most just now, San
ta?" "Well, between von and I, my sled is
not more than half full, and I .am having
as much trouble to finish my load as I
had to get thee things together. Now,
there's that old crank down on Vance
street that ought to have something, and,
for the life of me, I don't know w hat to
give him except a bootjack. I think that
would have a moral eil'ect. lie is so hor
ribly profane, you know. Next to him
is an old maid, and they are mighty
devilish touchy, you know. Now, if I give
her a book of poems and there's one word
in it making fun of single ladies over
thirty, there'll be a row. If I give her a
bonnet or a dress not gny enough for
sweet sixteen she will pull her kitty's
ears. And 1 don't want to make her
ridiculous by making her such a present.
Guess I'll give her Paradise Lout, after all."
Here the little man fell into such a tit of
laughter that it was necessary to Blap him
on the back. When he got his breath he
managed to say, "Wlin whrl di vou think
she wants me to do'.' W!-.v. i !,. impering
old gal wants me to t.uu- a pair of
slippers she's making for some old
bachelor, sour as vinegar got the pattern
from a ginger-cake, I guess, and she's got
'em embroidered on the toes what do
you think 'Sweet forget me not.' Hor
rible, isn't it? Some of the things I have
in my sled, sent by all sorts of people
to other sorts of people, would
make you laugh if I were to show
them to you. Now there's a pair of silk
suspenders for Scales, who has sjent half
of his life stopping to hitch up his
breeches; an ivory-backed prayer-book
for that old sinner Cook, who is very pious
on the outside but tilled chuck full of
sulphur and brimstone; a gold tooth-pick
for Spruce Mills, who washes his ivories
in the bowl every morning of his life: a
gold-headed cane for a man who has
enough to supply all the dudes in Christen
dom ; a pair ot skates lor a little fellow
who has been ill and confined to his bed
for months; a cravat-pin for Belford,
who never wore a collar in his life:
an accordeon for a ipan whose neighbor
has a stiotgun r a sealskin cloak for Mrs.
Primrose, whose husband bought it out of
his employer's pockets to keep peace in the
family; a slipper-case for Bill Jones, who
has been to bed with his boots on every
nicht for six months to my certain knowl
edge; a work on evolution and nrehistoric
man, for Tyler, who never read -anything
except the Police AWcn; a diamond neck
lace for a young woman who never owned
a silk dress since she was born.
"Nice, appropriate gifts."
"Wait till I finish. Now there's Judge
Haddcn. He gets a sand-box with six
very spry figures. Sunset Cox also sends
nun a copy ot l) hy lie JawiIi. Secre
tary I'ullen ill recti ve an exhaustive
work on 'i low to Pay a City Debt.' Chief
llayjs will' get an elegant jvory-handled re
volver, warranted fo hit a fiarn at fivp
steps; Justices Smith and Slaughter will
will receive copies of the last musical pro
duction, In the Street liy-anl-Biihai
men i ought not to be telling you these
things. But I am growing old, and my
tongue sometimes gets the better of my
judgment " Just thjnk of it, one thousand
eight hundred and eighty-three years old
next Tuesday. Don't seem to me I am so
old. l teel just as young as I ever did,
and yet there are people who declare I
won t last much longer. A fellow said I
would last long'after people had forgotten
why it fs that 1 celebrate' Christmas. Que
scamp said I van an old fraud, and ought
to be locked up for playing so n)cli ras
cality and breaking things all up regul&r-
Iv bur-y?ar aml rcaU.v 't does seem to
m snnietimes "rta great many people
feel very bad on my account-.- I can't get
around to everybody, you know. There
are so verv, very many people who live
in out-of-therway places. I can't get to
those vhol3 nt;t haye cifiini-. And
then some of the chimneys ' ae s
cold that it would freeze me to go down
into them. I can't stop my sled at all the
nooks and crannies into which people crawl
to loej) at night in old open sheds, door
steps, enipiv jjarrels, the wharf or on piles
of straw. . People ougj.t jjot to expect it
of mo," concluded the old man, petulant
ly, as he blew a shrill whistle, jiihi-ed
into his sled and tjx.il wav.
The number of new and pr;ttv books
for children is astonishing, anil every
child should get at least one hook a year,
of course illustrated. In dolls there ia any
varietr to choose from, and a lady last
week bought her little daughter a colored
doll and flaxen-haired one, lecause the
child was continually complaining that
she couldn't phiy house unless she had a
servant. " "
Printing presses, velocipede, cornet,
skates, etc., are shown in any variety, and
suits the older boys nicely. " A very pret
ty present to give a handy boy is a scroll
saw, costing from $1 to $4.
The large variety of vases, bronzes, fancy
mirrors, writing trtjcjt a. statues, lambre
quins, valances, jewelry n4 what not,
which are suitable for presents tor ladieo,
both young, old and middled-aged, gives
plenty to choose from. .
A lovely set of china of pure white, with
a delicate tracery of leaves, can be bought
for 1"), ami a very pretty set of fortv-two
pieces for $S.
ery itainty little Japanese teaHfts can
bo bought from lifty cents up. Thev last
for years and always look nice. Tlie tea
can le drawn In th,m. A handsome one
can be purchased tor seventy-dye inU,
with a pretty Japanese tea-stand.
A husband o'r suitor who has $10 to
sire for a gift for his lady-love had liest
purchase her an ivory toilet set, contain
ing a mirror, comb, brush, glove-stretcher,
nail brush, pen-knife, etc., and all in a
beautiful leather or plush box lined with
In jewelry, slender bracelets, set with
pearls or tortoise, rings and pretty lace
pins are shown in every variety. A set of
filigree silver jewelry is exceedingly pret
ty, and costs from $4 up.
A young lady will appreciate a beaver
fur cape and muff, which are at present so
fashionable. A verv elegant set can be
purchased for $2o. Material for a black
silk dress would also be acceptable. In
choosing one do not get too heavy a cord,
or the silk will cut easily.
Hie uruws, said a learned professor
whom the reporter consulted, "according
to the author of T!w Symbolical Lcnpunjie
of" Ancient AH and Mythology, pretended
that 1 they derived their oracular re
sponses from the oaks of the sacred grove,
which, being the largest and strongest
vegetable products of the North, were em
ployed oy me vemc nations as symbols of
the auprc-uie God, whore primary emana-
H,n )) ywrati ve spirit aeeuia to have been
signilteiVby fiaai iphjjMne which grew
from its bark, and, as It were, t;iiimitud
from its suMance, whence probably
uie iJie sanctity attributed to tlie plant.
"Ivy, an, w'aa sacred to Bacchus, and
was used at the Dionysian love feasts. An
Aftljer naine for Bacchus wa Rissos, which.
also ia the ivy, hut whether our custoni of
kiasing under the mistletoe ia a relic of
kimos and the A gap:e doesn't matter in
the least.
"Bird lime, it is siirniu-ant to lserfe,
is made from thalterries oi the mistletoe,
whence the same word signilir-s in (ireek
lioth mistletoe and binl-lime. How inanv
a luckless human bin! has Ihcii 'liniei!'
under the mistletoe at Christinas. Nime
authorities refer the kissing custom to a
theory that the mistletoe was the forbidden
tree iu Kden. The plant was also used in
reiigiouscereinonies by tlie Persian masri."
At Las Vegas 'anHima; ireat F.xeite-mrnt-TtaeTcwa
Turned Into a
Mining Camp.
Topeica, Ks., lecember 21. Advices
from Ijw Vegas, N. M., indicate great ex
citement among the citizens withregaidto
the late gold discoveries. Gold is said to
have been found in paying quantities on
a lot at Hot Springs, owned by R promi
nent resident of Topeka, a few days ago
by two miners employed to assist in ex
cavating the ground for a new $100,000
courthouse. Next morning they were
up with the lark, staking out
a mining . claim in the court-yard,
and now the hills and valleys around
and near Vegas are all swarming with ex
cited gold-seekers, many of whom meet
with success. F.ight business men formed
a company, purchased an interest in the
court-yard, and will try to develop it. A
few years ago Klizabethtown, near Las
Vegas, (bad a population of 5000 gold
miners, and for a number of years a com
pany engaged in hydraulic mining had
taken out $50,000 annually. There is no
doubt as to the presence of" gold in a pay
ing quantity. The city of I as Vegas is a
mining camp, even ladies being found
among the prosjiectors. Some Colorado
capitalists are already on the ground in
vestigating the extent and richness of the
Endeavoring to Keep Out of the Reach
of the I'nlte! Mtmtes t'onrls.
Kansas Citv, December 21. Frank
James passed through this city this morn
ing en route from Gallatin, in charge of the
sheriff of Daviess county. Atlndepend
ence he was delivered into the custody of
his bondsmen in this county, in accord
ance with the order of the Gallatin court.
This afternoon he came here and acknowl
edged service on a warrant charging him
with robbing a United States paymaster at
Mussel Shoals, Ala., in 1882. A motion
was made before Judge Crebsa, of the
United States Court, in Chambers, for the
delivery of the prisoner in custody of his
bondsmen, on the grounds that the State
prosecutions must be disposed of befoie
the trinl in the Federal Court. The Court
deterred a decision until to-morrow. In
the meanwhile, he will admit the prisoner
to temporary hail in SiOOO, and to-night
James is at home with his family, at the
residence of his wife's father, near Inde
pendence. O'DOXXELL'S CASE.
Why den. I'ryor Did Not Take a Promt.
- nent Part.
New York. December 21. Edward
Moran, the New York lawyer who was
employed by Patrick Ford, of the Irih
World, early in November to go to Indon
to ascertain why Gen. Fryor had not be
come more prominent in the O'Donnell
case, makes a long rejort, in which he
states that he found Pryor had been un
able to become as thoroughly identified
therewith as he or his American clients
could wish, by reason of the adverse feel
ing among the people, although the En
glish counsel were willing the general
should appear in the trial prominently.
The corresiondence between counsel rela
tive to Pryor's connection with the case
has been anticipated in these dispatches.
lie Pleads the Uantolins Art to Earape
the Payment of Irnta.
New York, December 21. The suit
which hits been brought bv the Trades
men's National Bank against (Jen. James
Longstreet to recover op two promissory
notes amounting to 4"00, made by l.ong
street in New Orleans in 1SS2, resulted in
a verdict for the plaintiff. The defense
claimed that the notes were given in a
transaction which was in the nature of a
wager and was rrot a valid contract. The
transaction was a fictitious purchase and
sale of cotton through a New Orleans
agency at the order of Iongstreet.
Tom Ruford Nald to I.oohuc for
Them With m Hholgnn.
Lot'iMvii.LK, December 21. TKere is
considerable excitement in the vicinity of
the State capital over the report that Tom
Buford, who murdered Judge I'.lliott a
few years since, is in that section of the
State. He escaped from the insane asylum
and it is impossible to snv where he is.
The killing of Elliott was prompted bv
a decision of the Court of Appeals adverse
to Buford. Now that Buford's mania is
to right that wrong, a he terms the de
cision, the other judges are uneasy lest
Buford suddenly appear at the capital and
proceed to get justice witq his shotgun.
( olomlilf r Oat In a 4'ard Explaining the
Bernhardt Row.
Fakir, December 21. Marie Colombier
has written a letter to the Figaro, saying
she regrets writing the Memoir of Snrah
Harnum, because the book caused such a
discussion. She declares Bernhardt was
wrong in supposing herself to be the
imaginary Heroine alluded to in tlie book.
Colombier continues:' "Neither her dag
ger nor horsewhip, nor the cutlass of
Kichcpin touched me. Concealed behind
a vindow-curtain I witnessed all that
passed. Kichcpin wounded one of uiv
friends, who was endeavoring to prevent
li nn entering my apartments. Bernhardt
never cqtn plained about iny book until in
judicious friends prompter lipr tq'dq so."
The commission apjxmitcd by Congress
to investigate the railway mail service and
recommend a more complete system of
gauging rates ot pay tor carrying mails on
railroad routes, have completed their re
port, which will be transmitted to Con
gress by the Postmaster-General.
The Remain, of the Members or the
Jeannette expedition
Ikkctsk, December 21. TTio remains
of De.Ixng and others of the Jcannetta
arctjc expedition' ft'rfive' here.' 'The re
mains were borne in' procession through
tlie city toilay, escqrted by a detachment
ef troops. A iiiultitude of people joined
the cortege. Many wreaths wore placed
upon the coffins, and printed copies of the
poems describing tlie exploits and un
happy end of the party were distributed
among the crowd. The remains will le
taken to America.
1 tr)QHC's Perfume, Edenia.
tundborjf'i' 'Jftr.uuw, Mrcchal Kiel
Rose. "
I.nndlwrg's Perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lundborg's Perfume, Lily of the Valley.
Harder! Manned.
Q'nms-GS, Tex., December 21. Taylor
was' hanged here tc-day for the murder
and outrage of jrsl'Ciappcl, jn August,
IS.?'-. Taylor inveigled the' omart Chap
pel Into a field and assaulted and outraged
her. She threatening exposure, Taylor
deliberately threw her on the ground.
stabtied her twice In the neck and then
cut her throat. When the scene was vis
ited by officers, Sarah Cliappel s body
was discovered hidden in a water-hole,
and in addition was found the lifeless
body of a Bix months infant. On taking
tha woman's remains from the water
another lityi infant came to light, showing
a triplicate murder!
"My wife's three years nervous afflic
tion," says the Kev. J. A. Edie, of Beaver,
Pa., "was cored by .Samaritan AVrrirtf."
$1 50 at druggists.
Ht. .! nd the Rational Democratic
St. Lofis, December 21. An adjourned
meeting of citizens to-day further perfected
the preliminary steps to obtain the hold
ing of the National Democratic Conven
tion in this city. An executive commit
tee of thirteen representative men was ap-
oiiueu iu ttiKc cnarye ti tiie niauer. auu
a large finance committee chosen to raise
funds to defray the expenses of the con
vention, in case jt js helil here. A com
mittee wili be sent'to 'thai nem meeting of
the National 1 eiuocratic Committee to
urge the selection of St, Louis as the place
to hold the convention.
Axootm-RA Bitters is known as tlie
great regulator of the digestive organs all
over the world. Have it in your house.
Ask your grocer or druggist for the genu
ine article, manufactured by Dr. J. G. B.
Siegert A Sons. .
Brooklyn Xcw Ena-lnnd Hoetety Dlaaw,
Nkw Yor.K, December 21. At the fourth
annual dinner of the Brooklyn New Eng
land Society to-night, '"250 were present.
Among the guests were President Arthur,
tjen. Grant and Henry Ward Beecher.
Ir yon have a cough, tore throat or bad
cold, use Dr. Duncan's Cough Balsam. It
will cure yon.
ratal ly phot fcy Servant fclrl,
Nkw York, December 21. ljilie Suniat,
daughter of a wealthy liquor dealer, was
probably fatally allot last night by tSarah
Clancy, "a servant of the family. Lillie
went to the kitchen to attend to some
household duty. Soon after a pistol shot
was heard and she found lying on the floor
unconscious, with a ballet wound below
tha right eye. It is thought the shooting
was accidfj'uul. TUe aarvant lias disap
peared. Dyspspw and indigestion cured by Dr.
Duncan's Liver and Kidney Medicine. ..
('ohcIu!1mi of the Trial of Edwant for
Viilln? Young Koberts at Kerr
tIUp, In This County.
The Result of a Difficulty t'ansed by
ilie Betrayal of a Iieantirnl
' Yaiiii? Woman.
The Jary, C'ha.-ged by Judge Jreer at
Conquerable Length, Retire With
All the Evidence.
The Edwards-Roberts murder case was
argued at considerable length yesterday
by the attorneys on either side. The pros
ecution opened with a three-hour siieech
Dy Air. !-. 1. eokley. Gen. Luke Wright
for the defense, followed with a four-hour
address. Col. Gantt, also for the defense,
spoke nearly as long, and was followed bv
the attorney-general. 1 he trial has attract
ed crowds daily. All the evidence against
nouens nas already been given in the Ap
peal. The cause o'f the dillicnltv the se
duction of Miss Ligon was not brought
out on the trial, Judge Oreer deciding that
it was. incompetent. Argument was fin
ished .at a late hour last night, and the
Courts delivered an able and exhaustive
After the judge had exnlained the ln-
generally of murder and manslaughter, of
self-defense, reasonable doubt and wcigh
: ..:.i i. i . i. t ii e
i"B cwucuce, iib sam: n ionotvs li'om
these general instructions of the Court
that if you believe from the evidence, be
yond a reasonable doubt, that in the coun
ty of Shelby, and before the finding of
this indictment, the defendant and lioberU
had been quarreling on the dav if Kob
erts's death in the town of Kerrville; that
both had been armed at one such meeting;
that the defendant lived about one mile
from Kerrville; that Itoberts lived on the
same road.- about 200 or 300 vards from
said town ; that after the meeting m which
both are armed that defendant went to his
home; that about three or four hours after
this return defendant came back to Kerr
ville ; that he then carried a shotgun ; that
he returned to the said town with the
formed design of killing lUiberts. or that
after his return to said town he deliber
ately formed such design ; that in accord
ance wun sucn uesign tlie delendant met
liobcrts; that Koberts at such time wa3
making no ell'ortto kill or do areat bodilv
liarra to defendant; that defendant had no
reasonable ground to believe himself
at that particular time in danger of
death or great bodily harm at the hands
of Uoberts, that tiie defendant then shot
said Koberts with said gun; that the re
sult of said shooting was the death of
Koberts in a few moments thereafter, then
you will convict the defendant of murder
in the lirst degree. Or, it yen believe
from the evidence, lieyoml reasonable
doubt, that the defendant .returned to
the town of Kerrville with no premedi
tated design to kill Roberto, but that he
had armed himself and returned to tlie
town willing and readv to renew thHr
quarrel if they met, ami' you then believe
uiey aiu meet; that Jvlwards shot Jiolierts
whilst in no danger from him at that nnr-
ticular time, or that he had no reasonable
ground to lielieve himself iu danger from
Koberts at that particular time; that this
shot was tired by Edwards with the pre
meditated design of killing Kolierts; that
this occurred in Shelby county, before the
inuicimum, sun mis would lie murder iu
the first degree. - If, however, you do not
lielieve the defendant had a premeditated
design to kill Koberts at the time it Is said
he killed him, and you ho believe from
the evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt,
that Itoberts and Edwards had a quarrel
on this day; that thev met for
the third time lale in the afternoon:
that at the time of this meeting Edwards
shot and killed Kolierts, when he had no
reasonable ground to believe himself in
danger of death or great bodily harm from
Koberts. and that he was not in such ilhn
ger; that the shooting by Edwards was
done in malice, as already explained to
you; that this occurred iti Shelby countv,
ucw": me iiutuiig mi luiiieimeni, iiieu
you will convict ef murder in the second
degree. If, however, you believe the de
fendant had neither a premeditated de
sign to kjURoberts, nor malice toward him,
and yet you believe from the evidence, be
yond a reasonable doubt, that the defend
ant in Shelby county, before this indict
ment, in sudden anger, brought alKiut by
a reasonable provocation given him by
Koberts, such anger being of that character
as to cause defendant to lose that control
over himself pos.ses.sed by an -ordin-1
ary prudent man, that he then
shot and killed Koberts while in
no danger of death or great bodily harm
from Itoberts at the particular time of their
then meeting, or that he had no reason
able ground to believe himself in such
danger, then you will convict the defend
ant of voluntary manslaughter. If, on the
other hand, you believe from the evidence
that on several occasions prior to the day
of Roberts's killing ho had threatened tho
life of Edwards, that Edwards knew of this,
that on this particular day Koberts had re
peated these threats and made several at
tacks on Edwards; that Roberts had armed
himself, saying he would kill Edwards;
that these threats and this condition of be
ing armed existed all of that dav; that
when the fatal meeting took place, and
immediately precedingthe fatal shot, Kob
erts had a pistol in his right hand ; that lie
made an effort to pre-.ent tl.io pthtc.1 at
Edwards, or that he advanced to meet
Edwards with said pistol in his hand, or
his hand in his pocket where a pistol was,
in a threatening manner as if about to at
tack him ; or that he created this belief in
Edwards's mind, and that Edwards had
reasonable grounds to believe that he was
in danger of being shot at that time by
Koberts, and that Edwards, acting umje'r
an honest at;i well-founded belief of sad.
danger, tires and kills I'.oficrts, then j-6u
would acquit him. Tho threats made by
ItolH'rts, his being armed, the previous
difliculties of Edwards and Roberts, the
character of Edwards for peace and qui
etude, are all circumstances for the jury to
consider as to whether Edwards was" in
danger of being shot by Itoberts at the
time it is said he fired, or for tho purKse
of considering whether Edwards had a rea
sonable ground to believe himself in such
danger at the time of said alleged shooting.
i ou can, uuuer me outy von Have sworn
to discharge, w hen you are passing on
this defendant's guilt or innocence, have
neither sympathy nor prejudice. It is
yonr solemn duty, after impartially w eigh
ing all tho evidenue in the case, after con
sidering tho arguments which have been
made, after carefully applying the law to
the facts, to return such " a verdict into
court as truth demands and justice dic
tates. TlIE onlv lioilrcnmnofonttrh .l..t.1n oc .a
j -.--.j. .v ... .v.v .i.vj a in
the best brand of baking powder now be
fore the public is the community of huno
keenera. And aa it is pnniWail t,at
keepers, with great unanimity, prefer Dr.
i me s vreain rHKing i owucrs overall
competing products, after twenty years'
trial, there is no appeal from tliat decision.
Jonrnaliatie rhangeaatNt. Loot.
eceifloer ai. i l;e salu is an
nounced ot a one-half interest-in the St.
Louis Miller and St. Louis (Wmcrefaf tin-
zetu, tlie leading eommorclal and milling
journals of the Mississippi Valley, to C.
K. Reifresiieider, late business manager
oi me jge oj mm, who, with . II. Stone,
one of the founders of both papers, will
conduct them in the future. The Com
mercial Gazelle will be changed to the Mid
land Induntrial Gazette, and will be run in
the strictest sense as a manufacturing
journal. Roth papers wiil be remodeled
and improved, to meet modern ideas.'
A f'aae Xot Beyond Help.
Ir. M.t. Hinsdale, Kcmwm, III., advivji na
of a remarkable rare of eon.ainplion. He say a:
"A neiithbor'a wife area attacked with riolent
tuna disease, and pronounced beyond belp from
quick consumption. At a lant resort th liimily
wa lrra;;rdt.jtrrlr. Wm. iia.ia u.nt.ain n.r
tbel.uur. Te Rte tunieiiiant of alh by die
tune the had ttaed one-half doren botUea. 'be waa
about the houw dolnz her own work. I aaw her
at her worn, and had mi idea the could recover."
raale at a Vnaeral.
Mh-waikkk, Wis., December 20. At
Princeton TpatAnlnv ui t-nn -.. n..,i
children gathered in a church to attend
the funeral of Mrs. Mclntyre. As the peo
ple arose to their feet in rpsr.ojjse to a fea
ture ol the service, Uie'tloor gave way. A
panic ensued. The people were dumped
into the cellar in a heap. The broken
furnace poured forth volumes of smoke,
adding terror to the scene. The floor had
given way so as to form a V, and in th.i
center were piled people and benchet in
discriminately. No one was dangerously
hurt, although many were painfully crash
ed. The corpse was gotten out of the debra,
BATTIER On Tharada jr. Deeaaiberai. 1S, at
R eloek j.b., Robskt oiTTiu, ia toa fiftieth
year of his aa?e.
-, "nil take place from his lata eesldenee.
Jo. ;M Mulberry street, this (ATl KDAVi aasra
in at 10 o'clock. Friends invited to attend.
TAKKIRK-Friday, Deeeabar a, ISO, at S:B
clock a.m.,Tos Vi.mibs, aired thirtr-aerea
Jaara. Bnok4a Mpn pleas copy,
Faneral fro as rasidenet, Ne. 10 Adams street,
gOnVVtfJfORV-n'ltat loo'eloelr.
No. F. AXD A.M. Will Beet in
apveisi eoarisaaiioa, at lsaernaee.
some Tempi, this tSATt K1JAY) airht Vaf
at Ho elvek, for work in I be Kojra) Areh' w
JJears. VUiliaa-eom nan ions fraternally invited,
f ' r, ? "ATIHJiwI. H.P.
Jua I), rfrmt. Recorder;
ftTv- fLMO COM.MAKr.ERY, No. 15,
M "I ."' mrm ,n special eoaelare. i
'.ATl,Ho''.Tl,, u,i wi-vV
l KI'A ) nirht. at T .3Uo clock, to aaake XaTV
ftaal arraa&wDu.nts fur tb. reception aud w
iutectaiBmeat of Kaaoaa Oity Comnandery
.vy resident snenber of this Comaiaodery
mawted aad xpactrd to be present. t'MlrM
dress By order O. V, rAmJJAI I, K.
K. A. kuusa. Recorder.
j u D b
At Kremcr's Clearing Sale !
Fine Cloak!
Halt Price At Krpuier's Clearing Sale.
I. jo ns Sslk lresM!
Half Price At Kremer'a Clearlusr Sale.
Paris Bonnet !
Third Price At Kremer'n Clearing Sale.
Klegant Velvet Dress !
Half Price At Kreiner's Clearing Sale.
$5 Counter!
Bronze (ioods,nt Kreiuer's Clearing Sale
ECuHshui Circular !
Half Price At Kreiner's Clearing Sale.
Dress Combinations!
Half Price At Kreiner's Clearing Sale,
1 Articles on
5c Counter At Kreiner's CleaiiugSale.
75c Artic.es ou
50c Counter At Krenrer's Clearing Sale.
T1I.K.TRO VOLTATO HEI.T, and other Kutcnw
A ArrLlAKCEa. Wo will send on Thtrtr
Trial. TO MKN, YOVNO OR OU. who are aufferin
from Nwjtots 1fbilitt, Lost Vitality, and thow
diM-i&ses of a 1iuvwk At. Katfiui rrnltiiatr front
A;sm and Other CuaiM. Hpeotir relief and com
plete rov to rmtlon to Hkalth, Vigom and Makikvid
Ouakavtbrd. beBdatonrwforllluinratodl,aiupl.lv
free. Addretn
Voltaic Belt Co., Harsh all, Mica
rpilEUK i? nothing like thcin rxtant. Tli.u-1-
famis have bren ajtiiiislied at tbeir magical
effect in eliminntiiiE the effrto or noru-mit mat
ter of the py&tciQ and petting ui a normal or
healthy action in all necrctnry anil excretory or-
pauii, irouucii a healthy and lively equilibrium
in the life current and nervovirial fluid. This
medicine at once lifts the mind and ppiritji from
gloom and foreboding- evils to hie and vivacity
of Mnritu: the eves that were sun ken and sorrow -
fill, to their wonted luflor; the wan cheek to
roso tint again. Thousands have taken the I'iiU
and born restored to perfect health, who hud dea
Iaired of ever getting well.
For all of the following dicaFe they are une
o.ualcd, and a trial will convince the niot skepti
cal, via : I'rolaimun I teri. I'ytiinenorrhea, or
Painful Menstruation ; heucorrhca. or l-'luor Al
hn? ; Amenorrhea, or uopresMon or non-ai-aneorance
of the Mender, po common in the
young temule: I Ice ration of the Ltcrus and its
ahiKMidaxct? : Hysteria. Conv uleiona aripiiiK from
tterine A fleet ion i ; Cittarrh of the li ladder, Kid
ney lifeac all Mucous InflammHtionn or
Abntfliona, littpnired Health from Child bearing
or UIPIIIK, tllVUUlUt.l.-'lll, JjH or A-M risen, ruiiu-
lencv. ravel, etc. Ladies nd;anped in venrs.hv
tiring these Pills, as tbo critical btage, change
iu lite, in afty mid without pain.
!,.. i . II. Ill (i UKV in an old practicing physi
cian, and hiiYingniadefeinalcdieeafit a epocialty
ir iiiiMtv veiirs, and havinr ued the.-o Pills in
hi." oraclie and thoroughly tested theiu in all the
difre.e for which thoy are recommended, you
way be Manured they are no iitnck nostrum-
They are ummrpaed a an AL.TEKAHVE or
LI V tit PILL. v
Prlre of Itox 4'oiititlniitK 1'llln.. M OO
rlre of Itox 4 outlining 2.) I'ilU ... GO
One Pill bein,? a dose, thoy are much cheat er
than ordinnry Pi I If, which require from two to
lour at a do?o, or of liriuid preparations which re
(fuire a tiibTcs ioonful, and contain only aboqc
Ttt KSTv or T w RSTY-r iv k doses in a imm.MH rott j.k.
t juu i-nau"i nuiaiu urtr i Mia ill )t'iir n .
address the undersigned, inclosing the price, and
)ou win m-ene uitra ov return mail.
111UUEY KA1SKY (Limited
4tJik.Ia.nfl. Mfa.
For a.le hy drugcigtP generally. At wholesale
by . iN. U lLKr.l.SI A t'O. , Mcmpbi
TORPin nnvAfin
- and MALARIA.
From tlieso sources arlao Urn fourths of
Hie dtseoss of tlio kuuuui race. These
sympiHiu indicate Hieu exiatFiiRctJLoasa
Appatitr, Bowels costive, Kick 11
spirits, a rlio or hnTirg nsultUrt
rtu, t.Ti patios? Bad Ida-
!f,m,J,h3,,5e 0,:''"0"i thnt acJsdlrirtly
?.!ibai,l.Tor' AsaLivi-rmeuioii TCTl' S
J I I.I.S havo no onal. Their action on tho
fc MnejKiinilskin lu'n iirompi ; rcniovlns
t.l lD)tnritln thronsh tliosn ttirae ' srav.
rnjer. ut tha sj slcm," jinxluchut ur-no-t
tj-,80;inl .ligostj,,.,, reifnlr kIoo's. a .'lnr
ssir. :tnu aripoions Ivlv. TITl'lI I ft
J'wl". n;i,!Ta "r c!li" nor aleura
Kb uiiilr wort nml nro a !x rfict "
HZ FEnt3 1,1 MK A KLW Kf
- bJir bail Ih-!pcjwia, vith lonmins.
tlon, two senr? , Rint hnvo iH.-il ton rtincrent
kimU ol lill, unl TtTT'S) ore tiie Crt
tnat lmv Uouo me any ool. TlHry lutva
cleaned we out nicely. My epm llle is
sploudld, food Alccsts readily, and 1 now
Iuve natural pansaaes. 1 fool like a new
man.' W. O. ED WAUDS, Palmyra, O.
eolflersrywIiensSfW). Offire.44 Muiray8t..N.T.
GR4T Hair oi Wuirkpri-. cliiingxl in
sfanuy toaOUUBT Uimck by a slnilo an.
pltcatlpp f thli DTE. Sold by DruKgtsu,
or sent by express on reoeipt of I.
yinc,. aiun-ny mroct, ew Yculc.
5rrr makuai ofhseful riceiit mt.
aelllnt is rntitohle a any asenc y
in the wurltl. )kri reduced half.
CntAliiirii... f.An AiMm..
H. C K. Tl'XfSllN. Atlanta. Gn.
Memphis Fara Rubber Do.
Machine Belting, Packing, Hose,
IrSKlst" and Stationer,' Saudi-lets aud all otlirr Hard
- and Soft Itabber Goods, t
j . .
m. VAfCAao.
A. at Bora.
264 Front St.. cor. Court, Memphis, Teim.
Building and Saviiins
Notice to the Memlhprs and tho
Public at Iii'trp.
The offirert ofthia Ajs.vrlalion beirloHve to
announce that the hint ISeries expires with the
moniu oi tfecemoer. All tiikrrowerF in miu aerief.
who have paid up their due. and intere.-t, will
have their trust deeda natisfied: and all investors
insaidreriea are entitled to two hundred dollar
cah f..reaeh nhare of Un-k thev hold, win. h ill
3e paid on prentatinn of eerlitcate at the ofiice
of the Seerelary. Thia series hujt been in exi
lenee ten yeart and live montun, aud roniuenN
lytbe Association returns two hundred dollar,
for every one hundred and twenty-lire dollars in
vested. The officers of this corporation feel a just pride
in having kept taith with its members snd in
manscinff it affair, honorablv. equitably nnd iu
telliccntly. Thi ia the first Uuildinc Ass.K-ia-tion
ol thia cily which has run any series to its
close, and this is, no doubt, a sufficient it uar.intce
for its futtiremanajreti:ent. The officers of this As
sociation, nearly all of whom were eon necU'd with
it since iu oriruuization. are James S. Kobinson.
President: Kilwant (i...-milh. Treasurer, and
Samuel Hirsch, Secretary, L. A K. l.ihm.ui. At
torneys. This Association issues a Sew Series ever quar
ter, or lour durinc cavh year. The Inst uuiirlcrly
series contains 4i new shares, and shows the
eonf ilence of the public in it. management.
A new series will be opened on the lirst of Jan
uary next, and ull parties desiring shares, as in
vestors or borrower., will applv at the ofiic, of
SAM1 KI, Jtlli.-ifll. Seerelary,
zj .Main street.
Important to Policy-Holders!
Mi-y phis, lecvmWr In, iss;,. f
WPy actum or this lioard, mi extr charge of
one-fourtli of on? xr irnt. ii to ! mnl tor th
usoof ttAsSOLINK STOVKS. TartiM whodc poli
cies ! not allow the U!o of f uth fIovca shoutj
rail on thir company, ry this extra premium,
and gft th privilege lailorseit on their poliry, a?,
without it, thtMr polifipK are vit ly tlieir own
tor ui! . This notice i. given as a iltOTKtTlON
to Policy-Holder,".
Jiy order of the Uonr.l.
II. KUKA, Secretary.
Immense Reduction
ork. where wo bouieht a very large line of
Goods from the assignee of one of the largest Im
porters and .Manufacturers of Millinery tioods,
k we are enabled to oflir the same at
Fifty Cents on the Dollar
OF Tli't' htiJl LAR PRICK.
200 Pattern Bonnets
This a rare opportunity. Don't lose the chance.
20!) Main Street, 0I. foiirl Sun a re.
Furnishing Goods
311 Main, Cor. Monroe.
Nn. ?WTI, H. Chancery Court f 8holby munly
Tu ma K. Jkaly ei al. v. Koa i). IuujiIiUt
3Y virtue of nn interlocutory decree for snlecn
J tered in the above cause on theHth diy of
November, M. H. -:. !aire M7, anl order
oponinff bi.Minif? ot Pcceiiiocr 14, sx, l will fell,
at public auiion, to the hitrh-jt bidder, in front
of the Clerk and M after otfice, courthtUMe of
j?ncioy county, Mcutlii, leno., ou
Kntardny, Deffmb.r MJ, 13,
at 12 o'clock iu tha following described tro
rty. iUui led in th TuxitiK-l'iftrirt of Shelby
uatity. Shelhy county, Tcnn.. to-wit :
A eertain lot fAd to li. T. Kevl by John W.
Todd and C. . (ioyvc, in 1HVJ, recorded in hook
!T, i:iae Hti. and bounded nsfoltown: The Irac
tioiiHl third part uf lot No, To, n Inid donn nnd
numbcri'd n tlte orhcinnl map of Memphi.x : lto
ainnlnaat the ?uthwe-t corner of 1t 7.". wbieh
ix the ijorthwen t torner tf lut 7' upon I runt How ;
running the nee Mmth V IW went with Front How
24 leet and V inehef ; thence eiict i ,Y pmith nnd
pnralltd with Adntnn street 14V.,. teet to tho publie
alley on the eact line of lot To; Ihenee north 9 ,T0'
cat with fnid alley, tlmt beinr the cait bonudnry
line of lot 7i, 24 feet 9 inchc, tlmt heinr the ot.r
ner of lot thence wc.t '.t 3n' norlli blonir the
north boundary line of 14 7i. 11'- te;t to tho be
ainninr. foinirly occupied by puid K. T- Keel an
k'4 fM.rchyiinc, and now occupied aa uch by Ar
burkleA: Kirhardnon.
Terras of dale Vh. Thii Icemhcr 14,
K. A, IU.ACK, Clerk nnd Maater.
By Geo. Mallery, deputy Clark and MaKter.
Vrayjer Scrus, lnton A IMnton, Solieitori.
requested to attend a siteeiat meetinit, at H2
Madison street, this (SATl'ltlJA Y) nfternoon al
4 o'elnefc sharp. PRKNIflKNT
laMT novo
Insurance Notice !
' o0 o
1 ' 8 ryr w ui
aaaaanaaaaaaa '' m m a f A
F-23 s gj Eh g
- - g
1 1 1 r: N j !y O
, M n S w
; a i) Hj
n ixrvMcrrKKiw axd ikai.i:ks i 4
Gamape, Busies, Wagons
Carriage and Wagon Hardware and Material of All Kinds.:
a rn.i, stock or
ddlerj; aad
17d-177-179 MfllH STREET, MEMPHIS.
e:sTAici,i.Mir.i is4i.
- o
5-lb. Box French-Mixed Candy $1 00
5-lb. Box "Pure Broken Homemade" Candy.
OMt MV. Slilii: HI Oil
5-lb. Box Twisted Stick Candy,
oik oww ti tKi: Ml OO
3-lb. Box Extra-Fine French Candy $1 00
l ib. Box Extra-Fine French Candy 35
l ib. Box Pure Stick or Broken Candy,
iio.mi.m aim: 2.
Oranges 35 and 50
Ripe Bananas v 20 and 25
Malaga Grapes
Lemon Peel
- 25
Silver Moon Flour $7 25
Extra Mixed Nui$r . .; 25
Creamery Butter By Express Daily
Maple Syrup, Maple Sugar, Sugar House
Molasses, Oatmeal, Cracked Wheat, Graham
Flour, Figs, Extra-Large Pecans, Almonds.
English Walnuts, Etc., Etc.
, HE &
Leaders in Fine Boots
t'ornrr Alley, MMllf- Pralmily llolrl,
lr1fr from Abrond I'rumpl y K
W refund monar for oda raturoed in
cooa condition.
-4'atalKur aad lrlcI.lat will
be Mobs 1m a appll.
Mil IfliB
KneSpfid Silver Ware!
m o
rl.l IIIU Ll.HE 4F
FlemishJngs,PlaqnestArtistic Brass Goods
larNFfcriox nolicited.
18411 rjEUPffls, mm. 1 1883
f y (looils, iiioos,, Clotliiii
Nos. 326-328 MaJn Street Memphla, Tenn. '
offr to tk trad avow th ajost farorabl Unas. Oar nricM will oap.r famribly with Id
of any maract in lha I nit-d Statf.. Piorlal tTwluvrmTit In faah B,m. .t:l Wyaj A i r
Nuts, Seep Sea Mackerel, California Fruits,
Candy, Shaker Prcservos, Oeni tins Apples,
Citron, Oranges, .. Coooanuts,
Zmon Peel, Orange Peel. Prnnelles.
larness !
vi mm .1 k
Fine Raisins
Extra Bunch Rainins
Seedless Raisins
Orange Peel
& Shoes ,
T(KH 4r
IFlI00' :J

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