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Memphis daily appeal. [volume] (Memphis, Tenn.) 1847-1886, April 14, 1885, Image 4

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iium jwhsjm an .mjKrui 'wiium
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Tailors, Drapers
Wonlil call altenlion (a lliolr SI-.IN and M r.B 81 Ot KB
oriKPOKTKO CLOTHS. lASMJllilES nt Pit irtXl.H, to
lrlKlDS Rll 1P New sad liolee DiU.ns and TfilarM ia Gen
tlcnirn Wear.
aarStovk Larec Frtwa and Varied,
Canned Fruit3 and Vegetables.
t rated, a,!ic?tl a.1 while Finfptlm.
RichitriWo A KtlitH Pearlies, ( bnm
lerV PrnrhcH fir "r'nm. Httlitrnla
Hhite and Yellow Penrrie, Pie Prnobes.
Californt eeiwrins. Pears, Mnsftil
4irape. (Straw berriw. KHwberrleM.
Vreca (iagcs -( l'Jamn, Apricot.
Apnrncu, Mrtns: Kcrdh. Wlnslow's
Crit. Okm nnd 't omittue.; inmpklti.
N Urutl, 6noctlu4, utler'M Touintuen,
Importer, Wholesale and Retail Dealer la
an kind of AmmnnHTOTi. Vine Packet Cutlery,
fofirfor. IVhing Tokle, seines. New. tie. Spe
cially st-ted fne U-itninor''s and Hammer
Outjs. 4ia Mmiu kI., .tt4.ufhift, lean. ian-otftcturi-.g
and repairing done in firsi-cia? u.n-
SHEA & SIcCAETiir, Piopr's,
140, 142, 144 Front St., Kemptus
te 6ouf a. and tha only co pleto Boiler and
6Lc.-Iron Wo-'as ir. ihe ci-.y. .laiiaftie lurM.
or iiruv pijto OT.ork of PTery ar
riia. fcptcr.t at'oCLion ti--tn toplanla-
A. J. VIIlXA & CO.
ililles, Aiiiiuunltloii
No. 317 Mi.iii Streei, 3esap5ils.
"IT?! larffet ard be.ct assortment in tie city.
VTonlJ cn'.l atteotl.-n to their new Roods for
pr4UK and fcnnl!u-r Wear,
of Imported r!nitic; i-omnrisint all the
Lato .t ov.-lt:ca and De.-iiw. which have
arnvel ad are in reiiy lor inspection.
C:U! early.
Corner JorTcraoa and fxcouil sin.
(Suo5E :r to J. G. Scbmid;),
f s r 5SAI5 STUKtrT V.'hole?aTennd rftnil
J .Jeain-v :D (iani, AmiuGiiHioa, FifU
TAclkio, !t-trip heil a-d Amnaci.-ator
Jor Rtne's at-i K-'i nee. Burglar and Fire-Fro-f
i-c.re i and rpa:rei. Klovtnr up
r"';e lirTiTfoab.t: d. ii ming done and wax-
rar- -e4 " --: nnd p-ie-tift.
"I'TTfa JP. f'?'?Vf r;Ti?J
v f r Z- A Ts n.
ni-ivs lis;
T c:'r prc.rtj
-f the f,-i
,! lr":u Men;; i
.. J ; i-..ii,-. A
ll'T.l. hnc '.th
. n.l to it. i. r
... m. l'.
.r witn-'Ut
' in Ar
ic M. L.
and arc
ion i'ill at
n ,t,i.i
U.K.. in dr.
l.iotMir. I IT f'
It .-ot zt.
t :t,'e"
" frame hn?
. .1. iii. .nil..
t .-' r-i
!y t...
HOi E-Vi Ui,
r.iar J:.:e.
J0V'cE-i;;.ie r
i-i street.
ti'T t'tV L r.iine lttr i!ine
0 Ml'
.1 A .M K
A'JHiv Oi-' i. D-No. , va luh;. road,
lor reiit or to ljru on b"e.
W. lit CKAKD,
Twi n.iiw tr ?rn !:-:ijt:.-t ,wn.
lALit CoXIaOE-3o.
A v t -iy T:el d:jr.
,v H uiiy oi ' tr-iut r'U)f, ervond fl "or, tar-
i .r j,r:urnirtu'i ; water privilege ana
j-.rrir I'- -r. TVr.i rot
"70.M AN For h u-ewfrk and '
ehint: at N
iliifliestca'h j.rv-epyid f..r r.id and
r. A. 1. rMi'l'U Jt CO . II . Main.
I . ;i ' ii
"i 0 l i' A.NT- u u 4 Vestmskers at JOUN lll'N-
Iji.-I) I'tMALUC
K Appiy a M". CVhuV,
toiNrnc 'jt .
At i!S ond .rft-
ierai houfew.irk by n.i,l-Adure-s
! D'-"to st.
.T A.-i
CJirtA'i iuN-Todo
dl'--.t. f'l white w-t;
TiY k'K''-li'H' M'.T CO.-
mrt'e lielp in
X3 .ill p;rtr of trie ..untry to di our iiiibt, pleax-
i p;i
ont urU at taa.r i
r iiy mail to any
iree, no ennv i.--in
n e?.rii fri'in 37 V
Tsaiiou add r :; Kt
TTO.f r-T';t. i. -fl li
OC'i IANTr i'-r
. eur-y t-i ie;irn, and any one
p.r-r wek.I r full nitor-
lufiiirl. 1 r'.n
Aifdr.;?- U.
jSD-llAND-Iron f'-r
Addre. 1'- b.
id i'in brMfi"ts.
PAN D A t Mericuiil, on Lcu'.Fville. NewOr-
Ivtii."B.d I2ik iia:lr-l, tt-u s;;od iiardrf
to work in mih j.iw. Apply .litiLCdmte.y at the
fuill. Good wvjige.- pnid.
I'll A NK MiXT'I I.T, Sup't.
AC'ltli.S-l or tnt-li-h.
at 17 In
riilXK O' K-i.-n
iaa pref-Trcd, fr family
an J (Voo.i home. Ai lre:8
er C t rricr No. I. eity.
ol two; i od wuire
A. re L:
"T" AU'i.KEliS Kok men and tamtf?r, on the
j K;ih'J.- -'tty. ' lint ,n tit.d i-inKtioid Tji i
road. Uviir i.rirKi'!id, Mo. e.-i fi to
Ier day. Boar-i, r::';' i-cr vrrfk.
-Must eoine well recoui-
sr.d: J. nr 7"' Ada:oc ?lr'et.
'"K 'iO i'A.'A Arn-.iie fklu of kr.33
au4ciivcr. Xciepiione '-.
"rNiNo-j.oo:.i ma
"7,"j"irrVir iiwnvi
h i-riff p:iid i'-r mil and
M I X Li A CO., 41 Main.
X1 nw f-.iM.rr-. A. 1.
"A OA I -ir i wiji i-cy ur.ytniux :
:n Oie -h;ipe of
-a cotton, :ii"nU;, i wjt
iiuii tratiy
jf a.v prudec
tel tne;r v:i,ue. i..-n:h tuen t
iutiiiH'1 irK't t.) me vv til be at tended to promptly,
and tall v:ilu rf;rr,ed.
N . ri' K 1.1'' . J R . 7C V.in- ptrrct.
'.3 nac, Irun, ii(;iic., Meta! and
uest ca.-n rrn-e paid
retiQ :or l-rice-M-v. v-i'-.c- "itijai. akchi,
in4 C"'o. .Mefcr.r.nt, a-.'., f. 4i ; .-Ut-loy .t.,--Im.hi
iV A.N-In MeiiM-h.!' to take an nt."oc alio rcp
Ta. re.ooi. nianu'.iicturer, to li. r..ai- and
.1,1. inn trade n entirely new line of r-.iMs s.-.Id
hy e cry i:ro.'.r. a. 1 will meet with reu.ly ij.ilis:
1 to r' .y por wcok viii be made; sm.-iU c-ipital
'eurct. Oo-kU proUc i L-y t-i'-ent, tri.de-
tnark. " r.vr i.-' t. ef?. Ad .'e- wit-&:nnu.
.V, ANi i ' AC 11 M. It . !.;. w
f"Zii I Ej'iill K I i-t.v. t:,
IJ oiiiti-r ot.'i . iT'io, '1-v or i
air. r Mrs. Ji'li S T. KIN NS. :
i A.
. learn J'lano,
-nt. Apply
. l..rli;r rt.
B'MIU.LhS i;cticin-3 nod "Hi
I'tmii;: r.o.h..-r? : or.-"-.! totality
i iu priYHie
1). Apal.
;ijiliA MoiL I.:.Ciav.ie i:..r:s to c
11 :"..e.r.r n..v..l' ff onii k syic. I.; u-cli:t :
. -nts fctaru you. U r.re i r uA-jripthe priee list.
i.'y Pint slreet, room .:i. ..o I om.
'"Affi"F R'iNf 171 ou can secure ticket to
J. St. Louis, Kani.:is tity, Ciii.v,'o and all
....intri K.i-t and ortn cheaper tla Anywheie
rdo in town
Auii To eel. a new and useful article.
Oood Diy. Cilt bttweea 5 and e o'clock
p.m. at tit iiut court eire-
Ik. Lars' Mock of tb f4i.
Mt-!n fa. tuy M.-:iil.in
bml li-i:. c -rncr ..I C'.iirt an.l t r-.nl streets.
Al-p'y at o;t t'.'Lrt trpcl.
"7"EUY d'irnl lc nicely i'ti't-':; hc.l f ont room
V j ouhirn enj.'.-'iri.. :;t 11 M-tdi-on lroi:t.
Li.inl'.V Lr.in;e li-t i.Nnce. rooin, 17. Ala-
OH iO! .S --..me
iwiuar lrprlelry
,S' T Green's August Flower, -
' Crisole IJairltcsicrer, - 5
Ciiticrsri Soap, ... 50e box
;utlct..-a Cintmoat, ... 40c
II it ester's Kitteri, - - - 55c
ana importers,
nml Merits nn Inspcrtl.n.
N'OTKS On Anil 4th, between Memphis and
Marianna, Ark., three notes, ea; b fur t 72 o.
i il dated December 15, ISfc!, due at -. 3 and 4 years,
ivwde by Leo card F. and Nannie L. lunn to the
i tr of C. 11. Banks, Adm'r of . Moore, doc d,
i'nii aiorta(te securing the auie; $ -jrf ai ted on
lirstnoto. i he notes are valuelesf eicepttolne
.wiiors. Heward will be pid tor their return to
M .o?JK WATSON. Att'y. Madi'ii i.
W. B.
Can ba luuoil at A. rv&:rvr.nL
J (1..TI l;. S. ASS'T KNO'HI,
2MIM-M' tNTKKT purveys, IMitnA, iS(-ciGca-tin
nfi an d Klimates for Engioeenn k Work.
V. WT I.IT. No. ? Mum Krret. Iirit flop-.
11 V)W From tho rA.idanrfl of Jor n Ova'ton.
1. Jr., on llni'm aveDU.. on the nit:ht of April
1') h. a imall buy mare Indian lony; lonfr mane
uml tail and shod all round. Howard for her re
MVLK-tS REWARD From the farm of W.
W. Itot. near Olive Branch, Mis.( on nivrht
o' Jtov. 1, lSi4, one black horse male, lour or five
jcars old, about US hands high, tnnfir side of the
.oil hind hoof disposed to turn unierthe bot
t )ui of the foot: a white spot on the left sboul
ter, and rather lifrht bods'. Will pay twenty-five
d-llars for tue mule delivered to me,
1 0OMS Two well-fnrnihed room I, with food
board, lit 2H Sefond Itreet
00 M Varnished room, with or witbut hoard
in priuit' lamiiy, at aeaaion ttrt-et.
-OOMS N.-wlv tarnished, eonvi nietit hc-
I tion, with or without tirst-class board. Kef-
i .i-iicvs; V'J Court .-.tret-t.
I GtiMS Choice rouxi. with board, ntTSl nio
V street. Inducements for sum hut accomin
UOM-Icirable front rtHttn, with board, at
:Si I'liioii street-
lrUNISHED ROOMS In a priTate family
P location be?t in the city; with or without
board; leterence required. Aaareai
M. A. P., this office.
WKICE And furnished room for rent, at 59
V.yMadi?on . Table boarders ac-omn:odaUd.
near Tenneswe iKif'ot. E. I
piivate famil
. . iipeui qui
P aontlemen, with or without b.-ard, in a pn
5 aontlemen, witn or witn
: te lamily ou Adams street.
E. E., this office.
X. JAMES IlUl'.SE Corner beooni and Adaina
streeff. Hoard and room, per weeh:.
J out board, at 114 Cuurt street.
J OOMS-Without board.
" 00 MS Hood board and desirable rooms at
lift" and 111 Adams stroel.
A X"r i Mark at street Board. W 50: sintrli
rom. w wAJr : transient. 81 tt Hny
I oT 1V by 14. between M irket and Winohei
1 j tcr ct., on alley ent oi l niru.
Annlv to
47 Monby st.
.1. 15LACK at CO.
Handsome residence. No. i- tour! street.
Two nice co:taiEef,3T and ;74 llrtion street,
liood trutr.o houe. 4iH Orletns street.
silr!iiJi1 ntoE4jliou.se. wVi Eruut street.
Lot on cast side of ?-!in st. re;ir V iu hecter
liOtin north side of Broad w.iy, near Ninth
Tnme 3 Tfi of land on Lauitiuule St., near
Walker avenue.
Forty c en aere near White Station.
-itl be received for the residence o!
rriet P;it lilo, dee i. 2.'.! t aion street, u
to aturd'iv, l'.h irist.. inclusive.
W. t'AMFBELL, JE.'t'rL.!5M?in rt.
. t RC'lK Jr CO.. Jli foi.t street
I'l'SS Sorrel, YSi hand?,' foalrd .urine ol
; M l: aired by Mountain usher, second sire Mui
rell'i Copper Bottom, third sire Old Copper B.
....n' flr.i .liim t.v ilorret. he by Vermont B'
;-....nd d:im by Canada Chief, a very fast runnin
. :!ker. and Koea all the saddle. ait..
EVA Dark btown. !)', hands, i .aled spnn
K-,- sired iv filmont. Jr.. sire t-t Annie n
; j"; fir-t dam by Ke!)l Boy, .eojnd dam by
1J07, third d::lu by Boyd McNairy, lourth ita
. -(iiH PucolKt. srv stv hsh. an.l tlrives well
'! uola harnos.-. Now iu foal by Carnce' titrath-
.M uijlf I E lara Day. jn nanus, io.iic.i sprui. "i
i. ... .1 l.u k,.r.ai.l. Jr . ha hv lin tf d. 'A
r.r.t'dain by C'riui's Jlack Hawk, so loud dam by
tlack Hawk Katticr
LADY, J bay colt, Jl hanos, f-aled May
l.s'.. .ircl bv Almont. Jr.. sire of Annie V
2:"u: uuin. the above-mentior..-d idolho. Th
fill, ..t finn ii.ru and action.
I.OI LA. .la Uy oolt. foaled April 11, 1-SI
ir.H bv .Mcl.'oi-dv'a Ui.ii:bJi,tonian . the 'ri
Lula llambletonian. he 'iy Jla.'ol 1, the sire
t.f V n.l . ditin. Momeas above
NLLLi tiay, In banc's, about yesrs oia : pea
lr.... n..t kown. but is evitfent v well (area
.in ji tit. i.-,... t.an-M. aoout 9 venrs : peu
vrce not known : well formed and il-ltsli ; works
!1 in ilouble harness : eentle. atrald ot Do!nina
ilAl UK Bay, ea.ldle ma-e, i ba.ias, eyeurs:
no iMidit-ree. tie. all the sails; fast, aiylisa and
oi rfreat eudurar-ac. .......
The buft'ulo gnats, and ether evils incident to
the location hve convinced me that the. Arkan
sas swamps is not toe place to raise hock, onu t
have theretore aeiermmea to aoannon tue eaori.
It" not sold privately, the above will La rtiM.osod
c: section about May 1st. C. B. CLARKE.
D" KLu'elliRE Retail At invoice
AdJrei-s OPILM. this office.
1 .) WAGONS. ."J"'is Uirnesj.au new Plowi",
VS. chtap.and Z Boilers, at t. tl UA , Auent
jna Crn mission Merchant, 403 Shelby St. ct.
Ifv 11 ANtS'.'ME BLILDISO LO'CS Ten per
JJ cont. reuire-i ca-h; balance, sjio per
ji..uth. Addrese orapply to T. A. LAMB,
Sj-ate i otnale Colloe.
(7r That Liaufif'li vauant lot on llernttndo
J street, KI) by VM feet, oiposiie Oracel.u;ch.
Apply to . JS- bTAN lClN
J 1-JlTAOE LOIS Just outside of ciiy, jouth
' ' e ist part, fronting on Laudordalo, llernaQdo
..ita Jarjuiua streets, in Mi Ivinny tracr.
W. A. HEAT LEY , ZS1 Main.
iArtliXKK'x O" il L KINDS- New anu.ee-
-L ond-hand. Alio a et--t was:.
ons and lia-
uioud lora-ioilis.
. C. lATu CO.,
21'i front street.
I f AY PliEsS A So 1 second-hand hay nresa,
1 1 very low. I KE A. till ASK, 3lbJ ;rontit.
1 (ii)Y 110KSE llentle, tinJ asa accli
mated; suitable for lady.
0. W. ilOSBV, 1 Hoa ard RnW;
2 handsomei-etory bouses, elegantly
i, on monthly payments. Apply to, f
li ate Lieu x ciranon s
i J pa
TK lit-auLit'ui re.ience lots, en monthly
aytunt- Apply io I. a. .lamo,
at HaichoAt tt ; ration s.
ifOCK 0Kj00DS-A !seH-fi.electtfl stock of
k htapleand !-m-r tcriwen-i, lasi sad (jueens-
.ire. etc., in one of the be?t ImMnen' t..wps u-oun-tv
- cat) in Missouri. Amount ol MorW aUmi
Ar salos from to $.i,um) and can he
i..rrfse. J'uJiness houa larKe and well lo-c-i
d; tan Via leaded on reasonable terms for a
n timber of yrai iy iv1? purcbasintr our ."Urek.
i i:,s la a rare change. Ad-iVwp tiHOCEK.
rare Pii-t-Uisafa'a. Sf. t.yui. Mo.
1 ESlDbSCE and a iHrket St.; lot K'Z 'af
V HsJ. Apply to M. C. Kennedy, il Mnby st.
coiv.U;.e for any and all dues to tie State
I j OILER A mod Mcond-bsvnd Bo tier tor sale
1 rhpr A y at tritf f.'fti'e.
How few under-rtand wha.-j
a perfect fit la P That paiuAii
period o?braakinwr in" is deem
ed essential to every new
outflU This is positively un
necewiary. The aclentlnc
T-rinciples applied to thanum
enma shapes and sLxea ffth
Hanan- shoe, insures perfect
fit, and their flexibility, abso
lute freedom from the torture
cf " breaking In," as tbar ar
(md cninforrtable from the
first day, Vud mvmj where.
Ask your shoe deader ebr vrr.
The three "ill-' that make life a bo den prompt
ly and poitiv?ly reiieTed by
( HAB OKtUAKO W A M tltt.
In UFe for TO yertrs and recommended
by phvuiiana erervwberw. 'rice bottle.
sold in aealed paper box packages at Hie and
thit 'Crab Apple" trade nuj-k Is on all
Ao (Jtnuine Crab OrAarH gl4 on ? so'd in bulk.
Kuy only "Crab AppL." brand. Hold by all
7i:nini n.jiuss. .n'gr. iiinsviue, iy.
Articles eBl to uler
'A'Hrraut's Apricut, -
f Urate Blagoesi.-i, ...
JJuL" Sarsaparilla, . -Aycr'H
ftiraprllla - -Xorwcslan
liver OiJ.
The Bsseliall Game at Oljmple l'nrk
Periuanent Organization of the
lSlatkash club.
Departure of a Number of Stubles from
"ew Orleans for Memphis
Oilier Sotes.
The Blackfish Ganninor ud TrolliDg
Club organized last nizht. P. J. (Jaiglty
was elected nresident; Josepu liners, cec
retary, and P. J. Kelly, treasurer. The Ex
ecutive Committee consists of Messrs.
arvin. Kmuerschmidt una Cuinmias.
Abont thirtv inemijers so in at the start.
The Memphis and Little Roclc railroad
will give a rate ot il lor tne rounutnpio
mem Iters of the club, and will immediately
put a box car on the side track until a
new station can be built. Roads will be
cut on a direct line to Blackfish and Shell
lakes. A clubhouse will be pnt up on the
banks of the former and a refrigerator
built. A bath-house and plenty of good
boats will also be provided.
The Isiamond Field.
The trame Sundav at the Olympic Park
between the regular team and a picked
nine of the beat players ot our last season a
Keds was witnessed by nearly bOO people.
Notwithstanding a stiff breeze was blow
ing, the game was a very fair one, and up to
the ninth inning a close one. considering
theuiuorence of the team, lbe regular
team tried hard to shut out the picked nine,
but they got in three runs, which was un
expected to thf m as well as to the spec
tators. The game was merely an impromptu
one to show the strength of the regulars,
and not considering that two amateurs
played with the regulars, it was a tair sam
ple of the strength of the regular team,
and the confidence in them in the League
contests will pot be misplaced. Want of
space prevents us from giving a detailed
account of the game, but below will be
found a summary ot
The Krere.
K. B.H P.O I. f A.
Bell, first base.- 3 4 3 10
Mullally. third base... 11114
Sylvester, pitcher 2 3 0 1 V
erden, center lielder - 1 11 1 t 0
Kolley, catcher . 3 2 7 1 ' .".
Hemp, short stop. j 4 3 "O i l
East, second base 1 'I - 3 ! 0 2
Crone, right holder . 1 1 1 111
Ward, left holder I S 2 1 U 0
Total ..Z!Z llT IV -27 7 I IS
I a. ju.iij p.oj k. : a.
Byrd, catcher ....... !
Larkin, short stop ;
Kaiu, third base.
Welsh, left Solder
Fell, center fielder
Strict', second base j
Sullivan, hrst base '
Bond, pitcher H j
MeGrath, riitbt licldfr... I
:i 4 5
1 2 J
(I 2 1
H il
Picked iine.
.. 0
0 II 2
0 I) 3
Left on boses Meini.is 5. Picked Nine 7.
Total bases on hits .Memphis 21', Picked Nine 7,
Eirt base on errors Memphis 7, Picked Nine 5,
Two-base hits Memphis i, Picked Nine 1.
Earned runs Memphis 5, Picked Nine 1.
Elys caught Memphis 7, Picked Nine S.
struck out Memphis s, Pk-ked Nine 5.
I uipire. Walter Burko.
A Memphis baseball expert who has
made the rounds has the following to nay
concerning the bouthern League clubs
The first game between any two cluba of
tne Southern League was played in LUat
tanooga last Monday bdlween the Nash
villes aod Chattanooga. Voss a 'id lit-1
leran was the battery presented by the
visitors while the home team presented
I anitey and liullis. Chattanooga took
kindly to the delivery of Voss and put
tliiee ot Ins balls over the leu lielu lenci
each vieldintr a Ik me run. The Nashvilics
were bailled by the left-hand pitcher
llamscy aud lost the game on that account
ihe Memphis team coiupires favorably
with either cf the above clubs and are
much harder batters than either. The
next club seen on the field was the fain
ous Atlantas on their "native heath
This club has been named by many aa th
winner of the peunant. They are certainly
a hue lot of man and good ball players; 1
size they rank next to our Memphis club.
and, while they will walk away fromsom
of the clubs in the league, they will rrost
assuredly find the Memphis clu
a stumbling block iu their wav
to victory. It is the general
opinion that the hht for the
pennant lies right here betweeli the
Memphis and Atlanta clubs. Thev will
first meet in Memphis on the uOth day of
way and play tnree gs-ncs, and it is sate
to say that neither c'ub will win the whole
sen- g in this city. The Birmingham club,
the-one our boys meet first, is a ?ood club,
having two left-handed pitchers, I'hinney,
of last year's Kaahvilles, bein one of
them. The Columbus (Ua.) c'.ub, probably
the most expensive club in the .South, hzs
eighteen players under contract. They
will play, and arc a tine set of men. Ma
con at-d Augusta, Ua., have both good
teams, and will work hard to win. The
comparative strength of the clubs I would
state as follows: Atlanta aod Memphis,
fighting for first place: Js'aehvilie next,
then Chattanooga, then' Macon, then li;r
mingham, with the expensive Columbu3
team and theconeolidaUd Augustus bring
ing up the rear.
The Memphis club left laut night for
Birmingham to open the seaBon.
Pat Kklly and Joe Sullivan, of Nash
ville, hitye been released bv the Augusta
I'illv mit, Vrauk (jravts and George
Fiaher, of New Orleans, have signed with
the b'avannah i Ga.) nine.
Tuk Chicagos will put in nearly a
month's practice onthe Atlanta grounds
before they open oj their regular cham
pionship season.
THKSoulhern trip of the Louisviilcs hps
not raised that organisation very high in
the estimation of jta home backers. tStill,
the team is liable to cat quite a figure for
Ihe championship of Ihe American Asso
ciation. A stcik association, with a capital of
$2000, for the purpose of securing profes
sional baseball p.' a vers, and inaugurating
a series of games this jjeteon, have organ
i.ad at bavannab. Oa , umier fh3 naiiie of
the Savannah Baseball Association.
Thebe will be noloverhand thiowing in
the American Association this season.
1 ho fjmpires bave received implicit in
struction' to enforce the penalty oi a t alk
every time a piinher ti his hand higher
than his shoulder when delivering a bail.
This is bound to increase the batting.
Tiik Itev. Dr. Snyder, in a recent lect
ure on baseball at bt. Louis, said he was
sorry to find there had been a tendency to
tbiow discredit lipon bpfeball, but there
were few recreations more iuaithfiil than
the amusement of baseball. He was not
go sure that there was any harm in the
bun4i7 jamesof ball played in bt. Louie
and other lav cWe. if the people who
altor-oied the Sunday gs,.)ea were not at
the aiKg they wonlJ amuse themselves
in saloons CT" Other places tnat would' Jo
them far greater barnl. He never would
join a crusade egainst Jhe recreations ot
tue common people. t e uraa w ".j
careful abopt invoking the law to suppress
the amusemenis cf the people on Suiid.ty.
fie wanted his hearers lo bpar in mind
that Paul paid the bureau body vaa Uie
tf mole of God. if ibis as true, it wzs 88
pacred as the soul it enshrined.
A. B. Gifcsos iil be i!;e starter at Mem
Tug Hurstbourne stable will ship to.
Cabter t Kkvs and Cas3icly,s horses go j
to Nashville direct.
Mb. G. P. Gakdser. the well-known j
turf correspondent, has gone to fcash-1
villa, but will be in Memphis Friday.
NinviLLK will send on the 17th infant
Bruton's. AJiilion's, Johnson s and Mad-
dox's stables. Brown and (Jorrigan's string
will arrive on the ltith instaut.
At present there are on the Memphis i
trai k Brackett Co.'s four, Morris & Pal-
ton's eleven, J. J. Crowley's one, Eugene
Itigh lour. George lores two, John
Mahor.ey's five, J. W. Gray's two and
Batchelor fl: Wilson's five.
This things are getting hot between Ihe ;
friends of Urant and Gallina as to whoee
horse will win the race at Olympic i'ark
on Thursday next. isig money win .
change hands on the result, and each
owner thinks he '-has the other."
Tns following stables left New Orleans
yesterday for Memphis : Cottril's, fourteen
horse; Williams's, eiifht; Campbell &
Johnson's, eight; Lamastney's, sir: Kan
sas stables, four; Steven, Tucker, Lucas,
Bachelor, Ulcey, badler, l Mayer, leti.nan,
Shea, Cnrran, Scammon and Cllman K us
ee I, three each.
Kpleudld Hlrjrlr Karlucr.
Montgomery (Ala.) A'ltyrtiwr, !ith: The
bicycle races at Clisby's I'ark yesterday
alternoon were highly enjoyed by 2000
enthusiastic and delighted people. The
crowd came away with a fine impression
of bicycling as a sport, ami that sort of
amusement will increase in popularity.
Everything about it is nice and pleasant,
ami the novel sight ot a horse racicg
against a man and a wheel captivated
everybody, an.l nobody was heard to com
plain of jockeying. Kverything lotked
fair and square aaJ there was no pool
selling. The first race vas for amateuis,
mile heats, best two in three. The entries
were Mudd, Polk and Kendall, the latter
with handicap of 100 yards. Mudd won
the first heat; time, 3. 5l'. Kendall drop
ped out. Second heat; Polk, with ahandi
etp of fifty yardb, won; time, 4:35.
Third raoe; Polk, handicap of 100
yards. Mad won; time, The
second race r8 between W; J. Miraan
and the trotter Morris L, best two in three,
half-mile heats, i-'iret heat Morgan won,
time, 1 :47; second, Morris L won, time,
1:4A ; third, Morgan won, time, l:ys. The
contest was cl..;i sod exciting, and on the
second heat the DnUh to the wire was so
c-csely run as tc sat the crowd cheering
wildly, j.t-l rame ths five-miie straight
away beli. o;a eu-nowa, trotter
Fred Tyler aud the champion John 8.
Prince. Tlie time was aa follows' First
miie, 3:Iri; second, 3:27; third, 3:53;
.mirth, 3: 13; li th, 3:25. Whole time ol
the live miles, 17:44.
A 4 hanro for tlm BlniftrerM.
One cf the ablrst ami rhrewdest lawyers
in Columbia, H. C, has written to Richard
K. Fox. ipfnrmiut: him that under the laws
of South Carolina a jirize-fight cannot be
suppreEsed by the au'liorities, and urging
nn to ai rsiiL'B so tunc ttie next comoac
between John L. .Sullivan Rnd another
knight of the riu can take place there.
The lawyr guarantees rrotecuon io me
prie-nhters while on iouth Carolina soil.
t liainplon Checkers.
Proviuenci:, li. I., April 13. At the
Checker dab-rooms a match for $200 and
the championship of America has been
beirun between U. 11. Jr reeman, ot tins
city, and C. F. Barker, of Isoeton, the
presetit champion, rilty Karnes win oe
Rices next Monday.
One of the tonics of ye3terdav was the
lecture of Mgr. UOl Sunday nignt.
The Circuit Court will hear any non
jury cases to-day whero the parties are
A era;..ll frame tenement, on the cor
ner of Fifth aDd Walker streets, was de
stroyed by fire Sunday.
Judge McDowell has gone to visit the
World's Fair, and the Chancery Court is
therefore not in session.
The Criminal Court was not in session
yesterday ou account of the absence of
Judge Douglass at the World's Fair.
A grand ball will be given by Banner
Assembly Knights of Labor, Thursday
evening next at Knights of Innisfail Hall.
Cant. James le is acting as president
of the Taxing-Dialrict aud judge of the
Police Court, in the absence ot rresiuent
Hudden at New York.
Ci. Bernard, a laundryman, was thrown
from a buggy near the e evator, Snniay
morning, aud iell on his head, cansirjg
pahiful if not serious ir-juries.
It is probable that J .istice R. M. Mason
will, on Monday nest, be elected superin
tendent in charge of the workhouae, with
general control of all the labor.
Friday night w ill be the comedy night
of the Lawrence Birrett engagement.
Much Aito Alxmt Aollut g wi 1 be presented ;
with Mr. Barrett as "Benedick."
Burglars attempted to e3ect an en
trance into 37!) Union street, Sunday
morning, but were frightened away after
having cut the slats of a window.
The roller coaster will start to-morrow
evening and will doubtless draw a big
crowd of the best people of the city, who
remember last season s enjoyment.
La Cui's.V CV .., a collection of culi
na y recipes from New Orleans. Noted
Creole housewives and celebrated ch'ft are
its contributors. For sale at Mansford's.
Price 1 f 0.
J. 11. Luehimaon, a white man, is
accused of running h s hand into the
pocket of a sonse'eps drunken maD, nt the
vils den kept by Bill Baker, on Front
street, last r.igut, and extracting $9 there
from. Five Shelby county prisoners, whose
cast's have been appealed to the Supreme
Court, leave for Jai;kson to-morrow or
next day. There are four others ho will
go at the same lima if the bills of excep
tion are prepared in time.
The statement made by New Orleans
papers that George II. Miilingtou, who re
sides at Mir.ington Station, this county,
was robbed by a pickpocket of i30u0 cash
in New Orleans Saturday is not believed
by his acquaintances in "tnis city.
A white nun named Charles Murphy
was arrested ltst night for forsery of a
ra her pecaiiar nature. He sold a darky
a suit of clothes, and filling to get his
money forged the darky's name to an
order'for the euit, which he obtained.
Bin Kivao, the converted prizj-UghU-r,
had large congregations on Sunday
and Monday, and was listened to with a
great deal cf attention, lie has done a
great deal of g:od since he has ben here,
and is grestly encouraged to remain and
continue his) work, which he will do for
some days to come. He will continue his
lecturis at the Central B-vptist church, and
to them he specially invites the working
and laboring men of the city. His own
life exp?rii'iice enables him to speak to
thoee classes as a friend.
The cay deceiver, Louis Dumsrchi,
who deserted his wife and child and left a
short time agoin company with hercousin,
Lueila Ligner, a portly girl who blondcd
her hair, is now in St. Louis. The frail
Luella had the ellVonlery to write to her
parents, who reside in Nashville, that she
was living with Demarchi and was verv
happy, and he in a postscript declared his
fondnees for her and his inter. tion to re
main with her. The letter was sent to bis
wife here, who now h?s the grim satisfac
tion of knowing tbe whereabouts of her
truant lord.
A telegram was received by Chief
Davis Sunday asking the arrest for a name
less outrage committed Thursday at Iuka
of a mediuin-s;z;d black negro, with light
clothes, a natch on his knee and run-down
shoes. Oilicer Conway arrested a negio
exactly answering the description, and
when he was questioned he said he was
from Iuka, giving the names of a number
of persons in that place. The police felt
sure thy had the roan wanted, but later
ia the day received a telegram asking that
he-be relesseti, as the fiend had been cap
tured and hung. The ljdy outraged was
about f ixty years of ace, and belonged to
one cf the best families of Norlh Missis
sippi. The negro, who afterward gave his
name as John iiutks, was captured by
Sher fl' Alexander, cf Colbert county, Ala.,
near Leighton, about U) o'clock in the
morning, but hid to be f hot before he
would submit. He afterward ins-de a full
confession, was iileutilied by his victim
and hanged by the neck until dead.
OIiJ AKETTE smokers can now buy 10 Opera
Pulls Cigarettes for Scent: 20 for lOcenu.
We will place on sale
To day ar.d during this week
It is Lardly necessary to say these
goods are very cheap and von't last
long at the prices quoted. .
10 cases bleached 10 4 Sheeting at 18c
a yard.
10 cases hijacked 10-i Sheeting at 2' Jc
a yard.
5 cases Berkley fine Cambric Muslin
at 15c, well worlh 0c.
10 cas Berkley Domestic at 12Jc.
0 cases bleached Long Clotb iO yards
to a bolt, $2 a bolt.
U'I roM and Kilrer taken aa
cash at ul!rr. 291 Main.
fFJre-Praof Oil"
Is better lh;r "Coal-Oil" or anv other
burning oil. ' Can be uce i ia any lamp.
For sale by
Uharies i:ingwaia, hj ropiar street.
Fred Vorti, Sheiby street.
Wm. iiufaait. terminus of Vance street,
corner of Linden.
E. C Green, b2 Main street.
Wm. Dt-an & Co., Stf and 105 Poplar St.
J. J. Dully & Co., 2jS Main street.
W. C. Griswold, 423 Main street.
Ctlo Clausen, 13S Poplar street,
John C.mM;ins, Poplar street.
Miss Mary Bit hards, 5i Topl-r street.
Wm. Cunningham fc Sons, t7" liealu' U.
p. O'Neal & Son, 70 and 72 Main street.
J. T. Walsh & Bro., 50 Main street
tico. Mahan, cor. Vance A Lauderdale sis.
G. A. Heaven, 220 Poplar street.
- C. R. Eyan A Co., i-L.' Ma?ri street
A. Hitzfeld, 233 Second street '
E. Wr.ght & Co., 414 Main Btreet.
A. Kohlbry & Co., ibti Poplar street
F. Franklin & Bro., 330 Vance street.
K. G. Campbell & Co., 4i Main street
S. Behr, 131 Union street.
Josenh Nixon. 75 Charleston avenue.
V, E. Butt, corner of Broadway and
Hernando streets.
A. Schmidt, W Seyealh street, Fort
Charles Denrr.an, South Gate, Elmwood
Head A Co., 14.1 Main si rest
It. M. Hilton & CO., 71 Fifth street, Cbel-
Graham it Penick, 46 and 43 Third
Btreet, Chelsea.
G. A. Warring, 85 Causey street.
J. J. Duffy & Co.. 238 Main street
Mrs. C. Wagner, corner Fifth and Mill
J. N. Sutherland, 4 North Courf street.
L. D. Bonfanti, 4-jti Main street
Monogram Itanglew at WniArd'f.
And it stimulates and promotes the growth
of the hair.
Burnett's Fiavorin g Rrtracls are the beat
Ad rice to Mothers.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup should
always be used when children are cutting
teeth. It relieves the little sufferer at
onca ; it produces natural, quiet sleep by
relieving the child from pain, and the lit
tle cherub awakes as "unbt ass a button."
It is very pleasant -to the tiste, soothes the
child, softens the gums, allays ail pain, re
lieves wind, regulates the bowels and is
the best known remedy for diarrhea,
vsli''ther arising from teething or other
teuSn"'"" ", !,-lve cenU. bnilla.
Greeted by One of the Largest and Mont
Deeply-Interested Audiences of
I he Year
Sunday Mght Conversazione In Ills
Honor Last Evening Tennessee
Club Reception To-Mg-bt.
Mgr. Capel, who arrived in the city on
Sunday morning last, was greeted by an
audience of 1200 persons at St Peter 'a
Church Sunday night, where he was an
nounced to lecture on the "Freedom of
Thought in the Calholic Chnrcb." After
a service, in which the choir participated
with fiue effect, Mgr. Capsl entered the
pu pit, to which tie was conducted by
Fattier Bloomer, and immediately, with
out any tedious preliminaries, entered
upon his discourse. He stated that he would
extend the limits of his lecture and defend
Christianity generally against the charge
so often made that Christian men were
limited in their scientific inquiry by a
L-ni istian dogma, lie reviewed as con
cicely as was possible in the limits of an
hour an! twenty-five minutes the whole
range of modern scientific movement,
and laid special stress on the philo
logical discoveries of Prof. Max Muller,
and the very close and searching
criticisms of Mivart. He contended that
the Church took the position that revela
tion was a thing distinct aod apart from
scientific inquiry, that revelation was the
distinct revelation of God delivered to the
Church upon those things essential to
man's salvation, aod that whatever there
was not a distinct declaration upon was left
to man to discover. The result was that
inquiry was constant in certain directions
as to man's destiny and growth on the
earth, the geological structure of the earth
and its relation to the worlds beyond.
lbe scope and results of that inquiry
chanirad verv mnch: the science of his
boyhood waB not the Science of his man
hood; science was growing and e -
panding, but revelation always te
inained the same. The Church was the
custodian cf that revelation, and its decis
ions and decrees tinal. The truths of sci-
encu it sever coudemned, bat the tend
ency of scientific men to replace reve
lation with fjcientit'c dogma was
c mderaned by ths CuuKh. He in
btanced the great scientific discovery
of Roman Catholics before the so-called
reformation and spoke with pardonab e
pride of the Roman Catholics who in
their own day were scientists, and who
were profound ielievers in revelation and
in the Christian Church. The lecture,
both in matter and manner, was exceed
ingly interesting, and was listened to
with profound attention. From bis stand
point he was clear, forcible and logical, and
many ot the audience who had heard aim
before declared that it was the most pro
found of his efforts in this country. His
argument for the existence of Deity
was indisputable, fortified as it
was lrom a merely worldly point
of view by citations from the opinions of
the leading philosophic thinkers of the
day. He made a very fine impression
upon bis bearers aa a strong, earnest ad
vocate of his Church, believing in ita dog
mas aud for the necessity of ita power as a
disciplinary force to restrain men and hold
them within the limits of religious belief.
A Talk wills Hicr. Opel.
An Appeal reporter last evening called
upon Mgr. (JaptI at the rectory of St
Peter's, where he is stopping as the guest
of Fathers Kelly, Dinahan and Bloomer.
The reverend gentleman had just returned
irem a long walk, and was somewhat fa
tigued. Mgr. Capel declined to be forni
aliy interviewed, but kindly consented to
give his views in a conversational wav. In
reply to the question as to how he liked
the South, he replied that he had not been
here long enough to pass an cpinion. A
matter oi that sort rtquiredmore time and
thought 'Ji2n he had been able as yet to
give il, and he would (.refer a more ex
tended experience before venturing an
Mgr. Capel slated that he was devoting
much time and Btudy to the etibitct of the
negro aud his relation to the Catholic
Church. One of the greatest obstacles in
the way of the progress of the negro as a
rane was his want of appreciation of the
dignity of labor, and this it was the mis
sion of the Catholic Church to overcome
by educating him up to a proper under
standing of his position in the community,
and to show and prove that labor was not
only a necessity, but dign:fi3d. This can
only be e fleeted, said the monsignor,
through the Catholic Cburcb, which
makes no distinction as to race or color,
but places ad men on an equal footing as
to religion anv their duty to their fellow
men. The Catholic Church, too, is
peculiarly fitted for this work for a varietv
of reasons. The negroes, being of an imi
tative nature, are more readily taught bv
the eye than the ear, hence all these
beautiful forms which surround worship
in the Catholic Church will prove a great
factor in the higher education and civili
zation of the race."
"Why, monsignor," asked the reporter,
lias this great work been so Ions de
layed ?"
-cimply tnis, that we have not price's
enough. The Catholic population of this
country is about b.oOO.th O. ibtra is only
one priest for every 1000 Catholics, and
henee the clergy have had all thev cou'd
attend to in the Church without going out
side lor converts, ibis, nowever, will now
be charged, and we mav look for material
progress in the wor of the Church among
tne negro population in the houln. '
nuLic schools.
Conversation then turntd upon educa
tional matters, and Mgr. Capel expressed
nimseu in very decided terms upon our
pnblic school system, which, while admir
able io some respects, was deficient in one
great essential, in that a proper amiroma
tion of labor was not taught. Girls edu
cated in the public schools, he said, were
disposed to look down upon labor; that
they considered themselves above house
work, etc , and that it was the hightof
tneir ambition to be clerks in stores, gov
ernesses, etc The boys, too, were affect
ed in the same way. Tbc-y looked down
uii m tke man who shouldered a hod or
wielded a pick. Hence, we bad to look to
immigration for our home servants and
laborers the men ho build the railroads
and did the hard work upo our public
bnildings. This was not fs it should be,
and this was another evil which it was the
province of the Catholic Church to cor
As to New Orleans, Mgr. Capel said he
saw much there to admire. He visited
the convent of the colored nuns, and was
much impressed w th what he saw. He
also visited their school, which, he said,
was Veil conducted, and spoke well for
the intelligence of the negro race. Aa to
the Exposition, the exhibit in the govern
ment building was the most complete he
had ever seen, and was a most agreeable
surprise to him. He knew something
about the geography of the country, be
said, aa other foreigners knew it, by
reading book., and he' had gath
ered some idea of its immensity bv
jumping 1C00 or 1500 miles in one direc
tion and then in another, but he had re
ceived a better idea of the immensity of
tho resosrc as of this great country from
this exhibit than l.-om anything else. It
would be a good idea, he said, to have
such buildings in all great centers of trade
that the people of the United States
might themselves become better acquaint
ed with the resources of their great coun
Mgr. Capsl said he was going back to
New Orleans. He will go first to Bir
mingham, Ala., wherepie will lecture, and
f.'om thence goes to Montgomery, where
he also lectures. He will then go to New
Orleans, where he will preach next Sun
day morning snd Ipctrjre in the evening
lie is as yet uncertain as to what coarse he
win take alter mat, out may mane another
Visit to this City.
Jttrr. Capel having an engagement, ex
cuiieti (ulmpelf from talking further, and
the reporter, after thanking the eminent
divine for his kindness and courtesy, took
his departnre.
Poplmr BouleTard.?'
Take Boulevard yellow car line to
t la j brook (109 Acres) Sale
Oi Wednesday next, April 15th,
at II o'clock.
Half mile from corporation line.
Street car and boulevard to the
spot Terms easy. Location the
best on the pike and street rail
road. Elegant Lunch on each
day in Winchester Grove, top of the
h.il, furnished by Jacob Steininlh,
prince of caterers.
F. W. R0VSTER 4 CO.,
Jos Levy, manager for Lawrence a:
rett, is in the city.
T. Lit an C. Btrris left yesterday for New
Oi leans to visit the World's Fair.
J. G. Schmidt and wife left last Saturday
for New Orleans to visit the Exposition.
Mies Faknie Mav left yesterday" morn
ing for the isaahvlile Art Exposition, and
will return on Thursday night.
Das. D. D. Sauhdebs, W. W. Taylor and
G. li. Thornton are in Nashville to attend
the State Medical Society, which convenes
to-day. '
Mas. Maby Bkows, of fit. Joseph, Mo.,
after spending the winter with relatives of
this city, left for home by steamer Belle
Memphis last bunday.
J. J. Ddnsaast, of W. B. Dunnaran
Aio., Jeft last night lor Naehvilje, There
hJ. ''-.aVnnitedin ..p '-?.' to Mis
v T National
Kail road Agents' Association, is now lo
cated in Memphis, and is connected with
the passenger department of the Chesa
peake, Ohio and .Southwestern railroad.
Mas. Nolaxd Fontaiick aud sinter, Mrs.
Wm. H. Seward, Miss Mollie Fontaine
and Mrs. Matthews, of Little Rock, re
turned on Uundav morning after a de
lightful visit to New Orleans and the Ex
position. SOCIAL. AFFAIRS.
C'onverauizlone at Mr. B. J. Nouinie-..
On Friday and Saturday cards were is
sued by Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Se mines for a
conrermzione in Honor ot aigr. uapei, to
take place on Monday evening, com
mencing at 8 o'clock. In response to thete
a very large company, embracing many of
the leading citizens of Memphis, were
brought together at the bemines residence,
on Union street, and several hours was
moat agreeably spent, the special guest ot
the evening making, as he always does, a
most agreeable impression on a.l present.
Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Semmes were assisted
by the ladies and gentlemen members cf
their immediate lamiiy.
It is needless to say that this was one
of the most delightful occasions of the
season, the host and hostess and their as
sistants being solicitously attentive to their
guests, a partial list ot whom is as follows:
Mirr. Capel. .ludire (Jreer.
Mr. A. B. Troadwell Mr. Joe Bruce.
JudeC. W. Heiskoll, Mr. W. L. Vance,
Col. li. A. Hamilton, Mr. .1. M Keatinit.
Judge Latham. Mr. J. S. Menken,
hey. Mr. Mahan, of Con-Kev. I'-ither litnahan,
"Ctral Methodist t.harch. Bey. Father Bloouier,
Kev. Father Morao. Mr. Lucas Clapp,
lien. Colton Uroene, lion. W . K. Moore,
Hey. Mr. Kline, ol St. JmlieS. P. Walker,
Mary'slP. K.iChurch, Ju.lce iiammond,
Maj. X. 1. Tobin.and a irreal many others.
Kireiitioa nt ttif I.Bpeuee Clnts To
Tq night Mgr. Capel will be the special
guest ot the Tennessee Club at a reception
that will no doubt call out a very full at
tendance of members aud their wives. It
is espec;ally requested bv tbe Reception
Committee that those who intend to be
present arrive as early as possible, as Mgr.
Capel is to leave on the 10:30 o'clock train
for Birmingham, Ala., en route to New Or
leans, and will be compelled to leave the
c:ub by 10 o'clock.
PssatMMtjr Hotel.
C. B. GALLOWAY 4 CO -..PBoratitTORa
ivatcs 52 50 and per day, according to
size and locatioa of room.
H A Martman, Ohio
C F Crane. St l.a.s
A V Lodge. Ohio
M M E.toj. Ark
K K Linder, Ala
F H KM wood, Miss
K M billon. N Y
K W Porter, Ark
J lfaman, N Y
F Mavery, Mo
R W Wathen, Ky
1 II Poi s. Mo
J M Mac.iou.gle, Pa
S J Bunson, Miss
II B Bowers, Mo
J T Brunker, Miss
T B Witte. Ark
J 11 Wilson, N Y
I) C Fish St Louis
K U Rockwell. N 0
J W BranB. Ark
G CCantrell.jr, Ky
K Oppenbeimcr, lenn
F Chancy, N Y
J J 1 isher, Pa.
C P Oakey Ohio
A C An.lerson, Mo
M LcKenstciii. Ohis
II A Skeitits. Ala
It ll. ss, Ky
It.) Polk, Ark
I 11 Koaiund. Tenn
K U Porter. Mo
CC M ndbing, NY
C II Dollj-er, Ark
J W Deshon, Ark
It HexinK.T, Ohio
11 11 Milner. Ill
II A Gant, Miss
J G loner iw. Ark
K M Verger, Miss
1' Henry Jlw, Ark
W W Wood. Mo
C K Ober. N Y .
r Tete. 1'a
MriWH Ba- a.Mo
W P Curtis. N O
J F mith. Mo
J M Fitten. Ila
II H 1 Iciiiinit, city
J Sto-i, Ark
A IJ Kylev, Ark
li Botto, 111
S Bobbins, Ohio
J W tf ontsoinery, Cal
C W Dray, Mass
GB Porter. Tel
J S Menken, city
G S Kvans. N 1
K J Barinds, city
S T Spang, N Y
F S Pavis, city
K R Hunter. Mo
Tom Byrd, Ky
W B Uaskins, A'k
II T Il.ii er. Mo
W Allen. La
J T Burns, city
B I nderwood, Ks
K S ltii key, city
W J Pojrue, N C
K C Tiffany 111
C W Hull, Ohio
A M Pavis. Ark
T X Hayward. Ill
F M Lnc.is. Ar
J L Atherton, Ky
B Sinai, Miss
,Ark J b Kimhcll iw, Ark
K A Cartw right .V
li..n M k'i.ni.Mll. ArL- Mi. K kitni.ell. Ark
Miss II llobson. Ark Miss . illenoere, aik
G M Baxter. Ark
c L. Huttnu?. city
D Hoffman. Pa
J P Jones, Tenn
Hal Keid. Ohio
M Burke Aw. city
C Peuree, lud
G W Uca t, Ark
F G .Jones, city
J T Greenlaw Mo
J A Matthews Aw, Ark
Mrs Parshull, A a
K H Sublet!, Mo
II H Knv-eil, Mo
W m Neave. .Mo
C F.hleruiann Aw Mo
K J Lowenstein, Miss
G HGers.lorl, Mo
J II Yannerson, city
J 11 Filtcn, Ga.
TB Reelor ic. Miss
J T llamblt l Aw.Ark
W F Paston. Tenn
G F Kennedy, Ind '
C J Birdsonir, Miss
R U Slater. Ind
C W Hall. Ohio
II C t'rr, Mo
Mrs Graosur, city
J Levy, IX 1
S K Furry, Neb
F P C'rui.less. Mo
J W JSi'lor, Mo
L Lerncke, Mo
G A Lavia Aw, Vt
K J Ca-rinpton, city
Mrs Morrow. Tenn
H VV oilers, Ky
O a rTy 'a European Hold,
Corner of Adams and Main streets. Booms 75.
and 51 per day: Aaerioan plan S2pcr day.
J. M. ill :FFY Go jrs with PeahoJy Hotel), i'Kor'i
S I Eminent A-w, Ohio H C MrElwee. Ark
Mrs A Armitage, Aik
Mrs Van Horn, Ark
J .1 Wi.-kh im, Ark
W C McCarthy, 111
W S V iiliatnscn. Mo
K C Wilson, Fla
W Rswlicgs, Ark
E A Wbi'e, Ohio
T J Sliailner, Tenn
F II King, led
Mi-s Blauchurdv Tenn
J t'Urhman, N Y
B Brown. Chicago
G Marsh, Mo
J W Outlaw. Tenn
J F Craig, Tenn
J D Pearee. Tenn
C K Stewart, Tenn
J A Webb, 'i'onn
W W Willis, Atk
W E McCarty. Miss
John Graham. Ark
J i: Illicit!. I:, Ark
E G Fisk. city
M V Ch'er Aw. Ky
J I" Phelps, Ark
W II Burt, Tenn
G W Pn udfit, city
S U Smith. Tenn
J W Poff. Ark
W J I-Hrtin. Tenn
C North, Ark
W W tt .li s. city
IS Jacohy. Ark
E J Lowenstein. Miss
Sam Cox, city
J D Baxter, Tenn
Mrs Kolby, Ark
U P Lucia. Ark
J P Judkins, Ala
I M Graham. Ohio
J J S iison. Miss
W S Luoa. Ark
II Green, Fla
l: S Collies, Tenn
" l. onry. Art
0 Souther, Ark
G P Allen, Tenn
T 11 Williamson, Mo
JC Campbell, Ark
W Miller, Ohio
E llorlon, Ohio
G tl Bvrne, Tean
Mi.-s Hill, Tenn
W Bishop, Ks
F G Smith, city
J B Neal, Ark
C C Wilson, Mo
J C Von Borries, Ky
E E Parks. Tenn
K P Dickey, Ky
V II Lightfoot, Tenn
T J Dick, Ark
Mrs Gilbert, Miss
J G Worsham, Miss
A M Uutcbinson. Ark
J Johnson, M Jr. X K K
F M West. f. Y
J B Trite. Ark
'. 0 Phelps, Ark
S Bradley city
B Loone,, Paris
J B Tucker, Tonn
B T Parker, Tenn
W J Mil.er. Tenn
J Mu-grove Miss
Ir J lieutsoh. Ark
John Chambers, Alk
T BCubbins, city
N M Mays Aw, Tenn
W Welch, N Y
C Cross. Ark
S Klepston, Ala
W W Young. Ohio
II R Wolfs, Ohio
A J Scott is, Miss
J M Reaves vs, Tonn
J W Green, Fia
W w (shannon, Ind
John Brown, Mis
L iiirtloy. Miss.
Uasfon'ti Hotel
W. II. BIMJilASJ Manackr.
Euroean plan. Knlnrged and refurnished.
Prices according to size and location of rooms.
Miss G Bowling. Tenn Mis C Bowline, Tenn
Miss C t.oopwoo.i. Acnn r r lloyd. lenn
j E Boswell, Tenn
Mids Brim. Miss
Miss M llrim, M'?s
11 K Petters, Ark
V B Iserd Aw, Xenn
G P laylor Aw. Ark
O II P Catron. Mo
H T Smith, Mo
K G Green, Mo
L I W.lker.Tcnn
Julinn Thorp, Tenn
B 1 Robert on, Tenn
A Armitage Aw, Ark
bll Brown, Ark
L K Ferguson, Tenn
F B Keeler, Miss
J C Martin &w, Tenn
IS Smith. Miss
W B O in Kirk v.,
K W Mooring. N Y
N W C Ilett. N C '
Leo Ic-sar, Miss
K M B Wail. Mi--?
A J Southwor h, N Y
J M Taylor. Mo
M A Mitchell, Ala
J M Bates, Tenn
A M tlleeos, Tenn
.1 II Jones Al. lenil
W I Roberts, Tenn
W C Deason, Ark
A C Jores, Ark
Miss C Burgiss. Tenn
Miss A Light. Tenn
Miss M Young, Tenn
Miss A L Graves, Tenn
S W Lawlor, Miss
J M Bellinger, Miss
R J Ir.rd, i'enn
Miss L Sneed. Ai'k
T,S Alderhoidl. Miss
W H Stowers, Mo
B 0 Tbotnas. Mo
G 11 Carter, Mo
A A Fwrris, Tenn
J P Mcbaniel. Ark
J W P.ewoll, T nn
J H Neely, Ark
X M Alsup, Tenn
W F iiautner, Tenn
John A Peoples, P14
F M Hanscb, Mo
J I. Baikin. Mi.-s
.1 V H.irris.iJhio
A J Pull. am. Ark
Boh Brown, Ark
W Ij Newborn, Tenn '
L W Ferruson Miss
W R Crisp, Miss
Mis H LCopell.Mo
.1 It Varmiisall, Ga
II li joites. Tor, n '
.Mrs M llarri.-. Tonn
J W lkcr, Tenn
J L Treason. Ark
W A Campbell. Aik
T F King Jtl, Tenn
Miss A Harsell, Tenn
W J Gatlin. Tenn
Miss Rosa King, Tonn
J Clark, jr. Mi.s
J M lira, kin, lenn
iv 1 Uuoton, Mi
WJ lutKrv.orth, lenn
Miss L W Walker, Tonn D A Waiktr, Tonn
S F Bond. Tenn
Mrs Bond. Tenn
Mrs SH.Nul.l, Tenn
W T Bond. Tenn
Mrs F B Locke, Tenn
K T Hodgo. Miss
W T t'hamblin.Tenn
J M .Nichols, Tenn
V B E- g'i-'n A-w, Tenn
W A Powlkes. tmn
II K 1 ete.s. A.k
J II Sn.non.r, Ark
Miss K Sunoner, Ark
T A Hamlin, Ark
W T White, Miss .
K R Ilune.tu, Miss
Miss II O Bond, Mo
Dr J O Fox. Ark
II J 'anoiitcr, Tenn
Ge:. MCha,.iin, A.k
A Miii-tin. A r k
C W Taylor. Tenn
T J Firth. Tenn
T E Mercer. Tenn
W J Moore. Tenn
Mrs Free Ac, Miss
John M Bales, Miss
W B McColpin, Tenn
John Char" hers, Tenn
J G ltj.d. Tenn
Mrs Whitlev. Ark
S F Smith, Tenn
Mrs Wallis, Tenn
r j vtalKer A", lenn
Miss lva Brcnon. Tenn
V B IncarJ. Ark
J W Rodzers, Ark
Miss 9 r.anoner. Ark
W Pat err on, Ky
R W Jordan. Ark
J D Frinkatnp, Ind
A S King, Ark
J T Barbee, Ohio
Jas Harrington. Ark
11 V, .rtheluev, Aru
A J N Itamherir. Ark
W L Tay or. Tenn
TS Smith, Miss
had Hegga, Ala
T S Alderhnldt, Miss
Mrs Hopson Jrs Miss
L W Strouse, Miss
,tohn O'Bower. Tenn
IB Rolinsi n Aw, Ks
W P b arrets. Mist
U C Rankin, .Mi-i
Mist Carrie wao, Ark Miss Jesse W inlluld. Ark
Miss M Cushman, Ark Miss Belle Price, Ark
Miss B Jackson. Ark Miss Emma Price. Ark
H W Ball, Ark ' 11 A Parker, Ark
T R Garner, Miss J W Hodges Aw. Ark
M J Mays, Ark.
Clarendon Hotel.
Centrally lceatod. near net Cotton Exchange
and rostonice. 1-atos. por day.
A. A. BURLESON ...Pkoprietor
J n Slate, Tenn
6 G Howard, Tenn
11 T Massengsle, Tenn
A M,lIutlieock, Ky
T W Gainber. Tenn
J M Cannon, Tenn
M Hathcock. Ky
Mrs V. B Hvuc. Ill
J A Hovers, Tenn
J w dates, il.i
G H Magiiuier. Pembina 1 C lapuy. Ark
W T Nesbitt. Miss
H W Spencer il, Tonn
Miss J Spences. Tenn
Miss F Bailey, Tenn
R G Prescott. Tenn
SM Adams, Tenn
0 W Nelson, La
n r.penoer. tenn
A G Uugoey. Tenn
G Ecro.tf, Ark
II G Kmman, L ' 0 A T
0 Broirn, Tenn
W N Searcy, Tenn
A M S. Ionian, w As.Tenn
Jriira V VVa.e, city
J H PicUell, Ark
ll F Cook, Mo
W Spsrk Af, Ark
J W illiamson. Miss
A L C.mpbell, Ark
B L Ktiehtley, Tenn
C Page, Fort Scott
H Crooin, Ark
A L Kteuu i Tenn
J B Johnson, N Y
C A Cox, Miss
J B Anderson s. Ark -
K C lilackst ..re. III
Mrs Stone, Ky
G W Trectraf-e. Ind
L 1'oe. l
Mls L J Bs:s, Tcr
A L Penyman, Alk
W B Hooker. Va
G W Sharer, Ind
M Thenar, Ark
J Trauter, Ky
I, L Sample, Miss
T Tighe, Miss
J J Kyan, Miss
K Kuarp, Ar
W K tiibbs.Tcnn
L W-Shonse, Tenn
T H Divine, city
T T Roland, Ala
HCPeror. Ill
T W White, jr, city
J M Kirker. CI
J M Crosby, Miss
it.. I.'.' V b.DI.,
J Rutherford, Vicksburg
If n Lanles, lenn
EVERY first-class dea'er sells Opera Puffs
Cigarettes ; S cents for lu: 10 cents for aj.
The Diamond Corn-Mill
Htqnires less power, eosts less monpy,
grind) more grain, gives better satisfac
tion than any mill in use. bold on absolute
guarantee by
J. C. OATES A CO.. Southern Agents,
Ho. 210 Front stre-t.
Send for testimoninln.
SI ulfortl. Jeweler, 2U Main.
KEAl XillS!
We Offer at Very Low 1'rloes
1.000 keca Balls.
100,000 lbs Barbed Wire.
. 1,000 dos Handled and Eye Hoes.
' 1,000 Cotton Beraperm, all kinds.
Plows, Cotton and V rui Rope.
Hardware, Ee , F.te.
LAstifsTArr a co. ;
lyeig and Cleaning. '
Ladies' and gents' clothes cleaned or
d'cd in any color, also kid gloves, ostrich
feathers and lace curtains by Louis Keigel,
58 Jefferson street Memphis, Tenn. Gcoca
received by express.
Order Jtedals at ."lulforu'ri, 4
Of Shelby County Celebrates IU Fifty
Fifth Anniversary The Execu
tive Committee Reports
The Necessity fur Vigorous Work-
Eloquent Address by the Rev.
James L. Martin.
The Shelby County Bible Socity, whose
members are drawn largely from the vari
ous Protestant churches ot the city, cele
brated ita fifty-fifth anniversary Sunday
evening last, in the Cumberland Presbyte
rian church, Court street, the Hon. B. M.
Estes, president, presiding. The exercises
were opened with voluntary by the
choir, under the leadership of Mr. Morse
8. Downs a fins selection well rendered.
The Scriptures were read by the Ua 7. 8.
A. Steel, D.D., ami prayer was t.ffered by
the Kev. E. Daniel, D.D. Then came the
Executive Committee's report, by T. H.
Kice, secretary, as follows:
Executive Committee's Report.
Mr. President an.l Members of the Memphif and
bhelby County Btble bociety:
At our laat anniversary we reported the
completion of a iy. teiuatio canvass of the citv,
street by street and bouse t. house, with the can
vass o: tne county ol buelby outside the city well
lvanced. this canvas, of the county we have
imi.leted. and it is the ODlr eolmtrtace work we
have done darinc the past year. Karly in toe
ear we cstul.lisued adepos'tory for tlie sale ot
-ooke with Messrs. E. F. Wills & Co.. No. :ti7
Main street, tiirninir over to then, most of the
stock then on hand. This depository haa been
maintained, and wtl prove, it is hoped, a public
convenience, where the S.-ripturcs may be had at
very low prices. It mar lie inouire.1, why have
we not done more ot colportaae work tne pa.t
year ihe answer is that our field ot operations
comprses now only the city ot Atemphis and the
canty of Shelby outside the city. This held
haviuff been so recently canvassed Iherois hardly
that necessity for it that would justify a coutin
uanca f the wort. In tne judgment of ytur
c.uiuiiltce, however, or a number of them, at
least, that part of our former work known at the
-'train work," by which tho Jarire number of
emigrants pasip(f tnrouah our city wvre reached.
should oe continuous Hut the parent society
and the district superintendent oraued that these
emigrants would be served by their colporteurs
eitlo-r in their old or ber homos, and so that
work was, at (heir instance, discontinued. Ynr
Executive Committee, feeling ro'tless undcrsueh
inactivity as compared with our former att tude
to the work, opined, through our president
and the district superintendent, the Key.
Ir. r-avae. a correspondence with the
parent society tom-hinic tho expediency of
extending our field of opera ions, but with no
practical results aud but little encouragement,
rcr the present, therefore, we are shut
DP. it would seem, to the n aintainmit
of our depository and the aid cf our parent
society as far as we can. and in this
way we may find ample scope lor our bene
factions. The fourth general supply of the whole
country, begun two or thrie sears ago is not yet
completed, and the douiands for the lore gn work
are large. So that the euiergency is great. This
is ii. t tbe time for apathy. Let us help as we tray
in the grand movement of giving the Bible to the
world. And when this shall have been accom
plished then we may hope thattbe wilderness
and the solitary pla.-e shall be g ad for them, and
the desert shall rejoice ard blossom a the ro.e,"
"for theearlh shall he tilled with the knowledgo
of the glory ef the Lord, as the waters cover Ihe
TheComtDitleeon Memoir
made a report through tho Riv. S. C. Cald
well, in which appropriate tributes were
paid to the Iiev. W. 8. Malone, a vice
president, and Messrs. M. L. Meac haru
and Jacob Segicr, members of the Execu
tive Committee, all of whom had died
within the past year.
The Rev. James L Maitin, D.D , of the
Second Presbyterian church, delivered
the address, announcing es his subject:
"Tho Inspiration of Ihe Scriptures, and
Some of the Analogies by which it is Il
lustrated." It was a logical and able dis
course, and listened to most intently by
the large audier.ee.
The following are the ollicere-elect for
the ensuing year. It is proper to state in
this connection that Mr. Estes, the former
etlicient president, declined a re-election.
Hon. C. W. Ueiskell. President.
Rev. David Leitb.
Kev. G. W. Sweeiie--.
Kev. S. A. Steel, D.D
Bev. i. D. Mo re,
Kev.fc. f! Caldwell,
Rev. J. M. Maxwell,
U.II. Mahon.D.P.,
u 1... I. r.
Bev! TiL.Bosw'clliDib.,
Rev. J. L. .Martin.D.D.,
Rev. II. A. Jcnes,
Hey. J. G. Pflantz.
Rev. G. B. Thoinai.
Kev. 11. 11. fcvan
r. L. M. Hichnrosou, D.D.
1. II. Ruh5, .secretary.
J. 11. McDatitt, Treasurer.
Exeentive Committee.
First Cumberland Presbyterian Church
The Kev. U. A. Jones, J". H. MiDavitt
and I. N. Snowden.
Tbird Cumberland Presbyterian Church
The Kev. G. B. Tbomas, V. B. Crisman
and I. V. Flaniken.
First Methodist Episcnpal Churcb.South
The P.ev. S. A. Steel, D.D., t'. H. Duns
comb and J. C. Mills.
Central Methodist Episcopal Cunrch,
South The Kev. 11. H. Mahon, D.D., T.
D. Eidridge and W. N. Brown.
Hernando Street Methodist Episcopal
Church, South The Key. David Leitb, J.
K. Godv'in and L H. Estes, jr.
Safl'arans Street Methodist Episcopal
Church, South The Kev. J. M. Maxwell,
M. D. Williams and C. W. Judd.
Georgia Street Methodist Episcopal
Church", South The Kv. D. D. Moore, J.
W. Vt-rnon and A. B. Jewel.
St. John's Methodist Episcopal Church
No pastor; Joseph N sub and J. L. Gilier.
First Presbyterian Church Tbe Kev.
Eugene Danie.', D.D., James Eider and T.
H. Kice.
Sscond Presbyterian Church The Rev.
J.L. Martin, D.D., C. W. HeiiskEll and C.
C. Graham.
Third Presbyterian Church -The Rev.
E. M. Richardson, D.D., K. J. Kawiinga
andF. W. Sherrili. -
Lauderdale Street Presbyterian Church
The Key. S. C. Caldwell, B. M. Estes and
John Jobnston.
Alabama Street P.-esbyterian Church
No pastor J. H. McOleflan and J. S. Shot
well. Germantown Presbyterian Church The
Rev. K. R Evans, E. il. Hart and V. P.
Christian Church The Kev. G. W.
Sweeney, T. J. Lvham and J. R. Fiippin.
German Evangelical Lutheran Church
The Key. J. G. Ptlantz, H. W. Baumann and
George Weiss.
The interesting exercises were concluded
wiih the doxology and benediction.
Ladies' Button French Kid Shoes
far 81 09 a IVtlr,
E.(nal to any shoes sold lor $3 00.
This is a genuine bargain of which
every lady should avail herself.
The great sale in the
Will be continued to-day. This ia
a rare chance to furnish the dining
room, sideboard and kitchen with'
useful artistes at half the usual price.
For Tennessee and the Ohio Valley,
wanner, fair'tveathrr, irtnd shifting to
southerly t ond lower barometer.
Mewtit3. I5.. Arril 13, 195.
lime, j Bar. Thcr. Wind. Weather.
7:00 a.m.. 30. 'S 45 5 N V. C lear.
11.00 ft.m.. :).3"4) M.O W. Clear.
3 00 p. to..! -M.Zsl 6S.4 AV. Clear.
7.00p.m..j C-.J.1 N.E. Clenr.
11.00 p.m. -1 SO.'tfW ',) E. Civ.ii.4.
Moiin...H;ri 3 ." a't 5
.Maximum temperature. 5'J.O.
iviinimum tem('er.ture, 4..i.
Ozonoseope 11 a.m.,S; ll p.m., 1 seae, 0 to 10.
All observat ons taken on 73 meridian tiuiet
irhioTi in fin hfitir f?i-tr bnn InfBl tim..
Mempliis Land Sale!
We will Kepin the sale of l&nt fxtpnsivesnfc.
dlviaiosi of John 8. Claybrooke. Ksa.. on the
This large and comprehensive tract is situated
on the Hue of the Boulevard Rail wav, about half
mile from toe corporation lice of MomLhis.
When taken as a whole, this subdivision TfiH
tffTtrd to a.' L ii itl sett'er- tbe rarest oliLortunitv for
attractive and healthy homes tor any class of oar
growing population, and ineuy reaohof the city.
eitDor y Btreet ran way or pine, ado eaie win
htff-in at 11 o'clock a.m. on Wedne-dav. the 15th
of April next, on the premises, and will continue
Bflme, iron any o any, uum e. ory ivi i mna.
lais can be seen oi tun iubdivi,on arter Mon
day, March 3i'Lh. at the olhces of Overton & (iros
venor and F. W '. Roy iter k Co., till day of sale.
The sa e will commence at 11 o'clock a.m. trea
sonable lunch at 3 o'clock p.m. each dy
TMvMN Cfwa, rec-ainaer in iweive
montlis, witli o por rent, interest : Hen retained.
Every purchaser wiil be required to pay 10 fir
cent, on evory purciiAse made, and to sijrn tne
sales-book on the around. Title perfect. Sale
peremptory ana w.inmu limit.
Tastcl3S3fJMll Tonic
-ntrciiV MOTH Fit kr.nw what a tronbla it ia
Pi to ret chil.iraii to tske Quioino anil bitter
ein'll tonirs. Children and infants will sat Lyon e
lasteliiss Ionic and never know the. are Ukin,
meii'in. It never fails to cure Chills, no mnt
a.t ii! hi wlnnr standinr. And lor delicate call
inn and ladies rc'iairinir a KenenU touie to bniid
nn th svstem it has no eaual. It will make dali-
eiste children strong- and healthy. Cut tois out
and take it to to your druKiti't. r-.i!d by al I drug-
sistj Ht Xss. . . W. Sit V...,
Mboieaale Acents, Keuipnis.lenn,
Tasteless Syrup of Qainino
Is very valuable lor children. It is made from
rure U'.riine, ii perfectly tasteless, ir.d babies
and ciijdren will take it sod sever know it is
maJiciH. cold by all drutais u.
G. W. Jjmeg & Co. and S.MaBeBeld & Co,, I
-.1 . MI.MaK.Ia TtH.
,CH vasi I'aa . f-. 9 l- -ar.
iJIJtfY Oil MO
if nu nuiMO
Remarkable and advantageous
Investments will
Proclaim themselves
main Perspicuous Prim,
From end to end. will convince purchasers of
our power to place Wondorful Values
io their bands!
25 ceutf. Pure Silkx, Summer Silks.
21 cents Pongee bilks.
85 cents. Foulard bilks.
76 cent, Silk Velvets.
95 cents, Kit h tiros-Grain Silks.
95 cents, Handsome Taffeta Kuges.
9! cent. Black Satin Soldi.
32 cents, 4 U inch Fine Cashmere.
25 cents, Crazy Cloth.
22 cents, Doable-Fold Cashmeres.
$5 50, Floe Combination.
at SO
3 3.1
3 SO
Parasols just opened.
$1 o0 Tallor-Made Tricot SuiU
Tin Greatest Medical T.-inraph of tha Ag!
Los. of appetite, llo OT.i. coBti... I'.ts la
tho head, with m ilnll sensation in tho
buck part, l'aln under tli. shoalder.
blade, Valines after eatinc. wllk .dis
inclination t. exertion of bodr or mind.
Irritability ol temper, lAw.pirils, wltk
a I'eeltuK.f Lnvlog n.glcctcd same dnty.
Weariness, il7irlness, FlnttcrlntT at the
Heart. Dots beloretho eyes, tleadock.
over the riuht ere. llestlessness, with
Btful dream. Highly colored l rlue, and
TVTT'S nu t aro csiccinlly adnptod
to such cases, one doso crTccts sncli a
Tli'-y Increase tbe ATiitc,ii J cause th.
body to Tike on l'Ir.h, thus tLj s-stem Is
llotirishsel.STi'l by their Tonle Action on
th. lsiBX6tls-eOrrrans.ItecularMtool.are
r.rrlii . I'rlf. ttr.r. liurray M..TV.Y.
tott's mm mwi&wiK
hm'iv.iUsi Uio body, makes luiilthy tlii,
strenj-ihens tlin w-ali. ivi-aira the wastt-s of
the ystt'in with puns bt-xKl aifl hard in tuck;
tfnert the nervous Hvstem. irivionita tho
iiraiit, aa 1 impai ts tl'.o Yigur of xuauhood.
Sold bv ini:'!ri-t.
oyFK ii 4l W" r ra y St New orb-
rropMals fr ladina Knpplles mu
B raDnporiMiian.
JLJ Indian AQaus, W alnnfr on. March iwi,
Beled wr'tnosttl. indorsed Proposals for lieef "
bias lor l.oet must os triinmutci in Peptrateen-vel'ste-),
I'aeon, t lour. Clothing- or Tninflporta
tion, o:c. $ the case lxaybei, and directed to
the Commissioner ol Indian AfTn,ir. Ni'H. t" AND
67 Woostkk pt it k fit. iSitw YutK, wiil be received
until 1 n.m. of Ii'kspav. May 5, fir lurn ib-
inir for the Indi n service att ut 1,250.000 pounds
Uaron. -t'l.iAKVMJ pnmus lseel on ins nooi,
round ifar-s, oi.ui poun-is liuRinjr rower, J
(ffl pounds Cam, 4;'J.'03 pounds Cofiee,
b.'ju-Iai) pounds t our. fti.(-J wuna teea. .,-
0.K round- Hard lire d. M.i) It pounds Horr-iny.
2Tj,o( pounds Lnrd.lt-tJbrrflsMes Pork, H"AJ0 I
Kjunun nice, pouixts .xni pounds lo
iven. l'Jit.iJll rxmntls tSult. 175 OJ Pound? Soap.
So0,00 pound buffT, and 32u.ft0 pounds Wheat.
Ai-ri. Htunkflts. Woolen and Cotton Goods (?on
sl-ting in pmt of iickinfr, ',00(1 yardc ; tjumdard
Canco. (( varui: i' iHr.-t. WW yards : mica.
free from a'l munsr, ifi tw yards ; Uenims, 17, uw I
Turds: Gu ah;un. lilO.iKH) yards Kentucky Jeans,
IflUHiO Tarli Cheviot. yards: itrown Mieet
Ids, lV5,0ts y rd: Blenched bheeting, 15,CU0
ids: liickory ihirttn-r, 10, (V 0 yards; Calico
ih irtirifr, yard?; W insev, lr.00 yards; Cio'h-
id(t, orocertos. oiiuns, iiardvrare, JHedmai oup-
pl'.es. tot hool rooks, etc.. aod a lonir htot mil-
eellaneous artit Its, furh a Harnef, Plows
Rakes, forks, ot-., and tor About iito n scons re
quired for ihe cervice, to be ueurered at Lbtoairo,
Kansas City &Dd bioui City. Also, lor fucii ag-
ons as niny.be required, adnpted to the elimaie
ofthePacioc Coaj-, with California brakes, de
liverrd at 8an Francisco,
Aifo, trun(portntia for such of the article,
goods, and Fupi'l es that may not ba contracted
for to be delivered at the Agencies.
Schedules h.ir the ind? and qnaotities f
subM.3tence Fuppliea required for each Agency,
and the kndund uu:niitios in trross. of all other
goods and articles, rtcther wi'h h'nnk proposals,
cocditior.s to be observed by bidders, time and
place of delivery, teiins of contract of pay me tit,
tienpo'tation route1, and all other reeennary in
s;ruct ons will be furnished upon ai plication to
the Indian ufhoe in W shincton, or lna. bo axd
67 W (M)sTKat stt.kkt, Nkw Y- Bk ; Wm. H- Lyon,
'o. 4Hi Uro dTAy, New YoTk : the Commissaries
of Sub ict once. IJ.S A., at Cheienne, Chicaito,
Leavenworth, Omaha, tt Louis, M. Paul and
San Franc'ro; the Pn'tn aster at Sioux City
and Yankton: and to tbe Pitmasters at the fol
lowing narnefl p'aoes in Kauta-: Arkansu City,
nuriinnton. uidvceii, JJudtra ci'y. tuiporim, eu
reka, Great Bend, Howard, Hutchinson, Larned
Mcpherson, Marian, Medic:m Lo. tr- , Newton.
O'afre City, Sedan, Sterling, Topaka, Wellington,
W t o h i ta n A W i n fi ! d .
Bids will be opened at the hour and day above
stated, and bidders are invited to be preterit at
tbe opening.
All bids must b& accompanied by certified
checks upon -seme United Mates Depository or
tbet irst Nation I Bans of Los Angeles. Cut,, for
at least Five per cent, of ihe amount of the pro
posals. J. D. C. ATKINS. Comminsione-.
I'fiod for-orrr '3 y-n wi'h croat ftjccws by th
pliySH-tuut-ot P-riJ.Nfcw Yorkaini London. &nd-;i.
l-lOTtokHoufTrif' -rtlit; prompt cure of all cyp;.nTent
or kur fta:nlinu-. Put op only In iilami brtr5
contiTninir M Cio-rxtil"" each. I'UIPB 7- t'KS'IH,
13 r.nal St., Sew Orleans,
Specialties rna Hakihs
And Dealer In all kinds of Parspbernsliss for
Societies, Associations and Clubs.
Marf. to nrd.r. Send forestiraatef.
Und-ssutetS In the BROAD CLAIM of being U
H.VVctter &. Co. Agts. Memphis, lenn.
Siedical Dispensary,
So. 17 JeSersca Sfc,
DR. JOHNSON is acknowledged by all partlet
interested as by far the mostsueoessful phr
ficiMi in the tfs&tment of private or secret dis
eases. Qaic'g rermonent cures guaranteed ii
every ease, mate o? female. Recent cases otl
lonorrh?a and oyphiUs cured in a few days, with
out the nse of mercury, change of diet or hi&
dntnee from, business. Seoondary ByphilU. the
laat vestige eradie-vted without the Use oi met
e-iry. Involuntary lofl of semen stopped in si
ihorttime, t offerers from im potency or loss of
tsznil powers reetoiod to free vigor in ft few
weeks. Victims of aelf-abnee and excessive
vanery, snfferinK from spermatorrhea and loai ol
phyioal or mental power, speedily and perms
nentiy ouretl. Particular attention paid to the
Diseases oi Women, and cores guaranteed. Pilot
and old sores cured without the use of ca ustic or
the knife. AH consultations striotiy oonhdentiaJt
Mediinei te&i by express to ail parti ol th4
3r w orfclscxnan cured at half tho nraal priooi
Omoe hoars froui-si o'olock a.m. tn 9 p.m.
P. S. JOHN sif.N, M. P.
StreriKto nnd 1'f.ifeo. ?
HOil.cUltMl 7 KK&b'A
care, ojsur, or runt w- V
Oar Improrvvd 4n:lWsieO
glv tbe oeeeeesry aid, tKrC
CKK wh?a aiitaefv:
. V.'
Cet our book lhra vp
I t.f Men,"oL'3t&istfafl
I not or:rtias?aU. thAt .tXI
:d knt.w. Br null U
Us 6 CMS TttiltUUZH. I YkSlMal
on I'T mewl or ofire xtiso
ftMtJI CAtYAWIC C0..3 1 2 . fiTH gT . J, LQUt
file World's lediiim
THnch ani-pcor. all treated nUk. VISA F.
i-JLVAt Clairvoyant and Clariandant fri.tn
htlriimod, a-ii a tiue guide to businens. The
IBetiiun,. is wli known at hr home, which ! &6.
Ltui, i'o.t f'-r nr mftuy true pro or C'.in
t..!i ritrsifi nr.t'! nif ir rr.rriir.2 .to l; rt wish the
a.u-n.-.i -of rolief. SflnlTCAL CuMMTNI
C.VUONTi!'-t.'eiil & tree i. btwtn d
v-"r -
11. AA TEKy HOi;. IH.I.MJ 11K1ULUI.
And IMPLEMENTS in Market.
JN0. B. T00F.
Wholesale GROCERS,
And Dealer In Levee
274 Front Htrept
Grocers and Cotton Factors,
No. 302 Main Street, (.ayoso RIork.
CottonFactors, Wholesale (rrooers
m 306 FKOVT MUEKT. 61 1 . ... TKXS.
fin. r
No. 11 Union Htrevt.
ron ana Brtwa CMtism, Pnllya tsl rSliafitup;. Intf Fimim, Cr.tton Prarfss, H-rH
Powers. Gin (iearinr. liailroad andtiteamboit
rump, inMpiravivrs), luierior, lirn.t
niti-l9wr CIvnl4rH. Fest etna:, 4
W. D. BttM,
NO. 333 MAIN ST..
MiJIIiy Qt cpk if sakh
Ulku. sU kl Vi ihui uVSfiJli.tSsLg
r i i a
s ooacco ana
U Oayla. Jobs a. Hnlltvan. Inos, Vlsrk.
Wholesale Cirocera, C'tiJtoti t i-t
And Coromiasicn Merchants,
232 and 234 Front Si, Esmp
Mr. I. H. RAllNKy devotes his whole tixs to ths Wcirhiig a?.d aie of all Cctto lntrr-tjw to est
i Tobacco and Cigars.
217 Main street
der Wo iu
fm st. -lasts' sisnsn.l.aasi Xt. -- - i --Ti i rn n 1 i inii Q
370 Front Street, Mempliis.
vOoarun Lumoer bomDany
A. WOODBrrf, rresldens.
Doors, Sash, Elinds, Moldings,
ortli front St.,
. P. Twvlor. Wsnscrr. 1 I
13 Snva
Wholesale Grocers
"No. 13 UnSon Ktr-el.
ANDREW 8TEWABT, New Orleans.
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton Factors
SO. 856 AXOf 558 FROST
White Lead, Oils, Yarnlshes, Mixed Paints, Urushes, (Slues, Etc.
X7tri3ri30"C7" GIjAHH, JjOOKING-GIsASS.
"bamp'es of wall Paper am
d Mixed Painti
will be ma led to any addrei
In nsi
upon application
"Special Prices to Merchants on all Goods in
enr Line
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
3 S90-20S Front St., Mempl.ia. Teian,
rss.4-An l. ontfrt i:ftrrsr?ifjrtri i ?.'ytii!
UUllull i auiuios wuu.i24.i-ju:i urn otsiii.tOj
Ho. HO South ITaiu Ut.. fit. 2.os Jw-
Manhood Restored
KKMttn l iaAift. A Tuaim of youthful liniirndi-n'.'e
OAuotoff lrematnre Iecy. Nervous lebi!itr, lxust
Manhood, cto., having tried in vain evry Known
remfttJy,iiat1iscosTered a "imple m-iniof nel f-oure,
whi'-n be w.l" otrj rRLL-. to his fMliow-sutTr-rer-.
-iitl.-e4i J.U.ltKrJVLa.JChatiiaiatt.Jvew k'orfe
swsw C TJssaftre?.tinr.forlt!dlss
H Vtion. A psrfect substitute
ii Pr'' tobscoo. Ask your drus
flf ll 1 si ' oonfectionerforCol-
V W " Taffy Tolu," manufactured
iQJf byOolsan MoAI'ee, Lou
rills, Ky. sswbasapls sasdls by mail oa rs-
,ip..' .ifMPU,
OpwiH? rmtmr bjth of VitnUn rft-tW
tjMOn-, which catctyaliy er Kemoos statJUr
ftcy, IWUty. lrtamiAjra lejr a0
all irn.b;e arwag ttoa. ei-wvn: tvra Timt
bsvmr! iUoe maiti tvc eratNl,ny
9reu:aj aw. .YtUU--X7. luce hu, uadaa-
CO., 310-312 Front SI
7 w .v... w.
. 0. PATIES0X.
aud Kailr-mid Kmtrilic .
Tyioytpiis TevyTiRcyeo.
Sri J
8. S.
f?vt sirf
ttl r;I
4H. Ei'till.
-.-.,,- tr d
0rnHa4A -l Irrsj V a-;-, nii;r.
T. H . JltTMB
K. I. t lmU
bi msv.
K. T. Ser ansl Trvsw,
oT ti&rfl l&s.leF la
and Building Scterial General?;
Near G;ia ITorkR.
t fstnTltU. Ttin"iwt
am Oottoii Fncfsri.
lJemis. T'oisii.
if SI fi flSr:'V ' :-' r
J. H. CIIASSAING. Isfl & Mn-nnvrTi
Aiiuouro-.-- t. lti fr:..!.'ia f.-.ti ti.o ! rnv-.-l i uk ;.'it.;if iuit
tln -.!l .'niwn Howl mill be nfv).v rt)ittid uounti(nt
THELINOELL lt .iTat,tl in tlm hart of thrs honi.
He--!, ivii.ro luitl ("! f-rwuti iniltirtmcn' to ooauittw
fjis.1 nifn A Cuiinf of siiiririor fij!l-'iir6.
KTSI CT I P!!!1! Lake f.1 nrtetonk i.MInn
rrrrr This BKLTor Ro?enera-
tor is mado expre.-sly for
the cure ot d cue ner tion
nf the generntive organs.
l'her? is m mi -lake about
'this ii?tructent, tie en.
,T Kit; 111 permeating
I . . r , i l through tbe puns i:mt
r j-aifllr't ,j re t tn to belthy
I v 'L ," ' ftJ I I i"tion. b not onr ond
r.Lllii Ulii-1 this with Klceino U.Itg
a lverti'd ?o cure all ills irotu bad to tive. Jtis
for tii OX K specific purpose. F.r eirculnrs giv
ing full irifoMUfltiion, address l'ho-v-r Liectrio
Belt Co.. 1U Wn-hir-" r,kl""-. I'l.
-V At-K(trT Cm laairtey Jiire
i T&J-rir tVrvf Pi Motir. t Uki 3
y Tnrtl. w-'f 'i a-.N i.vtl4iTWi-I ,io,
i'ti WU' 1. F.ot.:vd:rtrrntt XaTal Iti. frt -Irrs.
rVr-Tr'tKr'iaiiisTr, worn wiih mAim a-':i wtii
I'.t.addaT. Cimtl th fauawaf i uli
N.Y. and hinsUrrUaotbava. psairt.ir-t
J. fi. McTIGUE. W,
P 9 n
2 l!-
z ft nn
5 I
. i

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