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3CSTABIJS1 1 ED 1 S-i 0.
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KaAP.xo matte,,, every page. V ,
m the sixth pige onr North Miwif.
Bippi readers will find special "fr
patches from Holly Eprinirs and Jack
on, of special interest to them.
Tks Mind Miller sensation may end
in the trial of that yon ug lady for h'.g
umy and her incarceration ia prison or
n insane sevlnm. , '
Twtkrdav war devoted by the
Senate to enlogies of the late Vice
President Hendricks, Kaaetor Voor
fceee makingvine ot the most superb.
Corta of his life In a ficnily review
the life and .ubUc mi vices of his
' Xawbekcg Babbett ie coriflned to
his bed at hia reaidence la Boston
-with diphtheric sore throst,cone)aent
upon over-exertion in the performance
of "Hernani." Hia physicians state
that if he should go oat as-i get
chilled the result would be fatat. '
iiout in paying quantities is report
ed to have been found In Honduras,
and a party is being mads op in Chi
sago to go ont to that country to work
np the find. Col. Pat D3naa, the irre
pressible editor, Is a member of the
company that fitted ont the prosjtct-
ing party.
Tna very liberal prices paid
d tor
tickets to the charity ball yesterdty
ougut to be incentives to others of otr
rich and well-to-do people to "go awl
do likewise." If $10,00 J can be raised
in this way it will be found none toi
'little to satisfy the wanta of the need?
and deserving poor. .
A Boston woman, named Jane Wei
don, is under arrest for shoplifting,
febe stole everything she could lay her
hands, on without detection, 'but the
"'moat interesting part of the capture
was her diary, in which she faithfully
entered all her thefts and every ride
ehe beat out of the street cars,'
' "" Tn threats conveyed in 'Queen Vio
toria'a speech from the tbrpne have
"proven to b so each bluster. ; The
" first movement by the Baulsbnry
Ministry to give them reality was a
iaibu-e. The entente cordial has been
Hestored betweenayGIadBtone and the
Liberals, and Parnell and he Nation-
um- : ;
Ox the question of reviving the
crimes act for Ireland the Saulabufy
government was defeated yesterday by
the decisive vote of 329 to the
Irinh Home Rulers voting with tba
liberals. The nxt ove vkH be thw,
resignation of the Saulabnry" Cabinet
and the formation of a Gladstone
Ministry. '"'.
Tbk people 'of London were scared
yesterday "out of their boots' by an
explosion at the Victoria Railroad
station. At first it was supposed to
be the work of wild'lfish dynamiters,
bet investigation proved that it was
the result of an accumulation of gas.
The Irish dynamiter haunts the aver
age Londoner. v
Thb Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, baa
made an appeal for relief for the start
ing people of that moBt unfortunate of
countries, and local relief boards are
being formed in every county. The
English government is expected to
make an appropriation or some other
sort of provision adequate to the
necessities of the sufferers.
Thb "Sodk of the Shin" is being
wrested ' to-day in New York, with.
surroundings of squalor and misery-
. . r. 1 1 , ttr i 1 .- : 1 1 i
mat oomnern ana v esiem peupie win
Bad it difficult to realize. Hundreds
of" women are working with their
needles in hat city for the sum of 12
cents a day. And still we send mis
sionaries to China and Japan.
Tea Alta California says the gale
that blew in San Francisco and vioin
ity on the 20th instant was the' se
verest felt on the Pacific coast for
fifteen years. "The wind inside
reached seventy-two niles an hour,
and outside of the Heads it must
have blown a hundred. The thoughts
and sympathies of our people went
out to those who go down to the sea
in ships."
Woold it not be the proper thing
for the Merchants' Exchange to ap
point a special committee to investi
gate the grain trade difficulty and as
certain if soma arrangements eannot
be made with the railroads whereby
the interests of Memphis may receive
the consideration they are entitled to ?
We think such a movement is in
- order, and suggest that it be made.
Mk. Gladbtonb will succeed to
Baulsbury'a shoes in a few days, and
then he will offer a well-matured bill,
providing for home rule for Ireland,
which will pass the House of Com
mons by a decided majority and be
sent to the Lords, where it is sure to
be defeated. This will force a disso
lution of Parliament and another
. election, which will be in the nature'
of an appeal to the people. If the
liberal are returned in such numbers
as they hiVe at present, it will be
taken for proof that the people are in
favor of home rule,nd the Lords in
the next succeeding Parliament will
be compelled, by public opinion, to
yield to the wishes of the people as
they hava many times before in the
history of England. "God is good to
he Irish." , '
Ike Adams BUI to AUew Fhem to
V I Iacrtasa Their Slock jo
y Favorably Rep.rtf-I.
A. TatomiBf Schenie-rTlie Telephone
' ' WuIts-SoutberefPateato-ros.
tul Orders fcapllul 'etes.
IfAoiiL to tin armawl
W9H kwton, January 20, The
Horn Committee cn Banting and
Currency agreed to report favorably
the Adams bill t enable niona',
banks to increase their capital stock
and chaDe their names and locations.
The committee also instructed Mr.
Brumna to frame a bill to limit the
maximum capital of any bank to, lay,
Mr. Bernard Martin of Tammany
Hall, New York, is in Washington
with a scheme which he wants to tub
mit to Congress, proposing that the
civil aervice law shall be submitted to
the people of the various States to be
voted upon. He maintains that in'thia
way, and no other, can the sentiment
of the country with regard to civil
aervice reform be obtained, t
Carl Andrtcb, assignor to himself
and W. W. Strickland, Gordon, Ark.,
combined plow, cultivator and har
row; Gurar Hunnutta, Malvern, Ark.,
n rial ship; Sam. B Corkle, aasii'nor
of one-fourth to Col. C. A. Iioyt, Chat
tanooga, Tenn , swing ; Jetaie B.
Moon, :dorado, Ark., buck band
hook. '
Counsel engaged on both sidas of
the contest over the validity ef the
Bell telephone patent are gathering in
Waehiugton. The undemanding ia
that the suit wtil ba hrooght by the
acting Attornev-fieneral immediately.
and that the trial will be commenced
in the District courts. Senator Mc
Donald of Indiana arrived last night,
and Mr, Swann of Boston, also of Prof.
Bell counsel, is here. . Messrs. Hum
phreys and others of the opposing
side have their headquarters at the
EbbitL .
A daily exchange of through regis
tered pouches has been ordered to
commence February 8th between New '
Orleans and Natchez, Miss., pouches
to leave New Orleans at 6 p.m. via the
Cairo and New Orleans railway post
offic, and leave Natchez at 3 p.m. via
the Jackson and Natchez railway poet
office. FoatpfBces established: O'Noal,'.
Limestone untv. Ala., Wm. R. Bat-'
lev .postmaster. " Name of the post
office at Robbville, Koane county,
Tenn., changed to Glen Alice, with
James A. Gallaher postmaster. Pjot
rlU;) at Coffee, Bibb county, Ala.,
discontinued mail to Bloton. . . .
' K. J. Wallace. Enoxville. Tenn
A, B. Austin. Birmingham, Ala., and
j. a. bmun, j season, Alias.
. Cabinet Sttrtlag.
WASHiNatoif.Janui'ry 20 The Cab
inet meeting to-day was attended by
an tne memoers except tue J'ostmas
ter General, who ia Ballerina: from I
oold. The eession lasted about three
hours, the principal part of which time
was devoted to considering the action
ot tne benate in executive session ye-8'
tsrday in making a "formal demand"
of the Attorney G eueral for copies of
all papers in his department relating
to the recent change in the office of
Unitod States Attorney for the South
ern District of Alabama. A general
discussion ensred and showed a slight
division of sen:imout as to the proper
policy to be adopted by the President
in to.18 particular case, watch is Ken
erally regarded as an issue and the ac
tion on which, will necessarily estab
lish a precedent. No action was had
on toe general proposition of compli
ance or non-compliance with the
wishes of the Senate and the exact
form of answer to be made to the
communication from the Senate was
:.left spen for future consideration.
'Salaries or Iateraal Bevenne Col
i, -t lcaiors.
i WaihikgtoiV January 20. The
Secrettry of the Treasury to-day trans
mitted to tne senate tils reply to tne
reeoiuton calling for information re
spectia; the payment of salaries to
collecl-ca of internal revenue not con
firmed ly the Senate. He says that
since Jmrcn l, So.v, payments ot sal
ary hav been mads to ninety-five col
lector ot interda! revenue not con
firmed by the Senate, and that seventy
of the nuety-five to whom such pay
ments were made had, at the time of
said paynents, been designated to
perform tie daties of other collectors
suspended by the President during a
recess of tie Senate, under the author
ity conferred by section 1708 of the
Revieed Sututea. Some of the pay
ments mad to persons so designated
were madearior to March 4, 1883, and
Bomeof tbwiwere made since that
date. - , - ' :
Th Sapvcme Caatt.
WASHrmN, January 20. In the
Supreme Court of the United States
tday the Chicago case of Joseph C.
Mackin and William J. Gallagher vs.
thrdnitad States was postponed until
the first Monday in March next. What
are known as the California railroad
tax taMM then came np for argument.
The :hief grounds alleged by the cor
porations as reasons for escaping taxa
tion are that the revenue system
adopted by the constitution and, the
laws of California as to them are
violations of the fonrteenth amend
ment of the constitution of the United
States, because, first, it deprives tnem
of their propertj, without due process
ui mw , auu, aecunu, it uepnves mom
of the equal protection of the lavs.
The argument will be continued to
morrow. . .A-. I -, s
Aaothr'r Silver tollnr Bill. V
VPyi.SISSTOR, Jajiuary "Sc. A bill
was introduced in the House to-day
by Mr. Kwinburneot New York, de
claring the silver dt-llara legal tender,
making all' standird silver dollars
hexetofore coined Segal tender, and
direcnns; the feecMtary ot the Treas
ury to :
lar of 41"-'J grains ar equal iu value to
the gold, dollar io payment of all
claims against or due the government.
The Secretary is authorised to pur
chase $-1,000,003 worth of silver bull
ion pet month, at tncb rates as to cor
respond v with the average market
value of silver bullion for the preced
ing month, not to exceed $1 07 per
ounce, and directed to have coned in
the United States mints $100 000 per
month oi fractional ailver coin. Haia
alno authorized to hava printed $2,
000,000 per month of filter cert ii-ates
in denominations of fl,$land V,
representing silver bullion, and thesn
certificates are declared to be a lesal
tender and redeemable in amounts of
$5 and upward in ailver coin or in
bullion at market price, etc.
I valid Pcaalaaia.
Washingtoh, January 20. The
House Committee on Invalid Penal ona
to-day had under consideration a pro
position to extend the limit of the
arrears of the pensions act to 1SSS.
Estimates were submitted from the
Pension Ofhce, ahowing that if the
bill wa paaeed it would require t"5,
000,000 to pay the claims already on
file. Mr. Watson, chairman of the
committee, said that Representative
Randall had told him that if the bill
became a law it would take every
dollar out of the Treasury. The com
mittee therefore postponed further
consideration of the bill until Friday,
when Representatives Morrison and
Randall will be heard by tfie com
mittee on the probable cost of the
Southern Ptelic L.untl (.'rants.
Washington, January . 20 The
House Committee on Public Lands to
day heard a long argument by ex-Senator
McDonald of Indiana againat the
pending proposition to declare forfeit
ed the laud grant of the Southern Pa
cific Rul road Company. At the con
clusion of the argument the commit
tee went into secret session, and the
matter waa debated a', length.
Mr. McKaeof Arkansas moved that
the entire land grant be declared for-
Lfeited, and Mr. Strait of Minnesota
proposed to amend that motion so as
to include within the forfeiture only
such lands as aro oppoxite uncoiH
structed portions cf the road. Pend
ing debate, the committee rose and
the Matter was made a special order
for Thursday next, after the argu
ments on the proposition to forfeit
the Atlantic and Pacific land grant
shall have been heard.
Dlvlatan et sjpkota.
Wasbimotom, January 20. Jndge
Moody waa heard by the House Com
mittee on Territories to-day upon the
proposition to divide the Territory of
Dakota. Ha followed the-same fine
of argument pursued by him at bis
previous hearing. He diachimed any
personal interest in the division of the
Territory of the forty-sixth parallel,
and charged that Mr. L. G. Johnson,
who accused bim of dashing Bach a
division In order that he might be re
turned to the Senate, was hot a citizen
of Dakota, but of Illinois. He said
Mr. Johnson waa a land speculator,
who wanted a division north and sonth
in order to bring his lands near the
capitol of the new State, and thus en
hance their value. Mr. McDonald, a
banker of Pierra, Dak., spoke a tew
minutes in support of the views ex
l rased by Judge Moody.
Kea-reaentallve atankln'a Beutaln-,
Washington, January 20. The re
mainsof the late Representative Joseph
lUnkin left here this morning for Wis
consin on a special train. Ttiey were
accompanied by. Senators Sawyer.
Blackburn, and Jones of Arkansas, and
Representatives Bragg, Van Schaick,
Stevenson, Guenther, Carieton, Hen
dNon and Johnson.
Dinner to the President and Ilia
Washington, January 20. vSecre
tary and Mrs. Manning gave a dinner
this evening in honor of the President
and his Cabinet.
sr. Louis election cases.
Frauds on Armed In
O III co for 1'onr Years.
St. Louis, Mo., January 20. The
Supreme Court of the State of Missouri
to-day rendered a decision which pro
hibits the Circuit Court from trying
the contested city election cases.
The case before the Supreme Court
was in the form of a writ of prohibi
tion, sued out by Mayor Francis
against Judge Dillon of the Circuit
Court of this city, to prevent the latter
from hearing the contested election
case in which ex-Mayor Ewing was
seeking to oust Mr. Francis from the
office of mayor. The decision confirms
Mr. Francis in the office of mayor for
four years from last April, and settles
the cases of seven Republicans who
were contesting the election of anvan
Democrats to the city offices, two
Democrats who were contesting thn
election of two Republicans, and six
Republicans who claimed aeata in the
nnper house of the Municipal Assem-
The decision also nrantlnallv rWdlna
that there is ao court in Missouri
competent to try St. Lonis election
cases, ewing to the lack of a provision
in the city's charter for tha trial nf
such cases.
Ihe 81. Lou la Cblneae Harder
St. Locis,Mo.. January 2G. To-dnv's
morning hours .were ocennied in thn
vsriuiiuai ijimn, Dy me cross-examination
of Cong Sing, who yesterday
turned State's evidence in the trial of
the Chinese hiirhbindera. Ha tnlla
: i i .1 , . i r
substantially the same story which he
related yesterday, but no new facia
were brought to light It is gonerally
understood that another of the defen
dants will be allowed to turn State's
evidence, and he will be placed on the
witness-stand this evening aitsr the
cross-examination of Cong Sing is fin
ished. ' A Crooked Cashier.
Norwich. Cons.. January 2G. Sam.
nel Bingham, cashier of the Windhsm
National Bank at Willimantic, Conn.,
was brought before United States
Commissioner Tenney to-day, charged
witn taxing neavy commissions on
paper bought of Jas. D. Fish, late
president of the Marine Bank of New
York. The directors of the bank have
made an examination of the bank's
accounts and pronounce them all
right.- The hearing- was postponed
until February Kith. , . ;
Shot by Ber Unaband. '."
Atlanta, Ga.. January 20, A dis
patch from Griffin reports the death
by shooting of Mrs. Daniel by her
husband, who had eloped with his
sister-in-law. His wife v&9 in pursuit
of hfm at the time.
S disbar and Bis Cablaet Invited
to Send In llielr Beslgia
tlous by the
Overnhelnilng Tote or SJ to 250
The Bot k on which the Min- ,
istrj Was Wrecked.'
Londim, January 26. Ia the House
ot Commons to-day Sir Michael Hicks
Beacb, referring to tbe case of Mr.
Brad augb, aa d the government waa
not prepared to oppose that gentle
man's right to sit ' and 'vote in the
House of Commons. Tbe appeal of
Mr. Bradlamih is still before the House
of Lords. ' The matter now," said Sir
Michael, "ia in the control of the Court
of Law." i
Mr. Parnell moved that the debate
on the address in reply (o the speech
from the throne have precedence over
the bill to suppress the National
League, of which Sir Michael Hicks
Beach gave notice.
, This motion was strocgly opposed
by Sir Michael.
Mr. Parnell later withdrew bis mo
tion. Tbe notice given by the Conserva
tive leader of the sovernineni'a inten
tion to introduce a bill to tuppreKs the
National League, was greeted by the
Paraellite members with cries of
"cowarde," "bhame," and with ironi
cal laughter'. Ihe uproar continued
for some moment.
Mr. Coiling moved his amendment
to the addreai on ihe subject of allot
ments. Mr. Gladstone strongly snppqrted'
Mr. Coll nga'a amen in.ent, and the
Marquis of Hartington epposed it.
Sir Michael Uickr.-B.ach said that
the government would wllliugly ac
cspt tbe decision of the House, aa
they had assumed office with reluc
tance and would resign without regret.
Tne amendment was adopted by a
vote of 321) to 250, the government
thus being defeated, i
The result of the division waa re
ceived by the Irish members by de
risive cheers and cries of "Boycott 1"
The House, at the suggestion of Sir
Michael liicka-Baach, adjonrned un
til Thursday. Lord Hartington, Mr.
Courtney, Kir John Lubbock and other
moderate Liberals, voted with the
Conservatives. Mr. Gladstone, Mr.
Chamberlain, Mr. Trevelyan, Mr. La-
boucnere, Mr. Bradlausn. Lord Kich
ard Groavenor and all the Parnellites
voted against the government.
A later analysis of the division
shows that Lord Hartington and Mr.
Goscben abstained from votimr. and
that only seventy Parnellites voted. It
ia rumored that Lord Hartington will
refuse to enter a caliet under Mr.
Gladstone, and will undertake to lead
a separate party in opposition to home
' Mr. Oollings's amendment, on
which the government was defeated,
expresses regret that no measures are
announced in the (jaeen's speech for
the relief of the sufferers by the de
pression in trade and agricalturt par
ticularly in regard to alfording Ucili
tiea to farm laborers, etc., for obtain
ing allotments of small holding on
equitable terms as to rent and security
of tenure.
The Morning Pott says that the
resignation of the government will be
annohncFd on Thuriday.
The Daily Navs does not seem dis
posed to exnlt over tbe Liberal
triumph. It snya that tbe Conserva
tives pursued the best possible policy,
but that they had to bear a policy be
yond human strength to support.
The Standard predicts that the next
Cabinet will be shorter-lived than the
present. It says: "Ihe outlook is
gloomy. Either England and Ireland
will be torn apart or there will be i
I 1. L 11 1 .
Bua-naiuu ui uuurk-uveu KUverumeQie,
weakening the executive at home and
The Daily Ntwt ridicules the report
that the Queen will summon Lord
Hartington to form a new Cabinet,
Mr. Gladstone, tbe Nem says, is per
fectly able to form a strong, united
. Only m Party Trick.
London. January 26. Mr. Thomas
Power O'Connor, in an interview to
day, said the Drooosad introduction in
Parliament of coercive measures Ifor
xreiana was a party tricx. based noon
tne nope ot wnig support, a hope that
would probably prove delusive.' He
thought the anti-Irish feeling in
I'.ngiana was not so great as tbe gov
ernment supposed it to be. The Min
istry, he declared, would be defeated,
and Air. uuostone would lorm a
Home-Rule Ministry which would
have the full support of the Liberals
and the Parnellites. Mr. O'Connor
characterized the action of the gov
ernment as "dire frenzy." Mr. Wil
liam u tfrien. memoer oi Parliament
for Mallow, and editor of United Jre
land, agreed with Mr. O'Connor that
tne idea oi suppressing tne .National
League was absurd. The government,
he said, might as well try to overthrow
the laws of ihe nation.
Loalnvllle Cemeat.
Foundations, cellar walls and build
ings subject to overflow should be con
structed with Louisville Cement. It is
the standard.
Work Beanmed. .
Tksbi Hautk, Ihd, Janaary 20.
Fires were started in the furnaces of
theTerre Haute Iron and Hail Works
to-day. All that can be learned, is that
about 100 men are to go to work to
morrow in the puddling department.
The nailers say they have had no over
tures from the company, and no one
on the outside knows if the nail-mill
is to be started np. , .
Tbe Oblo Senatorial tMruenlty.
CowMBts, 0., January 2 The la
test information to-night la that - a
compromise of the dilUcnllif 9 will be
attempted to-morrow. ' Tho, Kepubli
cans to-day appointed a Coji&riiiiea 10
meet a similar committed ifoiu th
Democratic 'tauci", the obTt being
to come to some agreement regarding
the lules for the government of the
Senate. The Democratic caucus will
name their raembera of the committee
at 10 o'clock in the morning, and the
meeting will then be held. It is ex
pected they will be ready to report by
the time the joint Senate meets at 4
o'clock p.m.
In t'nalaad Ri ied bjr a
KxplMloa) at l be
Victoria Hallway btatlar. Partially
Deiaol ablnic tbe llulldlac.
I.ondjn, January 2C The dyna
mite scare was revived in Norwich to
d iy by a terrific explosion at the Via
t iria railway station, which partially
demolished the building. ' No one is
reported to have bsen injured. The
cause of the exploaion is a mystery.
Sir Uinry Hawkins, Judge of the
High Court of Justice of the Queen's
Bench division, had left Norwich on
a train starting from another depot a
few momenta before the explosion,
and it is believed that the ixploeic n
was the work of enemies of his, wbo
wished to asitaasinate him and who
had made a mistake in regard to the j
station at which be would leave the
town. Judge Hawkins sentenced the
dynamiters, Cunningham and Burton,
to life imprisonment. The explosion
is now believed to have been, caused
THiEV-Tiieidr, Jnur iW, lHsd, at V
o'clock a.m., Mini I.'.huik it. Tallit, itt ran.
Iil.nce of hr anal, F. 1), Tulli-y, corner oi
1'rief and I'olkse attnaei.
Kunertl from reide this (WEDNES
DAY) aitarsoon at2u'clofk. I'rlendu vra
itirttol t nttrnd.
BCHM1D lha minimi of th Uarma
Mutunl Bonavolant Hoeiaty re hrMr ra
nua.Ud to maetatthei' hl thii. (W fcDNKS
DAY) afleraooa at 1 o'clock abarp, to attend
the Innaral ol our lata b other, kkdSchuiu.
Funeral will take plaea from P. M. aUanley'i.
Bro.d.ru.Wa.id.nu w jJ0EW8
J. N. Ptoth, Secretary,
Physician, Snrgeon and Accoacheur,
313 Bala Street Near I'nlou.
Telephone So. W.
St. Agnes Academy.
T11K SPRINfl i KSSION will open MON
DAY to. lt of February. Term-i-i;.".,
HO, tyfl and 1100, aennrdine to the aire and
oIimi of tha pui'll. for further paniculiui
apply to the Lady Superior.
No. 3299, ni' Cbanoary Coqrt of'shelby
onunly Slata of lYnEe"ee, for iie, etc.,
T. V. K Uutlarotal.i arid No. Ic.m, II
City of Maroph vi. r. W. iron at ai.
and No. laOl, K.D. City of Mauiplili va.
U W. Kreaeretal.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree for
ala, entered In lha above rnti.o on tha
I'.th dny of Novamlier, lKH'i, M. 11. .Vi, puae HH,
I will sell, at'puhllo auction, to the hi.hent
bidder. In front of thn Clerk and MuflUir'a
olline, courlhou's ot bliolby ooiinty, Main
(bis, Tenn., on ' :
Saturday, Fcbrnary SO, lNMOr
within legal bourn, the following rietcrlberi
fTi?erty, titua'eii in Mainphia, bbolby ooun
y.'i'enn., tu-wltt
Lot 111, block tlF, iltuatad at tba northwett
intereeotion oi Jinaln and Heonnd stieeti,
lrontipi a feet on thn north lido oi llenle
atreetnd runnin buok with the wart line
of Second alreet liOfeet. Bold aa tiioiierty
ai G. W. EdmonilA, (.'. W. Kruier anil other.
Alto, lots 17 and IS. block 35. Sint.' aub-
divition, eaeh ir intina 2") fneton tha eat
aide uf M 'iu atreet, )0tb ward, by a depth of
K foet. Hold aa iiroiiarty of Anna K. haiub
and othiim.
Alio, lotn 21 and 22, block 'W, Saint t ub
dlvinion. 10th wardi lot 21 fronting W iet
on the ea't lido of Main atroet, and lot 21
frontinr 25 fee on tho east lido ol Main
atreet and running hnok 40 fe-t.
Terrua ot bule-Un a ereilit lx montns:
Dnrchaner oxecntinrnotoa with aecuritr: Hen
rotuned and redemption barred. Ibis Jan
uary 26,
B. I. MoDOWEhL, Clerk and Mruter,
U" J. M. Bradley, Deputy Clark awl Alaet. r.
J W. Hampton, iwlii-iior. ant
No. Wfii, R. (0) Chancery Oonrt of Shelby
eonnty mate or lenneaiat, tor ut, ato,
v, Wm. K. Butler et al.
T Y virtue oi an Inlerlocntorr decree fr
D ala, entered in tbe above oauae on the
bth day of November, 1HS6, minaie book ',
Eace 02, 1 will aell, at public auction, to the
iKhest bidder, in front of the Clerk and
Maater'a oraeo, eourt-nouM ox eaeioy ooun
ty, Jleraphli, Tenn., on
Oatnrday, Janaary 90, IMS,
within leral honn, the followins deiorlbed
froierty, iltuatad in M.mphil, bbolby coun
r. Tenn.. to-witt
Lot No. 10, oountry lot 470, beginning at
tbe tntereotiin or tno aouin ataa or Mantel
treat with tie cult aide of tha alley running
north and aouth betwen and para lei to
Third and Fourth atreeta; thence aouth with
the east line of laid aliy 200 feet, tnorenr
lima, to another allev narallel to Market
atreet; tbenoe eat with toe north line if
aid lant named alley 14h', loet! thence
north 200 feat, more or leiM, to the loutu line
of Market atreet; thence went with enid
atreet Wi feet to the b-ginning, said let
being known aa tne ittua houieateaa.
Tarmaof Hale On acreditif az month;
purckater to execute note with security;
lien retained and redemption barred.
Ihli Jsnuary 2'i, m.
6. 1. McUOWKLh, Clerk and Muter.
By '. M. Bradley, Deputy C. and M.
J. W. Hampton, solicitor.
No. S21'0, R. (F)-Chancery Court of Shelby
county Mate oi ienneire'or ue,eic,, it,
W K Hl.,r .1 ml., onrl Nn. 117H. ll.U
CityofMempbia v. M. McNeill etal.
pi virtue of an interlocutory deoree for
XJ aale. entered In the above cane on the
lith day o May. 1HH3, and renewed Decem
ber 22,185, M.B. 60, page 471, 1 will aell, at
R ut ile anction, to the hlgheat btdaer, la
ont ol the Clork and Maater'a office, oourt
houae of Shelby county, Memphis, Tenn., on
Saturday, rcbrnar SO, 1SH9,
rltbln leral honra. tha following describee
property, situated in Memphis, bhelby ooun-,
ty. iena., to-wtt: tteginning oa me eat
side of tbe flnt alley east oi Third street at
lit intersection with the scath tide of Jeaer-
aon it: oat: thence asft th south l)le of
JeOerson str-at 1 loet ; thence south I ''i
feet to an alleyt tbenoe west witn nortn tiue
of atid Mcvi ViK leet to lha Arst alley east
of Third atreet: thence with said' alley lilS
feci to tbe beginning, fold as the proper ty
of IVO. Meatn aid Martha Itod'e.
lerma of Sale On credit of 7 monlhsi
note with security: lien retained and re-
demptlon barrxo. Tniaijanuary.zo isv.
, v. . 8. I. MtUOWEUL, Clerk and Master.
vttS-A.M. fawdley. Iiapatf Wrfc 4 3Hit
jraBPtvnrSiiwtvr. - .,
We Know Dr. Hunter Personally, as well as Thosa wi&
Eecommend Him, and We Endorse What They . r
say of his skill and Success.
A Graud Testimonial to an Eminent Physician. ' ' !
TTs publish in this issno one of ths grandest testimonials fvorgivn to a.
phydoisn by his patients, recommending Dr. James A. Hunter, who has
been spending a few years in the Sonth of this country, and who is now
about to return to his boms in Enrops. It is signed by many oi tba most
eminent and highly respected citlsena of Lonisianna and this State, men
whom we know personslly.or know of, whose Judgment is good nj integrity
animpesuhable, aud who would not thus recommend a physician wern tey
not satisfied thai ho was in esry way worthy of the confidence oriuva.ids.
We also know Dr. J. A. Hunter personally, that h possesses several Jipld
mss from Old World Colleges and UnlTersities,and our opinion of him is Try .
favorable. Plunk's Journal, Tidaburg, kin., Sea. ISSt. '
A New Bemedj for Catarrh and Consumption; ' J
Oar resdors will find in another column one of the grandest of testi moo' its,
given to Dr. James A. Hunter, signod by some of tho most eminent eitirens
in New Orleans end vicinity. Thoso interested should read it carefully nd
they will be convinced that no other physician or treatment in this country
was ever better recorumonded to thosa afflicted with the ailments referred to.
Of course this testimonial is Just what it is represented to be, and these
gentlemen recommend Dr. Hanter in this manner because they believe that
his skill and remedial agencies are far superior to thoa of ordinary physi
cians and from a conscious desire to have the afillctod avail themselves of
But Dr. Hunter has other evidences of professional distinction, He lately
published in these columns translations and copies of 10 diplomas and cer
tificates of proflcioficy in medical and surgical subjects. We venture to say
no other physician in America pssseeses more, if indeed so many, and none
better, because most of thera came from old and honored Old World CoU
leges.-UmphU Avalanck, JDte. 81, IS85. . - .
We Enow Dr. Hanter Personally," te is the most Eminent Spoi&hist
in this Country. j
We publish In this Issue a card complimentary to Dr. Hunter, slguel y ft
number of the most prominent eltiiens of New Orleans, Louisiana, and Mifjp
aissippi, who have been treated, or had members of their families undr li
professional care in 'w Orleans during the last two years, Noue tf,un,
higher than these gentlemen in the communities in which they raidanrl w
regard this as one of the greatest compliments ever thus publicly paid to '
physician. But we also know Dr. Hunter personally and are sntisfled t!i.
this tribute to his skill and social worth is well deserved. We have seea h:
many diplomas from some of the best of the Old World's Universities an
Colleges and know him to bo a scholarly and honorable gentleman. He i
nndoubU'try one of the most skillful specieltlsts in this country ani tbU
eminent snd positive testimony shows
people. aVeily 8jnngt Rtporltr, Jan.
There Is no law in Tennessee requiring practitioners of medldneto
sees diplomas. As a consequence this State is infested with medical p.-- .'
tenders. Under this state of affairs it is right and proper for a physici in t
publish his evidence of professional qnalifications, and we take plcasti e ia
calling the attention of our readers to Dr. J. A. Hunter's publicati of
translations and copies of the numerous documents of this class he d by
him, ten in number. It is probable that no other medical man in this j-oun-try
possesses so many. Two from the Royal Colleges of Physicians au Sr
geons, Edinburg, and one from the University of Brussels, spjearelj in ft
late issue, and another will be found in our columns to-day. They prove
that Dr. Hunter has been one of the most profound, industrious and sue
cessful students in the medical profession, and be can Justly foel proLi of
his achievements and distinction in
Our readers will find in enotner column one oi me most uattertug te4timo
nlals ever published in our pages, to the skill and character of a physician,
and the merits and success of a new method of treatment. Weknofv Dr.
v Hunter and that he is a scholarly gentleman In every sense of the word, jftt
This testimonial Is signed by a large number of the most prominent buV
iness and professional men of our city, who stand foremost in wealtji .-tnd,
Intelligence, and every word of what they say ofDf. Hunter can be j-ulii-A j
upon. ' ' 1 -1 ' .'
10-Will puyGood PriccK for MOTES, G IS
TB4SIIY CUITOJV of all descriptions.. Send
and Prlee Paid.
3MT. "7V. SPEEH.'iT
75 Vance Street. Memphis, Tehn. f
CPottom. 2?actOE
And Commission Merchants..-. '
If oh, 31 and 30 JihHhoii treftteMVai.itti.
MaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMaanaaSaaWa lai SSSslL
MHlilll m MMm
' ',X7nOLE25ALE t. . .. ' L't '
Dry Goods,
ZaToi. 333-323 ZSain Street. Hemphla, M vaa"., (X. i '
tfKrn.KTS DAILY KX0KI T01T DESI&ABLI 4R W f ':? t'axrva,
VV Wlillltt oeoOer to ilia trade apes the moat faveraiiaWrwa. Ot w it'ht ui (iOK intra iH. - 5
iarorablr with thaa ut an market la
S. ateaJAajllKB.
Iaiaxsa esas f, K
ejaj- W
that he deserves theooiifldenoeof tt
U, 1886. ,
this direction. Utinphi ApyotU Dtcl
t AI.LT! . t :
for ClruUr
1. 13
i I'll
a, '
Jntinno filfilhiwiTi
the United Cmtes. Uioci8l,'ntu! s?-iorvj
m-ymnfiit.mm ! m .
' '4,

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