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Hie Day ia the Senate Demoted to
Memorial A. dresses the Late
Ttce-rmldent Ueadrleaa.
Ai Eloqieat Tribute ta the Dead
StatetiuBa by Senator Toor
beta la the House.
WAaaiMUTON, January 0. llwtit.
rursuarit to tne order of to JluuM
mad yesterday, tbe Speaker proceed'
. d to called tbe State, under which
call a large number ot billaand reeola
tiona were introduced and relerrcd.
In tbe morning; boar Mr. Thomas,
11:1 1 on bba:f oi tbe Committee on
jSsvai Affairs, called an the bill
aathoriiing the rolantary retirement
I certain cflioeia ot tbe nary, who
have rendered cooaplcaous aerrice in
battle, or aerved thirty yean in the
Mr. Thomaa ix plained that the bill
would benefit tboee men wbo were
known aa "Jorward officers," each aa
boitawaina, gunners, aailmakera, etc,
. wbo thongh having performed meritor
ioui service, bave never received any
ad vanremeut. It would also benefit the
navy, becauee It would result in re
moving from the way of promotion
oliicera wbo were known aa "dead'
wood," who held high rank, bat were
Inrapable of performing their dutlee.
Mr. Iieagan Tex. oppoeed the bill
as gilding another batcn to tne Amer
ican arlatocracy, to be fed and clothed
by the labor of men. The country
had gone far enough on tbe road
toward eatabliahing an American arla
tocracy. The country abould get back
to where all men were equal, and
where exclusive privilcgea were grant
ed to none.
Mr. Thomas Inquired what the gen.
tieman would do with tbe preeent re
tired Uat of the a:my and navy.
Mr. lteagan replied that be would
repeal theee or,-American and on re
publican law, and leave the officers to
work lor their living like other men.
lie would have no man to live on the
work of other men in a country claim
ing to be a free, constitutional repub
lic. If he could succeed In preventing
Ibe spread oi trim evil be wouiil con
gratnlate himself, even thongh he
"eould not secure the reeal of the re'
. tlrement laws.
"That's one vote against Fi! John
Porter," remarked Mr, Steele fnd..
Mr. McMillan Tenn took the same
view of the question is Mr. Keegan,
and announced his resistance to any
extension of the retired list. It waa
proposed in this bill to get rid of the
"deadwood" by promotion or the re
tired list, instead of burning it op in a
Mr. McAdoo N. J supported the
bill aa being in the line of reform In
the navy..
Tending action the morning hour
expired and the House adjourned.
The a)caat.
This being the day appointed for the
Senate addresses In memorlam of i h
late Vice-President Hendricks, the g ti
leries of tbe Kenate began to fill at an
early hour. When, therefore, at noon
President pro tern. Sherman called the
Senate to order, all the reata in tbe
gaiiertea were occupied, tbe larger pro-
The Chair laid before the Senate a
letter from the Secretary of the Tress
uary relating to tbe payment of sala
ries of collectors of custom! not con
firmed by the Senate; also a letter
'elating that the information called for
by a recent resolution oi the Senate re-
latlng to claims paid under French
and Spanish treaties could be moat
speedily furnished by the State De
partment. Tbe letters were appropri
ately referred.
Senator Voorheea then called up his
resolution expressive ot the Senate'
deep sense of the publio loea in the
death of the late Vice-President Hen
dricks. ' The resolution having beearead Sen
ator Voorheea addressed the Senate:
""ior the eminent citizen of the re
public," he said, "who lately fell from
r!i place and who now sleeps In honor
in tne bosom oi the State be loved so
well and aerved so faithfully, we can
do no more than baa already been
done by tongue and by every method
which human affection can inspire.
The heavy drapery of woe had dark
ened alike the publio building, tbe
.etatily palace and the humble home.
The proud colors of the Union have
drooped hiilf-mast throughout 'tho
Uuiwd States and In every civilized
land beneath the sun. Eluqnentein
k- mnA .- .......I .look k.a
paid ita riches and tributes to his ex
ailed abilities and to his stalnlea char
acter. The lolliug bell, the mournful
dirge, the booming, solium minute
am, the mighty multitude of mourn-
. t .11 .It ...1 ,uA 1 Af
L'tiouiaa A. Hendricks and borne wit
tens ta the d.ep lave and grief with
a hlch he ts loweied into his
Just resting plane. All the honors
due to the snost illustrious dead
liave . beoa paid by tlie Ubie Mag
iair.terf te joverntnen;, by the
noUiontiee 1 1 the States and
liy'ibe ynreetiained affection ot the
people-.' In the Senate, however, we
luajj not be ailent even though the cup
rf honor to hi memory is full to over
ill iwitg. In tbia txalted theater of
kctton here oo this brilliant! v-lighted
mnje he fu' filled hia lest tllioial en
jnpnico. and cloned bis long and
oujinanmng publio career."
Ten,in strong and graphic Koglleh,
6nuWr Yoorntws reviewed tbe life
tt ;Miblic services of Mr. Hendricks.
Iu dfniing with Mr Hendricks's polit
icItib Senator Voorheea Raid it had
i.t-er , and ieptci.illate in his life,
-ba K' d aa a reproach BKitinat him that
he was a partisan. I' by that, the
em-akrr rm'J, was meant In at he aio-
raw tul Bi1 in Ihrt nrinrlnleR. ami
,.rpjfn of the party to which he be
i g-d, and Bought by a 1 honorable
nvnnilB a-bat ho belitvedto be the
' ;uii.. sscd by pUcion 1!b measures
HoAjiatii n !" control of the govern-
i'i f,le hv in u( rflprokch brame A Jiibi
t'lt.ni i ti ui llntett ttian. it was the
l-aitlia itt0f't lionert convictiuiiB
, -alii! juy a lib. (exposing views
Iia, f, ti kH of the aty'd, in every
1 tiuart'i pronrts?itd led tbe
eBraie w oniv oorncte,
.jnator oarbca
ViiiiA.,. a, American h ajory
Miit! up pure iv.a eon iwinvji
1 vervr,,e, . lo,fM P'itrous tire at Opehka. Ala. It broke
Jf I, vered, so W will th fl ; burned"' Th
v,f Thomso A. iJMidticha be ,.,,. t,,A,,. In h ,iw. sn nnfL
J -,y the A ueiiri people ea
voribv . (if .Dilution
veti in hiior d
numnmeuV Viore
"iory and1, m ie
. : jh already heir
of the ivin.
' ;: ; eo fa;0u!uUy'
and with each signal ability. Ia the
btuy harvest of death of the year 1S&,
there was gathered into eternity no
nobler spirit, no higher intelligence,
no ia.rer soni.
. After hearing the speeches of Sena'
tors Voorb"eB, Hampton,' Sherman,
Sanlabury, Erarts, Kansom, Spooner,
Vest and Harrison in memory of the
latt Vice-Free i dent Hendricks, the
Senate adopted tbe commemorative
resolution heretofore snbmitted bv
Senator Voorheea, and then, at 3:10
ociock p.m., adjiurned.
Ia tbe ttamliiwaMBii,'
The Committee on Foreign Affairs
to-day beard argamente at length by
xnessrs. v. u. irescott and (Jbariua
vtooaDi'iy oi AlasMcbusetta in op po
sitron io the apoointmant of a fisheries
mwiniwiwin AUO UN1U will wcuii
Mr. Morrison has been Instructed
by the Ways and Means Committee
to report favorably to the House an
original bill taxing fractional parts of
a ganon oi spirita. t be b:ii is intended
to carry out a anggeation made by tbe
Commissioner oi Internal Revenue In
his last re tc it. He nointod nnt that
it waa entlrtly practical for a distiller
to mi bis packages to as to leave over
a fraction leas than one-half gallon,
and thus escape tax npen tbe amount
above the even number of gallons con
tained in tbe package.
Chairman Reagan of tho House
Committee on Commerce has received
r quests from the Krie Railway Com
pany and the Missouri Pacifln Rdl
road Company that repreeentat vee be
granted a hearing upon the aubjert of
interttate commerce. The committee
to-day authorized Mr. Reagan to noti
fy the companies thst they would be
granted a hearing on Friday or Satur
day, tbe i)ib or 'Mth of January, and
on Monday. February 1st. The rea
son that but three days are assigned is
tbst tbe committee is In poseeeelon of
printed copies of arguments present
ed before the committee at previous
sersiona of Congress, which, it is be
lieved, cover all pointa in the subject
matter. The committee will report
favorably the bill amending the act
authorizing the employment of cer
tain aliens ss engineers and pilota.
Senators Hale and Frve were before
the 8iate Finance Committee to-day
to oppose the confirmation of Col
lector Pillaburr r( Boston and Col
lector Chase of Portland. Tbey laid
before tbe committee the report of the
committee of tbe Maine Legislature,
which investigated the "condition of
the election returns of September 8.
1879, and the expenditures of public
moneys under the direction of Gov.
Uarcelon," together with the testi
mony taken during that nveitlsation.
Tbe nominations were not anted upon
ny the finance Committee. The
Kustls reaolutinno declaring it to be
the opinion of Congress thst the bonds
payable on the lat of February should
be pad in silver, was taken uo bv the
committee to-day. The next regular
committee meeting does, not take
plr.ee until next Tuesday. Thero 1p,
therefore, no prospect of sction bv the
committee before the payment (f tbe
bonds in question.
levallda' Hotel aad Snraieal Iaatl-
This wldelv celebrated institution.
located at Buffalo, N, Y., la organized
with a full stuff cf eighteen experi
enced and skillful Physicians and Sun
geonr, constituting the most comnUte
organisation of medical and surgical
skill in America, for the treatment of
all chronic diseasee, whether requiring
medical cr surgical means for their
cure. Marvelous success has been
achieved in the cure of a'l nasal, throat
and lung dlceisea. liver and kidney
diseasee, diseases of the digestive or-
gene, bladder diseases, diseases pecu
liar to women, blood tamta and skin
diseases, rheumatism, neuralgia, ner-
vnlifl finkllitv naMlw.l, .ullanaw
f.-.ja.-, .livi'n; V"1")
spermatorrhea, impotency and kindred
anecnona. i nousands are cured at their
homes throuuh correspondence. The
cure of the worst ruptures, pile tumors,
varicocele, nyaroceie and strictures is
Snaranteed, with only a ehort rest
ence at the institution. Send ten
cents in stamps for the Invalids' Oulde
Book (108 pages), whioh gives all par
ticulars. Addrets, Woild sDim ensjjy
Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y.
Tbe Jamninnjr Ctilcfa.
New York. Januarv 20. Tbe Tarn-
many Hall Committee on Organization
mot last evening 'and, as anticipated,
re elected John Kelly chairman, Sheriff
Hugh J. Grant vice-chairman and
John Mctjuade second vice-chairman.
With tbe exception of the debata on
Mr. Biurke Cochran's civil service res
olution the meetinar was verv ouiut
and harmonious. Tbe discussion gave
several gentlemen 4 chance to ajr their
views on tbesutjtct of civil service
reform. It endeu in the adoption of
tne resolutions by a large mrj rity.
rosarngor Trala Wrevknl on the
lllittwla Cvulrnl.
Sr. Lone, Mo., January 2ti. A spe
cial from Cairo, 111., to the Post Dit
patch states that at 7:30 o'clock last
evening the south-bound passenger
train on the southern divUionof the
Illinois Central railroad was wrecked
thirty miles' bolow that place. Tbe
locomotive and all the care, except
the two s'eepere. were ditched, and
Knglneer William Kullla of Water
Valley, Miss., was instantly killed.
The accident was caused by the re
moval of a rail by some unknown
Urn. Lew Wallace WekfBlag.
CireiNNATt, O., January 2(1. Gen.
Lew Wallace publishes a card to-day,
saying that many of the telegrams
published in the Commercial Gatttle
Washington correspondence are new
to him, and they tend to relieve Gen.
Hallecx from tbat part of hia opinion
which makes hi in guilty of treason'
ahle suppreesion of information in hia
dealings with President Lincoln and
Gen. Grant. He announces that he
shall soon visit Washington ioi a per
sonal Inspection of all tbe document,
and in the mean time requests a sus
pension of Judgment in the matter.
' Dry doatta Honaa Harueil Oat.
Wichita, Kas., January 20. At 2
"'clock this morning a fire occurred in
I ibbiuaon Brothers' dry goods house.
! It was one of the largest es'ablieh
' ments In the city. The stock, valued
at 00, wus completely ruined. Tbe
insurance is about $35,000, butthepol
! icirs being burned, tbe names of the
conipauies are not knows,. At 8
n'dock another fire occurred on the
I other ide of the same street, dwtroy-
ing three frame building?, the Block in
which was largely eaved.
m...,..-. lira al Onrllka. Ala
(vlruiu,,GA-Januarv 20.-lnform-
.,. . r K. ,, . ' n(
. " 'Ir. . , '
VaiM -
MiPKOBU, Wia., January !A lo
rat ihviij.n la BUthoritv for tn atata-
meat ' that there are tif;een caeee I
ricknees from eatln diaeaeed poll, at I
i!ih t-tke. Ms county.-. The ewssare 1
Bt veie'
A Komber of Business Firms
ft Hotel Earned Oat at
Total Loan About Half a Million
Dollars Exciting Scenes
ad Incident.
PBiLAUJLraiA, Pa , January 28
The five-story brick building Noe. 715,
71 and 71. Arcb afreet, waa discov
ered to be on fire at 12:35 o'clock this
morning. The flames ouicklv com.
aounicated to No. 721 Arcb street Tbe
building in which tbe fire originated
is one of tbe handsomest on Arch
Btreer, ana was erected three years
ana a nan ago by Winston 1'. Morris.
Tbe upper floors weie occupied by tbe
firms of Lehman ABjIton and Pack
ard, Butler it Partridge, lithographers,
anaurcsecrapdc west, pooto-engravera.
Each of these firms will Buffer total
loea. Tbe first floor was occupied by
Monroe woe. a uo., wholesale shoe
dealers. The building No. 721 Arch
was occupied by J. May & Bros., deal
en in straw and millinery goods. Tbe
firemen, finding their effjrta to save
Mr. Morris a building unavailing, dl.
reeled their Bt reams to the St. Cloud
Hotel, which adjoins immediately on
the east. Tbe guests in the St Cloud
Hotel, who bad all retired ior tbe
night, were startled bv the frantic
shouts of "Fire! fire I" which came
frcm tbe fourth floor. A boa-der occu
pylng a room on the western end was
one of tbe n st to discover the n tmes
and his cry of warning created a panic
in the hostelry. Tbe guests rue bed
from their rooms partially dressed in
to tbe corridora and down-Btalra to the
c llice. Tbe female guests were eeoort
ed safely to quarters in the neighbor
hood, while tbe gentlemen, with grin-
sacks and otbera lugging their trunks,
looked after their own interests. There
were dozens of
attendant upon the retreat from the
hotel, but no accidents were reported.
At l:ti o'clock the front wall of the
Morris building fell with a loud crash
into the street. This was soon after
ward followed by the fall tf the Bide
wall npon the warehouse at Nob. 721
and 723, occupied by J. May & Bro.
The root wart crushed and the building
shattered by the burnirg debria. A
number of buildings on the sonth aide
of Arch street were damaged by fire,
and tbe contents suffered from water.
These were occupied bv M. J. Fahey
& Co., dealers In furs; P. C. Fullweil
ler, importer and manufacturer of ci
gars.; semminway it sons' Silk Com
pany ; tbe photographic entabliabment
of T. Gutckunst, and . K. Womrath.
dealer in fura. The Harris building.
just opposite the Morris building, was
badly burned about tbe front and up
per etoriep, but the fiie was prevented
from spreading further by tbe firemen,
who at once directed several streams
on the builulng. This structure ia a
large Iron building, five stories high,
and extends from Nos. 720 to 721. It
is occupied by the following firm, all
of whom are loser to some extent by
fire or water: Glllander & Sons, glass
manufacturers ; Harris Bros., printers ;
Im S. Custer, millinery goods, and D.
A. Hunter. There are also several
other firms which bave oflioe room In
the place, but their losses will he
Blight. The double building Noe. 723
and 725 Arch street, Just weet of the
Morris building, is entirely burned
out. It was occupied jointly by May
A Bro. ; Schoedler & Hilliary, manu
facturers and importers of kid gloves;
the Metropolitan Straw Works, and A.
Rice, millinery goods. Shortly after 2
o'clock it waa evident that tbe
ss great volumes of heavy, dark smoke
came pouring through the fifth fl'Xir
front windows. During the early stages
of the fire, and before it had reached
the hotel, the police ran through tbe
latter buildings to awaken the guests
who had not previously been alarmed.
Some of them were too sleepy to be
aroused, and the officers were obliged
to break in a few of the doors to get
the people out. By 3 o'clock the cor
nice and a portion of the top story of
the hotel fell into Arch street, sending
up myriads of cinders. At 3:45 o'clock
a.m. the fire was unier control. The
St Cloud Hotel lessees are Messrs. J.
A J. N. Mullin. The hotel was a tive
Btory Btructure with a fronting of some
eighty feet It had accommodaMons
for 350 guests, and last night was filled
to two-thirds its capacity. The pro
prietors say thev value their furniture
and e fleets at friO.OOO. which la fully
covered by ineurance. The owner of
the property is W. Price, the well-
known paper dealer. The London
Temperance Hotel adjoins the St
Cloud on tbe east side, and also
caught tire. The guests, .who were
mainly permanent b ardern, were di
rected to leave it, and all of them
succeeded in saving their personal
property. Tbe loea ia now estimated
to be between $oC0,C00 and $750,000.
as far as ascertained, are as follows :
Monroe Bros. A Co., shoes, $50,000;
Lehman & Bo tor, lithograpte s,
$100,000: Sr. Cloud Hotel and furni
ture, $1(10,000 j W. H. Butler, litho
graphers, $50,000; F. Gutckunat, pho
tographer, $15,000 , May it Bros., mil
Inery, tfO.OM); Schroedler A Hilliary,
glovee,$15 TOO; George Harris & Sons,
printers, $10,009; London House, $15,
001); A. Kice, millinery, $7000; Galla
gher A Casey, leather gnodr, $10,000 ;
five small dwellings on Winf red street,
Destroyed by
! t!releaea of a
Yoi'nostow. , O., January 20 This
morning at about 6:30 o'clock the
Grasshopper Mill, situated in Smoky
Hollow, and valued at $50,000, was
burned to the ground, through tbe
rareleesnees of a lad named James
Burket, who dropped lamp into an
oil pan while at work. The total loea
of building, machinery, stock, etc., is
$78,uOO. 1 he total amount of insur
ance is $42,000, in good companies. A
large amount ot Insurance had been
dropped but a short time ago. Tbe
mill just started yesterday, and had
enongh ordera ahead to last them
through the summer. It is not yet
known whether it will be rebuilt
ririy Tboaaaml nallar Fire at Bar-.
Iianiau, at.
Bt'RLiNi.TON, Vt., January 26 Fire
in Wheeler's block, ooe of the largest
butineea structures in this city, this
morning completely gutted tbe build
ing. Tbe Kvarts House, just south,
and the business block north, asd sev
eral buildings in the rear, were also
damaged. 1-ose about $50,0C0 ; insur
ance, $30,000. .
ill I I I I
i , A taer Bala.
Louisville. Kvn Januarv 16. Peter
O. Graham, colored, sued David Fen-
aeeey, president of bt: Mary's College,
a Catholic institution in Marion coua-
ty, Ky., for $30,000 in the United States
Court here to-day. Graham alleges
that he spent nearly $5000 educating
himself for the priesthood at St Ma
ry's, and tbat be started for Denver
with a letter from the Bev. Fennesey
Baying he was qualiriid to be ordained
ai a priest Graham says tbat later
Fennesey sent a letter to the colored
bishop saying be was bad tempered
and otherwise nnfi'ted for tbe priest
hood, thus preventing bis ordination.
Ibe Llaaor law la Be Farlber
Iraied la Ibe taarie.
Omaha, " 1ft a , January 28. The
high license liquor law of Ksbrsska,
wuicu uaa ueen oeciarea constitu
tional in tbe State Supreme Court, is
vo oe testea turner a to its constitu
tionality in tbe Unite! States Supreme
Court by a St. Louis liquor firm, who
two years ago told a lar, e bill of goods
wj v. i jucuncxen oi mis city. Mc
Guckenrelused to pay tbe bill, and
inteipnee" in defense the plea that
tbe St Lonia firm bad no license to
eel) goods ' in Nebraska, and, hence,
could not legally do baa ness in Ne
braska. The high license law pro
vides that an applicant for license
must swear that be is of good moral
character and a resident of the State.
The St. Louis firm could not comply
with the requirement, and their at
torneys maintained that the law waa
unconstitutional, aa it disregarded tha
clause regarding Interstate commerce.
The case was decided in tbe District
Ojurt infavorjof the defendant, Mc-
Gucken. and the Supreme Court af.
firmed tbe decision last summer, the
St. Louis firm has cow ordered their
attorney to appeal the ciae to th
unitad b'ates Supreme Court, the in
structions being based on a recent de
cision of the United States Supreme
Couit in a somewhat similar case In
Michigan Samuel Wallinir vs. tha
State of Michigan in which local tax.
ation of transient salesmen was de
clared unconstitutional.
Iaereae la fnr oris from Foreign
rorta Tbe Uome Snpply,
New Yonic. Sanuarv 20 Iinmljr .
tlon Commissioner Lynch, a leading
wool merchant, has compiled the sta
tistics of tbe wool trade for 18S5. Tbe
total amount of wool received at tbia
port last year wpb 101.(Jti8.W5 pounds
of which 62,8!t!).71() were of foreitn
production. Tne arrivals in 1884
amounted to 8l.5j7.fUj pounds: in
1883, 03.081,050. and la 18tL. 74 S48.-
1)30. The increase is principally from
foreign ports. The report etaten that
grower have been diecouraired bv tha
low prices for hoe wools. In tbe pear
States sheep bave been slaughtered in
treat numbers, and tbe production of
the best qualities in coniiderably re
duced. Tne eeverity of the winter of
1884 85 caused the death of nearly
1,000,000 Bheep in Tex a?. The clina
of 1885 was 1,000,OCO pounds ehort cf
that of 1834. The outlook for a m
ferial increase tbe prrnent yei.r coi b
not appear encouraging.
Roaton's Favorite I'mii arila
fore Ibe Court.
Nkw York, Jailuarv 2(1 The ouea-
tlon aa to what beans really are, wnich
haa been the subject of much argu
ment and several decisions in the
United States Court, was strain before
that tribunal yesterday. In 188 i beans
were placed, bV a decision in court, in
the category of garden seeds, on which
20 per cent ia payable. Subarquently
they took position aa vegetables, du
tiable at 10 pr cent, and yeeterday
Gen. Henry . T remain successfully
argued agdnst (Assistant District At
torney Piatt that beans ehould be ad
mitted free of duty under the classifi
cation of beans, drug, not edible vn a
crude state, the plaintiff waa Louis
Solomon. The verdict, if noheld.
will probably hav an important t fleet
on agricultural a flairs.
Mlltoa Wnee lo Ho takea la Ibe
PirrtBiBa Pa.. Januarv 20. At 2
o'clock this afternoon, Milton Weston,
convicted of being an accessory to the
murder of Obadiah Haymaker, who
was killed during the Murfevevllle
riots, appeared at the sheriff'a cilice
and gave himself up. He was placed
n tbe custody of tbe sheriff bv order
of Judge lisPoy, and will be taken to
the Itiverside penitentiary at once to
undergo bia sentence oj five years im
prisonment It is understood that
petitions for his pardon are already in
No. 5W1 , R. Chanter? Court of Shelb eonn
1 State of Tennaaneo tor iti own ue, etc.,
vi. Join Overton, Jr., et al.
BY virtue of an interiiioatorj- decree for
ale entered in tbe above eauie on the
IU da ol November, ltutf. M. B. 50, pare
Vi9, 1 will o 1 et publio auotlon, to the hinb
ei bidder, in front of the Clerk end Master'!
office, oourthouto Oi Shelby count), Mem
phii, Tenn on
Malnraay, February SO, 1SS6,
within lesal houn, the following dearribed
proiorty, lituated in tihelbj county, lenn ,
to-wit :
Lot 12, bloek OS, Donaldtnn rubdirliton,
frontina 40 by !U feet on the Wert fide vf
l)ea evenu', 2Vieet louthot Ueoraiettreet.
Lot H, block 98, went tide of Ueen avenue,
40 br Six feet, adjoining lot 12 on Hietouth.
Suld ai property o W. T, Hormldpon.
Lot 14, block 11, Fort Pirkerin, lrontint
25 leet on tbe north aide of Alftbtin. itreet,
northweet corner of hitth and Alabama, by
a depth of 90 feet. Sold aa property ot 1. M.
Lot, block 6, Fort Picktwinr, frontina 2S
feet on the north tide of Alafnma itreet by
a depth oi llti teet, being 25 feet welt of
Second itreet.
Lot 7, block 4, frontina 2f feet on the north
ildeuf Aiebnrua street, lllth ward, and run
nine beck llie leet, leid lot adjoining lot 6
on the went.
bot 11, block 6. north fide of Alabama
Itreet, lUth ward, 2 by 116 feet, being IM
foet weit (.I r-rcond itrojt. bold ai property
of II. K. Andrewn ami others.
Loti 27 end 28, b'eck 12. Fort Pirkerinr,
fnmtinaiu teet on the nuth eide o Alabama
treet by a doptb of ltw feet. So i aa the
property of C. A. M. Yarbra and P. M. Win
ter'. Kaathelf of lot 6, block 9, V. W. Smitht'l
ubdiviiion. fronting W eet on the north
aide ot bt. Paul Xreci .t) fct wext of Ulee
treet end running back 1)6 feet. 8Jd ai
property of Mnry L. fitill end henry Hyaa.
Lot 14, block 9. fronting 25 feet vn the
north tide of Caroline atre t 25 leet eait ol
alley eeat of Seooad itreet, and running back
loO leet. I
Lot 20. blrck 9, fronting 25 fert oa t .
north aide el Carolina itreet, aad runn.ng
beck liiOleeb
Lot 2I blocks, fronting 25 feet on the north
aide of Carolina atreet. northeaat corner of
alley east ol Second itreet, luth warl, and
running berk 160 loet. Sold at property oi
L. B. b aton
Lot 2S, block 5? Fort Pickering, 25 by USX
feet north aide of Jekon treet tyd feeteat
nt Wehinton itreet. SoU ai property of
J. B. Shaw, W. C Folkeietal.
Lote, block 4. Fort fickerina. fronting:
feet on the icuti aide of Broadway atreet,
outheait corner nfalley ct of Front itreet
10th ward, by a dept-i of 1I6, Iceu Sold ai
pnieriy of P. M. w in ers.
Lot 4, block 9, Fort Pickering, 24 br 100
feet on tbe weft tide of 1 hirj itreet, 74 feet
outh of tteorgia etrcet loth ward.
Lot 5, block 9. fronting 24 bv HU feet on the
not id of Third itreet, 10th ward, touth
and adjoining lot 4.
Lot . block 8, Foit ricktring.24 by 94 teet,
went tide of Second atreet.
leroii of Sale On a credit of ail wionthit
Bole bearing iatereat,with eourity .required ;
lien reuine'l, redeuprioa barred. Ihu Jaa
uery Ai, im.
6. 1. VcDOWELL, Clerk and Muter.
By J. M. Sredley, Uepety Clerk and Mailer.
jr. U. k C. W. UeukeJl. boliatton.
Absolutely Pure.
Tali powder aavar vuloi. A marvel of
parlti, (treiiath and wholuomenau. More
eooBorsloal thaa the ordinary kmd, and
oannot be sold In competition w!;h the
multitude of low teit, ihort weight elan or
pboephete powderi. Hold only hmh. Kohl
Bumo Powd Co., ion Well at., New Ycrk.
Release) from Bond. ,
Cdstoh HofB, Mnwrnia, Ta I
Snarrroa'a Urnca, Deoemler 24, 18s5. f
TI1I3 ii to certify that I have tbil day re
leal id from bonded ear ten 11) barrel!
Vhiky in ported from Bremen, Uermany,
conajgned to J. FOLXZ, Memphii, Te n.,
per atenraahlp F or The daliei having
been pa'd. the Whiiky ia to ia poneulon
of Mr. L. FULTZ.
Enrveyor of Caitomi, Portot Meapb i.
Bur The above Wh'.iky ii now on lale
rt - Foils. 8ample-roon, 108 Mala
in oi. Call and try it. II bu alo other
Una bu r 1 , luch ai McBrayer, O. F. C Tay
lor, Bella ol M ion, and a oemplota stock
fine branditi.
No. f305. B. Chancery Court of Shelby
0 mctj Stxle o Tenneme for iti own
ure, c to., va. P. M. Winters et al.'
BY virtue ol an interlooutory decree for
lal entered In the above nanna An the
z.xi an' cr r. ove a oer, jwr, M. u. ol, page 4
0,1 win Ren, nt puouo auction, to tne nign
et bidder, in Iront th Clerk and Mat
ter'! office, eoarthoui 01 Shelby county,
Memphii, lenn., an
nalardny, Febrnnry SO, 1SK0,
within lo,? nours, the following de-cribed
proierty, lituutrd in Meinphir, Shelby
eonnty, Tennelaro, to. witi Part of block A,
country lot 4M, 50 foet front by 200 feot ueep,
cat lide ol Third I'reet, Ml fert south of the
outh line of countrr lot 48f. Hold oi prop
erty of 1. M-Winter! andoihera.
Termi ot Sale On a credit ot tix montbat
note with lecuritalSiriiring interest required I
lien "taincd; re Jejt.i.iluo barrtd. ThiiJan.
15, 1880.
S. I. McDOWELL. Clerk and Master.
By J. M. Bradley, Depu y C. and if.
V. H t). W. liei-kell.aoli.
a-CAFllAL, PKIZE, 973,000. -C
Tlektlt only t Abates In
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
' Wii do Jtr&y certify that pfvi' M
Tvucewwntt for ail tho Monthly and Qu r
teri lhrtoQ of tho LoMuiana Stat Loturu
Compunv. and in porton manaj and control
th JJrHno$ thsnUeloe, ' that tho lami
aro oondut4t witf honesty . faimeoo and in
pood faithtoioard all t ttrtMa, and too author it
tho Company to m this oerH taU, yntk fac
oimiloo a o oignainrm attachodi m nd
orHocwunl," ATT
Wc, the untfertiffntdt Bank nnd Hnnkurt,
vtit pay all .Prize dm ten in TAe Jouiainea
iSVar Votterit whichmay In prttenitd at our
J. II 0LKNBT,Prr. La. IVal'l Bank.
I. If. KF.NSEUY, Prea.gtateXnt'1 Bk
A. BALBWIJI, Prea, n. O. Mai. Bk.
Incorporated in IScifor twenty-Jve yean
hy tie liegiilatur for Kducational and
Charitabla vnrpoiei with a capital of Jl,-(KO,0(X-to
which a reierve fund of over550,
(HD hai lince been added.
By an overwhelming popular vote IU
franchise wai made a part of the preaentSta.
Rnnatitatlun, adopted December 2d, A.D.
The only Lottery ever noted 0. and indornd
by the people of any State.
Jt never wale or rjotfponee.
II 6ranl Single J limber nrawlnara
lake plce monllily, nnal lh
Inordinary lirawiim reaolarly ev
ery thr. iiionahat lninl or aml
aaiBiially aa ebrrlol.re, beajlnaluaj
Itlnrcb, iMHtt.
Febrnnry 9, Iaa-lltb Monthly
1 00,000 Tlcketeat Flee llolliar. Eaeb..
Fraollfin., la FirtliH, !
1 Capital prla. ..-
1 Capital priae
..nl TS.OtX
.-. Moo
.... 12,00
... 10,000
... 10,000
1 vapitai priae
S Pritei of tlV.DiO
5 Priaei of ..
10 Priaei of HkK)
JO Priaei of 8i.....
l'OPrlieiof X).
BtO Priaei of 1W...... ...
NIO Priaei of 60..
1WJ0 Priiei of 5
Approximation priaei of fTO 6,750
B Approximation priaei of 500...., , 4.V0
9 Approximation priiei of J50..... ,&)
17 Priiei, amoatingto...........fC,6(XI
Application for ralei to clubi ahonld be
maae only to tbe office of the Company in
New Orleena.
For further Information write clearly,
givier full addreai. PONT A I. NWT FJ, El
preaa Money Orderjr, or New York Exohanae
In ordinary letter. Currency hyxprai tall
iuma of ti and upward at oar expeniei,
New Urleavua, La.
Or X. A. iAFPnil,
Waeblaiiriau. D. P..
or at a Wnt Uaart Ml., Mrmphla, Tea
J!akr F. 0. Money Ortlerg payable
and adtlrfw Kegtglerod Letters to
New OrlMtna. a.e.
AditilutHtrator'ii Aotioe.
HAVING Uken out letter of adminis
tration on the ef Ute of John Drown,
decerned, notice ii hereby given to all per
one haetng claima againit hit eiute to pre
eent the f:ioe toth. undertime!, duly pro
hated, within the time prescribed by law,
or they wll he forerer barred.
VM. O. BROWN. Adminiatrator.
Atlruinistiatrlx's Notice.
TDEnnderilgnedhaTtng qualited aa ad
minia truirix of Philip bauer, deceeeed,
hereby notitiei all debtora to come forward
and settle, end all creditor! to present their
billi, properly probated. All gooda held
for charge mnat be remored by the 21t of
I)eeeinber. lKa5. ,
lloote, Shoea, Tool,, Scow-Caiei and Fixt-
Uree tor lain at leu than cot.
Adm'r nf Philip Seuer.at.lefereon a.
Ma. seeking Government turn
pioynaeni te any OI toe aepartinenu ei
tVaehington, or any other potitione under
the lioTeremeet, I will read lull imtr.etiona
ai to how to proceed : obtain the earn.,
nnd Rlaak rareaa af Aapllraitaa en
recetrt 01 On. Dollar. Aeereaa JoUBj
D. BLailU. LacAaa laicasa.
0' ' JrZ&H... 'is-
B ti Pf ' 2
Mmm If
vi L.t-K.1 Marina elmwt twTnnd
iM-m f"""" ,, neuli ail th large Haute, uave xowi
end iipuice, ie not an incurable diseaee if treat- J-w " t ud WL,
ed lAntrne. Perhape no other dietaae haa o'.0' " p.,!! tt fi
beaiol the efiorte of irtence ana meaicuie as
thia, butallaata rvmedyhaabeundinmvurcdin
5WWauwM.TiSM, gnd'ta heartily en
dorsed by many f the Leading Phyaiciana.
"TOHQJJJSQS ia dfing all tht l clim1 e wfll d;"
G. OTtturiUT. U. !.. Caatraa. EL
A. A.
MELLIER. Bole Pmorirtor. 1QO
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
3 DO-208 Front St. Memphis. Temi.
Cotton Factors, Commission Oerchants,
3fo. 116 Sonth St.. Ht. Tannin
A.JSDBEW 8TEWAET, New Orleanfl.
WholesaleGrocers, Got. Factors
Sieoessors to PJBTEH, TAILOB COei
Cotton Factors
V t . - e- ,
' AJ51
Cotton Factors,
Liberal Advances Jtade on Conaignnienta.
r. B). ALSTON,
. W. CatOWELL,
inl CommI?8ioii MerchantB. Haj.Com Oats, Bran, Chop Feed, Oil-Meal,
Lire , Cement, Plaster, Building; and Fire Brick, Etc. 1 '
Cor. Front and Union. 1 Howard's How. Memphis.
IDissolTitioix lXTotioo.
?.urhrandJn1"Joo'tbf x
Maarats. Tax:. .lanuere H. In.
tuiilZS ?L'!?b., andf-lSa
Boot and Shoe Uu.incis. at the ild ataid 110 M.i '.,! w' ""Mnu. the Wholeaale
ri.w.nu.n t rn v..?" .5 'a atand,.dl9Main itreet. under the old arm nam. nf
afUt January 1,
" ..ing eumittci a pnrtneri
xaose ibdetled lo moo'd
-rav J . OOOilBAR A CO.
KTew Firm,
Jam. U. Goodbar Wm. 1 t l.rk J. I -rrlnatloa Fraak U. J.aaa
- IMaatlatollaiJaocl 11300.1
319 Main Street,
Newlv Coastrncted and Elaborately Furnished, Con
I tain ing 225 Xaarge and JElegant Hoonu.
a-The Houae hie Feraeet Ventilation and Natural Light, Steam heating, Electrio Belli,
and twe 01 Uale'l Eleraton. All itreet-eara paai Main atreet as trance.
BaTE9B2.00 ta arr day, cording to alae and deration of rooma. 8peeial
atei to Commercial Trarelera. Abaadant inrply of PURE CISTERN ATiD VELL WATER
Cotton iactors & Commission Merchants
RemoTedto 331 Front St, Cor. Union, Memphis, Tenn. '
a ng
Uave ToMOAUOia, tat
M. w. Biraa, 1L R. Becamao, IB.
"Ia nycpinina TonoiuinE aiperoade aD other
o ralfaie rncnn-'- reni-dme."
S. c. YlokMUH. H D, MaraneA DL
"Hanrlven TonoaiCT a fair trial aad tWni a
the ben reowdy 1 hate evar iound lut Kheuuieuea. "
B. F. Davh, Bturgeaa. Mo.
& CO,
A5URSW D. Q WYNNE, Memphis
. TC. HlCUAJi.
WELL & 00,
i. M. GllObrtaM.
h- Q'1BR
9l tn
E. J. Carrinetnn ..H V n I f-LVJ
Arm will make letilement wi'h
Memphis, Tenu. '
1 "Had a eeae ef bfUmnay Bbwaaertiaa

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