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B.Ji Introduced ia the noose ef
Commons for the Suppression
of the Irish League.
Meeting cf the ParncUites at Lon
donLatest Phase of the Grweo
Tnrklsb Difficulty. .
' Loudds, January 26. The Parnall
ite members of Parliament held a
meeting laat night to ditcuse Lord
8a!iebary'a statement regaidinn the
government's Irish prraraoime. "
Tec Si indard my: 'U is staled that
eeveral Whig leaders contemplate an
amendment to the addrear, assuring
the Qieen of their support of all
measures which abe deems necessary
to maintain the peace of Ireland and
. preserve the union."
It is reported that the Parnellites
have decided to debata Mr. O'Brien's
amendment in a week, and also to
eopport Mr. Coliins's amend
ment to the addreee on the sub
ject of allotments. Thia will likely re
sult in the tUfat of th government.
The government has consented to
modify the new procedure rales so as
to provide that the House of Com
mons shall meet at 4 and adjourn by
1 o'clock, abolishing the proposed
oianer interval.
Mr. Morley, Prof. Freeman and
others are forming an association of
Englishmen and Scotchmen to pro
mote home rule.
. An nrgent appeal has been issued
by the Tory whip to the Conservative
members of Parliament to be present
to participate in the divisions to take
place to-nigbt, as a defeat will involve
the resignation of the Cabinet.
Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, the Con
servative leader, gave notice in the
ilouse of Commons this afternoon that
the government would introduce on
Tbuisday a bill to suppress the Irith
National League and other dangerous
societies, to prevent intimidation, to
protect life and property, and to main
tain public order in Ireland. This an
nouncement was greeted with, loud
cheers. Kir Michael said he would
. ask the House to give the bill pre
cedence. He added that this measure
would be followed by a bill dealing
witn the Irish land question on the
lines of policy indicated by the land
purchase act of laat session.
Tbe) r-oselblllty of m War Betweca
Ike Two I'ouutrle..
Loxddit, January 26. The Greek
Mmlster haa been interviewed in ref
erence to the possibility of war be
tween Greece and Turkey. He den ied
that the government of Greece had
any intention of issuing letters of
tnarque in the event of hostilities
breaking out. His government, he
aaid, has a sufficientnumberof vessels
. to cope with Turkey without resorting
to such an extreme measure. Greece
has no desire to follow the Alabama
experience of England.
The British Mediterranean fleet, un
der Admiral Lord John Hay, has been
ordered to the I'iiiejs, the port of
The people of Athens, through a
committee, have telegrapbed to Mr.
Gladstone as follows: "We place in
your hands the Hellenic cause, with
the firm hope that it will find in yon
a generous champion."
Mr. Gladstone, in response, tele
graphed: "Considering the authority
attaching to the action of the powers,
both on general grounds and by rea
son of their intervention in the forma
tion of the Greek kingdom, I earnestly
hope Greece will pause beiore placing
herself on this occasion in conflict
with their deliberate and united rec
ommendation." ' Departure or lha Orck Fleet from
Athkss, January 26. The Greek
fleet has departed from Pinnae to
avoid boing blockaded by the British
fleet. The Greek fleet compriees
loirty-ihree ships, including the iron
clads' and six gunboats. Seven Turk
ieh ironclads are cruising in the
vicinity of Prevesa, Epirup, on the
north side of the entrance to the Gulf
of Arta.
Athens, January 26. A cabinet'
council, with the King presiding, is
now in session discussing the political
situation. New regiments are being
rapidly formed for active service.
Believe that Ureee Will Still Re
mm' the rromptlnif of Paealou.
St. Petersburg, January 26. The
Journal de St. Petertbourg says it be
lieves that Greece will still resist the
: i : ...1 ra
jiruuj f Mugs ui joodivu nuu niu uuu
that a course in opposition to the will
ail fiUrupo km KBOitwB iu ticw ui
parope'a determination to admit of
no change in territory which would
infringe on the treaty of Berlin.
Calcutta, January 26. The gov- j
eminent has informed the various
chambers of commerce of India that it
is impossible to defer - passing the in
come tax.
Montbial, January 26. Yesterday
morning the Grand Trunk railway dis
charged 150 men and reduced the
working hours to forty-eight hotirs per
Bills viixk, Ont., January 26. The
river Moira has risen two feet since
Saturday. One hundred houses have
been vacated and some business estab
lishments have been closed. .The city
council haa made anDrooriations
for blasting the ice to make a passage
for the water.
. Londoh, January 28. The Times'
Lisbon correspondent says: "Herr
Buttner, the German explorer recently
reported as having died in Bonnyland,
on the west coast of Africa, is alive and
is now on his .way home to Ger
many." London, January 26. A violent and
anonymous Damphlet has been pub
lished at Zurich in relation to the
Duke of Edinburgh and the throne of
Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. It inveighs
airainst the Duke's enccession to the
throne, and says: "We must at least
be convinced before he assumes charge
of the affairs of the Duchy that he '
has broken with all English parties.
We cannot accord to the sea-dominating
nation of which he is a represen
tative dvnaatic, diplomatic, commer
cial, and political influence in our
Toe Hebrew Ctaalrlr Basaar.
Washington, January 26. The fair
and bazaar of the Washington Israel
ites for the benefit of the Hebrew
charities of this city, opened last
night. Speaker Carlisle delivered the
opening address. The President had
been invited to attend, but not being
able to do so, he rent the following
letter, in which wta inclosed a gener
oua contribution:
EiKcrTira Maxsiox, January .
8. N. Mj.r, Secretary :
Diab bin: 1 regret tbat I shall not
be able to attend the fair aid bazaar,
to be held nnder the auspitea of the
Israelites of Washington during the
next week. The object ol the (air.
however, have my warm approval and
my earnest desire that they Easy be as
fully accomplished as the promoters
of the benevolent scheme can hope.
Please accept the inclosed is my con
tribution in aid of the purpose of the
fair. Truly yonrs.
Remarkable Mpraone er tbe
MUlloualr. Quoted la Wall
Sew YiBK, January 21 The di
rectors of the St. Paul railroad met
last Saturday. President Mitchell,
Phil D. Armour and other Chicago
directors attended the rloe of the
meeting. President Mitchell said tbe
directors had done nothing bnt to ad
urn until 1 o'clock Monday, and be
really didn't know exactly what had
been discussed, as he had not been
much intereeted. in the proceedings.
Mr. Armour, in response to a card,
aent out a similar answer.
Previous to the meeting a statement
of Mr. Armonr waa issued in Wall
street, in which be gave utterance to
the following:
God is in joint iccount with every
holder of fit. Panl stock. He has left
his earmarks all through the West
and Northwest where the ML Paul
The only other sentence in financial
history which can at all compare with
it is that of a well-known down-town
bank president, who, three years ago,
in a public speech, said :
The stock exchange haa the greatest
civilizing influence in the United
States, except, perhapr, the gospel of
Jesus Christ.
Rumors were current on the street
to-day as to what the St. Paul directors
would probably do at their meeting.
It was said that they would authorize
tbe building of the Kansas City exten
sion, issue bonds to pay for tbe same,
and issue stock to purchasers of the
bonds, etc.
Both Sides bull a.oldlng Oat and
1'awllllng to Make Coaveaaleas.
CoLDMBi's, 0., January 2 . The
situation in the Ohio Senate trouble
waa quiet to-day. Huggeations came
from both sides looking to a compro
mise, but nothing definite nor any
mode of procedure haa been agreed
noon. Neither side is willing to be
known as outwardly proposing a com
promise, and fot tbia reason the re
ports of a settlement may not be of
any consequence. The Republicans
claim to be firm in their poeitioo, and
that they will agree to nothing except
it includes immediate proceeding
nnder tbe rnlea they adopted last
evening for tbe disposition of the
Hamilton county contest cases in open
Senate. The Democratic Senate is
credited with a proposition that a spe
cial committee be appointed of equal
membership politically for the hear
ing of the contest cases. The Repub
licans say they will not entertain this
suggestion, even if it should come in
regular form. The Democratic Sena
tors met in caucus at 10 o'clock this
morning, and were in session several
hours. The Ropublican Senate met at
10 o'clock, with the Lieutenant-Governor.
in the chair. All the Repub
lican members were preaeut and none
of the Democrats. The journal of the
day previous waa read and detlired
approved. They regained in session
about one hour and adjourned to to
morrow morning. There was no ex
citement and only a few spectators
were present
The Democratic caucus accomplished
nothing except to resolve on a solid
fron und that they will go into the
Senate chamber at 4 o'clock p.m. to
morrow, the time to which .they ad
journed. 1LE BLUFF, AUK.
A Tonne Snmiimi Haa Skls with
Ati a. tner'a none;.
Pinb Blvfk, Aek., January 26.
W. O. Turnoga, a member of the firm
of Turnoga & Barnett, doing a mer
cantile business at Goldman, has
skipped out, carrying with him $800
of the fiYm's money. He left ostensi
bly for Memphis to pay some obliga
tions due from the house, when, to
the astonishment of his partner, he
received the following tender and
consoling epistle :
'Partner: No doubt you will be
more than surprised at the contents of
this. You need never look for me
again. I have taken my fl:ght to parts
unknown. Do the best you can for
yourself. I could not stand it to stay
and be annoyed and then bear the
name of being a rascal in the end. So
I am going far away. So farewell.
Yours, w. o. tcbnoqa."
Aa Old Freight Conductor on tbe
M. aad O. Killed.
IsrtcuL to tbb apfsil.I
Jackson, Tbnn., January 2tf. Mr. J.
M. Chandler of this city, an old freight
conductor on the Mobile and Ohio
railroad, ' was killed last night near
Jordan, Ky. He was walking from the
caboose to the engine on top of the
cars and fell between the boxes and
was killed instantly.
' A Cleatle Btlmaloa
la imparled to the kidneys and bladder by
Bostetter'i Stomach Bitten, which li moat
ueeful ia overcoming torpidity of these or
gan). Beaidoi Infuting more aotivlty into
tbem, thia excellent tonic endowi them with
additional vigor, and enalles them the better
to andergo the wear and tesr of the dia
charginc function impoaed uiKn ttiem by
nature. Moreover, aa they are the channel
forlth escape of certain impurities from the
blood, Increases their asefulneaa by strength
ening and healthfully stimulating them.
In certain morbid conditiona of these im
portant organs, they fall into a sluggish
state, which is the usual precursor ot dis
ease. W hat then can be ot greater service
than a medicine which impels them to
greater activity when slothful? No maladies
are more perilous than those which s fleet
the kidneys, and a medieine which avert!
the peril should be highly esteemed.
Admitted free f Deity,
Washinoton, January 26. Assist
ant Secretary Fairchild haa instructed
the Collector of Customs at New York
to admit free ef duty a portrait of the
late Gen. Grent, painted in Paris by
Mr. Healy, an American artist, and
imported by Mrs. U. 8. Grant.
Scott' Emnlafon of R&re Cod Liver
Oil wills Hy popbMpimee,
Especially desirable for children. A
lady physician at the Child's Hospital,
at Albany, N. Y., says: "We have
been using Scott a Emulsion with
great success, nearly all of our pa
tients are suffering from bone dis
eases and our' physicians find it very
DiscoTerj of Extensive Geld Fields
! the Little Republic or
The Sew Diggings Said to Equal
tbe Best Placer Districts
of Callforala.
Chicago, III , Janaary 26. A local
paper publishes a long article thia
morning announcing the discovery of
rich gold fields in the Republic of Hon
duras. It appears that some s'x
months ago James Rsctor, Milligan,
Cvl. Pat Donan of Dakota and three
others from Indiana made np a pool
and sent Rector and another man, an
old California prospector, to Honduraa
to examine and report npon new
Elacer gold field, which waa alleged to
ava been found in the southeastern
part of tbat li:tle Republic. Ever since
November there have been rumors
afloat that tbe alleged discovery waa
confirmed, and that it had proved to
be a most important one ; but the pro
jectors of the expedition at home
would say nothing about it. Now,
however, the ban of silence Is re
moved, and with tbe arrival of full
particulars both by cable and mail, and
also tha receipt ol a little bag of $22 in
dust, the importance of tbe find Is no
longer concealed. Already Mr. Milli
gan of Fargo, Dak., has gone to Hon
duras. Col. Donan will follow in a
few weekf, and several other parties
of Western men are making ready to
start for the new Eldorado. Mr. Rec
tor, who baa been on the ground since
last summer, and who ia known aa a
prudent and cautious man and one
possessed of unusually Jiard sense,
writes to his friend here that the dis
covery is likely to prove as important
a one aa any of the
The new field 11 os in the eastern
poition of the Republic of Honduraa,
and about 150 miles from the Atlantic
coast. The placers are in and adja
cent to tbe headwaters of the Guayape
river, which ia one of the tributary
streams of the Rio Patnca, a region
long known fjr its mineral resources.
Mr. Rector and party have explored
the stream and its gravelly bottom for
nearly fifty miles, and .have found
scores of places where t'ae gravel
yields from 10 to 89 cents to the pan.
They have bosun regular mining,
however, in a place where, after mucn
toil, they succeeded in turning the
river from its native bed. Here they
dug down, and are sluicing out from
$7 to $10 a cnbic yard, a yield fully
equal that of the beet placer a diggings
in California. The bed of the river
they have reclaimed covers many
acres in extent, and under tbe laws of
the republic they can lay claim to it
all. Tbe facilities for placer mining
are unsurpassed. The gold which has
been sent up waa exhibited ton few
select parties in -this city yesterday.
The particles are of all sizar, from
mustard-seed grains to
nuggets as bio as birds' bogs.
One nugget was found valued at
$116. Rector believes that the bed of
tbe stream for nearly its whole length,
together with tbe eand and gravel bare
adjacent are rich in gold. Tbe govern
ment of Hondura, it is said, is very
libera) to miners, let them come from
where they may. It requires no citi
zenship to work mineral land, and
there is a very large margin allowed as
to tbe extent of holding. Gold and
silver mining has long been an estab
lished industry in the region of the
Kio Patuca, but the in rtoess of the
people, the aajsarent remoteness of the
country and tae lack of adequate cap
ital has prevented aaarthing like sys
tematic work. It is stated that mining
men from the West who are at present
in Chicago, are watching with keen in
terest tbe Honduras developments,
and that if the news which the Rector
party has sent shall be further con
firmed there will be quite a stampede
for the new region. The country is
described as healthful, entirely free
fronr malaria, and the temperature
ranging in the foot hills of the moun
tain ranges where the placers are to be
found at from 45 to 75 the year round.
Br tbe burning of a book-bindery
in New York a few days ago all the
sheets nf the edition rle luxe of "Spirt
with Gun and Rod," except a few
which had been removed, were de
stroyed. The edition cannot be du
plicated. Tub Jandary number of The Century
is out of print, and a new edition of
5000 copiea ia on the press. The pub
lishers have had to increase the edi
tion of the February Century, since it
has been printing, on account of the
extra demand for thia "Midwinter"
number. The editors sent in word to
the publishing department a few days
ago that "if the public only know how.
good the February number ia going to
be, the large edition (considerably
over 200,000) would be exhausted on
the day of issue."
Mb. Howells haa turned npon hia
critics. If they do not like bis theory
of the novel the trouble ia that they
are either too old to accept a fresh idea
or too young to think for themselves.
"The critic?," he says In the February
Harper, when they are not elders ossi
fied in tradition, are apt to be young
people, and young people are necessa
rily conservative in their tastes and
theories. They have the tastes and
theories of their instructors, who per
haps caught the truth of their day, but
whoee routine life has been alien to
any other truth."
Gilliu's London Guide is a book
that visitors to tbe world'a capital will
find to be a perfect vade mecum. It
is all that its title purports it tj be
and more, for it gives glints of the
history and romance with' which
everything in and about London is
invested. Mr. Gillig's task was one
evidently con amore for, he has im
parted to the pages of his little work
all the spirit and interest, the entbu
siann with which he views the city in
which he has msde so delightful a
home for Americans. And this home,
let na say, by the way, is fully de
scribed and handsomely illustrated.
It is a home where all Americans may
meet and where they can find every
accommodation that our best appoint
ed hotels are capable of, and all the
leading daily papers of the United
States. For this alone Mr. Gillig de
serves the thanks, and, what is more,
the patronage, of every American who
goes abroad.
Tab February issue of the OneWumf
Montltly will be published January
28th. Its announcements indicate a
number of ananial interest and jjreat
variety. It will contain a continua
tion of the discussion of Chinese labor,
which attracted so much notice in the
last two numbers, including, prob
ably, a parer from one of tha leaden
ol the xacoma anu-umnese move
ment, and certainly a paper from John
S.- llittoll. A consideration of tha
German expatriation treaty question,
by A. A. Sargent, late Minister to Ber
lin, is promised for January, and posi
tively lor February, veral very im
portant historical and descriptive Cali
fornia articles are announced ; one is
a description of an almost unknown
region in Siskiyoit county, known as
the "Marble Mountain Country,"
there is a second installment of the
widely-copied "Lost Journal of a
Pioneer;" lastly, a paper on the "Old
Regime in San Francisco," by Prof.
Barnard Moseaof tha State l.'civersity.
who has lately made a study of early
California alcaldes, even spending
several months in Mexlcs for farther
light on the subject; his present pa
per is apropos of Mr. Hittell'a volume
on SpaniEb California. A very com
petent critical eatimate of Mi. Edgar
S. Kelley'e "Music of Macbeth" is also
to be in the number, beside the peri
odic review ot new uovtls and verse.
Charlea Warren S-oddard ia to be
among the poets ot tbe number.
Tee opening artie'e in the Southern
Bivouac for February is by Judge A.
E. Rcbards, ''Base Fishing in the
Shenandoah." Judge Gayarre telle of
an interview on Reconstruction, held
in 18ti6. with William II. Seward. Gen.
Liddell's Record of the Civil War is
continued. Tbe article which will
rrobably attract most attention is "My
mpreseion of Gen. Kibert Eiward
Lee," by Alexancer 11. 8 epbena. It
is accompanied by an unfamiliar por
trait of Gen. Lee taken from an early
photograph. Will. Wallace Harney
begins a story of life in Florida during
the reign cl the carpet-bagijer. Louis
Pendleton tells "The Story of Black
Dan," a runaway slave. Richard W.
Knott haa an article on "Poetry and
Criticism." Gen. Gilbert concludes
his account of "Bragg's Invaaion of
Kentucky," and W. H. Swallow de
scribes the disastrous charge of "Long
street's Division at Gettysburg." Paul
H. Hayne has some strong lines on
"Robert L;" Clinton Scollard con
tributes "Under the Magnolias," a
descriptive poem; and there are poems
by Henry Austin and "8. G."
Ho. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Muin and Front.) MEMPHIS.
lEitabliihed In 1H0O.1
DR. JOriNSON is acknowledged br all par
ties interested a hy Car tli. most suc
cessful iibvstoian in the treatment of private
er secret diioates. Quick, permanent cures
euarantead in every oue. male or female.
K.cent caes of Gonorrhea and Syphilis
cured ia a f w days without the use of mer
cury, ebanee of diet er hindrance from
business, becondery Syphilis, the last ves
tiae eradicated withoutthe use of mercury.
Involuntary loss of semen stopped ia a abort
time. Bulier.rs from iinaotency or loss of
sexual powers restored to free visor in a few
weeks. Victims of self-abuse and excessive
venery, sufierine from apermatorrbea and
lota of phyKicai end mental powsr, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid to the iJiieaaes of Women! and
eur.i guaranteed. Piles and old tores eared
withoutthe ute of eitntticor tbe knife. Ail
oinsultationa strictly eontdential. Medi
cines aent by expiwsa to all parts of the
er Workinrmen cured at hair the usnal
rates. Ollice hours from 8 o'clock a.m. to 9
o'clock p.m. I. 8. JOHXMiN. M.D.
M XT 31a JLm 3U X .
Yfta two fan, t (mthrtd from tree of th na WH
fmsriat lcn U ar-jJI trwsm.jj la Ji floutti.rtj sVUf
tnstslDl ft iltnuleAiBf tiTrMurftUt priorlt ) tht
h fhljf m prwli.oict th ftmiw morcttif ouf h, tod stma
tot Um child fc throw off tfaf falae TH"nruao m cm t4
wrtoopiaff-ooucb. Whra omhirnNj with th-t IftJlr. i7wt
Iraflncoi prlnclpUtn tbo mnliH., f tnt af lhj ll flaittw.
aanUiBfaiLURI CanOHl! Hlviat'T o PtfltllillK w
MfLtiiw trtn fluff known rm ty for Cootha, Croc
Wboortlnir-Cftnxts oi Couaumpiion ; cd M paikufrto, any
ehtVl U Il"rpt tn tabf U. Ash tour nifcUt fnr it. Prfo.
fn na. Hinni:aR' hicki khp; krv ookniAf.
rrlarrhn. DjmoMi; M Chili tea Tcclblnf. JTo MlftiaV
fraednuUf. .
Thomson's Hotel
L., JT. O. A T. Kallroad..
Clarksdale, Mississippi.
Trains atop IS minutes (or meala.
Breakfast, eoini North ......... T: '4
Dinner, coins booth. 12t
Dinner, coins North 1:11
Supper, foins South '
The hotel ia near the L..N.O. and!. Rai -rnau
Depot, the only hotel in town. Travel
era, eity boarders and families will Snd t ie
best of acoommodationa. Tha rooms are
eo nlortable, w t' plenty of bed din. Tbe
table and tervioe ii ur t olasa. Terms rea
sonable. W. R. THOMSON CO., Proprietors.
Trustee's Sal,
UNDER and by virtue of tbe terma of a
trust deed executed to me as tro'tee
by J. P. Humphreys, on December 21, 1KH.",
and recorded in the office of the Chancery
Clerk of Marshall county, Mississippi, in
Land Deed Book No. 50, pace 265, 1 will, at
the reuueat of the beneficiaries in said con
veyance, on
Saturday-, tbe 6th day of February,
. ,
within legal honrg.ln front of tha poitofllce,
in the town nf Collierville, Shelby county,
Tennessee, offer for sale, et public auction,
for cash, to tie highest bldier, tee undivid
ed Interest of the said J. P. Humphreys in a
tract ot land lying and be ins; in Hsrshall
county, Mississippi, and containing l&S acres
of section 2, township 2, ranee 8 west, being
the same land purchased by tbe firm nf
Humphreys k Cannon from ti. M. Harris
and bam Ilinton. , . .
Also, the interest of tbe said J. P. Humph
reys in a 40 acrrtraot ot land lying in said
Marshall county, MirsiMippi, owned in com
mon by the said Humphreys. T. H. Cannon
and D. T. Brooks, of Texas; said 40 acres
being about two miles south of Collierville,
Tennessee. Equity ot redemption waived.
Title to these interests believed to be good,
but I sail and convey only aa trustee.
W. J. COOPWOOD, J.,Truitoe.
Collierville, Tenn.
WflWTCn AOENTS.Men and Women.
VAN I C.U to sell "TUB CHILD'S
BIBLE " Introduction by Rev. J. H. Vin
cent, D.D. One agent haa aold 65 in a town
of 674 peep' t one 7.1 in a village ot 7U4 ona
sew agent 85 ia 10 daya; one 2b3 in 4 auooes
sivaweeka; one 40 in 3 days at two dilerent
times. Experience not necessary. Address
. CA88KLL CO. (L'fd),
40 Uesrborn street. Chicago.
This BELT or Re
gener. tor iamadeex-
iirniitlv lav the enre
of degeneration of
the generative or
ns. There is no
Vk ' FORlV17 mistakaabou thisin
k Wvr-Sp-y.atrument the xn
I ijLT ..ftinuous stream of
xneetins through tha
parts must restore
theux to beaithv action. De But evnlouna
this with Eleotrie Belts advertised to cure
all Ills from head to toe. It 1. for the ON 8
specific purpose. For circulars giving full
Information, addrese Cheever Electric Belt
Co.. Wi Wasbiaftoa street, lt:eK i HI.
Euvions Mi
Predicted Defeat to the Banner with
The "King Bee" ct a Monop
oly ispiring Co.
Said that tbe people, after Wing cured
wt aid demand their money tack, aad any
firm adopting the ru e woald fail.
But pinning our faith to the Unireesal
Honest of manhood and womanhood, with,
aa abiding faith in oar eft-proved remedy,
we continued to fleet our banner wi'h "No
Cure I No Pay!" thtrcon, with unrreoe
deaWd retu'ts.
We authorise merchants dealing la
"Ouioa's Plot eer Dlood Renewer" to refund
the money if it does not cure a'f Blood and
Skin Diseases, Rheumatism, Blood Poison,
Glandular Swellings, Scrofula, Malaria and
Female Complaints.
0 Perfect Spri-g Medicine.
Essay on Blood and Skin Disease mailed
No. 6292, R-Chaneery Couiof Shelby Coun
ty State ot leonetsee fur its awn ase,
etc., vs. Uabe Judah ot al.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree for
sale entered in the above cause en tha
th day ol November, ltstf, M. B. SO, peso
21t, I will sell, at pnblle auction, to the high
est bidder, in front ol tbe Clerk and Mas
ter's office, courthouse ol Shelby county,
Memphis, Tenn,, oa
Katurday, February SO, 1SS0.
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated In hhelby county, Tenn.,
to-wit: Part ot lots 27 and fronting
20 17-1(10 leet on the north side of Washing
tou sliest by a depthof 58 feet, the east line
biingtittM tet wettol Fecund rtrtet. Sold
as proper'yof Wia. and barah Flyna.
Patt o 375, weat alda ot Third street,
fronting 4H feat, and running back UH'i
leet, said lot being on the northwest corner
of Third street and tbe alley between Adeuis
and Washington ttiatia. bold aa property uf
James W. Kitherdaoa and othera.
Terma ot 8ale-0n a credit of six months I
note bearing interest with steurity riulred
lien retained, redemption barred. Thia Jan
uary 21, I;.
t. I. MCDOWELL, Clerk and Matter.
By J. 41 liradley.beputy Clerk and Matter.
Probate Court Sale Veal Estate
No. Ml, R.D.-In the Probate Court ol Shel
ly County, Tenn. Marsaret Ivrb, admin
istratrix, vs. tbo ankauwn heirs ufjacub
E'b, deceased.
tY virtue of a decree for sale, entered In
this canse January 12. 1h1, minute hook
4Yi, page in. I will offer fpr sale .t public auc
tion, in front ot ibe couit-boute door, un
Main street, Memphis, Tens., on
Hataardny, t'.broary IS, INS6,
within legal hours, the following described
real etttte, to-wit: Situated in the city of
Memphis, county of bb Ibv and State of
Tennessee, and more paxtivulaily described
as tulluws to-wit:
hituated at the southeast corner nf Rosa
avenue and Hawley street in arid oily nf
Memphis, being a part ol the old ItouiOert
bomtitcid, and beginning at a point oa the
South tide ol Hawley atreotextcmled. at the
northcartcurnerof Watt C. Bradlord's resi
dence lot and adjoining the same! thence
eat with said ttreot ono hundred and live
feet and five inches to a point on the south
line ot Hawley ttreet ; thence southwardly
one hundred and twenty leet to a stake;
thvnce west one hundred nnd five fesl and
livo inches: thence north with Host avenue
one humlied and twenty feet to the point of
beginning at the intersection of liawley
sttcet, beiugtha titmo property purchased by
aaid Jacob Krb ol Thouiua Boyle.
Icrmt of Sale-On a credit oi six months,
purchaser to execute nolo with pertousl e
urity, and a lien retained to secure purchaeo
uiuuuy Tnis Jan. 16, lKSTi.
' 11. B. CULLKN, Clerk.
By Louis Kettmsnn, Deputy Clerk.
1. li. h'ltrliigton, mliiMlor.
Wiht', Naava ank Ursis Thxaimsnt,
a guaranteed specific for Hysteria, Ditai
nes. Convulsion-! , Pits, Nervous Neural
gia, Headache, Nsrtc-s Prostration, caused
by the me ot nicouol or t baooi Wake
fulness, Mental Depresainn, So't mlng of Us
Brain, resulting in insanity and la. ing to
misery, decay and death i Premature o
Age, Barren neat, Loss of Power in either
Involuntary Loseee and Hpermator
rhea, eauMO by over-sxertion ol the Drain,
aelf-abuee or osr imminence. Each box oon
taina one uionti. a treatment. 11 a box, or
aix boxea fort"), sen I by mail prepaid, on
receipt of price. W euarfnue Six Boxea
to cure any case. With each order rf cone J
by ustnraix boxea, accompanied witn j.
we will aend the purchaaer our written
guars ties to refund the money if the treat
ment doe -ot elect a cure. Uuarsnteea
laaued only be A RBNKEHT k CO.. Drui
gilts. Memphis. T-n,
For is years at 3J Court Place, now at
A neaitrrf timut as Imiiy miJa.4 ityskuasaathe
Bc.lVunaI.jl, kit WMUVw WIU .
sm sfrieAHrafe
EASES. A , . , -
&prmtofrli and Impotency,
M tb ruit or MU'ftDaM m jmm, ' yjr v
CoafuarW of .'deu, Iam tf lictual rovtr. eke.. rrt.d.iif
snatTirf rtejwywrfsr or unhtppf , art) lara(hlv aal mma-
m.rTia ttoparoj-w or unhapp, trm (Mi
ttrlr ra-lt'-it!rrfpmii iiatcm;
At BUTnurw, vrvaiius, aaawata. e aawMatwa,
FMtid(HiMr rr.udiaMws quickly w-4. t
It U sf-aridajot thai iriT ale Ik n wli pari sprial a
ak awrUia olaaa of dlMsa. feoi traaUoc tbouaandi bQD'
ajl, aoqutrM trrvmt atlll. rtif iiaai knowlu Utla favrt ofwa
n-mmu ptnoat W nt lira. WtwO It U liiooDvlkt m
fl'-tl ibt ckjr IW- VMitBral. tattlkHn oa h MM jrifatajif
and aatvl" by aull t aipraaa aat-wbfr.
dnrea On.rutted ia ftU Com
andertakftm. , M . , ...
Ct'u-iiiutiuua t rraMJoaliT r hf iHatr fFM n fBit4a.
Causa) magaahki aa atirJuaoiausj ttrtoUy wait.iai.ua.
Of WO paffM "T avIrJ-tsai, aMtjrary M, fr fairta
OWj cu ia. (Htsoukl b md tr aUs. J ireaa a tborf,
(ifBoa amuft frma fc A. M. f 9 P, -. gmtdaja, I to 4 V j
Administrator's Salt.
BY virtue and In pursuance of a decree
of tbe Chancery Court of Washington
county. Hiasi'sippi, rendered on the 27th day
of October, 1S, at the last term thereof, tbe
tuideraigned adtuiniatrator of the eatate of
ogiomaa II. Hunt, deceased, will un
Hoaday, 80tn Day ot January, 1SS6.
between tha hours prescribed by law, pro
coed to sell, at the door of the court-house
of the said county of Washington, and at
publio aale, to the highest bidder, for one
third cash and the balance' in equal pay
ments on a oredit of one, two and three
yeara, with interest on aaid deferred pay
ments at thereto of S per oent. per annum
from ly of ihIo, all that eeruln tract of
land litusted in the county and State afore
said, described aa followe, to-wit:
Lota 8, 4, 6 and 6, aection S. townthip 16,
rsnge 8 weat, 270 arret ; all aection 14, town
ship 16, range 8 west. 627 acres; all section
15, township IS, range 8 wentr, VJ3 acres; all
section 17, township 16, range 8 west, .&
&Ari! eontalnine in the aggregate MM) acres.
more or less, baid land constitutes the Ash- i
land Plantation, and was cultivated by aaid f
decedent in bia liletime as a cotton planta
tion; and having thereon a oetton-gm and
other necessary buildings.
The purchaser or purchasers of aaid land,
or any part thereof, will be required to give
bond or bonda, with good and aullicienl se
curity, in double the amount of hia or their
bid, for the payment of the auma of money
lor which aniti lund may be etrucL' off, in
one, two and three yeara Irom the day of
saU, together with interest on said cam it
the rule of eight per cent, per annum from
AdminiatraU.f of the estate v( Xugmat II.
liunt, decried,
Wholesale and Retail Butter a Specialty, and prices cut to meet the time.
Bent Creamery, 8Sc per lb. ', 3 Creamery. 25c per Ibe
Dairy, 11), 1 1, 13, IS, 20 ami 82c per lb.
Ke. IHt Fsaut tilreet. jpaealt fMlolllre. Telepbaua S9.
256 and 25S Front
Established I860.
CJottoiOL 2P"aioto3rs
Fulmer.Tiioiiton Ik Go
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers.
No. 308 Trfint Rtreet Memphli, Tenn.
2 ia TatitirrJ'aii '' , T IU1 n liaariaartajria I f ,
Doors. Sash, Blinds, Molding, Lumber,
Lath and Shingles. Flooring, Celling and Cedar Posts.
2GS Front Street, Memphis,
A Kent WIiihIiIp Col Ion Glna nnd PreHtieN.
Capital, $200,000. - Surplus, $15,000.
J.B.G01)WIX,Pre't. J. M. tiOOUllAlf, Vlce-rrcs't. C. U. R1I5E, Cashier.
Bonrd of I31resotoraaj
I. T. PORTEll,
W. 8. BHl'CK.
R. T. COOPhll,
A. M.h.l ll H. L lAHLfin
. S;' .... .7... ' rin t n.
W. N. WlMiKTlSOtf, R. T. COOPhll, II. K. CORKIN, '
JOUN ARMItilKAD. 0. 11. liKYAN. A. W. NKWliJa.
mm-A DrpoaUorr of lbs) 8 (site of T.untwacc. tranaacl a elenersil Banlalaa;
Uommeaa atml Kleo. Wpclal Allemllun to CoUonllnaiuu Tai
Tnraniniri ..nn
i nicMuuiLLL3 yy
Cotton Factors, Yholesale Grocers,
Ja. 11 Union Street, t s IXemphU, Tpnif,
MoCt Fearce Co.
Cotton Factors & Commission rierch't
'ettoat Wanbenss-gM.
8LEDUEBKOS.,of Como, Miss. F.
No. 365 Front Street-'-
Collars.. Trace CIimIum, I.Bp Links,
Blind JtrhllcH, Haiuen, I. up UIiiksj,
naekbnndK, MiirI Trees, Itepalr L.luks,
Hauieatrlngt, . Doable Tree, Cotton Itopp, 1
Curry Combs llorse Bruwlif is.
A Complete Line of the abore Goods at Lowest Prices,
riADII.T:, HAKNEiS AND Cr.XiA12f4s
301 and 303 Main Street, Bfeiuphie, Tenia.
W. A. GAGB.C&00
Cotton !BotoTrc?9
No. 300 Front Street, : 3ieriplia,
Butter House.
St., Memphis, Tenn.
AKO fc Co
t.vni nt L rir
nJUIi . P.. if, DUnilli
tvt nnl (, 1'nlnu Hirwt.
X. N0RFLEET, Resident Partner.
MoTaphls'' Tenpaiwft

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