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T APPEAL entert upon it Arfy
sirt year rip experience tk
p.. . uil 0 hope fore, future for tlie
vtuir eruutry, Cxtl nptdaVf for thi and
lli SUi'et, tlwl MHnrpam fw
dreo.rt of tht moet nmguiue qf Oit early
tciCf-t. AH tht qveMion orwir.g otU of
jlatvr;, oni tthkh left tlit Sorth and the
&m divided fof nWy tltret jrneration,
hnv hem tetthi, and tlx S"W hart adjuri
ti 1j to the net condition in
tp'mi tfvnity,peeu:aiul eoneord. Then
art, therefore, rt ivr before, tin eouniry
Ouit ir-r aimM to all Vie popU, and
tytf -trt mi of an tronomirnl and notional
thar'Aer, ThTf art no gnfttion brfurt
tne Suemtl jVji:furr that do not equal
hj r.fi tht inlenMtefoU of III State, and
,nt nHi be diViixf onabaiUof prr
wwi vritre by thecitUen of Vf of Ou-m.
for At jut ore, thfifort. legiflatiem. hvOi
wit. Jtl and Hate, U to br of a buinem
'thi,.eyirr, and if, for that lyrwn, to ram
h mf afier and rhtee m tint indiridwd
Peimnnl piti r it, vith thd-1,
to i gated la th jiL, and tkil teniee
-fyi'-w u to frvire h the comn'nj lumeety
etfi -ienrtj and industry in puliic plnee.
TV fxJU'eal outlook is all thai rmdJ lie
&n,rtt. Pret'ohnt Uetttam Imtmade an
eilnimg impieiwon vpo the ronntni, tfiiu
4U the cv of hitadininutrtilim will hare
.'(,.. Jed eien hitpnl tiroi opjinnt to a
'0Ml I'Miu-e of fhmorrntie aeiutaney.
Th". a nothing to hinder or retard Uie
jmyf "if tne roinari ,iu wi irciioin
Irinffr f the W'eet tatrn up, the South ihiiM
for I'lany near U the floored ttilionfor
tHle-'fritiiuf iiit milrout, and it eonlaitd
ieon fiebU inrile enpitnlitt few Uie ex
hoed mineml hod of the. Xorlh and
W-ii. A rapid and greot inww of man-uf-Yirt
mtutfoUiiw, and thi riU ueermi.
Ha rapid iwetnee of rnilrua l andante-'
reading iucnae of ovr Ltboring
Tlu A ITU A I., the pio,ir in tlw
jwinuJMr field of the ,$( wf, n2it)i
n .fm;ii.V with the pmple, Kill be fowul
during the year jnt Iffn a full of enter
pew or in the pnt, and unimntrd hi mihj
th- dffin to lei p the L ad and prompt it
Ttiir' to the inreeiieing iidvaiitugf of our
aoilond dhntitr and gtoyrnpltical utittntiiiH.
7.. nt'omiditli Uii' no oprnte will le rpmrd.
11V rhall pon'imif to mnkt n mori lilxrnl
the tdcgniph, ond tint keep our
rtiidtrn' infimiui of tin odiniu-e of the
tiwld, day by day, w font n deeeuipnifiit
hi tiy drpntlmiiit f human efpni ore
mwli pnhlic. H'c kIihU eiuLutiir to keep
Ihe APPEALnpto it nw high utmukiid
w a nrunpaper and hailrr of public: iih'ii
in, otuf i ciflid'tiiiT to deerve. them fi.r
' vluilea tnnfidinee of a eonntiltienry that
it- ittimgrA outride of Tennemti rt
a p), Arkaiin and Alaltimii. .
tkrus orTUiiscitiPTiox.
IVm mvmtht - - ? J"
&m .lA. 1
' iM.' ? J
..... 1 (0
iMr I I Jj
V. CI, .iWT, I 8 Swoml fn,
.I V, Kkatimi. f MmwI'Mh. Town.
wHESDrT7jNulBr 27, WW
' T yni we have been tn the hab
it, in the United States, of lntar)nlog
ULirt because we had m improved onr
IKMi'tical orsanlattlon as to escape
SUT tyilt endnred In other coantries
r eodal arrsngemeLts were qaally
iaDprored, so that the erlla arising
irom widely nneqnal property condl
ticne milUonalieisra and destitntion
hith caase so much snflrinu and
V.mi iu other lointrier, coo Id not
rwwh our own. Very nnwi linjily we
ar coming to a knowledge of the fact
that we are as liable as other countries
10 banTiCtdwltii the two evils ot e
travtgant wealth and grinding pov
; r'.y. The New York Tribune gives
diking procf that along with million
a;res there esists Intent and hopeless
jveverly ia tlist city, Thli It doea
.in a diuufsion of the condi
tion of the New Yiik aewlns
wouien, at th n la the report of the
Comm'ssioner cf tke B;irea of Labor
;uctics. Men can organ' and use
tit power their votea fclve them, and
eo .'ain fair w!Fi and rrasonable
fceers of work. Xot so with women.
'"Ifcey milVr but have no power of self
yrtrftelion. They canuot become ag
x eteive. tVant, Borrow aad ceaseless,
iH rid toll Is the hit of thousauda ot
tli Vest and dearest of God's creation.
Homl's Kiij of tlu .S'i rMr, most em-
ihtlcally, as trne ol New York, and
other American cities, too, as it is of
London. Thousand uf women this
fitter winter aie trtillng sixteen honrs
etit of the twenty-four to esro titty
tni;sud msnyof them, sal to say,
have children ta support out of thia
eclserable plltauce. We need not en
s darire upon (his, benevolent ladies in
Memphis can nil how, even here, toil
Ire women sutler, making such an
institution a the Woman's KxchsDRtt
- tw-oessary. With all the wealth this
untry owu'.is I'. neci'Mr.v, inevit-
-We, thst tender, l.nii.g women
sh-"ldtlius tuflorV Is there no way
4l so olwtructinn the accumulation of
the national wealtli into few hands
r.d of Uvorluir. its dis tibution smong
Uie rosss of the honest, industrious
. mds'thor cf the population sstoit
liveonr lounLry of the cursesnd
tttmaof de'tltution imposed upon
jncd.hard workinu Americau women?
'annot the acute American mind tliul
' v ...it of this perpl. xing lsbytintr.
iven'if it hs jr.vod insoluble in
ctl.er lands and in P.wt ages? Not
rolvdoea his U.gr.tt.t wrong to worn -
a ex. I '.i.titisonthelucreaae. Iu
.report on as cur wealth increases,
the cfy of mtleriug srd misery goes
,:o iomier i nd iio a i.ioih numerous
It U . vidri ::st women re-
4Uiire m
-reeducites of 'he prac.ical
kicd, so as to tit them for a greater
-wiuly of ttup'oymtnts than are
within their command at present.
Bat with tb prutica) branebpf mau
XO nfficieat CiiUiration of the intelli
fooc to eoibla woman to mik
koown their wrongs and contend for
their right m (tronj?ly u men do, (or
women hT their riRbtf, ad the
eewing women show tht thoee riiihU
are ontracd.
moracriox aid aiinsisi
By their frnits yon shall know them
is a principle of very wide application.
A j ist and good principle properly put
in operation will produce effacts just
and good like itself. This being so, it
follows tbat where the application of
any particular principle fails to bring
out just and good result , and fails the
more the wider it is applied, that prin
ciple is neither jest nor good.' If this
rule of j adgment is applied to onr high
tariff system we see that that system
fails to stand the ordeaL We pat on a
Us to make another nation contribute
to onr finances, but that nation intro
duces tszes to make ns psy tn it?
finances, and then where ia the id
vantage T If we Ux every nation and
every nation tszta nr, are we not neu
tralising each other's action and remain
in the same position as if there were no
such taxes T When two forces equally
oppose each other the result is the
same it the two forces were at rest
without exertion. The wider this sys
tem of tariff taxing is extended the
mne ml;chievous the results when
applied In a narrow way. vV may
think we are making something off a
given nation, but when the applica
tion of the principle is widened by
that nation taxing, bo gxd resnH fol
lows, a fact which indicates that the
principlo is bad and uasound. It
is worth while remembering tbat
while we think we make something
by taxing the products of other na
tions we have refrained fnm apply
ing the rule to our own people. Mich
igan can deal with Illinois without
taxing, but If it deal with Canada,
then a tax cornea in, Wby a trade that
is g)od without a tax when effected
between Michigan and Illinois Is bad
when effected on the ssins conditions
between Michigan and Cnuda is a
thing not yet devi I jped ; neither has It
been shown that if it Is (pod to tlx
bstween Michigan and Canada and
between Texas and Mfx'ca why it ia
not equally good between Texas and
Michigan, Texas 'taxing Michigan
wheat and fruits and Michigan tax tog
Texas cotton and wool. Borne people
think it would be as well for one Slate
to tax snother as to tsx a neighboring
nationality, and il tariff taxas are gioi
things they are as good between States
as between nations. . Home of those
who believed in the national advan
tage of extending the blessings of pro
tection to each individual State ingen
iously did so by taxing any man
who came from one State to trade
as a drummer in another. To
tax an Illinois drummer was
of advantage to Michigan as
much as to tax Cauadlsn lumber ia an
advantage. , Even in the same State,
the protection system being good, and
therefore doing more good in propor
tion ss it il spread wider, there must
be benefits in one city taxing another.
Why should man from Nashville
sell tobacco in Memphis without pay
ing a tsx any more than if he came
from Chihnahna, in Mexico f This
extension of the protective system,
equity excellent with o -lier features of
that system, is found to be prohibited
by the old-fashioned way of looking
at things established by the cnnstllu
tion of the United States. ' Whether
drummers could be taxed has long
been a question. The Supreme Cout t
of the United Slates declares that
they can, but it adds a clause that for
bids ths applies! ion of the protective
system between the States. Kach
State can tRX drummers as
readily as it taxes storos and aa
loans, but it cannot limit the taxation
to drummers from some other State;
the drummers of ita c n State must
be taxed equally' with the drummers
from other States. Of course this
makes the ill-natured constitution a
prohlblter of Ststs protection, and
Michigan is compelled to allow an
Illinois drummer to do-btisinecs in its
streets ss readily as a Michigan
drummer. ' If protection be the bless
ing its disclp'es tlsitn it is absolutely
cruel and damaging to the country's
interests to forbid oce State, or one
ally, or one county protecting itselt
against snother, Uie other's drummers
Labor disputes, strikes and occa
sional slots are becoming mors com
mon than comfortable. Such things
are comparatively new in this country,
sod it is well worth onr while to see
how other countries have dealt with
the dillioultiea of the labor problem.
In England strikes "ud ti be very
common, bringing with them just
such results ss erenow so often die
turblng ourselves. The worst evils re
sulting from labor disputes have dis
appeared there by the instrumentality
ol ths sy item ol arbitration. The 8.
Louis Age of Merf has sn Kuglish cor
respondent who is giving valuable in
formation on this subject as illustrated
by the results of the formation in ISti'J
of "Tb Hoard ol Conciliation and Ar
bitration tor ths Manufactured Iron
Trade of the North of Kugland." Mr.
I Kd. Trow, one of the secretaries cf
that board, writes thst the beneilt and
I sucess ol me organization am .uowu
I in its superiority "for setUing disputes
j over the old and barbaroui system ct
i stiikes snd lockouls." snd in away
i so advantageous, or with such good
j fe.'lingexistingbetweenemployfrssnd
I employed. There are several such
boards in K glsnd.and a recent writtr
. . , i
aaysot tueir rrauu.
timent among ins traae uniouv, .
well aa the capitalists, is mat tue time
of strikes ia past. Their conclusions
ars being proved by the fact that every
trade union in England indorses arbi
tratlon, and that capital is submitting
to trial at the tribunals where labor
bas an equal voics with its employer."
Our frequent strikes and quarrelsome
demonstrations show that upon the
matter of labor dispute we stand
where England stood thirty years sgo.
Intelligent and peaceably disposed
men, both employers and employed,
are giving attention to a subject that is
becoming momentous, and the arbitra
tion system is making its way into this
country. Among the shoemakers in'
Massachusetts it did brilliant service
last summer. Last yesr Ohio passed a
b II creating arbitration boards. The
Iowa Legislature, during its present
session, ia expected to -do. the same.
Oov. Rjbinson of Massachusetts gave
the arbitration question serious atten
tion In his legislative message. lie
thought the principal difficulty would
be about the choice of arbitrators, but
believed the probate judges or some
cfllclal with power to appoint a board
upon application would be found most
nublased aad impartial, and that each
dispute should be made a separata
issue and settled before a special tribu
nal. These things show thst arbitra
tion is coming, and as it is likely to bs
invested with some legal authority, it
is, therefore, not too soon foi both em
ployers and employed to turn their
consideration toward a subject thst
ia very important, and thst circum
stances render one ol profound in
After our purchase ot Alaska from
Uuseis there was a good deal cf joke
and sarcasm expressed respecting the
mannor in which, quick-witted and
smart as we consider ourselves, we
had parted with a round amount of
good, hard dollars tor a sea of ice and
a land of desolation. Cut the quick
witted American bos f aiind tiiuures
the dull, plodding Ruesian failed to
discover. lis has investigated and
explored and discovered that he has
nothing to blush for in his bargain.
Besides ether productions, mines of
gold and silver are coming to light,
and it will not be surprising if, st no
distant dsy, the restless and enterpris
ing miner is not crowding with pick
and psn into the great territory cf
Alaska. The explorers are finding (at-
Isfactor7 indication'. At Douglass
Island an importaut mill is running
to its full cspacity, and already turns
out an average of $100,003 In gold a
month, beside the concentrutes which
are accumulating while awaiting suf
ficient roasters for the chlortnation-
works. This mine has capacity to
it ploy five or six such mills, and a
second mill has it foundation laid.
Rich silver mines in the Silver Bay
district are awaiting the aid of capital.
"I'm irolni to i inarrit J,"Ji Kiftljr -
8b Imikcit up In wlft savnriM.
Tb color from out f liriht luce Sea,
The light sw dim la hr rH.
"Tou'r anlns ts lt MstrlU" (lis aehonl
w Hur vi.it hud a ntiidy ton.
'l hi you'll h tiai.pr whera r o to.
A ouiiubiil liltl main.
"I know (hat your brtd will b tti aal
You nevir could lor inr other.
Bh !. lilf looktil in hit tlnrk blue ;
"I Under yon Joy, my brother."
"I m golnr t" b mvririi that (, I hoi
To bo. thmiih 1 bnrdly know
lar lr, (hull 1 ionier pin Had moiwc
I tremble lor lr of 'no.' "
The obr thut out of her fee h4 (lil
Oenr bik wl'b deei,er hoc.
'Wh. len't It funnr."hefhrlyitld,
"Thut I'm U b murlnd, too?
littshurM itntu wi.
Mat C'nl Ml MMM,
Saw Fbakciso3, Gal , Jsnuary 20.
It . stated here to-dav that one of the
moel serious chsrges brought against
the United State Consul, Ureenbauni,
at Apis, Samoa, in the petition to Secre
tary Uiyard which asks for his re
moval, is contained in the s Hi davit of a
Chinene merchant, Ah Su, who swears
that Mr. tireenbsum tried to make ar
rangements with him whereby the
Otiiueee cenld be brought from China
to Samoa and furnished with ceitili
cates there which would permit them
to enter the Unite! States. A China
man was to be charged 1GO, ana tne
amount equally divided between Ah
end Oreonbsura.
. Holding His 4'aalle.
riTTHitito, Pa, January 26 At
nonn todav Col. Foulk was Still in
poNswHiou ot the advertising agency,
which he has held against tbe attacks
of his wife snd sons sines Saturday.
He tailed to appear in court this
morning to answer the summons
served on him last night, and shortly
before noon the sheriff appeared at
the door demanding admittance, which
waa refused. He then left to secure
the essistance of a number of deputies
to force his way into the building
Trouble may result, as the colonel is
well fortified and has ssveral friends
with him who msy resist arrest.
Bratat arattr.
Atlanta, Ga , January 20. Charles
Howard, a colored watchman in the
Marietta and North Ueorgia railroad
shops, In Marietta, was brntslly mur
dered lsst night. The assassins tried
to conceal the deed by setting lire to
thebodv. The clothes of the victim
were burned and his Mesh badly
charred, one hand being completely
binned o3'. A clew has been obtained
to ths murderers, snd the sheriff and
a posse have started out to captuts
Sirs York llllwe.
Ai n a n, N. Y., January 2ti In the
Assembly, to-dwy the vote by which
the joint resolution was passed yes
terdav, requesting the members of
UtingftM iroiu the IState of New
York to use their inlliience to secure
the repeal of the Bland silver coinage
act, was reconsidered, with a view to
aiving opportunity for a general dis
riivion cf the question, which will
probably be had within a day or two.
Arrewle! Ir fwracrr.
Low km., Mass., January 26. John
Warburion ol the firm ot Warburton
Bros., prominent grocers aad coal
dealerr, was arrested to-day for forging
another man's name to an assignment
of watrea due and collecting the
Death lr " reel.
Tebh Hai'tk, I kb,. January 20.
Within tw days there have been two
deaths of farmers in this county re
sulting from frosen feet, gangrene hav
ing set in in both Instances.
In the San Jos quia Hirer, Califor
nia Thounantfs of Acres of
Wheat lader Water.
The Damage Ftima1td at Mere
Than UaU a Xlllioi Dollars
Levees Broken.
, Stocktob, Cal., January 2ft. The
Sao Joaquin river hss been gradually
rising for the psst week, end has now
reached a proportion that threatens
disastrous results. Sunday a portion
of the city, comprising shout one-fifth
cf its sres, was covered with water.
Little damage, however, ensued. The
business portion of ths city was not
affacted in any way. Later the large
Moss tract of about 3000 acres of
wheat wsa flooded by the giving way
of a flood-gate. The da-aage ia esti
mated at about $75,000. The water
about Robert's Is'and, which ia pro
tected by levees, roes nine feet above
the level of the land. . The pressare
was too much 1tt the .
and a break occurred, through which
the water rushed and soon converted
Ut.OOO seres of whest and orchards
into a miniature lake. The damage
here is estimated at $350,000. The
Itoherts Island is divided into thrte
divisions, with cross levees. A bresk
has occurred In tns middle division.
Fesrs are now entertained that the
cross leveos which divide the upper
and lower Dortions frrm the middle
seriion of the island will give way. If
tbn middle section is not noon re
paired there is little hope of stopping
ths bresk for week, thnnub toe
most strenuous efforts are being made
to do so.
ArrraU In C'ownccllou wllh I tie
Murder Sts(trjr Polk's l!ool.
Nash viME, Thus .January 10. Tbe
police, esrly this morning, arrested
Bill Hrown and Robert McLIn for the
murder of Frank Arnold. Ben Rrown,
the principal in the crime, has eluded
srreat. Arnold hssbeen miming sine
November 10th, and it is now believed
that it is his remains which wore
found hnsdiers and mntilated in
"UtiW's Half Acre" a week ago. Me
Lin and Brown forged notes arid raort
gagas, by virtus of which they had
taken pobsestdonof Arnold's farm and
sold his property. All o! the parties
sre negro e.
Oeily MO.OOU ot Pulk'a Hand Bceov
Banner: Tbe question is frequently
ssked, "flow "much money has tho
State ever received from tho estate of
M. T. Folk Y" A Banner reporter to
dav made this innnlrv (f tho Comp
troller, who replied that ths Stata thus
far had received only auoui u.uuu.
This sum wss recovered from his
bondsmen. Several of the bondsmen
are insolvent and there is no speedy
pioepest of recovering anything from
them. Of the actual cash bslanoe of
$.")0:J,600 reported in the treaeury
December, 1HS-1, there was one item of
21,141 41 deposit in the Mechanics'
Bank or Mechanica' National Btnk of
Kuoxville. Tbe sum was receipted
for to Folk, Treasurer, as being on de
posit in one of these bsnks. The
Mechanics' Bank woe found to have
become txliuct, and tbe Mechanic'
National Bank refused, to honor the
check of the Tressurer thsref.ir.
Thereupon suits were instituted
in the Chancery Court at
Knoxville upon t'te bond given
by the M.chanics' Bank as a
State depository, and against the Me
chanic' National Bank of Kocxvil'e
for thia sum. These snlts are still
pending. It was understood that tbty
would come u, at the lost term of the
Chancery Court, but they failed to do
so. The State olliclals say and be
lieve tbat the State will never realim
much, if anything, for the Polk mines
in Mexico. It is also thought thst
nothing will accrue to the State from
Folk's interests in Florida, North Car
olina and Cheatham county, Tenn.
Unless the Mexico silver mine) turn
out to be a bonanza, it is safs to soy
thst sTO.OOO will be the fullest amount
that will be recovered by the State.
Subtracting the $10,003 reward paid
by tbe Sute for the return of Folk
and the costs attendiug bis prosecu
tion there will not be much leit to go
intotheci.ll'irsof Tenneeee.
The Taklner or Tentlmauy In tie
Hrlbcry l'oi I'omineared,
Nkw Youit, January 2ii. The trjsl
of lien. Alexander Mialer, for bribery,
was coniined to day.
Monmontb B. W ilaon waS again on
the B'auil. 1 fe swore that his testimony
given before the investigating commit
tee, exculpating Gen. Hhaler, was fslee.
lie ssid that bs gave this false testi
mony to shield the general, who was
hislriend.and that it was not until the
State prison stared him in ths face that
he concluded to tell Uie truth.
El-Mayor LMson, one of the mem
bers ot the Armorv Site Board with
lien. Hhaler, testified as to the consid
eration which had prevailed with him
in choosimrthe sites in connection
with the purchase of which bribery
is allepd. In general, be thought
them the best and most available sites
ottered. Gen. Shaler did not seem
eipecislly anilous to have these sites
cbosen. At the does rt the testimony
for tie prosecution Col. Bliss, in be
hslf of Gen. Shaler, moved thst the
judge instruct the jiry to render a
verdict of a quittal without any evi
dence in rebuttal, on the ground that
the only inculcating evidence wss the
uncorroborated lesiimnnv cf a self
confessed neilurer. Judge Barrett,
however, declined to go to that ex
tent, thoush he said that Wilson's
evident would neetl corroboration in
order to justify the jury in convicting.
"The Bapfllca Rr)s;."
I m ihirt v.tiva veara old." writes
Mr Charles It. Walts of West Vomers," it is too ridiculous for aenons consid
I'utnam eountr, X. Y., "and had snl- i eraiion. Tlie Chicaso bakinit-powde'
fered from elrsfe sia for hfteen yesrs. ' makers must take onr housekeepers
ti ,. ....... iui nant ti.t m nn ,-.-.l ! for a lot nf illiterate fools to expect to
. . ., , i li . i. . l
1'arktr s Tonic a Dial. 1 can Bire the
rewnlt in three word-ilenred m:" It
a ill cue you.'
ABll-t'stlweae SrwlUo lai I'wll
Iwrsiln.l 8as Fkanuioxo, Cat., January 'Jt.
The recent murder ot Mr. and Mrs.
Jeese C Wickersham, nearCloyerdale,
this State, by their Chip cook, has
aeaiu thoroughly aroused the anti
Chinese sentiment throughout the l'a
citic slope. As soon as the details of the
murder were confirmed anti-Cbi
ncae organizations were elected in
many of the moot important towns in
the State. Resolutions to boycott the
Chinese were adopted and other meas
ures devised for gettiDg rid of them. At
Ctoverdale, tbe Chinese were notified
to leave within. forty-eight hours Irom
l(Jo clock this moiaing. eaould ttey
not heed the warning a meeting will
be called to take more effective meas
ures for their expulsion.
ra-rrr Trot on H. A C
crked at uvllle. Ala.
IsraciAL to tss ArriAL.1
Chattakoooa, Tskr., January 28.
The Memphis and Charleston pseeen
ger train was wrecked by a broken
rail near Huntsville, Ala., this morn
ing. A sleeper, containing five pas
senger, rolled down an embankment,
but they escaped with onlyacsvere
shaklna op. A brskemso, named
Woodruff, was severely cut on tbe
Duui.ih, January 26 Mr. W.' H.
Smith took the oath of office aa Chief
Secretary tor Ireland to-day, and im
mediately afterward started for Lon
don, i
Dublin, January 26 There was a
scare in the Chamber of Commerce
to-day, during the discussion of a mo
tion in favor of preserving the in
tegrity of the empire.
London, January 26. The Clirmi
cie's Berlin correspondent fsys: "It is
rumored tbat tho Reichalag will be
dissolved if it refuses to pi-:s the
spirit monopoly measure."
Madkid, January 2(1. A party of
rebels made an attempt to-day to de
stroy the railroad crossing the mount
ains in the province of Jaen. Ibey
were dispersed by troops.
Dlbi.is, Januvy 20 A number of
nlacsrds havhen p 'e4 at Kilrrj'h,
ConntvClare, ordering the boycotting
of the Town Commissioneis, and nrg
ing the inhabitants to refuse to pay
the local rates.
London, January 20 Greece has
replied to the second note from the
piwerr, and refuses to disarm. The
British Ambassador at Constantinople
has notiti d the Fort ot England's ac
tion in regard to Greece
London, January 2U. -Frederick
Fl wer, one cf the msijiHtratea t the
Biw Street Court, is dead. Diiring
his odinittl career at Bow street be
committed for trial the majority of
the dynamiters arrested in Lndon.
I'kih, January 20 R worts from
the south ot Frsnce state that eotious
Hoods prevail in th t region Riilaray
communication between Lyons and
Geneva is interrupted. Considerable
damage is reported from points along
th e Saone and the Rhine.
Kolas iv an, Jsnuary 20. This en
tire district is inundated, as a ren'lt
of the storm which set in a tew days
ago. Ninety houses at Radna and 20J
at Lippa are partly submerged, and
several thousand acres of land are
flwded Fifty bui'dingj have col
lapsed at Lippa. Further dhis'sr'
are feared. .
Preacher os Trial.
Atlanta, Ga., January 20. Tbe
ecclesiastical court met to-day to try
tbe Rev. James G. Atmstrong.rector of
SL 1'jiiip's Episcopsl cburch, charged
with immoral conduct while ia Cin
cinnati several mouths sgo. The tes
sion wm in privtte. The day was
spent in reading interrogatories cf the
prosecution. K. K. Maun of Cincin
nati, whs wrote tbe article exposing
Mr. Armstrong, is here to test'fy. The
trial will probably, last two or three
H Xatlonal r )lt is Km
Solidly fonndeJ thn th reputation f B -rot'i
CmTin Plntr. 'l'nr tre known,
ttnprcrietvd and ud Tnwl r in
itf hop t' and I h mi. t hj.no. d.
puruioiila and drufgltU tbrm tni lor
promitni of notion, certainty and runua
nf curative Me' tie they lr foiid e.m
perlsoB. One und their unequal tdJ. I-ln-e
reroinniatids them, the pub. lit a
a in cutiond Mtinjt l-rhap, worthl a
ndtbamoleM imitations offered iim-udi--eious
piirtie under the tui.-t uf einiilar
soundinc namet, snoh M ''Capeieln, "0P
ieum," "Otpacin," "t:p!iiw," etc Sfk
t .r Beneon'i, boy ol re peeublu dross rt
only, and me a po' exuminntii). The
Kfui e nu th "Tbr e Beile" trde-ork
rtd taswerd "Cn peine" tut in lhatr.
A Cosily Joke.
Mii.wai'kbk, Wis, January 20.
This sfternoon a jury awarded Mrs.
Anns G. Schiaemmers i'oO'.O damages
amtinst Mrs. Pauline Knight and FreJ
erick Kurth. The testimony showed
thst on March 15, 1885, the defendants
maliciously persuaiUd Mrs. Schinem
mer to drink bitters which had been
mi.?d with croton oil.
When TrlMl Alwnjrs Preferred.
"When they once become acquainted
with it, ladies invariably preier Par
ker's hair Ba'eam to any nni sr prep
aration. It makes the I air soft snd
glorsy, arrests its falling ott, pn motes
new growth, restores tbe oriuinal color,
snd has no lival sh a drecsing. Not a
dvr , not oily, highly perfumed. Only
60c at druggists.
Karlkqaakra In w York.
KoxnorT, N. Y., Janusry 20. Ad
vices from a number of pnints in
I'ister, Greene and Putcbess counties
are to the effect that shoc.Ee of earth
rjnake were felt Sunday night and
Monday morniug. In some places
they were very linht; in others some
what severe, mating dishes rattle.
AMlr Ltl) I'lirmlili.
To the Editort of th Appeal:
fiK It Is hardly worth while for
people to remain deceived by tbe pre
tended experiments of tbe sweats of
the baking-powder maker in bis ef
forts to introduce his goods, when
these pretended experiments can be
so easily ex ploded.
(Science re vols st the tricks ot those
chsrlstsns wno attempt n ateal its
great p) in iples for ill gitimate ecds.
The eaeriinents ( ?) made by these
(en.ale agents can be performed by
any housekeeper who will add a little
Hour to her tiaxiuu powder. This will
cause it when mixed with water to
pre dace the slower action shon by
the wo nen with their Chicago pow
dr, which i, no evidence of tuperior-
ty, but, on the ontrarv, an nnrois
j ale proof of adulteration of htChi-
cr) powder. W
The petformr nc of the Chicaso fjirls
is simply a trick, and a very dishonest
oneat that. As a chemical eiperirnent
! a,, ..V. Ifl.tta imnn tliAin. Onr l&iliu t
know how to resent it when anyon. at -
I tempts to -"pis? them, as Mie bo8
say, ti. Sill mem uaaitiK puamr ur any
th n,; else by decsitfur repreeartati ns
. . viir.,ncA.
The. Cold Wave.
Cnifo, January 20 The Signal
Service reports that a cold wars is
moving from ths North and Went, and
that the temperature will dree from
13" to 'IS in the next twentj-foai to
forty-eight hours, ,
First Garxe tn the Iaternatlonal
Balk Llae Match Between Tiff
nasx and Scbatfer.
i ' '
The Freschman Defeated by tlje
en Ymkcr with E.isa-Tbe
I'Uy ia Detail.
Ngw Ynsr, January 26. The into
national billiard match, fonrteen-inch
balk lic e, SOOO points, 600 pinti per
nigh, for a etake of 15000, between
Jacob Schaefer and Msurce Vignsox,
which will continue for five consecu
tive nights, wss begun to-night in the
Cosmopolitan Hotel. Odds of $100 to
tUQ were, effered on Schaefer. Tbe
attendarce was vei y large. Tbe table
was surrounded by riling tiers of
seatf, which were crowded with repre
sentatives of tbe social and sporting
world of New York. 8hortly after 8
o'clock Schaefor, followed by Vig
naux, entered the room, The lights
above tbe table wero turned up, and
Weymsn McOreery of Su Louis, as tbe
umpire, snnounced tbe terms of the
match. Vignaox won the lead, but
so closely that tbe umpire was obliged
to scrutin xe the position of the balls
irom either side oi me tsDie. vig
naux chose the spot bsli and counted.
He continued to shoot with a
until be had made 12. Then S.haer
made 11 and Vignsux 4, slipping up
on an easy carom. Then Schueler
manipulated tbe balls admirably and
followed thorn around the table, ex
ecuting at intervals his wonderful
msase shots arrid most rapturous ap
plause, notil be rolled up 100 points,
when tLe app oba ion was tumultuous.
By this time Scbaelur nsd exchanged
his evening dress coat for a Curd gnu
jacket, but with easy indiileric
Vignsux clang to his swallow-tail. At
10s points Sctiaefsr misEed a simple
shot and eat down with a total
of 11!) points to 10 for V gaaux.
Vignanx mads 5 and Schae
fer 21. Bath i)l a ye rs then mad a
duck eg?s, and Viguaux tttuoved l.iJ
evening coat, p.nying in hu shin
sleeves, lie made only 0, but one wa
a well ixecnieu uraw enut. ium
Schaefer nvid8' and tbn fcore stood
Kchaefer Ii05. mnaux 24. In the
seventh inning Yunanx made 41, and
then stopped on a palpable push shot,
tciatfar ttei ran 103, the running
mark ci the 100 being budly ap
plauded. At tbe tenth inning there was
and a cUi gerjns glttter iu the eye of
Vignaux, when, after m-king two
points, the scorer called "miss," tbe
balls being in balk all the time. Vig
naux sat down and appeared discour
aged. Up to this time the luck of the
game had been decidedly against him.
t hen Schaefer made 23 and Vignaux
10, with beautifully executed musse
shots. The game went on unevent
fully, though Schae'.er appeared to be
playing in giod form. In the twenty
third inning Schaefer made 00,'eaviug
him but 'i'i to go. Vignaux made his
final rally in the twenty-fourth inning,
when he put together 00. The follow
ing is
Vignsux-12, 4. 5, 0, 3, 4, 41, 9, 23, 2,
10, 38, 2, t, 6. 22, 2, 12, 0. 1, 1, 1, 1, 60,
0,15. Total, 274.
. Schaefer 11, 103, 21, 0, G5, 36, 103,
2, 0, 23, 9, 62, 14, 13, 0, 1. 1, 8, 2, 1,
0, 7, 90, 5, 0, 28. Total, 6 0.
Winner's average, 31 12; loser's av-
emire. 10.14. . s-
lime of game, two hours and forty
minutes. -
Under the rules governing tbe
match, the balls will be placed in the
same positions when play is resumed
which tbev occupied when time was
called. They were about mid way
along the rit-tit hand rail of the table,
the spot ball within tbe balk line.
The second bout of 6(0 points will
take place to-morrow night.
N'uples, January 26. Thirty forgers'
have been arrested Jn Catania,
Palermo and Csgliaro, and a number
of presses and forged notes to the
amount of $10,000,000 have been
seir.jd. '
New York, Janusry 20. The total;
exports of produce from this port dur-'
ing the poet week were valued at
Louisvi'le, Ky., January 20. The
Hon. A. H. Boone. ex-Congressman
from the First District of Kentucky, is
thoneat to be dying at his home at
Msytield, Ky.
New York, January
ble sudpIv ot erain, as
the New York Produce Kxahance, is
as follows: Wheat. 55,!t!9,744 bushels ;
corn, 8,555,812 boshe'B. ,
....... aatimateft i, the cl at of ad
vertis.ue. i'hdvrlirr who want; to spend
one dollar. ,ls in It tne mtcrmatlon u re
-k,u in. him who w ill iavest cn
r. 'r.l . "i iji.. io
achtui ia indicated which will meet hia
rv rqm;jement. or can b made to do so
byslirtii-hanire- eaAily srrtied at by corra
apondtne. t-n bnndrwd and altr-thre
editions beve been icsul. Snt. puatpNid,
to any addrefsinr ton eenta. Anvly 10 ti M).
VERTlsl.Nt, BVRAV,lt'ruvaiU (Print
ing UeatJiquari,N;Vork
Veictlnary Specifics i
Cur Dlas i4
Horses. Cattle, Sheep
Iu nc for oTcr 20 yciira hv l'ariucrg,
Stockbrex-dcrs HorwJ K. lt ?.
Used by U. S. Ccvcrnment.
Counted on Boilers A Book Mailed free.
Hnmrhrrv.' Ve. : 1 Falloa St.. N. T.
1 KaryQUS Debllltf, Vital WeSKneSS,
i (r,'."v-r-..rk .nrr cao-j-j.
T-e only .-wvJnl raaxMly foe
JZl t r.mi..r. or aenMj-ipaid .ireeiptol
price. "' aHtat-, iS "" ., -J1
VIRKIV1A, Tatylwravllle P. O.
tip";, s-raioa bgm. atl aad
ads ! Sfilla. Catalvgu natoa ap-
km raa. ar
tai I omtimMri ax J
ta. arww ""
lua krj
"S. f . a-.u. A book ot ll piigca.
ar- Vnr,Hlv. tiaei toeon-
111 Blood Humors
HUMILIATING Emotion.. Itchinc and
Burning bkin Torture. Lothonie
Soroe, and vrv iecie ol Itchmf , Scaly.
PiniplT, Inherited. HrrifuUun and Con'n
jrioat Lifeawa of th Wood, Btin and heilp.
with Lam ot Uair. from inlincy to old M.
ra P0MtTljr cured hyCiTici'a,, th ret
rjkm ur. nd Ci'TicvtA Snr, a eniui.n
hkm BeautilUr, aiurnally, and Cuticoh
Bini.aT, lb Dew Blood Porter, ioior.
I hv been afflied alnr Itrt Mirsh
with a Skin d i. th dootor c.llea Hc
tema. Aly lac w eorct with ecwo oi -aoree,
and th itehin and burainir wi
loioat nnb arabia 8ei,i roar Cuttoi'
RaMKDiraeo hinol . rtooitmenoe'l.eo deluded
to five thetu a tr . iin the Ccmctn ae.t
Cuticuk beAP itrnily, and KawtLvuT
intorna'ly, for for naoathe 1 Mil aiy-if
eared, in (r.litude for which I wikb thia
publie atatamen'.
Bread Brook, Conn.
scai p, ra eTsarsanw wbck.
I wan afflietod with Kcsem on tb 8ealw
Fo, Ear end Kek. wbi k tb dramriM.
wber 1 eot your radiea, arunoonoed on
of th worst cM' t"t had ouru and r
hi notice. 0 adrieed wi t 'try vonrCn
ticuka Ka Kbic, eo-t af'er lv any ne
loy'Oalp aad pan of my fae wt entirely
curd, and I bop in anotb' week to hav
my are, n A, and th Mhcr pirn o' my
f.r cured. U t .RM AN SLAUB.
IJJ H. 4U itrMt. Kw York.
Cdticcra atsndu at tb hd ol iu o'ui,
ipecia lv u this tbaeae wiib th CrTicvu
Boap. Have aad an unoaually k'mmI eia
this luintner. owinaStn itie itrevala e of an
aearavafed form of Itch throuKb torn loeil
iliea in Ihe country, in w ion tbe Ctrricuaa
kKUIuLKt prurod sli-frtnry
W . L. UAKD1GU, Drneiriit.
Uniontown. Ky.
s i'ticcha REir.nir.M
Are pold by all .IriiKtikU. Price: Ccncn
HA. 50 renlni Xkholvkxt, (l.iO: SoAr. 3
renin, tunica Daio ani Chknicau Co.,
Uohion. Mate, bend for ' How to Ouie Bkm
iii.-ca.io. '
IIP A TTTJFV"lh Connlexion aud'Fkin
AJAJil-U hv B4iD t UCTiri' hiur.
iatticrau in1 Utarin P. in- anj
'ei,kiio a. 7ir Aid m fi'leauDd
B ck. Kidner feina Siutica.
.vitteet PAina, Weakn ani in-
fl.uiiua ion. .lie Cl'Tici'KA yiill-PAlX I'Li
TK. ia Infallible, a'-e.
TruKtre'i Sate.
BY vlrtne ot a trii't deed eKuted to ma
aa trute by K. M. Apporm and Sum
It. Appcrion, bia wife, recorded in record
book A 2, paa W, io th C'ic-oit Court.
Clerk' and hecorder' office of Crittonuen
county, Arkfium, to aeoure ceitain inilebt
edoeaa thoreio lui-ntlnuud. delimit having
bran mmlo in ml ueed ottruKt, I will, attho
r.ueot ol the bcV-Dciury in Aid truat det-J,
Fcorunry 1, IHS6.
within 11 honra, on tbe prcmi e, o!Tr f.ir
Mile, at puhlio outory, furt-ai-h, to tbe hitfn
att biuilt-r, th followiuir propert dc. riocd
in aaid Ini-t deed, to-aii, Ihe ptuntaiiiinn
known as W,nkeand Drrkloy pluotHliona,
aitmited In Cntteiid.n couii'y, Arkurnaf,
nb''Ut ii.no milea bolow 3Zeuiinia, b'i. ? it
follow, to-wil: All"l se-tio'i 1S, T (i. N R 'J
K. Sta KWIUU .Ta : W KhWK ectina 20, T
t,NH9 K. (liicri - lr ' ao-tion 20, T li,
N H 9 K. 2i0 aerca : N W fr !h section 3H. i' .
N R9K, oJt-UHJ norm: part of Spanish
.runt No,2:;ri. 1' M STtll f, W rtJ-lUOncrta:
KE'4 sect it n SS.T6. N HUB. 1M acre : H
NK M ctfn 31, Tit, NK, wiacrc;
NW H aection 31, T 6. N n 9 K. ldll noren: SMT
X aection 30, T 6. N K ! E. 1) aor : Sii
ecotion i", T tt, N R 8 E, liiO nt-rea ; N atc
tion W, T 6, N K 8 K. aiDarnM: W section
2T,, T 6, N R 8 K, ftiOrre; riS lr Yt reotion
l, T rt, N H II E. j rfat lr awrtion 21). T .
N lit E, 12 acrca; piut of b'pnnUh (irant
No. Oii, Ttf.NHHK.i94 cre-ln l c
tnimor twi.nty-eich'. hnodred and ciflny
tiro and 1U-100 acres, together with nil ini
I'lovoincnta thiroon tied ail appurtonitnce!
thereunu belonjing. Th rulty of redewn-.
tion and nuht lo dower and boineiteuid
Alao at laid Mm and alace, and on aid
terna; will all the lollowina personal prop
erty, eiiuHla and now aaeaid pUntaUoo.
Kr-wit: (orly-avn mulo4, forlf-ono bead
rxttle, four hum, being all th mulea, aa'il
and hoi on mid plantation. Abw, a tnil
Hnl cmnpleto asaorimvnl wl fiKming imple-
" Title btliered to bej aeod, thooih I aell
and warrnnt only aa troniea.
lial to cominoo" at U 'clock,
W. M. fe.Nt.KP. Trajtwe.
Trustee's Sale. .
BY virtu of a truat ied executed to me,
M Irunec, by K. M. Amrm .and
Kimhii H. Ao.raon. haa vrifa. reoorded io)
record book A (2), nac , tha Cucutt
Court Clerk'a and hecoreter efik-eof Crit
tenden coanty, Arkanaaa, to a. -are certaia
tndehtadnea therein aeetaowod oVaalt hav
ing bon mad in wiid tract deett. I fill, at
tbe requeat ut tb beneSnuvy ia aaid traat
deed, on the
lit.la day of tbrmry. lrS,
within lcral honra, t th oonrtoona door,
in Memphis, Shelby county, Ten r, oBar
tor a tie, at public on 'cry, for owh, to th
bigheat bidder, lb fotlowina property do
acribed in 'aid tract oesd. tu-errt:
Plantation known kh yoae nadDcrkely
place, sitnata in Crittenden county, Arkan
aaa, about nine mile beto-w Memphis belo
a follows, to-witi All ef sootino 19, T t,
N K. t K, 5IV1.J0 act ; W h V, or ee.
TO, XR,9 K, 0 aeroa ; 8 frl aectton 2W.
Tfr. IS R, PR, 210 acres: HW frl V section
SO, Tii, N H, K.W).3 ork! pr of Span
ish ctrantNo 2o7i. 381 .ft! acres; NK ntee
tion V.i. T 6, N K. t) E, VA aetea; K H ?.5 tr
sectional, Ttl,,N R, 9 H, 80ra: NW ur
aartionM, TS. M!l. P.. 160 sores; W ir
section 3U, Ttt. X K, s K. 10 acre! BIS 'ir nee.
t.on 2 T , K It. S-h"0 acrea : N ae.Uoa
3H, TH, N R, 8 K.JfJO aetaa: W naif ectio
i", T tt, N R.8 K, :t20 aerec! fractionxl qr al
lien 30, T ft, N P, t, .i at-ra; fraelion!
xction , T6, K K, h, 12 acrea: 6 pirt of
Spanish Umat o. -riti. T . N K. 9 K, 194
acres, in all containing 2882 1ft acre, to
irctber with all improvc-ant thereon and
all nppiirtonttnru, tneicumo bolonving. The
equity of redemption and right to dower aad
horoeatead waived. .-,,. . .
a io. ,i i,iliiiif tr:irt, of lii.nd aitiiate in
CritteDden county, Ark.msaa. end kiio- n J
8 E. Aii.lM 'Te ; tbouth hall ot aection .0.
l(,gi It, 8 E. 1T2 Sla-rc; NW Irautionat
,r of section 32, T . X R. E, 1U.2H acres,
being the ltiif original acraa, and alao 12oO
sccrctioaa thereto, tocethcr wiih all uo
l.r.xeinenta thereon end Mil appnttonancea
thereunto beloneing. 'lb equity of rw
deiuption and filth! in dower and homeate-ioV
waived. Said p anutinn ia aunated on I ha
.Miariaaippi river, about 2 milea beiow Meru
' AUo, t said tiro and piece, on said terravi.
I will sell the lollowiiir personal property,
situate on aaid WynnkandBrkel platiU-
i an. to wit: 1, in out, i ociki ' ,.,.
i t hoes, a tuil end coinpieto set ."r-
maint of waroiia. nine", mowers, sear ana
aiOwars. J
i.....in itua, I,,, Me. lr tema all u muics.
cettl. b.g, gear and farniins imoUaaant
on aaid pian-auon. TitTo belTd to bo
good, though 1 tell only esrnete.
Sale,.. '"'yAJr...
Traste's Siaie.
BY virtue of adctoftrutenitd tome,
aatruau. by Michael ,J. Keating an
Mary J.. his wife, recorded is book No. li7.
j pageW, ol th Rttr s tmic ox nneioy
county, jenn., . . .... , ? " .
certain Indebtedness tbereia nientloned. d
tsult having been md in aaid deed ol truat,
I will, at tne riut ol tho n6ciey,
Thwnday, Jsisiry II, l"14,
within legathoura.Tit.. at 12 o'clock m at
' phis, otlcr lor sale and sell 1 t pnblio ootcry
I iorcaho th highert bidder, the property S
1 described in aai'l deed, ir. the city ot Mem- t
the Court-Houae ovier in tn city
i rr't" h VaiK' w.tricii7..u
Plus (now tn isxina uihoto, , v.j
.Mielbyand brut ol T'nsse, to-witi Be
ing mat part o: aaid city of Mmphi lorror
ly called South Memphis, being loi No. 5, tn
bioca 11. ol Butler a uiviai.m or auu.i
beginning t a point on tbe soutb '
v-iii.,., .ir.i. m feet ea' of Avery street;
tnenoe southwardly par.illcl wiin Avery t
etreet en hundred and twenty fet si ,
inches (liOn-U) to th nort'wt corner of;
1 lot No. 2; thooceeaatwits tne nortn line ..i ;
I lot No. 2 sixty (HO) leet; thene northwardly
i parallel with Averr street one bnndred and t
t twenty feet six in-.bca OJO B-12) to tlli.at
' atreeti thenca weat wi'h Klliott street sity
' Inn leet to the hcginnlnr (being the soin hit
! o.nv.yed to Kdward Kejting by Sua i U.
! Moore and Mildred W. Hsrrell end their
I husbandi as heirs at law el Cornelia 1.. Par
I kcr, decedi, tifetber with all the lav
, proveaents thereon and eppurtenanoaa
i tbcret belonging. . , Ti,..
Th -iuiiy ol redemption waived. Titla
I pliTed to be food, but I will sell an eon-
j " """" ,n '.-TOAetE. Ir..to.:
' saW-Kstle wnl ubMI Hatwnlay,
ma SIB at I hrnr, lfM.
! .1. T. l.lMlll'K. Trnea
! wisirrJiIuCAr.SKSandCl Rt.t?
' i aa who waa deaf twenty-eight yf
'r-ated l.e snostot th noted seoaalista :
t'h u with r.j bcnbt. CtasB siasatr '
three months. snJ inca then hundred!'.
others by mm proe.s.- A plain, siespi
snereesful horn treotineat. SOdraa I,
Pass, ia boat JolhW.ew Tot kMJ.
. ij . . . . . ..taAA h.iM. ,n. n, I ill nn
i Mr of section 30, H. N R. K. W iij-roa: aouth
20.-The visi-
comniled bv .n , 4rntini ,m.tion no. T 4. K H.

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