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Mamraotli Dim o Museum
Hi Hala St., Memphis. ;
Conmeccins MOSDAf, Jan. 25tb.
Or, WHAT 11 IT?
Com. and guseejike thousand! 4.4 yesterday
Jii Besrfed Lady. flleat Ska'e-on. Armies!
Wonder, and Tea Other Curioa.
Mniuu'a Japamewe Kavellr f7
la Bourly rJlage tjjiowt. ,
4'ne-Waie to AlLlleort qpch from I folio m
T-Sllir...MA:irKKH rtXTl RDAY.
0aaiel Frohmaa's MngnlSaent Company ia
rrla twjwaa aartl BaJ. tlF
Ard o.herlmneipale of .toe 0'iginal Cast,
1 tbe beenery produced by Uiem at
t Uio Mndiaon Bouare Teeeler.
February J -J llKSn ,rPI
Sheriff! HaJcer Personal Proptrtr
I will M tn the highest hid Jer, for eaih,
the Groceries, Merchandise, ... of
FkANR VANXINT. at Vanee street.
Sale to rmaign at 10 o'clock f Dwre-
W. D. CANNON. Shwriff.
By K. B. Brltt, Deputy Sheriff.
F)R City Property, tmell Farms . S milea
irnm oity, Old Kaleuhroad; will sell on
Innr'time. Address P. K..
in good W
Ken of ihiliiy with TjO
" to f iuj eipitei M agents
-t., rt..,i,.. Wrio.ee An the In-
etalliao-V Plan, First elaa pajingbusi
noes. Particulars free
HANOLE8-A reward offered forth reu
rationof three gold beagles ( panish
and American dollars), lost at hotel or in
carrier en 'fi-ei'day.
rHIR HI.'MKS.IWMVat S-iu.re. .
DOO From resldvneeof Mra.C. W. Go' '.
tot Adaia street, one water spaniel dog.
ivemontbe old, liver colored, with brwil,
feet and tip o. tail whit. A liberal reward
will b.,.ldlorr.t,raof,.m.YtoR Ar
Ta ATT'T IT tlvw matrei
M. atreet market at T olock Deo. itlb
male at the Beale
the male M sixteen, hands high, busby tall
and mane, with black leer on left aboujoer
The mule et 'rem the wu"n. fa re
ward will be oaid lor her retaro to
W W. HC'HWllUK, B.le it. murVet.,
LItm After Them' U Kesolatlons
A do pled YestenJar by the
Bar and by
Iho Cottoa Ixthaoffrv la Seuiory
of K. C. Willlaiiison and
Jacob Jacob'.
I 1 2t5, CSx W fott, wait aivk of Sec and
strwi, lot $;C5.
C. A. and A. V. MillinKton to II. C.
Watson, trustee, to lecuro Armmtead
& Lundee in the euro of $13153 27, 133
acre in 8cond Ci 1 Pi t ict.
Theo. Bead et al. to M. L, and S. A,
K-ger, lot 15, block 42, Allen'a aubdi
viaion, west aide of Hernando street,
50x150 feet, for $1500.
IV a
VnrDlshad mrnni fcr aentleraen
nl Htht houekciint, at llii Court t.
HI KR fO . t LnnlP. w,
iK-ES OnToesday, Jaounry lth, to
hTe. Api'lv to
1 1 RN NTS .T()y Batulo Hi r al.
HijIISil-Ocncral Lee Ilouiie, corner of
FroTit unJ Vverlon itrwta, Mier Jan
mr 1 IH'Jt. arftile aMS Front "twt.
irARMS-SoTeral An farnn i Arkani
JD and Miaii"ipil on very eejr tcrm and
HOC-'K-WilhtlTOom-t lot 0 feet front
on Mnlberry ana run; through to bu
Martin tr. App'yto I)K. i. A. M)l
Mulberry I'reet, near Bfal
J.X L A nply oa the preoiirci before noon.
had. IV.
ROOMS Furnished or ntifurniihed, 14
kiuttretnm Jyoo;JShclbijt1
C0nA0F.S-8evera neat eotiH.
j ApplTtA.j;onlM3albotSt
A A l ACRES Five mll'i out Poplar
140 .nSt road. P. K..2M..HtoB n.
RESIDENCB-8 roonit, i Market at.
Apply aMTJritieet.
.;H a tOPLAK 8TRKET Cottage, teyen
OlO rooms. A.jtoJlj!RJRliLL
-KJTlAfltt-or o
J ho,
TTiflU-rroirflrlMniind dara.
. Applnpjrenii.
ronma and kiUhen,
144 Kttr itret, tivUea. Apply to
11. BCJULIJON. Qnurthuuee
A.. V()S-vVihins the lonriws "JJ"!):'
Band houl 1 apply at ,j VA t h bT .
CrsTKWfl Pullt and repaired: and
warrxitel; also, brlck-layinu. Ouiceto
,1MWB rtritBTN-3.
Ct W1UTB C0T.S-n with pa around
A hoifi f reward for tn ir return to n.
B . i K RTOll , tvn 'Curve, Uertj nil jr-
T)OWN MARE Mt'LK About" ten !era
rS i.,nhnir. eifriivednn nirhtof !
ce:ub r UUb, from BeniMioea. Lib,
irirl ir hor rotnrn t'i W . H. KM''
OA A AORKi of very rieh Bottom Land,
e'SUU above overflow, 25 mile above
Memphis; larno new (fin-house andinw. Ill
un uiuoi wilt reut to a irocd Kt
third floor
on st.
9KO0M tn su'te. le Block
front. Antily t No. OladiH
DKlttAULK OFKli;K3-ciore-rmui -der
TKnnetsee Club en houtb Oourt it.,
and lour offices on Second street opposite tlie
Cotton Kxohanae. Apply to
u. SN(ilKN or
J. I,. tlOOOLOK, : Madison at.
ffrtH SAI.K.
A LB -V. StMro'd ple'cwlth monorraia
b aider win e rewarnnu
xD-j. 11 v.
Jearjoe: rame at.
Mdia ktrent.
I.- Uold.iMih A Bni.'i,
A"" T N ivW PORT M EV8, VA . .-WuO lots, JM
f.ot water lro t. 4t tf ct deep. J or full
-fl..n xiilrma MM. A. DEAN.
47 Lexinitton itreeBaltimoio.ld rTeDr.e in all bis
TJLEIhrce "t.tfao
Dlll'd STORK Good s-nndi
best of reasons for soil nr. Addres
OPIUM. Appeal otli-e.
A meeting of the Memphis, bar waa
convened yesterday in the Chancery
Court-room to tka action oa the
death of the lata K. C. Williamson.
Chancellor W. W. McDowell waa
chosen chairman and John W. Car
riD, tq , eecretary. The chair ap
pointed a Committee on Beeolntiona,
composed of the followiae fentlemn :
T. B. EdgiBRton, chairman ; L. B. Mc-
Fanand and Jonn jonnaxon.
The committee reported the follow
ing reaolntion. presented by Mr. KJg
iogton with a feling eulogy.
Ike HoleulB.
The sabject of this memoir, Robert
O. Williameon, waa born November 4,
1830, in Tipton county, near Coving
ton. He departed tbie lite at bis resi
dence In Memphis, January 2:), 1886.
He waa reared and educated at Som
merville, Fayette county, Tenn., to
which place bia father had removed
when be waa an infant, among a peo
ple noted for their culture, wealth and
He waa a son qf the Rev. Famoel M.
WiliiamBon, who was a clergyman in
the Presbyterian Church, and who
waa esteemed lor his scholarly attain
ments, his hospitality, the urbanity of
his manners, hin gentleness ana nis
benevolence. He was one of the meat
eloquent chjrgymen of his day, and,
unlike most clergymen, mau
of considerable wealth. His social
position waa very high, to!h in out of
the church. He was exceedingly be
lovd by all whokne him.
The drceased comes from a family
d'miiDtsuiuLed for high social position,
uiord worth and eloquence. His
uncle, Louis V. Williamson, who
served the connty of Fsyotte before
the war in the Legialature, was noted
for his eirq tence, his learning and the
urbanity 01 his manner, nis niga morai
worth and his hospitality.
Our dep irted brother, li C. William
mn inhHrittd from bis anneatry this
I rich patrimony wbich so distinnuished
his father and Bis uncie. lie gave evi
dence in all his wnlks of life of pos
sessing the very highest moral cbaroc
ter, the most acrupnloue tegard ir
truth, great gentltness and benevo
Unce and the most generous hospital-
MrllltMt Ewieirllie la) llcaior
of ii f The!' Fatlr faptnaera.
The mct brilliant entertainment cf I
the aocial seaeon, so far, waa given at
the Teabody Hotel last evening by the
Chickasaw Guards, in honor of their
lovely sponsors, Mise Heostia of Mo
bile and Misa Herndon of Nsw Or
leans, jrho are now vUiting the city.
The Unarda were all in uniform
and the scene waa one of daulkng
beauty, the scarlet, the bine and the
gold of the soldier boya mingling
wl'h the aheen of aoftly tinted silks
and the gleam of diamonds, Arnold's
band tilled the air wun uenciuua
music, and Mendel with Its charm
was the delicate fragrance of rare
flowers, which rested in beds of ever
greens, or were tangled in trailing
vines. The supper table was a iuli
nary poem, and. the . viards were
twp'ing enouj;ti lor the daintiest
epicure. The bill of fare contained:
Raw oysters Fried oysters. Celery,
Vol au vest of fowla. a l'Alletaande.
Roat yoiia turkey. Buffjlo tonsue,
Westphalia hum,
Pale-de-fol aras. Boned duck.
Roatiiuails, stuffed, irarnliheii, with li'ttuce,
M n bid potatoes.
Chirktn salaH, - Pot 01 Jail. .
Tutti fruiti. Assorted cskes, Ftutf,
Coffee, Choeolito.
Theauoerb dininu room, where Terp
sichore held away, was nver the eue
of a gayer assembly, im lonowing
la Jiee graced the occasion:
Misa lleuitls. Miss Willi.' Smith
Miss ISImicbe Kccne, ntn irenawou
M'a Ida llruce.
Mist I. Monuior,
Misa Florence waae,
Mist Madxa llruee.
Miss 1,. MiClellsn,
Misa l.urii Prouilit,
Misa June Ewiuk,
Miss Miiy Tiitc,
Mis Daisy tia.aaia.
Mist HhII,
Mist Mfhttmrne,
Mi's lo tiihiuf,
Miss M. L. Hearing,
Misa l.ooiiry.
Miss Carrie Keelin.
Misa "nrion lloyle.
Miss Willie Childros,
Mira Lottie (Ullowuy,
Msa AH' summers
Mi? 1 llise Fieiich,
UitM St. inhnsnn.
M'ssBaihel ilo'l.
Misa MattieStratton.MistBiiiie llrowii.
WATCH-OUAlK-tlold-lInk watoh chain
and Musooicebarm Five dollarsjre
ward f.n return to tills olfiee.
'ETTKK-A IMH and wbie ottr iiog.
witn bron nea. a iioera iur
efii-o to T Hi . M.irtin street.
Si'LBNDIO front room with board, fur
oifhi 1 of un(jrisbed.at 117 hlndeii at.
"DOARP Several tctlemtn can wet
D eiard,will, Hie and li-hts lurnitbcd, lor
2U a tnocth,! t,. 44 Marshall avenue. Ap-
ll!f'ttti. '
NICK Booma, raraUhed or nfaraishe.
O with jrr wttnt hoar4 lgJtil':-'JL
alWO lanra nrorihed rooms, wtta or
. lthwt boaro, at m Madiaoa atreet, eor-
ir 14: "t-
ROOMS Pri.m nd back rooms, ea auite
or sinulo. with board, at 72 Madisonft.
LfTfiMtBtlOifBiPM. Beoond and Ad'
J l board, fft.
W t VTS.
s j't-.-Uood white yirl in lamily of two;
a 1.: &t
s no wnti k.
CI 1TCATION As night watchman or Jani
f tr by aperisn4 aober maaj good ref-
WILLIAM, oave Mrs. Ws-ree.
fTvEK FAT LAPIE8-Of Memphis and tI
,L eiB.y to purtkipate in our
omaieneiBt oaiy, February Siji. .For
STtL'ATlON Bv experieneed flower wad
vetretoblo tMdier. sing e. Address
,.. Api'eiii.
. a n a uu A!VOnM Aftb. finest Cotton
A. and'orn Plantations 'in the Mississippi
Miss Msllie Hu-ei
Mirs Bessie aB'e,
Miss 1). Kdmonason,
Misa Anderson,
Misa Long,
Misa Julia Karr,
Mia Montv'Uiery
Mi.-s Payne,
Misa Lilly Minttnn
Mtsa Miulisll,
Misses Under,
Miaa tielte ur. ory,
Miss Muude Millnun,
M'is I .oaise Mieeil,
Believed to Have Been Done A
Horrible Tragedy in an Orleans
Street Urocetj.
Body of the Keeper Kwnd Bnritd
Alino.t to a Crlxp In the
. Debri .
At 4 o'clock this morning ftimee
were dtsroverea ounttng iron, inn
rear window of Fred Schmidt's gro
cery, on Or eana street, corner of lin
den pnd the neignoors wdo ran out
aaw Mrs. Schmidt and her children
escape from a cottage back of the
store, but did not see Schmidt. His
name waa loudiv called ont mere waa
no resrionse.acd in an incredibly short
space of time the tiamea burst ont of
the front and aide ooora ana winuow
and enveloped the whole building.
The neighbors were powerless to do
anything, and the tire engines tonifd
it alrncat impossible to reach the spot
on account of the fearful condition of
the streets, made more impassi
ble slid ly the half fin
ished track of the Cit'isna'
railway, which curve from Lfnden
into Oi leans, directly in front ct the
store. The building, a one-story con
cern, with is cont nts, waa entirely
consumed. One of the firemen, in
moving about the ruins, stumbltd
upon the body of Schmidt, which
unwonted a Bickening spectacie. The
body lay noar the stove, and one of
tne arms, a portion of one leg and the
entire top et the head were complete
ly burned away. The clothing, though
nearly all burneid away, waa identitiad
t-eycnil any queetion as that of
Schmidt. He had on, evidently, when
he lirst encountered the tlimee, all of
bis clothing except hii boots; which
were sderweid found in another por
tion of the store. Justice Klliott was
summoned, and, with a jury moat
con p-wed of darkies, held an Inquest
n the dark upon the hodv, whrT had
been pUoed unon a plank and drawn
oit upon the tidewalk. The investi
gation was about as satisfactory
at othe Shelby County inquests
are. and notninn was uroii"!'
We moved back into the cottage about
a year a io. Mr. Schmidt slept in a
room in the back part of the store."
Mr. Johnson, who his a grocery
across Linden street, said when he
first awoke dimes were shooting out
of the back window alone, and by the
time he git his clothes on and get
out they were coming in great volume
out of the front doors, which were of
solid flooring, giving the impression
that they most have been oren. He
did not know what time Schmidt
nsuallv clcs'd, but it wa always Ute
that I e shut up." ,
Saniv Catter, colored, said he had
known'Schmidt fora long time, aid he
never drank so much that he could
not take care of himself. He saw him
every day.
All the neighbor agreed that
Schmidt and bis fife did not agree,
and said that daring the past two or
three days they bad beea quarreling
at a fearful rate. Their first misun
derstanding eeerns to dale from the
time that Heck waa discharged from
the store. Tha insurance was very
nearly, if not quite equal, to Ute loss.
A new cottage adjoining was partially
burned, but that waa also insured.
wf a JBeH Held Tea
lerslay ! Rake fwrlfcer Ar
lUpssrt Adopt .'" Ag.
paints to t'emvaaa 1 he I lly for
(be Kile f Tickets.
M B,, I U a OI II I l M m wvM. . - - .
i TLTT . u... ...... In irani ?4 holl 1 ktill 111 CUl
. Vni well i'oproved; SI) miles b.low
Memphis, ror tanner w -.-- -J.-K'
.1 -II .iixil w
JlO cssli. or payable beptciaber lo, 1.
Italolah P ke, 114 miles frrm. Jlrloa Uliuren,
Chelsi t acres .No. 1 Una, House u rouii.
aervanu- nouses. au.., u.. "rv-r-,-
i7h.7.nd fa.UrV tU.-.. turnips,
asparagus beds, hot beda and sash, agricul
tural Implements, household and Utehe'i
Turniture, eows, '"'."" ":
wagons anu narne. i'i- " r-- -
. w . n t...n B.tt miM. 4 veirs oldl
M . roadster, and beautifully gaiUMij
.1 . . . .nail PVI Will Bell Mli.
eetb'er or separate Inauira uersonally. or
by letterLto A. u, b
r4 Jonei avenue.
11TI! I OW-3 llnr hrlelf. 0. 40
aehington atreet, between aiam anu
.2al M-in.
TJhTiv HALU LOW-ReiideDee ll Third
D atreet, o .rner Whahington.a story bnck.
Oncit barraia
W. A.
WHEATLEY. 281 Main
ADVANCk MONEY -On hoiiehold
, witnom rouiovi". nu'-r
f . U. ox 1
OAVV-MILI.MAN-To Incite a -oll'i
C milie aove Kewrhis anil c"t jOO.ISHI feet
of lumWIoii itean order. Addre-s 4
., Appeal olnce.
C100K White or colored, nt N... WK'.ni-t
j : nn y tw jron! no coal to enny !
vtry ciisy place
A- liRNT A tirst-clsi'' firm or man id iai I"
tuko tlm e:n Agene for a patented
nrore.'S for leudits stiined glass By tins
nicinodtboirool'esiimru Its ol eltMciin fe
lasted and sui-'Jicg effects produnet now
being inmiafw'tiroa with grea anccess in
Very cunlry ir Kurope. Aaents must fy
their "w., xp.nes and sntul lif.. "'elclicr
U ,tse Moaiae Cc.-. 123 Filth av.. f. t.t-i'r-
V-'I'TDiir.ri K IV FRKXCil Mons. L. ! Hta
lIiWNOtf, of ihe College 1ia;tal. Pnris,
dit-c tmrili ftr instrucii'.n in Parisian
ireoeh. jodivxuUly.or v'il aiva elass jn
: atructioti in snioo s. Addreia him at ictor
i'uens's, 10l.)fiersea St.
OR BALU LOW 3 hmse '' lot ";u,n
iiwi ruruni a. w --- - . ,
Also,, :W7. Fifth street, near uwnw
Al.'good'h!'."o'-llhl and Second st-eets,
Fort Pickering. . , ,
Also, house, Dunlap and Court extended.
Also hou-e, LaRosenn.1 Olay 'in"-
Also, house, nice lots, Jackson, near Her-
Also','"rsc lot, Dunlap and Hawley.
Also W and list en fiesoto, n.Ttli of Beale,
V. . WI1EA TLJYjMMsiiu
TC.'ir, ".,- r 'n 1 rlantation
I iirius, ih nan be seen !it Sunflower
Lsndine until 1st of February. -If "
iU.it watill ra "trn lo
6ai. A CofcM yTW.
at the Landlng.
OKSE-A safe, reliable i.?
b io one wen bdowu i.
f not sold
of Memphis. Apply at the lives- siaoi. . .
r . n . 1
POST- 'dar fencing posts (or sa'e by
' W. R. LARKIN. Lsrkinsville. Ala.
TIJK OLD 11 RS ISLAND-In fight or
Men p .is: 1W acres, o which about 'Jll
air. J and ve.y rich land. A bargain can
te se 'utcd by -Vl''KyAV k on.
I , ..li - and all floes tne
H.1 eir .unuVVVflll
A (iET8:
xx t
-ir .,- feetinn oflbe country
-tor two New fcroks. just reB.lv. Sva.wai.
Touute men i r me lence cipame oi in -
ias a larte tor-It. ry. Mate egperien -e. age
eved ter-itory wartjd. t AfsOtCLL A tW.
llimiuit), stv. Broeaway, N. Y.. od to Dear-
Iw.rn s-st, fb n.se.
SITt'A'nOH-.Vt housekeeper; can furnish
rcterenecp Address L. A.C.. tbit i.lbce.
SALK.-;MES-I evcrvfi'nle in the Job
tonrre-ert a UXr MANUFACIUK
IVfi ESTAHLlHMliST having seiersl
aieu:t.t.TtaH iba are p..pular .md easy sell--ini.
Cad to tts.ro,;, 4 alone or In ccunectt n
with rtttinr coos. Addies luS " M. B.
tVejljjFte. CO.. BALTIMORE. Mt.
A SOnTBrlS I.DY To associate her
. XV aelf with rtril'le house ai d ref
reent it in bti n locality. Mod aalary
to riiht party. Petition per ""' PVri
oces escbanind. liM Jt BltOlBEl. 16
imrtlsy Mt.jjje fork.
TWO Knsimisible Caiivaeiera t aollit
ordws tor erlHTged copies ol f.uitlr
, picture.; will Ke the right men salsries.
.Vle.-t f!oa-t Stretr.
MEN AM' VOMKS Toatarta new busi
nes at ;hir howies i can be done even
Ws ani ies-ten in an hour; au eraoii
nakios ) is tt.o to Mc an hour should
rend luo at rnee ior apafaitge ut By.Br
'Hds, ant 2J work'iie samples (lurmulns)
.tocoinmenntc.il. .ldress
ALBANY PPLV I'" Al 'sne. V. .
801iU ritiH-First class lady and gentje
lucr aolicit, to 'enresent an association
Teocuily oTfLSiied in the interest ot educa
tion. Vriil i ,j salary aed comoiisiton. AO
Siren or cii.1! . oitwA ttr.
Room o, Fransiola House.
mn ivri.lN.i s.nd Ci v Saleimcn,
A !at!y ' .aiploye l by wholesale houses.
;:rrr ono-ci i.nace sanipio ion raam
i..n) of ne nifle in u,e in all busineit
hou,e . No sair.oles will be sent unlets a p
.olicnnt se-.uJ crd of boae 'Vr''en,',c'"
i.iui. 11 . ewveni, V aorthClarke St.,
Cbicngo, li:-
Felt Bat (new shape! at 75c
Fine French Felts (the bfst) at $1 25
Hlrtla, I'ralber.. Klsswere, Kle.
AH (iootls Kpflucpd to Close
6(c and "
rtaveirt AJtwrlsns-tst asf Dulls tm t J.
jw-Hats Reshaped, Feathers Clianed,
t A-arieHuaiiti-'.
Maj a Sivpt ialty ot Hillmery,
Emrlcy the best bands In the "iy. ij "
wbel: attention ic n, sai we w -
tii nir. tbatJjce
.1. F. HOLST eVBilO.,
FT aprved in the Confederate army,
wbich he entered as a private and rose
to the rank of captain, and was a brave
soldier and a gallant c Ulcer.
At the close of the war he came to
Memphis and completed the study of
law and engaged in the practice short
ly thereafter. ..
He married Miss Delia W. Tolbert,
a very accomplished lady of high social
position and high family connections.
In the practice of the law he -was
conspicuous for his fairness toward his
eitirerHarv counsel and for hia courtesy.
He had l:r years c-een secretary oi
the Masonic Temple Association, and
the duties of that position required
quite a large portion of his time and
a rtAnt inn-
He served one term as councilman
nnHnr thsi nld citv government, and in
'that fnanitv was considered one of
the ahlw.1. .Wnndwrs of tht right of
tbe people, " ' . . '' , .
He was president of the Board of
Aldermen, Mid discharged the duties
of mayor pro tem. during the absence
of Mayor Flipping who held him in
very high esteem.
lie was one of the leading Masona
in the State of Tennessee. He took a
leading and active part in tne admin
istration of the Masonic affairs
throughout tbe State. He was for a
long time master cf bis lodge, and fora
long time he wan Eminent Commander
of the Knights Templars at Memphis.
He held other high positions in
As a Knight Templar no more
cdurageous or chlvslrousvknieht ever
drew bis sword in defense of the weak
and heloless.
As a lawyer, none was more court
eous than be to his adversary, and
none more faithful to the interests of
his client. ' .
As a cit zsn he took an active inter
est in public sflairs, and was always
found contending for the right.
' As a Mason he was untiring in his
dispensation of charities. The weak
and helpleea ones who were under the
caro and protection of that fraternity
will sorely mis bim. Therefore, be it
finohed, That in the death of It. 0.
Williamson the bar has lout one of its
most honorable mem'iers; the country
has lost one of its leading and most
patriotic citir.sns, and Masonry has
lost one of its principal benefactors.
His wife has lost a faithful husband;
bia children a kind and indulgent
Respectfully submitted. '
. h! IL'Mi'FsaRLAXD,.
Judge U. J. Morgan and Mr. Miller
paid tribute to th memory of the
dead lawyer in befitting speeches.
Upon moiion of D. H. Poston, E-q ,
it was resolved that the resolutions be
adopted, that they be apread upon the
minutes of the Chancery Court and
published in the city prees, and that a
copy be forwarded to the bereaved
M.AldicAl.isUalo.Mis Aona Pointer
iMissOra A. Hurley, jsirssnoiiv .)
Misi 1. sjeiniii. s,
Miaa Alice llens.cy,
Mb .1. Rainwater,
Miaa Kosa Lee.
Miss Mam'e enalfo.
Misa Kiste rnoiupson
Ktiarf 1.. llitiiiroiitl.
Misa I. L.'iju. dwell, Miss
: . t. .. ..-. mill
Misa Mudge Cruce.
Misi Marian uoyie,
Mrs. Avery Lauib,
Mra. J. '. Hoist,
Mrs. 0. B.isallowuy
Mia. 6om Tale, jr, ,
Me.. J. C. Bell.
M- l.m.l. llnftlnil
M..' V T An lerulll. Ml'S W II Vliller.
Mts Prank .li.nnson,
Mn. Moll.a Fontaine,
Miss Jeniilo i-cntt,
Mis H.io K'ltls,
Miss Alieejllonsl jy,
Mi- Ml', lo ll,!
isl fil I s llr.iwn,
Miss Meta llutue1.
IS'U Ella John-oil,
Mi l' oor.inu Dvstan,
M .i. Tun 11 ii i) oh,
Mrs. Tims. iMy
Mrs. Minter Porker.
Mrs. M. C.ttallaway,
Mrs. I'. II. Alien, jr.,
Mrs. 11. It. V.lliams,
r. W. L. Bethel,
, lra rt',M l ii'nbse.
, jll ii ii nnivr,
Mrs. J. W. li.app, , . Mrs C proyon.r.
Mra T P Pcnham, Mra Pet.r Mitchell,
Mra W LOIsrko, . Mn J lAocke,
Mra BAR gers, - ... Mrs J B ityry Mathes,
Mre JohnPosion, , Al rt v li;, ;M Cola,
Mrs X 11 laylor, i Jin A ll Johnson.
Mrt. R.M ..eu.fowf, A.ys. Aw. Btwrt,
Mre. Levi Joy. . . A. Uaga,
Mra. K. E. Meucham, rt, h. Woodaou,
S"ra. Kll.' Burke,-. . Mia, M. tjemnies.
Mra. K. fiemtnes, Mra A. B. tlooilbar,
Mn. Lucius Clapp, Mrs Ralph Semnies,
Mm. J. W. tloioliar, n,, J W. Falla.
Mrs. Allen Aslmes, MjeNapJfalla.
Tli Hour or alleesi at I he t'nua-
The following la a omplel list of
Mr. Moodv'a services at tbe Cumber
land Presby tsrian chnreh. Court street,
February dm, otn ana no :
Friday, February 5th, o'clock
n m .. onnsiral meetina.
Saturday, February Otb, 3:30 o'clock
p.m., ladies only. I
Satutday, February lith, 7 :39 o'clock
p.m., men oniy.
Sdnday, February 7th,8 o crock a.m.
omoianI mnAtinff.
Sunday. February 7th, 3:30 o'clock
n.m.. venaral meetilin.
Sunday, February 7tb, 7:30 o'clock
p.m., men only. j
At 41 o'clock a.m . Sunday, Febro
ary 7th, Mr. Moody will bold a service
lor the colored peopie oniy iu uw
ehnrrh thnv aball desieoate.
Ticke' -holders should bear, in mind
that they must be in tbe house at
least ten minutes prior to the hour
namml for the service printed on the
ticket, as the doois will then be thrqwn
open to all.
All persons expecting to attend Mr.
Mnmlv'a aArvlces.. are reauested to
brinu with tbem "the cansolidated
Mooilv and Sankev hvmn book, whti
may be had of the book-sellers at live
cents per copy. 1
Tickets c n be had of the pastors of
co-operating churches only, but it is
well understood that our ministers
favor s wide distr.bution cf them
especially among rton-critnmunicants.
I . ; .t S. C. CiLDW ELL,
. Chairman of Printing liomiuuice.
wU.'cn could thr.iw any light upon
"ir. The body was afterward
Medlar of the t'ollasi Eictiswre !
take Aelloss I Hie Itnils.
At a meeting of the Memphis Cot
ton Exchange yesterday the follow
ing resolutions were unanimously
adopted : ,
WniRKAS, It has pleased Almighty
God in His infinite wldom to remove
from our midst our esteemed frwnd
and fellow-merchant, Jatob Jacobs;.
therefore, be it
lit-tvlitd, Tnat in bi sudden and un
expected death the Memphis Cotton
Kolliln Ih LIbiiI for Ike Ca-aril
' The failure of Wallace A Co , of
Cjmo, Mies., presents certain feature
that promise to result in a crop of at
tachment suits. It appearethat the
linn owed Mrs. Wallace J'i.OW. it se
cure which there was transferred to
ber.laat Saturday 1700 acres 61 land.
The stock of goods in the store at
Coroo was sold to Sledge Bros , of
Miaa . Mr. Wallace's brothers-
in-law, to secure an indebtedness of
110 000; a parcel of land was conveyed
to Dr. Tom Wallace, an uncle of the
senior member of the firm, to secure
an indebtedness of several thousand
dollars. To the rtrm of J. L. Cocke k
Co. of this city, who are also of kin to
tbe firm, were assigned accounts suf
ficient tj eecure a i:e jt oue t jem oi
$t(C0. All the rest of the accpunte
were transferred to porter & Macrea,
who appear to be the only
secured creditors not related to
the ri-m bv ties of "blood
or marriaee. The rest of the credit
ors, representing clsims to the amonnt
Exchange has btt a valuable member, ! 0f $23,000, are not secured, ami are
ro nnveil to an iindftrlakimt establish,.
mint, where it ws inspected by the
police, hut It waa so oauiy imrneu uiai
if any violence had been icll ioted thoy
could not discover it, so badly was the
body burned. . They are maKiug in
vest isation. however, and II there was
foul play, as inspected, hops to dis
cover it. A representative of theAr-
jcal visited the scene yeatetday even
ing, and found it, even at that late
hour, swarming with negroes, who
poksd about among the debiia, Halting
out charred provisions, scraps of old
iron, or anything tney xottia nnu
which had not Deen compiewiy oe-
stroyed. The widow etood on the
porch at a house across i.iuueu s.rmi
bargainiog with a darky about an
old stove when the reporter
drew near, introduced himself and
asked for some Intormation aoout
the lire. She is a large,
tat'ier rosy woman about forty year
ot age, with uiack natr and a bu-odk
German accent. She wore a black al
paca dtess and black knit snaw i, anu
was surrounded by various article of
furniture snatched from the fire.
"What do yon want to know r sue
aiked. . .
' nything yon can tell rati about
thm rlrs.
"Weil, I was b i daaed I hardly know
whattosav I-eave thaUbell alone
over there, boy."
"What time was it wno yon urm
knwof thefl'eV"
it was abont 4 o'clock they tell tue.
b it I don't Yes,' you can have that
i oil for twenty cent if there ia not
more than nail a barrel ot it. i never
waa so badlyfrightned,"
" What woke you r
"I beard a crackling sound and
thought at first somebody wae trying
to break in. Hxeuae me a minute.
Boy," ahe yelled to a gamin who wae
ringing the bell across tbe street, ,,let
that bell alone. 1 want that. But the
door was locked and tbe noxt moment
I saw the fltmts out of the window
and grabbed the t wo children .snatched,
a few clothes and just bad tUe to get
ont." ,
"Where was Schmidt?'
"He wis in the store, lie has slept
there' ever since last July. Say,
Freddy, don't let anybody take that
eld stove. I can sell it for old Iron.
Tbe insurance company hM nothing
to do with that and 1 must save a Li
lle for the girl, you know."
Atlhis ju ictunlo e of her boya
came to ber with a cage coniainiou
two birds, and she rioticed that oue of
the bowls waa mil sin: and told him
logo back and get i(L
Did anybody try, to pnt out the
fire?" ,
1 Yer, Freddy threw, some wattr on
it, but it did no good. He wai So
back and see it ycuycan't find -the
clothe," she said, turiLug to another
bov woo brought Let a doll-baby
picked from the mini. I
Fieddy then came ut( and sta-led to
payautmroa dime lorv moving the
p irloratove ou-upon Ate sidewalk,
uot Mis. Sehra d - intstiiuNted her soi
rowful nilrraiiva to iniuint the boy
,l..l I,- hbil moved the wroDlt ltOT.
But tbe daisy said he oonld not handle
the big storh stove and would not
mnvs th other suain for a dime. The
eannrtAr deariaired of overcoming the
grief oi M n. Athmidt by his eloquence
toasolliclentWtgtee to obtain a con.
nected acconal ftom her of the ifUir.
As he turned aay, a young butcher
...mail John .Heck, who woiked
H .hmidt'a store until about tan
..,.,v,. eon iirove un in a spring
. n .n.l tnnk the grief-stricken
-1,1iw har twoi chililren and the
t,,p,la IHlV.
criiinaml ( iniAstiiitl. her son, who
linstered a few, moment!, was next
quibtioned. Hi is a bright lad about
lourten years of agf, and entered
into the tN iiterneut of the lire with
all the enthusiasm of bubbling child-
At a meeting held attheTeabody
Hotel yesterday afternoon of the com
m it tee of arrangements ot tbe charity
ball to be given at the Peabody Hotel
on the night of February 2d, Judge J.
M. Ureer presided, ami Fred li. Bre
nan acted as secretary pro tem.
Judga Greer stated the object of the
meeting in brlof, to consider matters
ss to the charity ball which had not
yet been determined upon.
Mr. II. Furatonheim elated that ha
had. in advance of the results of the
hall, purchased WOO barrels of coal for
distribution to the poor of the city, and
bad placed it in charge ot the Relief
rtmn.ittee, because the mouey which
will be dotivod from the ball would
not be available for neatly two weeke,
unit in the meantime the pour would
sutler. He asked that the committee
indorse hia action in the maiter,
which the committee did unani
mously. ,
Mr. James K. Bessley, chainnan of
the Kolief Committee, declined to
serve, owing to immediate demands
made upon him arising from his dntiea
to the Inmiraric company which he
represented, and SHked to he relieved.
t.n motion, inr, i.nsivi ,1.!..,.
was accepted and Mr. J. L. Webb waa
appointed as chairman ot the Relief
I'HIOC. Of lp-KKT3.
Mr. Farstenboim stated tbaPthe
pi ice of tickets of admission to the
charity ball was placed at $5 for gen
tleman and lady, which included sup
per for both. The expense! ot the ball
were nominal, a the Peabody Hotel
Company had agreed to furnish ac
commodations and supper at a nomi
nal price, ,
van SAL ok titicstm.
On motion. Mr. Peter Tracy and
Thli famooe ramedy mort happily meeU
the demand of the age for woman ipeealiar
and multiform afflielions. It ie ""?'
for WOMAN ONLY, and for ana flfBylau
CLASS of her dneases. Itil a, speeibo for
oerUin diseased eonditiona of the womb,
and proposes to to eontrol the aleaslrojil
Function a to regolatf ell tha Meraage
menta and irregularitiea of Woman a '
IU proprietore claim It na ether wsedioal
woperty; and.lo doobt tha faoi that tbie
uiedVcine doee positively potteM loch eoo-t
Uolling and resu'.ating powere la etw.aly
to discredit the volunUry tesli eny af th-xs-aands
ot living witneaese wbe are tdar
exulting la the res lo ratio a U aaaail WeaaU
and hsppinaaa.
Female Reguutor
la itrleUy a vegetable eompouail, an4 i the
product of atedieal aeieaoa and rraeaieal ei
perlenoe directed toward tha kenaH of
Htiri-EatlNW WSMAI I
It ii theitudied pieerlpttoa afa lajraj
pbyaleiaa, whose gpeolalt waa WtratAN.
end wboae fame became enviable aad taand
less because ol hia wonderful lueeeee ia thai
. . .. r. m .1. aoiBDititnas.
THK RKtlllLATOB "5 the URANDliair
REMEDY known, and richly aetervea su
Womas's Best Fkiexd
Because it controls a daaa of fanetlenj tbe
various derangements oi which eeaaa mora,
ill health than all other cause eombloed,
and thui rescues her trom a long train el
eHlictlon. which sorely embitter her llle aad
prematnrelyend her existanoa. Ob, wbata,
multitude of living witnessei eaa .testify t.
itichartninteflecul WoaaM, Uke toyoar
confidence this 1
It will relieve yoa of nearly all the cost-,
plain's peculiar to your eex. Rely upon it
as your saleguard for health, heppitveae and
'"SUldby all drnggists. Send for oar treat
ise on the Health and Happiness. of Wotaaw.
mailed free, which gives all P.artlculara.
HI (-''
ewaxisiejsr; till
I If 'I
iftV' V I MteVl
- I l '1. w
11. LOW EN STEIN & I1R0S.',
Agents row tms.
AOENTj-LiberJ terms; for fill particn-itrsadcre-.
ail Olive st:'t. I?'. Louis. Mq
-i rifC MEX Young an o'd, to bring
1 UUU ior Old Cloihes to Rose-.tein
Bro. and base tbem
. .sad lo Jefiersf o.
2ft w&tafcz
renovated. 2M Main
-VtsLSft LADIES-tn eity or eonntry to
X won It us at their hornet; fatcinat
int empl- ja-ent; no insttuctious to buy:
work esc t sent by mail (Uucance no obief
Dont; K.to Pr w-ek en be made. No
. canvatsinr. Particular! frea. ar tamplaof
w Tk mai'ed for four cents in stamps. Please
toortcB, Ma. P.O.UoilW.
Funeral Directors,
A FULL and aompleta gtock of Wood and
M tUl to Caaet and Caakett, Clotl. -Covered
Caskets and Barlal l'bei alwayi i oa
haal. earOrdiri br Ulerraek promptly
the city of Memphis an honorso e
and upright cit'z;n, and his iam:ly a
loving and indulgent huubatd and
father. '
Kffulivd, That the members of this
Exchange tender to hie bereaved fam
ily their heartfelt sympathy and con
dolence in this, their hour of sorr
iilliciion.and that the secretary be in
structed to send them a copy of these
resolutions and enter tbem on the rec
ords of the Excbamrei.
W. B. t ALUl'.EATH. Cuauman,
innkinv f.ir aomelhini: to levy upon
An itsue will doubt I r be made by
then) ti test ihe validity of the trans
fers above referred to, and with a view
to that end certain creditors have al
ready sued out writs of attachment.
v,,n know he did not allow me to "
- " - . .. , . I ? ' 1 r
lr it. I!. Mitchell wete appointed I
committee to make out a list of a com
mittee) to canvass the city on tbe sale
of tickets, aud another committee,
ennaiirtina of Mr. 11. J. Forsdick and
Mr. Tatar Tracy, were appointed to
arrange districts for tJieiaaid commit
tee. Tbe committees' and districts so
selected are aa follows:
IfaItann afreet. Front street to Third
II. A. Montgomery, Sam Tate, Jr.,
Kl. Goldsmith,
Main street, Union to Beale and
Bemlri-F, J. Anderson, l'ewr Tracy,
flharVna Knav.
Main street from '.Exchange to
Louisville and Nashville depot, Front
and crow street-W. J. Chase, John
E. Handle, J. J. Tanner.
Main street, from Exchange to Ad
ams. Front and cross streets J. J.
Duffy, W. D.Cannon. 1
FrnntairAAt. Adams to Madison L,
W. Moa-bv. M. Kalzenberger, Geo. II.
Main and Second, from Adams to
Madlsnn-Ks Vance, J. J. Murphy,
It J. Fnaillrk.
Main and Second, Madison to t nton
11. M. Mansford and Frayser Hoist.
Front row, MadiBon to Beale J.
Henry Martin, T. J. Graham, Emmet
I,, Woodion.
The places at which tickets can pe
found for general sale are as follows:
John J. Dnll'v & Cj., B. Lowenstein t
Bros., K. M.jMansford, Clapp & Tay
lor, iMenken uros., m. x j. vi. mo-mer.
. . , . II, U
as appointeu, Win.reiiori iruiupuj
(Wednesday) morning to Mr. it. J.
Forsdick. 304 Main street, by order of
the F. nance Committee. Mr, John h.
kand eotlsred a motion, wnicn was
carried, that the premium tickets be
prinked so aa to represent nw, ou, - '
and $10 and different in style
from tha regular ticket oi aamia-
The amonnt of f 01 wan'aubacribed
for single premium tickets dnrir g the
mwwion ol tb committtje, aa
C. B. allway Co
R. II Snowden-.....- -
B.J. Setuuies A (...
1). Lowenstein At Bros
.M. A K. W. Kiimer A C
Johnston A Vance . ..
H Fur-lonheiin - - -
f. P. Rend - -
John K. Handle A lo... - -
A.Murrsv -
Marks A I orsdi-k - -J?
T..UI....- M''
There being no further business to
transact, the committee meeting ad
journed to next Friday afternoon at 4
o'clock, at the aa-ae place.
A thwader-atssrm
May pnrilv the air, but nothing ex
enpt SUZODOST will purify themonta
tilled with neglected teeth, and rectis
thoee faithful servants ol mtnkind
front utter rnin beiure it is too late.
Don't neglect to try i'. You will be
nd del'.gnwd wuu ue is-
For nlUenyeari they havw gtaadll sained
la raver, and with sales eoastanU liwireai
lag hava become tha moat popalat Ooraata
thronghoottha United Mv1-...1
The guality lwBa.NTeDTOWaaTTriw
as Mgo an, ordinary Ooaaara. i haw
lately iutreduced the U and H grade
with KxTgaXono Wiiar, aad aaaiarnwh
them when pre far red.
Highest awar Ii from all tha World
great Fain. Tha last medal iteeived t fnr
FiKSTpaoaaa or Mgarr, from the lata Hxpo
tltioa held at New Orleana. - While aeoreii of
patents hava bean found worthlaaa, the sna
elplet of tha Ulova-FitUng have proved la-
TrUUiUra are authorised la refuad money,
U, on examination, these Corsota o aot
ptova at represented. aae every
wy hers.
'taloaiseaj.rri applieutf lent.
TJiomsen, Lnhgdo ,Jk Co.. Kew YorK
, llsi
. "i
A Radical Cunt I0H
Organic Weakness,
Aar"d lerw
Tisnto ron ovrnSm
Tmouwp OAaga,
T T.A1M r.VT.
OneJgentk, - pac
TWO taeniae. 9-w
I i
VCAM UStt IN MANY&sfeAacUntittC inMini.
.Si to (IV W Cf ff
Three aloutns,
Ueeky.and numenwia
,ilii.mi.liMiitHm bttg-
llling the skilled pbr
-trti.os. reeolt feine)
j.Hitntul lirfllscrjn,VMa.
iLin free lndabmOCH.es!'
mer brain erork. Aah4i
lions friuwll.'S W Ipesa..'
llouhlei. Ot txtf tiSj
Oreulsr end Trial Vcf
Vr.aed hra tmmauli
,avl, brfon Uvkise trS
.'v.hn. TkkeSh.
srilf. RauKiivttistua.
Ct ni'D thoumisla, OoM
not IWrftrs W4b SOWS-
i ion l bttslnsse, or oaoso
rein or tDeoasminweaa
pkrs. BrdlKcisissaUgai
to the scat cf disNtss aa
wruki lelliMags ava.
Ei,oiii aeisy. Tbeaaa.
saemnUm tsn
rhe siiimstltia ea.es
iferllfs, was'h ssw twaav
1 1 1 ffet ltd IkPillrT sTal la tSal .
afaWaT tM a
SCO 1. Tear SU, ST. LOUIS. MO.
KUr Ask fur t.tuieef o.i APli'ofctS-
par At thai tegular aoaibly auetinf of the
Board of liireetore of thia Bank, held this '
day, a Cash Dlridend of
wtide. larcd out if tha aet earning ol tha
psst lix months, payi.ble on demand.
C. II. RAISE, Cashier.
come near him,
bvstander whon
J. S. Menken and wife to Jas. Boj;
giano, lot near corner Main and Vance
atrMta.fortl7i2 00.
Mary K. Murphy to William Ben j is, J
ha was savins to a
tlie reporter ap
proached and asked ithe heard any
noises when he first gotip.
"1 thought I heatd someone walk to
the door and slam it, but I can't be
quite certain." he said. ' I ran out
2nd called Mr. Schmidt so loud that
the neigbhora wokeuu, but did not get
any answer. Y'ou know he got tipsy
.,.m.ii,e Rut then i never saw him
it produces natural, sleepy drunk, ihe nouee was an
un.s in no iinitj.
"How long has your mother bsen
married to Mr. Schmidt?"
"About a year and a half. My I drier
need to keep a saloon under Coi hran
Hall." , t ...
"Did Mr. Schmidt have any chil-
dr"Yes, he had a little girl. SUa.
stayed in the same house with us.
Advice to Moluort.
I Mrs. Winalow's Soothing Syrup
! should always be used when childie i
i are cuttina teeth. It relieves the little
i -nff-i-Ae at. nnce :
quiet sleep by relieving tne cuuu
from pain, and the little cherub
awakes as "bright aa a button." It is
very pleasant to taste. It soothes
the child, softens tbe gums, aWsya all
i pain, relieves wino, reguiiw
bowels, and is tne nesi inoa
for diarrbira, whether arising from
teeMiingor otber cause. Twenty five
a bottle.
ALL Mrnn owniiiK nd hllti JmU-
pa . - ar-1 aa
v i l.ln rT v
ersl As.euuily
.... ,.v..l Uru
ot ta B "o-. ' , --,m.T.
ber 'l. wi. in JT'?. ,:';-"?. .i . 1 ,,i...l
1 Sites
W r. Il MT KAT Crab Orchard Water
wilt Cure Cancer, Epilepsy or Heart Dist;
but isst HHg Crab tuchart) VSater a .
rvint-dy for
i e-ar lintt r T 1 I S 1
rendered in to," - - ;i.llll i - r4 t-;i j. A.
iald Judgment CertiU. -ates ond coui on; and . a I OAVi JV 1 uaisAViiu
S cTupons.f., lament oth,. .. .1 , CONSTIPATION. l!
end fsniere ii,o 1,1 - - - i wi - -
k. . Tenn., on or before H .? T s Reliable al Osinin.ror
lekrasis A. It. a, ween sua wuere
the same will .e paniac ruing u me "."
and cendilioneo lue said JiidgmentCertifl
cates and eompromise a. r-ement entered
Inti between liit.m couatv J her said
oredttom This ilst d"3AoffS5iTTli.
Chairman of the OomMj 4 iffC
bee that Crah-appla tra4e-irk ll . dl
packagea of "BalU" and "VVaU.
Crab Orchard Water Ob.i Pjrop'.
filMliN N. JONES. vKne-. .
Loa tville, ty.

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