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Memphis daily appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1847-1886, January 27, 1886, Image 8

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Arrival ul Departure ef Train.
lomlsrllle.He:? Orieaas aid Texaa K'j
i!wiwirri VAIAKT BOITK.
rAtL MAIL. Boath. ) North."
wears. . 4:00 p.B 111:00 sm
Leleud.... .C :45 p.m 6:i a.m
VTjkstourg.. ... 10 a.m J:ud a.n
W-i-rin-B .. , .. - - - Mi B.B12:1 a.m
h!Ku!Z:F.. :M a.a p..
Katoa KoDrt. .. 8:a . : .
NewOrleaBi 11 I P-J?IJ'LPiJ
' EXPRESS. South. North.
B.mphu :40a.B 5:00 p.
CJli. ---...TI li;U2aon 1:4! p.B
Vicksburg T:1S p.m i:30a.a
A-With II Hum enuring Memphis.
S With M. A N. W. K. K. lor llalena.
0 Jfor Ureeaville Bad UantiBglon, and all
ArkaBeai point..
Ji-With V.AM. ud V,. 8. A R Katlroadi.
5-V ith N.. J. A C. tt- . for aatobea and
Jackion. ,'
r For Pvinu ob the Branch.
O With iuimii lor barms Sara. '
U Wthnilroedi diverging for Florida BBd
Full men K'.t keeping Carson all trains.
JAd. M.BDWARDS.V. F.aadU kM.
M. 11L KKK, tten.ral Bap U
. A. J.jbtAi'r.U. F,A.
lastaalppl tuaU Fait
tall train leaves djllr at 4:46 p.m. I ar
rives at V a.n. 4sejdli accommodation
Ihtm dallr at i:'S) P.b.i arrives at S:(J0
a a. Ld freight leave! a ;0a.m. er
Ta at 4:l p.m.
luui Vtif .Wprlagae-ldaad
pkvls - rralnj leave M. aad T. dapol as fol
lows i Ho. 4. Bail and eipreu leaves dally
4 U-Jfla.iB.lNo. ?,mUaidipriBrrtii
at 1 30 p. a. J No. to. Bt Lvnif sii-rea.
Ihtm dally at itt) p.b.i No. I, eu.Lculi
aipresi arrltT at 1:66 a.m.
aaa tit aaa UttlB Bvanh-Trelai
ton a tl'tn (control ftaadard tlmeli
I wrt dal'v at:25 p.B. t arrives Bt
! b.b.'i Ho. S le.ves at 4:M B.B..ar-
Svea at s50 a. B.I No. (freight) leave
optBald -dally, rt oaodi jr. at OiOO
a. a. i arrive at T:10 p. a.
Stfcfaaaveaaa, Obi aa
ara-.fvv.iBi bbts asfnHowli No. (fast
liaa daityllievai at 11:80 a. in. No.lloavei
at 11:40 b.b. allv. Bt. Lonli fait line
(aval dally at 6iMp.m. No. 7 (last line
ally) air-vee at 1:30 p.m. Mall and ai
hmi arrivaa lally at 815 a.m. BU LouU
laat lioa arri TBI dallr 9:0ft a a.
saalils ad vbulMMB-Tralr t
boo rax fol'owi: Throtfh iipraii laavsi
siiM (Kftp.a. til and aapiau laaaa
dai) at 9:10 !. fomar''l aocomniod'
tioa loaraa dally. n 8no', t 4 SO
.a. Throof b aiprsti b-tm da'" at :JJ
a.a. MaU aad aipran rriw dally ai 4 M
S.b. BaaarTllla aoooavodatloa arrival
ally. Bioapt Handay, at I mm.m,
Ebi1I1 and ahIH0) Tralat
ami f il'na Vait mall arrival dally a
4 1 a. a. t lea at 10 :lfl p.B . i mall Ibbti $
4lly Bt 9:0UB.n. J.,B)DIH BOOOBBr.
datioa iaavat aally. ai wp Bady. at 6:00
..an BU arrWaa .lally at :00 p.m.
BroWnrhlla aO0BBdlo airiTB lally,
v 6oaday. at IitO b.b. (luadard
aval BlranlaicbBm aad Allan-
Ja-HolW 8pnn rlouto-Traint bo-b a
tollowi: No. t laaTaa Uamphla dally at 4:W
p.a.. arrlTaa at Holljr BonnMat 6:30 t.m-i
No. laaraa Holly flprfnM dally at 9:00
a,m., arrlraaat Mmpblatlltl5a.m.l No.
6 laana Mamphli dally at 7:30 p.m., arrival
at Holly Bpriaai at 11 :59 p.a.t No. 6 Jaavai
Holly Hprinn dally at 1:30 a.m.. arrival at
: WaMlBOTOR. I. 0.. JaBpary tT, 188.1
1 o 'clock a.m. J
Indication lor Memphis and ricin
Hy: Cloudy wMther ani local raina;
lightly colder.
J or Tutumn and the Ohio Valley:
Cloudy wa(W, vith local mint ; variable
winds, gmtrally ihifting to northvxtt and
ou04; colder In tht wedern portion;
tUght rit in temperature In Vie tailern
pofHan,foUouxd by tHgMy odder vxather
during Thurtday; falling barometer tn
tketatcrn portion, and riu9 barometer in
ti4fm portion,
frolBll BBrt.
MWnli. TK January ', I8fi.
rft. i Thar-TWlnd. I Waatbtr.
a. M . .nA A I K
i mii m- na . ii-.u
I M.S.
t louuy.
7:00 p.a.. Ks M V J
HMaiimaa tamiwratnra. 4:1.0.
. M i a 1 1 "n w m poraiuro. .o,
. Kmfll, 0.07. , . I
ABobiwrvatloBiaro taken on ,i" morlilian
Una. which U ona hour laajar than local
tima. . '
ilny r.lonsom aga'm to-night
Alow flake oi ytiow atlll remain.
Very little building li being done
this weather.
United StiUi Portal Guide for 1880
at Manslurd's.
Almee ni Roland Itaod at the
theater nrxt week.
A good, hard rntn la badly needed.
The city ia f mrfully dirty.
In the Trohate Court yostorday B.
Duncan was made administrator of F.
The outlook ii good for a cematlon
ol hoctiiitiea along the line of J t tier
on street.
The Moody and Sankey choir will
Tebearae thia evening at the First Bap
tist Church.
Jt ck Mahan was sentenced to nine
ty day tn the Work-Uouae yesterday
for assault and bittery,
The Oitltena' railway ha a force
baity in) log track on Orlean street,
new the crossing of Vance.
C H. Garland and Bettie Betts,
Richmond Treovant and Lou Wil
liam were licensed -to marry yester
day. The regular moaicale and dance of
the Amatttur Athletic Association
takes place to-night. Active and as
Bociate members are expected.
Col. C. W. Frater received a let
ter yesterday from the man in charge
of bis orangs grove, thirty miles south
of Tamps, stating that all the orange
on the trow, which lie estimates at
about 25,000, were frcasn.bat the trees
probably eecaped injury.
The committee ia charge of tbe
Vvoman's Exchange yesterday, were
Mrs. K. M. Nlson, Mrs. T. J. Barrett,
Mrs. H. A. White. Among the visi
tor wore: liev. II. A. Jones, Arthur
Vardle, Mrs. Fsnnie Jobe, Mrs, M.
C fiwavne, Miss Josi9 Swayne and
Henderson Casey.
The demand for seat for Moody
and Saukey's meetings will be far in
iceas of the supply. It ia to be re
gretted that a larger building ceuld
xot be obtained, but none were found
that could be sutHclently warmed.
Memphis need nothing more than a
ball for public meetings.
The Bradstreet Agency report
301 failures in tbe United States dur
ing the week ending January 22, 18 0.
: eeaicet 334 in the preceding week, and
3i, S10, 289 and 210 in the cor re
apondin g week oli 8N5, 1 884, 1 883 and
ih&l respective!. Middle Bute, bl ;
New Entiland BUtes, 48 j Houthevn
. States, 104 ; Western State", 130 ; F
eific butt and Territories. 45 1 Canada.
30; totti in the United States and
-Canada, 4-4.
It has been settled br a confer
ence between General Manseer Gault
ol the Qteen and Crescent and I'resi-
dent t-milh of the Louisville and
N'asUvil's roads, all the other roads
-Toeing by previon correspondence,
r Mr. J. K tlvdnn.at nriMent cen-
rral freight agent of the East Tennes
see, Virginia and Ueorgia railway,
shall be commissioner of tbe Southern
pool, and it ia understood that be will
The Board of Commissioner for
tbe West Tennessee Lunatic Asylum
was organ iYed Monday as follow:
Austin Miller, of Bolivar, president;
A. W. Brockway, of Brownsville, sec
retary; J, li, Uodwin, of Memphis,
There will be a special meeting of
the 110080-10-11000- Itelief Corps
(ward visitors) cf the Women's Chris
tian Association this (Wednesday)
morning at 10:J0 o'clock shsrp, at 273
Main street, for coonsel in regard to
present resource and claims of the
department. This eall Includes all
members not simply the chairmen
in different wards and if any fall to
report they will be considered ss hav
ing no claim to present. By order of
Mrs. Watson, president.
Police proceedings yesterdsy: Jo
seph Poplar, -white, vagrancy, flued $5;
J. M. llutrbinson, white, a saloon
keeper, keeping a gaming hoose,
for felt of 30 taken in; James White,
ltrceny, turned over to tbe Stale;
Wm. Pelllcao, white, disorderly eon
duct, failed to appear and hi forfeit
off $5 wis taken in; Henry. Worry,
colored, drunk and disorderly, lined
15; M. W. Ferrill, white, assault and
battery, fined fl; Frank Jones and
Wm. Housely, white, saaiult and
bi tery, fined$3 each. V
The management of Crosby's
Dime Museum ask for Memphis ple
thoric lsdiee to compete for prire in a
monster "Fat Woman's Convention."
to take place February 8th. The ob
ject of the convention is to discuss
topic and ask for legislation on mat
ters of deep interest to tbe heavy
weight. Home of the subject will
be that of "Enlarging Doorways,"
"Putting Elevator in Each House,"
tbe "Abolishment of Warm Weather,"
"Introduction of Owne in Sundry At
mosperic Obstacles," etc. A oOO-pound
lady who married a living akeleton
ana "worried him into a calm retreat
at Auburn, N. Y.," cornea from Phila
delphia to preside oer the profession
al heavy weight. It will be an unique
bla year eatloa la
breath) a '.
Isaac Ricisof Cincinnati is registered
at the New Gayoso.
Col. W. W. Gosios of Richmond,
Ya., la at the New Gayoso.
Maj. R. II. Tkmplb of Richmond,
Vs., ia at the Gayoso Hotel.
B. F. Hobnek of. Lorillard A Co.,
New York, ia a guest at the Gayoso
Miaa Kara Miupuy, a beautiful and
accomplished belle, of Dnrant, Miss.,
ia tbe guest of Miss LiUla Nail, 60 Ez
change street. .
Jarv 8.' IEmtioanu, agent Almee
Opera Booffe Company, is at the Gay
oso Hotel. ,
E. B. Jack, agent Roland Reed's
Cheek Company, ia registered at the
Gayoso Hotel.
Alit. MrEwBit has taken charge of
tha Crystal Mace, and will be glad to
see all bis old friends at his new quar
ters, which ha will open op next Sat
urday. ;
A. A. U whins, general manager for
Prohibition Lecture Bureau, from
New York, will lecture here Monday
nlbt, 7:3Up.n., at Y. M. C. A. Hall,
Odd-Fellows Bnilding.
NblB yonr iotfm la w7 B.
At Liverpool yesterday American
wheat was Steady, with a fair demand,
holder offering moderatoly. Corn
steady, with fair demand.
Tub ton of the co lon market was
riflHelly quoted on the Exchange
blackboard yesterdry aa 'nominal."
It is now in order for some ons to ex
plain what the tone of the market is
when it is "nominal."
Mat option at Chicago yesterlay
were lower with the exception of pork,
which advanced to $11 l-'i, a gain of
12jo for the day. Wheat loet Jo, clos
ing at 8(1 Jo bid. Lard unchanged, (1.15c.
Corn declined Jr, closing at 4UJC, and
oata receded to ai;c, a loos of c as
compared ( with Monday's closing
Report of Grain Elevator yesterday :
Bulk corn, none received or with
drawn; in store, 42,044 bushels; sack
corn received, none; withdrawn, 3D
sacks ; in store, 251 3 sacks. Bulk oats
received, none: withdrawn, JCtt bush
els; in store, 42,477 bushels; sack oata
received, 74 sacks; withdrawn, t30
sacks; in store, 4079 sacks. Wheat,
none received or withdrawn; In stor,
20,783 bushels.
Visitors on 'Change yesterday i
Stevenson Archer and J. P. Feather
ton, Mississippi; J. W. Lindsay,
Pittsburg, Ps.; George 6. Carll, Ar
eola, Miss. j John Eaton, Lynchburg,
Va. J. T. Rickey, Louisville. Ky.;
John J. Crswdson, Koesville: Minor
Uregory; Augusta, Ark.; I. Schafer,
Stanton, Tenn. ; J. L. Combs, Garner,
Miss. ; L. W. Curtis and E. W. Hester,
Chicago ; Dr. S. D. Kobbina,Vicksburg-
Bfalfortl, Jeweler, 204 Main
SU Fills orders from the country
Manhattan Having llunk.
Attention ia directed to the card of
this popular new bank. It ia doing
an excellent business. The standing
of ita directors ia such aa to give
it high rank among the institutions of
Madison Btroet.
i a i
Order Ifedala atMnlford'a,
tiet Railed ?a A- Laa-oaiaralae ! do
jroar alibtna;. t
Hf oonurucn Itavgtoa at Mnl
lartUa, -
Virrmtitinn .Tannarv "11. DeDAjttd :
Thomas Sherlock, Cincinnati.
PiTTsnruo, January 20. Kyht
River 4 feet 10 inches on tda gauge
and falling- Weather clondy land mild.
JraOui iia lannarr-d Nioht
The fog checks the mowment of boats
In the lower aitsewvpi ana uiou
taries. Caiko, Jsntkry 26. Night River
27 feet 5 Incho and rishig. Weather
cloudy and cold. Departed : Bchenck,
Cincinnati. 1 p.m.
Loiisvilij January 20". Night
falling, with iO feet 9 incbea in the
canal and 8 feet 7 inches on tbe falls.
Weather cloudy and cold. Business
Cjkctkmati, January 20. Noon
River falling, with 20 feet 1 inch en
tha gauge. Weather cloudy; ther
mometer 40. leaverlight. Night
River falling, with 26 feet 6 inches on
the "gauge. Weather wet and warm.
Aakria's I beater.
Tba mod and rain did not prevent
a very good audience from gathering
at Leubrie'a Theater to witness tbe
performance of May Blouam. It seems
somewhat unfortunate that so excel
lent a performance aa thst given by
tha company n9w playing at Lenbrie s
should be handicapped by tbe
wretched weather we are now having.
Nothing purer in sentiment, more sb
sorbing in interest, and mire skillful
in construction, baa been presented
thia season than Hay Biomm, while
tba acting from the star down to the
smallest of the eleven little children
inthe cut, Is little short of perfect Mr.
Msginley's "Tom Blossom," the bluff,
jovial and big hearted fishrman, is a
piece of truinful delineation only ri
vaiid by the clear-cut figure presented
by Mr. Crompton,s"L'nc!e Bartlett."
Mr. P.obinson's "Steve Harland," Mr.
Lackayp' "Richard Ashcroft," Mis
IoganA "Aunt Deborah" and Mr.
Currin's "Owen Hathswsy" are all
clever personation and leave little to
be desired. Little Maud Thompson
ss "Little May" well deserves the ap
plause aha nightly receives, and hut
night waa complimented by a recall.
Of Miss Csyvsn we hsve already
spoken. There are no words cf praias
too high fr tha picture of sweet
womanliness ehi nightly presents in
"May Bloraom.V
- s t
Croabjr'a tlas at aaearn.
It Is a curious feature of Memphis
amusements to wstch tbe people surg
ing about the -halls of the museum,
each bent on seeing first just what they
cams "on purpose" to aee. One seeks
the annex hall, where tbe giant skele
ton keeps a guardian watch over tbe
"What Is It;" others start straight
down the ball to where James Wilson,
tha "human balloon," swells and con
tracts bis frontal developments. Tbe
lady with the ingenious toes, who em
broiders, writes etc., witn her toes,
has csoght the popular fancy beyond
the average curio or freak of nature,
and there is not a moment while she
i on exhibition that tbe crowd are
not deep about her stage. The living
head without a body, the bearded
lady and other festoree, not forgetting
the cute little monkey and Punch and
Judy, draw diilerent people to the mu
seum. Some come nearly exclusively
to see the entertainment in the thea
ter; so thst it would indeed be a pes
tling question to answer, "What brings
the people to tba museum?" What
ever it v, there ia no doubt of their at
tending, and the crowds please Mr.
Crosby beyond cavil.
ly Hotel.
0. B. (1 ALLOW AT k CO Paorairrnai
BataotU 60 and ti par day, aooordinc la
ataajaad looatioa of room Special
rata mad a.
W J Parr, Ky J L Cork Aw, Tenn
F M liopaoall. Mo I. J baker, Mo
H H CaJdwtll Aw, Ark W la. k, Ark
HU-k. Ark
It H Kirw, Ark
C R Hut or. (
8 Lomloo, T.ua
CO Kitell, Tann
T W Kiliatilrk Mill
V C (I wlnn, H V
HHWabniar, Mam
V 0 llnnald, Ohio
J KNmith, Ind
II M tola, Ky
V H Morrow, Ten a
II (1 Dunbar, N V
i 8 Coopar, D O
9 M Odena, Tea
Paul Jonra, (la
Wm Iloath.il a
(1 A li.uroH, Mo
P Namnt. Ill
K V Jonlin, MiM
w a MarOar, hy
J Hchntor, Va i
N l Howard Af, Ark
W 11 Clark, Mali
JTK'lcher, Ky
H LThomu, Mixi
M Banba. Ark
1, (ih -latin, (ia
O R Carlnoa, (la
J w woodi. Bu
Thoi Llndray, 1'a
j rusb, i
, It M ritrothar. Mo
K A Knitar, MUa
K W IlMtar, III
Mr. Himon. N 1
H I) Kobblnt. Ml
?R Oarrinatoa, V t
K Honnor., La
K (J Ui I, Mo
1 a Holloway, MiM
M A Maer. Mo
t A Wlttloh, Mo
Turn Vt it.r, N Y
R Kldriilxa. Tens
r W Gray, N Y
K (UuLu. MUa
U W Corli, Mo
V W Mariball, Mill J 8 KIMi, N Y
w tl Uiok.mnn, Kin
U V Tatnm, Ky
W J Kotiinion. Kr
H W Bra-Hay, Ky
LH Mar. hall. Tenn 3 V Diukarinn. Tann
all, it
J B Hamilton, Toon II Onu-ird, Mira
A 0 ltrlir. Tenn W K lIL.-kford, Md
, Z Kilpatrlck, Miei
Caatott'o Hotel.
Earapaan plan. Knlarrad aad rafurniihad.
i'ricvi aooordina to alt and looa
luo or roAtni.
W N Wrtplit. Ark J W Chnmbler, Ark
K W MeLurhl,Mi f Imtn. Mli
w wi,.Li,l ill. i.. I". If llnlln. sla
H A l'ai.ot. Ind J RAikini. NY
K W l-'ulweler. Tenn
K M Jnnai. Tona
A B Cnnlry, Tenn
1. u..k. Mi.d John krttnn.Tann
II 0 Myers Aw, Mill Mm II W Waltir. Mill
Mini A Waller, MiM I Walter, MiM
0 11 (Itirlaml Mien J A (iailur.il, Ml.-
H K Ulai'klun, Mini J Ililej, Mis
A -I C'dy. Tann; V lllonn A-I.Miis
JBoyd. Irnn . J It Mclarty, Tenn
I llo, Tenn ' 0 M lUrlan, Toon
w Durrum, Mm , A M,"
W V llurlon, Ma J I. -I Coambers. Tnn
IIO Johnioe, 'land ; 1 J Kaufrsw. Miai
7. K ltarlien, H.rl'M J P Comb, Mm
W.W. lloikim, Mlii A Wobar, lun
i Little, Ky.
' Doftjre Enrourao Hotel.
Corner ol Ailami and Main Jtreeti. Room!
Ouo, 7ioandl perday: American Plan,
ti per day.
Firt-ctM Raitaarant in tha Hotel.
J. M. DUFi'YUUyri with l'eabody Hotel),
JCBrlcVay. Tenn W ! York, Tesa
II C MotTatt, Tenn f! Kotoln, Tona
J A Htowart, Tonn J I Aliup, Tenn
KR Lanier, Mo J L Sutton, lean
D II M01eln, Ai F K m aw, Ind
ARFudar.Mo gll Ariniitaad.TenB
PKrarni. Mo I R L Kllintt, Ark
f) M Boo a Ten. H L MoFarl.u I. Ten.
W 0 Kolly. T.n R a Nl.it, Him
Kll Daly. TenaT II Moraaa. Taa.
) W Lael e, Tata J Chindler. 1 enn
N T Shotwollj-Mi
P W Morrli, ten
CPDyal, kriji
N T lhotwell.Mo J I. Matth.wi. Ark
P W Morrli, tenu A 1 aiiadera A w,-HI
Darlil.on, Tenn.
'loroaaoa Hotel.
Rates. tS Pr ? CeBtraJlyfjoeBUd, oppo
lite Maioalo TemAe.
Jamea K Willi. Tona A M Ketit. Tar t
W a 1 kompifla, Mill P J H fVth, Tana
JCCraih.Tenn J HiniAcon Aw, Tena
i .i il'iili.. lit:.. A mlpM Jnhm. Ten A
u riA-wtFaar. Kv
4 J A Varproiur, i,n.
CCtdner, NM
J C Sina, Tena
A i Uonaldton, Mill
A -Canals, Ark
8 Vilenlt, Tonn
L ttl.. Ark
a V I'nm.r. Tnnn
W 0 Joboion, Mua
A Rom, Tenn
PDKiiher, Pa
R L Bole, Ark
A F Bayard. Ky
(i L Ilo e, city
tl N 8iarki, i-ity
Mi.i B Arnold, Ark
TS Qnllawav Af, Ten
11 A-he, ky
John Kiilnn, Tenn
ISImMowoll, city
s Qnllawav Af, Tenn
nn It ItAhinaoll. oitv
1 Uolilimim, city
wJr.tV"... . j i i.iVb i
I'J l'lnll, l.a
Kob' Kenard. Mill
I P JoTie, Tonn
S M Me nbcrr. La
1 1 Mrley. Ky
A A MMfAa. Ind
n u l.,nlnr. Tenn l 00' Kenard. Mill
1 B We.t Aw, Trnr I P JoSsi, tonn
J N Williamx, N i
WDSmitlu La
V K frniH,. T.nn
i . i) i.. 1 1 . AI IliivinKii. T.ntt
A I (in man. lo
L. I vOD A. u ii.i riiuau, 411
w 1" onarnian, i'i'-" "1".
DPUcldikanip, NY 1 t Wniht.Ark
BSaiaa aT amaf .SUk
Rates, It! 50 to H per day, aceordint to lore-
tlonol rooaii.
J A Stewart ail 5 L Themis. Mlis
K K TupkeeArk JJ h 1 ,h.r, Ohifi
HCMooraTonB BT Horner. N Y
W R Anlt Aa U O Hnreri, t'owhataa ,
JH Uowf-i,n-lmetta A M Marye. Tenn
KBJ.,-1. NY i W Juhnoon, Ohl
J A tlrdy, Ohio L Levy, Ohio
A Brt r K N U Bromnier, Ky
V- W Gordon, Va . R II Temple, Va
K J f owenneln, Mill 8 ThnmpKon, Mil
M YnneUon, Mirl lr J L Tombs, Garner
A loBlron, Tena L V linll.r, MIm
2l.TorP.fen V2a!?'
J B Allm, La K R Kimt-a'l, Ma
H PTnvii Aw. Tena C M l)iv Mo
I IVt'TTtVlalU ' J a 'in a v. t a.
D 8 (l.rnry Aw.NY W L !oy, ky
li M .'obnion, im R McKaona, Tenn
C R Irown, Como W P Adamr, Tenn
1 Ki-rr, Ohio J 8 l.nrtbunrer, N I
lirtw n. una m uwi, 1 1.
A Kimball Aw, N Y J Merer?, MiM
tL; n . II. .1. irk
?JU.liy,Ark RMUW.Aw.Ala
N TMundinir.M-.Ala. C J Bailey, Tx .
TF fope. Tea " A R Btepheni. Ill
J M Vona, Cleveland M Goodwin, Mm.
W CAM. Mill AT I-inner, MiM
1) Pei.ra. Mix (1 RoberUoa Aw, Ark
1V aires, jr, Mo C Kmcry Aw, ill.
BoUeasradk LatoanarsinO (or
1 ana bin and Uas-ntUBg.
Sbibts, sll styles, made to order.
Memphis Bteam Shirt Factory and
Laundry, 224 Second street.
Mimphb8taiiio Glass Wobxs, 230
Third street. Call and see.
Bazas fashion sheet for December,
44 N. Court street.
Tub finest and best selected stock
of gsa fixture in ths city, at bottom
price. j. a. BAiLsr a co.
Ckntbal Kcrsikt, No. 99 Market
street, is ths nearest place in tha city
lor plants and cut Mowers.
MihS Cabbib M. K sating can be
fonnd every dsy at E. Witzmann A
Co.', 223 Second street, from 4 to 6
o'clock p.m.
A. Rkkkxbt A Co., So. 215 Main
street, corner A dsms, aod 120 corner
Market and' Main streets, keep con
stantly on bsnd supply of Dr. Uar
ter's celebrated WildCberry Bitters.
Tub Herbal Chill Cure, tha best
tonic aad antl-periodia known. A certain
ig ime eare tor ehilU. Price tl per bo' -tie.
Rn- itamn for elrenlara. Any ref
erea irixen. addreii John 0. Hacker.
lyBsBvre. Vs.
Most of ths so-called incurable rtif
eases are succeeefully treated by Dr.
E. Henderson, M.D., No. 220 Second
street The doctor can refer to some
of the best citizens of Memphis. Con
sultation free.
A Sosa Throatob Codgbt, If suffered
to progret s, often results in an incura
ble throat or lung trouble. "Brown'
Bronchial Troches" give instsnt relief.
Fabmkbs csn procure, st a low rate
of trsnsportstion, farm hands from
Georgis snd Sonta Carolina by writ
ing to R. A. Williams, sgent of the
Memphis and Ljltle Rock railroad,
Atlanta. Ga.
Ths most efficacious stimulants to
excite the appetite are Angostura
Bitters, prepared by Dr. J. G. B. Hie
gert dt Sons. Beware of counterfeits.
Ask your grocer or druggist for the
genuine aiticle.
Ta ladies are invited to call to-day
and inspect Meister's, In the Masonic
Temple, next door to the Aitial of
fice. It is handsomely fitted up and
will repay elimination. Tbe restau
rant will ba opened for business to
morrow, snd the rooms are open to
day for visitors only.
Miistik'b elegant new restaurant in
tbe Mtsinic Temple is completed,
nd he hss sent out a number of invi
tations to gentlemen and their lady
friends to visit tbe establishment to
day. It is the finest .bouse of the
kind in the elty, conveniently located,
and nnder the management of one ot
the most competent men iu the busi
ness. It will be opened to the public
to-morrow. - ''
Old Gold and f liver taken
as ah at tfalford'a, 891
Wain Nf.
Salts, Ammanlfon, Fishing Tackle
aad SporUmen'a Supplies,
aa ala Stmt, SfemphlB, Teaal
Manofnctarlnf aad Renalrin of Onns a
8p.m y. ea-Tnienhnne No. Wit.
Boiler JVorks.
snEA t McCarthy, Propr'a,
140, US, 144 Front, Meni)lils.
in tbe Fo.tb. os tha only eomilete
"Ml.r and Si.e-Iro- Worki lo tbeeity.
Haaafaelarera oC aeava nlate troa
worst of every eaiHlor. Bpeoial
--"- - ..-.. (on wot.
Frank Scliumenn,
Importer and Dealer In
(Inni, llnlilna; Taekle) and Sporta
um u'b oiilie air Special attention
a-.ven o M ANUFAtTUlU.Nti aid KK
II 3 Ulnln M..ftIoinrlil,Tiin
John Oviktus, Jn. C. N. Qroxvksoh.
Real Estate Dealers
Ofiioe,264 Second Street.
a. sjar. aseoao aaa Oaan,
MIUU-1UJS a TEsmssxx,
TaieiPald, RaaU Collected. Bt.. va
Oo law"'.
Importers and dealers la Boob, Amnsifl
nltlao and t'Hiilna Taekls BolKtra
Hardwaro, fclortrle Keila aad A n
naariMlorafor Hotel! and Haideneei,843
Mala alrtH-t, Sfempnla, Iuav. Klactrie
sappliee alwayi on hand. Repairing neatly
Young & Brother,
Bookst4,.ti's and Stationers,
2 IS Mailt St., Mcmplils, Tenn
W lab In a to llre from Boalness
vie Ofler war tailra
arOULP VIKW Boy Home oo
Iko . aSrBlcao 0ULF COAST,
"where yo woa'l freeie la winter. Ther
mometer rarely below 4U degreei. I orty-five
milea at ol K.w Orleani, on theLoniiville
and Naihrllle Railroads loar daily Uaini:
Toulme depot ea thil plaoe. Viaiurpaised
ananlnsanddihias. Oianre trowth equali
Florida. Oraenw arowa on thil eoast took
1100 rold medal at the World s Bapoiition,
New Orleani, lait winter. V. pile ol Wolf
front : iteatten paiaina betweea.New Orleani
and MoWle. i fall View. Oyiten, tofthell
crabi and ihrimpiBbontia In aaaaoa. Aith
ma, bronchltii, and all throat and tan
trouble! cured by a reildeaoe on thil Coant
br.mU.ins the balmy lalt tea air. Send W.6
and yoa wl.l ret a deed by return mail for a
buildina lot 50x2iVi, which will be worth tea
ttrnoa tnii ainoan. in m.u - - -Addraia
Looa; Wai.i, llolly fpnnnv
Una., or R. J.Blaci k Co., Memphii, Tena
JaOxsoK, Miss., Sept. SI, 1&.
I take treat pleainr la itatlar that Bulf
View adloini the celebrated J. F. U. Cla-.-borne
plaoe, and li deoidedly one of the Be 't
de.irebl.oe the Half eoeit. 1 aay thia, hav-
it otieu neaa OB aaa wm eir.Ti .
TeapeclfuUr, . r . K- K- WALL,
Cominlfiomr ef ImrairratioD. and Arricul-
tare, sut l siuiiciippi.
uaV VMTy
- - - '..''kJ-tl4Aair ' 1. . W ' '
Battle of the Petticoats.
Fierce Factional Fight Follow
ing Foolish Female Frolic.
Mild War IVhoopa TTomen
Exasperated, Excited Endeavors
Each Eagerly Embraced.
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'm glad to say
that my husband is very good nstured.
Mrs. Crusty And so is mine.
Mrs. Testy B.ut my husband
never kicked over the store.
Mrs. Crusty Are you sure of that?
Mrs. .Testy Yes, I'm sure of it ;
but I hoard your husband did.
Mrs. Crusty Well, whoever told
you thst told a falsehood; besides,
I'd rather my husband would kick
over the stove than to kick me,
like I heard a certain woman's hus
band did.
Mrs. Testy Oh! you mean thing!
My husband never gave me as much
.i a cross word in bis life.
Mrs, Crusty No, and I suppose
he never came home intoxicated.
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'll admit that;
but then he doesn't squander all his
money a;id leave bis family suffering
for bread.
Mrs. Crusty I can prove that my
husband is not a spendthrift.
Mrs. Testy Prove it, please,
Mrs. Crusty Why, he boys his
clothes at the Misfit Parlor, 2C2
Second street.
Mrs. Testy And so does mine.
He says he can save money enough
there on a suit and overcoat to buy
coal for the entire winter.
Mrs. Crusty That's just the re
mark my husband made. He said
the overcoat he got there for t':2 was
worth $-10, and the suit ho paid $20
lor could not have been made to sell
for less than f.'15.
Mrs. Testy I'm sorry, dear, that I
said anything about your husband.
Mrs. Crusty Never mind, it was
all my fault; but I gness we'd been
quarreling yet if it hadn't been for
the Misfit Parlors. Gracious! what
happiness they do bring' to Memphis.
Mrs. Testy Yes, the Misfit Par
lors are a real blessing. There are
bargains there for rich and poor, for
it sells the finest of custom-made
clothing at prioes which do not often
represent the oost price of clothing.
You get Suits, Overcoats and Pants
there for half price.
N.B. Our present stock of fine
merchant tailors misfits ia elegant
Overcoats and Suits that we sold
originally for one-half of their actual
value, we are now sellin below
cost to enable us to make room for
the large and handsome stock of cub-
receive, from our agents at the open
ing of the spring season. If you de
sire to secure a genuine bargain
in a buit or overcoat it will pay
you to give us a call.
Clothing . Parlors,
272 Second St., Memphis,
0pp. Court Snare.
86T Remember, all alterations tn
insuro a pcrlect ht cnccriuuy ana
promptly made, without additional
charge, by a Erst-class tailor.
-Open Evenings nnttl 9 o'clock,
gatordnye nnttl II.
6S afadleoB Street, at empnls, Teaa.
A VVhh stock of Wooden and MetalHd
. Cue and Caiketi. unnai rtooei, etc.,
always on Band. Orders by TalaaTaph or 11-
enwowe Kmwtr-iy .Hrninwi
"Kmpreii of 8oni ," eontalntn 63 vocal
pleeei, 60e, by malt fioc. .
"Bona 8iveoir."eontainln59 vocal pieces,
60, by mail 6oo. . . , , .. . .
"fiano Houvenir," contalnlnr 60 initra
mental pi.nei. o0o, by mail (toe.
"Folio of Music," containing 80 initrameat
al pieoei, 60c, by mail too.
"Exoeliior Method for the Orsan," eon
tainina complete instructions, beiides
over 100 vocal and Instrumental pieoei,
bound in bnardi. Price 11. poitpaid.
"Coe'i Method for the Violin, the lateit
and moit proirreiiive instructor pub
lished, havint all nacenarv Initruotlom,
and 100 "olectiontvinch ai "When the
Roblm Nest Asain,1 "I'll Await My
Love." "Dancina in the Bnrn," Little
Iarlins Dream of Me." "I'eek-a Boo,"
"Some Dev."' Pries 75c, poitpaid.
Complete itock of Muilc Rolls, Cam, Wrap
peri, 8prinr-Back Folioi, la New De
. aiirni of Leather and Plosn.
rausio .boxes,
'ALL BllUiSANll rniCKS.
380 Mnlu St., Memphis.
BdHAients for Chickerlnr, Hardmaa and
New Kntlsnd Pianol.
Late of New York.
omr-33S Hula St., Meiaptats, Teaa.
C0RE3 Coniamptlsa, Heart Diieaie. Ca
tarrh. Khaumntiim. Female Tronblei,
Liver. Kidaey, Spinal. Nervous. Blood and
EkiB Diaeaiei, Kto. ConiulUUoa aad pre
acnptroni free. '
Orrics or tb Ltvsanots Foosdsv assI
V.mnhii. Tenn.. January 20. 1S86. J
AT Beetin of the Board of Directors of
mis t'omnany, neia on
Ch Dividend ef 10 per c.t. on the cap
ital itock waa declared, and the balance ol
net earninin for tho year, 18 placed to
credit of iHurplu,Tfund.Mt Md
867 Main Street, t Memphis, lean.
Pliiiifniinii Hardware & Plow KeaF
a ANUtwai
w naimnrlslnsr In Dart of
gitl$&.U.. D WACOS CIIABa,.
soli aommii Jitsriii'
310 and SI2 yront KtrM.n emsM. Tann.
We have a most complete stock of Cntlery, Sans. SheUand Plantation
Hardware, which we offer to tbe trade at rock-bottom price?.
7hoIesale Grocers & Cotton Factors,
S89 Front Street, MempM. Ten a
Cotton consigned tj ui will have our careful attention. Wt carry ut all time a we'J--.
(-elected itock o.
Staple &. Fancy brocerles, Wines, Liqucrs,Tob&CLO & Cigars.
Aad will Bell aa
Memphis, Tenn.
t& Cash Advanoesi to
R. G. CRAIG & CO ,37-39 Union, Memphis
ISo. 207 Second Street, : Mempails, Tenn,
Joba S.BalllTaa.
TFholesale droeera. Cotton factors
And Copmlssicn Ksrchsnts,
232 and 234 Front St., Memphis, Tenn
Mr. I. N. RAINEY devrtel bis whole time to tho welsrb'oi nnd ia'e nf all Cotton ent.'uited
to on- cluirM. Cotton VVsrphonpe, ftA Wn.hk.gton itreet. -
Wholesale Deaden
Sole Afenti for the following
n-ar a arnsi BBAIIOH A
aTritl A Wml HAJbOB aft HAM 1 1 IV . ( I1H di WASBKJI, CHI
Write for CaUlotmia. Woeugaa and a an HFDOH1P ST.. WF.WFB1H
376-378-380-382-38486 Second street, south ot Gayoso.
nnnrs. Sash. Blinds. Fioorinn. Ceilina. Sidina. Shinnies.
ways wa w --y w
Hf onldlnr. rlifj. raj
liUCiw ;. ' T Tl 1 TT
M, n Vl
JAMES S. ROBINSON, wiu. B.AiiJitBit"n. uawinw nuts,
aar Deposits received In lums of HI and upward, and intereit allowed on lame Semi-.
B-wSabuv "and tell local Invetment Bondi and fSecuritie, generally, pay taxei, Mt aa
"J: .-.i in ,.n.r,l. aieeuta anv hnancial bunneii requiring a tale and repcniibia
A1UIIKKW n r. . r. i i , "
iruBivoo, wu.., .h .v.. -
.rent. ... .
alsioo drafts, In lumi to luit purcnaien, on an pn.i ....
alWah"eacominodioui Vault for ths dcpoiit ot valuable!, which il at the Krvicj o
n. euitemeri, I'r of Coarse.
Unr .iwi.iu.i . . r.k?.v T VI.. n . .. .
D. P. HADDEJf, rresldew. miu.tiiMiin, i ice--resiet,
J1MES KITH AN, Cashier.
always seEriiixa hew.
WK want -r patroni and all coniumeri
ol BOXES in the city of Memphii to
know that wo are putting 1b a
for itamoins TRADB-MARK AND CARD
ON BOXES furnished by as. Wo are al
wayi ahe.d when it oomei to caUnug to the
waoti of our trade. ,
Law aa th Itaf.
urerrbnnti and lManiert.
rnoa. Clark.
, J. Hilar a
and Publishers,
Flnrt-Claii Initmmentii
em' a- w r - 9 T
- itwr -nwi FtrlT-fn.
X3 El3.
1JI ; If M
: . . ..n 1 1 . ., nil i . ,
... l - . r r- -
Xoa-Besident Sotlce.
No. B9ffl, R.D. In the Chancery Court of
Bholby connty. Tonn. Mellie Wilkini ri.
John U. Wilkini.
It appearing ,from bill sworn to in this
cause that tbe defendant, John B. Wilkini.
iia nou-reiiden t of the State of Ten nenee.
and is auf poied to be reiideat ot the Repub
lic of Mexico:
Itia therefore ordered. That hs make his
appearance herein, at the courthouse in Mem
phii, fchilby county, Tenn., on or before the
fint Monday in Starch. 18K8, and plead,
answer or demur to complainant'i bill, or
the lame will be taken for confessed as to
him and let for hearing experts : and that a
copy of this order be published once a e-k
for lour snceeiiiva week,, in the Memphis
Appeal. Thil 18th drfy of January. ls
A copy att net:
Be H P Wa?W&ICIrJk t"4 M"U'- '
AliileraUiUai,ioL fncjoplt, wii.

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