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it must travcrso to keep
the retirement of tho Cler-
fiJiASfon both -lidei are either
mrrinndcd by tho French nntl
HSvTng? saved tho bulk of Us army
soaretrent mat at certain portions
ardcfed-on a rout, the German Oen-
WjuStart Is now trylni? to reorrnnl7o
Mfdofchalve stand so that another
fpnslvo weapon can be whipped Into
lapo. .
ttof tho Information received here
."indicates that tho Oertnah flight
fjjnvpldly slackening speed. ft li
inlnl'y evacuating all of the northwest
if franco and Belgium, ptoparlns for
iiifl Koneral concentration In tho I'nst, .
jftlthor to resume the oKRresslve should
'tho allies show evidences thnt their !
bwn rapid movements have Immll-
capped them, or for it defense of tho I
dermnn Empire Itself all along th.'
.frontier.. , I
. 1 . .
'Thoro Is no attempt In Tarts today
to delude any one with a belief that
becauso of tho Brent victory of the
'lattle of tho Marne tho war Is over. I
Jerman soil Is still Intact and It Is
iCbptcd that there can hardly bo n
.istluK peace that Is not slcmed In Ber
lin Itself But every one believes that i
tho jtreat German menace, a feeling
that tho Kaiser's war machine was
composed of supermen, has been re
moved. The French have found that
they can beat tho Germans and this
feeling will aid greatly to the success
of futuro operations.
Fighting was In progress all along
' tho lino today. Tho German roar
J guard Is contesting every step of the
, way. Tho lines have been closed up
and their resistance Is reported much
f stronger than at any time since the
retreat began. But they are still re
treating. Their northern lines of com- i
'.munlcatlon arc endangered and the I
J. pressure on their eastern lines through
j Luxemburg and the territory south Is
j vcry great.
,- An official statement says:
The Germans have evacuated the
region of Nancy, which for ten
das resisted and splendidly re-
ulsed all the German attacks.
Tho attack of September 7 was
'ionally directed by the Kaiser.
ihe. French took Lunevlllo on
September 11.
J The Germans lost 20.000 men at
Nancy and 11,000 at Lunevillo.
- The Invaders have abandoned
;the district before Belfort and tho
"allies will occupy it.
LBDGEB PHIl Aj) EL PHI A, MONDAY, SErTE&BERVi, 19li I, ,; TSif . ! f-I 1
- .... .... . . , . ... ... . - . . . .j . ..,, . ,. .- . . -. . ., ?4 - -- ft 1 f Imj, B H
t . .,,ts&ftvv,vj, ' . v , . a-rov v. - THl BELiiIAWB BUM k j
Two Corps of Kaiser's.
Called Back After
n.-ivs' Battle Ueie
Retire to Antwerp.
Reliable reports from the front states
fe1" that the movempnts of the French
..rlght flank has puhi'd ii.nl tln uer-
t man troops at uiiin nd I'ontci-
fousson, and that both of these pUees
have ppen occupied by the
(Pont-ct-.Mousson lies on the -Moselle
A Belgian Boy Scout has already been decorated by King Albert for extraordinary bravery in the present war. German Crown Prince (at the left) is shown here inspecting the Berlin Scouts,
who probably have their own dreams of glory, shortly before going to the front.
River. 17 miles south by southwist
from Metz Nomeny is on the Nellie
River, 8 miles southeast of Pont-et-Mousson.)
Tho French forces In tho Department
of Muerthe-ot-Mosello are pushing
northward from J-unevllIe and Nancy
along the Moselle Valley, with tho
probable Intention of getting east of
the German army. If the Germans at
tempt to cut their way through the
French forces holding positions at Ver
dun, the French from the valley of the
JIomUIo will in in a position to rein
foico thorn otherwise, the French
couU thmw :t strong force across tho
rrench i Sleusc near Ch.irleville and Jlezieres In
an effort tn block the Germans from re
tiring Into Luxemburg.
effort during the
mm in panic
Campaign Opens by Bridge
Construction Over River
Snv Ruccinnc 400 ODD commamW-ln-rhlef of the Trench army.
JdG IXUSSianS, tUU,UUU , a i known thnt for some time thcio
Strong, to Aid Servia.
War Secretary Composes Differences
Arising Out of Battle af Charlerol.
LONDON, Sept. It.
Lord Kitchener has bten at the fiont
tuko within tho last fortnight llh Inter
lsit, during which lie was nway Ciom the
War Oftlcc for two das and a half, was
to confer with Field Marhal Sir John
rrench. In command of the Brltlh ex
peditionary foMCs, anil Genet al JotTre.
fflclal word that the French army
Is pursuing the Geimans with uniar
alleled vigor as the latter retreat to
northward, and that the victory '
more bril-
"After an heroic
formidable b ittle that laMed from i
September r, tn U the armv is pursuing
the enemy in a manner unparalleled
NISII. Sept. It.
The Servlnn armies which Inst wee-k
occupied Semlin after u brilliant bajonet
charge tn which 10,000 Austiians wcro
killed or wounded, today began a march
toward I'eterwardein in an effort to open
the plain of Hungary and t.ile Buda
pest. It 13 officially announced thnt a cam
paign for the capture of Budapest has
been opened by the construction of two
bridges ncrojs the Ither Sate for the
i tiunsportation of heavy artillery and the
pas&uBe of th main erlan nrmy.
Budapest is 330 miles from Belgrade.
of the allies Is becoming
llnnt, was cabled by the French De
,artieiit of War to Its Embassy here
The dispatch read:
"General Joffro tella the Government
that our victory is becoming more and
more complete and brilliant.
"The enemy Is In full re-treat ano; is
abandoning prisoners, wounded, guns
and ammunition.
In Its extent and intensitv i A panic Is re-port-d from Vienna on ac-
,.r loft no hftve .rnMied the . cunt ot p capture of ?emlln. w nlie
v w -
river Aisne below SoUSons. Valen
ciennes and Amiens have been evao-
the Russians art.
Ing W),000 strong.
triumphantly advant
The unemployed are
hni been conslilci.iblo difference of opln
inn hntun.ii llw Hi !Hr1i iih,1 l-Vpnoli li.ml
ot rf. nrlslnu nut (if flip rptrnnt rtf tlin nl-
llAd rift, v fhn li'ittlrt nf Pir,rl..rnl G fr"lf
niiite lid th" feeling become between thr
two lender that Lord Kitchener deemed
it n"c-siiiry to Intenenn personally,
which he did successful!.
In connection with !ord Kitchener's
absence from London tlih week the of
ficial Pre Huteau requested the London
newspupei not to mnke an mention of
this movement. In fact, the dn after
lie left, the Press Bureau Issued a
bulletin to th" effect that "Lord Kitch
ener lilted the King at Bueklngham
l'alaco toda"'
This was for the purpose of preventing
a leakage of news of Lord Kitchener's
presence at the front, news in which Ber
lin would have been grcatl lntoie'Stod.
Howeer fle minutes after the bulletin
was Issued the l'ress Bureau told the
neuspnper coi respondents that the Item
was not true, but hoped that thf news
papers would not deem it necessary to
wlthdinw th" bulletin, which none did
It is an instance of the frank way in
In a village on the point of occupation
by German cavalry, a French soldier, the
last of his regiment theie, heaid a wo
man's cries. He turned back. At that
moment a Uhlan entered the village. Tho
soldier hid behind a door nnd shot down
the first otlicer and then one of tho
soldiers. While the rest of the patrol
hesitated, the soldier lushed out, seized
tho ofllrer's rideiles-j horse, swung him-
into the saddle nnd. hoisting the
woman behind him. rode off amid a hall
of bullets. Both reached tho French lines
Laddie.' It was giand. All around us
weie tho dead nnd dying and ect now
and then the German shells would burst
and as we peppered awny at 'em we snug
about 'Roaming In the Gloamln' nnd 'Tho
Lass of Kllllecrankle.' "
$50,000 Estate of Lillian Cassady
Bequeathed to Husband and Children.
The will of Lillian W. Cassady, who
died September 1, at 1C0' North Broad
street, bequeathed an estate of J'lOmn to
j;rnest K. Cabsatiy, the husband, and two
children. The husband Is named executor.
Other wills probated were: Margaret
On the banks of the Olse, In the days of -s. Thurman, E333 Bellluld avenue, dls-
the letrtat. a captain ot englneeis had i lilbutlng an ihtate of $.'3,000 In pihi to lu
lu en ordered to blow up a bridge in order ' 'piests; Cecelia nvniih, who died in St
to cover the Fiench retreat The bridge Agnes Hospital, $10,750: Hdw.iid Mont
had been mined, but the fuse had not been I gomerv, Wltdwood. N. J., $11,500; Abr.im
laid When a detachment of the enemvap- ' Me.ers, foimer United State? Mnr
rcared on the other side of tho bridge the I slial, 1C12 North Marshall stieet, $5000,
ol!k r ordered his men back and then ' and Susan Kilpatrlck, JS32 Aspen street,
running forward fired tho mine with his i 00.
r,,. ,. i,, miuitiiicr n denth which he must Letters of administration were granted
have known to be certain. I ' "'e estates of Howaid W. Hans, 3jl
.unii ,-ixui num. aiue(i at S'jlii): Hes-
uated by the enemy
"At the centre our armies are North
of the river Marnc. In the Argonn"
the enemy has left Brltign, but still
holds l.aimont.
we occupied St. Die,
Baccarat, Lunoville,
i. lit nil t Vin Ilri t t cli ntVt nlfi Id tnlii tlin tinu a.
mradine In Vienna The mllitaiy stores ,... ,,.. .,. ,,ori,it,n,p
1 are insutllclent, and as thero are no unl-
ijihh inn miru levy oj rescrvieis aiu , Anipcp WPQCCI C TAIt'CM"
Joining the troops In Galicla In civilian ! JMrHIMCOC VCOdCLd IHKCU,
The drinking shops In Pctrogiad have
been con tried Into free dlni.ig looms for
soldleis' families. Yo jus Jay the poll o
arrested a German chemist named Keller,
who was employed at the Husso-Amcrl-can
Itubbir Works, where mysterlpus
wholebnlo poisoning had occurred. A
month ago papers were written by him,
showing the elsteneo of poisons that
produce the same effects.
"In the East
Raon IEtape,
itton wfjs'glven out as to the progre
. of the camDalgn against tho allies, the
a ti re
! la stated here thnt the Servians are
1 now working In co-operation with the Rus
sian General Staff on plans which con
template the capture of Budapest. The
Servians, now m Flavonla In great force,
are reported as bolng received with great
enthusiasm b the natives, the largo per
I centaee of whom are Slavs. It Id intend
' ed to capture Peterwardeln as soon as
t possible and establish headquarters there
ARM )T TO FACE ALLIES a,trr wh'ih the Da,;,,b" w"! be "?ea
and an advance mode directly on Buda-
f Gonerul Von Boehn's fones P1"1 ftlS the lines ot the Hungarian
Blilta Knllttinn
have already reached Belgium and are i ... .,, ',. ... .
I Meanwhile the Montenegrin-Servian
in the lcinity of Ronotx. ) army whlch bilh beon commissioned uith
(This indicates that the new German tho capture of Sarojvo, the capital of
nrmy will be used to strengthen the I Bosnia, Is within thirty miles of that city.
German risht ln8 and to prevent the , The AW" srrison u reported In a
panic ana u is noi uuuevea nn siuuuorn
refiistante will be encountered.
The latest call to the Austrian colors
5RLIX, by way of Amsur 1 .w Sept. ' Fart
new German army has been sent
ranee. ,,
tla Jmportii.it news was oWcially
tnaunced "-re today. No Informa-
I A wounded Russian olhcer relates how
'the soldiers of his reglr-Kiit bravely r, s
' eued .i wounded comtade. gmis nut and
' bringing him back with his liorso 'lth-
Merchantmen, Ignorant of War, Sail out drawing the enem's fir" Tho Rus-
Into Tslntr-Tno Harbor ' hla" commander later dlscovced the ios-
J-sing xao iiaiDor. , cued soW(er tQ ,)e ft oumj woap, wno
PLIvIN. China, Sept U. nlld joined the Russian volunteeis
W. R Peek, the American coiimiI at I '
Tslng-Tao, was requested today by the corporal and two privates of the
Japanese legation here, to use his good mack Watch, all wounded, who had Just
Fie C. Potter, :j."i V St TlllnPlinelon
(treot, ?.VXi0: Susan Ponoliue, Noirlstown,
l'a., $J7M; Margaret M. Clemo, 2211 Madl
ton piiuare, W3J0, Hugh Ferry, -JUT Union
street, $0,300.
Personal effects of the estate of Victor
c B. Mpans have been nipraiscil at
$;i,7St.S9: James I: Kendall, Jli.iij 21,
and Alnum Marquis, $uT0S.M
POTTSV1LLK, Pa.. Sept. li.-Ocnigo f.
Smith, S3 jours old, uled at Ills home hole
today of general debllit. lie was a
piomlnent business man and 1'ottsvlllo's
llrst Chief of Police.
LONDON, Sopt 14.
A dispatch from Antwerp contains tha
following official communication Issued
by the Belgian Government. t
"After four days of hard fighting', our
troops, which left fortlllcd positions at'
Antwerp to attack the German forces htf
tho Brussels-Louvaln-Mnllncs triangle,
havo returned within tho outer ring 0f
tho Antwerp fortifications.
"Tho sortie, which at first sccnied to
ho mciely a skirmish operation agiirfst
covering troops left by tho enemy in '
front of Antwerp, developed Into im he-.'
Hon on nn extensive scale. Tho enemy's
position was very strong, owing to tho
nature ot tho ground and tho earthworks
thrown up during the last fortnight.
"Tho necessity for holding this pasl-'
tion at ull costs obliged tho encrny to
call for all available forces. Thus the
third German armv corps, which had left
Nlnove for Neib'brneckcl, roturuod hastily,
und tho ninth corps, which was laroaiiy
marching southward on the Oucienardf.
Iluyen road, was likewise recalled.
"Moioover I.mdwelir and LahclsUijm
detclunents stationed to tho south of
Brussels, as well as 15,000 marines who
arrived at Brusrels, some days took prr
In the lighting.
'The icsult attalneil Is of great Im
pel tan' c from Hie. point of view of tho
allies' .staff, since, li .consequence of our
Inttrvorulon, two Gl'rman army corps
have been unable to go to the assistance
of tho Get many armies which nio letreat
Ing In France
"In view of this concentiatlon of all thy
German forces available In this vicinity
our nrmy found Itself, at the srnl of th"
fourth day, In tho presence of superior
numbers, whereupon It returned to Ant
werp, "Our army continues to be an Instant
menace to the Germans nnd will oblblge
them to rotnin here Important forces
which evidently arc needed urgently In
"The losses of both sides during the
four dajs of fighting have been hca'S,
testifying to tho stubbornness of tho
conlllct. The tiro of the Germans was
very poor, however, ont' the wounds sus
tained by our mon, generally speaking, of
a slight character."
Outnumbered inoro than two to one,
the Belgians fought ro desperately that
they not only held the enemy here, but
they forced the recall of the two divi
sions that had been sent Eouth from
The Belgian attack was delivered s.t
tho German lines of communication. It
was directed by King Albert In person,,
and so swift was the raid that the Bd-J!
in; a trail of German dead In -heir war,
Capture of Wije4Tr:ftotiVe ifc i1
Knjser's Warsblpb. .
MIlLBOFRNn, Sept. 14. - rolloniij
tlf.V capture of Herbertshoehc, capita!
New Pomeranla, Australian naval 'uvW
are irportcd to have sailed to seize I
German possessions In tho Solomon 1
lanus u was warncu umuy inni lourct
the Australian forces wcro killed at II
The German losses were so uuicd ani
B the destruction or tho wireless a
Hon at Ruboul the Australians have '
the German cruisers In tho Pacific "-
all communication with any German
War Minister Prohibits At
Against Triple Entente.
PMtIS, Sfipt
Repoits received from I'etrograd a
that liavelers anivinr from Turkeyl
L'nvi-r Pasha, the Trklsh War Allniin,
has forbidden news-apet attacks ngah
anv of the ountrW I" the Triple B
tente, especially Rissla. I
olhces In behalf of the two Japanese
trading ships whii h sailed Into the-Tslng-Tao
harbor without their captains
knowing war had been declared, and
wheh were at once captured.
Tho Japanese have stationed a patrol
at Plng-Tu, Sluing-Tung, according to
German reports
lines of communication being cut )
There Is some anxiety here over the
hare official announcement stating only
thatAkinother army had been die-
It la understood that this army u
Binder command of General Von Boehn,
Kind that It contains either tl rce or
Pfniir- armv corns flIO.000 or 160.100 men). I cntilii nit hut a nil an ntiA'U
2,000f000 MEN FOUGHT
lach of official announcements us to tho I ' ,b'?usJ,l.t ,ut Undsinrm of 1SS3
. . I hi.d ll Tho l.andstuim of ii'j, XVJ3 und i
progress oj tne campaign againit me ja will be sent to the front soon.
Franeo.Brltih armies, the last state- nf'n,u ftre belnK HfR to J,he 'rnt
ranMlv that many are not fullv outfitted.
merj-i iroiu tne uenerei stair merely
stating that the Germans had fallen
hack to strong position where the
BORDEAUX, Sept. . According to
imputations made at the War OWee,
lore than 2,000,000 men took part In
ae fighting that culminated at thl
tattle of the Marne and tho hasty rs
.treat of the German fones. These.
Layers made up of 43 army corps (l.TIU,.
0 men) of infantry, cavalry and ur.
utner corps inciuuuig tne ci..
fgineeH. aviators and special service
(A previous reports stated that 21
Jerrrian army corpa (840,000 men) are
fntiVance, the French figures indicate
ti&i, tha allied forces outnumber the
lirmans now by 3:0.660.)
SlHelals of the War Office declare
TaflEthe battle of tbo Marne was tk
"Wteswin History as regard the num.
'ot men eHaga.
ui iiaiwisy-
taxy v
the French army and the English
troops Thomm he attributes the vie.
tory to the remarkable strategy of
Oeneral Joffre, lie gives great credit to
iho British troops, saying that the ac
ceptance by Field Jlarshal Sir John
French of Oeneral Joffre's plans and
the valor of the Britons determined tha
Seme are still In civilian clothing. There
U a growing scarcity of food and riots
have been started In somo ouartcrs of
Vienna by women. Thoy havo been
qulcljly suppressed, however.
PUItAZZO, Albania, Sept. it.
The wholo of Albania Is now doml
nated by the insurgents who aro bung
assisted In their administration by the
PARIS, Sept. H.
A dispatch from Trieste to the Echo
I de Parts declares that Italian troops are
now being aisemtiarHeit In valuna and
other cities In Albania
Six Hollanders Will Pay $1,000,000
a Day for Army Mobilization,
LONDON', Sept. U -A dispatch to a
news agency from The Hague says that
Minister of War Millerand dwlared Qjeen Wllhelmlna has accepted the of.
today that the rout of the Germans
probably would terminate in 'a com
plete disaster, which would result In
a great part of their forces being cut
off in the Argonne forest and south of
'It appears that the enemy Is seek.
Ing a homaward route through Me-
aieres." he said. "It Is hardly prob-
able that the Germans will be able to
point of resistance
fer of six of the mut wetilh men In
Holland to give outright vine tenth of
their fortunes to pay the expenses of the
mobilization of the Dutch army, which Is
estimated at ll.COO.OO) a day.
The donors stipulated their names te
not made public.
A M. ut,
lja 1314 South 4th at , store and dwell
ing Lar Or h a t'okoosr
o.i uaie auc vvBaxi, Ualtlmcr ars4
.. ...Vnkaoao
Ad out Quality
arrived In London from the front, were
on Sunday surrounded by a crowd of I , .
admirers and loudly eheered in Leicester I ''m
Square pf
"I want to let the public know how i-gj
tho Black Watch vvtnt through It." said Cy.
tho corporal. "In tho thick of it all we $
were singing Harry Laudei s latest, 'Aye, ap
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