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VOL. I-NO. 1
14. -aHHm
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In the main the effect of aerial bombardments has been far less than was expected. Damage in Paris ha3 been trifling, and there has
been complete absence of panic among the people. As a scout, the aeroplane seems to render its most effective service.
Here a more determined assault has been made by the Germans from the air than at Paris. Nevertheless, reports agree that
aerial assaults fail to inflict damage enough to be a factor in war. This form of attack amounts, usually, to murder
Thirty-one Passengers of
Atlantic City, 1 9 of Them
Women, Rescued From
Terrifying Predicament.
ATLANTIC CITY, Sept 14.-After a
hlght of terror In the cabins of the strand.
led ship, rolling in a terrlllo sea kicked
Hip by a 30-mlle northeast sate, the lights
of the big shore town glimmering through
ho pray of the wnvca racing over the
hoals. 31 passengers, 19 women, one
hlld and 11 men, were landed at S o'clock
his morning from the steamship Atlantic
The transfer was effected by trained
overnment guards from the Atlantic
Ity ami Chelsea btatlons without the
(lightest mishap, while thousands, some
of whom had kept an all-night watch
with the Blcepless coast patrolmen on the
ands, followed every move with Intense
interest. 'Whllo the big sea boats of tho
life savers rolled and pitched in tho
trough of tho sea, the eleven men pas-
Kngers were dropped, ono by one, in a
rooted cahlo over the side, Government
rcsr-uers selling them as they neared the
uater and drawing them into tho two
fh'm the ID women. atm-Hn with the
eldest, were lowered over tho side in a
comfortable Bteamer chair, triced up In
a swing to the powerful motor cruiser of
thr Federal service, which had stood by
the stranded liner thrmitrhntit fh nlirlit
Most of the women enmn ilnnrn nmtllnir
glad to be free of their rolling prison on
the shoals. They were set ashore at
the Inlet pavilion, while the men wcro
wniiea irom me surr boatu on the beach
t the Itoyat Palace Hotel by Keeper
I.amtert 1'arker. of the Atlantic City sta
tion. Captain Townsend, veteran skipper
of the pounding liner, sent shoreward a
Slowing ntory of the bravery of his is.
sengerH during a night that might have
iriea the hearts of moro seasoned sailors
1 Here was not even a hint of panic from
the time the Atlantic City struck tho
treacherous frlnes of shonin ir,- r,
'iteriny until tl.e landing ws offetttd
t ida
Men and women hIIVa n.ni.,i .,.
questioning the assurances of i,n
medft11 B '"P.er ",Bt U,ey were ln " Im
mediate ueril. an.l 1,.1, ,.,..i .,,,.,..
Last nuh ,h ' ., " """ "umirnuiy.
in. ii T V c B,,,i' o'l'cers, tieltev
Inr their craft unnM n-o. V 'ij ,.J.
shore In the surf boats. v., i?,.i,t
travel' r,81:'1' Wa,8 tUr"ed " and tho 31
than hH?f,JrCCe,,lea t0 nmle me"Y. Moro
SMLS""!?.? ". . ""nisht when tho
Reports of His Illness Denied Sails
for Homo Today.
NAPLES, Sept. H.-Roports ln circula
tion ln tho United States that Cardinal
Karley Is III are, groundless.
The cardinal had been visiting Sorrento
and Amnlfl for a rest and will leavo today
for tho United States as he had previously
Number Reported From
170,000 to 300,000.
March to Attack Right
Wing of German Army.
.;".."' "," ou, ""at at midnight.
i senuing tho passengers
sun uoats, every light
lin 4 II di a.. a .a n
gale aba ,i '? ",' nt """nlsht when tho
he"H?iSlhe.W,na B,,U,ed Rnd hlew
comfort in .h.er,lv;,mornlne. bu' td
KoaJn,R ASr SSM-. early
o the paS,enr.thtA"sro he baggage
Ins Eta that thV Vhin M U"'L,1 statement
b SSLn. -?. Of N.w
Charles Jones of iL.V ,"?le, cle- n""
fa Passengers' sin n"a,leIphla' t,lrte of
f complice '' wih -y W6.re "et nshore
hrved uimn .n. written demand
mnv land th.m -. -1lam that the com-
" pay uarnag
ANTWERP, by way of Paris, Sept. 14.
Russian troops have boen landod at
Ostend to reinforce the allied French and
British forces in France. They are
marching southeast from Ostend to at
tack tho right wings of the German
army of invasion.
Tho number of Russians landed on the
coast Is variously estimated at from 170,
000 to 300,000 men.
(Tho movement of this force of -Hui-'
slans undoubtedly explains the rapid re
treat of the German right wing and the
sending of a new German army to Franco
by way of Belgium.)
The Russians that arrived at Ostend
came irom i-ngianu wnttner they were.
brought by the liners Aqultanta and
Oceanic and the Union Castlo (ieet from
Archangel. They Included Cossacks and
Infantry, part of the best fighters of tho
Kusslan nrmy.
Regiment after icglment of the Russians
were landed In England,, und were
brought to Ostend from Southampton In
smaller vessels, A long line of 42 steam
ers was engaged in carrying off these
Jt was while the Aqultanla was bring
ing the Rusitans from Archangel to Eng
land that sho was badly damaged in
the collision with tho steamship Canadian,
of tho Leyland Line. She wuq (.teaming
boulli of the Irish .-. with n". her lights
dark when she hit the Canadian, barely
damaging that boat and causing a panic.
Tho Cunard liner Caronla, which was
also engaged In tho transportation of Hus
blan troops, was fortunately close by,
and stood by both disabled vessels until
they could both enter the Mersey River,
''yooSh"3' from this
nr . .."inUa"Ua to meet R.....I fill.
M to a6k tho um ed sV,,Pr3ldent Cor'
era Cruz. led fa,a' to evacuate
iJreZZT'i'0,01 toniMi Tuesday
f "vuumeii . .m.hi..
vamtn fr,.h ...A w" '??
JV, 7 l T atm'rh winds.
German Artillerists Stop Note-taking
Over Entrenched Position.
LONDON'. Sept. II.
The Dally Mall's Petrogrud correspond
ent sends n description of M. I'olret, a
French aWator, who Is serving with the
Russian army, of a Hlght taken over the
German position in company with a stuff
"I roso to a height 'of tW teet." said
Polrct. "Fighting as In full swing. The
captain with me already hud made somu
valuable obsenatlons, when the Germans,
noticing my French machine, opened Uro
on It.
"A number of their bullets pierced the
Kings of the aeroplane and others struck
the stays. Wo flew on, however, as it
was necessary to obtain tho exact posi
tion of the enemy. Then the German
artillery began to tiro. Their shells burst
near tho aeroplane and each explosion
caused it to rock. It was difficult to
retain control, oa pieces of shells had
seriously damaged two of the stays. The
fantastic dances la tho air lasted 30
"Tho captain was wounded In the heel,
but contlnveU to make obsenatlons.
Finally I turned tho machine and landed
homo safJr I found ten bullet marks'
and twawinaacaU of 4heUs la the ta-
AS 200,000 YIELD
Round Up Fleeing Foemen
With Fresh Columns.
War Office Claims Com
plete Triumph in Galicia.
PETROGRAD. Sept. 14.
An Austrian force of 200,000 has sur
rendered in Galicia, according to the lat
est report received from the scene of
fighting. (A Paris dispatch cunveys the
same news.)
Tho entlro Btrength of the Russian first
line troops waa In action rounding up tho
completely crushed Austrian army, which
endeavored to rally under the shadow of
tho fortress of Przemysl and nlong the
San River to a point north of Jnroslav.
It was officially stated hote today that
of the 690,000 Austrlana who comprise the
Austrian first line of troops 200,000 are
already prisoners of war. Tho entire
army of General Dankl has been dis
persed, and tho main armies of General
Mnrltz Von Auffenberg nnd Archduke
Francis Frederick, which havo been
heavily reinforced from German Bources,
hove suffered jfrtatly.
Thero was no diminution of the Rus
sian attack, under tho immediate di
rection of Grand Duko Nicholas tho as
sault being kept up. Strong Russian col
umns were sent down the territory be
tween tho San and tho Vistula Rivers
from tho north to attack tho Auetrlans
on the flank and pruvrnt furthr Ger
man rolnforcemonts reaching them. At
the same tlmo - the centra army, com
manded by General Rouzsky, Is driving
the main Austrian . forces before It from
the vicinity of Grodek.
Tho Russian General Staff .officially
Tho Austrian military strength Is
completely crushed. They are retreat
ing In the utmost disorder everywhere.
Rusilan cavalry are pursuing them,
and harassing them, while Russian
artillery has been posted at certain
points to cut off the retreat. So nre.
cipitnte Is the Austrian (light that they
are abandoning everything. Tho roads
aro strewn with rides and personal
equipment thrown away by fleeing
Austrlana who found that It hampered
tneir ntgnt. Artillery lias ncen mired
everywhere, and tho fact that traces
were cut and not unfastened shows
that the enemy is completely panic
stricken. Every high official here emphasizes the
fact that the Austrian campaign has com
pletely collapsed, and that the losses to
the dual empire are appalling.
Minister of War Sukhomllnoff today
gave out the following Interview In
"The Austrian nrmy is practically
crushed. Its centre Is offering ilrtperato
resistance, but lth the fresh troops that
have rerched General Ruzsky he will bo
nblo to overwhelm it and clear tho way
for an advance Into Silesia, which is the
direct route to Berlin.
"Ily tho retirement of the Russian
troops In southeastern Prussia, wo have
drawn a large German nrmy Into a posl-
Hon where It will be unable to lender
help to Ureslau or Posen."
Though the chief aim of the Russian
Geneial Staff lias been the smashing of
tho Austrian aimy and the opening of tho
direct route to Hcrlln, It Is possible that
after an Investment of Cracow, General
Iirouslloff will advance ait army against
The War Summary
Tho German retreat ln Franco has bo
come virtually a general rout, the
rally of their armies ln the region
of the Areonne belnp again repelled.
The German Crown Prlnco Is still
stubornly resisting the allies. Tho
armies of Generals von Klulc and von
Buelow aro retiring from the terri
tory where tho fiercest fighting of
the war took place, abandoning the
strategic positions gained through
great loss of life. The allies are on
the offensive nir.ng.rhe re line.
Paris and London, long ln gloom over
tho successes of tho Germans, today
rojoico In victory. "Unparalleled In
extent and intensity," wires Joffre,
commander of the allies, to the peo
plo of Franco In describing tho Ger
man defeat. City after city which
Berlin shouted to tho world when
they fell before tho Invaders have
Valenciennes, Amiens, Lille, Lunevllle.
Rhclms, St. Die, Raon and a score of
cities, where thousands of Germans
laid down their lives that the flag
might wave over tho Hote do Vllles,
havo again been taken by the French.
To tho region of the Argonne tho rem
nants of tho six German armies are
moving with all the speed possible to
the fatigued soldiers. At this point
alono rests tho salvation of German
arms In France. The allies are con
fident of victory. Tho flight con
tinues. Tho British and French have crossed
the Alsne, tho allies' centre is north
of the Marne, while in tho east St
Die has fallen. Toward tho Valley of
the Mouse, the laBt outlet into Ger
many, the allies are pressing the Ger
mans. In Belgium the Invaders havo been
moro successful today, pushing back
tho Antwerp army to the city fortlfl
entlons. Other reports, however,
state that Brussels will be retuken by
the army of King Albert and that the
country will bo freed from the enemy
within a few days. Meanwhile, Rus
sian reinforcements for the allies aro
landing nt Ostend.
In Austria tho Russians are moving
toward Vienna. Panic reigns In the
capital. Tho doom of the dual mon
archy seems Inevitable, as tho wholo
army of the north has been crushed.
Two hundred thousand prisoners have
been taken, the Carpathians crossed
and all roads cleared to the Invaders.
Servia on the south is moving toward
Budapest. A bridge has been erected
across tho Save.
Germany reports sue esses in eastern
Prussia. The army at Koenlirsberir
apparently hns checked the Russians.
Petrograd, however, maintains that
success attends thi Russian army.
Italy is reported to have sent troops
to Albania. Her participation in the
war is daily expected In diplomatic
France: General Joffre reports a
general victory for the allies nrmy.
Tho retrent of tho German army has
become a general rout: With the ex
ception of tho stubborn resistance
made by tho troops under the German
Crown Prince, In tho vicinity of tho
forest of Argonno, tho entire line has
been broken. Generally believed that
the Germans aro retreating to make
a ilnal stand in the valley of tho
Meuse. Moro than 500,000 fresh sol
diers are held ln Paris to bo sent
agnlnst the Germans should the armies
succeed In concentrating.
Germany: Berlin is in gloom. Pop
ulace Is demanding news from Oov
emintnt. While the general situation
has been relieved by announcement
that Koenlgsberg Is safe, pessimism
reigns icgardlng the Flench invasion.
Populace in dark regarding fighting
in Belgium and France.
Austria: Vienna ln panic. Austrian
army virtually annihilated in Galicia,
200,CvO prisoners having been taken by
Russians. Attack upon capital up
penis Inevitable. From tho south
40ft0Cj Servians are marching against
Builupcst to co-operalii with Rus
biaii.s. Geneial belief that the dual
monarchy is doomed.
Russia: Optimism reigns In Petro
grad. Great oil wells ln Callola to
supply gasoline for allies Reiuforco
ments being rushed to Eastern Prus
sia. Denied that Russians have been
defeated near Konlgsbcrg A German
fleet is cruising south of tho Aland Is
lands. Servlai "On to. Budapest" ! the
national cry. More than tOO.OOO soldiers
aro marching against the Hungarian
capital. Victory Is all along the line.
Semlln Is the base of operations. A
bridge has been erected across tho
Qelglum: Reinforcements are be
ing Innded at OstPiul tJ.i. Tho Ger
mans have driven back tho Antwerp
army to tho outer fortlrlcatloni. Brus
sels will be retaken with a fow days,
according to nfllcini reports Majority
of Belgian cities are evacuated by the
Germans. Tho country now feels that
the war is over so far as Belgium Is
England! Reinforcements being
ruhhed to fiont. Admlralt announces
continual victories. Great joy In Lon
don. Belief prevails that Joffre and
French wll drlvo th Germans out of
Frunco within a short time. Tho
Pilnce of Wales leaves for the front
this week.
Italy: Troops nro being cent to
Albania Popular demand that Italy
participate In war probably- will bo met
by the Government. The army Is
lrtually mobilized.
Kaiser's Forces Driven From Fortified
Positions and Retreat Becomes a Rout1
Fall Back North of River Aisne and
Upon Rheims.
Germans Abandon Outlying Positions and
Make Great Effort to Preserve Main
Line of Communication Through
Namur and Liege.
' c - 551
Flays Golf This Morning and is
Scheduled to Leave Later.
GdRNISH. K, H., Bept. .-PreIdont
VfPrvn motored to Jlanovor, whero ho
pliTCd golf this mornlns. lit U scheduled
ta lci,v for WuUxurtca later la lb d
Victims All Christians Zaeranl Be
ported la Flames.
BRINDISI Italy, Sept. H.
More than 200 men, women and children
were massacred by Mussulman insur
gents when they captured tho Albanian
town of Zaeranl, according to a. dispatch
from Albania.
Th victim were all Christians. Th
town li i&4 to Iuyo beta koi.
Flames Follow Failure to Collect
1,000,000 Francs Requisition.
A dispatch received by n news agency
hero bays that the city of Tcrmondo, In
Belgium, wni. flred by the Germans be
cause its Inhabitants could not pay the
war requisition of one million francs im
posed by tho invaders.
When tho Germans arrived In tho city
the wealthiest citizens were taken as
hostagts. Including Van Per Tongeren, u
mllllonalro Ironmaster, from whom was
demanded the fine. He refused to pay
declaring thut all of his resources were
in Bnglami.
Th Hermans gave the citizens two
hours to rind the money or have theli
city destroed. Angry at their failure
to get the money, they burned tho city.
WILKES-UARRE, Pa, Sept. H.-After
leaving the saloon of Patrick Pat&lonis
at Ashley, which they raided late last
night, three of Sheriff Lewis P Knirten'
deputies were Orcd on from amhush. and
Jesse We'.da. one of the number, received
a bullet ln the light arm, which took a
Jagged co-se from the wrist to the
elbow and.-JiDened a bad wound, pna.
lords and Mm Dagutls and Andrew Isaac, j
fcoudcrs, aro un4r arrest,
B5- J '
PARIS, Sept. 14.
"Tho German armies of invasion
agnln have been dlhlnged from nil their
fortified positions and nro retreating,
with rapidity and In disorder every
where." This official announcemont was is
sued hero by General Galllenl, the Mil
itary Governor of Paris, on authority
from tho "War Department at Bordeaux,
nt 3 o'clock this afternoon.
The statement says that the Gor
mnns had prepared a lino of defenses
north of the Alsno nnd in the vicinity
of Rheims, whero they had attempted
to rally their forces and make a stand,
but that the overwhelming strength of
the French pursuit forced them again
to retire.
The Germans have evacuated Am.
lens, retreating in tho direction of
Peronno and St. Quentin.
From Xancy to the Vosges the re
treat is general. Tho French territory
In this vicinity is now totally evacuated.
From the btubborn reststanco of tho
army under the German Crgwn Princo
at the southern end of the region of
the forest of tho Art;onno, which was
tho last to give way before the tre
mendous pressure of tho French, It Is
jrobahlo that the r.et great battle will
take place lu that region.
The allies have continuo - pusi, for.
ward their advance columns and have
reoccupied a score of towns previously
cupturcd by the Germans.
Moro than WO.MO fresh troops of the
allied army are being held in Paris to
bo hurled against the Invaders when
thej turn at bay for a final ttand.
The Ueimans nre retreating on the
only line of communication they hold
Intact and uuthreatened, west of the
forest of Argonne, through Namur,
Liege, the valley of the Meuse and
route, nnd are withdrawing to tho
aorth through the barren and dlfllcult
sountry of Champagne. The other pos
sible lino of lotreat, by Messieres ana
Montmedy to Luxemburg, is com
manded by the French guns nt Ver
dun. The armies of Generals von Kluk and!
von Buelow aro retiring with rapid
ity from the points which threo days
ago were the scene of the fiercest fight
ing by the German centre.
The Germans have retired north and
east of Rheims, and It is evident they
do not intend to mnko a stand there,
From Chateau-Thierry, a correspond
ent reports thnt tho German General
Staff's plan of campaign now InvoWoi
the evacuntton of tho northwest of
Franco and Belgium and a concentra
tlon eastward, either for tho purposu
of a rebound ngninst tho allies or to
save tho Empire itsolf, as events may
This moans abandonment of the hopa
of attaching Purls In the near future.
The new plan means improved western
communication and a general conven
tratlon of the allies with an opportu
nity for n decisive lmtilo possibly on
tho line of Laon. Ithelms nnd Chalons.
Even if the combined German armies
of tho Alsne and tho Argonno rfre de
feated, then there will remain the great
fortresses or the Rhine and the Moselle.
Twenty thousand Germans pre said
to have fallen in the fighting at Nancy
and U.oao more at Lunevllle. French
oiHcors claim that at least 50,009 Qer
mans m have beei. killed in tb. at
tempts to e tHrout taw Aaglo
French lines.
The Germans are not only saffarins
from lack 0J pravtstcuia m) ammuni
tion, hut their movements nre ui
hampered by a scarcity c cavalry
The German army under GwieraJ yon
Kluk, which mad Wji t rjgfct wjiyf
of the grand host uf ajx separate
armies, U now sum to hs between 60
und M mil-1 from the in ,t ,-tva :-&
Late reports state that the general.! . . " '" ' "'"
retirement of the rive Q.nn 1 S, " " rtCU'"" " " '""
U becoming a rout. They haven l V KZ'SnT "' " "
OUe. Wcb WouW t their natural nt of b &r office, the var-c ,

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