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Isolated in Breton Village,
They Are Held Eighteen
Days, Then Make Their
Way to Paris'.
To bo stranded In a senporf town eight
hours from Tails, nnd cut off from com
munication with tho 011181(10 world for
eighteen dnya during tho mohlllzntlon of
the Trench army, wns tho experience of
two Philadelphia girls, Mhs Hortcnao
l.nvy, H24 North Fifteenth (street, nnd Miss
Helen Abrahams. J1I19 Diamond street.
ttho i "turned to this city yesterday nftei
n series of rxcltlng cxicrlouces within tho
vnr zone. Thuy were nt a small seaport
town named St. Jean du Dolgt, In Urlt
lany. "We uero no worse oft than tho rest of
tho women of Etiropo nnd a fircut deal
moro fortunato than tho majority," said
Miss I.cvy yesterday In speaking of her
experiences. "Rverywhcro tho men havo
deLrtcit tho villages and tho women aro
tuhlng over their labors.
J0n August 1 I wns attracted to tho
window of my room by tho pitiful crying
nt a funeral which was being held in u
" ..-v.. iiiiiph iinfl inn jrirmim Vnatnmnv nti
It wbb while In tho midst of this dismal Irtaln orators of tho i.iwm
i 6t-;nu uiui mu iuiiu.i vi wiu tocsin oeil
yiioku III, telling that war had been de
clared. .Tho proclamation calling for mo-
blllzutlon, which watf pasted beforo tho
mnyor's ofllcc, was soveral yards long. It
tvai received nt 5 o'clock Sunday evening
nnd at the fi o'clock church services tho
next morning no men wore present, all
wcio In tho Holds hnstlly harvesting their
crops or wero on their way to tho front.
"During the period of mobilization we
verp not allowed to leavo thj town. o
won- with llttlo money and wpio cut off
f i om news and friends In tho outside
Total Abstinence TJnlon
Tg rta.KepreBentrttlv8 for Aid.
In iTSr'.inltlon of Congressman Logue's
effnijts on behalf of tho temperance so
clotlrs. tho Cathollo Total Abstinence
tTn'.fn presented him with a copy of reso
lutions nt the opening of the fall cam-
palgh of the Tnlon In tho Cathedral Hall, '
Sixteenth and Vine streets, yesterday i
nftcpnon. ,
Tlio resolution thanked him for his tin-
tirhfff work during the last twenty years,
nndl were presented by James Dougherty,
rliatrmnn of the committee nppointcd at
tlinlt onvnntlon of tno I'nlon In Nlngaru
rnifn nisi monin.
CJingressninn Ixigue briefly replied In a
spef'Ch extolling the Onion for tho prog,
grehs mnde in the Inst forty years nnd '
complimented It on Its Vigorous activity I
Frequency of Disorders at Homo
Causes Alarm Consoquenco3 !
of War Heavy on Budget.
A itrong light Is thrown upon tho
resent condition of affairs In Italy,
nil upon tho decision of llin Italian
ovrrnment to maintain neutrality, in
letter to tho New York Uvenlng Post
"in Its Naples corresuondent. of
w hleh tho following Is part:
JCVrlsnoIa Is a little city In Apulia, In
the south of Italy, between tho Appc
Two Victims of Poison, Taken Several
Bays Ago, Die in Hospitals,
One man committed mileldo yesterday , nn i.-
nnd two women who swallowed poison tao-
Funeral n-rvKm and Interment pritU.
Providence (It. I.) papers pleao copy,
1IAYM;. On Hplembfr 11, 1014. .lOHN
11AYI.B. Relatives nnd friends nrc Invlled to
s.tten'1 the funeral services, on Wednesday,
Ceptember IB, nt 2 o'clock precisely, at tho
funeral parlors of Harry C. K. Cnrson, 1213
Hnmn nroaii st interment private.
Oil). On September 11. IOH, UANIHt,
UriVII. ttMnfltfn iin.t rrliHti.t nrn Invited to
li,. .... ..! .inrt, .,r.,,i0 ,ii,i i i.nanl. ' Biwnu me lunerni services, on xurs'My mi
lets several days previous tiled In liospl-, ,rnoon. at s odoek. at the nDnrtmenls of
I Oliver II Rile. 1!20 nieMnut St. Intiment
hi iwount .Mormn i emcttrv
"Tho Trench wero very courteous to
us. Trices were not raised. In fact, .ho
prices on butter and eggs came down.
Uuttcr could be bought for 10 cents u
pound, becaiiho tho usual sources of Its
outlet wero cut orf. Notices were Hosted
notlfing tho public that It was a penal
offenso to raise prices.
"While wc wero stranded wo knew but
little of what was going on on tho out
side. Tho men had nil left, and nil the
netlvlty of tho town wns carried on by
tho women. Wo spent consldorablo of
our limo sewing for tho Itcd Cross.
"On August IS we wero nble to reach
Tail, ufter many pnssports and papers
had been signed. Tho trip took 2; hours,
while It usually takes but eight. On the
trip to Paris wo stopped at I,a Mnns.
wheie the llrst trnlnlonds of wuuuded
wcrr being hi ought In.
"At Amiens wo saw tho arrival of the
',ofln Ungllsh troops. They displayed tho
greatest good humor nnd were singing a
popular jrorig, 'Tipppinry.' which the na
tives believed to bo their national air.
The postage stamps of France, which
foimetly cost two cents, are now sellinu
for three, tho cxtia cmt being used for
the lied Cross tellef work.
"Evely where we found the wildest JX
cltonunt. The soldiers go on their way
einglng. the women hang flowers from
their windows and even tho wounded do
not lo?u their good humor."
Jllm Levy ami Hiss Abrahams arrived
on the steamship Finland at New Yo-k
yesterday. They say that tho conges n
of tourists at London has been reli. I
nnd pralno the work of tho Amei ic .u
committee. They had to work their ov
way from the coast of Hrlttany to TiM
but in the French cnpltul they met
friends, who assisted them to reach Li.n
Tinlns from New York yeste.ua
I nromJit home two Philadelphia families
Who h.ul come over on tho steamship
Cnmpnnlu. landing at New York. Mr.
nnd Mi. C Ilartman Kulm arrived yes
terda vonlng and aro icglstcreU foi a
few dm .it the Hellevue-Stratford. Tho
mhei loiipio wero Mr. nnd Mrs. Morris
Damn nbtfuin, of 1001 Spring tiarden
An interesting account of tho war condition.-,
m Antwerp and the attack of
the German Zeppelins on tho city Is con
tained In a letter received by Max Hess,
of :M3 Aich street, from his brother
Philippe, who has been attending x ,
In that city
"Schools, theatres and cafes have
closed." tho letter says, "and have
tin nod into hospitals. Automobile
motorcycles hear the Insignia, c
at m. Soldiers patrol tho streets a
iu-m. -m is suspended. All the
' e i
M 1
I -1 1
"re speaking In tho public square, a
bomb burst under the platform of tho
orators. Tho news of tho event Is not
as yet precise, but It appears that a
poor young man was killed. It Is hardly
known how. Wo read already that
Ccrlgnola Is a "nest of anarchists"; tho
Intervention of the Government Is al
ready Invoked for making nrrcsts In
innss, or. If necessary, setting up some
in-.v kind of gallows In tho public square.
' In large proportions the snme
thlug occurred In the tumults of Ito
m.ignn and during the days of the gen
eral strike and of the threatened rail
way strike a month ago.
I was not In Italy when there took
place, on the 7th of last June, the dis
orders of Ancona, which havo been dis
cussed largely by tho national and Inter
r. .lonal press. After a private political
n -etlng. about 200 persons. Socialists and
T.i!publlcans together, In Bmnll groups,
directed themselves toward one of tho
city squares, tho Piazza Roma. A dor
don of police bad been already placed
t bar the way to the crowd. A conflict
ensued botween the crowd and tho po
lice. Tho policemen say they wero hit
by stones nnd by a few shots fired,
which Inst they have not been able to
piovo; the demonstrators deny It. It la
easy to believe that the carabineers were
maltreated by the crowd. Just ns It Is also
believable that nothing terrible -would
have happened If 200 or more persons
hud been allowed to walk about freely
In Piazza Roma, In Ancona, and to shout
a f-w hurrahs and tho reverse.
I romc back to Italy from a long Jour
ney In Greece, nnd llrst to Rome, where
In general strike had already begun,
nnd the most varied nnd scnsatlonnl
ewnts wero In progress. Tho Conserva
iho nnd Liberal papers were full of
eatastrophlo accounts; they spoke openly
of anti-monarchical plots and of organ
ized revolution. Thus a Brcat panic
spread through all Italy.
Italy can be ruled only by cither a
tyrnnnlcnl Government, like that of the
Topes or of tho medieval nobles, or by
a strong and laborious demoracy, con
scious that faith in Ideas and In tho men
that represent It Is to Southern peoples
mt Ies3 necessary thnn the perfect or
ganisation of the administration and of
the Government.
Certainly, this crisis of growth nnd this
Initial distrust In a form of government
insumclently active nnd operative ac
cording to what most people believe to
b the material and spiritual necessities
of Italian life, have had their share in
the recent disorders.
They here continued to consider and to
treat the peasant as they did K years
ago; they havo dominated tho local ad
ministrations, nnd have had tho Govern
ment at their service; law and Justice
have been almost entirely on their side.
Thus, between proprietors and laborers
there has risen a barrier over which Is
sometimes stretched tho hand of a mad
man, armed by a criminal, to lire the
fuse of a bomb.
Tho consequences of the war weigh and
must continue to weigh heavily on our
budget. Italy, having shown herself
strong nnd great In the presence of the
whole world, has created new difficulties
for herself abroad, nnd this Is another
reason for not llludlng ourselves about
her Internal conditions and for not falsd-
I tying their origin and cause.
I Tho Italian Government has chosen
the direct road of neutrality In tho ex
plosion of this homicidal madness of con
gest. It Is not enough to say that the
1 road chosen Is the most loyal, by reason
of the honest Interpretation of the treaty
which oincis naiy to i.crmany and Aus-
Tlio Bov. Dr. R. E. I,. Jarvls Will
Join Evangelical Extension Work.
Much to the surprise of tho majority
of his congregation, tho Rev. Dr. Rob
ert 13. L. .tarvls has resigned the," pas
torate of Ucthany Presbyterian Church.
Ho gives up his work to become director
of the evangelical extension department
of Stony Brook Presbyterian Assembly,
a position which will tako him to all
pnrts of tho United States.
Members of tho congregation are to
meet on Wednesday night. September 23,
to tako action on Dr. Jarvls' resignation,
nnd to consider tho solcctton of a suc
cessor. John Wunnmakor was largely
Instrumental in bringing Dr, Jarvls to
Bethany, and, because of the strong at
tachment between the pastor and him
self, he said ho could not cast ins vote
to consider the resignation.
tats. A woman made nil unsuccessful at
tempt nt suicide. ,
Despondent he-cause he wns unable to
obtain work at his trade ns a carpenter,
owing to falling pyesUht, iMtnrl" Troul.
67 years old, 1548 North Opal street,
committed suicide nt Ills homo yesterday
by Inhaling Illuminating gas. Several
months ngo, arcordlng to the man's wife,
he lost his work because of poor eyesight.
Since then he had become pnrtlally blind ,
nnd feared that he would loso his sight
entirely. He brooded over tho matter and I
'yesterday was found with a gun tube fast- I
cned In his mouth.
C'atharlno Orr, 13 years old, 1324 South i
Thirteenth street, died In St. Agnes' Hos
pital from the effects of a number of
tiolson tablets sho had swallowed on Au
gust 28, mistaking them for headacha j
Mrs. Madge Tolbert. 30 years old, 1733
Ellsworth street, died at the Polyclinic
I Hospital ns the result of taking poison
with suicidal Intent. Hhn Hwullnwed tho
I lotion on September 8, and had been In
I the hospltnl slm-c then.
I Lena Ricks, !!5 years old, 43t Galloway
i titreot, Jumped from the roof of her home
In an unsuccessful attempt to end her life.
Accotdlng to the pullco. tho woman wor-
tled because she wiih ordered to bo sent
to tho Philadelphia Hospital on account
of being partly demented. Her Injuries
will probably prove nerlous.
Skating Rink at Park Also Falls
Victim to Flames.
WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 13.-Flrc
early this morning destroyed tho skating
rink owned by W. W. McCool, ut Hrandy
wlno Springs Park, and tho auxiliary
powerhouse of tho People's Railway Com
pany. A number of houses In the suburb
known us the Cedars, were threatened. A
call was sent to Wilmington, and several
Wilmington fire companies responded, but
tho rink and powerhouse wore gone when
thev arrived.
The skating rink has been out of service
for some time and the powerhouse was
kept as an emergency plnnt. The cur
rent for the amusement park In the sum
mer season Is furnished by an electric
company In Wilmington, but the other
plant which was formerly used was kept
to bo put Into service In case of an
emergency. The loss on the skating rink
is estimated at 51000. Tho loss on tho
power plant will run close to $:o,00O.
The skating rink building was a por
tion of the water exhibit booths which
formerly stood In tho court of City Hall,
in Philadelphia.
Hertha Knoolkr, 2 cnis old, of 609
Sevlllo street, lost tho llttlo finger of her
right hand this morning, when sho stuck
It Into the motor of an electric washing-
machine, operated by her mother,
Mrs. Itenry Knoelke. The linger was
cut off. Tho child was taken to St.
Timothys HeiBpltal.
Select Councilman Long Had Been
Identified With Politics.
William If. Cooper, Select Councilman
from the 12th Ward, died of heart disease
nt his home, 712 North Third street, yes
terday. He was stricken Middonly while
talking with friends at Third street and
Falrmount avenue and died at his home.
Mr. Cooper had been Identified with 12th
Ward politics for many years. Ho served
two terms In Common Council. He was
elected to Select Council last December.
lie was a member of the Elks and of the
12th AVard Republican Executive Commit
tee. Ho Ih surv(ved by a widow, two sons
and a daughter.
Mirt'iit' for tho ftont aro loaded Aith
florin clears, candy and luxurlec ne
nnUMi nllies receive ovations wlif r
tti' i appear on tho streets."
The attack of tho Zeppelins occur.u at
1 oM.iL-k at nlijht. accmdlng to the letter.
"Wt Hl' had retired." lio writes, -and
tho people had heard no rumors of an
eiiMuy for some time, when suddenly the
city was shaken as If by an earthquake
A serim of explosions followed at short
mtrvais ana people rushed Into
(tits, not knowing whore the
tomb would full.
"The Kins, who had moved with his
fmui! to Antwerp. Is bald to have nibhed
l"t" Hi. stiect ooatU-ss and hatlest Ten
b'ln'., were dropped and eight people
Mlli.t ami a wmmdi'd. This w I rr of
i" i'i"inlUi ( t tbv dpstruycra i-ol' ,
it-ii,l ,,ii lhu Umo Umt tno boUlD. fl
'"in- vU.iuynl, and tho only cvidti , e
P'"i'i hmi of thu presence of an y
cl at hand was tho low droning i
f il.- MoiulUr blade, which pr . j
ih- dropping of a bomb, after whlcu ilw
Pilot fc,.nt the machine beyond tha rmiuo
or uny possible uttuck.
"All business must be suspends t 8
oi-lo.-li and all llgltfa must bo coeie, at
i s. t now to pievent future uttOika by
ih. a'r Ut-stroyew. Dark covering, ui
i iu iigiitti and boldlurs patr.j) tho
sum b trla. It must be recognized that this Is
a duty toward the nation at this moment.
i'. n
,11. ...
..... , jjiuups to waru ore tiny itaik "'
" i tter. which hud large portion of it
''il oir i.y tin- i-tMisor. nlbii had u map of
- .l..-,ttojtj buildings, tukeu fn.n t,t.
n navsiHl.
England l.s described as war mau , r,i
ward Kune. who re-turned vt, h(
-'"- . .uis jurium ciarK Ku
"w ainpaiiia late Saturday even
aiii aa i,ijj daughter have btn trav
viL',',"' 'hr.?UKl' Kngland and ScotUuj and
ysiuu i.Usrow. Kdlnburgh and LnnSnn
uuriiij; the mobilization of the nrm
l i' tywheio wo found the greatest en.
thusia.in." said Mr. Kane, "auu Ji
ti.--.ii.ji, ut internal dispute srnjl tr
ti.--.ii.jt, ut internal dispute smnwl to
-- ...... lorgouen. i;cry one acted as
".'i in .llaiiitB for the w.u- andiltj
-. Mi Kune w.i.1 that 0 " t",!
''... mad. the ttip With tWKC Vr jjfcji
' " ' t .! p.sseimeis, and ttv I ClrKe
-- -, ....v... ,.: .,,, tt.- ,Uig,
.. ..... , irzui-ponauon Wort
. tine nivprn.i .... ,.n m.
viyi.c,. . .'.;-.. .."i "'';. . nk
Iy rou w ujr m4 extreme r
1 I
Seeks to Recover Money Deducted
for Pavement Repairs.
David Peoples, a contractor, sued the
l ty In the Municipal Court today to re.
i over JI00, which he claims was Imprnp
. rly deducted from hl bill. In Septem
ter. 1312. the city awarded a contract to
Peoples for the reconstruction of main
ewers. Part of the work consisted of
i io building of a tewor In Chestnut street,
irom -IJd to 43d street.
Wlille the work was progressing on the
- mth side of the etreet. the United Gas
I npruvement Company, Peoples says, tore
up th sidewalk on that tide to get at
i's gas mains. The city repaved tho
-Uluwalk and charged the cost. 1100. to
l-oupk's. When tho contractor was paid
f n- his work this amount wan deducted.
lie euiitractur declares, that he had noth
ig to do with tha tearing tip of the
- dewalk.
rrmlnlo Kal.-one, Ilryn Mawr, and Cawrina
luron, Urn Mawr.
l.arl ilaUby. 12.11 K. Chtlten ave., and Kromx
M. miner. .Mil Frankfurt ae.
Ji.hr- Welsh. 2M7 North Sth t , and Mill
Van .lln. K'w3 Uhackuinaxon st.
Krancl, O. lU-lrlck. IluTU Martha t and
Emma D Paul. V'-l K llaizard at.
I'nlck b.'lmaiu. KUi t'allowlilll it., and Ksthtr
loiil. kt2 Callow hill at
U'llllutn ilrotwi r.':!0 Hodman at, and Mary
-Voodard. 1ST North l-'elton et.
I'rerl Melt. rlnu, us I North Warnock at , and
liusale Htrutr 11 .1 Van Horn it
Ijox I, Noel. . 1'"l.'l Lhlsh ae. and Buth II
r:crhnrt ?.I2I North 2TU1 t
Hubert b'uund'K. "I'l t-ouih Mols at . and
Marv Mll'.'l. ""I Muntro.e t.
fain Spltckorr. 14Ctj N, 14th at . and MarU
l'anrnch, 111 Harrison nt.
MIUqii IC. Myers l.vjo S. Ilroad at., and Ethel
K Altahuler. ." 1 S-1 iiiverford ue.
l'rancla V. Homhan. 1STI rrnu at., and
KUsabetn 13. 3haw. 2131 BUcrado it.
la, 11 Honiaat-o 208 Carpenter t.. and Annlo
Martnelll. aS Carpenier ,t
I.AVid Robinion, 1411 Pembirton it , and
Kulherlne litltlln, lilt Pemberton at.
Allan I.. Ltland. 34J4 l'ln i . und Lillia
A Morrla. 534 N. 54n t.
Jnpli A. ElKnhart, lit V IVnn i., and
MurKUerltt K Dunn. '.'110 N. Mnlnv M.
A tuiil Uopa. N'' Cattle. Pel, and Maria
i aKaituc. New C'aetU' Del
.rnou A IWul ain H.n) N IVrk ave., and
lola F Hron. 17SU Pjrk ae
I lliabeth P. Medetf 3100 I'olunbla a. and
llinnah ., orien, lu s 6th t
, "Uh "hlller, 1221 Oreea at , am Hcio
Kt. a, i ane. P.
Ctatt, ack. taus KlcnoJai it., and CarrH
t ii .u s, i-iia aw
Will Probably Bo Made Manager of
Freeville Institution.
ITHACA, N. V., Sept. H.-Thc executive
committer of the Board of Trustees of
the George Junior Republic has vot.d to
attempt to ketp that institution open. It
has been decided to recommend to the
board of trustees that William It. r.eorge
be placed In charge as manager, nnd tho
committee expresses tho belief that the
new management can meet the existing
debt of fSOOO.
Mr. George told the executive commltteo
that It would bo Impossible to keep tho
republic open under the llnam-lal condi
tions that had prevailed In Frcuvlllo for
a few years past, but tha: the republic
could bo run successfully. Mr. fleorge
also hinted that If the State Hoard of
Charities bought to take over the republic
ho would organize a rival Institution on
grounds adjoining the republic belonging
to him.
John II. Campbell, a milling engineer
nnd chemist, of 4111 Snnsoni street, who
was superintendent of several big mines
lu Arizona, N'evnda and otlmr Western
States, and owned largo mines in Mexico,
dlc3 Saturday. He had returned to Phila
delphia shortly after the trouble in Mexico
began. Mr. Campbell attended tho
Friends' School, at Fifteenth and Raco
streets, nnd was graduated from tho Uni
versity of Pennsylvania In ISTfl. Ills Ill
ness, due to a stroke of apoplexy, Instcd
about four months. He Is survived by a
widow and four children.
Kllzabeth Parry Hepburn, wife of W.
Horace Hepburn, an attorney, of 1T2S
Pino street, died yesterday nt he. sum
mer home In Atlantic City after a short
Illness. Mrs. Hepburn was a great grand
niece of Commodore John Barry, and a
granddaughter of Commodore Balnbrldgc.
She was a member of the board of man
agers of the Infants' Hospital, and of the
parish' of St. Stephen's Protestant Epis
copal Church. She Is .survived by her
husband, a daughter and six sons.
EDWARD V. POr.KJ, or 2ir. South H2.I
Street, lor muny years with tho continental
ilepaitment of the Hell Telephone Company,
.lied ut his nhme sentenlay lifter a chori
Illness. The funeral will b hld from life
horns, on Wednesday nfternoon. ut 2 o'tlick.
Interment will be In Mt Pcaee femuters .
MIlS. JANE 11. HOWEl.I,, widow of Joseph
n. Howell, an nrtlat. died yesterday The
funeral will be hld ut two o'clock Wednes
day afternoon from tho home of her sin-'n-iaw.
II. . Seybert. 1007 Christian .street.
William Kellcy, an attorney, died at hr homo
H307 Arch Street, jesterday. In her seventieth
IlOYI.i:. On September IB, 1014. MICHAP.!,
HOV1.E, niicrl UM Jems Funernt on Tiiedny,
at S n. m., from 1.112 South Cnpltot st. Sol
emn Ilenuifm Mass nt the Church of Bt.
Thomas Aqulnnr. at li in p m
Hit MILKY. At Orenn Drove, N. .?.. on Sep
tember 10, tl)H, JOHN HAItDY HHAMI.UV,
husband of MM If I' Il a. lie, .m. i mi
find son of Martha nnd Into John II. Urndley,
RSed nt Jenrs. ItelntUes Hnd friends, nnd
Orient I.o.lKe, Nn. as.',. !'. nnd A. M. : Mellia
Chapter, No 2M; Alary Comnmnderv, No.
IKI; Philadelphia ronslstory nnd I.u I.u Tem
ple. A A O. SI. S. : Keystone Assembly. No
2, A. O SI P., nipt employes of the lliiRhes
k Ilrmlley Co, nre Incited to nttend funeral,
on Mnniliy, nt 1 :,1!i p. ni., from Into resl
rtenee. 47H1 t'edar nve. Hervlirs In Wharton
Street .Memorial M. E. Church, filth and
Catharine Ms., nt 2. no o'clock. Interment Sit,
Stnrlnh Cemetery.
IIRAYIKI.V. On .September 12, 1014. EStSIA
.1. IIItAYIlON, widow of Arthur Ilrnybfn
Puneral iervl.es. on Tursdav. at 2 n. in., at
2 ISO N. Colorado st Interment Iernw?nd
HltOIIAN. On September 12. 11)14, PItANK
W. IllinriA.V, inbnnd of llllfn llrngnn I'u
ncial serMtes, Tuesday, at 8 p. m., at fi'S
N Pront st., Cnmden, N. J. Interment IJ.. -tint
Cemetery, Woodstoun, N. .1., on Wednei
day, CASIPIII-.M, On September 12. 1014, JOHN
II. CASH'DEI.I,. nue.l i:o jears Helntliei
and 'rlen.N nre lnilte.1 to nltenl the runernl
senlre on 'I ueda.v, nt I') n in , nt his Into
rcelditi -e. 4IJ4 Hans.. in fct. liiteimeut private.
CAItSON,-nn September 12. Kill. SIAHV (I..
V'lduw of .Is rob ("arson. In her 7.1d yrr.
Ktincrnl services on Tuesday, at Etnllle roud.
near nrislol, at 2 SO p. in. Interment a'
Ileei-httood cemetery.
L'OM.INH. At Sloorestown. N. J., on Ninth
.Month 12th. 11114, IIACHKI, A., wife of John
S. Collins, In her 74th ear. ItelntiveH und
frlendi nre Invited to nttend the funeral, from
her Into rcildenee. ;i.1 Ennt Ontral tue.,
Sloorestown, on Third-day, Ninth .Month loth,
nt 12 in. Interment ut Ooleitoun Cemetery.
Cnrrldges will meet II :0s trolley from .Mar
ket si. ferry, Camden, nt Chester live..
COOPEIt -On September M, 10II.VWI.MAM
H. I'OOI'EK. husband of Hnnnnh SI. "'..oii.m
Itesldeme, 712 North .1,1 st. lJue n ,tl e uf
the futicril will be Klm
CICAM:. -On September 1.1, 1PI4. at Wood
lynne, N. J., SIAIIY D. I., wife of Prancls
A. Crar.e. Puneral serhes on Tliurda. nt
1 p. m., nt the residence of her sister. Sirs.
Ituy W. Cox. Ii02 Cooper st., Camden. N. J.
Intermsnt Hthel, N. J,
CltO.MI.EY. Suddenly, nt Llndenwold. .V. J..
September i:i. ion, Jr. UN ., nuaoin.i i.t
Slury J. Crumley, In Ills 4Mh t.ir. Punural
services on Wednesday, .it 2 p. in , nt Ills
late residence, l.lndetiuold, N. J. Interment
at Ilorlln Ccmttcry.
UAHNEI.I.. ,At Sit. Laurel, N. J., on Ninth
.Month, llth. 10H. AI.pAlIO Ij.UtMil.l"
nBed .IS years Itelatlves and friends nre
invited to intend the funeral, from hN Utn
K,l,,'n''i ,-Mt- Liurrl. on Tl.lr.i-d.it, Ninth
.J.un"'- i""1' at - P- m. ''arrlaues will met
J?.'; .''. '.". ,ra " from Mnrlict Street Perry,
rhllndrlphl.t, nt Sloorestown.
l)i;i.Si:tl (jn September 1.1, 1014, ESI St A L.
UEISK.M, widow of John E. Dclsem. I'unerwl
serticcs on Thursday, nt 2 p. m . ut her lat '
lesldence. 7211 North astlt st. Interment at
West Laurel Hill Cemetery.
HAI.I.OWEI.L. On September 12, 1014. WIL
LIASt, husband of the lat Catharine. N.
Ilullowell, need 74 years. Due notlie of the
funeral will be Riven, from the residence of
his daughter, 1S4S Van Pelt bt.
IIKI'lll'llN. At her residence, Atlantic I'ltf.
N. J , at 1 a. m. on September 13, i'l! ',
Hepburn. Tlio rclatltcs and friend? aro In
tlted to attend the funeral services, on SV. '
nesd.iy nfternoon. at 1 o'clock, nt her rl'v
home, 172S 1'ine at.. Phil.i ivlphla Int.
mont prltatc.
IIINKI.K.--On September 1,1, 1014. GEOHGE
I-.., son of CienrKe f and Eilzaith Illn
nnd grandson of John and Slnrr Hlnkk ti'i
Ldtvard and Slaiy l.jn'li, used 3 week
f,''neral on Monday, at 2 p. m., from 2!u
Dickinson et. Interment nt Holy Cross Cen i -lery.
J(.,,IiN.'"'."r0n September 12. 10H. ANNA
KLSIS. wife of J. Howell Johnson. Ilelntlves
?.", Inv'twl to attend funeral services, on.
"V. ".:.'.' 7. '' '". preeiseiy, at ner lata
residence, 24 11 Columbia nte.
I't'R,,.,.9,J':r)n Ninth Stontlt 12th. 1014. JO
M.PH LEEDO.M Heliitlvs(are Invited to at
tend the funeral, from Oakmont. Delaware
..... ."'?. la "" imn Month i .th. at .1 p m. I
Ki:i.I IH On September 1.1. 1014. MAIIY i
.1 PAKKKIt. wlfo of William Kellcy. Duo I
notko nf the funeral will be Blten. from I.e. I
late residence, 1107 Arch st.
KI.ACHKH. On Sentemher 11. 1014. KATIt- I
EHINE SI . belntfd WlfA nf flio In, a Ch.rl.. I
Klnuder (nee Pox). In her .""th year. Kel.-i-tlyes
and friends, also members of th Ladles'
Aid Society of St. Vlmenr i ndi in A t
Tnenny: St. .Mary's Society of the Cathollo
Slathers, are Intlted to nttend the funeral, on
Tuesday mornlnir. at 0:.'ln o'clock, from her
Into resldenco, 332S North Ilroad st. Solemn
Requiem Stass at St. Stephen's Church, nt
11 o'clock.
,1 A t'f,
Interment Holy Sepulchre Ceme-
StAPIII'lt RiMdenlv. nn Sentemher 12. 1014.
OTTILIE N. SI. SIAUHEIl, datiRhter of the
late J. J. and Pauline Slaurer, need 4.1 ers
Asst. Supt of the Lutheran I'rnhnii' i .i.
no.V) Oermantown nve , Sit. Airy. Ilelntlves
and friends are 1n?lted to nttend the funeral
sertlcee. on Wednesday afternoon, at 2
o'duejc. In the chapel of the Home. Interment
prlvnte, nt German Luih.ran . . m ' t
.MrlfAl.i: On September 13. 1014. PHANCTfl
J son of the late Peter and Elisabeth Sic
Ha'e. Puneral on Wednesday, nt S nn a m..
from 4,1(1.-. Thompson st.. West Philadelphia.
Illith .Mars at Church of Our .Mother of Sor
rows, nt 10 a. m. Interment at Cathedral
MM t.lf'K. -On September 12, 1014, .ED
WAItO P , husband of tho late Hemarls I".
Slllllck, aited 78 venrs. Puneral on Tuesday,
nt 2 p. m., from West Cheater road. Upper
lid HiV. h.lfln'.,. r'nitnlv
MilKllllt.i:. On September 12. 1014 PHILIP,
husband of Slnry Sloihrlc. son of Prancls and
tho Into Philip Sloehrle. Duo notice of f.t
ueral will be plten. from his mother'B resl
denco. 2irtl N. 2rth st.
MOItEHEAl). In Lansdnwne. IJelnttnre Co.,
Pa., September 1.1. 1014. StAltCKLLA A.,
widow of Oustavus K. Stoorhend. Puneral
from N E. f'nr. Otvn and Urexel nte .
Lnnsdowne, Pa., on Wedtusday, nt 1 p. m.
Interment prltat. ni Sit. Peace Cemetery
JHIItOAN'. On September 13, 1014, JASIKS
SIOIIOAN, husbnnd of the late Jennie Mor
gan and son of tho latn John nnd Ann Sine
ran. Funeral on Thursday, at K .10 a. ni .
from his late residence, 1:121 S 17th st.
High Slnss nt St. Illta'i Chur.li nt 10 it. m.
Interment Ntv Cathedral Cemetery.
SU'I.IHM.LA.M), On September 12. 1014. at
St. Joseph' Hospital. UOHI5 SII'LHOL
I.ANO Ilelutlte nre Intlted to nttend fu
neral, Wednesday, at 8:110 a. in., from 2.12U
Hreen st Solemn HIkIi Itenulem Stas nt Si.
I'ren.-ls Xatler'H Church, at In n. m.
SH'I.I.. on September I.'t. 1011 nt her Int
IMsldence. I"t2 riierbroolc ate. SPSAN JAM!
SH'I.L. In her S7th tar. Due notlco of fu
ncral will be clten,
SH'IIPIIV. On September 13, lot I, SAIIA1I
l'ltAN('i:S Slt'Iti'IlV, wife .,f Tbomns A.
.Murphy. I'unerul ,ivccs nn Wedh.'sdnv. nt
2..MJ p. m , at ihe n-sldenre of her husbnn I.
Jefferson St., West Mtumunlc, tntertneiit
prltate, at Weatmlnster ("emetory.
NOLAN. On September 1.1, 1014, WILMASI
.1. NOLAN, In his 76th year. Services at tin
residence of III son, William V Nolan, .''!
Albert ate., Aldan, Delaware louhtt. ..
Weiln'sdut, September Id, nt 2 p. in, Innr
ni. nt .it Arlington 'cmct.rj. runeral sert
Ire and Inlerm'nt ptlvite
(J'DONNKI.L. On September 12, 1014. NO It A
O. wlfo of John O'Donnell. Puneral Wednes
cla. at S no a. m . frinu 2U2 N u h
a'. Solemn llequlem llltrh .Mass nt the Chun li
cf thi. Visitation Bt Hi a m.
Oltlt. At his home. 172 Central ate.. East
Ornint, N. J., on September 1.1. llil I,
CHAIU.HS w. uiiii, formerly or tnis city.
Puneral sert Ices will be held at the home of
his mother, Sirs. Joseph Orr. 220 S. Slllllck
St.. West I'lillHdelphla, on Tucsda, Septem
ber IS. at 2 p. m.
Ol.'I.TON. On September 10,10f4, CIIAltLES
HAKVEY OCLTON. Puneral eervices .Mon
day, at 0 a. in., at his late residence. 2139
Arch j-t Interment strictly prltate.
POHI.IO. On September 12. 1014, EUWAItD
P., tjeloted 'iuo'ind of Anm 1'nh.u. it.lti
tlves an. I frlendn. also niemb'rs f I'nl n
News Itellcf es'.clat.jn, Hroicreaslto Aeetu
bly, No. I. A. 'i. M P. mil .' imnn n ...1
iJepnrtment of the Hell Telephoiu .'ompji .
of Pennsltanla, are intjr,. to alien 1 ti
funeral aerthes. on We.lnt U afi.Tnon, .
2 ..'clock at his late real -civ c 2j- r1
i,2.I st Interm.nl at Sl"unt Pe,i e . .--net. i
Itemalns ma be tlettci f ica.iat ie-i'rir
SAPNIIKHfl. On Peptrmi.c U'lOll. Itlr.JfY
SAt'NDEHH, husbut: 1 of S.nilrj. Sd-.-n. era.
Puneral on Tuosdsy. Horn 271'J Cen.ord A ,
Camden. N. J Interim lit .irl.rnioii Cctifj-
st?t,'l,t.KH. At Elktot,. .M.i . on PeiitemOc
10. inn, Dr. onilALP P.. son nf Ittv. Jnlrn
C. nnd Mary P. Hroinler Itelstttei xtil
friends aro Intlled to a'teno Ihs fi.neri"! se?
Pes. on Monday nftertini.u, at 2 o'cloeif, t
the npnrtments of Oll.er It. Pair, H20 l'ri,l
Sl'ltli:i:it, September 1.1, 1914, OKOrtaM
V , husband of Slnry E. Sourbeef. ed
.nr l"uneral services on Tuesday, at 7'iW
P m., nt his late residence, 1.120 NortH.O'si
st. Interment at Harrlsburg- metefy, IUr
rlnbiirif. Pa.
TIEMANN.-On September 1.1, 1014. KATtH
II .wife of Joseph T. Tlemnnn. nfted .11 years.
Puneral sert Ices on Thursday, at 2 p. m., at
her Into residence 2421 l.nsi ll" .n .
Interment prltate, East Cedar Hill Ceme.te.ry.
P.TTEHLI.IN On September 11. 1014. JO
tltea nnd friends nr Invited to nttend thi
funeral eertltes. on Stnndny nfternoon, at 1
o'clock, nt his lute residence. 4212 Spruce st.
Inteiment prltate. ..-
VtKIEL On September 12. 1014. HADIP!
VOOI1L, Kd 41 yenrs. Ilelalltes and friends
aio Invited to attend the f.mernl erv ies on
Tueday nfternoon, nt 2 o'clock precisely, at
her late residence. 721 North th st. roar
Interment prlvnte, at Adath Jeahurun Ceme
tert .
UOOI.EHV.-On September 1S.10H. ELLEN,
widow of Nlmrod Woolery. Kuneral service;
nn Wednesday, at 11 a. m.. at the Chanel of
Andrew J. Ilnlr A Son, 10th and Arch sts.
Interment prltate.
- il
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1 ., . "rw
The Second
AYLMEIt. On September 12, 1014, SIAItY
AYLMER. Due notlco of the funeral will be
Blven. from her late residence, 4013 Wr-n
st.. West Philadelphia.
lJAI.IMVIN. At his residence. 211 North Sln
plo uve. Lansdowne. Pa., on September M.
1011. JOHN C. BALDWIN, aged 72 years.
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