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While Chance Resigned, He
Really Was Forced Out
by Owners' Refusal lo
Make Him Supreme.
Long Term of Years Is
Necessary to Build Up
Club Which Can Com-'
pete for Highest Honors, i
IMralt. 4 Oilmen, fl.
Tho story of Frntik Chain r's resigna
tion from tho Now York American Umvik
club la ono as ancient na the national
gamo Itself, tt linn over beon tho pollry
of the mnlorltv of eltib owners to adopt
r shifting mothoJ of diilnplnij a team,
rather tlinti one of ttAtrlttul waiting,
Thlcli has brnrt en lilg-Mv Mlrces.ofnl In
the case f tin- lhlrtlrn of tills i It'.-
lid tho (limit of Now VmU
Kraiil; riiain'n ilnl not r.'SlMi because
he had nof dilopivl n clulj with could
compete with the better orranlzatlona 01
31an Johnson's circuit, but because b"
was not allowed to develop It. This
friction between tlio owners and th man
agers Is the thorn In tho sldo of bai
ball, and at times lias actually been a
menace to Its very existence.
To build up a winning ball club, Conni"
Mack says, requires at least Ave years.
Chance has been in New York ft II tH
less than two iMson. It I ttue that
he does not kpiii to have made any moio
progress this year than !ir had at tli
close of the season of ftus. Yet this
"iroutd probably bo the caw ven It lie Tin i
the nucleus of a winning flub around
which to build. In this case tin team
mlslit so Montr more or less Indifferently
for a couple of yars then k t.Motily
Jump Into the ruiuilnff without warning,
just as tho rit. Louis Hron did at the
beginning of tliln season. The tians
IMssls.MppIana were enabled to muUe a
Ilsht becausn that team, tor the inot
Tart, had bevn playing together Ions
fore Branch Itlrltrv wa even considered
bs a manaijerial poisibllltv.
Sow that I'hunce ha deckled that be
cannot raovo along in hnrmom with the
owners of the Yankees, the fans of New
Tork will hao the dissatisfaction of
neeins; one of the gam' Bieatest gen
erals discarded merelv bucausp th moguls
bavo not learned th lesson that a man
ager must be supreme in hi department,
and that to be uccjstul ho must hold
the rnlns In nis own bands and not bo
driven with a ' hatter around his own
-JSffe ,
From several quarter thr- seems ti
be a rumor uflout that, at it all. Chance
will remain in New York, at !"ast, for tlie
rest of th season. That, however, hus
little bearing on tho question. Chanco
lias been hampered and h" will continue
to be hampered as Ions' as the mogul
of the HlRThlandcs bcllee that they know
more about runn'.n; the details of a ball
club than ono who has captured three
Yesterday's Results.
1, .1: St. l.ouK u.
Club Standing.
v. t,. IV". v t, p.i-
lllilctlc . KH Id .Hid Ohleairo .. ll.'t Mt .IT7
Hmtnn . . TT ."5 10" SI T.oiilH . f.f) 72 .4"0
ivtrnit .. ;ii na ..vja .w Yorkiiii 7:1 ,-nt
Unjhln'ti. OT 01 .SWIm-sUikI. 13 Nt .sad
Today's Games,
lllMlr nl "Nrw Yiirk.
Hrlritll lit 'lorlnml.
ItiKtnti nt H'iililimfi'H.
(lilrniM Ml M. I.011K
Tomorrow's Games.
MIilello nt Nru YnrU.
Ilotnilt nl Cletrlnml. ,
I1nlim nl Uii'hltmli'ii.. .
ClilriiRi) at s- I.'iid.
Yesterday's Results.
"I. t.mil, it nnrliinnll, 3.
t. t.niiK .1t Oliii'linmll. 'J CM etiitir.)
riilcumi. ?! i'lltlurKli. 0.
Club Standing,
m t. re v t.ri'
Uo-ion ?:t s. :-o "in.i.ureii "t 2 i,
.,ri. 71 :.: .--.-, "iiiilie. .. :.n ;n ,n
"' t.ul 71 i!-.' VM tmokbn "" Tt ( i
I'hii.iS'i ... 7niW.."i2n Intlnuatl. .ilTt IS
Ted.ty's Games,
New Vtirl. lit t'lillnileltdiln Tun rtimn
llrimM.vti nl ltinliin.
M. l.niiK nt rlnrliinntl.
Tomorrow's Games.
Ilnmltbn nt Itcilnn.
:cw York nt riilladclillila.
Yesterday's Results.
(Iltl'illiii. 1 1 UlllTilIn, n
tlilciisii. ts StulTiilii. S M ennit.i
Club Standing.
w t, r v 1. I'1'
i'i ,,, .. 7' . ..""7 illlfTillo . HI llll .,"1
In.l np'1l. .71' !! .".in Wli flti . J7 .Jl
r..llvn .. r.7 no .,-.; t t.oul . .1-72 1I1
Hnltliiiore 07 00 .Sir PtttsLursh fit 7.1 :
Today's Games.
Kiiiivk 'liv nt ttnUlnioro.
Clilrinro nl rllllniri:li
Inilliinupoll' nt llrnol.l'n.
M, l.oul- lit llulfnln.
Tomorrow's Games.
Iuiln ritr nt Tfciltlninre
Clilrnen nt i'lttliuri;li.
IndlnnaiiolK nl Itronklm. ,
s, I.nuK nt llnltiiln.
International League Standing.
iv. j, i' r vi i. v r
1..-lir(r ".".--. 0i7 '1 rnnt.i 1.7 ". rn
l'roililit!W si rii i'.o'i Vf r-1, 1,07.1 lit
H'llTiil.i ..si -i', -'.11 M nitrxnl .10 "- 4m.
laltlnmr. . 7. Oil rjJ 1 it ll!- M"1
Organization of the Picked
Lads Is Now Going on at
Most of the City's Athletic
Promoting Schools.
Tlilq week will find the lnlcrneliulntlo
footbnll (rnthliiK eonson fully under way,
t the wan lots arc eager to get into their
Ions and physically prepare tlieniseUcs
for the coming struKRles on thn Krlillrmt.
The three kcIiooIm In competition for tho
Hills A. Olmbol Cup-rcntral High School,
Noiihent tllt'li School nnd West 1'lilln
iielphla High School, mid likewise Suullt-
in HIkIi. wlileli Is hut in lino for the
ttopltv till Hour-have been I'linejlng
tlu inutciliil ul tiuml and tnliing (icllnlto
el-1' toward the organization of football
.iiind. Northeast, with it usual tig
inislvenes, Iuih nlrcndy put In tbrcu
dns 01 gridiron practice, while tho
other schools havo called out the candi
dates and will begin uctuul work this
week. Though predictions nt tlito ditto
would tin a hazard. N'ortln-ast High. Judg
ing from tho dash tdiowti by tho men In
tho early practices, should put In 11 strong
Mil for 111 ft honor, while Continl ll'gh,
because of the wealth of 111aterl.il avilll
i.l. 1". nriHt bo 1 minted 11 foi ndd.ib'e op
ponent. rt I'liil'iili'lpliia nnd Htiuilwn
High r.ieli lost hiavlly iiuoiimi gradua
tion and mut ili,ipr up n tfinn trom ti
s'Miail of nrw men.
'on oh Johnson, of Northeast. lias boon
working with his men 11 1 thu Northeast
Athletic Kohl. Twenty-ninth and Cam
i.ria, and tho tciun will continue daily
tryoitts. Klfty candidates, Invltiillns si's
veterans, have reported.
play agalnsl. Footbnll plan for tho com
In? reason at tho South ttroad direct In
stitution wro fotiuulated nt a meeting
assembled by Doctor ISoirc, where It was
; ofllriallv titinounc-od Unit bean Johnson.
I of tho school faculty, had been selected
. to coach the team nt s-'otilliwnrk Field,
Only four veterans have returned Smith,
''rledm.t'i and King, of the backucld, tllul
MacNnniee on the line.
Are Threatening Boston Braves
and New York Giants, Leaders,
Now After Being Passed Up as
Trospects Are Very Bright for Tip
top Squad This Year.
Weakened only i.y th losy ot Hartman.
Pchatfner and sykeg, and strpnytbnid by
iclraniber of stronp men, rmspects are
bright at Krank'ln and Marhall for a
football team that mil 'ank 'il(rh among
the smaller colleges this '-.. Dkhl.
captain of this jear's varsiti, who played
centre last year, will probaMv be at on
nd position, and Wltherspoon will b
shifted from Uckle (o centre. "Dene"
.lones, who was accredited bv r'amp with
making tho longest run on aiy gridiron
last season: with Mylisi and Jrhunl, two
old stars, and Evans, a new man from
Lancaster High, will likely coiiipriia t"0
backfleld. The linemen who look promis
ing are Smith, Wauffaman, Miir nd
Kranklin and Marshall Arademv This
year sent into the college R number of
Tilayers who will ohaso tho star. of Pint
year for their place" The mii ro
Slountr, Ilager, Knrsherff, Wllliam and
Kossler, all of whom wre on t'i prepara
tory school varsity. Other new men ar
llolllnger, from Bethlehem l'rp.; Tttck
rt, Sellaravlllo High; Hibb and Eller,
of Klsklmmetas, and Roberts, from
Thlrty-flvt mn have bean at work tinea
September E, and a fast team wt 1 be
picked from ths equad for the openinc
game, September 5. Th sed'i!, whlca
Is stlffer than usual this season, is: Sep
tember 15, Lehigh, at South Bethlehem:
October 3, Tenn, at Ph!!.Jflph'e October
10, Lebanon Valley, at r.n'-arr ')t .bHr
17, Swartnmore, at Lan 'aster n iu ;;
Dickinson, at l,aneast;r: f). rrfcer 1, llav,
erford, at Have-ford: Xovenioer 7 i'oi
nell, at Ithata, No e'.i'.ter 14 "rsin.i it
Collegevlll": Thark",lving I,v, ij"ttj
bursr, at Lancaster.
, XEW YORK, Sept. ll.-Pasod up as
j a pennant contender weeka ago, tho Rt.
Louis Cardinal' have taken on new life
nnd are again threatening the Boston
Braves and New Tork Giants, National
Leaguo leadeis.
Following their double victory over tho
Reds yesterday the Cardinals are In third
place, only four and ono-hulf games be
hind Staltlngs' leaders.
Coming strong behind the Cardinals
are Ifank O'TJay's Cubs, But one game
separates them from Hugging1 eolior-s,
as they, too, won yesterday, beating the
The Cuba and the Cards, however, ha
a tough battlo ahead in the pumam
chase. Practically all of the remainder
of their eaines are to be played on tl 1
road, while the Iiraves and the cil.mia
will bo at home. '
roach "Alec" Howell has Just an
nounced that he will bo able to devoto
his undivided nttoiitlon to coaching the
Central lllsh eleven. Cnpttiln Stephens,
ilotwals nnd "11111" THiUer in the baek
lli'ld; Knnnakls. Chamber., Ymitic, Wlrk
11 an nnd Kerr for tho line foim the
uiKleUB." The problem of sefiiring a
fourth man for the backfleld, preferably a
good punter, rmiiltis In be solved. Vo."s,
o lat season' scrub, will probably be
iiKllglblo. Armstrong and ll.ickinan, of
the l'M3 freshman team, arc light and In
. - p.-i loneei, ThoiliMH, l'lrinklord lUgh'K
t'ir halfback, ! said to bo a punter of
.ire ability nnd may hav the on 1 1 011
Hi" other men for this reason.
.t Philadelphia High School, which
ti.il I'etitrul High for the lilmbel Cup
..-l ".ir, has lo.st nlmost an entire teinu
tl.iounh grnduatlun. Whetstone, star
iisli'inii'k und nn xi client punier, lia
uutrli ulatcil nt State Colleco and will
be badly missed from the lineup. Ii. ukoff
.ind loiv in tlw bai ktield, ShuaiU nnd
Toll -it mds and Nelms at taelte are
1lkeli i nd lntn to leplace. The Orange
und Blue s-till ha c.iptalh AVagoii
knigbt hi quarterback, Crowell at guard,
and Kill .it end. Devious, who vao ex
pected back this season, has decided to
ent r Tome Tnstltuto, T'nniiIIo i a good
halfback, and the oth"r two batkneld po--Hlons
niuM bo filled by ni'ii fr..m th"
KM', scrub and freshman team. Kli.linei,
.Ma 1 Coim.i.-k l'ulmcr, Stantird ami -;mii
will bo ued to reconstrin t the line
Will Give Manager Chnucc to Lend
Iteds in 1010.
Harry Hen matin seems at lnt lo have
tiegiin to realize that when ti manager
makes good that Is the time to give him
more power and mote cncoutagciuciit.
lather than his relcaso, us In the case of
Hank O'Dny. No 0110 could have tundo
more out of the Cincinnati Reds titan
O'Day during the comparatively short
time he was In Rcdlatul, yet he was sum
marily dismissed.
This season Charley Herzog, the most
elUclent lullelilrr 011 the Tn'cu York Olants
club In niS, has duno wonder. with the
lleds. lie lias almost tiliidf a leal ba'l
club out ot practically nothing. And hla
reward will be another chance In 1015.
Spi.ikitig of his manager, Hriiinutiti
rereiill) said:
"It's a siiro thing Ilerzog will be our
malinger next tcason.
"We are satisfied with tho gctfSs lie
has show 11 as n leader, ultliuiigli wo nVo
not satlsiled with tho position In which
the team I now located.
, "Jlerzng In my opinion Is a leal man
ager, lie will bo In charge again nl
season nnd tilings will happen dining the
wltitrr that will give him good unit' rl.il
to work Willi. We ate sntlslleil that if
lie Ii.t. thn plmers he will build a win
ning ball club "
1 1 1- 1 ,.. .... in, . lsatslMl
1 ij. iy
- Vs.l -
Climax of the Fall Sea
son to Be Witnessed Now,
and Slick Wielders Are in
Their Glory.
time, nnd although It I", V " mf
somo fine scores snouia 00 mmic.
One of tlio most popular tournamc
of tho local season will be played
Tlmrsilav. IVldnv nnd Satuiday at
I'lillndelnlila Cricket Club, St. AInrlli
The Invllatlon tournament of tho I'hi
.lelnhla Crlckot Club for Hie St. Jlarti
cup Invariably draws a record entry a
there I no reason to suppose that lids
year's event will bo an exception to t
In addition to tlio St. Martin's cup, I lie
President's. Governors' ami flayers' cu
will be competed for and in eacn evi
thero will bo a prlzo for the runner-up
Faculty Restrictions Impnir Football
Prospects at Jersey High School.
Football prospects for this Fcnson urn
anything but encouraging to tho t-tudent
body at Camden High School, for IjeMdeu
the handicap ot light, grcn inateilal,
the Faculty Committee has placed cer
tain mstilctlons on tho gridiron candi
dates that are bound to affect the spirit
and "iithusinsm of the plnycis nnd loot
er alike.
Tho most menacing law tecently laid
down by the faculty foiblds all students
to take pait in foothill who hao not
obtain. d written permission ftoiu their
parents or guardian. This will cause
promising llrlckleys to glvo up all Idea
of going out fop the team, us few parents
will bo willing lo assume the entire le
sponslblllty. Strict eligibility rules and the neces
sity of 11 phslclaii'a ullldavit in re
gard lo the health of tin1 student will
als-o bo pl'lllii; factum In liarrortlug down
the siiuiid to a mem handful. TIicm: tit r
tlciilties might In timo be overcome but
for tlio fact that tho majority of the
playeis who base managed to pas-,
through thl "third degrr" laid down
by til" faeultv do not come up to th"
usual i-l.inilurd of Camden High level,-
liolflttg events bate been comlnc thick
nnd fast recently, but this week will wit
ness tho climax of tho fall season. To
morrow thero will be nn event of spoclal
Interest at the Whltomarsh Valley
Country Club which will bo In tho nature
of a curtain talser to tho annual open
tournament of the tiolf Association of
With lis ii&uiil giilieiuslty tho White
marsh Vnllcy Country Club bus put up
?f0 for an amalcur-profcsslonal tourna
iii6itt. It will be n best ball match with
1111 amateur and 11 professional on each
side. All amateurs and professionals of
clubs belonging to the United States Clolf
Aj-soclntluii ate eligible to compete. This
eenl Is quite a novel one and It should
piove decided!) Interesting and, what Is
mote, It will serve as excellent practice ,
for lho.se competing In the clinmplotHiip ;
the nest da). I
In forniei vo.u.s the open championship 1
of Philadelphia was onlv at thirty-six
holes, but till" )oar tho Colt Association
viy wisely di elded to extend it to seventy-two.
Thlrty-sU holes, therefore, will
bo ptnjod on Wednesday and the remain
ing" thirty-six on Thursday. Very liberal
pilzcs have been put up by the associa
tion. Tho winner will recelvo $IG0, second,
SUM: third, S"0: fourth. $10; tlfth, $20, and
slth, f to $100 III prlzo money in all. Cine
thing Is ccttaln, and that Is that the
tournament will tie more liberally patron
ized than in pn"t yenm. Many of the pro
fohsloualK who competed at Spring" Lnko
will be heie. including Walter Hagcn, tlio
open champion; .lames M. Panics, tho
Western champion; Isaac M.-ioklo, the
winner of the Shawnee tournament; .loo
Mitchell, runner-up at Shawnee; Illnier
Loving, of Sluing Lake; I'red McLcod,
of llslllngton: Tom McNntnara, of llos
ton; Herbert Strong, of Innood; Imla
ttlllcr. of Canoe Hi 00k, and, of course, all
the local profe.on:ils. The Whitcmarsli
ioure I In line condition at tho preent
An event of crent liunorlaiico will i
staged at tho Morion Cricket CIihi.
llnverford. tomorrow. Wedliesda
'rliursdav. Krldav nnd Saturday, win)
the annual competitions for tho Intrt.
colltglato tennis championship will 1
played. Last year Princeton sprang
big surprise by wlnnlmt ihe Isaac I
Clothier cup outright, but tuts year 11a
vard should experltncc 110 dlfllculty !
winning tho new trolihv for tlio fir:
time. Represented b.v R. Norrls Wl
Hams, Id. tlio national singles clmmploFi,
it Is dinicull to Imagine either Yalj.
Princeton, the University of Pcnns.u
vnnU or any other uiilwrslir or collegp
rtondliig a ghost of a chiinee iiBaiii.-t
llnnaid. Wllllama I a I'hlladclphlan
nnd this fact nlotio Is sine to nttrac
a big attendance ul the Met Ion Crlckc .
Club each day. Play will t.ilto placi
in both morning and afternoon.
Pitches No-hlt Game
STAMFORD, Conn., Sept. H.-Wllllanl
Walsh, of New Britain, captain of tlirt
Fordham Collcgo football team, pltchns
n no-hlt, no-run game here for Stamford
Stamford beat I'ortchester S to n.
Walh struck out eight playeis. Walsh f
pitching record here this scuon Is li
games won und :l lost.
Bent Brooklyn Soccoiitcs 1
Ni:W YORK, Sept. H.-Witli ,1 make-!
shift llne-uu lu the Held, the Brooklyn 1
soccer team, amateur champions of tho
United States, went down to defeat In an
exhibition gamo at Harrison. N. J., at
tho hands of tho chnmplon West Hudson
In a Ilnely contested battlo by the score of
I goals to 3.
Meadowbrook Club Runner
Decides to Quit the Game
at Which He Has Been So
Successful Other Notes,
Kdillo Hortcr, who for many yeaig h
been this city's leading sprinter anionj
tho local club athletes, has decided to
put away his spikes for all tlmo and tic
vote his attention lo business. Hortcr
was a Btar of tho flint water ftom tlio
very day ho Uied his hand at the running
gamo back In 1W7. His rarer r has tJ(pn
0110 siting ot micccssph from that time.
Titles galore have fallen to the iill 0(
Iho llttlo Meadowbropk boy, but far and
away hla best season wan hi mi",, wicni
as a member of .11 in my Mulligan's
Ccbrgctown University team, ho twlco
turned tho century in 10 seconds flat and
In the "Southern Intercolleglatcs on Homo
wood Field, Baltimore, ho set a now rec
ord of GO seconds for tho tpiaitcr. It still
Iloiier's announcement oC IiIt witu.
drawn I from amateur nthlctlcs will r a
"nil blow lo his many friends.
Tho Meadowbrool- Club will ,.e Tra
Meredith now that the college season Ii
all but under way. However, he gavu
them very small help this summer, for
after equalling Mel Shoppard's record of
1 mln. 21 2-3 sec. for 6C0 yard3 at tho Arti
san games Into In June, he did llm0 or
no running aftcrwnid.
' vsjv;"W ;v
An Offer
So .Hi. ni 11 -ii ;-. hool rtlilinl r
f..r the i.unlj, 1 I'up. Mine Vnilieat Hi
I.s the 011U t'.iin ot the "lilg Cure' t
Yost in Lime-lig'Ut.
Kastcrn eyes are now turninc ton.iid
football 111 the West and toward Ml.iusmi
In particular. Yost begins today hla ?.
ond week of varsltv prdctiee, preliminary
1 to one of tho hardest seasons lie has bad
1 in years, Tenn mt the Malzi and Blue
acatn at Ann Arbor this fall, and nature'
ly Pbtladelphlans will edgerly watch t''
j development of the Wolnne..
j As Mlchican will also meet the frlm.m
eleven In the Harvard stadium on Oetoir
, 31, there Is an added Interest lo the :mik -up
vi tho Michlgaiiderj. Yost baa sevet.d
gaps to fill this season, the most ditrlcjlt
of which Is that left vacant '- the d. nart-
t ure of Halfback,' 'raiff, around whom m n
' of the offensive pla)s wer b'llli last k-p-son.
i, f
From Market Street Wharf
$ I lUU Mill I. 'il a 7 1
lva; Ston Harbor .ia Jlu l Ity a
Ion. 7 30 . 111 mini iet. 4. ineiij-f.
olikU Point I'leunm. TV" a in
until Oct JI. tnr' i.ire
Ml JO Abur I'ik, 0.n l,roie.
W I lUU Long tlranch. tiaimar. 64
Ulit. 7 '.' a. in. until Oct
23, Inclualru
From Broad Street Station
Mr) Ittt UaKlin'.i
ClblUU ill), nrpl
V V J'J !'
V tttlll i n
I 1 - 1
. a n
1 n-
4. .-.,
S2.50 2
CO Rfi "Nc" "' '' ' " Fin
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tluii In vnvU nut1 1 Inolunltliant tluil it
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In quantity the same rule holds
since we are inviting' 2000 Men
and Young Men to share in what
is (without exception) Oak Hall's
GREATEST Fall and Winter
Merchant Tailoring offer.
In time, it ends Saturday, Sep
tember 19.
So great is the response that
every cutter we have is busy
"taking measures."
Wanamaker & Brown
(Merchant Tailors)
Market at Sixth for 53 Years
4r '
JO nilnutw to City Hall' .xr.pMjaal an J rx
cluatv ou 83J f ,Huie.n ' -j n
Iiuaitewix a Tk I 'o "j..i f ,i,.r r
nurili l t"r 1 S i - ,
" ,iy i-.r.i '".nt tnl-t , ,
ul "Louis s. ginsburg
Correctly Fashioned
Stiff Soft
i JKar v-
. KJX UM ,
137 ith Thirteenth Sf '
11' v. a 7 ) Vl
Sam riyfwu
I SBffx Www
I i Mrl Hi
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1 LxnMiA
H M if W
1 IKnfu iNv
1 Il ItUW '
a V mum :vv
Rtr III tiJt K-JLM I li I "A.
teco vcasfrv.j'VSe vVy
'S'VdSKS- s' L
Price and
Cannot be separated;
the one maintains
the other
1 1 at iv why Republics
cost more than .icrugc
Here's a little
brother to the
Republic Stag-
gard Tread The
Republic "WM"
Tread Tire.
He's built for
small cars.
He's a specialized
He's high grade.
He's medium
Try him.
FA' SEC 5 ..
328orth Broad StreeJ
Are You Going to Advance
With Increasing Prosperity?
This country is awakening- to its great commercial
opportunities. An enormous world-trade awaits us.
This means substantial advancement to the young man
and young woman who are prepared. Are you ready?
Temple University
Will fit you to fill creditably any
position in the commercial world.
export1 fiiicss?niSh r P0rt"gUese amI Sct in toch with the new rush of South American
assured6" ClaSECS !n I,H,ustriaI 5ntl Technical Chemistry, A great future in 'this line U
JlydraSta. lTndS ClaSSC5)' lneMl Sl,rvo,n Rai,rcai1 Construction.
Afivertibing ami Salesmanship Course will lead you to great inerchiuidifaiiiff possibilities
Lollege Course in hustncbs will fit you for any position.
BuISFnrfw6 TV l)rrtunities to bris''t yug men and women,
a business man Sid .nJS fPV,g' A,ccounti UnB, Realty ami every other LmikIi
a business man should master. Let us show you how to increase your earning capacity.
Photic or call today for catalog M-19. b l
Day and Evening classes just beginning. Office now
!!, eiidtr aay or evening, for registering Bludentt.
i ii n
Ii elow Berks I
'M " "iaJJBfc'" II llllllllll lil-Minniii Lu i ' fir f Wvr , M

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