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" ilia
vPUIiV ''W&&&Viiiwf
?5'JHB5JWRi- "ft "
Tells Amazing Story of the
Ease With Which He
Was Able to Buy Nerve
Destroying Substances.
Tttt'tit-four Iioiim mn of n polios l
p. Uoy of 19, pal, tliln urnl 1wrtll nblr t
ilrnj? one foot after the other, told tntim
hovf lipJlool to lining cncalho Mid hrmm
mill ttlint Hip limit have itonp to lilm in
tlto two j-jui-.i hi- hns hpen their vlr'n i
William SclmffT, vt: olive nwi, i t
boy. tlo un" arroi-'p' tn n dinopju.
character. Mnslti-ntc rao.i , at ti
Ktcventh and Winter strocU ettttlun n. '
him his freedom etrdn. Toda; in- i
Kins Ills llRlit iiffnUist the dnlB.
Heliuffcr li a JliiXfii-hnliod youth w
wns fairly eturtlj In the lnya be fur '
lipRaii exporlmontlnp with hproln. n
weighed about HO pounds then. T.'lo
Ills weight Is down to 120 and the cK Mi
lt o wears are slies too lnrsc, tlioiiBh , u -tlroy
fitted him. His head nana Mkl'
and Up lias trouble milking more than a
low steps.
Sclmffor has bpn tf.itiM twice f"i ''i
drug Imblt. Once It was in thd Ho 1 . f
Correction, whcie lie srmnl throe nu'iit i
nttor stealing from a di-purtment toro t"
Rot money for tho ditifi". A month .ism
lio wna dlsolmrci'd as cured from tin
i'hlladelphla Hospital.
"But you can't keep away from it
nround lier," Schaffor explained, as lie
told his story "I kept away from the
drtigD two weelis and then tno mon held
fcomo heroin before me. 1'vo been prcttj
bad pi tiro then."
Ills bolne "pretty bad ' ie.ulted .n an
attack of heart failure, which caused his
irroit. When Patrolman McKenn.i, of
tlin Eleventh and Winter streets station,
found that Schaffor was not drunk, the
boy was sent to the Hahnemann Hos
pital and then back to the police station.
''1 had u close can. ' said Sehaffer. '
was filled with heroin and cocaine all day
and a convulsion got me. That's the wuy '
they till die." he added, slinking his head,
, I
Doctor Levin, Here to Raise
Fund for Destitute in
Palesine, Says Crisis
Was Needed to Arouse
He is a cousin of Israel Kretchmer,
321 Reed street, and was recently ad
mitted by the Czar of Russia to the
Holy Order of St. George for bravery
in battle. He is the first Jew to be so
Sehaffer can ileur up the mv.stery that I7,.-.,. MJkiKi C n II1,.
-il Ulllltl 1 Ml 11 1131 JClO 1 1UI)
surrounds the mailing of lT-j ear-old co
calne fiends.
"Hard to get cocaine Well, I should
say not" ' ho uNclulmoU. "I never luid
any trouble buying all I wanted when I
had tho money. Did they mind selling to
a boy? They did not. I could show ou
a good many drus stoies where you cun
buy II niw. But most of It conus fr-rni
tho cocaim peddlers.
"I started takint; drugs just about two
yoars- aso. 1 used to stay around a pool
room at Eighth and Vino stieets. Tim
fellows In there asked me if 1 didn't want
to try some heroin. So 1 did. 1 took it
overy day tor a month and then 1 thought
I'd stop. Hut couldn't."
The only times since then that tho
Scliafter bov has lived without drugs have
been the periods Just following his re
lease from hospitals.
"I worked for some chemists at Eighth
and Collnwh'.lt streets when I flist began
Using the stuff." Pchnffor went on. "But
1 couldn't nold em long after tue habit
sot me I started taking one tablet of
one-sixth of a grain a day. Saturday X
took 33 tablets.
"Of course, 1 didn't always have money
to buy htroin. I used to steal things from
department stores when I needed money.
Onco you get the habit you can't go more
than three or four hours without heroin.
"I used to take little tilings from the
counters and I never sot caught. 13ut
Inst march I picked up some Jewelrv and
mey caugnt m out on the sidewalk
Order of St. George for
Saving Flag in Battle
lAi'.spieuous liravey on the tleM of bat- I
tie wi:r. he saved a Itussl.in standard,
has won for Leon una, a former leader
tniong Nihilists and cousin of Israel
Kietcnmer. .121 Heed street, Philadelphia,
the much coeted ndmlttan' e into the'
Holy Order of St. George. He Is the flist '
Jew to l,e so honortd.
Regaruless of his cousin's Nihilistic
principles and former activity against the !
Government, according to Ktetehiper. '
who told the story today, osmis wan
admitted to the Holy Order ! no less j
a person than the Czar himself. He was I
decorated following the Mttie Father's
manifesto to "My Beloved Jew." The
action In which Dunns distinguished him- ,
self took place In the East Prussian i a i.- j
Kt'etshmor said today that his cus.n
Schuffer was sentenced to three mom h. ' '" on S J" uld' "d "s tl"! ' "'"
in the House of orreetlon for thnt. He
was released on June 5 and then got work
b a mechml-.
It Slimnrjahu Ievln, member of tho
I 'tt llusslnh Douina nnd a leading Zion
ist is in Germany, and who was stranded
h this countiy, is hero nnd will be the
t iineiuat speaker tonight, nt a mass meet
I'ift nrranged by the Zionists for the pur
V,se of railing a fund for the Jews In
i ikitine. who ate suffering starvation as
" uti't of the Eutopean war,
i 'scar Straus Is the Initiator of the
i .iiement to raise Ji'O.OCi), and t.ouls V.
Kramiel. the noted lloton lawyer. Is the
i n.ilnnan of the National Committee. Tho
Litter also will be here tonight to address
tne mass meeting In Musical Fund Hall.
Pr Solomon Soils Cohen will be chair
man of the meeting, nnd many of tho
n ""t prominent Jews In the city arc ox
,it.'d to attend and contribute.
'I hi- Is the llrst of a series of meeting?
t i.it will be held In the lending cities of
Uner'ia wheto the attitude of the Jons
toward the war will be dlsctlsed.
"1 do not care to dl.'ciias the tiuestlon
as to who is right and who Is wrong In
this war," said Dr. Lsin. "Nor do 1
hold that public opinion Is always right.
, Thnt is a separate question, "What I do
wish to point out, however, Is how far
the nations are forced, when they find
j themselves In a dangerous position, to
j take Into consideration the power of the
j world's opinion. You may go contrary
, tn it in times of petite, but when a catas
trophe conies, on becomes more pliant,
I because the entire world sits In Judg
I ment, and history may come to collect
' old debts.
As an example we see that even the
eminent has suddenly be-
e and u.ive to the fact that
Jewis'.i soldiers are sacrificing their lives
in this war. This war was necessary In
nrdr to open Its eyes to see that seven
million Jews in its domains arc also
human beings. At present, however, the
Itiiflan Government Is making onl
promise', and these under a 'blind ad
dress.' She has them announced through
anonmous sources in Copenhagen. But
this Is characteristic of war times. Even
the great bear has bestirred itself and
begun to heed public opinion."
Speaking of the attitude of the Jews
throughout the world to the war, ho
"But as the Jews are scattered through
out the world, and they must tight
brother against brother. It Is quite hard
to apportion their sympathies. It is al
most commendable that Germany is not
angered with the KusMan Jewish sol
diers, and Russia with Its German and
Austrian Jewish soldiers. England, how
eer, desires greatly that all Jews who
are not taking a definite side In the war
should sympathize with England and
with England's caut".
"It appears strange that at this time
there Is no united Jewish public opinion
jn the present war. The Jewish opinion
i greutly scatwea because the Jewish
nation is scattered."
Dr. Lovin also spoke of the terrible
conditions in Pa!etltic as a result of the
war. Palestine is dependent for Its ex
istence upon the rest of the world. And
when the icst of the world Is at war
there is nothing left for the Jews In
German Overtures Bejected nnd King
Albert Will Stand by Allies.
PATHS, Sept. H.
It Is reported here today that Germany
Is already making overtuies Jo Belgium
for nn agreement whereby. In return for
certain concessions, the war between Bel
glum and Germany can be ended, but
that her suggestions have been brusepjely
General Von der Gollz, who was named
by the Kaiser ns the military governor
of Belgium, after Germany announced the
annexation of the captured territory, has
been In Antwerp. He went there. It Is
slated, under a. safe conduct and pre
sented a definite proposal, the nature of
which wns withheld. In view of the
agreement between the allies, the Bel
gian Government positively refused to
consider any proposals of any sort from
the German nrmy from the Olso Val
ley will be obliged to converge on tho
same area nnd may bo obliged to pass
through tho neck of a bottle In notth
France whllo being attacked from all
Their rapid retreat shown the Germans
were unable to bring up reserves In suffi
cient numbers. All this Is borne out by
yesterday's communique referring to the
general retreat between the Olse and the
Manic nnd Atgonnc.
Hemmed in On Three Sides
by Belgians, French and
British, Retreat Lies Across
Difficult Country.
LONDON, Sept. 14.
Hemmed In on three sides of the dis
trict Known as the forest of Aigonne,
a German army Is today In a serlouB
predicament nnd awaits either capture or
On their front are the victorious squad
rons of British cavalry, to their left, on
tho east, are the strong forts of Verdun,
with their formidable garrisons, while on
their right to the west are tho rapidly
approaching army of Belgians. Only
to the rear lies safety, and tho nature of
the country Is such that a rapid retreat
means a virtual tout.
The only source of supplies for this
army Is their base of Elcge and should
the Belgians appear in sufficient force
evea this thin ltuu of communication will
be broken.
The loss of the line of communica
tion will probably apply to tho German
army In a day or two's time. WIipii it
does apply the German retreat will have
become a disaster greater than Leipzig.
Every official report goes to show how
I sound Is General Joffre's plan of leading
I the invasion further and further away
rrom tneir Dasc.
The German army in Franco will bo
obliged to communicate with Its base
through Namur and Liege and the Meuse
and across Luxemburg. There will then
Emphasis Placed on Native Designs
nt Strnwbrldge & Clothier's
The war's embargo on Imported fash
ions has given American modistes oppor
tunity to show capacity for originating
their own. Demonstrations of this capa
city was tho main feature In the fall
opening of costumes nnd gowns shown at
Strnwbrldge & Clothier's this week.
While ninny of tho designs reveal the
Paris Influence, the greater number nre
by American women who are expected
to rank among fashion authorities of
the future.
Among the stunning street costumes
shown Is one fashioned of taupe broad
cloth combined with inolo cloth nnd
skunk fur. Tho "Ameilcan" touch Is
noticed In the tunic, falling over n mole
foundation. At the front and back this
Is of kneo length. The front and back
are caught by a cord. Tho wholo Is
edged with skunk fur. The broadcloth
Jacket has a bolero of mole cloth nnd Is
made In shawl effect at the back.
Another creation for nftcmoon or eve
ning wear Is of midnight blue velvet.
The novel feature heie Is Urn gatheied
skirt, held in place In high wnlstllne
effect by a Jet cord. The wnl3t of this
costume U fashioned of lose, embossed
velvet, nnd tho kimono sleeves nre
draped In to form a part of the skirt.
Tho neck Is finished with feather trim
ming In blue and pink. Over this Is worn
n rich cloak of midnight blua velvet,
made with a deep yoke nnd hood effect nt
the back. The lower section of tho coat
Is made with a pronounced flare.
Greek lines are brought out In nn eve
ning gown of jet over a foundation of
black tulle. The tklrt extends above tho
waistline and the bodice Is fnshlo led of
flesh colored tullo with shoulder 'traps
of crystal beads. A single pink ros with
long stems is arranged nt the side
Carries 1 59 Nurses and Doc
tors Who Sacrifice Finan
cial Benefits in Enlisting
Their Services.
of at one time being one of tht fore- ' Palestine except starvation,
most Nihilists In Russia. Ills lion.e if !
I wua getting along all right." said
fichaJfer. "I didn't go with the old crowd
and I thought I had won.
. . "But one night down at Eighth and
Vine streets 1 met a fellow named Hart
man. He held some heroin under my
nose and th?n 1 lust had to buv it. They
sell twu tablets for a nickel. Slm.e then
I have been taking 25 or Zi tablet a
In tho city of Vilna. siix yenrs agj I.e
was arrested for having in his posstsi m
what th Kusslan Government loimj
ered to be Improper literature. Fur this
he was sentenced to serve o term In im
Tout ma. in Vilua.
usnas U the on of a ealth .;,
After receiving his early education .ti the
Sehaffer says h has taken heroin fr ' sehoolii of his native city he contli u-d
the last. "I'm scared. ' he declared. I his scnoollng at Pans. Jews, it is- ui.l.
know what happens and they nil die when ' are not allowed to persue higher studies
thny get like I am I'm going to stop." j in Russia.
Sehaffer thinks getting out of the city I After two yeurs at Pans he via u-allod
to a farm Is the best way to ke-p from I to P.ussin tu serve in the ttimy. He
1J line more drugs. i gon-ej eBht months unl was i Pleased to
?? -r i "i10" , l ROt"" h ' return to Paris for study. At that time
nskeu. I dun t know where t rim co I h ......i ... ,.,.m t.. a..,-i..,. ...,.i .....
'Sure. I kn.iw lots ,,f u.h. r oung Mlow, hi. V, .Ji.. .. r,.i IV ?' ... "' -
the dealt ed visit. Kretchmer dissaad-d
who are taking drugs. How olii are tV
Oh. 16 nnd 1? and sotre voungei Any
one cun buy the stuff if they know where
to go."
Jloosevelt's Evidence Quoted in Let- ,
- ter Clearing All Belligerents. ,
I.oS'IiON. Fs i !( !
V. C. Selus, th- famous "big cam
, hunter. In a letter tg the Eondon Time
says legnrding the a, et.sa.tion t
Kaiser charging the a!. its wit i 'u'r
di-rn-dum bullet and the like count. -charges
against the .rrnns.
"t think in all probability both th
s.lles and their antagonists have been
Innocent of the charges made against
thfm In this respe.-t. The serious ragged
wound ktlpposed to hu been catue.!
by bullets which had ber, purpose.'
tampered with ha mo.t likely ben due
to Ue 'act. which I believe is not gen. j
'rally Hrown, that the new pointy bul. j
let itself (a German Invention now for '
the flrat time Uelns employe! in warfar J
in western Kuropei inflicts at ah.rt
ranees more urif-vous wounds than an
form of solt-nosed 'ipandlr.g bullets
"In 1910. n his journes through Brit
ish Ent Africa and the Sudan. Mr
TCooaovell used for all game, except Tie
very heaviest, an American rifle, taking j
an insiivqii military cartridge wmeh H
loaded. HKe our own military cartridge;.
Willi a soli4 nlcfceleover4 pointed
"These solid, pointed railtar bullets.
1F. HoosBvelt tld me. infuteJ more
grievous wounHs than any bind of j.
jaanding bullet he had previously ui4
for big game shooting "
Heavy Floods Cause Epidemic and
Scores Are Dying.
TOKIO. Kept. 14.
According to reports made public by the
Admiralty toda.v, the heavy floods about
Tlng-To rune caused an epidemic of
dUe' among the soldiers of the Oer
huiii ttariisou there and scores arc dying.
It is ofiliialb stated that reports uf
trouble with tin- i'hiuce on Shantung
PttiiinauU are untrue the Japanese hav
ing ben iiilrii le.i lo i on (.ti s.ite the
natives (or am liamage iauscj I mil
tary operations,
A Japanese alatur flew utoo Tsu g
Tau on Sundaj aiididrxppeU a bomb nm
the Headquarters I Commandant Wal-
mm, iinu young wuu r.'inniiieu 'j, vt una.
When the call f r volunteers was made,
according to Kretchmer jounij O.-nas w.n
one of the fiist to enlist in th- army fol
lowing the order .,f mojiIUatio'i ith
otheis he was sent to the nolur.h.n t .,.!
i.f Eat Prjssia. where tie ai a at
that time expected t i entie It wia l.. r
.n t . la e of lnns flrli j a"d at t
ut i x life. ! caw.i ti . -: ir- '
'Pi T.ent
Socialist Lecturer Blames Party
Member for His Arrest.
A fugitive from Justice In Chicago,
wh-re he in said to have abandoned his
wife and child mnnthi ago. Julius Deupel
baum, 510 Pine street, well-known speaker
on Socialistic topics, was arrested here to
day, and taken back to i-hlcngo by &
ti'tues. Tho police say Dtupelbaum's
whfreabouts wero betrayed by another
Deupelbaum showed considerable feel
ing acalnst tho man who reealed his hid
ing place. He said tho actions of his
brother Socialist wo-ild not caukc him ti
eh.itige his feeling toward tho "party
"Because there Is one scoundrel in it,
J shall not think less of my political af
filiation," he said
BfKFAfvO, Sept. ll.-Pire which started
to lay In a crjde oil still of the Atlas
workb of tho Stardard Oil Company here
threatened the destruction of the entire
r.""',0"i plant Tl.r flames spread to
thiei other still each containing KXO
a:f - of cruoe oil.
About Quality
THOUSANDS of Philadelphia's most
discriminating buyers of supplies for
the home table depend upon
This has long represented the very
finest quality obtainable
Absolute purity
Courteous and prompt service
And the lowest possible prices
There will not be the slightest deviation from this
W are giving and will continue to give our patrons
all possible benefits of our many years of experience
in imi,oi'liiiji, itiiiimfartunng and selecting the most
delicious Food Products.
And we talue Hie cuiiiidence of our patrons immeasur
ably more titan tt mporary atnuational jirofits.
Isn't there a satisfaction especially at this particular
time in buying your home supplies where you know
the same Square Dealing Applies to all?
Ackers Weekly Out Today
IT contains many seasonable suggestions and 2?
specials. Did you receive a copy?
You Are Invited
to call at the Demonstration Booth in the Quality
Shop, Chestnut at 12th. and try the Franco-American
ReadyMaid Soups.
PhoHe to A' ! i o II (ttfona Pan Your Door.
Fmley Acker Co.
Acker Quality Shop
Chestnut at 12th
Terminal Store
Market at 12th
Old Homestead
Eighth fib. Arch
Prisoners Iteport Kniser's Funds Ex
hausted nnd Food Is Scarce.
A dispatch from Pctrograd says that
2."i00 Russians have arrived ! wny of
Finland. They were captured by tho
Germans In Kast Prussia and wore lib
crated, they state, because the German
exchequer Is exhausted.
The Russian Government has rushed a
commission of engineers to the leccntly
occupied town of St. Put, in Gnllcia, to
study the hesl meant for utilizing the
be danger of Inextricable disorder, as i Austrian petroleum supply to meet the
wio ueriHuii army irom ueigium anu shortage of naptha In Russia
NKW YOniC, Sept. H.-Tho Red Cross
left her anchorage In Grnvescnd bay
thortly after C o'clock last evening and
slutted on her mercy mission to 13u
lope. Heforo (J o'clock sho had passed
Sandy Honk, and In tho absenco of In
formation to tho contrary local ofllclals
of tho Red Cross assumed that sho would
proceed to Falmouth, England, which Is
to bo hor first stop.
Hcforo sho left Qravesend Bay Cap
tnln Armlstead Rust received Instruc
tion from 'Washington that Rear Ad
miral Aaron Wnrd, U. 8. N retired,
would tnlte charge of tho ship at Fal
mouth. Admiral Wnrd Is now In London.
From Falmouth the Red Cross will
proceed to Havre, where nurses and
supplies will bo landed. It Is not the
purpose of tho United States Government
to hnvo tho ship tlo up In any port, hut
to lie about half n mllo from tho piers.
Nobody hut tho nurscfl nnd physicians
will be allowed to land, and theso will
be nccompaulcd by olllccrs of tho ship.
"Everything possible has been dono to
keep the Red Cross within tho strictest
lines of neutrality," said Mies Mn)
Honrdman, secretary of tho Red
Society, shortly before the ship puj
to sea. "I do not look for -any morl
jecllons "
Sho called attention to tho fact
of tho 153 nurses and physlelan.i
had accepted salaries, guarnfHcecUi 11)1
lien i rose, consiuernniy smaller tnv
would receive at home, Nurees
paid $00 a month Instead of the re
One thousand more stretchcr.i nnd lil
pounds of absorbent cotton were atj
to tne nircnay uig cargo ot medical i
piles in tho ship a hold,
Miss Honrdman announced that she
begin Immediately tho organization e(l
citizens committee to increase t
scope of Red Cross work! Mayor Mltj
will be '.'hnirmnn or this committee.
to yesterday the fund of tho' New 1
State Rtnnch of the American Red CrJ
wns JllU'soVU Jacob H. Sclitff Is ir,J
Frtrk Mnnftfrement's Attorney TrtM
Isos Campaign in Legislation,
A campaign for Sunday baseball iJ
other amusements on the Sabbath, '(J
prohibited by tho Blue Laws, will i
begun by tho management of 'Woodi
Park, nccordlng lo a statement nt
this morning by tho nttorney for
management, William A. Gray, atlti
number of employes and managers oft
park wero fined $5.D0 each by Maglitn
Ronshaw In the Central Police Sbul
fur operating tho amusement at the pi
on Sunday.
Mr. GrnV said that the manngementj
the park would get In touch -with the tfl
baoeball clubo and prominent nmusrnel
concerns In the Statu and bring befoJ
tho next Legislature n proposal to smjri
the Uluo Lawn In n, way which woil
pimit certain amusements, lncludy
baseball, on sunaay.
Mann & Dilks
iio2 Chestnut Street
Our importations of Fabric ''Washable) Gloves, Under
wear, Hosiery, Neckwear Silks, Etc., have been received,
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Importers or UNDcnwrAn.HosiEnY.Gi.ovES.CRAVA'rs.
Store hours, until further notice, 8.30 to 5.30.
Founded 1837
"Worth Makes the Man, amid Want off It the Fellow"
Just so: In fts ,.,,, may ie secn ljl(Jt -..,;-, differentiates this store from others. Having enjoyed for
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Current Prices
Early 'preparations for this sale enabled na to avoid the
present conditions of high advances in price. The prices quoted
here are the same tn proportion as former September Sales,
CHIFFON TAFFETAS, for dansant frocks, a soft, lustrou?
quality, in colors of Nile, Pink, Light Blue, Maise, Old Hose,
Mauve, Dutch Blue, Peach, Apricot, White, Ivory, Marine,
Navy, Brown & Black. 36 inches wide, Sale Jje .ii
CREPE DE CHENE with the desired weight for afternoon and
evening Frocks Colors, White, Flesh. Light Blue. Canary,
Apricot. Nile. Lilac. Turquoise. Elephant, Taupe, Tetc de
Negre, Prunelle and Black. 40 inches wide, SaleT g,,!
SATIN DE LUXE, the Satin suitable for all purposes Colors,
Ivory, Ciel, Turquoise, Coral, Taupe, Old Blue, Bottle Green,
Plum. Navy. Seal, Corn and Black. 36 inches jg , j
wide, Sale Price C yd.
CREPE POPLIN, for street wear. This will be the favored weave
of the season in dark colors, such as Navy, Copenhagen,
Hunter Green, Purple, Mole, Tete de Negre, 6i (The . j
Gray and Black. 40 inches wide, Sale Price.. .. Pi'y ?
TUB SILKS, in the heavy shirting quality 58c ycj.
Other interesting silk alucs for Misses' Dancing Frocks. On
account of the limited quantity in Evening Shades we cannot
lend samples.
An extensive assortment of Children's and Misses Dresses. Ap
propriate for school and parties in all the correct materials
lor the season serge, wool plaids and crepe plaids, challis,
cliarmcuse. crepe de clieue, cotton crepe, voile and batiste.
Loats of chinchilla cloth, cheviot, velour and corduroy, in
navy, brown, green, white, rose and corn.
TABLE CLOTHS & NAPKINS of beautiful round designi.
uuest or regulation sues. I luck or fancy weave TOWELS,
Irish Linen. v
Hemstitched Damask LUNCHEON CLOTHS & NAPKINS to
Madeira or Lace-trimmed LUNCHEON SETS, 6 & 10 inch
Doylies with 24 inch Centrepiece to match.
DECOKm WE LINENS, beautiful assortment of Lace-trimmed
& Madeira Luncheon Cloths, Centrepieces. Tray Cloths,
Doylies. Buffet. Bureau, Dressing Table and Chiffonier Scarfs
of exquisite design and workmanship.
FALL BED COVERINGS. Down & Wool Filled Comfortables,
coered with silk or sateen, of season's newest colorings.
BLANKET. White Bed Blankets, of fine soft wool, for single or
double beds.
kiiaHHHjk;'" X
t Navajo Art Craft Wool BLANKETS, of exquisite deeigns.
1 126-1 lap Cijegtnut tveet

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