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vTl'S WWilr
tured from the French, and that 40,000
prisoners and a largo number of guns
had fallen Into the hands of tho Germans.)
LONDON, Sept. 15.
Alt London Is elated at tho news,
received from Dleppo, that General
von Kluk and 14,000 men have been
cut off from the rest of tho German
army and wero forced to surrender.
It la considered certain that tho Hrlt
Ish troops under Sir John French par
tlctpated In the capture.
Tho report was doubted at flrst be
cause of the small number of prison
ers, but It Is pointed out that the army
of General von Kluk was on the ex
treme German right on Septembers and
tho largo army which ho had under his
command when he was tho right Hank
of tho huge wlnpr the Germans made
toward 1'arls. That this army, driven
back by forces to Its south itid west,
poorly fed and weak from lack of
sleep, had dwindled Until 11,000 repre
sents Its number, or at least Its main
body, la rit'lly Credible.
With retreat through northern Ilol
glum cut off and their line of commu
nication along the railroad to Nomur
from niieims threatened nt Mezleres by
tho French Sixth Army from the west.
that It has stood the brunt of the rapid the Germans are today concentrating
pursuit by tho Anglo-French troops. In
tho last few days Von Kluk's troops
havo been hastening up the northern
aide of tho Alsne lUver In an effort to
avoid being cut off, and to reach tho
armies under General von Buelow and
Goncral von Hansen
During Its entire flight It has been
harried by tho British troops and the
new French army, which has formed
on the British left. Itepm- of ?
oners captured and or enornii us losses
In killed and wounded since Sept mher
6 will account for a largo number of
In the legion covered by the head
waters of tho Klver Alsne, west of the
forest of Argonne.
In the stand there, which the latest
accounts lead one to believe has al
ready begun, will be combined the
nrmlna rf ftnmirnl vnn Tltlplmv. nf G,n- !
eral von Hausson nnd that under
Grand nuke Albreeht of 'Wurttem
burg. Tho left of this concentrated force
Is In touch with the army of Crown
Prince Frederick Wllhelm before Verdun.
WASHINGTON-, Sept. 15.
Tho French War Ofllce today sent
to the French Umbnsy In Washington
official news of tho occupation of
P.helms as the headquarters by one of
, the French armies, and of the aban
donment by the Germans of their at
tack on the fort of Troyon on tho
Mouse. The advanco of tho allies was
The dispatch read:
"On tho 13th our offensive movement
was continued along tho entire front.
Montdldler and Hoyc, on our left
wing, have been occupied by the French
cavalry. From Amiens tho German
forces are retiring toward St. Quentin
and Peronne.
"These forces were defensively or
ganized yesterday to the ast of
Rhelms on the lino of the old forts
Nogcnto-r.'Aliesse, Vltry nnd Bremont
The headipiarters of one of our nrmles
were est.it'. hed today In the city of
"Tho German troops In the Argonne
were yesterday north of a lino from
Trlancourt to Issancourt, having aban
doned the attack on the Troyon fort
of the Meuse.
"Last evening French Lorraine had
been completely evacuated by tho
Germans, who wero withdrawing to
ward Paarbourg, Dreuze nnd Chateau
"In Galicla the fighting that has been
going on for ten days ended in a grent
success for the Russians. One hun
dred guns, 30,000 prisoners, including
300 olllcers. were taken by the Rus
sians from September S to 10. On the
wholo front the Austrlans are retiring."
BORDEAUX, Sept. 13.
The French War Office afternoon an
nouncement declares that at no point
have the Germans been able to make
a serious stand against the pursuing
French columns. They are giving bat
tle, chiefly In the nature of rear guard
actions, covered by artillery, but It is
plain that the objective of the Ger
mans Is to reorganize their scattered
columns and attempt a defenso In the
Intrenched lines prepnred by tho sap
pers north of the Alsne.
Meanwhile, the allies havo taken
many prisoners. Entire regiments are
reported to havo been cut off from the j
held out with a bingle exception. Tho
Germans have been endeavoring to
smother the Verdun forts as, with that
strong point in their hands, they would
control the main lino of railway cast
and west and would bo able greatly to
relieve the pressure at various points
to tho west.
It is officially stated, however, that
tho efforts of the Germans have proven
a failure, and that the main columns
of the Crown Prince's army are now
being forced toward Stenay and Lux
emburg. It Is not believed hero that another
decisive battle Is possible for several
days. Tho Germans are short of am-
maifr retreating columns and captured. ' munition and they will havo difficulty
So awlft has been the pursuit of the I reforming their exhausted army. Their
British-French forces on the left that ' rear guard, however, Is putting up a
at some points the pursu!g column, strong defonse, and it may bo able to
rushing along paralleling roads, have withstand the efforts of the allies to
been able to reach the crossroads ahead I break through tho lines and separate
of the Germans and cut them off and . Its units.
compel their surrender. The total
number of tho prisoners has not yot
been reported to headquarters.
That tho army of the German Crown '
Prince Is being hard pressed in the i
effort to drive It north and thus re-
lievo Verdun Is known hero. j
The Germans tried to envelop tho
seven forts that Ho between Verdun '
and Toul. These, however, have all j
U Is declared here that Important
developments may be expected from
Belgium In tho near future. The Ger
mans are withdrawing all of their
forces from tho west nnd the evacua
tion of Brussels is reported.
Continued successes are reported
from Lorraine, whero two French
armies ore reported to be advancing
uii Raarburg
BERLIN. Sept. 15. Prince had an Interview with the
The following official announcement ' French commander, during which the
was given out this morning by the
General Staff:
"In the western theatre of war tho
right -wing of our army has been en
gaged in heavy but undecisive battles
The French, who endeavored to break
through our lines, were victoriously
"At other points where there hai
been fighting no decisive results hava
been reached."
Th efforts of the French to break
through the German lines and Isolate
come of the armies have failed, It 13
announced. No details of the general
fighting at any point are obtainable
It la learned that, after the surren
r of Longwy. the German Crown
latter tendered his sword In token of
defeat. Tha Crown Prince was furious
because he had been Informed that the
French had used dum-dum bullets, con
trary to the rules of war. Ills face
was flushed with wrath as he grasped
the sword and. contrary to all military
custom, broke It over his knee.
"I must take your sword, but you
fought us dishonorably," said the Ger
man commander angrily. "Your sol
diers used dum-dum bullets against
The French commander denied that
his troops had used soft-nosed bullets,
but the German soldiers are reported
to have found some of these bullet
among the munitions of the fortress.
doog States - General, Queen De
plores Economic Pressure.
-Ja THE HAOUB. Sept. 15.
"In the course of her speech opening the
Btates General to-day. Queen Wtlhtdmtna
declared that the strict neutrality of Hol
land mwt be maintained
Hr Majesty expressed her deep sym
pathy -with the peoples whose countries
land Is bearing willingly the extraordi
nary burden laid on It by the moblllra
tlon that has ben made necessary by
the situation. Holland Is, she declared,
receiving with open arms all the refugees
seeking safety within her boundaries.
Her Majesty emphasized the economic
pressure whlrh has been brought to bear
upon Holland and appealed to her sub
jects to exercise the utmct care to avoid
semblance of favoring any of the belliger
ents in trade, upon the continuance of
are Involved In war. EJie said that Hoi- -which depends the national existence.
p- , -
SrSsr 55&B&i-rr V-: ' PJjMlziS . - 1 . v .1 NEW GERMAN St
- IAFERE sssL-r- Ma"$sJj&iZ-r" J, Sm?50 TilEVES
,5S:Ull?0'V . -"?: GERMAN FORCES S-JO?. f "-If'
llSrt?i5ENLis ''''S-:! I Germans! 33r "NB
jEsCM' u . .VJT ggr, going- c"s'w3r &v vV
sHT r. nrc .CHATEAU Tl? "rtoftVH fpgfa 13 P METZ J?,
i ,3s, !figr- m&yr.m i 'v m
e rolling oack of the German tide that swept all over northern France and south and southeast of the Marnc and Paris itself, almost to
the upper Seine, on September 6, the new line of contact between the German armies and the allies is now practically that of the last weeks of August.
Toward the north and northwest of Paris the Germans have abandoned Amiens and nearby towns, and moving north from their battle line on the Aisne,
have retreated toward St. Quentin. In the centre they have retreated from Rhcims, which they had fallen back to from the Valley of the Marne, and have
given up their positions south of the Argonne, while the French have practically regained the frontier near Nancy and the passes in the Vosges, and have
also retaken some of the border towns in Alsace, near Belfort. At Verdun, B crlin reports renewed bombardment, but the French report the Germans under
the Crown Prince as moving north.
Claims Capture of Several
Corps, Contradicting Re
ports of Russian Success
Near Koenigsberg.
21 Full Trains of War Material Rep
resents Half of Booty.
PARIS, Sept. 13.
Since Saturday, besides a continuous
strtam of taia, motor wagons, private
automobiles and properly equipped motor
ambulances convejlnjr wounded to the
hospitals, Parisians have witnessed the
constant arrival of Gorman war material
captured at tho battle of the Marne.
Twenty-one full (trains of such booty al
ready have reached Paris, and this. Is
said to represent barely half tho total
It is estimated that CO cannon, 30 mi
trailleuses, 40 ammunition wagons and
thiee aoroplnnes havo nlrcady arrived.
I'ultant roars rise from the crowds who
for hours await the passing of the nu-
i :
western concentration camps.
to tho
BERLIN. Sept.. 13 (by wireless via Say- ,,.,,., batches of German prisoners tra
vllle, N. .1.
General IlindenhorK. the German com
mander in East Prussia, has telegraphed
Emperor William that the Vllna (Russian
army), consisting of the second, third,
fourth and twentieth corps, two icservo
divisions and live cavalry divisions, havo
been completely defeated. The Russian
casualties are heavy. The number of pris
oners is lncren.slng, and the destruction of
the army continues. Enormous spoils of
war have been captured.
The Grodno arm has been defeated at
Lyck. it comprised, in addition to the ' Relentless Pursuit to Prevent
and part of tho third Siberian corps. (As
an army aorps consists of 40,000 men It
Is probablo that In the Vilna army there
were at least 1TS.CO0 soldiers and In the
Grodno army about E0.0GO).
This message contradicts ofllelnl state
ments from Potrograd of German dis
asters In East Poland.
Reformation at Przemysl.
Cossacks, Swimming Vis
tula, Fire Provision Ships.
PETROGRAD, Sept. 13.
Swooping across the Vistula River and
striking at tho rear of the Austrian
army, struggling to save Itself from an
nihilation, Russian troops have destroyed
a largo part of tho comtnltsary supplies
of tho enemy, according to an olllclal
Tlw battle took plnco near Goldapp I announcement made here today. Tho
It was olllcially announced today that
General Rennenkampf had defeated the
Germans In a 10-hour battle In East
Prussia and driven them back toward
Koenlgsbors with heavy losses.
(eight miles cast southeast of Koenigs
berg) and was fiercely contested.
Tho olllclal statement follows:
After a steady withdrawal for sev
eral days before superior forces of
the Germans, the Russians received
heavy reinforcements and drove thw
on' my back. Itrforralwr, the fi,o
again took tho offensive and attacked
our positions at Goldapp. They
stormed our poHilions with bayonet
charges In the faeo of a withering
lire, but were repeatedly repulsed
Finally, ufur a bloody conili t that
lasted 10 hours tho enemy rt.tn atn.
Our troops are In hot purbuit. The
victory was due to tho clevtr strat
egy of General Uonnenltaiiipf. who
drew tho enemy's troops out until
they were too weak to overcome us.
In again assuming the offensive in East
Prukbla. fli st lino troops were withdrawn
from the Austrian theatre of war and
tent to the aid of General UmnenUampf.
whoso eolumns ha'e beon hard prosstd.
It Is understood here however, that these
operations are Intcimru ..niefly to huh)
the Germans in Cast Prussia in check
and prevent them being withdrawn to
go to the assistance of the Austrlans.
HERLLV (Ily way of Amsterdam),
Sept. 15.
Qermau advices contradict tho news of
General Hcnncnkampf's successful ad
vance. It Is announced that In East Prussia the
German advance continues and that tho
Russians have now been driven back at
points across their main frontier. The
German forces have taken many piisoners
and nurwrous cannon.
The additional lists of casualties as pub.
Ushed contain no new names of high of
ficers killed.
French Government Already Reorganizing-
Devastated Territory,
PORPEAL'X, sept. 15.
The Government has decided to reor
ganize the departments which have been
evacuated by tho enemy to the north and
east of Paris.
For the people of those devastated re
gions provisions are being shipped dally
by railway and barge, especially n
answer to the demands of the Nlevro
and Haute Vienne A tupp! of cattlu
la also dispatched daily from the herds
which were collected for the possibility
of a siege of Paris.
Russians are threatening tho entire lino
of communication of tho Austrians and
may succeed In preventing them from
i en cat.
Hy their sudden stroke, directed from
Russinu Poland over tho Vistula, the
Russians have compelled tho Austrlans,
i who had fortified positions un the San
' Klver, to fall back to escn being out
I Mnnkpd. The Russians are now crossing
1 the San In force. They havo captured 10)
guns and taken so.ww prisontis.
It i-, mated that tho great mnss of
tho Austrlans who escaped slaughter In
tho lighting that has been in progres
In Eastern Galicla from tho Dniester to
the Russian Poland frontier have reached
the west bank of the San River and are
loformlng. Tfioy will endeavor to hold
the great fortress of Przemysl und tho
railway lino extending northward to
Jaroslav Przemsjl Is a first-class forti
fication filled with supplies of all kinds,
but ll can only prove u rallying point for
the AiiHtrlttiis. as tho Russians are con
tinuing a relentless pursuit.
General Ruzsky Iisb reported to the
War Oillce that among tho troops retir
ing upon Prztmsyl are about S5,W Ger
mans who were sent to help the Aus
trlans. He declares that they will bo un
able to take active part in the fighting
after entering Przemsyl, as he will com
pletely invest that stronghold and prevent
any 'ort es
The destruction of the Austrian supplies
was one of th most heroic exploits yet
accomplished by tho Russian troops. A
company of rossacks swam the Vistula
under the cover of darkness and kucceeded
In blowing up or setting fire to two
stoamboats, seventeen pontoons, eighteen
barges and a largo number of smaller
boats and rafts. The greater part of tho
supplies had not yet been unloaded, but
tho Cossacks completed their task by
burning all the military equipment that
they could find ashore.
Tho blow struck at the Austrlans by tho
Cossacks is expected to have tremendous
effect. Among tho supplies destroyed was
a Brett uuuntlty of ammunition as well as
The Trieste and Trlent regiments which
wero sent to tho front in Galicla have
been decimated, nccordlng to advices
from Rome. Most of these regiments
were mada up of Italians from the Aus
trian provinces that are settled by tho
Italians. The lowest estimate of the
losses of Italians alone is 15.ffl0.
A dispatch to the Central News from
Rome fays telegraphic advices leeched
' theie from J'otrograu are to the effect
i tlmt the seontcn days' battle of the
I Russian against the Auatro-Gcrinan
furce-3 ended with the following result'
prisoners taken. 180,0ft), Hold guns cap
tured 450. fortress artillery captured.
1000 pieces, transport wagons taken, 4000,
I and aeroplanes captured, 7.
Army Is Ready, Fleet Mo
bilized and Coaled Rad
icals Clamor for Entrance
Into Conflict.
ROME, Sept. 13.
Domestic politics and foreign diplomacy
are exerting tremendous pressure against
the Italian Government In tho present
war crisis of Europe, some groups de
manding war and others Insisting upon
neutrality and peace.
Tho committee of direction of the Radi
cal party, at a meeting attended by mem
bers of Parliament, has adopted a resolu
tion cnlllng on tho Government "to con
sider whether tho grave but Inevitable
task Is not Imposed to change from neu
trality to active participation in the con
flict." This resolution Is highly significant nt
this time, and aroused high interest in all
quarters today.
In Its preamble, tho resolution declares
that Italy 'h interests In the Adriatic iniist
bo safeguarded, and that Italy should co
operate to prevent tho war from being
settled In a manner thnt will determine
the predominance of military tendencies.
Accoidlng to the Glornalo d'ltalla, which
has been lukewarm toward tho allies,
there are three groups now playing the
main roleo in internal political affulis. Tho
first of tUese, represented by the Govern
ment and supported by u majority of thn
Constitutionalist party, is fnvornblo to
neutrality until the Interests of the coun
try aro In danger, but meanwhile favors
strengthening tho army.
Tho second group Is represented by
some Constitutionalists nnd soveral form-
i or Cabinet members, including former
Premier Luzzatl. and Socialists, who favor
neutrality to the end of the war, the pro
serving of economic energies, of tho coun
trv nnd tho maintenance by the Govern
ment of Its own system of foreign policy.
The third group consists of reformers,
moderate Socialists, members of the mil
itary clique, radicals, republicans and na
tionalists, who favor tlio abandonment of
neutrality in order to realize tho old as
pirations to redeom tha Italian provinces
on the Adriatic littoral still under foreign
The press Is divided, somn of tbi- pnpor.s
contending for thn Immediate abandon
ment of neutrality. Others oxpress tho
opinion that dissolution of tho present
Cabinet nnd the selection of n nationalist
ministry would throw the Government
Into discard.
In tho nieantlmo. Germany nnd Austria
have not altogether abandoned their ef
forts to have Italy live up to her obliga
tions under tho Triple Alliance. Moan,
while Groat Britain and France havo
made strong representations to the Italian
Government against her participation In
the strife Tho Government Is struggling
with might nnd main to keep at peace,
but sudden developments of an untoward
nature may throw her Into -war any day.
BORDEAUX, Sept. 13.
Prlnco Tasca do Cuto, nn Italian so
cialist deputy. Is quoted today by the'
Temps as follows:
Opinion In Italy l unanimous In do
mandlng tho realization of tho nntl
triple alliance program. Every rtno to
day believes that Italy must absolutely
separate her policy and destiny from the
triple alliance.
"The Italian army Is ready for all
c-ventualltles. Our fleet Is mobilized and
coaled, thanks to arrangements with
England. We aro now neutral only In
appearance. The action of Italy must
definitely turn tho scale In favor of the
triple entente."
Surprise Invaders After Forced
March, Losing One Han,
CAPETOWN, 8. A., Sept. 13.
A force from Cormnn Southwest Africa.
which Invaded Namaciuahtnd. was de- '
feated by the South Afrb-an HIM it '
Stelnkopf Monday and forced to sur
render. The South African itittes ap
prised the Germans after making two
night marches and won the battle with
the loss of only one man killed
Stelnkopf (Kookfonteln) la M) miles In
land from Port Nolotb, on tho west
I coast.
Vienna Asserts Capture of 10,000
Russians and Numerous Guns.
NEW YORK, Sept. 15.-Dr. I-'rltz Flsch
orauer, Austrian Consul, today received
tho following wireless message from
Count Hcrchtold, tho Austrian Minister
of Foreign Affairs:
"Tho battle at Lomberg was successful.
Our forces, which were placed along and
south of tho Giodek road, beat back the
enemy after five days' lighting and cap
tured 10,0(0 Russians nnd numerous guns.
Hut it was impossible to make full usu
of the success because our left wing
near Rawa was endangered by over
whelming Russian forces, not to speak
of new Russian forces mnrchlng against
General Dankl's army and Into tho sec-
i tlon between this urmy and tho LomborK
war theatre.
"On account of the strength of tho
enemy It was found necessary to collect
our nrtulcx. now fighting heroically with
little rest for three days, Into a favorable
position and prepare them for new action."
Porte Heeds Warning That
Aid to Germany Would
End the Independence of
Sultan's Government.
COXSTAXTIXOPLE (by way of Rome),
Sept. 13.
Turkey has finally decided to remain
neutral and will not support Germany,
according to reports current In official
circles here today.
This action was decided on following
a htralght warning from England that
If Turkoy participated In the war it
would bo eliminated forever as an Inde
pendent nation. The news of Frnnco
Ilritlsh victories In the recent fighting
was also a factor.
It Is stated thnt In return for her neu
trallty Turkey will domand that the Pow
ers recognlza her right to abolish the
oxtra-terrltorlnl conventions heretofore
given to tho Powers.
Minister of Agriculture Orders Manu
facture Decreased 40 Per Cent.
LONDON'. Sept. 15.
A dispatch from Rotterdam says that
tho German Minister of Agriculture has
Issued a circular ordering the manufac
ture of alcohol decreased 40 per cent., and
lecoinmending that farmers conscrvo food
supplies by drying potatoes on a larce
Instructions are being given In the
country dHnlits as to the ube of potato
meal fur the manufacture of bread Tho
Minister says that the cereal cron was
not as good as had ben expected
Tile, Slate,
Metal and Slag
Roufs Are Standard
Crescent Compound keeps roofs
watertight for five years, and is
ao guaranteed.
Real Estate Roofing Co,
2343-2349 Wallace St.
U'llPWar im Kevjtone Rata toil
Belgians Force Invaders to
Evacuate Many Cities,
Kaiser's Army Suffered
Great Losses During Retreat.
Brussels has been evacuated by th
German troops.
Alost has also been freed of the
Kaiser's forces and from various other
cities nnd towns held by the Germans
come reports of tho rapid withdrawal of
the Invading forces, who aro rushing to
Join tho main German army, who have
been pushed back to a lino extendlnj
north of Louvaln to Mallnes.
Tho 20,000 troops which occupied Alost,
about 20 miles east of Brussels, Joined the
great force which occupied tha Belgian
capital, under tho command of General
Von Der Goltz, and tho combined army
has taken up a position In tho vicinity
of Louvaln. .
The energetic advanco of tho Belgian
troops will, In all probability, allow them
to reoccupy Brussels In a day or so.
The evacuation of Brussels and nil of
the other towns and cities to the north
and west of tho capital was tho outcome
of a four-day battle, tho extent and re
sult of which was withheld by tho Bel
gium Government until today.
The extent of the Belgian victory over
tho Gormans was so great and Its effect
on tho fortunes of tho Germans In
France so direct, that the campaign h"re
Is cntttlod to bo given consideration a
nearly equal In military Importance to
those In Franco and on tho Russian
German border.
Tho German army of boys and old men.
on whom waB placed tho task of guard
ing tho German lines of communication
through Belgium, wero reinforced by
marines, but they failed to hold the
After a four-day battle, In which the
Germans slowly gnvo ground, they evacu
ated Brussels. General Von Der Golt?,
the German Military Governor of that
city. Issued a proclamation, informing the
people of tho evacuation, thanking them
for their peaceful attitude during the
occupation and warning them ngainst
hostllo acts against the retreating
Tho Belgian military officials nttrlbute
the German retreat to the necessity of
covering the retreat of their other
armies In Franco through the Belgian
and German Luxemburg and by way of
Tho German losses in the last four days
are estimated at not less than 10,000 killed
and wounded.
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