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VOL. 1-NO. a
Stamps to Be Placed on Busi
ness Instruments and Im
posts Levied On Beer and
WVSHIVOTON. Sept. lC.-Chalrman
-nil',Mvn."!. of 111" House Vv'nvs nnd
M(,.lMF omiiiUice. today be-nii drafting
tho Int. mil ipvnmio "war tax" bill
BUllio'i'"1 '' ""' ')'1"()C",llo cimciia to
conuiH-- l '"""" u,x 8"mlnr lo l,inl oC
Bnnnlt-h-Aiii. il.au war times nml liupotts
on i,p.i. win.- ""! tnt.acco to raise ?UC
OOoo" annual l.-.Liiuo needed.
Vntto.UiPtln of tho bill Satin day was
plamipd I.n Mi. Underwood. It piobubl.v
ll bp fnvoniblj icported Monday mid
I,aMccI. und.i a sp.cl.il mlc severely llm
IthiB dilute and offoilng aiiiondmciits, by
tho piuI of lb'1 "rrl-
Hlttei and pi. .longed Republican oppo
tltloii tn l.otti te House and Senate, was
certain m.la. The "war tax," Ucpubll
can lad. 11 ilcilaicd. Is to bo made tho
"paramount Issue" ot tho coming con
gressional il. '-tloiis.
Al-nmi.-nni. nt of the plan to tax freight
three p. r emt. nnd rali-o Income taxes
left tin IH'.iunats in practically unanl
mou MM.ir.l today to paos tho revenue
Tli, ii.-Nv 1 im s will bo Into ''fee1 lm
mudiat.lN upon ..ange of th? bill, which
It Is 1 lipid to 1 Min't bufoto Uctober 1j.
l-'ri-ti't' imalnst tho ptoposed tax
K,. nip I" R.i" '" r,,icl1 Ulu U'"ys illul
Jl.-ms Co.iunlttoo today. Wine producers,
i inert-ill', t-liilm to bo bard' hit. Bank
er!. iu .ib" objecting to tho proposed
Veriipall'.ir tux upuii tlitir mil plus and
capital . ., . .,
Olloi'tini of tin- Nvar lax "at tho
so-wee' 01 pioihKtlon from ninnuiuctur
tr anl tli. ilhcct levy through stumps
up.ui .Miropiil.'l and local instruments,
tt'liu'ia'ii. nui'vs and long distance tele
phone in- s.aM.- will yield lmmedlatu and
iprtaii riNinue, according tho Uetno
ciati Tli st imp tax on documents prob
1,N Hill in- two c tits.
The li ii" r-itie taxation plan Is biiofly
is folio i1-
yiftv 1 i,t .1 barrel on beer, to ralso
Tu li, nuts .1 Million on dry domestic
TUn?. .mil -" letits on sweet wines, to
ka t II ll II II
Ti'.. . .ts .1 gallon on gasoline, to raise I
"Prfictlcnlly All of City's Fire Fight
ers Ilusy for Hours.
PITTSlitnmil, Sept. 1C.-A lire In the
store and wnlehoilso of th.- I.oHan (Irene?
tlardwatc Company, In Sandusky stieel,
early todny caused a loss estimated ut
more (ban $000,000, and nt 8:50 was stilt
MiniliiK. ,
Practically the entire nrcnghllnff force
of tho rlty worked for hours In n stiu
ccssful rffort to keep thu blazo from
Thousands of cartridges exploded and
the air was burdened with the smelt of
burning powder.
Jewels and Letter of Credit Stolen
From Bollvlnn Banker in New York.
XHW YOKK, Sept. R-Dctetttvos of
tho 1'ollco Department benan a sjstc
tnatli: search todny for the lecovery of
Jewelry valued nt 3000 and 11 letter of
credit for $0000, said to have been stolon
Inst Jilftbt from a suite occupied by
Carlos .Ionian Rosas, a wealthy Ilollvtan
banker, and bis wife In the Hotel Seville.
-. upntion" taxes on bankers, 1
i.ur.'h. tli discs, concert hall,!
. bllli.ud and pool tables,
tobacco ninnufncturei
.. , 1, in lnUf. -,.NW.oriO.
siimt.t.v.ui.ti intnniowiiil lnstrnnients.
bnnilN -tin 1., i hickM. telPsrams, etc., to
Mine aboi.t V,,ii 0,1 li..
Believed Russians nnd Gernmns Met
in Sharp Conflict.
l.ONUOX Sept. It!.
Altho'ih It If. acpppteil In olllclnl clr
clis that -i h!i.nr nuvul battlo hits been
foucht in ili- li.iltie, no information oon
tirniii' Up i.iiti'iime Is olitaluablo heio.
riispatiles frmn l tioKind vasuely refer
to the pM-.,.iie of tho Germans In thu
Oulf i,r I'i'ilaiid, and to their bombard
ment nt iiiiiiuti'iti ,! jiosltlons," but they
an' r. mi iii, ,1 i,j iii,. ci'iisor.
Xun.iI . tn rta liera declaro that they
do not '.I li. w- iii,. main Uuisltiii Hoot has
Ifi-n in letiun. They tny whutever IlKht
ln tins loUi-ii place pt nimbly has been
brttu-pii tl.o smaller units of the lleot,
bee-t tn Hi,, nmin O'erman lluct would
lianllv attfiiipt to foiee thu entrance ot
the iJu'r ,,r riiiiami, which not only has
bfi'ii niin, il but I- w.ll protected ftom
tho iiuui nun .iiihutii,.. furtrpsst-H. llut
this n..m!i1 nut pieviiit small Uermuu
(ran ntt. mot m; .1 Uii-Ii in tho hope of
liii-hin- out into tin. open tho Utissinn
'"I t NNhtili h muborLd utidor tho pro
twlbm in t all(1 formications.
All f ti. ii,ft.s rci-vlvpil tiom Scan
(llnavi.m m.iii.i.s tell of heavy tiling In
thu lt.iiti, n, tin) Aland Inlands, but
lip to ti. .., ,lt i,u illsublcd war craft
Uvi. ,
iM'i'ited at any point. Th
fait, ii.nn,. thilt nirlm otllolnlly ad
mits r,,.t f jtrt namt. ueot has be.,11
eiu-.isi.l i, coimiili-ipd siunlllcnnt horo ad
It is tm .unnluly known that tho
UNinian ,,ith s,a tleet is bellUT held
eio.-e t Will.. Inibaifti. duly thu light
iuiher in. 1 ti. ,ii.3troer tlotllhia ur In
I'm "''"'."ihouil ot lU-llfcoland. TliU
itio. ""-'-th to thp lupurt that tho
"a tic n,et has boon mm-meiited by battle
inusira fi,m, tho N'mtb S.-ti sent throuali
hp Ivalmr Vlllni I'Himl.
names Extinguished. With Loss Not
A" oil tank on the property of the
K-i'iisMvunm limlioii.l, it Sail ami Uace
k'f't . NpUiii, ,i tii.ut!; befuro noon tu
d"1 Hiiinli,,!,) uf viiu..tt- In tho vicinity
-i. Lii.lteu
ri" NW.it I'lniaiiilpliui nrt stations es.
J'-!ii.di.,i tin- llutuen. The tow is IWt
k""n ..t ibis ti,1UJ.
CommiMio,, to pt4cut Complaint to
u. b. qfticialsu
b. The lU'lBlati
l-it uiuUt uiul
i' I on Hvvretm')'
t 1 I , st iitiUii I'UtU"
.1 :'tl'ii-ltl.
br. .
H 11 1
i!l'n, S. ,t
I' Ull.nl 1,1
1 I V I I it
I 11
Iii; Tl nvtl-tji lucta.iitttj
Stockholders Meeting Re
frains From Action On
Proposals Looking to Im
provement of Service.
Tho stockholders of the Union Traction
Company, at their annual mcctliiK this
noon, took no action whatever on tho
proposed transit agreement between tho
city and tho Philadelphia Itapld Transit
Company, ns tho tenult of protests Hied
with President Jeremiah J. Sullivan of
tho company by a committee headed by
James C. Bulfour and James M. Fogcl
sntiKer, representing a majority of the
Tile niretlliK was held at the Kishth
and Dauphin streets oltlces of the I'hlla
delph'a Itapld Transit Company and pie
cedod the annual meetlnK of the latter
After minor routine mattera had been
disposed of, and just befoto the elec
tion, It was unanimously decided to
transact no other business after tho 10
poit of tho tollers bad been made. AVhut
little oiinosltlnii tbeto was to this action
Nvas stilled, and tho feNV stockholders
who favoted heeding Director Tailor's
thieat to push the rapid transit iiroutam
on a basis that would Ignore tho Union
Traction Company, did not vote.
J. K. Huekiunn acted as chairman of
tho niretlr.-,' and William J. Shields teo
tetary. The annual reports wero io,id and
approN,d, and tlien amendmptils wero
ndopted t-hunBlUK the piovlslons for tlio
tiatHfer of stock and tho time for mak
ing public tho annual statements.
Ualtiitir and Fouelsanser ciuiled larso
buiidles of tho ptotests to the moi-tlns
with them. Only " stockholdeis attended,
the smallest number in years.
A committee of Union Traction stoek
helileis, hooded by llnlfotir and Kosels
auser. has heen seekint; protests atjalnst
the transit program slneo June 9. They
presented the protests in person to Mr.
Sullivan in his otllce.
The protests were against tho Union
Traction dlrectois becoming In any way
a ptirtv to the city rapid transit pro
ernni. A letter, ptesentcd to Mr. Sulli
van with tho ptot'-sts, said:
"The nccotiiiMinyiin; pai kaK. loutuln.i
.i tsts of tlie I'uieii Tinctloii to Khobl
er.j aKaiust any nettoiv ny tlie dirt etors or
any committee tbeieof olllclally rocosnlis
hih' or otlienN Ise acting upon tho nRXeeniPiit
or p'an between tho city and tho Itapld
Trnntit Company for tho bulldlntr of new
subways, elevated or surfuco lines, or
for the pqulpRi.-nt of tho samo that may
bo constuied as nu Indorsement by tho
Union Traction Company of such u plan
or aRicuueut. or tn elvo lluanclnl sup
port ill iiny way hi tho dovelopmnit
construction or equipment of such ele
vated or surface lines, or that limy re
quite fui the i' tluumial support on tho
part of the Union Traction Company, or
tho equipment or (Menslon of tho lines
now operated by tho Itapld Transit Com
pany." Thu committee refused to Blvo tho num
ber of shares 1 hoy represent, but they
said the protest was almost unanimous.
The Union Traction Cumpauv. at Its
nie.itlnfr. will fneo a virtual ultimatum,
laid down uy Director Taylor of tho Do
pjitment of City Tiatislt bofoio tho
United llunlnens Men's Association in tho
llliiKliam lintel last ulKht. Director Tay
lor declared that the Union Traction Com
pany must elthor ratify tho plan fur
Improved transit fael'itiea or fueo tin)
prospect of high-speed lines, city-built
and Independently operated, computing
with exlstini; surface lines.
Tim Dlioetor also accused Ualfour and
b'ogelsanKer, of "mlsrrpicsriiUnif" facts
in a. letter tout by them to folluw.tocb
holders cone, rutin; tho proposed .1.1 ei
uiont liotwem tha city and thu V. It. T.
Company. Ho served notieo on tno Union
Tiiutlon Company that unless th mock
i.!,lei.s of that company wero willing to
t'lti.ineo the necessary e.Nteiialons to the
proseut sinfaco system, and approve tlio
piotiosed rapid transit progmiu, tho city
would ko ahead with tho transit pro
niain, leuv'n them to pocket all losses
li.im comiiotltlon with tho high, speed
Tho business men of tho city, ut the
meeting labt niicht. unauimously pltulKed
tludr support to Plrectar Taylor In his
llsbt of the Inimidluto realisation ut
rutiid transit In PhiUdelphia. With I ho
lstfiiu t the JftUXOuu meded fur pi ell m
luuiy work settled by Councils' Uoase
at th lunfereuiki jtsterday, tbt- Uiree
l at tite iipetiiis lat uifc-bt obtain, J
tho t-u-operatlou of tho UnUe4 Huiues
Urn' it Aoelutlon In a inovttiunt to
fojie Councils lo approve I be transit
pUi.-. ubli'ii buve Lu,a plteiiiholed In
i'ouikIU' 'transit Committee bluco luvt
DiinVor Tuylo, after pointing out the
a'b ut lVatui' of Ills lruul iluu. dls-4-ud
tbt- altituda of tbu t'uion Traction
Couii'mi 4m kUulUci .
'flU'V will tlutu bu vo two alternative,"
hv abl. "Ir'irttt, tbey can tuvvpt tbo
U n, ,f lb,- ir.iiiu. The other lt r
11 in 1- ti the nullum be not accepted
roiii'luileil un Tutte 7
Observance of Independence
Day Marked by Announce
ment of American Evacua
tion of Vera Cruz.
MEXICO CITY, Sept K-Tho cplehia
lion ot tho lOllh anniversary of .Mexican
Independence was maikcd today by tlio
KM ntest 1 c J 1 1 i c 1 1 1 cr thtnughout the capltnl,
follow Itif, the announcement of Cei.crnl
Cartanza that President Wilson had nr
deied the wltlulrawal of Atnetlcan troops
ft 0111 Vein Ctttz.
In accordance with tho traditions of
the eelebiatloii ol Indop. tidene.' day, (.011
eral Carranza, as the betid of tlio gov
ernment, appeared on the balcony of tlp.
National Pulacu at mldnlulit to ntldiefi)
the tbrotu's tcithetcd in tho street, lb'
tncil auiiouiiLcd tlio tecolpt of 11 t.di'Krnm
ftom Juan Untuldl, secretary of the Con
stllutloiiallnt Junta In Washington, toll
Ins of tho order issued by the Piesldent.
The ctoNvd went wild with delight Tbeto
wpip lltowotks tluoiighoiit tho city, the
Cathedral and all public buildings nvpio
Illuminated, while tho cntiro city gave
ltfjolt over to ceebrallng.
VEEA CIJL'Z, Sipt. b!. Announcement
that tnpy weto to evacuate Vera CrU'S
1'iimo us welcome news to the troops of
(lei.er.il Uunstoli. All tno tired ot service
In the tropics tu d greeted the unnounce
ni'Mil Willi cheeis.
The government will bp speedily trnns
feiteil from tho Aniprlcan military 011
tboiltles to Hip civil olllclals to bo np
polutcd by Cuueial Cariunzti.
WASHINGTON, Sept. It!. Withdrawal
of all Ameiieuu tioops from tho Mexican
boundary, except tlio usual small border
pattol. Is planned soon by tho Adminis
tration, it was staled at tife War De
partment today, In line with the evacua
tion of Vera Cruz 01 deled by President
Usual ganlsons at the Texas, Aiizona
and New Mexico posts will ho maintained,
but tho great bulk of troops, w hicli bavo
beta mobilized on Mexico's northern
boundary for about two yum 8. v.'ll. bo
rodlstt United to more" northern army
At the Navy Depattment It was said
that otders for all hit go warships to
Itave Mexican watcis would be Issued
presently to make complete the return of
all American armed forces ftom .Mexico.
Secretary Garrison was busy upon for
mtilltlps attending the turning over of
Vei.i Cruz to the Constitutionalists. Gen
etal Carranza will be asked to appoint
somo 0110 formally to recelvo the poit
fioni General I'unston.
Builders and Architects In Session'
Here Would Make Change.
Tliu adoption by builders and architects
of a new system and method of wilting
sprcilicatlous was consldi nd today at tlio
second session of a mooting of a joint
coiuinllteo from tho National Dodders'
Kxcbange and tho Ametican Institute of
Architects. Tin- meeting was held at tlio
Uuilders' Exchange. I! South Seventh
Twenty tepresontativos, ten from eaph
body, mo in attendance. I-Yatik Miles
Day, a leading architect of Philadelphia,
Is ptesldlllg. It Is expected the committee
will ond its sessions tonight.
It Is tho opinion of those attending the
meeting that tho present method of writ
ing specifications contains many fault
which should be corroded. At jestenlay's
session the joint committee was not aide
to come to n satisfactory conclusion
as to what adjustments should bp made.
Th Joint eommitl,'i is as follows:
Uuilders, II. W West, Hiiltimor. , chair
man: John Atkinson, !' M. li.ttrls, Phil
adtlpbia; II. I.. Newman, Louisville; J.
K. flattb'tt, I. II. Seated, John Tiainui',
liultimoro; C. G. Norman. Xi tv York:
William li. King. Washington. Archi
tects. Frank Miles Day, Philadelphia,
ohaliman; !'. W. Junes, 1). U Tlltun, X-w
York: E. A. Crane, Waller Smedle, D.
K. Hoyd. .Milton II. M-dury, Jr.. Phila
delphia; William G. Noltiiig, Halllmoro;
William S. Ilarkor, Huston.
Emperor Snitl to Command Troops
Against Invaders.
PAItIS, Sept. W.
The Pclil Pntlilen prints Nvlml purports
to be a dispatch ftom lieilln saving tlint
Emprior William hns gone East to tnko
suptcmo command trmlnst tlussla.
Vessels South of Virginia Endan
gered by Disturbances.
WASHINGTON, Sept. HJ.-Tlie Weather
Hureiiti, In a stotm wnrnlng IspupiI this
morning, announced that ilistutbatiecs off
enst const of Ulorldu were Inrrenslng In
Intensity and moving not thwnrd. Con
ditions wero declared to be dangerous for
vessels south of Virginia,
Boor War Strategist Accidentally
Shot Near Jolinnnouburg.
CAPE TOWN, South Afrlen, Sept. HI.
GpiipiiiI Dp I.a Key, who n mi fame by
bis stiategy agtilnt tlio Hiltlsh In the
ltoer war, was ncr Mentally shot dead
near Jobanneburg oil Tuesda. llo wits
(is vears old.
Fortify Streets of Brussels to
Allow Small Garrison to
Hold City Attack by Al
lies Feared.
AXTWEP.P, Sept. 10.
Tlio Gei'rnans are rushing fresh troops
into lielglum from Aix-la-Cbappclle, but
whether tbeso aro Intended, to strongtln-n
tho foft ea now here or are to bo sent
lo tho fcouth to fill the gaps In the
German rUht wing Is not yet known.
The Uc:,'ian forces again liavo retired
to the protection of the outer ling of
tho Antwerp fortifications, vvlteie they
are waiting developments. King Albert
and tlio Genual Staff 1 eld a long confer
ence today, after which troops wire
tt.nssed along the fortifications that com
mand tin- River Scheldt.
It Is believed a now attempt by the
Germans to Isolate Antwerp from the
sea may be planned, but as tho dykes
have been reopened and the countrj In
that vicinity In covered with win. r. it
U? I.vi)JjSJi.vUil .t.lKS' ca4- hnl,c i? car,'y
j such a movement to a successful con
It was stnted by the ppueral staff ta
duy that durhu tho last 21 hours tlu
Geimans huvc sftit up waul ot CO.OOO addi
tional tioops Into IJelgium, indicating a
dcterniiimtlou on the part of tho Ger
mans to hold their lines of communica
tion tlitoiigli Uei;iuui at any 01. Only
slilniilslilng was in nrogi-cMt In lielsium
German troops aro fortlfjlng Biussela
I to permit tho departuro of more rein
forcements to Fianeo. Uapld-flre sun
have been mounted on the Houlevard du
Jardln Uotunlque and at tho north and
south stations.
Ileports received bore today say that
tho Germuns anticipate an attack on
ni'flssels by u combined Uelviau and
Eiltish force.
At Etterbcek, near llru-.-. N, il i re
ported thut tUhlln.; took il. up b-tvvi'en
Ptusslnii and Ilavuriuu ,obU t -. 3U of
whom wero killed.
FRANCE. The rinrmans me re
forming In ti"' tiriitmy extending he
tween St. 'jiietitln and the Mo'ell"
river, h-tvlng thrown up enttem h
nients and eentrallzlng live armies i 1
the district. The German frown
Prime bus milled from Verdun and
Joined Von Huelow's army. Hoaw
lighting Is In pi ogress tieur St. Quen
tin. Kteneh War Oillce. atinounees
that an Important bnttln Is pending in
which nil attempt will be made by the
nines to force the Invndors from
French soil. French nnd Indlnli fpn
forcements liavo appeared on thn
filing lltie.
HEt.GIUM tletnlnn troops linve re
tired to the outer lines of the fortl
lentlonn nt Antwerp. Gpfmalts nt
timpled to cut communications to the
sen, but the flooding of the terrltorv
west of Antwerp by opening the dvl: s
lias hnllerl tlie Invaders, lb-potted tb it
Vyxni ndditlornl German soldleis are
be'tu.' inbel Into Hie country.
GEIIMANY Oftleinlly nnnnunped
tbnt the urmy has retired before the
allies, but War OHbe nnnounpen tlie
(lertnaliK nrp in n stronglv pntrenebed
poltion and temly to withstand
futtlipr nttaek. Dptiilled reports given
bv tlie rlovernment i-egnrdlng the early
fighting in eastern Prussia. Claim
made Hint the Tliisslnna wire routed
with a loss of IOO.Owi Itllled, Tfi.WO pris
oners nnd S(fl flpld guns. Only frag
mentary dispatches have been iPClVid
ipganllnc present romr.nigii. Gpr
many, liowever. maintains tbnt the
enmpii'gn progt esses fnvnrally ngnlnst
thp itusslans The Kniser, necortlbi
to repoits, is leaving fur the Russian
) font let'.
AUSTRIA! Tho Russians continue
to be vletoilotts. Tb" line fiom Cra
cow to Pryszml has been sevi-ied and
tin- Investment of the latter fortress
Is In ptogress. Heavy llubllun con
tinues along the San tlvir, Grodek
has been taken, the Alls) lions aban
doning -ICO llj,ht fb Id aims- and 20
lioNvltzets. The Russians tire pushlnir
their campaign with vigor against
Get many. Tlie Get matt staff nst-ert.s
that tlie campaign In G.ilbla will be
triittPilulIy changed in thu ne.ir ftitti'-e
as the Russians will be compelled ti
dlspateli tioops Into Pttisslji and
abandon the offensive against Aus
tria. EXGt.AND-Reported that lortinn
cavalry luis reaehed Kranee via the
Suei: canal and Is no.v reinforcing the
Urltlsli al the front. .N'u news yet
luccived of the outcome of tlie naval
battle reported In the Unltle. The war
cost to Great Ttrltaln Is i SAToioO a day.
ITALY Strong pressure Is being
brought to bear on the Government
to join the war against Austila and
Gi rtiuiny, and as a result frequent
cabinet meetings are being held. Up
to the present theie has been no
change In U10 original declaration of
SERVIA Vlsbegr.id, in Rosnin, has
been enptuied bv- the Servians. Troops
bav" Joined the Montnegiui foreis. and
a march is being made against Sarajevo.
Entire Line of Invaders Falls Back North
of Ainse River Where They Make
Stand Both Armies Heavily Rein
forced Great Battle Imminent.
Kaiser's Armies Draw Closer Together
and Straighten Battle Line Crown
Prince Continues Retreat Toward Cen
tre Belforte Being Bombarded.
The War Summary
Man Accuses Fellow Watchman of
Striking Him With Board.
UlsIiIi-mIs of Highland Paik. a su'utrb
one mile fioni C:ith Hreet station, were
M'ou.spd bv iVstol siiotci this mumlng und
summoned tho Darby pollco. They tap
tilled Domluii'k Purello, ti night watch
man, who, it Is said, with a board,
knock, il a fellow watchman unconscious
nnd then tried to set tire to the houso
in which the unconscious nun,- lay.
The Injured man Is Franc, sou iliitrcllo,
of CIS Front street. Chester. His right
lung was punctured and be bad numer
ous cuts on his heud nnd body. When
partiully revived, Uatrelhi suld ho was
awakened by a blow on the head and taw
Farello standing over him with n board,
which had it null' In one end.
Fnre'.lo said two men entered tho house
-while ho and Hatrello wro talking nml
that ho tired his pistol to protoet Ua
tretlo The prisoner was held without
ball for court by Justice of this Pence
Mulln. of DieNcl Hill.
Charges Publications With Stirring
Animosity Among Nations.
TkKIO, Sent 1G.
In an (fllclal statement tho Jupuiietio
lliiveriiiueiit OMilaliis whv it has 01, bred
"tho Herald." a lU-nnan-contiolloil news
piper, umj "the Moutucli Japan Pot." a
uertwutl news ugcm-'V, " teli,w Publics-
U Is ehargea that ttn publications for
years bavo sought to cri-utu animosity
tu-tweeii Japan and cvrtaln foreign eoun
tiks, I'artUnlurly Knslaud ai.d tha United
tftat-s. "The Herald" has been iub
lihed at Yokohama. The fdltor of the
ni agency lias lon ordered to leave
Japan wit Uln iv nctk.
WASHINGTON, Sept. la-Establishment
of jiermawnt pruco In wvolmtoij
torn San liomliMu ts iu a fair May to b
accomplUl.ed, J. FranUUu Fort, former
ilnveruor of Ntfiy Jvrsey, told President
Wilson today Mr. Fot va metnU-r of
14 cummbwlun appuliitcd by the Piei
dent to vWit the ilaud republtt: and wei
honw mean of ending tlie protiaiied dU
turbituce then.-. Tlu-obj, it. in Mr Unit's
opl'iii'ii. h is tiuu sit an, it and tin I'lcm--i-
ni lunialulaU'U tie luiuiiiiluu on Its
Goveruor Placed nt Csoruowits, Says
Tetrograd Dispatch.
HOME. s. pt i
V dUpatch to the TH aui'i 1. en IVtro
Kiad sas that Hukuvina has lion trans
funned into o Kiislaii pioviiij-', with a
Kiusiuu GuVeriior at 1'.., .noivlu.
Ge11t-r.1l liaiorie pubiihli. i. an article in
the Glut nalt d' Italia, In wblc.i h-- readies
the uoiieluklon that the U nu 111 are In
danger uf beilig'tliiraiind 111 Kiunce.
The Italian CSovernnn ut lia aiithniiued
tho exportation to England uf a'J tons
of sugar.
The theatre of war in France pre
sents tho German army rallying tu
straighten its lines and concentrate
In intrenched positions north of tho
Airfno Hlvcr. Tho allies persist in
the utiaek. General Jot'fre hurling
reinforcement) ugruinst the invuders.
While turinus llghtinsr 1h taking place
in tho vicinity of St. Quentui, the
French War office, unnounces that
the engagements today are simply
preliminary to the Impendinjr battlo
In which the allies will endeuvor to
terminate German occupation of
northern Franco.
The German Crown Prince has with
drawn from the Irmnedl.ito vicinity
ot Verdun, and Is placing his troops
on a Hue between f.algne and Cra
onno to support the armies of von
Huelow and von Iluusen. t,a Fero,
lihejnis. Laon tn oil, IS cities have
been evacuated ly the Gernmns. The
rotnpleto battle line extends from St.
Quentln to tho territory south of
Apparently the allies are in excellent
condition to push the utack. Large
reinforcements of Indian cavalry
havo appeared today, reaching the
flrlner Hne from India after a Journey
through the Suea Canal. French
PARIS, Sept. 10.
Having compelled the Hermans to
evacuate 12 towns by their rapid ad
vance, tho allies threw fresh troops to
the firing1 lino today for another as
sault upon tlio strongly Intrenched po
sitions of tho invaders north of the
Aisnc niver, wliero additional forces
hnvc been sent to their assistance,
In order to jjlvo impetus to his ot
taci;, General Joffre pushed lieavy re
inforcements to tho front to support
tlio tired French and Knglish soldiers,
who havo been marching and fighting
for more than a week.
Olllclnl dispatches from the front say
that all !b going well with the allies and
that tlio attempts of the Germans to
break down tho French lines at points
believed to bo weak huve been re
pulsed. Fighting Is in progress, ranging
from skirmishing to combats of fu-
rious character, along a line which
reaches from a point east of St. Quen
tln eastward and southward along the
north bank of the River Aisne, through
the northern part of the forest of Ar
gonne, north of Verdun, thence south
ward and eastward on the east of the
Kiver Meuse past Metz.
According to Information contained
in official War Office statements is
sued hero and at Bordeaux, the Ger
man line of retirement seems to have 1
bWitchetl slightly toward tho southeast.
Upon their retreat the Germans have
been compelled to give up a number
of towns, the most important of which
aro La Fere, Crepy, Laon, Bralsne,
Vitry-les-Rhetms, Attigny. Bazan
court. Sillery, Eismes, St. Quentln,
Rhelms and Menhould, the former
headquurteis of the German Crown
As no official word has been received
here to support tho rumors that Gen
eral von Kluk, commander or the ex
treme western wing of tho German
army, has been captured along with a
heavy section of his men. it Is now
assumed that the repnrt waa false.
Today the Germans hold strongly en
trenched positions In the low hills to
tho nrth of the Alsno Ulver. The
armies of qcneritl Von KlucH and Gen
eral Von Buelow are reported to be
I naJ.,l.-ltl n.mhln&.l In .n&n.l At .
. .vt.v.. iuiiii.iiM 4, vi,ifciviisi4 yv-
tlon between the Aisne und Aire at St.
Mcnenould, checkmated an attempt to
break his lines and isolate tho major
portion of his army.
It is admitted by tho military ex
perts that the new positions taken i.v
the Germans aro he strongen tip y
have yet held tn Franco. The condi
tions aro ideal from tho defensive point
of view, it Is stated, but confidence is
expressed that the admitted numerical
superiority of the French and British
forces wilt enable them to force tho
Germans back when the new battla
The German front has narrowed and
this will operate to the benefit of tho
allies. News from the allies left 13
anxiously awaited here. There tho
British and French, who have been
heavily reinforced, nro utempting op
erations that may result in still further
crumpling up of tho German right.
The relief of Fort Tryon Is likely to
have an important bearing on tho fata
of the German army. The German3
were investing Fort Tryon and the
neighboring forts between Toul and
Verdun with the object of opening a
way of retreat on their left.
The falluro of this plun means that
the French are masters of the valley
from Toul to Verdun. Therefore. Ntho
armies of the Crown Prince Frederick:
William and the Duke of Wurtcmburs
will b unable to cross the Mouse and
will have to go farther north ami at
tempt to puss by the Stenay Uap.
On the left wing of the allies the en
tiro Anglo-French force is In contui-t
with the retiring invaders on the front
from the heights north of the River
Aisne eastward to a point north of
The forward movement of tho alllei
between the forest of Argonno and tho
Meuse continues,. TI e pressure of the
allies has hud the 1 nvot of straighten
ing the battle front until it is now al
most a straight line m a point east of
the Metis.- and near Ht .'n.
Reported That Austrians In Bosnia
Shoot i'riests ns Spies,
AMriTURDAM. tfept. HJ.
A Sarajevo, Bosnia, dispatch to tho
CuloKiio (lazetto says that a number uf
Servian leaders have b, tn arrest, d in
bosniii, iiielitdmi? several prleuts, tor their
fuiutticiil hatred againt the lual Alon
nretiv I v-ustro-lliinuaiyi.
Some of them bavu bt'li khot US spies;
others aio held in military fortrns-a.
Austrian agents in s.-tia anj Montenegiu
Itiport that ol'.eBe 1 prie-ts led Rodman
frontlorsmi n, vvlu, are ughilng With tb
Slavs, against ViMrian troops.
Driven Back Over Save WltU Heavy
tosses of Wen and Suns,
RKliLIV. v'a The Hague. Sent U.
Ctllbiul adv ie.s. nultvil fioni Vbnn.i,
sav that tlio K,-ii.iu uimy of Inva.M.in
ulilch bad I'rosi,.-,! tlie Save- f liver, was
attacked by a stiong Austrian frco au4
on 1 rvvht liuingly def-atod.
Thu Vienna advices uy that tins Ser
vians art b. In driven back Into rirvl
and that they have lost many pie 11 n4
Precfttitlons Takes to Prevent Spreatt
in Ancient City of Catania,
LONDON, Sept. ML Pmato advices re
ceivnl heir Unity mv pl.iue has broken
out in, tlio ancient ,-itv ,.1 I'ataida. kil.
The Itatiun Qovcrnnui.t it !. -t it' d hi
1 iU 11 Nimne procautloiia to pio.iu its
ftii .a
.p,-.a n t IiaI,.w ...,al..feif ... ni-
.,....t. ,,,. Mv.ui, u,ivU fi' tuna 1
to tatto tho place of the fatigued ! l"n8 w"11 no,nh of the Aiane. Tb
British and French soldiers. All ! 6rmy of the aiini1 Ph Wttrtem
France Is confident of victory,
Russia continues Its success in Oat
Ida. Lines of communicattoii be
tween Cracow and Praomysl have
been cut and the latter fortress In
vested on threo sides. Every effort
Is being made to push the campaign
into Germany. Praomysl is the last
obstacle. Germany, however, make
claims that the Russian have met
with severe reverses in Eastern Pru
sia. that Poland is being invaded and
that It will bo necessary for Rutla
to withdraw troops to withstand the
German Invasion of Russia. The
fact, however, that the Kaiser U re.
ported to be hastening to the Bus
i,lan frontier and that optimism pre
vails in Petrograd mmewhat offsets
the German ctowt of Russian re
sjk-rvta W ylaaMwsJy pusblwj the earn
palgn. VUhegrad. rollea smb of
tarJevu, ha fallen; the troops have
Joiiud Ibe Munteitegrlna an4 a
march against Ibe Uonia capital
U in pti'grcas.
In Hvhilum the campaign presents
vomparattvly no nw develupmeuts
The Belgians are rvionte4 to have
vvitlidiawii o the cmt.r bin f futtl
Hi il'oiii, at A'ltvvtip, but no luavy
ll I 1 ! I ltd
1'urg "holds th lino from tho River
Aisne at Craonne. orth of Rhelms to
the new portion in th Argentic
where tho armies of the Crown Prince
Frederick Wtlhelm and of the Crown
Prince uf Ravaila, are In complete
strength with headquarters still main.
talne4 at Moiitfai.con.
The Germans hold tho linen of the
Weuse and have straightened out their
lines so they are now In tonoh with
tho strong fortress of Meta and the
German rerve lines In Lorraine.
The British-French columns on the
extreme left f the French lines are
believed to (dan a general enveloping
movement. It Is now evident that the
Crown Prince, by abandoning his posl-
Belfi.it, I
and, a.
authorri. ,
ultai K : 11 .1-
111 the
Sixth Ft, 1
aro in it 1
again1-1 ti
'reepin.,' t.
"ioenii nt
inv-"-. ni '
crent . m
urcf- .it
of th.
Willi ll
are ' n 1 --
Belgium. Th
ratM-d on every aid".
iu what appears to li
the most magnificent
bottling movement u
nurlng th l4t wetK's nshting tln
Germans are bUU-vt-.t to have lost nt
l,at 3'.'" men, lit killed, wound. 1
and e.iptur'l, although no ofScUl
figures bavo betn given out.
' 1
1 I t
"a nee, is
"tto tl." I
, 1- n a p.-
'i ,
in 1 le t
iii -i 1
h 1, r
1 ,1 .1.
n If .1
vet 1 1
up '!
ws l.
11 Pi. .
.,r 1:.n
.1 1 lf ' 1
is .11 I
l.-t tl.
mar -. 1
state of siege,
ich military
' to resist
h nnd
.' in a
8 tlmo
into a
, east
iw n
Continuance of the German retreat
between the Argonne Const and the
River Men was retorted by the
French War otno through the
French Embassy here today. Th 4i
patch, cent from Bordeaux, reads:
On our left wing the Germans
resist' d c-t.rOiN tn th" nuttli of
the n:vir Imi. . f a I'm. ' tm, .1
by the forest of Laigne and Cr
onne. At the entre their llna of r-
stan whs ythterlny i.orth tf
Ubiiiiia and thu camp of I'hajuavi
toward, vi. (,!!, a K.n at the
western twrilejr '' tho Afaonni,
Th f- ' -L . -st
weie ficvur viii tlio (,n itb of tho
.trs.it ni 11 - aeientn 1" d tbl."
mi.ii '..it, i.tri 'ii.; u 'ba
Ar a 1 ij ,i .J t 11- .Vb .1. T
l lljfi tl?f.
1 1 r ( I'Ji
.1 i i "f
. &
, t.Uii
, ', ill
I . ' I

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