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ai .a.a :. n
Farmer, Preacher and Labor
er Beaten With Straps,
Proposal to Hang One Lost
by Single Vote.
lmrKlVltitB. Ky.. Sppl. is. -u. o.
iliamby, Homy Jordon and Itftrrletm Jfr
tlati, of Paw .in Spring, wrr wiHprtd
by tils hi rldeis. charged by thnlr
taplois tvitli hating talked Ion mliuii.
their only tnlliltiR, howvei, beltnS against
Slight riders.
I Iamb l.i ii retired r.iiwr and er
unco thp tobacco troubhs four or five
treats ago he has Ijou outspoken against
Slight riding. The etdor .tuition, a street
BirpacliPi, I .iid to have criticised night.
B'ldlhg. though tip says hi didn't.
Harrison .1 onion, twppty yean of ne.
is a farm laborer. Recently hi employer
lalmcd that tXd . had hidden In thp
smoke-house 1iad boon stolen. A few
might afterward. Jordon joy. thrc nn n
took him rut. forcing his employer ami
non tn accompany them, sttunc him up
to the tie. It mid pave him two minutes
a 1 1 which to confess to tnking Urn mom y.
lordon protested Ills innocence and wns
Ii i sild he recuSnlzed tho three inc
"it Urn he ns oeaten and threatened to
have llipin Indicted. Ite was lltl that i.
h curled out Ids threat lie Would be
Jinised nt tin- Court House door: ihrtt trie
cnight riders were Sn.-i strong end footed
no cine. (
lit" .lorflo is and Hftmhy were lanen in
their night clothes nbout a mile In
jiolnl jmt acro's t'-p Caldwell Ooitntv line,
where thoy were whipped with a hen y
SfAthcr strap, tlamby sb.vs nlRht riders
toted on hnnotnu Win, and that th prop
Edition to hang was lost by one Vote.
After the whlnplng the victims were nl
owed ui ct back honi- ."is best lite
' l -.. ........ --- -1.1 m ii n f -i - - -' - ! " -- ' - ' ' - - --'
( j PN-VAN&; . v-r x 2fi& rvrj xcx$mwvmim
rfSrwc"M4NAN Vp k Y-
V M5 oo Miues atLO3 tlANGflES4r
germans use barbed wire
to Hold captured allies
Free to Wander About, They Sit
Spiritless niul Dejected.
i.Ti;.v-un.ov, Oetnutriy, sept is.
v i't p.'pomletit visited the pHdon camp
Up sav-h there are about
olillerf, iW BolBlang and n
i Ivll captives.
iw is one of the pcimntient
uituver giounds for dirfcrenl
.ttetcd nil over Uerman.i.
nl.-oners of war arc homed In long
i-t - TTteie aro IS of tltcte. and In
e.nli Hunt) than &) captive ore eoutlncd,
l-.'aclt aislt holds Itvo saeUs of .traw that
Jfrfn for but.. In manners nro rtnued
iicn feu- aitleles as the prlsonris still
The l stable .ire surrounded b a
iKtrhpit.n-lte wsll srvpii fopl lilch. Kverv
few jaids nlons this fenco stands a j
wnir., his bayonet glltlerlup In the sun.
The s.piie tuouaiu to mind the picture of
a piisuit tnmp so uondclfullv described
in Robi'it t.ouls Stpvenon's "St. tves."
Inutile t'tis barbed wall the prisoners
are frp tn wonder as they wish, but
the" hardly ever move a dozen y.itt1i
fiont the ti.irtlL-ular stable to whlcji they
are asstpiuMl. rr-pt when ordered to
urn" . out n"r-r-tir work around Ihelr
q'iarli'. 1-.t the nvst part lli". pit In
liltl" i-'-mtpB. sp.iitloss und deii'i'ted.
Btefnnshon Steamship Went Down to
Strains of Lively March
N'KW TitrtK. S')t. 1.-ln an .ntiel"
pnt from Numo, Alaska, via Seattle,
to tin- New York Sun. Lieutenant Kulph
Dcmpwolf. of the I'nited Stat.-s TWo
luio Cutter Hear. ales a pruphlc l.-ot lr
lioii of the dl.snstw tliat hWI tV
wrei'lwd teamhlp Kniluk of the :?tef
tKiissou North Ioi" 'M-dltln Lit-u-tennnt
Ltiupwolf MUot"-i the sin vivor
m board tlie Bear us a.lns tliat the
3Ai'luk was hard an.l lust in t!io In'
jiack from early October up to January
2D. when tbp ship was crushed and sank.
AV. L. MctClnlay and .1. n. Hudly. to
of the survivors, are on the Hear.
Pear Inn disaster when th Kniluk was
1ilftlii5 toward the Noith Pole. I'aptaln
Ttflitlett. of that vesMol, hod skit elothine
aiicd" for all the ship's company by an
Tlskimo :md Ids wife. ItartlPtt also had
tho Hl.'dcra and car put In o'de). and.
us a further protection, the ship' oretv
each day hopped the Ice around the
3varl.ik Into small pieces to make
rit'hion aprainst the prensurc of the lee
1'ifk. Pojplte that precaution, the vestl
tradi-.Dlly settled In the water after belne
crubhed. aiifi disappeaie.1 on Januaiy 1')
tnit fiithi'in of watoi. Ketore he ank
Ba.ttlf'tt iud started ti phonograph play
' 1ns a st'rrins marc.i.
.James ilurruy. the naturalist of tho ei
j.eilltlor and First State Anderson, to-fii'th."-
i'li other gjK'mbei'ji of the party,
J fr ;i r-inpoiary t-.nn) in an effoit lo
jiMii; tlie maiidauil. and ure believed to
la in'ilhed. .Mtiinij's mitny meteoro-loSi-al
obsf . lationi were lost
Mothers and Children Ex-
!-. I t i
press Uisapprovai as hx or
Decided Coolness Per
vades Playhouse.
" a:r o decided coolness peiv.ided t:i
pullo Then Ire, Md stieet and Glratd
aieiiiie nt tlie matinee this afternoon,
when a m-jvlnu picture of Senatoi l'enios"
u.is Hashed on the scteen. Theie wcte
also -i few hisses from the mothois pie.
eiit when the Collator's picture appeared,
as his .AJfCt of ROttltic before tlie public
in Hits wav has been made plain to
The sVnator was shown iiddressing a
crowd of wurltlngtnen ut Honitiwoutl I a
tie xt,v Ws familiar expression of ai-Ifa-
l .iliu'erlty. and to tho-e not to -utialntcd
with Ills political deeds. In
sei'inerl to mean nil he was saNins.
When tlie plcluie nppeojed at th' s.tine
tiir-itru last nli;lit. it was hissed by thr
fiilldorl:ef oiesent. It was evident that
they had beard their parents tell how '.it- i
tie Penrose had done for the working
children u'eneiallv, and so the;, gavp vent
to their disapproval of the senior Sena
tor's a-tlnn in an implmtlc manner.
The liifies finally turned Into luuchler
minglpu witii plain ciuIi-Imh which l-ft no
doubt where til" child! en stood The
inati.icpnient It is said, is considering
ii it'.tvliiB the pl-ture from the bil".
The new line o( battle now being formed in France runs along the Valley of the Aisnc, where General Von Kluk's forces arc defending themselves
acainst the English on his extreme right, and the various French armiesin the centre and on his left. The second, third and fourth German armies are falling
back on the Aisne from Chalons and Rheims, while further east the fifth German army, under the Crown Prince, has been compelled to move northward
and eastward from the Argonne district outside of the range of the Verdun forts. The sixth German army, operating on the Lorraine frontier, is moving
back to its base at Metz. South of Verdun the French have relieved Troyon, attacked by the Germans, and are forcing the Crown Prince's rear guards to the
north, threatening the German centre with an enveloping movement.
b. u
Jlagnificent Display. Including- the
Kaiser, Shown in Copenhagen.
t'uri.NKAGKN. -5..t i.
i.l.lki 1R Viperous ffoMa In
until to B.nn favor t..'anl i P1
the war. rnp of hei nrthods I
"' th.. ineiiintnKiiiph
-sontatives of the. Oerniai i;ovo-i-
M.-nt have arrived hero with a uli- of
film natures showing the Herman army
in its bst side. The pictures :uv -a'd
to ham ben taken uudei tho l-'Aisei's
personal supervision.
"i'n.y show the iriacnlrtcence of tlie tier
inuii 'imruhlmf and efimpmeni. The
Jvitiser l.imself is shown in a numh-r "f
"lo-ip" views. Onf pictui-". laliele.l
""I'm- Kaiser under fire." eliows lu.n luoic
In,; thiuush Meld Rlasns. nrenunia.-lv a1
distant bat'le. Anuiher allow Pi ;il.
TiuarteiH at the front. .f a ser.
!ifo. "imts." vary lomfoitsr,,
"i e rtlnia Hie to lie silpplie.l t
j.i iuie theatres in DonmaiK. '
Sweden nna oilier neutral coui.i-
low prii.
'I'l.e.e was .iImi today a fie. I.."
ttioii of pamphlet in till ell. i t.
tcelIont Danish, tellins of th .1.
"finan.iul condition of Ornianv and
clirlne she was fmced into tie war.
7'ainth'ets denv icports t n up
nd Russian vletor'es.
I a-Hi-
i . ay,
nt a
u e
ie h
Colonel M. P. Gage Will Fight WitU
Fifth Dragoon Guard.
..HIS'QT"N. H-'Pt. 'i-l'nd. i.x;'
(i -lei-s tu report at or.. . f.ir dut wir i
his ier.ili:eut '"obuwl Moietmi ('. (late,
miliia. ' aita-oe of the autisn Knibaasj.
arrived In Waahimion mdav fium
A'oiu aid tieua'i liunledl inakinp final
jee pa. .'ions to leave foi ih- Ui-.itre of
var ile vi I loin hi- o,, i oilman.!, ine
3'ifi.i 1'iaK'Oii iSusrd
i-,', .p.i Ouge w i a.i,. f..- ili.- ,,t
liic Cntlass.'. in l!'l. and is p,p)Ur In
ii.iliiaiv i".rles lie paid a fa: .-well i:
tudav at the State Ijepaitn.e- i. and at
ertai:i if tr-e other Eml am.
$123.1 07.51 FORCED CROSS
3Iew York Branch Hopes Fund Will
Be $150,000 Saturday.
SUW YORK. Sept. 16-Th. total
amount collected by ihe Yolk
Jiranch ut the lied L'rog riociety la ItJS,
llf.il. As donations are lecetvtd dall.
It Is lioped thai the fund will reach 11541,
pfiO by Haturda. mybt.
Another rapidly .mnii.t fund la tlie
one belni; raised for the teller of tits nou
combatant suffeiers in IJlsiiini. Tha
Jund for the maintenance and equipment
of the American ambulance hospital In
Paris amounts to H0,3U.:.
WEST HIE3TKH. f . Sept. I -Kle
J.jitm ui. tne common la wife of John
(akes. toloied. of tilenlocii. was loekad
vp Jieffl t'lj on th haiije of bavins
taken i large amount of silverwaie tiooi
toe house of Jai-ub llaniiltoti, of nar
Jlorstun. while employed there at a.
iitfke. S"a .ed Hit home Ut i :j;ht
and r overed the prcprtv alleatd to
have beta takcu by tb woman,
Sauerkraut Angers Him and He Is
An'ebtetffVfter Family Quarrel.
.Vo rtrltlsli. H'reu. 1: or U'IkI.iii wife
hioiid i-ei-.-e let liul.iind tier. n. .ii illi.e
Por Frank fur' ei-s n.. al to ttlfe
And mule i pe.ii:ul huli.ind vi, lu
iid hub ma lose a'l trace of . .mimon n,i
I i.'S lr.. en-eil b -ituerkrati!' inens.
Iloal (ioimau sauerkraut placed be-loi-..
Il.nry V. Bunnle. nu Knaltshinan.
ot ri'rt North Thirteenth street, ns the
pi.ee de iestnnee of hlri viiinc meal
d'rjve him to such boisterous i.hjeotion
on icial Mounds th.it his who b'iiii.
u.oi.ed a Oermnn potU-eninn. wim took
the Knalls-.inan hefore a Herman ina;j-i"-tr,t.
who sentenced Bonnie to 10 days
.0 the i-ounty prison.
When Huiinle was a: ra ivied befoio
Alacistiate 3nielv at the Pnr-k and T.e
hu'i avenues fltf.tion this nmrnlns Mrs.
llunuie tastified he has been unmanage
able since the Euiopeati war started.
She said he came home last night 1:;-toxb-ated.
i'iuhiiiklni;ly she bad pr-pait a ,ura
of OVrrnan viand--, to which her l nshand
ohje,;ed. Mrs. Munnle then mn Jn'o tho
Mieet and suminotied Poin-eni in Xps,
win. arretted Cunnie.
two prIFsjsrans'ferred
Attaches of St. Rim Are Given
Other Charges.
T.mi p.:.i,i, oti.ii ie,( to l I'ainol,-i-'hui
h or St. Itita 'eie sent toda.. to
other limine.
The Hi v. .lame.- Mcliouaij. U. S. .
rei tor of the cliuri h. -.vliii-n he orcaiuzvd.
'.ras muMfeiied to St. .lottepli's t'huic.i,
itrxeiiwlcn, .V, V 1 the Very Rev.
Xnliolas .) Murpb.. O. fl. A., Provincial
of tha A'lsu.tluia'i r'afhei-a. K'ather Jlc
Uowati a III he sucieednd by the Vaiy
IUV. I'harl'S V, Urlscoll, lir wlli lorme
heie fioir. U"pimic'h
T.ie 1'ev. iloi t.flier A. Siilllvan. A'Uo
hn Weep tne first assistant to Fat net
',:.'j'..mji. t.ir the las' four aia, Mill
f, in ti-.e i'iiiin-li of the Iminai-ulate 1'on-
'.no.i. lloo-iek I-'ttlto, X. Y. Path
Ho'.hui'l, i. . . who was leieiitl, j'.'
dan J it. H'"ii. iU ui'cd him.
Anwted at "Door of Blesilng" for
Taking Employer's Jewels.
Th "tiuoi of Hleasiiij,'." 4 Xoili '.Jd
,!. was oofci.iiig toi Jennie Uelaiiev,
a u. aid i .. e.na u.d. .:ji Noiili Sixth
nt . et, lien -Jte was li.eied for- an
al e.ed .p w-1 loliUer . rtitio'iiau I.aw-!e-
. ' '': Niiii-teriith and Oxford atii.et
-tjiU.ii- Ajtajgued befui Mas:tmle
f'.-u.o. U i tlia Night Palica t'oiin, she
was ieid n l bai. foi a fi.ithr haaring.
Jenii. a.. formerly f-niplojed by Hit,
.1. C liarwoud. UI" foi imbla aeuue. On
August K aba left l be lions, ostensibly
to i.-riM th frunt steps. ih never uimo
uai ii. laier ilrs. Uajwoii.1 niUsed jen
el-. valued at more than gttO. .She told
tne p-dlie. and lnc tlieu the' hue been
.M.-ai ullia foi tua luuid.
Uast I'Ubl Jtni-.U- want to tie "fioor of
UUi-io' to loiun tune dolhlns !it
theie alun sha went to bar last placa
of emplo meal. Persons at the home R'h'i
knew ! tl-e alleged lola'iery suninioncl
:b oli. e and tie gi. I was ariested.
Man Accused of Making Suggestion
is Placed Under Arrest.
ni'TTK. Mont Sept. Pi. Kred Magnai
dot. a pluiiihei'k helper . i. hein lieid
Uer todav on me charge of advlslnj a
man to put poion In trio drinking- wate.
used by TW membeis of the State guard.
The peine, who arrwtad Alaunardot.
elsum that he u;tted to a man that
polsoa be placed in the I'onrt Hout
drinking ali a . il h ai d a .ilumbai
were hii . the ;.i , . , i,m.,ton
was epained and -j . 4 . , , . ,.
$100,000 IN PRIMARY
Charge of Violating the Cor
rupt Practices Act a Strik
ing Feature of Speech at
t.'KXTKR HALT Pa.. Sept. IS.-Led by
C'oncreB.iman A. Mitchell Palme the
.Democratic ' campaigners reached here
this mornlnsr after completing: their tour
of Perry, Juniata and Mifflin Counties
yesterday. A charge that Senator Pen
iwse has violated the conupt inactice act
of the State and nation and a review of
Ills opposition In Congress to publicity
i-ampalsjn lesislatlon were the climatic
pointi in Consiossman Palmer's final
speech at Lcwlitown last night.
.Mr. PaJmer declared that If the true
cost of Senator Penrose's nomination
were known, including his own expendi
tures nnd contilbutiona by those to whom
It would mean mot for him to be o'octed
to the Senate the total would be near
41f,.'.'"' althotmh Mr. Penrose admits ex
penditure." ot only Jltxv.
Tim Pennsylvania Prote-.ti'.e I'nion. Mr.
rainier assetted, was a political com
mittee within the plain meaning of the
miiupt piactice act. He said it should
be tompelled legally to give an account
of it disbursements in bcnalt of the
nomination of Senator Penrose.
indicating Senator Penrose's opposi
tion to any campaign publicity legislation,
Mr. Palme.- refeiied to the ConKresiional
i.'econl for duly 1". nil. Here Senator
I'enioe it recorded as "not otlng" on
tb Mil intended to limit the campaign
expenditures, of a senatorial candidate to
Tne campaigners left lla.-noui at
n-i',11 '.esterday. covering 6U miles by au
torn. i nle before tliey t.eacheo Lewlitown
last night. The.- were accompanied hv
. N Crosby and itobeit S. nrlght, cai.
didntes for Congiesgman-at-lui-gp.. xu.
idglit the candidates will speak in J.oc;
Meet to Discuss Lewis' Withdrawal
Bruram Against Surrender.
HARRISBURG, Sept. 16.-State Chall- '
man A. Novln Detrlch arrlvetl lieie ut
no)n from Philadelphia to take charge of ;
todays meeting- of the Washington Pait,
State Committee, and at once opened hlb
headquarters In the Bolton Houso. Most
of the members from Philadelphia and
adjacent counties came with him.
National Committeeman William Fllnti
arrived from Pittsburgh soon afterward
with the contingent from the western part
of the State.
Indications at this hour were that the
attendance would not bo very 'ante '
The committee went into session at ;
Chestnut Street Hall soon after lunch,
to consider the proposition of Dean Wi'
llam Draper Lewis withdrawing as the
party's oandldato for Governor and to
consider the substitution of Vance C. Mc
Cormlck. the Democratic nominee;
Although the withdrawal of Mr. Lewis
met with the approval of the recent oon
fetence In Philadelphia, committeemen
from Schuylkill County who favored
Judge Drumm for the nomination are In
i lined to be somewhat mutinous
are not favorablo to the idea of making
Ovation to the Republican
Candidate for Governor at
the Gratz Fair and in Many
changs in the midst of the campaign,
and some of them believe that the Judge
ought to be substituted for Dean i-ewls
on the ticket.
Some of the committeemen belicm that
William T. Cicasy, Democtntlo caudi-
IIARRISBURG, Sept. K.-Dr. Martin G.
Brumbaugh spent an hour in this city
this morning, receiving many friends at
the Commonwealth Hotel, leaving later
for the Gratz Fair, on the upper edge
of the county, where he spent the after
lieon. Doctor Brumbaugh came over from
rhey I Pittsburgh on a night train and held his
reception at the Commonwealth, from 9
to 10 o'clock. lie was in excellent spirits
J and highly gratified with what he had
i found In the western end of the State.
j The journey of the Republican candl-
date for Governor to tho Gratz Fair was
; date tor uientena it uovernor. snoum step . colUnua aellC3 of st0p3 nnd brlef .,.
I down for a Washington Party n.an. Such .,, ,.,..
i n.'tlon. however. Is unllkelv. aH the nemo- ' Ptlons 'n 'be many towns along the
eratle lenders contend that such a step
would look too much like a deal.
A number of Senator Flinn's lieuten
ants here are not very sanguine as to
the outcome of the conference, iiltnough
on the surface they are wearing the
customary political smile.
$541 ,084.40 Will Be Distributed Ac
cording to W. S. Allen's Will.
Will'.am I- Alien, suivlvlrig txecutoi of
the estate of Wllllum S. Alien, who died
I aoiio i iwn, ai mtd a seL.on,3 account
ui wis nsiate wun tne negater of Will
lit sets form thai the oiigln balance
.f t1Ts.45i.il. awarded him by Judge
A.hrnan in 1301. lias been increased by
dividends and otl.ej funds to H,5K.M
A balance of t5ll,ei.tu of tins amount i
to bo distributed in accordance lih tho
ti ins Of 1'ie will.
Among the invtjinifnU romp'UIng ihe
baUm-e of tne estate are: 'i Paenger
Rallwa I'oiupany. ITO.im appraised at
HUGO: Ule. trio arid People's Passenger
Railway company, JTi.oi), appraised at
!,: Siibmban (ias Compan, JlJ.ojo, at
111.1S5: West I'lieMei- Rallwai- Companv,
fl.gai. ai l.'Viil; Kaunas t'ny Southeui
Railu'a- Companv, K8.000, at IIS.'J'"); Phil
adelphia Klrttrit- Compaii.. JjO.CW. at
IJO.WO; tnited Railway Company, ia..
al J.M.olS: Spriu-e and Pine ttieets Rail
win Cumpar.-. 7'0 shaies, tii.lin: Uieen
and Coates .Stieatu T'asjunsn Railway
Company, W ahaies, ?K!5o: West Jersey
and Seashore Railway Company, lilS
sharex. Jl-1,680; Frankford and Southwark
I'assenRer Railway Coinpam. 55 sheies.
J19,a: Union Passenger Italia ay Corn
pa n .5 sl.aies, at JlJ.-loO.
WHM admittad to piobate today are tnoe
of Autila McCarrlck, (19 South 19th street,
who hit 8'i estate valued at 3l0u; Kllra
beth 1. Roach. E518 Race street. i0O0;
Michael Kcougii, 330 North Sid street,
Margaret Patterson. ZUl Tulip
atree.. TIM- The personal effects of Moi
ris J. Davis have been appraised at Un
charged With Kicking Boy
Magistiate Grtlis scored Charles Mol-li-ish.
US eara old, of 637 Roberts ave
nue, today In holding lilm for court on
a charge of having kicked 7-year-old Kd.
ward Macclone. Molleilsh said Macclone
and iber o-a stoned him as he passed
t-.. ..-i rjmg a i-adioad tie but Mac-
.j.ie o i-i'-d ..'Jieatu s h-fti the m?.a
was boo, under fkJ ball.
Steel and Concrete Structure for
Glenwood Avenue Near Seventh.
A steel and conciete lilghwny bildge. to
cost approximately $IO,w, will be con
structed on the line of Glenwood avenue
near Seventh rftieet over the Hacks of
the Richmond Branch of the Philadelphia
and Reading Railway Company.
Plans for the structure aio being pie
pared under the dliectlon of Chief Web
ster, of the Survey Buieau, and, follow
Iny the appioval by the Public Service
Commission and ait jury, bids for con
st! union of tho bridge will be ieccied.
.Money for the bridge Is available irom
a municipal loan.
Residents of the section where the
hiidge will be elected have been appeal
ins for months for the btructure that Mil
eliminate n dangerous grade crossing l.nit
must be patsod daily by children on
then way to and fioni school.
route. Tho party included W. H. Hor
ner, Republican County Chairman; JB-mes
K. Lentz, Vice Chairman; Congressman
Aaion S. Krcider. candidate for re-election
on the Republican ticket, and other
piominent men In the party.
Doctor Brumbaugh went to the Grata
i Fair by special invitation of the man
i agemonf. and ho found a gieat crowd of
I voters there to welcome him with cn
1 thunlasin.
! The Brumbaugh paity left this cltv in
automobiles nnd ran up the river road
as far a-i Halifax, where it was neces
sary to strike acioss country. A stop
was made at Halifax for luncheon.
On tho load to Halifax, the party was
met by Interested groups at Fort Hunter.
Heckton .Mills, Dauphin, Speccevlllo nnd
nt Intervening points and all gave tho
Republican gubernatorial candidate a
warm welcome.
After leaving Halifax early in the after,
noon stopi were made at Flshervllle,
Dietrich, Llizabetlivlllo and Berrysburs,
winding up ot the Gratz Fair grounds,
where the lemaluder of the day was
spent by the party m general handshak
ing and epenkiug.
Apply for Chief Clerkship in Depatt.
1 ment of Docks.
Ftri applicants for the position of
chief clerk in the depai intent of wharves,
docks ami ferries took the examination
of the civil SeiWco Commission today.
Piestdfnt filter, of the commUsioneis,
said it was the largest number of can
didates that had ever taken the exami
nation for a similar position. Tlie pout
pas llMVJi a ear. John K, Matkham.
of ISM Tacoio street. Is th piovlslon.il
appointee serving as chief clerk in tht
flock depaitment.
Twent -three men are taking ihe ex
amination for ntenographer and clerk in
an depai tment at VW to Ies than Htlni
a eai.
The new schedule of examinations p,
(Ill vacancies In any depai tment beglna
today. Under that schedule examination
will be held almost daily until September
iixaminutiou for a chief tesldeut pliysl
clau at the. Philadelphia General Hojplt ii
al (40o a year is the most important of
the schedule That examination l.i to he
held September ri.
Charged with tlie theft or a load of
waterproof barrels, three young men
were held last night in W0 ball by Mag
istrate Pennock, of the Central police sta
tion. They ate Charles Ellis, 11 years
old. of 1513 Point Breeze avenue; Howard
Ruby. 18 years old. of 2Ut and Tasker
streets, and William McLoughlln. it
yaara old, of 1920 Christian street. The
theft was reported by tho night watch
man of tlia Reading Railroad fielght sta
tion, located at 3d and Arch streets,
and the youths, who were, taking the bar-
i. xmai- lii a moving van. were arret
ed at :'rt r -l 'ia-i.ci- ir-sta i.4 ijntclal Hon, Riu-te
Policemen ut: " acv,imj. uu-ljj-
Letter Written Shortly Before His
Death Pledged Support,
Indorsement of Dr. Martin G. Brum
baugh, as a man for whoso defeat "tho
temperance forces at Pennsylvania cannot
piotltahly press at this time," Is contained
In a letter written by Henry W. Wilbur
to K. J. 'Moore, of the Anti-Saloon League,
and made public yesterday. Mr. Wilbur,
who by many was regarded as the mot
piominent Friend In Philadelphia, wrote
tho letter a few das befoie Ids death
Uit week. It has Juut been made public.
The possibility that his own life might
cue -o soon did not occur to Mr. Wilbur,
for in the letter he pledged his own vote
and those of three othern In Ids home lo
aid the candidate of Dr. Brumbaugh.
Fusion, Mr. Wilbur, observed, generally
. iru to ccntusion of all the moral Issues
I which enter Into tho compact. The fusion
. scheme of this campaign lie partlculaily
' ., , - ..- l ...1. ...!... I.- I.-,,-.. .
Oppoaeu urtauoe iis auujjiiuii, ,, ueveu,
would tlnow oveiboard "A. Mitchell Pal
mei, a temperance man by Inheritance
and practice, in order to help the chances
of a man of unknown tecord on the sub.
ject. and whoao knowledge of Pennsyl
vania and Us needs Is simply the know,
edgo of a carpet-bagger." This last re
ferred to Glfford Plnchot.
Several Students, Reported in Berlin
Prisons, Beyond German Bordors.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 1C. Madame
Tamaltl Jllura, the Japanese actress, has
escaped from Germany, advices to tho
Japanese Embassy here today state.
Mme. Miur.t, who Is the premier player
of the Imperial Theatre, In Toklo, was In
Germany with her husband, a civil en
gineer, when the. war broko out, nnd tho
American Ambassador wao requested to
look after her safety.
Twelve of the RO Japanese students,
who were said to have been in prison In
Berlin, also havo reported from points
outside of the German bordors.
Communications With; Germany Hin
dered When Wireless Machinery Fails
Communications between this country
and Germany received a serious setback
today when the wireless plant at Tucker-
ton, N. J., was forced to shut down owing
to an accident to tho machinery.
While the naval officers in charge of
tho station would not divulge exactly
what tho nature of the breakdown was,
It Is understood that tho soncrators had
burned out because of the high pressure
at which tho plant has been forced to run
night and day. In an endeavor to dispatch
all the messages accoptcd for transmis
sion. As tho Tuckerton station Is ono of
two in the United States furnishing direct
communication with Germany, it has been
practically swamped with work since the
cables ceased operation.
The generators affected by the breslc
down are the most vital part of tho send
ing machinery. As all the machinery In
use at Tuckerton Is of Gorman manu
facture. there may be much difficulty In
replacing tho destroyed parts so that the
plant may be kept out of commission for
some time.
Camden Man Faces Manslaughter
Charge for Killing Woman.
Mystery as to the Identity of the man
whose automobile struck and killed Mrs.
Anna Donnelsbeck, In Overbrook. Camden
County, a few days ago, was solved to
day by the arrest of John Maxwell, of
903 Point btreot, Camden.
Maxwell was taken Into custody by
Detectives Dotan. Levins and Grlbben
through a description furnished bv nil
eye witness of the accident. He told the
detective tl,n i, !,. u. ,'.:.. ".
Mrs. Donnelsbeck, hut in the darkness
could r.at see whether or not sho was
badly hurt.
"I drove on becauo I was frightened.
Ilost my wit. T guess." os his state.
Tlie accident happened on the White
horse pike Mr. Donnelsbeck was her
way to church. Maxwell waa drivlnu
& "Jr. '0i,dS,er Wlt" "I wife and
child. They saw another auto coming
nnd veered to one side to let It pass then
speeded up. At this Mm. Donneisbeck
stepped from behind the othar inaclilne
"".'" 3,,V,Ck b' " '" mud gtaij
of the car Maxwell was driving
slaughter1" B8 a8a"Mt "w" Is man-
Success for Germany, How
ever, Would Be Danger
ous to Government and to
Nation's Civilization, Says
MOSCOW, Sept. 16,-Tliore Is ,lu j,.
presslon of tho national spirit in Russia
There nre no striken, ,10 rotS( no revohi;
tionary propaganda or pessimism, hut
Instead an all-pervadlnR cheerfulness ami
natural unanimity, which even tho most
optlmlstlo could not have foreseen.
Tho peasants go to the front with great
enthusiasm, nnd radical nnd conservative
alike chocr them on. Newspapers of
all parties are one, and Liberal organs
aro as loyal as those of Kxtrome Right,
There Is tho same unanimity among Pole,'
and Jows, and oven Jewish volunteer
regiments have been formed.
The only sympathy with Germany n.
In Uie breasts of iho Finns. The only
Instinct to fall Into brlgandago and re
bellion Is among the Mohammedan tubes
men of Caucasus. All Is well, nnd if
success crowns the Russian arms, tht
empire will become bound In a happy
allegiance, to the Czar as never before.
On the other hand, if the Germans gain
tho upper hand, and Inflict vaBt slaughter,
the presence of millions of armed liui.
slans In western Russia U prcgnnnt with
danger for all who havo property and
culture and position there, This war Ii.
a matter of llfo nnd death for Russlnn
civilization, as It 13 for all tho other
States onsagod.
Tho air Is full of hope. All vodka shops
havo been cloned for a month, nnd Russia
has taken on tho nppenrance of sobriety.
It has been Impossible to obtain alcoholic
liquors of any kind, and ns a consequence
drunlcennoafl has disappeared from tlia
streets, nnd with It tho great army of
beggars, who only be that they may
gather a few kopeks for a bottle.
The absence of vodka has made a great
blank In tho peasants' lives, but that
blank has been filled up by war nnd (lit
Intorest of war. Ordinarily the peasants
feel they have nothing to do but drink,
but now It Is otherwise. It is aa If In
war they found a real reason for exist
once as If In death they found the ob
ject of living.
My ears ache with tho sound of wom
en's sobs. All the way from the peacotul
und happy villages of tho Altai the
sounds of wailing and crying broko upon
my ears. Here, however, In Moscow It
Is different; some ono has wiped away
their tears, and the women, with sun
shiny, If tear-stained, faces, aro fever
ishly working- for the thousands ot
wounded who havo come back for their
Already there aro MOO wounded In
Moscow, and they increase ut the rate
of five tratuloads dally. The streets are
thronged with Red Cross nurses. In
every house women are thinking of what
they can do personally for tho wounded;
how many they can take to nurse.
Alas! Wo nro only at the beginning
of sorrow, and for tho thousands of
wounded today there will be tens of
thousands and hundreds of thousands a
week or a month hence. Kvcn all the
care and thought of thoso at home will
bo too little to meet the suffering, nnd
many poor soldiers will die without the
touch of ono skilled or riontlo hand.
Xiuve for tho soldlcis In hysterical. At
tho railway stations whero the wounded
nrrlvo await largo crowds of women w-l'li
baskets of Klfl.S and when the huge
cross, which marks tho ambulance train,
comes In and stops, thrro Is a new and
sweet Invasion, all the girls running
along tho corridors with cigarettes, tea,
sugar, cakes and newspapers. Kvcn the
German wounded participate in the sen
rrnl hnspltulily, nnd you frequently hear
Russian women say of n wounded enemy
before her: "Poor one: Is il his fault In
la flKhtiiiff ur?"
The Germans, for their pait, are veiy
.suspicious, asking if tho tea Is not vit
riol, refusing to take medicine, nnd ask
Ing: "When nro we to be hanged?"
One of Heirs of Estate Alleges Mis
appropriation of Funds,
Trouble over tho handling of funds Ire
longing to tho estate ot Joseph Byine,
today resulted In Magistrate Grells hold
ing William McBrlde, CO ycais old, tin
osecutor, in .WO ball for court.
Joseph T. Byrne, one of the hehs. mails
tho complaint. Ho snld SW had ocen
misappropriated by McBrJde, who lives
at 3I4C Stillman street.
She Had Struck Him When He Re. '
fused to Go to School. j
Dislike for the routine of school life led 1
U'-ycar-old Joavph Goldstein, of 112 Chris
tian Btreel. this morning to stab Iris i
mother, Rosie Goldstein, in the aim with j
a potato mine. jug. lioldsttin had been
trying to induce her son to start for
school, and wheu ho finally refused to do
so. stiuck hirn. The boy, who had been
sharpening n. pencil with a potato knife,
attacked he The child was taken lo the
Second ana t nrisilan streets ooliee. iu.
ne was held for a further
Says They Are Unkind and Asks Po
lice for Shelter.
Cruel of relatives who. he said did
not die for hlu, led .lame, am" ert 17
,""? SVV. t0 Walk fro"' Billot street
West Philadelphia. t0 the At "..Joid
street, police station, and ask a nl-bt'
r tnf sod-Tv Vu,,,.,a "v" '" "
today Oiganlzing cha,lty
Stuckert said he resided with u,, a,,. ,
Mrs. Dome Roberts', at the ,ou' str'ei
address He told the police his kinsfolk
did not treat Ulm kindly and fiequwitlv
would not perm., h.tn to coirn'mto "ha
T-.tHy ,is sister. M. Annetta Wrlgjc
I o3 Dover street, sent woid to tho police
to,Uflr ? ,aU a home, but m
l ! ?,0,,rls ,,,aced '"Im in care of
the charitable organization.
Jewelry and ttlnkots value.j at Hi)
wete stole,, f,om the .esldence of .
Joseph Head. 6 We.tvlew street, Ger-
h'. !..i'e,t W" committed Mt night.
Jeenit-Ud'r" en,"td bedroom on the
second floor and ransacked a bureau
tiVt.V' 'I' whM" " kPl faui"y val-
... i "-..., yfir ut un imus ami i
ii h -Wei amoas &t u, UWtUf
Oflicial Forecast
For eastern Pennsylvania Fair tonlsiitj
Thursday Increasing cloudiness; fresh
northeast winds.
For New Jersey Fair tonight; Thurs
day unsettled with, probablo showers: in
creasing northeast winds.
A tropical disturbance s central "ft tin
eastern coust of Florida this morning and
Is moving northward. It has uppurcntly
Increased In energy during the night ami
Vessels are warned that conditions vtll o
dangerous south of Virginia capes. Illgii
barometric pressure continues oer tht
northeastern portion of tho countrj, -auj-Ins
continued fair weather and moderately
low temperatures. Rains are reported in
tho northern States from tho Lake i.-glan
westward, while conditions hae geneiall
cleared in the great central valio - A
ehaip ilse In temperaturo oeciiind uvei a
belt oxteudlng from Lake Superior xoulli
westward to Kansas.
United States Weather Buieau H ilhtn
observations made at S p. in , ea'tera
I". S. Weather fliircau llullflin
!.. Cft
last rutu- I'he ,
btailon. Sa.i.i. night, fall. Iloii I. U".;'J
niwttuji. n a. m. um ran. nun. n. .-
APiiene, 'lex. .
AtUntlc City .
lll.injicl.. XI).
Uoton. Jliii.
Iluffalo. X. V. . rto fe
1'lilcaipj, III. ... US l
cllaud. O ,-VI SI
Denver. Col. . . . .".S 5S
lies Icinu. In. T- To
neiroii, Jl l.li l', (,:
IMlllllU. Jiitiu. .
ialelun. Tex
lUtttl-ai. N. c
lUleiia. ilont..
JlU'k'kuIlvlIlD ..
Kanaa 1'llv
lutlllle. Kv.. Ill ..K
MeinphU. JVnn. in H;
New (rlan .. 7- III
New York lii raj
N Platte. Nob. rel :a
Oklahiing 7J it
t'nuadtipiiia ... l. el
1'iuMiiU, Aim... 71 It
rntourcu. I 'a.. M
PortUud, Me... It!
I'ortUnJ. Ore. . s3
VutL'Ce. i uu. . .
l. I.ul. Mo
Ut Paul llluu.
Suit l.n.i- I'll.
dan Iran. I .. ..
Snaiituii iv
Tampa .
Wtonlpei ,,
71 71
is IS .Hi NW
u r.u
I j i ! 1 1
I, I' ' ."J
i, i -1 a
lo i I "
s li
si; i i
i !.'';
7u i .in s l ' i"" lv
i xi .ci si; ti '
T-J 7u .iu M-: -' :
:;i; .n
hi Z .o-j x
7- 7" 3. 1 1
xi: i-'
s -o
i i- i i-j
n, ii. '
in l ' mJ
4 '-li-i-
4 i 1. .
1(1 " I ar
I. j i
I u 1
. 58 W .'J VY l' ll" "
- t- 'avsf-s an-"

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