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vol. i-ivo. ;i
Underwood Drafting Bill
Which Will Require
Stamps On Commercial Instruments.
Proposed Levy on Freight Aban
doned Republicans to Antag-
, onize Measure and Make it an
WASHINGTON. Sort. J6.-Chalinmn
Underwood, of the Hou Ways and
Means Committee, today began drafting
the Internal revenue "war tax" bill
authorized by the Pemocratlc caucus to
omprlsc a Ump tux similar to that of
Spanish-American war limes and Imposts
on beer, wines and tobacco to raise J1CC,
OOO.OY) nnnnnl revenue needed
Introduction of the bill Saturday win
planned by Mr. Underwood. It probably
will bo favorably reported Monday and
passed, under a special rule severely lim
iting debate and offering amendments, by
the end of the week.
Bitter and prolonged Republican oppo
sition In both the House and Senate, was
certain today. The "war tax," Republi
can l"ndrrs declared, Is to be made the
"paramount Issue" of tho coming con
gressional elections.
rnnroiiT tax abandoned.
Abandonment of the plan to tax freight
three per cent, and raise Income taxes
left the Democrats In practically unani
mous acconl today to pass the revenue
The new tnxc will 50 Into effect Im
mediately upon parage of the bill, which
It Is hoped to enact before October 13.
Protests ngnlnt the proposed tax
scheme began to reach the Vi'ayi and
Means Committee todav. Wine producers,
especial! v, claim to b haul hit. Bank
ers are also objecting to the proposed
"occupation" tax upon their surplus and
Collection of the war tax "at the
source" of production from manufactur
ers and the direct levy through stamps
upon commercial and legal Instruments,
telegrams, checks, and long distance tele
phone messages will yield immediate and
certain revenue, according to the Demo
ciats The stamp tax on documents prob
ably will be two cents.
,"TtH Democratic taxation plan Is briefly
is follows:
Klftv cents a barrel on beer, to raise
Twelve cents a gallon on dry domestic
wines and ' cents on sweet wines, to
ralye ".M)(yO.
Tw. cents a gallon on gasoline, to raise
Special "occupation" taxes on banker-,
brokers, theatrei- circuses, concert hall,
pawnbrokers, billiard and pool tables,
howling alleys, tobacco manufacturers
and dealers, etc , to rai-e 5,i.nH0.
Stamp taxes on commen l.il Instruments,
bonds, stock, checks, telegrams, etc., to
raise about ID'.VO '.
1 I ''--: ? 'Cill iHi, 1
tat- wW vsW 1s$. of&j-j-e si
Comes as a Full-Fledged
Doctor With Scheme to
Revive Brotherhood of the
He is called the "millionaire hobo," He has returned to Philadelphia and is
conducting an employment agency, charging a fee of one cent.
Broad Street Project Sus
pected as Means to Divert
Attention of Councils.
Franchise to Be Asked.
targe Additions to Classes nnd
Schools Will Extend Their Scope.
Temple r-iiv.iltv is i., ,uv the ban
ner yar of its history if the large num
ber of rests' rati n Is to be regarded as
a criterion. The inereaev .,f atudent for
the various courses -xtendt, to nil de
partments, including the :wo hospitals
The clashes will tax the departments to
their utmost capacity.
The Teachers' College ha., been devel-op-d
mutMrlallv. I ir Isabel Graves, who
lecelveil the duftor'H degree frum pnnn
iylvunla and 'ier bachelor- decree frnn
Wesleyan. will s-iHt Professor Fmman
In the Unnlls'i department, ahe is re.
turning to teach after a jear of advanced
.tiidy at 'oluinbla
Mlsq Margarot K. Duncan has been
added to 11" "tuff jf the department of
Romanc languages, and Doctor .-'teel to
that of the department of pedagogy! Miss
Tt'oodburn, director of the nurces at the
Samaritan Ho-pltal, will lecturo ln the
household i-- lence department and on
home nursing and emergencies
The Irr-fu- loi In dietetics win De Mis
Day. Pructi. al work in hospital dietetics
will be iun in the diet kitchens of the
Samaritan Honpltul under th direction
of Mrs. Hin:i Dav.
A feuturw of the w.irk of the household
sclepc department will be experiments
In iichool luneh Facilities added to the
modioli department include new 'luarters
for the treatment of crippled children by
Jr. Hudson
Thera has been t-btabllshed n, ioel4l
service. MSttlement work In connection
with tho department of octoiony. at
liruad and Brown street-. There will be
an "lion forum Sundsy evenings, with
psclal music, and boys and Kirli and
mother' club durtnff the ek. Another
featuie will he a baby savins show, to
bo held In Novembe-.
Camden Man Faces Manslaughter
Charge for Killing' Woman.
Jlystery as to, th identity of the man
whose uutoniobllo strqi h and killed Jlrs
Anna Dunnelsbeck. in Overbroott. farnden
County, a fw daya ago, was soUed to
day by the- arrest of John Mdxwel'. of
I.XJ Point street. 'amden
Maxwell was taken Into custody by
DetectUes Poran. levins and Qrlbben.
through a description furnished by an
ye witness of the accident He told the
detectives that ho knew he. had struck
Mrs. Ponnelsbeck, but ln the darkness
could not bee whether or not she, was
badly hurt.
"I dro on because I was frightened
I lost my wits, I guess." was his state
ment. The atvident happened on the White
horse piKc Mm Donnel.bk was on her
way to church. Mawell was driving
home in a roadster with his wife and
child. They saw another auto coming
and veered to one side to let It pass, then
speeded up. At this Mrs. DonneUbeck
stepped from behind the other machine,
iiid was struck by the rear mud guard
of the car Maxwell was driving
The charge against Maxwell is mu-laoghttr.
A im n mini fan "i 3
That an automobile omnibus line
project for .Vorth and South Broad street
will be used to divert attention from the
transit plans before Council at the meet
ins tomorrow is the story current to
day among politicians, who say that an
nrdinancti for a franchise may be intro
duced tomorrow.
It Is certain that a plan Is on foot to
enfranchise an automobile bus line at
the earliest opportunity. This has been
confirmed by Walter C. Mclntlre, 1S37
Thoinpnun street, who is said to bo direct
ing the promotion of the line, Mclntlre
is relnted to George G. Pierre, a member
of the Board of neststration Commis
H'nners. Ho Is head of Mclntlre & Co., a Arm of
ehotrical contractors, nt 12 North rtfth
stieeu He held seveial contracts durlnc
th. building of the Market street sub
way. It Is true that we are plunnins to
operate an omnlbuh line on Broad street.''
taid Molntlro today "The project Is only
ln ItH flrst stages, however, and I can
not Rive out any announcement until
more progress has been made.
"The first step toward forming a com
pany will be securing u franohUo from
councils," he added He refused to name
those Interested In the project.
Mclntlre was aslt'd whether he had any
assurances that the bus line scheme
would be favorably received In councils
"I cannot tell you anything about that
now," he replied, "There will be a full
announcement when the ordinance t pre
sented." U was recalled that Peter J.
llughe.s, who operated a Broad tret bua
lino snveral years ago had failed fJ get
a second franchise.
Vn cannot tell yt how the project
v. Ill be rf"lved." was Mclntlre's com
ment. "No, we do not fear th Pio
poed Broad street suoway. It will tako
eeverul yeais to build and in th mean
time a bui line will hnve a steady patron
age. In any cat wo would not ho uni
potlng with the subway, for It would
carry passengers from Chestnut Hill and
uthr long haul pulnts. Tim bus line
would make only short distance runs and
the ride would be moro pleasant than on
the aubway"
un the 6treet the news of the bus line
project was greeted as a roovo to oppose
tranii'i improvements.
"If that scheme Is Introduced ln Coun
cils tome people may look on It as a aub
nitute and an excuBo to delay action on
the suoway," said one, man prominently
concerned In the bnbway plans. "Of
course a bug line ne-ver would take the
pUo of the subway." ho continued, "but
at the same time those opposed to the
-ub.vay might ue. It a.s a pitUexl fot do
lalns action "
Them is strum? belief In many quarters
that an ordinance to grant a franchise
for a bus line will be introduced at the,
meeting of Councils tomorrow
Hesolutlon for Investigating Primary
Campaigns Referred to Committee,
WASHINGTON. .Sept .-Investigation
of the prlmarj campaigns hading up to
the nomination for Senator of Boles Pen
rose in Pennsylvania and Roger V. Sulli
van in lllitiuis was the object of a reso
lution Introduced today by Senator Mor
ris, of Nebraska At the request of Nor
rls the resolution, which Is said to be In
dorsed by the National Popular Govern
ment League, was lefeired by the Ben
ate to the Privileges and Election Com-rJffti.
Observance of Independence
Day Marked by Announce
ment of American Evacua
tion of Vera Cruz.
MEXICO CITr. Sept 15,-Thc celebra
tion of the 104th anniversary of Mexican
Indeiwndeuce was marked today by the
greatest rejoicing throughout the capital,
following tho announcement of General
Carranza that President Wilson had or
dered the withdrawal of American troops
from Vera Cruz.
In accordance with the traditions of
the celebration of Independence day, Gen
eral Carranza, as the head of the gov
ernment, appeared on the balcony of the
National Palace at midnight to address
the thront-'s gathered in tho street. He
then announced tho reoipt of a tMegram
from Juan Urquldl, secretary of tho Con
stitutionalist Junta In Washington, tell
ing of the order Issued by the President.
Tho ciowd went wild with delight There
were fireworks throughout tho city, tho
Cath.dial and al! public buildings were
illuminated, while the entire city gave
itself over to ceebratlng.
VHItA CRUX. Sept. It Announcement
that they were tu evacuate Vera Cruz
came u& welcome news to tho troops of
Genera; Funston. All are tired of servlco
In the tropics oril greeted tho announce
ment wini chevr.
Tin- government will be speedily trans
ferred from tho American military au
thorities to tho civil oiliciuls to be ap
pointed by Geneial Cairanza.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 15.-Wlthdraw.il
of all American troops from the Mexican
bouudaiv, except the usual small border
patio'. Is plannod toon by the Adminis
tration, it was Mated at the War De
partment today, in line with the evacua
tion of Vera Cruz ordered by President
I'sua! garrisons at the Texas. Arizona
and Nf w Mexico posts will be maintained.
but tho great bulk of tro. ps, which have
been mobilized on Mexico's northern
boundary for about two years, will he
redistributed to more northern army
At the Navy Department It was said
t'-tt orders for nil larso warships to
have Moxh-an waters would be Issued
pretently to make complete the return of
all Ameri'-an nrmed forces fiom MeUro.
Secretarv Garrison was 'iuy upon for
malities attending the turning over of
W-i-a f'niz to the Constit .uionnlistH. Gen
eral Carranza will be asked to appoint
ton... on.i formally to recetvo tho port I
from aeneial runston.
U, S. Navy Officers' Club, Besieged
lay Landlord, Wont Surrender.
The Man-o -Wnrsmon Club, of 17"
South Uioan etre.-t, composed of petty
f.inc.-is in the L'nit'-d States Navy, is be
sieged hy the landlurd of the property,
supported by legal authority, bnauai; of
the alleged non-pa jment of sjk months'
rent. From the nature uf the action In
Court of Common Pleas No. I. It appears
that the warriors arc ready to capitu
late. The attacking party Is M. Rosensteln,
C. tho use of Adolph Friedman, who de.
Clares that under an armistice In the
action on the lease tho men-o'-warsmen
have confessed Judgment in the sum of
iVO, unpaid rent for six months. The
lessor, hnvev. r. wants, In addition, an
unqualified sui render of tho citadel.
A eKeliton furct will remain In chaige
of the house until ludge Klnsey or one
of the other Judges of th court decides
the action.
Learning that his International Brother
hood Association and Committee for the
Unemployed was languishing, J. Eads
How, whoce heart gave birth to the or
ganization Is back In Philadelphia.
Ho has opened a free employment
agency In J-ewars' Hnll, Ninth and Spring
Garden streets, and he has set the
brotherhood on Us legs. He expects to
have It strpplng out Just like a recover
ing Invnlld when ho finances the Brothers
a little by menus of a play called "Hitting
the Road or Hiding the Break Beam." It
Is a little drtima dedicated to the hobo
by Miss Cora D. Harvey, suffr.igetto and
national treasurer of the brotherhood.
It will be presented nt tho headquarters
September 20. Admission will be 10 cents.
Pr. How, for he has become a physician
since he organlztd the brotherhood he
modestly ndmlte, heard whilo hn was In
St. Louis that his Philadelphia brcthern
wore scattering to the foui winds. Ed.
Hoev, the president, got tired of his Job
and went up State as a farm hand. Joseph
Miller, vlce-piesldcnt, one day heard that
there was a Job as a. waiter In Now
Y.uk Just yearning to be flllcd. Three
meals a day went with the Job, bo did
Vice Ptesldont Miller.
Then the rent of the clubrooms at Sixth
and Callowhlll streets came due. Th?
members discreetly drifted away.
Now the brotherhood can reassemble.
Dr. How Is on the Job. If any of tho
members want a job Dr. How Is thorc
to help them.
Dr. How was on tho job this morning,
but no one else followed his example.
The labor bureau got away to a bad
start, although Dr. How says that 100,000
men are clamoring for work nnd ho
wants to be tho agent to Bupply the Jobs.
Dr. How reached Ninth nnd Vino
streets last week. He started a search
for his followers. None was found, but
the doctor sent out his message and fast
and mysteriously It graveled. Within an
hour the doctor was shaking hands all
over Franklin Square with fellows In
misery, some of whom he had met be
fore. Dr. How first of all engaged a bod ln
tho Berkley lodging house. Sixth and
Callowhlll streets. Dr. How's followers
say that a "flop" at the Berkley coats
15 cents a night. Dr. How, in more es
thetic language, stated that he had a nice
clean bed every night for 15 cents.
It was at the Dewey restaurant. Ninth
street near Vine, that Doctor How was
found today taking a late breakfast. He
ate 10 cents' worth. The breakfast was
oatmeal nnd milk, two soft-boiled eggs,
French fried potatoes, coffee and rolls.
"Very nourishing and quite cheap If
one takes In consideration, however, that
a man can afford ton cents for a break
fast," said Doctor How, as he wiped his
lips with a handkerchief. The waiter
nau torgotten to fumlh a napkin.
"The boys have surt of drifted away
from the Brotherhood, but they will
reassemble," said the presldont of the
order hopefully. "I started my work
Sunday by visiting the Bible class of
Anthony Drexel Biddlo. The reception I
got when I started to talk was " and
Doctor How hesitated "one might say
"However, I talked on. I maintained
that If the Lord should como to earth
Ho would not be received in most of the
Philadelphia churches.
"I wanted to Interest Mr. Riddle In my
work, but he nlso spmd a little distant.
He did not proinlfo to visit the now club
rooms of the Brotherhocd."
A friend of Doctor How, who was
listening to the conversation, advlred him
not to be discouraged. He was of tho
opinion that "Tony" Riddle had only two
Interests In Philadelphia, Jack O'Brien
and his Bible class, but if he were culti
vated In the right way he might be In
duced to take a glance, or two at Doctor
How's hoboes.
"I want the newspapers to help finding
Jobs for my friends," said Doctor How.
"Now you sen a man offers a position to
a man through the papers. He is bn
felged by applicants. Such occurrences
discourage members of the Brotherhood
Through the newspaper otllces we might
lenrn of the ads before they ure pub
lished and then our brothers would get
an early stnrt. They would then avoid
tho great competition for work, jou see"
Another thing that Doctor How Is In
terested In Is a municipal lodging house.
He has petitioned Councils to appropriate
115.000 of tho proposed $11,500,000 loan bill
for the. purpose. A free lodging house
is as Important as a City Hall, according
to Doctor How.
Doctor How was flrst heard of In Phila
delphia three jears ago when he. called
a hobo convention. He opened the con
vention with ten weary men Three ho
sent out with covered tin buckets, which,
when used In the transportation of beer,
are culled "ducks." For flvo minutes
Doctor How had a crowded hall. The
buckets came back tilled with rnfreo. The
audience for the great part sighed its
way back onto the street
Doctor How, although a full fledged
physician. looks more like his brothers
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h r.VjKW" il 5yi&frtW3IBKKtm3& Bti? s Jul
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) ' m ' "" & M-MmMEWtBUKKt
$$. 1 v. . f&gmm
Commission Protesting Gcr
man Atrocities Learns Ac
tion Now Would Be "Pre-
mature, Unwise and Incon-sistent."
The house adjoining the corner, in the photograph, is the dwelling let to a
negro family by a woman who wants to advance the race in fulfillment of her
father's will.
Half a Ton of Loot Carted
Off by West Philadelphia
Robbers Includes Organ
Motor and 1 4 Chandeliers.
Half a ton of bulky articles. Including
an Immense church bell weighing 400
pounds, which were etolen from tho
'-htirch of toe P.edemptlon. "6th and Mar
ket streets, last Thursday night, hove
disappeared somewhrre within the city.
The police, after five dn.s of constant
6earch, said today they had been un
able to recover them.
Last Thursday night, one of the first
cool nights of the fall, when most I'hlln-
delphlnns remained off the stieets, miv
eral men boldly carted the articles away
In a wagon. Ko s.ild the Hov. Albert K.
Clay, rector of the church.
The thieves llrst removed a tection of
nn ornamental Iron fence on the Market
Btrect side of the church property, nnd
then drove the wagon through tho open
ing and Into the church yard. They
broke Into the church and curried away
tho heavy hell, tho motor for the organ
and H brass chandeliers.
Doctor Clay, upon discovering the los
on Friday morning, immediately noti
fied the police. "But I haven't luard
anything yet," he said today.
He explained that the bell formeily
hung In the belfry of tho old frame
church that stood in the tame (.pot as
the present now building, which was
placed under roof early this summer. The
new church, he said, Is soon to have a
belfry, and the bell was to have pealed
forth Us mellow tones from there.
The loss of the iTgnn motor will not
handicap the services, ns a new elictric
motor has Just been Instulled. The chan
deliers, said Doctor Clay, worn umm! In
the bammem of tho new church, in
which ferviccs were conducted from the
time It wns built several jears ago until
tho complete structure wns finished.
The police do not believe that the arti
cles have been taken out of the city, o"j
the bulky and heavy bell would hav
nh,atoil tntt mnel, nM.nllnn T,-rn..F .. I
lnn.iln .lion. In t'MI-i ,!,.! r.hln l. .,... Medicine
have failed.
Woman Sends Family Into
$7500 Home Out of De
sire to Uplift the Colored
Judge Demands Reason for Charities
Official's Release of Boy,
Judge fiorman, sitting in tin Juvenile
Branch of thv Municipal (.unit, today
ordered that a subpoena be Issued, hum.
moiling Director Harte, of the Burtitu of
Health and charities, tu appear before
him next Trlday to show causo why ho
should not be held In contempt of court.
Judge Gorman took this action when
Informed of the dltchnrge of a feeble,
minded child from the Philadelphia Hos
pital four days after the child had been
committed by the Municipal Couit to the
care of the Department of Health and
The child, who was released from th
A desire on the part of tho owner to
uplift nnd advance tho colnre.i meo .,.
nlso to show neighbors that they cannot I
dlctato to hur was given today as the
reason why the houso at 1818 West Ve
nango street had been rented to a negro
family In spit., of the Indignant protests
of neighbors and the fact that no other
negroes livo near by. The owner of the
property, which l valued at about JiJOO,
l.s Mrs. Herman Goller, 1317 North Cones
toga street.
Mrs. Goller Inherited the desire to help
tho negro rnco, along with about $00.04
fiom her father, who mado his money In
a tobacco plantation In the South mainly
through the work of Africans. He died
last June, according to Herman Goller.
a salesman with otllces in the Heal Es
tate Trust building, who is the husband
of tho womun who ownn the house.
The house Is In an exceptionally good
residential district and i one of a row
of fine dwelling. Like the rest of the
low It Is of threo stories and has a wide
expanse of green luwn in front. There
Is a broad porch and everything In the
dwelling in in accord with tho most mod--n
ideas of home building. 'Well-to-do
people live In the adjoining home. Many
of them rehired to believe that the prop
erty hud been rented to a negro until the
family started to move In today.
Among the wealthy residents of the
immediate neighborhood Is Robert Barker,
president of tho Barker, Moore ft Mcln
Company, of 1023 Venango
For moio than a week the house at the
Venango street address has borne the fol.
lowing sign:
"For sale or rent, to colored families
i Today nnothei giBI) Wiih put In the win
dow of the house, advertising the fact
that u hair-dressing parlor Is to be opened
J there. A bit later a moving van loaded
j with furniture hulled lieforo the door and
I the driver sat down on the steps to await
the arrival of tho new tenant. He said
that the man was colored and that his
' name was Bntemnn.
I Neighbors who have been vimmii.u.
protesting since they learned ilt was the
Intention of the owner to rent the place
oi. ly to negroes, changed their tactics to
day anil refused to talk. They declared
that thi ben way to meet the condition
1 by Mlence, and declined to express opln.
nowever, that
Ions. Thcv left no doubt.
I'irv iirivnimi. umitireiiiiv wiiii.tttt m.
today than he did seven! jears ago. Then i thorlty. was M.x Miller, a feeble-minded ' tne 0"'"' t the owner has highly lii
he was Just a bit too dappur. Today delinquent, who hadhen placed on pro. I c"nF'd them.
nation lust juiiuai, um wnu snowt-d no .. A .. . ""'"f ot tne nous
improvement under the watchful observ
ance of Mlsa Kate Gaiter, the probation
otllcer. On August 13 she teported the
boy back to the court as showing no
Improvement and as being u menace to
other children by the bad example he
The boy was then committed to the
Lepartment of Public Health and Chari
ties. The department sent the boy to
the Philadelphia Hospital
ne wears a straw nai, mucn oaitcred, on
bis head, nnd the shoes on his feet could
be !mproed by cobbling.
His ambition though is the .-ame. That
Is, to organize the hobo; make him a
power. They can t be a Fower, he ar
gues, when they singly slink along the
rlght-of-wav of railroads. Confederated,
he holds, they would become a power In
national politics
Arrested Because He Fell
A fall from a train at Wayne Junction,
which lacerated his head, cauxed the ar
reat todav of Thomas Lyons. Lyons, who
lives at 3W3 Warnork street, was taken
to St Luke's Hospital, where he was
arrested by Polkeman Timbers. Magis
trate QrelU dl-caars-a him.
British Government Takes Over At
lantic Transport Vessel.
The British Government haa com
mandeered the Atlantic Transport steam
ship Manltou. which up until the out
break of the war piled between this port
and London.
At the olllce of the International Mar.
cantlle Marine Company. It was said to-
,i.v that another boat would renin,-.. .... !
Manltou as soon as the eastward freight
movement warranted 1L The Manltou Is
now on her way to Halifax to transport
Canadian troops to the scene of actioa.
Mr. f.oller told the Kvenliig Ledger today
She inherited about 0.i.) frm i.er
father last June. i his will ,n provided
that she must spend .am- of that money
In the uffort to help coloicd people. c
cordlngly she got me to buy up property
to ee if there wa r.ot some way wo
could do good for the race
"After my wife got the property on
West enango street the neighbors be
came i,nst. They made no effort to
confer with her. She knew nothing of
... ...,,.,,,,,, u,,,, wne s,, opined
WASHINGTON, Sept. 1.-Begum..
uin or complaint ngainst the Germ
armV Wn tlll nflnrn.H 1.U ."'""
TreM.nt VM. , .!. i. .. D"9."
V-7, t e.l" "".".J Vc' 1 "' . l"9 1
i 7. .. """ ",0 rc,t nation.
A brief, cnrefully prepared re-nnn l
the Presldont awaited tho commissioner
who wero accomDanled bv ami i..'
duccd to President Wilson by SecreUw
of State Bryan. 13. Havenlth, Bolgi
minion:!, unu tiiiuuuua- ui cue ueigian 1ft
KHiiun were aiso in ine party.
The President reiterated tho neutrality
of the United States to the Belgians. Hi
It would bo unwise, It would be pre.
mature for a single government, how
ever fortunately separated from tht
present trouble, It would even be In.
consistent with the neutral position of
any nation, which like this has no part
In tho contest, to form or express a
final judgment.
This was tho keynote of President
Wilson's reply to the Belgian commission
ers, who protested against the Wronji
which they declare their nation has euf.
fered from Gormany In tho present war,
The President's address. In part, wai:
Permit mo to say with most slncers
pleasure I receive you as representa
tives of the King of the Belgians, a
people for whom the people of th
United States feel so strong a friend
ship and admiration, a King for whom
they entertain so sincere a respect; and
to express my hopes that we may have
many opportunities for earning and
deserving their regard. You are not
mistaken in believing that the people
of this country love Justice, seek the
true paths of progress and have a
passlonato regard for the rights of
I thank you for the document yon
have put In my hnnds containing the
result of an Investigation made by a
Judicial Committee appointed by ths
Belgian Government to look Into the
matter of which you have come te
spcalc. It shall have my most at
tentive perusal and most thoughtful
consideration. You will, I am Bure,
not expect mo to say more.
Presently, I pray God, very soon thli
war will be over. The day of account
ing will then come, when I take It
for granted the nations of Europe will
assomblo to determine a settlement.
Where wrongs have boen committed,
their consequences and the relative re
sponsibility Involved will be assessed.
Tho nations of the world have fortu
nately hy agreement made a plan for
such a reckoning and settlement. What
such a plan cannot compass, the opin
ion of mankind, the final arbiter In all
such matters, will supply.
It would be unwise. It would be pre
mature, however fortunately separ
ated from the present struggle. It
would even be Inconsistent with the
neutral position of any nation whlcli,
like this, has no pnrt In the contest,
to form or oxpress a final judgment.
I need not assure you that this con
clusion, In which I Instinctively feel
that you yourselves will concur. It
spoken frankly because In warm
friendship nnd as the best means of
perfect understanding between uj,
nn understanding based upon umtujl
respect, admiration and cordiality.
The complaints, as presented by Jin
E. Havenlth, ln part, were:
" 'Since the very origin of Its Independ
ence, Belgium has been declared neutiil
In perpetuity. This neutrality, guaran
teed by tho Powers, has recently beea
violated by one of them,
"The consequences suffered by the Bil
glan nation were not confined purely to
the harm that came by the forced mart!
of the invading army. TIiIh aimy not
only seized a great portion of our terri
tory, but It committed incredible ncU of
violence, the nnture of which Is contraif
to the laws of nations.
"Peaceful Inhabitants were massacre,
defenseless women nnd children were out
raged, open nnd undefended towns vre't
destroyed: historical and religious monu
ments were reduced to dust, and tt"
famous library uf the University '
Louvaln wns mnde a prey to flames
"Our Government has nnnolnted a uH-
cial commission to make an official In-
vcstisntlon. sn ns to thorough and ID'
partially exumlno the facts nnd to de
termine the responsibility therefor. a"j
I will have the honor, excellency, to haiii
over to you the proceedings of the In
quiry. "1 lie American peopl hnve nlwaya d
plaved their respect for lust'ee. their
search for progress and an Instinctive it
tnchment for the laws of hunmnl Their
fore, thry have won a moral InfluentJ
which Is recognized by the entire t"rM "
U for this reason that Belgium, bound
she is to vou hy ties of comniercr aw
Increasing friendship, turns to tin- Arnerl-
fan people nt this time to let kiw
the re-il truth of the present situatl"
Resolved to coutlmio unflinching deft""
of Its sovereignty nnd Independence. "1
deems It Its duty to bring to the attes-
tlnn of the civilized world the numero"
and grave breaches of the luws uf r
ttons of which film Iir heen A virtin)..
"At the very moment w were leavlrf
Belgium the King recalled to us his tw
to the United States and the ru id
strong impression your poweifjl "M
virile civilization left upun his mind "
Accused Man Commanded to Support
His Suffering; Family.
A story of suffering and prnatlon, I"
eluding tho death of ,i child from star"'
tion, was told by Mrs Sophie J-:ionj
when she appeured before S!ttiitf,;
Campbell at the Belgude and learfif,!
streets station this morning to teetul
UEHlnst her husband. Oeorgc Llu
who, she said, deserted her three montu
Klowaci came home vesterda M '
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