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of tho German nrmy Tho German
wero Investing; Fort Troyon nnd the
neighboring forts between Tout ninl
Verdun, with the object of opening n
vmy of retreat on their left.
Tho failure of thlt plan means that
the French are masters of the valley
from Toul to Verdun. Therefore, tho
armies of the Crown Prince Frederick
William and the Duko of Wtirttomberg
will be unable to cross tho Mouse and
I will have to go farther north and at
tempt to pass by the Stenay Gap
Tho forward movement of the allies
between tho foiest of Argon no anil tho
Meuso continue-?. Tho pressure of tho
allies has had tho effect of straighten
Ins tho battle front until It Is now al
most n straight line to it point east of
the Mouse and near Htattt.
Uelfoit, France, Is III a stale of siege,
and, according to the French military
authorities Is In a position to resist
attack lmlcilnltcly.
LONDON, Sept. Hi.
The following ofllclal statement was
lven out today by the War Ofllee:
"The general posttlcn on the Alsne
continues favorable for the allies
"The enemy litis delivered several
counter attacks, especially against the
first army corps, bi those have been
"Tho Germans give way slowly befoto
cur troops and the French armies on
our right and left.
"Tho enemy's loss Is ery heavy. We
have taken 2000 , Isoners "
I The statement admits, however, that
I tho advance of the French and Hittlsh
,1s not rapid and that the Get intuit arc
falling bark, but slowl.v.
The statement Indicates that tho
first British corps, under Lieutenant
General Sir Douglas ttnlg, which did
such valiant service dining the recent
rotlrotnotit of the allies has bteii bear
ing the brunt of the fighting. This sec
tion of the allied army, flanked an It
Is by French troops evidently makes
up part of the allies' centre.
P V Hi
ir- q!.
w, v . . v . ,
e.cr- -
y. tyj I
s T- -Jf M
s,-r ri Hr mm.
TOTX 1VONKLUKS ' knid i'" s
gj AnkAS i jr r
nijv .rrr), w. ' itma 'Sb&vrA
I FER& ion : j-tfwSS
V ("UWHtONC 50ys$0NS ?(9E2$$mni& AA
. M " - - '" .' S
v 'n j n w va , L?J VFnnu.u
X-fc tf"TW r .... VSX
-v-S ZhSMmJKo? "oAtOTMRAL Va -.
" - rfs1 r6i - C 'vhTS lW hulw
v K7JV N a . ZLj&a
t "" ' & v ciriir ninrci - v
,mM' rV) OCOULOMMlFDK-yruAKt,n, - -v M3
mau s'asr r C7A vx-rr7??Afn--: ';'ir":'"-"i-7 o h
" i- ." " V lK.fl Y" ,r?l.t JZI iL rrUMF-irAIM 3Jf-n WV. .T X
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MUN roi Dl tR,?-" P"
.vy i ccop
y r i trn-
Continuance of tho German reticat
between the Argonno forest and tho
River Meuso was reported by the
French War Otllce through the
French Embassy here today. The dis
patch, sent from Bordeaux, reads:
On our left wing tho Germans
resisted yesterday to the north of
tho River Alsnc, on a lino formed
by tho forest of Lalgno and Cra
enne. At the centre their line of re
sistance was yesterday north of
Ilheimt and the camp of Chalons
towards Vleniie, a town at tho
western border of the Argonne.
The forces of the enemy that
were occupying the south of the
Argonne havo accentuated their
movement, retreating between the
Argonno and the Meuse. They
were holding esterday the front at
Wirelines and Consenvoye.
On our right wing tho German"
are retreating toward Metz.
The French Kmbassy continues to
exprcs". confidence that the situation
Is rapidly becoming more favorable to
the allies.
x r v
' r) o 9tiAto'i)& tVv " i j? fyjj
.oW . .VeVi",,! W.i ,. ', ,fj.,vN.J. . .? Tiiv"( y , !'.,'
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izir !
if, (
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i i ii j l r i- .a i
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ZXr .
Abandonment Would Cut
Off German Line of Re
treat Fortify Brussels to
Hold With Smalt Garrison.
BERLIN. Sept. 16.
The official statement issued today
at tho War Office emphasizes the fact
that tho Germans havo now succeeded
In checking the entire of.V. slve move
ment of the allies in France.
It is stated that the German army
Is now intrenched in new strong posi
tions, and that at a number of points
the Germans have succeeded in drlv
" ln tho -French-British line? back on
their supports.
So far as the entire situation In
France Is concerned the reports of the
General Staff all agree that the new
plan of campaign is working out in a
Tery satisfactory manner.
On both the east and west frontiers,
the report says, the German forces
are carrying out their general plan
of campaign with uninterrupted suc
cess. The reason for the withdrawal of a
portion of the German left wing is
declared to bo the presence of a su
perior French force. The operations
about Verdun, howeer, are being
pressed, it is stated.
The official statement says:
The offensive movement of the
allied British and French armies
In France has been checked.
We havo won a number of suc
cesses and have occupied strong
positions, righting continues, but
no engagement has taken place.
The enemy has beenattacklngwith
superior numbers for two days our
right wing. A "-evcre conflict has
marked the operations about Ver
dun. The Admiralty announced today
that nil tho crew of the cruiser Hela,
which was sunk by a British subma
rine, had been saved. An earlier re
port from Admiral Behnke had Indi
cated there had been some loss of
Another official statement denies all
foreign reports of the progress of the
war. It says:
We know from the present con
dition that wo shall tight to the
end. Wo did not expect a prom
ena le for our troops. "Hard fight
ing against hard opposition" is our
Confidence prevails among the
Germans and the world Is entitled
to know that there Is no truth In
the talk of a French victory any
where All other repot ts arc false.
A definite German victory on
both frontiers cannot bo doubted,
dpsplto tho big superiority of the
hostile forces on both sides.
German toll Is free of her en
emies. Tho ofllclal report makes no men
tion of how far or to what line of de
fense the German right wing has retreated.
BORDEAUX, Pept. l.
Tho following official statement was
Issued here by the War Offlco at 3
'clock this afternoon:
"On September and 15 tho rear
guard of the enemy came Into contact
with our pursuing forces, and having
been reinforced by a great part of tho
German army, gave battle on tho de
tensive along the whole front
"Certain sections of the front were
trongly held by the enemy. This front
extends from the region of Noyon, ths
plateaus to the north of Vicaur-Alsno
and from Solssons-le-Masslf and Laon
to the heights on the north and west of
Rhelras; also a line that runs, thence
to tho north of VUle-sur-Tonrno. to
tho west of tho Argonne region, and
which ts continued thence beyond the
Argonne by another line, which passes
north of Vuremies, a point that has
been evacuated by tho enemy, and
reaches the River Meuso in the region
of tho Forges, which is north of Verdun.
"During the pursuit of tho enemy
executed by our troops nfter the bat
tle of the Marne, the Germans aban
doned numerous prisoners to our
hands. To thaso men there has boon
added a large multitude of stragglers,
who were hidden In forests.
"No exact accounting of these pris
oners or of tho war material captured
by us so far has been possible. It is
for this reason that Minister of War
Mlllerond, who does not wish to give
out figures which might bo considered
fantastic, refrains from announcing
I the details of these captures."
The new line of battle now being formed in France runs along the Valley of the Aisne, where General Von Kluk's forces arc defending themselves
aeainst the English on his extreme right, and the various French armies in the centre and on his left. The second, third and fourth German armies have re
treated to a line north of the River Aisnc, near Rethel, while further east the fifth German army, under th Crown Prince, has been compelled to move northward
and eastward from the Argonne district outside of the range of the Verdun forts. The sixth German army, operating on the Lorraine frontier, is moving
back to its base at Metz. South of Verdun the French have relieved Troyon, attacked by the Germans, and are forcing the Crown Prince's rear guards to the
north, threatening the German centre with an enveloping movement.
Communication Cut Between
Strong Fortification and
Cracow, Breaking Line of
Supplies and Reinforcements.
Beservtsts From Coal Fields Anxious
to Bach Front, Enrol Daily.
BeTeral hundred men axe being eurolied
dally at th Austrian Consulate In thla
city for ervtca In tho Austro-HunsarUn
army. Tfaeso men are coming from the
coal fields in Pennsylvania. War spirit
amone them runs high and tiy aru con
fident of the ultimate success of their
country's arms. Hundreds of letters are
fctlna rcclvd from reservists in all tec
tlona, makin anxloua Inquiry why they
ar not Immediately sent abroad to fight.
Th Austrlans le sufficient shtps in
which to end th men to the other side,
but, owing to the present supremacy of
th aeaa by the English fleet It U fearsU
that the reservists would be made
srUontr of war before ttiej armed In
tturope, should they now embark.
OneThirrt of French Wounded Able
to Return to Front.
PAWS. Sept. H
The mortality among the German
wounded brought to Paris Is much
higher than among the French.
Of 7500 French soldiers in the hospitals
at Vi-liy nine the uar bcKan, mure than
W4 hav beun munitd to the front.
Most of the French are suffering from
bullet wounds, while moat of the Germans
havo betn Injured by shell or bayonet.
-Kit Kt Ptuyunk ive. : jtore
iyl ilwflllng oecupiwl by Janw
.. Brown trifling
-J3 bouth i'-onl kt ; pr4uc
!5Sby.w I&"U unknown
-iotli rvj fQwclion ate . rall
"? tl.',': P'wrty of tnnl
yanli lull road . trlfllnx
-9J Eouin Kmn trec ttor
and dcllln of Gollthrc
BrotUr. trifllnc
A. M
11 21
The Kusslans have crna-tnl tho lower
course of the river San unopposed by tho
defeated Austrian nemy, uhich con
tinues in precipitate lllsht.
The position nt GroileK, between rrzetn
j'sl and L.embers, ha been pecured by
the Russian", who have reached Mosziak
(35 miles southeast of LenibeiK and nl
mofct due soutli from Gro,lek mid ale re
ported to hae Invested Pnteniysl 011 thrco
I'rzeinys! Is the present ltusslan objec
tive. Deliyd dispatches from tho Galiclan
front state th.t the line of communica
tion between Cracow and Pwmjsl has
been severed by the Jtusslan troops.
Other forces:, i,o.ssuik believed to num
ber about 10O.0W men. have .ept bv
Przemysl and hae waelieil l.lsko, Zi
mileti bouthwedt of PizernsM and only a
few mil? from the HunRurian border.
Their nlm is to cut communication be
tween Hungary and tho tno fortresses of
Przemysl and Cracow and alto to keep
th Austrian army out of tho passes of
th Carpathian mountains. This would
force the surrender of tho forts, as tho
line of upp!les will bo cut nit
In the fighilnB of the last five Uaj.
culm'natlnB in the capture of Orodek It
?s Ta"ed the Husslans have ruptured I'O
Austrian Runs and M howltze.a.
The rapid advance of the Russian forces
has cut tho lines of communication from
Galicia to Budapest. Russian cavahy
hi reached the station of I.ysko la town
n? J.Yl population near 100 mil south-
(',v",,i r,d a Itttlu leas thun
Carpathians in several P- c,,ow
The Austro-German arroi at uincow
and Vwmysl must inevitably hurrondei.
MthVaS?- are drawn more closely
around it and the railways Into the heart
of the country are fevoied.
The Austrian centm still horns a
brlad front Gainst the Mctorious Uus
slans but wlh the rlsht win imhl
Hi.d the left wins crumpled up in 1 Rust an
Poland. Russian Minister of ar huk
homll. off believes that tho annihilation
or surrender of Archduke F.ederlck'
arin"Tas' been continuous for
M davi alons tho centre. In that time.
aecd'iiK to reports reoell by tho War
Offlcel "ne Austrlans havo been drien
b Tho GenA'aTdtaff announced today that
General Rrousltoffa troops were nisrch
Ina : to attack Sambor. an Important iwlnt
In the Austrian lino of communicutlons.
With the capture of Sambor and Ch
row the Russians will cut !Tmrri com.
pletely off from any assistance that might
be aint from the pouth
(Sambor ts SS intlfs southeast of Przem
... "Li-L u.. rs. miiH nest of I.emhers
Chyro is miles south of Przemysl ,
In an official etatement Issued today,
the Russian War Office declares that tha
Investment of Przemysl will prevent the
Austrian army of General Dank! takinu
jefuge there. It says:
The fortes of General iJankl have
been entirely cut off from the Austrian
centre, and will be unable to reach
Przemysl which Is now completely In
vested by the Russians. The army of
Pankl U now cut oH in th bogs Into
which they had hoped to entlco tho
RukSlans. The fragmentary details
as yet aallable show that our fortes
have already uchleted the Greatest
jiuucew eir reiord-d In waifar
Arthduke Karl Franz Josef is re
ported to be wit) the routed Austrian
forces anil his capture is looked for
Pnofficial reports say that of tae crcat
army of 600,004 men that Austria '.-it into
Ciiilici.i to nttatk the Russians on the
imntler of Poland, fully 420,OW have been
kll.f 1, i.iptuied or so Kill rounded that
their esiapo is imposilble.
LONDON'. Sept. 1C.
The Epie!-s publishes a dispatch from
Rome to the effect that the two Austilnu
aimlrs under Generals Dank and Von
Auflcnherir have joined nt Rhcsov, thir
teen inlle3 northeast of Juroslav and
thirl-lo miles due north of PizemyM.
Tlie dlvpati'h sas tlint the two nrmits
h.uo lost forty per cent, of thcli numbers.
Adch esses Grenadiers After Hot
Fight Near Long-wy.
BERLIN (by way of Amsterdam),
Sept. V,.
Emperor William 4h taklni? an active
part In dlrectinp the operations of the
German nrmy In France, according to 10
ports received here todnj. After the
sharp liattle near Loiikw, he visited lib
son, Pilncu Oscar, eonimnnder of the
Grenadlei fJuards, win, liad acnultted
themeles with honor In the conllict.
Afttr RioetliiR his .son, the Emperor
iiddre.-sed tho Guards In the puMlr siu.in.
"I ffreet ou as chief," he snld. "and
thank nu. "1 have often seen your resl
nient nt inunejer.s and 011 parade, but
It Is 11 paiticular pleahiiio to K'i't you
on a roiiquored land.
"The loRimont fmiKht as I epected
and as our fathers lotisht before us.
The buttle of Vliton will be eternally In
scribed with letters of sold in tho his
tory of the war.
Our comrntles of the eastern army
have nlso toiiKht gallantly Tho army
of tho Crown Prince and tho m my under
the Grand Duke of WurttHmbHK have
advanced victoriously. Our fiiemles are
'1 ho eastern army has driven three
RusslHn coips oer tho frontier. Two
RiiHSlun corps capitulated In the ooii
Held. Sixty thousand men nnd two Ken
erals were made prisoners.
Tor all these victories we havo to
thank only One. That Is our God who
Is over us."
Governor Placed at Czernowltz, Says
Petrograd Dispatch.
ROME. Sept in.
A dispatch to thn Trlbuna from retro
Brad .sns that Rukovlna has been tians
fr rmeil Into u Russian province, with a.
Russian Governor at Czermmitz.
Gentr.il Harone publishes nn article In
the Glornale d'ltalla, In which ho readies
the conclusion that tho Germans aro In
dnnper of belns entrapped In Frame
Tho Italian Government has authorized
the exportation to England of 23.00u tons
of sugar.
Charges Publications With Stirring
Animosity Among Nations.
TOKIO. Sept l
In an official statement tho Japanese
Government explains why it has ordered
"tho Herald." a German-controlled news-P'p"-r.
and "the IJeutsch Japan Post," a
fierman news agency, to cease publlca
tlor It Is charged that both publications for
years have sought to create animosity
between Japan and certain foreign coun
tries, particularly England and the United
States. The Herald" haa been pub
lished nt Yokohama The editor of tha
news airency has been ordered to leave
Japan wtihln a week
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Capture Vishegrad, 40 Miles
South of Sarajevo and Ef
fect Junction With Invad
ing Montenegrins.
N'ISII, Sept 16.
Oniciil announcement has been made
hew of tho ' capturo of Vishesrad, In
Uosnin, hy Servian troops.
Tho Servian army that took Visheqrad
and the Montenegrins, who captured
Kotcha, nlso In Ilosnln, havo effected a
juncture and aro marching toward Faia
Jevo despite a determined resistance by
tho Austilan". Sarajevo Is only forty
miles north of Vishegrad.
VIENNA. Sept. W.
tleneial Hoofer, chief deputy of the
Austrian Uenernl St.iff. announced to
day thai the Sortun annj which crossed
the tliver Savo two djH nun has beui
defeated nlong Its entire line.
Al&o Confirms Report of Junction of
Austtian Main Armies.
VIENNA. S..pt 1R.
Tho Russian icports that they havo In
vested the Galiclan fortress of Premjsl
are officially denied. It Is Mated that
fighting is still In progress, with the
Austrlans maintaining their former po
rtions. Denial also was mado at tho AVar Office
today thnt tho Austrian army of lien
eral Patikl has been compelhd to fcurrcn
iler bv the Russians. It is stated that tho
Russian troops had managed almost com
pletely to surround tho AuhtiUns, who
were taken at a disadvantage by halng
to tffect a retreat through unfavorable
territory, but that the Austrlans 1mo
now- cut their way through the Russian
lines and have affected a Junction with
the main Austrian army.
It Is admitted that the Austrian losfs
In i oiinectlon with this movement were
very beavj.
Admiral Patey Reports Details of
Capture of Herberstshohe.
Prime Minister Mlllen has received the
following wireless report from Admlrnl
I'atoy, In command of the Australian
navy squadion in Its operations In
"I estimate that there weie 20 or 30
Germans killed nt Herberstshohe and six
ntitlih. The defending force was numer
ically the strongtht.
"The conduct of the Australians in
nctlon was extremely vnlorous.
"I'urtlicr lighting Is probable, although
the British hold Rnbaul.
"In its operations tho Australian fleet
has done good work In conjunction with
tho British China sea .squadron. In de
stroying German wlielca stations In the
Cavalry Welcomed to Eelieve Strain
On French Horse.
The allied lines In v ranee have been
reinforced bv the .iriivnl of the first
detachment of the Indian troops who
made the trip by way of the, Suez Canal
and were rushed to tho front from South
Franco by rail.
These tioops, it in undei stood, arc
cavalry, and they will bo welcomed, as
tho Fiench cavalry horses are leported as
badly worn out by thelt constant use since
tho war began. It is believed here that they
will he sent to reinforce Sir John French,
who Is leported ns initiating nn envelop
ing movement, which hns for Its object
the Hitting off tho mnln right wing of
the German army.
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r m
BEIILW (by way of nome), Sept. IB.
An ofllclal statement Issued here says
that tho Germans havo abandoned
No reason la assigned for the re.
ported statement from Berlin by way
of Home that tho Germans have aban
doned lileiro and there Is no confirma
tion from any other source. U hai
been leported that the Germans lines
! or. communications had been threat
ened, but In neither tho London nor
tho Paris statements has there been
any intimation of any operations of
any kind In Belgium, excepting thoeo
which were being conducted by ths
It Is possible that the troops at I,legs
havo boen sent south for sterner wqrK
In France, where, It la stated, the bat
tle has been renewed with tho Germans
on the defensive.
' (It has been stated that tho Germans'
only lino of rotrcat lay through tho re
jrltm of Liege. The report, together
with tho statement that tho Germain
lmd been ordered to fall back to their
i own fortifications, is generally dla-
' credited.)
I "LONDON, Sept 1
A news agency despatch from Amster
dam states a Uerllu despatch receive!
Iheie says It was officially announced to-
""J mat ino ucrmans Had evacuated
ANTWERP. Sept. 16.
Tho Hermans aro rushing fresh troops
into Belgium from Alx-la-Chappellc, but
whether these arc Intended to strengthen
tho forces now horo or are to bo sent
to the south to fill tho gaps in the
German light wing Is not yet known.
The Belgian forces again havo retired
to the protection of tho outer Hug of
tho Antwerp fortifications, wheru they
aie waiting developments. King Albert
and the General Staff 1 eld a long confer
ence today, after which troops were
massed along tho fortifications that com
mand the Blvor Scheldt.
It Is believed a new attempt by tha
Germans to Isolate Antwerp from the
sea may bo planned, but as tho dykei
have been reopened and the country In
that vicinity is covered with water, It
ls not believed they can hope to carry
such a movement to a successful con
clusion. It was stated by tho general staff to
day that during the last 21 hours the
Germans havo sent upward of 60,000 addi
tional troops Into Belgium, indicating a
determination on tho part of the Ger
mans to hold their lines of communica
tion through Belgium nt any cost. Only
skirmishing was in progress in Belgium
Gorman troops nre fottifylng Brussels
to permit tho departure of nioro rein
forcements to France. Rnpld-flre guns
have been mounted on the Boulevard du
Jardln Uotnnln.ua and at tho north and
south stations.
Reports received here today say that
the Germans anticipate an attack on
Brussels by a combined Belgian and
British force.
At i:ttcrbcek, noar Brussels, It Is re
ported that lighting took place between
Prussian and Bavarian soldiers, 30 of
whom were killed.
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