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The coaches, trainers and advisors are working like Trojans in an effort to develop a great football machine out of this band" of aspiring Brickleys. The most difficult matter for the coaches now is to form a backfield that will be able to hold its own.
Double-Header Scheduled for This Afternoon at National
League Park Post-Season Barnstorming Tours
Will be Taken by Only Eight Local Men.
"While it Is mathematically possible for
tlio Phillies to overtake the Chicago club
and move Into fourth place, the odd
ngalnst such a contingency mo groat.
There la practically the Ulfffjiieo be
tween the local National League club mul
a mat division piaee as there is uotween
he Athletics and tho Boston Red Sox;
' which means that the sap Is too wlilo.
'However, the Phllllos can anil probably
will top the second division. Just at the
ptescnt moment Dooin's boys are in sixth
place, but by successfully meeting the
IMtsburghs today in the double-header
the Pirates will bo forced to exchange
' places with their Philadelphia rivuls.
The miserable fielding kubw put up by
the Pitt-dmrghers Is not likely to bo re
peated this afternoon In cither game.
Taking Issue with a contemporary Is
K Mnri.tw... il.n, . e. t n I P,n..-. .r.n,,ln. n .1 1
U JtlOkll,,,J 111. Ik IS LUk 11UI11 IVIUtU4 .All..
Eenerally speaking Is bordering on tho
breach of sport writing etiquette, yet w-
4 nre bound to take exception to the dub-
Ww t.1.,.- nt V.rt Tlit,iQ na "ol. I f 1 1 no a ' Xf
ft there is a club In tho Xatlonal League
f that is thoroughly and completely prac-
ff ticed in the art of shifting that club Is
i the Pittsburgh organization. In the flr
ft placo tliey have shifted all over the per
f centage map tills season. At one time
S they wore so far away in the lead for
f the (lag that the other seven teams al
e most gave up hope. Not only have th"
f Pirates been at the top. but th.y hav"
adorned the bottom. Now they nr. in
IKth place and are likely to be shoved
flown the ladder one more rung by tho
Lit Is noticeable that the bulk of tho
Elnyers who -ire t" co haTi'tornllng
jj;( arc t' e r wbn tccomiunfd rh.tr-
ley Comlskey around the globe last win
ter. Those men have hnd enough travel
ing, and the majority of tliem realize
that a rest throughout thy winter months
will do them more good than playing.
Yet tho Western trip, which will be sur
named the Athletics-Phillies tonr will
only last fiom about October 10 until the
same date in December. The present
roster of the two teams has only three
Phllly names on It and livo Athletic
players. The former are Alexander, Kll
llfer and Byrne, and the latter oio Ben
der, Bush, Schnng, Murphy and Walsh.
Xo doubt several of the Mnckmen were
frightened away from participation in
this Invasion by the news that several
games would be played in thr Hawalan
1 Islands, which, owing to the lack of tube
I facilities, calls for an ocean vovugc. That
is Just what tho malnritv nf Mack's men
I do not want and will not take. Led by
' Ira Thomas, the main body of ch.im-
i pions naa voted never to board a pea
going vessel If It ran be avoided.
Athletic Second
Sacked Will Review Each
Game of WolcTs Baseball
Classic in Day Following
trouble was the Macks made a couple
of tiips to C'uha and the young men suf
fered mal-do-mero so severely that they
have never forgotten it.
The easiest prediction, excepting, nf
cour-e, that the Athlctlc3 will win tho
American League championship. Is that
tln pioposal of President .lames A. (!il
tiinri i.i have his Federal organization
pbn In Ine world's series will be turned
c'..iii "atlv and qulcklv by thf members
' rh N-itlonnl Commission. In n letter
tt three members of that august
in ' . t''i- Federal head state, that he
w : ' ' to havo nn armistice declared,
di i ' ' which the winner In bis lenetio
ni" i- i idulge In a friendly tilt with tho
win ii i nf the rnl world's elies.
The main tiouble with Mr. CJ'lmore's
Xo man In the country, with tho pos
sible exception of Connie Mack, Is half
so well qualified to write Inside baseball
as lMdlo Collins, tho world's premier
second baseman and extra-base slugger,
l-'ddle has consented to write a review of
each game ot the nppioachlng world's
fctiies for the Evening Ledger and It Is
sale to say that his comments on that
baseball classic will be moro widely read
The ! than that of any other writer in America.
order of the
It was after
had been so
tho Athletics
MtGraw said
rriost valuable
Series ot 1014
would bo a bit on the
i art without the horse,
(he New Yoik Giants
completely routed by
last October that John
Uddlo Collins was "the
pinner In the game."
Therefore the "Wot Id's
without tho
will bo far from complete. For
r:rmi: COLLIXS will write an after
math of each game for Philadelphia's
new nfternoou newspaper.
Of courao the Athletics will repre
sent the American League In the base
ball classic nobody doubts their abil
ity to crews tho finish line an easy
winner. The Xatlonal league winner
may be well, that's a matter ot
guesswork or opinion. Anyhow, this
much Is ccrtnln
i:UDIi: COLLIXS and the EVK
XIXO I.nDGnil will be necessary ad
juncts to tho Woild's Peiles of 1911.
Record Crowds Have Been
in Attendance at the
Grounds Exhibits Attract
Lots of Attention.
niPlinl-nt la ttinr hrt tloio iirt nnil .nntint
prove to the sntl-factlon of nnvonr. who ' am'J as nbl' ns ll can Pln-S'
During the past year Collins has writ
ten a number of excellent articles which
have appeared fiom time to time in va
rious magazines. His "Mack and Ills
Mnckmen" and "Pitchers I havo Faced"
made a big hit with the baseball public
because they ere splendidly wiittcn and
contained facts which no one but a great
ball plaer himself could know. Xeed
less to say Collins writes Ills own articles.
Furthermoio he writes on a stundard
typew liter with all tho ease of the fin
ished reporter. When all of the public
realizes that McG raw's ideal of a base
ball player Is able to commuit on tho
it, tlic name
knows, that the Federal Leaguo is of ' of i:dwatd Trowbridge Collins will bo
mnjpr league cnllbre To be sure thern I raised to nn even creator ii,.lcnt In tho
.are a number of good players In the
lcngux, but the "stars of world-wide
fume" of whom he spnk, can be counted
on the thumb and fo'clnger.
tyes of the fans then hitherto.
That the i:ening Ledger Is foitunato
in having Collins to wiito tho world's
seiies is not to be questioned. These
ai Holes will appear In all editions of the
Ieulng Ledger.
Mackmen Begin Thvee-
oam(i SprJps in Oftrnif Tn-
If day Players Are in Good
1 Shape to Conquer West
ern Clubs.
DETROIT, Mich., Sept. 17. Resting
fir with an elglu-i-,tm lead over the Red
1 Box, the Athletics are heie -today to oper
n three-game seiles with the Detroit
Road Drivers' Assuc.ntiop will take place -trll , "d " '", nuh hoit.
,..,., , ., .,.. , ,. , . .second, third he's twitched nbout-btit
September 19. It Will bo KnlShtS Tem- ' vmme stars enn't oultn Bhf.vP l.lm mil n
.. . . . . .. . . . -. - --- -.-. -,-.-. , ...... . ....
time the speeding White Kiepnanis were ' piny vy on ine Lnamounlx Sp edwav and mutter how tnoy push. Copyriglited b
ft going at a forbidding pace arriving nere i mu teaiuie event sliouia tie the free-for- -" '-"'
Is to
Held Next
Speedway Second
Planned Wednesday
Followers of horses aro taking an in
terest In the two i ace meets which are
to be he'd In this v'linlty Saturday, Sep
tember 19 and Wednesday, September 23.
Tigers Connie Mack's last vlblt here The third of the fall rae'ng series of tho ! evi ry j-piing tn not h the end o' Terr., .,
resulted disastrously as fur as his In
tended record wa coiu.erm.il. At that
WhMi Terry Turner fir.st became a Xap
fans us-ed to make him doif ids cap to no
ills whitened top. Compared to tle'dln'
1 itunts he'd stage his hair seemed to belle
his age 'twas like a cotton crop. Ol' Timo
1 can't seem to wot It his tricks on Teriy.
Fur he's :;; an' still plays classy ball. At
short nn' third an' second base he's glen
bcnrea o" kids a race an' put It on 'em all.
The stork in Sandy Iike, Pce-Ay, came
'round to Turner's folks one day an' left
the bantam kid As soon as he was 21 he
hlLrd to cireenvllle nn' begun to make his
basibuU h'd. The llttie white-head torn
around at short so fut that he was foumi
that j ear by Plfsbuigh scouts. He
j couldn't quite beat Mngner's gait an" so
1 fur Cleveland lie pulled trelght to star in
Xnpland bouta.
j Tho Kln nt second. Tuck at shoit for
'li .-1. n'.id fieveiund iiU'h-dn- swit
an' gilt-edged infiold play. Ills stenH
, were cue o' Cleeland's rndes. Ills lu-
. mous diving, head-tlist slides were thril
lers eveiy da. Xew blood has cnne in
Four Philadelphia Repre
sentatives Are Hopeful of
Landing Top Honors
Glen Cove Test.
GLHX COVC, X. Y.. Sept. lT.-Two
women golfcis from the west still were In
the i mining when the tight players fight
ing for the women's national golf cham
pionship began their play to land In the
seml-tlnnls this morning. Both are from
Chicago. Ono of the in is Miss Caroline
Painter, former western champion, who
has been playing consistent golf and who
Is picked by many to carry off the ciown
this year. Xew Yorkcis' only hope Is
centred on MIrs Lillian II. Hde, metio
politan champion. Of the other live play
eis left, four are from Philadelphia and
one from lloston.
The matches today were:
Mis. II. Arnold Jackson, Oakley, vs.
.Miss Caiollne Painter. Midlothian.
Mls Lthel M. Campbell. Overbrook, vs.
Mrs. C. II. Vanderbeck, Philadelphia.
Ml&s Llalno Ho.-enthal, UaOsloo, vs.
Miss Floreiico McKeeley, Merlon.
Mis. Ronald II, P-uilow, Motion, vs.
Miss Lillian II. lfydo, Couth Shore.
Record for McNichol Entry
DETROIT. Sept. 17.-The U-utuie of
jesteiday's Michigan State Fair luces
was. the running of the Philadelphia
gelding, R. II. Breat, owned bv Senator
James I'. McMchol, which won the slttli
and deciding heat of the S 01 pace, with
a new world's iccord of 2.0JU.
K alter Having v n , ; """- , -" " ""-' " ""- ".. iru,...y A gto cornpg cre , t,!C effoct U)nt
1 They proceed, d to capture, the n h Ubelns oifered by the Ladles' Auxiliary I Shine porh has been decided upon as
I games of the .seres 0" L.j haV been ' of the Auhw Templars, In tins ,-aeo I the sceno of the Army-Xnvv football
f were beaten out in what ou.a ha been R . .. , b k . . ame. rnqueMionablv Philadelphia Is the
J. thplr 13th successive Mctory. . 4,"p " aiarfc-iret, Dj lloKes Jr., th" most , ... '. ,., .,. CUL' ..,. ...
Natuiallv enough tho members of the I confcletf nt trotting maru in the stable nf '
visiting ilub are a ultle rhed over hav- KJvvui,d Caushhn, ehulrman of tho racing
!! ihf.,r. 'V"'"" T':ktheh,re . mittee nf the Road Drivers' Assoc..,. ,
llSttvu . - .' -,.. . .. - .-
strength of 'he M.iekr.ien will be used tn
Irthe contests on the bid now.
track's men are in fine physical condi
tion and belief bv the time tiny have
i.enmnleted their 11 games in the West they
bv111 have renhid a iioint where linston
cannot overtake tium. Tins is junwirai
Manager Hack wants, because he wlshe-
tc. take ail of the reBu!ars out of tl."
tton. will be matched against Millie W, by
son will take place nest Wednesday at
the lielmom Driving Park, Xni-heiuh The
i-portlng ."WefpMaites for a i'.Q purse.
, , ..,. . -lino, Ih.m "'" '.,,1IK ail. will mui K man HKeV-
mason iney won ine iwnjBim buum
lit thi! spot for It. The Athletics' home
(-cats a f ( v. more than JO 000. To accom
l"ol.itt the eiowd which would clniimi
to see the middles and soldiers battle rt
Irllhl V flflA BAntA WAIllil hn npi,tuHiip
Bohemia Boy, owned by E. '. Durell, i Where would the extra 11.000 be nlaced ni
Owen O'Neill, by John O. Corllsh, owned I Shlbo Park? It Is practically Impossible
by Root, whl(h is an ox-speedway cham- as any one familiar with the grouml
ptnn, and others of similar calibre I knows. It would bo Impossible wlthou"
Tiie giiatext trotting event of the sea- i PUiiinrf new nreiii on ino iikiii ana ieii
nei'i pav lions to ouuu tema tor inoie
than i'JXK) persons. As there Is not the
u-motesl chnnce of the pavilions beln-."
upper-decked, the proposition la absurd
enough for the men to take just what
; rest they n decl, and If Connie can ac
complish thi-. .n'-iiii he I going to do It
'regardless of the feelings of Pctrolt fan
dom, . , . . .
The only really interesting tmng uuouv
tiA Athletics-lH-trolt series is the strug-
Bla between Ty Cobb and Eddie Collins
for the hitting supromacy. Today T.vrus
leads Eddie by several points and Is tlt
ting better.
After working their way through tbo
J entire field In the Eastern uiay court
Ftennls champlonhips tn doub'es. Arthur
iKerr and Rcb-rt SI. Brookfleld, tho Cen
Iral IliKil paii. er m m mv -
,..fr rlefAnt eUTUrtl' Mil .w.s
The free.for-8,11 trot race over the mile
Received ft letter fiun Harry Edwards
president of the Olymuia Athletic Asso
ciation tn which he states It has al
ways been the policy of the Olympl
Association t play fair, The reason
track at IMmont Driving Park, Xarberth. I Harry penned the note Is because he
yesterday afternoon, proved U bo the
mos; exciting contest,
Millie V. hv llohem'a Hoy, from tho
stable of E r Durell. was beaten to tho
wlr In tlie first beat by Strawberry, tho
bay gelding of Joseph Davenport. In tho
seegnd heat it tme home a winner. In
the final heat both trotters came down
the homestretch neck and neck- Just as
the wire was reached Millie V pushed her
nose across, winning by inches.
James liell. veo president of the Road
drivers' Association, plekod up two llrsts
(tnd a second In the meat at Xarberth yes-
feels that he has been done an injustice,
he says so himself. The trouble arose
when Jimmy Dougherty, manager of Jack
Dlaclsburn, sow lit to attemi t to mak
a speech regaiding the Blackburn-Co',-man
match difficulty nt the William"
Louisiana light Monday ulght. P-mghortv
wanted to explain somo matters of In.
teres! about that bout, but eould not d'
so because of the ensuing confusion llvr
Is vvha Fdwo'"d hus te say, and it I
only fair to print It for hlro:
"I nav aequsintfij mvlf l'b all ef th
t.tall ef tuo T'loinv c.lrn .n-Jaclc rila.i
rum match, uanw Hollanl hi'l yeod
poo. a Beio in ine mew at .-vanienn yes- B(.n, rr.MMo to Sm.ii,, hi mind. II..'
terday. His bay mare, Nina R, ran two. i niuiuburn ln'urd bim-il biu trulnlnc ih
one, two In the class D pace, cnptuiinif e'"'' M havo lost hf mauli for no fur
herond ribbon. George M after finishing ft"" "i" P" "m .:''.. 'f 5
iUIUL it w- - .. . .. i Lnmi nr n nnrvv f :nr,iin
'Country Club courts. wj "'" 1 .hir, i m ti. Hrri v Ir.V .Vr'VhI ne. ?" :' S.-W.. "" . "SP-''. '""
fc- t -i. f i w i TaviB u.du LiuiriHS "- - ----- ----- -.-. ,", - smji d&ii am ivn nun. m cwini du nurHr.
-uperjur v" ,',... n thA ti- in nest two heats Direct Omf-r. a constau , ou Inlury untti ib Uy of tiv tout ani ihr
-vru. iinnti rrm lit ii'imnij us tiw ; ... .. t . . . . .. u .... . .
i f"."1 .... c . ij.. a. ent Waik eelding. won In itraisht lieits
ha challenge round. Score, C-3; 3; 6-
The match was oiiginally slated for the
rawberr' Mansion conrts. but owing to
me Improvements being made there, it
is shifted to licltlcld at the last minute.
f lmlra Beats Hnrrisburg Champs
(ARR!Sni RC. Sept. IT -The Harrls-
fcburg Club, cbo-nplons oi m irutiaiv
eague, lest ine seonii num w iw ii.-
ueoson S' va to r.iinirs. i" cv .
Stat League title hob'.ers. esiemay oy
Jhe scoro of 2 to t The game went n
Uinlngs E'nivas victory evens up iuv
ll..l U ull off If at the last minute h
eauhl net h" lojul Coloinsn na rleil
fair ani ha 111 not rret it.
I t and rem io if SJ- Duoherty
djte pre vMtd b Wei a good U0 forftli
for welttnt and upp"ruiu9 nl Ui'it Colenwe
i'.," ibi hm The il"b mill i -t ip f! i.i
vn on the nitbtern tuint I vill ),e In ni
aitU-v at 1 o'clock nxt Mfelay afiTnouii -i,l
I invite every local paper to .., a ipr
tentative to learn the truth of ih' mf h
CM man will Iw present If Dnusrh m'ae
that l Id Hh of hl let blm iwn nn, tu '
xorieii asrwj on terrtiM una u
are preum the ODnipla A A.
first of last Sundav bv the score of 7 tn 3. llunilr-dM i veovW aske4 me what DoukIi
Jobny Barker vU'l occupy the box for " ' trlng to say on Monday nlgni 1
Che.tnut Hill with bis brother. Charlie. .Sj S5f rt 1?SJS
from the Trenton Tn-State team on the , erty jut tiat h has reaueateil Tho time Is
receiving end. I i o'clock, the date Stptember 31."
from Ed. Half In the clasd B. pacu contest.
One of the heat games of the season
hetvveen local teams will b. piaved next
Sunday aftrneon ut f'hetnut Hill be
tween the Chistnut Hill Professionals and
the Mt. Ally nine. This is the second
came of a aeries of titled tn ripelila tlin
championship of the -N'ortheast section i one,JheTh.?i.
of tho city. Chestnut Hill winning the Bnf stai:e that
AIuXKICAN league
Yesterday's Remits.
Di'lrnlt, K; (ieviiilllil, .1
M. J.ouN .': Chlingii, I
M. l.mil .. :i; (hlengu, I
(Hiconil Kiinii').
Today's Games.
Uldithx ut Dilriilt.
.New Vorl nt Cbleupn,
ltiiNtmi til fifiiel.mil.
N uiiiiiiiutuii at M. I mil.
Tomorrow's Games,
Vtllletlr- nt Detroit.
Tvevv Vork nt (Iiltiipn.
Dotnll lit (ieleblllll.
iiliiiitini at St. I.ouK.
Club Standing,
W I, P f W J. v c
ttblMles... SH Hi (i'7 r'hli- an., in 71 ,4Tn
Itoptnn..., 7!l .'.I .VSt I.'. ins 1,1 7y l.'.tl
Detroit. ... 7.i lit v,T u V ,rk iw. T.1 .414
Wi.llh'Rl'n. US 111 Sl!M"ev eland 4!l 02 .all)
Yesterday's Results.
Iillll. (I; IHbiireli. ','.
Ilie-liin, Hi -l I "ills. :t
Neil iirl,, K; rim Inniitl, 1,
Dr,Mil.l)ii, 7: (iiliuifn, 3.
Today'3 Games,
'"ItnliiirKh at liilliiileliibln ('! ciimen).
t ldr.lio nt ltrn,il.liii.
M. I.nuU at l!uti,n.
(ilii'liinntl at Sen Vorl,
Tomorrow's Games.
"(MiuriMi at I'li'luiMiilila.
( lilciin, nt llriiuUlvii.
M. I niU ut llimton.
( lm imi'itl ut Nriv Viirl..
Club Standing.
W I. P' V I, TT"
Hoeton. . 7H T.r, r,n Fittati'gh. II-' '! .47i
ii Vorfc 7't "!l 'VU'MlUc,,... Ii 71 l.l
St. Louin . 71 r.1 ".Hiiro, Ulvn ",0 7.'I 447
Chicago.. 71 04 ..ISHfint Iniutl Si 7l 4S
Yesterday'p R'sults,
l'llmiiro 1l K-tn fill' S.
Itiillaiinn 1. .' II inMin. o
Cblciis.. i Pill lie rut, (
Idin lie 7; St l.miU, ;
Today's Games.
isivnn fitv at lli'i'TO'ire
(JiUiifii at l"it-'iiih
ImlUnuii Oh nt ISmol.ltn
SI. I.nul. at lluiTn'u
Tpmorrow's Games,
'J mw tit at ItiPI'n'ire
t'hli'Sgu at I'tltOwrrli.
IralUimpilis nt DronMtn.
St Iiuls at llrlTulii
Club standing.
W. I.. PC. W L V C.
ItOtanip's 7.1 .' RWI "uffal.. 117 (IH Sir,
i'bliaso 11W ".oil- in City (12 70 47n
n Itlmnre 7 ' r'? I-euls IS T5 4tit
rooklyn 01 U 5,!i "l1 'sh "'-' 77 lu
Yesterday's Rtsults.
orm. , ,, nuIll . l(utIlfklfr ,
CI. i standing.
W I. VC. w U P C.
Buffalo .. 8 K "iS "rom, ,u u ''H
It n. heater S" n8 SuT " " rl '- 7(1 4 4'l
Wovld'cV S 08 KUJ Montreal 67 8-1 .401
IlaUlmore. 72 67 .5U er City 40 !a J2t
WUST CIIESTEIt, l'a,, Sept, 17,-Thls
is tlio big day nt the fair ot tho Chester
County Arglcultural Association mid tho
attendance is even greater than was ex
pected. I.abt year, the Eamu day, there
were about fcQUO pel sons on the ground,
but tlio number today exceeds that by a
consldetublo figure. Good weather lias
picvallcd on every day of the exhibition,
! (Mid even If lain fulls tomonow the
oigatilzntlon will have denied moro
money than at any exhibition it lias held
since it Mas foimcd.
Tlio Judges of cattle have about com
pleted their work nnd aro summing up
the ieultn, as nie those of other ex
hibits, imluding the poultry. Those hav
ing charge 3f making nwards in the
hoi so show, the big fcntuic of tho fair,
which is under tho management of It.
Venn Smith, commenced their work today
and will complete lcoklng over tho ani
mals tomorrow. Among the exhibits are
somo of the lincst ever rcen In this
plnco, nnd all classes aro well contested.
The lug nice of tho fair is to be staged
this alteinoon, when Joe Hoy, the fast
AVe.'t Chapter entry, nnd Tickles, his ilval,
belonging to .lames Hell, of Philadelphia,
meet in tlio tree-fot-nll. Other laces on
the end are the 2:21 trot, 2:1'J pace and
2:11 trot.
Tho events for tomorrow nro as follows:
2.40 trot, imrfie $."0t Hisa V., ch. ni., Jumna
11. Je5uui, WnniUtcmn. N. J,: Tountaln 1'iiiti,
b. p., Harry flrnhnm, Klinuertoti, l'a. , ll.mnU,
1) in.. Joseph Hilton, W'pU Chcter, Ililcton
ltoy, Ii. e , 1J. J. Cann, Krnnett H,iiare, li. ;
Irira. v. in, Ii. 1" llnrt, Diiffrjn llnwr, l'a.,
Il'io. rn g, IM. Ilronn, I'vlslni; Sun, Mil :
IC. Tuck, ronell, Hermann Auth. Prankfuril,
li.llmlelrihla Umiili Hoy. Ii. p., r. Lclti hnm
nur, Nurrlstoun. Lena Zoinbrn b. in.. II, my
liutton, WilmlnKtnn; Count Keller, tir. f.,
Henrv Dutton, Wilmington, Uaron See, h. g.,
Joseph sparks, Philadelphia: .lohnnle (i'IJrf"ii.
K. g, Jnaiph r. .-hlnn, Camden: Alton Hell,
n. a , rhrster Motu.ir. Pptlng City: Splnolt,
b. in , .In nun Hell. Philadelphia: l.onl llruo't.
li. s.. Joi, ph Klirknei, Cnid: l'alr I..ium.
li. in., Jobeph KlecKnei, ''jmvwl; Hourbiin
Chimes, h s, l 11. Khreiut., Lamnstcr; Mary
l;., s. in., Daniel I.eary. West Chi-ster llur
ton Hall, li. b, Daniel I.r-iry. Wet ChcU-i ;
Man Jane, k. m.. (Jii'n (Jibln I'lrmn, Wo
liooK. IM.: King Red, b. g Albirt X. Kilno,
Heading, l'a.
2 2.", trot, purfe JIOO K, Tiiek. sorrell. llnr
ninnn Auth. h'rnnkforcl, I'hlla b-lphla: 'A. G ,
Harrv Toild, Laneoat' r, l'a.; lijiidy Ilov, li.
K. I. lltchaniniur. NorilMo'vii, la.: liron
Ste, ti. g Joeidi Sparks. I'hlla.', lthli; ,.pt
nulu, b in., James IK1I. l'tilbi.U h hit. Htn.
Coxt'i, b. e., Nlela Carlson Olcph cit. X. J.:
Klnnettc. li, tn., V. V. I', ill uei ster. N.
J.: Mary H., i. m., Daniel I.oiry, Vci,t Ches
ter. Hutton llall. b, s., OaMol I.eary, Wcit
(iiesitr, King Kcil, b. g. Albeit N. .Kline,
R'l'Hng, l'a. '
2 "( pace, purte JWI Illrdlo H , b. in., Win
llener, Haili'iis. Pali lien liillon, b. s., Jnrani
Healv, I.jndell. l'a. He, 1 i , per. a. g. John
H, IlaMivIii. West (iiesdor, ti ; Hn-ry T 7.
g.. Harrv Todil, Ijini-nrv r, l'a : Viola U'ilkc,
b. in., Harvey D,irllni,nn, Wo i luster, l'a
Xellle Direct, b in.. John riorev. Kat i)oin
iiutoiin. l'a : lliron He I. s p., Al n7a i'rlt
noil ( hatham, l'a : Juo inrneit. i,-. a,, iienr
I luittnn. Wilmington. Del, cmi"Kile. b. ,
c neordilllo Sloik linn cot, r i.ivlllc: Hal
1'rt I,, g.. fiurles l'ad lis. I'mtctvllle, l'a.
.1. K.. k. K.. J. T. Jlnllubeii, Wilmlnssi in. Del..
Shi Dillon blk , Intin Thoinpsrn, Wlllln'tis
town, X. J.: Htndrbhi. e g . n. V Hhpen
shlp NorrlFtown Harry V., li. g. llrubiker
Tr ..liera Willi , ho l, n b. , fJkn dahle
Tunn", Wveln.ik. Pit Hit. wider Hal, b. s,
Daniel I.farv, West i hoMi HufIi l'.-ure, b.
o., I.iinlel I.eary, H'ct Chottr.
Nine Hundred and Forty
five Horses and Ponies in
Ninety-nine Clases to Be
Judged September 21.
Analysis of the entry lists for tho Ilryn
lUwr Ilor.s,. Shuw, to bo held Septem
ber 21. emph.'u-'Ze the tact thut this 20ih
carnival event will far exceed in lze
and imi orlanco any previous exhibition.
There me 1n horse nnd ponies entered,
cumparin.? with picvious iccord of s.
When tbo pest entries tn tho vuiIuuh
e'asse In which wi li entries nro accepted
will be odded, tho o,nl R'lOUld be well
ovei icoa
UP the total of 09 classes, S3 are for
hunters and jumiere and In thee classes
there ore 531 entries. In other years tho
number of entries In any ono ela,s never
exceeded S3 bu til's i'Op the lumping
clans for green hunters lias 18 entries, the
'umii'"'g rlas open to nil. has 43 entries
nrd tv- her jumping classes Itave !ij
entries ench.
In the 21 classes for linnu '
lhre me H9 )inrvi9 onie""d ami ' m
v elapses 'nr racV'e lmre h,. m'r'i.
( 4ul P'9. THe inanv new lart-g ftr,
renged for "' y,c"- '" ,n B"' have attiaee)
a. rteord number of ?J1 entries. nnn;,5, r.
ina the fact that till Is tb "r.t time
thut drott hore liove ben inv ted to
exhibit at Uryn Mawr. tho IT entrle in
the nv drif c'asses Is ftl0 a representative-
Rntileu ( tho first annual Ilryn Mawr
ili,. nd Sow. t'teling 23 deg, fur e.
eed tho t kin-clati'ins of the orKunlz.Ma
,f this Hr-t at'enmt ver inade In Am -rir ,
tu prov'de nn opnortunltv for rorni'd'tii
invn-f '" boi'iri" ad bcit bnun
The hound ontr'e aee divided s fr-lloiv
Amer'can hound-', in the ten UaHcs, l"v
Kne'lfti hound ili'vcn i-Iuhui 11 entr'e-American-bred
Eng ish hounds six class
es, 19 entries, huir-bred hounds, nine
vUc-'s 29 entries, 'ird In the ciiven c'ass
es for beaglu hojnds thete aio SI entries
In the ape id c is ttr the beit "woikluj
fox ttuler" Uwrc ,tiv tevm vntrlca.
Football Experts Concentrating all Thought and Energy
Along Those Lines Harvard, Dartmouth and Cornell
Favored in This Respect, as 1913 Quartets are Intact.
AVhllo tho coaches at Franklin Field arc
concentrating nil their thought and en
ergy upon tlio development of a ground
gaining back Held, Harvard, Dartmouth
and Cornell nro giving thnnlcs that their
ctctnn back field quartets of 1913 aro
intact, nnd promlso to bo better this year
than ever. 'While theso universities havo
merely to hold their back Held men to
gether, tho Quakers must Mil every one
of these four positions with n. now man.
Tho effectiveness of Harvnid's back Held
ought to bo greatly increased this year,
If such a quartet could do more deadly
execution than that wrought by Urlckley,
Mnliiin, Logan and Hradlee. About nil
Head Coach 1'ercy liaughton lias to do
is to keep theso men in shape and think
up now playa for them. Unless some
thing now unforeseen happens no pos
sible chnngo could strengthen this group.
Every man Is a star of the first magni
tude In his pattlcular position, and tho
lour work together with the greatest pre
cision. It Is Idle to dwell upon tho good
points ot theso men because every ono
knows how wonderfully Drlckley can
drop and placo kick, run the ends and
buck tlio line: how Jlahan can punt,
run back kicks and sprint around end:
how Hiadlee can hit the line, and Logan
uin the team.
Hut Pennsylvania men aie probably
more Intel cstcd In tho sttensth of Dart
mouth and Cornell behind the line be
cause tho Quakers have to play both of
these teams. Dnitmouth is every whit
as well fortified here us Ilntvard. Last
year Llewellyn and Ghee alternated nt
quartet back, but CShto was the letter
man. Lluwellyn has graduated, leaving
Ghcu In full charge. Dartmouth's other
tilt ce backs aiu on hand again. Thcio
Inciudo Captain Whitney nnd Curtis at
Hie halfback po.sitlons, and II in dock at
fullback. Thcio Isn't much to choose be
tween the Dnitmouth and Harvard back
fields. Tiiut Indicates how strong Dart
mouth Is. In bom.o respects Whitney Is
a better player than Btickley. He In
every bit as fast, and as a line bucker
he is superior to the llarvntd captain.
Only In kicking Is Hrlckley his superior.
Ghee Is a better man to operate the
fotvvaid pass than Logan. Likewise he
runs his team faster nnd is a better
individual player. Italian Is superior to
Curtis, but there is nothing to choose
between Mm dock, of Dartmouth, and
Ht.idlee, of Harvard. Tint think what a
load H taken fiotn the minds of tlio
D irtmnuth conches when they tonllsto
that they now have a back field which
can't be impiovcd!
Dr. A. II. Shnipp, of Cornell, may try
to impiovo his back field, but ho will be
pretty well fortified even If he dcc,lde-i to
Hand pat on his present quartette-, which
did fo much to win ftom Pennsylvania
last year. Last year's back field was
mndo up of liauett at quarterback, Coll
yer and Phlllipl at halfbacks and L.tlir at
fullback. On the offonso Fritz, now giad
untc'd, was brought back to a halfonck
position. With the e( option of Frits! this
ott nsive machine Is .still available. It Is
a piettv will luiindid combination, too,
nnd dlrecti ii bv Hairrtt, v hn is one of the
lest quiii tnrbneks, punters and (Hop
kli l:eis In the country
Theio is no disguising tho fact that nt
Great Improvement Shown
by Griffith, Newcomb and
Sloan Puts Them in Line
for Amateur Singles Championship,
ATLANTIC PITY. JJ. J Sept. 17.-Tn-terest
centres Iieio today on tho nmateur
championship ut blngles In tlio eighth
Annual Tournament of tho Westy Ho
Bans. Without exception, this meeting
lias brought together tho pc; of the
shooting fraternity In tho country, and
perfect scores will doubtless only figure
in tho major awards Conditions nro
Ideal again today for the trap shooteis,
and early rou uls In this competition tore
icibtcd great sboot'ng.
Wooifolk llemieisun, national amateur
ehuinphm at butli sinslea nnd doubles, of
Kentucky, looms up (n the top of the
field. J Jo n ill havo no mean task lure,
however, with tin- old cracks that aio
appealing from ivery squad. Jtrae CHIf,
llth, of Philadelphia has been credited
witn tbo best perfui m.tiico to date in
his record of Si3 brcn " out of his ccn
tuiy ullutment in th.' State race yester
day Charley XevvLom likewise ncems
to bo rounding into his old-time form,
and llany II K o.m alw promises to hold
up the Ph 1 idrlphia, md.
It was this tlio from tho ranks of the
Quaker City contingent thut brought
home the State title to Pennsylvania yes
terday foi the thiid stialght time The
Keybtouo gunners netted the grand total
of M out of the possible &. the best
set up to date Al Hell, Allentown, and
Walter S. Cehm, IU-ddlng, made up the
this writing tlio outlook at Pennsylvania
Is not very bright bohlnd tlio line. There
are plenty of candidates for each position
who show Individual skill, but four now
men will havo to bo welded together to
act as a unit, nnd It would bo little Bhort
of miraculous If they Bhould show
strength comparablo to that of tho Dart
mouth backs. So fnr not a man Is suro
of a position hero. It will require several
days moro of signal drill and oven somo
scrimmaging for tho coaches to select
oven n tentntlvo backfield.
Finding a. good quarterback still re
mains Coach Brooke's big problem. Ho
hns been trying Dallou, Irwin and Mer
rill hero nnd nil give promise, though
Biillou is by far tho most finished player
of tho lot. If tho quartet back problem Is
solved soon It will bo an easier matter to
find three running mates for him.
To Pat Dwyer lias been assigned th9
task of finding n centra to succeed Simp
son, of last year's team. Ho Is now con
sidering three men for the position. Cap
tain Joutnuay, Uorie, of last year's fresh
man team, nnd Butler, who played tho
position on tho scrubs. The position Is
now to Journeay, hut there are so many
big men for guard nnd taeklo and tho
need of a centio so pressing, that Jour
neay hopes to win the pivotal position by
tho time the first gnme Is played. What
Journenv needs moro than anything clso
Is speed, for the Pennsylvania stylo of
playing this position requires a man ot
great activity who can tnke care of him
self nnd then lend a hand wherever ho la
Conch Brook, of Pennsylvania, has
picked a provisional tcum and plans to
send them through a few simple forma
tions today, Tho lineup of yesterday
gives some indlcntlon of the probablo
makeup of tho tenm todny. Unptnin
Journeay, as was predicted. Is to play
centre. He is the only man definitely
placed. Flanking him for gunrds In tho
present lineup will be 'Wltherow and
Novvald; at tackles, Harris and Russell:
and ends, Carter and Rockefeller. Irwin
is to start out at quaiter nnd Jloffot nt
fullback. Gotwels and Jones will fill In.
This combination will bo shifted fre
quently. JIurdock nnd Tucker alternated
with Carter nnd Rockefeller at end yes
terday. Mike Dorlzas continues to im
piovo and Is pretty sure to make a place.
Uallou and Merrill had turns with "Doc"
Irwin at tho pilot position. Vrecland did
not put In nn appearance, as he Is study
ing for an examination. Mathews re
lieved Moffct nt Intervals. Ho Is big and
speedy and as consistent a drop kicker
as there Is on the field. Gotwels at
half made n good impression. He is a
little light, but his wonderful speed makes
up for that deficiency. Hughes is likely
to bo a dark horse. Although In school
Inst year, lie did not play. Ho caught
on tho freshman baseball team lust year.
Jack Dalton, all-American quarterback
on tho Navy team, was out today to
assist coachlns'.
Of last year's team. Crane, Simpson,
Marshall nnd Peden were out. Mercer,
tho old American fullback of two yenra
ago, was also present. Among the older
graduates were noticed Dr. Robert Torry,
Davisson Kennedy, Bill Young and Chnr
lie Corson. Hen Cllne, Swarthmore'a
captain, was nlpo q morning visitor.
bnlanco of tho squad, but tho former
three excelled,
J, C. Grlinth, of Philadelphia, and Jay
Clark. Jr., of Worcester, Mass.. tied last
I year for tlio championship ut singles with
S3 broken in the 100. Clark won tho shoot-
off by grassing 20 In a row. Dr. h. a.
Richards, of Roanoke, Va., champion
shot of that State, joined tho ranks of
tho entrants in this race. Richards has
Just como up from tho South where lie
had a perfect run of 100 to attain his title.
C. n. Homer, Oklahoma State champlrn;
A. II, Richardson, champion shot of Dela
ware; Ilelim, of Reading; William Rid
ley, of What Cheer, la., title holler In
that State, and Ur. W. II. Matthews, Nov
Jersey Stnto champion shot, nro among
the other notables to stall off on tins
classic. The G. 13. Painter trophy, tho
Continental trophy and ten of tho famous
esty Ilogan watch fobs, go to the lead
ers In this event,
Flvo other events of 15 targets each
open the prosinm here todav. Thtsr m
cons'dered teparutely, but tho lust livo
of 20 each aio to also count for tho V mty
Hngan race ns well aa In dcUrminln,, the
high guns.
Quito tlio feature of the tournament
hero has beep tho exhibition of Mis.
Harry Harrison, of itochcstei, .v y , .md
.ii 'V' W '!c'"S-. of Anderson, Ind .
which has had tin tffect of bnnei.i,' ..ut
largo wi men Mid'epces,. Mm HuiiUmi
iMttnlny broke iz f lur 17. t.irg. ts as
nsalnst Jl! lor her young, i opponent.
"Eveis P.ohbf rt of Trophies
TROY K Y., tfept IT Joht,.,v i-v.m.
field cuptaln of the Urbtun Uiav. s let
manv ot the valuable u,,,,s llta, ,. u
to him by nilm'r n irimus dunu his
t'oicer tn the diamond winn it was
enjiuil heiH yv.u-rday that bis b . uo
bad Uen icbb.d A th-bt ot .-,11 v. r -K'nrcl
Io blm by llt. t.,ns ot i'ii.t,o
nnd several solid bIIvm cup ui .hlu.hi
the ai tides ni's-lng,
Nutleiuit (' Jack m.c.m.j,, ui V,
i I'l IT .1 ill,) v , i .. ,,, ...
i:iiu: iti:wi!.r ,,, u imm ikiuii.i.
tour Oih.r i. ., -t F.ur Oi b - I'uiar-.
txe loutut MiOeveni v. Neil JIiCuv &ee
,i it llliir11j,iW ;
iMIKl f

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