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LIT1 11141? W
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VOIi. I NO. 4
IH '
Wealthy Philadelphia Man
ufacturer, Retired, Found
Dead in Kitchen of Home
at Wyncote.
Charles A. Meurer, 60 -ears old. of
Plnlnbrook and Maple avenues, Wyncote
ft wealthy retired Philadelphia manufac
turer, prominent In Masonic circles, com
mitted suicide today at his homo by in
hatlng illuminating gas. Ho Ii believed to
have been temporarily derated as a re
sult of 111 health and other worries.
A two-hour battle was made by a
physician and a nurse from the Ablngton
Memorial Hospital with a pulmotor to
save Mr. Mouior'i life, but In vain. The
body was discovered In the kitchen of
the home shortly before 7 o'clock this
morning by servants, who notified mem
bers of the family.
Mr. Mnurer had closed all the doors
and windows and turned on the Jets of
the gas range. He then sat down In a
chair beside the rnive. When he was
found his head had diopped over one of
the open Jets. The loom was llllcd with
For somo months Mr. Meuicr had bPon
111, but, so far as can be 'earned. h- had
jjlven no Indication of an intention to
end his life. The llrst inkling of the
suicide was received at the hospital by
telephone at 7 o'clock this morning. Dr.
Bprtlsc, the resident physician, and a
nurse hurried to the Meurer home In
the ambulance with a pulmotor. They
worked over the bod until 9:15 o'clock
and then gave up tho attempt.
Mr. Meur'r had been active In the com
munity lite of Wyncote and was one of
the most widely known icsldents of the
place. The family home Is one of tho
rtnest at 'Wyncote. Mr. Meuier retired
from business ten years ago
He leaver a widow and two daughters,
one of whom is the wife of Frank A.
Harrlgan, an attorney with ofllcei In
the Franklin Hank Building. Mr. Har
rignn Is Democratic reorganization leader
In Montgomery County.
I I ' ' '
View of Morton Kahn's roadster at Sixteenth and Chestnut streets after
accident caused by his swerving to avoid a taxicab.
"Prices of Materials Not Seriously Af
ccted by tlie War in Europe.
"! who from thii tail world Mould go.
But fear the iot. ha' dune with .-Iglilns;
Ch' up an. I leavo: there "111 to no
High cot of il!ns.
Dying In Philadelphia Is to be no more
expensive because of tho European war
than It was before that conflict started,
According to undertakers who today de
nied the statement mnde in Atlantic City
ht the annual convention of tho State
.-?SHM-lfttlon of Funeral Directors, that the
rlruRgle abroad was going to lncreaso the
cos; of funerals.
" There Is nothing used bv embalmors, It
Is snld. which could possibly be affected
lit cost to ony appreciable extent by the
European war. and as far as tho actual
bui'nl Is concerned, d'gglns rnve is no
rnor- expensive now than before.
Samuel P.. Poster. 172 Federal street,
president of the Philadelphia Funeral
Directors' As.-oclation. said an Increase
in the cost of funerals because of tho
European war would be an utterly un
tenable position for any undertaker to
take. "There is only one thing." said he.
"which might be affected and that Is the
handles on coffins. These are silvered
by chemicals which come from Germany,
Tnut the increased price for this commodity
is so small that tho cost of a funeral
could not possibly be mado greater be
cause of It."
"There Is nothing to It." was the state
ment of Charles W. Naulty. Third and
Pine streets. Mr. Naultv Is secretary of
the local association. "I do not Sfe how
.nny person could have said such a thing."
said he. "for there is no reason for nn
Increase. All materials used In embalm
ing or otherwise preparing persons for
Initial are made in thl- country and can
jiot be affected b the war."
i-eorge Chandler rati!. Seventh and
Poplar streets, former President of the
"National Funeral Directors' Association,
said It could not be possible to raise the
price of funerals und give the war abroad
'as all excuse for this action.
Hurry I3atter-b. of the firm of William
II Tlattershy, S31fi North Broad street,
cliamcterizcd the rumor as ridiculous.
'TJvervthlng wo need In our business In
made In this country," he said. "Tho only
things which have Increased In price and
right affect the cot of . funerals are
lumber and horse feed, but this addi
tional cost is so slight It would be foolish
'tc ue It as an expedient. As a matter
of fact, if it were at nil possible I should
Tike to decrease the cot of our services
liistead of raisins it."
A.t the offices of Oliver H Balr & fo.,
"".'JO Chestnut street, anil P. It. TJHng
hurst & Co , 3S North 11th street, little
rredence was placed in the Atlnntlc City
rumor. Offlilals said there was absolutely
no need for an increase.
Victim Contracted Disease While
Working in Automobile Shops.
Painters' colic, from uh'i-h he had suf
fered for some years, Is given as the
motive for the suicide, today of Howaid
Iliffle. 2fi years old, who ended his life
hj drinking poison In his room at a
boarding house at SUS Arch street, early
Riffle's mother Is proprietor of the Na
tional Hotel at Middletown. Pa . and his
family 's said to bo wealthy. The police
Jiave communicated with his relatives.
The young man was found In his room
this morning by the landlady, who de.
tccted the odor of catholic acid. Ho was
pronounced dead at the Medico-Chlrurgl-cal
i&Ian Who Inflicted Fatal Wounds
- Committed Suicide,
Death claimed the tecond victim of the
double shooting on July 23, at Oermun
toyrt avenue and Oakdale street, when
Agnes Walsh. 89 yeais old. of 2"1S North
Tenth street, expired at the Kpiscopal
The young woman was shot by her
admirer. 51 Weslev Wharton, 42 years
old. They had quarreler! and separated,
and another man V paying attention
to her. ly'hkrtpn, jhq lived at SUA North
Klghth street, accosted her on the street,
and when ste reused to return to him
ahfltf he-, down. He thw turned the re
rvofvtr! art himself and died of his wounds
low uayi later.
Drives Machine Against Trolley Pole
nnd Prevents Hitting Taxicab.
Driving his automobile into a trolley
polo to escupa cia'lrng Into a t'lVlcab
lnat nlcht at Sixteenth and Cmstnut
stieets, John Fox, a chauffeur, narrowly
mlscd lnluring his employer. Mm ton
Knhn, and Miss Oraco Hemingway, the
latter's companion,
Tho tight front wheel was torn from
tnu machine with the exception of the
hub. anil tho occupants were almost
hurled over the windhleld. Knhn occa
sioned much mystery in connection with
the accident by removing all mn:ks of
identifhatiou from tho wrecked michlno
und 'o'-UIng them In a box on the back
of the car.
Knhn Is connected with the firm of
Solomon Knhn & Son, furniture dealers,
313 West tilinrd avenue. He lives at 2230
North Thirteenth street, and Miss Hem
ingway at 1510 Noith Nineteenth stieet.
The chaufieur was complimented b
Mr. Knhn. He said that had the i-truck
the taxicab they could not have escaped
The accident occurred at 10.30 o clock
and the car was not removed until this
Annual Session of Sovereign Grand
Lodge Opens There Sept. 22.
Philadelphia will be reprepented by fully
300 members of the Independent Order of
Odd Fellows when the V'tli rvnunl -esslon
of the Sovereign Grand Lodge opens at
Atlnntlc City, N. J., on September 22. Tho
convention will continue for three days.
Delegates from every State In the Union
will be precont and It is estimated that
more than W) members of the lodge, ac
companied by their wives and fumllles.
will nttend. ,
George A Urunner. chairman of trans
portation, hnH been active for the Inst
few davs arranging comfortable accom
modations for the delccates. Four ppecinl
trains have been chartered to convey tho
Philadelphia delegation. Wednesday. Sep
tember it. has been designated ns parade
da v. The repiesentatlves from Pennsyl
vanli. New Yoik and Delaware will be
headed bv r. A. Keller, g.-and she: Rob-er-
T. Daniel, deputy grand she; M.
Richard Muckle, grand tn-.is.uror, and
John Ii. Goodwin, grand secretary.
On Saturday afternoon mxt a tablet
will bo unveiled nt the Philadelphia
Giand Lndco Headquarters In com
memoration of the service., of M. Richard
Mii'klf. who, for 5 successive years has
se".d as the grand treasurer of the or
ganization. Complete details of the con
vention will bo made public at this time.
Girard Trust Company Advances
S80.000 on Walnut St. Property.
loan of vV"jQ has been made by
the Girard Trust Company to Dr. J.
Wilson, secured bv a mortgage on the
propertv at HIT Walnut street. The piop
ertv ndjulns an olUco building at the
northeast corner oi tiuwuui " "
nut ftreets,
Tho loan Is one of tho laigest made
by u trust company upon i-entral ival
estate, but tho loan Is well within the
value of tho proporty, It U said. Doctor
Wilson, it is reported, some time ago
refused an offer of JllftO" for the i-trlp
of land. Other properties of the same
size and in the same block have been
moitgag-d for 1UO.O to Jir..0". It Is
also said that no unlmprovi d pioptrty
in tne block can be puichuM-d foi b-s.s
than Jisn,oio Klght veam ago the ground
was, tflhns for 5o,00 and in -ome tases
When Explosion Fails, Man Is Ar
rested for Denting Wife.
Vn attempt to kill himself and family
by filling a rotm with Illuminating gm
and thun striking match, led to the
arret t of Henrv Orth. Wl jeuis old, of
I lvi limdrn Ktrei-t, Uridesburg, ln,t nUht.
I lie w.i;- held this morning b Magistrate
Campbell, : the Fronkford police sta-
tion, fai-ing a charge of assault and but"
i tory, preferred by his wife.
According to Mrs. Orth, her misbinil
was intoxicated when he came home lost
msht, and he had only been In the house
a few minutes when a ftuariel lngun,
which aggravated Orth into throalng a
steel machlna-sun shell nt her. The mU
sile struck the woman in tho ho id. Orth,
pot content with this, secured a razor
and attempted to cut her with It, ac
coi dins to the story told the pullce. The
husVtnil Anally ehasea his wife and two
children into one of tho rooms cm the
lirt Moor. and. closing tho door, turnt-ci
on tho gas jets. After waiting seveial
inlnues, he struck u ma ten. but thu gas
f.illed to explode.
Mrs. firth's cries attracted Policeman
Horman. Ho broke into tho house and.
after rescuing the woman nnd her chil
dren from the gas-Mlnl room, anested
Orth. Tho man, who is a stone manuii.
was formerly employed In 'h Frank
ford arsenal, where he doubtless secured
the shell with which, It is ullged. he first
attacked his wife.
New Company Plans to
Operate 120 Heavy Cars.
Damage to Pavements
Feared Director Taylor
Won't Comment.
A. J. Herring, a Ntgio, 35 ears old. of
l.08 South ltli street, was held up. badly
beaten and robbed by a number of Negroes
late last night, at 17th and Dickinson
streets He was taken to St Agnes Hos
pital In an unconscious condition His
recmery Is not expeittd The police of
the 15th street and Snjder avenue sta
tion are conducting a diligent search for
' the assailants.
An effort to obtain a city franchise for
an omnibus lino on the principal stieets
will be mado today at the meeting of
Common Council. For days a story has
been current that part of the program
of opposition to tho subway pioposltlon
was to be a petition for an omnibus line,
on the plea that It would lelleve the
need for improved traffic facilities. This,
the story ran, would lie s-eized upon as an
e.cus-e to delay action on the subway.
Walter C. Mclntlre, an electrical con
tractor nt 12 North Fifth street. Is the
man In charge or the omnibus project.
Ho Is related to George C. Picric, of the
Board of Registration Commissioners. The
belief that the scheme may bo urged as
a substitute for other transit plans Is
supported by a statement issued by Mc
lntlre for tho United Traction Improve
ment Company, which will operate tho
Mclntlre says: "The petition for tho
franchise puts the question of immediate
lelief of passenger traffic conditions in
the residential sections squarely up to
the city government."
In the days when tho omnibus lino was
nothing but n rutnur thoe who heard It
said the plan might be used to divert
attention from the transit proposition be
fore Councils.
"Of course, a bus lino never would take
the plae of a subway," said ou. man
prominently concerned In the subway
plans, "but, nt the same time, those op
posed to the subway might use 1: as
n pretext for delalng action,"
Director Taylor, of the City Transit De
puitment. declined to discuss tho plan
for an omnibus line. He had not heard
a petition for a franchise wus to bo Introduced.
Hlectiiclly generated by gnsollno motois
(.irr.id on the mr will be the motho
power for the new bus line. The "United
Traction Jnipiovcnietit Company" Is the
name of th organization which j.ecks tho
franchise Melntlro is the president.
Ai coming in Mclntlre tho organizing
offitluls havfi vlblied Knglnnd, Germany
and Franco to study modern omnibus
construction. Tho United Traction Im
provement Company will have iso cais,
! M'intiro says. iJnch can cany 2S pn.
tfens"rs nt a speed of H miles an hour.
The curs will weigh 10,&i pounds, but
that Is not too great a wulght for the
paement, Mtlnttro asserts,
Thre.. routes aro designated In the
petition to Common Council.
Home number one will stait at Front
ami Market streets, and will traverse
Mailiet. llroad, Diamond, ;'.'ith streets,
Allegheny avenue. i7th. Diamond, Sid
anil Dauphin streets.
Route number two wilt start at Front
and Market streets, and will traverse
Muilct, Broad, Porter, Jlst. Wolf, 2JU, "
.M.ulln, .'till and Christian stiteu.
Houif number throe will start at Front
and Mai hot streets, and will travorse
Mulft, 'IW, Chestnut. 33d. Walnut and
dil streets,
William D. Uhler, assistant engineer in
the Highway Dureau. wus ubked today
whether he thought an omnibus weighing
WSJ) pounds would damage paving. Tho
bub line project was iiewn o Mr. Uhler.
I had not hiurd that anyone planned
to op,-rut a bus line." Iib said, "and
until I have some details as to the way
the trucks u ill bo built It would be im
pursihle tu nil what effect they would
have on the pavement. Home of the Bald
win liucoin alvt Works trucks aro heavier
than those proposed for the bus routo
and Chief Connell is investigating now to
mu how much damage heavy trucks in
Ulct on the city btreets."
When the Hughes bus line was running
on Hfoail fctreet the damage to paving
a 8' vcre.
iilmiirlnts showing the construction at
the proposed cars uere issued today by
the truuion company. The ctia will re
atmble those useij by tne Flfln aenue
line in New Vol Is city, but their motive
power will bo eltctri' ity instead of guso.
line. This, acmrding tu Mclntlre, will
olminate the shock oj t,mlug mid stop.
ping noticeable on the New Vorlt stages.
There will be double rows of cross
teats inside the btuges and on a tup deck
winding stairs will lead up from the real
cntiance platfoini to the open air deck.
On the left bido aro sis cross seats.
Divided by an aisle running the lengtn
of the car are four moie and one alslo
btat. Arrangements will bo tho same for
both decks
Safety First and the public be Pleased"
will be the slogan of the new companv,
according to an announcement sent today
to newspaper offices There will be a
night service bpe i.i'ly designed to ac
commodate theatre crowds, it says. Sched
ules will be based on the patronage,
though It is said the buses will run on a
three-minute heidway west on Market
street tot Ute first few dys.
Police Dragnet Out for
Mamie McCloskey, Who
Often Complained of Pov
erty's Trials.
Ten-ycnr-old Mamie McCloskey, of 12S
New street has mysteriously dlsnppearetd
i fioni her home, and here Is not the
' slightest clue, to her whereabouts. Dctec-
tlvo Captain Cameron, with tho McCar
rick boy mystery fiesh In his mind, de
cided to tako no chances and Immediately
spread a dragnet over the city.
Plain clothes men In every district have
a description of tho girl nnd ran down
several cluots which brought no result.
Haidshlps of poverty, It Is said, led tho
Blrl to forsake her home, playmates and
school, and go away to seek elsewhere
a life of better things, Today a grlef
stiicktn mother, who tolls dally In a
factory to earn enough to keep herself
and her girl nllve, went to Chester cher
ishing a hope thnt her daughter mlsht be
there with a godfather.
The girl disappeared from tho public
school at Lawrence and Race streets
Tuesday morning. She slipped nway from
her schoolmates during the recess hour
and except by n few persons, has not
been seen since. '
The child went from school to tho fac
tory at Eighth and Arch streets where
her mother works, and obtained 20 cents
.from her parent, saying sho needed It to
continue sewing lessons nt the school.
The mother gave It willingly for it was
her ambition to have the little gill glow
up with a knowledge of useful occupa
tions. Leaving her mother, Mamie went to the
homo on New stieet, packed a small
bundle of clothing and when Inst seen
was walking In the direction of Delaware
Children at tho public school say she
has frequently told of her dissatisfaction
nt home. Shu did not wnnt to be poor,
they said, nnd seemed sad because It was
not possible for her to have pretty
clothes and little trinkets like other girls
had. "Shu oflen bald sho would have
better things some day," one little hi
Clara Uroderman, a child who resides
in one or tho :00ms of the house on New
street where the McCloskeys live, i-ald
Mamie frequently told her of her discon
tent, and intended to leavo some day to
live with a fodfuther In Chester who
would give her all hho wanted.
Walter McMullen, principal of the
school, .--aid he could not understand why
tho child went away. He knew noth
ing of hot unhappy life nt home, and
declared Mamie to be one of his brightest
pupils. "She was getting on famously,"
said the principal.
Neighbors hay tho little girl has a
sister who does not live at homo. Her
father, they ay, never has been In
America and lives In Poland. It Is
thought he Is In the Russian unny.
Tho pollco knew nothing or the child's
disappearance until her mother came Into
tho Fourth street and Fail mount avenue
station weeping. She said tho little girl
.. ,1... nniv 1nv sin, had ill life, and If
tt 1,3 V,,,- w..... -.- "- '
Minute was gone there was nothing more
to live for. Wiltiging ner nanus ami
crying, she begged them to help her find
tho child. Todu she went to Chester.
Wlum last seen tne missing gin wore
a red sweater, pink dress, white stock
ings and black shoes. She had no hat.
The child has light hair. Is light eoni
plexioned and weiglix about M) pounds.
She Is four feet four Inches tall.
Other Accused Members of Force Al&o
Appear Before Police Board.
Patiolmun Matthew K. Dutwiliig, of
the Fifteenth stiert ami Hmdei avenue
station, denied todav that ho hud tried
to sell chances at .1 block paitv 011 August
'J7 during his trial bcloi the Pi He o Itoatd,
mado up of Captains Tempest and Davis
and Lieutenant Dinlocker. Dutteilng was
accused of threatening Mr. and Mrs.
Chnrles Stesser, of 2710 Ringgold street.,
when they declined to luy a "pnddlo."
Dutterlng declared that he had not been
near tho block part on the night of
August 27.
John S. Collins, an engineer on the
pollco boat King. acciiFfcd of Insubordina
tion by l.lciutonant Walsh, of the KlniT,
testified ho had refused to obey Wulsh's
order to turn over his keys becauso he
considered It dangerous to leavo tho boat
without an engineer.
William U. Adams, of the Twentieth
and Hoiks streets station, and K'dward
Nelson, of tho Twelfth and Pine streets
station, wero accused of neglect of duty.
Lieutenant Tryon tostltied he had found
Nelson drunk when ho went to the Nel
son home to see why ho had failed to
report at the police station, Tho testi
mony was submitted to Director Poitor
foi flnul action.
MEffMimJfsr.k I,
r a 1
IN "
Will be New York Manager for Mont
gomery, Clothier & Tyler.
Thoodoie Itoosovelt. Jr. eldest son of
former President Rooseelt. will becoj
associated with tho linn of Mont ,'omei ,
Clothier ii Tyler, Investment bankers, of
1'H-ra South Fouith stieet. and will be
resident manager of tho New York branch
of tho itrm, which will be opened in the
near futuie.
it wa the intention of the tlrin tu open
offices In New York Just before the Stock
exchanges "f country closed on July
30, hut, becauso of this fact the plan was
deferred, it isi understood, however that
the offices In N'ew York may ho opened
before the resumption of the Stock ex
changes. Robert L. Montgomery, tho head of the
firm and the Stock Exchange member,
will spend a part of his timo In (ho of
fices In this city and part of It In New
NEW YORK. Sept. 17. Melbourne In
mun. the champion at English biiliatd,
showed that he is a master at the game
in Maurice Daly's Academy lust night,
when he played an exhibition match with
the Canadian star, Pyc Tho Englishman
ran out his SOQ points while the Ca
nadian was garnering 109. Inman com
pleted the game with an unfinished mjj
of 43 In the nineteenth innlns.
Attpjcer sr
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rs y
yynyrv fkt cf I In!
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1 IS
A petition for a franchise to operate double-deck gaso-elcctric cars wiU be
put before Common Council today. The project has been hailed by traction
men interested in the Taylor rapid transit plan as a scheme to give an excuse
for delaying action on subway. The "United Traction Improvement Com
pany" fathers the plan.
Succumbs to Illness Aggra
vated by His Labor Fol
lowing Irish Patriot's Re
lease From Canadian Jail.
Itobert Emmett Dillon gave up his life
today at the Hahnemann Hospital, a sac
rltlce to the love and admiration ho bore
for his father. P.obert Emmett Dillon
was a son of Luko Dillon, tho Irish
patriot, who left his home nnd friends
in this city mole than fourteen years
ago nnd went to Canada with two other
men, where he dynamited the Welland
Canal locks to prevent the Dominion from
sending troops to fight ngalnst the IJoers.
Last July the elder Dillon was mleascd
ns the result of years of cltoit by his
friends. His son had been bediidden for
weeks with an Intestinal complication.
Against the advice of his physician and
the pleadings of his family he got up
and went to Atlantic City to take pnit
In a family reunion in honor of his father.
Two weeks later Itobert Emmett Dillon
came to his homo at 2C-31 Mouth Hom
beigcr street and wus put back to bed.
Excitement had kept him 011 Ills feel at
tho shote, but when he lotuiued ho col
lapsed. Since that time he hud been
glowing stcudily weaker. About two
weeks ago It was decided that to save his
llfo It would ho necessary to pi-rfotm an
operation ami he was taken to tho
Hahnemann Hospital.
After tho operation Dillon failed to
lally and this morning ho riled. His
body was taken to the home of his whlte
hnliod father, at 2 South Thlitcetith
Fourteen years in prison had fulled to
break the spirit of Lulo Dillon, hut when
thu body of his son was brought homi
today ho bowed his head. Tho shock was
11101 e tcniblo to him than tho sentence of
llfo Imptlsoiiment passed on him fouiteen
ycniH ubo,
Four brothcis, a sister, tho mother, :i
wife and two children survive, besides
tho father. The mother Is now 00 yeats
old. She also is whlto haired. SI10 has
recovered her husband and lost her ton.
Luko Dillon went to Atlantic City lust
July following his release from the
Kingston Ptultcntiaiy for tho samo rea
son thut prompted him when ho gave a
llctltlous name at the time of lib: an eat
fouiteen years ago to shield his family
from publicity. Ho made ariaiiBeineiits
by telegram to meet his wifo nnd dill
ill eu at a hotel ho remembered having
visited. When he got to Atlnntlc City he
found the hotel was no longer there. It
had been removed to make way for Im
provements. Thu wife nnd children for hours
searched tho city fur the husband and
father. They met by accident, Kobert
Kiiunett Dillon thou started out to do
1 verytlnng in his power tu mako his
father toiiiet hi3 long years In Jail. nL.
tool; lilin on 111s 11 rat automobile ildo,
wuiaeu wiin nun lur oinirj auoui
city, and listened to the old nm
iiuulu and again of his attempted exploit
for Ueland.
The tesiilt was that young Dillon weak
ened himself beyopii liopo of recovery.
Alter Luho Dillun was arrested, In luuo,
the family knew nothing of his where,
abuuts for years. Ho wioto to his wlfo
tiom tho penitentiary, told her of bi3
llfo senteiico, nud suggejteil that as she
would never see him again t would be
us well to mourn him us deud. The ehil.
ill en never know their father was aVe
1,1ml iiwv nun Btmxu up.
Jn his eaily manimud it was u1P ambi- "Ulon
Paymaster Orr to Leave for Philip
pine Islands Station.
Changes soon to bo made at the Phila
delphia ynid Include the transfer to other
cities of two well-known officers. They j
nio Paymaster K. II. Orr, who Is to ue
sent to Manila, P. I., nnd Assistant Sur
geon A. E, JIan, who will go to the Navy
Yard Medical School, at Washington.
Other ofllcei"? will be sent to the navy
yard at League Island to till vacancies
caused by the transfer of Paymaster Orr
and Doctor Man. The former will be suc
ceeded by Pay Inspector 13. D. Ttyan. who
Is now stationed at New Orleans. As yet
no successor has been named for Doctor
The actual date of departure for tho
officers has not yet been announced by
Navy Department officials at Washing
ton. It Is expected, however, It will oc
cur shortly.
I, Villi, HI, 'I 1,11- I I I , C I I,-1, "II ill Lili; 1 II III' 1 .. .. ... .'
delphla Navy Yard for three nnd a .half I """ ,1W'T(V u"ll'nK of the Wt
seais. This Is consldeied a record, hs n ' f ,"""'m" .-, u","iim,.c "PltaI hii
Launch at Yards of New
York Shipbuilding Con
pany Witnessed by Cheer-
ving Multitude. i
Miss Agnes Ilalg-, daughter of 1
Halg, representative of Lloyd's Shlnnt.
Registry In this city, smashed lh tft5
bedecked bottle of wlno upon the ,ic
of a new oil tnnt, oin.t.i ' .!e t(T
York Shipbuilding Company's CamZ
Plant shortly before noon today , J
.. ,...H..j, ,10 wlo wlno ap (when 1,
t he a r tho big vessel began hc"ls
ful slide down the ways for her ln.,V
plunge into the u-nnr f .1,. ..,n,ul
Itlvor. ,u "e,witi
Cheers of tho multitude of emnlnri!
perched In perilous position about ft?
company's various shlpways. nnH n,. " ?
plailse of the assnmhlsrl o-imot. .,: "O
with the shrieks nf n,0 .i,.. -."W
on the rtOer and factories along It, wJ
In we eomn to !, , .i.i,.i '. an
American merchant marine.
Tlin nntfctT.,n, c .. . ..
big tank steamships constructed 'or S
Oulf Oil Company's coiwtwuto trad,. U
t'w New York Shipbuilding Company '
Man Knocked Down by Would-lu
Robbers, Who Are Arrested.
Another attempted highway robbe'rv t,
southwest Phllndclphla-tlio fourth In in
last two weeks-resulted this mornlin !
the capture by Special Policeman rnni
1 of tlie Twentieth and Federal strecti .1.
tion, of two Negroes. Tim mn ....
arraigned at Central Station this mirnS
on tho charge of highway robberv
The prisoners gave their names 11
James Loinax, IS years old. of 13m Snwk
um, m-ct, iiiiu v4,.,j- XJUOSlOn, Triw
old, of the samo nddrcss. George Anoaim
Co yers old, of 1303 South 3Gth strrit .t!
victim, identified Lomnx, and the Do!ii.M
c,.,. 1... Int.ltolcl fl,,..n.. PVUVt
o0 "V ,i..,..n. i.iuiDiuu,
Committee Named to Decide Locatloa
for West Philadelphia Homeopathic.
A building committee to visit hospital)
inroiignoui me cuy in quest of Ideas for
liaymaster seldom remains nt one sta
tion more than three years. His city
address Was 403 Walnut street.
In 1"0S ho was nppolnted paymnstor on
board the gunboat Helena and remained
with the craft three years, tho best part
nf which was spent in the Philippines.
In 1MJ ho was transfer red to the supply
ship Culgoa, where he lemalned for tinea
years. Later he was appointed navy pay
master, with hcedciunitcrs at Seattle.
Two years later ho'as Font to the bat
tleship Mississippi. Thh- bont was re
cently sold to Greece. Paymaster Orr
has been In Philadelphia since 1911.
Credit Clerk in Department Store
Admits Embezzling: Funds.
William n. .Sesingcr, 22 years old, of 411
South 13d street, a department store em
ploye, was brought before Magistrate
Traecy, at the Klcventh and Winter
streets station, this morning, accused of
embezzling $l2u of the llrm's money, i
Accoiding to tho testimony of Oeorgo
Humphreys, a detective attached to tho
stole, Sesingcr, who was employed as
credit clerk In tho accounting depart
ment, and who for three yeats was a
trusted employe, in collecting n number
of bills gave receipts but manipulated
the books In such a way as not to show
that he had received the monev. He inl-
mitted he had spent thu money fn cab
inets. "Wlno and women did it," he said In
speaking of the motive behind the em
bezzlement. Sfoinger was held for a further hear
ing next W dnesday, In order to glvo
nccouutuii'K a chance to examine his
books and to determlno the exact amount
of the funds enibewled.
His Story Leads Magistrate to Hold
Two for Shooting: Girl.
Twehv-year-old Thomas Polombo today
told a story to Magistrate ftensliaw that
lesulted in John Uart'-lle and Anthony
Mntira being held In 'lOOo bail each for
the alleged shooting of 12-year-old Yetta
Oienman, the boy's playmate, on August
23 la-t at Fifth and Montrose streets.
Hartelle and Matlra. said by the pollco
to he leaders of two warring gangs in
that section, are charged ltli having
paithlpated in a low In which bricks,
knives and revolveis weie Uhed. At least
two shots were (lied. One of the bullets
struck Yetta and alio is in the Pennsyl
vania Hospital in a seilous cuiulltion.
Polombo lives at WD Montroso street
and ".i-tln at IIS fainenter stiept. Time
it the V" ,,,mll" " l'e Mdowolk when tho
1 ell ? .KU"Si,,,,s rounded the comer and
.11 "'""'" no saw a levqlver In
tin haml of one man. but that they were
tcuflllng and he could not Identify hlni.
I ollccnian Sulby also testllled that tho
men aclmitted they wero fighting and that
a gun had been used.
Democrats Plan Drastic Action to
Bteak Republican Filibuster,
WASHINGTON s.t 17- ... .,
t. meet tho ftopuWrail nubuter , galnV
the rive, ad ,lurl)or ,,, . . fc ''
4.voiol.iuc wenutors
been appointed, and efforts will be rnailt
co iiuvo worn siarieci oy .innuary 1 wit
year. The money for tho new bulldlu
was raised In a 15 day campaign last
At the present time the hospital Is .
cupylng the old Yewdoll mansion In 5Ui
stieet, and Is cramped for room. The lii
stltutlon is the only one of its kind b
that section of the city nnd Is tald t)
handle moro accident cases than any other
West Philadelphia hospital.
Tho building committee, which fi
draw up the plans for the new itructurt'
Is composed of II. M, Armstrong:, chair,
man; Kmll Thelonberg, Dr. II. M Qu
Dr. J. D. Culln. Dr. William McKenSt
and William Marbaker, tho latter pre).
dent of the hospital.
Official Forecast
For eastern Pennsylvania Increaslil
cloudiness followed by showers Frldi
nncl In south portion tonight; moderati
east winds,
For New Jersey Italn tonight and pro'
nbly Friday; not much change In tea
perature. Tho southern storm has moved InUil
over Georgia and is losing energy. Al
danger to vessels hns apparently passrf
and warnings have been ordered clom
nlong tho South Atlantic coast. TM
storm has been nttended by moderate!;
heavy rains which havo covered the S'
tlio Atlantic slope from Virginia soutl-
ward. High barometer continues overtte
northeastern portion of the country it
tended by fair weather nnd moderate tern
peratures. Thunderstorms continue Ii
Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin and til
temperature has fallen rapidly In tlRl
States during the Inst 21 hours.
U. S. Weather Bureau Dull-tin
Observations mi! Rt 8 p. m. Pastern tin!
Temperature Wind
1-ou.cfU llnln- Dlrei"- Ve-ia-tfall.
tlon.loclty, VTei'l
S a.m. n't
Abilene. Tex..,. 72 72
Atlantio City... IK r.s
lllMiiarck. N.D.. 50 W
Ilimton, Mass U SU
Iliiffulo. N. Y... Ill 152
fidengo, 111 is HI
rievelnnd, o ''! M
Denver. Col m 1
lies Molnen. 1,1. IW 1.11 4.SIJ sK
lietroit, Jiieii...irj lai ,. m:
Dulutli. Jllnn... .v. r,2 .30 N
nalccston, Tex. T 7rt .. Jf
llatirrn-, N. (", 7B 71!
Helena. Jlont... 411 til
Huron, .1. Dalt. r2 .V) .. SR
J.icKonllle .... ns oil 1.70 s
Kan. lily. Mo.. 70 70 ,, 1:
liiilsvillc, Ky.. KO .S .. X
Memplili. 1VIU1..I1J i!2 ,, N
New Orlean ... 72 70 ., N
Now York (it ., N1Y
N. Platte, Neb., f.i ..c, ,, K
iiKlahomo, Cikla. 71 71 .. S
I'lillarii-lphlu ... I 'il ,. s
Phoenix, Arrz... 71 7d ., W
littsburgh. Ia.. i.n "t .. NI
Portland, Me.... nil Kd .. nv
PmllaiKl, flro.,. K! M .. Rf
(Jm-bee, Tan ',s ...' ., hv
.St. Iiulif, Mo... M till . m:
ft. Paul. Minn,. .il Sa .. N
Kult Lake, ftali 111 m .. Si;
San Fr.uu-1-co.. fin Bl .. s
S'cranton, I'n..,. .12 4S . N
Tnmi.a 72 n-i .02 I'
tVanlilnKton .... l HS .. N'fi
8 aouiJ
8 P.clouif
n (1er
S Clear
4 Clew
4 Cler
t Cler
, Haln
5 Clear
U Clear
1" ilear
,60 NW 12 ClouJf
M 'i lear
0 Clea'
21 ClouJf
s c'loui; ,
S iouJ
4 1 'lear
1 Clear
n near
1 I'.coii4
1 '"'f'w
10 I'i'UpS
B Clear
lain '
S ,-indr
4 ClHf.
H 1 clou"
g cloud
4 1 'loud
4 ' U" ,,
I, VdOlU
0 Cloud
1 ,n. A.ri will !. i,i,i . ." U8, " ln .hus ucn active In tlie Built
11IQ .. "-.. -v .,.. 1IUA, ,nm,n. It, llllllll Tl.i. ,.(l,
.- ,.- vu ,u vvus ut,
Senator Kenyon, of Iowa, today (
J !l,rS 1 !. '.ltrli 0.,, ,lve b'- This is
iloor " """ occupied
morning with service in tho Annunciation
Catholic Church, und Interment win ,
ut Holy t-'ross Cemeterj. Uehnlu. plans
have not yet been made, but It la proh.
able that a delegation of the t'laa-na-Uuei
will attend the services and follow tlie.
body to the gra.e This organlzat on
has much to do with obtaining the re
lease of l.ukc, Rlllun fiom the Canadian
Itobert Kmmcrt Dillon wa 35 tar old
Jack Dillon Draws Vitlj Brown
VINCKNNKS. Ind S.-ot 1?- !....,. t,.
ion, of IrdtanapoUs, and Or,TCe ,1' A . R, '' "'" rc7Uo " se
Brown of Clu4So. f .usht ten roinrt, e'n ni U ,Ca.P,ltal Ho k ot
a draw hero last nishL Un rounds t0 Pi"3 -.O0Q. The ,
IfL-fltmt tn ohlol..
fcignutures of those Senators who w"oud
-,-.,. '1HVIHIII,
It.-tUXR, wi.. sp, Th ,.
todav -nf "a"k .'''" its .,""
uelu riu- i-iuse is buiil to hjye ben
due to h-iv withdrnu.- 7i. .",iyev"
? Zjr.i'"1' 8!c"?-' TU. bank
i''"( and a sur
P. M. U
7:0.",-7I, Franlcfoid ae.: William
l'crrla 1 wn
8:10 Nurilicaft corner KUth ana Acli
ktu.: uccunlnj by Ur Si '1111 k I iiknon
0..'!2-imh mid Muikcl gW A A ,
JacouH . T-Ula
0 -'!- Mulu und !ren eia . I'ennsla-
ui.i It. It. bri.Ui- . .. ink"
A. St.
I" m i-rt x iV'., ,,1 . . n.. .1 tfnriir
('uniuny . . . Tig"
11.30 CI 1-1. '1-1. "1 Wclihtir t.. an.r,uaae
omipleil bv 11 l-'-l I in j 11 'vtM
2.00-1311 S 7th st . liatk fLiu 01 ''""''liiiiti
Iiw OKii,icl ! M'irr: ilurlun Trm
0 00-CI1 WVt.tler t . rai li"l' " uJj-,m
loan telbman ltl
Arcs May Be Erected Whole lengti
of Frnnkford Aveuue.
The liKhttng commiiti-e oi ll Fran,j
ford Hoard of Tarde will make a '"!
on the lighting probK-m or tbut pt
tin. city ut a uwetlinr to bi bad tn'""
ut tfil; Fiankford ave
In connection with 1
delnhi.t 11.., t.-l.. 1'..,....
ilvo sample an light on riacKfeid J'J
thi.' si'-ct I" "".,
HffMB '
k UkI'W
1- rrW
nue norili of Orth
t.- w mm tt sur- prove satisfactory mi'ir 1 ' " ,,
Ueposlta arq abput probablj be erected th entire JecS-
1 ma avenue.
M . - .'!.... . ..gB--jJ i.ib-i rTiii Tag in h'' ii 1 i'i 11 'iilTi Tm"im l'illlh-ti,-llilli"-iililWii -fM-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-av 1 -&- -- -r itiillllllB
-iMfa----iii-.itii ' " 1 in 1 r -jj-tira in 'Mtiii'i' iiiwisii 1 " ; ...v-nimRimmmmmm'-fr . ..... j.

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