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forecasts Dissolution of
Political Organization Un
' less Control Is Wrested
From Flinn-Van Valken
burg Combination.
The direct charge thai the t'llnn-Vnn
v&tkenburg niaohlno la strangling tho
Washington party in Pennsylvania by
selfish, sinister political jugglery was
made this afternoon by William P. Dea
ivno until May 14' tho treasurer of tho
TVasHnKton ?&& county committee.
-H,e .substitution of Vnnco C. McCorinlck
tot William Draper Lewis as the Bull
Moose nominee for governor was chnrac
. " 1 - n rioiitip.ratclv planned sell-out
cf the party to bonellt tho Interests of
th leaders. Tho dissolution of tho party
In this State was forecasted unless tho
FUnn-Van Valkenburg control can ho
thrown 6ft promptly by the better clc-
Tho' starting revelations of tho Inner
TVashlnRton party deals, mado by Illchard
H. Quay, of Pittsburgh, nnd published
m" the Punuo Ledger this morning, Mr.
Dcakyne Bald, prompted him to give ox
lireaslon to the feelings which for a
long time he has refralnod from making
P"JIr. Quay," ho added, "has voiced tho
lentlments of thousands of Progressives
In EaBtern Pennsylvania, nnd so woll
rm I pleased with his open break that
J sent him a telegram of congratulation
r- - ... - -- - . . - - j, , r ii.liin,..M..il L.m "TJ" ' "'"7 ' " "' """ ! ''","" """--r ..', VI "T '
after! I had read his statement Irt this
morning's PunHo Lbdoeii."
Mr. Denkyno declared that, although
ho was bitter as any man would be
who had been sold out, still his domi
nant feeling In tho matter was ono of
sadness and regret that menltko Fllnn
and Van Valkenburg, who until a year
ago all believed sincere, had stooped to
prostitute n movement sprung from tho
hoblest sentiments of Its followers.
Joining the Washington Party In i912,
Mr. Deakyno has been Identified with tho
movement slhce. Ofllclatly only did he
Revcr his connection on May 14, 1914, when
ho resigned .from the treasurershlp of the
Washington Party County Committee and
from tho treasurershlp of tho Progressive
League. As one of tho prime financial
backers of the movement In litis city Mr.
Deakyne gave tho party tho use of the
property at 213 South Broad street In the
last campaign, lto also turned 1421
Chestnut street over to tho Committee of
One llundrtd for a malting department.
In 1912 ht nUo furnished tho head
quarters. '
"Tho rehabilitation of the Washington
party," he declared today, "rests with
iMr. Quay, In him all sincere Progres
sives have conlldcnco. We nro only wait
ing for htm to sound tho call, nnd wo will
rally to hla standard nnd lay tho founda
tions of u now, n, ical and sincere Pro
gressive party In Pennsylvania. Should
ho not do this and should the rulo of the
Kllnn-Van Valkenburg Organization bo
allowed to continue, tho days of tho
Washington party In this State aro num
bered." "Tho duplicity of Mr. Van Valltonburg
camo to my attontlon early. Uut It was
not until very recently that I could bo
convinced that Mr. Fllnn wns In the same
self-seeking, politically, corrupt class.
More than a year ago I had William
Wllhelm, of Pottsvllle, bring Mr. Fllnn
Into my office that 1 might lay before
him some of tho under dealings of Mr.
Van Valkenburg.
"When nothing rcsultod from my ex
posures I wondered why. Now I know.
It Is because Fllnn nnd Van Vnlkonburg
represent the samo Interests, and ever
since tho Inception of tho Washington
party they have been seeking nothing cx
copt to advance their personal Interests."
Main Feature of Annual Holiday Is
Baseball Game.
Members of the Kensington Board of
Trade nnd their families are holding their
fourth annual outing this afternoon at
the Philadelphia Seheutsen Park, KIghth
and Tabor streets. Harry Schocnthal,
chairman of the Outdoor Committee, gives
the following nv tho program for tho
' P. M
Meeting of Hie tioaid of director 3.00
Oenraf meellng , a so
Hasptmll game , 4.00
Dinner i , 7.TO)
Dnnclng 0.00
The feature of tho day was tho base
ball gamo, played between the "smooth
faced" team, captained by It. Lincoln
McNeill, and tho "whiskered" team led
by Geoige Sellers. William T. Weir, Jr.,
Is secretaiyAhd treasurer of the Out
ing Committee
King Albert Leads Army
Against Foe. Kaiser's
Veteran Troops Rushed to
France Reserves Replace
Charged With Shooting a Mnn Ho
Found In Wife's Company.
SALEM, N. Jgopt. 17. John Zepf, a
former special policeman of Philadelphia,
totluy was Indicted by tho Salem County
Grand Jury, charged with assault and
'battery and atrocious assault nnd bat
tery upon Edwin C. Dillon, of Wilming
ton, Del. Zcpf pleaded not guilty before
Judge Edward C, Wftddlngton today, and
his cuse has been sent down for trial on
Monday next.,
Tho alleged crlmo was committed at
Pennsgrovc, this county, on Thursday,
June I, when, It Is chnrged, Kept shot
Dillon. The latter. In a deposition made
In tho Delaware State Hoipltal when ho
was supposed to be dying, said ho was
calling on Mrs. Zepf In her home when
Zepf, from whom she was separated, en
tered and ordered him to leave. On lils
refusal, Zcpf drew n revolver and fired,
tho bullet entering Dillon's forehead.
Then, he said, Zepf sent for a physician.
Zepf Is alleged to have resigned from
tho Philadelphia pollco force about a
week previous to tho shooting and dis
appeared from that city.
ANTWERP, Sept. 17.
King Albert led his army away from
Antwerp today for another offensive
movement ngalnst tho Germans, while
Belgian volunteers nro cnrrylng on an ac
tive campaign In the extreme northwest
ern part of Belgium ngalnst UhlaiiB who
nro raiding Isolated 'districts In west
Fights aro reported from Waercghem,
St. Klol and Inglemunster, whero tho
Belgian volunteers wero successful. At
Isoghcm 160 Belgians attacked 300 Uhlans,
who were ambuscaded !n houses, fit Ger
mans are reported to have been killed and
a number wounded, while SO others wero
mado prisoners. Tho balanco fled.
Tho Belgians lost four men killed and
14 wounded.
Another German detachment is reported
to havo been defeated by Belgians near
Alost. Tho Germans lost a number of
men In kilted and wounded and seven
Ono hundred regiments of German In
fantry (about 100,000 men) nnd artillery
forces with 40 guns passed through Llego
toward France on Tuesday and Wednes
day. Tho Germans aro withdrawing their
main forces and sending them Into
France In enormous number. But there
ore no signs that they contemplate tho
general evacuation of Belgium as those
withdrawn arc Imnudlately replaced by
troops of tho second line and from the
navy reserve.
A continuous stream of trains Is pass
ing through Alx la Chapello carrying
fresh troop to the scene of battle In the
south, and It Is believed certain here
that tho Germans again are hoping to
resume ,thc offensive.
Reports that tho Germans were actually
evacuating Brussels were set at rest to
day when couriers arrlvnd here from the
Belgian capital, now held by the enemy,
They reported that the troops which have
been holding the city have been with
drawn, to go to the French front, but
that their places have been taken by
members of tho naval reservo who aro
acting as Infantry, and by troops from
the landsturm.
Only tho western lines through the cen
tre of Belgium are held by the Germans.
The towns to the eastward, notably
Liege, have been lenuded of their gar
risons and tho troops sent on to tho
general battle front. As a result of these
manoeuvres, If the Germans so desired,
they could evacuate all of Belgium with
in 21 hours.
Inspects Water Works nnd Declines
to Discuss European War.
Sntoru Nlshloed'a, chief engineer of the
municipal water works at Toklo, Japan,
and ono of the most noted civil engineers
In his country, Is vl-sltlng this city, en
route on a tour of the world, for tho
purpose of Inspecting the filtration plants
of tho great cities of America and Eu
rope, Mr. Nlshloeda visited tho water
works department In City Hall today,
where ho obtained permission to Inspect
any part of tho departmental machinery.
Mr. Nlshloeda In reply to questions re
lating to the European war and the part
played by Japan In tho conflict, said that
It wns a mistake to think that Japan, In
declaring war upon Germany In tho far
East, had any aggressive designs In
view. "We -nro fighting for the very
same thing that our allies In Europe are
fighting for. We realize only too well what
tho entrenchment of Germany In tho far
East will eventually mean. It will mean
a constant menace to both China and
Japan, who will be used as bullies by
German Imperialism. Wo want to de
velop our own resources and seo the re
sources of the entire far fast developed
along peaceful lines. We do not -think
that Germany lins a right to her far
Eastern possessions. She npproptlated
them by force, she deprived Japan of
what was due to her nnd sho would like
to be mistress of affairs ns they concern
our race. Because of that wo are com
pelled to bo Increasing our navy and
military resources, burdens which our
country cannot bear without serlods In
Jury to our people. If the power of Ger
man Imperialism In tho far East Is de
stroyed, as we hope It will beforo long,
Japan will breathe a sigh of relief nntl
will not havo to bear the burden of heavy
military armaments, Just as the destruc
tion of Germany's power In Europe will
bring about a more democratic and less
burdensome military organization In nil
tho countries on that Continent."
dermantown Home of George H.
Myers Ransacked During Vacation.
Bobbers entered the home of George It.
Myers, retired, 6T03 Anderson street, Ger
mantown some time during the last three
weeks while the family was absent. Re
turning from a vacation, Mr. Myers found
everything In the house In great ron
fuslon, numerous articles having been
stolen, Including a string of pearls, a dia
mond ring and $20 in cash. The total
value of the goods taken Is about $150.
On examination of the premises, a win
dow was found open, through which tho
thief entered.
German-Americans of Chicago Inter
view President Wilson.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 17. Headed by
Iloraco L. Brand, a Chicago editor, a
group of Chicago German-Americans will
present to President Wilson n reply to
Belgian charges of German atrocities.
Their documents were received by nay
of East Africa.
But Cnptnin Diamond Chafos nt Being
Thought Really Indisposed
Out at Iho Crocker Old Feoplo'd Home,
Pino nnd Plcrca streets, San Francisco,
Captain Goddard Ezeklel Dodgo Dia
mond Is chafing because ho lias been
conflnod to hs lied for tho last fey days.
Ho fears that some of hla friends may
think hit- Indisposition Is an Indication
of Infirmity. But Captain Diamond in
sists that Inasmuch as ho Is only Just
turned lis years, such a supposition Is ab
surd. Ho Insists that he Is ns hale and
hearty ns any one less than half his
Ho makes no secret of the method by
which ono may attain nnd pass tho cen
tury mile post. His scheme of llfo ton-
slsts largely of "don'ts." Don't use to
bacco, don't use stimulants and don't eat
sweets. Captain Diamond has abstained
from nil these, and ho has not touched
meat since 1S32.
Captain Diamond says ho was born, In
Plymouth, Mass., May 1, 170S, in the ad
ministration of President Ailams, flccomt
chief executive of the t'nltcd Slates, He
tells vivid stories of pioneer days In the '
Mnlno woods and how he provided for
his mother while his father was serving
In tho war of 1S12.
Ho snjs ho warf first thrust Into the
world at the age of 20, when he went to
Boston, being nimble to read or write
and not even knowing the alphabet. Dur
Ing tho civil wnr he served four years
In tho quartermaster's department at Ht,
Louis, notwithstanding the fact that ln
was Co years old at the outlncak of hos
tilities. Ho came to California In 1S77. Ho has
never married, nntl today has tho ap
peurnnce of u man in vigorous health.
His bluo eyes are clear, his hand clasp
strong and his faco unwrlnkled by the
passage of ears.
Banquet of 11 O'clock Council
POUTLAND. Me., Sept. 17. At the an
nual banquet last night of the Eleven
O'clock Council of the Bed Men of the
United States the following otllcers were
elected: Chief rover, W. P. Llghtholder,
of Missouri; secretary, Thomas J. Mc
Kcen, of Minnesota; treasurer, Henry
C. Hart, of Idaho.
. o '
ill MTlik ML m.
Special Minister to Republic
Says Reconstruction Is Be
ing Effected and Honest
Election Will Follow.
SPRLXG LAKE. N. J., Sept. 17. Declar
ing that President Wilson's plan for tho
pacification of the domlulcan people and
the reconstruction of tho government had
worked out splendidly nnd that a new
ra Ftretched out before the population
with the approaching elections In Octo
ber, Governor John Franklin Fort, tho
special minister sent by the President on
the conciliatory mission, toduy told
briefly of his work In bringing together
the warring factions.
tt Ith tho provisional government headed
by Itanou Baez pledged to see that the
October elections nre held honestly under
the i bsirvatlon of the United States and
with EllKht modifications over the old
dominium electoral law. Governor Fort
believes that a prosperous future awaits
tlie little republic. Since going thero Jess
than two months ago four distinct revo
lutions and u number of insurrections of
lesser weight have been settled and tho
leaders brought together In pcaco nnd
With the exception of u small Insur
rection near Santiago in tho centre of
the Islund there has been no fighting
tlnce beptcnocr 1 ut that place. General
Arias, rebel leader, fell Into an engage
ment vith somo Federals, but soon ca
pitulated. Provisional President Baez. of
whom Governor Fort speaks highly, is a
on of a former President, who held
otnee at tho time President Grant prof
fered the treaties of 1SS7-70 looking to
ward Dominican annexation with tho
Lnited States. I
To oust President Bordas and open the I
wav ttT ,i.A AuA.i r. .,. .
, ., , cictiiuu in u j-roviaioniii
resident required a full week's negotia
tions after the efforts to bring about a
cessation In hostilities hud been success.
' the minister representing the hold
over Hordas Government refused for days
sanction the ousting of the President,
rinauy in n proclamation to the people
In i eecutlve announced his withdrawal
r-Ki elecon of Baez followed. Tho
if. Tet 'wnlcll he appointed consists of
uio best men on the island.
laiy0 ,Fan 8al(1 ,hat nfter e waa
t!ii, wlth a llght feve" n tlie e
Dhl., ? were carrted on board boat, the
i!, J " .refuslt1K to permit him to go
" iurc out of fear for tropical fevers.
Although weak from his illness, Governor
m !? arollnu" and In good spirits. He
v , Washington cither Tuesday or
Itmrt ."i f "Xt Week and " " f"1'
Pri i . , mlS3ln and Its success to
for . ?nt Wl30"- He saw the President
feel inv mlnutes yesterday, but did not
' v,e11 nough to discuss his trip.
Official Warning After Canadians
Fire at American Aeroplane.
life ?hSfn?OTON' Set- IT.-Oltlcial warn
over it lnerll;an aviators must not Ily
twv ,nJ, bounaary Into Canadian terri-
Mrt'mentdy "" 'S3Utd ly tne s,ato pe'
tnat"a! SA0Cretary of State Lansing said
tired 7,7 '"tner'can aeropluna had been
Uclnltv nJ ,1.y S"anadlans while in the
etl"ni It L"g Sault CanaI T1'ls
le btai vf e"' the "Hwllan authorl
&iw c'hl?USe,tf8y Uld not care tu
ui lid, CA?.of Uama8e to their val
Qvf c2,tlle,r alr craft I'overlng
wted l. ter-itory will be similarly
o'rn . ?erleans- therefore, today
fcordei 0I,ly 0n ,hU Blde o th
m$M Smyrna
Board of Trade Sends Pro
test to Congress and Re
commends Reform in the
Navigation Laws.
There i.s nothing which justifies the
United States Government In embarking
In the owneiship of merchant vessels,
aecoiding to tho Board of Trade, which
today sent to Congress a protest ngalnst
tho bill piovldlug for such action.
Tho board gives a number of leasons
why tho Government should refrain from
Mich a Htcp, and contends that the pres
ent paralyzation of foreign trade Is not
due to lack of shipping facilities, but to
the foreign exchange situation.
It is also asserted by the board that as
long at the Government enacts laws
which places extra expense upon all
American vessels ai compared with for
eign ships, and compels American shipi
to carry an extra largo force of men, so
long will It be Impossible) to build up a
merchant marine.
The only way to re-establish a mer
chant marine, according to the board, is
to overcome the disadvantage tinder
which It now labors In competition with
foreign tonnage. The board also declares
thnt Government nu'tinrsliln ct vna.da
which takes tho money of the people to
conduct an unprofitable business, is un
indirect subsidy, whllo a direct subsidy,
with proper revision of tho navigation
laws, would be effecthe In building up
the merchant marine and insuring the
continued operation of American ship
yards. In conclusion, the board points out that
there la a possibility of complications in
tho pmchaso of vessels under the flags
of belligerent nations.
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Man Says Wife's Efforts to Support
Mother's Family Caused Trouble.
Levi Norqross, of Kline itreet, near
Tioga, told Judge Hi own In tlie Domestic
IteUtlons Court thut disagreements be
tween his wife and himself wr caused
l her efforts to support her own family
und that of her mother on hla monthly
ijulary of 55.
Norcroas said he discovered that his
wife was trying to support her mother
und family on his money. Finally they
beparatcd. Mrs. Norcross lives at C333
Darrah street. Judge Brown ordered
the husband to pay t a week for her
Domestic's Skull Fractured by Flunge
From Second Story.
Whl'e washing clothes this affrnnnn
Country Banks Continue Inquiries for
Good Commercial Paper.
Out-of-town banks continue to make iu-
quliles of their city correspondents for
good name commercial paper und bankers
report that there Is Just a little better
feeling thioughout the local money mai
ket than has been In evidence lately.
Hates are jullng the same, call money
being 6 per cent, and commercial paper
7 and 7',4 per cent. The bulk of the trans
actions are generally made at the latter
figure. Sloney' lenders say that there is
no business In call money. As bus been
the oaso all along since tho Kxchauges
closed on July 30, banks are not calling
IJorrowers, stock biokers In particular,
have reduced their loans considerably in
the last week. In eoiuo cases, however.
biokers iiave Informed the bank? that
thoy would reduce their loans providing
that they could get the money returned
to them when they need It. No definite
promise Is made, however.
o ,
Progressives jn New York Urged to
Vote for Davenport.
NEW YOniC, Sept. 17. Plans were per
fected today by Colonel Theodore Roose
velt and other leaders of the Progressive
party in this Stato to send out a letter
to all Progressives In Now York, urging
them to Ignore the candidacy of William
Sulzer for the Progiesslve nomination
and to vote for Frederick M. Daenport,
Mr. Sulzei'a rival In tho primary fight.
Secretary Daniels Denies Intimation
of Malicious Damage.
WASHINGTON. Sept 17. -Secretary of
the Navy Daniels today ordered Lieu
tenant Felix X. Gygax to make a full in
vestigation of all tho circumstances of
me aiuaonng or tlie Government-supervised
wireless station at Tuckerton, n J
Mr. Daniels denied, however, that thero
were suggestions that it had been de
liberately put out of commission by out
side Inlluews,
Continued from l'aie 1
,Ab a result of this lack of co-operation
on tho part of tho men whom tlie Mayor
declares, voted for the leport, the old
iihemes of assehsment prevail.
The practice of otllce holders serving In
Councils is declared by tho Mayor to be
agaln&t all good Government policy, "The
vicious character of this practice. It
seems to me. should be lecoculzed with.
out any argument by everybody who has
the real Interests of tho city at heart,"
ho says.
M.iny of tho otllce holders of the county
occupying places in Councils are declared
by the Mayor to represent a. political ma
chine and to take ordeis not from u con
stituency of taxpayers but from tho men
Who placed them in olilce.
AIt.fl w in hnvii ,i ,ist,.naiKla ,.iA.n .
support except the salary of a position
confeired upon them by a political boss
should never be allowed to hold eats In
Councils," the Mai or atserts
The Mayor voices his resentment in his
report of the interferences of Councils
with the members of ills cabinet in abol
ishing the otllce of Asslstunt Director uf
the Department of Public Safety und at
tempting to lesarlct by certain qualifica
tions the oflico of Assltant Director of
the Department of Health and Charitlus.
That action the Mavur iiini ... ,.,
exactly the same as If Councils had at
tempted to dictate whom he should ap
point as members of his cabinet, or con
trol absolutely the appointing power
conferred on him by the charter of the
Gratlfleation Is expressed by the Mayor
on the legislation secured at the last Leg
islature conferring on Philadelphia wider
powers that make possible greater de
velopment of her industrial possibility..
lie commends the law that will restrict
Insure proper weights and measures in
Ileports of tho directors of the munici
pal departments accompany the annual
mesi.ige of the Mayor outlining the pro
tiusslve stridei that have been made
during the year toward a greater Phlla.
German Attempt Unsuccessful to En
circle Czar's Troops,
M.W ORiv. Sept. 17 -Admission that
the Russian force is retiring from East
Piussia and that tho Germans attempted
An encircling movement to surround a
portion of tho force, although it did not
succeed, was Included In a statement
Isued by the Russian Consul General
here today. The statement reports con
tinued successes In Galicla. U declares:
"The fighting against the Austrian rear
guard continues all along the line. Re
ports about prisoners, guns and war
stores being taken aro coming in from
all our armies On the left bank of the
8an we attacked successfully the retlrlmr
tmx Operau01,s pt Ioa) harl , b --.- ... ,
ar the law that csUbhslu-d a I ureau to I d" rgi ZZ-ll
'In East Prussia, in gpite of alt the
OITOItS Of the Germans r cnrrnnnl -.
retiring fori their plan
Unbalanced Diet the Cause, Missis
sippi Health Board Reports.
JACKSON, Miss... Sept. 17 -Hollowing
an investigation by Dr. Josepli Gold
bergei, surgeon-in-chaige of the UllaKra
dlvUlon of the I'm tea States Uurlau of
the Public Health, the State Board of
Health announced here today that Dr.
Goldberger bad reported to headn.,..'
In Washington that pellagra Is not an
iiitcvuuua Disease. it is caused, th
UM Btt"- y one-sided or unbalanced
The cause and cure ot pellaSra h 0..
fore were considered a mystery bv
Sernmcnt cftlciaU,
ova Ivasc ptI
r ' 3 a
' '" n II
, I jl
. i s- : j. r"

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