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VOL. 1-NO. 4
" Germans Repulse Attacks With Heavy
Artillery FireBritish Advance Slightly,
But Suffer Terrific Losses Both Sides
Rush Reinforcements to Battle Line.
Kaiser's Armies Continue to Concentrate.
Allies' Flank Movement to Cut Off
Army of Von Kluk Reported Success
fulFrench Move Forward on Right.
PARIS. Sept. 17.
The Hermans liavo effectively, re
pulsed the attack of the allies on the
entrenched line of the enemy along
the Alsne.
The forces of the allies, however,
moved forward at two points In the
great battle lino, which stretches from
Noyon In an almost direct eastern line
to the Meiisc.
In the valley of the Alsno River, east
cf the Argonne, the French advanced,
hile at these extreme western end of
the Uric the British have made secure
their foothold on tho north bank of
the Aitiiic.
Again and again have the allies at
tacked the German lines, but except
en the extreme western end they have
failed to break the German defense.
The Germans made a fierce counter
Bttack from their strongly entrenched
positions along the Alsne river, but
were repulsed by the allies. , Furious
fighting Is going on all alorp'the llnS.
The following detailed utate
tnent was Issued nt 3:30 p. m,:
1 On our left wing the resist
ant of the enemy onthe north of
the Alsne has continued, although
It has yielded slightly at certain
2 At the centre, between Berry-Au-Bac
(about six miles north by
northwest of Rhelms, on the
Alsno), and the Argonne, the sit
uation Is unchanged. The enemy
continues to entrench himself on
the line previously Indicated be
tween the Argonne and the Meuao.
He hus fortified the heights of
Montefaucon. In the 'Woevre Dls
trict we have come Into contact
with several detachments of the
enemy between Etaln and Thlau
court, (The army fortifying tlje heights
of Montfaucon is that of the
Crown Prince, which lies between
the Argonne forest and the Ger
man frontier.)
3. On our right wing (Lorraine
and the Vosges) there has been no
4. In Bhort, the battle continues
long the wholo front between the
OIso and the Meuse. The Germans
rceupy positions organized for de
tense and protected by heavy ar
tillery. Our progress can only be
low, but our troops are animated
by the desire to take the offensive.
They have proved their vigor and
enthusiasm. They have repulsed
with success counter attacks that
the enemy has attempted by day
and by night. Their morale Is ex
cellent. Heavy reinforcements have reached
th German right wing and General
von Kluk's army, taking the offensive,
a striking fiercely at the allies' left.
New French troops are being rushed
l the vicinity of Noyon from the army
t the defense of Paris.
This statement was made by a high
Government official at noon today:
"The German action on the right has
suddenly become very strong, indlcat
nS that the enemy is making another
effort to cut our line. Along the centre
the Geimans show less strongth. while
their left their position is almost
"The Germans have attempted a
bombardment of Ithelms, but with lit-
effect Should the enemy win the
ttla now n progress, a second ad-
w lleve General von Kluk'a
""9 haa MUle chance of success."
It Is belle cd here that the Germans
havo succeeded In withdrawing a large
portion of their eastern army from
Prussia, -and havo hurried It into no
tion In another attempt to break
through the allied line In a genoral
circling movement.
Tho official War OfTlco statement Is
sued at Bordeaux at 3:15 this after
noon, and modo public at General Gal
lienl's headquarters, stated that tho
battle continues along the entire front
between the Rivers Oise and the Meuae,
with the Germans resisting tho French
advance at all points in an effort to
prevent the carrying of their fortified
positions bohlnd which the armies
which participated in the battle of tho
Marno are re-fofrmlng.
"The battle continues along the en
tire front between tho OIso and tho
Mouse," says tho statement, "with the
Germans fiercely resisting the French
attack and fortifying their positions
along the lines previously indicated."
Tho allies have suffered the heaviest
losss yet sustained by them.
The allies aro still bombarding, the
German positions along the Alano
'niter. Tb,e .Germans, despite th,e diffi
culties caused by heavy rains of the
past week, have brought up most of
their guns, and the greatest artillery
duel that the world has ever heard of
is In progress. At least 5000 guns aro
believed to be engaged.
The Germans thus far have repulsed
tho efforts of tho British and French
forces to drive them back from the
hills along the Alsne. The allies have
been unable to secure a firm footfiold
on the north side of the river, al
though they gained crossings at threo
points under a terrific concentrated
fire from tho German batteries.
The efforts of the Fifth French
Army and the First and Second Brit
ish Corps are concentrated In an en
deavor to shatter the German line
by cutting off the German right wing,
commanded by General von Kluk. The
French are driving from. ,the .west,
while the British are striking up from
the southeast.
The fighting at this point on the 120
mile front is deadly to both sides. Tho
British attack on the German right
wing centres around to the north of
Solssons. No details have been re
ceived as to tho fighting along the
allies' centre and right flank.
It is reported from the front that
the British army has been successful
in its flank movement and that Von
Kluk's army is practically surrounded.
General von Kluk was reported to
day withdrawing his lines closer to
those of General von Buelow, which
were In turn drawing in on the main
German centre. This movement fol
lowed the nttempt of the allies to
flank the German right, perilously ex
tended west of Noyon,
The losses of the allies have been
far heavier in the last two days than
at any other period of the war, Tho
German counter assaults have been
determined and have required frequent
use of the bayonet in checking them.
But it has been in the general as.
saults that the French have lost
The German artillery fire continues
particularly dea.dly. Their batteries,
masked In the hills which for the most
part constitute their n$w positions,
are served with the 'utmost precision,
while their rapid flrers, mounted on
automobiles, simply mow down the
French who attempt to carry the Ger
man lines by storm.
It is evident that the Germans have
massed all their available strength
along the battle line to hold back the
pursuit of the allies. The battle front
is about the same as it was yesterday.
It extends from a. point near Noyon
across the plains to the north of Vic-sur-AUne,
near Solssons and Laon, and
thence over the height north and
northwest of Rhelms: thence to the
The War Summary
The battle of tho Aisne continues. The
allies aro hurling forces again and
ngaln upon tho strongly entrenched
lines of Germans north of tho river
and havo been repulsed In each ad
vance. The position of tho Kalaer'a
forces Is said to be so strong that.
attacks aro made only at heavy losses
by the allies.
General von Kluk's army on tho Ger
man right wing Is In danger of be
ing surrounded, London reporting
his forces already hemmed In. Heavy
reinforcements, however, havo been
sent to aid Genoral von Kluk.
German forces to tho number of 320,000
are reported from Petrograd to havo
been withdrawn from tho East Prus
sian campaign and rushed to aid the
Kaiser's forces defending their posi
tion along tho Alsne. Eight corps
comprise the force reported moving.
French "War Ofllce, at Bordeaux, an
nounces that tho Germans have been
compelled to raise tho siege at Ver
dun and that tho Crown Prince's
army again has been forced back,
army again has been forced back.
Much anxiety over the reported of
fensive movement of the German
war fleet in official circles.
German official War Office statement
today explains the r'etrcat of the
Germans In France was only to their
prepared positions and to enable the
troops to recover from their earlier
exertions. It Is announced that the
general battle now In progress Is pro
ceeding favorably to tlje German
Przemysl, the strong fortification on
the San, near where 'tta Austrian
a junction, has been captured by" tho
Russians, according to a Petrograd
dispatch. The Austrlans .will be
compelled to take a final stand at
Cracow, near tho meeting point of
Russian, Austrian and Gorman bor
ders. Capture of, Cracow would open
the way for the Czar's forces . to
march on Breslau, In Silesia, 190
miles from Berlin.
Meanwhile, another Russian nrmy Is
proceeding west through Poland to
ward Silesia, and military experts
believe that these movements will
fatally expose, Berlin, If the Kaiser
has, as reported, withdrawn eight
nrmy corps (320,000 men) from East
Prussia and Galicla, to reinforce the
German armies in France.
Advices from Vienna, however, state
that the fighting In Western Galicla
is not ended and that the junction
of the armies of Generals Dankl and
Auffenburg will be followed by
fresh offensive tactics between tho
San and Vistula,, with the object of
keeping the line Intact between
Przemysl and Cracow, thus protect
ing Central Austro-Hungary on one
hand, and Silesia on the other, from
Russian encroachments. y
Belgium dispatches report that Ger
many is rapidly withdrawing her
veteran troops from all the largo
cltle3 and towns. They are being
rushed to reinforce the army of Von
Kluk, Now garrisons of the naval
reserve and I.andwehr have arrived
to replace the veterans.
The Belgians have resumed offensive
operations against the weakened
forces of the invaders under the per
sonal command of King Albert.
British War Olllce says the general
situation continues favorable to the
allies, but makes no statement re
garding the battle now in progress
In France.
Turkey has an army within Russian
borders along the Bulgaria River,
according to reports In Petrograd.
It Is said a German cavalry olllcer
is In command.
Servia announces officially that the
Crown Prince's army has been with
drawn from the proposed invasion
of Slavonla. Air scouts detected a
trap laid by Austrian forces and the
nrmy was saved. The Invasion of
Bosnia, however, continues.
Italy clamors for war against Aus
trla and Germany. Soldiers have
been called, ready to quell rioting,
street demonstrations already hav
ing reached almost unmanageable
- i ii- .lilt
1 1. . ,1 ' J' .' I $$iht '
nXr' f2& ViiHBK .; Vv:"' "'Yp KHf
HHanrK IdHiHHHK.iMSwIHuHHHtjnKS '.- ' ' r.,-? -fiat
:mdmmmmm: fj i phillies defeat ,
ImMffl&ikxrt- ? ISB PIRATES TWICE BY '
decided upon by $c rmw mm ' ' V
Emm " 2vMs,-sA: Jmmmm ,. MhHHHHBVi ''
I TZUtZfr'- W,? 5, ,x-.r' z T.t 3fKmmKk
At This Afemoon's Practice
Probable Formation . of
Varsity Football Squad
Announced by Men in
Coach George Brooke's ptedlctm! cut
In tho Ponn football squad came early
this afternoon, when approximately 75
of the five-score of athletes who have
dally been going through their prelimi
nary paces on Franklin Field were
relegated to the second varsity nml sorub
teams. No man, however, will be per
manently dropped, no matter how Inex
perienced he may be.
Irfiter In the day a tentative varsity
line-up wus nnnounced, which will hold
good until after the (list game. The
selections were as follows: Knds. Scel-
bach, Koons, Wray, Vreeland and Jlur
dock; tackles, Harris, Norwald and
Tucker; guards. Wltherow, Russell ami
Doiizas; centres, Captain Joumcay or
Carter; quarterbacks, Irwin. Hughes,
Merrill and Rallou; halfbacks, Jones,
Rcckfeller. (iotwals and Bolger; full- i
backs, Moffctt and Mathews.
By this section the excentlonallv
largo tleld of quarterbacks has been
narrowed down, Tucker having been
sent to tnckle and Vreeland tn one of
the ends. These changes .ire hardly
permanent, however, and It Is expected
that tho players will be shifted back
ami forth.
Welcome news enme to Franklin Field
In the form of a telcKram from Mike
Avery, from the west. salng he will
rcacli this city by Monday of next week.
'I lie addition of Avory will mean one
more st!ir puutri to Brooke's already
large list of candidates.
Walter Simpson, last vear's center, put
Journcay and Carter thiough a severe
drill In pnsslng the ball, llallou and
Mathews alternated at booting the ball
and the selection of th team's kicker ap
pears to Ho between them. Bullou's
greater experience would stem to give
him the place.
Cravath's Bat Helps Win
First, 6-3; Luderus Drives
in Runs Which Beat Visi
tors 2 to 0 in Second.
AH. R.
l.obert. .lb
lijrne. 2b 3
Magee. If 4
Ciavath. rf 2
Luderus, lb a
Paskert, cf 3
Martin, ss 2
Bui tie. c 2
TInrup, p 3
H. P.O.
1 1
Totals nt
A 15. It. H
(arc), ir
Sllln. .'b
Vol.v. 2o
Collins, cf
I'ostello, rf
Knnetchy, lb
U'agner. a
Mcf.iithy. 3b 2
Coleman, c j
McQuillan. t ;
Kantlehner, p n
Hyatt I
oix j
P.O. A.
3 0
3 0
0 0
Duval Park Entries for Tomorrow
Vlrsi rnri solllnir t.i.ir.nlila nml m ,,.-
I.Vhi. ,11 furlong Klnit rhilion. Hj, i)oro-
. Ihj Prlner. HI. I snubs' Tall. Dm, Klnr I'oi-
tcn. 100. I'hrjiflf. IHJ. Mlnstra, lnj, Trovai'
m,. cone oc ttucKv. ju., lien ijoiai ju.l.
felrltr. lo.V )orbp. 101.
fat'cand race, srllins fcr .t-ear-olJ an 1 uo.
purts ww. 0 furlongs Ma 1.. lul. .jiuh i
C. W.Ps4-AST'
Some clever scores were made in the annual invitation golf affair held by '!l3n '
the Philadelphia Cricket Club. Men were out qualifying as early as 7:45 ;; "t'.."'fe .."Mm.
o clock this morning.
n x 2
0 oi)
Pittsburgh 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0
PhilHes 2 0 0 10 2 10
Batteries Jacobs and Dooin; Harmon and Gibson.
Umpires Eason and Quigley.
R. H. E,
Totals 31
Hutted for McQuillan In clsbth.
--i.nue.i ror Slulln In eighth.
Phlliie, 0 0 0 0 0 2 0
I'ittsburBli . . 0 0 ft 0 0 0 0
hi.ii , . (,'-"ninr. Carci Ti bairn
niu Knnctilu. i nlemun. I'ratatlL l.urterut.
Mriuk nui -in Tlncup. .1 l.j Mr.
' li u.irllfhnfr. I. Double nla
l' l iiaerun. i nslellu. W.lg-
:.;, iT.;UCIi"llaI!- .. "" K-nilehner 1 Hits
rr.5i.orjinnert-i.fr llrtjulllan. . In T InnlnR.
nrr kJiiilchncr imnt in 1 lnnln- Time of
Vw j ur nn ' minutes 1 implr
".""i wit", wvt'KIl' .
Pittsburgh 0
Phillies 0
0 0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 2 0
0 00
0 x 2
Batteries Tincup and Burns; McQuillan and Coleman.
Umpires Eason and Quigley.
St. Louis 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Boston 1 o 0 2 0 0 0 2
Batteries Sallee and Wingo; Rudolph and Whaling.
Umpires Rigler and Hart,
0 1
x 5
Cincinnati 0 1 0
New York 0 0 0
larn Harbor, lul. Tmpet. ins. (Iraiellt, ids.
room's C.ht. 1CS F'oril Mai. Im I'.mu .
Ui'l. 'Hasty Voal 10!. Tolncr. 1CU, nojondu,
HI. N'arni.f. J. v., Jr. lot !lran'llne. ill.
TlEflla ins.
Third raie felllnt, for -'-far-oMi. nurv
SinO. A furlungi llatienlajh, IVO. Mark Mar
low. 1011. IM Welis. IUI. Varrle Orine. 10V
Aho'an. 10-.. Nellie C 10.1
Kourili rute. for S-year-olJ. foalnl In Van-
arta. iurte l'. n furlongs l.lsle lime, ma.
ittaorst. ii'j. ufuioi, iir; jnnn reel. tl,
Splutter. IIS. Garllcy. Krt. I.lnsar. Hfl. I rV.:. r
Flflh race, selling, for l.ar-ol.ls amt up. I UnlC3gO ,..,.., .0
lock. lOii. l.or1 Wells. 101. Morallshi. 111.
lUrcnurt, 111, Sir Krelful. 11.1. .nron. lliS.
rJUth rac. 1'lnktoat for -(')ear-ol.ls anct ui.
Eentlemsii riders, selling purie IKO. II fur
loris Aurlflr. 13B. llopsack. ITT. Retente.
1T. Sole II.'. Ktlielua. H2, Blue Mouse. 143.
iutijieimi. ii.
0 0 0 0 0 01
3 0 2 4 1 x 10
Batteries Douglass Snd Gonzales; Mathewson and Meyers,
Umpires Byron and O'Connor.
6 3
8 0
0 0
Brooklyn 0 1 0
Concluded en I"sie S
For Philadelphia and vicinity In
creasing cloudinest tonight followed
by ahowera in the early morning and
on Friday; not much change in tew
perature; moderate easterly winds.
For details, see page 4,
Seventh ruie. selling, for 3.inr.nld. an 1 nn
..-. f ...lla an. I ?A .n.J- . T. ....
OT. Ovation. lOS. 'Olga Star. 105: Hlue
Mouse. l(Hi. Jabot 111. Spellbound, 111. I'rln
kiss Thorp. 111. Klnmunrly, 114.
Apprfntlcs allowance n pounds oljlmoj,
Weather cijr. track fast
Evers Robbed of Trophies
TROY. N. V. Sept. 17 -Johnny Kvers,
flell CHptaln of the Bcwton Uruvea, lost
many ot the valuable trophies presented
ta him by admiring- friends during his
tuner on the diamond when it was
learned here ye$tordn that hia home
had been robbed A ihest of silver pre- i Phirarrn r r
jented to htm by the fans of Chicago -nlcaB0 U U
and several solid silver cups are among '
fiie aiuvics missing'
Athletics ,,,.,, ,1
Detroit ,,, 2
Boston 2
Cleveland ,Q
0 45 11 1
0 01 7 1
R. H. E,
New York Q 2
o a ii
0 1 5
Washington 3 2
siAddtional Sports on Pogo 12 &t. .LOUIS Q Q
BBBBBBBMBHsttBMiiBMMBBiiSMBaattililSlMiliil 1 litfraj
Ii. Tho PIiIIIIph took .mih sanies of tho
ilouho.un!er lull with the I'lrates today
by the scores of fito 3 anil ; to 11. MnttUor
ont to the lesme of the gnnkers In t
llrst, aftr! J. Hubs showed Msns of nea
Ill the snond B,ime llun Tincup nllone,.
the scittereii hltb anil not a Pirate
leached ilihd McOuillnn bntiled nith
Tincup until tlif enilliiK of the .seventh.
In the elRhth ll.vntt batted for the erst.
While Quaker twirlei. The best Hvatt
ci.iild do whs to send a long fl to pas
kerl. Knntlehnci, the rrtaturo with the lonir
pst name mi the Pittsburgh payroll,
tioiked n;alni the Phillies in their half
o' tho eighth. He Issued a pass, but a
double play on Xlasec s fly retired tha
i'are filed to Puskert. Siglin Hied to
l,Dhert. t'ollins reached tlrst on Martin's
error. Collins out, Tincup to l.iulerus to
Tincup, napping-. .o runs, no hits
.McUulll.in threw Uobeit out. Wagner
tossed IDrne out. Mageo singled to en.
lr Magec wits .'aught, napping, Mo-
I (julliau to Konetehy. No runs, une Int.
I I'astello went out, llrne to T.u.ieun.
Konetehy doubled to left Wagner popped
to Uo'aen. Martin's throw beat out Mi -
t'artliy. No runs, oo lilt
(rat nth struck out Uuderus nallid.
PiSkert struvL out Martin f.1.114 jj
Konetehy. No runs, no hits.
I'olBinan doubled to left MiQuillan was
1'Blleri out UO Strikes Ujine toseil i ,t e.
out. fc'lglin hoisted t" l.udenis N i um,
one hit.
Burns walked Tttuup lifted to rate.
IobBrt forced Hums. Mci')irlh to Sij.
Uu. Irfibort died stealiug, Colenuu to
lSUn. No runs, nu hits.
Collins (lied to Paskert 'utll ak
4. KorteUli.v Hied to Puskert Wujner
slnskd tn Inft c'usiello going to tint J,
VKnr sf'le second Mct'jitliy luifj
right ts Mi.gi. n runs Hue hit
11) me singled to left Hnw die ti.t.
Ing. Coleman to VVagwr Miigee sin. I 1
to centti Magre was out stealm : .
man u Siglin Cravath douoUi to rpt p
HrW friue I.udeius Mld to 'air j
runs Thru hlU
Geleman mlssea but thud swing m-
Qulllan fouled to I.u4rus. Carey u iw,
M Cwniluded an l's.o

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