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Offensive Movement Against
Invaders Continues and
Raiding Bands of Uhlans
Arc Destroyed.
ANTVEIU Sept. 18.
The Uelslmi army continues Its of
fensive movement nnd Is attacking tlio
Germans with great success, according
to un ofllclat announcement made by
the War Ofllco today. Fighting lias been
sevcro around Tormondc. Bath sides
aro unliiR artillery and tho guns have
been booming day and night slnco lato
on Wednesday.
The Germans attempted to cross the
river Termondo after tho Hctglnns had
destroy! the bridge and were met with
a wltlu ring lire that forced them to
fall back.
The following ofllclal communiquo has
teen Issued:
Xcnr pres tho German forces wero
defeated and retreated to France,
wh,o tlvy wero annihilated by tho
Near Ttpcrlngho a column of 3000
German tiivutry with mitrailleuses
and wagons of provisions and other
ohlcles woro nttTTcked by 1000 French
cavalrymen. The fight lasted two
hours. Fifty Germans were killed
had 113 taken prisoners. Tho remain
der fled to France, whero thoy were
attacked tnd defeated by tho British.
Uii Wcdnc.duy night tho 18th Oer
nmn tiif.intiy, an artillery corps, a
pontoon corps and some Uhlans re
turned unexpectedly to Termondc.
They burned the bridge, but were dis
covered by Belgian soldiers, who were
masked on tho left bank of tUe
Sclietdt rtlvrr. Flerco fighting occur
icd, and on Thursday morning the
Germans foil back In disorder toward
Llbboke, leaving a number of dead and
noundtd and six guns. The Belgian
casualties wero ono killed nnd 18
The Germans bombarded Grcmbcr
gen and Ttncsrod.
The Belgians liavo blown up tho
railway bridge south of Dendre, cut
ting off railroad communication be
tween Tcrmonde and Brussels.
The Germans nro paid now to have
bout 150,000 men In Belgium. Their avia
tors havo been very active during tho
last 2 hours. Three Taubo aeroplanes
linvc been sighted from tho Antwerp forts
during that time, leading to reports that
the Germans uere planning nn attack on
the city, but the Wax Olllce statement ro
assurcd tho pcoplo, declaring that thero
was no danger of an nsiault or bombard
ment while tho Belgian army stayed In
the llild.
One of the aeroplanes was pursued by
three Belgian aviators, but It escaped.
The German airships seem to bo much
faster than tlioso of the Belgians.
There nic tumors that Important de
icIopmcntH may be expected In North
Belgium shortly. It Is permitted only to
state that tho Germans aro apparently
anxious t ) drive the miglnn army Into
'""" ''d are fortifying positions west
ef Brussels and between that city and
Nuiueiou.1 scouting parties of Uhlans
hae been reported west of Brussels re
cently. All Geim.in wounded In Brussels have
been removed to Havre In anticipation of
mi attack on tho city.
Improvements to Streets and Country
Iloatls Will Aggregate $200,000.
Contracts aggregating $200,000 for Inv
piovments to country rondo nnd city
streets, to be let by Director Cooke of
the Department oC Public Works, brought
proposals fiom a largo number of con
tractors today.
The keen competition that has marked
evciy letting under tho Blankenburg ad
mlmstiatlou d velopd In all items, which
Include grading, asphalt paving, vitri
fied block paving, asphalt rcpavlng, wood
block repaying, icpalrlng and patching
bituminous paving and surfacing and
resurfacing country roads.
Among tlm streets to bo paved with
asphalt ;(.; Klmwood. from COth to
Kd; Utthig. from Tasker to Morris;
Jiont, from Itltner to Porter: Moore,
from mm to mll. AVarrlngton. fiom
Mb to SSth; Second, from Rltner to Por
ter, Ninth from Cuyuga to tho North
east boulevard.
itrlfled block paving will bo placed
en u,d street, from Imsdowne to Jef
rersuii: on U.iynton. from Qupcii to Penn.
eoutitry roads to be surfaced aro:
J!lue Clratts street, from Welsh lo lied Lion.
yrlM street, from Enroll to M.igee.
n! "rect- fr," Charles to Frankforrt.
Ol-ViJi?u,.,'tr"',V from "llml Walker.
rih u b,el. f'n t.anlner to leereau.
ii.."" ""'" 'rum Homier to Ilevereaux.
iu,,lJ!Y ""J"1' tr"'" JneK'O" to Hitman.
ton!, "ct' fr'"" ',0brouBh to James.
Longshore, street, from Stale road to Wlssl.
Rntor street, from niJge to Henry.
work on resurfacing country roads hj.
-j- ;, w ..&, - v MWf!
S i" -A.v '. ' f
K'V''"1"' y "?"'i
n 1 ,k'fTttjl, , 1 u J, . $ t jf &i-f iiX'''JS " ' ... " v " 'jj 'jli ittiikiiHL. B'''W'"'8SLIILIIIIIB frTt23wsa'fcifcl't "" pA
" tv..-t.?v
.-T ??
Controversy Over
of Steamship Robert Dollar
to American Registry
Shows Britain's Position.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 18. Tho contro
versy over tho transfer of tho steam-
100,000 ALLIES AS
Cretic Passenger Describes
Scene at Fort Dobritz.
Kaiser's New Guns to
Carry Thirty Miles.
Grocery Store Is Destroyed
and Proprietor and Wife
Are Injured by Jump From
Second Story.
Morris Simons, of
Htrect, and his wife,
203: Christian
Jessie Simons,
NEW YOKK, Sept. IS. That Germany
has under guard in one of her military
ship Itobert Dollar from British to camps, near Berlin, more than 100,000 Rus- wero Injured early this morning by
American registry, which Is occupying slnn, British, French and Belgian prls- Jumping out of a second-Mory win
tho attention of tho Stnto Department, oners was asserted by a Chlcugoan, Au- t,ow' when a gasoline tank explosion
Is expected to be the flrst of many such
Great Britain Is prepared to make a
strong fight against tho Increase of the
American merchant marine. In tho caso
of the Robert Dollar, which Is being held
at ltlo do Janeiro, pending tho settle
ment of the attempt to placo this Ameri
can owned ship under American regis
try, British opposition has not yet ap
pealed. If Germany consents to tho
tiansfer, however, it is reliably reported
England will refuse to acknowledge the
new registry. v
The Stale Department admits that tho
situation Is a delicate one. Tho Admin
istration's wish to increase the merchant
marine is swaying the department, but
tho fear of tho seizure of tho vessel
on tho high sens by either German or
Kngllsh ship Is caut.tng worry.
Should tho ship bo taken, either or
both countries refusing to recognize tho
transfer of registry, tho United States
would bo put In a position whero It
would have to permit tho selzuro without
a protest or run tho risk of becoming
embroiled with cither of these countr.es.
Dngland, in refusing to permit tho trans
fer of British registry ships to registry
of neutral powers, will clto us authority
the convention of Tho Haguo which pio
hlblta such transfers after the commence
ment of hostilities.
RIO DE JANnmoTscpt. 18. Merchant
ships flying the Hags of belligerent coun
tries which enter Brazilian ports because
of the war must bo detained until tho
war ends, according to tho decision of
tho Government.
gust Pfaff. who tcturned today from shook the entire building and destroyed
Europe on the liner Cretic, which brought , their grocery storo on the first floor. Tho
tank, In tho front part of tho store, ex
ploded with such power that tho cntlro
!T7G first class passengers from the Eu
ropean war zone.
"I was In Paris when tho war began,
said Mr. Pfafr "and I Jumped to Berlin i rro"t wall of tho building was blown
whero I stayed until September 6th. T i Into tho street.
fcaw the mobllLzatlon of tho German uimnna ni i.i ,i, , , .
forces around Berlin and It was a moat I blrn0n3 Md his wife occupied apart
inspiring sight. The morale of tho Ger- I ,nents above tho store, and in their at
mnn troops Is excellent. j tempt to escape from tho smoke nnd
"Germany Is now building guns that flames thr-v lumneil nnr nf thn n-inrinw
will reach thirty miles. Her intention Is to a shed In tho backyard and thenco
Fl'i.,ighih street, from Blmmwd to Wood.
J urns street, from nisln- Ban to Nw Second,
jl-hton street, from Welsh to tiront.
n,.ip'l' "eadlns Hallway.
1,'r.1 L'r,r roal1- fr" berry to ronuess.
"Iff i r eu.
Se."onfn0' 'rm Sevemh t0 cou of New
TM'H?kjr;eU -tom Princeton to Unruh.
Pin. i 'V ,roni J'Onsshoru to DlMton.
line " ' f""1 t0 MontBoniery County
;vanrnaV.wraroym K1!eo-to l,',l,ade,p,,ia
fi'rll avtnuJ""' Uu,,le,0 av"u I'.
Missouri and Illinois, at League Isl
and, Sighted Foreign Ships.
il.V'ii"r ' "rl" k"'-'1 Blu,,t battleships.
"jui. to,!,! 7.VT . -""K'lo tsiaim ai
: r ' ; v ",""'' ,l ""ee-mnntl, tour of
H. i,m, ,? , ,lPrr- hrvnl hundred inl.l
"MUn ,..."!:: l,,p1 NvI Academ, wliu
In "!hH1' IanUc(i at Annapolis earlier
teI""JT "'0 nl''-'lineii l"'t tho
their . ..."". Jui,H 7- "'" 'he end of
... : . '
o-oe woi
Court Hears Applications, nnd Two
Protests Are Also iled.
I.hiuor Ileenses wero granted to 11 retail
and two wholesale dealers today by Judgo
AVIIIIam T. Boyle, in tlio Camden County
license Court.
Remonstrances wero heard against two
applicants, Edwaid Fisher, of Watcrford
township, charged with soiling llnuor on
Sunday, and Alfrrd 51. Hlnfer, of Clem
enton, whose place, residents contend, Is
not needed.
Hearings on these applications will bo
held next Wednesday. The retail Hocuses
granted follow; Frank V. Tobey, Berlin
township; Georgo Axford and August
Mrndol, r'hesllhurst: John Pfizeniialer,
Centre township; Mnttlii Thomas, Cleni
enton township; Catharlno llg, Delaware
township; diaries II. Daubmau, Glouces
ter; Pancoast and Scott, Morcbuntvllle;
Frank V. Wcldemaun, Frank II. Sterker,
Alfred Herr and Edwin J. Cazcnder, Pen
sauken township; Trank Skalla. Water
ford township; Thomas Holland, Wind
slow township. These wholesale licenses
wero granted: Rudolph Klchne, Berlin
township, nnd Harry Kayser, Centro
to reduce tho entire French coast and
from Cnlals she expects to bombard
Dover with these new guns.
"On September 5 I went outside the
city to tho great military fort of Dobrlts
nnd there I saw !W,000 Russian prisoners,
C000 British, SO00 French and a large
number of Belgians. Tho Russians ana
Belgian odlcers were quartered together
until a fight broke out among them in
which four Rusblans wore murdered. I
was also in Cologne, whero I saw 6000
English prisoners captured In tho battles
around Paris, and 4u00 French.
"I visited tho German hospitals ana
saw many wounded who had been In
humanly mutilated by the Turcos, whom
the French are using on the tiring line.
Some of the German wounded had their
eyes gouged out.
"Tho allies, if they reach the frontier,
will have a terrific time advancing
through Germany. Cologne Is guarded
by nine Zeppelins and Frankfort-on-the-Slaln
by fifteen.''
Madame Lala Vandervold, who Is here
In behalf of Belgian women and children,
also was a passenger on the Cretic. She
was met down tho bay by tliu Belgian
Consul of this city, and stated that she
would give out a story of German atroc
ities in lier country tomorrow. On Wed
nesday night she delivered a lecture to
tho passengers on board the Cretlo and
collected a sum of money, which will bo
devoted to tho Belgian orphans.
"When the war came," said Paul Van
dervcld. of Dallas, Tex., another pas
senger. "I thought I would go along and
sue a little of It. I tried It for 31 days,
and was In the battles of I.legc. Haelcn
and Tlrlemont. and then I decided I had
enough. It was a great experience. The
Germans disgraced themselves with their
drinking, The atrocities committed by
them would turn hair gray."
into tho yard Itself. Thev suffered In
ternal Injuries, and were taken to the
Polyclinic Hospital. Their condition is
not serious.
Policeman Winifred Ferguson, of the
r.0th and Fltzwater streets station, wus.
severely cut by falling glass while helping
the occupants of the third floor of the
building to escape through a rear exit. lie
was treated at the Polyclinic Hospital.
None of those whom ho assisted wa3 In
jured. The teport of the explosion' was so stent
that ncnrlv nil the lesldents of the imme
diate neighborhood rushed out of their
beds Into the street.
Tho loss Is estimated at W. '
$50,000 ROBBERY
Surrenders Combination to
Safe When They Threaten
to Use Explosive Take
Her $4000 Earrings.
KANKAKEE, 111., Sept. IS. Five armed
robbers entered tho home of Mrs. Nellie
Clark early today and escaped with money
and Jewels valued at more than JM.000.
Armed posses In nutomobllo3 and blood
hounds aro hunting the thieves.
Tho robbers bound and gagged the
housekeeper, Murjoilc Miller. Mrs. Clark,
hearing tho noise, locked herself In a
room on the second lloor, but tho 10b
bers entered tho room, using a skeleton
key. As they came In Mrs. Clark offered
them JS0, saying, "This is all I have."
Tho robbers took tho money and ordered
her to open a small Iron safe standing
In the room. She refused, but when they
produced nitroglycerin and a fuso to
blow It open sho gave them tho com
bination. While three robbers wero emptying the
safe of Its contents, including diamond
rings, lavullIercH, bracelets and pins, the
other two forced Mrs. Clark to give them
the diamond earrings sho was wearing,
threatening to cut off her cars if she
did not comply. Tho earrings arc worth
tllPle Was Hnmollilnc- nf In.
'wry 'hy. Tho loutliful officers.
UratWin I p ?"Ci,or ' ,' "-" or
ThU hiCIU",e" B'wtand and Germany.
aK" trn. .. "" ,ecvocl a wireless mes-
?.. V0m President Wllsnn In remnl,.
ilii l .as S0(m as hy
Icavh " llei-'a-'l.
the mi 111 J'.'?VT',a, the next "'oniing.
Porte lo,!"el ,mtew of the "arshlps
tJa: tv? .. f,',rel across tho Atluntlc
Bpok.,', ;1 e cr,,wn crulsor Bremen was
Just hr' uul "" reply received.
'Pokcn to.
'uevM.1?8, "tc.r,,, American waters
IeSaS!f,8l,;,',e'1 a" Knifllsh "hip which
? tUJZT rrc,e",cr t0 t,,e
14 litireH.aS b.y Ur Ule '"03t exciting
"liu eu ,""S of '-' t"l' naU by mld-
'rtck a mJtn4.a by Commander Fred.
-'rUt wa3l,r,fuV wl,i' Commander H B.
'llttbl in0 of ,he Jll'nol". oth
fof nn in ir,BU1..reln4ln - th navy yard
Singer Held Prisoner in Hotel at
Carlsbad Off for London.
PARIS. Sept 18.
Adelma Pat'-t, ho was made a prisoner
In C'arlfbad with her husband. Baron
r'edarstorin, was besieged In her hotel by
a. howling crowd of Austrlaus, jelling
Down with the Flench and English"
Tho polhc intervened, but Insisted on
making a minuto search for documents.
The prisoners wei questioned and for
bidden to leave their hotel.
They were kept In tho hotel and guarded
(!, several weeks, but were eventually
released on condition that nil their ser
vants be held as hostages.
The singer and her husband hart to bo
protected by troops when they left. The
crowd threw stones at their curriago and
shouted at them.
Paul left Paris today for London.
Students Must Attend Two Sessions
a Week This Year,
Attendance: at chapel services twice a
week will bo required of all undergradu
ate students of the University of Pennsyl
vania. This action comes at the request
of the student body. Attendance at chapel
exercises has been optional heretofore and
only a mere handful ever attended dally
Leaders of undergraduate activities
feeling tho need of well supported devo
tional extrdses last spring started a
movement for compulsory chapel. A peti
tion, bigned by the majority of the un
dergraduates, was addressed to Provost
Smith. No action was taken until today.
when the provost granted the petition. It
wt'l go into effect next Friday wherr col
lege opens.
Attemlnnce Record Established at
Exhibition Closing: Todny.
WEST CHESTEK. Sept. IS.-Tho clos
ing day of the races here of the Chester
County Agricultural Association finds tho
management Jubilant over th success of
tho present exhibition, which has ex
ceeded expectations. Good weather has
featured eery day and tho attendance
has been larger than at any previous
fair, notwithstanding the fact that the
admission was SO cents, one-halt that
charged nt Lancaster, Wilmington, Del.,
and other much larger fairs. Tho man
agement explains this by claiming that
tho rato was so fixed in order that ex
penses might be met in case of bad
weather after two days of the exhibition.
Tho association will close Its fair with
u full purse. It had little actual expense
by reason of having had a big fund from
last season with which to pay for the
new stabling and other buildings erected
during the summer for thia fall. It will
havo a tieasury far from depleted when
the receipts have been counted and ex
pcnsvB paid. The race pluses were small,
most of them being ?300. with but two of
5000 during the week.
Tho judging of tho lunges in tho big
show will be closed today and the rac
ing of the afternoon includes a L'. It) trot,
a 2.25 trot nnd u ".30 pace, wltli 3 purses.
Most of the exhibits will be taken from
the ground during this afternoon, going
to other funs on the circuit.
Tho decisive win of "Joe Boy," tho fast
local juicer over "Pickles," tho fast entry
of James Bell, of Philadelphia, has
aroused the enthusiasm of the horsemen
of this placi1. "Joo Boy,-1 In addition to
defeating the Bell horse, lowered the
truck record to 2.091;.
His Explanation of Child's Release
Satisfies Judge Gorman.
Director Harte, of the Department of
Health and Charities, appeared before
Judge Goiman, at tho Houso of Deten
tion, today in company with his attor
ney. Assistant City Solicitor James Gay
Gordon, Jr., and explained, to the satis
faction of Judge Gorman, the circum
stances In tho discharge of Max Miller.
I a neglected child, from tho Philadelphia
Hospital, contrary to the orders of the
court. It was for this leasou Hint Judgo
Gorman summoned Director Harte to
show cause why he should not bo ad-
Judged tn contempt of court.
Speaking for Director Harte. Mr. Gor
don explained that the Philadelphia Hos
pital received tho boy with th" bare
commitment as n neglected child, with
no Instructions as to his future care.
Following the Investigation of tho child's
homo by the hospital authorities, .Mr.
Gordon said. It was found that his par
ents wero able to support hlru and were
willing to havo him home. The bov was
then returned to his parents with tho
understanding that should ho violate hit.
probation ho was Immediately to bo re
turned to the hospital, counsel told the
court. Judge Gorman accepted the ex
planation and, drawing an order of J2 u
week on the county for the boy's sup
port, recommitted him to the hospital.
Settlement Payers to Estate Only
Clue to His Address.
Walter Shuefer. a young man, whose
address the police have not yet been
able to cstubllsh, was found dead along
the rullioad tracks east pf Xeshumln
Falls yesterday. According to eyewit
nesses, Shacfer had been walking along
the tracks when a train arrived from tho
rear. In his attempt to get out of tho
way, ho inn in front of the locomotive.
The police arc cndeavorlmr to locnto
Howard Shuefer, who li thought to bo
his brother and Is employed by the Penn
sylvania ltailroad. ' Settlement papers of
tho cstato of .Motrin Shuefer were found
on tho body.
New Yorker, 04, to Marry Woman
40 Years Old.
Limping Into the Marriage Ucense Bu
reau on crutches thH morning. Johnson
G. Ward, til years old, of New Yoik, uc
eompinled by Amy H. Puttlsun, 19 years
old, of Easton, Md , akcd to be dliccted
to tho one little ottico In ail City Hull
known to almost overy married couple In
thts city, happy or otherwise.
Enfiing the small room occupied by
Chief Cleik Ferguson, the coup!.) Imme
diately iuformtd him that they wanted a
marriage license. They answered all ques
tlons to the entire satisfaction of Fergu
son, who made out their p.ipeis without
a moment's loss. After teeins the eldeily
couple departing all Rintlei, Wnid hob
bling along by his wlfe.soon-to.be, the
many clerks In the bureau returned to !'iulier Whatman mm hwsi
ineir worn, more certain than ever that
love will And a way.
Ward, after asking to bo directed to tho
nearest rectory, started In the direction
of Old St. Martin P. E. Church, where
tho ceremony will be performed this
Tho prohibited sale of cigatettes to
minors today prompted Director Porter
to IsDiie a general order to all policemen
to the effect Unit persons charged with
such violation should be brought before
President Judco Charles L. Browti or
Judge James E. Wurman, f the Municipal
Brooklyn Man Tells Court He Should
Never Have Married.
NEW YORK. Sept. 1S.-A spectacle
unique In the history of the city was
seen in the Supreme Court In Brooklyn
when Dr. Joseph Hand, a helplesi
paralytic, pleaded from the witness
stand for a divorce (or his wife.
With his wife hiding her face In her
hands nud sobbing. Dr. Hand told the
court she should have her freedom. "I
should never have married her," he
said, "for I knew I would become a
rarslytlc But I loved her so much i
foolishly hoped I might be saved. Now
I know I did wrong and sha ihould not
be burdened by me."
Jp Decision was withhold.
Howard Thomas, of Camden was be
fore Judge Boyle in the Criminal Court
today on the charge tf wife-beating and
wus sentenced to one to three years In
mo Miate prison.
The Judge remembered that Boyle hart
been before lilm threi times during tlv
lust few maltha on various charges
Abide Thomas, wife of the prisoner, said
that he knocked her down when any
thing displeased him.
Thomas looked at his wif with au
apparent appeal for sympathy In his
ecs, but Mrs. Thomas did not relent.
Homeless Man's Body at Morbus
The body of a homeless man. Frank
Munay, W years old, was found in tho
yard of the Standard Charcoal Company.
Washington avenue and Fifteenth strct-t,
by Frank Kennedy, an emploje, this
The body was taken to the Howard
Hospital, where death was declared duo
to natural ratues, and later removed to
the morgue.
Solomon ,-rgal. l.HS fcouiti 7th tt , and Ucrtlia
SMoiofsk.-. M.VJ South (ill. t. "
Hoy s. Uaklo, llafcratoun. Mil., and K. Jennie
IIuMii. till Nunh .'iSd t.
Ueiijumln 1". Jvieet. - North Allien St., and
Mury U. n.-oulf. :it: Wnllaro tt.
Dunal iloiKicrton. ix I North 12th st., enJ
Sllimlo t Try. BiVI Xonli 12th st
Jojtipli V. linrrU. 1SH! Sgvl at., and tarah
I'uiTdn. ttn Site' !.
Milton P. art. Natarrlh, l'a., nnd Mnbil
(.roll. N.viurctn. I'a.
Eitnsnl A. Hoi'Smaii. ;'! We.t Leh!Kh avt..
and llluiclu i:. Wucner. '.'It -South Mh at.
UnroM p. I'o'tmun. I.Vi.l North Opal t.. and
Addle 11. llallard. iviil North HliitrKoKI m.
John W. WnBtier ltl.1l Dltmuti si., and Linda
M. Barren, '.'Tils North llowar.l t.
Itobert KIiir. II.VJ fr'nmom St., un 1 nva C.
Johnson. "''I I ill. Vornon st.
ro.vcll N. llav .VMS Irving st., and lMlth
M Unlhik. t'olllnKsrlnle. Prv.
Kdnnrl K. Tliompsoii. U'm'O, Texas, ant
KJIth V. Orvwtlwr. OSlO North Tin t.
KfUo 1. lltniielt. 1003 dinarlue st.. and
Hutli Wllllums, '.'t lt I'arpeiUti st.
nUward JenVra. lain ItoUmuu at., and Lillle
Ni. kluas. !3tr. Itudnian st.
Morris Iilckittiu. sU' Noith KronKlln st .
sml Arum nu-kstein QIS North uih st.
CUrriue T. Ilaile, U. North lGth st . and
IjiutJn II M rsnri Will 1'htstnut st.
John Urn. ti. t'.'lu North I.tliii;o si . and
Magdalen Mami'ler '.MUO Kjul LiearfieUl st.
John I. Knihh. ol.' North mil st,, an.i .M.trio
1.. iJ I or iMi' nj 4,11. .fururit st
eiuiir unntoiuii oiiii uiaee ave
Helen It. Katnses. Ml Collin an.
Patrick M'-Cltll-tn. J9AI ,Mt. t ernun it,
Mlniito hlmtinon. lulu Itiu-a-iier ae.
William I' M llitnoo. 1104 Walla, e st
Mary MeUlnnlr 1101 Walla.'. i.
Danlfl J. SI. Brl.l.-. yiy M Al.in st..
t-iao f H Sl.litM':, S'Ki VS'I
Jatu4 UillUini. Tin . In.llaiib a
Am il Tol iKi? r"T t . InilUna in..
Il.irry ltoU. yif WooJIanii ae , and Laura
Thomas. Snurun Hill. I'a -wu
fiHiuU A. C'onlin. Ill North Veuilei) ,t
an.i i;Hmteiti nurke VIII Toronto t
lwit'l J. MaKUir. , 1130 'r-sun st , an'l lie.
h-na r Wej. 131 iarson si
J. hosoii ii. WarJ. Nvi Vork. ent Amy II
Patlls-n. lsslou. JM. J "'
Ja e; Itlimecr. IV7 N Kislt in st . anJ
Frieda M KotineUe. l."A) N Keltun t.
Albm U Drjng. jJTiu N 13th and Tv-r-
riitu. M Ihinls. IVd N. llouWer si.
n Itaxtnon-l l'orter uai lamaitir ave. ani
Ainu A. Tal r. NX Prestin st.
UuU-rt k Vutes SMS Ih'gli av., and Sura
M Wise Sin St. UernarU t.
Rowland t' Smith. SOU N l4rli ave , an-1
Mat el II fluckftkUr. UtS N. 4th st
Ileiman KlitKbern JffJ East St.. nn.J Iltlvn
T. Ittiker. UK East st n
Phlneas i Wiaver, 4147 Pevhln st , an4 Pa-
Jle M I'shner. 4'. Martin st
aeorito J Kr,;,.J,r 11us Siru.e st . nnd Ann.
fl. Nei'ker, ir.t KlnK'essini aenut.
William O schrrrvl. MI K t-eillln ave.. an J
Jan n McKadden, 5T1 Jatne-ton ave
Henri M llannon, Jenklntoan, t'a , ami
i:thr O Ittddy. 6IM Nortvlk s:.
Vice President of the American Tele
phone nnd Telegraph Company.
WATKINH, Jf. V Sept. 18. Edwatd J.
Hall, "father of the lone distance tele
phone" and a vice president of the Amer
ican Telephone nnd Telegraph Company,
vllcd hero yesterday. He came here from
New Vork some weekn ntfo for his health.
Mr. Hall's death was sudden and unex
pected. .. ..
Although Edward Julius Hall was a
leading personality In the comparatively
brief history of the development of tho
Bell telephone commercially and, more
than any other Individual, active In the
growth of the long dlstanco telephone
throughout the country, his name was
next to unknown to the public nt large
because of a lifelong aversion to publi
city. tfo wna horn at Pnrth Amboy. N. J .
whore his father was a manufacturer, In
October, 1653. Tho boy attended Buffalo
elementary schools and then entered
Yale, being graduated from the Shelllold
Scientific School In 1873, or two yearn
betoro Alexander Graham Ucll perfected
the telephone.
Tho Invention of tho telephone was of
much Interest to him. When In 1877 tho
parent company of tho Boll company was
organized he decided to get Into the new
Industry nnd a year later he organized a
local opcitttlng company In Buffalo, hold
ing the olllces of vice president and mali
nger. On New Year's Day. 185, Theodore !s
Vail, now president of "Tel & Tel." held
a conference, as a result of which Mr.
Hall took over the management of tho
new company Just organized, the Amer
ican Telephone nnd Telegraph Company.
A year rnrllcr. In 1831. an experimental
long distance llnw hail been tried out be
tween New York and Boston. Mr. Hall
took up the development of the long dis
tance telephone lino enthusiastically nnd
within two months was directing tho work
of the first long distance lino between
Xew York and Philadelphia.
President of Charles H. Feldstein &
Charles II. Kcldsteln, 71 years old, presi
dent of Chas. II Feldsteln & Co., who
for more than thirty years had been trad
ing In the brush-making and hair busi
ness, died at his ofllce, 1833 E. Madison
Street, yesterday from an attack of hwirt
disease. Mr. Feldsteln was at his desk
at his usual duties yesterday when he
suddenly fell ovor. A physician was Im
mediately called, but Mr. JAIdsteln dlod
shortly after his arrival.
Mr. Feldsteln was a member of the
Temple Keneseth Israel, and was loved
for his kindly nnd charitable disposition.
lie Is survived by his widow, two sons
nnd four daughters. His sons, Adolph M.,
Secretary and Treasurer, nnd Leon V..
Vice-President, of the lirm of Chas. H.
Feldsteln & Co., .succeed him tn the business.
For Twenty Years Connected With
City Fire Department.
William I.umpp. 1212 South Fourth
street, a retired fireman, died yesterday
at the Mt. Alto Hospital near Harris
burg, wfci're lif had gone to be treated
for tuberculosis, llf wax 50 years old.
I.umpp had been with the Philadelphia
Flro Department for 20 years. Ho had
been on the pension roll for the lust
year. Ho was last attached to Station
No. 4, 53d street and Lancaster acnue.
His wife and two sons. Harry, secretary
to the principal of tho West Philadelphia
High School, and George, an electrician,
Ignatz Bl )ch. 7o years old. a retired
clothing mei chant, died yesterday at his
home, 3123 Wcstmont street. He emigrated
from Austria IS years ago and settled
In Philadelphia, whero for 3S yonrs he
uas engaged In tho clothing business.
Mr. Bloch retired 12 years ago. He hh,i
Interested In tho work of several Jewish
societies. His widow and two sons survive.
Itichard f. Morgiifr, 4b years old, a
mason and for many vtars an active
member of the Uotman-Ameiicun Repub
lican Club of the Nlneteonta Ward. dl-d
yesterday at his homo, :0M North Fifth
street, lie had been a member of many
German Singing and fraternal societies.
years. V24R Wllllnm st
FKI.TISTI51N. Hudctenlr. on HeptemW IT,
10H, ciIAItMSB H.i husband of, Jcnnett
FtlAsteln, niied 71 years. IttlallvM amt
friends, also ItflPPiprtrt Tvlire. No. 53, I.
F. R. of I.. nre invited lo attend the funeral.,
on flundny, nt 10.30 a, in., from his tat n-l
ilenco. 1S20 North ehilnrlo at. Interment
Adath Jrliurun Cemetery.
FINE AXNIH FINE. 2 years, 203 BeeK
llRHErt. On OptemW . 14. 19N. MAnT,
latichter of Manrnret and tho Mlo William
Flshrr. Itelatlies nnd friends are Invited jo
attend the funeral, on Fnturday, nt 2 o'clock,
from tl.o mother's recldenre, 30!) HeUradrt st.
The remains may r vldwed after S o'clock
Friday eenlns; Interment at North C'edf
FortESTETl. JOREm FOnESTBrt,43 year,
1001 p. Taney ft. .
FltASEIt. On September 1(1, 1014. EMIItf
U . fe or fleorre M Fraeer. Funeral on
Prfturilay, at 1 p in., from her late residence.
2001 Wharton t. Interment Ml 1 tor I all
OAFI.t'-'rilAnl.ns OAUU 7 years. 0129
24R W Balnea et. ., ...
Clf.T,. On Peptemter 14. 1011, at his lats
reefdnre. 3D.. North 41nt tt. PETEIl hunt
tinnd nf Fnnnln Oil!. Duo notice ot the fu
neral Mill he plen.
Oi.T.APIC -HELENA aOLABlC. 2S years,
220 Hrown et.
OHEKN. ALBBItT OHEEN. 2 years. 017
Watta nt
vear. mo Trre et
irAI lOWnr.I.. On Sentember 12. 1014. Wtr,
1,1AM. htnnnd nf lh late Cothnrlnn N.
Ifnllon-ell. need 74 yenm. One. notice of th
funeral nlll l. ulven. from the residence or
hie rteiicliter. 1J Vnn Felt et.
HANSEN. On Rtptemlier 17. 101 1, Captain
JFNP I1ANPON liuhnnil nf fill .T Han
sen ni'ed 01 venrs. Tunernl on fonl1ay1
at 2 p m . fnni TI'tT Oxford plltp, Fo-S
Chaee rhlladelnhli. Interment private at
Orewn'rnorl femelery.
IIAItKIH On Septcmt-er 1T. 1014. JANT-1
AXNOItli. wife oi ilr Ilhirla ntjed W
5 earn. Fitnernl fer.,ps n rnturdiy ot 3
r. m . at her Into reakUnie, 1T12 Manton st,
Inlermrnt private
IIAFSElt. WII.FrtED IIAUSER. 152 years,
118 N. 10th at.
enrn. 1fl'l Foulk'wl et.
11KII1IEIIT -On September 17. 1014. FI.OK
ENf'K HERllEIlT, nited tVt years Funeral
services mm MniKii, nt 2 p in., at tho
apartment ot Ol er II. Hair. t2u hestmit
(. Intermrnl at Ffrnwoorl Cemetery.
IIEnTEIl.- On September 13. 1014. MAODA-,
LENA, wife of Louis Hertcr (formerly EcK
ard), aged 18 yeara. Due notice, of the fu
nral will be given, from her lata residence,
I02T RhunU at.
c.irn, 1121 Foplnr St.
JOHNnON. On yoptember 17. 1014. W1L-.
I.1A.M .'!.. husband ! Ha Ilk' M. Johnson and
son of the late Ch.irlei nnd Johanna Johnson.
Funeral srrU'es "ti Sunday, nt 2 p. m nt
his late refldem.e 2721 Oakford st. Inter
ment ut Ternwood Cemetery.
IF1K1E. THEODOIt JUUOE, 01 year. 013
Wood Bt.
KELLY. On fceptember IB, 1014, JOHN',
husband of Mary A. Kelly (neo rilmpeon).
Relatives and friends, also Leo-rolumbus Po
ciitv. are Invited to attend funeral, on Hat
urday. at v "0 a nt., from his late residence,
2M3 N. Lawrence st. Solemn Henulem Masi
ut St. Edward's 'h.in-h. nt 10 a m. pre
clroly. Interment liordentc-wn, N. J.
KENNEDY. On Reptemher 17. 1014. JOHN,
husband o Mary Kennedy. Funeral on Mon
dav. at R 30 a. m., 'rom 7.'2 McAlpIn st..
West Fhlladelrihln Holrnm High Masi Bt
St. Acatha Church, at 10 a. m. Interment
at Cathedral Cemetery.
2700 Fletcher st.
KFEN. On .September 10, 1014. SAHAII A..
wlfp of f ii n ' I. Kuen. in th- "ld jear
of her ay. UeiutKes and 'r. en-Is aro In
Mted to attend tho funeral servli c. on
Fninrf'sy arternoon. th l!'th Inst. a.t -o'rlocU.
at her late resident e. Mountain
and Prospect acs.. Melrose Park, north ot
Oalt Lane Mntlon. I and It. It Interment
i.ttiati- in Ivy Hill Cemeterj
LEATIlKltMAN. At his residence. 43T
Ithavvn "t . V'jx ("base, on September 15,
1U14, JO.SEI'If, hustnnd of An un n Lenther
inn. Due notlco of the funeral will bj
I.IIinET.L. HAF.r.T LIODELL. 0 years,
2JS5 E. S-etgeant st
LL'.MI'I'. On September 17 111-1. WILLIAM
Ll'MI'F. aed ' veut. Fun.ral on Satur
day, at 2 p. m., frum 124J South 4Cth at..
West I'ld'adclpbla. Intcrni- nt at Muntroe
MAXWELL. At llammontnii .V J . on Sep
tcmber 17. 1011, WILLIAM M MAXWELL.
OK' 1 .1 ar'. Srrl(rs on 'un lay nt A
p : i . at til' r.Mden- of aH on ln-ta.w.
HoMurd C l'r rfh. Intent eir prixnte, at
'Jtcntmojiit Ccmctvry. liammuuton. N J.
Mrr.NULE--. un September 17. 1011,
ELIZA, dautjliter of the iat.- Hutchinson and
Elizabeth McCamlless. nsed OS years. Ths
relutUes and friends of the fumily ure In
vited to attend ttn funerul aerviees, on Mon
da. the 2tt. at J p ni . ai her brother's
residence. Thomai II. Md'an.lless, 2140 North
2d st . I'hila JelphKi Intenntnt private, at
North Cedar Hill Cunetery.
McEI.HENNKY. On Sopif.ber IB. 101
Uu.MI.Mi.. eon or Alexander V"iu "irga
MtElh'iiney, ae"'i '' years 8 ino.-T-ii;:sli3
on Satiirdn. a- s " a. m from 4007 Kldta
me. Falls of S.-huylklll. High Mast at Set
HuilKetk hu'ih. at U.30 u. m. Intrnii?&t
Wcstinl'ister -emetery. XT'
Mcl.ALfilll.IN. On September 17. 1014, EH.
'Lui.ijJ. t... 'jduni-irr fir uiuv and ioona
' MiLoughlln and jruiidd.iuKhter of S. Vlr
BlnUi and -he late Thnmux K HerRcr, until
ears I ui'eini ervtfes un Monday at 12
m.. pi n i I'Mii'tn.-. i.'ij4.in.e. itiii aie-
j-ii. rtiifin ,jr4ai4.'
Julia U. Hunter, SI years old. v.Idow
of Thomas H. Hunter, an insurance
bioker, died yesterday nt her home, 221
Uuckingham pla' f. ?he will bp buried
tomorrow In tho Woodland Cemetery.
Captain J-ns Hansen, fl years old. died
yesterday ut his home, 711 Oxford pike.
Fox Chase. Ho tlll iw buried in Green
wood Cemetery on Munddy afternoon.
AfilN. mi tfentet.il.er 13. 1014, HAUItY F
husband o' ftJili . win uuj an it tti
late llarrx b aril Mar .Bln, ased 4t jears
Funeral sril n on S.iturda. at 1 u in i
hli lte rr.llwi ,.. .us i: t. litt-r .wit
i.rlat- at lll.lelle i ftneieM. "er-''n
n. 1 fierce m '
AI.TINti. SL&AN ALTINO. CI years. 1851
Judson st.
AYI.MEIt. On (September 12. 1314. MA11Y
AYLMEIt. Due notice of tha funeral 1J ta
e'le". fm hr l;.u rciljenic. 1015 Wa.-'ta
st.. West I'hlUdvlihla.
llAI.DWIN. At his renldence. 211 North Ma.
pie ave. IjinslJne. I'a. on September '3
till 4. JOHN C. BALDWIN. aeeJ 72 ye-i
Funeral brnhes and Interment prl.ato.
Providence tn. I ) rapers please cony.
ItAltTON. On September I". 1011. LMII Y
-'.- "I(" u' ll,'irrv Hirton. o- Voriiijni.'.:
.. u i.,4 .qi mvvj un Boiuriiaj , at
n. m . at th tariors of J B. rftlle & Ij.in .
141 1 oact ftus'iuehanna ave. Interment i
t lllnn st
MII.l.KH. "AUAII MILLEH. 35 years. 1103
Fltzivater st.
MOOItE. On September It., 1011, 8 JENNIE,
ultK uf Tlio'naa I. Mooru und daughter of
tho lat. Nathan V,'. nnd S.irah M Luteh,
sued I'm ears Funeral nn Saturday, at 1
P tn.. from huttband's resldente. In Marple.
Uelava'a iJj., I'a. Intcrnn.nl Media Cemo-
aioKi:.ciii. vicToniA jiohescih. et
ears. r:2 E. Itittenhouse st.
MOItl.NEIt.-Ou September 17, 1014. ltlCXN
.ttlJ l" M'liM.NKll. husband or llednlg C.
M-.rcner mec Herts.hi. aKiM lb ears. Fn
teral torili.i on Suimj;, ut 2 p in at 24'J
North .'til st Interment private Ulcunood
7l.I. Helen t
I FA1ILS. On September 10, 1011. ELIUA-
UIMH. .jaiiBiiter or Alois ami i:iliatietn
I i'ubU. aed .'I yeais. Funeral sen.ics on
Randa;. at 2 .. ,. m, at :iji N rth 7tt et.
Ir termini Onen i unt emcterv.
i jeais. 1 '14 S. !ii et
i l'FAFF. On September 15. 1UI4. of diph
I '.!,erJ.a' 'OH-'S l" " ' Fhilip an.i Anna
I I'tan" r.f ,;.VS Ella st.. usTcd i i.ar. No
" I.Ll.HU I'UTTB. 13 )iun. 2013
Turner ei.
liAMI.M.I.. Ai ttie residnn.-e of her son.
Hawirrl 1- Kandii, ai Muoinilli- 1 n s .
. "i "'eitiitsd.1 neptenil.r I". ItM'IIUI,
A. ItANPALI. Kid. w ..f Ki'o.ii llunJal..
iiced ej varj M munlha. l-unnil iroin
rhomps-.n Memorial Imr.'n. I.tiw. r solebur .
I'a. un Sturda, .-ept. IM, at II a in
"KIN. SAKAH UE1N, 70 years. 010 .riouih
loth et.
KIIIIll.ru. on September 1.1. 1014 I'llANh,
huobiiil.r . ailtrri Id lull . is.-1 17 .ar
Fur.eral n Mon nit at s 'tn ,i n ti n 1ii2tl
bjutli ht,h -' -nil. mi Hi. ii.Wn !b - .' thw
I 'lunch ii' M MdU- Ii. rndn i .n In u n
pu li't. I:. l rn.u . ut II i ii l tn
ItOtiEKS. on Monday, September 14. 1914.
HAi HI L W IM I Ii dauKhier .1 lie lai
wilUoni V.ire u-J llnt.!. I.k'- u r
"nil Wluow of WUIUia il Hog i- ln.ir-ncnt
I -It tte
IV,il,-JNt-AJ',EI-- noilAVO. S veurs.
'.OS feouth nth M.
"I'lJ-l'l -in September 17. 1011 f.l IZA
11ETH ti , .In filter t.f Fioi.cls 1 .i id Elln.
beth u. Hul?rT Funeral Mrvlna in Mi'irday
mornlne. m lo ..'d.i-I,. at Hie r-d n. . ,f
her parents. .1.1 I'l.Mdn st Iniermi i i uni,
at Arlmiituii fVmt. ry. Frl.-u ! nuv view
lemalns un Krplu etenliig, iit.ui 7 un il 9
SAI.VI.N LOF1S SALVIN. 40 ve.-.rs. 7ai
j Moo:u at
I MH. -on pleiill.r IT. H'll l.DWARD.
I "ii .if the lat I'm ii i n I , ii
urru on m n uj ai k . ni . Ir.nn ti i m-I-'.'."
'. :''" th,r. llernarl - !i. I2T
Uaint:. . ; Muhs ot Uclij mi. i 'I v
Trliint i ,ur i. ut Ii .'! nt. Ii.iiiiii ' Nw
wtwiFti fit t?ler
!jr I., lull at or.
I Ml
III (ll'II On .nl.n... 1 toil .... I ' '. '.' '.V?... ' ll.l'IM
j cf Wi:"i.. ih'hiViiiVar hu"'-; "-ml m'"q ;"'-.', r !,
i'': f: I o: V au0le- ?,', te'JRi i m. -.;,;.;, Kr.tJ ne - ' N ""
the tuneral. on.undat, .t 10 h. iii , Vi" Ulllll iiUIIj iMl'i I if . .. mi i
th r : i cf EnwniKi -wher A. Son. Iw j &"rVl ih A U Hl U" "' "
Oen:?.?r."r;-h.I'Xl,SiAC,"h J"h' 1H!HK M'.I.p,,; ,,:, ,
-FANME IMO .! , ,r Hi
""odlneN-TSA"A" "UWN' ' . SlU
CANAtl.V -- On Septemhrr IB. 1914
CHAULES f lK.band of Martha Ct. Vum
Mil ne Moor i. Funeral on iur.la. at
P. in., from 1713 nrtl tt. Inurmtnt at
Fenmiio.l innvier).
I ear 0 months. sl N. fpitol ii ""
COI.I.IN.s.--FHANC'lS COLLINS. 3 far.,
Mih and Ltt,er ae. "
'''''i'. A :!'?" Fa., ou b'eptember 10.
lllli t AIlltUM1 BirA ... M i.h, .V..U7
aced n 'eaia. Fum-ral ou t-aiurdav. at 10 .11
a. .... .to ih l'liiUdIihU -ud "tea'hn?
Terminal, on th. arn.al of lb. train "win
"la' .ien -. jBUn""lt 8t ' wry CVmelir?!
rilNlllltV. -On September 14. 1014 Dlvin
'.4 League t. Uue natlc .f finer(l i I. "'
OOIMINKS. On September 10. 1014, HUOII
o-i r. JamiM an I cat In lii-'u'.i ni KU'
neral on PamrJi , at 7 to a. m.. from hi.
i i.,,J?;. .',,,'."'. "' ihurch. at i
I'll!! IF
1 Ml
1. e 4,21 c'herrr
I'M! " '.v I. .
. 1 .'T tr.
M. LI 1 .V
in '1
:V-0.i September TS "S ? .
AllIXE V LEAN w.dotv 1,1 i'liatieV W
bean, rt-art. , M rrun ,, v.","i .
Ices and Interment strictly nriiata
"JviilrorTit lCUA OEVITA. 77 year.. 1U0
"L1:.1 SScg," i,,;Hfe,rn.,,T,.--. kprbbt
ir.il son of i.uv an7rt;VU"tt,"."K.. ?.
n.lln, nf ,tvl (,,.i .. .,1 .' I7'lw".
...... w. . .ixi.i n ill
KuDEPIl SHALOM Seek Fea. ej bcohts
Sturday IV a m southeast fmntr iir a t .11 I
Mount ern"tt ti. Marking THi, bv Bat
llenr Ilerkonitx. All c" ? Servl" i
for tu New Yer Sutay v r'n Se- a
by IUbl Fit Mayer M -day morili?-. "Th.
Urei. ttdlusica. by I.atxl llnry I erkol t.
'. nil
., ..
hi. parents' rslluc HlV tfoiii? lift ., m
"ist.tT"22"1 UIVAC- ' N-
' 14 JI'U
I' II V I..
1. 1. n.
SslHUIH- On " pttMiher . tot!
., ,o'" : 10 1, ir 1,
'.uj ,s b i.ai o. ! I , . I 11 ..
't ' . t I p HI til
Alt"' . ti ' . ..... ' I (. .
o!"ll H W At Ms ri4
t . t a.miri .v 1 . - . i
In ln I . f M..i . -i.iht
l4r until il. j .1 , 1
Si l...fe - K Vfll MlIN
ear t'"li Ti mt mi (.
'I l.lltll. llnANA '1
I i t -44,1' t
Ur st
TA'lll. On Kpteinl,-r IT lait
a ol iVU'i' i hi 1 1
'lait in ni utn imi r in 1 1 1 . n
ouiula) i .' p u 11 Hi. .. 14
Irbthet in u .. 1 i . ii 1 . 1 l. .1, ' ri
st flit rn viii .it I -ri v mi 'i...
ir.E'! fitO.Ii: TEESE. :.7 .ar- SJll
1 ail c uTUrljB i st
1III.IIEIIV in K T01.WEBT 10 vcar.
IT. ili ( 1 th st
THUNt f-'T"fVR TltEISN 31
.t. V-l"! F ItostOB i
.Ji.,y,ilst'N'l " Wm""-r 11 19H,
MAHV F.. h i,f Uii.1. II 1, 1 . ,,'
l-uleul tr . n S 4 . J 1
4 .4W:!v. 4t l.i iat iv I it n v '.'In ., j 1 x 1
si Intrrir nt I'tluK, nt l.mnl II 1 .
WAI.IINEH.-Oa Sept.tnber IT 1UI4 11113,
i IAN l . or Ai n n v ..p ....
4i,t(l 07 5ai Fui. ral uli.i m , 1'
.11 1 1 in ..,.., ...... t-. . .... t
tit.. I-..
V 'comer nt- !'(.ri.nt
OFnilERTY.- On , S.pternb.r is. 19U EL- "AVt:;".?- ""'" ')":,, -"J'''
SrlnS'.rm h" Ut "". "" "ith lUTIIlC.U ., ,.,,,1 . -. P,rMI
iiiiir.tv etivu . . .. ( i w 1 t 1 1 1. ,
EyI?.t.ESTiIER y.. -he"k Y
2111,1.. 4 1

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