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tit TIT fi ll 1 1 1 I'll A f I 1 1
FUHud mu mu
hotman Pratt Makes Des
! Derate Attack on Fiancee
iand Then Attempts Sui-
cide In Hospital Now.
tills love Pimtncu after having biic
,rcJcc! I" lending Ills sweetheart to the
Threshold of tlio nltar. lO-yenr-olcl Noi-
,.rnit, of 5303 I-cna street, Gorman-
..,. .... nifiirlr mi nrnttv Thmcfln.
muii. ninue " "
Viifitiattln and members of her family
ftllh carbolic acia. m- " i" ..
'mantottii Hospital )n dmiKcr of losing
"ii nlfllit.
Trait lias l'"11 employed "- ticket
teller In the Spring Garden atrcot stn
Rion of tho Heading Railway. Ills ut
foclt uas tho culmination of a trip to
Jlkton, Mil.. Mt ''I'ss i.' iizmarun, niai
Tuesday. They dlffcicd on tho question
'if whether or not n pi lost should marry
ffliem and returned without the ceremony
IWng performed.
E Miss FlUmnrtln's father heard of tho
f.L nnd forbade Pratt to visit his tlaugh-
Jui nrniln. I'ratt camo to tho Fltzmartln
iter " . t iMit. u
llnme W J. una nm-i-v. ....... ...D..H --..
mei his wny l"1"" J,r3- Norn Fitnar
i,n and followed the girl to her room,
Where he grapplid with her. The police
Hit he tiled" to forco nold down the girl's
ikroit M". Kltssmaitln solzcd Pratt's
Vrli't l'er face and hands weio splashed
'ilUi'ncM. William, her 4-year-old son,
Vis nlo geiloiisly burned about tho head
If fKltlff dlOP1! Ol 1MB IH1UIU.
jllsa .waiy i-iwuwiu.i, v . ..,
rl Mil SCI earning iroin mu ihjuhc nnu
died I'olkenmti l.eo. of tho Gcunantown
i.nnn lie iraciou me struggling youui
jt time to kc Pratt spit most of tho
fcnjlnder of the acid on his face and
tfes In nn effoit to pour It down his
sPhyslcians at tho Gennantown Hospital
.. ........ t Bnmn oinnll tinmn thnl Plntt'n
treilght may be saved. Ho declined to
mU a statement, other than that he
loved Miss ritzmartln to distraction,
invpstlcatlon revealed, tho police say,
that I'ratt Induced the girl to leave her
Million, being In tho employ of Dr.
Frederick Heale, of Oak Lane, yesterday,
,nd when ho had her alone In n car
riage tried to choko her. The marks
cf Ms fingers aio still on her throat, ac
cording to a physician In charge.
Pratt got the acid from a drug store
tt Bajnton and 1'ilec streets, German
Iowa purchasing one and a half ounces,
tavfnz he wanted It for disinfectant. As
W it had previously bought three ounces
the druggist was not suspicious.
Injured in Hospital Doing Well.
B. & 0. Trains Using P. R. B. Hails.
CHESTntl Sept 21. Large forces of
Tireck removers and brldgo builders nio
ttlll at voik at the seem- of tho Calti
jfiore and Ohio wieck west of Woodlyn
and It Is expected that within tho next
il hours the Hacks, which were torn up
for a quarter of a mile, will bo rclald
and a temporary Inldge elected on tho
fouth side of the destroyed structure,
crossing Crum Cieek, u Email stream.
The Kaltlmoie and Ohio trains are
Hill using the Pennsylvania tracks.
connection being made at the Delaware
With tho exception of Mis. Jnllii Ti.
Wlraer, C, yeaiH old. of Itoanoko. Vii.,
nho is a patient at tho Crozer Hos-
ipltal, all the injured passengers ni'o im
, trovlnp. Thomas Shipley, of Ml. Vcr-
1 ion III., ana i:ugem- Stnken, of Bal
timore. Jld., aie still lit tho Chester
Hospital George U. Troup, who was
treated at the ('Hester Hospltnl for lac
erations of the stnlp, left last night for
EL Louis, Jin, j0,u Tjose, of Haiti
Wore; C. C Hippie, of Wnco, Tex.; John
winters, of W'lieellnir. IV. Vn.. nmi it
passenger named Johnson, of Taylor,
Ter., who into wounded by broken
class, also left for their respective des
tinations, im"h ,lic r Ption of the interior
fiminjrs, "nf of tho steel coaches was
Patly il.im.iged It Is oxneetecl thnt
nmalning derailed conches,
lies on its aldn nt the
3 S mwM IWIb 1
t the three
i?Dt of lllMi
Outline of Origin of Power
ful Prerogatives Is Ap
propos of World's Ques
tioning Into Causes of War.
uuiiiini sir . ....i hi .
,--.. ... hi.- iuviiic, win no ratscu
May, dciiieks now being elected for
.u ijurfioe
rd of Health Now Looking Into
Case Causing Alarm.
llZl31'""'" "-:is c-"li!eil ' the south
Si'11; "f 'ho city today when It
Kpo,tl that Owen Hall, CO years
trenteen.h an,l Montroso streets, of
JIDr"s:"!n,n,, "'"""''-'l fr several days
'io s dil, r"'0"' !-B l'nt"-lne street.
ISUUtu, t surgeon. IIo Ral.l tn.lnv
W.mi..I,:.,,lano,,c' ns Possible
fie IIoar.1
at thern was no oauso for
fll tilt IHS,. W.I. r. mm &. I
W.nS?f ,";llt," thta mornlnB Dl.
l..tZ , "nt, nr "wtcll. of tto
oil M?5. '" n'.ll(0 an Investigation.
t wm f, ' . .' " reS"lar home
d there wl m,, ''"' room here
q "lcre whoever Iip had moiiey.
N S'ate,"tnt ln ReP1y t0 Austria's
Denial of Hostile Attitude.
Aaall-nl'ht .o i PJtB. Sept. II.
offlclal demit1 "0tt;,.'.,s rcetPt "f I"
UnB w T Vlen,la tn:" Atrla
an fromler mepu,atlo"s Pon the
wii.nl? w'L';'!',""" 0t th0 ,ncet,n ".Is
tt!tudh,3, S!"!ve'1 't Italy's future
"eBlto th. T V"uer lUeusslon.
wnn I tS t, n"llal .of tl,e Austrian Gov
asbMsiea UennaH ami Austrian
WldoWs, PurntahtoBa nnd Roof of
Empty Dwelling Mutilated,
hJ- 'n"occ'nt ,ooUlns aPPcr
C'KUln To?!1'"6 8U8P'cln of possessing
EUtrau r, ;ndcI. were held by
fWMa g" en t. ,nU6 S,atlon lhls morning,
Sf! '5 the dWPii.w ak,l,s aU t'"1 wln-
ft SnSSrjh,0 bScr of the " s.
JI ai tt" la boys. Thov ar v ..
'Me. i,
boya. They are ivank
i. s 'J Vara m . . "3 "aK
".i Tb i.,"t.u?? l35 North 21th
i. J mimatM,.....!.. v
a tiro" , " f"i" 'ear o'J. o'
,. Sf vl of :,n'"t Albert Uenafold.
it e tro-.e; V. uaKUa'e street Tl
The whole world has united in ques
tioning or berutlng tho right of certain
Individuals chaiged with tlio icjponsl
hillty of btlnglng on the conlllct of tho
nations which fato has placed under their
nominal leadership. They have been
heatedly blaming each other, meanwhile.
Who these persons aie, and by what
warrant of authority they came to their
exalted posts, with so many mischievous
prerogatives, is set forth in the ensuing
The constitution of tho (Jet man Elli
ptic dates fiom April 16, 1871. mid tho
omplro consists of four kingdoms, Prus
sia, baxony, J.'avnria and AVurtemberg,
sis Grand Duchies, soven piinclpalltlcs,
three fieo towns nnd one Imperial terri
tory. Trussia Frederick III, Klector of
Hramlenburg, declaied Prussia a king
dom and nscended the throne as King
I'reucrtc I on January is, 1701. and from
lilm in direct descent conies William If,
King of Prussia nnd Empeior of Ger
man. Kuxonj In 1S0C, Elector Fiedorick Au
gust III, on joining the confederation of
tho Rhino, ascended tho tin one December
11, lMfc, as Fieuerlc August I, tho tltlo
being recognized by the Congress of
Vienna, 1815, Tho present King Frederick
August III, ascended the throne October
15. ltilM.
Havarla The Elector Maximilian Jos
eph wus, niado King by Napoleon I, De
cember SO, 1S03, and recognized at A'lcnna
Congress, 1815. The present King Louis
111 ascended thu throne November 8, 1913.
AVtirtomberg Tho Duchy of Wurtem
berg was created a kingdom by Napoleon
I with Frederick I on tho throne and
lecogulzed at Vienna Congress, 1815. Wil
liam II. nephow of his predecessor,
Charles I, came to the throne October ti,
Francis II, of the Holy Roman Em
pire, became Emperor of Austria as
FrancH I, August C, 1S08, and was suc
ceeded by his son, Ferdinand 1, .March
S, 1SJ3, und abdicated December S, ISIS.
On the same day his nephew, tho son of
the Archduke Francis Charles, was pro
claimed Empciot as Francis Joseph i
ami King of Hungary, June S, 1S67.
Belgium became an Independent king
ilom by the deciee of the session of Octo
ber 4, ISM. The National Congress elected
on June 4, 1S3I. Prince Leopold of Kaxe
Coburs as Leopold I, King of the Bel
gians. At Ids death, December 10, 1563,
his son ascended to the throne as l.o.
pold II. At his death, December 17, 1909,
the present King Albert I was proclaimed
King and Is tho son of Philippe, Count
of Flundeis, and nephew of the late
Leopold II.
The reigning family ara known as the
Romanoffs, dating from the accession of
Michael Romanoff in 1613, as Michael I;
from him for 309 years' descent we have
th present ruler of Russia, Nicholas II,
who was born Slay 18, 1S6S, succeeding
his father, Alexander III, November 3,
Pervia became a kingdom in 3S72 'with
Milan I bb King, he being the nephew
of Michael Obrenovic, who wag the last
reigning1 Prince Milan I abdicated In
1JS9 n favor of his ion, who ascended
tho throno as Alexander I on the night
of June 11, 1903. lip nnd his consort.
Queen Drnga. were assassinated by olll
cets of the Servian army, who proclaimed
Peter 1 King, coronation taking place ln
October, 190).
Slnco the execution of I.ouh XVI,
January 21, 1703, Franco Iuih tried several
forms of government. The llr.st lepubllc
lasted till 1799, when n consulate of three
wore chosen Decemhor L'l, 1799, und on
May G, K01, Napoleon Uonaparte was
elected consul for ten yars, and on Au
gust 2, fiamo ear, for life. This foun
lnsted until May 18, 1801, when he was
decreed Empeior as Napoleon r. reigning
until ills final abdication, July 3, 1SI5.
Then came I.ouiH XVIII, Chailea X and
Louis Philippe, who abdicated February
24, ISIS, nnd a republican form of govern
ment established which on December 19,
ISIS, chose Louis Nupoleon Ronnpaito as
president. Tills lasted until November -'-',
IS.".', when Louis Napoleon was proclaimed
Emperor ns Napoleon III, abdicating Sep
tember 4, 1S70. A Committee of Public
Defense reorganised tho government as
u republic with Louis A. Thiol h as presi
dent. May SI. 1S71. Pince this period
France has remained as a republic. Tho
present incumbent is Raymond Poincnie,
born August 20, 1SC0, elected president,
January 17, 1913.
Thr jnesent ruler of England, (Seoigo
IV, is of tho house of Ilanovei nnd is
therefore, of Geimau origin. Georgn I,
the first of the Ilanovei laus, came to tho
English throno August 1, 1711, 201 years
ago. IIo was, n thorough German and
could not speak English. HIh light to
the throne camo fiom James I, whoso
granddaughter, Sophia, marrrled into the
house of Hanover,
Discredits Stories of Trouble, But
Will See Personal Investigator.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 21.-Whllo tho
Administration affects not to be dis
couraged at tho reported turbulent con
ditions In northern Slexlco, nevertheless
Paul Fuller, of New York, the Resi
dent's personal Investigator in Mexico,
will mnke a report to the President Wed
nesday on his recent inquiries Into con
ditions south of the Rio Grande. The
reiioit would haw been made tomorrow
but for the Ptebldent's jouiney to Prince
ton, N, J , to vote. Ml. Fuller arrived
in tho capital today.
Tho President e.xpressed to Inquirers
today his complete satisfaction with the
mnnner in which the now MoMean Gov
ernment was conducting Itself. Tie said
he was Inclined to plaeo tittle credence
in the jeports of disturbances in northern
.Mexico emanating from El Paso
Tho State Department also refused to
bo peiturbed by the tales of unrest In
Chihuahua and Souotn. Olllcluls declared
that they had no leports from United
States mpiesentatlves of any movements
indicating a now revolution or reflect
ing any chances of a break between Gen
eial Carramai and General Villa.
"Big Doggie Play," All Lost Child
Says of Experience.
FIF1ELD, Wis., Sept. 21. Kept alive
for two days by association with two
bear cubs and tholr mother. Baby Ball,
tho 2-year-old son of a settler north of
here, was found late at night recently
asleep in tho underbrush nnd, though
starving, was not suffering from ex
posure. The searchers saw the sign of
hears near whero tho child was found,
and old woodsmen declared that tho
babo was kept nllvo by sleeping with
the cubs and their mother.
All that the child can say is: "Big
doggio play: baby hungry."
The child wandered away one night.
Iho next day the entire county joined
In n fceiiich for tho little ono. Tli
day's work was resumed nnd tin
searched s found their first trace of thf
youngster when a scrap of his tornje.m
lompers was found clinging to a rasp
berry bush miles from his home.
Tho place was all tiampled with bear
prints ami the child's futher became
li antic, thinking the joungstrr had
teen killed by an angry she-bear.
Instead, when at 9 o'clock at night
the hunters stirred the bears in the
nrusn, incy round the baby alone and
unharmed. Tho crashing of the under
biush Indicated that the bear and cubs
left Just before the searchers arrived
Tho Northern Wisconsin nights aro cold
nnd the child would havo frozen had
not ho been mothered by the old bnr,
woodsmen declare.
Injuries and shock teceived in a full
down a Might of stairs at he homo this
mornlnig may prove fatal to Sirs. Carrie
Strobel, 72 j ears old, of 1741 Noith S"Hi
street Slio is being treated at the Uci
man Hospital, whero physicians say her
condition Is seilous owing to her ad
vanced age.
E. K. Jaquith Rises 5QOO Feet nt
Atlantic City.
ATLANTIC CITY, Sept. 2l.-Flylng moi
thc ocean In sight of thousands of visitors
yesterday, E. K. Jaquith in his new
hydto-neroplane gave chase to a Mock
of wild ducks.
For three mllcB he maneuvred his plane
trying to kill one, but failed. Several
times ono or two stray ones shot through
the wings of his plane but escaped unin
jured. In one of tlieso IHchta Januith
came within 300 feet of breaking the
altitude record, going 5o.) fet. The record
Is 5SC0 Icet.
fAt the ftyFZS Sign of
"The Little Studio
and the Tea House at
214 South Fifteenth St.
will reopen for the season Tuesday,
September 22. The service will in
clude luncheon, afternoon tea, in
formal suppers or dinners Meals
served to those liunR in apartments.
Rooms reserved for special lunch
eons, teas or dinners.
Accident May Make Him
Cripple and News Is Kepi
From His Sick Wife for
Fear Shock May Be Fatal.
Houses Permitted to Solicit Business.
Transactions Must Be for Cash.
P ft P T I? A Tn?C TB A PIT ' rm,rr rullns of tllc Committee on tTn
VxUl Jjjjn ijjjj iRnUJi I "sted Securities bond houses In this city
1 will be permitted to solicit business by
salesmen or by telephone beginning today
and continuing until further notice by tho
committee. The olllclnl announcement
of the committee reads:
First. On nnd after .Monday, September
21, mil, nnd until further notice, Phila
delphia houses dealing In securltlM may
sollelt lnislnts by sIe.tnien, of bv thclc
phone, undei tlii- following conditions:
All unlisted seeuiltles before being "f
ftred must be submitted in wilting, to the
Committee- on Fnllsted Seeuiltles, who
will nlnif 'minimum prices at which sale
I will he npptovrd. DenleiH mn offer only
securities which they actually own. nnd
then, only nt prlres not leas th'Ui tho
I minimum wires lled by the committee.
llH-ec Uueh und every sale consummated, must
no promptly ropoiicn 10 inu uminiu'".
Second. No circulars or lists of olTor
lng4 shall lie mailed by tiny dealers until
further notice, except nl the request of
Third. All tKinsHctlons must be made
for cash, and no tnulu based on exchange
of seeuiltles will be sanctioned.
Fouttli. We wish to ftnphnulzo the fact
that offulngs mndo must be of securities
uctunlly owned by the dealers making
the off clings.
Fifth. All buying or .selling unlet H In
securities not actually owned must he
submitted to the "committee. If the com
mittee have Inlying or selling ordertt In
securities so submitted, they will try to
complete tho transaction.
The life of a Philadelphia woman
hangs In the b.alanco today as the te
sult of tho Baltimore and Ohio Rail
road wreck Saluiday night cast of
Woodlyn, Pu., where' u. southbound ex
press tr.tln was derailed null
sleeping cats wore lolled down an em
bankment. She H tho wife of It. A.
Ilurirlchouso of 1SW North 20th stteet,
the Pullman conductor who was hurt In
the accident,
Huwrlchouso Is badly injuicd and
may b5 crippled for life The wieck
Saturday night wns the third ho has
been ln Blnce ho went to wotk fot tho
Baltimore and Ohio two years ago.
About a year ago his spins was Injured
In a wreck In Illinois ami he wns laid
up six weeks. The old Injury has now
returned nnd today ho Is in bed at his
homo wondering if ho will ever regain
tho uso of his limbs.
Mrs Humrichouso has been undet
treatment for nervous prostration for
seven weeks. She does not know thnt
her husband has been Injured nnd her
physician has given strict ouIts thnt
the news be kept from her. Any shuck
at this time, ho says, might prove
fntnl, Accordingly rvciy elTott is being
made to keep tier unawaie uf tlic fact
that her husband is lying on the t go
of paralysis In nn adjoining room of
their home.
Humrichouso was In ought homo yes
terday morning by Dr. K. J. Mollis, of
the Baltimore and Ohio Rullio.nl. Tho
physician found him lying unconscious
alongside one of tho ovei turned coaches
after all tho injured had boon taken out
nnd cared for. When the' crash en me.
according to the story tho conductor told
Mrs A. Mundy. his mothcr-ln-law, who
Is attending him and his wife, he hnd
Just left the sleeping car nnd was In tho
parlor cat.
Thr. shock hurled Humrlhousc the full
length of tho car and against n door. In
splto of injuries to ills side and arm and
the dull pain In his splno from the old
hurt, he crawled through the window
and went to woik helplns tho Injured
out of tho overturned coaches. Pres
ently a train arrived to take away tho
passengcis. Humilchouse calmly made
out the tiansfer tickets to this tinln.
When his duty was completed he col
lapsed. Bad Eyesight Retards School Children
Various forms of h.id eyesight, most
of which oculists can cute, are i Blind
ing the progress of 23 per cent, of the
school children In this city, according tn
the latest weekly health bulletin of
Director Ilnrte. Parents who cannot
nftord to pay for tho treatment of thole
children's ejes aro urged to bring tho
children to tho Eye Dispensary of tin.
Bureau of Health.
llOJIC, Sept 21.
It is olllcially announced from Vienna
that Henry Slenclewicz. tho w liter, lia,
been liberated nom prison, but Is foi
bidden to leave tho ciU. All of the
Imperial palaces in Vienna have been
converted into hospitals.
Church of St. Charles Borromeo First
to Make Change.
Pur the fltst. time In oisht enis, wnincii
und girls sain? with the choir of the
Church of St. '.'Inu les Iloiroincu, Twelfth
and Christian (streets, yesterda, nnd It is
expected that thetc wilf bo mixed choirs
in many other Catholic chinches,'' in the
neur future. When the Into Popo Pious
asked that only men und boys sing in
tho churches, the Church of St. Uorromeo
was ono uf the firs? to comply with the
Pluns aro alroadv being made for the
Installation of ii mixed choir in St. Steph
en's Church, Rro.id and Utttler streets.
Musical dliectors lire glad to have the
pilvllego of obtaining women nnd girls
for their choruses un they havo found
dllliculty In securing men and bos to
.sing alto and soprano.
.funics Comerford. 11 years old, of 12r.1
South iiucknell, suffered n fractured ankle
and other minor Inluilcs todnv 'it 2,'ith arid
Federal .streets. Uo es.u taken to the
Polyelinic Hospital.
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Office 200 Walnut Place
Rogbitza, Thirty Miles From
Sarajevo, Seized and Vic
tors Advance Within Ten
Miles of Stronghold.
CUTTIXJU Sept. 21. The Montenegilti
army has occuplcil the town of HorrbltJia,
Hosnlu, In force and li now within ten
miles of Sarajevo, the capital of Ilia
AtiHlrlun province. This wns oftlclnlly
aniiotinceil by tho War Office today, nnd
tho capture of Sarajevo Is now confidently
Hogbltsi.1 Is nn Important town on tha
railroad leading to Sarajevo. It Is 3i)
miles east of tho capital. After occupying
the city tho .Montenegrin army then ad
vanced 20 miles nloriB the railroad to
ward Sarajevo.
The Hev. Thomas K. Burton htm been
made iticmovublo lector of the Itoman
Catholic Chin rh of the Annunciation,
lotli and Dickinson streets. Ho conies
to tills I'linrjffj from Frackvlllo, Pa ,
nhetn he was rector of St. Joseph'
parish, vhhh he organized about 11
jr-its iiko. J'levlous to solnff to Frnnck
illc leather liurtoti 3rrved as assistant
in several cliurilies here Ho succeeds
tlio Itev. P. .1. JJniley, who lias been
transferred to the Church of Otrr Lady
of the Itosnrv, C3J nnd Cnllowhlll
streets. He will assurno Ills new dutlea
next Sunday.
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Ileturolcg alter ibs race
e. u.
Our complete line of summer
gloves is tietni cloe4 out at (.out
tirlcen. Some excellent alun at
rprlces from c to, Vi 75. Many
ar heay enough lor fall and
uinter near
Our duster, aro tlio b I n c
cleaned out at rock bottom fljuree"
Borne a tow aa CO cents
A rtat opportunity.
217 North Bmj1 Street J
I.I i II Tt
s, Wf& ,
WW !
17 !
The "Gaiterboot
Topmost Style
Tho beautiful raruian ocrgaiter
effect is perfectly realized in the
"Gaiterboot." Its giuceful vamp out
line, smarts jigm ami modish finish
give it mS ntcd prominence.
Patent leather or black Russia calf,
with narrow receding plain toe, light
welt sole, and leather Louis heel, the
toppings are fawn, gray or black of
the new imported Dreadnought cloth.
r.aMea" Shoe parlor.
iscoi.4 Floor,
Ig E'oe Store
.20406-08 ticket BU
8Uk Stocking and eatif
" Shades
School, College
and Institution
Accounts Solicited
We are the largest buyers
and receivers of fruits and
vegetables in Philadelphia,
and will be pleased to send
price list or representative.
You will find our prices in
terest ing.
"We will send for and re
fund any unsatisfactory
Free deliveries and prompt
attention to out-of-town
Felix Spatola & Sons
I'rulU uuil WKHMhlm
Rending Terminal Market
Private Exchange
Boll and Keystone 'Phones
Established 30 Years
HijJ P'itaJ T
tH2J B II li II li I CTk
fflFl JF" '' iiT I "
fiK crv
"He do the ret" IIESTI
(Kocbeater Method)
Eattnua Kodak C.
1 1020 Chestnut St.
MUuilo Clir Ih. W1 DoardamUt

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