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VOL. I-NO. 1
The War Today
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MISS CHARLOTTE WILLIAMS tMmW'i J J lK, i' ' '' . ' . W" P $W8
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TPSlfesSfeafe. fflorff Rtdmg Dixie Arnold.
Riding Goldie.
Brilliant Spectacle Marks the
Judging and Award of
Prizes to Roadsters and
Jumping Classes.
Whwo li the Bpcedy racing car? It's parked
outride the ring
Where Dobbin's blooded re!aties are proudly
nd ivheio l the man who loudly shouts,
. t i,w" "tu iiuiac must so t
Hi Ijirnlnj points of horseflesh at the Bryn
JIr equine show.
BUTN MAWH, Pa., Sept. al.-Grcat
crowds of enihuslasts, who iihvnys -nalt
until the afternoon seaslon of an open
ine day, appeared about the oval of the
Bryn Jtawr Polo Grounds shoitly after
J o'clock today for tlio Judelng ot road
ters, which oiiened part two of tho first
day at the Twentieth Annual Rryn Jlawr
Horse Show.
A band which appealed shortly befoie
Mllveneo their entrance Into tho crounds.
Kvery ono was in a holiday humor,
fitraw hats were everywhere In evidence.
tMIr owners defyiiiR the old September
IS bugaboo.
During the morning hours, aside from
uie customary enthusiasm displayed by
Spectators, nothing' more exciting hap-
Fent.1?an a slisht spl" b' a Bfoom rid
ns Uella, Emlen Wood's hunter. The
n".l h. taken two Jumps, liut balked
., th!l,(1' The Broon' "''Bed her on
and Bella's feet caught the top rail. Tho
toy slid from her back and the hoise
i.l. 1 ta knees' Both rose uulckly and
'eft the oval.
Considerable disappointment Is felt by
?... .1" of t,,e ,,0,"Ke sliow due to the
All I1. AIfrca G' Vanderbilt has with
w? " ,h'3 cxllll,t I" the heay harness
iv 1C afs A,t""Sh no teason is given
tinn .ials 'warding Mr. VtindorbllfB uc
J.l.h,ir P'eval!'"S opinion l.s that ho
withdrew because his hi other, neglnald,
' Judge in tlut class.
A burst of applause cumo from New
Yorkers this morning when Robert I
Gerrj's Crest Hill and Swift Text
"Ptured first and second prizes in the
hunters and Jumpers class. Of tho sad
dle horses Flotsam, owned by P. A.
"'J"", of Monkton. Md., clearly earned
a oiue over the other entries. In this
siu0no ot ,n, "'rants was Mlrs Kitty
smith, who rode "Rose," of Farm Fields
Farms, Mli Smith, a great favorlto at
a"mB WS Wtts fluently applauded.
.-.laiiuor, wuose name was kept a
cret by his owner, Dr. Oscar Bcely,
Owynedd, pn., took first prire In the
roadsters' c!a3S
n!!a8.tln)f'' 0,vned by A. Henry Hlggln
w. took a blue in the second class of
r " a"d Ju,nPe"3 Judged,
w let?, "ns ut In great numbers at the
now. Boxes were well filled, consider.
'" an opening day. Beautiful women,
-r .-.Y-." nwiin ui I11UI1X I1UCO,
w ", ,"' ie in e'
" uuy coma have been more beautiful
jwging, while others visited paddock
St. Louis 0 10 0 2 0 0
Phillies 1 0 0 110 0
Batteries Tincup and Burns; Doak and Wingo.
Umpires Byron and O'Connor.
Chicago 0 13 1
New York 0 0 0 0
Batteries Vaughn and Archer; Marquard and Meyers.
Umpires Quigley ana' Eason.
Pittsburgh 1 0 0 1
Boston 110 4
Batteries Harmon and Coleman; Rudolph and Whaling.
Umpires Klem and Emslie.
Cincinnati 1 0 2 0 0 2 0 0 1
Brooklyn 1 0 0 0 0 7 0 1 x
Batteries Littery and Clarke; Reulbach, Ames and McCarty.
Umpires Rigler and Hart.
R. H. E.
Appears in Seat There for
First Time in Many
Weeks Resolution of In
quiry Indorsed Throughout
6 9
9 11
everywhere In evidence.
Jay could have been mor
hut .7.. !-. me sun was w
ion. I, uncmfortable. Hundreds of
the i,,?"ea about tlle tan bark di;
blooded stock crltlcal ot ot blue.
d whin ? f.m war aml far npplaud.
to Jamil he,Jutlses awarded first prize
In th? L I 'Pefa Watchmald. winner
lonalwT h I' "CIa". .father of the "mill-
1m Hh .' o.t00U ,hlrd Prl" r' th,s
A o.a!!h nl8 Slr "raxton.
mumn skv " sl"nl"B from a cloudless
of "rt?y sJno" "P" the glossy tacks
number oirendHtho,'usnbre,U' tho lars,3t
and luL entries ever seen In a hunter
?kuteruh.,8i.Mfcat "ry" Mattr' 14
ilawr sifL has maa the Br'n
r show famous for years.
rfrlomv"111 clcarl5' showe0 her
the com..?HM t,,e otner entrles arl- "i
tb hopeUtl,0,"- Tho manner In which
ig fenBa"op"'1 about tho oval, tak.
CSSj.1?. hedr'- "-centl drew
eated h S..' "PP'au9 from spectators
WbAne;,h ",e canvas-covcred stands,
tut h h0rse' not a P" winner,
"oiifd ,?,Jumplns frequently occa
tatrt f,appIiuse- was Warwick, an
rra bh ene Leverlng'a Btrontla
. aaltlraore. There were many
Athletics 2 1 0 1 0
Cleveland 0 4 0 0 0
Batteries Bowman and O'Neill; Shawkey and Schang.
Umpires Connolly and Chill.
R. H. E.
Concluded va Vato S
Locals Net a Run in First In
ning, But Cardinals Offset
Matter by Sending Over a
Tally in Third.
I.obert, 3b,
Becker, cf.
MiiKce, If.
Cravath, rf.
Byine, 2b.
J.udeius. lb.
Martin, as.
Burns, c.
Tincup. p.
Dolan, If.
Huggins, Jb,
Jlutler, ss.
Miller, lb,
Wilson, rf.
Wlngo, c.
Cruise, cf.
Beck, 3b.
Uoak, p.
I'lnplu'S Byron and O'Connor.
21 Hard and frequent hitting featured
In the early Innings of today's St. Louis-
Concluded on Puc 9
Bob Shawkey, Mack's
Pitcher, Is Driven From
Mound In Fourth Inning.
Bowman, of Naps, Also
Taken Out.
trnoit a siArr c.oiiRKro.vDENT.J
WASHINGTON, Sept. 21.-Senator Pen
loso was present In tho Senate today for
tho first time In several weeks. It is
understood that he will remain here until
tho Norrls resolution, providing for a
senatorial Investigation of the pilmary
contests In Pennsylvania and Illinois,
tho object of nhlch shall be to determine
whether money was used unlawfully in
tho primary contests In these States, has
been considered by the Committee on
Privileges and Elections. Senator Kern,
the chairman, hopes to get the members
of the committee together tomorrow.
"Telegrams and letters are pouring in
from every section of the country. Indors
ing the resolution for the Investigation
suggested by Senator Norrls," the latter's
secrotnry today asserted,
These communications will be presented
by Senator Nortls to the Committee on
Privileges and Elections, which Senator
Kern will convene In special session
either tomorrow or Wednesday.
Senator Penrose's friends Insist that
the Norrls resolution will not be favor
ably reported by tho committee. Op
ponents of Penrose mid of Roger C. Sulli
van, the Democratic nominee In Illinois,
called attention today to the fact that
nine niombera of the Committee on
Privileges and Elections, an constituted
at prebent, voted to unseat William Lorl
mer, while one Senator. Dillingham, of
Vermont, voted in favor of Lorlmer re
taining his seat. The senators who voted
against Lorlmer were: .varn, Indiana,
chau mart; Lea, Teunest-ee; Pomerene.
Ohio; Reed, MUaouri, and Johnson,
Maine, Demociat.; and Clapp, Mimiesot.i:
Sutheiland. I'tah; Kenyon, Iowa, and
Fall. New Mexico, Republicans.
Five members of the committee A'ar
danian, Mississippi, Hughes, New Jersey;
Walsh, Montana, uud Thompson. Demo
cats, and Sherman, Illinois, Republican,
were not members of the Senate when
Lorlmer was unseated on July 13, 1912.
Murphy, rf.
Barry, ss,
Collins, 2b.
Baker, 3b.
Mclniii3, lb,
Strutik, cf
Oldrlnir, If.
Schauv, c.
Shawkey, p.
Smith, cf.
Chapman, ss.
Johnston, lb,
Jackson, rf.
Lajole, 2b,
Graney, If.
Barbare, sb.
O'Ntill, c.
Ucrumnn. p.
Umplics Connolly and Chill,
SOMERS' FIELD, Cleveland. O.. Sept.
21 - buut 15u0 fans sa wthe third game of
the serlea between the Athletics and the
Concluded oa l'uje 0
?1,000,000 Gift to University
CLEVELAND, Sept. 21.-Presldent
Charles F. Timing, president of thf
Western Reserve I'nlvcrslty, announced
today that a bequest of almost ?1.(X,000
Is left to the medical school of that
Institution In the will of L. E Holden,
whose estate Is valued at Jfi.OOOOOO.
Mine. CaBtelnau, Spartan Mother,
Eeceives News Calmly,
RORDEAUX, Sept. 21.
Two sons of General de Castelnau, hern
of the lighting about Nancy, have' been
killed In battle, and he notified his wife
today that a third had been wounded
Mine, de Castelnau took the news
"I had four sons in the field." she said.
"I shall not 6&e them again. My husband
alone will return. He has no right to
allow himself to be killed."
Bayonet charges by tho Germans In
another determined effort to pierce
the Allies' centre at Craonne have
been repulRed. The Invading Teutons
'hnd renewed the assault along the
entire 120-mlloe front ot the Alsno
battle line. The French nnd British
continue their attempt to outflnnk
General von lfluk's forces on the ex
treme German right wing.
t Belgium forces, harassing tho German
light flank, have interfered so with
operations against the Allies that
heavy artillery bns been rushed to
ward Antwerp to crush the nrmy.lcd
by King Albert. The Germans are
fortifying their line of retreat
through Belgium.
Two million men are engaged In the
third Important Gallclan buttle of
the war. The Russians, reinforced
by fresh troops and encouraged by
the evacuation of Jaroslaw, the In
vestment of Przeinysl on three sides,
the capture of Dublccko and other
smaller fortified position, nro engag
ing General Dankl's army and havo
continued successful In various en
gagements with his rearguard. In
dications point to Russian numeri
cal superiority on the field, as the
Southern Poland and Gallclan armies
are co-operating as a unit, and the
Austrlans have again been placed on
the defensive In order to protect the
line of communication to Cracow.
In Kast Prussia three German army
corps (120,000 men), under General
Hlndenburg, havo started an ag
gressive movement against Russian
Poland. Grodno, on the main line
between Warsaw and Petrograd, Is '
the Immediate objective. The de
feated Russian armies of Grodno and
Vllna have Joined to resist tho ad
vance. Montenegrin troops seized the town
of Rogbltza, 30 miles from Sarajevo,
the capital of Bosnia, nnd continued I
their march to within ten miles of '
the stronghold. The capture of
Sarajevo is confidently expected.
Berlin War Office reports successful
nttacks at several points along the
line and announces arrival of heavy
reinforcements. The French havo
been repulsed with heavy losses
wherever they assumed tho offen
sive, it was added. Further proof
of superiority of German artillery
is said to have been given In tho
engagement along the Aisne.
London War Office reports the arrival
of 100,000 men to save the wavering
army of von Kluk, with the Allies
continuing their flanking movement.
It Is admitted that tho casualties of
the allied forces are heavy, largely
because of the difficulty In locating
masked German batteries.
Vienna admits the evacuation of Jar
oslaw, which was burned before the
army left. The Russians have won
several engagements with the rear
guard of General Dankl's reinforced
army, which has again been put on
tne defensive. The evacuation of
Jaroslaw is ascribed to stateglc rea
sons, Involving aid to Przemysl and
protection of the line of communica
tion to Cracow, Reverses to Dankl's
army have caused gloom In Vienna,
where hope ran high t.,at Its Junc
tion with that ot Von Auffcnbcrg
would result In stopping the Russian
advance in Gallcla.
Petrograd War Office reports continued
success In the Galicla.i campaign,
Giodek, Sambor and Dublecko al
ready are taken, the capture of the
last named clearing the way to an
advance westward. Przeinysl. cap
ture of which Is prerequisite to mov
ing nest on Cracow and carrying the
aggressive into Silesia against Bres
lau and Posen, has been Invested.
Some of the Russian troops nro pro
ceeding westward. Investment of
Przemysl and evacuation of Jaroslaw
have left the Russians free to move
nearer Cracow, where the fiercest
Austrian resistance is expected.
British Admiralty reports both suc
cesses and reverses. The Carmanla
Craonne, Near Centre of Long Battle Line,
Is Point of Most Desperate Assault;
London Reports Von Kluk's Retreat
On German Right.
French Occupy Heights of Lassigny,
West of Noyon, and Capture Three
Towns Near Centre of Battle Line in
PARIS, Sept. 21.
German forces, In a series of desper
ate assaults In the region ot Craonne,
today resorted to the bayonet, but were
repulsed by the Allies with consider
able loss,
The Invaders' assaults were espe
cially violent east ot the Olse and north
, of the Atsne.
, At 3 o'clock this afternoon the War
I Office Issued this official statement:
j On our left wing, on the right
bank, of the Olse, we have advanced
to the heights of Lasslgny (west ot
Noyon). East of the Oisc and to
the north of the Alsne the Germans
have shown an lncreabe in activity.
Violent attacks turning Into bay
onet charges have been delivered
In the region of Craonne. The
enemy has been repulsed at all
points with considerable losses.
Around Rhcinis the enemy has
made no Infantry attack, but has
confined his efforts to bombarding
our front with his heavy pieces.
At the centre in Champagne and
on the west side of the Argonne,
beyond Souain, we have taken
Mesnll. Lcs Hurlus and Mashlgcs.
In the Wocvre region the enemy
holds the region of Thiancourt and
has bombarded Hnrron-Chateul.
On the right wing (Lorraine and
the VobRcs) there is no change.
The Germans are fortifying them
selves on Delmlot Hill, south of
The British troops had taken up posi
tions !n the Craonne region, and it Is sup
posed that the forces of Sir John French
are bearing the brunt of the attacks made
by the German infantry.
Sixteen words constituted an addi
tional official statement Issued at Bor
deaux this afternoon. It follows:
"We are confident that the Allies
hold a favorable position in the great
battle now progressing."
Today's announcement is the first
since the battle of the Alsno began
stating that either side had resorted to
tho bayonet. This indicates that 'on
this, tho ninth day of the battle, the
artillery duol which has been raging
for many days, resulted In a drawn
battle and that the other forces have
now been brought Into action.
The Allies havo thrown forward
heavy bodies ot men to engage the
attacking forces.
Activity of the French and British
around Solssonfe shows that the Allien
are continuing their Hanking move
ment ngainst the troops of General
on Kluk, who appears In Imminent
danger of being surrounded. Heavy
reinforcements have been rushed to
von Kluk's aid.
knocking down the walls of tho prin
cipal buildings of tho town and many
noncombatants have been killed. Tha
Hotel de Ville, tho museum, the sub
prefecture and nil neighboring build
ings have been destroyed almost com
pletely, it was nnnounced today.
Only n. few walls of the famous ca
thedral, erected In tho Middle Ages, re
main standing.
Both Solssons and Rhelms arc re
ported to be In flames. Solssons has
been under Are since fighting in tho
present battle began. Rheims has
been bombarded for S4 hours.
Farther to the east, near the Ar
gonne district, In the Meuse Valley
and the Vosgcs, fighting is less sovere,
but is still going on.
The destruction along the valley of
the Alsne is appalling. Wounded sol
diers, returned officers and prisoners
from the front describe the loss of llfo
as colossal. The stretch ot lowland
between the hills flanking the Alsne
is described as a valley of death and
Day and night the bombardment
goes on until one wonders in amaze
ment how the Germans arc abloirv
bring from their distant base of sup
plies sufficient ammunition necessary
to keep their batteries In action all the
It Is confidently believed by the
French military authorities in Paris
that the German positions can bo so
thoroughly weakened by tho cannonade
that the French and British will be
able to sweep the Germans from their
entrenchments at the point ot tho
bayonet, despite the reinforcements.
Already, it is snid, the French havo
been able to silence several of the Ger
man batteries at that point, compelling
them to take up new positions.
Tho effect of the German artillery
fire upon the French and British troops
has been terrible, It is admitted. Soma
of the heaviest German guns have been
shelling the nllled positions from a dis
tance ot seven miles. All are cleverly
masked. It is admitted thnt one of tho
largest guns, which has done great
damage, is so successfully concealed
that the Allies have been unable to
locate It.
So far the fighting has been a fierce
artillery duel, partaking of the quali
ties of a siege. Now, howeer, with
both sides beginning to use more and
more infantry, tho fighting should bo
near its end. The present week should
see the tide of victory and defeat flow
ing in clearly marked channels.
Whether it will result in the Germans
taking the offensive movement in an
effort to pierce the French and British
lines, or whether the Allies will bo abla
to roll back tho German legions to the)
The French hae been able to move
their heaviest artillery to the firing ' frontler- remains to bo been
line east of the Olse. near Its junction
with the Alsne, and a continuous nisht
and day bombardment against the
Gorman positions !s In progress. Ac
cording to tho official announcement,
tho hardest fighting is In progress near
Solssons, on the extreme western end
' No matter hnw thn nraeont i,n.i
goes, all of northeastern France, from
Paris to the Belgian und German fron
tiers, will have been ravaged, devas
tated and scourged. It Ik as though
the hands of God. sweeping in rllvina
wrath, had withered nnd Masted tha
land for the sins of Its people.
The French and English haxe heen
For Philadelphia and vicinity Fair
tonight and Tuesday; not much
change in temperature; gentle van
able winds.
For details, see last page.
of the battle line, and near Rhelms, I successful In taking big bodies of pris-
Jn tho centre. I oners, but it seems that the gaps In
The bombardment of Rheims con. i the Germ:,n ran' are "lle' as soon
, , j ... . . j, . 'as they are made. More than 10.000
tinned today with unabated fury. The rUna r .,. . , !,?
sank an armed German merchantman ! heavy German guns, mounted on the this city, all having been brought m
on souin Amenta, ino tvoenfgsberg heights three miles from the city, are within the last week,
disabled tho English cruiser Pegasus
near Zanzibar, and tho German crui
ser Emden captured six English ves
sels in Bay of Bengal, the Admir
alty admits. The German Baltic fleet,
flying the flag of Prince Henry of
Prussia, Is reported to have seriously
damaged the Russian fleet near tho
Gulf of Finland. The Allies claim
control of the Atlantic, Mediterranean
and North Sea.
Rumania's entrance into the war on
the side of the Allies is expected, it
being admitted by German nuthori-
BERLIN. Sept. 31 (by way of Am
sterdam), The following official statement cov
ering the general situation In Franco
was tssuetj today:
"Tha reinforcements sent to tha
front have given a good account of
tJTemselves and have strengthened our
lined by replacing the soldiers, who
were almost exhausted by the terrlflo
strain under which they hate been
'Success is meeting our offensive
against the nllled British and French ' "ehtlng for many days,
forces. Wo are making progress at ' ''Our artillery again lias demon-
ties that efforts of the Kaiser to gain ' several points. Heavy rains for a few I stratert Its superiority.
aid of the Balkan State have been dais compelled the German troops to "v,e have repulsed attacks made by
Further Balkan complications , withhold their attack, but we are now I trench troops on Donon, near Saales,
moving forward with the enemy mak- , '"rT Primont. near
Ing an energetic defense. ' Rhelms, wa taken by assault, the al.
are expected if Rumania takes up

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