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. t-i .. nTi.- r-
Jorman rratt manes des
perate Attack on riancee
and Then Attempts Sui
cide In Hospital Now.
.... .. untuned after having sue
.,AcA In leatllnfir h's sweetheart to tlio
H Pratt, of 6305 Lena street. German
made an attack on pretty Theresa
ntimriin'' vi"":, -,-;,. -;-,.'.
llntown Hospital In danger of losing
Ma '!?";' u.. .mnlnv.il OS n. tlpVr.1
Ifiir In the Spring Garden street eta
Side "as the culmination of a trip to
IKK ,. runinrln last
r!iS They differed on the question
UM? .'.. n,,i n nrltut nhnnlri mnrrv
hm and returned without the ceremony
?MlfPFlt2mMtln,8 father heard of the
jui i,.. I. ti.ni in v nit h In ilnllch.
?rPaln. rratt came to the Fltzmartln
tir as" ; ...... i... iv vr
Phis nay past Mis. Nora Fltzmar
. .ii.-.-.i ihn Ali-1 In her room.
'Km he crappled with her. The police
l". ... trlel to fotco acid down the girl's
Soat Mrs. Fltzmnrtin scizca i-ratis
rlst Her face and hands were splashed
i'.. ' -u tvim-im. hrr 4.vpnr-old son.
.'lis also seriously burned about the head
it flylnc drop, oi mc mium,
Htls Mnry Flttmaitln, a slitcr of the
I.. . ........Im frnm 41lA lintIRn nllrt
filed rollccman Leo, of the Germantown
i'jllon. He reached the struggling youth
l time to sco Prntt spit most of the
reminder of the acid on his face and
Jjii In an effort to pour It down his
Phis'lclans nt the Germantown Hospital
'"'.. . ,1I l,nr thai rr-,U"o
f mere n nuiuu .... ..,... ....
itulsht may be saved. He declined to
Bike a statement, other than that he
. . ,- Trtlvmn,f In In .Hot rn rl Intv
!!,IaiMtlgatlon revealed, the pollco say,
ftit Fratt inaucca uiu Km iu iuur nur
'ftiitlon, being In the employ of Dr.
id when ho had her alone In a c.ir
rtj tried to choke her. The marks
tlhls fingers are still on her throat, ac
toritaff to a physician In charge.
Pratt got the acid from a drug storo
itBajnton and I'rlco streets, Gcrman
liitn, purchasing ono and a half ounces,
ujlns he wanted It for disinfectant. As
li hid prelou.Iy bought three ounces
Hi druggist was not suspicious.
Qlaaman Gets Knock-out From
Dennis McGovern.
When reading nuropcan war news Den-
J. Mrfinvrn of 28-1(1 Mlllnv Htrrnt. rinra
ft like to bo disturbed. Ho was follow
kf the movements or Uermany, Russia,
fnnce and Japan this morning, when he
in Interrupted by a representative or
rvi.t irhn nll l,l nnnlrt wna .Tnv Wlnir.
TVInr fthlprtp in MnGnvorn's. nresence
'ftause he wanted to clean the steps of
v. lamulrv. nt 3i17 TCast Clnnrflelfl street.
Xi McGovern was sitting on the stops
it refused to move, and said If there
j any cleaning up to be dono he would
Ute part It In himself. The Chinaman
. in lha Titnrlr. .infl trnt n lil.inklnck.
He raised It over JlcGovern's head, but
it mi nn furllier. There was a craflh
and Joy we.nt to the ground. McGovern
then went on reading his paper.
He was not Interrupted again until a
policeman noticed tho Chinaman lying on
the smevralK. Joy was laKcn insmc ana
TffXfiYAm nrrnmnnnlncl the nollceman to
the Belgrade and Clearfield streets station
9 explain.
Hoard of Health Now Looking Into
Case Causing Alarm.
Some alarm was caused In the south
western part of the city today when It
s reported that Owen Hall, CO years
eld. a Negro, had died at his home,
Eetenteenlh and Montrose sticcts, of
The man was attended for several days
by Dr. S C Boston, 2219 Catharine street.
tho Is district surgeon. He said today
that the case was diagnosed ub possible
leprosy and that thcic was no cause for
lUrm When the case was lepoitcd to
Ue Board of Health this morning Dl
tector Ilarte sent Dr. Hni tzell, of the
loird staff, to make an Investigation.
Hen, It Is said, had no regular home
lor lome time, and hlied a loom here
tad there whenever he had money.
ptry Frehmg Has Physicians on
the Hunt Now.
A Pin BWalloneil hv Tlnrrv FVohiirir 1B
'i old, of 1727 South 21th street, is
juiing piiyslcians at St. Agnes' Hospital
So far they have been unable to tocato
W. OUt FrebUrCT linn nl,n r .in ntarmlno
Ihfe reit1s t .11 . i .. i. .. -.
lutes ni.tri,., nn,,.i .i .
etain.r :: :: r: r." ."' .",o. ?"
..... ., elB ureneu ny Judge
nompson today In the Postofflce Build-i-l.
Edward M HltMi, a newspaper man
r,Jostmaater at Tamaciua, Schuylkill
Crind jnaS appolntca foreman of the
NntnlnatlnKa m
ji.V A " ,or county ol ces of the
X t.i.lFerof II,bcm'an "-111 bo
SfVB,.-S," ? f the men-
tlsht a. j?i v u.n la b ,,e,1 tc"
iniinn . . A: 1"ul;e nl tns second
"tor, will be submitted tonight.
BUHET T.nf!rnon -ntr i . ..
utOrra f. mi ..
MMrVnrt m T"' 3a 9 years old- so"
" 't awnl t,r?e - Tho'as' Jr- t
SenU? duri,1 " th0.rl"' hana by tho
in;, .. L dl8S.h'lrBO of a rifle. Is recov.
fcnUit was for;. J. ntma"n Hospital. Tim
P He m 1 by ,he X,ray anl te
'w hj. nlU leae the hospital In a
Ribs Broken by a Fall
broke ? hi euJ:s old a ston"
'' second Jo thVfSs?Bwh,n ho fe" "m
b,'i demoliah "f"t iloors of a building
thnI..emollslld on Car IsIa tr, v,l
ttnwrt.toSl' m.ornlns- a stepped
K chute. lLTnt ? noor '' a rub
KlPlUL e was take" t St. Joseph's
PSVaI "lcer RecoverlnB
nJ?i!lc,? at the vni,
Utemnt con U, tot,ay a,d that
4J$WJ WeU the' road
W' Pe7t h l0W'ns a operation.
th?JS of"cer to rejoin his
Uuta :!i r-ve fleet within ., r
iti, - -.... ..
' K
St. Louis Club Members to Get
Further Hearing.
Jack Miller and Albert Dolan, members
of the St. I.ouls National League baso
ball club, were each held under S0O ball
this morning by Magistrate Itenshaw, of
the Central Police Court, to appear for
a further hearing In Allegheny County
on a charge of assault and battery. Ball
was entered for the ball players, who
wore held on charges preferred by fVilllani
D. Gnsper, of Pittsburgh.
Church Bodies Issue Call for Suppli
cation October 4.
The Federal Council, which Includes all
tho Kvangellcal Protestant churches of
this country, has Issued a call to all the
churcheo of the United States, ashing that
they Join In prayer on Sunday, October 4,
as requested by President 'Wilson. In the
call there is Included the following
"Let lis pray that the war spirit may
bo suppressed as dueling has been sup
pressed; that nations ohall think of
nations not as enemies, but as co-workers
together with God for the establishment
of Ills kingdom on cailli."
Many Bpeclal prayeis have been pre
paied for churches of dlffeient denomina
tions, to bo used on the "Peace Prayer
Dav," among them being ono by BIdhop
David If. Gieer. of tho Protestant Episco
pal Diocese of New York.
September Term of Court Opens To
day at Media.
MEDIA, Pa., Sept. 21 September Crimi
nal Court opened In the new Court House
here today and eighteen grand Jurors
were tjworn to pass upon 171 new cases
and about CO continued fiom tho June
Four murder cases aro Included, the de.
feudants being George Johnson and Alex
ander Moore, charged with killing
a Negro; Maggie Smith, charged with the
murder of her daughter's child; Mary
Freeney, charged with the shooting of a
man at Prospect Park, and Ferdlnandn
Spllltlno, charged with the fahootlng of
his brother-in-law at Glen Mills.
Contrary to expectation no opinion will
be handed down at this term on the ap
plication for new trials for George H.
Maich and Itowland S. Pennington, con
victed at the last term of the murder of
S Lewis Plnkerton. The case of Bow
land S. Pennington has not yet been
Throat Trouble Cause1 Retirement of
the Rev. Arnold H. Hord.
Throat trouble lias caused the retire
ment of the Hev. Arnold II. Hord as rec
tor of St. Michael's Protectant Episcopal
Church, Germantown. His resignation
was read at the services yesterday morn
ing The Hev. Hord Is also the registrar
of the Diocese of Pennsylvania and lt
well-Known among tho Protestant Episco
pal clergymen and working laymen
throughout the East. For almost It years
he had heen In charge of St. Michael's
PreWoua to going to St Michael's the
Rev. Hord was rector of the Episcopal
Church In Holinesburg. and before he be
came rector there he serevd as assistant
at St James' Church. Twenty-second
and Walnut streets, and at Christ Church.
Ednard Saunders, of 106 Peach street,
has t.30 today unless he has spent It,
despite the fact that he has been out of
work for some time. Saunders rented
park benches at 25 cents a seat Saturday
at the field day of the Knights Templar
Magistrate Bojle fined him JS.J0, but be
fore he was arrested Saunders had col
lected about 15. so he cheerfull paid
the fine.
Workmen Cannot Move Her, So
Courts Will Decide Issue.
Will the Pennsylvania Itallroad Com
pany place an ugly old post on her prop
erty? They will not, If Mrs. B. Pelllcoft
has anything to say about it. That is
why she Is established In a now post
hole, dug by the employes of the com
pany, and she does not Intend to get out
until they have departed. Will tho
policemen kindly make tho lady get out
of the hole, bo that the men may go
on with their work? Certainly not! Tho
hole Is on her property, and she has a
right to stay there If she wants to, and
she does want to, so that's all there Is
to It.
This 1 tho situation which is holding a
crowd of spectators at Twelfth street und
Atlnntlc avenue, where the Pennsylvania
Railroad Is erecting poles noccBsary to
the completion of a stretch of electrified
railroad. Tho company believes that It
owns the land upon which the poles are
to be erected, and Mrs. Pelllcoft believes
that her husband owns a particular piece
of land upon which the company has
Mrs. Pelllcoft is sitting In the hole;
she has had her lunch and says that
she Is looking forward to enjoying
nice chicken supper tonight. Of course
It Is lather awkward, In having the
food brought out to her, but then it
Isn't so had when you consider what
would happen It she got out.
Employes of the railroad say that
Mrs. Pelllcoft can sit there, it she feels
that way about It, until the courts
have decided who owns tho Innfl. They
have tried every possible mean to dis
lodge her and ore now resigned to a
Judicial settlement of the affair.
Third Call on Optical Goods' Store on
Schedule Time.
The regular monthly visit of the un
known thieves who rob the optical supply
store of A. H. Harrison, 590 Germantown
avenue, took pluco early this morning.
A large rumber of glasses and optical
supplies were stolen. Just why tho thieves
single out the optician's place each month
Is a matter of conjecture. By way of
novelty, the Intruders entered thlt) time
through the rear window. When they
called In July thoy gained entrance
through a front cellar window, while a
visit In August was made through a side
window leading from the yard Tho
pollen believe that tho thieves are
Man Falls Unconscious in Street
After Satisfying Thirst.
Drinking too much ice water In an
endeavor to satisfy thirst caused by
the heat today brought on a serious at
tack of gastritis which caused Frank
Days, of 220 Haynes street, to drop un
conscious In the street at Manayunk
avenue and Harvey street, Germantown,
this afternoon.
Days Is 21 years old and a stone cut
ter. He was taken to the St. Timothy's
Hospital for ticatment.
O. G. Hempstead Son. conducting
a shipping business at 41 South Fourth
street, and acting as local agents for
the North German Lloyd Line, has been
Incorporated In tho Btato of Delaware
with a capital of J50.000. Mr. Hemp
stead said that the step, contemplated
for some time, was only a preliminary
one and that no definite announcement
could yet be made as to when the in
corporation would go Into effect.
Ardmore Man's Disappearance Puz
zllng the Police.
Seated beside a cradle In which tiny
twin boy babies laughed, Mrs. George S.
PIttingcr, of Haws Terrace, Ardmore,
wept this morning aa she told of the
disappearance Saturday night of her hus
band, and pleaded for assistance In find
ing him.
Leaving Haverford Court, an apart
ment house at Haverford where he Is
employed, Pittlnger failed to return to
his home Saturday night. Later, when
she became alarmed over his absence,
the wife left her home and appealed to
policemen on the Ardmore beats to search
for him.
Not a trace of Pittlnger has been found.
Because of Mrs. PIttlnger's request, the
management of Haverford Court em
ployed a private detective to take up the
As they aro known in their little com
munity in Ardmore, the Plttlngers nro
regarded as devoted to each other and
to their children, which makes the dis
appearance of the husband still more
Pittlnger came originally from Balti
more. His children are nine months old.
When he left the apartment house ho
wore a navy blue suit, low black button
Shoes and a gray soft hat.
Thousands See Priests Take Part in
Solemn Services.
The new noman Catholic Church of
Our Iidy of Victory, 54th and Vine
streets, was dedicated yesterday morning
with several thousand persons present for
the exercises. Bishop McCort headed a
ritual procession of 1500 persons. Arch
bishop Prendergast occupied the throne
during the Solemn Pontifical Mass which
The sermon was preached by the Rev.
Mgr. Charles F. Kavnnaush, chancellor
of the diocese. Assistant priests at the
Mass were the Rev. Richard F. Hanagan,
the Rev. George E. Orr, the Rev. John J.
McMenamln. the Rev. Francis J. Shee
han and thn Rev. .Tmn .T rrnrr:,
Solemn Vespers, with a sermon by Uie
Rev. Wlllam J. Garrlgan, took place In
the evening.
Son of Mrs, Barlow, Golf Expert, Will
Enlist in Canada.
Lovel Hardwlck Barlow, of Haverford
Pa., son of Mrs. R. H Barlow, the golf
expert, will leave for Canada today where
he will Join one of the Canadian resl-
Barlow. who Is only 22 years old, was
monts about to depart for the front
born In England, but not long after his
birth his father nnd mother came to this
country, where they have resided ever
since. The young man has never been
naturalized and feels that he should go
to the defense of his native land.
Aged Man Struck by Trolley
Michael Nearo. 71 years old, of 28CC
Wharton street, was struck by a trolley
car at Graj 'a Ferry road and Washington
avenue, while on his way to work early
this morning. Ntiaro became confuted
when rinding himself between the trolley
car and a wagon At the Polyclinic Hos
pital It was found that his Injury was
slight, consisting of a light bruise of the
James Comerford, It J ears old, of 1253
South U'jcknell street, suffered a frau
tured ankle and other Injuries toda when '
he was run down by a waon at 2oth nnd
Federal streets He was taken to the
Polyclinic Hospital. I
P JJt2JXai
'W do the rut" llKbT!
UtocheaUr Method)
Eaatmaa Kodak Co
1020 Chestnut St.
Atlantic Cltr Blore 1S7 UoarUwalk
Liquors, Amusements and
Fuel for Motors Bear
Brunt of Levy Close Imi
tation of Spanish War
WASHINGTON, Sept. 2i.-The Admin
istration's emergency war tax bill was In
troduced 'n the House today by Repre
sentative Underwood, chairman of - tho
Ways and Means Committee.
Tho bill Is a. close Imitation ot the Span
ish war tax of 189? except for the tax
on beer, wines and gasoline. The stamp
tax on checks Is not Included In the pres
ent bill. The. telephone nnd telegraph
companies aro to keep account of their
taxable messages nnd remit for them.
The principal taxes will be levied on
beer, domestic sweet wines and dry wines;
gasoline and naphtha nnd other producta
uecd In motors. Amusements will be tax
ed In cities of moro than 6000 where thea
tres will be taxed $100. This Includes
moving picture houses,
Tho bill hus a ptovlslon whereby retail
clgnr dealers will be taxed $4.80.
Bonds of the United States or those of
any State, county or town are exempt
from taxation. Bonds and stocks of co
operative building and lonn association!
with a capital stock ot not moie than
$10,000. nnd building nnd loan associations
making loans only to shareholder are
exempt. Tho taxes under tho so-called
"stamp tax" section of the bill, borrowed
largely from tho Spanish war bill, are:
Bonds, 5 cents for each $100 or fraction!
stock certificates, 5 cents per $100; bills ot
eale on stock and bond transfers, 2 centB.
BUI of sale of merchandise 1 cent for
each $100 or fraction. Promissory notes,
2 cents por $100.
Express and freight receipts and bills
of lading, 1 cent each.
Indemnity bonds, 50 cents; certificates
of profit, 2 cents por $100; certificates of
damage, 25 cents; other certificates, 10
cents; contracts of atl kinds, 10 cents;
deeds and conveyances, 50 cents for first
$100 to $300; each additional $300 an addi
tional B0 cents; entry of goods at Customs
House, 25 cents to II: entry for with
drawal, 50 cents.
Life Insurance, 8 cents on each $1000.
Life Insurance policies on weekly pay
ment basis. 40 per cent of amount of first
'weekly premium.
Marine, Inland and fire insurance, one
half of 1 per cent, on each dollar or frac
tional part; mutual and purely co-operative
fire Insurance companies exempt.
Fidelity, casualty and guaranty insur
ance one half of one cent on each dollar.
Mortgages on real and personal prop
erty of all kind 25 cents If above $1000
nnd not above $1300, and 25 cents on each
$500 above $1500.
Passage tickets on vessels leaving
United States ports, $1 If costing not
more than $30; $3 if costing between $30
and $60, and $5 If more than $60.
Power of attorney and proxies, 10 cents;
power of attorney to sell real estate,
bonds, etc., 23 cents; protested paper, 25
cents; all seats In parlor and Pullman
cars, 2 cents.
Man's Mind May Be Unbalanced
Magistrate Thinks.
Charged -with threatening to kill his
employer, John Barry, of Merchantvillo,
N. X. Is being held by Justice of the
Peace Longstreth, who will Investigate
the man's sanity.
Barry was employed as a stable hand
by Isaac Ferris, Jr., president and treas
urer of the Isaac Ferris, Jr., Company,
a shoe manufacturing concern of Cam
den, In Ferris' Merchantville home. It
Is alleged that Barry had threatened to
kill his employer several times, and that
last night he came up to the house and
began destroying property, breaking two
large windows. FerrlB, fearing the man
might try to carry out his threats of
murder, caused his arrest.
Bad Eyesight Retards School Children
Various forms of bad eyesight, most
of which oculists can cure, are retard
ing the progress of 23 per cent of the
school children In thl city, according to
the latest weekly health bulletin of
Dhector Ilarte Patents who cannot
afford to pay for the treatment of their
children's ejes ar urged to bring the
children to the Eye Dispensary of the
Bureau of Health.
Our completa line of summer
times Is being doet out at coat
prlcffl. Some excellent aluea at
prices from 45c to V- 76 Many
are heavy enough tor fall and
winter er.
Our duitera are also being
cleaned out at rock bottom flguraa.
Some an low as CO cents
A real opportunlt
lip VA1I. II Y
217 North Broad Street J ,
Windows, Furnishings rtnd Roof of
Empty Dwelling Mutilated,
Three boys, Innocent looking In appear
ance, but exciting suspicion of possessing
Captain Kldd tendencies, were held by
Magistrate Grclls at tho nidge avenue
and Mldvate avenue station this morning,
accused of entering an empty house at
Celtzor lane and the old Philadelphia and
Heading Hallway, breaking all tho win
dows In the dwelling, mutilating tho fur
nishings and tearing off part of the roof.
John Dobson, ownor of the house, testi
fied against the bos. They are Frank
Meade, 15 years Jd, of 2635 North 21th
street, Thomas Monahan, 13 years old, of
2712 Judson otrcet, and Albert Uenafold,
15 years old, of 2227 Oakdnle street. They
will be brought beforo Judge Gorman In
tho Juvenile Court.
District Attorney to Go Deeper Into
Magistrate's Tangle.
Mnx Aron, n member of the Legislature
from the 20th Wnrd and the lawjer
whoo nomo was mentioned In tho latest
ball scandal, Involving Magistrate "Joe"
Call's office, will bo Invited by District
Attorney Rotnn to toll anything ho may
know of the nllcgcd forging of the
name of Ipnac Friedman, of 1120 Glrard
avenue, to a ball bond.
The lavocr formerly represented Fried
man as supposed bondsman for Frank
Bohier, now a fugitive from Justice on
a charge of keeping a disorderly house.
He was spoken of In proceedings beforo
Judge Bonnlwell laBt week as having some
knowledge of n faked letter used to ob
tain postponements of Bohrer's tilal.
Aron's name wns connected with that
of Samuel .1. Gross. On Saturday Call
promised the District Attorney that he
would dismiss Gross from his place as
cleik. The lawyer will ho requested to
call at tho District Attorney's ofTlce to
morrow. '
Mr. Ho tan Is going over tentlmony pro
duced before Judgo Bonnlwell concerning
the alleged forgery of Friedman's name,
but thus far has found It to bo bo con
flicting that there seems to be small
chance of It being substantial enough to
warrant nn arrost on a forgeiy charge.
Synngogues Thronged With Wor
shipers to Hear Sermons.
Ttosh Hashana, tho Jewish Xow Year's
Day, was ushered In last night In every
Jewish household In tho city, and by
special religious observances In all the
synagogues. Today Is the first day of
the holiday, which will last until sunset
tomorrow and will Inaugurate the fall
cycle of Jewish holidays. The syna
gogues were thronged with worshipers
last night, and special sermons were
preached at all the temples.
Rabbi Joseph Krauskopf preached his
first sermon at Kenesoth Israel, Broad
street and Montgomery avenue, since his
return from the European war zone. His
subject wns "The Failure of Our Civiliza
tion." Ho arraigned hittcrly tho Christian
nations of Europe, and said that the
peoples of Europe, In entering upon the
bloodiest combat of history, havo dealt
a death blow to the structure of Chris
tianity. The sermons In all the other
synagogues were along the same line.
Bosh Hashana Is followed in ten days
by "Tom Klppur," tho Day of Attone
ment, which In turn Is followed, five days
later, by "Succoth," the Feast ot tho
The nev. Thomas K. Burton hos been
mnde Irremovable rector of the noman
Catholic Church of the Annunclntlon,
10th and Dickinson streets. He comes
to this charge from Krackvillo, Pa.,
where he was rector ot St. Joseph's
parish, which he organized about fle
years ago. Previous to going to Frnnck
vllle Father Burton served as assistant
In several churches here. He succeeds
the nev. P. J. Dalley, who has been
transferred to the Church of Our Lady
of the Ilosary, C3d nnd Callowhtll
streets He will assume his new duties
next Sunday.
Office Outfitters and
Commercial Stationers
i tj- i
Largest and most fair
ly priced stock to be
found anywhere.
"First impressions are the
most lasting." A tastefully
furnished office creates a
favorable impression a
distinct aid to obtaining new
904-906 Chestnut St.
Arthur Hotnllng Attracted Officer
Making Too Much Noise.
Arthur Hotallng, 2S years old, 223T
North Franklin street, was held under
(2000 ball for court by Magistrate Emely,
at tho Park and Lehigh avenues station
this morning. He was accused of com
Pllclty In trying to break open a sate in
the ofllco of the mslng Sun Ice and Coal
Company, 1018 Dauphin street, yesterday.
Hotallng was arrested by Policeman
Nickels, of the Park and Lehigh avenues
station, who, attracted by a noise In the
ofTlce of the company, heard voices Inside.
A peep through a break In the shutters
convinced him that there woro two men
In the ofllre who had no business there.
Drawing his revolver, Nickels darted
around to the rear of the building. Hear
Ing footsteps, the two men mado a dash
to escape through tho rear door, where
upon Nickels fired, hitting Hotallng In the
elbow and bringing him to. a. stop. Th
other man, who, Hotallng says, Is Clar
ence Mutchler, a former fireman, succeed
cd In making his escape. Ills arrest, how
ever, Is expected.
After Investigation of the company's
promises this morning, policemen found,
In an adjoining stabln, a check protecto
graph vnlucd at $40, and a small sum of
money which the burglars, in their flight,
left behind.
Sirs. John Hotallng, the prisoner's
mother, said that her son was undoubted
ly Influenced In attempting the robber
by a man named Lawrence. This man,
she ns'scrted, was well known to th
police. "My son worked,' said' Mrs.
Hotallng, "whenever he could obtain em
plo ment. Ho went out with me on Satur
day night to bco nbout a poaltlon. Hit
left mo finally and met Lawrence, who
I know coaxed him Into entering tho
building. I am glad that he Is alive for
I understand the policeman who arrested
him llred five shots although the shooting
was all unnecessary."
Trio, Seen by Detectives, Mingla
With Church Throng.
Supposed pickpockets mingled In thn
crowd yesterday at the dedication of
the Parish School of the Church of the
Holy Rosary, at Haines and Morton
streets, Germantown. They were seen
and recognized by Dotoctlve McCarthy,
who placed them under arrest.
They were held by Magistrate Ren
ahaw at tho central pollco station this
morning under $600 ball each, to await
any cases that might develop against
them. The men gavo their nsjnes as
Milton Crevillo, David Llpman and Isa
dore Cohen.
Fall Suits
$15, $18, $20
The values of material
and making in them have
passed into a household
truth in Philadelphia
At Perry's
We have always put such
solid worth into our Suits
and Overcoats at $12, $15,
$18, $20 that big makers of
men's clothes have frankly
expressed their astonish
At Perry's
We continue all the time
so to make them that our
$12, $15, $18, $20 clothes
keep right on making
At Perry's
Their wearers tell their
friends, and they buy!
These men in turn tell
other men in an almost end
less chain and every sea
son finds us selling more
and more of them
At Perry's
Perry & Co., "N.B.T.
16th & Chestnut Sts.
I.tdU." Shot Farteri,
Second Floor.
The "Gaiterboot"
Topmost Style
The beautiful Parisian overgaiter
effect is perfectly realized in the
"Gaiterboot." Its graceful vamp out
line, emart design and modish finish
give it undisputed prominence.
Patent leather or black Russia calf,
with narrow receding plain toe, light
welt sole, and leather Louis heel, the
toppings are fawn, gray or black of
the new imported Dreadnought cloth.
The B Shoe Store
12Q40608 Market St,
Silk Stockings and Satin Slippers In Seventeen Shades
School, College
and Institution
Accounts Solicited
We are the largest buyers
and receivers of fruits and
vegetables in Philadelphia,
and will be pleased to send
price list or representative.
You will find our prices in
"We will send for and re
fund any unsatisfactory
Free deliveries and prompt
attention to out-of-town
Felix Spatola & Sons
Frill U iiuil Vegetable
Reading Terminal Market
Private Exchange
Bell and Keystone 'Phones
Established 30 Years
" ftr ii

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