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Lecturer Gives Interesting
Account of City's Past
Without Its Accuracy Be
ing Challenged.
1 Did you ever view Philadelphia from a
sightseeing nuto? If you didn't you havo
lots to learn. You will rind In sonjo In
stances thnt fnmous historians have
greatly erred, that statisticians have not
been within gunshot distance of facts,
and that you'll feel at the end of tho
trip that you should hrush up on things
concerning your own city.
A trip o ono ot these "rubber-neck"
tors was taken today by an Kvenlng
Ledger reporter. Ho Btnrted from Fif
teenth and Market streets In receptlvo
mood, but before riding a mile was con
vinced that he knew very little, Indeed,
about places and events In his own city.
The llrst surprise came when tho car
teacher! the main postofllcc. There tho
jnarathen lecturer pointed to the statue
of Benjamin Franklin nnrl announced In
authoritative tones. "There l tho statuo
of Benjamin Franklin. Tt was upon this
very plot of ground that Franklin flew
Ms kite nnd got electricity from tho
clouds," Somo of tho other riders also
nerc amazed. They made quiet com
ment, but as most of the passengers ap
peared to bo contented the statcmont
passed unquestioned.
Ono could half close his eyes and pic
ture the guldo enlightening nn audience
in a vaudeville house. Glowing trlbuto
was paid by the lecturer to prominent
business establishments on Chestnut
street. On reaching Fifth street, ho nn
jiounccd that the Dclawnro Itlver was
jive squares cast; also that tho Atlantic
Ocean, which washed the shores of Now
Jersey and several other States, was 63?;
jnllcs east of that.
Endowed with n vocabulary which
would have donu ciedlt to a high school
giadu.itp, thf spenker then went on like
n human cncyrlopedla without a con
science. The block from Fifth to Sixth on
iMnrket htrect was referred to as "great
men's row." Luckily there were no mem
bers of the Pennsylvania i!ltorlcal So
ciety on board, for the guide pointed out
tho early homes of several Presidents,
half a dozen famous statesmen and resi
dences of others who helped make history
In the days of tho city's early struggled.
At Seventh street he was obliged to
drop history for commerce. All tho de
portment stores got the fullest praise
and the prices of hats nnd gowns were
not forgotten. In describing one, ' thu
lecturer remarked: "There Is a store so
large that If a woman bought a hat at
the Market street entrance and carried
It over every tloor the hat would be out
of style beforo she loft the building."
Just then a building hove In sight In
which n white coated cook was turning
acrobatic cakes. "Thnt," shouted the
guide, "Is n restnurant where a hungry
man may get anything from a roast din
ner to a piece of bread If ho has a roll."
This brought a smile, nnd, encouraged,
he went on. "There Is the world's
largest Tenn holder, City Hall, and It
cost ?3,W.00O to hold nilly In place. Kvon
at that ho becomes impatient on account
of tho deeds which go on under him."
Tp Broad street the car then wabbled.
When the suburbanites on board woio
turroundod by a batch of beautiful biiilcl
Inss tho megaphoned speaker lot his ora
tory on nt full speed. No stenographer
could have followed him. A Hood of su
perlatives was applied to tho surround
ing architecture. The facetious talker
could not resist the statement that "Venus
do JIllo on tho Academy of Fine Arts
lost her head on account of praise."
According to tho guide, this Is called
the City of Brotherly Lovo because tho
Girls' Commercial School Is opposite tho
BoyB' Hlch School, at Broad and Green
None of Philadelphia's financiers nnd
the amount of their fortunes was forgot
ten on the rcmulnder of tho trip up Broad
"'"' vvnen iiskcu nnmit n pnitlcular
ornament which protruded from the sec
ond story or nearly every house on nn-
sircoi, mo guide looked wise,
Strong Fortifications Erected Where
Invasion Was Planned.
LONUONt Sept. 21.
All reports ,recelved from the battle
fields of Franco Indicate that tho blood
iest contllct of the vr maybo In progress
today. The War Ortlco refuses nil com
ment except to say that the British and
nuiem lines are holding, and thnt the sit
uation Is unchanged.
Unablo to shell the Allies from their
position!! on the left centre, the Germans
ImVn icsorted to the bayonet. Tho
Kienoh nnd British troops have mut them,
steel to steel, and It Is certain that enor
mous losses have been sustained.
The German nttacka have been re
pulsed, It Is declnrcd, nnd though the
casunltlcs of tho Allies may bo stagger
Itig, the losses of the troops of the
Kaiser endeavoring to pierce tho allied
lines must havo been even heavier.
Tho advance of the Ft ouch lines to Las
slgny has revived the belief here that
tho determined movement to envelop tho
army of General von Kluk may yet bo
successful. In spite of n countcr-attnek,
which reports Indicate tho Germans In
stituted, the French lines wcro extended
eight miles west of Noyon .evidently as
a part of n movement toward tloyc,
bringing the Allies nearer a position for
n successful movement upon the German
The original line of tho French offen
sive Into Lorraine Is now blockod by
the Germans. This Is Indicated by tho
Information which has reached tho
French War Oluco that fortifications
nre being erected around Delme nnd
south of Chateau Salltis. This wns the
lino of tho French ndvnncc In tho Ini
tial movements, and tho German forces
nro reported as being 'strongly en
trenched there.
Messenger Brings It Back After Vain
Search by Owner.
ASHEVILL13, N. C, Sept. 22,-The
$50,000 pearl brooch which Mrs. Henry
M. Flagler wore when' she entered the
dining room ot Grove Park Inn Satur
day evening was missing when sho left
tho room and diligent senrch by hotel
employes at the lime nnd two detectives
since then failed to locate It until last
night, when It was returned mysteri
ously by a messenger of whom no ques
tions were asked,
In the brooch Is a black pearl of
largo size, surrounded by dlnmonds. IV
wns given to Mrs. Flagler yenrs ngo
by her husband, the Into Standard Oil
and East Coast magnate.
Structure Frequently Shel
tered Gen. William Henry
Harrison When He Was
Governor of Indiana.
mey are busy-bodies." hn snl.l. "mi
on account of present financial conditions
they nre placed thoro so that the resi
dents nwy learn if thero's a bill collector
at the door."
Later tho passengers learned thnt a
large plot of ground containing tomb
stones was n cemetery, and more cnllght
rn ng Information nlong this line wns
l ?ut ."nU1 Fnlrmount Park was
reached. He showed the plnygrounds for
S"d,rc ,t0 tn rlKht. and tho playgrounds
or policemen and nurses" to tho left.
i ointlng to the statue of nn Indlnn which
vnL.'th !Va.c'es' hc nl,,: "Kvpn h
iMiant medicine man cannot devise a
fine tor this condition."
By way of educational Instruction, tho
guide nnnnunrf'ri v fM.t, ..
finfl ni' '? th? pilrk' yot tne unrds oe
find poaches In pairs on the benches." As
vVu ST Wls. tne" ver' nc- t'" Schuyl
Jous speaker again becamo scr-
"ti,?U.i,?".rcad,lj' sce'" 1,e exclaimed,,
nft.rL ..,s a ,,ver' Ever' Saturday
?.?? t,,eros a boat c ere be-
"",,h! ,cw "f the Unlverslay of
"U'!yl.,:anl" nnd 0lrnl,1 College.
n.iiV that n"B on ,he weBt bank?"
l?i a Winger.
whBM '.'.' flaBr abovo Fort Helmont.
aft?? Oi Rshlnston nnd Ids aimy rested
after leaving Valley Forge."
tau,u!.ye i ."'otlsm swept over tho
I?im J ""J1 J1 was '"creased when the
Thl vi?lP,a lh. sU,U0 ot General Grant.
th.fn .Jc.hlstorlan Callc'l attention to
home of ,tl",Sew"1 was facln,r tno
nn? ,f,WJ",am Pcnn " thn west bank.
iw 2 LG.rnm. was ren(ly to Protcct ll
flxty-onp 33 Proteeted the North In
tt3J!P..rlnfr .Ganlcn street was reached
'he ku Me nn n.s .. ,
th i-i,.i.. ,. ut " un?o mount, to
met m , 7hat s whero William Penn
them iT '"slneers." he said, "and told
wount nV ila' out th0 nIana of F-a,r-dehn?J
Lary Jhla WR rollowel by a
on lvgh. 8,atlstlcs' w'"e' was cut short
ton monument.,PCaranC ' th Wart,n"'
rlrti.1,-83 a,l1 Snrlng Garden streets the
building -rhl,?a""P?lntcd, tliree-y
"! i, . "" Birneu me gume.
exclaimed the guide,
iron bulldli
bte L,.iMir":f:..."?w or copied Its
lo. pSZ..".?' '
rv ,,,; - i "" '" """-T mings.
vll Vay f Rroad street, the tra
.." laKen to tho startlne noint.
admitted the bride and
rhVni'.M ? 'reet: th.e ro
"W ,,.,:." "lu "'ariing point.
Slladelnhl, rta nl,y learned n ,ot about
iiaueiphla," adm tted thn hrM nn.i
foom. -- . -...-
liJif- 3ftUrr sald tnat he was formerly
o'nVprtwo31 bUSlnC3S and coul '
Into th, flghtlnll,S ?. ,ersoal '"lu'ry
' the B7va'larCe,ntiy betw" so'dle"
U Qb""1 force, in
OWENSVILLE, Ind., Sept. 22.-On the
farm of Miller Montgomery, ono mile
south of this city, stands nn abandoned
two-story framo house 100 years old, a
building that sheltered General William
Henry Harrison on many occasions when
ho was Governor of Indiana. Although
only a short distance from the road, the
house Is almost hidden from view by
trees. The century's wear and tear have
had little effect on tho house because It
Is kept In good repair. It contains a
good Might of stairs by which visitors
ascend to the two large rooms above,
where many articles of furniture in use
100 years ngo can be seen standing about
in cureless disorder.
The house was built by Mr. Montgom
ery's father, Walter Crockett Montgom
ery, nnd the present owner was born In
It. Directly In front of tho houso is tho
family cemetery. In which are buried
members of the Montgomery family who
left the borders of civilization In Virginia
to begin life anew In what was then a
dense forest and wilderness.
"Walter Crockett Montgomery was born
in Roanoke Springs, Va In 1784. Ho
was the last of flvo sons. Ho had threo
sisters. His father, Purty Old Tom
Montgomery, wns tho seventh son of
Hugh Montgomery, Sr., and took part
In the Revolutionary Wnr. Walter Crock
ett Montgomery came with his father to
Gibson County in 1S06. The father had
mado a visit tho previous year and
marked an oak tree on the farm now
owned by C. B. Smith. When ho r.
turned tho following year, accompanied
by his son, a man was living In a rail
pen on tho quarter section of land whero
Purty Old Tom had previously marked
tho tree. They moved n short dlstanco
north and mado a settlement, but wore
not satisfied and moved again, perma
nently settling on the land which later
descended to his son, Walter Crockett
Montgomery. Tho farm then passed Into
tho hands of Miller Montgomery, the
present owner.
Tho Montgomery's wero among the first
whlto settlers to arrive and settle pcr
mnncntly In Montgomery township, for
whom tho township was named. Tho
llrst homo of tho Montgomery."? was hullt
In 1S07. This was their homo until 1E03.
After his marrlago Walter Crockett
Montgomery set about to build a home
a houso that still stands. Timbers were
cut, and when ready to be placed In posi
tion ho Invited every white man between
PntokaNand Mount A'ernon to the llrst
"nouso raising" in Montgomery township
nnd probably the first of the kind in Gib
son County.
First, long logs were cut and placed
as sills; sleepers wcro placed on these
and on tho sleepers rough puncheons,
which were to serve as lloors, weio laid.
The logs were then built to tho height
of tho enves; then poles wero placed at
me enas ot tne ouiiding. Theso poles wero
longer than tho other logs and projected
nbout IS Inches over tho sides and wero
called butting polo sleepers. On the pro
jecting ends of these were placed tho but
ting poles, which served to give lino to
the llrst row of clapboards. These wero
split and as the gables wero built up
were laid to lap a third of their length.
They wcro often kept in place by the
weight of n heavy pole laid across the
roof parallel to the rldgo pole. Tho
Bpaces bttween the logs were then chinked
with a coarse mortar.
A fireplace was built at one end of the
house which served for heating and
cooking purposes. Greased paper was
used In tho windows. A log was left out
along one side and sheets of stiong pa
per, well greased with coon gicase or
bear oil. were tacked in. The house was
hullt principally as a rendezvous for the
settlers In the event of an attack from
the Indians.
Mr. Montgomery and General William
Henry Harrison wore close friends In
Virginia, nnd when the genera was ap-
poimcu uovernor ot Indiana Territory
the friendship was renewed. The Gov
ernor stopped overnight with Mr. Mont
gomery many times during his voyages
from Vincennes to Mount Vernon. Mr.
Montgomery was a soldier during the
War of 1811-12. Walter Crockett Mont
gomery died In 155S and was buried in
the old family graveyard where his father
was burled In ISIS. Miller Montgomery
is tho 19th and last of the children of
Walter Crockett Montgomery.
Nleuw Amsterdam Reports Seeing
Floe 200 Peet Long.
NEW YORK, Sept. 22. An Iceberg !00
feet long nnd CO feet high wns reported
east of Cape Race by the stf amshlp Nlctiw
Amsterdam when It arrived here. The
Nleuw Amsterdam nlso relayed from tho
Whlto Star liner Arabic Information to
mariners of Icebergs In grcnt numbers
between tho 15th nnd th meridians
nlong tho Mth parallel.
Tho Hydrographlc Oltlce also sent out
a notice yesterday that tho Danish steam
ship Russ passed 31 berss.
SOUTH ORANGE, N. J., Sept. 22,-The
Very Rov. Mons. James F. Mooney,
D, D., president of Scton Hnll College,
wns tendered a surprise dinner at noon
yesterday In honor of tho 23th anni
versary of his ordination to tho priest
hood. The faculty nnd Boveral hundred
students of tho Institution presented the
priest with an elb following the dinner.
Appointed Councilman by Governor
Tener, Carnegie Institute Trustee.
PITTSHURGH, Sept. 21. - Councilman
William A. Hoeveler wns j-lrlcken by
painlysls ns he finished addressing a
Council meeting tonight nnd died within
a few minutes. He wns one ot tho orlg
Innl nppointeos of Governor J. K. Tener
when the orlglnnl Council of nlno was
named after the passing of the now city
charter. Councilman Hoeveler was tho
founder of tho W. A. Hoeveler Storage
Company nnd wns Interested extensively
In rcnl estate here. He was n trustee of
the Cnrncglo Institute and member ot
tho advisory board of tho Duqucsne Uni
versity of the Holy Ghost.
Editor o Copper Curb and Mining
NEW YORK, Sept. 22. Merrill A.
Teague, ono of the ablest nnd best-known
financial Journalists of the country, died
rather suddenly yesterday morning nt his
home at Chatham, N, J., after a long Ill
ness. A wife nnd daughter, Mildred, 12
yenra of nge, survive.
At the time of his demise Mr. Tengue
was editor of Copper Curb and Mining
Outlook, a position he had tilled for sev
eral years.
S.VN FRANCISCO. Sept. 21.-The
French baik LaFontalns. 172 days out
from Emden, Prussia, for this port. In
command of Captain Pierr Rathouls, ar
rived here today and learned for the first
time of the European war. He and his
crew at once offered their services to the
A?J?.vPn Septembor 10. 1011, MAnOUEP.
ITB, dauBliter of Ferdinand and Kuiharln.
Aiinn (neo Incenbrandt). aged Hi years and
li months. Relatives anil fripnds nro Invited
to attend the runcral EcrvlceH, on Tuesday.
V ?. ''v. "'. ,0' her parent' residence. 11D7
-North Randolph st.
AltltOTT. On September 20, 1014. ISAAC
AIIUCTT. liustand of tho latu t-'ar'ili A
Arrott, In Ids 7sth year. Funeral penlcei
at his late residence .-1.I20 North 1'ark nve
nucl!." Wednesday morning September 2.1.
at 10MO o clock. Interment nrhatu.
ANIlKKWb. ;pn September 10. 10H. WIL
LIAM b. ..M)l(Cttii. Relatives and friends
are Invited to nttcnr me luniral, on
Vieilncsday. at 2:10 p. m., nt his Into resl
deiiceTuckerton, N. J. Interment at Tuck
ertown. AVW.I5Us0.n September 12. 1014. MART
AtLMRII. Due notice of tho funeral will bo
elven. from her late residence, 4015 Wa.'rta
iViPWif-Suddenly, nn September 20.1914.
A U.I.1AM, son of .Mary and the lato lieorsu
Ralbeck. Funeral Wednesday at 2 p. m.
ti?i".i ,n ...' "'.'Ience ,of ,lla cousin. David
Tldstln, 24111 Federal street. Intel ment at
Pernwood Cemetery.
n'iflH?,"n September 21. 1011. MAP.IE.
uirj of Franc Ualklo, In her irtd sinr. Funer
al services Thursday, ut s p. m.. from her
n1,","; ""'''. 1024 North Orlanna st.
i inA i AS"!??Pv ';.J- on September
-1, 1014. JAJIKS 1IAI.I.AM. son of the late
Jlervyn and harnh Ilallnm. Relatives and
..rV&L a ,l.n.v',ted ,'" attend the funeral
sen Ices, on eilnesda. at 1 p in., ,u tin.
resilience of his nephew, Thomas Leach I'l.vi
Memphis st.
HAHNK.S.- September 21, 101!M II.Mtnv.
son of SI. Harry and the late Slary L.
""t"" """ Kruimson or Anna and tho lata
OeorKe II. llarnes. Funeral sendees mi
Thursday at 2:80 p m.. ut the apartments
T.?f.9,!',ver,H- ,,n,r- ,8-" f hestnut st.
III..t'K. On September IH. 1014. IIAN.S'A.
ltlov of Thomas Black. Funeral on Tues
day, at 8:30 a. m from 0 Clymer st. Solemn
Mass of Requiem at Ht. I'hlllp's Church, at
..1.n,.?.'..,.n' Interment Holy, Cross Cemetery.
BHOMN. On Heptember'18, ion. RACHAHL
P., widow of John P. Drown, aged "u years.
uneral services on Tuesday, at 2:30 n. m..
BURNS. On September IT. 1014. ANNA A.,
w dow ot Thomas F. Burns. Relatives and
friends are Invited to attend tho funeral, on
Tuesday at 2 p. m.. from her lato residence.
2iri7 Hraddock st. Interment private, at Last
Cedar HIM Cemetery.
CAltl.KV. SlAllOARET CAR LBV. 2 years.
2S12 Reese st.
CAItli. On September 21, 1014. IlHRNARn
-". t'ARR, husband of Annie Carr. Funeral
JS5Hrft? ay' at h a- "' from his late rcsldenio.
213S heileral bl Solemn Requiem .Mass at t
Anthony's Church, ut !i:ao a. in. Interim nt
Holy Cross Cemetery.
CH.Mlli:RN. On September 20, 1011, VIA'..
AUUTll. wife of the late Stephen It. Cham
bers. Relatives and friends are Invited ti at
tend the funeral servUes, on Tuesdaj after
noon, ut 1 o'clock, at her late residence. 1141
?lh .n:1J Ht' Interment private.
COLLINS. On September 21. 1014.THO.MAS,
husband of the late fcara A. Collins Uue
notice of tho funeral will be given, from til
laie residence. s2 Federal st
t'ONOVKjt. OnSeptember 20. 1014. CLAR
KNCK 1'ATTO.V. son of Clarence W. and
Martha F.Coiiuver, aged 0 eara 7 months,
luneral Wednesday, at 2 p. m. from tha
'pa,?enn.:Vr.n!"!.gJ.:,n,1Parem W11Ua,n C'
Cw-NW!i'.',TrT,n September 14. 1014. DAVID
t .. t Ft" " f.n": "" residence,
224 League st. Due notice of funeral wilt be
CONWAY, On September 21. 1014. 5IARY.
widow of SHchael Conway, of County Ty
rone, Ireland Funeral from the residence
2j,,,"r.on"1,!:1?w' Thomas Hrowp. Itnq
Stiles st.. on Friday, at 3(1 a m. Solemn
Requiem Slass ut the Church of the Ucsu
at 10 a. m.
COOl.INO. At her home. 1108 Washlntrtnn
St., Wilmington. Del, nn Saturdiv aflrrnY. u
September 10. 1014, Mrs. ANNA F.LIZV
IIBTH COOLING, widow of Samuel Cooling:
and mother of S. 11 Cooling, proprietor or
the Carriage Faitory, 1th and Frcmh sts.
iunerat services on Tuesdaj afternoon ut
S.30 o'clock, from residence.
CtnnO.S. On September 10. 1014, FRED
ERICK J. COTTON. In his UOth Year. Fu
neral services on Wednesday, at 2 p. m. pre
cisely, at Schuler's. 11 road and Diamond
sts. Interment tlreenwood Cemetery.
CI II KAN. On September 10. 1014. JOHN.
husband of the lato Ellen I'urran Funeml ..u
Wednesday, at S.30 a m. from 214 Sumac
St.. Vtlssahkkon. Solemn High Slass at St.
John the ilaptist's I'hurih. at 10 a. in. In-
.S....C... , e,,i,,iiier eiueiery.
CIII.I.INS. -On September 21.1014. THOMAS.
husband of Sarah A. Collins Hue notKe of
io lunriu. nui ue Kcn. irum ms late resi
dence. 2425 Federal st
LONDON, Sept 2I.-The Reuter News
Agency Btates that Sallh Bey Oourju
managing director or the Ottoman tele
graph comrany, hag been arrested at the
request of Germany because he made
publiq authentic war sews.
nK WAELK. On September 20. 19H.MARIH
U: DK JVAEUJ, wife of Oeorgo L. Do
Waele. Interment private
UK;N. On September 14, 1614. CATII.
AHINB A. DEAN, widow of Charles W
Dean, residence, E00 Union st. Funeral serv
ices and Interment strictly private
DK.SSKR On September 20, 1014, KRED
BIIICK DBNNHIl In his 0th ear; FunTral
on Tliursday afternoon. September 24 at I
o'clock, from Odd Fellows' Home, southeast
corner Severth uud Tioga streets. Interment
Qreenmount Ccmoter)
US!;?!S'tT0i' September 10. 1014. JOSEPH
DBVLIN. husband of Ellen Devlin tnee
llvatll lllnrtl nn l'.na, . ., ... C tix ..
from 051 Sliackamason st. faulmin Requiem
Slass at the Church of the Immaculate Con
veptlon, at 10 a m. Interment New Ca
thedral Cerueten
DIXKY On September 10, 1014, ALFRED,
son of William and Charlotte Dlxey in his
1Mb ear. Funeral services on Thursday at
2 p. ro. at 3J7S ja,co st Interment prl
,wl!f; Ji.V' p- reeuwood Cemetery
I - " K fei Suddenly, on September 19
1VU, ALiTtED G husband ot Id" Doerffei; ,
used 30 year". Funeral on Wednesday, at
P. m from 3713 N, 17th st. Interment at
Nnrthwood Cemetery.
IHinniNH. At.Long nraneh. N. J Beptm
ber 10. WILLIAM 15. DOIlllNS. Relatives
nnd friends are Invited to attend tho funeral
cervlic, at his late residence, on Ashbourne
iratii i.iKins rnrK, iiiosiay, nt a p. m. in
terment In tho family mausoleum, Central
. Laurel Hill,
DOTV. At Ilalllmore. Md on September, 1,
1011 JOHN II 1K1TI' Funeral on Tuesday,
"tap. m. fiom 1710 S, 7th st. Interment
Sit. I'm Cemetery.
noilOIIKUTV. On September IS, 1914. EL
L1I3 T widow of John J. Dougherty (nee
Donohuc). Due notice of the funeral will be
given, from her late residence, 1214 Cath
arine st,
null'. At her residence, 4312 Chestnut t.,
on September 10. 101 1. LAURA ANTON-
i.iii, vviii.i.K. wire ot a. uan'pnea uni.
Funeini nnd Interment at the onvenlonco if
Iho famllj
l'l.ANKIIAN. Suddenly, on September 18,
1014, t'ATllARINn, wife of James Flam Ran,
nued fj'i vears. Funeral services on Wednes
da-, nt 2 p in . nt (.21 W. Cumberland st.
Interment ilerman Liuhernti Cemetery
OLUNN. On September 21. 1014, JOSHI'H
C husband of Mary 12. tJienn. Fiinernl on
Tliursday. nt S p m . strictly private, from
the resident- of his filth r-ln-inw. William
O'llrlen. 321 West Wharton st. Interment nt
Fermi'tnd Cemelerv Item tins may be virw
ed Wednesday evenlnc.
UOI,lir;Y on Heptoniber 21, 1014, CATII
AltlNi: I'FMtl., wlie of lltnrj Uolilej.
Funernl Tliursdnv. nt S.:.o it. ni., frum her
lain itslilenre, 3110 Sit. Vernon St., West
I'hllvlolphhi. Hc'iulcm Mass nt St. Agatha's
Church nt 10 n. ni.
OHAIIAM. On September 2". 1014. FRANK
SI., son of the Ute Robinson T. nnd Slary
W. Drahani. Duo notli e of the funernl will
be given, from his late resilience, 0727 Cath
arine street
IIAt'KBI'T. On September IS, 1011, CATII
AltlNi:, wife nf the Inte I'hlllp llackett. aged
33 years I"nner.il on Tuesday, at S:30 A. .vl.,
from III." Susquehanna nve Solemn Requiem
High Mars at St. Kdwnrd's ( litireh. nt 10 a.
in interment noiy ros t emetery,
llAI.DI'.MAN. - On September 1R. 1011. HL1Z
AHCTH, widow of Thomas Hnldeman, nged
fill years. Funeral services nt 2011 North
21th st. on Tuesday, at 2 p. m. Interment
HALL. On Seotomber 10. 10I4.VAN CMIVU.
son of Annie J. nnd the late Walter V. Hall.
Relatives nnd friends of the family nre In
vited In attend the fiinernl servlres, on Tues
day mornlnc precisely nt II o'clock, nt his
lato residence, SIMS North 21st st. Interment
prlvnte. Remains may bo viewed on Monday
evenlnfr. between the hours of 7 and 0 o'clock,
HALL SRIIUNU HALL, 33 years, 000 North
Hllh si.
IIAI.I.OWKLT,. On September 12. 10I4.WIL
LIASI, husband of Iho late Catharine N.
Hnllnwcll, aged 71 yenrs. Due notice of the
funeral will be Riven, trim the residence of
his daughter. 184S Van Pelt st.
IIARTKN. On September 10, 1014. SIlss
SfSAN IIAIITRN. nacd S7 jearw. Funeral
on Tuesday, nt 2 p In., from I'enn Widow s
Asvlum, Hot I'. Susquehanna ave. Inter
ment nt Palmer Durlnl Urnunds.
llr.MII'.ltSON. At his late residence. 0338
SlrCnllum St., flermantown, JAMES I HEN
DERSON, nged ."8 years. Funeral services
nnd Interment private.
linil'IER. On September 13. 1914, MAODA
LENA, wdfe nf Louis Ilerter tformerly Eck
nrd), aged 48 years. Due notice of the fu
nerai will be given, fiom her late residence,
1027 Shunk st.
IIOIIE On September 10. 1014, SIAP.TIN
I'., husband of Ellen Hore. Fumral on
Wednesday, nt N.lii a. m.. from .1111 N. 4th
st. Solemn Requiem Mass at St. Augustine's
Chtireh nt 10 n. m. Interment nt Holy Cross
HOI HUMAN On September 20, 1014, SD-
LII'NA, wife of Itnrry II Houseman. Funeral
Wtdncsilay, at 8 a. m., from the resilience
of l). P. Cot. 4211 Tackiwnnna street.
Fiankfnnl. Slnss bt Ht. Joarhim's Church
at 0 o'clock. Interment private.
JOHNSON On September 17. 1014. HARRY
YOST, husbnnd or Kllmbeth Johnson (nee
Wnrtman). Relatives and friends are Invite!
to attend tho funeral, on Tuesday, nt 2 p.
m., from his late residence, 135 Louden St.,
Olnov. Interment at Sit Vernon Cemetery
JONES. On September 21, 1014, LEON AL-
T TV ..... ... a.--.!..!!.. .....I ..... ,n.. ,..1...
..!..!, -till .1, 1 DKIL'lllt lllMI IliU KIIC .,,,111, ..
Jones, aged 21 rnrs. Funeral services on
Wcihiesdiv. at S p. m., at 123d Falrmount
ave. Intermnt Thurwlay. at Wllmlngton
Hmndvwlne Cemetcrv Wilmington, Del.
IONH-5 On September 21. 1014, LEON AL
LEN, hnn nf Cordelia and tho late John U
Jones, aged 21 eari. Funeral services on
Wednesday, nt S p. in , nt 1 Is lato residence,
123H rnlrmnunt nve. Interment nn Thurs
day, nt Wilmington nnd Ilrandywino Ceme
lerv, Wilmington. Del.
JONES,--On September 17, 1014. LUCY,
widow of Caleb W Jones, aged 74 years.
Duo notice of the funeral will bo given,
from her lato residence, 2010 South 8th st.
KEANE. At Alisecon, N. J., on September
is, li'll. MARC1ARBT KEANE, sister of Slnr
tln Keane, aged S7 yenrs. Fiinernl on Tues
day, at 7 30 a m , from Absecon. N J. High
Slass at theCathnllc Church in PIcasantvllle.
nt 0 n. m. Interment at Now Cathedral
KEI.I.EV On September 18. 1014. ROBERT
J. KEI.I.EV, beloved husband of Lizzie E.
Kcllcy (neo Smith). Funeral on Tuesday, at
2 p. m., from 2140 North 10th st. Interment
nt Slount Peace Cemetery.
KINO On September IS, 1011. WILLIAM
F., husband of Lottlo King (neo Jcnnor).
Duo notice of funeral will bo given from his
late lesldenco. .V,24 Market st.
27U0 Fletcher st.
LAl'CK. On September 10, 1014. OUY D.
LAI'CK. Relatives and friends are Invited tn
ntiend tho funeral services. m Tuesday after
noon, at the apartments of Oliver II. I3alr,
lti Chestnut st. Interment private.
I.EATIIHHMAN At his residence. 437
itnavvn ti , i o unase. on sepiemuer 10,
1014, JOSEPH, husband nf Amanda Leather
man. Due notlco of tho funeral will be
LEE. On September 10. 101 1. CLARA A.
LEE (nee Hon), nged 7il vonrs. Funeral
scivlces o-i Wetlnet-tlay, at 2 p. m., at 427
N. Edgewood st. Interment private, nt Ar
lington Cemetery.
l.lliliKLL. HARRY LIDDELL. B years.
2353 E. Sergeant st
Lirr. LOUISA Lirr. 87 years. 2612 North
Siobchec st
I.OOl'i:. On September 21. 1011, JOHN J.,
husband of the bite ( ti henne Lnuue at.d son
vf .ho lato lomliifk and Sarah Logue. Due
notlco ot the funiul will be given fiom his
Intu resilience. 'S-Xt Cairerter st
I.OIL On September 21, 1011. SIAROARET
SI., wife of Frank Lnh and ilauglitir of th'
late Michael nml Slnrj Fleming. Funeral on
Thursday, at 7.30 a. m.. trom her late resi
dence, rear 320 New Slarket st. High Slass
at St. Augustine's Church nt O a. m.
1H2S N. Hilton st.
I.f'IZ On September 21. 1014, ALPHONSE
...i,.. ... , ... (uc'.i ,i, mi ..in, i.uia iiiea
I'ovvnes) nnd hon of Ellen T. nnd the lato
l'lsses S. I.utz. .so.ni Frankford nve , Holmes
burir. SIARION. On September 18. 1014. ANNA C.
SIARION. widow of John Malum nnd daugh
ter of the lato .Michael nnd Slaigarct ltoddy.
Due notice cf funeral from her lato residence.
1734 Christian st.
MARTIN. On September 20. 1014, JOHN,
husband of the lato ElU.ibetli Martin, In ids
.Vail ar. Funeral sei vices Wednesday at
!i a, in., at the parlors of Sirs. Otto Hur
belt, U)41 North Fourth street. Interment
private. Slount Slorlah Cemetery.
MARTIN. On September 20, 1014, JOHN
husband nf the Into Elizabeth Slnrtln, In his
5.Mli ear. Funeral services on Wednesday
at 0 a. in., at the lurlors of Sirs. Otto Ilur-be-k,
1041 N. 4th st. Interment private
Slount Slnrlah Cemetery.
MrCONAOHY. September 10. 1014. JASIES
P., son ot tho late James and Katherlne Slc
Conaihy, aged so years. Funeral on Tues
day. September 22. at S n. m , from resi
dence or Thomas WIIon, Slantua, N. J. Sol
enm Requiem Slass at St. Slary's Churrh
llloucestrr, nt It) n ni. Interment at St.
Slary's t'emeter, (llnucester, N J.
SI i TO 1.0 AN. On September 10.1011, ELIZA.
1IET1I SIcCOI.HAN. wife nf Janiel I.' 'V
Colgan and diughter of Slary A. and the
late 1'atrlyk J. Sluidoon, aged 21 yeirs
Funeral on Wednewlav, at s a m . from 2:13.1
Ellsworth st. High SIuss of Requiem at St
Anthony's churUi nt u 30 'a. ni. Interment
ut Holy Cross t'enieter.
SleOE'lTKiAN. On September 31. 1014
JOHN J , husband of Margaret K. StcOet
tlgan. Duo notlt'u ot funeral will bo given
from his lat" te.sl.leiice, MX) North 23th st'
2.I2U N. Reese st
SIcKKON. On September 20, 1011. TERESA
SIAROARET. daughter oi James and Eliza,
belli SIcKeon. In her isth ear. Funeral
nlncsilav. at S in a in., from the residence
of her. parents, 302 Hillside avenue. Jcnkln.
town, I'a. "
SlrSIAhTKIt. On September 10. GEORGE
HINNS. e,ungest son or J. William and
Ethel M. SIcSIuster. in his 3d year. Funeral
service nn Tuesday, nt 2 n. ni. at ,... ..-,
dence of his paicnts, 730 South 23d st. In
terment Mount Morlah Cemetery.
SIII.I.EII. SARAH SIILLER, 33 years, 1103
Ftuwater st
JIIN'KIH A. On September 20, 1014. HAN.
NUI wlro of Charles Slli.erva. Funeral
scrvl es on Wednesday afternoon, at
o'Uock ut tho residence of her son. Elmer
wi vats' SUth ,SHh strcet' Interment
MSd!''l'i,'ir.tDA M0'N"rlETH. 38 years,
years. SJ2 E. HlttcnhoiiM st.
LANI). 45 years. 2.12U N Howard st.
''.HS!'1.1. i'lCHAEL MURPHY. 70 years;
lull Helen st.
MVItrilY. On September 10, 1014. NELLIE
wlfo ot Edward Murphy. Funerai on Tues.
dai. at S.30 a. m from 1U"., Winter st.
Solemn Mass or Requiem at St. John's
Church at 10 a. m. Interment at Holy Cross
t enictery.
MU.U'f'-U".("-TP? September 10.1014, MARK,
husband jif Helen 11 Slurtaugli. Funeraf
kins st. High Slusa ut St. Edmond'a
S'lnidery81 10 a ,n,ct "ol Cwa5
oriKV. On September 20.
"H-i", . J IllliMAS WARRINOTON irrJ
nernl services on Wednesday, at 2:30 p. m.,
at the residence of his parents, qulnton, N, J.
roTTH. EDWARD POTTS, 18 years, 201J
Turner st.
rOWDKItSIAKKR. At Atlantlo City. N. J..
September 17, 1014, ABRAHAM, husband of
wnire I'owoermaKer, agen .z .vears. inier
ment private. Norfolk, mltlmor and Wash-
.'Pf.t.W PP" please copr, .
"tiVj'T-On September 20, 1014, JOHN O.
KAU1I. . Resldenie, 240 N. nth St. Due no
tice nt the funeral wilt be given.
,,? M North Woodstock St.
HEDninv. At .Magnolia, N. J., on Septem
ber In. 1014. .MARTHA P., wife of William
..l?..ll"'row' RKP,I "7 ears.
RK'N. SARAH REIN, TO years, C19 South
ItHJKAlill. On September 20. 10H,.ANaE
LINE RICKARI) fnee Wlllnucr), wife of W.
S. Rlrknrd. Residence, 2I0S ration street.
..Ey.JK.118 ot fnrAl will be given. . .
MOflKIIR. .On.Mondoy, September 14, 1914,
ltACHKL WIBTER. daughter. of . the late
William Wynne and Hannah Lewis Wlster
nd widow of William n. Rogers. Interment
ItOTII. At Nevvtnwn Square, Pa., on Sep
tember 21, 1014, LAt'RA J., widow nf Dr,
Amos A Roth, aged bit sears. I'unernl ser
vices nnd Interment private, at Frederick,
"'IfiKFV; Suddenly. September 18. 1914.
FnANK A., husband of Mary J. Banker and
on olUnTry W. nnd lato Etln i s.nk
aged 32 sears, nelntlves and friends, also
police of 20th District, Invited tn nttend fu
neral. Tuesday, 8:30 n. m., from his late
residence, .110 N. Vodges et West rhlla.
Solemn Slass nf Requiem, Churrh nf Our
I.ndy of Victory, 10 a. m. Interment Holy
rioss Cemetery,
HCI.AT.I.IOLL On September 20. 1014, RA
CHEL JANE, wife of Ferdinand Schalllnll,
ORfd oS .vears. Funeral services on Wednes
day, at 2 p m., at her late residence. 31
.lnuth.Thlrd street. Colwjn. Delaware County,
11 Interment prlvnte, Fernnood Cemetery.
HIIAMIIOCdlL Huddsnly, at Phnenlxvllle.
I'm , September 21, mil. CHARLIE T hus
band of Anna J. HImiiiIiourIi, ngeil ,7 sears
Duo notice of the funeral will bo given, from
his Into residence, iftir, Courtland st , I'lilln
delphln. SILI.I.MAN. On September 10. 1014. at his
late residence, 02.1 West Dps! at., German
town, ALFRED DAY SILI.lStAN. eged 40
years. Funeral services at his late residence,
on Tuesday afternoon, at 3 o'clock. Inter
ment private. .... ......
STETIIENH. On Beptember 20, 10H, ANJTA
E., wife of the Into John Stephens, nged
72 years. Funeral on Wednesday, September
23, at I o'clock, from the residence of her
son, John Stephens. .US Davis nvenue, Audu
bon, N. J. Interment at Esctgreen Cemetery,
Camden, N. J.
STOCKTON. At Dlxvlllo Notch. New Hamp
shire, on Patnrdny, September in, 1014,
ANNA K. STOCKTON. Servli en at the house
of Sir. Frederick Sylvester. Hnverfnrd. I'a.,
on Wednesday. September 23d.at .1:30 o'clorl:.
Interment private.
HTITEI.ER. In Dnwnlnglown, Tn., nn Sep
lemlier 2(1. 1011. DAVID H HTITEI.EII. nge 1
7il vears. Funeral services on Tnesdny. at s
.. m. ut 227 Highland ave Further servlc a
at West Laurel Hill Cliai el on Wednesday,
at 11. 'in n m
SULLIVAN. A I his residence. S2S Cherry
St., Camden, N. J., Sept. 1.1, 1014. JOHN L.
husband of .Mary Sullivan, aged 27 years.
Due notice of tho 'uneral will be given
SVMINHTON. On September 20,1014, SIAItY
HYM1NOTON. wife of James SymlitRton nnd
da-igliter of the late John .1. nnd SInry Ilnv
Funeral Wednesday morning at 1 Hi o'clock
front the residence of her grandmother. Sirs.
James Ray 2I1R Pine street. Interment nt
Cntherlrnl Cemetery
TANDLER. On September 10, 1014. at the
ltrantwoud. AHIIAIIAM, husbnnd of Tlllle,
aged 04. Relatives nnd friends nro Invlt" 1
to attend the- funeral on Tuesoay nt 10 a. m ,
at Mie parlors nf Emanuel Aslicr Snn
1(12 Diamond st. Interment at Stt. Blmil
Cerr etcrv
THO.MI'SON. Of rtlphlherls. on September
10. 1014. MA ItCt A ALICE, onlv child of
Earl .1. and Malvlna Thompson, nged 3 yeirs
nnd 7 months. Interment prlvnto. at West
minster No funeral.
THOMPNON. On September 20, 1014. MAR
THA, wife of Robert Thnmp'on. Due potlie
n' the funeral will be given
TIEIINKV. On September 10, lOll.THOSLvB
.1 . husband nf Mnrv J 'Ilernev 'nee Hut
lerworthl. nged 3d venrs Funeral on Wed
hoeilflv nt K .in n m . frvmi 2"17 North Lee
st. (Front nnd Somerset sts ) Requiem
Slass nt Hie Churrh nf the Vlsltntlnn nf I!
fBATnf4 '' "
V. St. at 10 n. m. lnt irment st Holy Cre
VKASKYr On September. 10. 1014, JAMES,
son of James nnd Itrldget Veasey. (nee
(Iriftln), nged 2 years nnd 2 days. Funeral
on Tuesday, at 1 p. m , from 1MI Welt
York st interment at Holy Cross Cemetery.
tVALKBR in revrtsmnuth, Vn., onfteptem
ber 111. 1014. WILLIAM. I). WALK Ell In'
tcrment private In Laurel IIIII Cemetery.
AVALTI. On September 21, 1014, GODFREY
WALT!. Relatives nnd friends, also Win
leelreld neneflelnl Assn., nre Invited to at
tend funeral services, on Thursday, pr
ilsely at 2 p. in., ut his late residence, 2440
Aspen st. Interment Fernvvood Cemetery.
WlllTL. On September 10, 1014. MARCUS
CVRl'S, husband of Slargaret White (nea
Hrhooi.j. Funeral on Wednesday, at 2 p, m .
from 210 Zernlda st , Wayne, Junction. !!
mains may bo viewed Tuesday evening. In
tcrment strictly prlvnte. nt Ivy Hill Cem
eterv. WII.MIN.On September 22d. JOHN t.
WILSON, formerly of I'htladelphla. at hln
home nn the Hudson.
iVIN'HI.OW. On September 21, 1014. EStMA
V.. nlfo of John Wlnslnw. aged nfl yearn
Relatives nnd Mends nre Invited to attend
funeral servlres. Thursdny. precisely nt H p.
m . nt the Chapel nf Andrew J Hair & Son,
101 h nnd Arrh sts.
UOLFIMIER. nn September 10, 1014, ED
WARD, son nf Elizabeth nnd the late Henry
Wolflnser (nee Olndhnrt), nged .11 .venrs.
Funeral service on Wednrfdaj-. at 2 p. in.,
ni ma Enst Flora, M Interment nt calmer
i em-tnrv
WOOD. Suddenly, nn September 10, 1014,
IIAltltY it. husband of Mnr E Wood. Fu
neral on Wednesday nt s "Ml a m from 2420
Nlehnli st Requiem Mnss nt St Eliza
beth's chiireii. ni In n m Interment nt
. . . CnmeteTV
W'HlinVAltD On September .20. 1014, IDA
MAY. "Ifc "f Oeorgo K Woodward and
daughter nf Samuel nnd Jennie Harfelflnger,
ayed 4." vears I'tineml services Thursday
at 2 p. m nt her late residence 1210 Slantun
avenue. Interment nt Fernwood Cemetery.
Writ'llL- en Sentemlier 18, 1014, CHARLES
! , husbnnd nf Elizabeth Wurth nged 31
yenrs. formerly of 121" Stanton st. Fiinernl
services on 1 unsfiny, rtPrlcrnncr - inn m
2 p m , nr ,.i vv fines si interment a
Hillside emet, ry, via funeral trolley.
1011. at Wild.
TEY. formerly of West Chester, i'a . husband
mniVJi II Vv'-'V ,nre -N-a'- "Bed 65 e?rs
Wi CheteWp'.ll8v " alil-"'J v-'emctcry;
,,!iir,,:,iT1'AN"J,l! Pen. 3 r..
rfriNfllT. 3CdA.ND"A WSBWNO. M
i n ' . ' TTfc,RbON. Funeral services.
UZ?Z: ?.' - " m- a.1 h ,ate resldenie
;.laf ,f' V." i'onr l Interment orivate.
1 a1k."'7)." September 20. 1014. MARY
A. wife of the ate Joseph Pucrwui and
duugbt.r of Marv and tne Utt ratrlck
g0S.lnff. ""! TJid, morning. s'cpiVin.
id;,','..." 4?? P.'J' '.S'." h. mother".
tiiim,. ii,.V-'. r.'. nurieenin street.
fcoletnn Slas of Rsquk-m at the Vhurch or
the Epiphany at lu oMoek flnli In
I'I'Tfc1 " l'y.'W Cemete"' '"' Zo"
liclf.i &v, .September IB. 1014. or dloh.
Pri nf sfsSa t-,V,uv "' i-iuiip am Anna
J.:aiL.or 35-8 t" t., agad a ssars. No
LUMMBJl, agod 33'sears.' tSI
Store Opens 8.30 A. M.
Store Closes S.30 P. M.
The Grand Organ Plays Tomorrow at 9,2 and 5:15
Fashion Posings in Egyptian Hall at 11 and 2:30,
of PhiBadleSplhiSa aurad
The Wanamakeir Stores
New York have acquired more than! $
worth off ffamomis BflGELOW RUGS.
Ooehalff off this g"reat quantity is now beiaig
offff the freight cars in this city; some
off the rogs are already opened imp in oior stock
The purchase iociofldgs ail
BIGELOW brands in all sizes.
the Jramougs
The rings will be put on sal THURSDAY
morning, September 24th, m the Rung Store,
on the Fourth Floor, Market.
The prices throoaghonat the si
standard prices off BIGELOW RUQS
over America.
!e will b&
than the
known aj
year's great evept in
rimgs and it is the year's great opportunity for
a!! householders off Philadelphia and vicinity
BBMsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 'J, .n-liT. J rlB!'t Jn"

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