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VOL. I-NO. 8
Report of Census Bureau
Furnishes Convincing
Proof of Baleful Influence
of Machine on Pennsyl
vania Legislation.
A report Issued today by the Census
Bureau In Washington shows that child
labor conditions In Fhlladelphla and Ponn
1 tylvatila arc the worst In tho United
Etntes Commenting on this this after
noon 1'nul X. Furman, secretary of tho
Child knurr Association of Pennsylvania,
Mid this was duo entirely to tho Influenco
of the I6niosc controlled political ma
chine, which he accused of having con
etantlv stood In the way of child labor
legislation, nnd of having thiottled tho
child lnlioi bill diawn up by tho associa
tion at the Inst session of the Legislature.
The ilgures given by the Census lluicau
are verified bj tho State Factory Inspec
tion Depnitment.
According to tho repoit of tho Census
Bureau, which Is not as definite on the
mattei of child labor as Is tho report
of the State Factory Inspector, In 10ti)
there were 1'Jl males between the ago
of 10 ana 11 5 cars emplojcd In Philadel
phia, II JSJ between tho ages of 14 and
16, nnd V,2fU between the ages of 1G and
M Of females, says tho repoit, there
vcre emplovrd In this city, In 1D10, 305
between the ages of 10 and 11, D01G bo
tncen the ages of 14 and 13, and 43,670
between the ages of 1G and ISO
The ltpoit of tho Statu Factory In
spector pIiowb that 24,000 children, between
the ages of 14 and IB jenrs, are contlnu
nllj emplojcd In Philadelphia, and 3I,0'0
children In the entlie State of Pcnnsjl
vanlJ This condition Is worse than In
nn other State or city in the Union,
said Mr Fuimnn.
The following figures on child lnbor In
the greatest Industilal States in the Union
show bv comparison, the bnckwaidiu'ss
of I'ennsvlvnnla In the matter:
As against tho C4,X) chllditn between
the ages of II and 1G jenis employed In
the various Industries of the State. New
York has 17,312; Ohio, 5420; Maceachusetts,
Jl 157 due mainly to the largo number of
children emplojcd In tho textile trade. In
Illinois there aro 10.S17, nnd in Indlann,
This state of affalis In the all-lmpoit-ant
matter of child labor, onn of tho
greatest .scourges of modem Industiy, Is
lu to the fact thnt Pcnnsjlvanla has
no eight-hour child labor law," s.ild Mi.
Kurnian "Ye have no law forbidding
night vvoil; in the glass Industry and In
tho messengor service. Wo have no law
regulating the street trades of bojs and
girls dining any hour or the day or night
TVe have no proper system of regulating
the Issuance and use of certificates where
by it would be impossible for any child
to transfer lis certificate to anv other
child or remain idle and out of school
for no iciBon whatsoever. Working ccr
tlfWtis should be the property of the
iFsuance officer nnd wit of the child.
"I'onnsvlvanla Is sadly behind In this
matter Tho gang-controlled political ma
chine, with men at tho head of it serv
ing private Interests, do not enro a
ran for tho welfnio of children of tho
State, and are standing In the wny of
progressive child labor legislation."
The percentage of women working at
remunerative, occupations In Philadelphia
has Increased In proportion to the popu
lation during the ten jears hetween 1900
ind 1910, while In the corresponding period
the percentage of male wagc-camers
shows a plight decrease, according to the
report of the Census Bureau
In 1'ifO the number of females ovor 10
jears of age engaged In "gainful occu
pations." was 1I7,iS3, or 27.8 per cent.,
while In 1910 this number had Increased
to 2"0 ?, or .U per cc.it On the other
hand the number of malo workers more
than 10 vcars of ago in lfKO was 121.270,
or 81 1 per rent, while In 1910 there wero
Ht.1,71 or s2! pei cent.
In 1910 there were a total of "11,169 per
ons mora than 10 jears of nge at work,
or 15 9 per cent of the total population,
and EG 4 per cent, of the population 10
jrar cm or over. In 19W there were
WSii. uhloh formed 44 per cent, of the
total population nnd 510 of tho popula
te n mme than 10 years old.
Tnc 71H60 gainful workers In 1910 were
distributed among tho main branches of
oeiupations as follows Agiiciiltute, for
"liv and animal liusbdmlij, J791, or .8
per cem , cu action of mlneiaU, ITU. or
- prr Lent , manufacturing and median-
a inoiiatites. 319.90?, or 17 S per cent.;
tmnsport.ition, 53,015, or 7 3 per cent ;
tra l, nn ,.,,, or u 8 pe,. ten, f nlbc
"ivti e mil. or IS per rent., piofesslonal
"i-e. n,;ro. or 19 per cent., ilomestlo
an'l personal service. Dl.m. or 13 0.1 per
Belgian Towns Hazed nnd Inhabi
tants Massacred, Alleged In Ostend.
OSTENI), Sept. 22.
It Is stated here that the acrmnns, In
revenge for nn alleged attack on them by
civilians, linvo Completely destroyed the
towns of llorve and Detllce. The Inhabi
tants, It Is stnted, resisted the demands
of tho Germans to pay a line and furnish
certnln quantities of foodstuffs.
In tho fight that followed the Germans
lost heavilv. When thoj finally conducted
they forced BO of the male Inhabitants to
bury the German dead. Afterward they
made them dig a pit nnd stood 4S of them
on the edge. All were shot nnd tumbled
Into the pit, after which the two survivors
wore compelled to bury their companions
and wero then detained as prisoners'.
Select Council Must Act at
Once or Mayor's Objec
tions to Bosses' Program
Will Become Effective.
Councils are meeting In special ses
sions today for the purpose of passing
tho ?11,300,U00 loan bill for municipal Im
provements Introduced In the Common
branch last Thuisday.
Opposition to tho $100,000 Item Included
In the loan for housing the Juvenile nnd
Domestic Relations divisons of the Mu
nicipal Couit aio expected to develop
as a tesult of Major Blankenbuig's
vigorous denunciation of tho Municipal
Court's expansion plana. Tho Major
has declared them to be extravagant and
Select Council wilt decide today whether
the action of Common Council In over
riding the veto of Mayor Blankenburg
last Thuisdaj, on the ordinance to con
demn land at 21st and Race sticcts for the
Municipal Couit, l to be sustained. Re
publican Organization bponsors of the now
couit's- expansion plans have slated the
oidlnanco for passage In the Select
bianch todaj-.
Major BInnkenburg has sent a personal
letter to evciy member of Select Council,
outlining his objections to the plan made
public lecenth by Judge Brown, of the
Municipal Court, for elaborate structures
en the site at 21st and Itnce streets.
It became known j'estcrdaj that Dl-
rcctoi Cooke, of the Department of Public
Works, has been for some time negotiat
ing for the, purchase of the property at
21st and Race streets, chosen bj the
Municipal Couit for Its. permanent loca
tion ao it site for the proposed convention
Dining the Reyburn administration i,
500.000 was appropriated for a convention
hall, which business organizations have
urged to be centrally loci ted That
amount Is aallablo for the project.
Major Blankonbuig, In his letter to
the Select Councilmcn opposing tho proj
ect of acquiring the site at 21st and Race
streets for the Municipal Court, asserts
that the plan Is vague nnd Indefinite. He
points out that It Is not definitely stnted
wliethcr tlm land to bo taken Ih bounded
on the north by Vine sticet or Winter
stieet lie also Indicates that tho project
outlined by Judge Brown Includes acquisi
tion of lrtuallj an entire city iuock in
stead of the coiner of tho block at 21st
and Itnce streets
Tho Major advocates acquisition of
land adjoining the House of Detention at
much less cost He asset ts that If the
land Is condemned for the Municipal
Court the responsibility fot blocking the
convention hall project will rest upon
Councils, ns It had been planned to locate
the convention hall on the site now
chosen by tho Municipal Court.
Tho special sessions of Councils to pass
the loan ordinance had been scheduled for
Thursday of this week, but It wns sudden
ly discovered that unless Select Council
concurred In passing the ordinance for
condemning the lard at 21st and Race
streets ovor the Mayor's veto before the
lapse of fio days the action of Common
Council In ocrtldlng the Mayor's veto
last Thursday would be nullllUd Conse
quent! a nurr call for special meetings
today was Issued by the Republican Or
ganisation sponsors of the Municipal
Comts elaborate project.
Vessel, With 72 Aboard,
Lands on Bering Sea
Shoal Steamships Rush
ing to Pier.
SEATTLE, Whs!., Sept. 22. Two ships
are rushing to the rescue of the crew
of the United States revenue cutter Ta
hotnn, which went ashore and was
wrecked on a reef between Atka nnd
Attu Islands, In the Behrlng Sea. Tho
vessels, which were about 100 miles dis
tant when they picked up tho "3. O
8." wireless call, nro tho Japanese liner
Tacoma-Maru and tho Nomo steamer
A wireless dispatch from Captain
Richard O. Crisp, of the Tahoma, picked
up at sea nnd relayed to headquarters
from Sitka, Alaska, says the cutter Is
In Imminent dangct. but It Is believed
the nine officers nnd crew of G3 on the
ship can take to the small boats with
which the cutter Is well supplied nnd
seek safety on one of the small Islands
which dot tho sea In the vicinity of the
The Tahoma Is a. cutter of tho first
class. She was built at Wilmington.
Del., In 190? nnd Is of S87 tons, with
1215 tons displacement and 152 feet in
length. Tho vessel Is of steel con
struction. The ofTlcers are: Captain Richard O.
Crisp, commanding; First Lieutenant
Thomas M. Mglloj, executive ofTlcer;
Second Lieutenant John J. Hutson; Sec
ond Lieutenant William K Scammel,
Third Lloutennnt Stephen S. Yeandje, who
South Wales Regiment Helps Assail
German Leasehold
TOKIO, Sept. 22
British troops to -co-operate -with the
Japanese In the uttack on Tslng-Tao
have been landed nt Lao Shnn Day.
The Germans have 'made several
sorties ngnlnst the Japanese nnd a num
ber of scvuro skirmishes have resulted.
There have been numerous casualties
en both sides.
Reports that a Japanese destroyer
has been sunk by a German cruiser off
Klao-Chau are current here, but the
Admiralty has given out no Information
confirming them.
Transports conveying the British de
tachment which Is to take part with the
Japanese on the attack on Tslngtatt,
left Tlcn-Tsln on Saturday This de
tachment consists of one regiment, tho
South Wales Borderers
The War Today
Renewed assaults along tho whole
front by the Gcrmnns opened the
tenth day of the terrific struggle In
France. The Allies beat back the ns
saultn nntl claimed further successes
ngnlnst tho right wing of the Invad
ers. Tho French made desperate nt-
Chauffeur Was Bearing Bel
gian Monarch Close to
Foes' Lines, Declares Story
From Lille.
PARIS, Sept. 22.
King Albert, of the Belgians, escaped
capture by the Germans recently only
by shooting the chauffeur who was driv
ing him tupidly toward tin- Get man
lines, according to the newspaper Tro-
1IIIIU UIUUCUII.CIIC .CUlMJCIl O. IC-llClt, hiiu .-,,, f.. x 1 , t, , . . ....
received a gold medal for heroism clur- sress Du 'N'd' published In Lille.
Ing a hurricane off tho Georgia coast Describing tho natrow escape of the
three j-ears ago. Second Lieutenant of .
Engineers Thomas H. Veager: Third , (?, the paper sajs the Incident oc-
Lleutenantof Engineers rrancis C. Allen; curretl whe Hls Majesty was making a
Third Lieutenant of Engineers Walter i
tour 01 inspection of the Belgian forts.
M. Troll, and Assistant Surgeon II. M,
Thomas, of the Public Health Service.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 22 Messages to
the evcnue cutter service here todnv, an
nouncing the wreck of tho cutter Tahoma
In the Aleutian Islands, contained assur
ances that the entire ciew of nine olll
cers and 63 men would be saved
"S. O. S." calls from the Tahoma were
picked up bj- ships and wireless stations
along tho Alaskan const, and the Japa
nese liner Takonm Maru nnd the steamer
Senator are speeding to her rescue
The Tahoma Is one of the newest nnd
best culteis in the service and fear is
tclt that she will bo pounded to pieces
on the reef where she Is fast.
Ho noticed that his chauffeur was tak
ing him near tho German lines nnd
ordered him to stop. Instead the chauf
feur put on full speed nnd headed
straight for tho enemj-. King Albert
drew bis revolvci and shot the chauftcur
dead Papers were found on his body
showing that tho Germans had piomlscd
him $200,000 If he wns successful In de
livering the King Into their hands.
Anthracite Is Only Grade That Re
corded nn Increase,
rue! shipments on tho FennRj-lvanln
Railroad lines east of Pittsburgh and
Erie In August with the exception of ,
nnthraclte, fell off from the same month i the Geiman Emb.issj called at the state
, uepaitmoiit close on the heels o" oth
and I'rench Ambass.ulois
Secretary Bryan's Messenger Shows
Diplomncy in Steeling Visitors.
WASHINGTON. Sept 2i,-The rl'plo
macy of Eddie Savin, Sccretnrv Ilrjans
iiiiuicu mexsengct, wns put to tin test I
toda; when the Ch.ut.o (rAirnire. r I
of the previous year. Thej- were also
rmaller for the eight months' peilod,
the only increase being in nnthraclte.
The number of tons of nnthiacite cm
lied In tho month wele SOI.Vm, increase,
92.131; bituminous, 4,203,SlO, decrease,
2b2 52D: coke. 792,G.'G, decrease, 36S,!2S.
total 5.R98,0il, decrease, S39.221
Tor the eight months' period the totals
were. Anthincltc, 7,1.13,407, Increase,
30I.7S1; bituminous 31,521.31'). dectease,
1.571,937; coke. 6.S07.676. decrease, 2.SI3,
7S6; total. 43 St2,43 decrease, 4,130,912
nt and clerical occupations, 62,157, or
PT cent
trofessor Oertel Joines Staff at
Munich for War Service.
HanOn V. V t,onn ' Se"' 22 Prof
th, i h l-,Jean of ,h i,a'- Ornduite
hi m ?iJo!n."1 the s,Bff of t,le I",,
"" '" Munich, it was lcmie.1 here
rn., 'f,:th1rartm u,ere fc,nt0 "10
toloL'V''ft"'"!',,Lrt' PNsor of paleon.
N8 i auing dean during Profeusor
May Explain London Report of von
Kluk's Itetrent.
OSTEND, Sept. 22
Cieneral Von Pnhen. commander of the
German army sent to leinforco the west
ern side of the Kaiser's forces, has e-v
tabllshed his headquarters at Mens, ac
cording to advices received heio today.
The foregoing dispatch probabU ex
plains tho repoit received In London
that General Von Kluk had been forced
to rctte.it to Mons.
Uses Schoolbooks When Animnl Bites
Him on Leg.
On his wny to school todnv sl-je,ir-old
Stanford Conway, of 2610 York street, was
attacked bj a dog near his horm Sev
eral companions who was with the hn
ran In alarm when the dog bit him on tho
leg. Tho voungstei then beat the animnl
with his books, but the dog held nn
Two Mien passing in an automobile
chased the dog awav Thej- took the buy
to the Women's Homeopathic Hospital
"I neirlv got the best of him," s.ild tho
little patient, as the phjsicians attended
his wound
the Urltlsh
jnioiign tne manipulations of the sa
pient Eddie, the iepieentatlves of the
waning nations -eie spirited thiough
the halls and conidois of the budding
without collision.
Mnce tho beginning of the Cumpvan
war. ndtlli has been mum times called
upon c keep the diplomatists of these
nnd other w.iirlng nations from coming
into embarrassing contact at the Mep.irt
mnit Without specific instruction, from
iV',.'f ,he u"'clnls of the Ix-pai tment.
Kddle, the wtn.in of m;iv Administra
tions, has handled the situation with r.uv
fcklll and Ju lament, fur which he has been
repeatedlj wainilv cnmiivndfd
Lnst of Pacific Stations, on Nauru
Island, Reported Destroyed.
SVDNnV, Australia. Sept S.'.-Tho Ciei
man wlieless station on the il.ind of
Nauru is leported to hao hi en de
stiojed by a Urltisb nnv-il force If this
teport Is truo It is believed that tho
Oermans are left without a wireless sta
tion In the Pacific
War Tax Bill Reporte.
WUNUTCJN. aopt T()e. vvftr tBt
1 ."' "Ported to the House today
"e Wajs anj Means Committee The
o. U to 5. Was a strictly party affair.
' imlilk.n opposing and all Demc
lr"l' '-tvorlng the measure.
For Philadelphia and vicinity Fair
2U continued uatm toniuht; Wedms
ojMBciwuiiiff doudinens with took,
J, .i a'mi00' and night, modeiate
onherly winds becoming utterly.
For del(Xtl3i see page u.
Part of Plant Wrecked During Con
troversy With I. W, W.
TONOPAH. Ngv, Sept 22. An explosion
of djiumite beneath a corner of the job
printing plant of the Bonanza, an nftc-i-noon
paper, blew out a part of tho build
ing, wiecked a garage and shattered
windows a. block ,iwaj The newspaper
plant Is In nn adjoining structure and was
not damaged
The paper h.13 been active for the West
ern Federation of Miners In its contro
versy with the Industrial Workers of the
Additional Troops, 10,000 Strong, to
Be Sent to Continent.
MONTUIJ.VL, Sept. 22. A second con
tingeul of Canadian troops. 19,000 stiong,
will be raUed immediate! by the Cana
dian cJovcinmcnl, It was announced to
daj 'lhU additional contingent is to be ready
t November t With the troops alriadv
ben g diS'd it will Increase Canada a
c.'iitribuuon tu the IJritUU fighting forces
10 50,(iX.
Mr, and Mrs. Jnmes Ashton Leo Cele
brate Anniversary.
Mr. and Mis James Ashton Lee, 332S
North eighteenth stieet. will celobiato
their golden wedding nnntvrrsar to.
night by a large fumilj dinner to be
given at tholr home
Jtr. Leo. who Is in charge of the De
liver) Department of John Wauauiaki r's
New Vork stoie, nnd Miss Amelia Walt!.
ilaiiKhtni of Mr and Mrs. John WaM.
were mauled Septembei 22. ISbl, in their
own home, 732 Oieen street, b) the Rev.
Julius Mann, a Lutheran clorgjin 111
The) have live chlldien William P
Lee, Moiils M Lee, tho latter assistant
managing editor of the Evening Hullotin,
Miss Au,'iist.i Lee, Miss Anm Lee nml
Mrs Simile! L. Kami's, of Hochester,
N Y Theie are four grandchildren.
Mr Lee is 7.' )e.us of age and Mts Lee
is his junloi h) two rars
Man Lands in Hospital Through De
sire for Morphine.
Desiie for morphine has Lroiuht Jo
sepn I'ppcrman. of CO Ycot Columbia
nenue. to the Chestnut Hill Hospital
threo times the last few montlu avoid
ing to phjtMcl.ins of the Institution
The man was brouht there todj) bj
the GTtmuntuwn police, appaientlj suf
fering fioni heuit f.iiluie. He was picked
up on Gcrmautown avenue near the hos
pital He gasped foi breath and ap
pealed to be ver) weak The phjdlcians
failed to dltiovei aiivthiug wrung with
him ftei resting a while u is said.
I pprman asked for morphine; but his
retuet was lefuseu fhen the latient
jumped irom the bed und left th hos-
12000 Negro Voters Among Those
swinging to the Bnchnrachs.
ATLANTIC CITY. Sept. 22 Commo
date" Louis Kuehnle. onc Atlantic ritj's
political dlctaioi, h,is his hack to the
wall 111 on- of the stianget battles of
his pulltical career heie todaj Lined up
ngnlnst him In nctivo suppoit of the
Haehatachs, who have been open enemies
of the ex-bos for )eais. ale many of
KuehnlfV enco most seivilw henchmen.
Against hlin also nre the 2u00 Ncjro voteis,
whom tho ' Cotnmuduie" a few jours back
voted bj bnttajlon.s undot the leadership
of piecinct bosses, some of whom woio
sent to prison. Practical!) tho entlro
Negro voting population is in a stnte of
Insurrection a.iulnnt Kuehule because
liichnids, his candidate for C'ongiess, op
pnsei' the seating of Jomes tluurno, n
Negro druggist, in tho Hoard of lMuca.
tiuu. Kuchiili has nn anchor to wind
wutd. liouevfi, in tho fact that Joseph
It. H.irtelt. one of his most lo)nl blip,
porters ('tiring a dozen )cniH, Is virtuall)
i-ertitln ut the Republican nomination ror
'Ihero are plcturosiiue figures in the
primary battle. A. M. Heston citj
Comptroller for 18 ycais. whom Kuehnls
pulled out of ollle for Itisubordlnatlon.
I U running for City Treasurer, p.ive
i Hiurett. whom Kueanlx made Heston s
successor, ami who was in turn sum
piarlly removed by the fit) Commis
sion for Insuboiillnatlon. Is a candidate
for freeholder, n io Samuel Hast,
ngs Kelly, oiic-tliiio boas of the Fourth
Ward, Is a candidate for Tax Col
lei tor. Ventnor i"it is in the tiuoes
of a bittei m.Doialt) nomination bit- 1
tie between ileotge tiumphert, a Phila-
clrlphta manufucturer, and Dahlgren
Albvrtsun ex-President ot Council.
tacks against Von Buelow's forces.
.The contending armies aro fighting
In a quagmire, making movements of
heavy artillery dlfllcult, but big (runs
have been rushed from Paris to the
left wing-. A fierce battle Is raging
on the plateau of Crnonno.
Russians have captured several small
towns and five of the outer Jaroslavv
redoubts, and their siege guns con
tinue heavy bombardment here and
at Przemysl. They have taken Res
zow, which Interrupts communication
between tho Austrluns In the field
and their western baae of supplies
and reinforcements. Cracow, reported
terrified by the westward advance of
the Russian main army, Is preparing
for Investment and many non-com-batunts
have left the city, to which
the Austrian reserves and a large
body of the Gorman Landwchr are
being rushed.
Russians are believed to have nt last
penetrated Silesia Berlin has not
heard from Ureslau by telephone or
telegraph for a day, and fears the
Investiture of this Important strateg
ical point, 190 miles away, In tho
Russian plan of campaign against
tho German capital.
The Kronen War Minister, Mlllerand,
reports the vlitual collapse of th)
German right, with the Allies' cen
tre presenting a solid wall ot steel
against nttempts to pierce the lino
The War Minister expects the "Rat
tle of Two Rlvcr3" to continue for
several days, but Is confident of a
decisive victory fcr tho Allies.
Berlin War Office officially denies the
seven-mile retreat of General on-
Kltik on the Gorman light and stales
that ho Is standing firm at all points.
Official statements further teport
the capture of the heights of Cra
onne and the town of Iiethanj. The
War OITIcc praises the Allies for
their valor In attacking fortified po
sitions, but adds that these assaults
are growing; weaker. Germany Is
preparing for a hitter winter cam
paign. London states that the German right
Is being forced back four miles each
daj This ietre.it Is expected to be
come more preclpltnte, as Von
Kluk's army has been forced to
abandon Its strongest Intrench
ments. Military experts ptofess sat
isfaction with the progress of the
titanic contest along the Alsne,
which has developed into a contest
of endurance. The Allied successes
are attributed to repeated bayonet
Petiogrud War Office announces that
final Austrian resistance In Galicia
on a large scale will centre ut (Jtn
covv. The main Russian army Is
piessltiB wfstward toward this great
fortified city, which Is tho base of
supplies for the Austtlans Minister
of War SouUhomllnoff states that
sufficient forces will bo left to insure
tho cnptuio uf Pizemj-sl and Jnros
law In tho east, nnd that the main
army will mako cautious, progress
west on account of the difficult ter
ritory to bo traer.eil.
Vienna admits the Russian passage of
tho San. but states thnt the troops
ure cavalry skirmishers and that the
main nrmy will rind progress from
Jaioshiw difficult on account of tho
San maishus. The W'nr Office he-
French Push Forward Heavy Guns From
Paris to Aid Advance on Heights
Taken By Invaders at Left Centre of
Long Battle Line.
General Joffre Announces Continued
Success of Left Wing Against Von
' Kluk and Says Resistance Must Soon
Turn Into Precipitate Retreat.
PARIS, Sept 22.
German forces today began the
tenth day of the great battle by again
taking tho offensive along the whole
front, although It had been announced
that tho Invaders had started to re
treat. It was officially announced that the
Teutons' assuults were without ap
preciable results. On the right bank
of the Olse tho Germans are giving
Tho official statement Issued today
On the whole front, from the
Olse to the Woevre region, the
Germans manifested on the 21st
a certain activity without obtain
ing appreciable results.
On our left wing on the right
bank of the Olse the Germans have,
given ground before the French at
tack. Between the Olse nnd the Alsne
the situation Is unchanged. The
enemy has made no serious at
tack, contenting himself yesterday
evening with a long range bom
bardment. At the centre, between Rheims
and Souain, the enemy attempted
nn offensive movement, which has
been repulsed, while between Sou
aln and the Argonne forest wc
have made some piugiess.
Between the Argonne and the
Meuse there Is no change.
In the Woevie region the enemj'
made a violent effort. Thej- at
tempted the heights of the Meuse
on tho front of Tresauvnn-'lg-notilles-Houdicourt
without belli?
nble to lake foothold on tho
On our right In Lonaine the
enemy hus crossed tho frontier
n.snln with small columns. He hus
re-occupled Domestre. to tho south
of Blamont.
During the dnj-s of tho 20tli and
21st we took 20 re-victunllng motors
with all their personnel and a num
ber of prisoneis, belonging notably
to the Fourth, Sixth. Seventh,
eighth, Ninth, Fourteenth, Fif
teenth Germun corps, to tho Bava
rian Landwchr nnd to tho reserve
It Is understood the Allied armies to-
guns have In certain places been with
drawn toward the extreme base. This
is plainly a ptecautlonury movement,
but it may also be the beginning of
the long-expected retreat.
It I3 believed hcte that If the Ger
mans finally abandon their present
base they aie unlikely to attempt to
hold a new line In the noith of France.
Their left nnd left centre continue ef
forts against the stiong Fiench fort
resses In tho eastern frontier region,
plainly with the hope of demolishing;
them, so that If a straight westward
offensive movement is undertaken later
It will not be hampered by the re
duction of fortifications.
Heavy guns fiom tho Paris fort
were rushed to the front today to reply
to the bombaidment of the monster
16-Inch howitneis of the Germans,
while at the same time the Allies con
tinued thcii pressure against the right
wing of the invading nrmy
While there had been a lull in the
fighting late j esterdaj-, owing to ths
physical exhaustion of the soldiers, ths
engagement, which Is reall) composed
of four separate battles, was resumed
furiously at daybreak.
As a result of the opeiations of tho
French and British, who aro vigor
ously pushing an enveloping movement
to encircle the German light flank, th
battle line is bring extended .vest of
the olse River. General von Kluk Is
moving guns Into position to piotect
his line of communication and to pro
vent n letreat, which would expose
the 1 ear of the tioops stationed in tho
Craonne region.
Tho big guns from the Paris works
will be used to bombard tho German
works upon the plateau of Craonno,
where tho Invaders occupj it position
of enormous st length. The German In
fantry stationed upon the Craonno
heights is suppoited with heavv artil
lery of longer range than the French
guns which have been opposing it
Tho tenth day of this, mightj struggle
found the artillery duel of the two
groat armies a draw, while the main
lines of both armies nto believed to be
The French claim to have shoved
back tho German right, but at the
same tlmo an official statement from
day aro making n supremo effort to 1 the Fiench War Office gives an ac-
btenh. through the lines of the Ger
man nrmy commanded by General von
Buelow. The latter was compelled to
weaken his lines by withdrawing a
part of his mnin force to sond to the
relief of General von Klult and tho
light wing
count of fighting west of the ue n
a point frtm which it had been thought
that tho Germans hud been epelie,i
Reports have again become itimnt
that tho Germans nre short of ammu-
. nition. but the terrific natuie nt the
German cannonade seems to give this
The French nro now attacking tho j rumor the lie
fortified positions held by the Ger- Convinced that German) now has
mans which control tho railway bo- 1 her entire field strength available tha
tween Hethel and Lnon. They hnvo high military oflU-iiU hero dec I ere th t
gained slight advantages here nnd. if within another fortnight, nr fine
thej can drtve their wedge through. ' weeks at the outside, she will 1,1 tiniu
they will plac both von Buolow nnd ins a defensive content ouim.i. f
French territory.
tne tour points where the luhtnuj
von Kluk at a material disadvantage.
fividonces accumulate to indicate
ifnvnu tl,n av nvAn l.ni ..., thnt thn nerninn Hcrht fine hean f.-...aw1 i .-... ... ..
..- .., ... ttti-ut .,inii7 vvju ue 1 - ... ,.r, ,- ..w, ...,vc nunc.-, ara mo vailtj of the 1 i,j,
fought in the fouthllls of the Car. lo tnho a l""th)n almost north nnd Soisaons, Rheims and niun rne
imthlnus nnd not nt '""racow j south to prevent tho turning of its lines Herman left centre is making 1 wg-
Scrvla officially reports crushing 1111 ! hi 'he j'o on-Soissnns region nnd that 1 oroua assault on the foils ut Wniun,
" ..,. i luxiPiuu iii ,1 iour "" ' r " m, cum i" , tiiieruuieij nomuurdlne them and ih. a
ilnatc l.nttln na.. V. T , .
.,,, '"" niut me mvnr i-trina. i
The other Servian nrmy, in conjiutr- I
lion with the Montenegiin. has be.
gun the bombardment of Sarajevo,
capital of Bosnia, now an Austrian
ptovtnee. I
Italy clamors for wnr Tlmusands f I
aid Von Kluit to hold the right, had to
bo dlspused of in this way to check nn
allied turning movement
If this had tucceede( it would luive
compelled the surrender of General von
Kluk and a part of Qenerul von Rue.
low's armies Rut the fact that the
Fewer Familleb in Capital by One-
third Than in XOU,
PARIS, fcept . -officiii ugures on
the census of I'arin within the citj
walla, show that there are todaj in
the capital Sttf.lM fewer families than
mie were m lull The number of.
household now In the citj in ltd 30 .
Consequently a thlru of thr ielilent
tumbles has lift Numeruallv as n,
inhabitants the .--pulaticn tod ij hovv '
a leduc-tion of 102507 as compared
with 1911 This is eu,uat to 6J cer vent '
I ot the population in normal tunes j
men out of work continue demon- Oermans were furceil to use this force
str.itiuns denouncing the national lo prevent their rear being exposed to
. - , -
policy of neutrality. Austria has
called out the. thin line of reserve
tu guard the fiontters nf U prov
inces against an Italian invasion
Var is expected
Parisians rejoiced, at the news thai
the famous Cathedral ut Rlieiim, hmj
not been irreparahlj destrojed R. -Ports
were received that while the
artistic edifice had Uen battered se
erelj it could be icstvied
attuck was a real victory to the AllJeg.
As a result ilioj hiive been able to re.
pulae the efforts of the Hermans to
advance- and aro slowly pressing the
Germans back toward their lines of
In fact, it is stated positively that
reports of the Frenc h-British aviators
who have reconnoitred the (.einiuii
position show indications 0f tt rtlriJ.
grade inurement. The heaj B4tJ,c
making efforts lo storm them from two
Much sickness hig esultcd lr rn tha
cold, rainy weather, to which ind
Freru-h. Herman and British in.. 1 ,
( have been espoed The Krem h ir... , i
that were drttwn fnm nonrum .uu a
the Algerians and the Indian tr. , , s
feel the Jnclsmeiu uvuiher m-.-t unic
coming direct front u hot, drj iin,t
Severe Influenza, pneumonia and iiWi.
rntlsm twve Ml4i tlWtr Sppiuian 1,
hotb tumui,, an4 tw bdtchto f i, .t
soWieis are twins tliktn tu th, m,,.
pitals daily
Late tepoittj sa) that the i.unni
lomlardnit-nt at Rheim- iiuhii n. it -j
shells btiiirf directed asainst th. lr r , n
fur es S'.uth of ih- it j M , ' ,- -
thrapnel, however fall in 1

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