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VOL. I-KO. 8
Little Hero Hopeful That
Removal of Bandages To
day Will Show He Is Not
to Be a Cripple.
Society at Bryn Mavvr Show
Pays Homage to Well
bred Dogs and Splendid
yS WP.
Lithe a the iif he run" to earth tough s
a ran nine nsil,
Straight and strong a a parting rnk nn-t
quick as the llhtnln nosh
, Lines Hint mock t the sculptor' skill, free
1 as the ntrJ iinbouni
This l the bfrtst thex rroixn todav. h!
Majejtx, the Hounl
tmoM a sTrr ronnoi'nNhcvr
HUVN MAW11, la Sept. 22
Well-bred debutante hunters and blue
Mnndeel hounds took flist prizes today
nt the 3ith nnnu-il Hrn Mnxvr Hor&n
ntid Hound Show tit the polo grounds.
"Hard," Mrs. Hetbert Wondsxxorth
r.reen a hunter, rnptun-d a blue ribbon
in tlio (list class Judgrd among hunter
n nd jumpers, while "Whoatley Chal
lenger." of Whcntley Kennel", n
ii warded first prbc from among a largo
list of entries In beagle hounds. The
Initial cla" entered In the hound show,
x.lileh opened today In connection with
the hore show, "Whentlcy Chancellor."
another of Wheatley Kennels' dogs,
took second The second prl?e rtmont;
the hnr.se vm awarder to "Dr. Van
duon," a green hunter from Olen nid
ile Farms.
A wlde-eVed and hopeful ltttl" box sits
on an Invalid' rhilr in the sunlight at
the Frnnkford Hospital tndnx With a
tov doc clasped tlshtlx In hl arms he j Society divided Its time between th
mutely xxatches white-dad surgeons and tent in which the dogs were helm- Judged
nurses as thev go from cot to cot coin- J mid the tan bark ovil where the horso
fortlng and relieving With impatience sliimmeted In his resplendent glnrv
h Is waiting until the rom to him The crowd at the morning session as
and unwind bandages from his legs; for I usual, was omall. The sun beat down
what is found beneath will determine I mercilessly upon nxul and paddock r Ight
whether or not the little bov will ever xxelcht frocks nml strriu hits vveto mnrn
walk and play like other hojs or be a
hopeless cripple with one let; cruelly
The child's name Is Kenneth Rednmar
and he Is onl sit ve.irs old He Jived
with his parents at tn3l Torresdnle ave
nue until enrlv Inst Februnryw hen he was
carried Into the hospital with one leg
charred and burned and swathed ill
soft stufts Plajinu with schoolmates
about a bonfire, Kenneth had either
fallen or been accldentalH plli-hed into
the hln.7inrr nile Frichteneel. bis little
comrades tan .iwn eiylng. and Kenneth j
In evidence than xcsterd-ix Illg'i hu
mlillty nilded to the discomfort of specta
tors .and horses, no matter Imw well
Broomed, lathered after their exer
tions The canvas covered stands ilrh
"Ilotaco Junior," a Wlllosbrook Firm
exhibit, took a Hlue in the ponies' hand I
iass. The second nnd third pri?ej went
to Uroadlawn Farm ponls. while Edwin
H Vnrn, Ji 's "Dllham Decorator was I
,-"ii iin "ti lull 1. ,.. uiim it--iui--Lii ...i t . ,
was lift alone In Wild agony until a warded fourtn place
policeman carried him home
Tor a long time pbslelans feaied Ken
neth would not get well The child lav
still and white among the cox "is
Nurses sometimes cried bernuse ho suf
fered so much piin persons marveled
at the braverj and patience displaced by
so small a hoy under such trying cir
It was this bravery and patience which
flnall.x turned the tide In favor of th
child's tocovet
Kenneth began to convalesce His laugh
of le oT sifts of fruit or (lowers
brought cheer to other little patients in
the wnrtl His hunnv smile was a lesson
In fortitude He became a grout favor
ite of all persons at the hospital. Sick
folk raised theit heads and spoke to him
a sthe box was xx heeled b on his xxa$
to the sun parlor
Then came the dux when Kenneth tried
to walk What was expected to he for
him the diwn of happiness was turned
into a dax of despaii, xx hen the xxatchinK
doctors saxx th' child's le,j xxas bent
Skin had i ontracted underneath the knee
and Kenneth xxaa unable to stretch his ' pailx dressed spectators In the stand.
les out stratum paaoorK and about the rail.
His ciief xx-us pathetic He tried hard A horse which 'xat- watched with more
not in cry but the thought that he than usual interest In the first class
misht for all time iw a ulpple was too Mudcd was Hilla. Emlen Wood's hunter
niu'h, and the little patient burled his It was this mount xvhlch xesterdav tlKured
The second class of beanie hounds
judged resulted In a first nrle i-oinrf to
"Weatherlield Temp," owned bx William
Warner Justice James w Appleton s
"Stokes Place Shamrock' took t'Mrd
The Is the first time an show espe
ciallx for Iktc and bensle hounds nas
e-ej been attempted In this countrx The
Hound Show I'ommltt'1" included masters
of nil the It-ad In ir luntlriV puks in tf
lnltf-i States and Canada. The ex
hibition will compare favorablx- with
similar contests held annualls at Peter
boro. Enc.
('onsldernhlc repn-t i1- felt because
t'unadian hunt dubs are not to evhibit
at the Iirxn .Mnwr show. Their non
appearance Is due entirely to the xxar
and the British embarzo on the exporta
tion of Mxestock The dops partlculirlx
affened bj this embarpo were small prey
hioinds under trninlnp In Knpland aiid
xxhkh were to he used in a series of
xxhippet races nt the shoxx
K"o- t'ie horses for the horse must tome
into his own and assume the post of
honor, as has been the time-honored cus
tom toda.x's exenu hold out m.inx inter
est!!, p features, xx-hlt-h should t-xoke i
ro-inus or enthusiastic applnime from
h-ad in the pilloxxs. und sreut gobs
fhook the wnsled and frail body. For
n time be i mild not be lomforted Even
the toy do xxhich hod been his constant
companion xxas forsaken and left stand
ing like a forlorn sentinel on a table,
The'i the surseonk took, counsel to-Bi-thec
and decided as a last tesort a
nre and tlelicnte operation would be
performed in on endeavor to etraljhten
the bent lea. Kenneth xvau told he still
had another chance His mother, who
had been almost a dally visitor to the
hospital, and xx-hoae Brief xxas even Croat
ei than that of her son xx-hen It was
feared he would be permanently lame,
sat by the child's tot and held his hand
while the txio talked of th new chanco
for complete recovery The small pa
tient once more took an Interest In hH
t.ys Acain his rhilduh taugh rantf
through the ward
Day iiftt-i ay as the time for the
operati-m approached, Kenneth lined hla
wooden soldiers in battle array, ay!nj
h too would ome day be a colonel
and haxe .1 real reulnw-nt of his oxn
Then be left the toy dojf to watch the
army xxhlle he olerit
At last tht ilay for the operation ar
rived "it u trut that i am eolne to
run and pia ml ttn Isn't it doctor?"
tremulously asked the child And the
sursenii xvho had heart) so many (pies
tions Just like Kenneth's smllfcd at the
boy and saitl, W'll se "
So they wraiirl the little sufferer In
blankets and wheeled him to tha ojierat
Inp room Tliere In the presence of rflrn
of science small pieces of skin were cut
from the -ood leu of th unconscious
cliihl and urafted hre tha skin was
draxxn and contrieted underneath the
knee of the leg which had been burned
This xxas last week
Today Uifr bandage will 1m removed
and both Kenneth and too who have
taken such an interest In him will know
xxhettier or not he will eer be able to
run -ind play again If the condition of
his iep allows thr operation to have hn
a sut ce&s. the bty ill be out of th(j
hospital in txvo or three weejjs
A PhltdKo business man, uitb many
relatives, wrao of whom uere well-to-do
but granting, recentlj ouiiht the
serviin of his Uuirr to draw up bis
xx ill V hen after much labor, the docu
ment was completed, the client asked.
Haxe ou fled this tbUu; aa 1 wUhed
It tUlit and ktioii"
I have done mx best," said the law.
W II i.oiitiiiui d the illent. 1 want
to tsk l "U uoottiei thin,- not profes
"nttlx ner As a f r tid and man
to niai xbo ttt sou thnk tands the
best c I'v "' euii, th- i-ict-rtj nli-n 1
I am -oil's?
111 inn nr"i spin 01 tne snow, when a
pioom tumbled from the saddle as Bella
balked before a fence She had nlieadx
taken txx-o jumps nicely, and her action
ot the third was unexpected
Society was apaui out In force nt todax's
juduiuK. Th same Min smiled warmly
doun on the fcpectators, and the only
cool plai tt about the oval xvere tent-tov-ered
stand If onythlnc the crowd which
attended ih mornlnp scsslun of theshovx
fly " fH vVv tttev fR
s m k . t WW If flB m
lJk 'HMltesa I WW w C IH I'
WW if i i" 'i iMwMiff I ' iii" f ' niyiiiiHifi Bn 1-" itii??1 iBBn. itt T 'nffin iti TffiWilWfTf nTTO ll ;l SSJtabe $jSRHHHHIM
Cvoiv jtJjirfivOxrSsv?! vvV ffl'ilii iMiHili'111 si ' f -mMigsmfS owl if?rrJ.zrrT lMm-'JWlR3&m ,vjw. yt '
cs 52Sssss?i3 ridBfi--! z'rttmm mssa jTTyK-nmbK7r tr -a --Krv
I j , 1 jai?3i i HlilMli ' i IBTTiTi
lit? lMHllPS rL. , k
tf Vil h pOKKKHB && ti,) W 'HIST PAST ME MAY MFM
ir:M MmiwBmWwmBBBmmWmBS $&&h-J 5-3 death re? hundreds
OVf IYAY J300 BOYS AND mi'lf? ' P?rl I S MS
INJURED YFAXLY l!fflB&m'' VsOfelfr iW feriSSSTi
. nwrnmrn-- t a tm r7s-jmm
Oversubscribed German Wnr Loan
LONDON. Sept. 22.
A dispatch from Geneva sa.xs reports
from Basle dcclaie that tiutlnp ocelli h
dally In Vienna tind Berlin, that shops
in the streets occupied by the poorer
elapses ate looted for food, and that
mnnv xx omen haxe been shot clown In
an attempt to quell the mobs.
The dispatch also denies the statements
issued In Berlin as to the xxnr loan belm;
oversubscribed, and asserts that appeai
haxe been made to Italian and Swiss
banks for help.
Friendly Talk to Boys and
Girls Who Risk Their
Lives Thoughtlessly in a
o . . rr . , xx-liep. thtiy haxo not been told how xxiouk
opint ot r un or Adventure. u is-
To sax-e you from injury and possibly I Tho lea mm also has a message to the
your lix'es, the Home and School l.t hkuo, ' Patents. It Is not told in pictures, how
children, have tnken a numW-r of photo- ''vt" lmt Is In Cold type, with llwies to
graphs of children in dangerous posl- "i'Stnntltto oxery stnt-ment.
tlons. ' T,'e penetal cnnroptlnii is tlint nine.
These small people may bo p'ayniatos 'eit'W f the poisons killed walking nlnnp
of yours. At anv rate, you will seo. that ,ne trncBs aro tramps. Not "1 per tepl
Judges Begin Work of Passing on
Exhibit Premiums.
ALLENTOWN, Pa , Sept. 22.-It was
figured nt noon that the attendance at
in great Allentown Fair xx-it" .in.nm.
There were about LMlXVi children, and
the test of the tally visitors were mostly
older people The xxeather is somewhat
xx ai in, but 'deal f 1 1 the racing exents.
The Judges stnrted their xvoik lulgltt
and early, but oxvlng to the Immonslt?
of the exhibits few awards could be
made during the mornlnp hours, which
xx ere devoted chlelly to comparisons.
The favoilte dish ut the Allentown Fair
' this .xeai seems to be pork and sauer
kraut. Last enr is xxas "doggies"
i Promptly nt noon Di Victoi II. Wit-and,
I the new president of the fail, gave the
signal lor tne retnox-al of all the racing
horses on this afternoon's card from their
stables, scatteted throughout the ground,
to the nexx- speed pavilion, xxhere they
will be ipmrtcipil during the races, whMi
can thus be run off with tho utmobt dls.-D.itch.
Official Forecast
For Eastern Pennsylvania: Fair to
night, slightly wanner in north pnttitin;
WVtlnexlay inejt casing Untidiness, and
kiuneivlint lower tempi'Mliue, moderate
i.outli winds.
I'ur New Jtirsev: Fair tonight. Wed-
1 nesdav incieHslns clotidlne-is and some-
Frightened Away After They Pry
Away Combination Knobs.
Butglnrs who broke Into the ottlce of
tho Philadelphia Fanners' Supplj (im
pany, at l!)lfi and lOlR Market street,
early this morning, got but ?5 for their
trouble, apparently being frightened nwav
aftti thex had pried the combination knob
Wife and Several Hundred
Persons See Him Virtually
Cut in Half at Sixtieth
Street Station.
Death under the whcela of an elevate!
train at the 60th street station In tuIi
slBht of his wife, and sexer.il hundred rJ
, sons this morning ended the financial
troubles of John J. Dallas, of ISIS Nonj,
, Md street, the former bookkeeper xvli,
U'nn lxli. .... m x.. . . .
o i-.iib- sura ior wi.ono by the L p
Whlto Company, Jewelers, of Nntn anj '
i ncittntt streets. Dallas fell beneath the.
ttnln In such a xvny that both stilclt,
i and accident thcoilcs are tenable
i Dalits inwl bin ulr. ..... .
to Xonlstown for the second day of the '
equltj suit. They were walking slowly
j along the pintfoim of the cntli stteel ita-
tlon of the elevated. As a westbound
tialn drew into the station Dallas stepped
to the edge of tho platform ,fnd turned
until his hack xvas to the rails. Then ha
toppled over. Two cars passed oxer hli
body, virtually cutting him In half.
Mis. Dallas turned Just In time t0 ,
her husband's body dropping over the.
edge of the platform. The next instant
the train shot past her. She became,
historical and xx-as taken to her home
hy witnesses. The mutillnted body xvaj
taken to the Homeopathic Hospital
Men and -women who saw Dallas fall
to his death from the eastbound plat-
fotm say that his fail seemed to have
been deliberately planned. They declare
he gauged the distance cnrefullx- so that
his body would fall directly oxer the far
track where he could not escnpe the
wheels. The heavy train was under
brakes at the time and xxas slowing up.
Owing to Its weight the motoiman had
not tho slightest chance to prevent the
Passengers In the first two cars xxho
felt tjio bump as tho wheels xxent oxer
the body and heard the terrified Bhrlekl
of women xxitnesses on both platformi
lushed from the train Traffic xvns Del
up for some time until u patrol wagoa
arrived and the body could be remoxqd
Seveial women xxeie tnken axxay frora
the scene on the -eise of collap?.
Txvo different actions weie under
xx ay against Dallas, one the eiuit suit
and the other on cilinln.il chaiges He
xxas under a total of $ynw ball on th
charges of attomptlng to blow up the
Jexvclry ofllce xxhere he hud been em
ployed, and embezzlement. It Is be
lieved that the fear of facing these
cilmlnal charges led him to take nil
life. A desire to soffn tho blow to hli
xxifo Is thought to have made him try
to mako his diath look like an acci
dent. Judge Anion L Swartz, at Noirlstonn,
decided nt VnM o'clock to continue the
case against .Mr Dallas t.) glxe time for
fillther action. Counsel for Ml White
lntlmnte.l tn.it the llffiriniTS XXOIllll CO un.
end tha' another defendant would be sub
stituted. Tho Court xxas noiifleil b the
Hxcvirrj Lnnonii of Dallas' ibath and
the tact that his bolx hod b"n token w
was larger in comparison to veterdas's many of you hnxo done tho same foolish , "rP mw. in. tramp knows tne danger xVhat lower tempeiatur.. In the uttcinouii ' '" (l,v",'" """j ," "' '", """lrss pacKeti lh(. morgu. ui tlu iiomeop..tnic ii"i"'"
U .orne'rs ' ' I thing, that the boys In .hu picture aro tie-passing upon the railroads and. ! The eastern a.ea o, high l-momei., has j bv Sh. ," trHuler'nTt! e ,.lnlliv , A ',,,a'W1 ?3?" TulTlX-
...TT-rrs .Jntnhu,:,rak;.,,law;vPr;af:? i la,,,r"!,, " th,"n a h,s hlBhvvu8' Si" " t t: ; ,pon,n,r: ' ik ltx& .; :; .: r, t thJu?.
teXltotihht vearsPhaver , There, is the little lad climbinB up the "-J" 'a""u"' 1,5 tempe.atuies have risen tdlghtlx at ""J-,. n? "' ' fo"r "" menu made bx him .xestei.lax that ,
LdH; .I'.l'-'h,Bh. IrlBnal toxxer. Ills small don wants to Soventy-llve per cent, of the persons mo, places in the noitheas..-,,, poi.lon . '.- '" "tal'Wd " V? "V??" , l imlVd
out the land Watehmald. who muk a ' follow hi.n, but can't, lie may tamper who a'9 r"" ,,,,,ul ''' ",,ns I" ''"" "f thv '"lll,"'-' The centie of the west- ,he K,,n warnroken is neai h xxln loxv !'w", .'0,,"SPl ,s !al ''.' 1-' 'r , , oxer
blue "estertlHv was entered in the Hint l ' , " , , " .. , " 7 drrn, nrtismis. laboieis and professional ' tin d sttirhnncH has moved noitheastward " h,anf,V n i bilcbt Hebt ",n"ow ! ''Is Matemcm that he had g me oxer
wue esieninx. l ' ' " ' " u,tl ,hfc fcimlig llnr) ,e onBno driver m., h .tt.m.,1 t. .. .. i.j ..... I . .i... r;.m T.nkox. hut Ionic tiuuui. """ ,"anl, ln nilulit light. ihn i.nntts nf a biislnt ss mun a few dxj
..... ... riin. mnn ,,i, uiuMr i u ...-.. ,..-,,',.. ,a,i 111,111 i (iiii.nn ,,,, v.... ......--. . -- -- .--.. -- ..- ..... .-. .- - -..-.-
Mclean's ir Biaton xvhich also cap- then will becorpo confused and wrw-H eityasu short cut home ur to xvork. It ' like ilcpieuslon xtenda fioui thence
tur.d a ribbon New Voi Hers are vanlx max fedi-w which may cost maq.x lixes. eMlmalert that the produ. tlve uilue bouth.xestwaid to Mexko, aulng show-
intertsted in Hobe. t L "errx's Ftatrun, . ftn ma b onfJ ,j , of hunmn life Is U&.WA A. J5 per ...,t . It. 'ff, Kj'S
ent-red if the same rlaj.s , of the deaths aio tramps, the xHlue of , Stnte.s, follow l in n laptu ''"' ' "'"
The ffst class of hunters and lumpers father or a mother. , ,ifw of e0,.,, u,.spaser Is leduted to pemture. The iliange bus been .0 no
un? co.iflned to lUht weight sieen . Anuth-r pleturo shows two Jlttle boys u mine of im.cno The loss of fi. hy gief- ttf more in Nebraska aim iwriions
himiers end naturnllv he actions of trying to learn how cars nre coupled, tailroad tms-oass In monet irx tisures in "f South Dar.otn. Jl.nneipotit, lowa ami
i,e. .iitina debutantes was watched Them is n lucomoti.-o at the other end nroductive wealth is estimated at liVWI. Kunrak,
xiltli more thsn usual Interest of tho train. It will start ihe cars mw. i a ear These flguies do not shttw U, S. Weallier IlurcRil Iltlllelin
In the second d-iS'' hunters and Jump- liur and tho boys will b.i lucfay if Ihoy the burdens that nre thrown op society , nervations made at b u m. Kunni time
ers the pick of Olen Hiddle Farm ( aro not hurt or the homes which are ruined when u -"v
"""" ".""lTJLr ! DANOHItOfS PLAY hdl,lnr,L,,,al?.0"jei k.Btl.n Sam.'nVVa'1lndV.fxgAve?.l.tr
ifinrv llls-'inson's llastlro", xxhleh made i Ho vnu seo the bo with his foot fas- about Industrial workers nowadays he- Atiuntu- rlu . 7u 01 '.. t.le.jr
- ... . . .... i. ..,., , ... . ... I U.-. V...4 .. . t .. i . . . .. . tlt ,. K-
I, y.it ill -'ll r i I i-tiounv
hit )eerafx xvitn un tn, u mu iti- m m unto " t "i -.!. irum ucmiuuiic axuiiupuini me i j! ,, ijj, rj iS s If.ir
entrain i nm i u -s- tii.aiet woiklng on trie ranroaii una would not a nmm umiwi. " ". ni-itiries ai i iJutTaio, n y. .1 i. xv in ciwr
Mrs 1-auiP hi ' M'PfP hax happened Should a train come 'fttn'. .' " Z ' mov,!mon' I J3!KiS:.. " . tf.W 5ii w .-KS"
111 tPIS 0I4S. noiner well iH-mitei iii- -- ,..,,,, ilfixvu lajraun ii"tr mtx ie,n n i les- I , .", I ' '..r i- i i V 1 t'ler
rr.i.1 ... Hnwartl 11 Henry's Ho die II sions oeiore no uomu oo irem mis ., -abi v. but Hie Ion, and .School r.:i" Vt,n.V iu .-j r.I i r.s sw in t'u.uJv
7U 711
Ai P
It ll
11 ..'
SW IU I'iejr
-.Ml III flmly
7U ft" 11 'lc-r
XIV s i ar
silt 12 i'iejr
Ui N h ' lear
KB ii i leir
M...., r,r.- .t nnx'irq mj wquiii hmtki? i-'sso toa .- tum pwr innsf uiiiifo tw icmit hip numi.ii untj ii. .;"e
PLPRN AM) Ju.Mi.tf. through hem tducate the parents. j I,u.,u;h,r 55,
Just before lum-ll the children uitb ! ' B ' s " 'J'? ." Tl ere aro UVfti Person kill. A each x. Mr Ts'ti.a." NT "
tbr nonle. apareel in various elu. I f l$J?U2U'" .. ' e trains More than .half are killed ..,-
The advent u,,n the green of UtlU follw Foolu:.. a thing One hoy lias one foot """" .,". "."B ". .. " , V"".'" u"'1 Ji Uonxille.l-'ln
who are al I" hiijh favor with (: In tha stiriup and the other
tutors, wcsloed round of applause. I n-i ' "L
, li..,. annc.M I 1 V i i...-.s . vtifL-w
TO iM . pivs ...- sw. Th,, lther ,loy u eaMns out m sueh a a4 ,..,),, of tho dancer or had It N IM.u. -Neb wj :nl ,, N .t lur
saddle ..d jumidn. and in hand. wa Ilia, i. ttmy be strucU b a tar on ,".,, 01J ntto n(m" ',!, ''.'", "t. -C&" Ei1 K ' " SW V4 ia"r
Amnn.. the uonis entered were th.. .Uier na.k Both tho boys may ba ' "l " ..." '''-".' 1 SS xx- i I .S
i-tltiiojb tif . to 'i
1 I'.n,' mill. l7a is
.!. Irnm HroMdlaWll CUtniJ. YOtiei' B I - - - - - , -,jiti .(i.i, iiu ,.- ihj
X, 167,000 Cleared Ports Yesterday (
for ioreign Paits,
WASHINCITON. pept 22 -The Treas
ury Department today announced that
twelve cargoes, cnrrvliu. a tot.il n, t nrr .
fmo bushels of grain, were cleared from I iW life Insuiance. and
nun. Tho "inn III iiuet'iiin tienim i"
Dalla.s had hn in I. Is pirn'
It was learned todax that Illis moxea
from Aidmoro to tin- moie nii.dest resi
dent in Jd street to rediut iM'ii fa
the udvlio nf Ills counsel .Ui.i lie had
declnied tint he had no monev He aiSJ
sold his automobile Mi x lute lectin"
ytsterday that Dallas told him he W
no monej but he Is said i In1 -'a'rf
.11 ne """
y lias one foot ,,v, ,,a.x In tho year 15 person, are . T4b"T,,m,o. ii wsi! 8(. $ VlZ'u
IBf on tho Juiif. M,M ,, rnt(.,j Hmsj tor nH I jxhle. K . 71 7. .' 8U Tn .'toHy
uX iTvo trllu" '""" "'J ';'" t ""ere the r 7u i! l. S lHS
eJ t
10 be
Painty, Vnus -ipd Aberdeen under ad- jtii a for their folly
i!, from Uroa4lan Puimj. Vnlter S, ii,pi,Tiiri.'PTVf-
IU!.lxell i;le D ami rolt shown In HhLD TIIL S.U LTi Q.
hand. KdJMi I'owcll's Ot.ft.rq Jewel.
and Sequel and Sequence from frond
lawn Parma The last lo were shown
ySU.rda driven b Uludys Jl Rarle,
tuuhter of i'r and Mrs) fleorse il
Carle, Jr.
t-Ua '. huB'r nl Jmop Flrjt. Mrs
llrlrt VV4xorth liars stMUfl. Mien Itl'J-ll-
farttib' Ijt Vn Uusd. ttur'l. tirntia
Farto' VVarmlffe.
fW . ioIm in hand-Hut. vyilltl.roul
r'iimn lp,ra' Jntor. ou-l Hroi-Jlawsv
Farm K'iun ibb-J UrujiUlawn I-arros
Hi nUlax Ilut4tu
i ia. u. .u,ai la han't Flret, tvilllsbroo
I'arin's Ttulnit a taMin fe-ob-1 Willlibroo
F.im i net I All ihlr.l Walter S Jldlll--b
Hiei n Hub -n
aas "o hunters anl liniperi, Flrl A
H 1 1 Hismn-i n . r.amn sun-la. second A
IIhiv lll.-;in-m Innl,-ti Smokt ih.rJ
nil n 14 Ks-n f Hran n
' Ufl lei t -, li tani firt XV tl'tehr-tok
xx i 1st r
ii k
I'l-oft sor Turner lind been sttendin-r the 4
vv il i tear
. 'Un . titi
...... ..i.n.., ,.., ,.. i-i ...in .rr,.M.i... hi i.tiin. .-teatlon in Kt-xnt ti, -i,t-.r. -tiM-, i ap
j'fl P. I,-J' " -' M:.,. .4S,..IWM-t ' -. --. --. w'm .-- - - -.,
how hy crowded about tho safety gates
Helot! a i
erection of a
captain l.jon".
tltleSfOpe ,l
wh't xvas in
(41 r.j
St lonU. Mo . II i.
st i-.i,'. ii inn ai J
t l.Se rtau. vi j i
i viat.h a train pass. Hero is a pic- ldp)Jf. ,f the Intruiment, all bt U, S",.,?" . ta :X
.. ... !,- 1..L.I nflA cthn.l .. u .IId. 1...I -. ....! ,1... ... ...... .,...... rl. . n. . . Tl Til
lUttt IIIRH ( .. w. tvw M09 Mta- !' t-'U ' -t-l4K Ut v, -wwr ll-, tft JHOtU
4 70
VII th' oxs and girls aro eluvi cm waa (red. and was aimUu-s to know , ).I..,'-,,"?J ' K ,,.
.. .I... -.,., Th.i iifinl,,! tr. trc .... , I...... .t... -. -....m i,n.-Ml A,.,....HI...,1. t t'U-WI'e -
HM ttlV t.-..- -1 i,.i tif R, wit ' '- I'm- "I- mwt 1Wb- VU.M4- r j p - . .
the tmel t'l kee itu train ami to vx-iavo intervlewtd the fc'unner ana asked i-uiy
thelr hat to the passengers A PQitee- he know when to Hive the -.Unal.
man 1 keeping them baek. He Is a. big "Oh. I look at my watch," (aid the
and good-natured looking twiliceman, at oflUla,!
that, anti he probnblj has at home ehll- ' "And how d' xotj correct yir watili"
11' clt ml
:V (1 Clear
N s I. n
VV 10 near
.t 11 I'l-luuly
lo NVV 111 I'ouaj
S 4 Oar
W t Cleir'
NK U I'cl-mtjv
SVV I i tsar
NW 1 I'-ivu.Jj
Her friends twd asked their young host- entirely.
ess it. p'ltx.ror mem. nnu sue was per-
torinlus a dllilcuit selection jrom xvagner
Atlantic and Oulf poits esterdiv for
inreigii pons The statement showed that
S.OM.uio biifhel-s were received at ports
yestord.ij md that r.illiondc reputed
they nre ho.dlng In their terminals or on
ier lines 5.U27..MO bushels bei.iusi, nf in
alilllt to ship In elevators nt ports, IS,.
ft!x,'V)o bushels aio stored.
Ol the grain shipped xesterday, ts.niS
bushels were i-onslgned to Dunkirk; 2.T),
l tti Jl.irseilhs L'h.Ojii to Liverpool;
IW.ftti to Haxie and il.ufti to Cllabgnxv.
Women of ths South Start Campaign
to Help Planters,
.ST. LOl'IS, Mo, sept. -.'-Man -f.,,,1.
Ing t-oelctx wtiinen of this city tod-u
Joined the movement to wear cuttoti gar
ments In plui-t- of silk and other costly
labrles to create a mnrktt fur cotton and
help Southern planterj
Tlie plan has been ndurfced bx local
r-atil"tlc orgPiiUatlui.rt and in the South.
Members of several chapters of the
Daughters of the Confederacy liavv
agreed m wear lotton clothing almost
i.r.,,1, iTICHft in .irlriition
Some of the witnesses fnun this cltf
weie on tho train that killed l.ills Most
of them tontlnueil to Ne.iil-tmxn dlr
tiatlle was resumed, uinwiire th it tn
man ground to death und. i the -
was. l)4'las th.
Tiuukb of evidence wete t.mied in inj
Nurristovvn court tndaj in ic.idlii ''
the tnal Throughout th. tiul I" "
had shown lenurkable nem H ,uu .
el deilnren that he .-hmi.d "',,,,.
nervousness Inst night, howex., " ""
occabloned some suipilsc anions ";'
close touch with him The m.i.i '
whom he Is s-ild to have bout
powder to blow up the White olli.-
t-tpectcl M tcstlf.x todax Hi";11
fear ot a perjux th.irge, is t.li. 0
1. ,,.i itnui'ited Dallas
fr-i -.it. i .!. .lUUillSt l' llS '
till- .,,.,, -..-- -"
i ,. i. .x, em-
tovu IA" he " --"'"' " . Nur.
.ezlel was 81ikJ -I '"" .: tli,
llstoxvn, but pfter.u.. ih; -"",
nfiet tli4t effort, of ett """,'','"
'- - , , m .all
by Dallas mid wer ieje.uo -
. ... ... , It I l.k
OWNED Al'T" '- '-' ' "...Jiiy
Dallas was a hookkm." " " ' ,
of the. Jevxeirx lirm I" ' ''" '
etordny ll was bioug.t "" 'J,.,
paiuiily on nothing out hi "'"'' , m
fSla wctk. hi llxtd in un, in - '
r-r,TirvT.TT?T?tt3 nrnv T7Tjriro txttttt-t -v -t ..-. ,
dren mst anout your age. ami ne Knows nsKod tne captain. , jn tiLe midst of H sue suuutnu stopped " -w. i., t"viav Ardoioie and ovviml an am- . . m5
how elangrrous it is to get close to tho -I take It to tho maker in Cairo, and in confusion. At the Coroner's inquest held todo over Neurlv every sliud of pap' '"" un,
fast-rushing trains xvhli h pass In a (loud he tells me the error" i 'What s the matter?" asked one of the Mary Fislier. 5 xears old. who died as evielriiil of alleged iKfaluti m o M
i or oust i-orinwiin t urnain i.ons inierviewea isllors tne result ql injuius nustaliu-d kevt ral h-is bt en -vinovtsi """ " s
When the gates aro lowen-d do not g-i tho watihnnkei and asked him how he I 11 struck a false note. ' faltned the I d-ixs ugo b being lun over b u wagon i tompan. anoiding iu i i l "','" "ttl ii
on the traiks. even though n.u ean't cheeked the -nor if the watih i performer 'driven by Thomas Johnon 6'J7 North ttrdav The belief il-t ' '' (
f a tralo In sight l these I n tures 'I st the ttrrett time from the gun." ' Well, what of it?" cried anothei Kieventh strtet the Coroners lur found ti to shift tie b ' " , -r j
ar real pptuics of buvs and girls -jnd said tliat ifimpie craftsman And thm pueet Go ahead Nobodv but Wagner that Johnson xxas in nu wa. responsible i t eates. managfr e.-f It" vv jar
t'- in-ra r-prted them d ra ,st u. h ime ves told ix Kgvpt Jlontreal island- would ever know It and lies dead.' foi the death of the cmld 11 ewas ex- was made more s i -t "' " ktr ' m
. win G-j ord "Ladies Home journal onerattd, I th6 te.stunon, taken. !
tl iy in.iis J' a b-jy v-r Sir

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