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Braves and Athletics Having
Easy Time Phillies Meet
Cubs in Double-header
Here This Afternoon.
Practically the only matter of Im
portance In the major leagues which
has been left undone Is the spinning of
the coin to decide whether the first
Barnes shall be played In Philadelphia or
In Boston. While neither the Athletics
nor the Braves have mathematically
captured the flans In their respective
IcnRUes, nothltiB short of an earth
quake can head the present leaders.
The Olants tost their last chance es
terday when they were beaten twice In
the course of four hours at the Polo
Grounds by Miller HilRKlns' band of
former contenders. During that period
of time the Braves uero evening mat
ters with the Cincinnati Beds, thus
drawing further away from tho metro
politan e-nemy. Should the New York
ers, by some strange freak of fortune,
be able to capture their Inst thirteen
games, the Braves would have to win
eight out of their final fourteen.
That the Olants have completely Inst
heart was evident In their second game
with St. Louis. The first contest was
close, but when the Olants finally lost
out, they appeared to give up nil hope
for the pennant, allowing themselves to
b shot to pieces b the shower of hits
and run? made by the St. Louis club.
Hank O'Day's much-buffeted players
will be seen again this afternoon at
Broad and Huntingdon streets. A
double-header N scheduled, to begin at
1-.10 o'clock. The heavy batting of tho
rhllllcs vesterday showed the Cubs
plainly that the Palsies are still trying
to win games.
He Is Mobilizing Reservists
in Anticipation of Some
Stiff Battles on Gridiron
This Fall.
NEW TOBK, Sept. 2t.-01d King Foot
ball Is about to mount the sport throne
He Is collecting his reservists throughout
the country nnd already has engaged In
many slight skirmishes with his nnclent
enemv. Czar Baseball. In all of the out-
I lying posls Football's forces are scoring
1 heavily. Aiound the big centres, tnougn,
j Baseball still holds forth the strongest
Not until nfter the World's Series docs
I King Football expect to reign supreme
The football outlook around the East
this year Is unusually Interesting. Yale
I occupies the spotlight, not because l Is
i expected to "clean up" this fall, but be-
' cause Frank Hlnkey Is buck to coach
Old Ell's pigskin waiilors. The prospect
of this former Blue star putting In a win.
nlng team theie Is very doubttut. The
I task Is too great. In the minds of football
i critics. But the Hlnkey spirit, as It Is
I remembered by those who saw that fa-
1 mous star In action In the old days, is
I something to be reckoned with and the
seemingly Impossible may be accom-
I pllshrd. Hlnkey' efforts, at any rate,
will be closely watched.
1 In the preliminary work to date. Hlnkey
has tried out n large number of candl-
dates. His policy seems to be that every
fman who reports Is going to get a chance.
He eems to want to s"o for himself what
material he has on hand. Only the thre
I plavers who were regarded as regulars
I are" available for Hlnkey. They are Cap-
1 tain Talbott. Halfback Carroll Knowles
and Quarterback "Aleck" Wilson. Hln-
I key Is being assisted at present by Dr.
Blllv Bull, who has charge of all the klck-
lnx candidates. "Doc" Cornish, who Is
' directing the quarterback aspirants, and
! "Billy" Martins, who Is showing the ccn-
tres the fine points.
The morning after's always sad. An"
fore this safe an' sane Fourth fad
chucked klll-'em-qulcks for horns July
the fifth coppod out the belt for all tin.
feels that could be felt on any after
morns. An' et In ISM. July the fifth,
tome old stork picks to start Bcals
Becker out. 'Twas out In El Dorado, too,
where Kansas cyclones up an' blew birth
places all about.
But somehow Bents came through al
right an' got hl3 normal weight an'
height. An' when he came nineteen he
Joined the team nt Little Bock to show,
the folks what baseball stock he'd stored
up In his bean. Three yars of bushln'
made him fit to pack his little trav'lln' kit
an' bor.rd the Pirate ship. He didn't
quite outshln the moon and went to
CIncy prettv soon. 'Twaa there he got
his grip.
But Clncy never keeps good men. so
Dooln topped off Becker when he hit his
topnoch gait. Beals leads the Thllly hit
emlths now an' shows the old league
gaxd'ners how to play that left estate.
He hits well over Three-o-o an' often
makes his bingles go for more than
just one base. H does his playln' all
left hand. But, that ain't such a bad
birth-brand consid'rln' tlm and place.
Coppyright by A. M. Corrigan.
Another chance for the American pub
lic to read about a good fight has been
"killed" by the manager of "Jimmy"
Clabby, who wires that he will not allow
his pet to box that dreadful man, "Mike"
Francis Outmet is now thoroughly con
vinced that golf Is a "funny game."
Harry Vardon made that remark when
Oulmet defeats him in that memorable
national tournament. Oulm't has had
his second setback In two days at Green
wich, Conn.
The National Athletic Club should be
packed to the doors next Saturday night
when "Al" McCoy fights "Jack" Me
Carron. McCov is the pugilist who de
feated George 'hlp recently. ' Al" claims
the middleweight title, incidentally.
You may call this autumn weather If
you wish, but It does not matter to the
weather maker. The thermometer has
been up In the TAs for several days, and
It might as welt be midsummer. No
man Is wearing a straw hat. either. Not
a. bit like the usual football period, is it?
Maybe the Columbia University nine Is
favored bv the weather man, as we
notice the New Yorkers are havins their
fall baseball practice.
Here's what Balrd Leonard fays:
Too late for flags, too late for coin.
Too late, too late!
You loitered on the road too long.
You trifled at the gate;
Each summer came you might have won
Comes back In ghostly state.
You slept while Stalllng's Boston Bravee
Were making love to Fate,
To see them crack beneath the strain
We now must stand and wait.
Three years ago, two years a;o,
One jear ago.
Even then you passed the post In time,
Though somewhat slow,
But you uere plalng better ball
Than jou today can show,
Marquard would sometimes win a game,
The Chief could throw
Thinls you the gods mil never grant
Four pennants in a row?
Certain spectators appear to Imagine
that when they buy a ticket at the gate,
It entitles hem to abuse the ball players.
The players do not lend hearty support
to the idea.
A cheap way to commit suicide: Asls
one of the Giants what he Intends to do
with his share of the world's series
In announcing the world's series will
commence October S. Ban Johnson says:
"It Is our aim to start and finish the
series as early as possible." Well, we
do not know who'll start it, but after
watching the Athletics for some years
we can imagine who'll finish It as early
as possible.
At last Mathewson's prediction has
come true. The Braves have begun to
crack the baseball
Lavender Is suspected by the Phllly '
players of having used the "emery ball"
In yesterday's game. Jt Is true that De
tective Rlgler. after an exhaustive
search of Jimmy's person, was unable
to locate the magic paper but the ball
which Jimmy was on the verge of
throwing- showed a slight abrasion If
Jimmy had the paper he must be a,
legerdemain artist, for there wasn't even
sJjrn of It. Not only is he that awful
thing, but he Is also akin to the chame
leonstarting out Lavender, he turned
red. then blue at the finish. ;
Five times the ball was sent caroming
against the right new wan in uw
Philly-Cubs' game. Becker's drive
struck directly on top, hesitated a
moment, then bounded away Into Broad
street, nnd one more spectator was
added to the SXI who were already
Howard Berry Is playing a rattling good
sramo for tho Penn scrubs at fullback.
Berry is an all-around football plaver as
well as an all-around athlete He Is
probablv the best quarterback that has
entered Penn since Stevenson's clay. Un
fortunately he will not be eligible until
next season because he played on Muhl
cnburg last year. This Is the uame Berry
the Phillies and Athletics attempted to
land. Unquestionably Berry will ulti
mately become a professional ball player,
but he has not decided with which club
he will sign.
A dash of "VI yards for a touchdown was
made by "Ted" Merrill on Franklin Flold
yesterdny. He l the hero today.
Charles Ebbotts will probably declare
a half holiday In Brooklyn and have an
other dedication of the stadium If the
Dodgers continue their winning streak to
a doien. They have now won eight In
a row.
Already thoe baseball citizens who
have never visited the City of Concen
trated Culture are learning the names of
the hotels and mailing certified checks
for room reservations.
Poor old Cincinnati Reds' Thev started
out to win the National League pennant.
j After discovering that It couldn't be
done, they started out to make a world's
, record for straight games lost. After
i reaching the count of 15 they were forced
to win from Boston. The, Pirates hold
the Marathon record for games lot with
S3. Prior to this performance tho old
Louisville club, of the National League,
had the honor with 21 games dropped In
Ehbets sav3 he has taken In a pot of
rronev on the olglit straights by the
JtrooMyns. That number of straights will
win any pot.
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rrig iKTIIffPk NXTajJlBsr JgPi!lr 1 1
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I wMBMsW&bssIs1sIHsV
i WBbILw
Stable Accommodations nt Coining
Races Are Not Sufficient.
Although there are accommodations for
Sji) odd horses within the gates of the
racing plant of the Maryland State Fair,
thee will be Insufficient to meet the
demand of the many horsemen who have
planned tn rare at the coming mooting
at Lain el Park. When new stalls for
M'J tqulncs were elected recently It was
thought that everbody could be tnkfii
care of, ami as the result the special
train which was itin between the course
and Bennlngs on each race dav was
abandoned for the coming meeting.
Stabling, too, Is nt a premium In the
town of Liure:. and from pie-rent in
dications thcie will be in the neighbor
hood of 10") thoroughbreds on hand for
the coming meeting.
Captain Busch, of the Carlisle In
dian eleven, helped his teammates in
the play against Lebanon Valley rep
resentatives, while Captain O'Hearn,
of Cornell, was in charge of the squad
which opposed Ursinus, captained by
Registration Likely to be Heaviest in
Years, is Report.
It is expected that the registration of
Pennsylvania hunters for 1011-1913 will
rival that of last ear, when approxi
mately 30t.rvn) hunters took out tho
papers requited to permit them to hunt.
In addition It Is estimated that morn
than 10Vi farmers, their families or
their tenants hunted un their own lands
last ear, taking advantage of the pro
vision In the law enabling them to do
so without biinir licensed. The estimates
arc being based upon reports made of
the tale of licenses, which Is stated to
hae been heavy In a number of coun
ties wheie the demand was light at this
time last year. It Is expected that there
will be a brick demand for licenses early
In October.
, The Carlisle Indians have won two font
ball games in the last four days. The
remarkable part of it is that Glenn War-
I r.er hasn't a double-header on Saturday.
BV dejener.lt snrint Rlis-n'Artil SfAA
stretched a triple Into a two-bagger yesterday.
The Golfers' Aftermath
ne rMn tr the ie'et ef Mm IVnaM 1'
Harlnn- In th ssml-nnal muni of th wnm-n'
netlona' -hamplenehlp oas th rffipt by hr
ef the newt that hr on. L. If. Barlon in
Un't'd to )nn th Canadian ontinnt hound
for th war. Mrs Ha time rlne) not a'ltanre
this a' an eus for h" 'lefeat, hut Trithout
a i uht it mmi have affected her sam con
Wrably. It eannot h" nM that "tir women golfer;
aro lacking In 1trmlnatirn. We hie all
hai1 of the prfetls tru atory of the lady
who took over loo troJis on the IHnnlektll
hole at Shin-nee a year or eo ago. This n-a
a no ef grim determination nlth a ven-eesnr-e
hut It did not entail the discomfort that
the lady tuffored In the first round of match
play In the nrtheln Tup competition when
he uaded knee-deep into the pond In front
of the fifteenth jrreen at Hunttncdnn Valley
to plv her ball. She could have drooped hark
for the loss of a atroke. hut preferred to play
out And ehe did it at the first attempt with
out loelng a atroUe.
DavH futhher' ts very proud of his lady
pupils at Huntingdon Valley, and he expects
at leas- one or o to make their marks Mrs
O Inverts? Mr O. Henry Stetsen. Mrs J.
H Henty. It and Mrs A. I) Huhhard have
nen plajlng the game only a short time, but
they ar. making aonderful progress.
It at feared thit the tournament now be
ing held at the Merlon frlckn Club for the
jun.or chamilonhl. of Phllalelphm would not
re the success tt deserved to be because many
of those tho wished to compete would be
prevented though having to attend school In
changing the plav from morning to afternoon
the Golf Association of rhlladelphta made a
wise move, and there is no doubt aiojt the
success of the tournament One of the semi
finals must be !'-ft ver un'l neit -icim as
C B Webster. Jr and I M. Washburn are
playing In the Lesley ('up matches tomorrow
Phttvietrbla a women s Ifers show wonderful
consistent in their play Mrs Ronald II
Barlow the Merlon irickei Club and Eastern
champion not onh leads over the home courses
but usually excels when playing over the shore
and mountain links Mrs. Caleb K Fox, Hunt
ingdon Valley Country Club and Mrs f ji
VanderbecV. Merlon Cricket Club, are usually
jUiji well up at ihe finish of an event. This
trio of pl.ueri. representing three of the
largest vlubs in the Bast, may be depended
upon to uphold Philadelphia on the links.
Pla will start this Saturday for the Merlon
Cricket Club golf ihampionshlp and Howard
W Perrln the present title holder will b out
to defend his honors The qualifying round
will be 1 holes scraten medal play Six
teen will qualify for match play and alt rounds
" iBSai'.1 ' ,s h"" "" " lnl
round 38 holes Drawings for match play will
be poeted at the club on September ;!. and
George H. Brooke '4s gradually work
ing out his backflcld problem at Penn
sylvania. The return of Avery and the
rare kicking ability no has shown have
been enough to gladden the hearts ot
Brooke and his assistants. Avery showed
lots of ability as a backtleld player last
jear. and towards the end of the season
was beginning to develop Into a good
kicker. Then came first one Injury and
then another, with the result that he
was never able to do himself justice.
His last year's experience must have
benefited him. and with the Improve
ment In kicking which ho has been dem
cnstratlng for the last few days, ho
ought to bo a star back and sure of a
permanent place.
It was a treat to watch Avery kick
yesterday. He hns maatcred a twisting
punt that soars high and far and re
minds one of the punts which made
Marshall Ueynolds. of the JS01 team, so
famous. Not a man playing down the
field under his kicks yesterday could
handle 50 per cent, of them- Several of
them got away so well that they drew
words of admiration from Brooke him
self, who was a past master in all
kinds of kicking. Avery hasn't yet
mastered the art of getting his kick
away quickly, but thJt Is a detail whtcn
can be corrected as the season ad-
VAnother man who has been showing
the sort of ability which If llkoly to land
him a varsity berth is Mathews, who
S ?npw.n nrt fullback of the fresh
man eleven laet year. Mathews Is built
much on the same lines as Joe MCrnck.
en the famous guard and fullback of
II years ago He possesses splen
did Speed for so large a man. Is a good
line breaker and manipulates the forward
pass well. . .
The Quaker football management has
ohown good judgment In Its handling of
the frebhman squad. That could n t be
gald of some previous years. ThU year
the importance of good coaching and
handling of the youngsters has been rec.
ognlzed. and there Is now a board of
three strategists in charge of th squad
They consist of cx-Captaln I,ouls oung.
of list year's team, with Jack Keough
and W F. Kord as his able abfeistante.
Between the three tho freshmen should
have Just as much attention as the var
sity candidates themselves.
Cornell came safely through Its first
Fame of the season, defeating I'rjlnus
College eeterday by the tcore uf 21-0
This Is consldetablv less than the margin
of lBst j ear's vlctorv over the wmt team
hut Cornell had good reason to takt
things easy In view of the hot weat -r
in which even Ithaca sweltered v,mell s
real test comes on Saturday against tho
University of Pittsburgh eleven The
Ithacan have been tuning up for t .e
Pittsburghers all week, and. despite the
warnings which have been sent u .t fr.
various sections of the countr. ate de
termined to win Should Cornell triumt-n
Jn decisive etvle It will make a spl-ndld
beglnnins for Al Sharpe's thiijl ve.tr
M coach.
Grttysburr College comes here Satur
day to open the season on the gridiron
with the University of Pennsylvania
eleven. The bnttlePield boys are not mak
inn any claims to scoring touchdowns or
even holding the score' down against the
Pennsylvania team, but they guarantee
that they will place on the Held a very
lively lot of men. For bo early the
Oettysbiug boys have had some good stilt
scrimmages, and In this respect they will
have an advantago on Pennsylvania.
They have had over a week's more work
ai.tl have a few plays working fairly
smoothly. The team has a fair number
of veterans on Its list, of which the most
notable Is their quarterback Hoar, who
has played so brilliantly for them the last
two years. He was their bright star last
fall here and he is playing even better
lhnn ever this fall. He Is n deadly tackier
and very fast, a very hard man to get by
in the open field. Buchler. Weimer.
Jielllnger and McCtilloch are again tho
b'ukhi.ne of the line which Penn will find
fairly stiff though not very heavy. Schef
fer. considered as next to Hoar In their
hackfield men, Is playing again and he
Is the man on whom they depend to get
off their forward passes.
CAMBniDGE, Sept. 21. Harvard's v-irslty
ran up three touchdowns vesterday against the
scrubs in ter minutes. Mahnn romped "3
yards for n score on the flrrt play. Later
Univai'l had Its firm taMe nf defensive work,
hut wis able to smoth"! every play. There
vvai no change In the varsity line-up.
I'niNf'KTON. Sept. :. The radical Tiger
game underwent a lest in a scrimmage of four
rgular periods yesterday Mike lliland had
his first scrimmage of the season nnd man
aged some neat forward p.iesee. which ended
in a touchdown In short order. The same per.
plexlng formations with Ullck and Iiw doing
Ihu pJasinu. scoied a second touchdown.
LOCK HAVEN. Pept U Pumpelly playei
a smashing good game at fullback for the
Vale scrubs yesterday; his team was unable to
make headway Bgalnst the varrlty. Knonle.
of the varsity, went over for the only touch
down of the afternoon. Alnsworlh could have
made another, but wns culled back. Legore
nau one good opportunity for n goal from tho
I field from the ,1.1-yard line, but Just missed It.
A.S.NArOLIS. Sept. 21 The main r-quad of i
cii'.IMr.tev for tho Navy team reported yrster- '
lav afternoon, a week In nUtniiie ot the open- I
ng of the academic jear. The veterans of
Ian yenr now- on hnnd am Captain Overesch
Perry, Harrison and Foiling. Of the stronc
t .III,., ,l.,n. .. V.n nl.iuj , , .. I
...-"-......, .- .. j.i,,.-., , iniinucr oi games
I there nre Ivennedv, Wiirrt, Wlcl(, Ornf. .Mil
I chell, Alexander, Ilalcn, niodgrtt and Collins.
; WEST rOINT. sJtT. 21 The Arm'
i conches rent tho varsity nnd second learns Into
I a long Kcrlmmage vesterdiy. Hcnedlct It', ked
twe xoalt from placement from tho "0-ynrd
mark. Ollphunt dropped a pretty field gonl
from the 2u-yard line. That waa all the scor-
j A.N.V Annort. Pept. 24. Ton dispensed
with ecrlmnugo entirely yesterdnv He hsmled
out a doso of new plays last night. Including
forward pass formations with Hughltl. Minii- j
'p'n nnu cpinwn nt tn- neim. uully fecrlm
, mages are looked for now.
I NEW HRfNSWK'K-Sept. 21.-Emphasis
wns placed on th' ltutgcrn' offense vesterday
. for It was In this departmnt that the team
proved weak when It met Princeton last fall.
! WASHINGTON Sept. 21 A man in clot.
touch wlih the Georgetown coiches said last
I nlglit that the local collegians would not start
their first tram against Tordliam Saturday as
, the best men nre to be saved for the Navy
game In Annapolis a week liter.
1 ITHACA N. V., Sept. 24 Cornell had an
' easy time In Its opnlng game wlih Ursinus
yi-!uniay nn-rnonn, winning .1 to n, and ills
playing considerable fotm for this time of I
in.- .tear. .
The Cornell backfleld showed tip well, vir
tually very man mat ifui into tne game mak
tng gains. Taher's work was spectacular, ai
Connie Mack Not 111 at Ease
Over Race Which Red
Sox Are Putting Up
Against His Champions.
CHICAGO, 111., Sept. 2l.-Connle Mack
will send his players to battle today with
the club which hns always given the
champions a fight. There hns never been
a time In recent years when the Mack
men were able to predict with any degree
of certainty a victory over the White Sox.
Harry Davis remarked that the chief rea
son for this wns that tho Kroun3s at
Comlskey Park had a peculiar effect on
the playing of the Athletics, first, becauso
of the soft Infield, and secondly, becauso
of the direction of tho sun with reference
to the playing; field, as It lo different from
any other diamond In the league.
Despite these things. Mack l deter
mined that his men shall win. Ho Is not
doing any vast amount of worrjliiB over
Ihe result, but he wants to got the race
over nt the earliest possible date In order
to'glve his men time to recuperate from
the season's lens strain before the aeries
Today the Athletics have a lead ot Mi
gnmes. one-hnlf of a game less than tho
advantage enjoyed by their National
League rivals from Boston. Nevertheless,
the Mackmcn feel that this Is more than
an ample distance ahead of the lied Sox.
There Is a queer argument which has
been put up In Boston referring to the
relative strength of the Tied Pox and
Athletics, The Hub followers claim that
because th Bed Sox have won the ma
jority of the gnmes plnycd against the
Athletics this year they should win the
Such an argument Is quite absurd, be
cause Boston has tried to keep her best
pitchers to work ng.ilnut the Athletics
Instead of shooting them In agnlnst somo
other club which ultimately won games.
On the other hand, Mack has made no
effort to save anything for Boston. Tho
McGllllcudlan policy Is to win by tak
ing everv game as It comes on the sched
ule, or, rnther. In trying to take every
one. After leaving Chicago the Athletics
go to St. Louis for two games. The
curtailed scries In St. Louis Is mad"
pr-sslble by the long series of five Barnes
played by the Mackmen against he
Browns on the first Western trip taken
by the champions this year.
Dean Sturgis. former Bucknell College
catcher, who has been with the Ath
letics all season until recently, is trying
out with the Pittsburgh Pirntcs. Mack
still owns the player, as he was forced
to allow him to sign a "college con
tract." which prevents the player being
sent to anv other club, either In the
minors or majors, without his own con
sent. Sturgis realized that he was not
making a great hit with Mack hence
he went to the Pirates for a tryout when
ho discovered that they would give him
a chance.
By the Volleyer
September Is annually the month for club
championship tennis tournaments In this city
and vicinity. Last week saw tho conclusion
of the Merlon Cricket Club's title event,
wl-lch was won by Mrs. S. Carey Potter, win
will be remembered as Mle May Sa.vres, the
tltleheldcr. This competition, preceding the
annual Philadelphia nnd women's champion
ship tournament, enabled the Merlon women
I, net In some cNcellent tennis prior to the
more Important ftsture.
V number of Important tennis tournaments
are still on the roster for the placers In this
section The nverbrook Coif Club will spun
conclude lis annual club event. The Ger
man own Cricket. Club will hold Its annual
women's championship tho latter part of tho
month At Huntingdon Valley Country nub.
the invitation doubles tournament will sco
some of the best players from Halllmore. .New
York UIW tnis Cliy in mc rim. '"I '. ;
same the Importance of a ,rl-rtv event It
will start tomorrow- and will be held on tne
following days until concluded.
Richard H. llarle, the Huntingdon Valley
Ccuntrv Club plaver, w-ho recently won the
Intercollegiate title In doubles with ulchsrl
Norrls Williams 2d. of tills city, loom up ns
the rnrwt prnnilvlng youth In the game In the
East. Ftnnley W. Merrlhew;, of New York
wh- is well known as editor of American
I-own Tennis and who wns foot-fault Judge
at Merlon while the Intercollenlale events
were In progress, snld. "Harte lias the best
future of an) of the vounecr plavers In this
rart of the country. He lias Improved won
dertully In his play during th- last senson."
Vorrls Williams, 2d. after winning the final
round In doubles with Harte. lost little time
In r-iiklng M nnd leaving for Cambridge.
The Harvnr" man met an unexpected reverse
when George M Church beat him in the
final round of the Intep dlealntr . hainplon
shln event. The Phtladelphlin has an eg
ccllent record. In 'Pile of this rcwrse. for he
won tho Pennsylvania Flute. Philadelphia and
District. Westchester irnls i'up irlnlsi In
vitation, the PeahrlgM Invitation was runner
up to McLaughlin at I.ongwood, and, then,
following the Pavis cup matches, i.irrlc.1 i.if
tho mtlonal tennis crown by defeating
Maurlco E. McLoughlln. champion for the
last two years.
George M. Church, the brilliant Princeton
player, will Ue seen in action on Ihe Hunting
don Valley Country club courts tomorrow
afternoon He has accepted an Invitation to
pla- In the Noble event. Church earned n
plire 'n the 'Tint Ten" by his work on tho
courtii this season He started nut it 11 mi"v
by winning the Pelawaro State championship
nt Wilmington, ond ended tho season nulla
Directum I and William Arc
to Engage in Duel Over
C o m s t o c k Track This
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Sept. 2..-A1J
Is ready for the important match race
on Comstock track today, when William
2.00 and Directum I, 1.68H. will meet to
decide the right to the title of wotld'i
pacing king.
Swept by chill breezes yesterday, Corn
stock Tark was made wondrous fast
This Is attested by the fact that Lord
Dewey, 2.0IX, who today will start In
an attempt to lower the world's trotting
stallion mark, worked out ttfo unat.
tended miles In 2.07 and 2.06H. This li
tho utmost speed Lord Dewey has ever
shown driven In open bridle.
Neither William nor Directum I re.
celvod any real workouts, being msrety
Jogged to keep them on edge. Both Dr.
McCoy. Directum I's manager, and A,"
Karl Van Nnttn, William's owner, ex
pressed themselves as satisfied with con.
dltlons and nre ready for the supreme,
effort. While nppatcntly confident,
neither wns boastful. Dr McCoy I3
known to be backing his candidate with
a hatful of his own money, while Van
Natta's Indiana friends are supporting
the llooslor horso with bales of bills
If wns highly probable this morning
that. In tho Interest of grcnter speed
the conditions of the race will bo changed
from three-ln-flve to two-ln-three heats
McCoy and Vnn Natta discussed th
question nt considerable length, and both
seemed disponed to go for the lowest
possible marks. W. W. Marvin, the La
favetlo (Ind.) relnsmnn, will hold the
ribbons over William and Raymond
Sncdeker, who trained Directum I and
drove him to his two-minute record In
11 race nnd his lower exhibition, will ba
In tho sulky saddle behind the Eastern
he made frequent long gains by darting T "!" ,,il"'n 11, .., ,n" nl"'n al cnHm
through the lino and outside tackle. " pl"n In the college meet
if " f
IIANOVKR. N. H.. Sept. 21.-The Dart,
mouth football team. iindr Coach Cava
naugh, held Ita first real ecrlmmjgs of the
irif jrripiiiflj nuciii'mii ITSpiie me in.
tense heat the men were put under a short
snappy "shadow scrimmage." In which the
trvlng out of forward passes fe.iiurx.i n I
though th' Mnssachuiuits cglr- game
Is hut three dajs off, Coach Cavanaugh Is
none too well pleased with the general work
of the squad.
fivVAF.TH.MORB. Ta . Pept. 2 vnn tnv
opening of college CT men reported for .,-.
tiie jerterdav afternoon on Whlitler 1'leld '
Coach Gleg took charge of the hackfield ' !oi."
.Maxueil tn Hne cnndMa'e? ani Hr, '. r i
the new hackfield candidates. Captain CIHe 1
fiiinri t nrla fnrnnir And ttn t- 1 -.
punts working' well, most of them go eg oe, "lr' ""r..,I" '"'.1. L'V SlWIl"ldnhl'U
in vards May. the star Western o,i,r,.5.v.".r.' between "Iw. Peigle and Preston Brown
showed much ability In forward passing
Kenneth Kennedy, the Junor star, matricu
lated at tho I'nlverslty of Tennsvlvanla this
morning. Kennedy Is one of the beet players
in the y .unsr set In this cltv His brother
Mhert B Kennedy. Jr . Is tho present 17el
nnd Ivlue captsln. Purine the last few sea
sons Kenneth has been playing on the Episco
pal Academy teams.
Roped Arena Notes
Kid McCov now declares hl Intention of get
ting hick Into the t-olng game McCoy Is In
Fan Francisco, and in all likelihood needs a
little advertising
Manager Hcrmsn Taylor has arranged an
attractive run lor nie wuauway a. i-- tonigni
rhllllcs, 9j Citlcngn, 4.
IlOMtnn, 3; (im-lnnntl. 5 (1st game),
Cincinnati, .1; Ilnstnn, 0 (2d game),
St. Louis, 2: New York. 1 (1st game),
St. Louis. 0: New Vork, 0 (2d game).
Ilrool.l.vn, oi Pittsburgh, 1 (1st gnme).
ltrookljn, X; rittshtirgh, 2 (2d game),
Chicago nt Philadelphia (2 gnmea).
Cincinnati nt Ilostnn (2 games),
M. LoiiIm at Neve Vork.
littslmrgli nt Ilrookiyn.
Chicago at Philadelphia.
Iittshiirgli nt ltrookljn.
M. Louis at New York,
.Cincinnati nt Uoston.
W L. P C. tV. UPC.
Boston ... Kl ."ill .Ml I'lillllrn.... 08 73 ,1JJ
New York 711 03 r,i7 tlrnoklvn 117 74 .1M
Ft. Louis.. 7.1 til! ..132 Plttsh'Eh (12 77 .4(0
Chicago... 74 07 ..12.', Cincinnati .17 81 .401
New York, 0i St. I.niiU, 2.
Other clubs not scheduled,
Athletics nt Chicago.
Washington at Cleveland.
New York at Detroit.
Iloston nt St. Louis.
Athletics nt Chicago.
Washington at Cleveland.
New York at Detroit.
Iloston nt St. Louis.
W L. P C. V L. p.c
Athletics.. 01 41) .(ISO Chicago. 117 7.1 47.1
Iloston.... Rfi .'.4 .1112. Vew York ni 77 454
Detroit.... 7.1 rtS S2.1SI Louis 113 77 450
ivnsh'gton 73 07 ..'21 Cleveland 45 90 .310
Kansas City, 0: llrookljn. 8.
Pittsburgh, 0-, St. Louts, 3.
ISaltlmorc, 4; Chicago, 1 (8 Innings.
Indl.inaioll-Iliirfalo (postponed, rala).
Chicago nt Halllmore.
Kamus City at Brooklyn.
St, Louis nt Pittsburgh.
IndlnnnpollH nt Buffalo.
V. L P C. V L. P C
Indla'pils 70 ill .mil Brooklyn 70 07 ..111
Chicago 7S 112 ..1.17 Kan City 11.1 71 W
Baltimore 7.1 03 .."17 St. Louis HO 70 432
Buffalo... 71 05 ..122 Plttsb'gh .15 80 .401
Baltimore, 1) 1'ochct.tcr, 0 (Nt gnme).
llmiiehtrr, At Baltimore, II (2d game),
.lersej City, 7s Providence, 4.
Other chilis nut scheduled.
W U I C. W i.rc
Provld'ce. 02 30 000 Baltimore 73 75 491
nuffalo . . St! .IS 507 Newark 00 70 479
Rochester. 0 01 ,10.1 Montreal 50 87 404
Toronto... "2 08 .514 Jer City 47 103 313
Clabby'a Manager Denies Match
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. Il.-Jlmmr
Clabby's manager denied yesterday thai
Clabhy and Mike Gibbons, mlddlew eights,
had been matched for twenty rounds on
the afternoon of Thanksgiving Day In
Pan Francisco, as was reported Tuesday
In a dispatch from Chicago. Such t
match has been under discussion, how
ever. Coughltn to Lead Scranton Again
SCRANTON, Ta., Sept. 2I.-BU1 Cough
Un. former Detroit third baseman, has
been reappointed manager of the Scran
ton New Vork State League team for
next year.
Frlriav Night Fight Friday Night Flfht
FltEIHY KKLLY Meett. 1'UKIills i hi. "
4 Other Star Bouts 4 Other Star Bouls
Former Central Manual Training
knnlkftu wrtci t trvtncT feir si Dlace
I -. Ca f1lfr dlvn
I UI1 Uiai wvfcv wv.j
I EASTON. Pa . Sept. 21. The amnion of '
' Pete Maifleld to the Lnfaiette touad Is a '
great source of encouragement to those who '
have not been favorably Impressed with the '
material at the college this 5 ear. He failed I
i io t-nier vim. iiiir .nutvun n i vvilllo teim
has now two coaches to assist Coach
Crowell. Dutch Irmechler, a former 1-afay-
ette piayer. ann iiu " nerwiursi, wno was
captain at Lafavctte lam sear.
STATE CGJ.LEC.t:. Pa.. Sept ;i with
tho Westminster game scheduled to open the
season at Penn State on Saturijvy. Coaches
Harluw anl llollenback are whipping the Blue
and Whlto eleien In shipe. ncni,, ,nJ
sweltering heal that makes good football Im
possible. CARLISLE. Fa . Sept. 21 - The Carlisle
Indian Irlumphod over Lebanon Valley's
tremendously heavy aud well trained football
eleven here ietril. ultrn. t, u , n "
periods, which hirdly gave the Redskins a
chance to start, bv the score of 7-0. No acore
w-ea made until the fourth period, when tho
visiter were much fatigued.
IIAVERFORD COLLW1F.. Sept 24 - Though
several football men have not set returned
to Haverford for practice, the completion of
freshman exam yesterday afternoon shot the
number on the field up to r.0 Coa"b Bennett
put the roei throujh a hard wi hira v.ij
whlcu embraced neatly every department of
the fame.
v.i.tia ltavcs the Boy Scout, end Vounr rd.
wa cf Southwark. Eddie Morton, of Pouth
wark. and Young O'Brien, of dray's Kerry.
and Young Williams and Young Perrv if
gouthwark. will furnish the fun In the pre
l.minailes BosinT bouts run on the cluh plan will he
run at one of the nearb big seashore resorts
thim winter. The ring will be erected In the
mid He of a modern arena around vvh ch will
bo scats for I5'0 spectators.
Jack Dillon the Indianapolis boser. will si.
slltute for Carl Morris In a bout with Jl-n
Klynn, of Pueblo. Col., at Kansas City neii
week j
Fred Yelle. nf Boston, and Freddy Kellv of I
this city will meet In tho wlndup at the Ken- ,
tlngton A. C tomorrow night. 1
Joe Borrell and Frank liil both of this
city, will meet before lUrry llensel'a Lancas
ter Club next Thursday
NATIONAL A. C. y.VhkfichAmm?
(Saturday Night FICHT -Saturday '"
4 Other Star Bouts l Other Star Bouts
Horse & Hound Show
September 21 to 26, inclusive
Polo Ground, Bryn Mawr, Pa.
-.&J In'-nAlf
2 pi OF SEPT.
MCE MEET ftj itf xccyl Wiu-Ti
4A4 KUAIUAI AlltS Kldl, riM7. vu.
SU MUS 1 lii ,iM Kift- tV"
JleJyuJ (tl i SesdJ Tnmt e AUteh,
-afji.ifii 1 1 Tn its
mm U urirfc-fcV.
ii i ntSriftee. ' "
fetJfiCii1 iein in BMni
a.... -7.ri tt n fri ifltttiMfrtl JMaf

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