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King Carol, Overruled by
Cabinet, May Abdicate.
fealkan States Probably
'Will Be United Against
BUCHAREST, numnnln. Sept 21
High odlcial circle today declared Hu
mania had now tltially decided to partici
pate In the war on the lle of the Allies
It Is stated that th new Cabinet 1ms at
last !ucceedrd In overeomlnK the opposi
tion Of Klni; Carol, at least to the extent
ut ngrielng to the mobilization of the
Itumpnlan nrmy. Orders to thH effect
huvo been Ismied and the mobilization will
take place within n. week.
The, military council believes that Tin
manli will declare war and at once will
proceed to the occupation of Transyl
vania. The army li anxious to set Into
action. It Is In excellent hape, having
kept out of the Balkan strusRle. The
King, however, has opposed ItumnnU'
elding against Oonnan for family rea
sons. He Is a Hohenzollern, son of the
late Prince Karl of Hohenzollern-Slgma-rlngen.
His family Interest"?, even his
prjvato fortune, are entirely German.
Practlcallv all the money is Invested
In Oormany. Heports that he was to ab
dicate have been widely circulated and
there Is a strong belief here that If the
tVnr Office carries the day he will with
draw from Rumania.
The Kreat obstacle to a united Balkan
confederacy agnln-st Cermanv and Autrln
has been BuigailH. The latter lus been
Inclined to smpathl?e with Oormany. Her
armies have had the aslstarce of German
mtlltary experts. The (Jtrm.in diplomatic
methods have nwde a favorable Impres
sion. And Germany had confidently "
pected that Bulsarii would sld with
Turkey and In her favor If It became
The Czar was quick to realize this fact.
He rushed confidential agents to Bulgaria
and thev at first pleaded for the absolute
neutrality of Bulgaria. Then the Czar
fent a personal appeal to Prince Boils,
who Is his godson, ind the latter his ever
since thrown his Influence on the side of
Russia It I"- now believed that when
war comes Bu'garla will be lined up on
the side of the Allies.
It has been pointed out to Italv that if
she entered the war and brought In the
Balkan principalities aa her allies, her
every future demand must have recog
nition. Russia has. it Is understood here,
suggested to Bulgaria that if Turkey
enters the war on the side of Germany,
the prize for Bulgaria If she sides with
Russia, will be Adrlanople.
It Is recognized that Turkev cannot
much longer maintain neutralitv The
relations between Turkey and Greece are
"vefy strained Constant friction Is re
ported, with numerous acts of aggression
on the part of the Turks. Therefore the
necessity of keeping the Balkan states
lined up together Is fully realized.
The constant agitation of the Italian
people for action against Austria Is hav
ing Its effect The higher government of
ficials are now confident Italy must art
to maintain her position as th dominant
power of the Mediterranean and that she
must take Austria's Adriatic possessions
by the force of her own might If she is
to be a real factor In deciding on the lines
for the, new map of Europe.
The Rumanian field armv Is made up
of Ave army corps of two dlvtsion.5
each and two divisions of .'avalry. A
regular division Is made up of two
brigades each and the total field army
13 about IJO.onn men. There Is a second
line made up of approximately lanr.vi
eddltional men The lnfantrv Is armed
with ilinnlioi her micazine rifles of a
late tvpe The horse nnd fli-ld batteries
are equipped with Krupp guns of th
latest type
Algerian Contingent Is Made
Up of Grim Fighting Men,
Relentless Toward Foe,
Devoted to Officers.
PARIS. Sept. 34.
''I.a Force .Voire." the "Black Armv
of France," as the ftircos now fighting
with the Allies are called, was organized
by Colonel Slailgln In 1911 The Tur, os
are Arabian light Infantry reeiultcd In
Alegrla. The force In 1W7 consisted of
only about &rt Senegalese. Colonel Mau
galn raised tho number to S0.0O0 soldiers
recruited from Sotiegul In the Soudan,
from French Guinea, D.ihome, Algeria,
Tunis and Morocco.
The supply of men from this source is
almost Inexhaustible, and furthermore,
this source of supply In out of enemy's
reach It Is declared that so long as
only one French port lemalned In French
hands these ten Idle African fighters
could be poured In streams Into l'innce
The soldiers of these districts are born
fighters. Peath In battle Is, to them.
the highest distinction one can achHve I
As a result they arc lelentless In the fury
of their attacks and absolutely fearless
They never sunender. Their wondetful
phjslque and almost total lmpervlousnes
to pain keep them fighting on after they
have received wounds under which light
ers of white races succumb.
Colonel Maugln once Mid of these sol
dleis. "Ills ense of discipline, his devo
tlon to his white ollicers and the fierce
ness with which he hurls himself at the
enemy are wonderful."
General Langlols, writing In the Temps
In lDOi, when the raising of the present
Algerian force was being dlscucd, said:
"The sanguine and fnt.illstlc temper ot
the troops of these races makes It a ter
rible asset In a shock."
In an nrtlclo In Gaulois ciener.il Bonnel
said "On the wide Kittlellelds of anv
fnlurf, unr thrt AruliQ. ttvilnprl Viv f'ntl-
cnslans and armd with the terrible
weapons of war of the white races, wilt
prove unrivaled when the final blow will
have to be devoted to the enemv."
With the troops organized and equipped
In her African possessions the republic
holds and rules a territory as extensive
as Europe inhabited by JiiWiuM people.
The use of Atabs in Hiuopean warfare
by the lepublle during the piesent con
flict Is not the first time this has been
done. Napoleon emplojed African troops
nnd they were used also In the storming
of Malakhoff Algeria alo was drawn on
for fighting men during the Franco-German
war of 1ST0.
The early troops raised In Africa by
Prance were recruited milnly from the
I-Tabyles and Arabs The majority of
those which came from the Kabyles were
a tribe called tho Zouovuea, who gave
their name to the Zouaves The three
regiments of Algerian tirailleurs who
fought in the Franco-German war lost
97 o Ulcers and 2j'9 men.
r . .. - . - WW , I.I.W .UVIHMmMMI'MLJ, t.J .W. M-M , I
.?&SZ .it rtiVf'tCft:!sW'i5Jv x :J yrfij I
mmmsm 9?:mammi:: r r:mmaam
irjrtf-JJAroSWK LtMHHi V&tt&V I ' HWVMRiiiBfU I
Bali IBfliBui uH
PwJ J lit L H f
' i m? M HHHHl -' Wik && i
ye "
- - . "Laz. '
Combined Forces Beady for Early
Move Against German Leasehold.
TOKIO, Sept. ;i
It was officially announced toilav that
British lnfantrv had landed to relnforcj
the Japanese land forces operating
against the German concession of Kito
chau on the Mian Tung peninMiIa Tns
British tiuops were tent from Honukong
According to the official statemnnt lh'
bulk of the Japanese expedition ale-id
bns b- en Und-d and haj taken up posi
tions commanding the outer defenses of
Kiao-chay It Is stated that the general
attack on the German positions will prob
ably commence about the end of tho
The Japanese hold the main line of the
railroad that runs to Klao-Chau. Thev
have dynamited the bridge between Tfctng
Tao and Iviuo I'hau and aie lnolating ' is
German possession so that their food
eupplv, recently recelv, d from Chinese
sources, ha been cut off
It is announced that the Japanese
aviators continue their flights over lh
German territory and have eueressfully
destroyed the entire wireless plant.
PEKIN', Sept. :.
Oermanv has made a second prott
against the failure of China to resent
the violation of her neutrality by
Japanese troops operating against Klao
Chau In replv. the Chinese Government has
Btatd hrtnlv that It seep no reason for
acting. The Chinese answer waa drawn
up by George K Morrison the, British
political adviser of President Yuan Shi
Pire From Forts Repels Emden's Raid
of Indian Waters,
I ON pi N. feept n.
It Is oftl Ully stated that the German
cruiser Kmden. which hn already dono
much damage to Hritish shipping in
Indian water, appeared on Tuesday night
last off Madras ond fired several shells on
the, oil tanks lielonging to the Burma.
OH Company situated near the harbor
there Two of these tanks immediately
became Ignited, while two other oil con
tainers were damaged
Guns for the fort weie 'tulckly trained
on the warship, wheieupon tthe extin
guished all her lights and hurriedly
steamed away
The whole affair did not last more than
U minutes, but during that time two
native Indians and a buy weie killed
The damage done by the cruiser is es
timated t J150.WO.
Thr was an absence of any panic
among the observers 9! the warship 3
Would Cover Naval Attack on Eng
lish Const, Stockholm Says.
The bellof exists hre that Germanv
has a card up her sleeve in her navv,
not unlike the 12 centimeter lalmort 17
Inch) guns which have b-on so destructive
against fortifications In Belgium and
France "U'hat this contrivance for sea
service may b Is not known, but well
Informed people say they have Informa
tion of the existence of a number ot
im sfrlous craft not described In detail,
but classed as part of the German navy
An attempted Invasion of Great Britain
confidently is expected. The plan of Ger
many seems to be th seizure of the
French side of the Knglish Channel,
CopsrlKht i I'ndernno,! & Unilerwood, N. Y.
Miss Christobel Pankhurst, the head of the Furies, has laid aside her
militant tactics ano is now busily at work on raw material, which soon
will become trained British soldiers.
President Orders Immediate Rennenkampf s Strategical
Arrest of Agitators En
deavoring to Plunge Em
pire Into Conflict.
TKKIN, China. Sept. 21.
The following otliclal proclamation was
where big 17-Inch guns with a :n-mile ! Isted throughout China today:
range would cover the German fleet, and 'The, President has d'clarcd the neu
It In turn would protect th transports trality of the Chineso Government which
carrying troops across the channel, which I i, ,h ,, , .v,,. .,. v,..u
at ralals-Dover Is only !0 miles wide. I a" le P001" of Ulls countrj' should
uicny oDserve. curing tno nm 01 war
Against German land batteries of such
calibre the British fleet would be power
less Norwav and Sweden are In an extremely
ditllcult position Thev hate Russia and
have been promised bv Germnny the In
dependence of Finland In ease of Ger
man's ucess Thev foar a Russian
victory and further aggressions bv that
nation on Scan linavlan soil It must bo
remembered, however, that Great Britain
is the best customer of Scandinavia.
Norwa- and Sweden do not wish to lo6e
her trade.
the people may rest assured that they
j will receivo no harm nnd will have no
I cause to fear.
1 "It Is, however, much to bo feared that
there mav be posaibly some merchants
und people who have not y)t been fully
informed of the actuol tncts f the situa
tion, and It Is not unlikely that there may
j be some bad characters, who, taking ad
vantage of this critical time, will circulate
rumors with a view to creating panic In
I Ihe minds of the public and therobv create
disturbances. Wo have, thorefore,
oidered tho police and soldiers to exer
cise the utmost surveillance over these
t.1. j t 1 t- j I ba'1 characters.
Rheims Populace Forced to Leave, ..Th, publlc ,s herehy once more admon-
Shelter at Bayonet's Point. 1 itkf! ,ha, ,hould peacefully pursuo its
LONDON', Sept 51. , ,ja jv ol cupations nnd not listen to un-
Ward Price, special correspondent of oundfert rumors. The public la herobv
tle Sun and the London Lmllv Mall. cautluned that hereafter, should ony one
In n dispatch today from Rhelms, says uimmmM nn ih(t pmjcal affairs of the
an KngUsh member of a champagne Arm cbintw ftntl frctBn a0Vernment In t.a
"fra '-"' "" - cr'". i,oui.fli, taverns,
inus prttveniint; n Bimosi certain epi
demle. j
'Imagine." he says, "VW people of all I
hotels and other public
places, and vvhoke gossip should so dis
tort the ftitual as;oct nf events and inls-
lflt IhA nnhlin nnrl rrpnrn nnntr It, th,.
ages, of both seS88 with nothing but . aMU of tha . h ,hB ba arrtatla
a. wtminv o( vnw tut iMjtcitiie,, iiiim
for s, whole week, night and day, in
empty underground cellars Intended
merely for the storing of champagne and
ventilated naturally only sufficiently for
that purpose, entirely without sanitary
'Conditions down thera wero fright
ful, ' said my English o,ci)ujinance.
There was anothur cellar below the one
Into which I went and there were more
people there They wanted me to go
down and speah to ihtm. but I woutdn t
They gathered round me as I went in,
but i mdde them all go over to one side
and mude them a, little speech.
" However, they wouldn't budge, so
I went to see tho General He was a
littla doubtful about It being Mlfe for
them to come out The bread lines had
been broken up In the morning and the
people sent home because shells had be
gun to fall In the streets again.
If ou don't clear them out of those
cellars at once. Genera) " I sid, ' you'll
Incur a far heuvlw responsibility Vou
will have 10O.0H0 deaths In your depart
ment, and maybe an epidemic of typhoid
or cholera '
' 'The General sent eight gendarmes
with fixed bajonets and we 1. tared them
out Now we're going to have the plac
boaked with a ulsuifectaat.' "
and severely dealt with.
"The puUUc should tremble and obey '
Receipts at the city truasury during the
week ending 'ast night aggregated JUJ,
s&'tl, with paments amounting to U
i'& SI, onoidli.g to the weeKly statement
.1 fit. T'.ti-urfr MciVuch The balance
i'i th -,n, tut 'minding the sinking
4t ,1 .1 c j. n is i,iii )i57 31
Retirement Traps Kaiser's
Forces, Which Prepare to
Evacuate East Prussia-
PAJIIS, Sept 21.
The Tttrograd correspondent of I
Matin wires that the Russians under
General Rennenkampf have defeated the
Germans In a battle in Russian terrl
tory. The correspondent says tho Ger
mans wero trapped by the Russians,
who apparently retreated disorganised,
only to rally after tho Germans had
reached a position which they could
not hold.
Tho Germans are evacuating Kaet
I'rnssla, Le Matin's correspondent snvs,
to reinforce the Thorn-Kallez front.
AMSTERDAM, Sept. I4.-The full re
turns on the German war loan show
UlS.000.000 marks (J3M,500,000). Issued of
exchequer bonds and 3,071,000.000 marks
(5767 750 000) In Imperial bonds, according
to a dispatch from Rerlln.
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Ghent Dispatch Adds Teu
tons' Loss Was Heavy.
Invaders Attack Puers and
Threaten Antwerp.
LONDON, Sept. 21.
A Iteutcr dispatch from Ghent says a
smnll force of Rclglnns, supported by
nn armored twin, .defeated 23u0 Ger
mans, who lost many In killed, wounded
nnd prisoners.
The Germans continue entrenehlnK
about Urtisseld, constructing; strong
earthworks before the sites ot their guns,
many of which have been posted.
German nnd Bclitian ttoops nre flBht
Inir at Piters. I'ntt of Klnjr Albert's
nrmy has retired to the ramparts of
Antwerp, The German force nt Puers
lr reported to have two of the great
slego KUns that smashed the forts at
Llese nnd Nnmur.
(Puers Is about clsht miles from the
forts that protect Antwerp on the south
west. This report lends to connrm
dispatches from Ostcnd that the Ger
mans wero advancing guns to bombatd
Durlmr the Inst weelt the BelRlnn army
has received reinforcements. The splilt
ot tho troops li excellent nnd they nre
Brcatly encouraged by the successes
r.alneil durliifr tho last few days In
sharp skirmishes with tho Germans.
Tho German forces bent upon subju
patlnir Antwerp have their lino extend
ln westward almost Into Ghent. Their
nrtlllrry Is hard nt work on the south
bank ot the Scheldt, seven miles from
the city. Railway service has been sus
pended south of Ghent. Antwerp ap
pears to be menaced more seriously
than ever. The Inhabitants, however.
have not censed to hope that tho city
will escape a direct attack.
At Ghent, It It Impossible, hecnuie of
tho meagre reports received, to deter
mine tho proKress ot events ncross the
French frontier. It Is conceded, how
ever, that whatever may hnppen to the
German armies In the southwest it is
certain that the Kaiser's forces mean
to conquer Antwerp and to remain In
occupation of southern Belgium, re
gardless of what prlco they may bo
compelled to pay In lives.
A correspondent of the London Chron
icle, who Is with tho Belgium army In
tho flettl, wires that the Belgian nrmy
Is pushing on toward Brussels and Is
confident of regaining control of the
city. No statement Is made of the de
tailed movements of the Belgians.
According to tho Chronicle mnn at Leb
beke, Octave Veihulst, SO ears old, his
two brothers, Leopold nnd Arthur, 21 and
1!. respectively, were stood against the
charred walls of their home after It
had been burned and bavoneted to death
by German soldiers while their relatives
looked on.
Another Ghent dlvpatch to tho Chronicle
quotes a newspaper as saying that 412
Inhabitants of the small Belgian town
ot Tamln:s, In tho Namur district, have
been killed, presumably on account oft
some act against the Germans occupying
the district. The dead Include the priest
nnd the local notnbles. After whole
sale execution, . says tho dispatch, the
torch was applied so effectually that only
one house remains standing In the district,
Russians Slaughter Many,
According to Report, and
Vast Numbers Desert,
Fearing Muscovite Domination.
The Philadelphia Red Cross fund is
steadily Increasing. The total amount
nas announced this nftcrnoon by Fran
cis B. Reeves, treasurer, to he $7471
A donation of $150 was given by the
Gibson Distillery Companv, while gifts of
$100 hHve been donated by Charles S
Taylor, Arcade Building; Mrs S It
Smith, Bar Hnrbor, Me , the Bailey,
Banks & Blddlc Company and Blorcn
i Co.
NEW YORK, Sept. 2l.-Rcports re
ceived nt tho Austro-Hungnrlan Con
sulate Indicnto that tho Russians lit
Austrian Gnllcla arc turning on tho
Jews, and many, according to tho dis
patches, havo been slaughtered.
Tho dispatches which, nro said to
coma from odlcial Austrian sources,
gavo very few details, but said that tho
Jews wero sufteilng heavily nt the
hands of the Infuriated Russian troops,
whose omccrs could hardly control the'lr
actions. Large numbers of Jews In Rus
sian Poland, according to the reports,
arc deserting tho Russian cause, fearing
tho Increased domination or tho Russian
Government In tho event of a sweeping
victory over tho Austrlans nnd Germans.
Slnco the Czar's promises of frctdom to
tho Jews at the beginning of tho wnr, tho
statu of the Jews nnd their ptobablo ac
tion liavo been a subject of much In
terest. ,
A resume ot tho operations of tho Austro-Hungnrlan
army Issued by tho For
eign OIHco In Vienna was mado public
at tho Consulate. It say.s that the battle
near Pizemy.sl will engage practically nil
tho Austrian forces against a largo Rus
sian nrmy.
"The small cruiser Xenta," continues
tho statement, "while blocking Monte
negio, has been nttncKcd by the French
man-of-war EEcnimourho and sunk after
11 heroic fight. Xo other naval engage
ment has taken place.
"Communications of the enemy speak
of the rout of our army In Gallcla nnd
of Serb victories, of the capture of Cat
taro, etc, which messages nre all auda
cious lies.
"To dato we have 41,000 Russian nnd
SflOO Serb prisoners. The coinage of our
troops Is admirable. Tho situation In
the Interior of our monarchy Is excellent."
It wns further announced that three
Austrian ships, the Iris, Dinotnh and
Baron Way, which were In the Russian
port of Tnngaroff, In tho Black Sea, havo
been captured without giving them the
usual gince to leave tho port ns pre
scribed bv International law. Nono of
the men of the crew, who wero liable to
military service, was made prisoner of
wnr, but all were sent to prison. The
wife of tho captain of tho Iris, with flvo
children. Is said to be retnlned In a little
hut In the country with senrccly anything
to oat.
Captain Stuparlch, of the Martha Wash
ington, of tho Austro-Amorlcan Line,
tied up here, has received a letter from
his wlfo In Trlesto dated September 5 In
which she says that a friend, Doctor
Fravento. nn Austrian doctor of the Rod
Cross, has boon cnptuied near tho Ser
vian border nnd that both of his eyes
wero put out by the Servlnns. after which
ho wns pushed out on tho street to shift
for himself.
Hungarian newspapers which havo ar
rived at the Consulate speak of atrocities
said to havo been practiced by the Ser
vians and Russians.
1,1 .3,UtAif
Round Trip
SUNDAYS, Sept. 27, Oct. 25
Philadelphia. (Dread Bt.)... Ti.l A. M.
Writ Philadelphia 7 IT A. M.
North Philadelphia 7 B" A. M.
w York (Panna. Station). S 20 P M
f;ew York Uludion Ttrm.). 8 ill P M.
Pennsylvania R. R.
Vtei's 5A,vV
I .(!
Believe Me
Admiralty Denies Slaughter
of Survivors in Heligoland
Action Goshawk Endan
gered by Humane Activity,
LONDON, Sept. 24.
The Admiralty Ofllce has Issued a. re
ply to the statement of tho German Mn.
lster at Copenhagen, alleging that the
Knglish fired on German swimmers fol.
lowing the naval battle near Heligoland.
Tho Admiralty slates that when ths
German torpedo boat destroyer V-187
was sinking, the Goshawk ordered ths
Ilrlllsh destroyers to cense their flro and
lower their boats to savo tho Eurvlvors,
While this wns being done nn officer
on tho nfterpnrt ot tho X-187 trained
Its after gun on tho Goshawk nnd fired
nt 200 yards rnnge, hitting tho ward
loom. It Is though that ho believed tin
boat's crow Intended to board and cap
ture his vessel, which was still (lying
her colors.
It thereupon became necessary to de
stroy his aftergun, which was done with
n few well-placed shots, nftcr which
every elTort was mado to save his Ufa
until tho German cruiser Stettin np.
penrod through tho mist nnd opened a
henvy nro on the British bouts.
Tin destroyers wero forced to retire (o
nvold destruction. Tho Goshawk removeM
hor men from tho boat, leaving It to the
German prisoners, nearly all of whom
woro wounded.
"It Is to bo regretted," says tho note,
"that n bluejacket In the forecastle of
tho Goshawk, exasperated at the Inhuman
conduct of the German cruiser, threw a
piojectllo, which could not possibly have
exploded under the cltcumstances, Into
tho boat ns It drifted past tho ship,
"This In doubtless tho Incident referred
to be tho German Minister at Cnnen.
.hngen, and It cinnot bo defended, al
though It naa dono under considerable
provocation It wns surely a venial
offense, compared with that of the Ger
man ciulser, which fired many shells at
the boats of tho Rrltlsh destroyers which
wpic engaged In a humane and chivalrous
Turkish Ambrissador'3 Utterance!
Cause of TJ. S. Objections.
WASHINGTON Sept. 21 -Recall of A.
Rustem Rev, Turkish Ambnssador to this
country, was Imminent today
It was understood that this action was
to be taken as a result of tho lecent dis
pleasures of the American Government
of tho Ambassador's published utter
ances reflecting on the United States.
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we offer you an almost
Unlimited Range of Styles and Colorings
in all the choicest and most artistic effects
We have just opened our new Fall offerings with an addition of
over sixty new patterns.
Successors to Ivins, Dietz & Mageo
flip 1220-1222 Market St.
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