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Creditors Will Gel 15 Per
Cent, in Cash and Balance
in Interest-bearing Notes.
New Corporation.
nt f j
the fe
, wa; M
rata lit
Final plans, for the leon-anl2allop of
the H. B. Claflln Company, which re-
rtitljr went Into the hand.i of rcceler,
ave been completed and will be pre
sented" today for final approval by the
Merchandise Creditor' Committee, which
will meet In New Yolk. James S. Alex
ander, president of the National li.ink
Of Commerce, ts chairman of the N'oti.-
.holders' Committee which formulated
the plans.
Failure of the Clillln Company was
,ne of tha worst blows received by th
business world for many years The
company opeiated a chain of 23 larire
itores throughout the country and
millions of dollars of Its paper was out
standing at the time of the collapee. A
large nmount of this paper was held In
The reorganization plan provides that
the Cladln creditor shall receive 15 pe:
cent. In cash and the balance In three-
year Interest bearlntf rollnter,l notes
of a newly organized corporation, re-
oenabln for another two cars
This new company will be known as
the Mercantile Stores Corporation and
It will acquire the atsets Of the H 1"
Claflln Company, the assts of John
Cladln or such portion of them as may
be deemed by the committee to be ad-
jVantageom, including all of the capital
ctock of the 13 companies now In the
hands of rccelers. all of the capital
tock of McCreery & Co., of Pittsburgh,
of the, WIIkcs-Barre Dry Goods Com
pany, and of MacCallum At 'louthlr,
2,2M,6M par value of the capital stock
of the Scruggs. Vandervoort, Barney
Dry Goods Company (2,103,0.7) of com
mon and UST.OOO of pi ef erred), !WI,ii
par value of the capital stock of the
Hlgbee Company Jiro.OOO par value com
mon capital stock of James H. Dunham
tt Co., $8,268,0X1 par value of the com
mon stock of the United Dry Goods
Companies, and other assets and euul-
fc'tles owned b John Cladln. which have
been transferred to representatives of
the noteholders' committee for the benefit
of the Mercantile Corporation.
The Mercantile Corporation will eaus"
to b organized a new corporation to be
known as "The H B Cladln Corpora
tion," to carry on such portion of the
wholesale business now conducted by the
H. B. Cladln Company, a New Jersey
company, as may be deemed by the board
of directors to be advisable It Is con-
Jjltemplated that there will be transferred
to this new corporation approximately
lnftnnA nt annattt nf t,n fifManr )t ti
JClaflln Company In .ixchance for IU
capital siock, ail or wmen will b owned
by the Mercantile Corporation. The value
of the assets transferred to the H. B.
Claflln Corporation shall be as agreed
upon by Its board of directors and the
board of directors of the Mercantile Cor
The notes will be dated December 1. 1314.
nd will be Issued In 21 separate series.
ono series to be delivered to the general
creditors of the H B Cladln I'omnany
and each of the other St series to be de
livered to tho holders of notes exeeuted
by one of the several companies and In
dorsed by the H B f'ladlti Company.
The collateral trust notes will b se
cured by stock collateral to be denosltr.d
under a trust agreement with the trus
tees to be selected hy the committee. Th
rotes received by the direct H B. Claflln
Company creditors will be secured by
one-sixth of the capital stock of the
proposed II B Haflln Corporation, tho
wnoiesaie trading company
Each of the remaining il series of col
lateral trust notes, being the notes re
ceived by the noteholders, will h .
cured by the entire canlt.il sin. i, ..r i..
particular companv. which exeruted the
notes to be exchanged for the new notes
A summary of the assets and liabilities
of 20 of the 23 stores that executed notes
Jn favor of the H. B Claflln Company
j follows:
Manufacturing Centres Are Hit Hard
in the Midlands.
LONDON. Sept 25 The trade returns
for August the first month of the war
h.ivc Just been Issued As was to be ex
pected, they reveal a decline In trule
without precedent In the lecent commer
cial and Industrial life of England Corn-
paled with the corresponding month of
last enr exports show u falling off of
fl3.0iO.000 (TO.OOO.CiJOi, or something like
d per rent., while the Imports are down
b.v 13 0X1,0(0 (,(iv,i00. or like n. quarter
of those received In 1113
It Is the manuf-ictiirlng trades which
have been haidest hit, and the way Lan
cashire has been punished Is shown bv.
the fnct that the exports of cotton goods
have declined by nenM 5.ft.om Iron
and steel, mnrhlncrv, ships, wool, chemi
cals, till, to use a vvord which has now a
rent meaning, are "going"
The Continental trade cannot, of course,
be recovered while the war continues: but
niiieh of the disaster that has befallen
British Industry Is due to apprehension
and dislocation, mil Is therefore tem
porarv. Alrendv trade Is beginning to
nrlapt Itself to the new conditions. In
inn directions there are signs of new
11 r, and it Is dear that the loss in
some directions will be bat.ilic.ed by gains
In others Trn.ro will be much rnshlftlng
and reshaping, and those will do best who
are able to take occasion by the hand
and adapt themselves to the new condi
tions tt will eo hard with those who have
got into grooves and find their routine
suddenlv destroyed, but for the man with
u quick and adiptnble mind there will be
a period full of opportune and rich in
Site Still Undecided, But Charter
Will Be Granted November 30.
Olnev business men are organizing the
Olney B.n-k, for which a charter will
be granted November 00 The site has
not et been selected, but the bank will
be in the centre of the German-American
population of Olney. It will be some
where between Rising Sun lane and Broad
street and between 4W and 5V) north.
The capital stock a III b" 0m This
has already been subscribed at I'O a
share among Olney residents. In ad
dition there is an undivided proilt fund
or .)
A. L Stilton, who organized tho South
Penn Bank at ."ith and D.tuphln struts.
Is at the head of the temporary board
directing the prellmlnar.v work. "The
bank will be In the centre of the bus
iness section," said Mr. Stilton today,
"dnd It will All a long felt want In
Olney. There Is no bank near the loca
tion we are considering.
Those Interested In the plan, who prob
ably will be on the board of directors,
are Alfred Stelnhou.se Slth street and
North Tabor road. 11. A. Kuhhach, Klfth
street and Olney avenue L Pianck,
J13 North Tabor road, John H Coon,
" North Tabor road, Thomas Tans'-y,
RTI Rising Sun lane, and Henry Franz,
2303 North Front street
Sun and Tides
.".0 a m Sun sets. ..II SI p m
I" a m HlEh water. H 1'p ra
41 i m Lor water. .12 r,3 p. m.
Hlh water 2 34 a m Hltfh water, 3 07 p m
Low water. 011 a m tLow water. !).,l p. m
..am illich nater 12 52 p. m
4.m m Low water.. 0 .'10 p. m
Sun rices
Hljth tater
Low uiter
Hlph water
Luw water.
Sailing Today
D Rockefeller, White.
Dr.). Kiddie. HtdjfO.
Str John
hazen. Joseph
Sir Bellucla
C Uahrlel
Sir A A Ban. Becker, .New Orleans.
Phlladelphla-Ncw ' rleans Transportation Com
pany Str. Sun. Oekelman, Sahine, via Newport
News, S-un Company.
Str. Delaware. French. J.ew ".ork. Cde
Government Inspectors Re
port Greater Care Being
Taken by Railroads of
Country to Insure Safety.
Greater care Is being taken by tho
railroads of the country In keeping their
loromotlves In good condition. This Is
shown by lepoils of the Interstate Com
tneitc Commission coveting the Inspec
tions of locomotives by the commission's
SO Inspectors In the last three Jeais.
The reports show that the numbei of
locomotives Inspected has Increased and
the number found defective in tiny way
has decreased.
Kor Instance, their were "1,2.14 locomo
tives Inspected In 1012. Of UiIh number
6") 7 per tent, were found with some
slight defects. Last ear the numbei In
spected was 00.3.'';, and 603 per cent, were
found defective. This jenr 02,715 have
been Inspected, and onl.v r2 9 per cent
were found with defects Many of then
defects, however, were not In violation
of the law. The delVrts that vverc In
violation of the law represented 15 pes
cent. In 1512, 5 2 per cent, last jcar and
.! (! por cent this ear
The eieatcst trouble from accidents
has been, according to frank McMan
amy ihlef Inspector of locomotive boll
trs of the Interstate. Commerce Com
mission, with the failure of arch tubes,
and four out of live of the accidents aie
caused by their Improper application.
The gientet care being ierclsed in
this direction by the railroads s rellected
in A material reduction In the number
nf accidents due to the failure of loco
motive boilers and their appurtenain.es
The accident record for the last thieo
years follows
Number of
nccl. tents Killed Injured
una s:,p, nt inn.-,
i:n .'ii R'l ill I
t'llt .Ml 21 "I
the United Slates Aimy In tho Mecican
War. died nt the Simon Apartments, 220
North KIghtcenth street, yesterday. A
son, I'hltlp II Simon, nnd two daughters,
Sarah K, Simon and Mrs. Bertha McDow
ell, survive
Starts Movement to Take S200.000
Worth to Help South.
CINCINNATI. O. Sept. K -Cincinnati
business men have started a movement to
buv Simoon worth of cotton nt f a bale
The Merchants' Association has initiated
the movement to purclmse the cotton In
th Interest of the South. Moie than
2J00 bales have ben subscribed for at the
standard price of 10 cents a pound. A
committee has been appointed to tollclt
CIIKEB Off Tins moderate and alues
trnrl, but trnl iilft. N Vnrk full
rrnam nhoiop Wiflflc , do., do. fair to
.fowl, 1V-jfil,c . do part skims, !iUC
I.I K In amptp supply and rut nt
frtrtiiT THtfiF Yr fVHO;,, old rooMers,
12$ lie ; fjirinsc fhlckMW. according l qual
it, Mtflfr . rlurks old. Hflllr , do ffnrln?
HM1.V ulnaf. per pair, ounR weiRhlne
J lhB and ni,er aflre T', do, wclchlnc V?
'Sl'Ji Ibi apfct. ifitV do. uflchlnc 1 lb
iiplor, ;,r , old, r.dt , plsccns. per pair 1"
Battrman Co.,
Brooklyn 1512,011
Th Brtford Co .
ilrooklyn tin enn
Ctner - Knott D.
Goods Co , .Vahvil 710,eiJ
iU J Connell Co ,
Rutte, Wont 0i 6S3
Defender ManufaLtur-
Jnr Co.. .New York. 33 0S
llenn.aiy Co , Hutte,
t JIonV, 1.03T.CST
Jonea Store Co., Kan-
u city ... i,::n,iio
The Joelln Dry Ooods
Co., Denver Tt3,r,a;
Kline Bro Altoona. SQS.SS'i
ion Dry Ooo Co ,
Toledo ... Sir) ana
rd 0. Readlnc -133, IKK
Geo W MrAlpIn
1 , Cincinnati . 330,700
wcall L. Pouth
k Co, .Seattle 011,119
iomery Fair. Mont
ornery. Ala . . ist n.s&
People' Store Co .
facoma. . 025,013
jrlns Dry OnoO. Co .
Grind Haplde . 133.S00
Vatt, R.ttew & CUy, '""
Inc. Norfolk . . 30 sat
ho. C. Watkln.. I.W ,
Hamilton, Ont . S76 TO I
J. B White Co, q' '
Auruita. tia. 41; (sq
Whltehouee Co , hpo- '
kane I0O017
tt, 115. 073
1 105,(73
"2 IU
1 WV 'IR-,
.' 11 7ni!
1 7 1 )
!! 133
V 032,1 VI
'.'.039 Ha
1.331, .00
1.338 3J
1.350 t
1.T7S 748
IS .'lVt.77
?trfmshlp fompany.
Str. ieor! vv. t'lyde. Forrest. Norfolk, etc.,
Driaton, Baltl-
Civile Stcmnhlo Ccimnany
Str. Antrony firoies, Jr.
mnr,. Krii Huon Ilne.
Sihr Hllon Lltile Veizle. Humacna, P.
A D fummlnn & Co.
Si hr Fr4n Ii "iowlnow, Blaine, Boxton,
O fummina & t-o.
i-i hr Delaware Sun, Januen. Newport
Nas iln tow a"r. Sun, Sun compani.
Steamships to Arrive
Name From Date
M'.nrollan Gl-uow Sept. 10
Ktamralta Naplca Sj)t, H
Dominion t,hrpool . ...EeM 13
ftty of Durham Talrutta Sept. 1
ZuW'Hyk . Rotterdam ... Bpt 13
Amateldvk Itutu idam ... Spt. 1.1
htart P-iint Ixndon Spt IU
Man Mariner Manchester ...l-it IU
Adolfo Huelva ifept 14
Eturmfels Calcutta .... Sept.
fanartia .tavan'r ....eept 15
Zer'nbergen 'ar'ilff Sept. IS
Bai.KUn Ll'h Sept 10
'"VlfcrnU 1 'u; 'nhage n .. Oet
Ml.eourl Ixindon ....... Hpt. 23
nakntan Hllo fi-pt.
Greennii-h . attl N.B Sept. '."S
Vlnlaton Ht.Vineent.c v.fitpt, 17
Steamships to Leave
Dom.nlon . ..
Starr.4llt ..
Maine .....
Vulflerdyk . ,
UlU . . ...
Weil Point .
lanadla ...
Calllornli ...
For Date
Glaizow , ... g,,t so
f.erpj3l Oct ,t
Nple Oct. 8
,. Copenhagen ,.,Pnt.
Komlon Sept 211
Botteriiim . ..S.l 20
citnhaaen ...Sept SI
, Ixndon ..... Sept, jo
, hrwtUnls ...Oct 3
uonnhagen . ...Oct.
, Total I13.a70.jill
.j,. f- not JJc,S?e J nacr,n Kn l.oul.
Vllle. Ky . Th Fa r I'nmwinv cin.i .. ..
and the Boot Drv f.mili ..-.."
Haute, Is4 "'" "rn
tjf .' !J
i s
inn ru
Auruit rroai J'.in.-.ii i ..n ,n
'Net 110 isx rlT ZL
Two months' arroee 1,07,(VJI .'i I.111
' 29S7 IW'.SICI
Third week Sept JllS3 0uij tlToui
I yrora July 1 1 1 000,033 358 -'Ou
iucuil oner rev. 13 770..1IH
.Net . ... 1 w3 O'.'l
rsjperaiini; income 1 iij.tli
SS.' 7l
1 15.73.'
F To month! oper rev 7 333 127
s Net .... 2 3.10.32S
' Operating Income 3 fll.id0
ThlrU week Sept ill.5l3 'I37,13(
Prom July 1 l,037.7ll "833 SO-'l
- ,BI(I1,
Tear ciideil June 30
Opcrftltnc revenue 111210 7(3 .To3 STg
Net , .1 IT, 171 R til
: tlurplua lMl.ul.' 113, J.-.'
The) ChlneM University team will make
' It final appearance In this sectlun at the
country tomorrow, when It lines up
aguitut the Vlctrix club at SSth ana Vine
Vessels Arriving Today
Kir, Maureianla iliri, Charlni Liverpool
Sept lh to the 1 tntrt .Steamship fa Lt.
with pam-nir malls a n't merthnlliie
Dake'l , a tn
Steamships to Arrive
lLK lOtiAV.
Nana Fr m S-al I,
A'lrtfci.i . . . , . f.ier ol , .S-cpt 1
fhllsdel) Jila . . . Uvrj-wl . Sept. in
Du a V Ar.ua N.p s'pi J'!
Stfiairtghips to Leave
Nme. Par
JtV- ' -Nsplts
A Tier la
I ameronUv . . . .
Vllnneuaaka ..
.V AiuKiTilam
New York
NPl. SepfsB
Hlf gett.20
Naples 8epi.su
. Llv erri,.!
. I on I. n . ,
. imi.r.larn
., lAt-Fitnl
. . Liverpijrvl
fiBLt. "K
. g0M. 2(S
Sept. 2t
pt 20
Sepi 2tl
. Hept TO
. hept so
fccl 3U
t eteam mjir!, ..a
itn rat wen ,MP.
Ku'l irgu bualneaa la tha ateam ,n,r!,. ....
Itrm ami .lead, wllh "..r; -?; ""-
l rifi ao itiiAmat n L,en .ho,
tii j
Tin' tanil,ird of olfir-lfncv of train soiv
Ice men on the Pittsburgh Division of the
Pennavlvanla has hrcn rnlscil as the ip
stilt of a method known as the "progres
sive plan" 'I hev have to pass a first,
toconrl and thinl far rxamlnntlon on air
hral9, inachinerj- and knowledge of a
The new shops of the f'hlcaso and Alton
nt HloomliiKton. Ill, to cost Jl.'OO.OOO, nre
nearlns completion Thoy will rejilace old
buildings of small slz; that wjie elected
30 years aso.
What han henn known for many years
as th Amerlean Association of General
Pasg'tnRer and Ticket Acorns has been
ihanted to that of American Association
of 1'asst.nirer Traffic Officers, vvhith l
more In keepinir with its mombershlp. The
president Is Cernt Port, pa&sengor traftlc
man.as.-er of the I'nion Pacific
The Massa' husr tts Public Service fom
mlKion hx Misryndvl to Novemlter 1,
1911, tht prnpo.rd chatiKos In certain pas
senger tariffs on Boston and Albanv Rail
road. A heaiinc vvtll be held October 13
The tariffs suspended uithdiavv fiom sale
1'0-rlde intrastate and 10-rlde tickets The
thances would make certain Increases in
rato of fores.
Two railroads have ordered locomotives
from the Baldwin Locomotive Works for
exhibition purposes. They are thf
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fo and the
Southern Pacific
Effective October 1, M E. Wells has
been appointed senior Inspector of motive
power, division of valuation. Intestate
I'ommerte t'om mission, for the Southern
district His headquarters will be In
f'hattanooKa He is now ngir.'ed on the
appraisal of the Pere Marquette for the
.Michigan Railroad Commission.
Automatic block slsnala are helns in
stalled bv tho Texas and Pacific Railroad
on Its line between Addis, Ui , and I'on- I
aldsonville, a distant..; of St mile. .
The I'inrlnnati. Hamilton and Dai ton
plans to butld 105 caboose isrs in its
own shopx. The company is also tn the 1
market for twelve all-teel eoa'hes. eignt
all-steel passenger and baggage pars, four I
Hll-te,'l bagg-ige and mail cars, iln all. '
steel baggare earn and one dining and j
two wre king cars
M A MulliBan. trainmaster of the Le, 1
high Va'le. Hailrnad at Jersey r'lty, ha '
been dppointtd neral vard inspectoi
His oftiK. will be in Sofjth iiethlehein
the 4ii matket
Harrovian ifl, 1 Montreal 10 H kei nort.
"! m ,ot'e,rS,1,""' S"LiU- " 'ter..PSi!
Perelam, tBri, 2Sa quarter. araf.
Taor i.Nor t. W,' tone New Vori a , j
2$ """" "n"1 C""' '' .
ru a ,ia a lunto
1 il tone, me.
toni, am, M.tober.
N' r
SluniUiUl iN'ori. lfl:
I labrand iN'nr 1 1 ',3, nn. ..'
lrey I.S'or.j. 1017 ton tr'anntUntle trad,
one trip. but. 7. . .lellvery JluWK r.a?ery
Siandlnavla, prompt w
r-lla M " 7r, ton. .-4lannab or Bel
f.t .a 1. Bot n limber iri.t. term.
Marlon N t'oob. 3j) trm, . suri...nH .-
Inrth of Hatter... klln-Jrled' (warb private
Amateur Champion, With Low, De- I
feats Travers nnd IHarston, 5 nnd 1. j
NEW VORK Sept 23. -A gallery of
nearly lora) golfers saw rrnn Is Oulrnet, 1
the amateur champion, figure on the
winning side of a four-ball match at
lialtusrol jcstertjqy. Oulrnet, paired j
with Oeorge Uw, tho home profes- j
sional. took on Jerome Ij Travers of '
fpper Montclair. the formr title holder. 1
and iUx It .Marston, of the home club,
ana at the nnish of the round Oulrnet
and Uow had won by 5 up and 1 to
Harr vV. Iiouty. of TM North ftroad
street, who was widely known in railroad
circles, di'd esterdy at his summer
home In Allenhurst. N J He was 6S years
idd, and his death was due to a complica
tion of dlseas s Kor many years flouty
was a real state agent for the f'entral
Railroad of ,Vw Jersey, with offices at
112 Liberty street. New York Two sons
and two daughter survive
Mrs Sarah Eve himon 56 eai old and
the widow of Philip blraon, who served In
Mr. Rebecca Davl yesterday tiled at
her home, 865 N'oith Preston street. She
wits the daughter of William J. Kegels,
well known In educational circles In this
city. Mrs. Davis was a. teacher In the
Jnepli Lelily School, and taught up to
within a few days of her death she
was a niembei of the West Hope Pres
bvtorlnn I'hlirch four children, two bos
nnd two girls, survive.
AttNr.W. On September 23, lOU, MATHIAS
hujKniii of Sarah .A.now, nml eon of the
lute I.ilwnnl mnl Mary Agnow. Tunernl
frvlcf, en SamrrlA nt .1 p m nt 122H s.
Ilnnrnll si Interment Odd Fellona' fern
otci) II.WlUJvMHT. On September 21. 1011, MV.M
I'lJf. hufbuml of the Isle llsrtlia lUernrnpf,
In his r.dth vrar. Holntlrs anil filemlK.
nlo KMknuer '"lievtn, Iilslns; Ptni tj'l,e,
No. 1211 F. and A. t . Palestine fhapter.
11. A , lltppxport lo.Ue, No. 21, I o. V. S.
of I. Ilnr Mnn.1 Lwlne. I O. II II , nrc In
vited to Bt'rn'l tlin fvinernl on Sittnlsj tnnrn
ItiK nt 1" o rlork ireelsely. nt his lite resl-ilUM-e.
Il"7 ll'lv nir. Intrrmenl nt Ml.
I'trmr-I 1 pTrlr . Klmllv omit Unwr
IIXI.DWIN.- At Lnintlonne on l-'lftli-ilav,
Ntnili Month 2ltli CHAItlTY IIALDH l.S,
in the TIMli venr of her nse Kunernl I r ni
th resMeni e nf her nephew. Iletijimln II
Shnrmflker, .11(1 Owen ave . r.ntipil iw ne. on
ei-on l-'la. Ninth Month 2th at In o'tlork
Interment prliale
llAltMll'BST On September 22. 1814,
rATin.iiiNr: inotiA. wife or joa,m
IMrnlturst aRed "0 le.tra lielntltrs nml
friends are invited to attend th" funeral
rervlces, on iTl'lay afterniun at 2 SO o'clock,
at her Hto re'Ulenee, (il.1l .leffersoti street,
tlrrnisnl nvn Interment rrlvate
IIIHIIi:(K. - On i-eptemher 23. IM-I. LAURA
II, wife of Charles II. Blrlierk Punernl
from II.'" Kiilnnount nve, nn Friday, at 2
p m Interment prlvat at .Northwooil
IIIIIIION Near Mnunt HolH, N ,T , on Hep.
temt.r 2.1 Bill ALWILDA. widow of Will,
iam llorton. aired U'l yearn funeral private
on Sn(iirdi. Septeml'er 2(1. at 1 p m . near
Mt Holly N J Intrment at Uvcrsrcen
Ccmeter Luinlierlnti, N J.
IIIILNNAN. On September 23, 1014, PAT
BK'K J BHIINXAN husband of Catharine
(nee Heap) and son of ihe late Miguel ami
lit IrtRel llrennan Funeral on Stturdav. nt
7 10 1. ni. from 2217 I'f niberton st Solemn
lteqtilem Mas at St. cimrles Church nt 'I
a m. Interment at New Cathedral Ccm-
nitf)THi:itTo. Ai.ici: itoosnvni.T
HHorill.BTd.V ant. I S irfr. snuntteil
lniKhter nf (leorao c . Sr an 1 rjrace llrnth
ertun ent. red Inio rest after .III ilavs uf pain
ful "ufferlns. septcmher 2.1 lull. Due notkc
"f the funeral will he given from her parent!'
leiilden e. 172(1 Cherrv Ft.
t XSl'Klt. On Peptember 23, 1014, HEN
ltlUTr.V, 1', of the latt ltcnr Capper, auod
f.0 ears. liel?tlvci and frltnds ore Invited
to attiivl th funeral, on bundav. at 10 a. m,,
irom her late residence, .'(w Dlamonl st.
Interment nt Adatli Jeihurun Cemiterj. Hal
tlr.iore nnd Ncn YorK parer-i np
r.sshl Huddenlv, mi Septemher 22, 1914.
nt Sea idle Clf N J . MATILUA II.. widow
of Charles II '.iiel nnd daughter of tho late
Henri an I Amelia h'ttoldk. Itelathes and
frlen N are intteil to atten 1 th funeral ser
vltc on aiurilu afieniiiin at J o,ok, nt
hr late reldem.e, Stenton and Oowen aves.,
Mt Alr Carriages will mctt the arrlial of
the 1.' "0 p. ni. train from the Bcaillng Ter
mlnal at Mt. Airy Station. Interment pri
vate. At tVeet Laurel Hill Cemetery.
CHAMllBltfV Suddenly, on September 33,
1014, WILLIAM OLOHEB. eon of William
and the late Mary A. Chamber, aged 03
ear. Due notice of the funeral will be
COLLINS tn We;t Chester. Sentemher 52.
1011, MABV COLLINS, in the Slth year of
her sbo. Funeral from her late, residence,
.115 North New t., Weet Chester, l'a on
Krldey, September 23 Illsh.Maa" nt IU a
tn.. In St. ThomaaV Church, Ivy Mills. In
terment cemetery adjolnlnc.
C'BtlK. On Keplemher 22, 11)14. FBED
lllllt K ci. cmK, In ids 02d vear Tiineral
services will bo held at tho Old Mnn's Home,
"nth nnd Barlns.sts, on FrldAy, the 23th
Inst., at 10 o'tlock precisely. Interment pri
vaU, tlVKY. Suddenly, on Replember 22, 1B14,
ALBBItT L., eon of O'car C, A. and Annie
W. Covtey (nee Burns), aired 1(1 years I)
months, Belatlves and friends, also II. V. M.
Sodality and Junior Holy Name Society of th
Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. are ln
vlted to attend the funeral, on Saturday
morning, nt S o'clock, from his parents' resi
dence, 2.104 South 3d st. Solemn High Masi
of nenuiem at cntircn nr our Lady of jit.
Carmel at !) 30, precisely. Interment at
lloiv Cross Cemeterj.
CI .St Kit On September 23, 1014, WILLIAM
A CUS311B Services and Interment at Al
toona Ia
CI Ml lilt. WILLIAM CURTHB, 04 soars, 81)1
Preston si.
tiAtl.S On. September 21, 1014. M. RE
BECCA DAVIS, widow of fi I'onell Davis.
Ilelatlves an I friends are Invited to attend
the funeral service, on Monda morning, nt
11 o'eloek at her late residence, nn." Preston
st Interment private. Bemalns may bo
timed nn Hundav evenlns, from 7 until I)
o eloek Chester County papers please copy
DOCTl. At Allenhurst. N. .1., nn September
21, tl(14. IIABIIY W. DOUTY, on of Hie
laie Henry Browne and Helen M. Doutj, aged
"A j ears Due notice of tho funeral will be
lit I'l ILLD On September 2.1, 1014. ELIZA
JAN'R, widow of Champion Durrield. Fu
neral sertlees, on Saturday, at 2 p m.,
SH02 Tlnleiitii ave Interment private.
Friends mav view remains 1-rlday cvenliw,
after 7 o'clock.
llfrn On September 22. 1011. ANNtR
prri'Y, daunt ter of Mary and the late
Thoma Duffv. of tho Parish of Kcrrv Cas
tle Count Mavo, Ireland Funeral on Sat
urday nt & 10 a tn., from 2O.10 Annln st.
So!e-nn rcpilem mass at St Charles' Church
at 10 a. m. Interment Holy Cross Ceme
tery r.ltLAIN, THOMAS RBLAl.V, 30 sears, 2210
(IlietHVll h St
KLI.IOTT On September 23, 1014, BK
lti:C nt.l.iriTT, aged jears. Kuncrv
Krvl rs on Saturday, at 10 a. ni . at lilt
South 1 h st. Interment at fllnssboro, N. .1
ltemalns mi l)e viewed on i'rldav, between
s and 10 p. m Automohlle funeral
I'LOOI) On September 22. 101s, PHILIP T,
1'lood, busl nnd of Mary Pollock Flood, aired
7" ear Belathes and friends, also I.otlgo
Nn 2, V. r.nd A M., am? survivor" of Co K
I 'lh IM Vol Cavalry, ire Invited to at
teiii -ervlie", Friday at 2 p, in., at bis lato
reih1en' e 171(1 Wnvno avenue, (lermanlown
Inler'i e it ptnate t holten Hills Cemetcrv
(,i;ils'ILK.--On S-eptember 2.1, 1014. BR-
UNA. widow of reeS (lerstln nnd dearly
lelmed mother uf .1. L Hwope, of Now York
cll nn I 1 arrle (ierstle Swope, In the votb
star d her age Belatlvcc und friends are
invited tn attend the funeral services, nn
Ftidav nt 2 p in., nt her late residence, pon
Noun l"th st Interment at convenience of
the tamlli. New York papers please topi
(iOODiWN. On September 23, 1011, .IAMBS
II (10ODWLV, aged "1 eurs, Funeial ser
vices on Fridav. at 8 p. m., at 2412 Clifford
st Interment nt Mt Holly, N. J., on Satur
riiy, bv ID 13 .1 in. train from Market
St. Ferry.
I.BADV.-On September 21. 1014. LFKI3 F,
Jr. licl.iied son of I-)r Luke I and Marv K
ttiadv me. I'crrot) aged II' iai .1 month.
Belatlves nnd friends also B. V M. Sodality,
Lingiie nf -aired lleirt and Ilolj Nmie s..
clttv of Chilli h of Our Lady of Vlctorv,
VlitrlN Catholic Club, and class of 1011, It
' C. 1 8., srs Invlted'te sjtend the funeral,
on .Monday, at a..m., J from the re. d er.ee
nt nm oarenii. .,t iuim ,.-n ,11 '?-.-.v" .
Solemn Mass of Requiem nt Church
or victory, at iu a, m. annu
late, at He evuo cemetery.
At Allnnlle C llv
Month 21d. 101
Funeral at Friends'
nt np TlllV
ment al Helv Cross Cemetery.
1IAINBS. On Ninth Month..22d, 1014. HOW
ARD M, IIAINBS, husband et Katherlne K,
llaines (nee Belter) . and eon of the late
Burr nn.rEllr.beth, It. HalneV. Services on
Peventh-dsy (Saturdav), at 11 a. m., at his
late residence. Magnolia, N. J.
HUNDRItSBN. Suddenly, on September 23,
1014 .IAMBI ROY, ton of William A. and
Alint Iltnderson, aged 0 ears. Funtrsl on
Saturtlay at S'3f).n. m, from 40 N. Dewey
St., West Philadelphia Solemn mass of
renulem a1 Our Church of Lady of Rosary,
at 10 A. ni. Interment Holy cross Cemc-
jrNNINfi.S At the Kdlnborough Apart
ments, 42fiO chestnut st , .on September 21,
1014, J..HAUVBY, JKNrVlNOS. son -of Iho
late D. ttrford and Julia II. Jennings. Fu
neral services and Interment private.
Sears, 1020 Beed at.
Itinil.VAN. On September 31, 1014. Miss
day nt 7'.10 a m, from 211 Orcen t Mass
at tho Church nf the Ascension, at 0 a, m.
Interment at Holy Crosi Cemetery
Ll'NDBIlAltl). On September , 23, 1014,
.II.NNIi: B daughter of Jennie and th
late Lawrence l.undegard, aged 3 years 7
mnnths Mineral on Saturdav. nt 2 .1(1 n. m .
from nc.s Bast Llpplncott st. Interment prl-
N. .!., on Ninth
w. I.lINDy.
Meeting House, corner
.Main and Harden streels. Mt. linny, M. J ,
on Seventh-day ZHtli, at 1 p. ni. Interment at
Mt. Ilollv Cemetery
LAON.S. On September 2i, 1011, WILLIAM
V , son of the late John and Margaret Lyons,
aged 3" vears Funeral on Saturdav, at fl jd
a m, from 0327 Palmetto St., Lawndate,
Phlladelphli. Solemn neipilcm Mnss at St.
Cecelia's Church Tox chase, Fa,, nt 10. a,
m Interment prltate, nt Holy Sepulehro
MAKinRX. On September 22, 1014, MARY
Tl , wife of Hnrry C Mucrten, aged 45 jears
Funeral on Saturdas, at 1 p. m , frnm late
residence 12S South Rosewood st. Remains
may be ilewcd Friday evening. Interment al
Fetnwnod Cemeteri
MAHKMAIlll. On September 2.1, 10I4.MAB.
OABF.T B, wife of Bernard V. Markuard,
aged "s ears. Funeral sen Ices on Saturday,
at 2 p. m . at the parlora of William A Dun.
lap. northeast 1 orner 10th and ralrmount aie
Interment prliate
JleCLKAHY. On September 22, 1014, C1IAS
B, huslnnd of barnh nnd eon of the lato
Jacob and Josephine McClearv. Funeral i-er-lees
on Friday, at 2 p. m., at 420 Bast
Flora st Interment Palmer.
McBR UN. On Heptemlier 23. 1014, JOHN,
eon of the Into James and Sophia MuBwen
(nee Breeeer), aged 3d ears. Funeral on
Saturday, at 2 P. m , from 2111 Bast Will
lam st, Interment at Belleiue Cemetery. Be
milns may be vlcwel on Friday, from 7 to
10 p. m
JleMAIION On September 2.1. 1014. JOHN
T.. husband of the late nilen McMahon. Duo
notice nf the funeral will be given, from his
Into residence, 132 (Irccn st.
Mlf'KLB On Ninth Month 22d. 1014. HOW-
ABO A. MICK LB in Ids fsflth Jcar. Bela
tlves nnd friends arc Invited to attend the
funernl. on Slxth-dni. the 2"tli, at 2.10 p, m..
from Ills late lesldence, 11 West l'rospect
aie.. Moorcstonn. N. J. Train leaves Mar
ket si. ferry. Philadelphia, at 1.2.1 p. m.
Trolley, foot of Market at., Camden, 1:13
p 111
MILLKIt. At Naples. Italy, on September
2l, 11)14, ANNA I1AI1B M1LLBB. widow of
Ihe lato B. Spencer Miller, In the S2d jenr
of her ago. Due notice of the funeral will
he given.
Ml BI'IIY On September 22, 1014, MARY
BI.LK.V Mt'RPHY, daughlerof Annie ami the
late Dennis Murphy, aged 10 vcau. Funeral
on Situral nt s .In a. m . from her lato
trsldeme 17 Madl-on aie. Lnnsdowne, Dela.
ware Counts I'a High Mass nt St, I'hllo
iiieni' t hun h at 10 a. m Interment at
Holy Cross Cemetcrv.
'i:Y. In Charlotte, N. C , on September 23,
ANNIB t NEY, ssed 03
Dotger), sister of Elisabeth Wolff,
Dora wef"
ner, Henry e, Dotger and the late Andrei
j. ana .William J. woiger. interment st
Boston, Mass.
JiORTH. In Rast Brandy wlneiPa.) on Sep
tember 23, 1014, M. FRANCES, wife ef
George R. North. Funeral on Saturday, st
10130 a. m. Interment Hopewell M. E. Cem
etery. RKTKftS. On September 22, 10i4, FRED
BRICK, husband of Wllbelmlna refer, (nee
Tcjsner), aged 04 jears. Funeral services on
Fridav, at 2 p m., at M20 North Front tt.
Interment prliate, at North Cedar Hill Ceme.
rol.IHI. LETLA TOLlsr, Id years, 1022
Tnsker at.
I'OTTH Suddenlv, on September 22. 10U,
MATTHEW POTTS, sged S3 yearn. Funernl
sen ices on Friday, at 2 p. m., at his late
residence, 2177 East Adams st. Interment
prliate. at Belvue Cemetery.
years, B17 Catharine st.
RUSSELL. At Broomall, Ta., on September
22, 1014, MARY OUTHRIE, widow of Will
lam Russell. Due notice of the funeral will
he elien.
nnrhlll st.
271(1 North darnel st.
8MITIL On September 23, 1014, MARY E,
wife of AVIlllam II, Smith (nee Holt), aged 4l
jears Funeral on Saturday, at 8 a. m., from
lis West Luray st., Feltonvllle. Beoulem
Mass at Iho Church nf the Incarnation nt
10 a, m Interment private, at Holy Sepulehro
SNFXL. On September 22, 1014, PATBtCK.
husband of the late Theresa Orace Snell
Funeral on Saturday, at 8 a. m., from 313
Monmouth st., Gloucester City. N. J. High
Mass nt St. Mary's Church at 0 a. m. In
terment at New Cathedral Cemetery.
South Front st,
.st'MMKRES. On September 53, 1914,
CHARLES, husband of the late Kate Sum
meres. Funeral on Sunday, at 2 p. m ,
at 2031 Amber at.
SI'MMKBH. MAY SUMMERS. 2 years, 1824
East I'assyunk ave,
TAflOABT. On September . 24. 1014. BE
BECCA N., widow of William J. Taggarl.
Funeral services on Monday, at 2 p. m , at
1313 South 18th st. Interment nt Mt. Morlah
TAYI.OIL.On September 23. 1014. OEOBC1E
W. TAYLOR, aged 02 years. Funeral ser
vices at 700 Strahle at.. Fox Chase, on Sat
urday. September 20, at 3 p. m precisely.
Interment prliate.
years. 102(1 Ellsworth st.
VALENTINE. On September 24. 1014,
Bclatlics and frlenda, alsi Radiant Star
l edge, No 2.12, I. O. O. F., and Veteran
Firemen's Association, are Invited to alien 1
the funeral aenlccs on Monday, tho 2lh
Inst., at 2 p m precisely, at his late resi
dence 102' Vine st. Interment private.
TESTA. 35 sears. 731 South 7th et.
017 North Rth st.
WBISEB LOUISE WEISEB, 02 years, 2100
South College aie.
WH.nY. MABY WILBY. 33 years. 212T
Hope st.
"A ILLS. On September 2.1. 1014. REBECCA
A . wife of Charles M. Wills. Funeral ser
vices on Saturday, at 1 p. tn.. at 1227 Cam
bridge st. To proceed to Hillside Cemetery
via trolley.
WOLF. Suddenlv. on September 22. 1014,
OEORC.E II., husband of Delia Wolf, aged
47 S'ears Funeral on Friday, at 1:30 p. m,
from 13S7 Bast Oxford st. Interment at
Oaklnnd Cemetery.
W rrri'Il. On September 22. 1014. AUGUS
TUS, husband nf the late Margaret Wupper
(nee McCormlck), Funeral nn Saturday, at
R.30 a m., from 1210 South 12th st. Sol
emn Renulem Mass at the Churih of the
Annunciation at 10 n. m. Interment al Holy
Cross Cemetery.
Germany's Side of the War Question
In an authoritative document by noted statesmen, financiers, pub
licists and political leaders of the Fatherland, the German viewpoint
of the circumstances leading up to the present war and why the
Kaiser and the Reichstag were compelled, in self-defense, to enter into
the conflict is given.
Here is a list of the men who acted as the committee and board of
editors in preparing this document :
Ballin, Chairman of the Board Directors,
Hamburg-American Line.
Prince von Bulow, Hamburg.
Dr. R. W. Drechsler, Director of the American
Institute, Berlin.
and Cathedral
General Field
Dr. Dryander, Chief Court
Preacher, Berlin.
Dr. Baron von o'er Goltz,
Marshal, Berlin.
Von Gwinner, Director of the German Bank.
Prof. Dr. von Harnack, Berlin.
Prince von Haufeldt, Duke of Traehenberg.
Dr. Heineken, Director of the North German
Lloyd, Bremen.
Prince Henckel von Donnersmarck.
Paul Dehn, Author, Berlin.
Dr. Drechsler, Director of the American In
stitute, Berlin.
Matthias Erberger, Member of the Reichstag,
Prof, Dr. Francke, Berlin.
Dr. Kaempf, President of the Reichstag,
Prof. Dr. Eugen Kuhnemann, Breslau.
Prof. Dr. Lamprecht, Leipsig.
Dr. Theodor Lewald, Director of the Depart-
ment of the Interior, Berlin.
Franz von Mendelssohn, President of the
Chamber of Commerce, Berlin.
Prince Munster-Dernburg, Member of the
House of Lords.
Count von Oppcrsdorff, Member of the House
of Lords and of the Reichstag, Berlin,
Count von Posadowsky-Wehner,
Dr. Walther Rathenau, Berlin.
Viktor, Duke of Ratibor.
B. Huldermann, Director of the Hamburg
American Line, Hamburg.
D. Naumann, Member of the Reichstag, Berlin.
Count von Oppcrsdorff, Member of the Prus
sian House of Lords, Member of the
Reichstag, Berlin.
Dr. Schmidt, Ministerial Director, Berlin.
Prof. Dr. von Schmoller, Berlin.
Count von Schwerin-Lowitz, President of the
House of Deputies.
Wilhelm von Siemens, Berlin.
Friedrich, Prince of Solms-Baruth.
Max Warburg, Hamburg.
Siegfried Wagner, Bayreuth.
Von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, Berlin.
Prof. Dr. Wundt, Leipsig.
Madame Goldberger,
Princess Henckel von Donnersmarck.
Duchess von Ratibor,
The Baroness Speck von Sternburg.
Madame von Trott zu Solz,
Dr. Ernst Jackh, Berlin.
Count Reventlow, Author, Charlottenburg.
Dr. Paul Rohrbach. Teacher in the Commer
cial High School, Berlin.
Dr. Schacht, Director of the Dresden Bank,
This important statement will be printed in full, covering four
entire pages, together with a splendid large portrait of the Kaiser,
in Sunday's
September 27th
Order a copy from your dealer today
i-L VV
jiii WTiii i ; ii - g in liBifiMMiMiMWMh Till H

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