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vol. iisro. 11
University Freshmen Again
Defeat Sophs in Annual
Struggle of Underclassmen. '
Cloning Gives, Too.
Freshmen students of the Unlversltv of
Pennsylvania ng.tln defeated the sophn-
mores shorth after 12 o'clock todn b
winning the annual "campus fight" in
Just two minutes of terrific battling
Th Freshles lust night won tho annual
poster fight on the samp Held. In Justice
tr the sophomores It should be said that
thev were outnumbered four to one
Shirts nnd other articles of wearing
apparel were strewn all over the campus
when the victorious freahmen and the
downcast sophomores departed from tho
fceno of battle
Ray Young, p;-tpft end on the Central
High School foclball team, covered him
self with gloiv when hu was first to reach
the oblong drawn on the walls of the
Harrison Chemical Laboratory.
As In fottner voara, the light was di
vided into two halves In the first the
freshmen must displace the sophomores
guardlns the oblong chalked on the wnll
and In the second the endeavor to re
move tho troineis fiom the captain f
the sophomoies.
Tho Freshmen won the .second half at
easily as the did the Mrst, firmly but not
Kentlv, diverting the sophomore captain
of his 'i outers Then ltn Voting, who 1
a brother of the ex-Pc-nn football ap
taln. and several otheis of the Freshmen
lenders were hoisted to th shoulders of
the:r comrades nnd borne off In triumph.
Manv of t ii several hundred conUwt
nnts from bull clasps took advantage of
the opportun'ty to get some Rood football
practice b; appearing In gridiron toe
Others woie old clothes The few who
started In ih buttle with oompaiutlvolv
whole suits eir rged !n inpp
CT ' 1 in j in. .in 11 1 1 i. ,n m 1 1 1 . - - 1 - , 1 ii.iii 11 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 i I L ' 'I: T '"" ' '" ." ' . " "'1 1 '1
' ' 1 1-1 1 -r- -"" ... ' .. . I, y;'- ! 1 : -! 1 -.. . ; I,, ., ... 1 .::..-. ..,.:., , .. ...S ,....-. t...,m,..L.
Wwiijmiit-T;: HVKwtP'M,M "ti'JMi'imX-
1 rjHaBiFSTr..s'i,XMLrjftKKLiHrr-vi s?riKHr.ttCir t.'r-- jv-a " HKjjkvBiiKw w: x n jmn. mimt-mmijk2&mnmTjLrTMir!rwmmwBinm.M j
The photograph shows the fight at its height and the chalk mark on the wall protected by sophomores. The freshmen fought their wny through the guard
and succeeded in placing their hands inside the mark.
Nine Alleged Embezzle
ments Since April Prompt
Suggestion of Compulsory
Auditing of Passbooks.
Compulsory auditing of the passbooks
of shaieholders at I-ast once a year
was advocated today b State Banklnc
Commissioner William H amith. as an
effective safeijuard analnst defalcations
by bulldlnt; and loan asocatIon officers
The plan has been recommended to
William Brown, Jr. counsel for the
commissioner In Philadelphia, nnd he
said that the time vas ripe for a leg
islative, enactment coverins the ground
Mr. Brown has handled no fowei than
nine i.ases, involving grven defendaut
building loan officers, since last April. He
said that In moat of the cases minor
officers of the associations wore Involved.
Several of the cases Brown hns handled
had their bezlnnlni; before he took up the
commissioner's work. Th list follows.
Samuel Krepi, now nwltlns trial. Al
leged shortage, ::C0'.3 as secretary of the
Northwest Building and Loan Associa
tion, and SiJ3.91 as secretary qf the Ea3t
Park Building and Loan Association.
Joseph W. Wouley. awaiting trUl. Al
loged shortage, J17T1.TE as conveyancing
agent of the Bouvler Building and Loan
William W. Still, awaiting trial. Alleged
shortage, I5673.0S as secretary of thi
Berean Building and Loan Association,
organized b Negro church workers.
Samuel Slmpklns, awaiting sentence
Alleged shortage $2172 as secretary of the
Philadelphia Itapld Transit Building and
Loan AKsoclation
William Macdonald. awaiting trial Al
leged shortage 113.00ft as conveyancing
agent of the Genera! I'asimlr Pulaski
Building and Loan Association .
Frank A Friend, under bail Alleged
shortage of US3 a secretary of the old
Hickory Building and Loan Association,
and HX as secretarj of the Creston
Building and Loan Association
Harry Foster, missing Alleged short,
age, 3?2, as oonveanctng agent of the
German-American Building and Loan
The total of the shortages, approjl.
matly JS.ltt, it was said by Mr. Brown,
has been greatly reduced- Among tha
accused who restoted all or a substan
tial part of the funds taken ore Sitnp
Klns, Still and MudonaUj.
"By making the auditing ot the shnre
holdei.v pass books compulsory the de
falcation evil, particular! so far as the
. flehonest secretory Is conn rued, will be
positively checkmated." Mr Brown said.
"The secretaries Involved In the cages I
have handled norkod a simple Hjstem.
They accepted monny from shareholders,
gavo the shareholders credit on their
passbouks, then pockoted tho monej a
number at loan associations do, have an
unnunl compariscn of the pas bonk with
the books of the associations, and the
shareholders are safeguarded The j
tern h one. that all of the associations
should bf more than willing to adopt, and
In any event there should be a law to
enforce It " ,...,.....
Foster, it was explained by Mr Broan,
evidently obtained the money be j8
charged with embezzling by juggling
funds coming into bis hands la flrst
mortgage transactions la conveyancing
They had arrested the moving picture
manager as a spy He was drum-head-ed,
found guilty and sentenced to be
hot ., ,. ..
"Have you any rafting requestr the
boss of the firing party asKed. "Don t
make it too long "
The mole nun nolded
'"My operator ' he said, 'has never
seen a real execution Just lei nm turn
the machine on the last scene and dont
hurry it any- -Cleveland Plain Dealer.
orwegian Steamships,
Watched by British War
ships, Are Compelled to
Remain at Anchor in Dela
ware River.
Pallors who have learned that tho Nor
wegian steamships Fram and Sommor
atafl, now lying at this port, aro liable
to capiur? by British uarahlpa, refuse to
soil, compelling the vessels to jemain at
anchor in the Delaware River. It is be
lieved that the ultimate destination of the
Norwegian steamships' cargoes is the
German cruisers Karlsruhe and Dresdon
in tne Caribbean Sea The masters and
agent of the steamships nre anxious to
hae them sail.
Tho Sommerstad cleared nearly two
weeks ngo and was followed several das
later b the Fram. Both hae cargoes
of ship supplies, coal and fn-sh water
on board. While the cargoes are of
suspicious character, custom houso of
ficials declare that as both have cleared
for neutral ports they cannot be pre.
vented from sailing. Tho SommerBtad
cleared foi Cadiz, Spain, and the Fuim
for Pernommico, Prazil.
Four other Norwegian steamships, each
carrying similar corgoos have left here
during the past two months .Shipping
men have asserted t:jat thty believed the
cargoes weio never intended for the port
of clearance, but wore being deliveied at
sea to German cruisers. Their deductions
were based upon the fact that the Karls
ruhe and Dresden which .ire pring upon
British and French commerce in the Cnr
ibbean have never had to put into any
port for supplies since uar was declared;
that this port never shipped suoh cargoes
prior tu the outbreak of hostilities, that
the frah air. more than a ws. is
ordinary supply for their own use. was
placed on board and tho nonrepurt of
the vessel" having reached tlitir destma.
Ths United States Xlmernment, Jt wag
etud at the custom Houoe. Is powerless io
stop the sailing of the steamships, even
though the circumstantial evidence a
stroDgly m favor of the cargoes going to
Uet.utii sltitia All rule of neutrulio . t
was said, ore observed Tho vessels would
have to be followed by British warships
and c&urfhl la the act of delivering car
goes to German warships before the jfutit
would be established.
Woman Arrested by Vice Sqund
Called "Intolerable Liar."
Mis. Ruth Wilcox, uho, nftci her arm-'t
on September 2 as a disorderly character,
.T-seiUd that she uas n social worker,
suffragist speaker and short-story writer,
did not appear in Ouartei Sessions Court
todav to attempt to disprove tho charge
brought against her by members of the
vice squad.
Last week the woman, in appealing fiom
a ftno of $12 V) imposed on her by a
Magistrate, declared that tho vice police
man gave fnlie tetimonv against her
Judge Carr, In dismissing the woman's
appeal, upheld the vlc squad and char
acterized the woman ns an "intolerable
The case was postponed fiom Inst week
in order to give Mrs. U'ilcox. who is a
pionnunced blonde, nn opportnnit to
piove that she was a much maligned
womnn. Instead of appearing In toutt
today the woman sent a telegram, sup
posedlv fiom Charlottesville, -n , statins
that she had been called home bj icason
of the illness of her mother.
Asslsnnt District Attorney Mnna
ghan, declaring that tho woman s tes
timony had pluced inrmberh of the vice
sqund under a cloud, asked Judge Can
to hear from witnesses procured sln J
last week's hearing. Mrs George Sis
son, of Ogden street near IMh, denied
Mrs. Wilcox's assertion that she had
paid a charitable visit to tho witness
rnd was returning to her rooms In the
Ulncliam House on the morning of her
.inest Miss Sarah Weber, foimerlv
mp'oyed at the hotel, said that Mrs
Wilcox had a "reputation" about th"
Dete -tlve Lee, head of the vice siuad
aid that he had obtained Infoimatlon
from chauffeurs that tho woman fre
quentcd certain hotels with men l-.ee
rlso testified that he had sent a letter
addressed to the woman at Ilillkdolo,
a, th nddretH she gave In cnuit last
wr. 1c, hut it wa. returned, there btlng
no -nich n place in that State
Series of Tussels Start When
Pursuer's Shoes Give Rob
ber Warning While at
Wife of Man Arraigned for Shop
lifting Startles Spectators.
A woman fainted at iVntiul Station
this rnining when her husband was ar
raigned before Magistrate Renshnu on
a i barge of shoplifting. She Is Mrs.
Frederick VW.ning. SfJtl Wallace stteet
Weining. formerlj employed In u de
partiiK nt store, wag accused of stealing
two suitk, u t'uinera and other in Holes
from the store. e uaa arrested when ho
attt in;iled tu pawn the stolen goods.
w lun the man was ailed to the pris
oners' doib. Mrs Welnmg, who had be
traved signs of irrvuiunca, st-ri-amed
and ftU bacb in her chair in a faint
Policemen carried her into the corridor
nil atiit unt. revived bv a noHco kurccon.
t Mag strate Itetishaw released Welnlng
In SCO bail, permitting him to sign HI
own ball bcml
Pepartment Store Employe Suffers
Prom Contusions and SnoeH.
tlit b an automobile at Twentieth ana
Market streets last night Margaret tn
non. & years old, an emploje In a Market
street department store, was taken to
the Medico-Chirurgtcal Hospital, nhere
she as found to bo suffering from severe
coBtustons and shock.
The automobi e js drhen by Howard
It .-catbor 10 hust Third street. Wil
mington tli- tt ai rested bv Police
man Sullnai of tht Fifteenth and Vine
streets station.
Charged with Killing Countryman in
a Quarrel,
I.ettlrlfi Uacla. 21l! Cambria street, was
tcidaj held without bail to appear befoio
ih Oraud Jun. iharged with the murder
of (llovinnl SiunLt-llo, ;o;'l Indiana ac
nue, who died .September II. in the lVoin
in's HuintoiJotblt liospltul from wounds
indicted by luSa
At the Coroner's lii'iucst this niormsg
it was testified that the quaitel started
through Scancvllo insulting the wife tf
Four Hundred Block Sends Victim to
Steven K.ibilos fv North American
I street, is at the Hoosvelet Hospiul with
j a possible fractured j.kull. as the result
lot beinc stiuck on the head with a M
1 pound bloi k ,,f jie today at the Delaware
I Kreeiin,; t'ompanv tneri' an and Callow
. hill streets
j rtusiuans say the mans condition la
Although he was released from jail
only a few days aso, Alexander Wat
ton may serve another Ions; term bi
cause of the cjulclv action of a wuman
nnd a downtown pollcman.
Ho was filtering the homo of Mrs,
Anna Rosen at G3 Itltner street, yes
terday afternoon by waj of a rear cellar
window when Mrs. Sophia Jlffen, who
leMdes In a rear street, paw him. She
tnlit rinlli.or.in n irnmlsln.,!. n .1..
. .w... w..w. ..,. .lUtlUJlUllll, ill IJ1..
fourth nnd Snjder avenue station, and
ho also squeezed through the window.
On reaching the second Hoor the police
man came upon the man ransacking a
buicau. Hnndsforth walked stealthily
toward tho Intruder and was Just about
to grab him when Ills new shooi
squeaked. The thief turned, grappled
with Hnndsforth and both lolled on tho
"I'll go with you," Watson said finally,
nnd hlic captor took him to the street
1 wniie tne women In tho neighborhood
eneereu. J-or n tew janis the prisoner
walked complacently, but when Hands
forth ielacd lilt, hold xllghU), Watson
tripped him and, as the policeman fell,
ran out Hllncr street. A cinwd of men
mid bus, with Hnndsforth In the lead,
pursued Watson. The policeman fired sev
ernl shots, hut the man ran right on.
At Klftli street, Iluudiifortli rec.iptuied
him. but tho thlof was still in fighting
mood nnd tried to knock ht captor out
with vlclaai blows whkh went wild. Tho
mmi was finally landed at the police sta
tion. On hnlng searched, jewelry valued at
BVflinl hundred dollars was found In
Wation's pockets. The buoty included
eight 1 In?.", a gold watch nnd a stick
pin. Iho prisoner had several souvenirs
of lits fights, u blnck oyo and n swollen
car being the moot prominent. He mid
he lesldrd at Prom nnd McKean streets
WuUon was held under J15U) ball this
morning by Magistrate Carson at the
Fourth street ard Snyder avenue station
Court Decides to Dismiss Man Froln
Further Service.
Wtllinni J. Mc-Glone, n paperhonser,
UIS Vorth Klftenth stieet. who wus em
paneled to serve ns a juror for the Sen
tember term of Quarter Sessions Court
Nn 1. appealed In Court today showing
plainly the effects of an all-night party.
Crlei I,ei Halt was the first to notice
McUlone When Court was convened it
wiiB with considerable effoit that Mc
(jlone stood up. and then it was neces
sary foi two of his fellow Jurors to sup
port nim
"You have been out on an all-night
party, haven't ou?" asked Judge Scarle
when the juror wrs called to the bar of
tho court
Mctilone admitted it and started to ex
plain He stopped suddenly when told
that he was excused from further serv
ice, without pa He was ordered to ap
pear in court on Monday, and If he does
not then show better control he may face
contempt proceedings
Held on Charge of Burglary
Morris Hayes, of 34 Sloan street. Frank
ford, who nub caught b a trolley car
conductor as he waa trying to break into
the home of Oeorge ti shock. 5523 Frank- i
ford avenue, was held toda under WO ,
bail by Maglstnte H'rie for a further
hearing October J Waller H Da. the
conductor, went Into the Shock backyard i
for a drink of water and found iiayes (
tryin? to force open the door, I
Held for Court on Chnrge of Reckless
A woman BO jears old was held In $600
ball for court today by Magistrate Kmcly
on the cliargo of reckless driving and
nsnult and buttery, nfter she had run
down. In her automobile, Langham Tor
rance, 723 North Sixth street, a city
iiirvejor. She Is Mrs. Isabel Cox, 5S15
Cottage street. Wlsslnomlng.
Toi ranee was ildlng a blcjcle west on
Lehigh avenue this morning. At Broad
sticct tho automobile driven by Mrs. Cox
came up behind and crashed Into him,
dragging him 15 feet. Torrance nnd other
wltnossei declared It was being driven
at n high rate of speed nnd that u
pedestrian nlso narrowly escaped being
The woman was nrtnlgned nt the Park
nnd Lehigh avenues station for a henr
Insr Torrance had his injuries treated
nt the Samaritan Hospital. He received
cuts nnd bruisea
Tried to Get Countrymen Into V. S.,
Say Officials.
Three Chinese from tho crew of tho
Castle Bruce, a steamer that docked ftt
Chester two daya ngo with a cargo of
Iron ore fiom the Dutch West Indies,
will be arraigned before United States
Commissioner Edmonds In the Federal
Building today. They are charged with
attempting to smuggle two of their coun
trymen Into tho United States.
A thrilling story of n narrow escape
by Inpcctor George Allen, of the Im
migration Bureau, was brought to light
today rollowlng tne arrest.
He went to the Castle Bruce two days
ago after receipt of word from Captain
Ei nest Ho wo that he had two stow
aways aboard nnd that his crew seemed
to be In league with the men. Lining
the eighteen Chinese up on the deck, Allen
picked the man he thought most likely
to weaken under a cross-examination and
went Into the cabin with him. Ed Lee,
a Chinese Interpreter, accompanied the
A fow minutes later there was a knock,
and somo one told Allen that the cap
tain wanted him, ns the crew wanted
to settle. Allen, opening the door, found
tho crow crowded Into the narrow com
panlonway. At their head was a big
Chinese, known ns the "No. 1 man."
Tho Inspector pulled his revolver and
threw tho ringleader Into the cabin. Ho
slammed the door and bound the man
hnnd and foot. AVhen he opened the door
ngnln the crew was still there, and
Allen forced tho 17 men ahead of him
up (to the deck. Then ho Jumped to the
pier and escaped.
The men arrested today arc Lonn Yce,
Iilng Hung and Shaw Chung. Two
Chinese stowaways are now In Irons on
the ship.
Magistrate Holds Men After Hearing
Story of Collision.
Drastic steps to stop reckless auto
mobile driving were taken today by
Magistrate Morris, at the !6th and York
streets stntlon, ns the result of an ac
cident In which Howard Hyatt, 2158
Dover street, was hulled from an under
taker's wagon ho was driving, getting a
dislocated shoulder nnd other Injuries In
a colllson with nn auto truck.
The maglstrato not only held Albert
Aspen, 44 West Tenn Btrcet, German
town, an automobile driver for a depart
ment store, In ?S0O ball for court, but noti
fied the man's employers to produce an
other driver with whom he is said to
have been racing and enter tho same
amount of ball for him.
Hyatt was driving Into his stable at
30th street and Susquehanna avenue,
when the machine, driven by Aspen,
crashed Into the undertaker's wagon.
Hyatt was thrown from his seat, his
shoulder was dislocated and he received
other Injuries. Ho and others testified nt
the hearing this morning that Aspen nnd
nnother auto truck driver had been racing
their machines. Hyatt was treated at the
Women's Homeopathic Hospital.
Policemen Testify They Saw Girl "of
10 Peddling Opium nnd Morphine.
Mrs. Anna Akoclc. a striking young
woman 19 years old, caused a craning
of necks among tho more sonlld prison
ers when nitnlgncd todnv at the Tenth
nnd Buttonwnod stieots station on a
cliargo of peddling drugs to Tenderloin
habitues. It was testified by special
police that she was taken Into custody
nt 1331 Race stieet with her husband,
William Alcock, with ?50 worth of drrfgs
In her possession.
Mrs. Alcock appeared Indifferent to the
gravity of the charge agnlust her. She
wan prettily gowned. She declined to
make a statement. Tho Kill nnd her
husband neie held In JS00 ball for a
fin titer hearing.
Policemen testified they obtained evi
dences that the girl nnd Alcock were sell
ing opium and morphine stealthily on the
streets. They watched them nnd then
followed the pair to their room, where
tno an est was made.
Negro Held Responsible for Police
man Snnkey's Death,
t the Coronor's Iikiucm this morning,
Henry Invader a Ncio. fS'4 Summer
stuet, wus held without bail for the
Grand Jury, charged with the murder of
Policeman Frank A Sinkey, of the 61st
and Catherine tticets stati m, who died
Sept. mber IS in the Wcht Philadelphia
Homeopathic Hospital from n gun wound
In tho abdomen, inflicted bj Lavader.
Fanny Meer, it Neguss. who lives In
the same m-lghbnrhood ns Imnder. was
hold without ball ns. a mateiiai witness.
n Sunday morning September 13 San
key walked up to L'tvnder and Fanny
Mejer, who were standing on a corner
Hi.cl told them to move on, and in the
aigument Utvndei fired the shot which
resulted In the policeman death. Lavu
der was later arrested nt his home.
Driver Disappeared, Leaving Ma
chine Standing In Street.
During the heavy i-howeis, early this
morning an automobile crashed Into a
car at LIghth ami Muikct streets smash
ing Its hood. inudKUU'ds and windshield.
The owner of th- machine Is not
known, as the police have no record of
Hie accldout
At noon the automobile was still stand
ing ut the corner of Eighth nnd Market
Sixty-one ippllcants for the JSrt) to J1000
position as storekeepei In the Water Bu
reau are taking the examination before
the Civil Venice Commission today
The cxamlratlcn for checker In the
transit department at flSOQ a year la bo
Ins taken by 21 applicants.
Located at "Wildwood, N. J., on At
lantic City Hike.
Edward Mullin, 13 years old, who was
found last night by Chief of Police L.
"W. Smith, of Wildwood. N. J., after hav
ing been absent from his home, 6 East
Silver street, slnco Saturday, will return
to his parents here -tonight. Tho boy's
father, James Mullin, sent money to
friends In Atlantic City this morning to
defray the expenses of the return Journey.
The boy, with his brother, 30 years old,
started last week to walk to Atlantic
City, his former homo. James, the
joungcr, became tired nnd stopped nt a
farmer's plnce nenr Hnmmonton, N. J.
He was returned to his homo on Monday,
but nothing had been heard of the elder
brother until last night.
u nr- i .
i icnry i oniKins Uiarged
With Being Member of
lass ot Crooks NoWl
Operating in VariouJ
Cities. ''
Chief Postal Inspector Cortelyo,, tj
j.v u.uara is arrest or Henrv t.
kins, at the Keystone Hotel ?sih m;
Market streets. Following the I JH
postal authorities declared that . loB''
swindling scheme, which Is ting JwA
ated by a gang of hlgh-class c,7.Zl'
various cltlen. win ,i.u."". cr.00kilil
to a halt. ""u,y e 6rouSht
one of the "doctors oft, ?' oZlu"
of conspiracy and" usinV t. '',-'
t'.n? c1 - -d 'M"y surprL'
rr. ., arrest coollv. "I
afTo0 Wf." fe'l "? IM0 n thltt
Being, ,ab,e to producTZ,riitUct1
ho will be sent to New York cltv l
r.'.1' " rCCC'Pt f - -"ant'-Sl;
While tho plan resorted to by Tom.'
kins and his crowd was an old one, th,i!
dating methods In most cases caused m
suspicion, and, it is said thev had hi.J?
profitable results. They wor 2d ,'r
the name of the James Realty' Cornpr'
Kow- York?"1"8 terTrSX;
The company flrn published n block fir.
uro puzzle In the newspapers, and no m.?
ter how It added It gave the solvoA 5i
of 15. To every one who solved th pw
zlo a lot was offered as a prize. Th
fore, every solver urn n...... 1.ne",
puzzles to tho offtco and were inform!
that they were wlnne. niorme
Following a notlr,. imm ,i,
they were called upon by one of Its agents
u.,u .u.u umi uuioro me lot could fas ,i
delivered It wainecesrary to bu an ad-TJ
joining lot lor w. rnese lots, nceordlni i
to tho company's ndvcrtlspmom i- .c. t
New York papers, weie situated In a
place known n Grand View nt Bound
urooK nna eonierriuc, .n, J Ulowlng de
scriptions were given concerning streets,
drlvownys nnd up-to-date homesteads.
Mnnv winneis, on being Informed that
It was necessary to buy nn adjoining lot
In order to obtain their prize, refused to
do so. But tho optimistic ones bought an
extra lot to go along with the one ther
got for nothing,
Hut when the buycis went to Bounl J
place as Grand View and no lots that Jf
cumpiereu wiiii icie iinuuuiicrinem. in,
fact, there wns no land owned bj the
Inspector Cortelyou said toda that ths
head of the companj wns James Dot
tenus, who, with Rose Stack, was arrested
for a similar charge on September 1L
More arrests will follow.
Policeman Arrests Negro With Al
leged Stolen Article on Person.
Accused of stealing a valuablo silver
tegetable dish from the home of Mrs.
Charles J. Cohen, nt 331 South 21st street,
John Patton, a Negro of K05 Lombard
street, was held In WOO ball for court by
Magistrate Rooney this morning.
Pntton was arrested at 19th and Locust
streots last night by Policeman McDevttt,
of the 15th nnd Locust streots station,
when he believed the man whb attempt
ing to hide something beneath his coat.
Investigation disclosed the silver dish.
At the hearing, this morning, May
Rooney, a domestic In the Cohen
home, testified thnt the dish was iMrs,
Cohen's piopert. She suld Patton was
engaged In cleaning the stove In the
kitchen and stole It while she was out of
the room
Police Seek Name of Man Who Shot
Himself Near Media.
The body of a man who committed sui
cide by shooting himself In the head with
n shotgun Is nt the morgue In Media to
day and the police are trying to Identify
him. The body wns found In the grounds
of tho Klwjn Training School for Feeble
minded Children, near Me-dla
Initials "J. P." In the man's hat and the
name of t Philadelphia oculist on his
eje-glass case afford tho only clues ob
tained by the police. Several German
newspapers wero found near the body.
Child Injured In Contest With Play
mates May Die.
As the result of a children's quarrel
over a piece of glass, A vie Shrager. 5
cars old, 334 Cantrell street, lies In the
Mt. Slnal Hospital In a dying condition.
Ho was playing on the steps of his
house with kcveral other children when
a discussion started over the i 0 lershlp
of a piece of glass.
A little girl friend In stiuggllng for
Its possession. Jabbed It Into the neck
of her playmate very clote to the Jug.
ular vein Tho child bled profusel, and
hospital physicians say there Is slight
hope for recovery.
While a draftsman In the coast survey
from November, 1851, to February, 1SS5,
Whlttler, the artist, boaraed at the north
east corner of E and Twelfth streets.
Washington lie is remembered as being
usually late fur breakfast and always
making sketches on the walls To tht
remonstrating landlord he replied
"Now, now, never mind' I'll not charge
you anything for the decorations." Exchange,
Man Accused of Theft Gives His Cap
tors a Path.
When pursuit grew too hot for safety
this morning, William McLaushlin turned
lite lite extinguisher, for the theft of
which he was being chased, on his pu
sucrs In nn attempt to nvold arrest
17V enn.A ,t,nn fl , A rtx 1 ,1 lll all AM hsVI
her, illannt,Anplnr r.ciilnrtv frnm .1 Tap.
tory building at Twelfth and Cherry 'j
streets. i nis morning c ji saunacr
the superintendent, met McLaughlin com.
Ing out of the place canying a larje
bulky bag. Ho accosted him nnd Mc
Laughlin dropped his bundle, incidentally
diopplng It upside down. Immediately
there shot In all dliectlons and over
everybody In range streams of an 111
Bmelllng chemical lluuld, excellent for
putting out fires, but unpleasant as 4
Mcl.nughlln recovered his wits first and
dashed up Twelfth street Saunders with
others gave chase, and McLaughlin be
gan plajlng the extinguisher on his pur
sucrs But It proved unavailing, for at
Thirteenth and Wood streets Saunders
caught him.
"Let me got," said McLaushlin 'I
have three children Here's la cents."
"I would not let you go foi J1I.OX1, ' re-
nllnH Qminrl.rfi. ftrvlntr lltfi face
At the hearing nil the witnoses wen II
still damp with the clieniuai uqui
"Six hundred dollars ball for court,
said Magistrate Tracy ,
. j
Official Forecast
WASHivnTOX. Sent 3.
For eastern Pennsylvania and New Jer
se -Cloud tonight. Saturd.u fair con
tinued cool, moderate north and north
west winds.
Showers covered the tiantir States
and most of the lane icgion uurms
, II Unii nn,l T-filn .'AtilfnUS SlOnf
the middle mid south Atlantic ilope Mi'
morning. The snowers were ,n,cui..iw.
L .,.! rnn In tffmnpmtlire lU &U
of the Atlantic States The southern
stotm has moved nortlieasiwaru ""
,....u. ,! lie. .iff lhA rnist of OtCTl'
n ., inAllnn 1I n,n.nlnx IE llSI
anil nueilll c-mumi.. i".- ...w. ..... -
not Increased In energy and seemingly.
will not develop dangerous uu
Fair weather prevails In the central val-l
leys and the plains aiaies, wwi -pcrnturcs
slightly below the normal
TT C Wonllior nMre.lt! Tllllletill
Observation made at S a m, Eastern tiros;
Uat Italn- Vflor
Station. Ia PI n't " lr"1 ".' "lM
." K e &-,
iisnurcn. .-.. - ;; .. . , ,
,v ss .ct' siv I'tjudy
?? ... i .o fc, l, a Tf a i n
r .Ml .w- r. ..-
M 52
n,.Biitn Mail.
llurtdlo, N.
liiieaso, ill
liev eland. O
'""vr.ri."" t.' i if
Detroit, Mich... B2 t
Duluth. Minn j' l
(.alvosion. in -- lfi v,P
lUllera.. N. C . 70 i. .18 SB
V 1A I .loud?
. S 10 lr
S- i clear
(4 N 12 PilouJf
. N vv 10 lear
V li, i !4f
;cp "ioudjf
12 e'lesr
A e lear
2 i ou If
4 Clear
K clear
8 ilr
4 elear
Helena, Mont .. j 1
.Huron, o i " ;' . ,-,
jHikfonvllle J" lh-
Kan. City, Mo.. B4 M
Louisville. K 2 ?
Mtnu.hli. Tenn Wl fit
SXjSfrVr. t 10e WJ'
Oklahoma. OkU. y. gg jj lMf
:&..:? s ti .j wr:
; s sw I'foiw
. in 1 OS W .'
V2 as " "
I'irilsml XI
Portland, Ore
Quteo CMn
ht Paul Mlsn 4 42
PH i.aK? iwn "
c f loir
4 '!"f S
6 PrtoiWi
l noii'
j I I ad
ct.n B. n.lifv !t,l "t
f r . t"v -;- - -
Krranton Pi Rl li ?.. t imtfl
Tamp , B'j 'J ,' uly
Wa.hlniton ... M - J ,f tiMr
Winnipeg U 3S .. 6 "
WMinrT i

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