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VOL. I NO. 12
Acquisition of City Block Contemplated
in Measure Jammed Through Councils
Over Mayor's Veto Map of Property
Defaced to Conceal North Boundary.
Executive Clark Says Public Is Not In
terested, and Judge Brown, Asked to
Explain Omission, Declares He Is Not
Answering Conundrums.
A great land grab to be put thiough
by the Vare-McNichol-Fcnros-contrcllcd
Councils Is back of the bill to condemn
land for tho Municipal Court at list (
and Race streets. The bill was passed
Tuesday over the Mayor's veto. On the
urfacc the Municipal Court plan meant
the purchase of n small corner lot at
Slbt and Race streets. '
But the real scheme is the acquisition
of an entire city block and the construc
tion of buildings which would cost Jvo.ftA
Ileal estate agents say the speculative
possibilities are enormous. This explains
the fi antic mustering of a vole big
enough to override the Mayor's veto of
the preliminary bill.
Tho scheme will cost Philadelphia ,
nearly $2,r0.Vhi unless it is blocked. Tin-
price of the land needed will exceed
Jl.(r.cW0. and the buildings will run the
price up another SSW.CW.
The opening wedgo was the bill to con
demn land at Slrt and Race streets.)
now tho property of the Magdalen Home. (
Jt seemed Innocent enough, as the cost ,
of the property would not exceed $150.
000. For buildings on this site S400.0M of
the loan bill money had been appropri- I
cted Major niankeubnrg and many
ctners opposed even this expendltute as
,,t,..- opriDP nv THC GRAB.
To all appearances the Municipal Court
plans were to be confined to the pur
chase of the Magdalen Home property
and the construction of buildings cost
ing no more than $400,000.
But the Municipal Court offlces at City
Had gac cut an architect's sketch show
ing the proposed buildings.
This was the k to the grab sccre
It showed that the Magdalen Home
prope.ty was less than a fourth of he
lan'l the court proposed to use And the
buildings to be put up could not be built
for less than $500,000
The land to be condemned for the
Municipal Court Is not big enough to
accommodate even one of the proposed
buHdhigs. Yet thus far there has not
been even a whisper that more land
VOn.y "'boundaries of the Municipal
Court site weie given in the architects
ketch map The nam- of the street on
the fourth aide was imatertou.ly m a
Ing This was important, because It left
the size of the siab open to conjectuie.
Borne who saw the map bald that the
tiact shown must oe intended to run
only to Winter street. Others behoved
U went all the way to Mne street. thus
attending the grab more than 100 fct.
In any caso the property on tho map
extends II" feet and possibly :su feet
further north than the promoters ever
said it would.
But it close look ut the map xplalned
why the name of the northern boundary
line failed to appear.
i hn.l been blocked out by Slicking
a piece of paper ovr the name on th
crlo-inal sltetch and photoKraphlng It Be
lore bending the picture to newspaper
Instead of the missing name there was
. strip of dead white three Inches long,
vhich entirely concealed the name of tho
The Magdalen Homo site Is relatively
so small that only a part of the "Ad
minUtratlon Buildlns" would JU In it.
The "Courts Buildlns" Is at least M
feet from the northeast earner of the
Magdalen property, the "Hospital
Group" Is far oif to the east, and more
than ICO feet west is shown the "De
tention Group '
Officers of the Municipal Court grew
reticent when asked to talk about tho
Fred C Simon, executive clerk to tha
iuit. was said to know the name of
fe northern boundary. He refused
lint-blank to tell what It was. He
.tfusetj to say who drew the map.
"The public is not Interested " Simon
declared. "It U not news. No on cares
about that The public knows very well
whut fine work this court li doing,
nd when we have any Information to
Ive out the newspapers will get it."
-PreHsed for the name of the architect.
,mon tinaJly declared that h was the
10go of nrwB f the Municipal Court
$ he dcvined the architect's nam of no
toue to the public.
'Hie plans are not yet definite and 1
J-Snot tell ou the name of the street."
f said.
Later Judge Brown wm asked about tho
northern boundary.
"It is Winter street '" lie said, "and the
architect who drew the sketch Is John
T. Windrlm That Is what you ivanted
to know. Isn't It."'
"Ho you know why the name of the
street was oinUtea'"" he was asked.
I don't know an) thing about It," was
tha anawor.
"Pldn't you notice tl.a white mark In
lead of the name of the street when you
taw the sketch?"
Judge llrottii taid he hadn t noticed It.
But don t .'On knuw why the street
was I lokM nut" '
Judjry Brown turned on bla bed and
walked toward hU office.
Beating Minnesota to Fort, Ho is
Staying at Hotel Here.
The battleship Minnesota has been
found and Hear Admiral Walter McLean
is happy. Since yesterday he has been
conjecturing as to Its whereabouts, for
he came here with much speed from
Washington to hoist his flag, but there
was no ship In sight
Word reached the navy yard this after
noon that the Minnesota would arrive at
League Island nt 5 o'clock, but ns there
Is many a slip between the dock and the
ship, the Admiral Is going to stay right
nt the Bellevue-Stratford Until he hears
that she Is In. The Admltnl had a
wearisome trip around Leaguu Island
yesterday looking for the boat.
It Is possible that the Minnesota had
to dodjjc some alien warships, which
would account for her delay, but no one
at the yard knows why It Is taking her
so long to come here from Hampton
The hlp will be here late this afternoon,
unless she lores her way In the Delaware.
Mie paed the Breakwater many hours
ngo Friends of the admiral say they nro
not urprlcd to hear that he beat a
battleship I" port, foi he Is known ai
a man of uulck action.
' I'm not answering conundrums," ho
said at the door.
The vote by which the opening wedge
was forced through over the Maor's tcto
was that of Dr. William D Bacon, a
Penrose supporter and noted gang man.
Judge Audenrled declared ho had no right
to a seat In Select Council, after a re
count of the votes in the Fort;, -fourth
Ward. Dr. Philip H. Moore was the man
legally elected, according to Judge Audcn-
l-,l t3i, T, latino Tt VntVlllt TV11. Of
dip Sunreme Com t. granted Bacon the '
privilege of holding his scat until the
Supreme Couit ret lews the proofs against
Electrician Borrows Them to Spruce
Up, But Doesn't Return.
Because she started a flirtation through
the rear window of her home, at WK
Brown street, with an electrician work
ing on th elevated structure of the
Reading Hallway Mis- Frances Ross
was robbed of a diamond ling and other
Jeuelrt valued nt J6W. George Rellly.
who plated the part of the villain In the
romance, was arrested recently in Jersey
City bv Detective McCuIlough and Klnsey
and brought to this tit last night.
While Rellly was installing some sig
nals mi th. Reading about ,t year ago.
he aw Miss Ross- pretty face at her
window, and as their acquaintance pro-
grssed after the first meeting he told
her he had left his home in Jeisey Cltv.
He declared ho was anxious to return
to his parents, hut that in visiting them
lie wished to make ns good an appear
ance as poslble. He asked Miss ftoss
to Joan him her Jewelry, promising to re
turn it shortlj.
fter Rellly hail been absent for some
tine Miss Ross notified the police, who
nn.illy located him in Montreal Can
ada. At that time Rellly claimed to have
left the jewelry in New York and told
the officers where it could he found, en
able to locate the Jewelry, the detectives
kept watch on Rellly's home In Jersey
Oil;- and arrested him on his return.
rtellly was held under $!V ball on a
charve of i-iren bt Magistrate Hcnihaw
at the Central station this morning.
Cedar Avenue Physician Took
From Reform School.
Alexandria Kamlnski. employed until
ten days ago, by Dr. James C. Hlgglns,
of M4S Cedar avenue, who took her from
the Glen Mltls Reform School, Is under
arrest at Pittsburgh today, charged with
stealing $1000 worth of Jewelry from the
Hlgglns home. Detectives Ford and Pat
terson left for Pittsburgh this morning to
bring her to Philadelphia.
Dr. Hlgglns secured the girl's release
from the reformatory on September 1. On
September 13 she complained late at
night that she had n toothache and was
sent to look for medicine In the doctor's
ofTlce. where the Hlgglns' Jewelry was
Next morning she disappeared and $1000
In diamonds and other stones was miss
ing. Detectives Ford and Patterson
learned the girl had a brother In New
Kensington, Pa., near Pittsburgh, and
notified the police there. Yesterday they
received a message stnting she hud been
arrested. It Is not knoyn whether the
Jewelrj was recovered.
Inoculation Every Three Months for
the Stubborn Cases.
In yome cases vaccination of public
school children is to be a continuous per
formance. Pupils who feel no effect of
the virus Injected Into their aims will
not lie barred from school ns some were,
through a misunderstanding of the rules
of the Bureau of Health, says Director
At the end of three munths they will
be vaccinated again They will not re
turn to tho city physician for n period
of another three months, then. If it vac
cination "mark" does not show, they will
he requested to return again In thre
months. This procedure In obstinate cases
will continue until the bov or girl is
graduated with either a scarred or an
unblemished left arm
Just because a vaccination does not
"taks" will not bar a pupil from the-schools.
Two Early Morning Travelers With
Three Sutcascs Arouse Suspicion!
Three suit cases filled with dead chick
ens, in the possession of Pnsiiuall Gallaro
and Julius Sandlno. of 1033 North Fair
hill street, early this morning, aroused
the suspicion of Policeman Reeves, of the
Branchtown station, when he met the
men at York Road and Township Lane
Gallaro and Sandlno were arraigned for
a hearing later before Magistrate Ren
shaw at the Central station.
Beeves did not stop to count the fowls
when he discovered the contents of the
suit cases He took the men to the
Ur.iiu-htuv.-n station and obtained tho
assistance of the night house sergeant
nnd several member of the night force.
They found 43 chickens in the suit cases.
Cnch fowl had been dispatched by
wringing its neck
The police believe Gallaro and Sandlno
stumbled Into a hennery somewhere In
Montgomery County.
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immuU. mtmmmmtumm;
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PR 'v.t&tt ..'& K.MKKB&a - WitV,V'J,!1'irl7VS;V'"'A,ft' 1' " '? .. J i .' I - ...!;.
Children in Tableaux Por
tray Evils That Follow
Qarnage Country's Flag
to Typify Peace.
'54 k i.
So Slightly Injured He Insists on
Going to Work.
Slxteen- ear-old Raymund Mathews, of
ZV" East Orleans,. street, thought so little
of he injuries "he suffered ccrly this
m.irnlni: when he was run down by nn
automobile on Broad street, above Erie 1 the Job.
avenue, that after being treatea .11 tne
Samaritan Hospital he lnslstfd on going
to work.
The nutoist took him to the hospital I
in the machine Mathews had sm.ied '
with contusions to the sculp and bruises.
Phvslcians thought lit should take u
r'st, but the b. Insisted on going to his
work it th National Biscuit Company.
Besides Having a Mighty
Punch in Each Paw, This
Watchman Does Not
Sleep Soundly.
There is n black bear doing rollce duty
in i:ddington, Pa.
Rddlngtnn docs not know Just what to
think of Its foice. but tome persons, espe
cially the chlldien, nro enthusiastic over
it. Others regard the rorce with suspi
cion, but all tie.it it with the gieatcst re
spect. It weighs in the neighborhood of
200 pounds and has a mighty punch In
cither paw.
The bear wan sent to D. C. Hanna,
manager of the Philadelphia Pure Kye
Distilling Company, from tho Maine
woods ns n Joke. But the bear was no
Joke. Mr. Hanna decided that as a little
pet at his home. 42S2 Parksiile avenue, a
bear would not he a hit among the neigh
bors. Ho recalled that he was In need of
a night watchman at his plant, so ho
named the bear "Boss" and gave him
The distillery covers nearly in acres of
land, and "Boss" patrols all that. At
night his headquarters are In the corn
pant's olllces.
Boc Is six months old and already Is
as large as a Newfoundland dog. Ho has
an amiablo disposition nnd plays with the
cats of the dlstlller. hut he has nn in
herited aversion to dogs. Hooks, the bull
dog nt tho plant, he chases, and Malt, the
Irish terrier, he ignoreu.
It w.ib decided yesterday that a bath
would not hurt Boss. "What la more, tho
bath was deemed .almost Imperative. Cap
tain Albert Quigley and John Hart, Gov
ernment omcers detailed at tho distillery,
nnd John Rlghey, the engineer, escorted
Boss to a pond on the company's prop
ertv. Boss waded in one side of tho pond
and out the other and disappeared In the
Captain Quigley, Hart and Rlgby gave
It was an hour later that they met a
Negro walking along one of the roads.
He was looking anxiously over his shoul
der and walking as if In a hurry.
"Ah jou lookln' fo' a dog. ah maghty
big deg?" asked the Negro.
"We are looking for .1 bear," returned
the rescue party.
"Mnh goodness me, dat was him, tint
was him." exclaimed the Negro, and he
hurtled along without fuither explana
tion. Boss was found a mllo further on. He
hod located the Delaware River and was
having a swim. Rib Rlgbey called him
and tho bear came ashore. Ho climbed
a tree and there he stayed until he was
dry. Many a bear has had o man lift
a tree, literally and figuratively. Now
"Hoss" was up a tree.
It was different with the track Inspec
tor's train on the New York division.
He saw the bear yesterday, stopped his
train and had it backed up to get a sec
ond look. Then he cllmbid out of his
observation car nnd made BosS" ac
quaintance. Both seemed to be pleased
at the meeting.
Rlgbey is the man to whom Boss shows
tho most respect. Rlgbey Is not afraid
of a bear, but Hoss did not know that
nt first. Boss nipped Rlgbey on the
hand. He may have been Joking In 11
bearieshaway, but Rlgbey did not ap
preciate The humor. Ho slapped the bear
on the tip of tho nose, and If there Is
one thing which disgusts a near nnd
Its Merry Course Marked by a Series
of Lively Events.
An autotruck loaded with beer went on
a Joy ride of Its own accord this after
noon on Pnssyunlc atenue and spilled
things generally. Aside from overturning
a carriage or two, crashing Into a couple
jf sidewalk markets, tearing down the
awnings of Patrick Rooncy's grocery, col
liding wltli the front or a barbershop and
frightening a nuinbor of half-shaved cus
tomers nearly out of their wits, the big
truck did no damage.
Tho vehicle belonscd to tho Poth Brew
ing Company and started on Its wild ca
reer while the driver. Albert Blthen, was
taking supplies to Andrew Andicws, of
1621 nst Passyunk avenue.
According to the police, a small boy
climbed on the' truck and, after start
ing It In motion, Jumped oft and let It
go home Itself.
While the car was zigzagging down the
street two policemen started after it,
but ns they did not know the rudiments
of football the truck easily fooled them
by turning Just the opposite way It was
expected to.
The pullet, thought tney had It sure
when the wagon smashed into Rooney's
itore at I'M" Passyunk avenue, but the
auto slipped away again, und after many
Jumps and turns It crashed Into a barber
shop. Needlcm to say, tho noise frlght
1 lied tho barbers, and everybody Inside
nad n close shave. In fact, some of the
customers Jumped up until the truck left
the plare.
But It did leave In quick time, nnd was
otind straight for a china store, when
fkilBlnntlP MlitCnn nt 1fi.1l KjllltV, Tfiua,, n
takes the fighting ambition out of him ! ..,J, ,o,i . inn.., nn n. c.,. ',',.,'.
it is Just this, .,.,.,, ntt Ihn nnivnr.
I't. t.A.iw unlu Cltaf litre. n IIAl K.mnn .
IID WC1 -..,., J..D. l v,ILVttinili
He Is not particular what he eats, and
stas at It for hours.
Men Plead Not Guilty and Will Be
Tried Later.
Six alleged murderers were arraigned
before Judge Searli- In the "ourt of nvn
and Terminer todav All entered plea
, of nt guilty and will be tried later. The
are a fo'luwt.
Louis livw-raux. '.'til Ann street, f. r
' killing Anna M Lukens, n July V,,
AkllU Shiplano. Sin West Venango atre-t.
for killing Gram-Ill.' S Mnr,'.u on .-i-
tvniber 1: Salvatiire Poita. Pleasant villr
N. J., for killing David .Spogito. on August
J. JaUH-s DatU. Negru, UO South N'lnc
t..nth strct. rr killing Allan Brooks, nn
I June J7 llext-klah .'trothcrs. Negro, 917
Watt street, for killing Dat id '. Spellei
on Juiitf 14, John Bradfoid. Negro, 1 1
I Bain'iridge tret. for killing Irene Hr.icJ-
Inrd, on June :; Juhn illms fii Lom
bard street, entered plea of not guilty
to a bill of indictment charging him with
voluntary manslaughter in causing the
death of Frank Masse on August 15
Tony Likes New Vocation and May
Forsake Polishing.
From bootblack to court Interpreter In
two minute was tho remarkable rise
of Tony, the bootblack at the Postofflco
Building, this afternoon Ton seems to
like his new position and says that he
feels tempted to follow the vocation and
leave his boot box and polish at horn,
as a planning for his children In fact
It is whispered that he lias an of fur
for his shoe shine business and expects
to sell out
This li how It all happened. Tonv
stuck his head in a room where Corn
mlnlontr Edmunds was conducting a
hearing An Interpreter was badly need
ed to translate the lingo and explain
the gesticulations of an angry Italian
witness Some one saw Tony's head
sticking through the door He was
seized by the back of the neck and
pressed into service
Carl F Adolph was charged with
knocking a laborer Frenslaco Walpln,
off the dredge Delaware into the river
at League Island The hearing was
postponed owing to a lack of vritncMca.
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. r f r - STV' '-.. -V S .V v 'ST. . 'V .."? ST S jfV
&&& , .sfi . .' .'',' IHT'vvWW s v?'-" ' VS?.-.4'
?fei' x sv- U'' vra xfZZr. gr. ., yTk'. 'sz$
.; .! -l r;-ir-:sjar:ja p rrx N'- ',v
p- v."vOi .lK?i " w& -S &?, A xSWr V'
J,isF' r -t"
w f
"iWWFt " ."L-fcA
V 'f
: '
4. V . j.
. xiK-v
And the police are investigating.
Gets Three Months in Jail to Wear
His Suit Out.
He has Jnlnfd the ancient order of the tlreil
nnd luiscruliberi,
Whoi-e reinnls work may ncter taint or
turntbh ;
And he w.ari .1 btilt prritectlte evtn iIioukIi
he lOinuIrl tie tuhhefl
Water cannot reach his cuticle through
Jnsrph Hreiinan, of Tamaqua. Pa., is
now a regular member In stiong stand
ing of the Knights of the Road. So strong
is his standing that ho finds it almost
Impossible to bend, due to the coat of
varnish with which he was supplied gratln
bv a number of tiamps with whom he
fell in on a Height car bound for this
Brerinnn Introduced himself to Mag
istrate Kniely at tho Park and I.ehlgh
utenues station this morning In ndill.
tlon to a suit of varnish he wore a
hat and a pleco of burlap. Magistrate
Kniely acknowledgtd the intrudilct'on b
sending the man to the County Prison
for three months.
If Hnniidii is ,-t tramp nt heart the
next few months will lm the most bliss,
ful of his life so far, as he will be
Imprevlous to water until the varnish
starts to wear llrcnnan told the Mug.
istratc tint the ilgree team Initiated
him because ho was unable to answer
secret signals.
Architect's sketch made public by Municipal Court which shows that a whole city block is wanted Instead of
small plot asked for in Councils. This small plot is shown by the dotted lines in the upper centre of the plan.
The sketch was sent to newspapers with the name of the fourth side boundary blocked out a shown, supposedly
n cnnrM h hitp vtent nf the rnnlemnliilM PT2D.
Magistrate Benshaw at Central Station
toda held in Slmd ball for a further hear
lug Joseph Guialto, 7JJ Christian street,
the man shot by GuScppi DiSiuiune sev
er.il das ago when thu lattet shot and
killed Krnlsto lloletesa niSlinone told
the police after the killing that the two
men ho shot were agents of the Black
Hand and thut the had been threatening
him He Is being held without ball pend
ing the action of the Grand Jury.
J Tiavel.ng through .tw i;iiUnd ... .u
touring car. a Cincinnati man, with M,
wife and two daughter, stopped one day
for lunch at a good hotel. Aftrr th meal
was over the autumoblllst said to the
"Hrlng nie the bill, please. We have
had four fandwichtai and four pieces ui
apple pie Wait a niomwit. though What
. has the chauffeur had dounstalis?"
I "The chauffeur, sir," replied the waiiu,
, "had u parm'esun omelet, u grilled broul
trout, lamb cutlets and peas, an Ice, a cup
uf black coffee, a lS-cent cigar and a
pint of champagne." Houston Poet.
As the climax to tho "Safety Week"
campaign conducted by the Homo and
School League, tho Carnival of Safety
was opened this afternoon at Convention
Hall, Broad street and Allegheny ave
nue. In the presenco of 2000 children, the
representatives of the Homo and School
League, prominent Industrial corpora
tions, tho railroads, the Philadelphia
Rapid Transit Company and a host of
workmen employed In hazardous ore...
patlons, where the accident evil is par
ticular',' predominant.
Typifying tho sarcty of tho nation un
der tho Stars and Stripes, n. beautiful
American flag was unfurled by a com
pany of Boy Scouts, under the direction
of J. V.. Pntton, while "America" was
sung by every ono In the great audi
torium. This was followed by fire drills
and an athletic exhibition by publle
school children.
An exhibition which no child who
witnesses It can ever forget was that
of a number of groups portraying tho
horrors and pestllenco of war. A num
ber of children, dreated In the fancy
dress of soldiers and sailors, portrayed
the army nnd the navy going to war
followed by another gioup showing tha
wounded nnd the dying, the widows,
orphans, old men nnd women, tho lamo
the blind and tho dependent, nil vlctlnu
of war.
Not the least Impressive of these tab
leaux was tho group of children por
tiaylng enforced Idleness nnd the un
employed who suffer duo to tho hostili
ties. As a contrast to this were a
series of tableaux picturing peace at
tended by Industry, contentment, united
families, farmers gathnlng In the har
vest and- general abundance of food and
happiness. This series or tableaux wer
entitled "War nnd Peace."
The vast auditorium was tastefully dec
orated with bunting and fliigs of all na
tions, among which the Stars and Stripes
were, of course, tho most conspicuous.
Booths in which various forms of dan
ger and safety weie Illustrated by living
oblccts and with lantern slides were scat
teicd In various parts of the hall and
were the atttactlon of many hundicds.
Speakers In each booth addressed the
audience on safety problems and urged a
greater amount of vigilance on the part
of men, women nnd children in the
stieet. In the place of employment and
In the home.
During the exercises Helen Jdstrzomb
sku, of the Mott school, received the
M.try V. Grico cup for the best composi
tion on school safety.
Tonight the pageant will be lepioduccd.
Mavor Blankcnbuig will preside and Dr.
Martin G. Brumbaugh, Republican candi
date for Governor, Is expected to speak.
Tho program begins at 8 o'clock.
Critically Injured When She Loses
Footing on Tracks.
In an effort to dash across the street
before the upproach of a trolley car
yesterday at Sixteenth street and Ilidge
avenue, Ida Iticver, 8 yeats old, lest
her footing and was crushed beneath tha
car's weight.
She was taken to the St. Josephs Hos
pital unconscious. Her condition U
Woman Declares Man Dragged Her
About by the Hair.
Thomas Ellison. "0?3 Grnusb.11.-h stieet,
w-lios t.-lfo accutes htm of dragging her
around the room by her hulr, wus held
today under $i0u ball for couit by Masis
ti.tto Campbell at the Front and West
moreland stittts police station. .
According to Mrs. Ellison, her husband
snatched a $1 bill she hud ic-ctlted from
one of her lodgers nnd ran out of the
house. Ho returned lato ut night and
dragged her out of bed by the hair, ac
cording to tho story told the police. Po
liceman Boynton answeied her cries tor
help and arretted Ellison.
Official Forecast
For eastern Pennsylvania and New Jcr
seyj.'ulr tonight and Sunday, with lMit
frost tonight In exposed places; moderat
northwest winds.
The Southern storm caused lain yester
day along the middle and south Atlmitio
coast, hut has passed noitheastward uter
the ocean and is apparently at souk di
tanco southeast of New England thil
morning. Tho skies have cle-aied oter
thu Atlantic Hates, und fair weather Ij
lepoittd fiom ull parts of the country
this liioiulng. Tho temperatuies lute
tallcn bllghllj at most places east of
the Mlssl-slppl River, and troat occuued
last night III some plates In tho I.aka
region and the Ohio Valley. The te-ni-poratiiie-s
nro rising In the northern plain
Stutc-s on the advance of a disturb mca
that is inotlng In from the far north.
ulvrtatlons mode at S a. 111., Eastern tinns
List It. tin. Vetuc-
Stullon. Sa.m. n't. fall. Wind. il ViaiHif
Texas. 7.0 .i .. caijn u 1 u
nn I -it
NK 4 Clear
N h t-Uar
V 10 Olcir
11 fh ir
S c'liar
I Hear
I 1 U ir
5V 2: e'U.r
NK to CI ar
,;:; 1 it tr
4 Cloudy
iH CKar
12 CUiT
1: t l, r
b u it
5 1 li ir
in i-i(ur
N1V It CI. ir
1. ll '
t: i Cl4f
XIV 10 Ctjr
K .S CI- if
v vu 1 ijih
1" 1-1 I"
11 ci '
.Hit i
5 ll.'
a tiw
. i.t,. ...
If. ,1. ,'Itm' f. f.O
lUuurell, N. D. II H .
II '.un la. . !- Ml .
II Talc. N y... PI J .
Clii jf.. Ill .... l OJ .
1 i.-ttlnnd. ej.... fi M ,
lntir. Col .. .'..! .VJ
I.,s M.in.-s. la. IS 41! .
tJiirult. Midi. . IS I'l .
Duliitli. Minn . IS 41 .
n a U cittnn. TVx.. M tW
llmtcrut,. N I!., lit tfi l.U
IleUiu. Slom .. .',, M .
llnrnn 1 1 1 .1 Til
Jackto'inlllo ..'. Ill IJ) .02 N
in in. mm mi .
lAulstilb Ky.. 4S In
Mh.blti. Ttliii. Mi !t
New Drlcuu . l IK
.', vorK, js.v. 4
. , .,
V lil.il. KM.
I Iwlr. !,nmi, llttl.t .
I'hllaJeltiha .. - TUT!
PIomiiIx Aru . Ti, 71
IMtttbursb i'a.. (I 4'.'
I'crtlan.l Mi is 4S
IrtlanJ, or VI ".'
Jun i an II ti
t-t I il M ." I
ft I'au' illmi II, '
at i IJike I all la) '
s,n trim',' i -l
r rant" . la 41 '
Tmi u . t t
WjJlr.nv't-in . . 61 Oi
WlnDlrvf 41 14
-- . .. .i.,.iir4ii -iii Mtamia&tmmm&UHm&l

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