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history la being carried on by veterans,
who nro hungry and emaciated. Most
of them aro feeling the effect, in one
way or another, from two weeks of
fierce fighting, coming on the top of
a 200-mile march. Tho strain of being
tinder fire constantly, with the mighty
guns of German's heaviest ordnance
rlnlng in their cars, has completely
changed tho naturo of the men. They
nro hardened to blood and carnage
and tho danger of death, which Is nt-
ways at hand In an Inconsiderate
BERLIN', Sept. 28.
"While still maintaining the position
that there have been no really decisive
changes at any part of tho l!!"-mlle
battle line, tho report of the German
Gencml Staff today Is a trifle moro op
timistic than anything Issued since the
battle of the Alsno began.
It stated that there have been dis
tinct gains by tho German centre,
which has driven the enemy bact; with
heavy losses. The armies operating
through Varennes have succeeded In
forcing the Trench back on Clormont-rn-Alroand
on St. Mcnnchoultl and now
hold the main highways and tho rail
toad lines In that vicinity.
On the heights of tho M.usp tho Gr
mans continue to maintain their ad
vantage and are In strength on the
west bank of the river. The bombard
ment of tho Mo -" forts south of Ver
dun continues with perceptible success,
according to tho General Staff.
On the German right It Is stated that
the fighting Is of the most bitter char
acter, with the enemy plainly throwing
nil of his available force Into the fight
Jn the effort to break through the Ger
man line. It officially Is stated that at
no point has ho been successful, while
at u number of points tho Germans
have advanced their lines.
Attempts on the part of tho Colglnns
to make tt successful sortlo from Ant
werp have been frustrated and many
prisoners and an armored car have
been taken.
The olllclal statement follows:
"Tho offensive movement of our
troops continues without severe chock.
Heavy losses have been Inflicted upon
tho enemy by our bayonet charge and
thoy huvo had to bring up their re
serves to strengthen their lines.
"At the eastern end of tho battle line.
our artillery has silenced part of tho
forts on tho Vcrdun-Toul line and we
have succeeded In crossing tho Mouse.
The passage la being sharply resisted
"In the centre we continue to g.vtn,
despite the enemy's heavy artillery fire,
which Is now showing better aim.
"On the west wo have held all the
ground we gained, though the enemy
has received large reinforcements and
Is making counter attacks. These
however, have been repulsed."
LONDON, Hept. 23. I
Sixteen days of lighting, fourteen In
the battle of the Aisne and two in a
rear guard action, have failed to bring
'decisive victory to either side in
Trance. This was officially admitted at
the War Office today, coupled with the
tatement. however, that all of the ad
vantage remains with the Allies.
"While tho censorship is more strict
than at any time since the opening of
hostilities, It is explained that there
are certain evidences, especially on tho
extreme left, that the Germans are
weakening. The Allies have been heav
ily reinforced and aro subjecting the
forces of Von Boehm and Von Kluk to
Btcrn pressure along the lino from Sols
eons north to Mons.
In this connection a report tele
graphed from Ostend that Mons was
burning created a sensation here to
day. It is at Mons that General von
Boehm established his headquurters
when he started south from Brussels
with tho main army that was operating
In Belgium. His army was assigned
to prevent Von Kluk being outilunked
by tho French urm. operating from
the northwest, presumably Boulogne,
where it had been gathered to aupport
a new British force, the details of
which are still withheld from tho
If it is trua thut lions actually is
burning, It may mean that the British
French armies are in strong force and
have raided the German communica
tions far north of the point where up
to the present any fighting has been
reported. Tho English people are plac
ing great hop s on this report, but It
3s not confirmed from any source that
carries official weight, and intend for
the last few dn has been a most un
reliable rumor factory.
More significant than anything elo.
however, are tho clrcumstuntlal reports
received hero from Belgium source
that an epidemic of typhoid and allied
diseases has broken out in tho ranks of
the German army, and that thelt
horses are suffering from glundois
These t sport" came from so manv
sources that they are generally cred
ited. The worst cuses are in the valley
of the Dendre River, near Termonde.
whore it is reported TOO men have '
ready died of typhoid and other infec
tious diseases.
The military exports say that disease
can be expected at this time now that
the wur has been In progress eight
weeks. The rivers of Belgium and
Trance have been utilized by both sides
to get rid of dead men where there w as
no time to bury them. Then the cold
rains, which have now prevailed for
more than two weeks, have added to
the difficulty of gathering the wounded.
Many bodies remain unburied, putrefy
ing in the water sheds of tve rivers.
The suffering of tho wounded as tho
result of the weather conditions is fear
ful. Those who cannot drag them
selves to places of shelter simply die
where they fall, as pneumonia follows
In nearly every instance. In addition,
wounds that ordinarily would be clean
now get filled with mud, and infection
follows am a matter of course.
In this respect it is stated thut the
Germans have suffered far more than
the British or French, who have main
tained their field hospitals at full
strength and have rushed their wound
ed will into the south immediately
after first aid has been applied.
li c. I s. .. "" T, ' ' ' .- i- "' ,wvyac?. "'.
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- ' KPSiL A fasti Atf k- W U o?w fjT-S v
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, , Y V V l ,f7 - 81 aoHnZTLri .lssnrM Ida A4rww,Vlilf
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ft t' ' V . , J , iiSJi nWii' . .C.,:: '.'i',".A'Wsja. .,' -iai,V, y
m at r . ., "V ' . m -A t , .sua v It'A t'irif iifVi W ' ' - J r -. ' frA i Si " ."-S
i ' , ',.". ' .'. 5c.A' ftW BV." i'iWlTWV.Q nX h 't..., -A A
Cm? i f.f ! -.A . t rr , , j - - v w ,
' ' ' -n- ' rSY " ""' yiSS? , " f x ivnoa -
' ''' " '-S' ' ' ' NHaoyo ." - I 3-np -x
,1 - ' '.- J I' y ft, '-.
n 081 -raawQi.5ibVd
w os bnwvM eu. Novi
w 5 wort 01 siavd
w on NnoagAcu. noaom
'H19 '-Ldgs-1
Nvwaao lNsacjd
Belgians Retire
Order Under
The new German battle line in the southeast, near the Verdun-Toul line of forts, runs from St. Mihiel, where they crossed the Meuse, past Dompiene,
reoccupied by the French, to the northwest of Pont-a-Mousson. In the centre the French have repulsed their offensive at Berru, near Rheims, regained
Berry-au-Bac, north of the Aisne, and while von Kluk has pushed in near Noyon, and Ribccourt, over the Oise, the French claim to have made gains along
the Oise, north of the Aisne and near the Sommc, and even north of it in the St. Quentin, Peronne, Bapaume region.
Concealed German Batteries
Make Huge Gaps in Lines,
But Bayonet Wins
German Airman on Recon-' Tokio Reports Fortress at I Belgian City Shelled for
noitre Near Lille, Narrow- Tsing-Tao on Point of
ly Escapes English Biplane Surrender Kaiser' Forces
d French Bleriot.
PARIS, 814, .'.
,'n the recent fighting on the Alsno.
where the British managed to secure a
foothold on tho northern side after a ter
rlble MruKgle. the British Quard truops
achieved a glorious fet of nrrns. They
-were thrown across pontoon bridge
which bappers hud tuntriiited uadrr lire,
but no soonor had they rwhed ih up
per bank than the Qerman ui tiller),
which occupied concealed position,
opened (ire and the shrapnel began bum.
Ing among the troops.
Before the British truops lay a stretch
of open country about a nnie wide A
lt edge was ft patch of woods which
extended to the top of tome hills on the
crest of whUli the German artillery uc
In action. Tho order given to charge
unci, with the Scots Ureyo leading, the
Urltiili charged against the Uermans.
The attackers manaid to avoid the
barbed wlro entanglement;, but thejr
bad to face a blasting fire while cross
ing the open stretch
The Griman stiel burnting viuB
deadly regulant) f.ll m n.n wh 'i
the British ilnes JU"t b'-r it- r m ins
the forest tlie uennaii nuthui . o
were turnod on tlie Bruin, h u,i
bayonets the guards swipt f"rw ird
leaving gng trails of dead and wnxnded
n Uielr wake ShouUng their batt.e cry.
they fell uoon tho Uerman position.
biyo&sUsn tia suuaexr- Within csa
than l'J mlnutm of hand-to-hand fight-InL-
tli British raptured six guns.
Whl . tho British were charging, the
h .i st of the guns were smashing awav
hi v. poi.ioon bridge and eoon it was
t 11 th BrltUli captnttd the six gun3
11. wire eompe led t" let're for re.
infon 'm.-nts The pontoon liridga wus
r i tin 1. but suuti the Ui rmun urtiUrrv
uga n ."Dlintered tt Then alators were
ah, 1 1 l.Kule the hidden batteries of the
li ddr n Uei man guns and they were soon
(ireat flocks uf carrion birds hover over
tin- lmt tit-finds where many corpses Up
unburied These vultures have become
a ustimeri to tne roar of the artiller '
ami r- nut frightened awav from tnelr
.- 4' omc foisting of th thunder of ttu
I'rlvale -Moj, of the British Hussars,
ho is in n tumuitul h-re, te!ls of rawN
Ing across the o(l and fields, after be
was shot, until ha came to a big t huu au
upon which American and Red Cross
tiags were dying
"I crawled inside where I found one of j
the big dan' ing rooms fixed up like a
hospital." natd Moss, "awl helped myself I
10 some tianaaj. s.
-My wimnd had tpn caused by ft rife
billlet. nd HWe many such wounds, h. d
bern r'b tautciUeil bs the bullet. I
bk'tevt- thai the (h.iutiuu vi.'is und by
nn An, can named '. MUtkhell li'.
I was nilKhty thankful fur the shelter,
buiw Ish that Mr. Tiepew had left IM
larder more greatly filled than it was."
A detachment or Herman Midlers had
rlddtu up to the ehauteau while Uosa
was hiding in a room in the place, but
they soon rod away without doing any
damage. Moss think that they were im
prtssnl b the American flag
Sean Heads Central A, A. U.
I'HH o s. ut .v-f A iJean, of
the t'utuinbiu V.u ht t'iMb, ('hiiao, t
elected president of the Central Asso
elation of the Amateur Athletic Union at
a ui'-et.tig hi Id l that hudy recently.
0orge A Si hnwlder. Cleveland A. '.. and
It. T. Ucdanond. t'lnilnnatl A. P.. were
elected vice presidents
A Dutchman who has Just returned Horn
K-la-Chappeh jrlvts a thrilling story
cf an escltlnit t'lrce-innertd duel in
mid-air fousht a few days OKu by the
occupants of throe airships German,
Kngllsh and l'lfiich Tho story was re
lated to him b the German officer, who
narrowly escaped dath after an experi
ence w hich he docs not deslro repeated.
"Some dus ago." this oilleer said. "I
was instructed to do some Important re
connoltcrin;' In tho northern district of
Trance, especially near tiille and Mau
bnwe. 1 lrft Bilwium in my Taube Id
place with a mechanic.
"While 1 was fljing Into France 1 sud
denly heaid the noise of an aeropltno
which I n-on recognized as a British
military Bristol biplane, which had come
to tight us. Our first tactics were to
prevent the Bristol climbing higher than
us, but the British machine was clcvcil.
handled, and so, n was IM ardn over us
"several attempts were made by us ti
lly hitfh, r, but the British aeroplane
eluiked them all. It was evident that
each of n farel that the other would
dron bombs on him. Jlwinwhlle wo had
prudently turned northward, hoping to
rea h the Oerroan camp before the Eng.
iiimiti dnma. d us or forced us to land
Thy Bristol was coming clc,er and closer,
am' we telt liku a bird in whkh a vul-tui.-
u U'linu t' puuute,
"I said to rn mechanic, 'I tnlnk nur
lat hout has eutne.' lie answered with
rt 1 tujjh "Itatiier our last half-hour' I
am sure that If the Knuilshman had any
bombs iilio.ird 1 would not be here to
t II the tali . but fortunately ho had
rone. He could not have missed us. as
owing to hi cU,er steeling he was about
SO ards ever us."
In this to Ing situation the Herman of.
llcfr, though xpt cling tu be shot or
dashed to earth at any moment did not
lose his neive. lie handled his tritft
With lVeineS fthd e.tie, following ever)
iimveiiient of his adversan bj u counter
m-ivunitit of hie ship. "Tb e, 1 -an
u il m, were terrible moments. ' he
said W fired our automatic revolvers
at the wnnny and he nxjjonded vignr
ously, Our maciiinu mas hit sewial times,
but not ,ii vital paits. The wings how
many rt vulver bullil lu.hs.
Vv were niilng the Belgian boun
dary when I sa a small Btertut mono.
j Utiu i mm t tin aid uf thi Brlift il
Tie. frcii' It a'.rcrift riaciwd Hfiu feet in
no time, and then igaii rljii.g ip c n
iiMri circles aiouud us. always drav.
I' 4 ntarer. and the three machines en.
gi4gd in an unprecedented duel, nriug
revul ,-ers continually
"(tou ammunitum i pearly oxlxausted
when we heard energetic flrhiB beneath
We had reaejied a German eamp, wher
our terrible situation was speedily
realUed, and our soldiers were tiring on
the two enemy fiiing machines In order
to 'over uur retreat and descent
"W er mved. but neediest, to say.
t did mi rctunncdtilog work that day"
Abandon Mines.
Anl II nit
in oat riniad arul
HfH lf ii M-i..
in I.J.U1 .I i ti
. --w --- --a -..,
Uir-aruwj. 10 .r-o
W KVIIHII fV U Wilt MVJPU v.w.'v '.
city beef. knw'tHj and tfnaers. amokea an'
lr-drUd. ViVHc VVeatiro lwr, knucliln an J
,.n.iuK un , lr.l nlti. I.f hams. SllMI3.
imrSi. nill, U0ii7. Unu, r cur.l
Vy ,,.
t UK M.U. p
.11 ! kill
Is , r its - , t h, ui
I, .' f- I- in- f i"j
i t fil'ifl'jb- l-rL.V K. ci, ts. .i '00
r a Pt it' i ' I i ' s t j il 4V' U
i , s t n6"r, t3 7.aV2'i itcx-ktrs or 1 i
f. 'in, i.i(in Tun 7t.' 'Sl.e.
fSfeMUll (iilLtil' KcilvU. 30,000; ittarkct
iOo. ! u.Uve sad 1Vctcro, 3 Sige.TS,
It v
. 1 1.' . Ik
it i
, I
J. !..',.
ol h i
I n i i
fi, -..
t af ihi1
do., tubs
kottli real?
rnin- it;
1 -e k
t i'l
ri i' -
I 14
i i m
ta on,
I' I KM I ' ' m HI 1 v
I ! i, Wcm rurf i . i i;i , janl,
T'S hiii" ' HHU'ic. do., do.,
de BU urd t)jr city, kettls
Id iiS9UKe.i dot. cure city.
--. VIM. .,
TOKIO, Sept. IS.
It Is ndlclally nmiouiiced that the
Jnpnucso have iKfcnted tho Germans I'l
a stubborn buttle hinting 11 hours on the
outskirts of T-dng-tao, fiat of tho gov
ernment of the Oerntnn leased possession
of Kino-Chnu, t'hlnn.
The Japanesi cnHiinltlos so far as ascer
tained mo clvcii as three killed and 12
wounded. The Gorman casualties aro said
to bo 312.
According to the utatomcnt, tho fight
began on September 2fi. German gun
boats bombarded the positions of tho
Japanese troops. .IiipnneSo aeroplanes
proved cffcctUo In tcconnnitrlnc expedi
tions and nro reported to hau escaped
The morale of tho German defendinfei
force at Klno-Chau Is on tho wane, it
Is leported here. Somo of the Eoldiers
have deserted, escaping by land or sea.
Through them it Is learned that, de
s,ilte the determination of thL Governor
of Kiao.L'hnu to light to tho last, tho
paity which advocates timely surrender
is asset ting Itself. It has found It de
fenders even among high olllcials of the
army. Some uf these advocates of sur
render havo been shot, while many have
beep s nt to the first line of defense.
The Germun fljlng mxhinc- have been
damage 1 and can no longer servo a use
ful puipose. Tho food supply Is cut off
b,, tbu strict blockade of the Japanese
iiav iiinl Is daily diminishing. Whatuvor
Is icplenlslied comes only tluough tho
smuggling of fhinese Junks The supply
of materials for jtlie muking of bread is
alru stopped, imiacquently tho output
Is greatly restricted. Scurvy is gradually
inci easing. As the Iiritish troops have
lauded and joined the Japuneeo army, It
Is expected that the general assault on
tho fortress will soon commence.
PBK1N. et,t. SS.
It Is learned from Wel.hskn, In Hhnn
tuiu. that u e(ond detnehmeut of Japan
eke troops iii lived theic at rundown on
H.itunlay with 11 carloads of ammunition
and supplies Other troupt? have advanced
west along the railway and hold Fungtse,
here the O rmuns Hooded the i ual mines
In fore their departure. Ail the Chinese
miners tied.
The American mission is crowded with
women of all dosses from the city and
cuuntry dUtrlits, Tlu aro said by the
i orrepondent it Wel.lB.tn to fear both
the Jaraiiesi and the t'hinese soulleis.
lAl.VUO.N', Sept. if
An umseiuy dispatch from I'ekin fca
It Is officially announced thero that ..
ho was oceupled on September il by (
small Japanese detaebment, wlileh re
pubjed SCO German.
-Mil MUIH I i
Mrs. Wood nnd C, M, Bull Victors
XRW VOrtK. Sept. SS-Wlth the uneN.
ureted vKtorv of Mis. Itawson Wood and
Charles M- Oull. Jr . In tho dual round
i,l the mled doubl, s championship yes.
tti'dwv on the i lav courts ol the West
hide Tennis rijb at Forest litis, 1 I.,
the tournament of the metropolitan ten.
nls titles wa bi ought to a suciestful
lonclusloii. Mrs Wood and Bull defeated
Sliss flare Casscl and 8. Howard Vo
shell In the final round, two .ets to one,
by the score of 5-7, S-4, 7-5
Big Entry Xist for Horse Show
NfiW YOItK Sei.t 2i -The catalog
f ., the I'iiiing Hoi i Uoise Show is now
i is,g nu'V ui It uhurts CTO entries
r ,1 t0 II l tr til ut in (lUlOvlil show
1 , -if run, iti .! it- i iany of tho hunter
and jumper c'asaes uie co large that the
(ommltteo has dcided to devote next
Th irsday morning to elimination trials
In 8ve of the classes In which Jhe entries
aro the largest.
Third Time by Teuton
Forces St. Rombaut
Cathedral Damaged.
AMSTEKDAM, Sept. 2S. Your corre
spondent lias just returned from tho
UelKlan city ot Mechlin, which has been
bombarded by the Germans for the third
time, altiioiiKh tho town is open and is
not making the least defense.
Yesterday morning (Sunday) people weie
returning from church at 9:C0 o'clock In
tho morning when a shell fell in the midst
ot a group, killing several. The te
mnlnder lied to a enfe. Soon afterward
a shell exploded In the cafe, wounding
Tho rain of shells continued, M an hour.
The first fell In tho railway station and
eight others fell In the 1'l.ico do la.Gnie.
The neighborhood nffected by tho tiling
Included tho station, tho barracks, a
cabinetmaker's and Sisters of tho Poor
headquarterB and tho national stamp fac
tory. Many private hous-es and other
buildings oollap.std, blocking tt utile. Tho
forts of Wai'lhcm and Wnvrc replied
until evening.
Tlie Cathedral of St. Rombaut has been
almost detioed.
It Is olllcially stated that on Saturday a
German detachment cumpilMug n bilgade
of Infantry, two teglmcnts of cavalry and
six battel les of artillery, Including two
heavy guns, was surptlscd during a
march ftom Tirussels to Termonde, neur
Alost. The ilclglaii3 nttacked on both
front and tlink, and tho Get mans fell
back in disorder Inward Afeschc, leaving
many prlsonets, wuunded and sci-rnl
Yfstc-rdny (Sunday), with a lew to
m iiKeance, the Oct mans bumbaided
Meihliu with lung-lunge guns.
Considerable foices nindo a gem ral
movement on the Belgian flout between
Merhlln and Alost, and tho attacks by the
Germans in tho vicinity of Alont laiKd.
lielgian cavalry succeeded In taking in
the i cur of the German left wing, and the
Gorman cuuuter.attack fallul,
Tho IielHlun-i now hold all the positions
thej gained In the lighting of Satin daj
and Sunday.
In fair rciuint and k-encrally etend) Ap
pki, per bbl (IruvinstUn. $1 WitS-'M, Plush.
U W1I--3. oilier siud cjiIiu laiUitci, $,.&m
S'.'S, nietllum. fMil.'M, iiindtt. Uilawnre and
I ennajlisnU, Jier haiueer, uWitiiJc Liniunn,
I or box. Slild I'lneaiiplos, pt itate J'otu
Stlco, J125S5: Fl.rliJa. l(!9.l 'ru her
rte. Cape o I. Karl HlHik. p. r bid, I.'ir5.
crtnterrlis, CO.o foil, Kailv lllm-l,, jer irate
SI thli'Jt. ciam eirlcn. Jmu, ir ratu tuik.
tl.TSO.i" lldlu. ftttlSt lluiklsbrrrie in r
ut , l'8 1'iu lien, Vlrtiiidu. ii in .
b.-sSe'. VSSlii do d nr irate T.lc'.ll j
Cm,,, liiUiau'i) an, Mmylaii I in ti i
T5".. dn . do. fer erut .. "Si ii,'i iaeh
l'i.i,nlania. I'cr lakii l.jrwu while ur , .
li iv CD675i me'llu n .'.Off 10 imihii .lr-
ey, vvhlte on tlUw. iwr K-bnikei -Ksiru
,.4--,"i , .v . ?4,p, n,"
l.r TAUllOt
IV. ver bbl - llirtl. i .V
G.30I do., s ?iwa!Mns K.
-. ",.,
urltB Ko. J. l "Xli OK. Uu
uthtr varUties. ?!fta. rwjri
N. Y. fepkel. vet
tbl. HllO Vfi llartlctt or Bucktl. per
bi)o) bak6t 1l.7S flrpi(. Now VeiU-
Cenurd l-er 8-P Uist. I ill" , do,, r
i-lb. lunkiit. .Sdliv . Ikdawarm, jut i-iti.
Uiki. ViM'f . sral'K. C'uniurd inr crate,
4Ufa5ik- I'lann, mr (-lb. Idnksl. 'Mit'iu
tVutaluiife' '' r,ln I r i rati . $161 ill. ,1.
do., Il4t SiiiiMk. Wauruielani. Jcrtv), pr
100, TtO'
itn'iNllll Trade slow ul former rate
PiumUird srttnuUt.J, n.f)c. . lino KianuUted,
fiT.lc. . rowatrtu. -c . iuiueciignrs'
iiflSc silt KradM, 5 M10 Wc.
CHEKhK Trod ruln mid the market
un hanxed N lorlt, full nun dmlu HI',
(I lih Jo '" '"' u Sovd, l'i'jijIO. Ju
lart tklmu OMt
1 1 i;. Plentiful ami barely Heady Fowl-,
1- jl7" clt r-onure. H .Iv dj k, ol l 1 i.j
lauflii , .iiir. "t !- f4u y, iu
- m- Aintnw imiivib mi mi' ijiai
Tf-. .--- -' .""y
il IB I"i WW. Ui
VljtOCJa, p(
Austrian Third Line of De
fense Routed as Czar's
Troops Reach Tarnow and
Seize Carpathian Passes.
The Austrian troops havo been routed
from their third lino of defenso In Galicla.
The Itusslans are approaching Tarnow,
only 50 miles fiom Cracow, and havo also
captured Uzsok and Kzavtana. Hungutian
town on tho southern slope of tho Car
pathian Mountains!. They have captured
the town of Tremysl at tho point of
their baoncts, but tho garrisons ot homo
of the lorts thero continue to hold out.
This news Is given In a statement issued
by tho General Staff today. It hhows that
the Itussl.m steam i oiler Is progressing
with amazing inpldity and that only a
Htlft defence at Ciacow anil alone; the
Inlo ftom thero to Thorn, Knot I'mssiu,
can prevent tho Itushism armies from
being well on thel way to Ilurllu wtlhln
a very short time. The General Staff is
urshlng tho army forwuid with all pos
sible haste, hoping to avoid a winter cam
paign for tho capturo of the Gciman capl.
The itusslans arc today In force nt
Tarnow. Although they ore unable to
mine with tho great speed shown In the
early days of tlm Galiulan operations, be
cause of tho swollen ilor and maishy
condition of the territory through which
the army Is advancing, the Iliisslan
foreex are declared In todav's War Olllco
report to bo making steady piokiusi.
Tho Russians nro moving steadily for
ward hi tour nepninto movement. The
bombardment of 1'iveiiiysl continues with
ono of the main foits already iipurted
us occupied by the Itusslans. It Is stated
hero that tho Itusslans have again taken
a number of guns and that the Cos-iuUs
am cutting to piecis tlie lenr guard of
the letreatlng Austilans.
Through the pass at I'zsok troops aro
pouring upon the plains of Hungary to
strike tho Austrlans in the read and cut
ofT communication between Knsclmii and
I'rncow. At IVsoU mid S.avtnim, which
lies near the source of the ilver Ung
the Itusslans enpttiied thlitj guns, la
prisoners, many ropld-firers and large
iluontitltH f iimiiiuultion unil suiiplii's
I'art of tho fnrics under Geneial Vim
t'oli ail at 1'remysl sueeeeilul In cutting
their way tluough the Jtusslnii lines
west of that fortress In an attempted m
treat. but they weie pursued by ruK
forces of Cossacks and suffeied terrible
lueses, says tho olllcliil report. Some of
the Austrluns succeeiled In reaching
Jaslow and Joining other foices theie,
but they lost eveiy gun that they at
tempted to take with them.
in Good!
Fire Artillery Spares
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August aroei U'3, 1ST lt).fill
Net Income Tj 1 1 1 ; nin
Thi) month' groan.. I,:it:!,.'3i Ta liu.'l
Pqrplu after illvl-l'inia w iui So ta I
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torn, irr buh l'iniiU aula I'lSHUi' , N,
Vnrk. KlfcVi. . hlto ij atom. Jre ur liui.
set, .TWilOc, Hct iKjiatoti. 10a I tin Hhure.
r Lid No. 1, 1 Tbtt-.tn No. 'J, T.V t(l
neet luiatoea, North I'arullna, iht titl S'u
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to elpte. VH, t lb . r'nuicr- cvr ,KKi
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J-XHiS uuoet, rflut. bji
dalrv. tun. Sfi'Uc
-- .- j.jji.r - .vrr. '
nri. iwty
SCSI' U3fc. ; tSftl&S
TERMONDE, Sept. 23,
The only battle on In Belgium oh HntUt.
day was south of Termonde, whero th
Ucrmans shelled tho tlclglans.
Tho Belgians held their ground
tenaciously under n heavy, woli-dlrecttd
lire and then retired steadily through
Audcgm toward Termonde, completing
their retirement at midday. Two hun
dred shrapnel shells fell In tho vlllags
of Audcgm.
1 reached Termondo nt 10 o'clock Sat.
tirdny morning and paced through th
shattered town, Into which the Germans
occasionally sent a howitzer shell.
1 proceeded toward Audcgm at 10.25
o'clock and watched the German gun
tiers achieve their object of shattering
the tower of tho such at Audcgm. One
moment tho splro was shrouded In whit
Binoko, tho new moment It had dltan.
pearcd, leaving nothing but a dccrenlt
ruin. VK
A mile and a quarter this sldo of Au.
degm the Belgians faced about at 1
o'clock, when i enforcements began to
nrilvc. An armored motorcar, four
mounted gendarmes and one or two ex.
traordlnarlly hold cyclists ventured Into
tho vlllugc.
Following these I reached the farther
side ot Audcgm. Hero tho motor caught
six Get mans napping. Its mltralllcust
dealt faithfully with them at a distance
of COD yutds.
It appeared that tho German forcci
contented themselves with approaching
tho outskirts of Audcgm. This Informa
tion, given by a pcusant, was confirmed
by tho fact that tho pockets of dead
Belgians lying thero had been cut out
and nil their valuables taken. This both
Grunt, JJnlley and I saw.
The road through tho vlllago w&t"
strewn thick with shrupncl. I picked up
a double handful In less than CO yardj.
The German gunners had evidently
cured tho range to an Inch. It Is mar
velous that tho Belgians escaped so
Hardly had tho Germans disappeared
than mnny villagers began to appear
cautiously In the streets, collecting frag
ments of shell and shrapnel balls. They
wcio ns phlegmatic as the Belgian
bohllers, who aro imperturbable In all
circumstanced. f
Soon after the motor car nnd Its
mitrailleuse had talked sharply to the
Germans, tho Belgians made an advance
In force on tho right. A regiment of
lancers galloped through a field to a
position west of AVespelnnrs. It wa
suppoitcd oa quickly as possible by In
fantry, while an Infantry attack, sup
ported by nitlllcry, developed against
Wespelnars Itself.
The range was very short and the bat
tory thoroughly sciirched the village,
carefully avoiding tho rather lino church
towering over the cluster of little housei.
We could henr tho crash of shrapnel on
tho ted tiled roofs. For n few minutes
Wespelnars disappeared, then reappeared
mumentailly In the white clouds of
In tho face of tho terrific ball the Ger
man lesistancc was feeble, but behind
Westpelaais was a thick woodland hiding
Lobheke fiom view. Lebbekc was known
to be strongly occupied b the German,
Sunset, too, wns approaching.
Content, apparently, with tho sround
thoy bad won, which was no Inconslder
nblc niea, the Belgians left the German
undisturbed, to scud an occasional shell
into Termonde.
Two distinct features of tho flghtlnl
weie lmpiesslve to the spectator.
The contest wns ninost exclusively by
shrapnel. The Geitnuns attained a tern
potaiy success by Its use nnd the Bel
gians won their victory by Its aid. IUlle
Plajcd a small part in, the nil-day con
diet. Tho other feature was tho uncanny
silence. From the moment tho Belgians
ceased letreatlng to the timo their at
t iek opened on Wehpeln.tr it ai almost
disconcerting, although it wns an agree
able sensation fioin one viewpoint
As a conseciuenee of tho lack of ambu
lances, the three motorcars nnd tho news,
paper coriespomlont present were able to
lender conilderable assistance to tho Bel
gian wounded.
On our it-turn to Antwerp wo learned
that tho Belgians hud letaken Aloal, U
miles west nnd a littlo noith of Biuscols,
at the point of the bajonet nnd ith great
gallantry. This was a suilous Mbw to the
(ormiiiM and similar .successes npp
along the whole Belgian line.
Splendid Specimens, Some of Which
Iteniesent tho Work of Years.
lino thousand fom liundrnl pound I
lofened to is tin- most elaboiate mie. imeij I
nt pie-t'iit'dti) UligllMli boohbilidins uv""
to bo sent to Aiiieiica Tin book i
illustrated inanuxciipt of some of Ivff"
poems, mid has Just been completed alter
two ears' woik. Tho poems are rll'2
and Illuminated on vellum, and Illustrates
with origliinl water-colors, while the mo
rocco cover Is claboiately gold-tooiea.
Inlaid with over 1100 pieces of colorea
leather and set with over 10-O precloui
stones. , h
This lmok was designed and bound or
Hi urge Sutcllffe, the imtnl bookbinder "'
Poland stiidt. who has evoUid many
iiilKinnl Ideas in booUblndin-' lie as "
Ihst to use Jeweled dn.ii itl.-n I" '"
liiidrul of white lenthei, cm nets "i-"""
of red leather, and so mi That such wur
pays Is ovldent from tho fait that
Kutellffo now employs SO men
The Illuminated ninnusiript of ivea"
loferrcil to Is tho mots elaborate P"1 ""
of bludlng executed by Mi Suteltffe sine'
lio designed a jeweled "mat K1;.'Viam'
which was purchased bv th. "',na"
(loveinmeiit for the F.MnUfo.t luum
12 euis iiru. uiul in lb di"" "'
of whlrh ;'t upnlJ win "- ' ,"
spulm. n of Mi Sutelirt. "' ,'. ,
sumptuous! bound cop o hlle1."'
woiks. iaih flown on the hawthorn duo
ration being set with a peail ..
Volumes In model n Illiniums "" .
for ltt to $2W0 each are by no m'a
iincommoti. Not Ioiik ugo. foi ",kUI't,:,
ct of Diikins' wus published ,n AA'ne ' ci,
the piice pci volume being H"' ' rf
book being bound in vellum and milosev
in a i isket of white silk ami b'1"'1'
I', rnans hurt ui tie .ostii"' "
ei.i Is J'd wui tliet Willi" ' J '..,,,.
lt-l..U a f'W vcri ufu bi a ,u' fa
Mueil an, wh" spent m"l Of p (
and n largo fortune lit the '''j '"." ,w
spei Iraeus of Jade. Only u bundr 'i ' "t .
Of the book were piloted nnd t'
ovr IIW.OW, or about JUW per cwy
ts Mrtgmajaafcjn

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