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Party Leaders Estimate That
Little More Than 50 Per
Cent of Enrolment is Com
ing Out.
NinV YOUK, Sept. SS-N'rvv Yolk Slnte
Is trying a primary election today for tlio
first time. Although the European war
doubtless lias pi evented this usual pul'
Iclty there Is much Interest. The party
leaders estimate, that a llttlo morp than
BO per cont. votn of enrolment Is belnt
got out. Tho Stulo enrolment In all
liartlttl Is 1.32C.0SI ami 1,G11,G7- voted for
Governor In 1012.
Tho party chiefs admit frankly tho Is
sue Is uncertain In most cutes. There aro
iwo Democratic npli until for the Guber
natorial nomination, three Republicans
nnrt two Progressive. Thcio nio threo
each In the rnnks of Republican ami
Democratic, would-be succfaors of Mlhu
Hoot, nnd one Progressive.
Besides these, the State votes for Lieu
tenant Governor, Secretary of State, Con
troller, Attorney General, Treasurer, En
gineer and Surveyor, Court of Appeals and
Supreme Court candidates; State Senators
and Afflemblymcn and a few otheis.
Moat of tho "Republican Organization
eupporU Charles S. Whitman for Gov
ernor. He Is the New York city Dis
trict Attorney who prosecuted the police
grafters. But tho "Oelell crowd" Is be
hind Harvey D. Hlnmun,' who Is strops
up-State. Job E. Hedges Is also running.
Theodore Roosevelt nnd hfs branch of
the Progressives are upholding Frederick
jr. Davenport, while William Sulzejr. the
deposed Governor, has a strong third
party following.
Governor Martin Glynn, with tho Mur
phy backing, and John A. Honnexsy, sup
poitPd by the Wilson men, are going It
hammer and tongs for tho Democratic
nomination. Henucbsy Is Indoiscd also
ty Mr. Roosevelt.
In tho iaie for United State Senatoi
Ellhu Root's place James "Wnelswortli,
William M. Caldcr and David Jayne Hill
are the Republican entries. Mr. Wuds
worth Is stiong In tho noith and Mr.
Caldcr In the South, while Mr. Hill, a
former Ambassador to liurlln, has high
There Is a curious situation In the
Dtmociatlc Senatorial race, franklin D.
Roosevelt. United States Assistant Secre
tary of State, and James W. Geiaul,
United States Ambassador to ieilln, are
the candidates. They were both appointed
to their present position by 1'iesident
"Wilson and are consldeied Wilson men.
Mr. Gerard has the backing of Tantiiuny
Forced to Indorse Note Because of
County's Low Finances. '
CHESTER l'A Sept, 2?.-That the
finances of Delaware County are at low
ebb Is shown by the fact that the mem
bers of tho Hoard of Directors of tho
Coitntv Poor Homo have been requited
to Indole a note In tho eum of J37.SOO
In order to meet the cut rent expenses o.'
that Institution. The cllroctois of the
board aie: Clark liul-UvUi, of Concord,
president; Arthur Martin, of this city,
Fccmary; William H Jones, of Darby,
When the homo's funds became ex
hausted several wcka ago tho dlrcctois
appealed to tho County Commissioners
foi tho nct'cssniy funds, but wcro Irt
foimrd that nothing rould bo done be
cause tho countv tnxes have not been
iccolveet. The dllcctois then appealed t6
tho court, where It was suggested that
they negotiate u nolo for the needed
The funds of llin ennntv linvn Iippm iln.
ptotcd b.v tho magnificent Couithouso tit
Alt din. which U'tentlj was finished at a
cost of several hundred thousand dollars.
Each of the I'oor Directors receives a
salary of P) a month. Although the le
munerntlon Isjiomlnnl, they have not 10
colved their salaries for several months
because of tho stringent llnanclal condi
tion of tho county. The directors also
have found It necessaty to curtail ok-poiiM-H
by tempoiuilly cutting oft outdoor
Communication With Out
side World Cut Off and
Uneasiness Grows in Mis
sionary Circles.
Thrilling Scene on Riverside
Drive, N. ., When Heroic
Attempt Is Made to Rescue
'Unfortunate Girl.
All the candidates for Governor pro
fessed to bo conlldent of success. John
A. Henupssy declared he was ccitaln
"tho Tammany ciowd" would attempt
frauds In ccitaln districts, how over. It
is believed tho lesult will bo dcllnltely
dctti mined b midnight. The result of
tho voting for United States Sen.itor and
Congicssmen may also be known by
that time, but complete ictuins for other
olllcinls may not bo known before an
other day or two Secretin y of Slate
May lias ordered that the votes for Gov
ernor, Untcd States Senator and Con
gressmen be tabulated first
Ratio 30 Per Cent, in Ex
cess, but History Shows
Large Decline Since the
Seventeenth Century.
The liquor question has been of prime
political Importance In Great lirltaln slnco
14(3, when tho lato Sir Wilfrid Law son
began his campaign In Parliament In
favor of local option, says tho Review of
Reviews. In 14S0 a gcneial eloctlon took
place, and u largo number of candidates
tloited wi-ie in favor of S.r Wlltiid's
resolution, which was afterwaid adopted
In lfcsl and lte3. In 1"1 tho We.li.li local
veto bill was passed. These effuiti to
amend the liritlsh IIlcii&Iuk laws were all
brought to naught because of tho atti
tude of tho House of I.uidi, which has
Ulwas contained a number of Peers. Inter
ested In the liquor bushiest. Two gen
eral licensing bills rostilctlin; iho tialtie
wcro IntKitliiLfd, but both woio with
drawn. In I'M a licensing act was passed
conceding tuc i.niii of compe itfutluii upon
the icfusal to renew u license.
In 180? Premier .Uqultii lutioduced the
third Government hill, by far the inobt
advanced legislation dealing wltu the
drink evil evci proposed by tho Hiltlsh
Uovirnment. This measuio passed tho
'louse of Commons by tho largo majoilty
of 2..T votes, but It was unco moio io
jeeted hy the Lords The position taken
on this and other Government measures
brought about a constitutional ctlsis,
ended In 1911 by tho cuitailmcnt of tho
poweis of the Ppcis.
A national temperance convention was
In M In London on Nuvumbur 13, WIS
with it prc-scntatlves from all over Eng
land, Ireland Scotland ami Wales. Tho
I'rlnip Minlstci received the deputation,
bi't eleilait-el lie had no power uf puttiiin
tlnuugli it geiieial tcmpeiall u measuie.
Miui.ulillu, the annual per capita con-t-iimptinu
in the llrltish Ifcles has been
fiv.n b the I'nltid Kingdom Tumpei
nint rniou as "S 17 gulloiis, ur about 3D
ir i tut larger than Unit of tho I'nllul
ii Litis TI.. ilguiig ill 1913 show an m-treu-e
f '5 0fuo over those of the prc-le-lin.-
jun A wilter In thif Lmdoii
I'.ulv Mull luting the fact that I'li-ilifcli-in
ii ui. bKiullii' on drink u sum tqii.il
to lour-tifllis tho entire national revenue,
fci's bv wa uf intouragtment
"JIui.aul.iv iccl.ons that in U the Eng
lish pnqilu lousuiiuel 90 gallons of ulcohul
Jjoi ln-nd They now only ilrluk n little
nvei ii In 176i) tlure was one public
l.uure to every sit homes and to every
47 people Now time Is but one public
Imutf to ever 7o homes anil 3SU people
1'iunkiiiiii!, too, .bmlUv;) having virtual
ly did uut as a i-mial .iicunipllstim nt
has Headlly diiiiliii8lie.il unions all
e "
ND WYORK, Sept. 2S.-Llko spotlights
from tho wings of a &tago. powerful
searchlights played from two steamboats
last night upon a struggling speck in
the Hudson River off 130th street. Thrilled
spectators on the Riverside Dtlvo via
duct followed the spotlights and saw a
young woman fighting lor her life.
The audience saw the outline of tho
hero, John Condon, of C32 West 133th
f-tieet, dive Into the swirling tldp, saw
Him Kiiisii uc me gin anu catch a frag
ment of her dress. Then they saw the
tide carry her away As she sank Con-
fir.,, lltftnt .!. .. ,... .... .
...... ..... i uunn mr hit hko a buumarinc
and seaiehllghts swept the liver nerv
ously until they found Condon again, ui
he roso with one hand holding to the
joung vvonrm's iialr. But the tide cuts
In stiong about the pierheads there, and
Condon lost his hold as tho girl was,
carried out and then down, the spot
light.) vividly displaying her last strug
gle while tho audience qulvcied.
JIIss Dense Aimstrong, of 45D West 57th
street, and William D Cist, a salesman
of 103 West 153d streot. went for a canoe
ride Into In the nftcrnoon. "Sho and
Sir. Cist woio engaged to be man led.
Hp and Archer Aimstrong, her brother,
wcip classmates at Yale.
While trj ing p Kct Into the slip at 130th
stieet pier the canoe was overturned bv
the curient and their cries quickly at
tracted tho crowd.
Hundreds of automobiles stopped on the
Rlven-lde Drive viaduct, while tho Reciea.
tlon and othur pleis soon filled. A big
river ste imhont tinined Its seuichllght
on tho wnter, while Its passengeis lined
thp rails. Another steamboat nt tho pltr
added Its seaichllglit to the other.
Sir. Clf.t tiled ta reach JIIss Armstrong,
but falli-tl biciiui-p tlio cm lent can led hei
out m swlftlv. Hut ho was still in the
water when she went down, and ho and
Condon wcip pulled out with topes.
Win n Mi Cist called for Miss Arm
stiong yosterdnv. she snld sho was afraid
to go caiiolng, as she had bomp Indefcrlli
able fear that something would happen
Mrs. Aimstrong, her mother, retired
call list night and she was dreaming
that she saw her daughter in tho watei
and struggling to leach a boat, she said
when the door bell rang. This awakened
In i and she found a policeman to tell
her that hei daughtei was diowncd.
Cleanliness Helps Ward Off Disease
of Hainy Season.
Sanitation hy United States troops has
made Vera Cruz a more healthful city
Tho ralnv season boglns theto In May
or June, and lasts until the end of Sep
tembei. As tho season advances, write
a Vera Ciuz correspondent of the Joui -mil
of the American Medical Associa
tion, the tendency Is for the death and
morbidity rito for all diseases to In
dense: duo to the heat Itself, ami the
rapid Increase In cases of malaila. Th-
ilvll death into during Juiy una vein
was practically no larger thun In Juno,
whlrh was lower than the average The
civil death rati s for each thousand of
population, pei annum, for the mouths
of June and July are given as follows
June. July.
1910 SfiSij KM
Hill 3S'."J 48.81
1DI3 35Si) 41 t"i
Hilt , 32.00 3J.&1
A comparative statement of the civil
deaths from communicable diseases for
June and July, this year, follows: ,
June. July.
Typhoid fever 1 0)
Mill ula
bin illpox
Diarrhea and enteritis, under
two yenrs 19 U
Diarrhea and enteritis, two
eois and over 2S 23
The Increase In deaths from tiibercii
lesls. explains the medical correspondent.
Is not uniisu-il during the hot weather
The principal gain, as shown In the death
late. Is due to preventive measures The
anti-malarial progiam. which afleeted
the elvll population. Included the sup-m-..si,ioii
of nios uilto breeding, tho use .
of tho armv laboratory In establishing ' t ,'i
the coireei ui.tgiiu&ia, mm mu luutimui, j ;
. .. ..II M,... a.1 nn.Ki.. . I i
Up and iretiuiieiii "i ..i ii.,.ii twuivio
of gametes in tho blood. Mosquito , j
ii.... l. ... 1..... Inrnnlii 0,1 ,iiaucA.I l, I 1
nrp ulna ii.i i' .M.ft.j -M,.,.,vv. j t lt
the WUttiU1 anu inirieaie tjaium ui
ditches In the cnviroin or me my loiai- ,-gj
lUg aOOUl & llliic-s III iciifjiu, iiiuva 111
vacant lots and hundreds of acres of
hwamp at the bases of the gigantic sand i , :
dunes behind the city nave oeen (trained
N'EW YORK, Sept. 2S
Tor a vveck theip has benn nothing
heard from thp three great American ol-
ltge-1 ii ll . 1 ii-,? 1 ,.. 1 .,., 1. 1.
lege, tr.9 Am 111 in College for Grin an I
tl 1 ..1 uc 1 it. .til i ) 11 , , t 1 ui, , . . 1-
ous alarm Is felt by the trustees and
icpresentallves In this country.
L Waiter Kobcrls, treasuter of tho
episcopal lloatd at lloston, who has been
acting for the Amcrluiu mlsslonaty tocl
ctles shi'-o the Turkish anveinment
unnoiinecd Its withdrawal of tho capitula
tions, said that not only is all commu
nication with tho American schools In
Tut key bioketi, but that It has been
impossible to forward much needed fundi
from this country during tho lust ten
After the war began nnd the various
mlssloiiaiv bocletle- realized that thei
could' no longer send money to their
woil.ors In Tut key by tho usual channels
the Htandiud Oil ofTetnl Its services nn-l
undeitook to titinslci conildctahlo sums
for the relief of Anieilcali educational
and icllglous Institutions 111 that country.
I.ut on Saturday the Standard Oil ip
ported to Sir. Robeita that lt iiad been
unable for the last week to communicate
with Its representative nt Constantinople,
and tint lt was Impossible toljlvo relief.
The unenshipss which this situation
nroucd has been intcnslllcd when It
was reported thiough Rome that the
Ottoman Government, besides suppressing
tho cupltulatlons, had determined to
abolish all fore'gn schools within the
empire. Dispatches received through
diplomatic Bouices from Rome state that
tho conditions In Constuntlnopio aro most
Absolutely nothing Is known as to the
welfare of foreign missionaries or cot
leges In Tut key. It Is naturally sup
posed, however, that they are beginning
to feel tho pinch of unusunl conditions
nnd poslhly to be In serious need ot
llnanclal help. Derides the big Ameri
can coUpitos In Turkey theie are nearls
r00 smaller schools that ale conducted
by relUleus bodies
As an lndlcitlon of the fact that the
Armenians In this country are feniful lest
trouble come to their i datives in Turkey
manv of them have made application to
the American Hoard during th last week
to have money tinns'eirnd to Tuikey. In
each cne, ho ,v ever, that money bus had
to be refused with the explanation thnt
tho board hai no meins of sending It.
the ptilm must bo awarded to the Her
man thoroughness, for It made possible
that triumphant march through Rel
glum and I-'innco which never stopped
ttnlll It was seventeen miles from Paris.
Few Americans call appreciate the ex
tent of the advance planning Involved
for this mobilisation, or tho labor ex
pended to keep It up to date. The
French went to wnr In their historic
red-troucred uniforms; tho -Germans
appeared In their gray khaki, tho ex
istence of which was hardly known
abroad. Hach soldier had new nhoes,
new underclothing, received his written
Instructlnns what train t take and
what seat to occupy. Food for the JoUr
iipv was given to lilnf nnd when his
train l cached certain stations hot dtlnks
wero served to blm. Ho had no think
ing to do, only to lead his or,der.
And yrt this Incredibly efllclent ma
chine, whatever the final outcome, has
failed to accomplish Its purpose; It hai
neither tnken Paris nor surrounded tho
Allied nrmles with a ring of steel, nor
held Its ground In France. The policy
of blood nnd It on bus for the, present
1 been Mocked, for the first tlmo In 101
venrs a great German army has met
with a leal check The supremp test of
tho greatest of maehlnes Is now before
us. How will it stand lip under defeat?
Second-day, Ninth Month 28th, at 10 o'clock.
InUfmmt private
IJANIII.nit.-On September 27, 1014, CT
cAA lielnipil wile of Henry HntnllT, nited
tii ipitm rtelntlves and friends are Invited
I in Ritfini tap runerA! Bern e on Tniirmlny
uiLi'iiiouii ai o ciucit, ill 11' r i nu rci urni r,
2. in North 2.M H Interment private. New
1 ork pii em pleneo copj t
LONNM.I.Y On Boptemlier 2I.10H. MAItY
J., 'Inurlitcr of fennlo Connolly (mo lluck)
nnd tho Into John Connolly Kuncr.il on Mon
day, at S h m.. from the ipuldoncs of lior
mother, Fcotl lino nml Crcssim St., Kails
of b'liiijiklll High Mas nt Ht. lirlilget
Olnircli at n.Ki n m. Interment at Holy
Pepnlflnp Cotnctery.
CltfMUVKM.. On bViilemliPr 2f, 10II, V.VA
A., wife nf John M. Cromnell, ncnl ., Jenrs
tnnfill aurl ll r.m rt I'nt ii.Iai r t i .. .
i uiirini i--i i ii in ir i luir-iiii, at i jr. iii
from 1110 linrrlson nt., lYanlefonl. Inter
ment rlvnte at Noiihwooil e i t.i. ten
t)AH On September 24, 1014, M. fin.
A u.vvii, nmow ot fonpll Put
in., .
Jtelsllvei nri'l frlend are Invltcii to mteml
inn runcrni fervirec on Monilnv initnnc nt
II o'rlork, nt htr lat" re.enre, w, Preston
et. lntcrmrnt private. Itermim imv ij
vicntit on Kunrtay evening, from 7 until 0
o elo k. Chester iionni piperi pi io i',p
lllll.ASin.- Ot eilt llier 21 1014 TlfOfA8
A., on of tho late John nml Ilnnnnh Oe
lnncv. 1'unnil on Vie irliij nt s '." n rrt .
from hit In nil Jul e 1 Is South .'Ith ot.
bull mn It (umni Mnn nt Kt. i:inioml'a
rhurrli 2M riirl Mifflin ets , at' 10 a in.
Interment nt Hip rntheiiral u'emeterj.
1)1 rvi . on hepleinber J.", 11114, LT.MIltA
V UlTVtW inuithlpi .if tli" lite Ifmr VV
nn.l 1 Mralirlh Dltmiu ItelalliM nnM frlenili
are invii'ii i, ntieml tne runeinl Kerilees, on
Tiicitliv f-i ptemlicr 2'tli it 2 o'flock nt
her Fitter rnlJuite Mm Itlibinl c. Al'nn,
lio'v Oxford road, I'rankford Interment pri
vate J1HJ fllintlTV. On Kepiemlier 1.1. 1114. nt
Vera Cru7 Mr ileo. HI Hit J , son of Dernnnl
nnd th" late Mnrv I)( iiirlierty nKeil .Ti vein,
runernl on Monday nt s "0 a. m from 211.11
Cei'nr ft (Vn Word) Heinilem SJa- nt it.
Ann's ( liureh, nt in a m Intprmcnt nt
Holj rmss rometir.
Dllltl I( II. On Hepiember 2B, 1014. n.ort
I.Ni'i: wlfeVr in In riirllrh inw iiih)
ItrlailvM nnd 'rends nto Invited to nitend
tie fi neml nenlrpe on Mnndaj nffer'ioon,
nt i'10 nrliel pici-iiv at Her Inte n st
ile me, ot, Nnitli J iirklln t Into meat nt
Hodonli bhaloni Cemetery. Kindly i mlt
Ho irrq
1 1.t(.,.l.,:'.t, ?n S-I'tember 2, 1011. WIT.
I.I AM I', htnlaml of e'ora I; and ton of
('niollno in I the nto Jolin Tlielier. ne I :t
eirs Ftineml fervlces on Mnndai nt .' d
m , ae is-jii i eat -i, rrnnkford. Interment
nt Northwioi1 evpittTv
1 IMIi:it or .,;iif nber 21, 1014. nt Ills
"W. . rofldi n -e. M(iIum toivnehlp. V ,
CHAllt.r-i I. risil'- lyed (,7 ears ru
neinl tin! k n MoiOi) nt 1 p. m.. lit
,. . , - ,, , ,1 MiiiiKiun i ri ' ipri in I nuren.
that liar father, who Is fioiioo.v. -tin hptcniber L(!. lot I, ansa
wiui.iavih. win or V llllnin A. Oirlnn
Itel-itHeu nnl frlndi np mind to attend
the runernl erv ki on Mn.id i tieninK at
S oilo k, nt hei lale rent, em e ."115 Hpruce
"t. Inurment nt Ii rr r iti N ,f
VVajne, l'a boplemher 2,",, lni I. In her
Slst car, il. lighter of tho lato Hon David
Francis Gordon nnd I.ydla C UlifJIe, hit
wife, formerly of Heading, I'n. forvlces
at St. Mnry'i chur'h Wajne, Pn nt 0
n. in, on Moniliv Hie L'nth Interment at
Charles Ilvnns C-metiry. fteadlne Pi., on
, , arrival of the II OS train from llroad -i.
OItAI). On .Snptemlier 21 'H4. LI'KR F
Jr., beloved son of I)r I.uke r nnd Vlary K
'Iriiil, (nee I't-rtot). need l'l jenrs 1 -ninths.
Iteliilvos nnd fi!. nun nl . 11 M Sr,laitv
Lcisue of Pncied Heirt nnd Hn Nome n.
eletj of Cliureh of uur Liilj of ktor.
M trlx i ntholl. Cluli and lan: f 1 ill, It
Gntherlng of Vnst Troops Effected
Without Hitch.
At tho jnd of the first week of mobili
zation the German Chief of Staff, Gen
eral von Moltke, announced to the coun
try that not a hitch hud 'occurred, ,not
even a slnglo Inquiry for further In
structions or a complaint had been re
ceived at General Muff headquarters.
Tor seven dajs l.Cno 000 men had been
turning soldiers, n. peaceful nation was
being transfoimed Into ono In nun,
and not In the slightest detail had It ap
pealed that anything had gone wrong.
At the end of the second week the
record was the same; the operation was
complete Millions of re.seives hud Joined
tin ir commands and long-planned organi
zations had spuing Into beln,' Kach man
had deceived his ordeis. picked up his
kit and gone to the front
With nil lespeet for ItusMun nnll
rieiich achievements along tin same line.
Woman Whose Husband Fought in
Two Wars Ready to Yield Four Sons.
An example of the sacrifices which tho
Germans are reported to be mnklny In
order that their arms may bo ultimately
victorious Is shown In o letter received
bv Mrs. 11. HUbert, 3113 North Front
The writer of the letter, Mrs. I-'ranz
Hberhnrt, of Ilelehcnbnch. Germany, Io
the mother of tho Philadelphia woman,
and her liuband Is a veteran of two
Gprmnn vvais. She snvs In the letter to
her dntighte
79 jenrs old, expects his four sons to
be called for eervlre nt any tlm ntirt
has written to etch of them, urging them
to go unfalteringly to tho aid of the
When the letter arrived at the Hllbert
home It was opened and appeared as
though It had not been enlcd. It Is
thp belief of Mrs. Hllbert that her
mother did not senl the letter because
she realized that lt would be opened
nnd Its contents scrutinized by the mili
tary authorities.
Following Is the letter In part, which
was mulled on September 2:
"There nrpjio enemies on German soil,
and tho entire German nimy Is In Trance
and on the border of Russia. Every drV
we receive messages of the vlctoilcs won
bv tho German troops; hut we also hear
when our men aro beUen
"The people stand at the mill nnd sta
tion every day waiting for the tialns
to bring In the prisoners and wound. il.
This world wnr Is terrible Many hu
bntidT nnd cons nio separated from their
families perhaps forever. Uut there Is
no crjlng or soirow, nnd the children
In tho streets say that their fathers
will again return.
"I don't like to go Into the streets,
because you spo young women who, are
waiting the return of their husbands
This recalls the days In my life when
In the Prussian War of W0 nnd In the
Tranco-Prusslan Wnr I was like them
and waited for Franz to return. Your
brothcis have not been culled yet, but
they expect to be called nlmost any
iliiv. Father has written to each of
them, tell'ng them to help thplr country
If necessary. He says there Is no rea
son to be afraid, slnco wo whipped t!e
Frencli In 1S71 and will repeat In this
war. The French would lather be cap
tured than shot, nnd we do not ex
pect the war to last as long as the
Franco-Prussia war."
C. II. B, re Inylted to attend. tho funeral,
on Monday, nt f 10 n. in., from the resldonco
S? Ws parent", 2.', I North B2d St. Wei t I'M In.,
oclnhla Solemn Mass or Heiuirm at Church
of Our Ividy of Victory, nt in n. m Inter
ment at Holy Cross Cemetery.
JIA I.I.MAN. Suddenly, on September 2?,
11114, FS1I.I.I.IJ.H. HAI.I.MA.n I mural
lervlees on Mondiy, Heptimlier 2S, nt 2 p
. ni precisely, nt 02.1 S.. 4Mli st West I'hlla.
! Interment prlialo nt Mt Vernon Cemetery.
IIAMH.nit On Sentemher 27, 1014, CI1-
Ci;i.IA, beloved wife of Henry Handler, ned
K! jears. Relatives nnd Irlendn iro Invited
to nttenl tlio funeral services, on Thursday
alloni'ion, at 2 o cluck, nt her lite residence.
210:1 North 22d st Interment private Now
York nnpirs plee cop) ....
HAMtAI ri. On September 2f,.mi4 t.YDIA
M , wife of James Hniirntts nml daughter of
Mnr nnd fl,o .nie James HonoKliiie, In hr
intn jear runernl on .Moniinj, nt a hi n m ,
from 2l2fi 1,1st nrtciin st Itli?li Mass at
tim Nntlvltv ( litimh nt lo n. in. Interment
nt Holv f ros cemetery.
ItAltKHIt At 1'olntVllfp, N I., on Pepleni-
bcr 23, l'H4 ANNA I HAIIKHIt. dnunlitcr
of tho lite Henlamln nml c'nthnrlno Hnrker.
runernl Irom the reldenre nf her nephew,
rtlchnnl Hirkir, at Polntvllle, N. J., on
Teeiilai. "ipti nine r 2'i, nt 11 a m Servl cs
nl Hie house. Interment at Upper Sprlng-
IllllilS. On September 2" Hill. OIlOHOi:
I'., Iiurbnml nl Anni .M Hllibs nnd son uf
the lato Helen 1 and C,nrles XI Hlbhs.
1 uner" I on .Mondnv at 1 "'I n in., from tie,
.Norlh illli l Soli inn Iteipilcni JInss at tlm
Church or Our l.nd of the Jto'arj, nt in
n m Intermmt at St Denis remetery
HI Kl VA. On September 23, 1UH. nt her
Minimer home Swnrtlimore, la., HAI.I.Il
P. ulfo of Itobert H Hinckley. Ilelntlves
' nnd friends nre Invited to attend the funeral
servlres, on Tuesdiy morning, nt 11 .10
o'clock, In Calljry F'renbterlin riinri Ii t"''i
nmi Locust interment win bo sirieuy pri
vote JAl Hi: rf II I!. On September 21. tall,
PI II It U. JAl Itl.TClln, nt his residence,
11n buith 22d st Itequlem Mass nt St Put
in k Church, .Mondaj. at 10 a ni lumral
KA.NH On September 2'.. 1011, JOSHPlf
A., son of the late IMuaid and Ilnnna Knne
Piineinl on Tuesdnj, nt 7 .IU a. m.. from
Ron flenson St., VnK Chase, I'a. lllljh Mnsn
at .st C'fpllln'n rtiureh ut 0 u. in. Intpnnetit
fit Holy Cross Cemetery.
I,ANNi:itl.-On Seninmhpr 2", lOU.PIIII.IP.
-n ni 1.117a nmi in llie I'liiiip ranniri. '
Itelatliei and friends aro Invited tn attend
tho fuui nil ecrvlees. on Mndav, nt 1 IP p
m., at hit mother's reldenee, 2121 West I
Jiffeison st Interment at Ardile flurlul 1
Purk by funeral trolley. '
I.II.VIZ. On September 2 HjlJ, nt his sum
mer residence, Ocean C'lll, N I. HAItltY
11 I.i;NrZ. Sr . husband of Josephine 1
lent? (nee Slmisoni. ltilatlws nnd frlendn
iiu Invited t. attend tlio funeral servlies, on
I uei ! n afliinoon, at 2 o 1 link preitsel, at
bin Ij'p resile nee, I'll.1 North t.lth et.. PIHlii
I'llpliu. Interim n private. Klndlj omit flnrul
nlfei imes
MrVMHON,on September 21. Hit-I, JOHN
T., huiband of the late Hllcn McMohnn. Fu
neral on .Vlnndny, at 7 .'! u. in , from 1.12
fJreen St. High Mnsn nt St. Augustine's
Cliureh. at fi u. in. Interment Holy Cross
Cemrtr r
AlOHSi: Suddenly, on September 20. 1011,
PHANCIS fl MOftSi;, of ChlUB'J. Ill . "Beel
tl yers i)ua notice of tho funeral will bo
c-lvfi (
VIOHsK. Suddenly, on September 20, 101 1,
II JULIAN MOItSI. of Chicago. Ill . sun
of 'ram In fl Vlnrs, iikciI .U sours. Due
notb . of tho fune-al vx til lie iiien
VII I HOLLAND. On hi-pteinbei 7. 1011
DAVID V , liusli mil ot the Inn- I'ltlioriin'
Miillu Mm I l'ilntlvs nnd 'mn'i m 'n
lti to ntl.n I tin 'uiiiril on Tiursdi
mornlnii, at s 10 o cm k fiom hlH lat r'l-
ilence, norffioast corner nf iJth and I'm;
ets. Solemn Mass of Itenuleni nt Rt Jon" ?
Church, at 10 n, m. Interment nt (iilbedral
hiislmnd of Plnreniei ItnKlwIn Nugent, At
Southern Pines, N. C , September 2R, Inter,
ment nt Cnermnut Hrove, Klorldn.
O'ltllt HKi;. On September 24. )0l4. MAIt.
eiAltl.r A t not hki; mee Mc(ilnnls), wifo
or lolm II fl It urki I unein on Monday,
it 7 0 a m fiorn her nubers nsldcnce,
1 12s rnst Firth s "rlemn Itequlem Moss
at Hie Church of the Visltntlon at 0 ft m
Interment ut "1 Anns i.ftn terj ..,.,
ItOKHH.- On September 27, 1014, CHAnLES
VIH.TfiN IterllMt hii'liiml. nf the lato 11.
Krimn Henrtrli kson Itorer of f nrsvllle, N J
llelatlves nml rrlen.N, nlen Newtown, Po ,
IoIrp, No 127 I ind M OxTonl IxmIm,
No 14 I O i) I" Wislilnmon Cnmr.lll.
V O S nr A., Ilnvsldr e'nunell Jr. O I
A. .VI , Anchor flnrRp S'" 171, P.. of II
fV. J.), are Invite I 11 nitend funcrnt serv
lies Ttipsdav evenlni Se tember 2, "IS
o rlork, nt the resilience if Ills brother vv 111
Inm W Itorer. 411 IVnn st , rrnnkford,
In'ermeiit Wednesday morning nt 7.Ion. 1 1 me
ters, N"w t.ffypt. N I 1 nrrlOKrs will meet
trim IiiIiik Market st ferry s II in. fit
Neiv I'sypt in in a m .
IlliA.N. On September 21, 1011, HDWAItD
J -on of entlnrlne mil th" lat- Pnil U
f.van In bis 12 1 veni Pimp 1 il m Monday,
nt S 'f n 111 mm "in In e-1 -t ,
ln'n tteniil.m Urh VI " ni St Leu'n
t liureh, at 10 a. m Interment at SI Dnii
' - ' emcti m
SIMON At her resident e 22'l North lflth
st. nn SMilember Jl 1111 HAIIAH UVK
wldnw of Philip Simon ng. d Oil yearn Pu
nernl servlips on Mm!i nt -' p. 111. at tlio
apirunenis nf oilvu II Mnlr, l"U Chestnut
st Interment sitleilv private
SNIi DHIl. On Heplemlier 24 1011, nt Prei-
bvtorlar llntpp r.etn ami imcnunv nvo ain
TOINFTTr P M widow nf tohn 1 Snjitcr
In her ""eih venr Helntlvp. nml friends nrn
Inv'tcil 10 attend the fnnernl tcrvlccs, on
Monday mornlmr 2ith Ins nt 0 n'i lork ire
rlel, nt the re-l.i nee f her enii-ln-lJUf,
Mr Herman C IP rn II 2 N ISth St.
t'rment nt Ornrltshurg Pi
STH IJNPHN. At Swell V r, on Septem
ber .'I, 111 l O H liu-innl of Sorih A.
SteVenon free SniUP) Due notlrp of ths
funeral will e ;K'n from hli sons isil.
d"nee Ifnrrv P "tpvennn nl 10 Vlo .
(2I anl Pnrk'l le iml
m'l't rvsilN o i p oml er 211 1011 "OH.
r.P.T" STVSiriV Ir nK'd 4 1 venrs Pil
nernl sprvlrai, on Tues I n at 2 p m.. at hli
late r"sldnrT mis Klmtsi slnir nve Inter
ment private .....
S'ritM't,y Siirldenlv. on Oepremher 21. 10M.
n Miami. Fin WAT n It -n UAUs son of
Itosn and tin- Int" " m id trnus, ni?cd ai
vrnrs Itelntlves nnd Irlendn nlsn meraber'4
of rtnppnnort IxidK. No '.! I e) r nn.l
Dl-rneP Lodo. Im'nl I'nl n nrn Invped tr
n n n1 the ftinenl. fnm tin- funeral parlors
of f. II Onldbprg 121 Lit .' I st New
Ynrle cttv, in Oilfiller 1 I'll I nt 2 t m.
Interment nt Union Field OmeUr- ,
'IIISIKIN1 On f-ppiembe-r 21 1014. FIIED
Filli K VRTHI'll I'iMKIVM f.iniurlv hlef
reward of Amerb in nn I lb 1 tnr stcimshm
line- Relative and fi len l iir Invl cil to
nttenl the funernl nn Tueidn nftirnnon, nt
2 oel'rk preelselv from the rcsldmcn of
Ills hrntlier-ln-law lenrse f'l irko .'.' North
Crat? st S'n I is it the liapfl er tha
e hureh of the Aim a'1 ' - " ".clock In
viment rrlvate UnffHla nn 1 Ur loklyn papers
n'eane i OP' . n. .nu
v VIIINTIM! On ' member 21. JDH.
if,,,a.V,0No"n"V"rno f'V nTv-cten'
reen .. so ..fen re Imlt-.l ?"&
tve 'imnal s.rvliei . -i llinlif . -J",
In t . it 2 p m pre If lv it !" I"" re'
''en-e, 1!?-, Vine nt. Interment private.
ANDKHSON. At her residence, 202R Chris
tian Ft., on September 21, I'm, MAY 1.LKA
NOH, ilnughter of Mnry E. and the lite
Walter C Amlcrion Relatives nnd friend!
are Invited to nttemT the funeral services,
on Mondnv afternoon nt 2 o'clock, at the
Churih of the Holy Apostles, 21st and
chrlstlnn sts. Interment at Mount Morian
It VI. IIU IN. At I.in-donne. on Tlfth-ilay.
Ninth Month 21th. CHARITY BALDWIN.
In the 70th sear of her use Funeral from
the residenee of her neidiew, Renjnmln II
Shoemaker. 3111 Owen uve., LnndoHne. on
v i
"ni''.1"' "H't'' '"ijiii i.ihilUi';'t.ii,iii!l'ijt.ill!i i"'t ' i' ;, . -r! ' -
V 'Hi Willi'
& a mm . ss in
fcA -si i:.Lii i s t ra t t.
:-' rs 5 tii 3 S3 E, a? s .
.b jt'."i a s d
. . - - ' J
I"liili' i ilnliHi i'il
sifi mar ..
mmgsmkmam, ,'
a- s w r - , t, ir -" ".i nr. timi i i t
ii3iiii.iiEi.iiiii.tvRr3iT;ni '
T5 . -a---,". . . r x r t ,u w.hi .ft. hi i n h . '
S.SSfSgJ'B'.V.eJj'SaggrfsrcS.FfeAWil Wl '.I . '.
H2SJg-aPiS3SSESePiril i. ,"l,l h ' '
muMinwmrs-ul i'n i'''i mw'timm j
lmmimM 1 new $20 D
plays a leading part in the industry and
material comfort of our city. Almost
everybody has found out that in weight,
quality and preparation it stands
EffK . . $7.00 Nut .
Stove . . $7.25 Pea .
25c extra if carried
M.iiucu 0100 nACn
Women's Genuine
$1.50 French Kid
Gloves, $1,00
Two - clajp stj le
White, tnn, fir,i , alio
vvhlte-vvlth-black .mil
Mack - with - vil.lte.
h'lelts. In Puis point,
flat nnd two-tone em
brolelereel tIToct.
lit floor, Sth St. Slele
sToiti: opk.ns .: a. m. imh losis t .".'in i.
W 9 A -RF . A&
a mw wmmw&,m
rJf-gBtyiq Ito? taMffJ -
s ot it inn iinsTw ihmv
vlsjgy (agSi c-gtfv;y
Filbert Seventh
-iiiT or i:ihyi'iiiij t iiounvr iiiifis-
enn he ummI In place
eit menev In the so
1 uiln'f ni m.inv n nice
mil 11 Ml win thful ar
tli It Ih, it on would
lilt, fen vniir house or
I ei 011 lioiihle htampa
In the; morninR.
1 h'tii ri.oott -
Women's and C
1 nnzi ft .
ifu:sS)e& ... 11
Smartest Styles, Extraordinary Prices-
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-p (Tf
JL &rr$ JrJ?
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Two Uncommonly Attractive Styles
Each Sketched
They arc splendidly tailored trarmcnts in nieelitim-vveitrlit clievint-,
. and diagonals, of favorite colorings, including black, new shade-.
of blue, Hxeen and brown.
Have the Ultra-Fashionable Long Redinyotc Coats
and IS mart 1 okc 1 oh or Plaited Skirts
Handsomely finished with braids or velvet, and lined with guaran
For Women and Misses
Of fine satms crepes satins combined with velvets serges com
bined with satin, and v.irmualv includiiii' hruwn. creen. uluin.
Holland blue, navy blue and black.
They Show the New Basque and Coatee Blouses,
With Skirts in Stylish J unic or
Redinqote Effect
Trimmings include jet buttons, braid bindincrs. smart soft rolling
collars of silk or cream lace SECOND 1 LOOK
"j' ll'll
1 V I
&" ,ftv; ' ,
' ii' ' ' '' " 'i ,,1': ' 'i ! ! !' it, ' . 1 1 ' i
r- ''"-viiiiii'-'JiMiL 'ij'fi,
When You Order Your Coal
Order Reading Anthracite
Your dealer handles this brand a high-grade coal that fi
111L I'llVNIiMAMA St'lIOQI, 10 J
Mill VI. .Si:ICK
110 ho u Hi I IfUinth Mrert
Offura a one yeur iOur In rrepjratlon for
nrjieioul r voiunieer aociui orK t'lu
uo.k Imluiirs letiureK ami discussion! on
tho tlevetiuiii'-'t of the social Meal and the
. ... ., n tul Inullf nllnnu nraaan. .1-..
rrlnrlples of relief, ortrunlmtlon and mun
flrl"t licensing bill for Sitlantt Jl n-nt of f ll .ageiu'es. and constructive
I In 11 3, granting to thnt y-f-tixii I"- inmi er " "l". .. "f '
uf ll. u.ituh ri ,.irt ivn oiimit,r.'1'' "f. "' !,-":'i. '.""''
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Buckwheat, Rice or Barley
The Philadelphia and Reading
Coal and Iron Company
General Office. Reading Terminal
Bow Ha
4C Are the Vogue
of the Hour
Large Hats and Tiny Ones Are Dom
inated by a Huge Bow of Ribbon or
relvet as J rimmuui
T Ii c most fabliionall
kovv noil women of t vv
Vol It ato aliiiwinfr 1p- i.l. !
Iiroferonco for this inllll
inry now. A nil Home uf Hi
bmarte.st of the-so ttiin
rnliiBs aro tied In
Miphistophclea and icuie-
mill eject
Th orlt-lnatloii of this prctt
ViiUii .iff 01 ila ti still vv Ule 1
stuif fur the eh'Sl jiiiiiR nf
vitj. chic Autumn null n. rv -nvles
totnllj diffeicnt from
th "plumed ' ami ' mi-tul
toiuleiicios vvhli'h have 1, U
fasliioii for sumo time turn.
Vices of Thete AVuiest Hat are
$4.9S, $5.98, S6.9S to $35
We are also contitujlf' ot the alert for Urn iieueat nn I
prettiest inl.iant m 'foumfiio llatt, Ilunnem, Ton '
t'ftiMri.'ii's fills
Wool Dress Goods
SJ)f Tninnvlfifl All.Wnnl p
' iiiaraiitfi'd all-wim!, uf iiu'-Jium weiyht,
with fine inline! (!itina o..nl. .36 iikIics
wnlc Culiir iih hide:
tauw. Diltt hint'. n,lniftt hi ni' i.i , ;...,.. .,.
Hotany, ittshiitti, Unman, it tut, tin, iittnd I. tnitl-
nat tj it ltd hlnr ,.
ntqlit blm
$1.00 All-Wool Crepe 7fi
Granite Cloth 4 DC
41 lnclic- wide. Llu-elv umeii, in a
pretty crepe elTevt.
Colon file olivtf, mahatwnt,, tanra, brown,
amethyst, taupe, peacotL; D.-lft blue, Hel-iiun
blue, iviHtuuu, yanut, Kiug's blue, mulninht
blue, navy and bluett.
i nor run )R, S l"l II
Bed Coverings
$7 Wool Blankets Ef
at vO
riiio white limbs' wool mart.,
on spool eottun vvmu Oainiv
plnle .uul blue I ui il, i- mill . llv
binrtins Sun v luivo Hue. mill
loluieil tini.liiirf hue 7UX&0 anil
TtixSt invites
$3 Flcecedown $0 OQ
Blankets &U
Fleocoilovv ii woven to kIvo appear
ance of wnul :uft, lleet v ami uaini
without b.'iiiK Iu-hvj White with
IilnU and blue boi lers, bill-, bind
ing Size T2M inches
$1.85 Bed (1 en
Spreads.. vl.OU
Heavy weight, various prett Mar
sellles patt- rns r)oubU Orel ezt
Linoleums : Printed and Inlaid
ti ,". "'""oil'. piiri'liiiHC from one ut Hum. t'e n.t nii.ke-rM
Iluiidi.iU uf lulls' Tli.iiis.eiiu.- uf vauU' m, ,, , ,, T. dH
uul uur pations io.ip the !,, in Want. J -.attorn,:
i uiii e -ii ii
l'l. as. In ing Miea
INLAID : Two Yards Wido
$1.25 Grade, gyy
All VI ,
Sl.:,5 firailo. 77I2C
3 J VI
J21 .Hugs. 9x12 $1675
PRINTED : Four Yards Wide
75c Grade. 421c
S0u Grade, CJ
sfj. yd -c
Hiifli-Grade Carpets
In uuuual wliltlis fe.r htmra or ruu-Iitirs
Tapestry Hru-seb Stair Carpets
$20 Hum-. 8.3 x di a '.,
in is pnt tpi'j.o i-incli Width. F?r
viuth.ra.iiuii oisom. si"i,.fih. t vard WlC
art'"if af.-l ihe tolorinejs be t.f .1 227-Illch Width, f i
kkh nit. is, nrinwrrrii "i ' hMp
i it intoiiirits
I uii. rits oi-' Arvit
I OI HTt pt rir
n I
l"D'c Hi.iii I'ttn-riii-ii i- J
gTyr-gy-ygLL. .''tyJa.J'Wto.-tjr iwii 'ii mm i i

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