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.---irwv ' -v!Y-xi(mrf
s iv tj-MP-
Eddie Collins, Alexander
and Magce Have Wrought
Nobly This Year Phils
Play Reds Today.
When the committee appolntrd for that
purpose awards the Chalmers' trophies
lor I3ll the names of rhllndc-lphlatis are
npt to stand at the top 111 both the
American and National Leagues. The
three men who have tlto chance to be
honored by this annual award ore Ud.lle
Collins, of the Athletics, and drover
Alexander and Sherwood Magce, of the
Hugh Chalmers, the donor of the auto
mobiles, suggested that tho committee
give the prizes not to tho man who, in
their opinion, was the most nnlshed per
former In each league, but to the player
nho had bem most valuable to his team.
This suggestion has been and will be
followed this year.
No matter what details are to be con
eldcred, It Is dllllcult to ee how Eddlo
Collins could be overlooked. He Is not
only recognl2il by most experts n the
world's gieateit bttl plaer. but he has
been thl3 se.ison the most valuable man
on the AUlotus' team. OIllcluls Of t o
"Whlto Elephants and others have often
been heard to declare emphatically that
tho Athletics weie not a one-man team.
To a certain extent that Is true, but If
.Eddie Collins had not been on Mack's
roster this year and had not played the
wonderful game that he did the Ath
letics would todav be out of the pennant
raco Instead of having It won for the
-sixth time.
That Connie Mnclt realized fully the
value of his crrrat second saeker was
shown when he permitted him recently
to sign a contriot at his (Collins' I own
terms. Mack ktio.v that, without Collins
tho odds would e asalnst his winning
for at least two e.tr to come. Hence,
after tho Federal Le.icue had made Eddie
one of the most (l.itterlnt; offers over
submitted to a baseball player, he was
In a position to dictate the terms of his
contract for the futuie, and he did.
Incidentally, the Evk.vino Ledoeu Is
tager to announce thit It has secured
the services of this great player as a
writer of the world's series. Eddie Is
going to play, of course, and is going to
write tho news himself. That Is more
than any other bull plaer can say. Ed
die Is golns to be the author of the
"write-ups" In the Evening Lftxirr and
is going to work out the material himself.
Vhllo not equaling the actual baseball
ability of Collins, both Alexander and
Captain Magec, of the Phillies, have sur
passed the Athletics' star In relative util
ity. Those two men have kept the heads
of the Phillies above water. The disin
tegration of thl ilub's strength by the
ravages of the K. deral League has been
retarded to a certain extt-nt by the mas
terful plav of Pooln's pitcher extraordi
nary and heavy Mttlne utllltv man. Tho
use of the term 'utility man" here Is not
meant to convey the iea of "substitute,"
which Is its usual meaning In baseball,
but a term which.' means an all-round
Sherwood Magee has put up the great
est game of his career this year, not ex
cepting his work in ISKp, when he led
the National Lcacup In batting with an
average of .331 ami took part In 1VJ
games. He has plael seven positions
for Charley Pnoln nml has played them
all in better than acceptable style.
Alexander, too, has done remarkably
well, considering the Inditferent work of
the team as u whole behind htm. On
Saturday "A!e" won his 1.1th consecu
tive victory and !- 27tb . r the season.
Flag of 1914 Won When
Bender Shut-out Browns
and Red Sox Lost One
Game of Double-header.
twit's we
Won pennants In the Ameilcnn
League In 1WU, 1IKS. 1010, mil, 1013. 1911.
Won worlds (lvimpionshlp In 1010,
defeating the Chicago Cubs under
I'Ynnk Chance In four out of live
Won world's championship In toil
from New York (limits under John
.T. McOrnw In four out of six games.
Won world's championship In 1013
from New York Giant" under John J.
Mrdraw In four out of live games.
Has etnblishPd major league record
for winning pennant1!.
Has won more world's champion
hips than any other matin iter.
'i Iff
No p ni .rlr-l , . I i ".'. rd i-'
rhllllrs. in: fin, Inn.iti. ') ( l-t -ainfl.
Ihillli".. 1: ( ln Intinii. I i.'il cuitirl.
3toston. (I: liii'iiu'i. -l U-t cuni'-i.
f lin-tnn. I.'; (lilumo. i cm rann-.
New "Vnrl.. I: I'itilnirh, '! i In mimel.
rittNliurgli, I- New Yuri,. i i'U Kame).
Ilrool.ljn. (1. st I mil-. :i ut guiin-l.
St. I.nnl-. I: llrimklwi, n (.M came).
rinrlnnntl at I'lilUiIelpliiu
ritthhurli at New cirl i earner).
Chic. ikii at Ho-tim.
"t. I.oiil-. nt ItrooKlyn.
St. I.oul- nt HrnoMwi.
ritNliuruh .it New York
( liliugii nt Ilo-ton.
W I. ! r v i. pc
Ilnaten.... Ml .ill ft Phillies... 7-J Tl .10.1
New York T ill S-r, Mr. . Un 7" 71 4S
K- I.nuls , 77 n .131 PittM, gh i;.t sn 441
' bUago. , 73 71 .114 'in. Innatl '.7 SO ilOO
Uhleths. (1; ,t. I mil-. 0
Ito-ton. H, (liliuiin. 0 (Ut gum).
riliraUn 4; ISuMiill. i ("til tfnm),
tVaohliietun, 'I. Oeiridt, 8 (Ill inning),
t'lficlniiil, 1; N 1 nrli. 'I Hat uaine).
New lurl.. ". . r let ilan.l. ' i ! uame) .
tlilet li-. 0: I hluicn. .1
!l. I-iMil., I llietmi. (Ut u-ainrl.
M. ...111-., II; llo.len. t (l tinrn.
ii Inninm. railed).
Detroit, (1; hw nrk. .1 i Ut tumi'i.
New i'rk. lii-irnii :t .'il ijMine)
t'letelnnd. .1. Wii-hinuriii. I ( lt nami'i.
ui.lilnu(-.n. i' I lpiHlunil.il Jil eunif).
Mliletlr ill t I oiifk.
Itotun .it ( lili utta.
Ull.liliut.wi at Ilotrrlt.
N' i.rk nt (Ipirlanil.
fhlcuKu ut tlftrlnnil.
Ilrlrult at k, Uml..
W I. ! w 1 p r
ihlftiri.. 04 I') .iimi'li. It. in. tii 4(t'
f jit..n 7 " i'imi su V-rk 17 T.i 4u
-.'in 77 i Ii ". w I. .i ih iW Tli 41.1
I)' troll.. 7'i 71 1T" ! i.J 4 Juj 34
Nr, g hi ' . h.-lul. .1 i-r!"
Ilaltlmuri', .1. ft .mui. I lUt itmn1).
lUllliniirf, I; M. I miK. I I'd nuni.
7 luiiiiiei., ij liUi.
CliU :.-. 7: llri.nklwi. H i I.I um'iv.
I'liltuKu. .1; ISriiuMni, :) ij itunm.
.1 lualtigs, i-allidi.
ItulTulu, 3: K:i"i (lt. .'.
Ii.iliiuiiiliiil!.. 8: IHUttiurgu. I
Chicago Ht llru.'Mjo.
bt. J.iiul ut n.iltirour".
lnillunjjHill at t'lttturU.
lvnn:i c it at lluffaio
i t. r o tv l p r
Cbl-xga .' '-' "" Hr'.'.kt. n 71 To ii-l
In.ht p'lU hi i i.l Vji K hi Illy Ml Tli 4B.1
Halllliura 74 '" 1.' -t I '.ul HI JM I'M
lluttalo. . iJ '! ".." I'iM'.Ii gli !M il 400
NcuarL, 0. I.'r,j (ll. ' list came),
ilnwy lll.i 0. VtuttrL. M I'M Kume).
Jlunlriul-ltuflulii (rulu).
(Illirr ilu'i nut iliriluli'd
t i .' 1 V i-
Prnvtd'c 0 ' 17 N 1 1- Tl 7" -
lljlo 1I .t Hi i r- 7J 7 ll
tu-lter ''I ' I 'It M ' Ti I i. i - I'M
Toronto IJT' 'lli.i iitv 4S 1" 3U
Last winter Connie Mack had ft new
steel llag pole constructed and placed In
the northeast corner of Shlbe Tarlc. The
pole cost the Athletics approximately
Jllflo. Itecent events have proved that tho
outlay was not watcd, as another Amer
ican League pennant has been won to be
unfurled from this new masthead. Tho
chances are tho world's championship
banner of 1014 will also l1y there.
When Connie Mack glanced over the
percentage columns yesterday morning at
his hotel In St. Louis, ho mut have cas
ually noted the fact that If lil team won
from the Browns, and tho Hod Sox were
bpaten once In their afternoon's double
header, that he would clinch the cham
pionship. This led to tho selection of
Charles Albert Homier to put tho llnal
crimp in the aspirations of the Fenway
Park dwellers by defeating itlckey's men.
Bender has always been effective
against St. Loul. . Yesterday ho was
more than effective. Ho mowed down
tho opposition with that calm regulatity
which marks nil his work. The Rickey
didn't have a chance to score, while the
Maekmen plied up half a dozen runs.
By capturing the pennant In 1014. Con
nie Mack has established a world's man
agerial record, having won six (lags In
Ban Johnson's circuit since the inception
Of the league in 1001.
In 1002, the llrst year Mack's Athletics
won the pennant, there was no world's
In l'JOJ, his second victory, the Athletics
were defeated In tho classic by New
York, four games to one. In 1010, after
a lapse or Ave years, Mack ngain steered
Ills club to the front, winning the pennant
and also the world's series, beating tho
Cubs In decisive fashion, after the ma
jority of experts had picked Chance's
men to have a walk-over.
The following year, the flag again was
perched on a Philadelphia pole and again
the Athletics landed the world's series,
winning tln-lr llrst one from the Giants.
In 1012, Mack met reverses which put
his club In third place at thf finNh. tho
Ked Sox finishing first nnd the Washing
ton team second.
Las.t season, with what was predicted
t'i he a notoriously weak pltrhlng staff,
the Athletics came to the front, thanks
to the .splndll work of Plank and
Bender, winning with ridlculoii" i-asn.
and on'.v being out of first place four
days during the entire campaign. For
th third time the Giants were Mack's
ilvuls in the world's serifs and for the
second timu tho Athletics won tho i-tri.-s,
winning four out of the five games
Tne standing of the Athletics today
hWiwb that they have a lead of eight
and a half nanus. Both the Macks and
tho Hostonlans have eight more games
tu plav. Therefore, If the Atliletlf Club
l"Kt all of its remaining games, while the
Fted Sox won theirs the stundint; would
Won. Lost. Pot.
Athletics S3 57 .025
IV-d Sox 05 K .C21
Ir. order to get his club In perfect shape
1 1 meet the Boston Braves, who have all
but won the pennant in the Xatlonul
League, Connie Mack will give his regu
late a rest. Just which onm will coino
h'.nie frnn St. LouH, instead of making
the trip t' Wellington, h.t not been an
nounced It Is f-afe to say. however, that
lmth Bendnr and Plank will b In Phila
delphia within th next few hourn
I'pon the.se vnteran hurlern will fall
the tasl: of doing the majority of th
iirx work. They, therefore, will begin
immedlatflv to get In ahape. The other
ir.tinwnt of the squad who feel that they
ive. n r.'M wlU take )t. Their places
wit! be mud by tin- younger members
of the house of Mack.
Next WedDMdav the National Commis
sion uil! rofcvt In this city to arrange tho
detail. of the series. It has almady been
asr.-ed that Instead of alternating between
Philadelphia and Boston, two game will
hi played in a row This will prevent th
weai and tear on the players, who would
sufter Kreatiy if the were forced to spend
every plght on the rails,
Thf spin of a coin will dw-ide whether
the first pair of rontesu Is to be staged
here or in Boston. That will bo the first
duty of ;tie commission when It mxts
here unil .- the mutt important as far us
the public is i.nrrneJ. The routine mat
ti r pertaining to the series will be, for
the most part, worked out by John Shlbo.
. i n-t.ir of trr Athletics, who has had
trore experieiu"- In this kind of work, than
any man eonne.ted with bssbal'.
From the i.niei-s of Shibe Park will he
ai.n.iiinteil the method of procuring
The lMlt nerfe's ri-roid in til "Vnllonul
anil .iiiTti-un I-riisws ut gumrt uun "ml
lust, uitb run, lilt, mors and men left
un batra. U a fullvus:
v. i.. it it nun
Boston s 1 4S Si 11 S8
SV Vnrk l IT 10 OT
Si I.'.iiU 4 l M 71 1 ''S
i i. a u s uj .it
rtiiiadriubia ... a s ii a n ni
Hr.wklwi 8 I it 7.1 1 .IS
I'lti.i. irg-h I 1 SO IS 47
L'lui inr.-iil . I II M Kl it 03
Tic n TkrnilV. SSplml(er il.
AaKltlCAX I.KAiilK
W. U R- II. r. LB
I'tilladirJplila S 1 II 11 I S
Bi.stnn B 3 til M) . .In
A ,liiiii(li,n . .1 " SI 7s 17 flj
I), li. II 1 ." 7(1 1 111
iii.. SI -' '.7 lit .11
- i ,t- i :i 'i i sj 4"
)Tk 4 2 .T 4t 5 39
i , .el ir 1 ') ' I'J "'I 17 Z '
Ti.. .fie Mr ti-n l-pte nrr Jl
(r Htm mH YmM
fjptit) y js,,. .,sy s.t.
K ' .-8A, srrz??T.TZZsr,sZ'-
rm ) t(tr '' -,C'
PF.NNr A? -X-r - XD y-, ,0 YS
m s lth ir s-
. Jb&
r- v."s - r
Gridiron Nevs Gleaned From Leading Colleges
Football Players Enter Upon
Another Hard Week of
Training in Preparation for
Big Games Next Saturday.
WliLther or not Pennsylvania will have
a football team of championship propor
tions ot one of only mediocre strength
was not disclosed by Saturday's game
against Gettysburg. That 11-0 victory was
won by a comfortable mat gin, and pretty
accurately gauges the comparative
strength of the two team. At the same
time, when i. remember the defeneless
ness of Gettysburg last enr and the
smashing victory which the Quakers won
then by tho score of 53-0, two facts stand
forth with great cleamc-s. One Is that
this year's Gettysburg team knew more
football than its predecessor ana likewise
that it displayed a better fighting qual
ity. A second fact not to be overlooked
Is that thli year's Quaker team Is not
nearly o far advanced In Its attacking
power as was tho 1913 eleven In its first
Virtually all of the faults evident In the
work of the Ited and Blue were due to
lack of practice, an entirely new back
Held and lack of unity between the back
fleld and tho line. These weaknesses
Acre to bo expected and won't cause tho
coaches undue alarm. In fact, a H-0
score for the llrst game is much more
desirablo than one of B-0 proportions.
Nothing retards the progress of n team
more than ovorconddenco, and big pre
liminary scores invailnbly contrlbuo to
that. The Quakers still have plenty of
time to get in shape for their big games,
nnd the schedule has been so graduated
that each Saturday brings a tougher op
ponent to Franklin Field.
Harvard overwhelmed Bates by the
score of II to 0. and If the Crimson
wterons had been kept In the game they
could probably hac scored nearly UO
points. At Is was, nearly three elevens
got into the play The most conspicu
ous feature of the work done by tin
new men was the feat of JteKllnloek,
a substitute qua.terback. In scoring a
field goal from the 10-ynrd line. Now
Harvard, ln'adclltion to the Incomparable
drop-kickers. Hriekley and Mahan, has
fo-ind a third such kicker.
Ynle made good the prediction of Frank
Hinkey. the new coach, and dlplnycd
a lot of open-fle'.a work, which fnlrlv
dazzled the .Maine eleven. Malno held
Bantam Champion nnd Pekin Fighter
Clash at Olympin. Tonight.
W.ih Ki I" 'Williams In tine i liililnn in
he always 1. in I ' KM" Harmon In ki m
fi.rin sni i mO'M of at leat ouip-ln'.ni; -'ii
-.1.1 milon, t.-n'glit's icntest nt the ulm-i.i
A. A. houM be one l"ns to be reiiiembiTiM.
Th llttlu Uultlmorean hsi always Sin at Ms
bmt lunger be appeared In a imul rlnj.
anil reports are that he will not be otherulie
Knight. In Herman. Will turns will nn.l a tough
mtl- flio wbi hm r.itiiht his y to t'.i
t. ji with a numter of the lunlcit little fell
in tha business. Ills contest hr Hh I.u
Ulsna iMt n4soi is still well rrmenilwred us
one of the liveliest anil hardest hl'ilnx l.uuti
r-tr siase.1 In nlimpia's rlns. anl If he puts
Ul- us eol a liattle as he illl (hot ti u- an I
tt-rt w no reason why he-h"ul.l no . nu cnu
will regrn wunesslntr the L.iui The s ml
ulndnp huia 1-e almost as fast at thu vvinl
uii 'VMille" (i Keefe. of this HIv, an 1
lmtrh" flrandt. of New Y"rtt, will he the
imtestants. They recently met In a lli-ro.tn I
U ut in Sfx Vorh ami Ii b on- ul thr fssi.
t se,n In that tlty fr eoms tine. "Jimmy"
Murray noth-r New Vorker. an-' " Youim '
lOKStni of this rlt. are s"hnlulil In th. th:ri
In ut In the se",n'l k"Ut Mack" rai.ipbell,
. f TI gs, m.--ts "KMIe" rtHors. if Siouthwark,
snl :n th first one "V.untf" Wilson tackles
Tharlle" Kta I.
l-lne Vi!l. though still In Its Infancy, must
not t.i- .'inittMl fr.-ni the list It stems safe to
u, tlmt tMs roursn will, when rnoiiuelwl, u
iS ino.t .I'ff'ult In the Stale. If nut In the
hist Its onslruuton has irogiusseJ. but
s! ir ami tt-e round' ra aru aeteriimied that
it shaU runs; with tl-e best when omplete it
sr.4 flat nothing thai foresight an' tare -an
t,t-ent will be left unions Home of the holes
nat heer. plabe slnre prlnK. tut hs turf
and grins hae ben jealuusiy siarUe.1
iL-alOut .mi sil'lu lonuse sn-l it "111 not l.e
rca.H lor unainnt u'e fur some time ileorKO
A ("rump jirnl Ir Simon f'srr ! 4tn mil the
must prominent plj'-lns from this 'lab, but
then. v'U unil-ubteiily be others.
t'erhaps In no other dub In the I'h'lsdelphta
dlitr. t J.j imeo laers n- eHe the em-our-aii
inert thit is e(1 them at the North liills
i-ointrv I Jjh lurtoif tlie siring, wnaitf sM
full m. ntlm are sitwiuled eients that mil for
i-iirri-vtltiin among the lest uin p'ayers. us
sll as the less ssilltul Prists ar uttered aoj
hanlKap events are numerous. , that there 1
a cbAme for every ons Tb nin"a i-luii
.bampiiinsb'i- as re ently (oiicluilca and
i-sllsii out prall'allt all of lUe wpnien meru
bers who are xol . r The champ on fur lbs
.oinln year Is Mis V. N. Uaht-r. wbo Ax
fisted airs' J '" VVhWdeo in tits tloal routid,
il ip nnd i to 1U .
Storks o' .nl bspiBlngs nn 11) s If rouree
hoe ut an. I r,. 1 ut it st-eio imllKly thai
ttqithli.s mors rr-i mb hs to re-unled than
sa Imlfltat .it st Miitiu's s ti dass i.o. b.
f.jrk M. .r..ve a long ball from th. ISte
t. in I It ..rvuri.'t.l a. r i th lirtiri at. 1 lanai-d
.ti lleol'tl h.-tl'l "I i ( talur ll. ivj Walk
.; ..: 'I l.t ', I.' r v ts i ni-l..roliK
kt i !, 1 Hi ' n t . hl-lt . un -. to , i . v ihi'
tm mrAA?4''i&!
l; .-1
W5r J i
. B2SMi5gfew H
'Tol" Pendleton Says
Princeton Is Committed to
Open Game This Year and
Maybe Longer.
Yale to a 0-0 score last year, so this
easy victory may be taken to Indicate
that football will enjoy a new era nt
New Haven this fall. Princeton found
Rutgers a tough antagonist, and had Just
about enough superior strength to win by
the score of V2 to 0. Like Yale, Princeton
showed considerable proficiency In tho
operation of the forward pass,
rolloicrK of football are to bo treated this
jeur to a brand of tho pport heretofore frown
oil upon by icrptlc.il toadies if thu ciinex
lai-d j-aturday are to be any criterion of tho
offmsu nnd di-fmso under construction now.
It Is a Katne n-it unlike the jtiavk last M-.tr
that Mistered the Army nhen Notre Dam.
cima Knit and later u.frhr lined tho Nfltv
whin tho Arm) doi-loi ed the Notre Dame
1-lass and spriing them n theti nnnual rhal".
It hai bteti one of the cardinal rulca of
football for jc-niH for a team to set iiosei
slon of the hall nnd to keep the hall no nuit
tt what happens. Xnt to take too many
,.linni-. un, n l.ivi .IrlllnH Int.. Ihi, flf-ld Uin
Peral. If It was necessary to maku a distance
impo-i-miie ny line duck or mil run, men in
ndvli-e was to punt, KU-k tho ball no fur Into
th- opponent's territory that it Mould leave
the home loal line safe from dniiser. Hut a
clone readlns of the repirti ..f Pnturlto'i cn
tests will show many of the teams dlti-ountlm:
these old rules and tnklni; chancoi. nrieni-iR
up the offense and glvlne more thnusht to thi
i,i.k.,lhlt.a ..f the forward 11.13. trit-le lta?s.
I cr.secrosses and delayed paSFes that were used
i hi successfully by tho nlnnlni; team of tho
West last onr.
, Vnle's eleven astonished its suppirter b
uslnir a wide open offensive attack. whkh
l.roueht out many scnsit I -nal forward pus-K
all started from a ileceptlic formation. Valo
I erx n.ercd srv out of eicht atirmnts at -hr for-
warl pass, every one of them f..r nppre.lsb!..
I i-p.ln. and throush Its other Intilia'i- forro-t-
tl. ns and passes h iwcd i siorltiB i:siihlUty
that neier l.ef.'re had been thought of in a
I r- te im at the opening of the keusnn 'I lit-
Hlue had n truthle .1'featiiiB JInlne. the team
I that last year held the i:ii tu a -nrIes tie.
on I it see-ns that it was Piank Illnkey's far-
tishted elianso of tactics that brought about
this result.
I PRINCETON, N. J., Sept. 2S. Tol Pcndlo-
ten, who Is famous In Princeton athletic hls
tori of roi'cnt jears, cnplalnlng the Tlser
football ti am of WV2 and playing on tho base
ball team for three years, gave out an Inter
esting inlenlew list night on the l'rlneot'jti
policy In regard to the open camo, In whl'li
he says that he bellcrts l'rlnceton Is commit
ted to it for this car and niavbe ionrjer. Willi
this new unme l'rlnceton may expect to bo
scored on, but he hopes to score more.
HANOVi:n. N. II., Sept. 2S. Despite the
threatening rain yesterday nfternoon Dr. John
V. Howler, trainer, took the Dnrtmotith foot
ball squad for n short walk over thr hills of
JUinoier. Aner aiuruay h Kame, uc in-ii
tint hl cliarRes nre too advanced for this
1 t.me of the season In ii--v of the fact that
I r.cirly crry man Is uni'er weight. Curtis, of
Dartmouth had few equals an a punter last
eir and vet word comes trom Hanover that
Clarence Mi nrs. the freshman captiln last
fid. and Captain Whitney nre (retting off
drives which ni erase HI) yards. If tills be true,
1 Dartmouth will not 1 ick for capablo punters.
t'AItl.ISI.n. r.i., Sept. 2S. All of Dickinson's
Rtldlrun h.ittlcru came through Saturday's
Ramo In ito.nl shipe. McWInney recched the
wcrst injury of the entire team He broke the
lent of Ills seeeni' tinner, and had to retire in
the second ciunrter In favor of Palm. Coach
1'irrlncton thinks he oun Kct McWInney In
si-ape for next Saturday's name with Wash
ington and JelTcrsoii nt WnshlnKton.
CAItLlSI.H. I'a.. Sept. 21. C'eiclt Welch, of
Ccnuny Hall, will clve his squad tho first
ferlmmape pnctlce of the car this afternuon.
There are four regulars from last year's team
back In school. Including Hanilliy, cnptnln ot
tho eleen this ear. Hoth Coach Welch and
Captain Hnndby are pleased with the sUe ot
the squad and the numl er of lilg men Rives
promise of one of the best teams in the hls
trry of the local Institution.
I.ANCAPTKIt. Pa., Sept. 2!. The Franklin
nnd Marshall team arrived hire from I.ehiiru
tmscntheil nnd with hopes Itlllc blighted nt the
di feat by I.ehlgli. The reverse is nttrlbutcl to
the fast open field plav of Hie Hetliiehem col
legians, and the (nihility of the local team to
Interrcpt forward ras"-s. with a sml lack "f
proficiency at taekllns. Hut the score compared
v 1th other vears Is n eood one. and the followers
of the Itiuo and White are consoling thetn
trlves with thlr. Tlie game with Penn next
Saturday Is what the coaches now have to.
look forward to, nnd It will be with nn eye to
the weak points discovered Siturdav hit the
drilling will bo done this we, k. Captain Dlchl,
who sat on th" bench throughout Siturdnv's
runie with nn Injured shoulder, will bo in the
Tenn game.
NBW HAVEN', Conn., Fcpt. I1?. Among
Vole men the opinion Is held tint liend Conch
l'rank Hinkey has devised the most attntctltc
an.l most ortglnal brand of football ever seen
nt Vale. The showing of the Valo team
against Maine disclose, 1 novettioB in nil ia
rtctlcs of pissing, and e-chllittcl tho fruit of
tho mysterious secret practice that has been
held dally tho last week.
MIDPI.HTOWN. Conn., Sept. 2S. Thit Vt'es
leim has lost rather heaM in football ina
teriil tliroinrh graduation and tho men who did
not come biek this fall was ei blent in the
giroe with Ithmlo Island Stain College Snttir
dav. Th- line his been weakened by the grcd
uitlnn of Kti-eb Allison and Wilcox, whllo
Hlngelcy nt entre and IHmcr Rustls at end,
wlii had been depended upon to help out this
sear, will both bo kept out of th games by
John G. Anderson Has in
Addition Selected Fifteen
Other Golfers According
to Rank.
th th--
hu U. ppv.l It I
!i 1,-n Hsrt ire i
u I !rnTe. i
h' 1 tt i 1 ' 1
j ,, lul i a. " i
ik -U
i.rlu II I '. i
, . b it er i f ' a
isti as to whether or not
-. in cac.
John O. Andurson has undertaken to
select mixtion ranking Kolfcin In the
L'nlttd States. Here is what he writes:
"Dangerous business this, tho selection
of the slMteit ranking golfers in the
United States! However, the woll-known
fact that thro can bo no perfection in
such p, list, no matter huw many are corn
tilled. Is rulllcient bulm to thoso who, llg.
; urativcly speaking, take their lives in
I their hands by chancing i selection.
"Tlicro oro many standarils for a
I chotco. Some will delect thuse who havo
been (In golfors In thu past but havo
not proved their worth during the past
year, probably because they have not
tiktn lrt i t"B big tournaments. Oth
era will compare tlia play of certain
men with regard to actual defeat or
victory, forgetting tlwt a, greater degree
of credit betonga to tho golfer Who Holds
Jerome Travera or Francis Ouitnet W
the eighteenth holo wlien the scoring Is
good than to the golfer who wins u, match
gainst (i wholly inferior player who
Uaa gained lla way to tho flnal rounds
more on account of a straak of good play
or weuk oppoiiiUon than by inherent
ability. Thu method which atemg to
ktrike tlie tnukt rponslvo chord in tha
heart of tbe goUer from every Btaml
point l to rank the golfer on what
they have aLtually a.' LOinplltihtd during
tlie i il.rd.ir jur. t-- i-.n-ider the r ai
f. il pU.ing etandaid iii,ariiit-- of jJir-fu-niaii
. in "thrr yi t'3
i "They uie uie golfers of tho teixt and
not of tho decade. In other words. If
the amateur champion of tho United
States were to absent hlmsolf from nil
matches nnd open tournaments dining
the following twelvemonth, tho fairest
way to treat him would be to leave him
out of tuo summary nltogether, ns I."
dono In tho national tennis ranking.
"Tho golllng events of great impor
tance nre over for mil, and I present a
ilnt which, to my mind, represents tho
If be.-,t golf era in tho land on their plnj
of thl.i se-i.son.
"You havo doubtless guessed that first
place is given to Francis Oulmet, of tho
Woodland Oolf Club, Massachusetts,
uhoce merit needs but few words of ex
planation and whoso claim to the honor
Is, to my mind, wholly free from dis
pute. Mr. Oulinnt, when ho won the
championship of I-'ranco, had opposed to
hliu sumo of this country's best golfers
Tuklng fifth position in tho open chum
plonshlp at Midlothian brought ndde-l
honor, and tho amateur championship
title of Massachusetts, more or less of a
local event In Importance, to bo sure,
was notable because of tho excellence ot
play In medal scoring over the extreme
ly dllllcult Hrae Uurn Country club
course. Finally ho won the premier title
of amateur champion of tho United
States by n display of tho highest cali
bre championship golf.
The Anderson 1011 K"lf ratings are as fol.
lows :
First. Trancls Oulmet, Woodland O, C,
Second. Charles i:ans, i;dcewater 0. C,
Third. Jeiome T. Travera, Upper JInt
clalr G. C, New Jersey,
fourth. W. C. Konnes, Oakmont O. C,
SECOND tot'P (Alphabetical Order).
ItoLeit A. tlar-lner, Hinsdale. Chlcaitn.
It Itay tionon. Hrae Hum O, a., iloston.
nwald Klrkby, Jliilenuojl 8. (!., New
J.i--k .Wvlile. I'iaremont, I'acinc coast,
TlllltP aROUI ( Alpha t-ellcal Qrdr).
V. C AIH. S'l, illlwaukee C. O., Mil
waukee. IJbeu St. Ilyers, Allrghfny 0. C, Pitts
buish. freti Jferreshoff, Oarden City C. C, New
Walter J. Travis. Carden City, New Yprk.
Pill'BTII BOlTI (Alphabetical Orderi.
rteglnald liwls, iIbJIM C. O., Conncctl
cut. Sjjswtll It. Jlarston, Jlaltusrol C. C, New
IJ. B. Fawyer. Vhaton (3. O., CblcaRO.
J. II. fiihlomaan. txtroit C. C. ()trolt.
NelHOs Whitney, Audubon P. C, Atlanta.
Ii. W. C'orkran, lialtlmore C. C, lUltlmore
1 ( I'orKruii Hultliuore C". C , lUltlmor
Jesse tluilford. Inter. ale ' C, SUm.betcr,
J U Si.ui libh Uftroit I' t" , Detroit
J K t - - h ii il I f ' I'Uvtland
t t )ii ip i:.:wnrik C C Slanchester
V W Whivemore, the Country Club, Hot-tva.
Representatives at Dinner in
New York Decide to Have
Four Picked Men From
Each State.
There Is a possibility that tho trlstato
matches for tho Robert W. Lesley Cup
will be far more Intrtestlng another yenr
If the plnns talked over at tho dinner to
the contestants from Massachusetts and
Pennsylvania by the Metropolitan Oolf
Association at Baltusrol arc put into
Tho plan Is to havo four men selected
from each district, preferably thoso who
linvo played In past Lesley Cup matches,
In addition to tho ten regulars. It has
been the custom for the team holding tho
cup to lay idle tho llrst day, meeting tho
wlntieis on tho second day in tho de
cisive match for the trophy. Under tho
new plan the four extra men from each
district will form a team of their own
and play u sociable match with the cup
holders tho llrst day.
For a Very Worthy Cause,
as It Is to Be for Benefit of
Red Cross .Society, No
vember 14.
Tho Toy Dog Fanciers of America will
bold another show November 14. This
exhibition will bo for tho benefit of tho
Ited Cross Society. This event should
draw ono of the largest entries In "toys"
that this town hai ever seen. A big list
ot valuable specials should also help to
draw entries.
It was decided at a meeting of the fnn
clors to have this shown an open ono
for all dogii of the toy vaiiely, so, with
all tho other Inducements offered to
bring out the exhibitors, nn entry llst.ot
nt least 1!00 dogs will likely tesult.
Judges were also named, as follows-.
JI. Duiilevy, of Mcadowbrook, Pa., to
pnss on l'otiicrnnlani! Mrs. lleiijnmln II.
Throop, ot Scranton, I'u., Multtso tor.
rlcrs; Miss May Hendetsoit. of Now York
city, nil toy. spaniels ami toy poodles;
Miss Stovell, of this city, I'eklngeso and
Japanese spaniels, and Miss Jlarle, Ca
llllo, of Now York, who will pass out
the a wauls on all other breeds not men-tloned.
The home-grown and the homc-muda
brand of everything In every land Is
rated pretty high. The farmer likes his
home-grown sass nn there's an undis
puted class to mother's home-mado pie.
That home-made hunch hit Connie Mnck
somo spv'ral baseball seasons back, lie
tiled It with succes:'. Ho mido Shlbo
r.-irk his garden plot an' raised young
pitchers till he'd got a pretty classy mess.
Tnko Woldon Wyckoff, graduate. OP
Connie got thnt youngster straight from
liiickiiell's college nine. The kid's birth
place was Wllllamsport, whore Ms Six
JIattv learned the sport an' first began
to shine. The birthplace, maybe; didn't
count, but Connie saw a vast amount ot
promise in the kid. lie brought him up
three years ngo an' worked hlr. culllvator
slow, so Woldon wouldn't skid.
This year he works his reg'lar day. Ho
goes right In an" fires away with all a
veteran's skill. In live games pitched
he'll drag down tliree. An' that's enough'
to show thnt ho can twirl that o' Itcach
pill. For 22 he's goln' some. 'Mack banks
on him for years to come to help cop
more burgees. lie's learned a lot In
Connie's school. He'll stick, too, If ho
ain't a fool, to take some more degrees.
Ily A. M. Corrlgnn.
"Joe" Guyon, one of the speediest In
dians on last year's Carlisle Indian
eleven, has announced that he will return
to the school, and there should be joy In
the Aborigines' camp. Guyon Is not only
a star football player, but has made good
on track nnd field.
Visitors to the Olympin Athletic Asso
ciation tonight should be sure they are
not suffering with hcait nllmrnt, ns
whirlwind action Is liable to prove too
great a strain. "Kid" Williams, the
wnild's bantamweight champion, Is to
meet "Kid" Herman, of I'ekln, 111. That
Is warning enough.
Oscar Kgg, of Switzerland, won the 13
mlle tnndem paced match fiom George
Viley and "Jimmy" .Morgan at the New
ark Velodromo yesterday. Poor 'Wiley
and Morgun couldn't beat an egg.
J. K. M. The receipts of the "World's
Series games nio divided ns follows: fiO
per cent, of tho receipts of the 111 st four
games goes to tho players, to be dl Ided
HO per cent, to the winners and 40 per
cent, to the loseis; "0 per cent, goes to
the two clubs, and 10 per cent, to the
National Commission. Tho receipts of all
games after the llrst four Is divided B0
per cent, to the clubs and 10 per cent, to
the National Commission.
The nnnual football season has opened
nnd the gridiron warrior now makes his
bow: In helmet, padded suit and guards,
he steps upon the stage, to cop his bit of
notice on the dally sporting page.
Persons who wero so keen about bet
ting 3 to 1 and 4 to 1 against the Iimvc-s'
wot Id series chances a few weeks ngo
nre not offering anything better than
5 tu I Just now. It's qutto likely that
the teams will go into the llrst game at
even money.
I.ajole, after making his 3O00tli hit yes
terday, Is reported to havo said: "I
liopo to linger long enough in major
leaguo company to bat out nnothcr thou
sand or so."
Tho International league season wound
Up yesterday with Providence ns the pen
nant winner. Although the clubs put up
one of the tightest laces in the history
of the league, tho season was a llnnncial
"Josh" DcvoiV Is rapidly becoming a
second Ira Thomas. Ira has fallen Into
mole soft money than any man 'n base
ball. "Josh," however, at the prercnt
rate, will make a retold close to Thomas'.
"Josh" wasn't good onough for the Giants,
hence he wns turned loose on the un
stable baseball llimanicnt. lie was
shunted around tho league, until he fi
nally landed In Hoslon. Now "Josh" is
about to cut In on another big slice.
A parallel to "Josh" Devoro's good for
tune in getting in on .world's series
money, because he was not up to the
standard, Is found In tho case of
"Johnny" I.nvan. Last year Johnny was
with the Browns. lie wns such an In
different performer at the bat, that when
Connie Muck wanted a shoitstop lo till
In when Harry was hurt, "Johnnv" was
turned over to the Athletics immediately.
"Itube" Olilrlng tried his hand at short
during Harry's nbjenco from the game
and played sn well that Lnvan wns not
used at all. La van, however, wns on tho
bench during the world's series and got
his full shaic of the coin.
Von Old, tho Athletics road secretary
and human dynamo, Is nbout to get Into
nctlon. "Wot Id's seiles aio his specialties.
We note that in another column of this
edition It Is remaikid that the llrst busi
ness ot the National Commission lu-ia
next Wednesday will bo to toss the cola
tn ascertain where tho first world's se
ries games will bo played. Wrong. That'll
the second thing.
The Athletics will have nn off-day to
morrow. The schedule makers miiot have
"doped" out Just when they would clinch,
tho ling and arranged It so they could plan
ways to pi event any of tho world's series
money getting uwny from them.
Hnvrc do Grace Entries
Flrn inco. for R-yenr-uldo nnd m, Fulllnfc,
0 fin Ion kh Coos ter, 101, Ail.ilris", Kill. i:,a-ti-r
Jit, 101: Ortyx. jo:: iiumiu, mil. lt..,--i-r
Gordon, M.'S; drey l.cu, inn. M.'.leral . in :.
Ho. in:); r.ohewtrin, loll: cjrtl.out, ' 101:
l'h.iraoh, 112; Ahhc.in, 10S; I'reil Lt-y, 107:
llootli. It.!.
Keroml race, for .",- car-olds and up. in.lMms,
Muiplt.lins, nliout - niili-H itiim Mnralml, II.':
I.nnniiu, llBj lie, 115: t'unnisorlum, 11.1; i!a
imcloiH, 113, Abcrfelily, i:ii'; I-'iug, 111.
Third rnio, for 2-year-olils, haiulli ,i, fi fiir-UnRS-SIr
Kdgar, 112. tlai-lk-, 11.1; pouMo l..i
Ble, lli'i; Dr. Larrick, 101; i-artonc't, S;
llioamlng. 1C
rourth r.uo, all agei. handicap, mile dtiJ TO
snr.in-Ani.ilfl, nl; Working Linl, ln.1; A-i-1-r'isu.
-J.I, .Miimi. la-sell, 1H0; Hairy Sliuiv, pm,
I'lftH race, for .'t-yi.li -olds nnd up, si-IMiik,
mllo and 70 yanla Haiti rj. II-'; Waltiri, :;
Ae, Iir.'; Kins lloli, 10.1. Henry Hutchinson,
lu'l; MunRim. OS. My Ki-llmv 1U.I; ,'uluml
Aslmieadc, US; Nnpltr, IDs, punulccla, lie.
Main.. 101; Koy.il Muluor, 107: A flirt-low, ln7,
I.nuls-e Tr.-uers, OS; ISirly Light, 1117.
Sixth race, 2- car-old mnldcna, ,1 furlong
Ari-iiiruu, 107, I'rotouor. 1117, Sentiment, tali
Koyiimr, 107: MIm l-'rancra. Hit; .Mugk-. 1"7;
Meellrk, 101. ltlmable, 101, lluir Jlock, 1U7;
Our John. PIT.
St-venth race, for .1-year-oIdi and up, Bellini,
ft furlongs Phyllis Antoinette, 101: Marti ,
1U0- Clillla. ln'.i; CiiniiooK, us; HiauI Meteor,
loll; li n iJulm-e, ln.1; Dr. Dnugluity. 112;
l.uly Oram, lis, L'AlRlon, 112; Hypatlc lis;
Hunklng. in.'!; Chilton fcnuaw, lu:i; 1'althful,
ltd. Sonny Hoy, Kill.
Apprentice allowance claimed. Wiathor
cltar. traek fast.
I 1 jp n Ira I
I 1
RACE MEET Trottlnff nnd Pllnnina T?nM . A..
except Friday, Auto Races, Friday, October 2d.
P SEE NILESandhiswonderfulaeropIaneflights. Fllesupside
down, loops the loop, falls wing over wing, drops 1000 feet.
fi BETTER BABY Contest and Health Exhibit.
Badiico's "Whirl of Death;" Owen. "Tlie Human Bomb;"
Buhler. "The Auto Fiend;" Geer, "The Human Comet;"
Max, " The Diving Pony j " Billy Bouncer on his bouncing board :
Melodious Tom Kenyon; The Elusive Water Lilies; Daylight
Fireworks; The Skaters' Bijou; Calvert on the hieh wire;
Mirano Bros., "The Human Torpedoes" and other attractions.
w m 17a1iiaa1 fn.. J C ;i f5 ii n f
hrflHBi 1A4 .
TttrMCKB-JSr.---g F - "
KS3I3?KI 1
: 111 J .

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