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ymrrar ffmfW'PeM'Kl)9t' f
More Confidence Every
where and Talk of Early
Exchange Reopening Is
Evidence of Improved
Fall liotiscclcnnlng Is In order In the
ImtikliiK nrnl brokeraRo houses of the biff
flnnnelal centres. Lonc-illstnnce tele
phone, wires, which wore ordered out Just
lifter the stock exchanges closed, so as
to cut down expenses, are brlns replaced;
Btcnosrnphors nro busy Blmrrieiilnir pen
cils and bond salesmen who have been
on protracted vacations aro being called
In. For thoro has come a general
brightening' of the situation which fore
casts an early resumption of trading.
This Is tho eighth week of hostilities In
JJurope and Is nlso tho eighth week slnco
there developed the financial depression
Incident to tho closing of tho world's
Htock Exchanges becnuso of tho war.
Jlany things have happened at homo and
abroad In tho meantime. There Is no In
dication that any cessation of hostilities
in near, but thoro aro many ovldonces
tnat thero Is at hand a, readjustment of
tho financial situation which shall lead
shortly to a moro normal resumption or
r general business.
At no tlmo during tho eight long weeks
tho suspension has been under way has
tho outlook been so bright as It Is today.
There Is everywhere apparent that gen
eral feeling of confidence which has been
ho badly needed and which has made
Itself felt to such a largo degrco that In
the financial centres of the country plans
are being gradually worked out for mar
ket operations on a larger scale than
London, Now York nnd Philadelphia
rnaikcts have arranged to begin traaing
la securities within certain restrictions.
Tho committee of tho London Exchange
has published a list of securities In which
trust funds may bo Invested and has given
minimum prices for the same. There Is
also a proposal at tho British centre to
ileal In securities through auctioneers.
At home tho most Important step that
has been taken Is the ruling that unlisted
eccurltlcs may bo dealt In through brokers
and that prices must not be rigidly main
tained on the basis available when the
Stock Exchange closed In July. All this
means preparations for actual business.
The list will probably from now on be
gradually widened.
Managers of the Stock Exchange are
now under the impression that business
may bo icsumed In an unrestricted way
on November 1. This Is still dependent
on the banking situation and tho esti
mate of November 1 Is contingent upon
the ability of the Federal Reserve Board
to have the new banking conditions In
eractieal workable form before that date.
The week opened In tho foreign ex
change market with a Jump of ISc. In
both demand nnd cables. A heavy de
mand for exchange was evidenced and
lurther advances aro looked for. The In
quiry Is directly duo to tho fnct that
ti'oout JW.Ono.Chfl of American finance bills
held abroad have got to be met by Octo
ber ,
The special demand for cables Is dun to
the fact that no steamer can possibly
reach the other side In time for tho set
tlement The Special Committee of Five
of tht Xuiv York Stock Exchnnge rules
that on all loans of securities between
membets as well ns on contracts for se
curity s still unsettled to and including
Sfiti'-nber 30 must bo paid October 1.
Advices from London indicate that con
ditions aie rapidly Improving and the
statement Is mndo that nt no tlmo has
the .situation their- been regarded ns
ferloiml an many .have been Inclined to
Large amounts of money are known
to h,. ava lable In tho English capital
waiting opportunity for Investment. It
Is futr to n ru me, tho information states,
that a part of It will seek tho American
marl;, ts for employment. Conditions In
London nro said to be better now than
the have been In weeks, and the outlook
Is vli-uert by many with more confidence
than at any time hlnco tho present wnr
b ga:i.
In announcing their decision not to de
clare the rt-Hular iunrterly dividend of 1
Jtr cent n commuii stock, which would
nominally be paid October 15, directors of
the I'ugct Sound Traction, Light and
1'nwir fimpany make this explanation
In a li-tur to stockholder, received here
"I'uring tho Inst two years the I'uget
K.niinl district has suffered from general
depHuiinn in business throughout Pacific
Kt.Kc and Hiltlsh Columbia. This has
bi'-n letierteil In earnings available fur
icmni n M.ick dividends. As It has sub
stantial cash balance nnd no floating debt
Nth.. i.impany Is strong llnaiicl.illy, but
" is impossible to estimate how long
bu-ln.'-is depression will continue dlioc
tuis. m Hfvo resources shoiild be con
ii il "
Although the franchises of 1C Ohio cities
l'h the Last Ohio cias Company author
ised that company to Incieaso Its price
for natural gu from 30 cents to 35 cents
a l"n i uhic ff.fi, that company decided
thi In vluw of present tlnmu-tal ccmill
ti' ns it wuMid not make tho advance. This
'e'i.-iim wiu ,ep the consumers of tho
f"ll 'Win ellies: Akron, Canton, Massil
Ion. I 'fiinlboii, .Vuw Philadelphia, Buck.
ilty. Danville. Ulirlchsvllle. Nlles.
Wun. n. Hast Palestine. LQWellvllle,
Mm ii..ia, Hubbard, Gliurd mid Canal
Th. (il,!,, pbuc utilities Commission
as- authurUeU the Cleveland Hallway tn
.uinmon capital stock amounting tu
"' par value, to. In sold fur not less
than pm..
II ..,s
Miectnrs, ,,f ii,0 Columbus Hallway.
"' i ami Light Company, which is mnn
h.U una opiated by a 1'lilludelphU jlrni,
ii.nu decluied Uift regular iiuiuteily itlvj,
"l' ,,t p ,M.r ct.t. un the preferred
'"'. suns A. pujublo on October 1. The
u'l'U'iiM ti,.k no action tnwiuU lluaiiclns
'''i''l Impiovements. It Ij said, hjw
yi tint Impiuvcmeiits. and extensions
Mi 4ii iiigent will bo financed out of
The third 2100-hoisepower unit of the
""n ltui,ia hMlro-eltctrie development
J 'iistiuLted D U. si. llyll.sby K C, on
" siuvwsippi Itlvor has eeu placed In
5-ii""i,Vtal oucration. An tmrase of
w kiluwatl hours will be supplied
ly to the Slltineapolls Uenoral Klec
" i ompan from these three units.
;,'2 'ouf' unit will bo placed In .pra
J,'.0" al,Q"t te middle f October, and the
t. I1.1""11-1 oru: vt ' 't mn-M lnMulia
V'" In N'py Ti iff
Report Made for Creditors Shows In
crease In Property Value,
The report prepared by O, M. V. Mur
phy for the Creditors' Committee of tho
Assets lteallzntlon Company, which Is In
the hands of receivers, has been sub
Jnlttcd to that body. Jlls conclusions are,
In part, ns follows:
'The direct and contingent liabilities
''aVi "ton decreased by almost $3,000,001).
Although Interest paid creditors nnd ex
penditures In ImnriivmiKint nt H. rht...
panys property nggregnte $39r,B99, cash
on hand has Increased $37,101. Executive
or financial reorganization has been or
is ciTccteil In tho Breakwater Company,
the Slmms Magneto Company, tho United
Ma es Worsted Company, tho Bitter ltool
Valley Irrigation Company, tho Art Metal
Construction Company and tho Unltcfl
.m" ,?t11 Products Company.
The Alndln nnd Armstrong mines have
been soldi tho Haidwnre and Wooden
waro Syndicate has been closed; tho ABh
9.V & Bnlloy Company lliuldatlon has
been practlca ly completed; tho Morris
I ark chtates have been flnnnced beyond
tho period of tho maturity of their mort
gages, and their direct obligations have
,?n!urutluec.d b "Proximately 75,00O.
-..,; iuM ui mo atowart .Mining com
pany, in which the company was largely
interested, has, utter serious litigations
with F. A. Ilelnze, been sold nt a satis
factory price, nnd tho situation of the
united Copper syndicate has thus been
Improved, Tho distressing situations of
tho Kenwood Contracting Cotnpany, tho
Placlta Itanch Company and tho Swenaon
L,and Compnny have been adjusted on
terms more satisfactory than could bo
Justifiably anticipated. Tho King's High
way Company has been sold, and tho
Fifth Avcnuo Investing and Improvement
Company saved from what threatened to
bo complcto destruction,
"Without obi gutlon on our part, $225,000
has been obtnlned for the developments
of the Gogo Park property. Fixed annual
operations havo been reduced to the ex
tent of $147,185, nnd a great variety of
small assets of the company have been
realized upon or havo been put In condi
tion for realization n due season."
Sons of Pennsy Employes Will Enter
tJflluerslty of Pennsylvania.
Samuel Lycll Lelthlser, of Havre do
Orace, Md., and William L. Butler, of
Now Philadelphia, Ohio, arc tho 19U
winners of tho Frank Thomson Scholar
ships established In 1M7 by tho children
of the late Frank Thomson, former presi
dent of the Pennsylvania Railroad Com
pany, ns a memorial to their father. Both
tho successful candidates this year will
enter tho University of Pennsylvania.
Tho Thomson Scholarships aro awarded
each year en a purely competitive basis
and nrc open only to the son of living
or deceased employes of tho Hues of the
Pennsylvania Hnllroad system, both east
and west of Pittsburgh nnd Erie.
Lelthlser Is the son of Scalo Inspector
Isaac I. Lelthlser. of the Maryland Divi
sion. He was born In Havre de Grace,
Sld March 23, 1&33. Butler Is the son
of E. It. Butler, passenger conductor on
tho Cleveland and Pittsburgh Division of
tho Lines West. Ho Is 13 years old.
A decrease of 5 per cent, per mile In
totnl operating revenue of railroads In
Juno compared with the same month of
last year Is shown In the summary of
the Bureau of Railway Economics. The
Biimmarv ulso shows that thero was a
decrease In operating expenses of 4.1 per
cent. Tho net operating revenue per mile
wan $23 smaller, or 7 per cent., when com
pared with June. 1913.
With the Intention of breaking up the
practice of passengers riding on plat
forms of moving passenger cars, the
Pennsylvania Railroad has posted no
tice! on bulletin boards of the Pittsburgh
Division warning passengers of tht dun
gcr in so doing.
Through a lost adveitleement a passen
ger on tho Maryland Division of the
Pennsylvania Railroad recovered $100
which he had lost on tho platform In
Broad street stntlon nnd which was
picked up by a brakeman nnd held by
the company until the owner was found.
Othelal? of the Pennsylvania saw the ad
vertisement, -which appeared or.ee, got
Into communication with the man and
tho money, which was the savings of a
six months' cruise on a sailing vessel, was
returned to him.
Chicago is now assured of Its new $65,
000,000 union stntlon and pnssenger ter
minal yards, the Pennsylvania and other
roads Interested In Its Joint construction
having accepted the city ordinance gov
erning tho undei taking. This Involved
tho payment to the city of $3J3.S0ii, nnd a
few weeks ago there was danger that the
entcrpiiho would bo delayed In anticipa
tion of difficulty In raising tho money,
owing to tho war. This appears to have
been overcome. The work Is to be com
pleted In five years.
Statistics show that only a little moro
than 3 per cent, of the passenger cars
turned out Inst year were, of wooden con
struction, and In a few years those of
wood will have disappeared from the
principal ntterles of travel. If not from all
roads. In tho coming year all postal cars
must be of steel. In the four years ended
January 1. 1313. steel passenger cars In
creased In number from 620 to 7271, and
steel underframe cars from 673 to 3296,
each of tho former costing $13,000. which
serves to indicate how expensive It Is to
tho railroads to make the change to metal
toil. Increase,
Ausu't Rrcwi $TllS5.-iD '2l Tin
suri'lu ir,:i.sns n.i;:i:i
From January t fi.141 ITS :ii!i.:iiij
Surplus l.losn.'.T I30.0W
Augunt Krons r.M. 1.17 f H),fll4
Net Income -".Mil .T.llll)
Tf!ve months' Brcs.. l,34.'l S.1H 7X1103
Surplus after dliMemla. btl.407 80.731
Steps toward raising the JS.OuO.OM (n,i
which Is the allotment uf tho national
bunks of this city In the JIOVOO.OOO sold
pool, are progressing. Tho proportion con- ,
tributed by the various banks Is fixed on i
u, pio rata basis on their gold reserves, j
Somo of tho banks already have taken i
action on paying their share, and the i
others arc walling until meetings of their
respective boards of diiectors.
State Body Covering Life,
Fire and Casualty Brokers
Will Make War on Pro
posed Obnoxious Laws.
Organization of the Insurance Federa
tion of Pennsylvania has been completed.
It has established temporary head
quarters In tho rooms of tho Flro Insur
ance Society, In Fourth street near Wal
nut. The federation Is. made up of life,
flro nnd casualty Insurance agents and
brokera throughout the State.
In a letter to brokers nnd ngents, J,
V. Henry, president of the newly formed
federation, declares that the future of
the Insurance agent In Pennsylvania Is
In danger, nnd that thero must bo made
a co-opcrotlva attack on laws, which, he
says, tho next Legislature plans to put
thro.ugh covering Insurance regulation
nnd operation.
"Ab you aro well aware," says Presi
dent Henry, "tho Insurance business hn3
been tho subject of attack by Legislatures
In suvornl States, and, as you know, the
Insurance ngents of Ohio, West Virginia,
Washington nnd other States, havo been
put out of business after working yenrs
In building up their agencies. Wo nre at
this time confronted In Pennsylvania with
a Logllaturo about to convono to give
consideration to measures vital to the
Interests of the Insurance ngents In tho
State of Pennsylvania, and wo must be
prepared to meet tho Issue fairly by be
ing organized Into a body that will wield
such an Influrnce na will grant to us as
ngents and citizens of the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania a right to continue In
the Insurance business as a means of
livelihood. Had tho ngents been organ
ized In Ohio nnd other States, they would
Btlll have their business.
"If tho Insuranco business Is attacked
nnd legislation passed which Is detrimen
tal to tho business, there wilt bo no
fuither need of the agent. The Insur
ance companies have no right to cotno
In and say what character of legislation
shall bo passed but we, as citizens, tax
payers and voters of this Commonwealth
should say what sort of legislation shall
bo put upon our bread nntl butter.
"Only organization can Favo and per
petuate to us the need of the agent In
Pennsylvania, and ns fire Insurance, work
men's compensation nnd llfo insurance
we know will be matters for considera
tion by our next Legislature, we must,
for tho salvation of our business, bo
organized In a compact body, working
hand In hand In legislative matters to
safeguard our business."
Oflicers and directors of the federation
aro: J. W. Henry, president; S. H. Pool
and J. S. Turn, vice presidents; J. L.
Rlvolta, treasurer. Directors; Robert M.
Coyle, Philadelphia; Wallace M. Reld
Pittsburgh; Charles K. Yungman, Phila
delphia; Jnmca F. Tanner, Erie; II. A.
Logue, Pittsburgh: J. W. Barr. OH City;
J. B. Longacre. Philadelphia; F. S. Barr.
Lancaster; J. E. Parnell. Indiana; Jerre
H. Barr, Reading; E. H. Bnlr, Greens
burg; J. F. Brondbent. Scranton, and
Jesse S. Bell, Wllllamsport.
On October 7. nt 2 p. m., the Depart
ment of Agrlculturo will Issue a report of
condition and yields of grain crops.
Tho L'tlco Steam and Mohawk Cotton
Mills, of Utlcn, N. Y have received an
order from the French Government for
000,000 sheets.
President Robert Lnmont, of the Ameri
can Steel Foundries Company, on an In
spection trip of the company's plants,
says that It will be necessary to closo
some of tho plants nnd curtail production
at other works. Mr. Lamont said that
the foundry business was decidedly poor
at present.
Retiring directors were re-elected at the
annual meeting of the Chicago, Milwau
kee and St. Paul.
The American Gas Company announces
tho payment of the remaining outstand
ing J1.6OO.0OO 3 per cent, collateral trust
loan at Its maturity October 1, at the of
fice of the Marchants' Union Trust -Company.
The financing of tho loan was pro
vided for earlier In tho year by the place
ment of a like amount of 5 per cent, col
lateral truBt bonds, all of which have been
sold to Investors.
AVASHI.VriTO.V, Sept. 2S.-Treasury He
partment oltlclnls today completed a ref
und "black list" of banks accused o'
"hounllng" reserves and chnrglng execs
hive Intt-rest rates. Tho list will be ie
fcried to Secretary McAdno and C'omp
ti oiler Williams, but whether It will be
made public hns not been decided
The State Department of Mines at Hur
rlsburg has Issued statistics on the amount
of coal mined In Pennsylvania In 191J.
Tho total Is given as 2S4,C57,020 tons, of
which 173,030,061 were bituminous and 91,
626,656 anthracite The total production
was larger than In any previous year.
Hank clejflngi tnda. comi aro.f with lli
corresponding day In tho la.se two jmr, fu.
10H. 1013 una.
PIiIIh.U . . Jls.ai.-, .US U.1.M.1.U1 424.20,1 osi
llosiun 11 IU1 711 HI R'.'4,il.v, ji.Wh'-Mi
New York J170.inl, 570 tVil.Xlt SIT VJ3 57U1U
WIIHAT. ttectlptu, I47'i70r1 bunh. The
market ma quiet with no Important ehnnK
Iri prices. Csr lots, In export levator-No 2
rfd, spot and September, $1,085 1.13s No. 1 red
IVetKrn, $1,1201.17; No. 1 Northern Uuluth,
COHN. rteclpti, .1009 bush. Demand
light and prices lie. lower. Car lota for local
trade, as to location-No. 2 yellow, 80,4387c.i
ateamer jfllow, 8W?8'4c
OAT8. Receipts, 48.C00 buidi. Trices de
clined Me. with btier Indifferent. No. 2
white, DltfftlKe.! atandard while. M!i'.'te.;
No. .1 white, 5.103.-144C.
FLOtm, Receipts, 703 bbln., 811,807 lbs.
In aacka. The market doll and largely nominal.
Per i()0 Iba. In wood-Winter clear, W-Wayj!
do., atralaht, JUKlfifUf.; do., patent, '
S.fiOj Kantaa, straight. Julo aacka, 20fl3.COi
do., patent, Jute aacks, l',WB5.'A!..SB5"iS!
flrat clear, Jt.TBa.l, do,. atralKht, J.I.IWlfUu;
doy patent, f3.n0fiC.Ki, do., fnvorllo brand",
JOBfl.iBj city mllla, choice and fancy .ly1'"'.
$000.2.1; city mllla, regular grnrtca-J lntT-,
clear, fl.Nfr4,8.1: do., straight, fl.WfJ.i.irii do.,
patent. S.2..?JR.CO.
ItVi: Kl.OUIt. Oulet, but ateadily held
at f35.CO for nearly nnd Western In wood.
Quiet and prices fnvorod buyers. Whltfl pota
toes, per huah. I'ennaylvatila, noimc; New
York, Kl.lle. ; whllo potatoes, Jerary, per bas
ket, .IMtOc.; sweet potatoes, KaRtcrn Shore,
per hbl.-No. 1, fI.?oV2..1.i: No. 2, 7.V l,
sneet potatoes, ixonn larmina, per iidi. no.
3, I1.7SB2; No. 2, 7iSc f I: aweeta, .leraev,
per lihl.-No. 1, 2..W32 73i No. 2. fl.snttl.TG;
aweeta. Jersey, per basket. 40930c. Onions,
Western nnd Connecticut Valley, choice, per
10Un. unK, i onions, memum, per jitj-id,
hait. 750(100. CabbaRO, domestic, per ton, HO
Si2. Celery, New York, per hunch, 10330c.
Mushrooms, per 4-lb basket, COCUf 1.00.
In fair request nnd generally steady. Ap
ples, per bbl. araenateln. fl.S0Q2.23; Plush,
fl.fi0ff2.2,: other Rood eating varieties, fi.nw
2.25; medium, fll.fiO: apples, Delaware and
Pennsylvania, per hamper, oOflfiOc. Lemon,
per box, S:i fr-1 . Pineapples, per crate I'orto
lllco. fl.23i!I.'l.23: Florida, fl(i)2.fiO. Cranber
ries, Capo Cod, i:arly Illark, per hbl., t.Ml3:
cranberries, Capo Cod, Early ninek. per crate,
tl.7."Q2; crnnberrles. Jersey, per crate Dark,
1.73fr2.2.'ii light, ftfrt.23. Huckleberries, per
Ht.. 408c; Peaches, Virginia, per - 20-lb.
basket, 2."fiM)e. ; do., do., per crate, 7.'cfffl.23:
do., Delaware and Maryland, per bnskrt. L .
73c,; do., do., per crate, TSc (7fl.2.": peach?,
Pennsylvania, per basket r.iirgo white, or vel
Icw, SrW73c. ; medium, flOfWOe.. p-ache. Jer
sey, while on yellow, per J-ba8kot Extra
larcc, 73fI00c., medium, MIMOc. Pears, near
by, per bbl Ilnrtlett. .Vn. 1. SIW
B.S0: do., No. 2, $2.r013; Clapp's fav
orite. Nn. 1, fH.WUH.SO: do., Nh. 2. f 2.5083:
other nrietles, f2fl.'l: pears, N. Y. Scckel, per
bbl., Jl'fS: pears. Ilartlntt or Meckel, per
hushel basket, flQ1.73. Grapei. Now York
Concord, per S-lb. basket, 1.1ft life. , do., per
4-lh. basket, SftlOc. : Dclawares, per 4-lb.
haket. 2i(?l."c.; (trapes. Concord, per crate,
40ijr,0e. Plums, per S-lb. basket, 2021a.
CnntaloupM. Colorado, per crate. tWl.."0: do.,
do., flats, r.OgsOc. Watermelons, Jersey, per
100. SlOH-o.
ItnriNnn. Trade, slow at former rates.
Standard Krnnulated fi.soc. : line granulated.
(! i.'c : pow deed, n.Mc. ; cdntcctioncrs' A,
0.05c. ; sort grades, .".Mirfl.IOc.
JIUTTKK, Market quiet and without Im
portant change. Offerlncs moderate but am
ple. Western freih, solid-packed, creamery,
fancy, specials. Xlc. ; extra, aic. . extra firsts.
HOC. firsts. 2SU,1;2;i'$c. , twornli. 2Q1T27HC.:
ladle-packed. 21ft2ric, na to quality; nearby
prints, fancy, :14c. ; do., nverngu extra. .12ff.13c;
do., nrsts, Sortaic.: do., seconds, 27i?28e .fce
clal fancy br.indu of prints JobhInK at .')8TMlc.
KCiCS. Strictly fine fresh etrgs kept well
cleaned up at steady prices. In free cases,
nearby extras, ,'llc. per dox. ; nearby firsts,
SS.40 per standard case; nearhy current re
ceipts, f7.2uifJ7.fK) per standard case; Western
extra firsts, fs.40 per case. do., flrats, 57.20ft
7.50 per case; do., seconds, fn.H0iTll.P0 per
case. Candled and recrated frtsh csirs were
Jobbed out at 15f.17c. per doz.. as to quality.
ClIIXSi: Trade quiet and tho market
unthansed. New York, full-rrenm. choice, 10'4
SJ1C4C ; do,, do., fair to good, llliSlOc. : do.,
part bklms, OSllc.
LIVE. Plentiful and barely steady. Fowls,
13ST17C., old roosters, 145(1 lie : dutkH, old, 1'IW
He: do., spring, 14T15c. ; guineas, per pair,
oung, weighing 2 lbs. and over apleee. ,0c.;
do., weighing i5Ui lbs. apiece, WrfTil.1c.;
do., weighing 1 lb. apiece, OUc. ; old, Mc;
pigeons, per pair. 17ftlSc.
IIHKSSKI1. Fine desirable sized stock
pretty well cleaned up at tteady prices. Fresh
killed fowls, per lb., selected heavy, 2lVsC. :
fancy weighing 4'j'(TS lbs. apiece, 20Hc. : do.
weighing 4 lbs. apiece. 20c; weighing. 3H lbs
apiece. t7ffl$c ; weighing 3 lbs. nnd under,
lc. ; old rooiters, dry-picked, llP-Sc. ; broiling
chickens, nearby, weighing lUfrS lbs. apiece,
20fi22c. : broiling chickens, nearby, fair ta
good, lfljfi.xc ; chickens. Western, 1 lbs. apiece,
ll'c: do., do.. 2i43 lbs. apiece. 14H15c:
broiling chickens, Western, 1HT lbs, apiece,
17?T18c: broiling chickens. Western, fair to
good, lSSlOc. ; squabs, per doz. White, weigh
ing 11 to 12 lbs. per doz.. f t.n,'fi 1.23: white,
velghlng ( to 10 lbs., per doz.. f2,7.tfrt.su;
whlto. weighing 8 lbB., per dot., $2.2MT2. III.
do., do,, 7 lbs., per doz., H."iTi". do., do . flii
fW lb., per doz., fl 2501.30; dark and No. 2,
Market quiet and unchanged. City beef.
In sets, smoked and alr-drled, :!liu".'l2c. :
Western beef. In sets, smoked. 314T32C ;
city beef, knuckles and tenders, smoked and
alr-drled, 32J34c; Western beef, knuikle and
tenders bmoked. 33fl.14c.: beef hams, fWftl.i;
pork, family, $28327; hams. S. I cured,
loose, in'M?lflic.: do., skinned, looss, 1.1if,fj
lfic ; do., smoked, ISftlOc. : other hams,
smoked, city -ured, as to brand and average.
lSJJlUc; hams, smoked. Western cured. 1S&
10c : do., boiled, boneless. 2SfT2'ic. : picnic
bhoulders, S. I', cured, loose, 12ji2ic. ; do.,
smoked, I4B14He.; helllea In nlckle, according
to average, loose, l(IHfi7c : breakfast bacon,
as to brand und merage, city cured 21fl2;lc ;
breakrast bacon, Western curl, 21?2icj lard,
Wj-storn, refined, tierces, fimll'jc. : do. do
do., tubs, MVytiWc- lard pure city, kettlo
rendered. In tierces, !li;?ll'ii-.. do., puro cltjr,
kettlo rendered, in tubs, l,t,illl:.
CHIC.KJO. Fept 28 HOfiR. Ilecelpta,
20,000: markrt 10c higher, mixed ami butcher,
fs SOtiit Hi; good heay. s 7"tjU: rough beavj.
$f n.-ifis ir,- light SS.V'iti in. nigs, fit lofKi3,
bulk. fS.lOSS .1 CATTI-B-necelpts. 22.(11)0,
market steady to 15.' loner, beeves. f7 lu'ull.
cows and helfern, 3 IXftU 23. stockers and
feeders, 1.4.lns 1(1 T xans. f7 40'o'.ii: calca.
f'lSUfill.Vi. SHKI5P. Ilecelpta. "jO.i'OO market
lilc. lower, natlvo and Western, f 1.253 70,
lamb?, J5IX)
Valfl & Townt Manufacturing Company, trg
ular quarterly 1-h i'r cent , pcijahlo Octo
bir 1.
Pprlngtteld and Xcnl.i Halhviiy. 2 per cenf.
on prod rrod, payable September 30 to stock f
utonl September 23.
Youngstown and Ohio nicer Hallroad, I r-'r
icnt, on preferred, pnjnble geptimber SO to
stock of record September 25.
I'enntolvaula Salt Manufuc luring Company
regular quarterly ,1 per cent.. aable Oc
tober 15, to toU of retold. Septeinber Hu.
Public ScnK-e Cumpaiiy f Northern Illinois
rcgul.ir quarterly Pa per cent on r referred and
tk per cmt. on ramnain, p.oal.li. No ember 2
to stock of record nctotKir 13.
illlnoU Northern I'llllties Company, regular
quartirlv uf f 1 .' un prefcrreil. payubls No
vember 2.
It. M. ilvllesbv ,t Co. nnnoumo regular div
idends of 1 'iir cent on the preferred of th
fbltuHlng cum jiilis for the quarter ende I
Siptimber .'III, ndl-tlila (i-tder 13: Northern
Slat's Potter. r!,tern SMtes tlas and Elec
tric and (Jsttumwa Itnllway und Light.
NRiV YOltK. S.pt. ;". - llCTTKIt quiet:
recilpts. 4WI tubs .r.nmer. run :0fii.",i.;
State dairy tubs. 22'(i211l.. imitat.on i rraniery,
pri.ts. 2t''iv4(, HlitiS ,uol re. elpt. ssi
crUs. nearby white, fan y. 't.iu.is. narby
nilTOJ. fancj. 2"uJ . frtih. Huti. JiavK;
Large Primary Receipts in
the Morning Count Against
Values, But Selling Is
ClflCAGO, Sept. 2S.-Todn.y'8 wheat
mnrlirt wns rather nn unlmportuiit affair,
although llucuutloim wore ae numerous
niid as flighty as usual. Weaker forclKii
nitirketc, larfiu primary lecelpts and ,an
cnormoUK Increase In tho domestic visible
supply counted nb'alnst vntucs during the
mornlns. but tho solllnif wns overdone.
Tho grain wan well but quietly absorbed
oil tho wuitk spots, nnd was hard to locate
afterward until tho market had scored
an mlvancc of about ls to ltt cents over
Satui day's choice. Thero was considerable
business done today In the way of ex
port sales, hut the paitlclpanta kept It
well covered
Trade In corn wa-j small and country
sales and consignments were light, ine
mnrlsut was easy. The weather was ex
collcnt over the cntlro belt, futures
closed 4 to cents lower.
Oats displayed somo strcnKtli on fairly
(rood local speculative buying, which was
stimulated to some extent by consider
able export sales from the seaboard.
Futures closed H cent lilBher.
Leadlnj futures ranged as ro,lowa:Salurrta.8
Wheat- Open. High. Imw flow. cloe.
September .. ikjOT "W .-'0 K
t'.,.bcr..:: W33J 1.SW i:' S l:St
Corn (new delivery;
September .. lO'i ''
rjreember . ")s (!
May 721 i-:i
Oats- ... ...,,
September .. 4, !
Decerrbcr .. 4W S
May '-! "''.1 "-
September .. .. -. -.;
.iSuarv :i0.O.-. 10.15 1D.W,
January :.::io.B2 loir." 1.) SO 10.57 10.50
l'nrk -.-
Cnnliitnhnr IT 21 ..... -
Janunrv .. .in1) 1.7 l'..
Bid. tAsked. fNom.
ja.rr, tn.v.
ii.cr, 'ii.r.5
10.12', 10 03
UI.U7 10.77
Bun rises ... 6:59 a.m. Bun sts ... B:40 p.m.
High waler. !B0 a.m. I High water, fl !W p.m.
Ix,w water.. 3:31 a.m. I Low water.. 3-IOp.m.
High water. B:45 .m, J High water. B:1J P.rn.
Ixiw water a.m. I Imw water.. 12 07 p.m.
High waler. !l:.1l a.m.
lyiw water.. 0:lBft.m.
High waler. a tn p.m.
low water.. 10.03 p.m.
Vessels Arriving Today
Dominion (Br ), trmlia-in, Liverpool, passen
gers nnd merchandise. American Line, docked
Washington avenue nhari u:.K) a. m.
n-utera (Nor.). Tort Ahtonlo, fruit. United
rult Compnny. Docked S a. tn.
ronrad Mohr (Nor.), Ilertrhs, via Marcus
Fruit Compnny. Docked S a
rnrad Mohr iNnr.V llei
Hook, Josepli C. Gabriel, Point Ilreese.
Merlon . .
Steamships to Arrive
Dlascow ....
...... Naples
LKcipool . ..
Copenhagen .
.Hept. in
,.Scpt. 18
.Hept LM
.Sept. -
nity of Durham Calcutta ..
Zyfdyk Hotterdam
Rtnrt Point Inndnn ...
Man. Mariner Manchester
HUirmfeM ..
Cnn.idla ,,,
ttapldnn . . .
Ml'rourl ...
Dakntan ...
Greenwich .
Wlnlato-i ...
Man. Milter
Cctrlston ...
.Fept. 1
,fapt. 15
.Hept. ly
.Sept. 10
.fept. II
.Sept. 1
.Sept. 1
.fletit IS
Sept. Ill
..Calcutta ..
. .Stavaneer ,
SanWf ....
..London Sept. iij
..Hllo Sept.
,,.owcRtie.N H.Kept. 32
.. Kt. Vincent. C.' fpt. 17
.. Manchester . . .iiept. U4
..Forrvy Sopt. 25
Steamships to Leave
. Kama, ror. Dte.
Dominion Llvnrposl Oct. 8
tftampalla Naplos , Oot 0
.Merion Liverpool Oct, 10
California . . . .
Uranlenbonc .
West Point...
Man. Mariner
.Start Point ..
. . (Una zrrw
London ....
1 Hot'rdam .
1 Manchester
i I)lid'n
..Oot. 17
. . .Oct. 10
..Sept. -.
.iept to
...OC. S
. .Bopt. S'J
...Oct. 1
. . .Oct In
. ..Ort 1(1
.. Oct. 14
...Oct. 1
Vessels Arriving1 Today
Name. From. Docked.
Columbia OIiisrow 8 am.
Krlstlanlfjord Tlerecn 8 a.m.
IpaBno JUvre a.m.
Minnehaha London 1 p.m.
Steamships to Arrive
Name. From.
St. Anna Naplei
United States Copenhagen ..
3tamps.lla Naples
Steamships to Leave
Sept. 11
.Sept. 17
-Sept. 18
N. Amsterdam
'New York
.Havre ....
. Jlordcaux .
Liverpool .
Mauretanla. Livurnmi
Adriatic LU erpool
Columbia Mlisgow
Philadelphia Liverpool
Durn, d'Aosta Naples ..
Mlntehaha London .
T7opaene Havro ..
..Pent. 1
.Sept U.S
. . Sept. i'J
. .Sept. .10
.Sept. Xo
.Sept. no
...Ort. a
...Ot:t. a
...Oct. 3
...Oct. 3
...Oct. 3
Heserve Again Increased; Loans,
Bond and Individual Deposits
The statement of the memoers or me The unabated moderate demand for nroniDt
lilludelphla Clearing House Association boats keeps the etcam market active, and rates
for tho week ending today shows that
reserves nrtaln increased, whllo loans and
deposltsof banks and individuals fell off.
Tho Items compare vlth last week's state
ment as follows: Loans, ;iH1.2JG,000; de
crease, tl,020,0(0; Individual deposits. JTO1,
630 000; decrease, J622.COO; ell dilution. 15,
r WO; Increase, $260,000; due from banks,
JU,5,S41,O0O; decrease, $2,671,000; Clearing
House exchanges,
$230,000; reserve,
$30, 426,000;
Tradesmen's Trust Company to Pay
20 Per Cent. More.
Auditors who are Koine over the books
of the Tradesmen's Tfust Company held
an Informal meeting this morning with
Percy M. Chandler, the receiver, and
John C. Bell, Attorney General. The
auditors are Kugtcne Snyder and Henry
norneman. They are hopeful that an
other payment to the depositors can be
made within u short time.
The bank has made tw-o payments to de
positors. One was J7Vs per cent, nnd the
other 10. The third and probably the
last one will be M per cent, Tho audit
ors reported that thoy were about ready
to close their work.
.,.i.. r.i.A.in ,- ..- :;."- . '-"? ,nico
. .'.in ""'"" '" '" Biui martct is at a
Sllnjsbv fDr ), New York to plrkcd ports
T r.lted Mnud.,m. grnln, 21.sj quarters 2s
id' prompt ''tlon French Atlantic ports. 2s'.
Muirfleld (Br.). 20)00 cuarters, name, rrom
Shakespeare i)r.), Gulf to Havre, era'n
23 fioi) quarters, 3s. Vtf., October. -3-.
Vnrilmn Iflr 1 n.,lf fn ..t.t... 1 .. ....
decrease, I ;VJ. ,m- i5rali?' ?,' ...OP11"" FTPneh Atlantic
increase. 'nmi' ..-..-..-a.. ..oris. .. ,M..
Santanderlno (Span ), 101)4 tons, transat
lantic trade, one trip on time charter bals
fld., delivery Ruir. redelivery United King
dom, prompt
Nils (Nor.), 1101 tons, Prosreso to Mobile
hemp, II! cent", prompt.
Las-ell (Am.). 122T, tons. coastKlso trado
on round trip, private terms, prompt. '
Kins Irtnal (Hr.). ISUi'l tn..e. Virsinla tc
Mcntevldeo. coal, ISs. Pd.. prompt.
Hlritln (Nor.). 1174 tons. Italtlmore to Guan
tnnamo. coal, private terms, iirompt.
Camilla (Nor.). l.Vin tons. Ilaltlmore to Ha
vana, coal private terms, prompt.
Forelfm teamr. Port Arthur. Texas, tr
four ports Australia, r'flned petroleum. 1,"0 -OtO
cases, basis 22 cents on- port, October. '
The rates for money ar all tho leadlriK nnan
clal centres today were quoted as follows
t.um , . ... CaI1- Time.
I'hlladelphla ti t
New York 11 5J"? T OS
IVjston 8 i fls
hP'aKo 7 7
1 hlladelphla I'ommerdol paper three to six
months' maturities, 7fT7'.. per cent
Makes All Coal Railroads
Parties to Inquiry Into Re
ported D i s c r i m i n a tion
Against Shippers.
Ilecaus'i complaint? have teen r.iad
that certain ooal-carrylnc tnllroads hav
cstulillshed embnrKoefl that re.g.ilud In
discrimination against shippers, the In
terstate Commerce Cotnmisslon ban de
cided to Investigate the question of em
bursoes Rpnerally und tlm conditions un
der which they nrn established. Atf
conllnKly, all the railroads of the coun
trj' that carry coal will bo made parties
U) the Inquiry, which will besln In Chi
cago on January an, IMS, and from which
the Commission hopes thero will result
the establlulunent of a system of ern
brio re-uulatlons.
The order of tua Commlsrlon coverlntr
the Inrjulry folkrw.i;
"The subjoct of th mlejs. reprulatlons
and rr.ctloes of ooninvm carriers by roll
ImvinsT bnan bruueht to tho attention of
tho i'';mmlssIon by .r.fonnnl oomp'.alnVi.
.horolp It wao allcsed that certain cot)
roads tta.'Wlsbd mbargots which r
suited In unjust discrimination a.lnt
hlppers; aiid th CummHston, ni a ecu
sequence, clrvulrlrir tt Infonu Itatlf crcn
urally ns to the 'iiiusllon of embarnoes,
the conditions undor which Uiey are -lubllfihed,
and the majuier In which no
tlco is irlven, with a viow to proncrlbltis
reasonablo reculat.lonj for such em
bar roes.
"It Is ordered, Hint a proceeding of In
quiry nnd invcstlBntiori be, and the same
lw hereby instituted Into and concerning
the subject of the rulos, rcirulatlons and
practices of carriers in establishing em
unrsore. "It Is further ordered, that all common
carriers by rail, subject to the act to
rofulnte commerce, bo nnd thoy are here
by made parties respondent to this pro
ceeding, that this proceeding be set for
Iwnrins at such times and places as the
Commission livreaftor shall designate
that tho parties respondent bo required
to appear and testify or to produce
books, documents and papers as the Com
iniision shall deom necessary."
l!'14. 101.1. Inc.
August gross . J.-..S.1.-. t.'.i J.-, -R)7. P.-J I14.S 228
Net ..... . 1.2iiO,2;4 iilil.M).-, 2RS.4.V.I
2 monthV Br.s 11211 171 1 l.ORS fleu ISC. 444
Net 1 IRi.ii', 1 7i!.2'(.-, 20V .TH)
AUEUst crms. . V.'2.".'.1l $vl..17n JL14.732
..Net 1711111 im. SO.'. .-lO.BM
J months ;ross 1 77S "02 1 f! is.'jitj so 003
Net 2M pxl 17S .-..v. 72'r.r.l
Third week Sept J1 11" 12.', Jl 212 7ir. J12n RSO
Prom July 1 . . .12 V'!. "! ri.71.r,7 'airaid
Year ending Jun HO-
Crosa SI 7ISI.20S tl.073, S2rt.74B
N"t 1II.VDV.I XI :,; IVS.417
SLrplus 10't.47il 27ii.2:i TO.-'sn
Tlilrd week Sept.Jtl.S.vt.st. 1 "tie, 171 si.in .tan
J."'om July 1.. 1.1,171.(13.",,100 171,508
Third werk Sept. S22.r.I J2S.H24 S,401
loin July 1.. 27 1. " ixi, UK l.T.aw
Second wk. Sept. S50.2U." S4.1.1S'.
I'rom July 1 . .vw.-co mm .lis
June uross .... S''il,li72 ?ls:n'..420
Net r.l.W.'. onus
12 mos. irross. 14.21U.7I2 I3.W.s7J
Net - ... J.P0y.214 .i.OOI.'i.Vt
3(1. TX
Bar silver was quoted In London today
at 21 pfirn1 off ' pence, commercial btx
silver K-'a (ent, off '4 rnrit.
t H -ojssaasssi
I'oiumlssloner I.ederer, of the Internal
Hevenup Uepnrtment. today issued tho
fullovviiii; rulltiK coveriiiB Income tax on
bend ruuuoiiH:
"When ioii)ons ftorn bonds duo on or
bubsequent to, October 1, 1911. aro accom
panied "by certificates of ownership which
ueu- propei l executed on or prior to
October. 1SH. un the old form pre
scribed pi lor to .Ma 2. 1SH, such eel till
cates will be iicceptcd."
Live Money for Live Mortgages
lu SM00O to S.1O.0OO amounts; no advanle.
(Send full particulars Irumtdlatcly
lltlIfT wui vin.x.
Interstate b air October l and 2
SPECIAL TRAINS direct to the Fair Grounds
I.eae Hrcirl Street Station 7 HI an 8 2 A M sti.nnlnc at nrlnrlmi .,n,i.n.
5hiB,n?05ii"?d '!' V Mi.i'p'"ai wA "bill Au.S "Sh'Mi'B?:
plita unly. ItclurnliK. leave Fair (irouiuU ft 11 and c m p Jl for PhllVd.hhla
Slid1 ii2i:W".,.t,;:ls,.lssBS"i w ,?'"' tit-Uun' w -SufiiSi5
of ru'ndVdVuT'MuK
Pennsylvania W
Railroad a
$2,550, f. o. b. Detroit Seat Six
The Car With n Thousand Charms
Forget for the moment that the Limousine
dfciibc1 "ells thi year for $2,550. We art
facing new price standards in upper-class cars
The time is pist when luxury lovers need suf
fer ocr-tax
The Famous Chassis
Tin-. i the new-model HUDSON Si40
the latest production of Howard F- Coffin
America' foremost designer
Mr Coffin, with the t other engineers, has
devoted four years to this model. It is their
una! conception of the ideal Six.
It eceU in lightness, tn economy, in beauty
I here are all the dainty appointments toilet
.i,es, smoking ca,ev electric light in the dome,
electric telephone to driver.
All the glass is ahless. Window and door
gnu may be dropped The sashless glas,
Pack of the driver is adjusted for ventilating
set it at any height.
The windows and doors have roll mrtainj
Koll-up storm curtains protect the front seat.
I he extra cats 4rc collapsible, and one rray
set tlicm to face either front or rear
All This for $2,550
riere is a tar winch is wtdelv rnnirf.r.. .1,.
It ecei in lightness, tn economy, in beauty princ. 0f mnj,rn c ' i' lunbl(Icrr'1 "
and equipment. In many ay it fs the finest faM u'denmes o"r lei b s, "'" " '"1 "'
example of the new-day quality car. i rnm,, .;. ,1 , .
Nnd the si.e is , ight for ease of hand- J?, T'lZV t
Ine, combined with ample room. degree (iriu 10 ine last
) Tkkei jood ool on date ol sale
The Artistic Side
This Limousine body is built for lis by fa
mous New Fngland coach builders. Every de
tail hos the artist's touch.
It i upholstered and trimmed in finest im
ported fabrics Sample books at your locat
Ill'DSON showroom will offer you four op
tion!,. The hardware is hard-rubber covered. That
i. door handles, window lifts, etc. The rear
J. 101 tuck
c;rwW,rIr the f"ist ."nc h"3use of HUP
iar is offered at $',',55.0
rm,udge fr yurself-af Jour Hudson h
you desire
jeT ratnlos; 1111 rc(Uri.
GOMERY-SCHWARTZ MOTOR CAR CO., 253 North Broad St. Phila
Ilcll 'Phon. Ftlbtrt XXU rKtnttw. Bo till -v IMMEDI4TI7 nfr T,.r.J
T ' "iii.lvr,lES

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