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VOL. I NO. 13
Visits to Property Owners in Vicinity of
21st and Race Streets and Vague Of
fers to Buy Assume New Significance
in Light of Municipal Court Project.
Proposed Purchase of the Magdalen Home
Admitted by Those in the Secret to
Be Only the "Entering Wedge" in
$2,000,000 Bui.ding Fund.
Mysterious ca" by mjFterlous men on ! It by those who want to build a new one
nrnnortv owners In tilt lcilllty Of itst
and Race streets, the site for the pro
posed J2.000.000 "maible hall" grab of
the Municipal Court, have taken a new
meaning to those who entertained the
men since the plan'" of McNIchot-Pen-rose
forces have been revealed.
For months before it was even whls-
"On court days," she said, "the halls
are crowded so that It Is almost Im
possible to pas, And the Judge has only
one small room fo hi.urelf. If people i
come to see nlm h has only that sma'l
room to entertain them in."
The advisory board, of which Louli
Wolf. Oeorge Q. Horwltz, Louise Jurist,
and other are members, complain be
cause their meetings are Interrupted, they
r, ...u,,w. "7"( ' '",; .,M say, l,y the nol-o of trect cars pas.dng
pered that the Detention House at d a,onB Arch strec an( ,rnlnf n(Jrth Qn
and Arch sttevts. built only six years .iko.
was to be abandoned persons who owned
property in the path of the grab have
been asked to tell what they would sell
for. Sometimes the "agents" have said
they represented the city, but more often
they have come from "persons who did
not want to figure In the transaction
until it was dosed."
N'o one knows who these men are. But
id street. Their met tine room Is
the lde faring ;:d street, but they hav.i I .
to go over Into the probation officers'
room for their me-nin becaue the cr.ri
make so much noise, according to Mr.
Meanwhile Municipal Court officials and
other organization men are considerably
upset by the publicity Riven their plans.
There Is an Impression that the plans
for buying the rest of the property may
be submersed for a time In the hope that
they have been unsuccessful In most ""- -"--- "' "- urao ana me meuious
cases, as the neighborhood is made up of chosen to make It may be forgotten,
thriftv people who saved until they had
:," TdrniS- : fencibles must surrender
'to one connected with the land grab ! ARMORY TO THE CITY
will admit having thought of the 21-t ' T
and Kace streets propei ty before the end Dilatory Tactics ot Councils Force
rt last May. Hut the visits or tne mys
terious men began a ions; time befjra
Vacation of Broad Street Site.
Owing to the dllatorlne.cs i,f "itv Coun
cils to act on an ordinance providinz t.,r
an extensions of the ;a-e ,.f the State.
Kenelbles' Armory building at Hroad and
Callowhill streets, that military otganiza
tion will be compelled Immediati Iv t
vauito and deliver up possession tu the
The lease of the armory building expired
on March 1 last, and the city declined t-
lenew It, for the reason. :ire.rrtl f
i r--. i i- ,. . " " -
thore i """""'' '-rtn. wno represents the T n-
...-.-., uun ine estaij shmerit of tie
SIcst of the propel ty owners along
Winter street tell the same stoty. Thoy
aw btec approached very warily and
questioned vaguely as to wnat they
thought ahout selling and how much
ttwsy ivould want for their lots. They
knew nothing of the Municipal Court s
nlans and those who suspected
was anytnmg peculiar in uie nana Munlcinai i'iin m-a Y. J
" the rilIk' cu- ndarour;-;:
Some property owner, stopped talking , oil departments , orvUr
very qulckb when asked If any one had ' A7tsr ,X, ,ent hmi h?' ,
tried to bay options on their land. Op- tl-V VeaJ Mr puX ?Z ", Tt '"
tlons. like dead men. tell no ml-. It ui. hf 'd Immediate
has been tiolnted out Ilecords at City T. f.". . .'j n a. ru l". t0 "ho ''-
, , li- iLiiiiriTiHnT srtritiiji n v,.. - .i
mere is one ,",,- : ,,. ".' '" u'" ,lnl
"- '"'r a uui was introduced in th
uiui. i nominee or i 'mine is ....
Hall are Innocent enough
exception, however.
It Is known that one of the properties
owned by Mrs. James P McNIihol. a
four-story briek hou.-e at XX Ruce street,
directly ucioss the street fiom the "Mar
ble Hall propi ty site, would be en
hanced in value in the eent of the grab
being perfected. It is valued no'v at
Astonhhment at the land grab Is being
followed rv sharpest criticism among
thore familiar with the scheme of the
Municipal Court.
It was po.nted out tody that the gang Tij x. .,
majority in councils uos willing enough -Kti.ned Family Preserves, Sergeant
to spend million' to house a Municipal Mallon Finds After a Search,
Kauri less inun a y ar mu. oui umi tuena fl,,,.
i t,.
TTv ... . ,. - " ' "
iiuik-io proviuing tor an extension f
the original eBye to the state I-Vn.-ililea
ttu v, iuh longer. Thih was favorabl
repo-t-i from uimmllt.-. but no action
.ah taken by Councils ds, a body on the
prrioed ordinance.
Ilk hSKSS iS i r'J v HH
.liCES'JK-rssiiSSa: "1 tsar K;;fSm;'': '1? I' ;3l 'liBffiMKfll mnrr
"M"J" nm .. SLJHlBlHim i'tl I
T;t:" W l 1 m " 'i Steamship Docks at Wash
l -- 8i Ik PP v ''V''Wi ington Avenue Wharf Af
VS". ? 3wralS. S -'';sVr ler Uneventful Voya
s. FTS- A- - - "'W--;--' rrom Liverpool.
AT $50,000 BLAZE
Could Not Carry High
Pressure Streams to Burn
ing Plant of E. J. Spangler
& Co. Prediction Ur
Simmington Retires in Order
to Permit Election of Suc
cessor in November Who
Will Uphold Mayor's
-"erge.ltlt Kl.-Uul.s Mjllnrv
front aru w . stmoreland
of the
rrhlrh would he of incalculable benefit to
persons in every r.rt of I'hlla.lelphla In . r,.c . "','i " , "tmoreland stieet station.
ihe new- subway and other irnnj.it im- ' ,n ', ' " v.i ,,. ? s'"llrr'-1 "Ja
provements wcr- being held up and ,"'ri,:r? ,?"llar. rtl of pre-
blocked at nery turn
Councils granted 5,00, 000 of the loan bill
money for the Municipal Court p.ans, but
Passengcrswho arrived in port on the American liner Dominion ,uui.
Nearly all had some war experience to tell, eager to make it known and glad
to be home again. Reading from left to right are Miss Elizabeth Doerr, of
this city, who left Brussels a day after the German occupation of the city;
John Vrooman, an American Boy Scout, who lived in England for three
years and had a chance to see what war activity is like; Captain Frank V.
Avery, U. S. A. retired, who spoke highly of the German army and mobiliza
tion; De Forrest Hart, of Chicago, who arrived from South Africa and spoke
of the sentiment among England's erstwhile enemies and present loyal sub
jects, the Boers, and in the lower picture Mrs. K. Gabel and her son, Milton,
who were in Berlin at the height of the warlike enthusiasm.
serves and (atsup his wife imri rn..i
The. squirrel ran Into the celar of the
sergeant's hout-, 31S! vst Lehigh ave
nue, to escape u gang of bovB.
After the sergeant chased the boys h-
was pointed out
After tne revelation samruay
reluctantlv allowed I.W.MO for preliminary
worn lu wniroe nn "" uuuor ,,.,, ,, ,h. .... . - -,- "-' -
heaviest pressure of public opinion, It ,i ".,,.,, ,' LbZ "'". "ie..?"ar. a,,u
i I u i " nnimai
iijr nus iiiuriiiiiK ne was moused from
alftOrt Vt flirt nnlcn -. f r,-...t. .
nlana to buv n-arlv an fnti-o t-Ltv Miuare . ..,' c,..... ... tr,,?'nk wWW in
and put up buildings worth JO, 0U ,Pant ,,, t0 I.Tvesligate YhhikUig 1 e
teas connected with the Munie pa "ourt .a .... ,.ii....i i... ..?".' 'ninKinj, no
admitted the truth of the idea as set, Initrad h 'found about half 'hu ... !....
forth alter investigations. j supply of pieserw-s seatteird about the
n.l,V THE "KNTCRIXfJ WhTiGK." ' !!0"r' , Tl,e s''ul"l,l wan jumping about
. ..i ............ . . I fiom jar to jar. and eeiy time the i
IJsecuthu "Ucrk Krrd f. Simon, of the- niil; moVfl, hr wrouSllt "n. "1 '"'
Munlctpal i"ourt. admitted that the ',),& , for tlw stigant tould r'.ote the eeiinr
1,MM t!lU (.llll.r.el f-,if l.l.n !... .
and escapid through a window.
, ! Carr's Coat Found on Bridge, ' Scripps-McRae Publication,
But Mrs. Carr Says He , Says President Clark, Was
Didn't Have Enough
"Nerve" to End His Life.
Item III the loan bill and the ord. nance
pawipd ove' the Mayor's veto to acquire
- (I ,.. ... 1-4 ..! 1A.A ... ....
. SIIIHll piui l .oi " t .-vioeiff were ninr fDIIOUCO Hl A HP Trt n.
only the "entering wodg" In the chom ! AM ' HUlsMtb IVIArV TO DEATH
to liour th Municipal 'ourt In.tmB- . . I hether Harry Carr. 610 .Nurth Tenth
niticeiit buildlngn on an ftxpmive trm-t. William Ttnney Instantly Killed a-3 'nirtt, 'amden, lb a suicide or nut Is ex-
"We proposed to add from tune to tim Wheels Go Over Him pected tu be doteimlutd by a ciew from
The wheel ,jf a brl. k van h. ,. ,... the polite ho.'t Keyhurn today. The
I in today ended th life 0f Willi. tm
rinuey. -ars ld, ll5 South Ji
Not a Paying Proposition.
Two Years Old.
With hundreds of passengers from nil
parts of the European war zone on board
the American Line ste.inipslilp Dominion
landed at the Washington avenue wharf
from Liverpool, this tnornlntr. The liner
arrived after an uneventful voyage, on
which no obstacles were encountcrtd.
"not even a German cruiser," ns Captain
W. E. Ingham put It.
But If the voyage of the hhlp was un
eventful the experiences encountered by
many of the passengers on the continent
were different. Many of the passengers,
and particularly the women, have ex
periences of nil sorts to relate.
A giaphlc story of the occupation of
Hrussels by the CJcrmau forces was told
by Miss Elizabeth Doerr. of this city,
who left Brussels a day after the arrival
of the German army there.
"I shall never forgot the sight," said
Miss Doerr. "One million men, like a
great rolling cloud, passed through the
city, It took them three dny.s and three
nights to do It, and when they got through
Brussels was loiagcd. Theie niid hardly
a bit of food In the city. Not n drop of
milk could be gotten. All the food stores
and waiehousea weie emptiid by the
Get mans and the palace and public
houses wore occupied by the new Ger
man garrison left behind by tho main
ui my.
"It was on Augut-t 3) early In the morn
ing when we received order! that all Hags
hut tho German and the Anieilciti Hags
must bo lemnved from sight. A .short
time after the lecelpt of this order the
first German officer, I tiling on a bicycle,
entered the city. We saw him, for, en
couiHgid by the report from the American
legation that tho city would bo .sur
renderrd without teststance, we took a
chance and went out for a promenade.
Behind the nlllcer came to cavaliy men
I with rlllos ready to shoot if any t.!gn of
sniping should itpp-ar. And then came
tin- leal sinht. One million men, one huge,
n Hess .'loud of humanity enteud the
city It sctms btiunge, but all of them
looked tiled, Mnnt of them Eccmed tu
he dozing on tl.elr hor-es, and eveiy now
and then, roused by some noise and sound.
notion hose, which hurst when nttarli 'j
rir'1 ted recently by Dlicctor of t'ubim I
safety Porter, held up Ilreir.cn carlv tl.Ja
inoiiitnir at n $.".0,000 flio In tho cnvelopi
nnd uupff plant of E. J, RpaiiRlcr & Co,
1?37 to 12ID North Howard fch'eet. ,v gift
who dlscoveiod tho lilnzo fainted aftef
rousing neighbors, nnd a policeman
v,lws home Is ucioss tho street from tin
, burned btilldliiK, ran eight blocks In hie
bare feet to tutn In two alarms,
I The bursting hoso thli morning is th
I second exporleuce of that kind firemen
I have had In less than 43 hours I,at,
Saturday afternoon three scrarate Unci
of hose burst while flicmcn were llshlltn .1
a big blaze at tho Ttocsch packing oUnt 1
oeconu ana urown streets, and In om
Instance siicctntors wore dienched
The lire this morning was discovered
few minutes after i oclock by Miss Irera
line, 12.13 Howard street, two doors from
the burning building. Slio was aroused"
by the crackling of flumes and when sht
saw the blazo 'she scieamcd "lire" and
then fell back in her toom In a faint.
Her mother, Mrs. .May Vale, aroused
neighbors, Including Policeman Bender, ef
tho Front and Master streets station.
Hurrying out losend In an nlarm, Ben
der fell down stairs, but was not hurt.
The bluecont, In his pajamas and without
shoes or stockings, ran two blocks to
Glrard avenue and sent In an alarm.
When he returned the envelope plant wai
blazing so fiercely that ho ran bacic
ngaln and turned In a second alarm.
By tho tlmo policemen nnd fliemei
arilved the three floors of tho plant
weie ablaze nnd the flames were threat
ening adjoining dwellings. The family
of James Schrelner. 13i Howard street,
had persistently lefused to heed tha
calls of neighbors to flee to the street.
Policemen Cooper and Casper finally ran
into the houso and cairied out three
children, after which the parents foe
lowed. Several firemen were partially oer
come by the thick smoke, but after being
treated by nmbulance surgeons from '
three hospitals who came to the scene
they returned to work. No one was In.
to the Magdalen home property. ' aid
Simon. "Tho JIio.0"O In t in loan bill ,
to be tlio basis .if .t bulldint; fund. Aftr
getting the fl t property we Intfiidni
semiring more h n ordinance until
Vw plan wa carried out."
The new House of Detention at 2d and
Arch streets would be abandoned If th
land grub plans went through. This was
admitted by promoters of ths grab
scheme , forward and reur wheals pasrd ovlr !!f day Carr was wanted In Camden for rob-
The Home of Patentlon was completed , man. u, , he wai. crushed ami V J fcrv and ho was still hunting for him.
eniv ix vears ago. and it Is still In . ne.-u t.r.,u,, "u '", .leonim tho fact persons testified to se-
tood condition, aieqrdinir tu Mrs Henry Pulicenwn Krowtrt. of the Seventh in.i "' " ,nRn 3""n ,f,roln Ul.r '""''''o'lay.
i 'unt.cnta mtfjuthtu ..11.. ..-.. t . . -"
mans coat was louuu on ine .iinrKei
street bridge over tho ,Scliuyll;iU Ilivrr
utreet nho luMt hiu hni... ...Zir "'!4 enrlv today, but nis vije, w nom It is
Justin- thr harness and fell beneath ?h eK'" 'lo ,rUa t0 Mn ','lst '"Bnt 5C0U,S
vehltls 41 JJtU ieot ntid p,,,im2 th' sulclilo theury. saying lu-r liuthand
avwiuo. aasunk at4 not "havo nerve enough" to take his
Before the horses coqJd lie stonned thev "fo- . , . . . . .
had dra.wn thft heavy brlc.aaen VaVr a U,"ry ,'3 VV .?,,arP,'1 b' ,J''n
.. i,. , h.u. t i.l j..... '!."'. crt . ..i. u Pnmden detective, who said in.
The News-Post has suspended. The
labt Issue appeared Saturday, but the
announcement that the newspaper had
t ceased publication was withheld until
j this moimng. The Xtws-I'ost, a mem
ber of the Scripps-Mcltae Icaguo of
newspapers, was published at Tenth and
I Hamilton streets, in the heart of the old
i Tenderloin with two afternoon edition.
The llrst Issue appeared April W, 19U.,
James Slmmliicton. Comm.m 'ouncll- ! would hurriedly open thcli eyes and look
I man from the 2Sth Ward, and candidate about them.
! for the Legislature from tho 13th Ulurlct I pnAIcr tor TtrtAXr) WIlITI.onK.
'Gicnt credit Is due to Brand Whitloek,
the American Minister to Belgium. I don't
on the Democratic nnd Washington tick
ets resigned from Councils at noon to
1 day. Mr. aimmlngton caino to city Hall
with Alexis J. I.imeburner, albo Council
man from the isth Ward, and handed his
turmal resignation to PieMdent JUCurdy.
Hack of Mr. .slinmlngtun'.s rtstgnatlon
U the fight of the adiuiiilstiation leaders
In Councils to muster t-nnuglt otea to
stand behind Mayor Bl.inkenburg In his
leforin measures. Legally, Mi. Kimmlng.
ton, even If elected to the Legislature,
might have remained in Councils until
January I, J9I5. By resigning then, how-
Dense Snioke at Blaze Causes Him to
One tlremnn was ovei conic early today
and seveial made 111 by smoke at a flri
which partially destroyed the home oi
P. J. Boiiahan, CO.'j Market sticet. Th
loss was SKrnO.
Tho Injured man Is AVIIliam facNeal,
hoscm.it,. ()f J.;ge Company No. ,
Ust stieet and Iluverford avenue H
was taken to the Piesbyterlan Hospital,
tieatod nnd sent home.
Ciackling dames awakened Mrs. Bona
ban early today. She aroused her hua
band, w-ho found the lower part of theli
home ablaze. Mr. Bonahan and his wlf
niaUo tlicli escape to the stieet. ThJ
husband then turned In an ul.irm
J ne (ire jiroved stubborn. Hoseman Mac
.Neal was overcome in the hnllway. HM
to inrades saw him full, and drasgt-d hint
out Into tho open.
Dcnso clouds or smoke which penetrated
every poitlon of the houso made several
llremt-n III. Ti... r.........i . ...J
Vrl iK -lnd were treated by ainbulanc
Steps in Front? of Machine and Hat
Ribs Broken.
Margaret Norrow, 7 years old, M: .Vortlt
., .mret'An3 struck y a" automoblli
L f ' ,Qml r'.lrlsl1 streets s'""-") "'
J0.1 ?' '' Is In St Joseph's HoK
Pltal with two broken ribs.
Official Forecaat
For eastern Pennsihanla .ini'i s Jen
sey: r,v,. tonight and Tuesday. witS
irost In e.pused places tonight; moderat
northwest winds.
High barometilc pressure lias continue!
klnco .Satuiday over tho eastern half o
P nichardson. wiie ui mo superintend- t'arpenter streets p..lie station tunt ,7 Kevins says ne un.rea . . ie,i nn
,nt and aiststant to him ! mtin ,g the Howaid Iliwpiui "A nutV.i tll l,r,(lBe w,,s '"" ' r," l?r rt "h,n "
"The balls are very crowded durlns th wasou, byt phyMuan. M. duh h,.,i ,'i'r ttns out " Prolution under a
.. .. rt..l.r.u.H ... i . ,- .. . .. . : m-wll (lull ,j .a., Iei.ee frr nri'lf.nu tli.f,
court nays, sum jua. iiii'..mj", wi'i neen inMaiuaneuus rno body was m.,, suspeimnj """ - .'.
the noise of passing street tors make It to the Morgue Mh n I whon u. new wariant was sworn out for
hard to hear In the murtroom If It wor
nut for the court hers, wo would be abl
... manatee very wet' "
When the Juvenile Court was moved
to tha Houso of Detention many of the
offices on the nrst noor or tne Diilldln
Spanish Course to Aid Business
Prompted by the suggestion of wtnort.
lug Ilrms engaged m tho South American
trade a course in SpanUh ilnd Wpiinlsh"
A mar inn n httiiir.uuc I (l ...., ....
were turned over to probation officers and OIIWlg ,01,lght )1( ,he u- , ,' ,iuito,"s
other officials, and playrooms and other a A. w " r- '
nuarters for the children had to be Ukon '
A 'i.itttnurjpgu iim(i i(ntl nu-t on the
liiBhy.4 an as4 darkey of Ins acquaint,
ance with his arm in a sling.
"Is your arm biokenf aSsd tho Chat
tanooga man solicitously.
Tll old Mluw j;rlnnei. So, Ums It
ain't broken only gun sore." '
"Ah, been bunting?"
"No, suh, ain't been lmtttin'; been
stiootln' at tree:.''
'Target practlLC sh?"
"No sub atn't target practice; Jft
thootlii' at trei-n "
"I don't understand.'
"Well, nub lt' Jeat like die I scoe out
iutu de w.jo.ls. un I selects mj trees an'
I iluiOU bullets into cm In a lit tK while
de r-e grr,wfl 'i.,Und de bullets Den I
ruts "m down iu cell to pe-rsvn from de
North an rlUs of de battle of Kujkout
hi arrest, cliarmng nun wild laiceny
I from It- M.- Holliiln'shead, a soap maker
1 rt fnniden.
According io me pome oi ine j.o street . ." me i.ueuoi.tiB ere leprjmauded
Since then It uppeared without Interrun- ' ":.":.," B . eaJ ot one reiorm councilman
turn until this morning. Tor a time dur- :v , ,i 'm.vo "ee" v' ca,u uul lB
lng the outb.eak of the Huropean war ! '''U'nXnf1 rlmm
a suniinv edition was i.ubiuiieii . tne resignation of Mr. hlmmlugton at
NCrXal 'tono wVdliiHedomtnatcd In oT'.o'" be" e?encte0,?"o,tU:emUbrerh'
xf&&X UiT'MrSltun-tol.ttenflTtoU
am l..iltl. but Ih. liuoei irenerulU. .... """. " "." '. 1'" " "" Will
legarded as dominated by Socluhsts
The .News-Pest had an exciting earcer.
At one time the staff was arrested on a
, cnargo oi cnrniu.ii upei pieferred by
I .M.igisiraie rnomas v. jicFarlund. and
know what the Americana in Hrussels
would have done without his valuable
aid. Hut that Is not all. The fact that
Hrussels was taved fiom the fate of
I.ouvaln is due dlioctly to the efforts ot
Mr. Whitloek. On the evo of the arrival
oi wio uermiiii arui it Hireling, ai which i 11,,. em,.,.. .i , . "-" " l
tho clly nuthorllles d Mr. Whitloek ther",V,fd ."ecran, sof.lat
i were present, wns held In the city Hall. low normal Thu ciest of the high are!
It was at first suggested that tho r.el- l liLY"."1 ,of T,al? Krle t,lls morulnff, anj
Klans defend the city to the very last ' ho lower T.akc reglo,,0 ,eOT '3
inan. hut Mr VM.I.lock p.eva.led ,, . , ,ZJZ ilm iior htn 'arfdTeiUra' 'V
civil and military nuthorltle.s to s.iricn- syUania. A disturbance of Xht InU
der tho city saying that I would be uso- , hty coves the Ho.ky Mouta . s Ipe bu
le-s to make any leslstanti.. -luce It I li lm .n.,,i i, n,.,,. ... .'.Is r .,..
would be overcome lnd would only re- J ,nr. There are T.ul c. L 0 a " on .1
suit In great loss of life und pioperty Morm Is developing off t ?.. ,,,?Ln,
-i am giau io sa, coiiunueil Miss ' coast and stoitn warnings aie dlsnlajed
Doerr. "that .ill the art treasures ot I alontr the ,i.i,n n..,V ""."" als',m',,
en jivrrl fmnt enl,.,... i . ....uai.
stand by the Mayor In order that tho
nuuicrUal ratio of admlnlstiation and or-
?" '"""" l-""c" "in remain as it . ,,,UMe,8 ,,ave lcrn wlVed from seizor., i
Several men have been considered hv , L'? "' ".". !"i'"s' J""!J':. Ml5!. ,W.,,..B1 ! .. U'. S' Wl Hureau Uullelln
lr-.H len.lerc In fill .!. "-"" '"- Y ' """ . " " .nsntlll.
': ' 3Il!:fl llnel r S..I.1 tl.iit .ifter le.tel,,,. t....
the administration leaders to fill
i oiim llmanlc vacaney. Amony these
and Woodland avenue precinct, a small by Judge Martin, of the Common Pleas ! j,?"' V thkiiBlc X live. at the south setls ll took 1,cr K l'"u,s "' :t to 0st'l
t ... .l.err. IhU mnm nr. uneln,. CoUlt. for tliell- comment .in o .1, JillO J IlOlllhUMC, WHO UVIS at tile SOUin- Kh., II, a ,rl l,,,l,l , ...i, '
io the second floor.
"We used to bo pressed for room to
accommodate the children." said Mrs
Richardson, "but since Jiidso fiormau
has been holding court every day Instead
of once each week there Is not so much
X trip through the house falls to show
an signs of crowding or serious defects
In tho' plan of construction. Children sat
studying their lentous In ctask rooms and
everything seemed In excellent order.
There are divisions for first offenders
and second offendeis. and the aiiltary j
arriiugfinenib aim vriiiimunii ssteiN
are faultless, ucconllii to Mrs Itlchard
on. 'Hut you are not here oi a court diy.
the protested when It was pointed out
that tb House of Detention d'd not seem
hov cumo to them tills mouilng. saying Couit, for their comment on a damage
- . ........ ..... .t. ,.. oil, fni rlcn,n.'ec .1. .1 Ka... l.i
lie had been a man jmmi' .jiii toe emmet i " " " e ...... .wir uini
btreet bridge and that his coat was left j The suspension this moinlng was a corn
on the ledge. The coat was found and , 'ete surprise to those In touch with the
the police boat Itejaum sent to grapple newspaper field in Philadelphia. Threw
for the, supposed body months ago the sizu of the paper was
In the pocKeia or ine tuai louun on i .."... .".n iu rignc pages and
u moie amuiiious itne pervaded its ac
tivities Theie was, much wonder as to
"how they kept It going," but iuestlonera
were told the paper would bo continued
(o rat least two years longer.
The decision to suspend bemme known
here after the return of H. U Clark the
president of the compuny. from ' Los
Angeles last Friday.
"Philadelphia in a good town," Ba, j,
Clark this morning, "but we didn't put
up the paper in the way to make people
buy It. This was not u failure. All om
convention held labt night in Aidio Hall. . "ins are paiu. vteimve lust mit. that
Thomas K ONtill was tleiled viie pies- ls J" "''en n hciipps-Mcitae paper
ldent. John i-- Hunt in. rtiording seire- doesn't pay W.iu.-t stops without any fuss
tary , Hrjan J Tjnsey, llnnn. lal stcre- ue came here without anj preliminary
tary . JMlii'R J KIKseram, correspondlnB announceniciu. aim we are Koiiirf out the
east corner of 2'd and Daunliln street, , .' ""-'r" .r '"''. """"'" "V1. " ""
Is the most favored. Mr. rtothkugle re- ,"a" 'n "e t t n.VPi, t'Mv V1" "'
signed as nominee for the Legislature " , f to "'cls to complete a
wtt iw HHf MBw fl k ktvy ii uiut'4 I
Market street bridge wab a letter ad
dressed to Harry Carr. I3& Cireeu street,
Philadelphia Subsequent liiYebtlgfitlona
have led the police to adopt a theory
that the owner of the coat was tho same
Carr wanted In Camden for larceny.
Other papers found in the coat pockets
strengthened thW idea.
Patiick J McOarvey waH re-eletted
county president of Hie Ancient Order of
Hibernians at the eloping seulun of their
to pei feet fusion In the 19th District
His sacrifice In resigning, his friends say,
, makes h(m the logical candidate to take
' the nl.'.ee marie vnenrit hv Mr l,n-
from the Democratic party and live fiom
the Washington party will meet tonight
to determine upon the candidate. Pro
vided they agree upon a name the Wash
ington party Ward Committee will meet
tomorrow night to Indorse their choice.
The Democratic Ward Committee will
meet on Thursday night to take similar
Mr. Simmington was elected to Com.
mon Council In 1911 at the time Rudolph
Illankeuburs was elected Mayor. Last
ear he was re-elected with little oppo
sition Two othir Common Councllmen
represent the Twenty-eighth Ward, Alexis
J Llmeburner and Charles J. AJcKlnucy.
Oreat admiration for tho rlllclency of
German mobilization was oxprcssui by
Captain l-'ranl. p. Amy. U. s. A. re
tired, who arrived from Vienna and
Discretions made at 8 a. ra , Kustern tlml
labt Jtln. vi... .
Station Kn.m. n rnl let.... ... ii ...k.l
Ar.fle.ie 'ra,,. rA -. . .,.. .- .. '
lli,3ton. Muss .
iiurrno. x y
riilcasu. Ill .
f'levelaii.l. O..
I'enver nil
Mailon Sa.m. nt fall Wind llj W ei'
Vtllene, Teias. ri :, .. fjli 4 Clear
ItlanUe 'U . HI rj .o N i? rl'ar
lamarik N. 1). SI .".'.' .02 xil' 4 i ,ouJ
li! :is
HI 411
".U At
It ,0
! sioinei, is. M si
Detroit. .Mhli . .Ml 4il
I'liluth Sllnn '.ll 4i,
llaliettoii, Texas US CS
Hitttrat, N. ( . Hit ui
Htlena. Mnm ., 4
lluruii a 1)... Ml Ml
Jjikl,nnlllc .. 74 Ti
Cuptalu Avery, who resides lu Wash-i Kan- ''"y- Mo" m :
Ington. and is a veteran of the Spanish- j ifeinphl"' Turn" " 5H
secretary Patrick McLaughlin, the na- I same way. It Is not the Scripps-JIcRae Jn Select Council William H. Qulsley rep
I ,r,eil
e.vied the meetlntr. policy to "11 Its papere."
resents the ward.
American war. sold that the v,.Q.i , ' -ew Oileana...
, . , - -" e,, rue i xew York
clency and inarvelous precision of the ' !v putte m
.ierinau iiiouiiizauoii was the admliatiou
of every man who knew anything about
military science. "The people lu Vienna
and In Munich and all Austrian and (iei
man towns wo pjt.si.-d are simpl crazi
for war The patrotic frenzy that has
been aroused among the population Is
nothing sort of religious enthusiasm
Vienna hundreds of women wert clamor
ing to go to war and wanted to join, tho
Oklahoma Ok la
I'heenlx. Arli .
I'ilt.lHiriiti. Pa.
I'.irtlan.I Me
PcrilanJ. Or .
Outl-ec. iUn
St IaiuIi, Mo
St Paul. Minn
tillt I akf. I'lili K M
Kan Krun-lco li) ,vi
Scran ton. Pa 44 :i
'lropi . . . T4 TO
Waihlnjton .... BO 41
Wkviilpeg M 00
ns its
IK 42
4 XI
.14 M
4S 41
mi at
12 40
tt Vt
62 .12
M 14
B(l S1
rkl B2
o i luudr
4 l Icj.
e ii.ar
IS i ljr
5 i .oud
4 i lur
4 I a
4 . I .uu
II ( ..ai
SO . Irar
g i leaf
4 t lou-f
8 luU'l
8 . leaf
6 i lear
U rkwr
0 V loul)
18 Clear
4 1' clouJI
8 lear
10 (. leir
H riear
4 i lr'
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t . lea' .i
IH prlol
.1 Clear
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4 ClaWji
10 Pcloaq
8 rier
10 el1

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