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VOL. I-NO. 15
First Chief Sends Word He
Will Retire if Convention
in Capitol Accepts Resig
nation, But Not Otherwise.
5IRXICO CITY, Sept. 30.-The first
session of the pence parley between rep
resentatives of First Chief Venustlano
Carranza and General FranclscoVllla
Js under way In Zacatccas, according to
a telegram from that city. Qencial Car
ranza's representatives are General Obro
gon, General Cobb, General Trovlno, Ed
unrdo Hay and Santos Coy, while the
delegates representing the leader of the
division of the north aro Uugcnlo
Ilenavides, Ysabel Itobles ami Colonel
It Is the object of the first chief's dele
pates to maintain the status quo until
tho real peace convention Is held In this
city next month.
Carranza, according to his friends, still
maintains the attitude that he should
remain at tho head of the government
until his successor can bo chosen by tho
people or by the convention of Governors
hud Generals that will convene hero pos
sibly In October.
General Ctirranza's attitude was ex
plained In a message which was placed
beforo General Villa's generals In Zaca
tecas today. In part It says:
"If tho chiefs accept my resignation
Rhcn It Is tendered to them at the con
vention In tho capital, I will gladly re
tire to private llfo with the conscious
ness of duty well done. But If my resig
nation Is not accepted I will fight the
present reaction with tho same energy
and firmness that I fought the usurpa
tion of Huerta."
In speaking of the approaching con
ference General Carranza said:
"We want It to bo truly representative
ef the people, so that It might be said
afterward that tho result of the conven
ion Is truly the voice of the people in
Mexico. If, when the convention Is as
sembled. It Is found that all the chiefs
summoned have not come, we will Imme
diately summon proxies, so that all sec
tions will have representation."
One thing Is certain: Carranza will
not stand by and see Villa swept Into
power If he can prevent It. The First
Chief believes that If ho should resign
Villa should relinquish the leadership of
the division of tho north.
Thcro Is no news coming to tho Wnt
Department of operations north of tho
capital and It Is believed that an armis
tice practically exists pending tho result
of the parleys In Zacatecas.
Government officials scixed today nt
the Bucna Vista Railway station. 4S0
bars of silver bullion valued at 2,000,000
pesos. Two mining companies have put
In a claim for tho property. It Is assert
ed that It was being shipped out of the
country secretly by members of the Clcn
tlfico party.
Government to Hunt Out and
Punish Men Who Violated
Neutrality by Furnishing
Supplies to Cruisers.
Violators of President Wilson's neutral
It j proclamation or perilous who were re
sponsible for the placing on board tho
Norwegian steamships Fram nnd Soin
merbtad, at this port, coal and ship sup
plies dc&tini'd for German warships arc
to bo prosecuted.
Special agents of the Government are
now Invi'stigating the' cased In older to
fix tho responsibility, and n special com
mission is to be appointed cither by tho
IMeslderit or upon a Congressional icsolu
tlon to conduct a rigid Inquiry Into the
eff.ilr to mote out proper punishment.
Shipping men here vigorously de
nounced those win so names have not
bieii dlvulgid lor having any part in
the transaction. They declared that a
matter of this kind was likely to in
volve the United States In another Ala
bama case.
The enei.il cargoes of the Pram and
tne hoiuinerstnti have been discharged
upon thn Municipal Pier at Dock street,
vhero they are now awaiting claimants.
The bunker co.il, nearly 1.000 tons of it.
h ii the German cruisers Karlsruhe
ml Drcbdon would have burned In
Cliaain mei chant vessels In West India
waters, had pot tho plans gone awry.
wi.1 " "shtercd I" midstream.
While the lusty longshoremen were dls-ehai-gliig
the genernl cargo of foodstuffs
a rumor was circulated on the pier that
tome of tho bags and boxes buppo.-ed to
cii.it.ilii coltea and biscuits were loaded
jwth explosives. This caused consterna
tion among them for u time. Hut the
jauiire of each carefully handled package
.- Mi.uiHti bneiis or powder t-uon Mulcted
lears. ,',, ammunition was discovered.
the Sommerstad ha been rcchai tercel
to carry coitun nnd nil cake fiom CMI
eston to Scandinavian ports and will
leave here tonight. In ballast, for the
Winer port. Captain Axelscn, her mas
er. is nnich. relieved that the other
cargo, which threatened to get him In
"rlous trouble. vas llng snugly on tho
Piers. He said he did not regret losing
J"c large bonus ottered him for Its delivery.
United Brethern Clergyman Urges
Fight as In Virginia,
United Brethren clergymen of Pennsyl
vania were niged to right against the sa
loon nnd to use their Influenco to elect
..en hi mc state Legislature and Senate
this autumn who will vote for no-llcense.
nt the opehlntr session of the 116th nn
nual meeting of the .Pennsylvania Coil
foronce. held In the Second United Breth
ren t httrcli, 6Dth and Catherine streets,
lost night.
The appeal for work In the campnlgn
was made by tho Itev. Dr. J. P. FunU
lioiiser. of Hnrrlsburg,,Vn., who told how
church membeis had waged tho big bnt
i '.'.'. hlr. ' tnt0 tlmt ""lilted In It-i vot
ing dry last week. He declared Pcnn
s.Mynn a must expect a right Just as big,
iV I. ", .Jp1 . ,10 wns confident that tho
united Brethren ministers would bo found
m, rol,t rn"ks w,1"' "c batlc was on.
i iic meeting last night was preliminary
to the formal opening of the conferonce
this morning, when Bishop W. M. Week
ley, of Parkers-burg, W. Va presided.
The conference Is to last until next Mon
day. It Is the first tlmo tho organization
'""" convened In Philadelphia.
The ltcv. S C. Enck. pastor of thn Sec
mid Church. Is the host of tho visitors,
mere nro KG clerevmrn In h ,.,.,, r,,...
and It Is expected that aliout 200 dele
gates will attend.
Too 111 6 Leave Room on
Account of Ptomaine Pois
oning and Wife Represents
Him at Meetings.
ERIE. Pa.. Sept. SO. Whlla Glfford
Pmcliot, Washington party candidate for
United Slates Senator, was suffering with
a sharp attack of ptomaine poisoning to
day, Mrs. Plnchot aftet being up all
night caring for her husbnnd, carried on
tho campaign by appearing at an early
morning shop meeting, and In 20 Erie
and Crawford county towns during the
Mr. Plnchot was ill all day yesterday,
but concealed the fact during ono of the
most strenuous days of his campaign. He
statledf yesterday morning in Franklin
by shaking hands with 300 worklngmen
between 6 and 7 o'clock nnd then toured
parts of three counties, arriving In Eric
at 7.30 for a night meeting. Although
ho was 111, he hurriedly went through
with his dinner and spoke afterwards to
1,000 people nnd shook ha'nds with more
than 500.
Then he reumed to his hotel nnd faint
ed fot the first time In his active life.
Mrs. Plnchot wns up most of the night
with him, but she left the hotel at 6:C0
accompanied by P. J. Barber and told
tne COO shopmen at the Erie lion .t Metal
Company thnt Mr. Plnchot was III and
could not leave his room.
Dr. E. II. Drozeskl was called to Mr.
Plnchot's rooms nt tho Lawrence Hotel
about midnight. When he called at 7
o'clock this morning ho said the "anill
dato was Improving slowly. Mr. Plnchot
speni mo uny in his room, whllo Jim.
Plnchot. accompanied by Countv Cli.-iirm:,.,
Foyc. Dr. Frank B. Lockwood, Progres
sive candidate for Congress, and Mr. Bar
ber, went ov.-r the speaking planned for
Mr. Pinchot. .Mrs. Plnchot made no
speeches, but In every town told thu poo
pie that her husband regretted not keep
ing his engagements because of Illness.
Mr. Plnchot hopes to leave tonight lor
Philadelphia to attend the meeting to
inonow at which Colonel Theodore lioose
velt will open thu campaign In bolrilf of
the Washington party ticket. Tho meet
ing planned nt Jlcadvlllo tonight has been
canceled, but other meetings arranged for
this week will be carried out.
Board Accepts Retirement of
William Rockefeller and
Others as Mellen Retakes
Witness Stand.
NEW YOnK, Sept. CO.-Wlth Charles S.
Mellen again on the stand, tho Federal
Grand Jury today proceeded with Its
probe Into the affairs of the New York,
New Haven nnd Hartford Hallroad dur
ing the time Mellen wns at the head of
the system. It Is through this Investiga
tion that the Government expects to ob
tain cilmlnnl Indictments against members
of the Hoard of Directors, declined to bo
responsible for tho looting of tho New
William Rockefeller, one of tho moat
prominent members of the board; George
1'. B'iker, Charles F. Brookcr and James
S. Elton have now i.cvercd their connec
tions with the road. Their resignations
were tendered and accepted nt a meeting
of tho board as Mellen was before the
Grand Jury telling or the operations of
the system.
There la no doubt that the Government
Intends to preys the enso to the limit.
Mellen refused all comment today, stat
ing the sti Iciest admonitions of secrecy
hud been Impi tsse.il upon him.
Counsel for the former head of tho rnll-
roud system declared Mellen had gained
Immunity from prosecution In connection
with all transactions he had disclosed be
fore tho Interstate Commerce Commis
sion. Thi. present Investigation, It la
therefore understood. Is not directed nt
Mellen, but at other directors the Gov
ernment hopes to icach through the evi
dence that may bo furnished by the for
mer piesldcnt.
General von Kluk, in command of the German right ving in the battle of
Aisne, who is reported in full retreat and ready to surrender to the pur
suing Allies.
Bodies of Sailors Strew
Shores, Says Danish News
paper Hurricane at 110
Miles an Hour.
Man Certain They Set Fire to His
Enemies, whom Jot-cpli Cclmor de
claies want to ruin him, are thought to
have set lire to his stable at 36n3 Salmon
street eHrly today. The loss was more
than $GeU
The blao was discovered by Raymond
Butz, 3.XJ7 Salmon street, who hastily
donned some clothing and broke open
the stable door in tlmo to lead n horso
to safety. Several wagons belonging to
Celmer weie destroyed. Tho xtable wai
u one-story frame structure.
Accoiding to Celmer. persons who wish
to ruin his business (ut lire tu the place.
He Is rather' vague In his denunciation,
declaring he does not know who did It.
hut he Is positive his stable could not
have burned unless home one set fire to
It. He has not et complained to tho
COPENHAGEN, Sept. 30. Reports cur
rent here for 21 hours that a German
warship has been wrecked In the North
Sea have been corroborated, Danish news
papers say, by the finding of many bodies
on the short south of Esbjcrg. All wore
the uniform of the German navy.
The disaster Is said to hae occurred
In a terrific hurricane that Is sweeping
the North Sea and Denmark. The wind
at times has reached a velocity of 110
miles an hour. Severe damage has been
done nt many points.
Rumors Place Foe in Rear of German
Right Berlin States Result Is Inde
cisive and Allies' War Offices An
nounce No Great Victory.
Paris Hears French Have Recaptured St.
Mihiel, Indicating Withdrawal of Ger
mans Across Meuse Crown Prince
Ruprecht Said to Be Prisoner.
Negro Caught by Fender Escapes
With ew Bruises,
Though his body was dragged many
ftet and lolled over by a street car at
Fifteenth Mrcet and Glrard avenue, Wath.
Ington Buyer, a Negio, 317 Watts street.
bufTvied no fuither injury than minor
lacerations and bruises.
Ho was riding on a cart with Charles
W. Jones, 101 1 Seybert street. The two
wero dilvlng cast on Girard avenue last
night when at Fifteenth street a trace
broke. The sudden full on the cart Jolted
Uoyer from his seat, and he fell lu front
of a stieet car.
He wjs taken frob behind the fender
und tent to St Joseph's Hospital. I'hy
slclans weie amazed to find his lujuiles
so lUht. and Bojer was sent home.
Furtherance of Penrose Campaign Its
Supposed Object.
More than 200 saloon keepers from tho
Eighth Senatorial District, where Senator
James P. McNIchol is the Itepubllcuu
lendeTr, had a cret and mysterious meet
ing in the Eagles' Temple, Spring Garden
street, below Broad, yesterday afternoon.
Possession of n smnll orange-colored
ticket and knowledge of n secret password
admitted each saloon keeper to the build
ing. The door was guarded, and only those
who cauld identify themselves were al
lowed to pnss. While nil ipicstlonlng as
to tho purpose of tho meeting and neces
sity for all tho unusual precautions was
useless. It Is supposed that the object
of tho gatheiing was to plan further tho
pait the saloon keepers will play In tho
State campaign.
For Philadelphia and vicinity Fair
tonight and probably Thursday; not
nuch change in temperature; mod
rate ivest winds.
For details, see page 12.
Next Saturday. October 3. Is the
last registration day for the November
Jt Is the last chance to qualify to
vote for I'nlted States Senator. Gov
ernor. Coiiciessmeu, members of the
LesUluture and for other Important
otllcs to bt MUmI on November 3
Poll tax rccclptu can be purchased
at the polling places.
Party enrolment is not necessary
Roo&evelt Tells Ohio Audience People
Will Eradicate Evil,
TOLEDO, O.. Sept. 30.-Colonel Boose,
velt In an addiess heio last night said
men the stripe of Penrose und l.orimer
were going to bo completely eiadlcatcd
fiom public life In this Government
through tho will of the rising people. The
cluy when the backrooms of saloons are
the conference chambers for the old
political lUdchluo parties Is also nearlng
an cud he said.
Tho defeat of woman suffrage In
Michigan last year the Colonel at
tributed wholly to the work of the
saloon men against It. "Every saloon
there." he said, "was used as a head
quarters against woman suffrage." He
prophesied the success of the woman suf
frage movement In Michigan this yeur.
Noted Italian Physicians Also Enlist
With Allies.
BOUDEAIW. Sept 30.
Four members of the famous Garlbald
family, of Itj, have enlisted in the
French army and all hae heen nom.
naled hi. officers, us shown by the list
in tlu official journal today.
Gleiueppe GarfhaUll i,,s been iinrr,.i
i.lvuienant-i'olonul. Itlclottl Oailbaldl. aa
I I'uptaiu and Sdnto and Brlno Gaiibaldl
I lieutenant. All are In the ranks of the
Hi t foreign regiment Som,- noted
Italian pnjMclans have donated their
services to the French . ause, and the
majority of them are serving now, with
the title of Surgeon Majori.
Paris reports unofficially announce the
rout of tho armies of Generals von
Kluk nnd von Uoehn, the reenpturo
by the French of St. Mlhicl, on the
Aleusc, and fierce onslaughts on the
German centro.at Rlielms. The War
Olllce makes no announcement of a
great victory, but confirmation of
reports from the western end of thu
buttle line nre expected in 48 hours.
Crown Prince Kuprecht of Bavaria
is reported a French prisoner.
In Belgium tho German nctlvlty
against Antwerp has increased with
the arrival of heavy slcgo guns. The
Germans are rushing reinforcements
for tho complete Investment of the
temporary-Belgian capital, which'
they plan to use' as tho baso of un
over-chnhnol attack on Kngland.
King Albert, tu an address to his
generals, directed that Antwerp bo
held at any cost. Bombardment con
tinues In the vicinity of Tcrmonde
nnd fighting Is reported at Alost,
which has been abandoned by its
34,000 Inhabitants.
Russians und Germans aro battling
desperately along the East Ilussliiu
Pollsh frontier. A six-day battlo hni
resulted, In checking tho German ad
vance ulong tho River Niemen. In
their attempt to retake Grodno and
resume the onward movement against
Warsaw. Russia Is sending fresh
troops from Vllna to blrck the Ger
man penetration Into Poland. Gen
eral Renncnkampf, again on the ug
grcssive, after his strategic retire
ment of a few days ago, bus promised
his soldiers Christmas merrymaking
in Berlin.
Activity In tho Gallclu,n field has been
continuous. The CVsar's forces havo
pressed forward, the southern column
capturing Dukhi, south of l'rzciuysl,
which is still heavily bomburded, nnd
the northern engaging tho AiiHtrlnus
nenr Tamow. The Russians hnvo
penetrated Into Hungary und aro re.
ported within 120 miles of Budapest,
with an unfortified country before
A German warship Is reported wrecked
in the terrific hurricane, that is
sweeping the Norlh tiea. Bodies of
seamen. It is .said, strew tho coast
of Denmark. The storm attained u
velocity of 110 miles nn hour.
Japanese troops, aided by the Btitlbh,
have crushed several of the forts
guarding Tslng-Tao, German lease
hold In 'China. The fnll of the gar
rison Is snld to bo Imminent, us tho
Japanese have succeeded In placing
heavy siege guns.
Berlin War Olllce reports an inde
cisive battle on the German light
wing, when the Allies continued their
attacks without success. For tho
first time during tho battlo of the
Alsno ofllcial admission is mude that
the Germans lost ground, the state
ment adding that the .territory Im
mediately was regained. A later
statement said the French havo "re
npwed tholr udyances jibout Ver
dun," lending weight to the Paris
luport that St. Mihlcl has boon re
captured. British Press Bureau announced it Is
"unable" to confirm the reports of
disaster to tho German right wing.
but refused to explain whether this
was duo to the order that no report
on lighting should be issued until five
days after tho battle. London heuis.
however, thu army of Von Boelin, ns
well as that of Von Kluk, hits been
Petrognid War Oltlco icports contin
uous fighting In the vicinity of the
River Niemen. A decisive battle ia
expected there in a few days, ns tho
Germans lmvo been heavily rein
forced and aro undeterred from push
ing forwuul ngalust their objective.
Wiii-miw, although driven across tho
Niemen in the Suwalki district. Po
trograd also claims capture of Dulkii
und small positions in Gnllcin and u
continuation of tho movement toward
Cracow. Berlin oillclul reports deny
loss of gioiiud in the Polish cam
paign and assert that the retreat of
KenniMikninpf's army continues.
Italy has formnlly protested agaluut
Austria's planting of mines lu tho
Adriatic. Muny of those havo drifted
to tho Italian .shores and constitute
n meuueo to shipping. Tho Italian
Admiralty bus declared conunoivo
iiidclliiitcly stopped In tho Adriatic,
Austria Is expected to rofuse to dis.
continue tho practice, which protects
her porta from the Anglo. French
licet. Tho situation muy furnish tho
tonablo casus belli, fur which Italy,
already ripe for hostilities, is wntt.
Women Begin to Make Heavy Clothes
for Soldiers,
HOME. Sept Reliable diplomatic
i.lfl.. .......! 1 1..... .. ,, .... . -
that.hr failure oV the AustV.an arm 3 j"1" ho,n "" -bl''Rt" J""
. .. . .. .. .. . IIA1.1.U ..... ft- I. ...I. ,.. ,1. ...
to resist effectively the Russians has
forced Germany to abandon hopes of
crushing the allies before winter. Accord
ingly prepaiations for' a winter campaign
aie being pressed.
Women of the Empire have oiganUeti
tewinK societies under thu leadership of
I'mwii Princess cVcllle and are making
woolen clothing for the soldier from
directions as tu measures and lolors
selected by the government.
committee of women, representing
the chief cities of Germany, Is said to
have been foimed to collect Jewelrv and
gold trinkets to be re-nielted and coined
into money with which to buy aims ami
supplies Each contributor receives an
iron ring bearing the words "I gave sold
for this."
The conti (.buttons, thus far made, are
reported to amount to 2,&jo.PiK) marks
MINERAL. Cal . Sept. ;o.-Mount l.an
en spouud lire and superheated rock
last night Its activities have been
growing more wolent dalb and it Is
leered other elupttom will follow at al
laoit any mement.
" i.His, t"Mt. :m.
An official nniioiineemrlit lisiicd here
this iiflcrimciii Milieu (lint the GcnnnnN
hnr hern repulied vtlth henvj loes III
(lie northeast, nrnr the forest of l.nlulr.
Thin forent Im In Hie pronionlor form
oil by the rnitfluriirr of tin" HIerM
AIniip nnl ONr nml etrnd nlnioit In
.05011, mi till' uewt blink of t!lr Olw.
The poMlloti of the ,crninns on IIiIn
promontor) has been iiiidcriloml to lie
the kejstone o General 'Win Kluk' nrmy
In his ilrfeiioc ncnlnsf the attack of
the nllled Trench nnd British force.
"The turnliiKT movement of the AIIIcn
north of the S01111110 Im developing rap
idly," the offlelnl Mtnteineiit 111I1N. "A
(iermnil nttnek oil Trncy-l.e-Mont linn
been repulsed with lienvy lemsrs."
PARIS, Sept. CO.
Paris bolleves tho Allies havo routed
the armies of Generals von Kluk and
von Boehn, constituting the German
right wing. - - -
A desperate uttompt Is being made
to pierce the German centro at Rhoimy
so us to sever tho right wing from tho
rest of tho Kaiser's armies in Franco.
French forces today took the offen
sive on the Allies' light wing along tho
fortified Votdun-Toul line. Unofficial
reports state St. Mlhicl lias been re
captured by the French.
This report Indicates tho withdrawal
of the Germans across the Mouse at
the only point they had succeeded In
crossing the river.
Tho report from London that Von
Boehn is In full retreat Is significant.
If this is true, the Allies havo fought
their wny to the rear of the Gerniun
right wing and this position of tho in
vading force will be thrown back on
the centre.
Tho people of Parts expect nn oill
clal announcement of "a great vic
tory" within the next 48 hours.
During tho night important dis
patches woreb rouglit from the front
and lights blazed until dawn in tho
nlllcos of tho War Department. It
plainly was ovldent thut .something big
had occurred, and Paris Immediately
interpreted it as I'onllnnntlon of the
reports of a victory.
Another development In this connec
tion which was accepted as favorablo
was tho demand from tho French sen
orals In tho north for nil tho automo.
biles and motor trucks in Paris and
tho vicinity.
Tho French army operating on the
Roye.AIbert-i'ombles Hue is making a
dosperato drive against General von
Kluu'ii line of eommunicutlone. The
Germuns have thrown up Intrench
menta at strategic points along the
ESCAPED PRISONER RETAKEN i "ne n,,a havo p.-". a considerable
AFTER SENSATIONAL FLIGHT ' nuntu' of uni,,0','- Ma-kcd i"-'0"
; ot nuUU-firing guns command stretches
Mnn Fled From Ablngton Jail Amid f meadow land
Shots From Bluecoats. 1 Military autlMHtu-s a. ,hut iioh.
unsational ! ina of tho most evtre chai-nci..r .i.
tiimes. bm that, while the French left
js pushing forward steadily and the
reinforced army of General d'Amudi
continue its pressure on the "booked
t-nd" pf the German position, hleli ex,
tends north and south from the oho
and the AUne triangle, the.Uerrrwrt re
sistance situ is strongly maintained.
There is no doubt that a ureafc in
John I'ollins. who made
weeks ago. Is back in Jail today await
Ing trial at tho Octuber term of court
at NorrUtown. Collins" setauay was
mude muler the uuus of four policemen,
wtm pursued bun for nearly tt rnit
down Old York road, uhootins their le.
volwrs. Me was captured qernjau,
town by Policemen Btreeper ami McK,
uf the Abiiivtun fore.
nn,. .. .
u man was urreslod three weeks
IT L!taSJ!J- "'J i - " PU T the Ut three
-. ...c,,.,..,,,, ,t luwlua I4JTU
nun in im ball for court. Collins had
served a term in prison for beating a
days reinforcements have been pomrei
to the north. And the latest line of bat.
man with a hammer eoine years So. , ubtuinabte. made public yesterday,
and nt tlie heartnu ha told policemen
he would never go back tu tile rwnitru
tUry While Policeman JIesr was takias
him to a cell, the man suddenly turned
upon the blilecoul. .hoverf him down a
illijlu of steps und Bed l'oui police
men gave chaje und Ored scons ,.f
shots at Collins but he made good his
escape. He wilt bo arraigned ugam to
day before SlagUtrate AVUilamsT
shows that there has been little change
in the positions cuvce last Friday.
Attaches of Oencral UaUieal's stuff
hope that Prance will be free of Ger
mans before the end of (M-tobtr. In
discussing the situation, one of them
"There ;a no doubt that the allied
"-1 V:.
army Is pressing homo Its victory. Tho
retreat of Von Kink's urmy would nat
urally compel the retirement of tho
entire German force. There is no piv
otal point In the c::tremc eastern part
of Franco for the army to swing upon,
so that we assume that tho German
left will fall back to Jletz and tho
centre and right wing will move back
ward to lielglum. It Is my opinion
that tho next big battle will be fought
on German and Helginn soil and that
the Germans will be strictly upon tho
defensive. I would not be surprised
to see Germany suing for peace ty
the beginning of 1015."
Wounded French and British soldiers
arriving in this city report tremendous
fighting along thu line, especially at
the western end, where the Allies havo
been making u supremo effort to shat
ter the invaders' flank, the losses nre
frightful. Every trench that the Ger
mans have been compelled to give up
is full of dead. The French generals
telegraphed to General GalllenI, the
military governor of Paris, to rush a
tralnload of chloride of lime. The Ger
man trenches will be Hlled with lime
and the battlefields will be sprinkled.
I-osses of the Germans havo becn
appalling. Somo unofllcial estimates
place the Invuders' losses in the battlo
of tho .Manic and the battle of tho
Alsno at 500,000 killed, vounded and
prisoners. In tho absence of oillclnl
estimates only guesses can be made.
The eighteenth day of the big en
gagement found tho German defensive
apparently much weaker and the Alllej,
on account of the strength Imparted by
fresh troops, have been able to occupy
moro favorablo positions. It Is said
that the French and British have heen
ablo to capture a number of heavy
German guns, but havo not been able
to turn them upon tho enemy, owing to
lack of suitable ammunition.
Crown Prince Rupprccht of Ravaria
is reported to havo been captured by
the French nnd to bo a prisoner In
Nomeny. In order to liberate the
Crown Prince the Germans ate making
vigorous assaults against Nomeny, It
is said.
An otlJccr. Just back from the front,
says that tho French who are operat
ing in the vicinity of Trlaucourt have
been meeting with success and that tho
Germane tu their rearward movement
lost a number of prisoners, tine Ger
man corps is said to havo been beaten
back In disorder at tluit point, many
of the soldiers surrendering volun
tarily to the pursuers.
This corps is believed to have been
the 60th, which is known to hau been
operating in that district.
Tlaucourt Is 7 miles southeast of
Verdun and about ii miles northwest
of jsTaney.
The Germans have boen making vig
orous efforts to retain their lints and
tho troops stationed m the centre, near
Rheims. have been engaged in woient
operations which are believed to have
been a cover for the roported retreat of
General von Kluk.
If, as claimed. Von Kluk's army Is
giving way arid there seems to ho
nothing to militate against such a con
elusion the centre would have to hold
Hrm in order tu prevent the French
from driving northward at Rheims and
cutting thu (itrinan right off from tho
balance of the arm
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?2Q,PQO,000 Compromise Measure
Sent to President.
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ttfht ovr riven mid harbois "pork bar
1 el" UfgislaMfcu ended today when tlm
M.U.t lump sum .-.iiapromis nuaaure
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